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. Seen iFrom An American Pdlrlt
' ' Of View.
Tlio oighlioth natal tiny of Bismarck,
which foil last wook
Bismnrok having boon born on
April 1, 1815, two and a half
months boforo tho battlo oi
Waterloo is ouo of thoso ovents
which challougos tho thoughts
and admiration of all nations.
If ho who maintains himsolf by
tho groatost powor is nocossarily
tho groatost ministor, J3ismarck
was tho groatost ministor, "not of
ono ago, but for all times."
Tho sympathetic human sldo
of this universal commotion is,
howovor, tho fuct that it is not
tho poworful ministor that is
celebrated and eulogized today.
Bismarck, tho ministor, coased
to bo fivo years ago, whon tho
young Gorman Emporor
od his resignation as a matter of
"tho now oourso." Tho man
that is extolled today is nothing
but tho ponsioned mastorsmith of
tho Gorman otnpiro. Tho onco
mighty, omnipotont Ohancollor
has boon divested of all oflloia
powers; tho man upon whoso lips
formerly tho wholo of Europo
hung in fear and expectation,
now strides silontly among tho
forest oaks noar Friedrichsruho,
only omorging from tho calm of
his rotiromont whon the honors
of a gratoful nation aro showored
upon him.
And thoro is a vast deal of
fino sontimoutality in this political
canonization of Bismarck.
Evorything that appeals to
puro sympathy is so strougly involved
in this administration that
it sooms almost sacrilegious to
dosoorato tho high-soaring
by cold and sobor reflection.
Tho spectaolo oi tho
octogenarian, who of all tho
horoes that helped to build tho
Gorman pmpiro, alono is loft
warded oil' by tho 'no whoso
fayor ho would most appreciate
is bound to Btriko a sympathetic
chord among tho onlookors
tho world over.
That into this sympathy many
an exaggeration of tho gi'oatness
of the man, if ho bo jiulgod by
his principles and accomplishments,
will slip, I huvo tho harshness
to maintain.
Fow generations aio given an
opportunity of gazing retrospectively
upon tho finished carcor
'of any living man of such importance
as Unit of Dinmarck. Tho
grace of God moy oxlond Bismarck's
lifo to the utmost limit,
but his work is complolo and his
deods'aro recorded in contemporaneous
history. Tlio presont
generation enn pass judgim'nt on
what ho Ijiis done. It can appreciate
tho wondorful conception
of his national work, which is and
must over romiun his crowning
work; as tho onduranco and tl)o
unsworving fidolity that ho do-voted
to it form his noblest trait.
But' tho presont generation can
also moasuro tho standards, tho
.principles, tho ideals that guided
him in his oaroer; and tho present
gonoration is at liberty to
with many of theso that
Bismarck uphold and represented.
Bismarck's first stop in public
lifo'is distinctively characteristic
in thai it condomnjd ono of tljo
fundamental privileges which a
probably misguided part of
kind upholds as ono of thoir
most prooious blossings a parliamentary
It is well worth ,whilo recalling
the incident. Tho obstinato
of King Friedrich Wilholm
IV. of Prussia to grant to his
people thoir domand for a constitutional
form of raonarohy had
aroused gravo discontont. Tho
king, through "Boyal Patont,"
oonvonod tho (Jnitod Prussian
Ohambors, and among tho
(for tho provinco of Saxony)
was Otto Edward Loopojd
yon After
an unovontful youth, during
whioh ho wont through collogo,
whore ho kont a loof from tho spirit
of liberty then provading tho
Gorman univorsilios, -and oxporij
montod witli law, agriculture and
officialism, ho finally ontorcd tlio
polltioal arona.
His first spooch was mudo pn
May 17, 18d7. Ho thoh doolaiod
himsolf a firm ndhoront to tho
"sacred rights of absoluto monarchy
,"4 Ho ridiculed tho
of his liberal opponents
that tho uprising of 1813 was
done for any olhor pnrposo than
tho oxpulsion of tho foroign
IIo declaimed with
Warmth against tho "Utopian
ravings" of tho nowspapcrs (in this
respoot he novor nltored his position
a hair's broadth), and
"absolute faith in tho
wisdom of tho crown."
IIo wound up by fighting
against tho emancipation laws
thon boforo tho Chambor, boldly
conlonding that emancipation
was a Bontimontal idea, hostilo
to Christian 'govornmont, and
concluding with theso words: "If
thoso aro modinoval principles, I
will gladly say that I boliovo in
thorn." Evon whon, aftor tho
involution of 1818, tho King was
compollod to mako concessions,
Bismarok vainly raised his voico
in protost against all acknowledgments
of tho pooplo's will. Lator
ou, during wiiuoims rogoncy,
and in tho stirring times whon
Wilholra finally uscondod tho
throne, Bismarck was tho rook
against which all liboral hopos
woro shattorod. For fully throo
yoars, Bismarck frotlod and
fumed against any recognition of
tho "sovereignty of tho pooplo;"
whioh ho charactorizod as "ono
of tho tearful sontimontalitios of
tho century." Ho advocated a
continuous stato of siogo and did
all in his powor to dostroy tho
parliamentary concessions which
tho spirit of tho times had fiually
wrostod from tho King. Tlio
king Bismarck first camo in
contact with King Friodorich
Williolm IV. and tho
during his wedding trip in
Vonieo'J oyod his champion with
lovinp, solioitudo. It cannot bo
said til at in thoso oarly days tho
groat excuso whioh, in lator days,
his admirors porhaps justly ad-
Lvancod, that only foar for tho
safoty and groatnoss of tho country
impollod him to attack parliamentary
rightsj will stand tho
test. At that titno, while tho
problom of groat national unity
possibly ocoupiod his mind, ho
had. no dofinito plan tooyolvo;
thoro was no diplomatic secret to
bo cuardod; thoro woro no ulti
mate onds of tho blood-and-iron
policy to bo concealed.
is tho justification of Bismarck's
aftor tho Frankfurt Diot of
1851, whon ho commoncod tho
work that ended with tho unity
.of tho Gorman nation, thoro is
no dofonsiblo motivo for it boforo
that dato. It was tho rosult of
nothing but an inborn contempt
for human rights or a dosiro to
ploaso tho powers that bo.
Wo can well understand now
that Bismarok, aftor 18CG, con
scious of tho nocossity of military
dornands a nocossity that ho
could not publicly divulge lost
his pationco oncountoring tho
stubborn and somotimos malicious
opposition of political
factions, and loathod tho trials
of tho responsiblo ministor of a
constitutional form of
But how can ono in this
toned century, whoro tho
proofs of tho possibility of
freo and parliamentary
aro furnished by all
advanced nations, how can ono
rooonoilo with groatnoss tho
in "Royalty by tho graco of
God? '' And Bismarok will bo
handod down to postority, not
only ns tho makor of tho Gorman
ompiro, but also as tho sturdy,
tenacious dofondor of absoluto
royalty. Ho was first or foremost
in tho servico of his
Tho national idoa, through
whioh ho achiovod his fame, was
only a sooondary consideration
with him, Bismarck's words on
many occasions, and his deeds
on a fow, boar uudoubtod testimony
to that fact.
Tho greatnqss and powor of his
raastor, tho Ilolionzollorn ''soin
Horr," as ho lovod tp
his, fivflf caro, On throo
occasions, with noblo oloquonco,
ho repudiated tho proposod
of tho Gorman Em-,
vpiro. On tho nrst, pooauqp thorq
was danger that tho imperial
grown would go to tho
and twico booauso ho
did not think tho tirno ;ipo and
his muster strong ouough forhat
consummation, othorwiso
to bo wished for. Of courao,
thoso hesitations may bo justly
coiiotniod as a demonstration of
his suporior statesmanship, and
they probably aro. But thoy aro
at tho samo timo a convincing
proof that dynastio considerations
woro far strongor with Bismarck
than national ambitions.
If tho scions of tho noble houso
of Hapsburg had boon imbuod1
with national spirit and aspiration,
instoad of boing tondorlings
as they aro, Bismarok would
havo lod a war to tho knifo with
tho Austrians instoad of troating
thorn aftor Sadowa with so muoh
indulgouco nnd patiouoo. Ho
would have lod Qolumn aftor
column of ''sound Pommoranian
bouos" to cortain destruction
giving his couttont to tho
formation of a unitod Gorranny
with anybody olso but a
nt tho hoad.
If in tho fa co of tho groat national
workoflbotod by Bismarok,
tho reproach that ho was
should soom bold, it would
bo as woll to rocall tho words
with which Bismarck oxplainod
his motives for rofusing tho
establishment of national unity
under comparatively poacofnl
Whon in 1819 a" de
putation of tho National Assombly
from Frankfort -on
hoadod by tho Gorman patriot
and poot, Arudt, urged tho King
of Prussia to accopt tho imporial
crown, which tho Assombly
him, and to establish Gorman
unity, Bismarck said: "No;
tlio King of Prussia dogrados
himsolf to bocomo a vassal to
thoso radical Utopians who
in Gorman unity let Prussia
remain Prussia. Tho constitution
fabricatod in Frankfort,
which upholds tho damnable principle
of tho sovoroignty of tho
pooplo, is nothing but constitutional
anarchy. It is bound to
domqlish tho glorious Prussian
stilts edifice whioh has boon
comonted with tho blood of our
forofathors. Tlio imporial crown
tondorod from Frankfort may bo
brilliant, but tho gold whioh will
lond truth to this Utopian bril
liancy must first bo gotton by in
fusing tho splondor of tho Prussian
,crown." aim in loou no saui, in
combating tho unionistic schomo
of Itadowitz:
"Prussian honor dornands first
that Prussia hold aloof from all
infamous connoction with tho democracy,
and secondly, that
novor shall anything happon in
Gormany without tho supromo
consent of Prussia."
It will bo hard for tho futuro
viowor, who, uniniluoncod by tho
presont glamor of national prosperity
in Gormany, looks calmly
upon tho historic figuro of Bismarck
to roconcilo thoso views
with tho later purely national
nttitudo of the Ohancollor. As a
mattor of fuot, tho national
chauvinist, Bismarck, may havo
bopn born only during tho eventful
battles of 18GG, though Oharlos
Lowo, in his book on tho
.tries very hard to furnish
ovidonco that Bismarok bogan to
lay his national plans during .tho
Crimean war.
"It is, 'ovidont," argues Tjowo
"that Prussia's policy during and
aftor tho Crimean war, with all
its arabiguousnoss and soOming
falsity, harmonizod with tho views
of Bismarok." (Bismarok ontorod
tho Prussian Oubiuot only in Oot-ober,
18G2.) "J3ut who would havo
droaniod that a cortain Horr von
Bismarck had bogun to take tho
fato of Europo in his hand ? ''
And who would do so to-day if
subsequent historic ovonts did
not justify saoh gonorous
Oortainly, Bismarck's diplomatic
aotivity in Vionnn, St.
Petersburg and Paris was apparently
guidod by only ono
an uncompromising hatred
of Austria, And tho Austria of
then was. not tho Austria of to-day,
with tho centor of gravity in
B.adapesth according to tho description
of Br, Bismarok. In his
memorial "concerning tho necessity
qf tho inauguration of an independent
Prussian Gorman
polioy," n whioh ho prodiots
that Prussia's will only bo
ourod ferro ct igfrk thero is not
ono allusion to the idea of na
tional unity, for whitfh he is said
to havo battled all hih lifetime,
And I cannot suppross tho fooling
that to Bismarok, as to all mortals
"who cook with water," tho poofs
word npplios that man grows
with his highor aims and that
aims somotimos grow with mon.
But lot it bo grautod that Bismarck's
intorost in tho nation's
and in Prussia's groatness woi'o
ono and tho samo, both because
his fino manamvoring in tho
quoptitin and
his moderation aftor tho
war as woll, tond to show
that, and bocauso it will ondoar
him to the Gorman hoart. It
does not add a moloeulo to his
groatnoss as a statosraam Tho
moro fact that boing a Gorman ho
strovo to strengthen tho Gdrman
namo doos not load him groatiiosB.
That should bo a mattor of courao.
No Fronohman would over droam
of being glorified bocauso ho has
tho litorost of his nation at hoart
instoad of that of tho
in which ho was born. As
Gorman patriot, Bismarck finds
his oqtmls in tons of thousands
who aro willing to loavo their
on tho battlefields of
tho Fatherland.
Tho 'morit of taking up tho
problom of' tho national idea
would havo boon nothing
if, his overwhelming sijccess as
master-diplomat of tho century
had not onablod lam to realizo it.
rnho nntioUai idoa in itBolf hns
had moro spirited advocates than
Bismarok, who havo failod to
attract moro than parsing notice.
Even that advonturor on an
ompcror's, throno, whoso overthrow
was Bismarck's master-work,
grasped it ns tho ono loading
princplo in his advonturous
caroor. Indood, Napoloon III.
was much quiokor to cater to tho
political fooling of Europo as tho
ndvocalo of national unity, and
much moro outspoken.
But asido from all this, what is
Hecuba to us ? What is natioual
unity to a country where mombors
of all nalionalilien livo in blissful,
prosperous poaco i What is tho
glory of tho nnitor of ono nation
to tho glorious coalition of all nations
under a
of tho people, for tho pooplo ?
If tho thoory of Bismarck and
Napoloon III, woro tho only saving
ono, thd United States would
bo an impossibility. As a mattor
of fact, Bismarok has novor looked
with loving oyos upon Gormans
sooking a now fiold of activity in
now countries uudor different and
nocossarily freer governments.
"Tho Gorman admiration for nil
that is foreign, "said ho in a speech
in tho Boichstag, dealing with
tho Polish quostion, "a certain
admiring joalousy with which wo
look upon compatriots who livo
in foroign countries, is only equal
to tho poouliar capability of a
German to leap out of his skin
into that of any foroiguor say a
Fronohman or.nn American. If
any ono returns from Araorioa
aftor having boon thoro throo
yoars, ho spoak of 'our sido of tho
wator,' and, horribitc diclu, uses
English idiomB." (This is vory
sad indood, but coming from
suoh lips it sooms to bo n splendid
testimonial to tho fitnoss of
tho groator part of Gormany's
sons to bocomo oxcollont American
Evon in suoh a cursory examination
of tho claims of Bismarok
to romain forovor upon tho high
historian podostalupon whioh his
own thankful ago has plaood him ,
it is impossible to ovorlook his
logislativo activity on burning
economical and sooial problems,
an aotivity that oommonood at an
ago whon othor mortals havo
finished thoir lifo's task. His
efforts in this dirootion, whioh
havo not yet had timo to maturo,
havo boon markod by tho samo
providonco, aoutenos3 of intellect
and singlonos3 of purposo that
havo always compollod his
ondoavors to oomploto
and convinoiner triumphs. His
talonts, indood,,inall tho departments
in whioh thoy hiivb
thorasolvos, his mastorful.
attributes of zoal, thoi'oughnoss
and will, his raro attainments in
diplomaoy and statooraft, no
oquanimous oiltio would sook to
dony. But that ho is, or ovor was
in his stato caroor, a man of
broad, humano viows unuisular,
cosmopolitan, philanthropic in
his inolipation in sooial questions
or governmental
to say tho loast, that is" a mattor
of whioh much may bo said on
both sides.
Tho rocont ovonts in Gormany
tho rofusal of the majority of tho
ItoiohBtag to sond congratulatory
mossagos to tho rotirod
tho suddon attuohmont of
that ohamolooivliko young man
on tho Gorman throno to tho
whom ho dismissod so unceremoniously
only a fow years
ago, must bo rogardod in an
di fib ron t light from that in
whioh tho noisy Gorman patriots
wish it to bo rognrded. It is not
a quostion of gratitudo or
to tho elovor diplomat who
accomplished tho 'unity of tho
Gdrman empiro (and,
tho good fortune of tho
it is u quostion of
indorsing tho damnablo principle)
that Bismarck roprosonts, tbatyof
monarchical servility.
A&kxanpfu Nkuman.
A fow days ago a company was
formod in this'city who purchased
from C. J. Waguor tho wliolo
and oxclusivo rights for tho
Hawaiian Islands to manufacture
and uso the Poorloss Preserving
Paint. Thoro havo boon numberless
attempts to produco an
articlo which would prosorvo
and nt the samo timo protoct tlio
varidus roqfs ovor buildings on
those islands all of which havo
mot with more or loss success,
but oaoh possessing somo
in point or quality which
has rondorod it practically
in carrying out tho purposa
for whioh it was intended. It
had boon .loft with Mr. Wagner
to placo upon tho Hawaiian Market
n paint which by oxporimont
nnd in actuul uso during tho past
fow yoars bus fulfilled ovory requirement
and tho Paint is guaranteed
not to scale, crack, or run
it boing possessed of a body whon
npplied in whioh thoro is no oil
spirits or ovaporativo substanco.
Tho main features which tho now
company offers for its uso upon
roofs an its thorough rosistanoe
to any notion of hot or salty
atmosphoro and its wondorful
preserving qualities which fully
provent any rust or decay, besides
being a provontativo from tho
ravagos of posts. Tho Poorloss
Prosorving Co., aro prepared to
sond skilled workmon ' for tho
purposo of applying tiio paint
and ovory contract takon by tho
company is fully guaranteed.
Tho prices for this work includ
ing labor and material aro very
modorato considering that tho
guaranteo is against looks, otc,
for a period ostimatod upon tho
ngo and condition of tlio roofs
whon tho work is porformod.
Tho Poorloss Prosorving Co.,
will ou application at their oflico,
87 King Stioot, oxamino your
roof and give esliraatos freo of
charge, also on bridges, ports,
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