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1640 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 111.
(Phone: Lincoln 7680.)
By mail:
$6.00 per year $3.50..6 months $2.00..3 months
By mail (in Chicago only):
SB-00 per year $4.50..6 months $2.60. .3 months
By carrier:
SIO.OO per year SI.OO per month
Address all mail and make out checks to
1640 N. Halsted Street Chicago, Illinois
MORITZ J. LOEB Business Manager
Entered as second-class mail Sept. 21, 1023 at the Post-
Office at Chicago, 111., under the act of March 3, loi->.
Advertising rates on application.
Imperialism’s Opportunity
Are the Mexican workers and peasants,
after years of struggle oftentimes bloody, to
surrender their hard-won liberties to an out
right dictatorship of American capital en
forced by Mexican mercenaries commended by
Yankee officers?
[There can be little doubt that American
capital, altho its government tentatively sup
ports the Obregon regime, welcomes the pres
ent revolt of a faction more to the right than
American and naval forces, once anchored
in the ports or encamped on the soil of “back
ward" nations possessing rich natural re
sources, have a habit of remaining for an in
definite period as witness Haiti, Santo Do
mingo and the Phillipines, to say nothing of
Cuba, which without an army of occupation
in recent years, has become merely the pri
vate property of the sugar trust and the Na
tional City Bank.
Today a fleet of cruisers and destroyers lies
off Tampico, the port of the richest oil region
in Mexico and one of the richest in the world.
De la Huerta, the chosen leader of the Mex
ican capitalists and 'landlords, controls this
section with his counter-revolutionary forces.
JWhat will the government of Wall Street in
the White House do? Will it work to increase
he dissension in Mexico? A two year old child
can answer the question-
The recognition of the Obregon government
was a bitter pill for Wall Street to swallow and
the counter-revolution was as welcome as a
heavy rain to a Kansas farmer. It will not be
allowed to die as long as one chance remains
of its being a good excuse for pushing our
southern boundary southward, to use the
happy phraseology of “Black Jack” Pershing.
Great Britain is too busy at home right now
to make an effective protest in case our ma
rines should protect her oil interests in the
Tampico sector so efficiently that we might
forget who owned them, but international com
plications spring up rather easily when any
great power embarks on one of these grab
bing expeditions.
The American workers, if they want peace
for themselves and an opportunity for the
Mexican workers and peasants to work out
their own salvation, must demand the with
drawal of the fleet and a renewal of the hands
off policy in Mexico that the state department
has abandoned at the request of powerful oil
Finally Hits Home
While the Reverend William Sunday did
battle with the .devil and traveled far and wide
in quest of grace and dollars Satan was raising
hell with “Billy’s” hqjne. There he reigned
supreme. Sunday knocked the devil around
numerous tabernacles in every part of the
United States and when he thought he “had
’im goin’ ” there was the evil one holding
hands with Billy’s two sons in Los Angeles.
One of them patronized bootleggers, of
course under old Nick’s influence, until finally
in an effort to put the Reverend William Sun
day out of business with a broken heart, the
devil induced the youngest of Billy’s brood to
attempt suicide.
George, another scion of the Sunday family,
is a real estate agent. Now, if there is any
profession in which diabolical ingenuity is
used to a greater degree than in the business
of fastening land plots on unsuspecting citi
zens, the writer of this article has to be shown.
The devil had it all his own way for a long
time but perseverence can even move moun
tains, and Billy persevered.
The result is that George Sunday, real estate
shark, has decided to drop some of his vices
and throw a little sawdust in his path. Ac
customed to selling lots on Sunday he has
changed his schedule and from now on will
allow his employees to spend their Sundays as
they please.
The devil is reported to be as dejected as a
politician defeated for office.
The cautious manner in which, in today’s
Washington dispatches, President Coolidge
expresses the opinion that everything may not
be quite honest and above-board in the Teapot
Dome affair, shows that he is not the cold and
calculating creature his enemies have pictured
him. It is the tender care for the feeling* of
men after his own heart, such as Senator Fall,
that shows the real man.
(The granite of New England has been soft
•ned by the oil of Oklahoma—and other
Lenin and MacDonald
Lenin, the clear-sighted leader of the work
ers, the founder of the Third International, the
enemy of world capitalism, who saw that the
attempt to use the parliamentary machinery of
capitalism for the overthrow of its inventors
must end in disillusionment and defeat of the
workers, is dead. The capitalist press of the
world gloats over the good fortune that is their
Ramsay MacDonald, the advocate of a futile
parliamentarianism, adherent of the bankrupt
Second International and foe of Communism,
takes his place as the head of the British Em
pire on the same day that Lenin dies- In the
capitalist press of the world are expressions
only of a benevolent neutrality for the Mac-
Donald government.
Sir Arthur Balfour, chairman of the associa
tion of British Chambers of Commerce, Eng
land’s real rulers, speaking yesterday, said:
“I am not frightened by the Labor government
and so long a* it it not dominated by Communists
1 am willing to give every support in my power.”
On business matters, he said the chamber’s services
were always at the disposal of the government.
Here is a mighty contrast. The Soviet gov
ernment of Russia, headed by Lenin, has been
in power for seven years, yet every capitalist
government in the world is its enemy. It has
had to fight for its existence since the day it
was born of the struggles of the Russian work
ers and peasants and hundreds and thousands
of these same workers and peasants gave their
lives on a dozen fronts in the struggle against
the armies of world Capitalism.
No sooner had the Soviets —the form of gov
ernment in which the power of the masses
crystallizes in revolutionary periods—led by
Communists, taken over Russia then every
embassy of foreign governments became a
center of counter-revolution plotting. In Lon
don, the daughter of Ramsay MacDonald is
welcomed to Number 10, Downing street, by
the wife of Stanley Baldwin, whom MacDonald
The British press is almost unanimous in ex
pressions of approval of McDonald’s cabinet.
Even the Tory papers say “it might easily have
been worse.”
The opportunists and the advocates of class
collaboration have a ready explanation for
these striking contrasts- They say that they
are due to the difference in the Russian and the
English method, that the English have had a
long training in democracy. Like most ready
explanations this one is superficial where it is
not consciously hypocritical.
The capitalist class is not composed of fools.
Even tho it were, it could hire servants with
brains to warn it of danger. The almost
fatherly attitude of world capitalism toward
the reformistic MacDonald government is ex
plained only by the fact that it endangers not
even an outpost of British and world capi
The capitalist class and its advisors know
better than do the non-Communist workers and
their leaders that, no matter what pretensions
it may make, no party presuming to express
the interests of the workers can do anything
other than destroy itself and endanger the
working-class by attempting to overthrow
capitalism with parliamentary government—
built by the capitalists themselves—as their
only instrument.
The capitalist class of Great Britain knows
that while some embarrassment for their more
brazen exploitation enterprises may result
from the labor party government the founda
tions of their system and the basis of their
control —their ownership of natural resources,
machinery, press and financial institutions—
will not be seriously threatened.
The parliamentary process is a slow one;
the capitalist class itself scraps it when an
emergency arises; should any measure to
which British capitalism has strong objection
be proposed it will sabotage by tightening up
on credit, by closing of factories, by campaigns
in the capitalist press, by disaffection and
bribery, by the thousand and one means pos
sessed by a class still in control of the nation’s
wealth of defeating any attack on their an
cient privilege of robbing the masses.
The MacDonalds believe, or profess to be
lieve, that capitalism can be tricked and ca
joled into surrender. This is the basis of the
position of the parties of social reform.
Lenin believed, and the events of the last
seven years have proven his contention to the
hilt, that capitalism will never surrender; that
it will fight to the death and see civilization
destroyed rather than allow the workers to
come into power.
The Communist parties of the world, the
parties of world revolution, organized in the
Third (Communist International) alone recog
nize the truth of Lenin’s teachings—and the
words of Sir Arthur Balfour are the expression
of world capitalism.
The present ruling class wHI tolerate any
government that is not Communist; which
means that they fear no attempts to establish
a real government of workers and farmers
from any other working class party no matter
what revolutionary phraseology is juggled by
the tongues of its spokesmen.
Lenin lived and died a revolutionist-
MacDonald lives—but not as a revolutionist
The Rev. Carl D. Case, alleged love pirate,
was never more popular than he is now. Why
not? The world admires a good lover. With
out some spice in the pulpit who would care
ito labor in the Lord’s vineyard?,
I * .£. -£VjK*4iy»
' If every worker and farmer would
only get the chance to read the “So
cial Activities” page of the Wash
ington newspapers!
What splendid propaganda these
gayety columns contain against the
enemies of the city and country
What hell and damnation these
columns pour into the camp of the
“friends of labor”!
What damaging evidence these
columns array against the “dirt-farm
Senators and Congressmen!
Here is a typical gem culled from
the “Society Page” of the Wash
ington Post, regarded by. many as
the official mouthpiece of the royal
family on Capitol Hill:
“The President and Mrs. Coolidge
entertained aboard the Mayflower
yesterday afternoon, their guests
being for the most part recruited
from the Senatorial contingent. The
party included Senator and Mrs.
Tasker L. Oddie, Senator and Mrs.
Frank! B. Willis, Senator and Mrs.
Arthur Capper, Senator Frederick
Hale, Senator and Mrs. Edwin F.
Ladd, Mrs. Mae E. Nolan, member
of Congress from California; the
Commisioner of Indian Affairs and
Mrs. Charles H. Burke, Mr. and Mrs.
David S. Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Stearns, the Rev. and Mrs. Jason
Noble Pierce and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
eric William Wile.”
Coolidge’s Flagship.
So here we have it! President
Coolidge has learned something from
Henry Ford. The strikebreaking
Chief Executive has organized a
peace ship, as it were —a ship where
he signs peace with his political foes
on his own terms. The Mayflower,
the country’s royal yacht, has become
the peace ship of the Administration.
On this boat the over-advertised
“dirt-farmer” Senator Frazier from
North Dakota has been entertained.
On this boat the senior Senator Ladd
from North Dakota has been twice
These tactics are pretty simple.
A Senator’s constituents get rest
less. There is danger of the Senator
pretending to listen to the com
plaints. He soon threatens to be
come an insurgent. But in the eyes
of the Administration pretensions
are dangerous nowadays when they
Finnish Socialists Betray Communists
The Social-Democratic members of
the Finnish Riksdag have threatened j
a parliament strike if the Finnish!
government does not call the new
elections. The new elections are
necessary because all 27 Communist
deputies and hundreds of leading
Communists arc in prison.
But the Social-Democracy is not
the defender of the imprisoned .Com
munists. It wishes the new elections
only because it thinks it can capture
the Communist seats. The Finnish
Social-Democrats are just as respon
sible for the persecution of the Com
munists. As a proof we print a let
ter by a Finnish comrade who writes
■from prison:
The heroic revolutionary rising of
the working class of Finland in 1918,
is well known to all class-conscious
workers in every land. It is equally
well known how the bourgeoisie
came out of it victorious, establish
ing a most savage white terror, dur
ing the period of which, 90,000
workers of both sexes were driven to
concentration camps, where about
15,000 were starved to death, and
some 16,000 executed. All the labor
organizations were suppressed, of
course. And in this manner the de
mands of “civilization” were satis
But the defeated (working class
rallied again. And in May, 1920, the
representatives of the revolutionary
workers gathered together to estab
lish the “Socialist Party of Finland.”
By breaking up that congress the
bourgeoisie demonstrated that the
“white terror” still reigned. (Tho
(social-democrats, si course, were al-
Sink That Peace Ship!
are popular. The President then ar
ranges a cruise down the Potomac.
The “insurgent” Senator gets pn in
vitation from the President himself.
If necessary even Mrs. Coolidge does
the inviting. The “insurgent” is
tamed. The “progressive” is flatt
ered. After all, what is the .Senator
for if not to receive honors and be
taken into “decent” company. The
royal Mayflower goes down the Po
tomac—quite often they say even
beyond the three mile limit. And
down forever go the faintest pro
gressive pretentions!
Ladd is Thru.
This is the story of the fake prog
ressive Senator Ladd. His younger
colleague Frazier has become some
what frightened at the furor that
his maiden trip on the Mayflower
has brought on amongst his bank
rupt farmer constituents in North
Dakota. So Frazier is, for a while
at least, thru with exhilarating Poto
mac air.
But Professor Ladd, oh well, he
is different! He is an ex-professor of
agriculture and therefore knows
something about husbanding and rap
ing virgin soil. Apparently the
Profesor Senator Ladd is convinced
that his political Puritanism has been
raped by his maiden Mayflower trip.
Apparently he has become convinced
that his constituents have already
seen thru him much more than he
had ever dreamt of in his worst
nightmares. It would seem that
Ladd knows he stands, no more
chance with the poor farmers whom
he has fooled and betrayed. Ladd
is now bent, on building up new po
litical fences with his new angels.
For thp poor farmers and the ex
ploited workers the story of the com
plete disgraceful collapse of Senator
Ladd teaches many a lesson.
Some Pertinent Questions.
Let the farmers of North Dakota
ask some questions from the ex
insurgent Senator Ladd. Let Senator
Ladd answer them and explain if he
can. Otherwise let North Dakota
farmers kick him into the alley.
Now, Senator Ladd, do you think
that associating and hobnobbing with
the worst enemies of the farmers
helps the bankrupt farming masses
in any way at all?
Do you think that the farmers who
voted for you, the farmers whose
debt increased more than a hundred
I lowed to organize their party as
early as in 1918.) The workers re
plied to the action of the chief of
police of Helsingfors (the instrument
of reaction) by establishing the “So
cialist Labor Party of Finland” in
June, 1920. From that date our
party has been continually under
fire. The bourgeois have charged us
with receiving gold from the Russian
government. Their newspapers tell
hair-raising stories of our alleged un
derground work. From the very
birth of our party they have warned
the ruling class of our treasonable ac
tivities. These knights of the de
fense-guard of bourgeois law and or
der have pointed us out to the state
police (okhrana) as being plotters,
who, with the help of the Red Army
of Russia, are trying to convert Fin
land into a Russian colony. And their
efforts have not been in vain. Their
labors have born fruit.
Hundreds of the active members
of our party are languishing in pris
ons and penitentiaries for being true
to the cause of socialism. But the
fury of the bourgeoisie reached its
climax on the 3rd of August, when
the mass arrests of the alleged com
munists were carried thru. On that
day all the members of the party
executive, and of our parliamentary
group (27), besides Innumerable or
dinary party members were dragged
behind prison bars. All the party
organs were suppressed and the
printing establishments and all other
property of the party confiscated.
The number of arrested amounts to
about 300.
According to bourgeois papers, we
This Is a Case of Blind-folding.
per cent in the last decade, are
helped by your Saturday afternoon
cruises l with Coolidge who has told
the farmers to go shuffling for them
selves ?
Do you think that your peace
treaty with the Wall Street Admin
istration will be of any aid to the
thousands of farmers who have de
serted their farms because they could
not raise enough money to pay even
taxes to help finance your pleasant
Mayflower trips down the Potomac
on Saturday afternoons?
What business have you whom we
have sent to Washington to fight for
us against the big railroad interests
of making merry with the reaction
ary Senator Hale who has voted for
the Esch-Cummins railroad-bonus
Act that is responsible for so much
of our misery today?
What business have you dining and
wining Senator Oddie who boasts of
being one of the most powerful cat
tle kings in the land while we are
paying millions in ransom to the
Beef interests?
Do you call these cruises down the
Potomac with Coolidge and his boss
Frank W. Stearns, the millionaire
textile operator and Boston banker,
service to us who are in desperate
want here in North Dakota?
Is that what we sent you to Wash
ington for ?
No, Senator Ladd. Perhaps you
think that the blessings and the
benign influence of the Reverend
Jason Noble Pierce aboard the May
flower may wipe away your sins.
We who are facing disaster and ruin
and hunger in North Dakota don’t
think so. We know you by this
time. We are thru with you and
thru with you for good.
We will never send you again
to Washington to enjoy pleasant
cruises on the Potomac with our
worst enemy, President Coolidge. We
have tried you, Mr. Ladd. You have
been found sadly wanting—crimin
ally negligent of our interests. The
President’s political peace ship has
become the ship bearing your dead
political hopes. The farmers will
sink that ship and with it will go
down forever the political hopes and
aspirations of you Mr. Ladd and
your kind, that “friend of labor”
from California, Congresswoman
Mae Nolan.
are to be charged with “high-trea
son.” And the sentences will be as
heavy as the law allows. Newspa
pers are agitating for that end al
ready. A paper published in the
Swedish language, entitled “Nyland”
writing of the arrested communists
demanded: *most of them must
be hanged as a punishment for their
crimes and as a warning to others.
There are enough telephone-posts
along the highways.” Fine proof of
the barbaric instincts of our bour
geoisie! They are out to uproot
communism. But they will see that
the day of the triumph of commun
ism shall come. After rain comes
sunshine. 1
One will ask, what ore the social
democrats doing now the field is
cleared for them? They, of course,
had to change their tactics in order
to retain the suport of the workers.
On one hand they condemn the gov
ernment by bringing evidence against
us, tho it ia false. On the 4th of
August, some social-democratic lead
ers visited the Minister of the In
terior hypocritically asking why such
harsh action had been taken against
the communists and on what ground.
The minister replied that such action
was taken because the communists
are attempting to overthrow the gov
ernment by force and with the aid
of a foreign state. The chairman of
the Social-Democratic Party, Vaino
Tanner answered, according to tho
official organ of the party: Soaialide
mokraati of August 6th: “In Sweden
and England the Communists are al
lowed to talk freely as much they
please. Our communists, of course,
era different, for seme of them are
January 24, 1924
By Robert Minor
ready, with the aid of foreign power
to destroy the independence of our
country.” That is the main charge
against us. And the social-demo
cratic leaders are testifying it. But
how could they do otherwise without
severing their friendly relations with
the government, w'hich pays high
salaries to many of them. In the
Sosiah'demokraati of August 17th,
appears an appeal to the workers of
this country. It bears as a heading
‘‘Leave the Communist Party.” The
appeal declares: “If you don’t want
to yield up the independence of Fin
land, if you don’t want to. be defeated
in the struggle against the bour
geoisie of this country, there is at
least time to denounce communist
principles, to leave that (communist)
party, and to return to the old Social-
Democratic Party .. .” These few
quotations shows the game being
played by the social democratic lead
ers in the suppression of our party.
We felt somewhat encouraged
when reading in the papers that com
rades in Norway have boycotted a
Finnish bourgeois choir on its visit
to Christiania and that the Com-,
munist youth of Norway are heading
the boycott-campaign against. ths
bourgeoisie of Finland. It is a fine
example of international class soli
We in the prisons of barbaric Fin
land want to proclaim to the workers
of the world, that altho we are in
chains behind iron bars,, we are not
defeated. The struggle will be car
ried on by those outside, whatever
form it will take. In Comrade Ralph
Chaplin’s words: “We make a vow no
tryant might shall make us bend a
knee.” Jailed or-free we will fight
for the common cause of the prole
When Glory Comes j
New York and the rest of the
world has been aroused by a piece
of startling news such ar comes only
after the death of some neglected
The news, however, is not of the
genius and his work, but of the ex
citing fact that a rich woman res
cued his dead body from the potters’
Johannes Sophus Gelert bad la
bored in obscurity till lie was tired
of life. He had produced master
pieces of art that had made him
famous as a sculptor on two conti
nents, but his fame had brought him
no reward that could be translated
into bread, so that between hunger
and cold he • had sought death, un
successfully. The next worse fate
that he hankered after was the poor
house which he entered, successfully.
Also he died there, successfully, and
was buried in the potters’ field, suc
It was when the rich lady found
this out that she opened her heart
and the sculptor’s grave and had his
body removed to a respectable grave
whero services were held and flowers
left by the art women who needed
a thrill and a headline in the met
ropolitan newspapers.
Sculptors are very useful mem
bers of society. The Communists
of Russia give them a free hand to
work out the best that is in them.
Feed the children and the artlsta
first, is the slogan of the BolsheVlks.
Feed the fat capitalists first, is the
slogan of free America, and let the
children die and the artists be routed
out of their graves after they are
The Poor Fish sayei It was a mis
take to put oil in the Teapot

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