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A City Railroad.?During the last Congress
a petition was presented to each house, asking
tor the privilege of constructing a railroad from
Georgetown to the navy yard, through Pennsyl
vania avenue and other streets of this city; but,
like the great -mass of other railroad schemes, it
was not acted upon. But it is now revived.
The petitioners, representing themselves to be
" owners of property and residents in the District
of Columbia," approve the project of Messrs.
George W. Yerby, Horace M. Dewey, Epbraim
Schutt, and John L. Brown, and Bet forth their be
lief that " a cheap, easy, and commodious mode
of travelling from one extremity of the city to the
other, and into Georgetown, is indispensably ne
cessary to its growth and development;" that "by
laying the new style of grooved rail, similar to that
used in our northern cities, and by the use of light,
neat, and well-finished cars, which move noise
lessly and steadily along our street, which is the
admiration of all, it will be improved both in utility
and appearnnce, and uoobstruction can be caused
to vehicles, either crossing or running parallel with
the rails, which, in fact, are nothing more than so
much iron pavement, lying even with the surface
of the stone pavement alougside. The entire
space occupied by the double track would not ex
ceed fifteen feet, and the width of the aveitue,
being one hundred and sixteeu feet between the
curbstones, leaves a space over one hundred feet
lor carriages to pass a car.
The advantages of such a road are stated ; the
fare between the two points not to exceed six and
a quarter cents for each passenger. There is to be
horse, not steam power for propelling the cars.
Such is a brief outline of the petition, and objects
which the company propose to accomplish.
The city councils of both Washington and
Georgetown have been petitioned in relation to
this subject, and on Thursday night committees
of those bodies met at the Union Hotel, in George
town, to examine the plans of the contemplated
railroad; after which they partook of a collation.
The subject meets with some favor, but to what
extent.we are not advised. It is certainly one of
interest, and therefore our citizens should take
the matter into serious consideration. We believe
it rests with Congrts* to accord the extraordinary
privilege asked by the railroad projectors, al
though the city councils have likewise been peti
tioned with reference to the desired grant.
Modification of the Rates of Postage.?The
bill recently reported by Mr. Olds, in the House of
Representatives, provides:
1. That trom and after the thirtieth day of
Juue next, in lieu of the rates of postage now es
tablished by law. there shall he charged: For
every single letter in manuscript, or paper of any
kind in which information shall be asked for or
communicated in writing, or by marks or signs,
conveyed in the mail for any distance between
places in the United States not exceeding three
thousand miles, three cents; and for any distance
exceeding three thousand miles, six cents.
2. For every such single letter or paper, when
conveyed wholly or in part by sea, and to or from
a foreign country, for any distance over twenty
five hundred miles, twenty cents; and for any dis
tance under twenty-five hundred miles, tencents;
(excepting, however, in all cases, where such
postages have been or shall be adjusted at differ
ent rates by postal treaty or convention already
concluded or hereafter to be made;) and for a
double letter, there shall be charged double the
Tates above specified; and for a treble letter, treble
those rates; and for a quadruple letter, quadruple
those rates; and every letter or parcel not ex
needing half an ounce in weight, shall be deemed
a single letter; and every additional weight ot
half an ounce or additional weight of less than
half an ounce shall be charged >fith an ad
ditional single postage; and upon all letters, pas
sing through or in the mail of the United States,
the postages as above specified shall be prepaid;
and all drop-letters, or letters placed in any post
office not for transmission through the mail, but
/or delivery only, shall be charged with postage
at the rate of one cent each; and all letters which
shall hereafter be advertised as remaining over,
or uncalled for, in any post office, shall be charged
with one cent each in addition to the regular
postage, both to be accounted for as other pur
chases now arc.
3. All acts or parts of acts which come in con
flict with the provisions of this art are to be re
The Variete?The " Corsicau Brothers."?
On Thursday night last,"the Variete was well filled,
notwithstanding the inclemency ot the weather,
to wituess the first representation of the " Corsi
ean Brothers.". The audience felt themselves
fully compensated for braving the storm. The
mysterious character of the plot and its thrilling
incidents, Goodall's delineations of Corsican kind
ness ond vengeance, the tableaux, the scenery and
costumes, combined to make it the best perform
ance of the season. We would suggest, however,
the propriety of adding a farce or burletta in ad
dition, as it seemed to us that some of the scenes
were drawn out to an unreasonable length to oc
cupy the usual time of performance.
The " Corsican Brothers" will be presented to
night for the last time.
Rev. ISKm. H. Mllburu, the chaplain of the
House of Representatives, was advertised to jle.
liver a lecture last night at Hope Chapel, New
York, on " Young America," before the Mercantile
Library Association. The Hon. F. P. Stanton, of
Tennessee, is announced for a lecture at the same
place on the 3d of February, his subject being:
The Navy of the United States."
The Gardiner Case.?The evidence for the
(prosecution having been concluded on Thursday,
the counsel for the defence opened their side of the
?question yesterday. The court has been occupied
nearly eight weeks with this case, which will not
probably be concluded before the first of April
next, il then.
" Prize Poems."?We notice that two of the
one hundred and one disappointed poetic Con
testants for the Latham five-hundred dollar-prize,
have printed their patriotic effusions for the public
perusul. While the one charges twenty-five cents
a copy, the other only asks a dime.
Plour.?The recent arrival of the Atlantic from
Kurope brirtgs intelligence that flour has taken
another rise nf two shillings in the barrel. As a
consequence, the price of the article in our mar
ket immediately increased accordingly.
In the 70th year of her ag?, at her residence In George^
town. District of Columbia, on the :kl day of the presen
month, Mrs. MARTHA JKKFKU80N WAOOAMAN, relict
?of the late Thomas Waggaman, the last of the daughters
.of Governor John Tyler, late of (Irtenway, Charles coun
ty, Virginia, and sister of ex-President Tyler.
fhe survived moet of those, who, during the lifetime of
her Other, knew her aa the presiding genius over the hos
pitalities of Urcenway, and over the bright and intellectu
al circle, which, msdc up of vUltors from all parts of the
Mate,assembled around Its table and its hearth; but the
few who still survive will hear of her death with pain.
Her life, after leaving the paternal mansion, was che
JurreB and direroitM ; but she sustained nil the trials of
fa with a firmness more than that of a Roman matron.
Her latter rears were passed happily and in comfort, un
til the pestilence, which dnring the past season prevailed
at New Orleans, struck down a beloved son. of which city
be was an enterprising young merchant. The blow was too
severe for her already attenuated frain* to support, and the
mother has joined her child in another world.
(She died la the full confidence of a glorious Immortality.
On Thursday morning, at the residence of Mr. T. Wortb
Ington, 13th street, Mr. KOUKK W. WILCOX, In the 2Ut
year of his age.
HIn funeral will be attended at the K street Baptist
Church, to-dsy at 3 o'clock, p. in. His Mends and ac
quaintance ar e especially Invited to attend.
<>n the morning of the 2f.th instant, after a shortcut
painful illness, which he bore with christian fortitude,
V ILLI AM KKKPK, sr., in the Mlh yaaroflilsage.
At Msnrivllln, California, on the lfith -ultimo, JOHN
HOI.MK8 MAUIIUDKIl, formerly of Moutgomery county,
Marylaud, aged 3*1 year*.
Later from Texu?Bloody Allray. The
steamship Louisiana, at New Orleans on the 17th,
brought Galveston dates to the 13th instunt.
A private letter from San Patricio to a gentle
man ol this city states that a great fight took
place at the Round lake, near the town of San
1 uiricio, on the 30th of last month. It seems that
1 utnek Hart had killed Henderson Miller in a
light, m the mouth of September last, and a writ
was issued lor him. He at first evaded the civil
authorities, but at length resisted them. The
sheriff having heard that Hart was at McFall's
a brother-in-law's, where he was fortified, sum
moned fifteen men to go aud take him ; but when
they arrived at the house of McFall, aud ordered
Hart to surrender, he replied, "come and take
me; and then he and his friends fired their guns
upon the sherd's party, who retreated to a corral
or pen, took a position there, and sent to town for
supplies for a regular siege.
Hart and his party fired on the sheriffs parly all
d"y-without effect, and after dark the house
I o Met* all took lire,and the kherifl"? party cbartred
upon it, when Haft and his friends lied, firiug
their guns upon the sheriffs party, who returned
the lire, which killed McFall, severely wounded
uucbauan, aud slightly wounded Hart in the
I head, who made his escape. Antonio Sanches,
one of the sheriffs party was killed, and Saui.
Miller was slightly wounded. Miller and Hart are
? ^u.nuf- wr'''n8 the above, we see a communication
in the V ictoria Advocate on the above affair, differ
ing in some important particulars from the above
account. The writer of this says there were one
killed and three woundedon Hart's side, and on the
sheriffs side four Mexicans killed and four or five1
wounded. We have reason to believe that this is
exaggerated, as the above letter is from a gentle
man of veracity, and in a position to know all the
The trial of the filibusters is still in progress in
the united Stales district court. So far as it has
proceeded, Caravajal, Mason, and McLean have
been discharged. Wheat's case was continued
upon his own recognisance, which leaves a few
others yet upon the docket. We would suggest
to our worthy friend, the l^iited States district at
torney, to enter a nolle prosequi as to these, as he
should be satisfied by this that nothing can be
gained by a further prosecution, unless it be his
own five dollars per day.
Snow fell to the depth of four inches at Nacog
doches on the VOth ultimo. The storm extended
to a number of the neighboring counties.
The convent at Galveston was much damaged
by fire on the 12th instant.
Detention at Erie of Locomotives for Weat
era Railroads.?The conduct of the Erie people
I is injuring not only the business of New York and
, Ohio, to say nothing of the annoyaflce to those who
are obliged to travel over the Erie isthmus, anil of
the large number who are deterred from starting at
all, ?^ut it is very seriously damaginga large number
ot western railroads, who have locomotives wait
ing in this city, at Dunkirk, and State line, all ready
for transportation, and only awaiting a' settlement
of the gauge difficulties. Kasson's locomotive ex
press has twenty engines and tenders waiting
transportation, belonging to the following com
panies :
Erie and Cleveland.railroad company.^ 2
Cleveland and Toledo 1
1 Cleveland and Pittsburgh !.!!!!!!! 1
Chicago and Rock Island ?J
Lexington and Frankfort 1
Illinois and Iowa j
Illinois Central 4
Chicago and Aurora.. ..!'!!!!!!! 1
Ohio and Pennslvania.. j
Cleveland and Erie !.!!!! l
Ohio and Mississippi 1
Total 20
Thus it will be seen that th'e elfect of the law
less proceedings of the people of Erie, is not con
fined to railroads in New York anu Ohio, but is
felt by new roads throughout the west and south
west, and cannot but entail upou them very heavy
pecuniary losses .?Buffalo Commercial of'24t/i.
Ait Unknown Island.?The British brig Cha
tham was lately wrecked on an island in the Pa-1
cihc, hitherto undiscovered. The captain gives
an account of the adventures of himself and crew
" We were distributed among the people of the
island, where we spent a most wretched night, ex
pecting to be speared every moment. The next
morning commenced our naturalization. We were
all drawn together aud nrmed with spears, and
marched ofT to the north end of the island, as we
supposed, to be there sacrificed to their gods, for
they have many ; but the training ended well, and
we were each taken to our respective houses
again. For several days this training was carried
on, differing only as their modes of worship differ,
according to which of the gods they worship. We
then found that we were considered supreme be
ings, and that we had nothing to fear as long as
they thought so. The natives worship idols, de
parted spirits of their own race, and have gods
men, or a species of Pagan priests, among them
selves, whom they worship on particular occa
Death of a Girl from|Hydropbobia.?A girl
named Susan R. Thompson, daughter of Mr.
Ephraim B. Thompson, of Halifax, died at the Mas
sachusetts general hospital, yesterday, of hydro
phobia. She was bitten by a mad dog a few days
since, and was thought to be recovering, when sud
denly the symptoms returned with redoubled fury,
nnd she died the most excruciating of deaths. She
was seven years old. It is a notable matter that
there .is no known treatment for this terrible dis
ease that can btS depended upou; while nature,
unassisted, sometimes effects a cure.
[Hoston Bee, Jan. 23.
Fatal Chastisement of a School Boy.?On
Saturday, the body of the son of the late Malachi
Wilson, esq., of Dnnvers, was brought home a
corpse from the school at South Windham, in Con
necticut, where he went to complete his educa
tion, since the death of his father. We knew him
as a good-looking healthy boy, of the age of 17
years. We learn, from the friends of the family i
and their pysician/that his death was probably oc-1
casioned by injuries received under the chastise
ment of his tenche(. A man who will treat a child
in this way, under'any circumstances, is not fit to
have the government of children.?Salem Gazette.
Execution of W arrcn Wood.?Warren Wood
the murderer of Williams, the pedlar, was hung in'
the jail yard in Catskill, January 20, at a quarter be
fore one o clock. He made a long address, in
which he charged some of the witnesses with
perjury. He confessed that he shot Williams, but
protested that lie did not know what he was doing
at the time. After the address, he prayed fervently
forscverel minutes. Religious services were then
performed by Rev. Mr. Noble, of the Episcopal,
and Rev. Mr. Hall, of the Methodist Church.
1 he sheriff then pulled the cord, and the unfortu
nate man was launched into eternity. He strug
gled slightly, but was pronounced dead in about
ten minutes.
A New York Estimate of Bostonians.?Dion
Bourcicault,at the conclusion of his lecture last
evening, which was the last of a very interesting
scries, took occasion to give an account of the
impressions which a New York confidant had en
deavored to instil in his mind with regard to Bos
tonians. "The Boston people," said the New
\orker, "are austere critics, and you must be
cautious in approaching them. They are a seri
ous people, and never laugh unless the law is 011
their side. They are immense thinkers?in fact
they take off their coats to think." The lecturer
said he had found them to be quite the reverse?
indeed, indulgent and liberal?and gave it as his
opinion that there was a stronger prejudice in
XSew lork against Boston than there was in Eng
land against all America.?Boston Courier.
Singular Accident on 8hIpboard._On the ship
Herald, which sailed from Boston on Saturday
when oft Boston light, in casting off, Mr. Baker
third mate, became entangled in the hawser, and'
one leg was hauled through the hawser-hole, and
his foot completely severed just above the ankle.
The foot was picked up on deck.
Burns Festival.?The ninety-fifth anniversary
of the birth of Robert Burns was celebrated on
the 23th instant, by the Boston Burns Club, who
held their fourth aunual lestivnl at the Stickpole
Captain Htrout.?The examination, af Port
land, of the complaint against Captain Strout, ol
the brig Napoleon, for assault upon and unjustifi
able punishment of his prew, has resulted in his
.. The New York Tim**, of the 17th, pub
lishes a list of one hundred and ten sea vessels
and twenty fishing smacks, that have been totally
destroyed at sea daring the year 1S53, involving a
eavy amount of damage and one thousand nine
lw*?ty-four lives. No year, during
HnJ r1 half centnry, has been so fruitful of ma
rine disasters as the one jusf passed.
By tbc House Una, axprtwl; tut the SanUnsl.
New Y?>kk, Jan. 27.?The ?(earner Atlantic ar
rived here this morning at 10.43, bringing Liver
pool dates to the 11th. The Asia arrived out on
the 9th.
Eastern Affair*.
There is but little definite intelligence to add to
the important advices per Niagara. It ia con
tinued that on December 30th a part of the allied
lleet entered the Blaclt sea, having been prevented
from entering before by tempestuous weather.
Up to the last dates the Russian ambassadors
had not withdrawn from London or Paris. M. Kis
selel', the Russian ambassador at Paris, had slated
that he would await further instructions from his
The report that the Turks had stormed Karakal
although probable, was nov continued.
From Asia we have the letter-writers" accounts
of previous affairs, but not a word of later news.
The Russians had warned their shipping not to
venture out of their ports unless under the pro
tection of a convoy. Convoys are to be organized
to different trading ports.
The pasha of Egypt, on hearing of the affair at
Sinopc, immediately ordered the equipment of 0
fi igates, J corvettes, and 3 brigs to replace those
It is confirmed that the Wallachian peasantry
are in insurrection.
Lord Dudly Stuart had au interview with the
sultan, relative to employing Pole# in the Turkish
It ia reported that the British charge had re
sumed negotiations with Persia. The Persiaus at
Teheran had broken out iu tumult against the
. From Vienna it is stated, with seeming authen
ticity, that Austria had asked Russia if she would
consent to a European protectorate over the
christians in Turkey. To this the czar replied that
he would consent to no interference whatever
between himself and Turkey.
On the Danube very little was doing, owing to
the weather. There had, however, been three
slight affairs; one between a Turkish forage escort
and the Cossaeks, another a sally from Sistowa,
and a third an action between a Russian steamer
and two gun-boats and the shore batteries on the
Danube, in all ol which the Turks were victo
The King of Belgium has sent an autograph
letter to Napoleon by a special messenger, on the
subject of war prospects. The contents have not
transpired, but it is supposed to be a new device
of the czar to gain time, or as a bona Jide proposal
from Belgium. France had called out an addi J
tional contingent of 80,000 men to replace the
70,000 destined for Turkey.
Prussia was concerting a course of action witb
Sweden aud Denmark, in view of the comintr
The Russian sailors on leave of absence had '
been ordered to return by the 1st of March. A
letter lroin Christiana states that Norway had de
termined to fit out a squadron of twelve ships, in
view of approaching events. Little sympathy for
Russia exists among the Norwegians.
The Marquis of Turgot had b?en appointed
grand officer of the Legion Honor,-it was supposed
on account of Soule wounding him.
Young Soule had published a long letter, ex
plaining his difficulty with the Duke of Alba.
India and China.
The overland mail brings Calcutta dates of De
cember 6. The news from Burmah was contra
dictory, but war was reported to have broken out
and the Burmese had recaptured Pegu.
The Russians were reported at Khova.
Trade in India was fair.
Shanghai dates of the 19th state that tha insur
gents bad evacuated Amoy, and that the imperial
ists had perpetrated a horrible massacre there.
The enormous rise in the price of food had
caused serious apprehensions of riots among the
laboring classes. Bread riots had already com
menced in parts of Devonshire. At Topham
mobs of women threatened the bakers inconse
quence of their raising the price of bread. At
Crediton also, mobs of men, women, and children
pamded the streets and attacked the bakers' shops,
breaking their doors and windows. The market
people were also molested, and their produce
kicked about the streets. The police were unablo
to put down the disturbance, but after the report
spread that the troops were coming quiet was re
The steamer Sarah Sands, from Portland, ar
rived at Liverpool on the 10th. The steamer
Charity was to sail on the 16th for Portland.
Dates from Liberia of December 13th had been
received in London. The coast was healthv.
1 resident Roberts had delivered a satisfactory ad
dress to the legislature. lie informs them of an
alliance with France and England, and that Napo
leon had sent him one thousand stand of arms and
accoutrement for the native militia. At Lagoon
affairs were unsettled. Kossaka, with 10,000 men
was in the rear of the town threatening hostilities!
Lt\ erpool, Jan. 11?Brown & Shipley report
that, since the Niagara tailed, cotton has been
?tea, ?',Vut l,ianimale ?t former rates. Fair Up
land, 6jd.; middling, 3|e.; fair Orleans, fijd.; mid
dling, 0|d. Mcllenry says that late imports beinir
freely offered, afforded buyers more selection, and
better grades were a shade under extreme rates.
unsettled aspect of the eastern question
created caution and limited operations. The sales
ofthe three days were 7,000 bales, of which 2000
were on speculation and 1,500 for export. Market
closed firm.
Breadstuff*.?Brown dr Shipley report a further
advance ol 2s. per barrel in flour; 2s. per quarter
on corn; and Gd. per bushel in wheat. Baltimore.
Philadelphia, and Ohio flour, 44s.(fri5s.; canal.
@44s.; Canada, [email protected]; whit* wheat
n red' ll8-?12s- 2?1 i white corn, 51s^52s.;
yellow, 50s.: mixed, 49s. '
M^Makin s circular quotes, barley advanced
4d.(S5d.; beans, 2s.; oats, 2d.(2>3d.
Provisions.?MoHenry reports an improved de
mand. New bacon was taken at full rates; old
neglected ; beet more wanted, but not advanced ?
pork very dull; checse scarce ; lard dear and in
; demand; tallow had advanced Is. @ 2s. Nothinn
doing in bark or seed>.
At Manchester, business dull, hut prices firm. J
Loudon Market.
The produce market is very active.^ Laree
sales ol \\ est India sugar at 6d. advance .^yellow
Havana, 23s @ 26a.; coffee higher; teas in less
demand; rice brisk; wliit? Bengal, 10s @ 17s.
Consols on Wednesday closed at 92|.
Later from Mexico.
New Orleans, Jan. 24.?Dales from the city of I
Mexico to the 7th have been received. The min
istry was still vacant. Much excitement prevailed
in So nor a and Chihuahua in consequence of the
proposed treaty, and the lending men say they
would rather annex to the United States than sub
mit to its terms.
The Pacific Railroad.
New Orleans, ^,,. 24?Texas advices of the
*tB,e ,hnl ,he governor had declared that he
fore M?7 Is?. comr"c, ^ ,he padfic raiiroad b?"
Arrlval of the United State*.
New Orleans Ja?. 25,-The steamer United
tales has arrived from Aspinwall wuh the Cali
fornia mails. She left the Ohio at Aspinwall for
New \ork with 300 passengers and $1,000,000 in
The Congress of New Grenada has levied a
tax of ten per cent, of the estimated profits of all
vessels arriving aud departing from Aspinwall.
The sloop of war Cyane was about leaving Car
thagena to convey the engineers to explore the
route of the canal across the Isthmus of Darien
A revolution has broken out in Bolivia.
Destructive Fire.
? ()r,-kansi Jau< 25.?The town of Ichonla
it&rZr'F bccn de8troVfd by fire, and
o,000 bales ol cotton consumed.
New Orleans, Jan. 21.?Cotton easier???!*?
of 8,000 bales at for middling. Decreased
receipts at all the southern ports 003,000 bal?s
* lour advanced 25 cents. ""laa.
Nebraska Bill in Rhode Island.
P*(,vidknce, Jan. 27.?Resolutions strains! th*
Nebraska bill, with slavery above the line of the
Missouri compromise, have passed both branches
ol the legislature, unanimously.
Erie Railroad.
Erie January J7.-The railroad company are
proceeding with the repairs under the protection
o| the I nited Slates marshal.
*rTh? Bct. Mr. Cramer will prea<h in the
ball of the Union engine-house, (1st ward; Uxaorrow eve
ning, 29lb in*tint, at 7 o'clock. Jau. 28
StrThc R*t. Henry H. Slleer, (by leave of I
Providence; will preach In the Hall of Representative on I
to-morrow, (Sabbath) at 11 o'clock. Jan. 28.
^?Methodlft Episcopal Church, lo?th.~
Thu pastor, Rev. James A. Duncan, will preach lu this
church to-morrow, (Sabhath) at 11 o'clock, a. m., and 7
o'clock, n. m. Subject?Fluctuation* in religious condition
correct**!. Jau. 28
**- Special Notice?1IKNUV S IN VIUOKATINO
CORDIAL.?The merits of thin purely vegetable extrart
for tli? removal and cure Of physical proatration, genital
debility, nervous affections, Ac., Ac., are fully described in
another oolurnn of this paper, to which the reader U re
ferred. $2 per bottle, 3 bottles for $5. six buttles fur $3,
$10 per dosen. Observe the marks of the genuine.
Prepared only by 8. E. COIIKN, Mo. 3 Franklin Row,
Vina street, below Kightb, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Por sale by all respectable druggists and merchant*
throughout the country, and by
W. 11. CULLMAN, Washington, D. a
CANBY A HATCH, Baltimore.
|%.Meiiograph Likenesses.?Thi-- new art of
K trait taktng, lately introdueed by Mr. Whitehurat, is ao
>wledged bv all to surpass anvthing yat offered to the
public as a substitute for ivory miniatures. It Is purely an
American Invention, and should be patronised by all
patrons of the fine arts. While it possesses all the truth,
fuluess of the daguerreotype, the clearness of the fluent
steel engraving, and surpasses, when colored, the ivory
miniature in the iinitatiou of nature, and is <juite as dura
ble, at a much less expense.
Mr. Whitehurst lias some beautiful specimens on exhi
bition at his gallery In this city, and la furnishing tbeiu,
unoolorad, at about the coatof the finest daguerreotype*.
Though the chief excellency of thla art is the lacllity with
which they cau be multiplied, as many hundreds or thou
sand* can be made from a single sitting, with all the cor
rectness of the original.
Dm '.I*?dtf (m)
The best Article ever used, a* hundreds can
testify in this city and surroundiug country. Head !
GILMAN'S LIQUID HAIR DYE instantaneously
changes the hair to a brilliant jet Black or gloaay
Brown, which is permanent?does not stain or in
any way iqjure the skin. No article ever yet in
vented which will compare with it. We would
advise all who have gray hairs to buy it, for it
never fails.?Boston Post.
For sale by Z. D. Gilman, Chemist,
Washington City
For Hate or Cape, call at HENDLEY'S, se
cond door east of the United States Hotel, Penn
sylvania avenue; where also may be be found a
great variety of under-shirts, drawers, dress-shirts,
gloves, hosiery, cravats, and other goods lor gen
For gracefulness, durability, and cheapness,
HENDLEY'S hats are not to be surpassed.
YAI<ENTINI28~-For sale wholesale and re
tail, at LAMMOND'S,
| Jan. 28?3t Seventh street.
UCK1NG COMBS?New Styles, in great
variety, for salo wholesale and retail, at
Jan. 28?3t Seventh street.
RAFPLE.?A splendid case of superb
CHEWING TOBACCO which was ex
hibited at the Worl's Fair, London, from the cele
brated factory of Langhorn & Sons, known by the
name of Royal Arch Oronoco, will be raffled for,
as soon as all the chances are taken. It may be
seen at G. S. McKLFRESH'S,
Under the National Hotel,
Where may be found the Choicest qualities of
Segars and Chewing Tobacco, to suit the taste of
every gentleman. Jan. 28?2weod.
LAKD'S HOTEL January 2G, 185-1. en
route from Baltimore, and respectfully announces
to the world, (Washington, D. C., London and Par
is, in particular,) the intended removal, on or be
fore the 1st day of May next, of George P. Fox &
Sons' Metropolitan Tailoring Department. The
business will be transferred from the northeast to
the southwest corner of the same block of build
ings, viz: to the store,25 feet front 103 feet deep,
No. 321 Broadway, New York city, next door to
the City Hospital gates, formerly occupied by
Messrs. Seaman & Muir, and lately by Tiffany <fc
Cutting,idry goods merchants. Jan 28?3m
TOWN?J. BUCKLEY & CO., respect
fully inform the citizens of Georgetown and its
vicinity, that they are prepared to undertake every
description of work in GAS FITTING. They
have secured the services of some of the best
workmen from the north, and their charges will
be found as low as in any of those cities.
They have always on hand an elegant assort
, ment of Gas Fixtures, to which they would invite
I the examination of the public.
South side of Bridge street, between Washing
ton and Jefferson.
Orders left at Linthicum's hardware store will
be punctually attended to. Jan. 8?lm
have lost a Land Warrant Certificate for
100 acres, No. 78,222, in favor of Neri D. Smith,
Lloyd B. Smith, Lewis Clark Smith, Benjamin
Yost Smith, and Rosanna Frantz, collateral heirs
of Hiram M. Smith, deceased, of company H, blh
United States Infantry, (Mexican war,)and which
said certificate was assigned to the undersigned.
This certificate was mailed by Johnston* Brothers
& Con of Baltimore, on the 18th October, 1853, di
rected to William P. Williams, esq., Washington,
I D. C., and was never received. It is my intention
to apply for a duplicate of this warrant to the com
missioner of pensions.
Cumberland, Maryland.
January 24th, 185-1. Jan^2b?tf
The ships composing this line are the following:
The ATLANTIC Captain West.
The PACIFIC Captain Nye.
The ARCTIC Captain Luce.
The BALTIC Captain Comstock
The ADRIATIC .Captain Grafton.
These ships have been built by
contract expressly for Government
??rvice; every care has been taken
u^hei^onstruction, as also in their engines, to
i insure strength and speed; and their accommo
j dations for passengers are unequalled for elegance
and comfort.
Price of passage from New York to Liverpool
in first cabin, $120; in second cabin, $70. Exclu
sive use of extra-size state rooms, $300. From
Liverpool to New York, jC30 and jC20.
An experienced surgeon attoched to each ship.
No berths secured until paid for.
1854, 1854.
From New York. From Liverpool.
Saturday... .Jan. 7. Wednesday. .Jan. 11.
Saturday... .Jan. 21. Wednesday. .Jan. 25.
Saturday... .Feb. 4. Wedacsday.. Feb. 8.
Saturday... .Feb. 18. Wednesday.. Fed. 22.
Saturday... .March 4. Wednesday. .March 8.
Saturday... .March 18. Wednesday. .March 22.
Saturday.. ..April 1. Wednesday. .April 5.
1 Saturday... .April 15. Wednesday. .April 19.
Saturday... .April 29. Wednesday. .May 3.
Saturday....May 13. Wednesday. .May 17.
Saturday... .May 27. Wednesday. .May 31.
Saturday... .June 10. Wednesday. .June 14.
Saturday... .June 24. . Wednesday. .June 28.
Saturday... .July 8. Wednesday. .July 12.
Saturday... .July 22. Wednesday. .July 20.
Saturday... .August 5. Wednesday. .August 9.
Saturday....August 19. Wednesday..August23.
Saturday... .Sept.2. Wednesday..Sept. 0.
Saturday... .Sept. 16. Wednesday. .Sept. 20.
Saturday... .Sept. 30. Wednesday. .October 4.
Saturday... .October 14. Wednesday. .October 16.
Saturday... .October2S. Wednesday..Nov. 1.
Saturday... .Nov. 11. Wednesday. .Nov. 19.
Saturday... .Nov. 25. Wednesday. .Nov. 29.
Saturday... .Dec. 9. Wednesday..Dec. 13.
Saturday... .Dec. 23. Wednesday. .Dec. 27.
For freight or passage apply to
No. 56 Wall street, New York.
No. 27 Austin Friara, London,
26 Rue Nstre Dame de Victoires, Paris.
GEO. H. DRAPER, Havre.
The owners of these ships will not be account
able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, pre
cious atones, or metals, unless billa of lading are
signed therefor, snd the value thereof thereio ex
pressed. Jant 28?if
General agency.?charles e
WEAVER, Attorney and Counsellor at
Law, continues his agency for the prosecution of
claims against the government, lie will attend
to the procuring of pensions?revolutionary and
invalid ; bounty land warrants ; extra pay ; arrear
ages of pay. as well as the adjustment of post
master's and contractor's scoounts'at the Poat Of
fice Department; also all other matters requiring
an attorney at the sest of government. An expe
rience of some years affords him good facilities for
a prompt attention to all business entrusted to his
cars, and ita satisfactory adjustment.
References given, if necessary, in anf State ol
ths Union. Nov. 6?-dtOtop.
3 nntrntmi.
When he will appear for the last time in his
great impersonation of the
Will be presented n now dramatic romance,
M. Fabieu dei Franchi, and M Louis dei Franchi
Mr. W. R. Goodull.
NOTICK?In conxcquence of the length of this
magnificent drama, and in order that the audience
may be enabled lo retire at a seasonable hour,
No other piece will be performed 011 the
same evening.
The accomplished actress,
Will appear on Monday, as Evadne.
I**"!?** of Admission.?Orchestra seats 76 eents!
dress circle, 50 oents; family circle, 26 cento
A gentleman accompanied by two ladles admitted tor
$1 to the dress circle.
Doors open at past 6?curtain will rise at ouartir
pant 7.
Will be performed the Irish comedy, entitled
born TO GOOD LUCK. '
After which, the laughable comedietta, entitled
To conclude with the fcrce, entitled
Prices of admission ? Dress circle and parnuette,
60 cents; reserved seats, 76 cents; orchestra seats, 76 cents
family circle, 26 eents; third tier, 60 ceuti; colored nailery.
26 cents; private boxes, $6. B7'
JOHN A. LINTON, Attorney at Law, haa
removed his office, to the north side of Lou
isiana avenue, between 0th and 7th streets.
Jan 20?iw. 3taw
he new congressional direc
tory, containing the names and residences in
Washington of the members of Congress, their
districts and post offices, list of foreign diplomatic
agents, and a variety of other useful information.
On sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S,
Jau 27 Bookstore, near 9th street.
a native of France, teacher of Modern Lan
tuages, especially French. Spanish, and German,
ranslations made with correctness and punctu
alitjr. Professor of Numesmatics, for the classifi
cation and explanation of medals and coins.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between fltK
and 7th streets, opposite Brown's Hetel.
Furnished Rooms to rent at that place.
Sep 21?dtf
SCHOOL BOOKS of all kiuda used in the
District; also drawing and painting studies, a
very large and fine assortment. For sale low at
^an '^'l Bookstore, 7th street.
axeteer opthe united
States.?A new and complete Gazetecr of
the United States, giving a full and comprehen
sive view of the present condition, industry, and
resources of the American Confederacy, embrac
ing also important topographical and historical in
formation, from recent and original resources, to
gether with the results.pf the cengus of 1850, and
population and statistics in many cases to 1853
by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, D. D.
N. B.?This work contains at least ten thousand
names of places not found in any other book of
| the kind, and presents a large amount of new and
valuably matter unattainable in any other source.
This new matter is all of a recent character, and
in many instances embraces statistics and popula
tion to 1853. obtaiued since the census was taken.
This gives it inestimable value over every other
work of the kind in existence. Just received and
for sale at R FARNHAM S,
Corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue.
Jan 25?tf
York, by David T. Valentine.
Summary of the Art of War, or a New Analy
tical Compend of the principal combinations of
Strategy, of Grand Tactics, and of Military Policy,
by Baron de Jomini. Just published and for sale
Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street.
Jan 25?tf
Decorationb.?The attention of Architects,
builders, and others, is invited to this new-mate
rial, which is now so extensively used at the
north for house and church decoration. For beauty
ol finish and durability, it is equal to carved wood,
and is much chcaper and in every way superior to
placter. We are prepared to fill orders upon the
shortest notice, at the manufactory prices.
Agents for Boston Papier Mache Co.,
Pa. avenue, north side, bet 10th and 11th sts.
Jan IS?eotf
Globe Insurance Company, of Utica, New
York, ( apital $300,000.?The subscriber, agent
for the above company, is prepared to take risks
on every description of property in city or coun
try. 1 his is one of the safest companies in the
Union. The most satisfactory references given
to applicants. Rate* as low as any other com
pany of equal standing.
Over bank?Selden, Withers & Co.,
Jan IS?eodlm
Late Third Auditor of the Treasury,
WILL attend to claims before Congress or the
Departmehts. His familiarity with the
ooutine of business will enable him to be useful
ot claimants. Deo 2?eolm.
A new and complete Gaietteerof the United
States, by Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, M. D.
Just received at
Jan. 22 Bookstore, near 9th street.
Prayer Books.?Just received, a large sup
ply of the above Books, fresh, in rich velvet,
Turkey morocco, calf, and ornamental binding.
Corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania av.
Jun 20?tf.
GAUTIER'S.?Just received a large as
sortment of Pate De Foies Gras, from Stras
burg, in small and large jars.
Jan 22?tf C. GAUTIER
Security, Stability, and Perpetuity.
Premium Payments made Easy and Convenient.
Fund, January 1,1851, *306,029 04.
Offlee in Washington City, corner 4}$ it and Penn. avenue.
System easA, dividends rash, no scrip and credits,
the value of which none can tell, because not con
vertible; but cash premiums, cash dividends, and
losses |>aid in cash ia the system of this office. All
its operations are in cash, the amount insured con
sequently on settlement day is never reduced; on
the contrary, increased; thereby holders of policies
are never disappointed. More than this, policies in
force, of two years standing, for life, will at any
time be purchased upon surrender, and one-fourth
to two-thirds of the whole amount of premiums
paid to the office returned in rash. See prospec
tuses. Charles G. Imlav, Secretary. S. R. Ciaw
roan, president. Puny Smith, actuary.
J. E. NORRIS, Agent, Washington City.
JOHN RICHARDS, M. D., Med. Adviser,
Duval's building, Penn. avenue, near 41 at.
Oct 25?dim ': * I
TO BUILDERS^--.Proposals for the erec?
lion of the Olin & Preston institute at Blacks
bung, will be received until the first Saturday in
February next. The building will be of bricks,
showing a front of 112 feet, and an elevation ot
3 K Separate bids for the masonry and joiners'
work should be made.
For plan, specifications and particulars, apply to
Dr. Phillips, Bla. ksburg, Virginia.
By order of the Trustees.
Dec. 30, 13. >3. Jan. 5?law3wjrtw
Sole Hanuren and Contractors of all the
Maryland State Lotteries.
Managers' Office, No, 4 North Calvert at., next
door to Baraum'a City Hotel, Baltimore, Md.
Class D.
To be drawn In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, Jan. M, 1864.
13 drawn ballota in each package of 20 ticket a.
1 priieof..$60,000 ?0 prises of. *400
r . ,55 j0 .. 200
65 do ?? 10?
130 do .. V*
130 do .. 60
4,680 do .. 40
27,010 do .. 20
100 do .. 000
Tickets $20; Halves $10; Quarters, $5; Eighths,
$2 50. '
Certificates of packages of 26 whole tickets.$260 00
do do 26 half do 1 ?0 00
do do 20 quarter do 70 00
do do 20 eighth do 35 00
'fca. Prize Tickets must be returned before they
can be renewed or cashed.
?4r* All orders from a distance for Tickets in
tlteabove Splendid Schemes will be promptly aud
faithfully filled, and official drawings sent to all
who order Tickets. Address
R. FRANCE it CO., Managers,
Jan. 24?td Baltimore, Md.
1 do .. 40,000
1 do .. 20,000
1 do .. 12,500
1 do .. 9,000
1 do ? ? 4.750
100 do .. 2,000
Brown's Hotel, is prepared to measure and
lit Shirts in every variety. Gentlemen that are
troubled with bad-fitting shirts, can be suited at
? Jan 26?3tifeod Sales Rooin, Brown's Hotel.
received and for sale at
Corner Pa. av. and 4i St., Odeon Building.
Jan 26?tf (Star)
*vRESS CRAVATS.?A large and varied
_/ assortment'of gentlemen's fancy and plain
arfs, Cravats, Ties, Napoleons, dec., of rich and
new styles and best qualities, atgTEVENg,s
Jan 25?3teoif Sales-room, Brown's Hotel.
1\ Maury's.?The Lady's Almanac for 1854.
Essay on Philosophical Writers and other Men
of Letters, by Thomas De Quincy.
Outline of the Geology of the Globe, and of the
United States in particular, with two Geological
Maps, &c., by Edward Hitchcock, L. L. D.
Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms, by
T. Bassnet.
The works of Calhoun, vol. 4.
Campbell's Poetical Works, new edition, edited
by Epes Sargent.
Bookstore near 9th atreet. Jan /o
The proprietor is always prepared to furnish
ordinary or extra meals at short notice, including
all the delicacies of the season
He has two suites of furnished rooms suitable
for messes or single gentlemen. Also rooms for
private parties or business transactions. His lo
cation is convenient to the Capitol and the Ex
ecutive departments.
? Pennsylvania avenue, next to Gadsby ? Hotel.
Dec 7?tf. if
OWEN SON, Military, Naval and
s Citizens' Furnishing and Tailoring Estab
lishment. The subscribers would call the at;en
tion of their friends and the public generally to
their superb stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Ves>
ings, ice., all of the very latest styles, which thej
oiler at their new sales-room, two doors west ix:
Willard's hotel.
They cannot promise to do more thai, they have
done for the last twenty-three years, i. e., polite
ness, punctuality, and gratitude fpr all favors.
* 1 E. OWEN & SON.
Dec 17?2awlm. (m.) '
NEW MUSIC?W.C.Zautxluger has just
received from the publishers, Firth, Pond
& Co., Horace Watters, New York, and Lee 6c
Walker, Philadelphia, an extensive assortment of
their latest publications, all which wilj be sold at
the publishers' prices,
W. C. Z. has also made such arrangements as
will secure to him all the earliest publications in
Boston. New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.
Jan. IP?at*
STATIONERY, Music, Musical Instil
ments, Perfumery, and Fnncy Articles.?The
subscriber respectfully announces that he has
taken charge of the above old established house,
has made extensive improvements, both within
aud without, and will endeavor, by unremitted
personal attention to, and fair dealing in the busi
ness thereof, to merit a continuance of the patron
age bestowed upon the former proprietor, the late
William Fischer. There will be constantly kept
for sale?
Staple and Fancy Stationery,
Music and Musical Instruments,
Perfumery and Fancy Articles.
Visiting Cards printed at short notice,and plates
beautifully engraved in every style.
All orders left at this establishment for articles
of foreign or domestic manufacture will meet with
prompi attention.
Music ordered weekly.
Importer and Dealer in Fancy and Staple Sta
tionery, next door to the Irving Hotel, corner ol
Pennsylvania avenue and 12 streets.
Jan 19?3taw2wif
GENERAL AGENCY. ?The Subscriber
pays special attention to the prosecution ol
claims before Congress or the Departments; col
lects debts. Also, buys and sells real estate; ne
gotiates loans, having facilities by which be can
generally negoliato loans on small sums on good
paper, at short date. .... . __
Over Sclden, Withers & Co.'s Bank.
Jan 18?eodlm
second Assembly Ball will be held at Jack
son Hall on Tuesday evening, January 31st.
Tickets of admission can be obtained by sub
scribers at Stevens's store, Brown's hotel.
Persons not subscribers can procure tickets by
applying to one of the executive managers at Jack
son Hall on the day of the ball.
Jan 24, 25, 27, 29, 31. 6
of Pianos in this city can be lipund at otir
Music Depot, consisting of Hallet, Davis & Co. s
superior ^Eolian Pianos, which for beauty of tone
ore considered by all who have heard them to be
Bacon As Raven's celebrated New York Pianos.
Gravesbeen & Co.'s Pianos, one of which, the
magnificent Papier Mache Piano at the Crystal
Palace, is the admiration of all who have seen and
heard it. .... . ??
Schomacker & Co.'s new Unichord I ianos.
which for durability, keeping in tune, snd cheap
ness stand unrivalled. The success which has
attended their introduction here is the best guar
Rosenkrantx's world-renowned German Pianos,
considered unsurpassed for sweetness of tone and
delicacy ol touch. ?
We are daily expecting aa additional supply ot
the popular Unichord Pianos; also, per packet ot
Saturday from Boston, one of L. Gilbert's beautiful
Boudoir or Piccolo Tianos.
This enables persons desirous of purchasing, to
select instruments from, the most varied assort
ment of Pianos ever offered for sale in this city, at
manufacturers' prices, with a warranty for each
Piano if desired.
Also, several second-hand Pianos, including one
of Jonas Chickeriug,. which will be sold on the
most reasonable terms.
Second-hand Pianos taken in part payment for
new ones.
The most complete assortment of Music and
Musical Instruments constantly on hand.
H1LBUS & H1TZ, Peon, avenue.
Jan 22?tf (m)
# and Draughtsman, in every branch.
West side 19th street, next to K.
Jan 24 lm Washington City.
All PERSONS having left their card
plates with us are respectfully informed that,
upon closing our business, we deposited them with
Mr. Win. Phipps, engraver and plate^ printer, on
11th street, west side, 2d door above E street, and
we take pleasure in recommending him to our old
pattdns, and the public generally for ,n
that line. F MASI St CO.
$lis ttUfliuotts.
I sob.?The subscriber has been appointed
Agent for the sale of Jollie's edition of Jullien's
Music, price, only one dollar. Among the sub
scriber* will be distributed
Each subscriber is entitled to h copy of the
work, and has an equal share in the distribution
ol' the Pianos.
The American Quadrille.
The Crystal Fountain Gallop. \
The Prima Donna Valse.
Forget Me Not Song.
The Atlantic Galop. .
The California Quadrille.
The Great Exhibition Quadrille.
The Target Galop.
The English Quadrille.
Paul and Virginia, Song.
Pietro le Grand Quadrille.
Echo du Mont Blanc.
Portrait of Jullien, illuminated frontispiece, and
elegant title page.
Five dollars worth of music for only one
Subscriber's certificates issued at the store of
Stationers' Hall, next door to the Irving Hotel,
Pennsylvania avenue, corner 12th street.
Jan 19?Otif
eENEHAL AGENCY.?The undersigned
most respectfully informs, bv thi? notice, his
friends and the public in general, here and esle
where, that he has opened an Agency Office tor
the prosecution of claims of every description
against the government, before the several depart
ments or Congress; procure pensions, bounty
lunds, extra pay, and urrearage pay, and will at
tend to the buying and selling of real estate, the
reiitiug of houses, and a general collecting busi.
ness; be will also furnish parties at a distance
with such information as they may desire from,
the seat of government. Charges will be mode
rate. Office, at present, will be on M near 18th
Hon. J. C. Dobbin, Secretary of the Navy.
Hon. J. Davis, Secretary of War.
N. Callan, esq., President of the Board of Com
mon Council.
Gen. John M. McCalla, Attorney at Law.
James H. Caustin, esq.
W. C. Reddall, State Department.
Jan 17?tf
signed take pleasure in informing their friends
and the public that they have on hand as large and
complete a stock of -CABINET WARE as can
be found in the city of Washington, of every de
scription and quality, embracing styles and prices
which will be found adapted to the fancy and ne
cessities of all classes of purchasers. The work
manship will be found of superior excellence in
fashion and durability.
We would respectfully invite the public to visit
our extensive warerooms, and examine the ele
gant and varied stock now on hand, as we cannot
enumerate all our articles without extending this
advertisement to an undue length. Of the newly
invented elastic spiral-spring Mattresses, which
have given such general Satisfaction to all who
have tested them, we have yet a few remaining,
and we would urge an early call from those who
desire to possess themselves of so desirable a
Mattress. To the invalid it will be found invalu
Louisiana avenue, opposite the Bank of Wash
ington, near the corner of 7th street.
Notice the Bedstead sign. Jan 24?dly
_|j houn's Works.?Just received, the 4th vol
ume of the Speeches of John C. Calhoun, de
livered in the House of Representatives and in
the Senate of the United States. Edited by Rich
ard K. Cralle. For sale at the Bookstore of
Corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue.
Jan 25?tf
TOHN; or la a Cousin In the Hand worth
tf two Counts In the Bushf By EmiHe Carleu.
Alcohol and the Constitution of Man, illustrated
by a beautifully colored chemical chart, by Ed
ward L. Touraans.
Jefferson's complete Works, vol. 3.
Comte's Positive Philosophy, translated by Miss
Just received at
Jan. 21 Bookstore, near 9th street.
rpEA CAKE, Scotch Cake, Crackers, Ac.
1 Anniseed Tea Cake.
Cina4?r Cairo
Fancy and Plain Sugar Crackers.
Lemon and Wine Crackers.
Pic-nic and Boston Crackers.
Supplies received^ Monday of each week by
No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
Jan 24?3tif
1^1 Smoked Salmon.?Western Hams, sugar
cured, new. very fine Beef Tongues, small and
large, Baltimore cured. Extra No. 1 Salmon,
fresh smoked. Also 3 tierces very fine old West
ern sugar-cured Hams.
For sale by
No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
Jan 21?3tif
J\ Amalgam Quill Spring Pen, recently im
ported by Tuylor & Maury, will be found to sup
ply the above desideratum. They are manufac
tured with fine, medium, and broad points, to suit
the various styles of writing.
Book and Stationery Store,
Jan 19?tf near 9th street.
fHE ART OF WAR*?Summary of the Art
of War, or a new analytical compend of the
principal combinations of strategy, of grand tac
tics, and of military policy; by Baron de Jomini,
general in chief, aid-de-camp general to his majes
ty Emperor of the Ru*sias. Translated from the
French by Major O. S. Winship, assistant adjutant
general U. S. A., and Lieutenant E. E. McLean,
1st infantry, U. S5. A.
History of the City of New York, by David T.
Valentine, clerk of the common council.
The Partisan, a romance of the revolution ; by
W. Gilinore Simms, esq.
The Philosophy of Physics, or Process of crea
tive Development, by Andrew Brown, member of
the Amerscan association for the advancement of
The Church of Christ not an Ecclesiasticistn ; a
letter to a sectarian, by Heiiir James.
Just received at TAYLOn. & MAURY'S,
Jan. 2-1?tf Bookstore, near 9th street.
T OST.?On the Evening of the 18th or
I j Morning of the 19th, between 6th street,
on Maryland avenue, and the Washington Club
Rooms, on ICth street, and the Capitol, a Gold
Pen in a silver handle, for which a liberal reward
will be paid to the finder, if left at this office.
Jan 20?tf
unabridged.?It contains three times the
matter found in any other English Dictionary com
piled in this country?in various bindings. A
large assortment just received at publishers
prices. R. FARNHAM,
Corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania av.
Jan. 20?tf
serving. Restoring and beautifying the hair,
eradicating scurf and dandruff, has no equal; it
stands above all other preparations.
For sale at LAMMOND'S. 7ih at.
vJ tory, C. street, between 6th and 7th street*,
Washington, E. J, WILLSON.
Dsc 15?tf
BROW NE'S H ARPS^-Two of the above
celebrated double-action Harps can be seen
for three days at our Music depot. All desirous
of purchasing will therefore please call iinmedi
Jan 24?3t HILBUS H1TZ.
EW FIGS, Finest quality,?One caae,
sixty drums, Eleme. " Ne plus ultra."
Successor to Jno. R Kibbey Co.
No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
Jan 24?3tif
Drawn NUMBERS of the Grand Com
wo I Mated Lottery of Maryland, Class No.
5, drawn in Baltimore on Saturday, Jan. 21, 1854:
43 74 30.
Jan 24?3t R. FRANCE ?Sr Co., Managers.
received a supply of steel and Berlin irou
Bracelets, in new and beautiAtl styles, and wry
Jan 10?cod 3t LAMMOND, "tfl street.

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