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List of Cafees for the May
Juay Term Ciroxiit of
the Court.
Tho parsing of brothor Lambert
ovor tbo unprotected bow of tho
steamor Alatneda nud under tho
officiiil uoao of Dctoc'tivo Holland
of Oakland bus oallod down tho
wrath of tbo powors that bo at tbo
Oceanic dock, and tho cyciono of
indiuuutton Iiib concontrutod upon
tho bond of wuitur dimes and J
, metaphorically seal pod Jonoa, u
isulor's kit and a bird cngo came
ushoro this morning from tho
and it few ninnies lutor tho
man of tho pantry was boing
paid oil'.
Not nlono must just Jones suffer
for tho sins bo had comittod
ugaiust Athons, but tho uoblost
Roman of thorn all, tho stoorngo
slowurd, is suspootod of having
known something about Latubort's
Int'ittiou of running tho blockado.
' OH with bis boad," say some
pe ple.
Tlie officials of tbo Oceania
Steamship Co'y liuvo bad
trouble iu locating j tint tho
persons in their employ who woro
guilty of aiding a criminal to
from tho strong arm of tbo
law. Tho' waitors blamo tbo
stowards.uud tho stewards say they
know n thing about Lambeat's
presence on tbo vobsoI. There
nviy be a general overhauling for
testim my beforo long,
Ouo mittor is yet unexplained
i.nd it is this: Tbo Houolulu
that came in care of tho Merchants'
Exchango, and which con
toincd tbo nccount of Lumbort's
intention to leave for this oity on
tbo Alatn?di, wore made a.way
yith by some one, for tho Merchants'
Exchange reports that in
somo unaccountable mannor they
did in t got n singlo copy, of tho
Commercial j dvertiser.
v-Tho ox-clerk of Oakland spout
Jtuonoy liborully on tho steuinor to
sec iro tbo aid of those who woro
in a position to help him. It is
oven hinttd that it wuh ho who
paid to have tbo papers taken out
' of fioir pickages and pitohed
S, F. Bulletin.
.Republic of Hawaii vs. J. E.
Jjlsh and Jt Nawahi.
Oastle for defendants.
Republic of Hawaii vs. Georgo
Muliuii, picjury 2nd degree.
Republic of Hawaii vs.
burglary, Kuulukou for do-feud
Republic of Hawaii vb. Patrick
Onllon. Murder. 0 Brown
Kinney to assist prosecution.
Mngnon for dofendant.
Ropublic of Hawaii vs
et al. Adultery. Appoil
from Honolulu District Court.
Acbi for defend tuts.
Republic of Hawaii va Kualii
el al. IVdultoiy. Appeal from
iurfua DMricl 0 urt Ki no for
Republic of Il.iwali vs Hiiilama
Assault with (badly wua on.
from Honolulu Distrlut Court.
Achi for defendant.
RopubTic of Hawaii vs
liea and two others. Inroeny Ud
dogroo. Appeal from Kool mpolio
District Court.
v Republic of Iliwaii vs Ivmiku.
Assault with dangorous woapou.
0. Brown llano for d fend ml1
Republio of Hawaii vs. John
Hapu. Robbory. Oartor it Kinney
for defondaut.
Ropublic of Ilawuii vs William
Fish. Failure to carry lights.
Appeal from Wniantio District
Court. Kaulnkou for dofendant.
Ropnblic of Hawaii vs
Malicious injury. Appoal
from Wiiiaimo Distriot Court.
Ropublic of Hawaii vs II.
Housebreaking. Kane
for defendant,
Ropublic t f Hawaii vs J. K.
Nakookoo, Malicious burning
'2 J dogrde, Kano-Poopoo or defendant.
Ropublio of Hawaii ys. F. iT.
Testa, Assault on public oflicer.
Appeal from Honolulu Distriot
Court Kaulia for
Clio II. Nowton ul. vs. S.
Kaulo ct al. Ejoctmont. Kinnoy
for. plaintiffs. Acbi for
Annie L. Ulukou vs. Ktpiolani.
Assumpsit. for
pluintiir. Hatch for defondaut.
Kaaukai Kolley vs. Oarolino
Aniu. Trosnuss. 0. W. Ashford
Kaulia for pluintifl. Aohl for
Lipino Foni vs W. 0. Acbi.
Damage. Neumann for plaintilF.
Defendant in pora'ou
KiiUJcon Waiatiuho.i
ct al. Ejectmont.
for plaint i
for dofcudants.
Kumukoii vs J. II. Holt Jr,
Replevin. Appoil from Wnianao
Dis Court. Kaulia fdr
.Carter & Kinnoy for
J. I. Dowsott vs. Maukoula ot til.
Ejocment, 0 Brown fjr pluintifl,
0 W Ashford for defendants,
Jessio T. Naono va. L A. Andrews,
caso. V. V. Ashford for
plaintiff; defend ml in porson.
J. It. Holt, Jr. vs. G. Lyouigus
et al., assumpsit. C. W. Ashford
for plaintiff, Notimaun for defendants.
Pipi vs L. L. MoCandkss. Roud
controversy in Ewa, Oahu. Appoil
from commitsiouer. Davidson for
pluintifl', Oartor & Kinnoy for
Win. "Mcssmnn vs
Roplovin. Pootioo for
Castle for dofendant.
Mahi alias Koawealnalii vs. Rov.
otul. Ejectment. Acbi tor
plaintitl. Hatch for defo'ndatits.
R.. W. Holt vs. Ohang Fat.
Ejectmont, . Rosa for pUintifl
Magion for dofjiidant
iMolo Uli et al. vj. Thomas
Einmsloy. "Cjectment
for plaintiff, V. V. Ashford
for defondantH.
Wailuu Kekaula vj. V. V. Ashford.
Assumpsit. C. Brown for
plaintiff, dofend tut iu person.
Joaquin Ouollo vs. G. H. Williams
ot al. Roplovin. Carter &
for plaintiff.
R. Hi Hind vs. John Spencer et
al. Assumpsit, W. It. Castlo for
Joo Morrio ot al. va. Lea Hou.
Ejectment for plain
W. R. Opfergo'.t ot al. vs. Mary
Naono Stevons et al. Damage.
Hutch for pla'nt'ffd.
Knpuukola vs. I.D. Iaea'etal.
Ejectmont. Carter & Kinnoy for
plaintiffs, Acbi for defend mts.
C. S. Dosky vs. L. K.
et al. Assumpsit. Appo al from
Honolulu Distriot Court. Edings
for plaintiffs, Magoon for
Yap Kong vs. Kaauant.
Apppal from Honolulu District
Court. Kanli'i for plaintiffs
appellant, Kane for defendant..
Republic of Hawaii vs. Tuck
Obee. Extortion. Appeal from Ho.
noluluD.strict Court, Nonmunu for
Republic of Hawaii vs. Jojo
Lirceny 3d degree. Ar-peal
from Honolulu D strict Court.
Kuulukou for dofondant.
Republic of Hawaii vs. Ino (w).
Deserting husband. Appeal from
Honolulu Disdrict Court!
for defencant.
Ropublic o f Hawaii Ys. Ah Mun.
Possession of opium. Appoal
from Honolulu District Court.
Acbi for defondant.
Republic of Hawaii vb. lionto
Ignacio. Assault and battery.
Appoal from Honolulu' District
Court. Kanoaku a for defendant,
Ropublio of Hawaii vs. Frank
Gouvela. Lar.ceny && degreo. Appeal
from i Honolulu District
Couat, Kaneakua for dofondants.
Ropublic of Hawaii vs. Loo
Quai Tong alias Ah Tnnp. Possession
of opium. Appeal from Ewa
District Court. Foster for
Ropnblic of Hawaii vs. H. Morton
and F. TavoB. Cruelty to animals.
. Appeal from Honolulu
Distriot Conrt. Noumann for
Republic of Hawaii, vs. E
Seditions libel. Appeal from
Honolulu District Court. Non-
mann for defoncjants.
Ropublio of Hawaii ys, Higgins.
Possession of opium, Appoal
from Honolulu District Court,
Kaulukou foy defendants,
Republic of Hawaii vs. Ah Pack.
Possession of opium. Appeal
from Honolulu Distriot OourL
Foster for defendants. Conspiracy.
for dofondant.
Ropublic of Ilawsii vs. G. Bummers.
Burglary. Kuulukou for
Republic of Hawaii vs. Harada
MiiUuikaml and Ho. Malicious
Republic of Hawaii vs. Ohong
Kin and two otbors. Violating
Section 1, Act 21. Prov. Gov't
Laws. Appeal from Honolulu
District Court.' '
Republic of Hawaii vs. Captain
Hill. Barratry.
Ropublio of Hawaii s. A. Hoi
manson. Manslaughter. Stanley
Ropnblic of- Hawaii vs. Lo
Ting. Mayhom. Aobi to assist
prosecution. Kaulukou fr defendant.
Republic of Iliwaii vs. Ling
TaL Assault with intent to
ravish. Kaulukou for dofonda nt.
Ropublic of Hawaii vs. Joe Dins.
Liquor soiling without licouso.
Appoal from Wajalua Distriot
Republio or Hawaii vs. Hoshina.
Assault r.nd bittery. Appeal from
Honolulu Distriot Court. Castlo
for defendant.
Ropublio of Hawaii vs. J. W.
Carroll. Assault with woapon.
Appoal from Honolulu District
Court. Mo goon for dof;ndant.
Thos. Nott vs. 0 T. Gulick,
guardian. Assumpsit. 0. W.
Ashford for pliiiuHfl. Kinnoy for
H R. Mucfurlano vs. Ira A.
Lowoll. Assumsit. Oartor &
for pluintifl. Hatoh for defendant.
dins. Schavf vs. 1 'uwaiian Government.
Damage Castlo Ashford
for pluintifl.
for dofendant. Kinnoy of
Counsel for dofondant. '
Publo Artimo vs. Hawaiian
Govornmont. Assumpait. 0. AV.
Ashford for pluintifl.
for dofondant. '
F. Harrison vs. Ropnblic of
Hawaii. Damngo. Nouman for
pluintifl. for
F. Harrison ot al, vs. Ropublic
ofnawaii. Damage Neuman for
pluintifl. for
F. Harrison ot al. vs. J. II.
Bruns. Assumpsit. Nouman for
pluintifl. Hatch for dofondant.
M. Davis vs. California Wino
Co. Damago. Appoal from Honolulu
District Court. Fostor for
Y. Ab In vs. Chun Soo Oheong.
Assumpsit. Appoal from Honolulu
District Court. Castlo for
pluintifl. 0. W. Ashford for
Ohm Wo Company vs. Chun
Soo Choong. Assumpsit, Appoal
from Honolulu District Court.
Castlo for plaintift. C. W. Ashford
for dofondant appollnpt.
J. Tinkor vs. E. Norriootal.
Assumpsit. Appoal from Honolulu
Distriot Court. Plaintifl'in porson
Rosa for defondaut appollnnt.
Potor High vs. Charlos Wall.
Assumpsit. Hurtwoll for plaintiff
Hatch for dofondant.
0. Moinook vs. R. Olivor ot al.
Assumpsit. Cartor for plaintiff.
Antono G. Sorrao vs. J". G.
Sorrao. Damage. Custlo for plaintiff.
V. V. Ashford for dofondant.
L. B. Korr vs. Akana. Assumpsit
Magoon for pluintifl'.
J. .0. Cartor, Admr., vs. Tho
Mutual Li fa Insuranco Co.
Assumpsit, Oartor & Kinney for
James J. Byrno vs J.
Allon cl al. Assumpsit.
for plaintitl. Hatch .for de-fondants.
Jnmos J. Byrno vs John Martin
et al. Assumpsit. Hartwoll for
plaintiff. Ilatob for dofondant.
Ah Seo va Quong Fong Wni Co.
Water controversy in Kooluuloa,
Appeal from Oommiaioner of
Wntor Rights. Hartwoll for
appellant. .
Edma G. Trousseau vs. B,
Oartwright el ah ABSiimpsit.
ITnvfwnll tnv iilnlntWr ITofnli fnv
0. 1. Sanborn cl al, vs A. Fool;
el al, AsPnmpslt. Nouman for
plaintifls. Hatch for dofondants
H. A. Widomann vs E, B.
Thomas. Roplovin. Oartor &
Kinnoy for plaintiff,
D. Dayton, Admr., vs. A.
Droior. Trovor. Garter it Kinney
for plainliir. Noumunu for
1. W. MeObosiioy, ABsignoo,
vs, Aiitono Jjopon. Assumpsit.
Hartwoll for plaintiff.
William Kauabi vs. Ah Chow.
Tresspass. Appoal from Honolulu
Distriot Court. Kaulukou for
plaintitl', Fostor for dondmt
J. A. Magoon vs. Yeo King
Tong. Ejectmont. Plaintiff in
person. Davidson fir defondant
W. R. Castlo vs. Loo OU't Sam
et al. Assumpsit. Appoal from
Honolulu District Court.
Plaintiff in person. Davidson for
W. R. Castlo vs. Loo Obit Sam
ct al. Assumpsit. Appoal from
Honolulu Distriot Court. Philutifl'
in porson. Davidson for defendants
W. R. Oustlo vs. Loo Chit Sam
el al. Appoal from
Honolulu District Court. Plaintiff
in porson. Davidson for defendants
W. It. Castlo vs. Loo Chit Sam
el al. Assumpsit. Appoal from
Honolulu Distriot Court. Plaintiff
in person. Davidson for
ChaB Wilcox vs. W. 0. Acbi.
Assumpsit Appoal from Honolulu
District Court. V. V. Ashford
for pluintifl', Kahookano for
Domingo Oabral vs. Niau
laukoa. Damago, Appeal from
Honolulu District Court. Acbi
for plaintiffappollant, Kaulia for
William Kalaobao vs. L Ahlo
ot al. V. V. Ashford for plaintiff
Acbi fur
Moses Naaniani vs. 'Kabana.
Replovin. Appoal from Honolulu
District Court, Acbi for plaintiff-appellant,
iKaulukou for defondaut,
Union Feed Co vs. C. Klomme
et al, Assumpsit, Appoal from
Honolulu District Court, Rosi for
James Kuhia vs. Honnmu Sugar
Co. Assumpsit, Appoal from Honolulu
District Court, Magoon for
plaintifl'.nppeilant, Kinnoy for
S W Pika vs Kaili,
Appoal from Honolulu District
Court, Johnson for
Kahookano for dofendant
Gaspar Sylvu vs Matia Kaia et
al; Ejectment, Hartwell-Perry for
plaintiff, CAV Ashford for defendants
Jus B Castlo vs D Lokana et al,
Assumpsit, Castlo for plaintiff,
for dofondants
R W Holt vs Goo Kim,
Rosa for plaintiff. Castlo
for defondant
Pooraaikolani vs. Solomon
Assumpsit. Appoal from
Honolulu Distriot Qourt. Acbi
for plaintiff. S. AT. Maholona for
dofondant appollant.
J. Tinkor vs. AVra. Maxwoll ot
al. Assumpsit. Appoal from Honolulu
Distriot.Oourt. Plaintiff in
porson. Acbi for dofondant
L. P. Puuwouwou va. D. Kolii.
Roplovin. Appoal from
Distriot Court. Castlo for
dofondant appollayt.
Kahinn (w.) vs. Kalopo. Rosa
for plaintiff. 0. Brown. Jor
Anna Luddooko va. AV.
Kaulukou for plaintiff.
AVm. 0, Acbi vs. Isabella A.
Acbi. Poopoo for pluintifl. V. V.
Ashford for dofondant.
S. Maluna ys. Mury Kinu.
Poopoo for pluintifl.
Kinolua vs. Miloka, Kauhu (w.)
Magoon for pluintifl.
August Book vs. Balbini Book.
Kaulukou for plaintiff.
Ahsuu Ab Fook (w.) vs. L. Ah
Fook. 0. W. Ashford for plaintiff.
Estbor K. Mabaulu va. A. S.
Mabauln. 0, AV. Ashford for
Ida E. Hildor vs. Fnmk Hildor.
Magoon for plaintiff.
Julia K, Koliikulunakilu vs.
Koliikiibuiakila. Hatch for
Maria J. Fe'rroira vs. Domingos
Forroira. Magoon f6r plaintiff.
Nanoy K. Ryap vs. Alfred P.
Ryan, C. Brown for plaintiff.
John Kowalo vs. Loknlia
Nakupa. Kanoukua fpr plaintiff.
Mary Burn vs. Juinos Edwin
Burn. CartorKinnoy for p'laintifl'.
Kalama Knbia va. Kemilia
Knbia, Smith for plaintifl",
Louisa Essor ya, tAng, Easor.
Kaulukou for plaintiff.
The nth of June Races An
Assured Succss,
Tho mooting ' of tbo Hawaiian
Jookoy Club which took
pluco on Monday night, was
a grand suocoss in raoro
than ono way. It iustlllod
now blood Into tbo association,
and tho onthusiasm displayod
by tho now mombors, provod
that tbo "bard" timos aro taking
a baoksout, and that Honolulu
is going back into its formor
golden days. Tbo annual racos
which wifl tako placo on tho
glorious 11th of Juno, will this
year surpass anything experienced
boro. Thoro will bo moro
horses, moro ownors and moro
first-class" jookoys than bavo ovor
mot on tbo track in tbo park. As
tho programmo is not published
yot and nrraugomonts for tbo on-trios
liuvo not boon completod,
it would bo piomatnro to stato
with cortainty how many horses
will appoar on tbo association's
grand day, uud who they aro. It
is safe though to wbiBpor that
Halstoad of AVaialua will moot
with two runnors, and his
Gay of Mokuloia with tbroo.
Halstoad lias secured Dodd's
stablo and tho Jdokuloiu horses
will Bjiortly bo brought to town.
A trainor from California
is now having thorn in
band at Mokuloia. Bob
will probably ontor tbroo
borsos, Amarino and Silky aro
among thorn, and will bo bailed
with .ploasuro by tho Honolulu
public. Duko Sponcor who has
not appoarod iu public at the'
last raootings is now boing trained,
and will undoubtedly muko
it hot for bis competitors, Colonel
Cornwall will bavo throe or
possibly four borsos in roadiuoss.
It is rumorod that bo expects a
and a jockoy in tbo
Australia. If tbo rumor is correct
tho raco for tho Rouita Challenge
Cup will bo contostod
than ovor. Bosidos those
thoro aro a numbor of trotters to
bo ontorod and all now iu training,
and it is safe to say that tho
racos will bo attondod by nn
audionco larger than ovor.
now members woro admittod
ut tbo annual mooting, and tbo
following ofiicors woro olootod:
H. A. Widemanu,prosidont; J.
A. Cummins, J.
G. Sponcor, troasuror; S. G.
Executivo Committeo: H.
Focko, Sam Louisson, J. F.
Olay. "
Tbo following is tho sorios of
tho soasons loaguo games ns
ogrood upon.
Star va Unknown May 4
Kamohamoba vs Star " 11
Unknown va Kamohamoba . .' 18
Star vs Unknown " 25
Kamohamoba vs Star. . . . .Juno 1
Unknown vs Karaobamoha . . " 8
Star vs Unknown. . .'. " 1G
Kamohamoba vs Star ' 22
Unknown vs Karaobamoha . . " 29
Star vs Unknown July 4
Kamohamoba vs Star 15
Uifknown va Kumoharaoha. ." 13
Star vs Unknown " 20
Kamohamoba vs Star ' 27
Unknown vsiKamohumoha.. Aug 3
Stqr vs Unknown '. . . " 10
Kamohamoba vs Star ' 17
Unknown vb Kamolinmoba. ." 21
- Tbo Star and Unknown will
opon tbo aoiison on Saturday,
Information was received by tho
Coptio that Adolph Behrens mid
Kit King will arrive horo in tho
Alameda on May tho 9th and play
with tbo Star in tbo gamo whion
will tako placo on tbo 11th inst,
hetweon the Star and tho Kama.
Tho soason promises to bo exceptionally
On Fiiday next Messrs Clarence
Maofurlano, A. G. M. Roboitbon
and David Kawunanakou, roprc
sontjng thil Houlani, Myrtle and
Lnilaui boat clubs will meet and
mako tho preliminary
for tbo organization of a
rowing association Tho gontlomon
montioned will roport back to
their roBpeotlvo clubs and it is
then oxpoctodt'Iat dologateB will
bo elected '-from each club to
arrango or a constitution and
by-laws j'or tho proposod
tion. If overything goes
any hitch it is safo to predict
that tbo public can look forward
to n fair and good boat raco in
October. Tbo now boata givo now
gcnoral satisfaction.
Tho "Indopondont'' is out.
Mr. Frod Htiyseldcn is in town.
Tho Kinau arrived yesterday
Subscribe for tbo Independent.
A pakapio game was started in
town last week.
Tho barkentlno Klikitnt is con
signed to AVildor'i Co.
700 moro tourists (say artists)
arrived by tho Gaolio.
Thoro was a mooting of tho
sharpshooters company last night.
Tho ship Harry Morao leaves
today for Royal Riads to load
AVo heard from Oharlio lust
night. Wind frun tho North,
weather clear.
The Baseball Loaguo will hold
a mooting at noon, nt AV. F.
Allon's oflico.
A number of prominent Maui
pooplo lmvo boon in town during
tho Inst woek.
Tho Police Stution was in a
state of siogo yosterdtiy afternoon.
It was pay day.
Tbo Independent will be delivered
early in tho morning to
all subsoribors.
Tho pupils of the Kawaiubuo
Sominury visitod tho Philadelphia
yostorday afternoon.
Tho Queen Dowagor wont to
Kailua iu the Malulani yesterday.
She will remain thoro foro
Tho English Ship Troop, aftor
discharging hor coal, will load
sugar for tho Sugar Trust, New
H. 0. Meyers has sucoeedod
Maurico Koobokalolo as
in tho Interior Department.
Mnjor McLain who has been
impotord to make soldiors out of
tbo army will arrive in tho
Alameda. '
An oxtraFronoh dinner will bo
sorvod at tho Hotel noxt Saturday.
Patrons should ordor their tables
in advance
Tho Star is dissatisfied with tho
pursor of tho Coptic. Ho loft
beforo tho stellar's wrath and so
did tho Coptic.
Tho Mukuainana will move
nearer to town in a few d iyn. Tho
editor don't liko the vicinity ol
Hotol do L'oau.
A public meeting of the
Teachers' Association was lo have
boon' hold lust night, but it was
jiostponod for a week.
J. T. AVaterhouso lias boen
confined to bed for Hoveral days,
but was bettor laat night and
expocts to bo out shortly.
Thoro was a moetiug of tho
Ilcalani committoos last ovoning
at tho Hotol. Tho reports ot tbo
sub committees wero accopotd.
Dr. MoLonnan, wife and
daugbtor will leavo for tho Coast
by tbo S.S. Mariposa duo on
rPlula1nir Mlltn H
iiiiiiouuj, a.uu uuuiui a lliumur
la sorioualy ill. It ifl hoped by
his many frionda thalho will leavo
hor in improved boaltb, and re.
turn soon witbrooupornted boaltb
for both bimsolf and family from
tho ohnngo of air.
L, T Korr Imports dirootly
from Amorican ' anil Fairopoan
markets, all kinds of di'y goods
for both ladies and gontlomon.
no is also tbo solo agont for tho
Pearl sowing maohiuo, whiob, if a
housowifo lias, alio baa nothing in
tho world to complain about, Just
look ovor his Btock and givo thut
sowing rnaobino a trial.
Gon8alvos & Co. rqcoivedbv tho
S. S. Braunfols n froah supply of
fino red tublo AVino from Oporto
and an invoico of extra Salado Oil
from tbo samo placo.
The old lady "Would John bo a good
catoh for Mnryl" The old man
Ho'ri in tho business and bia
Ilfo is iiisured (or ton thousand dollars."
Tho Critorion Saloon haB
ordorod a largo invoico of tho
celobratod Bock Boor. It will
arrive boro in tho Australia on
May 3rd a fact that will pleaso all
followers of Gambrinus. '
A look of prcnt joy came Into the faco of
tho fair young heiress. "Yes," elio murmured
softly; "my name has been In the
paper Ave times In tho Utt week,"
Her governess vlclbly started. "You
thould not care for such things," she observed.
"But how can I help It?" replied the heiress.
"Once" "they spelled It right."
Crinklos nt present aro in
demand, Orinklo crapo and crop- i
ons, crinkle nansook and orinklo
mull, tbo colorings are dainty and
protty; a fino lino of tboso stylish
Goods can bo found at !N. S.
Sachs, Fort St.
SHE shook him oncosho shook blm twice,
Yet ho wns not forsakon;
Third asking oho accoptod 'twas
"W'oll shakon beforo taken.
J. P. Rodriguos, tbo tailor on
Fort Stroot, noxt to Lovey's auction
room, can furnish a Buit of
clothes, a coat or n pair of
not to bo surpassod in Honolulu.
Ho has on band a fino assortment
of tailoring goods from
wbiob any customor can tako his
A rARABLE worth tho roadlng
Ilollke wo might have read
If Christ had come to Chicago
Hut tho devil camo instead.
" Tho mon from tho Philadelphia
woro landed yesterday morning
and marched to tbo Kamohamoba
school grounds whore they bold
a drill.
"What has become of Fourlung, who
used to coaoh for your nine?" "Him?"
said the magnate "He'd got a job
with tho Chiueso nrmy roaring at the enemy."
Oh. yes, Wing Wo Tai & Co.
knock spots out of everything in
tho lines that they advertise. You
go to their storo and seo, and dol
bus to doughnuts you do not leavo
without buying somothiug.
Slio could not sing the old songs
Now that was well and good;
Nor could sho sing tho new ones
But, alas I bIio thought sho could.
At a regular meeting of Mystic
Lodge, No. 2, K. of P. to bo bold
at tho Oastlo Hall this AVednesday
ovoning, tho rank of Pago will bo
conforrod. All visiting brothora
nro cordially invited. By ordor of
0. C
K. It. & S.
Lady of tho house Listen, Charlotte. I
am going to givo a mippor and a danco. Now,
you will lmvo to show what you can do, so
as to keep up tho crodit of my establishment,
S. E. Corner Nuuaim and King Strteets
Keeps tho II nest brands of Liquors
on hand, Solo Acenis for U. 1'. T. Wh
key ami tho lebratcd Fredrlcksherg licer.
Fresh Oysters for Cocktails per every
steamer, '
Nothing but stialght goods dispensed at
thls'popula.r resort
Cook With ploasuro, ma'am; but I can
only danco tho waltz nnd tho polka. You
will have to oxcuso me from the quadrilles.
Alffiiwlcr Cliisliolm
(Successor to Chas. Hummer,)
KIiik anil Fort Streets,
Is prepared to manufacture all Muds nud
grades of Hnrnessnt short notice.
Lowest of Prices for Cash.
All oris guaranteed to ho satisfactory before
leaving the shop, "
Sho (sovoroly) How many moro times nro
you going to ask mo to niairy you?
Ho (calmly) How many moro timos nio
you going toiufuuo me?
(Iluu $preldrj(j Bun
Honolulu, H. I.
Drawn Kxob'ingi on tho principal
parts of thu world and transact,
a gonor.il Banking llusinoss.

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