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FIUDAY, MAY 31, 1895
The funeral services over
'the remains of Monsieur Henri
Leon Verleye, the late Consul
and Commissioner - for the
French Republic, will bo held
at the Roman Catholic Cathedral
on. Friday afternoon at 3
o'clock, after which the body
will bo conveyed, to tho Roman
Catholic Cometrv on Kins
street. Friends and acquaintances
and the public generally
are invited to attend.
Three Little Lawyers.
We;smcerily hope that bur
compositors will get tho heading
to these xemarks correct
and not place us in the embarrassing
'position of calling tho
three eloquent orators of Wednesday,
"three little something
elses." -
Messrs. Smith, Hatch arid
Thurston found it necessary to
appear before the hundred and,
score men who were gathered
in tho American League Hall,
and explain their honest inten
tions, thqir solid determinations
and their positive belief in
We do not know if the 120
men present at the meeting
were sufficiently- taken in by
the eloquence of three celebrated'
attorneys. All we can
say is that there must bo sdroe
lie knocking around somewhere,
and we are inclined to
believe that tho lie is in the
bosom of the three little lawyers.
. Mr. W.O. Smith stated that
John RichardBon "lied" when
he gave out tho statement that
Smith was against annexation.
Let us see for a minuto who
of the two is entitled to tho
crodence of the public. " .
Mr. John Richardson, a
prominent lawyer, a leader
ariiong tho Hawaiians and, as
we have reason to believe, a
personal' friend of Mr. W. 0.
Smith, wrote a letter in the
month of March to a relation
in Honolulu, in which he stated
that ho had interviewed Mr.
W. .0. Smith, who had been
on a visit to Maui, and had
from him received a
or advice, or hint, to the
effect that it would bo well for
the. said Richardson not to
throw his lot in with the rabid
jingoists, tho loud-mouthed
annexationists, the ..unbridled
haoles who howl, day and night
for tho destruction of the independence
of this country.
Mr. Smith niay give the lie
to Mr. Richardson because the
latter is absent. .But wno is
interested in the. matter, who
will tho thinking citizen believe
in? .
Mr. Smith's political .life is
imperilled if John "Richardson
tells "the truth.
John Richardson has abso
'JiifcV ft
lutely no interest in placing Mr.
'Smith in a false
,cally or otherwise. Wo
lie'vo, in fact that he has
proved his grertt confidence in
him by nominating him as guardian
for his orphan nieces and
nephews af 6w days ago. Mr.
Smith is not'm favor
except he and his crowd
can control tho government
under the stars and stripes
Ho gave his honest opinion to
John Richardson, "when ho
warndd him against joining tho
new annexation party without
consideration or hesitation.
When Mr. Smithj in tho presence
of the. 120 gentlehion
present at tho American
League Hall, talksjdifferently,
ha circumvents facts and he
plays to the gallery.
Mr. Thurston denies that he
ever approached anybody jn
regard to aKaiulanl monarchy.
Ho admits that it was whispered
upon his arrival here
that he was in favor of such a
movement. Now ho has been
hero for several weeks and ho
must know that the American
papers are teeming with references
to his monarchical intentions.
Ho admits that conciliation
is a necessity and ho
dares not repudiato the
sactions against him in tho face
of the. prominept Hawaiian
who sat opposite to. hi nr when
ho delivered his well prepared
address, and who laughed in
his face," Mr. Thurston in
1892, in tho Legislature, stated
that he would go into partner
ship with tho devil, if ho
thought" that ho thereby could
gain his point. Would a man
of the principle indicated by
that utterance hesitate in telk
ing an ordinary, commonplace
lio to tho 120. followers' who tn
the League was able to raise
on that right.
Mr. Hatch joined in ihe
annexation song and he took
tho first nnrfc in bin nbuso of
the planters.' Does anybody
bolievo for a minute that
these three lawyers, each of
whom is in the pay more or less
of sugar barons, reolly mean
what they say when they tell
120 horny-handed sons of toil
that they are their bosses and
that tho planters are offensive,
obuoxious and obstructive ?
- Thurston, South and Hatch
are three very nice follows
when you meet them around
the streets, but when thoy
combine and as n trio try to
throw dust in the eyes of tho.
community they aro not successes
and their career as dinno
Museum freaks will be limited
and "Aunty" General Neyin
Armstrong, their exhibitor,
will bo out of a job.
Tlio Hawaiian man-of-war loft
port shortly aftor tho " return of
tho.army from tho memorial exercises.-
It is .understood that tho
modern oruisor now carries throe
guns and will catch Ashfcrd's
whaloboat around tho coruert .
Hardware CrDckEry
';. and"" GaLA.SBWA.iElE. ; .'. .
'.. -
Groceries, Peed Stuflfs, &c';f ;;
U.S., and Hawaiian Troops
Escort the Battle Scarred
BkautifOl Dkgokations of
Mcmorinl Day, formorly called
Decoration Day, yas woll observed
in Honolulu yostorduy.
of tho United Statos for som6
yonrs, the only post of the Grand
Army of tho Repubiio Jin organization
composed of thoso who
had sorvad in tho dofonso of tho
Union in the groat conflict
tho North and tho South of
the United Stutes was Geo. W.
Do Long Post of Honolulu. Lntor
a Post was established in Montreal,
Oatinda, and anothor in tho
capital of Moxico.
V . .
Yesterday's celebration in Ho
nolulu consisted of a grand military
pnrado and lilorary exorcises
with military uoccssorlos at
Comotory. At3;30p.m. tho
military procession formed in tho
following ordor:
Honolulu Police Forco 30 strong under
Citptalu Robert Parker.
Hawaiian Government Band.
National Guard Corps under Corporal W
0 King.
National Guard ol Hawaii (six companies.)
Pioneers U S S PuttndclpUla,
Floral Decorations borne by detachment
U S S Philadelphia Ilnnd.
U S S, Marines, Captain Cochrane.
Five Companies U'S N blue-Jackets, Lieut.
President Dole, Adjutant Gcupral Sopcr
and Cnpt. Kinney In carriage.
Ministers Hatch, King and Smith In car.
US Minister Willis and Consul'. General
Mills In carriage,
Admiral Ileardslee, Capt. Cotton and ofllc.
ers of the U. 8 8 Philadelphia In carriage.
Colonel MoLoan, commanding
tho National Guard of Hawaii,
Captain Pratt, Capt. Cooper,
of tho battalion, and Lieut.
Col. J. H. Fisher and were
Tho U. S. N. bluejackets woro
under command of Liout.
Tlio National Guard regiment
Was commanded as follows:
Go. E, Ca.tuin -Good; Co; D.
Captain W. 0. Wildbr Jr.; 0o..G,,
Captain Gncmra; Go. B. Captain
E. O.-Whito; Go. A, Captain Paul
Smith; Co. F, Captain Zieglor.
Evory company of tho National
Guard wns at full strength.'
Thero woro 31 veterans of tho
Union iu tho G. A. It. contingent.
Solemn music wyg played by
both bands on tho way to tlio
Comrade 0, II Eldredgo w.s
Marshal of tho day.
"Arrived, at tho comotery tho
troops formed in a hollow squuro
about tho G. A. R. lot.
Post Coromnndor J. N, Wright
road "Thtf Duty of tho Day."
Aftor a saorcd pieco by tho bard
L. L, La Pip'rrd offorod tho prescribed
P. 0., J. N.Wrightroad. "Today
is tho Festival of our Don'd."
Tho doooratiou of graves waB
led by W. MoOandless, Officer of
tho Day.
Aftor anothor readii.g by tho
chaplain and music byjho Government
band, Mr; Thurston
delivered tho oration qlaoivhore
printed in full,
Adjutant W. L. Eaton oallod
the roll of tho coad:
Thon tho U. S. marines firod
throe volloys ovor tho gravos.
Thoy did this in perfect tim'o.
A choir joinod by tho audience
sang ''America,1' after whioh Roy.
D. P. Bimie pronou icoil tho
While "America"' was being
sung 16 men of Oo. F fired a
salutoof llirbb volloys ovgr tho
gravos; of ;tb.ov Kula'nu victims,
and a similar dotnehment of Co.
A fired a saluto. ovor tho gravo of
D. L: Huntsman. '
4 -
An Bbolisk of Hawaiian volcanic
atono about 8 foot high has
beon erected over tho gravo of D.
D. Huntsman; with tho' following-
inscription pn a motallio plato.
"In momory of Comrado D. L.
Huntsman, died March. 22, 1893.
Erected by Co. A, 1st Rogimont,
N. G. H. Tho gravo lies botwoen
us and ono wo love. Motheu."
Tho grave of Jules Tavern ier
tho artist was not ncgloctod. It
had a small vaso of ilowors at tho
foot of tho monument erected by
the Bohomian Club of San Francisco.
Thero was a remarkably beau
tiful decoration ovor, tho -graves of
tho lato Capt. John Dominis and
wife, pnrents of tlio lato Princo
Consort, Governor Dominis.
Among privato deceptions of
graves, tho palm should bo given
to those of tho Cummins lot.
After decorution of tho Ameri
can Soldiors' gravos tho Hawaiian
band playod "Aloha Oo" "with a
pathos that drew tears from many
Tho graves of Harry Silvor-wood
and H. Griffin, engineers of
tho S. S. Australia, woro not
A prominent lady of the "missionary"
persuasion said to tho
Independent man that sho hoped,
ho would "burn up somo persons
who kept up a tnlking and a
laughing during tho solemn ceremonies.
Sho said thoy did not
soem to roalizo that thoy wore
standing practically by tho open
graves of follow creatures. Our
repreHontativo said that probably
thoy wore not brought up bottor.
"Oh, yes," was the' lady's
reply, "they bolong to tho'bost
families of Honolulu, but thoy
kept up a clattor that provohted
us, who were" near tho speakers,
from hearing anything."
Hurrah for the Cattle.
Hon. Andloy Cooto', memborof
tho Legislative Counoil of Tasma
nia and Ooi'Siil for Hawaii in that'
couutry, was spoken Independent
representative at the
Hawaiian, Hotol last night.
Mr. Ooi.fe, on being asked if ho
was on cublo businoss, Said he
would profer to talk about that
matter aftor. ho lipTl mot with the
Government. , t.
. Ho said, howevor, that Honolulu
was bound t bo buokled on to
the Pacific cablo system, ho rep
Mr. Cooto was asked if- ho was
fighting Sanford Fleming's "all
British" cable sohomo.
Ho said he was not. The cable
must bo an international
with Great Britain the,
Oolonios, tho United States, and
Franco co-operating.
In furthor conversation. Mr,
Cooto gavo information at groat
enterprises that ho was proparod
to ontor into horo, but of which
he'did not deem it advisablp to
rnnko public mention, at the present
Mr. Cooto is going away from
hero by tho stoamor Australia, on
Most of the prominent business
houses olesod yostorday at noon,.
bjp: EC
. H.
.T3ros. Cement
Corrugated Xr on Kbofiii:'
"Water PiiDe. . :
Paints and. Oils; .. ":
Harbor Linae'
C. and O. loiir
Hay, Q;rain, etc.,etc.
Jimly Sopie5
Mav 2$, .! 895.
Economy is the' wafch
word. Government and private
concerns alike are inter-,
ested in solving financial ques
tions. The killing
Tax in the United States
has been a surprise party to
many people, but at the same
time it has not been an. unpleasant
surprise to the majority.
We realize of course that
the Cleveland administration
will now have' its hands full
and -we equally are aware of
the difficulties of the republic
of Hawaii. If the Independent
can be believed the government
is .running behind every day.
No government can afford to
do without the tax-payers be
ing .ready and willing to back
it up and on the alert to dig
up the necessary wherewiths
and wherefors. . To meet the
times, we have exerted ourselves
and we have found a
"baby" that will beat anything
in its line.. This "baby'' is a
sewing machine and it ranks
with the smartest "babies" in
the world. You can sew anything
on it and do. it just as
well as on a patent steam
foottramping machine. The.
"Baby" goes by hand and it
fills the ticket every time. To
meet the hard times we have
reduced the. price of this infant
"sewer" and we sell it at $h JO
a piece.' Three dollars and
a-half doesn't buy a "baby"
every day and hardly a government
.bond, but our sewing
machine is there for that- small
. Wecan also recommend a
whistle to you. It 'Is called
the Develine Whistle and a
devil of a whistle it is. It
sounds like a svren and it
makes noise enough to scare
.away Thomas Square hoodlums
or even mounted police horses.
Our Seymour's trimmers are.
the shears called for. bv everv
household.. They are sharp T
cutting and irresistible. . Once'
used never
if used for scalping purposes;
In all the articles, we have
mentioned to-day, we have
been dominated by a sense of
economy. 'We know that taxes-will
go up and for the sake of
our customers prices will have
to go down. Now Whistle or
Trim Sey-more the Baby,
The Hawaiian Hardware Co. Ltd.
Oppoelto Bpreokcla' Block,
soar sfon mYxsxsnrs:
1 SKairHSS
Annual Meeting
Mam -;- Hating
Purso $30
1-4 milo dash for Maui bred
Ponios Id hands and uudor,
Oatoh weights
Purso $150
1 milo dash, froo for all
Purso. S100 '
3 minu.to class, lmilo boats,
host 2 in 3
Purso $50 .
(Maidou raco) 1-2 milo dnsb
for nil Maui bred. Woigbt
- for .ago 1-
Purso $50
(Corinthian raco) 1 mile
dash. Mombors of tho Asso
ciation to rido, "Wpltor weights
Purso $100
1-2 milo and ropoat for Hawaiian
brod horses ,
Purso $100 .
3-4 milo dash, froo for all
.The abovo is subject to obango
Secretary Maui Rnoing Association.
mv20 .
'BEfciEx&EilEtfttfcl. 1S3
Tolophono No. 240.
ew' Stock: t.
Vlolorln Lawns, Dlmlllcs, ' -
Iudla Linoua, Nainsooks,
s. 3nteons. Cotton l'ongco,
Scotch GiiiglinmH '"'
, t i
llnmlkcroliiefa, IXoslory,
Iilbbono, Lnccs,
Flowora and
Fhnnolottes, Ceylou Shirting, ' '".
Cretonnes.' Art Muslins, Curtains,
MoiquitiNeta. Plain & Twiiled Cotton
4nd tho celebrated "MADAPOIiAMU"
For Ladles and Children's Underclothing. .
v 7
The largest cf Best . :, ;
In tlio Islands of
Suiting, Serges, Trousering, etc..
Solo Agent for the Popular
pEL. pEtflW Midplfe
At Popular Prices.
L. !o. TSijiKR
Queon Street, Honolulu, no. tr
. P. 0. Box 27
& CO.,
m1 ei: ESS.
1 j
on tho way. ;'."";
obttfyg '
- ll8TALIiVH -
Hll Fort Street,
FRESH GOODS Continually
Qk SlJPlp
L B. . KER
Steamship Line.
myl8 -
imtKCT iMporteus or
European & American
n .
J Complete r

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