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esare Rossi Jailed For
Matteotti Crime
(Special to the Dally Worker.)
ROME, Italy, June 23 The
hies crook in Italy’s “greater
Teapot Dome” oil and murder
scandal, Cesare Rossi, former
head of the press bureau of the
nterior department, is locked
tow in the Regina Coeli prison.
He has been hiding in a villa
near Marino, just outside of
Rome, ever since he resigned
his position a week ago over the
charges developed against him
In the Matteotti kidnapping and
murder case.
Rossi was definitely Implicated In
the cowardly crime when Amerigo Du
mini and Felippafllippelli made their
confessions. Up to that time he had
bean denying, by letters In the Fascist
press, his part in the murder of the
soaUllst deputy. He refuses to say
anything from his cell, according to
Finn Still Free.
Aldo Finei, Italy’s "Albert Fall,” and
Rossi are charged with accepting huge
sums from Harry F. Sinclair for the
making of a SO year concession to his
consolidated oil and for favors to
Standard Oil. part owner in Sinclair's
ootmpany. Fiasi has not yet been
caught In the murder dragnet.
Mussolini, by following the drastic
polioy, forced on him by the parlia
mentary majority, of sacrificing his
former Fascist chieftains, is more con
fident that he ha# saved Fascism and
his government in Italy. His support
ers who have not been embroiled in
the graft exposures claim grandiosely
that public confidence in him Is not
shaken. Senator Vittorio Rolando Ric
ci, former ambassador to the United
States, is one who enunciates this view.
Workers Still Angry.
The working people of Italy have
not so quickly recovered from the
shock and horror of the Matteotti
slaying and have expressed their feel
ing in frequent short strikes. The
Blackshirt dictator has re-established
his Fascist Directory and is making
the greatest effort to preserve the out
ward appearance of national equili
aUlu. • - * -
Tomorrow the northern Italian fas
:ist organizations meet in Bologna to
reaffirm their support of the “iron
nan,” who is still so near the break
ng point. Rome, itself, is black with
ilack-shirt troops who remain ‘en
camped, an annoyance and a threat.
Communist Urge End Fascism.
The socialists seem somewhat hes
itant to call for open flouting of the
fascist power, altho the Commuists
are Insistent that strong measures be
taken. The unified socialists are still
planning to resort to "legal proce
dure” in the Matteotti case and go
to court about it. The Communists
urge a united front in preparation
toward the proletarian revolution
which seems so imminent.
The censorship is extreme and only
the barest facts are given out by the
fascist officials. They have not yet
admitted publicly that Matteotti’s hor
ribly butchered body has been found.
The semi-official press is making a
ludicrous attempt to cover up the
government’s practical collapse under
the burden of graft and crime and
the things that were hinted at or
actually discussed in the columns a
week ago under the public pressure
are now receiving minimum atten
Mussolini Badly Shaken.
Opinion among the foreigners here
generally, is that the fascist dictator's
iron grip on fascism and Italy was
very seriously threatened, that it is
still In great danger, and that Musso
lini’s power over his party has
changed somewhat to party power
over him. The king seems to have
withdrawn his alarmed gesture jto
"cousins” of the Order of Annuncia
tion, all of them political foes of Mus
solini, but no official statement has
been made.
Even here It is difficult to find out
just what the official status is, altho
the temper of the people is still plain
ly that of an extremely angry mass,
shorn of its leaders, (leading Com
munists and socialists are still in
prison where they were thrown when
the outcry over Matteotti began), and
for the moment pausing before plung
ing into action against the offenders.
No Trouble Getting
Postponements if
You Steal Enough
Hearing of arguments on a demur
rer in the case of Colonel Charles R.
Forbes, Indicted for misconduct of the
veterans' bureau during his adminis
tration, was postponed today until
July 14. Special Assistant Attorney
General Crim uppearod before Judge
George A. Carpenter and usked for
the delay. When defense attorneys
entered no objection, Judge Carpenter
stt the hearings for July 14. The ac
♦ url trial, it was Indicated, will be de
layed still further.
V 4
Wisconsin Socialists Back Stand Taken at St. Paul Convention
(Continued from page L)
an opponent being placed in the field
to La Follette, candidate for re-elec
tion as U. S. senator.
But Sunday was a day of judgement.
The delegates lamented that the party
in Wisconsin had ever made this con
cession to La Follette. Not only La
Follette but his whole political
machine in Wisconsin and all office
holders under his standards were
scored in the most bitter terms, as
political tricksters and double-crossers.
Train Guns on LaFollette.
The rumblings of the anti-LaFol
lette revolt in the Wisconsin Socialist
party were heard immediately the So
cialist convention got under way in
Brisbane hall, the home of Wisconsin
Socialism in Milwaukee, that Berger
had named after the father of
Hearst’s yellowest editor.
Socialist Assemblyman Thomas
Duncan, Milwaukee, private secre
tary of the Socialist mayor, Hoan,
told the delegates the sorry story of
“legislative insincerity and betrayal
of the voters” by the LaFollette pro
gressives and LaFollette’s own gov
ernor, John J. Blaine.
The Socialist tax commissioner,
Louis A. Arnold, claimed all the pro
gressive accomplishments in the last
state legislature for the "Socialist
bloc,” giving no credit to the LaFol
lette administration in power.
Wants Unity Without Injury.
Even Berger had to take his fling
at LaFollette, stating that when men
become 70 years old they are not vety
radical. But, he added: "There was
one thing that should always be re
membered of LaFollette—he stood by
his guns during the war. If there
Wicked Bolsheviks Get
All the Breaks
(By the Federated Press.)
WASHINGTON, June 23. — Secre
tary Hughes’ heart is still more bowed
down. Ambassador Jusserand, Lie
same who has brought a hundred mes
sages of undying faithfulness cn the
part of the Paris government to re
action, now whispers a hope that
Hughes will be reasonable about Rus
sian recognition. After all, my dear
Mr. Secretary, we must be practical
men or lose our diplomatic jobs. That
dear Russia —how we love her, after
Mr. Hughes* will say nothing. Ab
solutely nothing. Like the Roumanian
oil-confiscation law and the indecently
open murder-game which his Italian
Fascist friends have confessed, it
shocks him. He would not have
guessed that American property in
Roumania could be confiscated by
good royalist nobles, nor that Ftalian
patriots could get themselves caught
stabbing the chairman of the opposi
tion party. Now comes the blow from
i France herself. Recognition of Rus
sia to be discussed? What self-re
specting pose will be left to the hero
of the private showing of Dempsey
fight films.
Still, if the Russians insist upon dis
cussing the matter, and are willing to
discuss first the question of a lease
of Baku oil to a big American con
cern, and if there is any guaranty that
the American invasions of Russia will,
not be mentioned — well, perhaps,
since France has deserted us, the
State Department will find a reason
for listening to what Moscow has to
Is Dever Envious
Os Klan’s Record
Against Negroes?
South Side Negroes are giving an
Ironical reception to the news from
New York City that Mayor Dever is
calling for democratic denunciation
of the Ku Klux Klan.
It is pointed out by Chicago Ne
groes that Mayor Dever’s police are
very handy at the rough stuff which
is so condemned in the Klan. The
policemen’s clubs and revolvers have
been freely-used against innocent Ne
“If Mayor Dever is really against
the Klan and the things it stands for,
why doesn’t he enforce equal rights
tor Negro citizens of Chicago?” said
a Negro unionist to the DAILY
WORKER last night. “The Klan's
worst crimes are those against our
race. But the worst crimes of the
Chicago police are also those against
our race.”
The DAILY WORKER’S expose of
"goldfish” tortures to suspects Is be
ing eagerly followed on the South
Side. The issue in which the ex
police reporter tells of brutalities to
Negro prisoners made a sensation.
Australia Labor Governments.
MELBOURNE, Australia, June 23.
—New labor governments have been
formed in the states of western Aus
tralia and south Australia, as the re
sult of labor capturing the legisla
tures in both states.
was any chance to go in with the
railway men or with LaFollette, with
out injury to the Socialist movement,
it was a duty to stand by all such ef
Even this little curtain raiser far
Berger’s position got its broadside as
the delegates denounced LaFollette
as a "cowardly cur” who "crawled off
into his corner” immediately he was
attacked in the early days of the war,
and who never made any real fight
during the war fpir representative gov
ernment or the 'preservation of con
stitutional liberties.
Berger Anticipates the Storm.
But these were only slight skirm
ishes. Berger had brought in his
state platform, and it was adopted
unanimously. Berger had graciously
permitted a slight amendment in his
“light wines and beer” plank, evi
dently anticipating the storm ahead.
And then the real war broke on the
resolution introduced by the Socialist
mayor, Hoan, that declared:
"Be it resolved, by the Socialist
party of Wisconsin, in convention as
sembled, That we adhere to the stand
heretofore taken by the national or
ganization: that we are unalterably
opposed to any move that may be
made at the Cleveland Conference
for Progressive Political Action to in
dorse any candidate running as an in
Berger then presented his amend
ment qualifying "independent” to
“independent running on an old party
No Discipline for Victor.
Berger started out by telling the
delegates that their resolution was
not binding on him, as he was a dele
gate to the Cleveland Conference for
Progressive Political Action from the
national Socialist party. He said that
the labor party must be formed as
(Continued from page 1.)
of the victims had been brought. To
make it all the more impressive, 22
naval guards and four patrolmen were
stationed to guard the place.
“Go to the Station.”
But not even the customary police
guard was to be found at the I. W. W.
hall where the raid took place. In
fact, when Andrew Laurier rushed
from the hall at the start of the raid
and four? a policeman, he was told:
“You"; have to go to the station for
that.” Another man went to the sta
tion, but found that the entire force
had just been called out to the other
end of town! There are several wit
nesses to the fact that there were two
policemen on the sidewalk when the
kidnaping party pulled away from
the hall. Two more policemen were
passed as the party drove thru Wil
mington, but they turned the other
The enthusiasm of the police in
capturing the bandits has been equal
ly keen. “Tell us the names of the
men and we’ll prosecute them,” they
say, just the way they say it to a
bank president when his bank has
been robbed.
“Ah, But, But—”
Jack Walsh, Herbert White and
Tom Sullivan were in the hall two
days after the raid. Two sailors came
and looked in the window. The boys
recognized them as raiders. One of
them, Tom Sullivan, recognized as one
of the kidnappers on the tar and
feather party, and when he saw a po
lice car drive up, he went out and
spoke to the officers.
“Will you people arrest one sailor
who was in the raiding party?”
“We’re neutral,” was the reply.
Then an officer in the back seat
said: “That’s what we’re up here for.
Let’s go get him.”
By this time the sailor had made
considerable distance between himself
and the car. But the officers soon
caught up with him.
“What did you try to run away for?”
asks the one in the back seat.
"That boy did not want to run
away,” answered the “neutral” one.
NEW YORK, June 23—The sec
ond annual party excursion this Sat
urday will be one of the happiest
events of the year, for the thous
ands of members and their friends.
The “Clermont,” one of the most
beautiful boats on the Hudson, has
been engaged for the day. A beau
tiful moonlight return trip is prom
ised for the romantic ones.
One of the features of the trip
will be a sea court with Harry Wi
nitsky as chief Judge. He promises
to hand out equal justice both
“left” and “right.” A number of
other attractions have been ar
ranged. The Farmer-Labor orches
tra from Williamsburg will rsnder
several election numbers with Sam
Nesln conducting. A fine dance or
chestra promises to make your toes
Tickets are sl.lO at any party
paper, or at the Workers party,
208 E. 12th Bt. Comrades are urged
to get them at onoe. Those not
getting tickets at once will un
doubtedly be disappointed later.
Don’t be among the slow ones. A
word to the wise is sufficient.
The boat will leave at 2 p. m.
from Pier A, Battery park.
in England, and elsewhere, but he
didn’t want t.o go to Cleveland threat
ening a split, or threatening to knife
some one in the back. He hit at
Hoan as "very radical in his talk.”
He went into an extended lament,
charging that the "left wing” and the
Communists had practically destroyed
the Socialist party, evidently forget
ting that his original position was
that if the Communists would get out
of the Socialist party it, would grow
But now Berger denounces the Com
munists, claiming that if it had not
been for the left wingers the Ameri
can Socialist movement could have
been one of the greatest in the world.
Berger is not a good debater and he
made a pitiful showing.
Hoan Slams McAdoodle-d6.
"If the C. P. P. A. doesn’t do some
thing at Cleveland to start a real la
bor party we will put up our national
ticket," declared Hoan. “No Mc-
Adoodle-do for us.”
Hoan also joined Berger in declar
ing that war prosecution and the
“deadly blow” from the left wingers
had had something to do with the
downfall of the Socialist party, but he
charged that 90 per cent of the party’s
bankruptcy was due to weaknesses
Sees Fiasco at Cleveland
Hoan charged that if the Conference
for Progressive Political Action at
Cleveland tried to run La Follette as
an independent it would result in the
biggest fiasco that had ever happened.
He charged that there was no man big
enough to enter the political arena
without the support of a party.
"The workers and farmers must
establish their own party,” said Hoan,
“and if any man is too cowardly or too
personally ambitious to come out as
the candidate of that party we should
At the station the men approached
the officer at the desk. Officer Neu
tral winked and said:
“This man [pointing to Sullivan]
wants to make a charge against this
“What charge?”
“I positively identify this fellow as
one of the raiding party on the truck,”
“Get a Warrant.”
“Well, you’ll have to have a war
rant from the prosecuting attorney’s
office before I can lock him up.”
There was a silence. Then Officer
Neutral winked to the sailor and said:
“Cojne on, buddy; let’s drive out of
here and go back to where we came
After they had left, Sergeant Web
er, an ex-army sergeant, came in and
spotted Sullivan and said, in the pres
ence of Jack Walsh and Police Cap
tain Hagenbaugh:
“Hie next party is going to be a
hanging party, and I’ll see that you
are on it, too.”
In this connection it is interesting
to note a statement which appeared
in the Los Angeles Times that same
“Reds Did It."
“Captain Hagenbough of the San
Pedro police lays the blame for eco
nomic unrest and unemployment on
the radicals, charging them with caus
ing want and crime by importing reds
to break down orderly processes of
law and flooding the harbor with sur
plus labor.”
The care with which the scene was
laid, the deliberateness with which
certain people were picked out (five
children who had been active in per
forming for entertainments were ter
ribly burned), and the fact that the
leader of the raid was recognized as
the leader of the Ku Klux Klan raid,
March 17, give the lie to reports de
liberately circulated stating that the
raid was conducted by sailors who
had been outraged by the threats of
the wobblies in relation to the Mis
sissippi disaster.
Branded Man’s Kid Burned.
One of the children burned was An
tonette Carcich, sister of Mathew
Carcich, who was arrested for selling
I. W. W. papers and had his initials
branded on his arm before he was re
leased. (What was all that talk about
German atrocities that brought the
youth of this country into the war?)
The lesson in San Pedro is clear.
The press, the police and the employ
ing class have formed A UNITED
Textile Strikers
Will Fight Bosses*
Gag on Free Speech
(By The Federated Preee)
DOVER, N. H., June 23. —Whether
strikers are to be protected in their
right to hold street meetings in this
town, which is owned and controlled
by the textile employers, will be de
cided by the tost free spoech meeting
which the American Civil Liberties
union, with headquarters lq New
York, announces it will hold in Dover,
June 21.
Police have repeatedly refused
meeting permits to organizers of the
One Big Union which is active among
the striking textilo workers. Until
now the strikers have been allowed
to meet free of charge in the Strand
theater, but outside pressure brot
to bear on the manager has closed
that hail to tho workers.
Bert Emsley, One Big Union or
ganizer, is down to speak at the test
tend In that Subscription Today.
have nothing to do with him. If I
thought that the workers had anything
to gain by an independent candidacy,
I would be for it. But nothing will
come of the fiasco at Cleveland. Imag
ine a president in the White House
without a party. It would be the mon
strous joke of the century.
"If we permit our party to endorse
an Independent candidacy, it will do
more than anything else to tear down
what remains of the socialist party.”
Hits Self-Seeking Politicians
State Senator Quick, reporter for the
committee on platform and resolutions,
then got the floor and denounced the
heads of the Conference for Progres
sive Political Action as a bunch of
"self-seeking politicians.” He urged
against the socialist party hanging
onto the tail of other groups.
“We don't need to build our party
with the flotsam and the jetsam that
comes to that kind of a conference.”
State Secretary William Coleman,
former socialist alderman, and an or
ganizer of the Machinists’ Union, then
declared it was a mistake, two years
ago, to have left vacant the opposition
candidacy to La Follette.
Predicts no Party at Cleveland
"My 25 years’ experience in the labor
movement tells me that no party will
be organized by the C. P. P. A. at
Cleveland,” he said.
He was inclined to the belief that
the C. P. P. A. would go along with
“McAdoo, son-in-law of the worst pre
sident the United States has ever had.”
The best they could possibly do at
Cleveland, he felt, was to endorse La
Coleman told of the experience of the
Wisconsin socialists with the Wiscon
sin C. P. P. A. He charged that the
delegates had been collared to secure
an endorsement for the La Follette
governor, Blaine, republican. But when
Donkey Hosts Gather
In New York City in
Feast of Anticipation
(Continued from page 1.)
as he was of the New York traction
interests some years ago.
Dark horses are prancing about the
circus rings, hoping against hope, and
praying for the maintenance of the
two-thirds rule for nominations. Ral
ston, Davis, Glass and a host of darker
hue, are holding caucuses, issuing
statements, lining up in combinations
and dissolving them again, and en
joying themselves generally in the
good old-fashioned way.
Bryan Tickled Sick
Bryan is tickled sick with the won
derful possibilities of this convention.
Gee, if he were only twenty years
younger, he seems to say, he would
stir this old pot to its bottom. But
today he is rather a pathetic figure,
helplessly hitching himself onto one
or another of the groups that can make
use of his tradition for the moment.
Efforts of leaders of the Democratic
machine to center attention upon the
issue of “clean government” as against
the “corrupt government" of the Re
publican Party make no impression
upon the gathering delegates. Who
wants to talk about fighting against
graft when they expect themselves to
be in power next no matter what
issues or candidates are put up?
And so the delegates, and the news
papers, and the party leaders, are
putting up an infernal cackling noise
about issues that are ao shallow, and
lie so close to the surface that it
is utterly impossible to have an idea
as to where anyone stands upon them
until he speaks up, and then few are
surprised when sudden switches are
made from hour to hour.
Much Nolae Promised
Much noise la promised for the next
few days in Madison Square Garden.
Much heat will probably be generated
in the struggle for jobs and patronage.
But there is no light and there will
be no light. There are no issues and
there will be none.
The great problem before the Demo
cratic Convention is, how to dis
tribute the plums in such a manner as
to keep the machine going until after
election. On the issues that touch
capitalist exploitation of the workers
and farmers—why talk of them? They
are all settled long ago. The Demo
cratic Party will do like the Republic
an Party has already done—obey the
orders from Wall Street.
Briabane Says “Not Guilty,” But ....
Arthur Brisbane, self-styled “world’s
greatest Journalist,” who works for
Mr. Hearst, who owns Immense tracts
of land in California, announces in his
column of editorials that agitators
have been charged with spreading the
hoof and mouth disease on the coast.
He says that fortunately the charges
have NOT been proven, and then goes
on to tell what would and should hap
pen if it were true. Then he wanders
on to the main point of the editorial,
which proves California the greatest
summer resort in America. He ad
vises you to take your auto and drive
right out and inspect the country. As
we said before, Brisbane's boas owns
a lot of property in California.
War Department Blamed.
(By Federated Preas.)
NEW YORK, June 23.—Responsibil
ity is put up to the United States war
department for the conduct of Ser
geant Benjamin DeChalais, who led
the mob which broke up a radical
street meeting in Buffalo, June 14, in
a letter from the American Civil Lib
erties union demanding an investiga
tion by Secretary of War Weeks.
the conference would not endorse these
old party candidates, when the confer
ence took a stand for independent po
litical action, then the delegates of the
railroad brotherhoods pulled out. Cole
man denounced the "rotten progressive
political machine of Governor Blaine.”
The Milwaukee county socialist or
ganizer, Edmund T. Melms, turned his
guns on La Follette, charging that as
an independent he couldn’t carry five
states. He said La Follette couldn't
get on the ballot as an Independent in
more than 10 or 12 states.
“If these fellows at Cleveland have
any brains they will organize a labor
party now but they wont put up any
candidates,” was his suggestion.
Slams “Good Man Theory”
Socialist Alderman August Strehlow
got the floor for a minute to point out
that the platform just adopted declared
the workers must not support the
“good man theory” and they would be
foolish therefore to vote for the Berger
Berger again got the floor and de
clared it was all right for a candidate
to run “independent of the old parties”
“provided he is qualified and does not
lack confidence." Berger tried to cajole
his audience by declaring that in order
to have a Farmer-Labor Party they
must have workers and farmers, claim
ing that up to the present time they
didn’t have either.
It was here that County Organizer
Melms tried to come to Berger’s aid
and save his face. He moved that both
propositions be tabled. But this motion
was thrown out of the window by an
overwhelming negative vote.
Leo Wolfsohn, news editor of the
Milwaukee Leader, of which Berger is
the editor, then came to the aid of
his chief. Wolfsohn was arguing in
such a bewildered fashion that Hoan
called out, “Which side are you on,”
and got the answer, “for the Berger
amendment,” and that was all the
oratorical support that Berger re
Asks Socialists to Wake Up.
Hoan then took the floor again to
close the discussion declaring to the
delegates that, “If you do not under
stand the significance of this move
then you had better wake up. Not one
speaker here has stated that a Labor
Party would come out of the Cleveland
gathering. There has been some talk
here of endorsing La Follette as an
individual. The principle is the same,
whether you endorse La Follette or
McAdoodle-do as an individual.
Hoan then attacked the corruption
in the government in Washington, de
claring that if the predicted industrial
crisis develops, then "I fear for my
country.” He offered the socialist pro
gram as an alternative for “violent
Exposes La Folette Politics
Hoan hit heavily at the La Follette
outfit in Wisconsin. He claims that
they supported a syndicalist law worse
than the one now in force in Califor
nia. He said that the La Follette mem
bers of the state legislature, during the
war, voted for the expulsion of the
socialist senator, because of an anti
war speech he made. During all of
which time La Follette was absolutely
silent. He said that the La Follette
men in the house of representatives,
11 of them, voted unanimously for the
unseating of Berger during the war.
He declared the La Follette political
machine in Wisconsin was the largest
per capita political machine of any
state in the nation. He declared, "it
is time that such politicians had a
political party to control them.”
When the question was put the Ber
ger amendment was snowed under and
the Hoan proposition carried.
On to New York!
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— H
Tuesday, June 24, 1924
Workers Party in Drive
Against Scab Bread
More than 100 delegates gathered
at the Workmen’s Circle Lyceum
Sunday morning, at the call of the
United Hebrew Trades, to consider
ways and means of assisting Jewish
Bakers’ local union No. 237 in its
struggle against the baking bosses.
This was the second conference of
this kind.
Delegates were present from the
Workers party, Workmen’s Circle
branches, the Socialist party, local
unions and progressive societies.
Bosses Seek $6 Cut.
The commtitee of five, selected last /
week to negotiate with the bosses,
reported that negotiations wit'- the
bosses has been broken off by a de
mand for a $6 wage cut, instead of the
increase provided by the agreement
the union is seeking to enforce.
“The bosses not only are trying to
cut our wages,” said Organizer Lip
kin, “but more important than that,
they are trying to break our union.
If they succeed with the Chicago
bakers it will be but the beginning of
a nation-wide drive against the Jew
ish unions.”
The bakers’ association of the em
ployers is not permitting those shops
that have signed up with the union
to deliver bread to the customers of
the shops still on strike. They also
attempted to rent all the unufpd bake
shops in the city, in order to prevent
anyone else from serving their cus
tomers. But the union has opened
two shops and is supplying those who
want union bread.
Don’t Touch Scab Bread.
The conference yesterday elected a
large committee that will call upon
all the customers of the struck bak
eries and urge upon them not to han
dle scab bread. It is quite well un
derstood now that the Jewish popu
lation is getting behind the bakers’
union, and if the bosses do not soon
settle they will find their business
destroyed by the illwill of their cus
tomers who demand a settlement.
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Crocker, Calif. King
Chosen as National Commit
teeman, at Cleveland G. O. P.
Remember Mooney, Billings
and the Wobblies in San

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