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Muy 7th, 1895.
Gov Bli llelon Browor.Muhoney,
113 days from Boston.
W G H.ill, Simorsm, from
Muni and Hawaii. 9
Str. Wuialoalo, Symtli, for
Str Knaln, Burn, forWaianao.
Str Koauliou, Thompson,' tor
Str Mikuhulit, Hafiland, for
Str Olaudino, Oameron, for
BktnoRoboit Suddon, f jr S.iu
' Bk dylou, Calhoun, Tor bin
" Bark .7 0 Glndo, for San Francisco.
S S Australia .Houdlelto.f.T 3an
Frantidco, at -1 p.m.
. Str Likolike, WoiBbarth, for
Ookala and Kukaiau at 4 p.m.
For Maui por Stmr Olaudine:
C B Wolla, Mr. Bovlowitz, Mrs
Von Gravomoyer, Rov J B
Ehard, Rev J B Kim, H 0 Over-end,
Sum Loy, and 50 deck, 270
Japanese laborors.
For Kauai pur Str Mikaliala,
May. 7th: A Hamioborg and wifo,
A MoBrydo, M Dasenborg, 0 H
Willis, W H Rioo jr, and 25
From Maui and Hawaii, por
W. G. Hall, May 7. Volcano
j; Huo and wifo, Miss F Huo, G,
Huo. A Hue; way ports Geo.
""MaDougaU, Mrs Barrott, Jona
Kalama.Mamau, Mraalte&iOrY.
J. Wright, L A Androwa, Letn
Wa, S Nowloin, aud 71 deck.
Outward Cargoes.
Por Robort Sudden for San
Francisco, May 7: 2.1 72,805
bugs BUgar, vafuo $55,175.
Por Ooylon for San Franoisco
May fli 1,831.770 bags sugar,
valuo 45,704.27.
Inward Cargoes.
Por W G Hall, May 7. 2'J
houd cattle. 27 bags coffoo, 03
bugs awa, 4 horses. 45 sundries,
14 hides.
N. S. Sachs, has just rocoivod
u lurgo shipmont of Now Goods,
among which aro tho Now Tuflbta
Silks, New Cotton Duoks, latost
atylo Ladios' Hats, Now Roses,
Violets and other novoltios ih
Gonealvos & Co. received bv tho
S. S. BrauufolB u frosh supply of
fiuo red tablo Wino from Opm to
and an invoioo of extra Silado Oil
from the samo place.
Can't hic bbt!
Cool and diclioousI
Ice Croam Soda and Sher-
bot Soda, -as served at thn
May 4. 4ts.
,T. P., Rodriguos, tho tailor on
Fort Stroot, noxt to Lovoy'a auction
room, can furnish a suit ol
clothes, a coat or a pair of trousers
not to bo snrpassod iu Honolulu
Ho has on hand a fino assortment
of tailoring goods from
whioh any enstomor can tako his
olioiooj ,
Oh. ye, Wing Wo Tai & Co.
kuoctc spots out af evorythlng in
tho lines that thoy advertiBe. You
go to their stnro and hop ind dol
lara to doughnuts you d not leave
without buying aomothing.
Mossra S. Lowden niul I'. Vnol
lor, under tho firm name of
VOELLERitCO, will this day
open a Cash Grocery In tho
Waring Blook, corner Fort and
Berotania st roots. Mr. Vooller
lias just returned from Sun
on tho "Australia," with a
fullBtook of fresh goods whioh
wi'l bo oflVrod to their frionds
and tho public at lowest Cash
Tho W. G. Hali arrived
Look out for Uolbnrn's Oyhtor
ad. to-morrow.
Tho Circuit Court, will open at
o'clock this morning.
MaWo island jwasVlho scono of
last night's build concert.
Thoro au entortiiinment at
Punabou Collogo last night.
,Adam G. WycoiV Is tho lutost
addition to the Hawaiian bar.
Choster Doylo mado a flying trip
to Ewa yostorday. Another riot?
The Gorman shipHelon
Wfis gny with flags yeBtorday.
There will bo a battalion drill
on Union Squaro tomorrow
Cloth and buttons for military
uniforms liavo boon reoeivod from
tho coast.
By tho Maripnsi duo tomorrow
the latost about Nicaragua will
bo received.
. Tho Jookoy Club will hold an
important mooting next Thursday
ovoning. .
Tho councils sat in exocutivo
session an hour and a half
ytstorday ovoning.
Judge Cooper opened tho con rt
at 9 sharp yostorday morning,
Ho waits' for nobody.
It is to bo hopod tho whoolmon
will bo'accordoit a clear right of
way on Friday ovoning.
read a
troatiso on silver before tho
Social Scionco Association.
The Japs had drill again at
Italian's last night. Thoir oilicors
havo voices to lond tho N. G. H.
for battalion drill,
Goorgo MoDongall, ono of
Kona'senterpriBuig cotToo growors,
camo to town by tho W. G. Hall.
Thoro will bo a spooial mooting
of tho Healani Boat Club
to-night nt tho Hawaiian Ilotol.
Julian D. flayno, tho editor of
tho Hawaiian, gavo a dinner at
the Hotol last evening to Captain
It is roportod that tho negotiations
for tho sale of Waimanalo
plantation to San , Franoisco
capitalists aro off.
Silky was a passongor on tlio
Hall yostorday. She is in
condition and Bob Ballontyuo
smiles soronoly.
Particular attention is paid to
ships blaokamithing by tho Honolulu
Iron Works, whoso card
will bo found in tho Independent.
Coriteraporarios liawo at just
discovered that tho, baud is
going to San Francisco
Tho Independent told its readors
tho nows last Saturday.'
Mrs. Hugh Gunn has boon appointed
assistant to Miss Rhoda
Groon in Kawaiahao sohool. This
has only boon open as, an English
sohool sinco tho Easter holidays,
yot tho attopdauco has nlroady
grown to children.
W. E. Howell, suporintondont
of Public Works, and C. B.
Riploy, architect, hoaded an
oxport examination of tho Opera
House ruin. It was dooidod that
tho sido and front wall night
stand, whilo tho roar wall would
havo to bo rebuilt in tho ovont of
reconstruction of tho odiflco,
Admiral Boardsloo and tho
ofllcors of tho U. S. flagship
Philadelphia gayo n farowoll party
to doparting frionda by tho Au
tralia ou board tho whito oruise.r
yostorday ovoning. Thoro woro
presentJMr. and Mrs. Maxwell aud
tho Misses Maxwoll (3), Mr. nnd
Mrs. Towlo, Miss Halsoy, R.O.A.
I'otorson, Mra.G.K. WiWor oI IIil
and sistor; Mrs. (Captain) Cotton,
Mrs. (Dr.) Winslow, Mrs: Hubbard
of SaCrumont'o, CaL, and
Miueos Hubbard (2), Mrs. Ourrlo
and Major Potter,
Trial of Busli and Nawahi
for Conspiracy.
Other Term business.
Thoro was half an hour of gouo
ral business boforo tho natiyo
jury was called at 0:30 o'clock
yestorday morning.
J. K. Nakookoo, charged with
malicious burning, ploadod not
guilty. Ho was arrostod for
tho firo in Kaahumanu shoot
in tho early part of martial law.
. In the caso of seditious libol
against E Norrio, a nollo
waB entered. Neumann for
Frank Gouvoia withdrew his
appeal from tho District Court for
larcony third degree
Harada Matzukami and I to',
charged with malicious injury, on
changing their ploa of not guilty
to guilty, woro sonteucod to pay a
fino of 50 ouch.
J. E. Bush and Jos. Nawahi
woro put on trial for couspiraoy.
W. O. Smith, Attorney Gonoral,
appoarcd for tho prosocution; J.
K. Kaulia, J. M. Poopoo and J.
M. Kanoakua for tho defendants.
Only four jurors woro oxousoa in
drawing tho panol, namoly: Achi
K. Akan forcauso, J. Karcoaloha
by Mr. Nawahi, J. U. Kawamui
by tho prosocution and J.
Tho following aro tho jurors
found satisfactory and sworn: H.
E. Cook, Hiram Kaaha, Jas. L,
Holt Jr., J. S. Kuwowehi, A
J. Kapali, William Mc-Gurn,
II. Kahalowai, C, A. Long,
J. W. Akaua, H. Kolomoku, Win.
Chung Hoon.
J. H. Van GitSen was tho first
witness caiiou. ija4iirving leoir Tliin
spy"wl!o stayed at Bush's houso
and printing offico under covor
of helping Bush in his loyalist
Tho whole caso in too familiar
to tho community to'boar retell
ing. Bush, Nawahi and E. C.
Crick woro arrostod for conspiracy
sonio time beforo tho insnrroc
tion of this yoar.
Van GieBon vvnuo tlio etuml
until 3 o'clook,
A. D. McEvoy, another momber
of tho "socrot sorvico," was tho
noxt witnoss. '
At a fow minutos to 4 o'clock
tho Court adjournodat tho request
of tho Attornoy Genoral. who had
important business olsowhore.
Emma Dofries has filed n suit
against tho ostato of tho lato Dr.
Troussoau, roturnablo at tho
August term of tho Circuit Court,
It Is an action on a promissory
noto, and tho icUo is a curiosity
'in that speoios of doenmont. It
roads as follows:
iooi7 nn
"HoNoi.ur.u. May 5th, 1895.
"Throo ipontha aftor dato for
valuo rocoivod 1 promise to pay
to tho order of Mrs. Emma Dofrios
the sum of Two Thousand Nino
Hundred and Dollars,
with intorost.thoroon from
dato untill fully paid at tho rato
of ten por cent por mouth interest
p yablo at dato oxpiros boing of
sound mind aud memory without
my attornoy my siguaturo will bo
suilioiont on domain! sans
on presentation.
'Valuo roceivod 3000.00.
"Witnoss my hand this 5th day
of May 1894.
"UEOJiaE 1'. T110US3EAU."
In tho margin aro tho words,
'Secured by noto of said dato
herewith ," and "Duplioato" is
writton in tho lowor loft hand
corner. ,
In tho mnttor of tho guardianship
of Lilia Wahino, cr Mdlo
Kurauokalaiii, Judgo Whiting
confirmod a salo that had boon
ordorbd', and approved the
accounts. Tho not procoods, loss
costs of court, aro to bo paid to
tho dork for invostmont, ho to
nay tho inoomo thereof to tho
guardian for tho benofit of taq
waul. Castle for petitioner
Fond Mothor Glaronoe, didn't
I ovor jioar you praying at
fur God to koop Willy Wiggles
from harm during tho night?
Little Olaronco Yop! I
him sparod bo's I could lick
ho stufl'n out of hira today.
His Mummy Pays Duty
as "Dried Fish."
Tho official Egyptian has
apparently no particular rcanoot
for tho remains of his ancestors,
oven whon those arJ of 'royal
linojgo. Brugdoh Bay, who has
boon assisting M. do Morgan, tho
Egypblog'iBt, in his oxplorations,
reoontly dlscovortd a mummy
boliovod to bo one of tho
and propnr d to tr.mspirt
tho prizo to Cairo. On reaching
tho railway station ho resolutely
doclined to confido his precious
package to tho luggage van. This
tho officials did not greatly mind,
but thoy compelled tho discoverer
to tako a first-class t'ekot for
Pharaoh as woll as ono for
On reaching' Cairo, thoro was
frosh troublo with the octroi
offioials. 'What havo you got
thoro V Brugdch Boy was asked.
'A mummy, ' was tho roply. cAh,
you can't got that through without
payiug.' 'But,' argued
guardian, 'mummios suroly
don't pay octroi duty?' 'Don't
thoy V roplied tho official, 'wo
will soo what tho rogister siyB. '
Horo tho ontiro staff consulted tho
rogiater, but, Btrangely onough,
tho articlo in question had boon
overlookod by tho adminslrution.
'Woll,' slid Hio officor, 'wo will
outor that ..J dried fish; duty,
throe piaatro 1' And so poor Pharaoh
was compel lod to mako his
solemn entry into Cairo under tho
degrading category of dried fish.
Westminster Gazelle.
May Bo No flood.
l . -
JosopirrilTrfSTroTi, ConTtitrSsiouor
of Agriculturo, iu convoraation
with an Indbpenpknt reportor,
said tho merits of sucaline, tho
lately introduced forago plant,
would bo thoroughly tested at tho
Government nursery. If tho plant
did not prove what it had been
reprosonted by American
caro would be taken to havo
tho wliolo planting dostroyed so
Tin propagalfon, Ho
was doing all he could to prevent
privato importers of tho seed from
growing tho plant beforo they
knew anything about it. Sacalino
might beoomo a nuisance liko
lantana, as Mr. Marsdcu assontod
to a suggestion by the roporter.
Reports from official sources
received at tho buroau aro not
favorablo to tho plant.
The Proposed Roadway.
Thoro was an examination yos
torday by tho jury on tho proposed
roadway from tho Ooeanio
wharf to Brower'u wharf, along tho
water front. S. C. Allon and M.
P, Robinson with their attornay,
W. A. Kinney, accompanied the
jury; also J. A. Hassinger, chiot
clerk of tho Interior Department,
and W. E. Wall of tho Government
Survey. Mr. Kirrnoy objected
to tho oponing of tho roadway on
the score of 'expense, saying tho
ground was very valuablo 1 1
Allen & Robinson as a lumber
yard, and a road on its frontage
would largoly destroy its value to
thom. Bosidos tho yard was
open to tho publio all day as it
was; yet tho publio did not tako
much advantage of tho privilege.
Ship Helen Brewer.
Tho fiuo stool ship Holou
Browor, Mahanoy mastor, arrived
yostorday morning, 113 daya from
Now York with 8500 tons of
freight consignod to O. Browor it
Co. Sho sighted tho Norwegian
ship Fortuna from Swansoa
Qi dog. 50 mm. W. long. From
i it C? .ill. A il a. 2 I ("A a
Paoifio was made in 10 days with
modorato southeast trados.
Crossed tho oquator in 1 27
W. In 1.20 N. spoko tho
British ship Loudonhill bound
for Astoria. Had fine wrfathor
tho remainder of tho pussago.
Tho Helon Browor is on her
socond Yoyogo to tho Paoifio. Sho
is undor tho Gorman flag. C,
Browor ib Co. and other importing
houses recolvo stooks of
morohandiae by the Helen
Sowing in School.
Seeing a carpontor's bench and
piocos of boards on tho back
veranda of tho Judiciary building,
an Independent ropoilor wont to
tho Board of Education offico to
inquire tho csuso, Sccrotary
Scott oxplainod that tho Board
was making boxos for convoying
sowing material and implomonts
to schools whoro tho girls woro
taught noedlowork. Ho said that
sowing was now taught in many
of tho country schools.
1 , Lg5
Chinese Printing.
Tho only place whero Oliincso
can bo printed from typo in Honolulu
is in Japoneso printing
offices. Chinese local
aro all printed by lithography.
As tho charactois aro tho
samo in both wrMon langungos,
types of the Japanoso offices servo
for printing Chinese Tho Government
gets it3 Chinese printing
done by tho Japaneso
Dr. Rowat, tho well-known
lorinariau,killodn valuable horso
yostorday, which suffered from
glaudors. This was tho third
caso of tho fatal disease whioh
camo under tho doctor's notico
during this woolc. Ho boliovos,
though, that tho glanders aro
only sporadic and do not appoar
as yot in an opidomic form, A
closo watoh should bo kopt
and tho Govornmont
officials bo on tho alort to chock
any progress of tho disoaso.
All accounts due to the
Publishing Company must
bo paid at onco to tho undersigned
managor at his office in
the Independent office, on
Street, Honolulu.
Edmund Nokiui:.
Honolulu, May 3. 1895. tf.
Merchant JSxchange
Cornor KlnBnnn Nuiinmi Streets.
S. I. SJIAW.... Proprietor.
QTho l?inost solectlon of ':LIQU01tS ami
BEER, Bold any whero in tlio towu.SSfl
First-class -i. Call and judgo
for jouraelf.
Steamship ' Co.
por an prancisco
Will LEAVE Honolulu for tho
abovapoi t on
W UUIN bolJ t 1 , 1YI A 1 0,
at 4 o'clook v,M.
Tho undorsignod aro now prepared
to issuo 'Through Tiokots
from this City to nil points in tho
Unitod States
For further particulars rogar d
ing froight or pussago. apply to
WM, G. IRWIN & CO, L'd,
Qouoval Agonts.
ft Hi
U to
0 O
5Iaiul Power. Alliargain. Aj'ply for
terms at this Ofllcc.
Horso nil oing a speciality. All
woik promptly and caroftilly
J& 'L'orms reasonablo
j. w. Mcdonald,
, Proprietor.
00G Foit Street, opposite tho
Pauthoon Stablo.
Using Agent, etc., etc.,
EST" Any business entrusted to litm will
b p ctuolly uid rromolly attciulcd to. as
w 1 all matters connileiitl.il. Hawaiian
co cctlon a speciality.
t5T" Ofllcc, o. S27, King St., tlio former
iirlvatcolllco of E. 1). Thomas. Tlio olllco O
ilia natho newspaper KA JtAKAAINANA U
In tlio olllco In tuu rear under tlio samo roof
Conveyance, utc.
GF All land buslncBR ontmstcd to
him will bo promptly attended to.
Offlco nnd Itosidcnco : Wuiliiku
Contractor and Builder
Stone, Ilrieli anil Wood Work.
King street. mj3
Corner Allen and Kekuanaoalsts
Fresh Shipments Recoived
by Every Stoamor from tho
Goods Sold at Lowest Prices
Island Orders recoivo special
attention. my4 ltn
lly Evory San Francisco Steamer, tffi
Salt Salmon in Barrels
a Speo'ialty.
m Fori St.,' Honolulu. Tel. 24c,
P, O. Bex 297.
Merchants' Exchange
S. I. SHAW, Proprietor,
Car. King aml,Nuuauu Streots, Honolulu,
Choice LiquorandFine Beer
'1 nil an
(Successor to Clias. Hammer.)
'ICIng and Tort Streets,
Is prepared to manufacture all Minis and
giadex or Harness at short notice
Loirest of Trices Tor Caslt.f
AU'work guaranteed to be satisfactory btj
forolenlng the shop.
No 25 tyuiami Street
llonolnlil, II, I.
Commission Monlmntu, Importers rnnd
Dealers in (lenoral Merohauilise, due Manila
Cigars, Cutuei.0 amt Japonoso
Blattliigu, yawn ol all Kinds, Oatn
ptiorwood TmnkH, ltuttkn Ohi.Virn. A lino
aHsortmont of Divss SilkH, choicest llraiuls
of Chlneflu and Japaneuo Teas of Latest Im
(T Iiia)cetu)iif (Haw floods respect-
uiiy Hououeii
Rill Tol. 2 .(3 1, O. Box 153

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