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Washington sentinel. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1853-1855, April 27, 1854, Image 2

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To the honorable Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States in Congress
The undersigned, clergymen of different re
ligions denominations in New .England, hereby,
?? the name of Almighty God, and in His pres
ence, do solemnly protest against the passage
of what is known as the "Nebraska bill, or any
repeal or modification of existing legal prohi
bitions of slavery in that part of our national
domain which it is proposed to organize into
the Territories of Nebraska and Kansas.
We protest against it as a great moral wrong,
as a breach of faith eminently injarions to the
moral principles of the community, and sub
versive of all confidence in national engage
ments; as a measure full of danger to the peace,
and even the existence of our beloved Union,
and exposing us to the righteous judgments of
the Almighty.
And your protestants, as in duty bound, will
ever pray, Ac.
Datad at Boston, Massachusetts, this 1st day
of March, A. D. 1864.
Charles Lewell
Lyman Beecher
Manton East.burn, bishop p e diocess Mass
Baron Stow, Rowe it, Boston "
Joseph Cummings, Broomficld at, Boston "
S Streeter, 1st unive.-balist "
G W Blagden, old south "
Alex H Vjnton, rec StPaul'a " "
Thomas Worcester, N Jerusalem so
Samuel K Lothrop, Brattle st 44 44
Daniel P Cilley, 1st f w baptis ?
A L Stone, Park st " 41
Edward Beecher, Salem 44 41
E N Kirk, Mt Vernon 44 44
N Ada .as, Essex st 44 44
Saml Barrett, 12th cong 44 44
Wm Jenks, late past Greafa st 44 44
J I T Coolodge, 13th cong 44 * 44
T F Caldicott, Baldwin rlacebap 44 44
A A Miner, School st union bap 44 44
J B Waterbury, Boudon st cong 44 44
C A Bartol, west
Ephraim Peabody, king chap
Rufus Ellis, 1st ch
Rufus Anderson 44 44
SB Trent
S L Pomroy
Chandler Robbius, 2d ch 44
Charles Mason, grace 44 44
Wm H Winis, Bowdon square 44 44
F D Huntington, south cong 44 44
T 8 KingTHoUU st
J T Sergent
George M Randall, ch of Messiah 44 44
A H Burlingham, Harrow st 44 44
Theodore Parker, 28th cong society 44 44
Henry M Dexter, Pine st cong 44 44
Geo Richards, central cong 44 44
David Tilton, north Chelsea 44
Baxter Dickinson Boston 44
Nathan Dole, cong 44 44
Rollin H Neale, 1st bap
Levi Packard, cog Woonsocket, R I
Beth Bliss Boston Mass
J N Tar box, cong sec am ed society 44 44
8 W Hawks cog sec seaman's fr'd so 44 44
Joseph A Copp, Broadway cong Chelsea 44
Wm M Cornell, orthodox cong, Boston 44
Jno Jackson 44 44 44
J Augustus Adams, n Russell st m e 44 "
Perez Mason, me 44 44
William Howe, bap 44 44
Warren H Cudworth, unitarian e 44 44
Joseph H Clinch, episcopal 44 44
W PApthorp, cong 44 44
Joy H Fairchild, Puyson 44 4?
G F Cox, m e, Hanover st 44 44
J W Alrad, cong 44 44 ,
Rufus W Clarke, cong, e 44 44
C T Barnard, Warren st chapel 44 44
T C Jameson, Trcmont st bap 44 44
Chester Field, me " "
C Wil!berger,chap epis mi saamen,44 44
Thomas B Fox, Indiana st 44 44
Charles 8 Porter, Phillip's ch '4 44
A P Cleverly, universalist 41 44
J G Forman, 44 ? 41 44
James Kimball, cong, Oakham 44
Joseph S Clark, Boston 44
Dorus Clarke, Waltham 44
Jeremiah Day, Yale College, New Haven Con
Theodore D Woolsey, prest Yale Col 44 44
F Wavland, bap, Providence, R I
Mark Hopkins, prest Williamson 44
Edward Hitchcock, Amherst col, Amherst 44
B Labarce, prest col at Middleburg, Vt
R E Pattison, pr't Waterville col, Waterville, Me
Roswell Shurtleff, past charge Dart col, N H
Convers Francis, universalist, Cambridge Mass
George R Noycs, Harvard university, Cam 44
Worthington Smith, con, Burlington, Vt
George Burgoss, Christ ch, Gardiner Ms
Bishop ot* the p e ch 44
Eleazar T Fitch, Yale col, New Haven Con
Nathaniel W Taylor, prof thol Y C, N H 4f
Osmon C Parker, one of the bishops m e ch,
Concord N H
Leonard Woods, cong, Andover, Mase
Edwards A Park, chapel ch, Andover 44
C E Stowc, cong, 44 44
Ralph Einerson, ?*ong, 44 44
E Barrows, theolog sem 44 44
Wm G J Shedd 44 44 4<
Geo Shepard, cong, Bangor, Me
Daniel 1 alcott Smith, cong Baugor 44
Geo E Adams, cong Brunswick "
Wm Smyth, cong 44 44
Egbert C Smyth, cong 44 44
Thomas C Upham, cong 44 "
R D Hitchcock, Bowdon col Brims wick Me
T W Coit, prf eclest hist Trinity col Hartford Con
Joseph Haven, prf of intel and moral phil
osophy Amnest col Mass
Aaron Warner, cong Amherst col 44
W S Tyler, cong " "
J A Nash, cong 44 44
Geo B Jcwitt, cong 44 44
Jno E Tyler, South Windsor Con
Alexis Caswell, Providence R I
Wm A Lamed, cong New Haven Con
Robt Turnbull, 1st baptis Hartford 44
Wm Thompson, East Windsor hill 44
John O Cloules, nor baptist Newport R I
Joel Hawes, 1st cong Hartford Con
Geo Putnan 1st cong Roxbury Mass
Horace Rushwell, north cong Hartford Con
J W Checkering, high street Portland Me
W T Dwight, 3d cong
J J Carruthers, 2d 44
Nathaniel Benton, 1st Concord N H
Andrew Peabody, south cong Portsmouth 44
Leonard Bacon, 1st cong New Haven Con
Alvan Lawson, 1st cong Dedham Mass
Thomas M Clarke, episcopal Hartford Con
J T W Ware, unitarian Cambridge Mass
Brown Emerson, senior pastor of the 3d ch in
Salem 44
Leonard Witbing, 1st cong in Newbury 44
Jno Pierpont, 1st Medford 44
Geo E Ellis, howard Charlestown
Benj Tappan, cong Augusta Me
E B Webb cong Augusta 44
L F Dimmick, cong Newburyport Mass
Wm P Lunt, 1st cong Quincy 44
Wm A Steams, avang Cambridge "
Milton P Brainon, 1st Dan vers 44
John A Alho, shepard Cambridge 44
Samuel M Worcester, tabernacle Salem 44
Wm Newell, 1st parish Cambridge 44
Richard 8 Storrs, 1st cong Braintree 44
8 Syvectser, central Worcester 44
Parsons Cooke, 1st cong Lynn 44
James Flint, sen'r pastor east Salem 44
Eli Ballou univer Montpelier Vt
Elisha L Cleveland, 3d cong New Haven 44
T Edwards, cong New London Con
John 8 Mitchell D D2d meth'st New Haven 44
D H Goodwin, episcopal Hartford "
J L Taylor, theo sem 'ry chapel Andover Mass
A Peters, 1st cong Wiliiamstown 44
8 8 M Greeley, cong Great Barrington 41
Amos Blanchard, kirk st Lowell 44
8 H Taylor, Andover 44
Caleb Stetson, cong South Scituate 44
Wm R Alger, unitarian Roxbury
Willard Cnilds, 1st cong Lowell 44
Geo W Briggs, cong Salem, 44
A Jackson, prof epis Hartford Con
Leonard Swaifi, central cong Providence R I
Samuel Wo loot t high st 44 44
Edward W Hooker, 1st cong South Windsor Con
John Todd, 1st cong Pictsfield . Mass
Albert Hopkins, prof in col Amherst Mass
If H Gaifl&i, "
John Tatlock, 44 44 44
J N Lincoln, 44 "
Lyman Culter, cong Pepperell 44
Sam C Jackson, cong Andover 44
Goo Donham, lit cong Wellfleet Mass
Francis G Pratt, cong Maiden
laaac P Langworthy, cong Chelaeu
Daniel Hart, wealeyan Worthington
Asa Niles, weslyan "
Jonathan Edwards cong Wobarn
J D Farnsmith, Bridge water
Alex J Sessions, Melroke
James P R Walker, Roxbury
A ? Battell, 1st baptist Marshfield
Benj N Bullock, Wealeyan meth'st Dana "
Goo W Tinney, orth cong Haverhill
Isaac D Chapman 1st Cunnington
Willard Holbrook, Lincbrook Ipswich
John L Rusaell, unitarian "
Elder George Kelton, christian Rehoboth "
Elder Otis Bliss, " "
Win Taylor, methodist 3d Norwich Con
Jos M Driver, baptist Salem Maaa ]
Silas Kinney, baptist Boyalston 44 i
D DeWplf, w methodist Leyden "
Geo H Winchester, meth'st epis so Scitoate "
S Salt marsh, unitarian Canton "
Hermrn Lincoln, baptist West Roxbury "
Benj Redford, meth st episcopal Greenwich Con
Edward P Kimball, orth cong Halifax Mass
Daniel L*e, M E Wilbrahara 44
John H Baker, baptist Voluntown Con
A P Mason, baptist Chelsea Mass
L Parker, free baptist Attleborough 44
Joseph W Barron, union North Ashburnham 44
Charles Cleveland, prf epis Ashfield
J L Merrick, orthodox cong Amherst
Rev Charles Chamberlin, cong Auburn 41
Francis C Williams, 1st Andover North
Silas G Randell, cong without charge Ando
Luther H Sheldon, orth cong Townsend
S B Menley, cong Attleboro
Jonathan Crane, 2d cong '4
Henry S Greene, B V union society Andover "
Win T Briggs, evangelical Andover
Alfred Goldsmith, 2d cong Abington
Nathaniel Gunnison, unver'st " "
James W Ward, 1st " "
J Jay Dana cong Adams
N J Norton, bapt 44 "
James Monroe Bacon, Unipn, Amesbury Mass
O D Miller, univerealist, Adams
David Oliphant* cong, Andover
Isaac C White, orthodox cong, Abington
W H Abden, baptist, Attleboro 44
C Nelson Whitman, meth epis, New Ashford "
Rufus King, Amesbury mills "
Miles Santord, baptist, Adams "
Charles W Word, orthodox cong, Ashley "
N Medbery, baptist, " "
Albert Paine, cong, Amesbury
B P Byram, baptist, Amesbury
R Crawford, cong, N Adams "
S Woodbury, cong, Freetown 44
Geo E Fisher, north cong, Amherst 44
Pastor Benjamin Dodge, or cong, Acton 44
Wm P Brown, cong, Andover "
C H Pierce, west cong, 44
Otis Con vase, baptist, Athol 44
Ebenezer Burt, 44 ,4 44
Cyrus L Eastman, m e, Ashburnham
J D Crosbey, cong, 44
F A Fisher, 44 " 44 ,i
Josiah W Brown, union, north Ashburnham 44 4|
John FNorton, evangelical, Athol 41 'I
S F Clarke,
| Crawford Nightingale, evang, Groton 44
Horace D. Walker, 3d cong or, Abington 41
W H Watson, baptist, Acton
Wm M Thayer, or cong, Ashland 44
Wm H Gilbert, cong, Ashfield "
David Todd, m e, Amherst 41
C L Woodworth, 2d cong, Amherst 4<
S H Amsden, baptist, Ashfield "
Vannum Lincoln, universalist, Andover 41
A K Packard, 1st cong, Yarmouth 41
J U Parsons, Wyannisville cong, Barnstable "
Andrew McKeonn, m e, New Bedford 41
C M Nickels, cong, Barre 41
Jonas Scott, Wealeyan methodist, Blackston 41
Jos Warren Cross, conr, West Boyleston "
Frederic Augustus Whitney, 1st cong, uni
tarian, Brighton 44
E W Coffin, universalist, Beverly "
Edwin P Eddy, baptist, 44 "
C T Thayer, 1st church, " "
A B Rich, Washington Bt, " 41
Jas M Worcester, m e, West Bridgewater 41
Edmund M Tappan, Waterford, Blackston 41
Asaph Morrison, baptist, Bolton ?'
R S Pi'ue, umversallst, Barnstable *'
Joseph T Massey, baptist, Bellingham "
John S Stone, St Paul's epis, Brookline 4
J Perkins, union, Braintree and Weyworth 4
Phineas Fish, cotint, Barns 4
James Thompson, cong 1st, Bixrro 4
William Read, 3d baptist, Barnstable ?
N Monroe, cong, Bradford 4
Timothy Stowe, pacific cong, New Bedford 4
Frederick Upham, me, 44 '
Moses Hom, christian, " '
A G Comings, 44 14 4
Jas Taylor, middle st c 44
James "Mather, me, "
John Weiss, 1st cong soc (unita) " '
John Girdwood, baptist, 44 4
E T Fletcher, elm st m e, 44 4
A Eldridge, north cong, 44
Charles E Hodges, unitarian, Barre 4
W W Hebbard, 1st cong, unita, Bernardston 4
G L Baker, baptist, " 4
Randall Mitchell, methodist, 4! 4
Horace Smith, 44 ??
James D FarnswOrth, Scotland, Bridgewater 4
Geo Daland, baptist, Braintree '
Arthur Swazey, evg cong, Brighton '
Rev Edward W Dunbar, me, New Bedford '
llev Lewis Bates, eld m e, Taunton, '
Wm H Stetson, 44
Wm A Houghton, 1st church, Berlin 1
Thomas T Stone, cong, Bolton
S M Vine, prot epis, Blackstone
Charles Nason, me,"44
Timothy C Tingley, baptist, West Boylston 1
Jonas M Clark, m e, West Brookfiela
Charles J Hsinsdale, cong, Blandford
Marvin Leffingwsll, me,
Judah Crosby, 1st m e, 44
John Fiske, cong, New Braintree,
Jos Abbott, dane st cong, Beverley
William S Coggin, cong, Boxford
A W Carr. baptist, Beverley
James B Weeks, m e, Barnstable
Charles L Mills, pastor ch, West Bridgewater
David Perry, cong, Brookfield
J K Beagg, 44 44
J B Bigelow,methodist,44
S S Hunting, unitarian,"
J D Perrinans, 41 44
C H Norton, cone, North Becket
Wm P Hammond, or cong, South Braintree
Phik) B Wilcox, union ch, East Bridgewater
Joshua Davis, m reformed, Brewster
Austin F Herrick, m c, Buckland
JGD Stearns, orthodox, Billerica
A B Smith, cong, Buckland
E P Palmer, rector Trinity, Bridgewater
Dauiel C Bent, 1st cong, New Bedford
Russel ABalton, 1st cong, West Bridgewater 14
F N Knapp, 1st cong so unitarian, Brookline "
To!ver Whitmore, pastor 1st cong, Becket
Jason Moore, cong, Brimfield
James W Macomber, m e, Great Barrington
Philander Wallingford, North Brookfield
C Cushing. 1st cong, 44
Thomas Snell, cong, 14
Rev C Bray. 5id baptist, New Bedford
E Kelley, 1st baptist, New Bedford
Rev Jas" Simmons, Zion m e, 44
Davis T Shailer, baptist, Becket
Calvin E Park, ov cong, West Rexford
David Brigham, unitarian cong, Bridgewater
Eli Moodey, cong, Burlington
Paul Coucn, trinity cong, N Bridgewater
Lucius Root Eastman, trinita'n cong, Beverly
Watson Meire Smith, Brookline
T B Hayward, New Jerusalem, 44
Jas J McCollom, 1st ch in Bradford
Wm H Sanford, cong trin, Boylston
Jacob G Miller, Houaatonic cong, Great
Erastos Benton, m e, N Bridgewater
C A Bradley, universalist, Brewster,
Nathaniel O Chaffer, unitarian 44
Baalis Sanford, trinitarian, E Bridgewater
J. H. Phipps, 1st cong, ,4
Franklin Gantt, m e, Tisbury
Robt McGonegal, 44 Chilmark
Jos Osgood, 1st cong, Cohaaset
E A Stockman, independent, Cummington
J Gifford, universalist, 44
C M Bowers, baptist, Clinton
T William Lewis, in, 44
Isaac J P Collyer, m e, Cambridge
William Rice, m, Chicopee
R K Bellancy, baptist, "
Harvey Crawley, " Charelmont
Geo A Oviatt, 3d cong, Chicopee
Warren Lincoln, baptist, 44
J C Lovejoy, cong, Cambnd(r?
A J Davis, f w baptist, Amesbury
Wm Penticost, m e, Charlemont
John Lawrence, cong er, Carlisle,.
D M Knaper, 1st univerealist, Chatham
Wm S Steed ley, m e, Chariest? wn
J M Mace, baptist, Carver
Win J Buddingtoi#lst ok, Charlestown Mass
Beni Tappan.jr, Winthrop, "
Stillman rratt, cong, Carver
Edwin G Adama, unitarian cong, Templeton
R J Livermore, unitarian, Clinton
s H Hinklejy Pitt at chapel, Boaton
O Reynolds, 3d ch, Wdet Roxbury
W H Hatch, m e, Cambridge,
Francia Horton, orthodox, W Cambridge
Geo Garnnett ." 44
Stetson Raymond 44 Bridgwater
Artemaa B "Muzzy, Lee at, Cambridge
Joa L Bennett, cong, "
Fred W Holland, unitarian, 44
Nathaniel Cobb, Chilmonk cong, Chilmonk
David Breed, jr, 1st cong, Cheater
Samuel W Barnum, cong, Chesterfield
E H Rage, Bunkor Hill, Charlestown
B F Clark, pastor or cong, N Chelmford
John Pryor, baptist, Old Cambridge
A F Spalding, 2d baptist, Cambridge East
H Hutchins, baptist, Charleatown
J W Parker, 1st baptist, Cambridge
A U Swinerton, in e, Chatham
James Thurston, Allen at cong, Cambridge
Aaron Foster, cong, E Charleinont
Frederic A Reed, 3d cong, Cohaaaet
Wm Stowe, baptist, Coleraine
David H Sherman, m e, Chicopee Falls
Wm Wright, cong orthodox, Chicopee
John Hanner,. do Charlton
E A Manning, m e, Charlestown
James Shepard, do do
Geo M Adams, trinitarian cong, Conway
Chaa A Skinner, univerealist, Cambridge
Joseph Marsh, m e
Edward S Best, m e, Chester Factories
Theodore J Clark, village, Cummington
Solomon Clark, orthodox, Canton
Thoa Whittemore, universalist, Cambridge
Rev F S Parke, baptist, Cheshire
N S Dickinson, cong, Chatham
Wm S Ballou, universalist, Cheshire
S H Hancock, m e, do
Eli B Clark, 1st cong, Chicopee
E Nute, jr, 1st unitarian, do
L H Angier, trinitarian, Concord
Barzillai Frost, unitarian do
Geo S Stock well, baptist, Calhiam
M K Cross, 1st cong, S Deerfield
Josiah Mooro, 1st cong unitarian, Duxbury
David S Mason, wesleyan, East Douglass
W D Jones, m e, Douglas
F Augustus Wellard, south baptist, Danvera
H Richards, 1st baptist, Dorchester
John F Moors, 1st ch, Deerfield
Alfred E Ives, or cong, do
Moses M Collum, cong, Dedham
Wm T Anderson, 2d christian, Dartmouth
Jeremiah L Hanaford, m e, Dorchester
John Keep, orthodox cong, Dana,
James U Putnam, universalist, Danvera
John Tasker, m e, Duxbury
Ralph Sanger, congregational, Dover
Wm Allen, evan cong, Dracut
Ezra Newton, pr cong or, Degbton
John English, m e, Dracut
J Brown, baptist, Dartmouth
Wm M Hubbard, m e, S Deerfield
Joseph Barber, 1st universalist, Dudley
Richard Pike, 3d religious society, Derchester
-Nathaniel Hall, cong, do
James W Lathrop, 9th baptist, do
Stephen Cuahing, me do
Stephen G Balfinch, 3d unitarian, do
James H Mears, 2d church, do
Jeremiah Chaplin, baptist, Dedham
Ebenezer Fisher, universalist, South Dedham
J M Stanton, wesleyan m, Dennia
Abraham Gishee, cong, Deghton
J C Thacher, cong, South Dennis
W A Mandell, or cong, Dartmouth
Wm B Stowe, m e, Dudley
D Adams, cong, Dunstable
Nathan P Philbrook, m e, Deerbnrv
Isaac Dunham, Wesleyan m, Duxbury
Wm R. Tisdale, Wesleyan m, Dennis
Howard Dunham, m e, Dedham
James Fletcher, cong, Danvera
James Haskell, orthodox, Dover
Daniel T Noyes, village ch, Dorchester
J D Mavnard, East Douglas, Douglas
Brown Emerson, cong, Dracut
Josiah W Talbot, universalist, Danvera
Wm Gordon, me,
Aaron W Chaffin, let bap,
David Kilborn,m e, Enfield
Luther Sheldon, evan cong, Easton
Wm A WMiwell, unitarian, **
Wm Reed,
Rev Lewis Holmes, bap, Edgertown ?
A M Col ton, lat ch congor, Eaathampton
Thoma? D Blake, m e, East ham
Ebenezer Chase, cong, 44
Cephas Pasco, bap, Egremont
Elias Clark, cong, 44
Robert McEwen, cong, Enfield
J B Gould, m e, Edgarton
Robert Crowell, cong, Essex a
John Prince, universalist, Essex
Wm H Sturtevant, Spring at cong, Tiabury
J Ellis Gould, 1st bap, WTisbury ?
J L Whittemore, bap, Long Plain, Fairhaven
Syrus Mann, cong, North Falmouth
Richard Livesay, me, Fairhaven
Samuel Tupper, m e, Fitchburg
G B Willcox, cong, "
Horatio Stibbins, unitarian "
John Jennings, bap,
Samuel Hunt, cong, Framingham
William C Child, bap, 44
John W Merrell, mo, "
Elihu Grant, m.e, Fall River
Jacob Roberts, first cong* Fairhaven
R Donkersley, m e, South Fairhaven
David Patten, me, Fall River
E Davis, trin cong, Fitchburg
H Slade, universalist, Foxboro
Jehn M Merrill, m e, Franklin
Silas Ripley, bap, Foxboro
Rev Horace Pratt, 2d or cong, East Fal
mouth, Falmouth
Henry B. Hooker, cong, Falmouth
Alexander C Child*, cong, East Falmouth
E Thomston, central cong, Fall River
John Hobart, St Paul's m e, "
B S Fanton, christian, "
J C Bod well, Hollis evan, Framingham .
Wm Bogart, baptist, Florida
Josiah K Waite, unitarian, Fall River
Asa Bronson, 2d baptist,
Jacob R Scott, 1st baptiat, "
B H Davis, universaliat, "
Emery M Porter, opis ascen, 44
B G Northrop, Edwards's cong, Framingham
Levi Wheaton, cong, Gloucester
Junois L Hatch, 1st evan cong, Gloucester
George E Chapman, m e, "
George C Partridge, 2d cong, Greenfield
Thomas W Brown, unitarian, Grafton
A D Mayo; 2d ch, Gloucester
G D Crocker, baptist, Groton South
Edward F Brooks, cong, Gill; )
Josiah W. Cummings, senior pastor $
Jarvis Wilson, m e, Grafton
Rev George D Felton, baptiat, Granville
W F Lacount, m e, Gloucester
Amasa Brown, baptist, Gardner
R K Ashley, '? 44
George J Sanger, elen st min, Gloucester
William Leverett, 2d baptist, Grafton
Samuel Brimbleoom, universalist "
W Burrows, orthodox, Grantville
Edward P Blodge.tt, cong, Greenwich
Joseph Smith, 1st baptist, Grafton
Thomas C Biscoe, evan cong, ?'
W F Nelson, 1 baptist, Greenfield
Lewis Fiah, m, *'
A Chandler, first church, "
Abijah Stowell, evan cong, Gardner
J C Paine, 1st cong, ??
S E Pierce, baptist, Gloucester
Isaac Branon, cong, Georgetown
John M Prince, ir, cong, "
Thomas H Rood, cong, Goshen
Edwin A Buckley, or cong, Groton
Edwin Seabury, north church, Gloaceater
Gardner B Perry, cong, Groveland
Daniel W Pickard, ??
David A Wesson, independent 14
Timothy M Cooley, cong, Granvilla
G B Williams, baptist, Kingston
J Peckham, cong,
Timothy Davis, cong, 44
Robert Southgate, first chnrch, Ipswick
John W Dadmun, me,
Daniel Fitz, south cong, orthodox "
Joa Richardiaon, unitarian cong, Hingham
Benj N Harris, baptist, Halifax
Wm Leach, baptist, South Hanson
Simeon Miller, cong, Holyoke
A Graves, cong. Heath
Milo Tracy, baptiat, Heath
Chas Tenney, North Haverhill and Plaiston
G W H Clark, m e, Haverhill
Henry Plummer, advent, 44
Arthur S Train, 1st bap, 44
Saml D. Rook wood, orthodox cong, Hanson
James French, 2d baptist, Helyoke
J H Mordough, cong, Hamilton
Richard Knight, 2d cong, Holyoke
P K Clark, cong, Hinsdale
J C. Webster, cong, Hopkinton
Elmer Hewitt, univer, Hanson
Thomas Spilated, e in, Haunch
J T Tucker, orthodox cong, Holliston
! T Pettee, m e, Hopkinton
W H Beaman, 2 cong, Hadley
A P Viets, bap, Hancock,
W A Clapp, m, Hardwick
Gardner Rice, ra, "
ACPa^e, cong, Holland
Win Goodwin, bap, Hinadalo
James M Whipple, bap, Hinsdale
Moeee Curtis, bap, Hopkinton
Asa Farwell, 3 cong, Haverhill
Washington Gilbert, unitarian, Hanrard
James Bamaby, bap, Harwich
Rollin S Stone, Payson ch, E Hampton
Mark Carpenter, 1 bap, Holyoke
M Hale Wilder, cong, Harwich
Leonard S Parker, winter st cong, Haverhill
B F Hosford, cen cong,
Wales Lewis, east cong, "
H Seymour, orthodox cong, Hawley
Samuel Cuttler, p e, Hanover ^
Abel G Duncan, cong, "
Addison Browne, 2 bap, "
Cliafles M Willard, bap, Harvard
Stillman Barber, cong unitarian, Hubbardston
Freeman Q. Barrows, mo,
C W Allen, orthodox ceng,
C Y Swift, cong, so Hadley
Roswoll Hawks, " "
Rowland Ayres, 1 cong, "
Jno Wood bridge, Rum>ell, Hadley
Jas W Ford, univer, Holyoke
E Porter Dyer, evan cong, Hiiitfliain
Porter H Snow, 2 cong, so Hadley
Jared O Knapp, 1 cong, Hatfield
H H Smith, m e, Hinsdale
John Nichol, univer, Holliston
Daniel Webb, m, Hingham
Robt Gould, m, "
Martyn Tapper, cong, Hardwich
Oliver Stearns, 3 cong, Hingham
Jonathan Telson, bap, 44
Samuel B Shaw, e, Lmesboro'
Wm Coe, unitarian, Leicester
John H Rouse, e, "
John Nelson, sr, cong, 44
A C Denison, jr, 44 44
Luther Walcott, 1 cong, Dymfield
F E Cleaves, bap, Littleton
George Packard, Grace ch, Lawrenee
Henry M Storrs, Laurence st cong, Lawrence
Bichard S Rust, Haverhill st m e,
G P Ramsey, Freewill bap,
H F Harrington, unitarian,. "
E Winchester Reynolds, 2 univer, Lynn
Isaac Hosford, city missionary, Lowell
Fotrris Moore, bap, so Lee
J R Johnson, univer, Laurence
Chas Packard, evan ch, Lawcaster
Horatio Wood, Free chapel, Lowell
Thomas Slater, me, "
Augustus Woodbury, 2 unitarian, Lowell
Moses A Howe, me,
Henry V Degen, 1 m e, "
Amory Gale, bap, Lee
Nathan Gale, cong, Lee
Geo Phippen, bap, Tyringham
F Moore, bap, Lee
-Thos A Hall, cong, Lee
E W Barrows, christian ch, Lakeville
Edward S Dwight, 1 cong, Amherst
T Laurie, evan cong, w Roxbury
Samuel P Babcock, rector St Paul's ch, p a,
Daniel H Babcock, 2 cong, Plymouth
Edwin Leonard, 2 evan cong, Milton
N Stutson, m e, Lynn
W C JenkBon, orthodox cmg, Lincoln
Amos Smith, 1 cong, unitarian, Loominster
Lorenzo D Barrows, m e, Lowell
SerenoHowe,3 bap, "
Thomas Williams, wn methodist, Leicester
Calvin Chapman, cong, Lakeville
Wm B Olds, m e, Lercester
Daniel Steele, m e, Lynn
Mark Staple, me, "
Aaron Luinmers, wesleyanm, Lynn
Ariel P Chute, cong, so Lynnfield
S J Boney, s advent, Lynn
J W Hallam, prot epis, "
A C Manson, m e, Lawrence
E G Brooks, 1 univer, Lynn
Jno W Harding, cong. Long Meadow
Sanford Law ton, cong, "
Wm E Boies, cong, 44
Albanus K Mouiton, freewill bap, LoweJl
A M Swain, bap, Leominster
Z A Madge, me, "
W G Babcock, unitarian, Lunenburg,
Edwin R Hodgman, evan cong, "
Wm Cooper Foster, cen cong, Lkwrence
Arte mas, W Sawyer, 1 bap, 44
John V Ambler, bap, Lanesboro'
Kinsman Atkinson, m e, Lunenburg
Timothy, Cole, 1 chris ch, Lawrence
Simeon Swett, minister at large of Lawrence
BenjWhitemore, univer, Lancaster
J S Dennis, 2 univer, Lowell
David Eastman, cong, Leverett
Luther W Peck, m e, Lee
David Killerill, m e, Long Meadow
Wm E Dixon, 2 cong, " *
Wm C Richards, bap, Lynn
Eden B Foster, John st, Lowell
Geo Darling, appleton st ch, Lowell
Joseph H Towne, 44 44
David Richards, m e, Lynn
Loranus Crowcll, me,"
Charles Noble, m e, "
Archibald Campbell Foss m e, Lenox
Chauncey Eddy, cong, Lanesboro
J W Tuck, 1st " Ludlow
Foronda Bestor, pas bap e Longmeadow
Baxter, Newton, 44 Leverette
Ira Leland, " Lexington
Nathan S Clarke, m, Marion
Horatio Alger, unitarian, Marlborough
O Cunningham, bap, Middlefield
John H Morison, 1st cong, Milton
Benj Huntoon, unitarian, Marblehead
D r Livermore, univer, Maiden
Levi A Field, cong, Marlboro'
Jonathan D Bridge, m o, Maiden
Sam'l A Cashing, " Shrewsbury
D W Stevens, unitarian, Mansfield
A Shurtleff, m e, Middlefield
Joseph Snelling, m prot, Methuen
Nathaniel Hare, e cler late of Westfield, N Y
8 P Snow, wes m, Newton Mass
Jas T Woodbury, or con*, Milford
Edw A Lawrence, cong, Marblehead
Wilson R Parsons, m prot, Melrose
Wm C High, m e, 44
R T Searle, 1st cong, New Marlboro'
Lucius Holmes Sippican, Marion
Thos E Bliss, cong or, North Middleboro'
R Taylor, cong, Manchester
S Field, grace e, Melford
David Sanford, village ch, Medway
Thos T Richmond, 2d cong, Medfield
Jno O Means, 1st ch ofChr, East Medway
H W Morse, 3d ch society, ? "
Luther Bailey, minister at large
Jacob Ide, 2d cong,
E S Messinger, bap,
Aaron C Adams, cong. Maiden
Henry Adams, cong, Chelsea
Leander E Wakefield, bap, Peltonville, Marl
Thoe P Treadwell, me,
Mortimer Blake, orthodox cong, Mansfield
Jno C Phillips, " Methuen
P F Branson, bap,
Edw K Fuller, 1st bap, Medford
I^eander Cobb, cong, Marion
E P Marvin, 2d cong, Medford
J A Hood, ev cong, Middletown
Isaac Smith, m e,Milford
D H Plumb, univer, "
Jas H Merville, 1st cong, Montague
T S Brown, ref m, Middlebora'
Sam'l Howe, cong, Monterev
Oliver P Farrington, m e, Marehneld
Willard Smith, m, Millbury
Jno S Day, m e, Mendon
Wolcome Lewis, bap, Manafield
William Foster, m prot, *'
Geo G Fairbanks, bap, Medfield
Rushton D Burr, unitarian, ''
Lyman Maynard " . Milford
vJeorgo W Patch, bap, Marblehead
George Leonard, 2d cong soc, Marahncld
J Burloi^h Hunt, m e, Monument
Erastus Andrews, bap, Montague
Jared Bracket, wes m, Marshfield
Ebsnezer Alden, jr., cong* Marsh field
James W Russell, bap, Milford
Henry A Eaton, univer? "
GeoWSUcy, " "
Jos J Locke, " Haverhill
Albert A Cook, m, Milford
N Beach, 1st cong, Millbury
Alfred Ely, cong, Menson
Chas P Kittredge, cong, "
John Paulson, m, " M
James Tufts, principal of academy, IWonson
8 Bonne, jr., cong,
8idney Holman, do Millbury
Lawrence Griggs, , do
E T Tucker, 1st bap, dp
Geo F Danforth Manchester
Isaac W Putnam, 1st ch, Mtddlsbora
Albert K Teele, 1st ev, MUtoa
Robt Huu.ll, unitarian, Mendon Mass
Lorenzo Tandy, 1st bap, Middleboro' "
Otia Lombard, eong, New Marlboro' **
Chu Fannan, bap, North Barre "
Geo Dunbar, m e, Newburyport "
Jacob Stevens, do do "??
Hollia Kendall, do do "
John L Treft'en, db do 44
Wra Hutchinga, do do 44
James Wilham, do do 44
J MeGinley, do do 44
WmM Bickncll, lat unitarian, Newton 44
H fl Codler, ni, Northfield 44
J no L Eltey, m e, Northbridge 44
Emmons Partridge, univer. Natick "
Franklin Holmes, trin cong, Norton 44
Andrew Curwell, St Mary s, Newton 44
Benj J Lane, 1st bap, Newburyport 44
"I1!S ? Cleveland, cong, Northampton ? 44
J S Cuahman, m, , do 44
Wm Allen, cong. do 44
Jno B Hubbard, epis, do 44
Thos Marqy, m, * do 44
Gordon Hall, cong, do 44
S S Smith, do do 44
Geo S ingersoll, unitarian, do 44
D M Crane, bap, do 44
** Wayward, orth cong, New Salem 44
Amos Webster, bap, Newton ii
M E White, cong, Northampton, . 44
Wm R Clark, m-e, Nahant 44
Wm Baits, orth cong, Northbridge 44
Edward Stone, a cong, Natick 44
Ethan Allen, St Paul's, Nantucket 44
Micah J Talbott, me, 'do 44
B Judkins, jr., orth coug, do 44
Samuel L Turber, 1st cong. Newton Centre 44
D R Barrister, m e, Newton 44
Sam'l S Ashley, cong, Northboro' /"
J Q A Edgell, orth cong, West Newburg 44
John Greene, bap, Norwich 44
Brutus Judd, m e, Newburyport 44
Geo F Clark, unitarian, Norton 44
TVnney, l?t unitarian, Northfield 44
Dan 1 C Frost cong or, Northfield * 44
Jno C. Fifield, Fair st, Nantucket 44
Chan J Bowen, unitarian, New Bedford 44
Wheelock Craig, 44 ?< <<
Geo G Channing, 44 Needham 44
Sam 1 G Spalding, Whitefield, Newburyport 44
Jno G Richardson, Green at bap <4 44
Elias Nason, congl, Natick 44 <?
C L McCurdy, me44 ?? ??
Lyman Gilbert, or cong, Newton 44
f rancis F Tenney, Bayfield, Newbury 44
Jos Allen, 1st cone, Northboro - ? 44
T Walker, cong, Norwick 44
R Foster 44 Waltham 44
Dan'l T Fiske, Belleville cong, Newburyport 44
Earl Gtiilford, univer, Orleans 44
Henry A Austin, cong, Otis 44
Wm A Braman, m e, Oxford 44
Levi Ballou, univer, Orange 44
Horatio Bardwell, 1st cong, Oxford 44
Jacob White, cong, Orleans 44
Benj F Clarke, north cong, Orange 44
David Peck, cong, 44 ??
Albert Tvler, univer, Oxford 44
Joseph Hodges, jr, bap* 44 (north) 44
Rev W Webster, Belden, 2d cong, Palmer 44
A F Arthur, m 44 44
William Phipps, or Cong, Paxton, 44
A D Williams, freewill Dap, Pawtucket 44
Levi H Wakeman, three rivers bap, Palmer 44
Jas Kendall, sr pastor, 1st ch, Plymouth 44
H L Myrick, colleague, 44 44 44
J Shepardson, Bap clergyman, of Petersham 44
John Jay, Putnam, cong unitarian, 44 44
A E P Perkins, cong, Phillipston 44 44
A. B. Foster, orthodox, 44 44
Sylvester Hine, 1st cong, Palmer 44
Wm Levesey, m e, Provincetuwn 44
James E Crawford, Pleasant st, bap, Nan
tucket <?
Chas Babbidge, cong unitarian, Pepperell 44
Simon Putnam, m e, Princeton 44
Ebenezer F Newell, m e, Spencer 44
D B Bradford, cong, Plainneld 44
Henry Clark, Bap, Pittsfield 4?J
Sam'l A Collins, bap, Palmer 44/
Sam'l Harris, So st cong, Pittsfield 44
Robt J Parvin, epis ch, 44 44
Lemuel Porter, bap, 44 44
Cyrus Prindle, wesn metli, 44 44
Dow, 44 Providence, RI
H Humphrey, cong.
B Howley, m e, Pittsfield 44
SamU Harrison, 2d cong, Pittsfield 44
J C Goodridge. m e, 44 44
Constantine Blodgett, cong, Pawtucket 44
Jonah Hifgin.;? e, ProV&cetown
John Ricketta, m e, Phillipton 44
Wm L Stearns, cong, Pembroke 44
R Tomlinson, univer, Plymouth 44
Sam'l L Lamberson, cong, Pittsfield, Mass
Chas Livingston, cong, Plympton 44
M Webster, m e, Plymouth 44
Moses Chase, m e, 44 44
A Harvey, bap, 44 44
Benj F Sprague, m e, Pittston Me
Mark Trafton, m e, Maf-n
Wm W Dean, univer, Quincey 44
A D Sargeant, m, 44 " ?
Nelson Clark, evan cong 44 44
Henry Wickes, or cong, Princeton 44
Aug B L Arnold, unitarian, Rockport 44
Ebenezer W Bullon, 1st cong, Royalston 44
E W Harrington, cong, Rochester 44
J C Carpenter bap, Russell 44
Jno Pike, cong, Rowley 44
Wakefield Gale, cong, Rockport 44
W H Rider, univer, Roxbury 44
Dan'l W Philips, bap oh, So Reading 44
Ezekiel Russell, cong ch Eut Randolph 44
Geo Carpenter, bap, Rowe 44
Sumner Lincoln, unitarian, Rowe 44
Jno A Gibson, wesn meth, Rockport 44
Reuben Emerson, cong, So Reading 44
Dana Clayes 44 44 44
Joseph D Hull 44 44 44
Wm Heath, bap, 44 44
Robt Carver, lBt cong 44 44
Alex H Sweet, Savoy bap, Plainfield 44
Geo Goodyear, or cong, so Royalston, 44
Edmund B Wilson, 1st cong, West Roxbury 44
Benj Wheeler, bap, Randolph 44
Jno Wayland, rector, St James ch, Roxbury 44
Daniel Leach, 44 44
F Jones, m e, N Reading 44
C M Cordley, 1st cong, Randolph 44
Jeremiah Pomeroy, Trinitarian cong, Rowe 44
Asa C Bronson, bap, No Reading 44
Lyman Whitney, old south cong, Reading 44
Julius S Shailer, bap, Roxbury 44
Enoch Sanford, n cong, Raynnam 44
Thomas D Anderson, Dudley st bap, Roxbury 44
Chas P Grosverred, cong, Rehoboth 44
Alonzo H. Quint, mat orth cong West Rox
bury <4
Christopher Marsh, Wost Roxbury 44
T N Jones, cong, N Reading 44
Wm Henry Beecher, cong, Reading 44
John E Hood, bap, N Tewksbury 44
R Jeraulct Clapman, universalis!, We at
Townsend ??
Sam'lHopkinsEmery, Winslow ch,Taunton 44
a ?*? oree' cong unitarian, Tyngsboro 44
S J M Lord, cong, Tauro 44
Plinv Wood, m e, Townsend 44
Nath'l Richardson, cong, East Taunton 44
Jacob Coggin, cong, Tewksbury 44
Sam'l Cole, cong. West Tisbury 44 |
Letter Williams, jr, bap, West Townsond
r G Brown, bap, 44
Wm Kiellen, m e, Truro 4
Anthony V Dimock, Baptist, Templeton 4
Anson McLoud, cong, Topsfield 4
i?*?* B Hinckley, m e, Truro
b W Noble, cong Truro Mass
Thco Wm Snow, St Thomas, Taunton
Alvan Cobb, 1st cong 44 <<
Richard Solman, cong, Tewksbury 44
Chu Wellington, 1st cong, Templeton 44
l^ewis Sabin, trinitarian, 44 44
Tappan H Batcheler, freewill bapt, Taunton, 44
John 8 Brown, universe list, ? 44 44
* Champion, m e, Tyringham 44
A t Bailey, m e, Topsfield 44
Erastus Maultby, trin cong, Taunton 44
Andrew Pollard, baptist 44 44
George M Carpenter, me 44 44
Carlos Marston, univeraalist, Yarmouth 44
Jno W Willett, mo 44 44
^ B Bagnall, m e, Shrewsbury 44
Jno Fleming, unitarian, Sherborn -4
Uevi Brigham, c6ng, Saugus ?4
Wm Withington, CJhriat^' 44
J** Tiadale, cong, Shuteabury, 44
LO Wert Sutton, 44
bap, Shutesbury 44
^ P Wilds, bap, Southwick 44
Daniel W Faunce, Somerville 44
Augustus R Pope, 1st cong, 44 "
Wm C Whitcomb, cong, Stoneham 44
Jno Holbrook, bap, 44 <?
Henrv Jewell, universalist, 44 44
Jno Robson, prot meth 44 ?
Fiske Barrett, unitarian, Scituate 44
Geo Bnrnliam, me 44 44
Alfred Wp**hioll, jr, cong, Stockbridge 44
Webster, m e, Spencer 44
"* Bee be, cong, Sten bridge 44
arn,> Southbridgs 44
D Sherman, meth, 44 44
J W Lawton, univ, "
Jno Noon, narth, . M n ?
Winthrop H Phelps, cong, Stockbridge
George Uhler, " ?
T Prentiss Allen, uniUri&n, Sterling
Daniel Wight, jr, lit trin cong, Scituate
Amos E Lawrence, 3d cong, So Britain,
Southbury, ? *!?nn
Sereno D Clark, cong, Sunderland
Edgar H Gray, bap, Shelburoe Falls
W M Guilford, pastor bap, Sterling .
R W Allen, m e, Saugus
Richard C Stone, w m, Sherburn
J B Clark, or cong, ??
Jno W. Lee, m e, Sutton
Reuben Bates, unitarian, Stowe
D M Elwood, pilgrim evang, Southboro
Addison Parker, bap, Stowbridge
Albert Perry, 1st cong, Stoughton
N W Williamson, cong, Shrewsbury
J C Morrill, bap, Somerset
C V Spear, evangelical, Sudbury
Jno H Gay lord, m e, "
Thos R Pynchon, epis, Stockbridge
Edmund Dowse, or cong, Sherborrte
N Mar Williams, Perkins st bap, Somerville
Chales Lothrop, 1st cong, Sterling
Thos Borden, universalist, Sandwich
Giles Pease, puritan cong, "
I jew is H Shaw, 1st cong, Sudbury
James O.Barnoy, cong, Seekonk
Mylon Merriam, bap, Sharon ?
E H Hatfield, ine, Somerset
B F Summerbell, christian, "
Alex Lorimer, bap, Seekonk
Benj Twasey, 2d advent, West Ainesbury
Aaron Pickett, cong, Sandisfield
James J Thatcher, Dap, Swansea
Lorenzo Whit?, m e, Stouriiton
L R Phillips, orth cong, Sharon
Benton Smith, universalist, Shirley
Geo W Butler, bap
Goo Wt Kilton, christian, Salisbury
J N Shaffer, m e, Sheffield
Gep Lyman, orth cong, Sutton
David Culver, m e
Geo W Wallace, union, Seekonk -
W T Child, Christ, Springfield
Henry M Field, 1st church, West Springfield
Henry Cooley, cong,
Ralph Perry, cong, ?
Thos Dowhng, bap, M
M Dwight, m e, ((
S G Buckingham, south cong, ()
R H Seeley, cong,
Ephraim Scott, m e, West Springfield
Geo W Green, m e, '
H B Elliott, 4th cong, Springfield
Fales H Newhall, m e,
Geo B Isle, bap
Francis Tiffany, 3d cong, ^
James Osgood, cong,
Jas W Thompson, independ cong, Salem
Dexter Clapp, east,
J E Dwinell, 3d cong,
Lemuel Osier, advent,
E W Allen, cong,
W H Eaton, 2d bap
C W Reading, 2d bap, Beverly
Geo Leeds, St Peters, Salem
Robt C Mills,| 1st bap, ?'
Michael Carlton, bethel, "
Abraham D Merrill, m e, "
O B Frothingham, north unitarian,
JamesM Hoppin, Crombri st
Henry Sullings, south christ, New Bedford,
George H Elaridge, "
Samuel Clark, 1st cong, Uxbridge
J J Abbott, evan con, "
J E Farwell, cong, South Yarmouth
J H Wells, orth cong, Yarmouth
E Smalley, union, Worcester ? .
W T Streeser, chap Worcester county jail
J N Moers, zion meth, Worcester, ^
N T. Bent, prot epis, ''
T W Higginson, free, m
Daniel EChapin, m e,
Chas R Colver, Pleasant st. bap,
Ed E Hall, ch of the Trinity "
Geo Bushnell, Salem st.,
Joseph Lewis, m e,
Phineas Crandall, me,
John G Adams, univer
Alonzo Hill, 2d cong 44
Nath Bcmis, m e, Wareham
Jason Wells, m e, Wert Stockbridge
A P Marvin, cong, Winchendon
John Storrs, 1st cong, ch
Geo T Hill, unitarian, Ware
T J Colton, cong, "
N S Spaulding, meth, "
Ed W Root, 1st cong, Williamsburg .
John Bowes, cong, Wilbraham
Geo M Steelo, m e, Warren
S Bryant, cong, West Stockbridge f
N P Gray, m e, Dalton
J H Northup, or cong, ch Warren
John Ferguson, at Am tract so, for N II & \ t
Jona S Judd, 2d cong, Whately
David A Strong, mont cong, South Deerfield
C N Seymorn, 1st con, Wnately
John Alden, baptist, Westfield
Emerson Davis, cong
David M. Colburn, 1st cong, Ware
O H White, cong, Westminister
Quincey Whiting, univ
Ebem L Clark, cong, Washington
Homer Parsons, cong, Wareham
Jos Rickcr, baptist, Woburn
Jeremiah Taylor, cong, Wareham
Joshua Emery, first, Weymouth
J E Swallow, cong, Wilmington
Lewis F. Clarke, cong, Whitinsville
Henry Allen, ovang, trin, Wavlaud
John Whitney, trin cong, Waltham
Thomas F. Fales, Christ cli
Geo Browler, m e, Watertown
C H Topliff, baptist, Weston
Wm L Ropes, 1st cong, Wentham
Clark R Griggs, Advent, Westboro
Nath Gage, unitarian, Westboro
Dan R Cady, evang, cong "
C R Moor, univ, Watertown
HDL Webster, univ, Warren
J N Parker, univ, Weymouth
A Stewart Porter, cong, meth, Waymouth
Horace Moulton, m e, Welbraham
C H Sitms, m e, Weymouth
J D King, m e, Cohassett
Willard >1 Harding, cong or, Weymouth
Jos B Mitchell, baptist, Winchenaon
John Dwight, univ, N Wentham
Asn A Robinson, baptist, Wales
Norman Clark, baptist, Wendell
J. E Gifford, m e, Wellfleet
Nathan A Reed, baptist, Winchester
Bev E Don, cong, South Wellfleet
Jno M Merrick, unitarian
Thos C Mudge, meth, North Walpole
D Y Kilgore, m, Winchendon
Albert Baldwin, baptist, Winch
M L Beckford ao Waltham
James P Terry, or cong, Weymouth
U Ward, m e, Webster
Geo W Lanance, baptist, do
Isaac Woodbury, do Wenham
John H Bisbee, cong, Worthington
John Y Cary. m o, Woburn
Geo S Dole, north cong, do
Leander Thompson, do, without charge, do
H R Parmcnts, m e, Woburn
J B Washburn, m, Wellfleet
Edward Sweet, Haydenville, Williamsburg
G Haven, m e, Wilbraham
H W Warren, do, do
J W Coolidge, do, do
M Raymond, do, do
J W Mowry, do, Ludlow
Asahel Bronson, baptist, Williamstown
Charles Peabody, cong, Windsor
Thos Willson, do, Westford
R T Robinson, do, Winchester
Edmund H Sears, 1st cong, Way land ?
William Butler, m e, Westfield
Horace James, 1st ch, Worcester
Amos Snell, 2d Ashford, Ashford Conn
Wm S Knight, 1st cong, Avon
Uriah Undorwood, baptist, Andover
Chas S Adams, cong, Ashford w
Ezekiel Skinner, 2d baptist, do
Percivill Mathewson, 8 Centre bap, do
Wm Reid, 1st bap, Bridgeport
Asahel L. Brooks, cong, do
Thos G Osboru, m e, do
Nathaniel Hewitt, 1st presbyterian, do
Jas L Wright, cong, Burlington
Erastus Sawnton, do, do
Isaac Sanford, me, do
Geo B Atwell, baptist, Burktramstod
David Bennett, do, Burlington
Sylvester Burrows, do, Brooklyn
Lavius Hyde, cong, Bolton
Lorenzo W Blood, m e, do
Royal Robbins, cong, ??r'mv nrit*in
Samuel Rockwell, so cong, New Britain
Wm Whittlesey, 00
W Nye Harvey, 'fnr,.
Lucius AtwaterjbaptUt, Brantort
H D Noble. St Paul's, Br^kjejd
Joseph Whittleeey. cong, Berlin
Wm H Goodrich, cong, Bristol
Francis Williams, cong, Bloomfiald
Andrew L Lovell, Uptist, do
[to ?? coHTWtmp ]
Senate.?Wednesday, Afril 26, 1854.
Several memorials were presented snd referred.
Mr. NORHLS, froiq lhe CMttuttee on the Dis
trict of Columbia, reported IVand asked to be
discharged from the Consideration of the memo
rials praying that Pennsylvania avenue be paved
with the Russ pavement. Agreed to.
Mr. PEARCE, from the Committee on the Li
brary, reported a bill appropriating five thousand
dollars for the purchase of the portraits of the first
five Presidents of the United States, painted by
Gilbert Stuart, the same to be placed in the presi
dential mansion. Mr. P. explained that these por
traits were originals, and were highly commended
as works of art, and be thought the government
ought to avail itself of the opportunity to Secure
them for the President's house.
Mr. HAMLIN said he was in favor of the ap
propriation, but would be more in favor of it if it
provided for the purchase of portraits of all the ex
Presidents. If tnere was no impropriety in it, he
would be glad to have included also a portrait of
the present President.
Mr. PEARCE said he would have no objection
to the suggestion of the senator, provided por
traits of the other Presidents, by competent artists,
could be procured. This proposition, however, he
thought would do for a commencement. The bill
was then passed.
On motion by Mr. MALLORY,
Repaired, That the Secretary of the Interior communi
cate to the Senate copies of the contract and instructions
under which Luther liiake wan employed to remove the
Indiana from Florida, together with copiee of bis corre
upondenee with the department upon that autyect, and of
his accounts and voucher* of his expenditures a/?uch
The Senate resumed the consideration of the
bill making appropriation for the support of the
Indian department for the year ending June 30,
Mr. SEBASTIAN moved to amend the bill by
giving the President authority to change the loca
tions of the several Indian superintendences.
Mr. STUART moved to amend the amendment
by providing that the duties of governor and In
dian superintendent of Minnesota shall be sepa
These amendments were debated for some
time. That proposed by Mr. Stuart was rejected,
and the other was adopted after adding thereto
that, whenever the President shall transfer the
duties of Indian superintendent from the governor
of Minnesota, the salary of that governor shall
remain as now, $2,500 per annum.
Various other amendments, many of them to
carry out the treaties lately concluded with the
Camanche. Apache, and other southwestern tribes,
were condsidered, and adopted.
Mr. SEBASTIAN moved an~amendment, pro
viding for the payment to Governor Gorman, of
Minnesota, for services (while governor) in inves
tigating certain charges against ex-governor Ram
opposed the amendment, and Messrs. COOPER
and SEBASTIAN supported it. It was then re
jected?yeas 3, nays not counted.
The bill was then postponed until to-morrow,
and the Senate proceeded to the consideration of
executive business, and shortly after adjourned.
House of Representative*.
Mr. HOUSTON, from the Committee of Ways
and Means, reported a bill making appropriations
for the service of the Post Office Department dur
ing tbe fiscal year ending the 30th of June, 1855.
Referred to the Committee of the Whole on the
state of the Union.
Mr. McDOUGAL reported a bill to refund to
the State of California the expenses incurred for
suppressing Indian aggressions in that State.
Mr. PARKER reported a bill to regulate the
salaries of the district judges of the United States;
and on his motion it was referred to the Commit
tee on the Judiciary.
Mr. HOUSTON moved a reconsideration of ths
vote just taken, with a view of having the bill sent
to the Committee of tbe Whole on the state of the
Union. More time was consumed iu avoiding
giving bill* that direction than in considering and
passing them.
Mr LETCHER said that this bill was one of
the most reasonable propositions which had como
from any of the committees. For the last month
committies had reported bills which were rushed
through the House without affording an opportu
nity for consideration or amendment. It was so
with the clerk's salary bill, the other day.
Mr. HOUSTON said, that the Committee on
Ways and Means did not contemplate any such
Mr. LETCHER^ replied, no matter what was
the instruction of the committee, it was put on its
Mr. ROBBINS said that ho was instructed by the
Committee of Ways and Means to report a sub
stitute for that bill, but, while so reporting, he had
declared his preference for the original bill of the
Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, said that only one
or two of the members of that committee voted
on that occasion for a suspension of the rules
which required that bill, it containing an. appro
priation, to be first considered in Committee of the
Whole on the state ofthe Union.
Mr. LETCHER remarked he did not charge any
member with impropriety. If a gentleman should
think that a measure ?s of sufficient importance to
demand immediate action, it was for him to act
accordingly. Other bills were reported and acted
on without being referred to the Committee ofthe
Whole on the state of the Union. Why make an
exception to this bill ? Many of the district judges
receive less pay than the third class clerks under
the general government, and why object when a
proposition is introduced to regulate their salaries?
He moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the
The motion was agreed to.
The House resumed the consideration of the
bill granting lands equally to the several States to
aid in tbe construction of railroads, and for the
support of schools.
Mr. BENNETT (the measure having been in
troduced by him) briefly explained and advocated
its passage.
Mr. DISNEY obtained the floor, but gave way
for a motion that the House resolve itself into a
Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union;
which prevailed.
The bill making appropriations for supplying
deficiencies in the appropriations for the year
ending June 30,18M, was taken up, Mr. Chahdlbk
in the chair.
Mr. HARRIS, of Mississippi, resumed his re
marks from Monday last in opposition to the
Nebraska and Kansas bill. He examined the pro
visions of the measure in a legal point of view,
and, with reference to the Missouri act of 1820,
said it should be. repealed boldly, directly, or not
at all. If Congress were not prepared to repeal
it, let it stand.
Mr. HEISTER proceeded to show that the pro
position to repeal the Missouri act of 1820 was of
recent origin. It was not contemplated by the
compromise oi 1850, or, if contemplated, was con
cealed. He avowed himself in favor of that com
promise, but was opposed to any interpolations,
such as was proposed by the Nebraska bill, which
be generally opposed.
Mr. TAYLOR, of Ohio, after a few preliminary
remarks, to show that this was an administration
measure and introduced to retrieve the fallen for
tunes of the administration, argued against there
peal of tbe Missouri act of 1820. If Congress
should repeal it, they would set a precedent by
which all other compromises would be repealed,
and leave such action to a numerical majority,
and not to the patriotism and good sense of the
country. He explsined, at length, his objections
to the Nebraaka-Kansas bill.
Mr. BARRY obtained the floor, when on mo
tion, the committee rose,
And the House adjourned.
Funeral of Hon. John Davie.?The funeral
of the late Governor Davis, of Massachusetts,
was celebrated in a solemn and impressive man
ner at the 1st street Unitarian church, in Wor
ceater, on Saturday laat. It was attended by
Governor Washburn, Lieutenant-goveresr Plun
kett, the council, Hon. Abbot Lawreace, Hon.
Robert C. Winthrop, and other friends from every
portion of the State.
Governor Davis, wae a graduate of Yale col
lege ofthe year 1812. The class numbered filty.
Among them were Hon. George Bliss, of Spring
Ml \ Rct. Calvin Collon, Dr. Theodore Dexter,
Professor David Prentice. Judge Isaac Trimble
pre.ton, and Professor Theodore Strong. Gov
ernor Davie received the honorary degree of LL.
D. at Harvard oollege ia 1834.

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