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.V' s
7 H
to I
Impof of Champagne
Into the United States
From January isl lo April si,
EXTRA DRY 21,461
Poinmory & Grono G,935
Moot & Ohandon 3,903
Charles Hoidsieok 2,796
Louis lloedcrer 2,196
Perrior Jouot 1,320
Irroy & Co N .... 1,215
Ruinart 865
Vvo. Clicquot 835
Boucho Soo . 733
Dolboclc&Co 453
St. Marcouux 209
Krug&Oo 195
Hoidsiock ifeOo. Dry Mono-polo
Various 2,003
Total 45,929
Compiled From Cnstoi Ilonse Records.
Macfarlane & Co,, Lt'd.
Solo Agents for Hawaiian
Islands for G. H. Mumm
jul4 tf & Co
For Lease or Rent.
Thoso desirablo Promises at
prosont occupied by MRS. P.
Rooncy, situato at Wilder
A fine residence consisting
of Parlor, Throo 13odrooms, Dining
Room, Bath Room, Store Room,
Kitchen and Pantry,
Servants' house, Stablo and
Large apanipus grounds planted
with fruit and ( rnamontal trees.
Fruit trees now .bearing fruit.
Lime and Lemon Troos, Alligator
Pour Trees, otc.
Also, a fine largo Pasturage.
Tor particulars, apply to
my27tf at Lejwis & Co.
For Sale
One Doublo Seat Family Carriage,
Harness and Ilorso, very gentle,
Enquire of
Mrs. P. M. ROONEY,
Wilder avenuo near Piikoi stroot,
or Mr." TURNER,
my23 2v at Lewis & Co.
California & Hawaiian Fruit &
Produoo Company, opposite R.
R. Dopot, King Street. Every
description of groceries and
dried fruits; and by every steamer
from San Franoisoo and Vancouver,
loo House fruits, fresh
Salmon, and OyBtois.
Tolophono 755. P. O. Box 4.
A New Abstract Office
As a result of 15 years oxporionoe
in tho Abstraot Business, I am
Mrnnurnrl to mako Abstracts of
Titlo in a most thorough,
and comploto manuor and on
short notice.
F. W. Makinney.
In W. O. Smith's Oflioo, 318
Fort Street. mylS.
If you want tho highost grado
Family "Flour on tho Market ask
fo Patent Exoollont." Manufactured
by Novelty Milling
my22 Ira
and Illuminator
Engrosser - -
Pacific. Hardwaro Co.
Tolophouo 16.
Jiollister Drug Go,
523 Fort Stroet.
' Wholesale Retail Dduggi
Photographic Dealers
Lowest Prices jm
Tho Y. H. I. mot last ovoning.
Tho Bullotin plant will bo sold
Tho Kinau will sail at 2 p, m.
Tho Athlotio meeting to morrow
will bi a grand success.
Diamond Head, 10 p.m. Weather
oloudy, wind fresh northeast..
The band played at tho Quoon'H
hospital yestorday aftornoon.
Tho Bonrd of Hoalth will meet
at 3 o'clock this aftornoon.
.J. 8. Andiude will furnish you with n
first class hack nnd a careful driver.
The cmboezlemont caso against
editor Kapu will bo tried this
Tho Scottish Thistle Club moots
this ovoning at 7:30. A full attendant
is roquoatcd.
Tho Arlington Hotol is well-filled
with tourists, oountry visitors
and permanent guests.
A mooting of tho membors of
tho Honolulu Library will be
hold this ovoning at 7:30.
Thoso ladies blaok stocking that N. S.
Sachs Is Belling at 25 conts a pair nro said
to bo bettor valuo than over boforo offered,
and tho now short corsots aro just tho kind
for riding.
J. N. K. Keola, who has boon
elected seorotary of tho Legislature,
has resignod his placo in the
Post Office
Colonol MoLonn of tho National
Guard was confined to his
roomB yosterday through a slight
Tho von Holt premises on King
street will bo cleared noxt week
provious to breaking ground for
tho now building.
If you are tired of tlic hot and dusty town,
there Is no better placo for rest and
at Ilanlwnl Baths. Smooth
beach and fino surf. Watkllcl can pais
the door.
Tho sportH under the patronage
of tho Honolulu Athletic Association
will stint at 2 o'clock sharp
A mutoh was made yesterday
betwoon Lord Brook and Senator
Stanford, for a milo ruco to take
placo on tho 4th of July?
Tho closing exoroiBea of tho
Kamohamoha GirlB Sohools and
tho boys' preparatory class will
tako placo on Juno 22 and 24.
F. J. Krugor, practical watchmaker, Uor
ucr of Fort and Merchant streets. Kepali leg
watches a specialty. Ihe celebrated Wiener
Kegulutori. Just tho thing for an appropriate
present to yourfrleuiK
Ex Governor Evorott and family
did not loavo for Maui in tho
Likoliko us statod in sovoral papers.
Ho will remain in town till
noxt weok.
The K eauhou left yestorday
aftornoon for Kauai. She took
pipes for tho soven wells which
McOondless is boring at Mana
and Kokaha.
Minister Willis calls a mooting
of Amorioun oitizons
ovening at 7:30 at tho Arlington,
to discuss the ways and moans of
celebrating tho 4th of July,
"200," is tho number most frequently
called over the telephoua wires. It rings up
tho Umtkd (HituiADE CoMi'Atu's stand,
whore Superior Hacks with saU and
courteous drivers, iro always to bo (ouud,
A compkte livery outtlt, Including buggies
and waggonettes, furnished at the shortest
Division 5 of tho Citizens'
Guard hasforwaulod a
ougrossed momorial to tho rela
tions of tho lato J. V. Simonson.
V. Jucobsen exooutod the job in
his usual artist mannor. '
Captuin Drow of tko Andrew
Welch, no mattor what vessol ho
oommandod at the timq, every
11th of Juno for many yoars past
has turned up smiling on tho
Jookoy Club's stand boforo tho
races started. This year he is
two days and soma hours too lato,
What was the matter? Why didn't
you uso paddles, old man? Novor
mind, you can tako tho salubrious
air of tho park at tho sports on
Whitnoy and Bloon.both enterprising
young men of Honolulu,
have started an advertising gumo
which only can bo boaton by
"hollovlng" in tho Independent.
Tho magio lantorn show givon to
tho public outsitlo tho Elito loo
Orenm Parlors ib simply magni
ficent, Tho promotors show tho
public ovorythlng worth seoing in
the world and mention soap, ioo
oroam, beer, frnmos and
mylO liing olse,
Chos. Phillips, a well-known
rosident, loft in tho Alden Bosbo
Tho over-flitting steamer Lohua
arrived yostorday. No opium, ho
Tho Androw Welch arrived yfcs
terduy afternoon, twolvo days out
from San Francisco.
Thoro was a largo attondanco at
tho froo entertainment at tho Hawaiian
Hotol last niyht.
Oharlio Andrews had sovon
spooimons of night -blooming
cerous on oxhibition at tho
last nicht. Thoy woro
Oahu College had a notico on
tho Hotel board last night that
tho night-blooming corona was in
full performance and could bo
soen by taking a trip in tho trams.
Tho lato Waltor Hill held tho
degreo of B. A. from tho London
University, won in Otogo University,
N. Z., in affiliation with
that groat scholastic institution.
Another ongagomunt proventod
tho U. S. S. Philadelphia bond's
combining with tho govornmont
band in n concert uttompted to
bo arranged by tho Hawaiian
Thoio will urrivo in tho Australia
and dopurt in the Monowai
two musical artists, who havo
won goldon opinions lrom tho
loading papors in tho United
States, Germany, Franco and
England. Mr. Marquardt is a
master of tho violin, and Madame
Marquardt has ho superior on
tho harp. Miss Patch, tho well-known
musician of Honolulu, is
kindly distributing information
about theso coming artists.
Five racoa aro arranged for the
4th of July, subject to approval
of tho exeoutivo of tho Jockey Club
one trotting and four running
races, including tho races between
Gorslor and Silky, and Lord
Brock and Senator Stanford.
Two Houses Receivo Sev-
eral Bills from
TnunsDAY, Juno 14.
President Wilder called the
Sonato to order at 10 o'clock yos
tordny, and Chaplain H. W. Pock
ofl'orod his first public prayer for
tho benefit of that body.
A mossago fro'n the house wob
recoivod, saying it was ready for
nop. iic 'Tin appeared as
committoo of ono from tho houso
to rrquust a eollonguo from tho
Senate, to notify tho President
that tho legislature was equipped
for business. Senator Kauhano
was appointed, Later tho Bonato
delogato reported that tho duty
had boon performod.
Attomoy General Smith
tho land bill Owing to the
illuoss of Mtnislor King of tho
Tho Sonato adjourned till 10 a.
m. Monday.
Tho houso was called to order
at 10 a. in,
Prayers were offered by tho Eov.
Waiamau, chaplain.
Tho minutes woro toad by tho
secretary and interpreter, and
upon motion of Hunlina wore
adopted, aftor a small correction
made on motion of Huhmlani.
Tho Attorney-General moved
that a oommittoo be appointed to
join a coramitteo to bo appointod
by tho sonato to inform tho
of the organization of tho
housos and tho elcotion of officors,
and ho prosontod a resolution to
that offcot.
On motion of Kamauoha tho
the resolution carried.
Tho Speaker appointed Uiohards
as a oommittco of ono to aot in
cort with tho sonato oouimittoe,
Mr. Richards loft tho assembly,
and on motion of Kamauoha the
houso took a recess. After a short
delay tho of tho
soriaro, W. Wright, appoared with
a raesango from the sonato in
whioh it waH statod that the
oonourrod with tho house, and
had appointed Senator Kauhano
sontativo Bioharda. On motion
of Kamauoha tho communication
was accepted.
Tho AttorneyGonoral on bohalf
of tho minister of intoiior who
was absont thiough sickness
Bill No. 1, called an Act
reluting to public lands. As no
rules had bcon adoptod tho
asked pormission
to read tho bill the first time by its
llobortson asked if tho bill had
boon introduced in tho sonato, and
was answered in tho ailirmativo.
Tho thought
that tho two houses, probably,
would havo to tako some joint ac
tion in regard to tho discussion of
this bill. It was porhaps not necessary
for tho housos to sit
Other methods could be
adopted. Tho bill was vory
longthy, and he thought it well for
both houses to start consideration
of tho bill at tho samo time. Ho
thought it wiso in this ..instance to
s:nd tho bill to both housos.
Kamauoha thought that the
bill should be handed to tho
and no action taken 'until
rules had been adopted.
The thought
it nocessary to have tho bill introduced
and read first time boforo
sending it to tho members. Tho
bill was not before tho houso until
Robortson seconded tho motion
of tho whioh
carried. Tho bill was road by its
The promiBod
to havo the Hawaii an version
ready at tho next mooting.
Richards, on bohalf of tho
to confer with the senate,
reported that tho two houses had
communicated and that lists of
had been exchanged.
Bobortion Wanted to know what
had become of his motion of yesterday,
in which ho moved that
notification of organization bo
sont to tho Prosidcnt.
Richards said that tho notification
had not roaohod its destination.
Tho socrotary gave information
that ho had sent it.
Kamauoha prosontod a resolution:
Bo it resolved that thin assembly
now procued to the olection
of mombers of tho council of
Robertson moved to adjovtrn till
tomorrow at 10 a. m., but withdrew
his motion at tho request of
tho Minister of Finance? Minister
Damon suggested that Kamau-,
oha also withdraw his resolution
if ho did not havo spoci.il reason
for pushing tho olection Qf the
councillors of state. Tho President
had urged a speedy olection of
councillors, but he surely did not
desire fosse tho house aot with
unauo uaste. X'lio olection was
a most important mattor, and it
was beneficial to wait a fow days.
Kamauoha thought that thero
was no business boforo the h ouso
beforo Monday and the interven
ing tjrao could be usod to elect
tho councillors. Ho would, however,
withdraw l;is resolution.
Minister Damon ronowod tho
resolution with tho amendment
that a oommittoo bo appointed to
soloot namos of councillors and
that bucIi nomination by suah
committoo shall havo no binding
oflbot on tho house. The resolution
as amended oarriod aud tho
Minister of Finanoo suggostod
that tho committoo bo appointed
altogether from thn house, and
that no momber of tho Cabinot
bo appointod on it.
Tho Speaker appointed, Robert
son, Kamauoha and Richards.
Minister Damon introduced a
bill entitled, "an aot making supplementary
appropriations for tho
uao of tho govornmont of tho ro
public of Hawaii for tho two yoars
onding March 31, 1890." Ho
movod that tho bill bo read a first
time, translated and printed.
Carried. Tho Minister of Finanoo
introduced an aot to regulate tho
curronoy. xuo purposo of tho
aot was to cancel all certifioatos
now existing and issuo new onos,
This was to asoortain if tho certificates
now outstanding corresponded
with the amount of silvor
on speoial deposit. The bill also
providod for tho issuo of gold certificates,
He moved that tho bill
to road a first timo, tranBlatod
arid printed. Carried
Tho moved
that tho seorotary bo authorized
to provide tho nooossary station
Kamauoha offered on
providing for stationory for
thomombors. Carriodasamondod
Richards wanted to know if tho
Prosidont had acknowledged tho
notification from tho houso.
Tho Speaker said that no
had boon rocoivod, but tho
had delivered
the notico from tho houso.
On motion of Pali a recoss was
Aftor cousidorablo waiting Bond
moved that tho report of tho com-l
mittoo appointod to wait on tho
President Uo accoptod, and tho
committer discharged. Carriod
Major Potter entered and de
livered to tho Spoakor a mossago
from the Prosident.
Tho socrotary started reading
tho mossago but was stopped by
Manunn, who thought that he had
heard tho message boforo.
Tho Speakor informed him that
it was the meBsago road at the
Hanuna then moved to disponBO
with tho reading and that tho
mossago bo pnntou, transiaioa
and distributed, Oarriod. Ho
thon moved that the houso adjourn
till Monday at 10 a. m.
House Notes.
Where in tho world did over a
legislature pass a motion to go into
Tho crowns in tho legislative
hall should bo removed. Thoy
mar the democratic boauty of the
A numbor of Senators woro
watohing tho doings of the House
Tho ofllcors of the house will
do vory well in a couple of months
whon thoy get used to the business.
Luther Wilcox is tho fattier of
tho house. Ho holps tho speaker,
tho socrotary, the
the members and s ome
times even tho ministers.
Thero was something wrong
with tho messages yestorday. One
member said thoy wore sont, another
said ho didn't got them.
The "wind" in the hall may havo
blown them to sea.
The mombers . of tho present
houso'Qtabraco overy opportunity
to tako a rocoss. Aro they tired
already ?
According to tho constitution
the President's message shall bo
sent to tho house in writing. That
was tho causa of ono delay, as tho
mossago was in print and had to
bo copied.
Another dolay was because Major
Potter, who was to bring the
President's message to tho houso
had to go homo and get on his
gilded harness. Tho house will
probably pass an appropriation
for an extra uniform to be kopt in
the building.
Hanuna can't stand moro than
ono doso of the President's
Ho vory properly stopped
an attompt to read it again.
4th of July
I am requoatod to invito CITIZENS
of tho United Statos in tho
Hawaiian Islands, and all'othors
bo disposed to moot at tho Arling
ton Hotol, noxt SATURDAY nj
7:30 P.M., to consult as to tho
Celebration of tho lth of July.
juM U. S. Minister.
I All thoso wishing to join Evening Classes
for self improvement In English, Grammar,
Business and Solontlflo Arithmotio, Algebra,
Geometry, Bookkoepiug, Pedagogy, meth.
ods of toaohlug or any of thoso or othor
subjects, will ploaso oommunicato with the
undorsignod during tho ooming week, ad
dross this office, Privato lessous also given.
Parents wishing children to continue
their studios duriug tho vuollon should
also address me.
Studonts desiring to acquire a kndwledgo
hw7" r ; ""'' " wt
Hawaiian InVenjent
Real Estate Agents
Loans Negotiafed
Records Searched
Bills Collected
Notary Public and Accountant
Work promptly attended to.
OFnoE 13 and 15 Knahumanu
Tolophono G39. juH tf
n riuannniufj
r" 3v
June 5th, 1895.
It is the object of all good citi
zens to draw as many tourists to
tho country as possible. Tho
who trayol for pleasure are,
as a rulo, well snppliod with
money, and wherever they go they
leave money bohind. All classes
benefit tho moro money is set in
circulation, But to got tourists
here, it is nooossary to hold out
inducomonts to them. Thoy must,
know that thoy can get first class
accommodation, n.nd jihat thoy
will find a first olass table, A
good tablo can bo sot in overy
hotol) boarding houso and privuto
house if thoso in chargo know
what and whoro to buy. I can
recommend choico blook butter
which I recoivo by ovory, Australia.
It is of an excellent and
uniform quality from ono creamery.
Fresh island butter I got by
every W.G. Hall. lean ajso recommend
superior family hams, and
1 always keop a full assortment
of ovorything in tho grocory line.
My prices aro as Jow as the low-est,
and island orders are promptly
attended to.
Lincoln Block, King street.
Tel. 119. 4 ju5
noxt to Lucas' Mill
Ships' Blacksmithing,
Carriage Building '
and Repairing
Drays, Carts and
Wagon Building
Every description of work in the
above lines porformed in a first
class mannor, and oxeouted at
Bhort notice.
Wo always Koop a STOCK OF
WHEELS of ovory description on
hand in first olnos season.
Estimates givon on
for work in all our lines of
All orders from tho othor Islands
will meet with prompt attontion,
Telophono 402. P.O. Box 321
roy27 tf
BeachHoufeo to Let.
A Furnishod Houso is to bo Lot
or loosed at Waikiki baaoh, a fow
minutes' walk from tho tramcar.
It has a cook house, bath hould
and good soa bathing. Housohoos
utonsils and dishes aro all como
Eloto. RoomB may bo lot with
athing privilogos, if tho whoh
promieos aro not taken.
Have othor houses in town and
suburbs to let, furnishod and
Also, Building Lots for Balo.
Inquire of David Dayton,
my 18 12 Merchant stroo t
L. A.tvrK,A.rE
The well known BESTAURANT on
HOTETi STKEETG0, (opposUo tho
Stablos), serves mcaU in erery sty'
at all hours of tho day.
Everything Borvedls first olass.
Tnne 0, 1805, jn7 if
Piano For Sale.
One Fine Upright
Piano (socond hand) in perfect
order and condition, for sal
roa8onablo. '
For terms, inquire of
F. J. TESTA, "
in 7 327, King St.
J as. F. Morgan.
No. 45 Queen Street.
Expert Appraisomont of Real
Estato and Furniture.
Contractor and Builder
133- ESTIMATES GIVEN on All Kinds of
Stone. Brick and Wood Work.
King street. mjS
Book and Job Printer
Morckant Stroot, Honolulu, H. I.
Over Hawaiian Nowb Company's
Book Store. my 13.
Plumber and tfiii Roofer.
71 King Street,
Honolulu, H. I.
W. F, SHARRATT, Monogor
Stand adjoining H. Hackfeld &
Co., Fort streot. Qoneral Carting
nnd Drayago Business dono.
m7. tf
Notary Public, Ty pew rier
Offic e: Ove i Goldon Rulo Bzaar
my 13
(Successor to Chas. Hammer.)
King and Fort Streets,
Is prepared to manufacture all kinds aud
grades of Harness at short notice
Lowest or Prices for Cash,
All work guaranteed to be satisfactory lie-fore
leaving the shopj
Merchants' Exchange
S. I. SHAW, Proprietor,
Cer. '.Klnj; and, Nuuanu Streets. Honolulu
Choice Liquor and Fine Beer
Formerly with Wenner& Co.)
Jeweler and W&tehm&lfer,
615 Fort Stroot,
Hawaiian Jewelry
and Diamond Setting

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