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An Evening Paper.
On Momlny next tho
pendent will cotno to its many
patrons ns an afternoon instead
of a morning paper. An amalgamation
has been perfected
between this nanor and the
Evening Bulletin. For the
generous patronage of tho public
to this paper grfttitudo is
hereby cordially expressed. A
continuance and increase of
support, both in subscriptions
and advertising, is respectfully
solicited for tho united paper,
with a pledgo that every effort
will bo, made to earn all that
will bo received.
The King's "Barber."
In the Juno number of thp
Overland Monthly, a rather insignificant
magazine published
in San Francisco, W. N. Armstrong
publishes an articlo in
which ho by all means endeavors
to ridicule Kalaknua and
his trip around the world, and
revels in insults and slurs
against the Hawaiians.
Tho articlo is accompanied
by a beautiful picture of Armstrong,
who appears clothed in
the gorgeous uniform of an
Hawaiian ambassador, for
which tho victim of his ridicule
. presumably paid. Mr. W. N.
Armstrong, who has been a
failure in every occupation undertaking
by him and who
simply owed to tho King's
friendship his appointment, was
made Attorney-General of the
Kingdom of Hawaii in 1880,
and ho now shows his gratitude
to the late monarch by abusing
him and heaping ridicule
and vilification on him, his sister
and his people. Armstrong
was novor behindhand in drawing
his salary, either ns Attorney-General
or as Minister of
State. Ho never appeared in
tho courts. Ho never did a
stroko of work within tho function
of his offices. It was under
his administration that tho
notorious palace job was
in wliich tho country
was mulcted in many thousands
of dollars. But ho drew his
salaries and don't you forget
it. Ho now considers the
King's journey a farce, if not a
fraud. If so, why did he
it, support it and assent
to it? Why did that virtuous
man go with tho King if ho
knew that nothing could be
gained by the journey ? If the
King's trip was extravagant,
unnecessary and ridiculous,
why did Mr. Armstrong give
his countenance to it, and why
did he consent to gohimsolf?
Ho went, howevor, at tho expense
of tho King and ho now
laughs in his sleevo because tho
dead monarch was foolish
onough to entertain in his suite all Sunday schools joined to-a
specimen liko Armstrong, gother qnco in a year and en-The
European newspapers ex- joyed a pleasant celebration,
pressed only admiration for the It is now noticed that during
polished manners, genial past years the children of tho
tesy and dignified appearance '"haolo" Sunday schools no
of tho dark King frdm tho longer join their kanaka
sunny isles of tho Pacific. Each ren and sisters, but keep away
and every one expressed their from tho aujiual gatherings.
contempt and derision for tho Such conduct cannot bo con-sycophant
who danced attend- ducivo to further good feeling
ance on tho King and who was and friendly relations among
stamped by tho Ffgai'O as tho the different races residing
"barber of tho King. 4, Mr. hero.
Armstrong states in his nrticlo "
that tho King "selected as
friends, men of his own
tho expense of tho lato King
and tho Hawaiians has not had
tho desired effect. Tho "weak,
thrntless, dying race, as lie
loavo Mr. Armstrong to a well-deserved
oblivion. Ho says
that under tho monarchy tho
Hawaiians cared nothing about
"public improvements, educa
tional systems or charitable
institutions." We would liko
to know if Mr. Armstrong, tho
quondam minister of state and
attorney-general, has seen public
improvements and educational
systems better advanced
under the ropublic which
spends the revenue of the coun
try in keeping up a military
farce and an unnecessary police
force than they were in tho
days of the monarchy when
Hawaii was brought up to the
high .standing that sho then
held among civilized powers.
Under tho monarchy wo got
rid of Mr. Armstrong. Under
tho ropublic Hawaii is again
blessed with his presence and
his all-wise Labor Commission.
Tho proposition of the Cabi-.
net to provide a suitable settle- j
mont for Princess Kaiuloni
deserves the highest commend-J
ation. If it is the initiation of
the reconciliation policy, which
Hardware, Crnckery
Groceries, Feed Stuffs, &c
race, and a few of the whito I
race who with a few oxceptions Calendar of June Term,
were simply courtiers and
servors." Mr. W. N. Armstrong
was not one of the'" exceptions."
His present attempt
to writo a humorous nrticlo at
Beginning Monday,
June 16, 1895.
J T Watoi houso ot nl. vs W "W
Diraoud et nl, oxecutors' petition
for instructions; npponl from
of Judge Cooper. Ilnrtwoll
for plaintiffs-appellant; Hntoh,
Cnrtor & Kinnoy for dofondunts.
Elizabeth Moorhpnd vs. D
calls the Hawaiians, will Hvo ton ot nl., beneficiary's petition to
and prosper in spite of his false ' onforoo nn alleged trust, appeal
prophecies whilo he has simply from decree of Judgo Coopor.
succeeded in covering himself iHartwoll for plaintiff-appellant,
with more contempt than he
did when he "exhibited" himself
and his kind master in tho
dives of Paris and Vienna.
One thine more and wc shall
Oartor & Kinnoy for dofondants;
0 F Horner et al. vs.
et nl., water oontrovera' from
Lahiinu, Maui; appeal from H
Dickenson, commissioner. Carter
& Kinnoy for plaintiffs; Magoon
In ro Estute of Kapika Waller,
potition 'for probato of
from older of Judgo Knluu,
denying probate. Carter & Kinney
for proponent-appellant;
for contestants.
Miyagawn vs. Luoio Ferreiia,
trespass; uppoal from District
Court of Hamukun, Hawaii. Clins.
Williams for plaintiff appellant;
Carter & Kinney for dofondpnt.
J H Couoy vs. T Mitamura,
oxceptions from Cirouit
Court, 5th Ciiouit. Kosa for de
fendant appollnnt.
JK Koknula vs. hu ot nl.,
specific performance; nppenl fiom
decreo of Judge Austin.
Eepublio of Hawaii vs. Pubu,
lurcony, 3d degree; exceptions
from Ciicuit Court 1st Circuit.
Kane for
In ro stonmor Waimnnalo and
Z S Spalding vs. Sun Insurance
Co. and Alliance- Murine and Gon-oral
Asiurnnco Co., libels in admiralty.
Hatch for libollant:
Itobortson for tho Insurance Companies.
Following is a list of onsos in
which oxcoptions or appeals huvo
not yet been porfoctod:
Republic of Uawaji Vs, KilikW
Hnki, ndulteiy oxcoptions from
Cirouit Court, 1st Ciicuit.
for prosecution;
for defendant.
Ropublic of Ilawaii vs. Kuniku,
has been promised for so long assnult with dangorous
a time, the prospects for peace
and harmony have vastly improved.
To accomplish tho
ultimate reconciliation tho government
needs now only to
throw open tho doors of tho for
motion for n new tiial. Ilmtnoll
for prosooution; Kinney for do-fondant.
C H Ntwton et al. 'b. Kaale ot
al. ejootmont motion for n new
trial. Kinuoy for plaintiffs; Kane
nrison to all tho nolitical' 3 I'Dowsott -vs. MaukoaU ot al.
prisoners. If that bo done tho
,W.nf flin fm- 0,lit 0lU'l lat Cil'0Ult
from Cir-C
for plaintiff; Oartor & Kinnoy for
-. . ,. . Hi
a friendly compromise w.U be (lefoudanta.nppellQnt
assumed and completed by tho Kapimkala vs. x D inoi et al.
opposition. .ejectment oxcoptions from
' i- ,.,. , rT" !cult Court, 1st Circuit. Cnrtor
Political feeling seems even & Kinnoy for plnlnt!ir. Mngoon
to have entered into the Sun- for
day schools. In former days F W McOhosnoy ys. Autono
Loprz.nssuinpsitcxoeptioi s ftora
Circuit Court, 1st Circuit.
for plaintiff; Hntoh Onrlor &
Kinuey for dofendnnt appellant.
Ignaoio do Frnga vs.
Mutual BonofilSooioty of
assumpsit exceptions from
Cirouit Couit, 1st Circuit.
for plninliffj'Edings for do-
J It Holt Jr vs. G LycuiguH,
assumpHit exceptions from Circuit
Com t, 1st Circuit. Carter &
Kinnoy for plaintiff; Neumann for
Maria Kaanaana vs. Konhi,
ejectment oxcoptions from Circuit
Court, 1st Circuit.
kano for Ma-
for dofondants.
Hawuiinn Ilnrdwaro Co, vs. D
L Naone et nl. assumpsit motion
for a now trial. Carter & Kinnoy
for defendants.
J Keanu vs. Kino ot nl.
exceptions from Cirouit
Court. Carter & Kinnoy for
plaint ff; Kahooknno for
Should "bo Handled
Dr. Emcisnnis a sharpshooter.
Hp is dead on cats, but somotimed
ho doosn't.hitthem.At 1 o'clock in
tho afternoon last Friday, a neigh
bor of tho dootor was surprised
by having a bullet whistliiig
through life bedroom. Tho lady
of the houso, who is in delicate
health, fainted, bolieving that
somebody wus trying to murder
bor husband, who is engaged in a
prominent business houso in town.
Being interviewed by his outraged
noighbor tho dootor explained
that he was only shooting cats,
and that ho was very sorry for tho
stray bullot, which by tho way
might as well huvo lodgod in soino
of the numerous children around
tho premises or in the occupants
of tho neighboring houso. Tho
doctor promises not to fool nrou'nd
guns or oats until tho next
Board of Education.
Thero will bo 'mo'otitiK of tho
tenchors' oorn.mittoo of tho Board
of Edpcntion on Monday. The
Board will hold a meeting on
It is expected that Inspector
Gonoinl A. T. Atkinson will bo
bnok from Mnui before th'o meeting.
Woul has boon received that
Mr. Atkinson is on the Inch road
to recovory from his recent sovero
illn'ss, that confined him to tho
Malulani hospital at Wniiuku
weeks. Ho climbed into tlio
mountains whon he had g lined a
little strougth.nnd us ho gained tho
Biibliino heights his malaiia forsook
Publio Concert.
There will be a band concert at
Emma Squaro this aftornoon at
4:30. Following is tho program:
1 Overturn "Ormion," .. Pettoo.
2 FantaBia "Princess Air,''
3 Maroh "American Cadets,"..
4J3olectiou "Plantation Song,"
5 Waltz-"1001 Nights" Strauss
G March "The Dlioctorate," now
Hawaii Pouoi.
Tho steamer Oliuuliuo is boing
OYorhaulocl and cleaned on tho
mnrino railway.
Jimly 5opi35
June 13, 189?.
It cannot be denied that the
roads in Honolulu and suburbs
are kept in a very fair and good
condition. The road supervisor
is devoting all his lime and
as much money as lie can get
in keeping the roads in good
order and the driving and rid-
ii- i,r i.: r
mg purjiic appreciates ins
Nowadays we do not
di ive brakes
that used to shake the
out of the driver. Wedo
not either uatronize old stiff-
legged horses the motions of
which were mild, only in comparison
with, riding on a rail
out of a western town. Civilization
has advanced and we
tro ritrht alone with it. Ho
nolulu can boast of as fine
turnouts as any big cities in
the United States. The horses
used are of superior breed,
and every stranger admires
the fine stock seen m our streets
and on the race track. But it
is not sriven to everybody to
oossess horse and carriage. It
fakes monev to get them and
to keep them, and for that reason
wc nrp primp to meet the
demands of those to whom
phaetons and thoroughbreds
are a srrade too high. Buy a
- ... " t V
Monarch and the roads oi Honolulu
will be equal pleasure
to the rider of that famous
wheel as they are to the swell
horseman and driver. The
Monarch bicycle is among the
high grade wheels. It is now
the favorite in the United States
and the Monarch Cycle Manu
facturing Company is simply
unable to attend to the orders
which are crowding in, so that
it nas to enlarge its lactones
greatly to meet the demand.
We have succeeded in securing
an invoice of eleven which will
arrive here during the next
week and we can offer them
at a very reasonable figure.
The Monarch frame is made' of
the best quality of spirally
drawn Mannesmann Steel Tubing
and it is built for appearance
as well as for speed. The
Monarch frame is very rigid,
very strong,- very light, very
graceful and very comfortable.
All Alonarch bearings are fitted
with the Binns Patent Ball
Holder and Dust Protector,
which makes it possible to re
move tne cones or an lateral
bearings without disturbing
the balls.
The narrow tread on a bicycle
is the latest fad. The
Monarch claims that there is a
limit to all things and the Monarch
tread will be $ 3-4 inches,
which is the narrowest claim
consistent with the safety of
the rider.
A Kingfisher bicycle lamp
will perhaps be suitable for
Waikiki, while a Demon lamp
seems to indicate meeting with
the' mounted police.
The Monarch racers for ladies
and gentlemen will "commend
themselves to everybody who
enjoys a spin. We will at
some luiure day devote more
space to fully describe the su
perb bicycle, As soon as our
invoice arrives we will invite
vou to inspect the wheel, if
they are not all ordered before
The Hawaiian Hardware Go, Ltd.
Opposite SprooJcoIs Block,
Friday, Saturday
LADIES' - Trimmed - UATS
Worlli SG to M,
For $2 Baola.1
Worth $1 to $2 60,
For 25 ents Each !
Flowers, Feathers,
Birds, Aigerietes,
Etc., Etc., Etc.,
Gome and Examine the Stock
23? This Sale will Inst only
from tho 12th to tho 17th inclu
A. A. C.
The Athletics
Are Here !
TULn.e IStlkL,
Kapiolarii Park
Tho Exorcises will start at
2:30 P.M., and the Athletic
Club will eomo up to tho point.
Admission : 50 Cents all
around, and everywhere.
"White .TBros. Cement - -
Corrugated Iron eRoo.fi.na'7 .
f :-'
Gralvanized "Watex iPiiDe T
Paints and Oil ? ',' -
Upche Harbor Lime
i C: and C. iniqur"
JECav, Grrain, etc.. efcc.i'eiib.
J Wll ,vlY' "f K'Wf" ' v
Annual Meeting
OF tiii: .
Mam -.--Racing
zt 135
Purso $30
1-1 rnilo dash for Alaui brod
Ponios 14 hands and undor,
Oatoh woights
Purso , $150
1 railo dash, roo for all
Purso $100
3 minuto class, lmilo hoats,
bost 2 in 3
Purso $50
(Maidon rnco) 1-2 milo dnsh
for all Mnui brod. Weight
lor ngo
Purso $50
(Corinthian race) 1 milo
dash. Mombors of tho Association
to rulo. Woltor woights
Puiso $100
1-2 milo and ropoat for Hawaiian
brod horses
Purso $100
3-4 milo dash, froo for all
Tho above is snbjoot to chango
Soorotary Maui Raoing Association.
leal Estate Dealers
503 Fort st. , near King
HOUSES and LOTS,-and
Pax ties .wishing to disposo of
tholr proportios, aro invltod to
call on us.
CiliI4f! - lSf1111
Steamship Line.
, myl3 ' "
'v .
-- l
f -

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