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? .1 ?wl??aI I ".I
ill K M V 1HSOM AN.
Twelve lines, or tew, lines insertions, - fl 00
Kecb additional insertion,
I xm*oi advertisements el proportionate re lea
A liberal discount made u> ilmec who advertise by
Ike rear.
fl^tlubecribere may remil by mail, in bill* of solvent
>anks, poiUugt ytul, el our risk, provided It shell
appear by e (voetmasler's certificate, Diet such remittance
hes been duly fuelled
Daily per sneuie, fls eivasctj ||0 00
The semi-weekly per annum, . . fi 00
For six iuoiilbs, 3 00
Weekly, * 00
rcy-Au tellers must be addressed (free of postage)
the editor.
foaliuailers throughout the Union ere requested to
act as our agents. Those who may particularly exert
themselves in extending the circulation of litis paper,
will uol only be allowed a liberal commission on
luiuii remitted, but receive oui warmest thanks.
LA'I'KM I' and tuoet Complete edition. Price reduced.
in two large .?ia?u volutins, in full
leather Undiug, for twelve dollar*, being the mutt
tall end comprehensive edition Issued, abd containtug
much lb"re matter than the original editioa,
which wee teeued (unbound) (or twenty rive Jollare.
Kur sale for the publishers by K. TAYLOR.
fVeai (hewcrUer In 11 Luiugy <m (Ac au tkur.
" The Jauntaa /Hclumcry ?/Ikt ?nglw* laiypaaft,
a a work of profound investigation, and doea infinite
honor to the philological learning and general litoratuia
of tbia country Happy tbe man who can
thue buoarahly identify hia name with the eiielence
of our vernacular tongue There ia no other way
in which mortal man could mure effectually eocure
immortality benecth tbe skies. Obcllakv, archea, and
triumphal monuments verm to be aa Irarieient ae the
bubble of military reputation. No work of art can
witheiand the incaaeanl etrokee of <lme. The unit
veiled Parthenon, glowing In poliehed marble, and
which, lor more than two tbouaand ysare continued
irom tbe eu to ant of the citadel of Athene to caat ita
broad splendors acinee the platne below, and alng
the coasts and beadlatida of Antra, la now crumbling
to ruine, after being daepoded < f lie nioel (itjue
cue materials by savage war and hrartleaa man.?
Kvan tbe Pyramids of Lgypt, whose origin is bidder,
in the deepest receeeee ot antiquity, and which have
always stood in awa-tnepiring solitude and grandeur,
are now annoyed by the depredations of curiosity,
and greatly corroded by the acnon of the elements.
and gradually inking under the encroaching sand*
uf lhe desert. Thle dieUnitary. and the language
which It embodies will aleu perieh, hut it will not tie
with the gsrgtosta palactt. It will go with Uu tulcmn
trmyi. a end ike great gloke UmI/ "
1 he Publishers of the loregoiog work respectfully
enuuoc* that tbsy have made arrangeoienlt with
Mr K Taylor, Bookseller, of Waahinglon city, to
famish the American Dictionary, in two large volumes,
at the very reduced price ol twelve dollars.
It it to he understood that fur this price the beat
paper and type, aod the beet binding, will be supplied?Iht
6tsi Cupui, that it to ray, in all rcjpeclt
The very valuable supplement, which is contained
in no other edition than the present one, should not lie
passed unnoticed , it contains four thousand wards,
not given in any other dictionary, was only completej
by Dr. Webster in 1843, immediately before the
sickness ?hich terminated his valuable life, and has
been published and copy-lighted, since his death,)by
his executors.
The work is now therefore in a finished and complete
state, it is not to be supposed lhat any thing
more can or will be added to It; the present edition defining
tnd illustrating twenty thousand more words
than the edition which, when it first issued from the
hands of Di. Webster, was acknowledged by the
Engli-h philologists to be the beet dictionary in the
world. T. S. A C ADAMS.
of Ainherst, Massachusetts.
Washington city, 1844. dec 13?tf
j Just received by KRANCK TAYLOR, by the
Steamer Cambria, and Ihia day opened :
Theory of Money and History of the Bank of
England, 1 vol. London, 1844.
Delusions and Fallacies in the House of Common*
bill for the recharter of the Hank of England, and in
the statements and arguments in support of it.?
PaoiphUt?I?ndon, 1844.
Thoughts on the separation of the departments of
the Bank of England, by Samuel Jones Loyd?Pamphlet,
London, 1844.
Speeches of Sir Robert Peel on the recharter of
the Bank of England.
Lord Brougham's Political Philosophy, 3 volumes,
completed in 1844.
Mr. Joplin's Circular to the Managers of the
Joint Stock Banks of the United Kingdom; Pamphlet,
London, 1844.
Tables, showing the progress of the Shipping interest
of Great Britain, the United States and
France, by George Bayley, of Lloyd's, London,1844.
The Evils inseparable from a Mixed Currency, and
the advantages of an inconveriible national paper
circulation throughout the British Empire and its dependencies;
by William Blacker?Pamphlet, London,
Porter's Prngiess of the Nation, 3 vols.
Laws, Privileges, Proceedings, and Usages of Parliament,
1 vol. London, 1844.
And msny others, too numerous for the limits of
an advertisement.
A further supply, shipped per "Wellington,"
on the 27th December, is expected within a few
JBooks, Stationery, Periodicals, Mathematical
Instruments, or any Iking rise, imported to order
from England, France, or any part of Europe.
ieo u?it
rpHE CHURCHMAN'SlLIBRARY; a teriea <af
publications, original, and from the English press,
issued in monthly numbers. The numbers for 1844
(collected into one yolume) arc ju<t received for sale
Also, the Rooli. of the Church, by Robert Southey,
late Poet Laureate. 1 vol. from the fifth London
Complete works of Rev. William Jay, in 3 vols,
" Church-Clavering,'' or the Schoolmaster, by the
Rev. W. Gresley, M. A.
" A few words about Holy Baptism pamphlet,
New York, 1845.
British navy list, r.>r 1845.
British Army List,for 1845.
New Annual Army List, by Captain Hart, 9th
regiment, being the 6th annual volume, giving the
dates of commissions, and the war sea
wounds of every officer in the Army, Ordnance, and
Marines, corrected up to 27th December, 1844, 1 vol.
Captain Marryatt's Code of Signals, 1 vol, London,
Watson's Telegraphic Vocabulary.
The Duties of Judge Advocates, by Capt. Hughes
12th regiment,Deputy Judge Advocate General,1 vol
l^indon, 1845.
Practical Astronomy and Geodesy, by John Nar
rien. Professor ol Mathematics in the Royal Military
College, 1 vol. London, 1845.
Spearman's British Gunner, third edition, London
Lieut. Col. Hawker on Shooting and Fire-arms
ninth edition, much enlarged, I vol , London, 1815.
Kelly's Spherics, Miles' Royal Naval Service, Ra
per's Navigation, Campbell's Lives of British Admi
rals, 8 vols., Simmons on Heavy Ordnance.
Alexander's Life of Wellington, Southey's Brazil
3 vols
PutTendorfTs Law of Nations, Grotius on War anr
Peace, British Nautical Magazine, complete fo
And many other works of military and naval eei
?".l -ervire in nil their various branches ins
receired per atenmcr Cambria.
febH r. TAYLOR.
prince's l1nnjean BOTANIC garden
and nurseries.
Flunking, Ijong Inland, near Sew York
the new and unrivalled dkscrip
TIVE CATALOGUES of thi. eatablwhmenl
(34th edition) which hate coal oter ?700, compri.in
thi* great and .elect collection of Eruit and Orna
mental Tree., Shrubbery and Planta; aplendid net
Dahlia.; Bulboua flower root*; Green home Plant
and Seed*, with price* greatly reduced, and direr
tiona for their culture, will be ?nnt fratu to erery m
paid applicant. The error* in the catalogue* of other
are *et ri?ht in the?e , which irientific Mortir.ili?ri,t
hare pronounced ?uperior to any thai ha. appeared i
any ewwntry.
Order*, per mail, will he executed with de*p.M
and in a auperior atyle, and forwarded a* directed
william r prince It CO.
?I)C ;
I I'rut, uypvaUt hciul<?l'i &(???, hiu/migton.
(Between the remdenoe* of Mm. (Jen Macomb end
I hp tini. I..tin V M.i m M.i rtlary <>l tl.e Nm i
VI IBS HfcANLY, of Boston, Mauachuviii, priiiIVi
cipal instruciiess, respectfully gives notice to
parent* anil guardians of tier resuming the education
of Young Ladies in this city in the former family
residence of Col. Boinford, according to her early
purposes ol educating boarding pupils as a family,
with a convenient nuaibi r of day scholars, lier own
persona! instruction and care being given to each ol
her pupils individually in whatever pursuits ol learning
or accomplishments they may engage. Assistant
instructresses will be resident in her family, and exclusively
engaged to aid her respousibly as professors
iu this charge. One of the moat skillul in Vocal
and Instruments! Music will always be so engaged,
oilier professors will attend to give leseont, as may
be required, but only with her owu alleullou to her pupils
as principal The many yeara occupancy of this
house by Col. Bomford's family eviucea healthiness
of the situation well ; and its spaciousness, pleasant
garden, and scenery, makes it the most desirable
dwelling for such students in the vicinity of the Pre
sident's House and lha Departments.
Miss Uiutl't Academy being so eligibly placed
in the quiet neighborhood of many well-known farm
Ilea, greatly encourages the favor her task bespeaks
of parents and guardians to sustain a permanent institution
of the most faithful and liberal instruction,
i 'Die regulations and order prescribed in it being sioiI
ply such as are due to secure the eotire welfare ol
I daughters under maternal direction at home
.Yurwsj tlxrrrtiei V Instruction ?The use of Knglieh
and trench Text Books alternately, in her method
formerly pursued m this city, and since by herself,
in reading, eloculiou, grammar, geography, history,
arithmetic, tic. Composition and Belles Lellrtw
in both languages.
,1/lernooH Ejtrcutt.?Drawing and Painting in
erayon, water, and oil colore; Music, Needlework in
ita eariet es of dotneetie use and ornament; Dancing,
lie., tuition by ladiea, and practised at recrealioua uf
the school and family. Young ladies of the Senior
Class may have instruction for auy acquirements exclusively
desired of the usual course, and in the Italian
or other languages.
David A. Hall, haq., may be addressed, for the
testimonials of early and recent date of Miss Heuney't
engagements as principal instructress in the education
of young ladies, in the writing of must of the
following references, viz;
lion. Kdwsrd l.verelt, James Savage, Hubert G.
Shaw, Kich'd Sullivan, Huston; General J. A. Dix,
Albany , Orville Dewey, D. D., William C. Uryant,
Hon. William Hmmerson, Carville A. Co , S. Colman,
G. K Herteau, Thus. Nesmith, Col. Nathan
Harrelt, New York ; Hon- Philemon Dickeraon,
Patterson, New Jersey ; Joseph K. Chandler, Philadelphia
; Hon Louis McLaue, and N. P. W illiauin,
Haltimore; Col J. U. Waltiach, Koitress Monroe;
Jimrnh I. I.i>< kr. Kvi . Satannali ; Col It. M John
ton; J. P. Van New, Major T. L. Smith, J a roes
Lamed, Dr YVilium Gunlon, late Capt. Do. Lrtguel,
Washington; Gen ("aw, Detroit; lion. Edward
Turner, Natchex ; Hon. Alfred Uentien, New Orleans
Communications, free of portage, addressed to
Mai Hsakxy, care of Charlea H. YY attach, Es<;., will
greatly oblige her.
Chargea, moderate in any respect, will be payable
in adraiilc, sc-iui-annually, or any term engaged
| JLS"iV11SS HEANEY requests the visits of her
frienda, and parenla and guardian* interested,between
1 the hours of 4 and 9 o'clock, P. M. dec 5?tf
the cure of 8crofula, General Debility, White
Swelling, Rheumatism, Diseases of the Liver and
Skin, and all diseases arising from Impurity of the
Blood or the effects of Mercury.
Swaim's Panacea haa been for more lhan *J0 years
celebrated iu this counhy and Europe for its extraordinary
cures?lor certificates of which reference u
made to the directions and books accompanying the
It has been seed in hospital 'and private practice,
and has had the singular fortune of being recommended
by the most celebrated Physicians. Amongst
others, by?W. Gibson, M. D., Professor Surgery,
Pa. University; Valentine Molt, M D. Prof. Surgery,
N. Y. University ; YV. P. DeweCs, M. D. Pi. Midwilery,
Pa. University ; N. Chapman, M. D , Professor
Physic. Pa. University ; T. Parke, M. D., President
College Physicians, Philadelphia; Dr. Del Valle,
Professor Medicine, Havana; June Lourenco Dh
I l.uz, Professor Surgery, Lisbon , J. Chiptnan, Member
Royal College Surgeons, London.
Tbe recommendations of many Physicians and eminent
persons, such as G. W.Erving, late Minister to
Spain! Sir Thomas Pearson, Major General British
Army; Gilbert Bobertson, British Consul, &.c., &c.,
and alao the wonderful cures effected by Swaim's
Panacea, have for inany years made it an invaluable
remedy. The Panacea does not contain mercury in
any form, and being an innocent preparation it may
be given to the most tender infant.
Planters will find Swaim's Panacea, a valuable
plantation medicine. It being suited to diseasts peculiar
to tropical climates. See letter in the pamphlet
from Koswell King, Jr agent for the estate of
Pierce Butler, E?q. Georgia.
The retail price has been reduced to one dollar and
fifty cents per bottle (containing three half pints,) or
three bottles for four dollars.
Caution.?Observe that the name of Wm. Swaim
is written on the label over the cork of each bottle?
to counterfeit which would be forgery. '
A valuable family medicine, being a highly approved
remedy for all di-eases ansing from debility of
the digestive org,ins?such as norms, cholera morbus,
dysentery, lever and ague, bleeding piles, sick
headache, tic &c. See the pamphlet with the article.
For sale by all the respectable druggists in the
United States. Wholesale orders to be addressed to
William Swaim & Son, Philadelphia, or to H. H
SchiefTelin & Co , druggists, New York, General
Agents for the Panacea and Vermifuge.
Feb. 13?!2w
Why will you have the tooth-ache, when you
can have it permanently and effectually cured by
1 calling on UK. PAIGE, in 7th street, three doors
north of the Intelligencer office. He ha* an entire
new preparation, that will cure it in a few minutes,
without pain or inconvenience, so that it may afterwards
be filled and made a valuable tooth for life,
i thereby obviating the pain and danger of having it
extracted. It is one of the greatest discoveries of
the age, and never fails of the desired effect,
p Teeth inserted, from one to a full set, by the new
and latest improvement*. Teeth extracted by new
instruments, with very little pain. All work on the
most moderate terms.
' dec 17?tf
, W~A T c H K S-W A T C II E S A N I)
iku I:I.I: v
p rpiIE largest and most splendid assortment ol
I Watches In the City, is to be found at the sub'
scribor's.as he is constantly receiving all descriptions
of COI.I) Jl.VI) Sll.l Hit H.IK Ill's, of (lie now
est styles, from the manufacturers in England,
France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a
larger assortment and at much less prices, at retail,
' than any other house in America. Cold Watches ar
r low as 'JO to 25 dollars each. Watches and Jewelry
exchanged or bought.
All Watches warranted to keep good time of the
money returned. Watches and Jewelry repaired ir
the best manner and warranted, by the best work
men, and much lower than at any other place. Golc
and Silver Pencils, Gold Chains, Keys, and Ladies
Bracelets, Pins, anil Sterling Silver Spoons, Silvel
Cups Forks, fcc. for sale very low
Importer of Watches and Jewelry,
Wholesale and retail,
K No .70 Wall street N? Ynrli fun stair*.t
feblft?dam |
1 Tale of 17b().?By the author of " Ch;u O'Mal
,i lj," fcc. Published in numbers. Number one ju*
, received >f F TAYLOR
" j.VJL ?Tmntlaled by From her*, with edditirma h
Prpfeaaor* Johnann, of London, and 8illiman, of Net
' Haven?to be published in number*?No. I, this da
received. F. TAYl/)R
pa i In ,
Waihimuiou, D. C.
'IMIK aubecriber having reaigoed till ottice ofCbiel
A Clerk of the Nivjr tmciii for tbo purpoie
of ileroliun liiio.cH lo lite practice of bli pioleaaiou
iu Una city reapectfully aiiii.?un?ra that be will atlc<l<l
to the prosecution nf claims in the several E*WUtire
Departments, ami before Congress ; to the procuring
of CoulrarU with the Government, lo tbe settlement
of public accounts , to claims bclore Commissioners
under treatise , to pre-emption and other lend claims ,
to the procuring of patents for public lands, and for
scientific and useful inventions ; to the obtaining ol
pen-ions, and to whatever busiueaa may require the
aid of an Agent or Attorney.
The great experience which the subscriber has oh
lamed by his connection with the GoveriiinenlOthces,
and his intimate knowledge of the forms re^uued to
be otmerved 111 the transacliou of all kinds of public
business, euablo In in lu insure the greatest advantages
to those who may patronise his Agency His charges
will be moderate, and according to tbe nature ol
the business. I .elicit addressed lo this Agency iuusi
be post putJ, oilier wise they cannot be received.
Attosmst at Law,
Offlct I'Jlh ttrrri, 3d limn north of Penn Jivcnut.
WasuiMuroH, I). C., Dec. 1, 1S44.
The subscriber hat the bouor to refer to the following
gentle men, viz i
" C. J. LNGERSOLL, House of Repreaentativea.
" J. E. HOLMES, " "
" H. C MURPHY, " "
" W b MACLAY, "
" W B. LEWIS, ad Auditor, Washington.
james n barker, k.o,
J am EH HOBAN, Em. "
Hon JUDGE KING, Philadelphia.
" JUDGE CAMPBEIJ., Philadelphia.
Hon. J K PAULDINO, New York.
" WALTER FORWARD, Pittsburg, Pa.
Hon. R M. JOHNSON, Kentucky.
The COMMANDANTS of tiie several Nary Yards
Not. 3ft? tf
KN LARGE!) EDITION Tredgold on Steam, The
Steam Engine, end Steam Navigation; new ed
lion, London In44 , enlarged and extended, doubling
the quantity of teller-press and doubling the nuiulwr
of platrs contained in the previous copies?making
now two quarto volumes of text, and twe volumes of
plates large folio.
Just imported from London, (a single copy only)
fur sale bv F. TAYLOR
Also , Captain Rosa on Steam, I vol. quarto.
RumcII no Steam and Steam Navigation J vol*.
I.ardner on Steam Engine _
Hugo Reid on the Steam Engine.
Steam Manual by Captain William*, Royal Navy.
The Strain Engine by tbe Artizan Club of London,
I t> number* ; to be continued?
And other work* on the aame Claae of Science,
both English and Amrrican. march I'd
Richly ikmnd and illi strated
BOOKS?lately received by F. TAYLOR,
moat of them from London direct
Gems, from the Poets of the Nineteenth Century;
' 1 vol. 45 illustrations.
Rogers' Italy . 1 vol. small quarto, London ; many
Rogers' Poems; I vol. small quarto, London ; many
Hook uf the Poets, containing selections of English
Poetry from the age oi Chaucer to *l?eltie: 1 vol.
London, with many beautiful designs.
Illustrated edition of Campbell's Poems; 1 vol
octavo, in white calf, gilt, with many illustrations.
Corriueon L'italie, par Madame de Stael, vi vol*.
Pans, richly bound and tilled with illustrative designs
from the ruins and acenery of Rome and llaJy
lllusliated edition of Cowper's Task ; 1 vol 8vo
Milton, with illustration reduced from Martina
Desnrns : 1 vol l'Jmo . London.
Tyass's Illustrated Shakspeare ; 3 vols , London,
And many other fine editions of the most esteemed
writers in the English and French languages, from
the Library size down to the smallest pocket volume,
some of them beautifully illustrated, others richly
Fine English editions of Qibbon, Robertson, Clarendon,
Hume, Burnett, and other standard historians.
dec 23?3t
History or the revolt or the
AMERICAN COLONIES,?Being a comprehensive
view of its origin, derived from the Slate
Papers in the Public Offices ot Great Britain. By
George Chalmers, Chief Clerk of the Committee of
Privy Council, ard author of "Life of Mary Queen
of Scotls," History of Caledonia," 4c., 4c., 2 vols,
octavo, Boston, 1845. This day received for sale by
Also, History of the Province of Massachusetts
Bay, from 1750 to June, 1774, by Mr. Hutchinson,
late Governor of that Province, 1 vol. <>ctavo.
Jan 15?3t
PUBLIC DOCUMEN TS?Complete in ten
volumes; Boston, 1817?for sale (a sing lecopy only)
The Diplomatic Correspondence, edi ted by Jared
Sparks, in 12 volumes ?Boston. Also, t he continuation
of the same in seven volumes, publ ished subsequently
in Washington City.
Elliot's Diplomatic Code, 2 vols. Ellio t's Debates,
4 vols. Census of the U. S , 4 vols. Complete sets
of the American Almanac, Iti vol*. C Commercial
Regulation* of Foreign Countries, 3 vols. , published
by the Treasury Department. Land La ws, 2 vols.
Indian Treaties, t vol Laws of U. 8., 9 vols. Story's
Laws of U. S., 4 vols. Gordon's Digest of
Laws of U. S,, 1 vol. Complete sets of H unt's Merehai
t's Magazine. President's Messages, 1 vol. Official
Opinions of the Attorney General of the U. S ,
1 vol. Legislative and Documentary History of the
Rank of the U. 8., 1vol. Supreme Court Report*,
and many other valuable works on the sarrni class ol
subjects, for sale at the lowest prices in every case.
F. TAYLOR, Bookseller,
jan 29 Washington City.
EMOCRATIC REVE1W for March, 1845 ?
This day received by
1. The Late Acting President.
2. The Song of the Bell. From the German ol
3. Fragments from the Greek.
4. A Hymn of Love. By George W.Curtis.
5. '1 he Cabman's Story.
Tramlatrd from the French of Jllexand re Dunuu6.
Our Tunes.
7. Romance and Reality.
8. Recollections of Fifty Years.?No. 4. A Sketcl
of D8.
' 9. Wilhelmine Schroeder-Devrient. A Sketch
lty Mrs. E F. F.llet.
Id. uone a i i.em nyj.it. vnnuner.
11. The Literature of Fiction. By A. Davezac
13. The President* of Texas. By C. Montgomery
l.'t. Bureau of Statistics.
14 Monthly Financial and Commercial Article.
|f?. Monthly Literary Bulletin.
16 New Yoik Historical Society.
k 1 he Democratic Review is published every montl
price $5 per annum, or 50 cents the single number
, and will be regularly mailed and strongly envelope
to every post ntSoe in the United States, if applied
lion be made to F. TAYIvOR.
If March 11?
y J MKNT?a few copies for sale by
Jan. 7?3t. F. TAYLOR
THE subscriber having, during a residence of se
*en or eight years ill Teias, hero connected
with the I .and odu.ee thereof, and having acted aa
agent in holding, wiling, paying taxes U|<on, and giv- (
ing a general superintendence to lauds in Teliae, re.._.-,l.ll
H I.... ..... .. I n*r.it>ii
abroad as raaf with to engage them. I
HOBfcKT U JUllNBON, Oalveatou. J
ktransv as. *
His P.iellency Anson Jones, Col. Janice Kiloy, "
Texan Charge d'Ailairca, Washington, lion ti. Vv. '
Tirrell, 'l exan Minister to Fnglauii and France,
' en J P. Henderson and Col I.ove, Ualvestuh; *
John Tiruberlake, Ksq ., Charlottesville, Vs.; Texan "
Conaui, New Orleans, and Matthew til Clair Claike, "
K?q Washington. I "
In offering my services aa I .and agent in Texas, 1
have thought proper to make known some of the difficulties
attending claims held in Texas by persons ''
residing in the United Slates. 1st Many forfeit all 11
legal right to accrue from failure to pay taxes, iid. "I
Many claims, otherwise good, will he barred by ad- f
verse jawsession of three years, which is our limits- 1
tioo. .'id For want of proper authentication of titles "
convey.d in the Untied Stales to admit llieui to io- 1
cord here.
K rum some one or other of these causes, the boat
laiala of clear title (if not attended to) are in a con- ^
litloa to be Inati lands too that would now tell for 0
one, two, or three dollars per acre, accordiug to lo
cation. 1 wish, however, to be perfectly uudertlued, |.
that, having made up my mind lo attend diligently to t
all claims confided to me, and to look to that employ- a
men! mainly for a support, and believing that I am
qualified to discharge the duties I oiler lo lake upon 0|
myself, and having made it my business to become (J
acquainted with all the laws relating to title, and ^
having offered the moat satisfactory reference as to j,
my fitness and integrity, I require in all cases an ad e,
vance in cash lully sufficient lo cover the expenses of 1 |a
uive.ligalion wtien una spall Do done, I am willing ?
to take a contingent interest in the laud for altentiou ?
and service. t>
P. S. 1 will alao attend to the collection and aelLleinent
of such claims as may 1ms entrusted lo ine. ,,,
vt. M?cp3m "
'rill, CI RRKNCY PRINCIPLE, by Thomas >?
Y Tooke?London 1844. "
The 8cience of Trade, at applied to legislation, by b
George Baring Kemp, I volume London 1844.
Pinch's Natural Boundaries of Empires?1 volume *
London 1844 1
Third and last volume of Lord Brougham's Politi- ll
cal Philosophy?1844. n
Lord Brougham's British Constitution,?1 volume n
1844. "
Slauding orders of the House of Lords, relative to a
Privue B.II.-IH4I
The Logic of Political Economy by Thomas de 8
tjuincy ? 1 volume London 1844.
Dunn on the Coal Trade, I vol. London 1814. u
Dahluiati's Hiatoy of the Euglish Revolution?I
volume London 1844. V
Dunn's Oregon Territory 1 volume London 1844.
Clement's Custom's Guide for 1814 and 1815? 1 c
volume London?1815.
Guide to Oratory, the principles and adaptation of
Logic, and Rules and Etiquette of Debate, with Specimen*
and Illustration*, 1 small volume 1/Oiidon 1845.
The United Slate* of America, their Hisloiy, Commerce,
Institution*, Banking Transaction*, Ac. 3 vol- "
urne* London 1844. X
McCulloch'* Political Economy, Third edition. '
British Annual Keguier for 1840, 1841, 1842 and "
1813?4 volume*. ^
F act* and F .gures, a Periodical Record of Statistics,
Applied to Current Questions. v
Continuation of the late Sir J*me* Mackintosh's
History of England, 7 Volume*. "
M mtesi{Uieu's Spirit ef Law-, Iran* sled, 2 vol- s
IIDIrt? e
British Almanac and Companion for 1845?
And many othei*, ion numerous for the limits of an ^
advertisement ju*t imported from London by F ^
TAVl.liI! hi.I i;,i-.hi) opene.l march 10 J
Pot publuhinq in thr City of fFoakiniften, a Demoerntio s
Newspaper, to be colled j
THE undersigned, having purchaaed the materials '{
of The Spectator, will issue, on or before the v
10th inst. the first number of a new paper to be *
called "Thl Constitution." It will be devoted
to the stesdy advocacy of that system of measures
which will preserve unimpaired the sacred instrument
from which we borrow the name; and a* con- *
stantly oppose whatever is not sanctioned by it. We
shall unceasingly oppose a National Bank?a Protec- c
live Tariff?Internal Improvement by the General c
Government?a Distribution of the Proceeds of the ?
sales of the Public Lands?Assumption of the Slate
Debts?an abrogation of the Executive Veto, as un- c,
constitutional and inexpedient.
We hope to make the paper worthy of the conh- 1
dence and supp.ul of the Democratic party. It shall be
the faithful expositor of their principles, and the
ever read)' medium 10 confer uieir wiiuureuM miu
wishes to the public. The democratic cause, is the
cause or truth and justice. It courts the light. It
shuns no investigation. And we are determined t
see whether a paper, conducted with a devotion :o
the prinrtp/fj, rather than to the men, of our party?
to further the great cause of human progress, rather
than the mere advancement of particular individuals,
will not commend itself to the confidence and favor
of thepeople.
As soon as the all engrossing tonics of theelections
are over, we shall devote a liberal portion of our columns
to subjects of general literature and science;
endeavoring to present such matter as will amuse,
instruct, and edify.
The proceedings of Congress will receive particular
attention, and a full and comprehensive summary
will be given, including the yeas and nays upon ah
important questions.
The paper, for the present, will be issued semi
weekly during the reress, and daily during the sessions
of Congress, at five dollars per annum, in advance.
Oct. 5?tf JNO. HEART.
AN elegantly printed periodical, of sixteen quarto
pages?is published every Saturday morning,
and forwarded hy the earliest mails to subscribers residing
out of this city. (Subject to new-paper postage
only.) The Weekly Mirror is ns faithful a hisi
tory of lliu week's opinions, news, pleasures, politic-,
1 liii rature, and all mariner of hringings forth, as the
Editors and their many assistants can |iossih|y tiring
together?completed, as an arduous daily task of compilation,
comparison, research and comment, ii has
also the essentials and the spice of Foreign News,
and, in short, the most comprehensive budget that
can bo made up of each week's doings, the world
over! Those who cannot afford a daily, or who li?e
in the country where they do not care for advertisements,
or who want a paper that tells them everything
once a week, will find the Weekly Mirror exactly
to their mind. Postmasters throughout the
Union, will frank all remittances. Any postmaster j
remitting fi?e dollars will receive two copies of the J
The " Dati.tr Evemiwo Mirror" i? nil ilollar? per
innum. Two copie* will he lurniahcd for ten dollar*.
Addree* all communicationa (poet paid) lo
corner of Ann and Naaaau ala., N. Y.
nnv 14?if
X SO A LE?conai-ling of a logarithmic combination
of number*, arranged in two circlea, one of
which revolts* within the other, whioh procesa constantly
change* the relation of the figure* to each
' other, and aolre* an infinite variety of problem*. It*
advantage* are clai ned to I* a great wiving of lime,
a complete ?aving of mental labor, and complete accuracy.
May I* examined at the B?>k?tore of F. TAYLOR. 1
Price 9* 50. Oct. H?3t
I t I
ra volume* oetava, l*ie?t and beat edition, (not nt
I he hind designed tor auction) lull noim.i in irauier.
with marbled edrea, in brat atyle?complete for It
f. dollar*, (puhllahed at |3 50 per rolume unbound )
For aal* (two copiea only at that price) by
1 jan 13 TAYLOR
tffc i 1 ?/* |
1 . ' 11 ? 1 1 tl!
ia n<>. Rnrr
. I I
^education vj Young Laihe* in the Fngleoh j"
and French Language*.
Ipponia Cretidenl i .S,(uort, I arret, (fartrndlm, (kiru.l
<i/ Cut. UouiJorU't, between Ike rendencti oj Mil ^
(itn Mecoud) and Commodore .Worrit )
UlKf) flEANEY, ol' Boston, Massachusetts,
1'iidcipal Instrue'rees, respecilully invite# the ^
lleuti iu ofber rriev.it and parents and guardian* in- ^
ousted, t.> the re-e?tabli#huienl of ber Academy, c(j
oping in thc i levor for the early entrance of the ^
oarding and day-scholars she may receive, aud for [(i
rhoiii every snangeinent la made to enauie, by her (j
*n Unramitied alteiiljon, thorough matructlon and |r|
nproveinent in elementary and elevated learning, co
rub the heal advantage* of residence.
Misj lleaney a Academy being so eligibly placed in
le ipnet rieighb or hood ol' inanv well-known fatnilieear
the President's llouae aud the Depertiuenla, In
tie family leaidelice many year* of Col. Bouiford, J*
paciou* and convenient, with it* laige garden and
leaaaut scenery, la eateenied the most desirable In ^
le vicinity for the charge Mm fieaney reaumea in
us city of the useful and libeial education of young * '
Employing her beat abilities to malm her academy
eriiiauenl 10-ibis Community, and encouraged to liusl
let her task will ere long lie favored by the support it "J!
eapeak*, resident insiructresaes and olher profeesoi* ?
I the lugheei skill and character will always be en- l.^*
aged I'm any required ad, while Mlae Heuiiey, as
rincipal, will insliucl her pupils individually in what- *u
ver pursuits of lec<ning or accomplishment* they 1 "
lay engage.
1'hr government of theee young ladies will lie that J
f home education of daughters, of her early study
nd much experience in Miss Heaney's charge of ?
U nils in Ft ns tot] VV , .tun J|.,|| and atne vs be re aim.
ly tor the best imliviUuaT impiovement of the lal- a
?is, moral anJ un-nla| culture of such youth , regu- ^
itlona ami urdei prescribed tor them in thia family ( j
lode of living, aa of tuition, study, eoi| loymeut, and
creation, bring ihoaa only which are due to ensure
le entile welfare of daughters by maternal educa- "
on and care.
Young ladies may thus be residents in Miaa Heaay
a Academy, having instiuclion lor any acquire- '
irnta desired exclusive of olbers, and may have that
nsure and intercourse wiih society, to which the atlotion
of parents, guardians, on MtSa lleaney may _*
e given ,
?xercue?o/ Inatruclunt ?Morning, in the English .
nd French text alternately, reading, elocution, " '
rammer, composition, geography, history, belle# let- 1
rs, arithmetic, dtc., including plain and elegant penlanahip,
linear drawing of maps, dtc , elrtnenla of
luaic in singing, and the primary exercises of dancig,
especially those most improving the demeanor a
nd health of ibe young.
Introductory class ^b, junior, gtl, senior 110 per 0
uarter. co
Tttiiion in the Latin, Italian, and other languages Wi
lay be given.
f/lernuon?Muaic, vocal and instrumental, 810,
12, or $15, according to the lesson*.
Drawing and Painting in crayon, water, and oil lrl
olors, flower-, landscapes, heads, portrait and minis- 10
lire, aa above.
Dancing tuition, aa professor's lessons, 3*i.
Needlework mostly without charge.
B iaid f r>.
'reslimoniala of Misa lleaney'a long engagement rei
a the education of young ladiea on the principles w*
iven will be made known by the kindness of D A.
Jail, tsq., in the writing ol early and recent date of
lany of the following references:
lloo. Junes Savage, lion. Edward Everett, R. G. ?'
Ihaw, Esq , Rev. J. Pierponl, Hon Richard Sullian,
Rev J. F. Clark, Boston.
James l.arned, Hon. J P Van Ness, Rev. Septi- Pf
?us Tuston, Chaplain U. 8. Senate, Major T. L.
imith, Dr. Wm. Gunton, Wui G Eliot, Win. Finchr,
late Captain De I .ague I, Washington. P,r
Hon. Philemon Dickerson, Patterson, N. J ; Gen.
V. Dix, Albany, N Y.; Hon. Louis MrLane, N F.
iVilliatns, Baltimore , Joseph R. Chan Her, Philalelphia
, Col. R. M. Johnson. Kentucky ; Gen. Cass,
Jetroit; Major Edmund Kirby, Brownsville, N. Y.j 1
oseph E. Lork, Savannah; Col J. B. Walbach ;
Ion. Kdward Turner, Hon. J. Thompson, Missis- 'ei
ippi ; (loo. Alfred llenuen, l>r. E. 11. Ration, 8 J. ua
'eters, E?q , New Oilcans, Orville Dewey, L). D., Pa
Vm. C. Bryant, Thus. Nesmitb, Rev. H. W. Belaws,
Hon. Wm. Emmerson, Col. N. Barrett, Cartlle&Co.,
8. Colman, G. F. Besteau, Dr. S. C. "a
"oster, C S. Francis, New York. ,w
march 35?2aw ?*
- lo
JEFFERSON COLLEGE Pa.?The W inter Hes di:
sion in this Institution terminated on the 27ih Pa
ilarch, afier the usual examinations, and the public
ontest between ihe literary societies. These eierises
afforded evidence of the ability and faithfulness w>l
f the Professors and the diligence of the Students. re
I'he literary contest belwten the Societies is an exer
ise which originated in th s College, and has since
>een adorned by a number of institutions, especially
n the West. It has had a happy effect in stimulating
oung men to improve in composition, oratory and [\
lebate. X
It will be gratifying to the fi lends of literature to foi
now that this inaiii iitmn th? ?U?< III*/--. ~r .1?
noun'ains," is in a pros|>crnus condition and notwilbtamling
the increased number of Seminaries in evi ry
lirection, still retains its e-eminence as to numbers
ind usefulness. The number of students during the
list year has exceeded two hundred?of tb< so a greut
ir numliet than formerly (170) belong to the rrgultr
Colltgt classes. It has been the aim of the Trustees ?
ind Faculty to elevate the standard of education, f
Per several years past the course of study has been V
tx'endid, especially in Mnthemalics and physical
icience, so as to be fully equal to that of the best Col- lit
eges in the Evst. There is a full facultj, composed p*
>f able ei|>erieiiced teacher* in the different depart- f"
nents. It is our determination not to lower the stand- dc
ird or abridge the course of studv, although it is well
mown that our course has prevented 10 some extent
he increase of numbers, as the tendency of I he age is pc
o hasten and abridge in every thing, and too many
foung men are impatient of delay and labor necessary 1
In sulmianiiiil acquirementa.? We, however, enter- _l
lain entire confidence thai this College will still receive by
she patronage of the friends ol thorough education. ii
Dr. Brown having on account of ill health, tendered
his reigna'ion last fall, the Trualeea elected as Ins ar
luccessor in January, He*. Hubert J. Brerkenridge, or
D. D., whose distinguished talems and literary acquirements,
are exienaively known in our own county
and in Europe. His acceptance of the appointment O
is earnestly hoped for, but the reault ? ill not be cer- v<
lainly known until the meeting of lhe Presbytery, 15i h
April. In the mean time Dr. Brown, who at the tlr- gi-nt
request of the Board, haa continued hit services, f
will still continue to officiate as President until a sue
seMor lie procuied, and we are happy to state that Ida
health is much improved, and thai the varied concerns il
of the college have been conducted with the usual efficiency
and succese. p!
The necessary college expenses are about the same
na the preceding year. Tuition $15 per session.
Boarding in the college, including room lent, furni
lure, win e?rijr earpense except fuel, 91 tri per week. .
In private families, in town and in the country, from
flto2. lit dub* about 87| cwta, There 1a also a
valuable farm connected with ihe college, where board- 7J
ing can lie had at a reduced |irire, and facilities afford
ed to auch aa deaire toengage in manual labor an aa to
reduce expense and promote heahh.
The Trualtea have adopted mea-ures for the erer- .
lion of additional college buildings, and a new house
tor the President, for procuring additional grounda,
and lor increasing the Libr.iry and apparatus.
The Hummer Session to commence on the 1st day f
of May. rhc next annnai commencement on the last J
Thursday of Sepiernber, aa heretofore. After ihe a
present year, the annual commencement to take place I
on the Wednesday (ireceding the last Wednesday of p
September, so that the fall vacation shall lie a weak d
longer than heretofore.
The following compoae the present faculty of the
College: ? M Brown, I), l>. President, and Professor '
of Menial and Moral Science : James llamaey I). f>.
Professor ot Hebrew , Wm. 81111th, A. M. Professor s
ofQteek ; Alejandet B. Brown, A. M. Profeaaor of }
Belles Letires snd Lslin ; Henry Snyder, A.M. Professor
of Math' ma 1 ics , 8 R Williams, A M Professor
of Natural Sciences ; R. W Orr, A. M. Professor
of Natural History and Ct?i' hsiguieeriQg ; James P.
Sterret, Tutor.
For the information of persons at a dla'ance, it may
be proper to state that Jefferson College ts located ia
Caononsburgh, Washington (Jo. Pa IB mtias from I
Pittsburgh, and 7 from the National Road It m easy I
| of acceaa in every direction. Cannonsburgh is a re-1'
yT * 11 * W ' ""
/< >
(CrJ tillage, a ?ery healthy locmiuu, surrounded by*
sry reap.cieble moral community, and ft** J'oui
any lemputioua to which young men ate eipoaed iu
rger town. ?r cuiee
April 15. tf.
M1E Siileeuth tolun.ti ol the Democratic Rrriew
commences with the present number The pub
iher csuuol ou.lt tlie occasion it affords to con^ratu
ic lis l caurl > JIKJ irirnur, up II llic ureal vi. iwi j
ceully schievtd by the uuM of their common
iticiples; a victory not lew impoiuni in ita cooaaleticea,
iban glorious in iU iriuuit ti, after the unpre dented
ae verily of the reicwl contest of parties.?
tig.nail) ealahiiaheil at a period of the deepeal deens
ion of the Democratic cause, in tlie memorable
ar of lo37, thia Review haa i var taken an active,
id, it I. believed, uot ineffective part, in the long ami
en!) contested haitlea of opinion, !i) which the
'Uiitry haa been ever auue more or lew deeply aglled
Having freely shared tbe worst disasters,
e gloomiest depressions, may it not fairly be allowto
ask and hope to share uow lb ben. tit ol the
ouiph and prosperity, of the Democracy of the
utitry ' It has sustained itself through ^onsideiae
portions of that |MTiod, only by large pecuniary
entires cau>ed hy the delinquencies of loo many of
subscribers through sea una when zetl for the
ioctples to which it was devoted oould alone atlord
notive for its continuance at so much unrequited ei nditure
of both ui.ney, time, and intellectual efrt.
Its Publisher now feels lairly entitled to invok>
active and generous friendliness of support, on
- pert ot its subscribers and the intelligent meiurs
of its patty general y, for its support Our op
nenls have recently organized rsieuaive arrange
uila tor the establishment of a similar work on the
>er side of our great division of partiea?"to counsel,"
as it ta said, "the pernicious influence of the
imocrmtir Review." halabllthed under iuipoaing
spices of eminent political ami litarary names tu
> ranks of our ounoiienis. and doubtless to he tus
tied by the overflowing meant possessed by that
rty, to sustain a work of that character, it thua
Ida out the proapect of an honorable rivalry, which
: betuociaUc Review cheerfully accepts,but which
I flemocratic Party muat liberally contribute to eule
it to maintain, in a ti anner worthy of that party,
d of ila good, great and glorioua principles The
>y to serve it, and to aid in thia purp ae, ia, at once
remit pr mptly the debta which are iu just and
ll-esrtiid due, and to lake aome degree of active
ercat to procure it additional advance paying subibera.
I he following are among the contributors to this
irk : ? Bancroft, J. F. Cooper, A. Kendall, PauldSedgwick,
Gilpin, Butler, Park Godain, lliwirne,
Dave/ac, Karnes, A II. Fveiell, Browaaon,
inbreleng, J. L. Stevens, Tildeii, Whittle vtutl,
aa, C J Ingeraoll.
The monthly Financial and Commercial art it lea,
uch have frequently hem pronounced by tbe uto-l
eliigent criticiama during the paat year, in tliemvea
alone worth the subscription 10 the work, will
continued from the aeuie able baud.
TFRMS.?Five Dun-sai per annum, payable in
vance; each number will contain one hundred and
ir closely printed pagea, and embelliahed with a
ely engraved portrait. Any person taking lour
pies, or becoming responsible for four subscribers,
II be entitled to a fiJXh copy gratie
.4 Ureal Inducement to Hubacribera.
New subscribers will be entitled to coaiph te set
the Review Picture Gallery, containing the poruis
of Fifty of the most distinguished Democrats
the country.
Committees or Societies, on remitting to tbe Pubher
&60 in current Mew York funds, can receive
rteen copies of ihe work.
Persons residing in the country, who may wish to
seive the work by m.iil, can have it punctually forirded,
strongly enveloped, by remitting the amount
subscription to the puhlithert.
Remittances may be made by enclosing the money
d mailing the same in the | resenceol a postmaster,
ink notes that pass current in business gem-rally m
e State of New Vork will be received.
The work will be punctually delivered fiee of exnse
to subscribers in the principal cities of the
nion on the first of the month, and forwarded to
ail subscribers and agents on the 2.r>th of the month
seeding publication. All communications for the
lltor to be addressed (post paid) 10
H. G. LANGLEY, Publisher,
april 14 8 Astor House, New York.
COUNTRY?being a revival of Waldie's Heel
Circulating Library?will commence on 1st Jam
ry, IrS4j, giving weekly sixteen large quarto
ges, closely printed, and on fine paper, for four
illars per annum.
"The whole will be printed and finished with the
me ease and accuracy as book-work. The fifty o
numbers will form two volumes truly worthy
preservation, of 416 pages eoch ; equal in quality
1,-200 pages, or three volumes of Rees's Cyclopse>.
Each volume will be accompanied by a title
ge and index "
Hubscnptions to the above will be received by the
hscriheis, at whose Bookstore a specimen of the
V.k may be seen, and by whom the work will be
gularly forwarded, strongly enveloped, to any |iost
ice in the United Htntcs.
r T a vi no
Bookseller, Washington City.
nov 11?3t
iilvv WOkKs bt MRS tvCLlt).?Look to
M the End ; or, >le Beimels Abroad complete
r 15 cents.
No. til, Harper's Pictorial Bible.
No. 8, Thulwall's History of Greece.
The 1st volume complete of the Wandering Jew.
No. It, the Nevilles of Garrttstown.
Just received by
match '21 Imintdiately east of Coleman's.
T HEAP WKllINi; PAPER?Jos r. reived hv
A large lot of eitra ? ne blue aatin Surface, feintted
letter paper, Aim, smooth and clear, lor fill
r ream?equal in quality to thai which hat lutein
re been sold in Warhington, for not l<ss than lour
Good common letter paper, at a lower price.
Fine smooth foolscap, a superior article, for |'2 7r>
ir ream, ruled. mar'2b
DON, with selections from his correspondence,
' Horace Twins, esq , oneof her Majesty's counsel j
Life of Richard the Third, as Dulte of Gloucester
id King of England, by C. A. I Lusted , complete in
ic volume.
Just published, and this day received for sale by
r for circulation (to subscribers only) from the Wa
trley circulating Library.
November 14
by " Punch," with ilhiMlrations ; price 25 cents.
The Complete l/etter Writer, by " Punch," with
lustrations by Leech ; price 25 cents.
^hrittltnat f'uml hv I )n ItPim i ilimt r:?f ?><l unnv
rice 75 cent*.
Just published and thin day received by
November 14 F. TAYI.OB
Diadkm " for 1815. Uuartu, with eleven M,/.
otint engravings.
" Thv. Gift" for 1845; superbly bound, with ele nt
" The LitesaRV Souvenir ; " with ten engravings.
"The Lai>t oe the Lair; " splendid octava edion,
with engraved illustrations.
J net received at FRANCE TAYOR'H.
Sept. 33.
\0 church\viTHOUT a bi8hop; or the
Conirviverey helween the Rev. Doctor* Poll*
ml Wainwright. with ? preface by the latter, and an
nlnduction and Note* by an Ann-Sectarian; in
amphlel. Juet published in New York and thia
ay received for ?ale by F. TAYLOR.
Oct 16?3t
I' 111 BEECHEN l it I .I-.; a Tale told in Rhynao.
X By F. W. Thomai, author of ' Clinton Arad
haw," Ar On* volume?ju*t published in Now
if ark, and thi* day received tor aale by
Oct 41?3t F.TAYLOR.
8cenea, Incident#, anl Adventures in tbe PaAc
Ocean, duiitig the cruise of the clipper Margaet
Oakley, under Capt. Keni. Morrell, by Thoa J.
Isroba, ?ith engravings.
The Wandering Jew? by Eugene Sue, No, 1.
No. 5. Kendall's Life of Andrew Jackson?

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