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Mr. Hovu, yesterday, iu ike House of Representatives,
submitted ihe following resolution,
which w?s accepted by Mr. Douglass as a 1110d.tkatiuii
ol, or a substitute for, die resoluUou
heretofore introduced by lilui, viz :
Joint resolution p?o? tiling for the aduiisaioii of Teiaa
as a Stale ot lite Union
Hr it rtsuirrJ hy Ikt SttuUt uuJ I lout itf kryrttenlaMti
vj th* LuUtJ Statu of A am tea in I imgiui uMMHi(Ij
TUat the Congress doth consent that (lie terrtlory
rightfully included within the limits of Texas lie
nil led Into a new Siale, lo be railed (he Hlala of
'ft las, with a republican lorin ol government, to be
adopted by (be people of Texas, Wllb (lie coiiaenl of
tha ciMiing government, upon Hie following conditions
and guaraotiea : which, wheu adopted at
aforesaid, shall be obligator; at well upou Ibe people
of Texas at upon the United ttlalea
First- I bat a a id Male be loruied aubject to the adjuttmaal,
by the goveininenl of tbc United Hlatea, of
all questions ol boundary that may ante Willi oilier
govern wan la.
Stcoiul. That the convlitution of eaid Stale of Tex- (
mill the pi'.jier evidence ul il? aduplinn by Hie
people thereof, be iraii.Ui.lled to the ('resident of the
boiled Malts that the aatue may be laid before Congress
at lit negt session.
I'knii l"nd State, when admitted into llie I'nlnU,
after ceding lo the United States all forliticatloiia,
barracks, porta aud harbott, navy and navy yards,
Jocks, magazine*, arm*, armaments, and all other
ptopnly and meant perltiuiiig to the public defence
belonging lo Texts, shall retain all the public funds,
debit, laaes, aud dues ul every kind which belong to i
or are due or ow ing 10 Texas, and ehall alio retain
all the vacaut aud unappropriated laud* lying wiihlu
ita hunts, to be applivd lo the payment of the debts
and liabilities ol Texas ; and the residue of said
l.ujs. *1 ?r discharging said debts and liabilities, lo
be disposed of as saiJ Stale may direct; but in
do event are said debts and liabilities to bscouie a
charge upon Ibe government of the II. Htales
Fourth New Males, of convenient size, not exceeding
three in number, in addition to the .-jute now ,
J l? t- .,ln.,il?l ?ol I,...... .nffin.nl rwsnn.
I,lion, may he icsller, by the consent of said Mule,
b< hound out of Ibe territory tbereof, winch ?ha I t>e
wit lied lo admission into the Union under the provisions
of the federal constitution : Prvridrd, 'I hat
Mid Mute or Mi,lei ai may be formed out of that
|K>rt>oo of ea.d tern lory which lie* north of thirty-sii
aegrees ai d thirty uiiriulr* of north latitude, shall he
subject to the prof taiou* of the eighth section of the
set of Congress uf the s<ilh of March, eighteen hundred
and iweo'y, commonly called and known as the
Missouri compromise; but such Slate or States ai
may tie formed out ol that poilion of suid tcrrit >ry
wioch lies south of thirty-six degrees and thirty minutes
of uorth latitude, shall be admitted into the
Union with ur without the provisions specified in
said eiohth section, as the people uf each State,
bum the great diversity ol .oil, clluiste, and products,
may desire.
The resolution was ordeird lo be printed
and referred lo the Committee ol the Whole
on the state of the Union.
AYom l)u CkarUtlon Cornier.
We are indebted lo the courtesy of Mr. Tripler, a
pssirnger in the schooner K A Brown, arrived yesterday
irons Havaua, lor the information winch
Mr. T. left Vera Cruz for I lav ma on the 3d mat.,
in the Br. mail steamer Dee, which ve-sel reached
Havana on the 1th insl. At the last accounts Santa
Anna was at San Martin de Sesmolara, about four
leagues from Puebla, w ith a force of about 6,001)
men, mostly mounted on horses taken from the inhabitants.
flan. Parades being in elnee pursuit,
mi an army ut 3,000 men, but maims ivri mg and
avoiding a conflict, as a mallei of polic), an Santa
Anna'* forces were daily decreasing, on arconnl of
insertions from hi* ranks, while Gen. P. was rapidly
acquiring strength
t he city of Mexico had been well fortified, and
every precaution taken to prevent or repel an a*isult.
The aqueduct* had been opened, and the
mole which surrounds the city tilled with water, and
there was a force of ?ome 30,000 armed citizens prepared
to defend it.
At Vera Cruz, also, fortification* were in prices*,
and the citizens were arn.ing 'i he steamer MtnltiMma
left Vera Cruz a short time before the l>te,
bound to Campeachy for troops, and reinforcementa
were also expected from Alvarado and Tlscatalplan.
A decree tiad bein issued by the Mexidan Congress
declaring Santa Anna a traitor and an outlaw,
and authorizing any who may meet with him to take
his life. Measures had also been adopted to prevent
his eacape, by guarding the different sea ports and
other outlets, and it is believed that he must eventually
Ire captured. A person named Arellano, an individual
in the interest of 8anta Anna, with additional
confidential correspondence, had been taken,
and it was supposed he would be executed.
Mr. Tripler slates that the whole country is in a
slate of the utmost confusion?robberies of travellers
were committed daily, and be himself was twice
stripped of whatever was valuable about him m his
progiewi through Mexico, but without any indignity
being ofiered to his person. It is the opinion of Mr.
T. from what he could learn, that the new govern
stent would be as much if not more virulently opposed
to Ihe annexation of Texas as the former, and
'date* that Americans are held in great abhorrence,
and receive frequent insults at the hands of the Mexicans.
The ship Paul Jones, Walkins, arrived at N. York
on Sunday night, with advices from Canton to 1st
b'toher, iuclusive. Messrs. Fletcher Webster and
J. H. O'Donnell, of the American Embassy to China,
came home in the Paul Jones. E. G. Tilton, U. S.
.Xavy, aim w. 11 uruger, ui lien b..Uv
passengers. The treaty between the United Slates
and China, negotiated by Mr. Cusiiing, was approved
? by the Emperor, and went into operation at Canton
oo the 23th September.
The United States frigate Brandy wine, and United
(States ship SI. Louis remained in the China seas, the
former at Canton, and the latter on the Eaat coast.?
The crews ot both were enjoying excellent health.
The new crop of tea came in freely, and the anxiety
of shippers to get borne their fresh cargoes, had
caused an advance in freight. Full prices were being
paid for new chops. Market buoyant.
As (tie season advances, prices of l eas were expected
to cotne down ; and even at our last dates
holders evinced a disposition to relax in their demands.
Chops that had been held at 41 taels could
be bought for 36 on the sailing of the t'aul Jones.
I be stocks of manufactured goods on hand at the
firs ports are accumulating, and prices have given
wsy somewhat
I he latest advices from the Imperial City, Pekin,
j announces a defalcation hy a magistrate of the Proi'mre
of Keangse, of 25 41)11 laels. The Emperor denounces
him, and orders immediate punishment, unless
the sum is handed over to the treasury. The magistrate
was in prison.
An examination of the students of the Imperial
College had taken place at the city of Pekiu, at the
Royal Castle, when immense numbers of honors
were distributed. All the Manchoo (Tartar) youth
who have attained to the raak of Keujin are to be
lent to the Board of Officers to receive civil appointB.ents.
The l,evee of the Monarch was crowded for
ie?e al days with military officers, who had been
Wmmoned to He capital They all returned with
promotions The Pekm (Jaxette complains that the
common people made too Iree at the levee, and it was
with difficulty that the soldiers could keep them at a
respectful distance.
A Dutch rmha*sy to Japan is talked of among the
Dutch merchants in India.
A severe gale ps?se<| over Canton on Ike 4th Sep>mlier,
when the light fingered gentry did a large
hiieiness, robbing the boats and fleecing iheir distress
"I brethren who had to abandon their frail dwellings
on the river. The factories escaped being robbed,
thinks to a high wall which ihe Americans have built
n'" protect ttieiiiaeivea irvw v?n?.
New Ficloriu are altout lo be erected, and Govmi-nt
>ir(l. r? have been i??ucd o the people not to
erfere wilh the builder*
I he new alup llowqtia, from New York, arrived
out in daya
rl e friend of China" 'peak* diarouragmgly of
Miwttonary enterprise* and attributra the want of
"ucceia to the nunieroua diviaiona anions Christiana
lh.fortunately," cuu the friend, " there or a degree
I mloleranee in every rhnreh, whieli lead, it, it the
dominant one of the ?tate, to look upon thnae without
1 < pa la, witt, di?tru?tiul eye
A teiiura of ainuggled good a ad hern made at
Tbotnat W. Waldron, Kiq., Untied Hltlei Uonaul
and Naval Agent at (.'idUmi, died oo the blh of tfej>Ulitwr
The I long Kong Oaaetle of September V4, contain*
the following .?" We learu from private lelter*
lately received by gentlemen liele, tbel the merchant*
III the United 8la<e* accustomed to *rnd good*
to f'hioe, heve engaged the whole of the cotton good*
,. i .... i < _ .1-. 1 - -? ?
Kiupini i ill uiai uiai in uiai cmii tic inaliu'acluied
lioui the lai ul June lo lite eini ul October
J-Vom |A< (Wbitvii Mti tury
The l.lubt la again talking ?t?iul disuuiun dlflidodly
Ilia most inauspicious U|U lor milirkiliuii we
liave lately eeeu. Why drag in that charge, but to
weaken the cauec of 'lexas by limiting and distracting
her Iriendo, and giving aid and oouitorl lo her
enemies ? We have hsd this gau.e before, and it
succeeded Is it lo succeed iiuw, when the hollowne-s
of Its pretences and the ui slice of lis origmalora
are transparent< We shall see Wlieu lire treaty
was brought before the Menate, it was denounced be- |
cause itieie was an armistice between Texas and
Mexico : theie was no armistice, and this was shewn.
It was denounced further because there was wa r>tween
Texas and Mexico, the only war ol Mexico
is between tier own hostile factions filially it was
denounced n all enormous alietch of Kircotive IUIh.u
iiy lately a representative .d this same faction,
in the lloUse, opposes the Joint lies dutlull on ills
ground that annexation can only lie properly effected
by treaty. While the treaty was under considers-'
Uou, It was i n outrage on ihe constitution lo acquire
territory by treaty,?now that the treaty is out ol the
question, it is unluwiul lo acquire it in any oilier
wuy ! And yet this clique are Hie only true friends
ul Texas All others are disuniotnets and trailois
who talk about Texas, but desire only to dissolsc the
lasilsdsrscy aud uiskr Mr. Calhoun Kuiperor' flow
long is this paltry sla.Uling lo pass for stalesuiausliiu
and patriotism?
About a month since the Globe et pressed >he opinion
that annexation would be defeated in the Senate I
by the Wlnga, and 'hat It would not be carried until
the l>eroocralic parly got the control of that body?
a very indefinite adjournment of the question, to the
arbitrament ol a must doubtful tribunal?as the |
ci urae ul the Northern Ueuiocrala in the House
shows The Gh.be in the mean lime is all lor Tex j
as?but it cannot abide disuinoinsls they must be
killed oil hist?the Democratic army must be paralyzed
by intestine slilie, and when it la reduced to
contemptible weakness by this process, then annexation
shall be carried! Jual the game of the last session
The tieaty could hare been carried, if the
Globe and its clique had not treacherously thrown
themselves in opposition to a measure they professed
to favor. Then, a? now, at the critical uiomeui, It
was taken with a violent bt uf hatred to disunion, under
pretext of which it might assail Mr. Calhoun and
deprive the treaty of that mighty moral support it
would have had from the unanimous favor of the De I
mocratic party?a moral force that the Whig party
would have shrunk from facing Uuder this attack j
the treaty fell?but the cause did not perish, 'the ,
people look it up?they forced the issue of Teias
into the nominating convention, arid carried it .
triumphantly at the Presidential election. The j
Clamor of the Globe waa hushed before the mighty
voice of the people. Now, however, as soon
as the question coines again into the hands of poll ;
licians and within reach of the wiles of intriguing
leaders, we hear the old homilies on disunion The '
game of killing the measure through its heat friends,
is again repealed. If the annexation 11 defeated by
such wicked meuns, the Globe la too well aware of
the xlurm uf mdignalion it will raise in the souih. Is ,
it then seeking, by forever linking these vile charges
of disunion to every attempt to acquire Texas, to or- .
ganize the north against the south, and by uniting the ;
northern democracy with the whiga ? to leave the I
south?rather force the south, to lake up and settle
lor herself alone, the policy which her interests and
her very salvation demand?against the combined \
hostility of all parties in the north? If so, it is time i
fltr lli*? (vlnKa tit ftxllr oKitnl iKa I I?I/MS 'I'tiaa t saiiaa I
Kill indeed lie changed, and Texas, mighty at it is for
the welfare of the whole Union, w ill become a very
subordinate question. Let theae oiad factionists beware
in time.
OF the Laws of the United States, edition of IW44,
complete in one volume, inc uding treaties with
foreign powers, and an abstract of judicial decisiont,
by Thomas F.Gordon. F. TAYLOR.
Jan. 21?tf
RIHmiWW Institutes ot Natural Law, ,
being the substance of a course of lectures on I
Grotius " de jure Belli et Pacis."
Rest edition, two volumes in one, in full law bind-|
ing, complete for $t 50?published at $4?for sale, a 1
few copies only, by F. TAYLOR, j
Jan. ai?tf
The Law of Executors and Administrators, by
Samuel Toller, with additions by Francis Whitmarsh,
Barrister at Law.
Fourth American edition, with references to the
principal American decisions, by E. D. Ingraham, 1
volume octavo, 5'J8 pages, in full law-binding, price
(2 25, published at $4 50.
For sale by F. TAYLOR.
j?n at _
Washinction, D. C.
THE subscriber having resigned his office of Chief
Clerk of the Navy Department, for the purpose
of devoting himself to the practice of his profession
in this city, respectfully announces that he will attend
to the prosecution of claims in the several Executive
Departments, and before Congress ; to the procuring
of contracts with the Government; to the settlement
of public accounts ; to claims before Commissioners
under treaties ; to pre-emption and other land claims ;
In tLn nsnnupirur jsf nntoiila for nillllll* lurwla UllH for
"?? ? I , ?
scientific and useful inventions ; to the obtaining of
pen-ions, and to whatever business may require the
aid of an Agent or Attorney.
The great experience which the subscriber has obtained
by his connection with the GovernnientOlfices,
and his intimate knowledge of the forms required to
he observed in the transaction of all kinds of public
business, enable him to insure the greatest advantages
to those who may patronise his Agency. His charges
will be moderate, and according to the nature of
the business. Letters addressed to this Agency must
be post paid, otherwise they cannot be received.
Attorn*.* at Law,
Office 1 'ilk street, 3d hotite north of Perm. .Ivenur.
Washington, I). C., Dec. 1, 1844.
The subscribtr has the honor to refer to the following
gentlemen, *iz :
Hon. JAMES BUCHANAN, U. 8. Senate.
" C. J. INGERSOLL, House of Representatives.
' J. E. HOLMES. " "
' H. C MURPHY, - "
? W. B. M ACL AY, "
' W. B. LEWIS, 2d Auditor, Washington.
Hon. JUDGE KING, Philadelphia.
' JUDGE CAMPBELL, Philadelphia.
E. D. INORAHAM, Esq., "
waiiii ). r:.. "
Hon J K. PAULDING. New York.
Hon. R. M. JOHNSON, Kentucky.
Tin- COMMANDANTS of the several Navy Yardi
Nov. 30?tf
FISCHER, importer of Fancy anil Staph
Stationary, Parchment, Rngera'a Cutlery,!
Perfumery, and Fancy Ailtcle?, haa juei reeeteed ill
rectly from the manufacturer, Edward Hunt, Bristol,
aviry I. rje au rtmrnt of hi? he?t BufTalo lloin
|)rr<Mnjf Cuniha ut fi, 7, H and 0 tnchee lung and iwu
inches deep, wt h quill hacka, at iutermeiliate prices
from I'd to t>0 cent*, for ca*h only.
dec h w. riser. R.
MIHTOKY of the Law of Nationa in Europe and
Amartca, from the earliert tima? to the treaty
of Washington of 1 H4\!; by Henry Wheat.m, t luted
Htatea Minrafer.it Merlin?1 vol. netaeo.
Juat published and thia day received for aale bv
dec 9fi F TA VI/) R
X REVOLUTION. Complete for 81,25
I jaa 7 F. TAYLOR.
llluetmlt'd lijr titlrrli lull alaed, lile-lihe linaiel" will
be i epr a led oil Friday und [Saturday , January UI ll?
kkI U5th, at Convert llall, Peuueylvaoiu awuue,
(veer Browu't Hotel.)
p._jr- Adiiiuunon i?0 cool*.
open ?t 7; lecture commence at 7 I '1;
| > Youth" not admitted. Jau 'J5I?3t
AT llit) solicitation ul many Irienda, ? repelMton ut
the Sacred Concert in aid ul the Ladiea I n ion
Benevolent Socioly, will bo given on Wednesday
evening, January 'i'J in Ihr Unitarian Cburch, uuilcr
the direction of M. Lr>tn? Uiaiar.
ra*T t.
1. Anthrm, by the Wesley an Cbaprl Choir.
M. Grand Churua?God lie merciful to ui.
3. Duet ? l.ord whom winds and aeiui obey. Biaarll. j
4. Solo? Pilgrim. Brown.
5. Guar telle blahal Malrr Koeeini.
rear it.
1. Grand Chorus?S abal Mater. Rosaini.
"J Solo? Ku'h and Naomi. Tnpliff.
3. Dtrnt? Che bird let loose. Handel.
I Duel How bleat the aaciet tie. Clifton.
o. Gland Cluirua?BuW down ihinr ear, (J Lord.
Concert lo commence at H o'clock precisely.
Tickets bO t enia?lo be had ol Messrs. Anderson,
Kiscber and K. Taylor, and at the door.
Jan. 18? if
'T'HIE Comuiitine on Rooms, having made a ron1.
I rait lor " ("arum's Saloon ' lol1 lh- Inauguration
Ball on the 4th of March urxl, Ibe Managers of
said Ball, (.ariicularly lliose who have brrn appoint rd
on the various comiuilirts. are urgently reuueated
lo a'trud a meeting at Brown's liolrl on Wediirsdav
evening uexl al 8 o'clock.
By request of th- President of the Managers
CHAS. S. ERA I LEY, Htcrtlan/.
January A)
Nl?1 I)ir>HTMr.kt,
Bi inu ur Provisions and Clothino,
Januar; 'M, 1845.
PHOP08AIJ3, scaled and endorsed, " Proposal*
for Freight to Pensacola," will be received at
thia ottice until ThuisJay, the 'JOlh <1 ay of February
neit, at 3 o'clock, P. M , for the transportation of
about hfleen hundred barrels of Government Stores,
froiu ihe Navy Yard, Goaport, Virginia, to the Navy
Yard at Penaaoola, Florida. Offers must specify the
price asked per barrel, without distinction between
wet and dry; five and a half cubic feet of measurement
goods, and thirty gallons to the guage of all
casks not usually called barrels, to be considered as
barrels, whatever they may contain, no primate to
be allowed. Ten fair-weather lay days to be allowed
at each of the ports of Goaport and Penaacola,
for taking in and discharging cargo. Proposals must
state theedescripliou, the name and the condition of the
ve>sel, and the vessel must pass the u-ual inspection,
and be ready at the Navy Yard at Goaport to receive
cargo by the 15th day of March Bids not conform]
ing in all icspecta to this advertisement, will not be
Ckiif of Ike Bureau.
To be published once a week until the 18th February,
in thr Madwoman, Washington Cry ; Republican,
Baltimore; American Sentinel, Philadelphia;
Journal of Commerce, New York; Morning Post,
nosion, anu oearon, isoriuis, v irginra
Jan 20?lawllHthFeb
A KILE OK THE MADlsuMAb - ln?-"~id.
sertiser wishes to purchase a complete file of
ttie Madiaomati, from the commencement of 1'resident
Tyler's Administration.
Apply at this office. jan 17?tf
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Stationary, has recently received direct from
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Patent Flexible Points
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" Office do, no 41
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" Pen for general purposes
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riVK t.A I /\!(utidr,ti oi wii? niaunnnnigni,
(34th edition) which ha?e coat orer J7II0, rompriaing
thu Rrcat niul select collection of Fruit and Orna
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Dahlia*; Bulbou* llower root*; Greenhouae Plant*
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Order*, per mail, will be eiecutid with despatch,
nd in * auperior *tyle, and forwarded a* directed.
Jan. 9?6t
Daily paper by the year, in advance $10 00
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per month.
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" " |'or six mouths 1 00
Hubacriptions to the Daily for less than two, to
the Hemi-Weckly for less than lour, or to the
Weekly for leu tbau six mouths, will uol be received.
If not paid within the year, the Daily paper will
be fill, the Menu Wrckly &b, and the Weckly $2 00
a year
Hubscnbers may discontinue their papers at any
time by paying for the time they have received llieui,
but itut u>W/iuul.
Those who aubocribe for a year, and do not, at the
time of subscribing, Older a discontinuance at the
end of it, will be considered subscilhers until they
order the paper to be slopped, aud pay arrearages.
Twelve lines or less, three insertions . . . $1 00
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Longer advertisements charged hi proportion.
A liberal discount made to those who advertise by
the year. .
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romit by mail, at our risk, iw.iutrr naid. The Tost i
mallei i certificate of ?uch remittance shall be a sufficient
receipt therefor. The notes of any specie
payiig bank will Ire received.
*V?? Mention will be given In any order unless Ike mo- .
wry. or a poaiimnlcr I cerhjicut* that it hat been remitted, \
irom/Miiut till
telle f? (o 'he /'ropnefor, charged with fioUage, \
wilt not be taken out "J 'hi Poet Office.
REPORTS of Cases aigued and determined in
the High Court of Chancery, from 1780 to 1817,1
with a digesied index, by Prsitcia Vesey, Junior,
from the list lamdou edition, with the Notes of
Krancia Ve#ey Junior, end the extensive Annotations
of John E llovenden, Esq., Banner; the whole edited
with Notes and References to American l.aw,
and subsequent English Decisions, by Charles Bumner,
Esq This great work, the publication of which
commenced in 1844, aod of which 13 volumes a e
now issued, w ll be complete in April 1845, in ^t>
large octavo volumes, handsomely printed on hue paper,
and in full l^aw binding, for the extremely low
price of $'J 50 per vol , with the necessary addition in
this market or an additional trifle sufficient only to
cover the coat ol transportation Irom Boston.
On the 1st of April, 1845, when the woik will be
completed, the price will be increased in Boalon as
well as in this market to $3,50 per volume. Persons
intending to purchase are warned in time of this
inevitable result. A specimen of the work may be
nmsl at tha HiuiktUirs at the auhacriher : the i
price named will nece>sarily be a ca?h price in rvery
case. Order* by mail will receive proper attention.
FRANCK TAYLOR, Bookseller,
jan 16 Washington Oily.
O Sigourney?1 vol. Bostoo, 1H45.
Uya of tbe Gospel?by S3. G. Uulfinch, 1 volume,
Boston, 1846
Common and Bcriplural Proverbs, explained?by
W H Pwtw l rani, BodMi 1845.
Expository Lecture*, on the Principal Passages of
the Scripture* which relate to the doctrine of the
Trinity?by Rev. G. W. lluruap? 1 voiume, Bo*ton,
1845. F. TAYLOR,
jan 16?3t
KOPER, on the east aide of lllh, and the fir*t
house south of G street, ha* room lor a few mure
single gentlemen boarders, at $2 50 a week. He has
one large room suitable for a gentleman and hi* wife,
whieh they may furnish or not Hit accommodations
are as good as can be bad for < a week.
__ Jan. 13?tf
WM. FISCHER, Pennsylvania avenue, two
door east of 12th street, has just received the
following new pieces which will be sold at a reduoed
price :
Halle's celebrated Opera of the Buhonian Girl, bound
... ..... - - -
Musical Souvenir, 1845
The Lunatic?song?by Jno. C. Andrews, E-q
The Peace of Home?comp. by Geo. Lmdley, Eeq
The Zephyr?a prize glee for three voices, by John
i'll pray for thee?from the opera of Lucia tie Lamermoor
Sweet home of my childhood?by Lt. Col. Fraser
Take back the gems you gave me?Geo. Lmdley
Art thou in tears!?comp. hy K N. Crouch
'Tis ?ad to part " " J Ling
Farewell to thee " " J. K Ling
Beauties from Donijetti's opera of Lucrecia Borgia ?
by C. Tcrney
Night and morning?music by C. Maeder
Salut a la France, from the opera of La Fille du
The Ivy waltz
The Elfin waltz? Labitzkey jan 15
History of the revolt of the
AMERICAN COLONIES, being a comprehensive
view of iia origin, derived from the State
Papers in ihe Public Orficej of Great Brilain. By
George Chalmers, Chief Clerk of the Committee of
Privy Council, ard author of "Life of Mary Queen
of Scotte," History of Caledonia," &c., Ac., 'I vols,
octavo, Boston, 1815. This day rereivrd for sale by
Alao, History of the Province of Massachusetts
Bay, from 1750 to June, 1771, by Mr. Hutchinson,
late Governor of that Province, I vol. octavo.
Jan 15?3t
X Tale of 1760.?By the author of " Chas O'Mally,"
itc. Published in numbers. Number one just
received hy T. TAYLOR
WEEKLY VOLUME for Town and
O Country?A Continuation of Waldie'a Circula- [
ting Library. To be published in large quarto numbers,
one appearing every Wednesday in Philadelphia,
for four dollars per annum, payable in advance.
Will be forwarded hy mail, strongly enveloped, to
any post office in the United States, if application be
made to P.TAYbOft,
liookseller, Washington.
At whose store, on Pennsylvania Avenue, specimens
of the first numbers may be seen. jan 15
Patent Orru r., Jan. IS, 1815.
ON the petition of Alpha Kiehardson, of Boston'
praying for the extension of a patent granted
to him, for an improvement in Splitting Leather,
for seven years from the expiration of said patent,
which takes place on the twenty-third day of April,
It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the
Patent Office, on the second Monday in March
next, at 12 o'clock, M ;and all person* are notified to
appear and show cause, if any they have, why said
petition ought not to be granted.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in
the Madisonian, printed at Washington', the
Bun, printed at Baltimore ; the Keystone and Sentinel,
printed at Philadelphia ; the Journal of Commerce,
printed at New York ; and the Times, printed
at Boston; once a week for three successive
w eeks previous to the second Monday in March next.
iit'Niiv I I'M aiviiirrii
Com mi wioner of Patents.
T. S. Editors of the above papers will please copy,
and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a
paper containing this notice.
Jan. 15.? lawUw
A CARD.?The undersigned, in cons.quenre of
heavy losses t>y the Credit system, has been in
dured to resolve on selling hereafter (except as to
Government offices and public institutions) rxrfujtipely
/or rash at reduced prices; which will he infinitely
better for both buyer and seller; and to call again
most respectfully, but earnestly, ii|*>n all persons inilehied
to t itn on accounts of a ilaie prior to the present
year to call at his store and settle the same before
the tenth of next rtionth, as all then remaining
unadjusted, will, without distinction, be placed in the
hanns of an officer for collection by cumpulsory
means. W. FISCHER,
dec 30 3taw2w
'BANNER'S ATLAS?cheap ?Revised edition,
and perfected up to the cloae of IH4I?price (with
the accompanying volume) reduced to #12, both
handsomely bound.
For eal . a few copies only, by
Jan. 8-31 F. TAYLOR.
Before subscribing to a Periodical for IS 15,
read the following
P 110 S 1' E C T U 8
48 Pages Heading Matter, besides Iten El
eg ant Steel Plates, in Each Number
'|^HE Publisher*, in sending forih (heir Proa
pectus (or the third volume of their Magazine,
which i? exclusively and permanently under
tie editorial control of T. H AR THUR, believe
that they can ull. r to the public moat substantial
claims tu patronage. The first and second voluniee
have been acknowledged on all hand* to be equal,and,
in many respects, superior, in character,strength,interest
and atlraclivpiieos, lo anv of the luagaz in a issued.
The aim of the fcalilor la a high one. lie repudiates
the long prevalent system of baaing hla work upon
the reputation of contributors, whose article', no mat
ler what they hare done, are, ill loo many instance',
below mediocrity.
bulbing gains admission into the pages id ibis Magazine,
winch la not eicellent in Itself. The source
from which an article cornea is secondary?ns merits
always primary, duel) a rule, strictly carriod out,
must give character to any work It has given "Arthur's
Magazine" a character already acknowledged
in all reafieciahle quartern where it has lieeo received.
Among the irieihaustihle sources lhal open up lo the
hands oi a literary caterer, Uermaii and French Literature
oiler a wide held tor selec ion. Into this icgi >n,
with an ad tuira h|e corps of Translators, We are steadily
penetrating, astonished at every step by ihe riches we
on el EaoccialW M this the case in Lileiatuie Al
ready we have givrl) >oun splendid articles from the
German, brim full of pure tr jths, end tumble illus
trallon* of Hie power uf goodness. 'Silent Love,'
"Tb? Governor and fit* Successors," "The Unknown
Patient," ' The Russian Ptince," "The Privy Counsellor,"
die. Ac., all who have read will reineint>er
with delight
From the French we have alsi gl'eVl uiany fir*lrate
article*. "The P. rpleled Cover* Iroui Mad
ante de Gentis, also, "'1 h.r Lesson of Misfortune,"
and "The Error of a Good Father," from Marinontel,
with line tale- from Umoai, LacroiX, Nodler, llalxao,
and uiher author*of celebrity.
.'n seleating from the French, our translators are
guided by a eiricl regard tu purity and excellence.
None know lietler lliari thry do how much that is
objectionable abounds III the light ll ersMirr of Ihls
people, Bui, flowing along by the side of this impure
current, is anuthei, as lucid and clear as crystal ?
From this they dip up the bright waters arid present
llirui to our lips.
At this fountain, we shall continue to let our readers
drink. But, in doing an, we shall not neglect
the excellencies of our own native literature.
This would he the wotsl of folly. Vet in doing
this, we shall make no parade of names. The public
are gelling to understand pretty clrarly h iw much
this is worth, sod to discover that excellence is not
always to lie found in the fugitive productions of
writers who have done well in books Our Country
is teeming with young genius, too often overshadowed
and hidden by the successful, who possess not
half then intrinsic worth, and whose writings exert
n t half so healthy an influence. They are crowded
from the path in whi h they are filled to Wj|k, and
their merits kept out of sight by a few who have
gained the public ear and rye, and who are kept before
the public, not ao much on account of the superior
excellence of what they are giving forth, as on
account of trhul they hare dwu.
To merit, wherever we find it, we will give the
r ght hand of fel owship. We would not accept a
poor article from the most celebrated writer in the
country; but a good one, let it come from where it
will, shall find a welcome.
In all sources, at home and abroad, we shall seek
I (if good, 'he "Up and (he beautiful. For nirne time,
and with too much jus'ne?s in the allegation, our
Msgaiinet have heen charged with being loo light
and trashy. Thin fault we have from the fir?t vleadi.
|y avoided. "ARTHUR'S MAGAZINE" will
continue to eostsin a high character for excellence in
all ita depar'menti. Something more than mere love
talev will be given. Ita atoriea, while full of deep
and abeorbing inter eat, or, sparkling with wit and ha|e
py feelings, will have in tbein a aoul?a living toul of
goodness and truth. Reviews, essays and sketches,
with poetry that shall be truly called such, will be
blended with them in just proportion.
Thus much in regard to the literary department of
our Magazine. Anothei matter claims our attention
?that 01 Pictoiial Embellishments. Custom rnd taste
have rendered them indispensable in a literary work
like ours. We shall not aland lo argue the matter
with custom and taste, but proceed to open up our intentions
on this head. First, then, we have determined
to present the subscriber* to "ARTHUR'S
MAGAZINE," during the year, with a novelty,
of a highly attractive rharacter. No less than a
series of Six Female Characters from Shakspeare!
engraved on steel in a highly finished style. This
Slutkspeare Gallery of Beauty will prei>ent imbodicd
lo the eye, some of the noble bard's most beautiful
creations of the mind, as well as one or two celebrated
characters in history, around whom his magic
l>cn has thrown a new charm. What lover of the
Poet's immortal creations, will not be eager to secure
N?t or,., vurelv. F.veiv niivvevvar nl'i? run, nf Shilii.
peare, and whose library does not contain hi* works 1
will have, at mete nominal coat, six exquisite illustrations,
hot to be obtainod in any other way. This is
certainly a great desideratum. But, besides these beaulies
from Sltakspeare, we are making arrangements
to procure a seiies of female figures, far sutpasmng, in
loveliness of form and face, and exquisite finish, any
thing that has ypl appeared in any American -Magazine.
Celebrated Views,in this and other countries, will
also be a leading feature in our work. For the January
number we shall give a highly wrought view of
the Bridge of Doon, over which Tain O'dhanter fled
in such hot haste from the kirk and the witches. This
splendid steel plate will accompany the first of our
Bhaks|>eare beauties, and will make that number of
our work a highly attractive one, No less so will be
that for February. Nor shall there he any falling off
in the style of embellishment, or in the character ol
the literary contents of the work. From the first,
we have aimed at a gradual improvement. We do
not issue one or two good numbeis, and then after
our list of subscribers is filled up, fail off. But we
endeavor to make every number better than the one
that preceded it. Excellence, as we have lit fore said,
iaour aim. ,
But bes des our Shakspeare Gallery, our Gallery of
Female Beauty, our Celebrated Views, we shall introduce
from time to time other attractions in the way
of embellishments.
In addition to the foregoing, there is yet another
feature, no less than a new American Novel, fiom
the pen of the Editor, which will he commenced in
the January number, and continued until completed.
This will be within the year, so that all who subscribe
for the Magazine during 1815, will receive
hi* new urnr k sKn h?.,u,l "R?ll M...
tin," "Fanny Dale," "Insubordination," "Six Night*
with I he Washingtoniens," "Sweetheart* and
Wive*," Ac. Ac. from the pen of Mr. Arthur, need
not he told that thin feature will be a leading one.
In addition to lhis, Mr. Arthur will also continue
to furnish for i's pages, bis ahorter stories, those
(Stinted moral essays, told with so much skill, beauty,
and power. The attractions of the Editor'* own pen,
will, in fact, form a feature of peculiat interest to
our work, which no other magazine can possess.?
While to one or two other periodicals he furnishe* a
story occasionally, each number of Ins own magaziie
will contain many pages of his inimitable writings,
and the whole work bear the impress of hia
pure ia?te, and sound judgment.
The style in which " Arthur's Magazine " is to be
is?ued, will bo as beautiful as clear new tvpe, fine
while paper, and a highly illuminated cover, (pionouneerl
the chastest design that has yet appeared)
can make it.
Take it altogether, the publishers feel confident
that, in regard to the quali'y of literary maiter, style
of embellishments, appearance, and mechanical elocution,
Arthur's Magazine will he unsurpassed by
any other similar publication.
This is not mere idle boast and vain, pretension.?
No one who has taken the work through the first and
sicond volumes will so drem it.
Size of the Work.
" Arthur's Magazine" will eontain 48 pages of read
ing mailer, the Sams quantity that is given by the
three dollar Magazine-, and give iwo *leel engravings
in esch number, while the pries is only (2 00 per an
muit), payable in advance.
I r?py W W per annum, 7 cupioe $ 10 00 per an.,
3 co|Mi& 00 " II " 15 (10 "
i " 6 on " 17 " ao oo "
fL^We would particularly call the attention of
>ur friende, the Poatmarlera, to I lie above Proa|<ertua,
and alao, auKfrst to all peraona who intend taking
our work, to do ao aa early aa poaaible, in order to ae
cuit (lit Januaiy and February nuiuhf ra, and thereby I
bate thru .Shakapeurr'ialh ly c .uiplcte ,inJ uleojibr I
u?w notel by (ha KJllor. U I
fL^The January number will go early to prtaa, I
an.i m wiM In m MUM ?ubecribera by iti. I
J)ecemb?r, in oidei iu le ihtui tea the character and I
ijualcj uf iha work. The February number will I
lull tw early in the inuiilti uf January. I
jI luien nuuibere will be >eut without cliarg I
to an* one who will write tu ua free uf poatage. j |
! j' A pel 11 j if li ,0 (III- J o u a I v ii u in bi f I I- >1
ll i.l ! ? al l. uat lln til ! "I I > . . in!,. I n.l r ? e 11 c a i I.. 1 I
/I J^Befuie aubecribing to any other work, tend ' ^
for, and gel a apecinen ol our January number. IV- a
(I.O.I upon II, all who dealie a Magaiine lhat while
II couiblnm elegance wjili excrlhnce, u yet lurm?he>l
at a very low rate, will lind "Arthur'* Ladies' Magaiine"
exactly the thing.
Aildie**, po*l paid,
PuMuAcrs' Hall, 101 Ckrttnul .Stirtl, PkilatUI/tAia
' ? I.AIMS A.M? < OM'HAOf AOEN< !
WAHtllNUTON CtTT, i>. c. #
IJrosecuten lie lore Congres* or the several Departments
ol' the General Gov^nuient, all manner |
elainis, such as claims arising under the aduiinistra
tion ol'the Krtenuc l,iws, 01 the I're-emplion Acts ,
claims to ronftiination ol' land grants, or lor private
property taken lor or loat in the service of the United
St ilea, or destroyed by the Indians ; claims lor nivalid*',
revo lulionary, naval, widows', and half-pay
('elisions, or lor ((evolutionary service*, whether for
ro iiiniitali n of hall.pay, half-pay or bounty land* ;
claim* accruing under the execution of Indian trea
lie , or growing in any way out of coutracl* with
the Government; claim* for spoliations before any
Hoard of Coiuinssioiners under Treaties, Ac. kc ;
and allenda 10 the settlement of accounts of disbursing,
or other officers and agents of the Government,
or ol mall-contractors , to the procuitng of Patents
for inventions, and n>r titles to public lands j to the
interests of bidders for Contracts in any department of
the public service, Ac. Ac. Dec. !l?dAwlyif
1 f Why will you have the tooth-ache, when you
c*n hsve it permanently and effectually cured by
call ng on DR. PAIGE, in 7lh street, three donti
north of the Intelligencer office. Me has an entire ^
new preparation, that will curs it in a few minutes,
without pain or inconvenience, to thai it may afterwards
be tilled and made a valuable tooth for life,
thereby obviating the pain and danger of having it
extracted. It la one of the greatest discoveries ol
VUC ??C im rioter itiun ur inr ursircu turn.
Teeth inserted, trom one to full act, by the new
nd latent improvements. Teeth extracted by new
instruments, with very little pain. All work on tbe
most moderate terms.
dwe 17?if | *
MKNT? a few copies lor sale t>v
1m . :t y TAYLOR
X 1845, u this day received by
Contenh uj the January number :
I. The Abolitiomstn.
II. The Ghost of New York?By Cornelius Mathews.
III. The Ballad of Don Roderick- By R Wallace
IV. What is the Resson i
V. The Shiek of Aleiandna and his Slaves?By
the Auihorof " Giafar al Bermekl; a tale
of the Court of the Caliph Hsroun al Raschid"-?The
Story of the Spectre Hh p?
The Strange Gentleman and his Nephew?
The History of Almszor.
VI Periodical Reading?By the Author of " A
New Home," itc
VII Family Flattery?By the Author of " A Marriage
of Convenience."
VIII Stanzas?By R. 8. S. Androa.
IX Biographical Memoir of the lata Henry A.
Muhlenberg ( With an Engraving on Steel.)
X. Verses to a Child with some Wild Flowers?
By R. 8 S. Androa.
XI. New England Philosophy.?By Henry T.
XII. Monlhlv F.nancial ,and Commercial Aiticle.
XIII. New York Historical Society.
XIV. Monthly Literary Bulletin.
Price to subscril<era 5 dollara per annum, payable
in advance, or 50 cents for the single number. Persons
wishing to subscribe to the anove, are reminded ? I
that the present offers a good starting point. The
woik will he regularly mailed, strongly enveloped, to
any post office in the United States, it application tea
made to F. T.
jan 10
HPHIS day received, by F. TAYLOR, a small supply
of French Juvenile Book, embracing several
dozen varieties, for youth of all ages, published In
Paris, tastefully illustrated and handsomely bound,
some oi inem ocin^ entirely new. rnce .><, ;>u una
62 cents each. jan 11
Richly bound and illustrated '
BOOKS?lately received by F. TAYLOR,
most of them from London direct
Genu, from the Poets of the Nineteenth Century;
1 vol. 45 illustrations.
Rogers' Italy . 1 vol. small quarto, London ; many
Rogera' Poems; J vol. small quarto, London ; many
Book of the Poets, containing selections of English
Poetry from the age of Chaucer to Bratlie: 1 vol.
London, with many beautiful designs.
Illustrated rdiiion of Campbell's Poems; I vol.
octavo, in white calf, gilt, with many illustrations.
Cornneon I,'Italic par Madame de Stael; 12 vols.
Paris, richly bound and filled with illustrative designs
from the ruins and scenery of Rome and Italy
Illustrated edition of Cooper's Task; 1 vol. 8vo.
Milton, with illustration reduced from Martin's
Designs ; 1 vol. ]2mo., Guidon.
Tyass's Illustrated Hhakspeare; 3 vols., I^ndon,
And many other fine editions of the most esteemed I
writers in the English and French languages, from
the Library size down to the smallest pocket volume,
some of them beautifully illustrated, others richly
Fine English editions of Gibbon, Robertson. Clar- 1
endon, Hume, Burnett, and other standard historians.
dec '23?3t
YTTILLIAM FISCHER, importer of Fanev and
VV Staple Stationary, has just received directly
from the manufacturers?Perry Co., Gillott, Windie,
and others?the largest and most externum variety
of Metallic Pens (many of which are entirely
new) that has ever been offered foi sale in the country.
Dealers in Steel Pens can be supplied at the lowest
New York prices, at Stationers' Hall.
Dec. 19?if
NO 7th, Sue'a Wandering Jew. J
No. 14, Harjier's Pictorial Bible.
No. 2, Nevilles of Garrelstown.
No 3, Thirlwah's History of Greece.
Just received by FRANCK TAYLOR,
Immediately east of Coleman's Hotel.
in i9-3t
A REPORT, to the Navy Department of the U.
S. on American Coala, applicable to Steam Navigation
and other purpo*et, by Waller R. Jobneon , i
being a Report of Klperirnenta made under the au* '
thortly of the Navy Departtm nt, on the Evap rattve
Power and other I r.'pertie* of the varum* kind* of
American Coala; one octavo volume of ti07 pager,
juat leaned from the nre?a. A few roptea f-?r aale ily
dec 7 F.TAYLOR
Encyclopedia americana?ch.ap-n
volume* octavo, lateat and heat edition, (not ol
the kind deaigned for auction) full bound in I. alber,
with marbled tdgea, in h. at atyle complete for 1W
dollar*, (puhhahed at $2 50 per volume unbound.)
For aale (two roptea only at that price) by
jan 13 F. TAYLOR
up at ?h?- rrquful of the New York Mercantile l,i- I
brarjr Aaaocietlon. H
An additional mipply j<iat r< cefrrd, in pamphlet H
form?price reduced to X> centt. H
jan 13 r. TAYLOR.
IV1 W F1RPHER h?? juat rw?l??l tw?|?ed. t#n
Moan- ami other Port-F"lioa, < *ariou? pricea. H
I Not 2-tf

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