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Ward* Building, near the Capitol,
Daily, per annum, in advance $10 00
Tri-Weekly 5 00
Weekly 2 00
To Clubs or Individuals, subscribing for
five or more copies?
Tri-Weekly, per annum, in advance $3 00
Weeky " " 1 50
^?"?Postmasters are requested to act as agents.
1.1 DWARD C. DYER, Importer of Cigars
J and' (filter in Wines and Liquors, bas just
received, from his agent in Havana, 100,000
"Washington Club," "Prefata,"and "El Siglo XIX"
Cigars to which he respectfully invites the atten
tion ol dealers and others. jau 31?if.
Modern lamguagev-d. g. Groux,
a native of France, teacner of Modern Lan
guuges, especially French. Spanish, and German.
Translations made with correctness and punctu
ality. Professor of Numesmatics, for the classifi
cation and explanation of medals and coins.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 6th
and 7th streets, opposite Brown's Hotel.
Furnished Rooms to rent at that place.
8ep 21?dtf
WATCH liSl WATCH ESI?J. Y. Savage,
No. 92 Fulton street, New York, has an ex
tensive assortment of fine Watches, consisting ol
T. F. Cooper's Duplex, M. J. Tobias & Co'*., R.
& G. Beesley's, Joseph Johnson, 25 Church street,
Liverpool, Sec., Jcc., varying in price from $75 or
$100. Gold Lepines, four holes jewelled, $25;
Detached Levers, thirtoen jewels, $30; superior
full jewelled English Gold Levers from $50 to $60.
The whole of the above watohes are carefully se
lected by myself, and being put up under my own
inspection, I can warrant perfect time-keepers.
Gold Pens, of my own make, of superior work
manship, warranted to .retain their points, for $2,
$3 anH $4. Pens without cases, 75 cents, $1 50,
$2 anu $3. Sent to all parts of the country free oi
postage. Old pens re-pointed and made equal to
new for 50 cents. Deo 17^-lv
By the Author of the Republic of the
United States, *e.
THIS importaut work is now in press, the first
volume of which will be issued early in the
autumn of 1854.
The publication of this work will be continued
by the subscribers ; and in due time they will pub
lish in the several States a complete list of agents,
who will be prepared to furnish copies promptly
in every part of the Union.
That the author may have ample time to prepare
his work according to his views of completeness;
that the publishers may be enabled to issue the
numbers with promptness and at Blated periods,
thereby protecting the interest of their agents, the
following arrangement is announced in the full
confidence that it will prove acceptable to all, viz:
To stereotype the next six numbers, making ten
iu all, thus completing the first volume before any
more are published.
The numbers will then be issued monthly, with
out interruption, to tbe end. Those who prefer
the volume bound will be accommodated without
extra charge for.binding; and the numbers already
published, from one to four, will be taken in part
pay, if not injured, at their full cost to subscribers.
In announcing this unavoidable delay for a few
months, the publishers are not unmindtul of the
earnest desire of many speedily to possess the
work. The necessity of accommodating the au
thor, whose labors are incessant, will appear ob
vious to all without particular explanation.
Publishers, 86 Washington St., Boston.
Mar 15?tf*
I) W. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor,
1 ? under the United States Hotel, having en
larged and improved his store, would now respect
fully call the attention of citizens, and strangers
visiting Washington, to his well-selected stock ol
French and English cloths, cassimeres, and vest
ings, of the newest and most elegant styles ol
goods from the New York market.
I Having had twenty years' experience in the
purchase of goods from the best importing houses
in the United States, with such advantages as will
enable him to offer them to the public on such
terms as will give entire satisfaction to the pur
chasers, and, in view of increasing his business,
he has purchased an unusual large stock of goods,
snch as will defy competition for their beauty,
style, and cheapness.
All he asks is a call before you purchase else
where, and he will convince you that you will
save your money by so doing. A suit of clothes
can be made up in the most elegant style at twelve
hours' notice.
Superior Ready-made Clothing.
I have on hand a superior assortment of ready
made clothing, of my own work, made up in the
most fashionable manner, such as overcoats in
various styles, frock and dress coats, and also
pants and vests, which will l>e sold at much less
price than work made to order.
N. B. Sole agent for Scott's report of Fashions
or the District.
Oct. 15?6m. ftn)
The most complete assortment
of Pianos in this city can be found at our
Music Depot, consisting of Hallet, Davis & Co.'s
superior i&olian Pianos, which for beauty of tone
are considered by all who have heard them to be
Bacon & Raven's celebrated New York Pianos.
Gravesbeen & Co.'s Pianos, one of which, the
magnificent Papier Mache Piano at the Crystal
Palace, is the admiration of all who have seen and
heard it.
Schomacker & Co.'s new Unichord Pianos,
which for durability, keeping in tune, and cheap
ness stand unrivalled. The success which has
attended their introduction here is the best guar
anty thereof.
Rosenkrantz's world-renowned German Pianos,
considered unsurpassed for sweetness of tone and
delicacy of touch.
We are daily expecting an additional supply ot
the popular Unichord Pianos; also, per pa ket ot
Saturday from Boston, one of L. Gilbert's be? jtiful
Boudoir or Piccolo Pianos.
This enables persous desirous of purchasing, to
select instruments from the most varied assort
ment of Pianos ever offered for sale in this city, at
manufacturers' prices, with a warranty for each
Piano if desired.
Also, several second-hand Pianos, including one
of Jonas Chickering, which will be sold on the
most reasonable terms.
Second-hand Pianos taken in part payment for
new ones.
The most complete assortment of Music and
Musical Instruments constantly on hand.
HILBUS & HITZ, Penn. avenue.
Jan 22?tf (m)
c BOTELER, sole agent for the city and
Georgetown, respectfully calls the attention of the
consumers of gas to the following certificates.
This article can be seen at C. W. Boteler's store,
Iron Hall, where orders may be left. Also at
J. Buculey & Co.'s store, in Georgetown :
Washington, March 14, 1854.
We have had Kidder's Gas Regulator in use in
our respective stores for several months past, and
take pleasure in recommending it to the gas con
suming public as accomplishing perfectly the ends
for which it was designed. It regulates the burn
ing of the gas, and with as good a light saves us
a handsome per-centage upon our monthly bills.
R. B. Hall, 7th street, near I,
T. C. McIntirk, corner 7th and I sts.
Washington, March 14, 1854.
I have been using Kidder's Gas Regulators in
my billiard-rooms, at the northeast corner of Penn
sylvania avenue and Thirteenth street, and also
in my house, next door to the Union printing of
fice. The Regulstors operate finely, and in point
of economy 1 have saved by it at least twenty-five
per cent, on the quantity of gas oonsumed.
C. W. Funt.
Gadsbt's Hotxl, October 31, 1853.
I have been using Kidder's Regu^tor in my ho
tel for the lsst six weeks, and during that time I
am confident I have saved In money twenty-five
1>er cent..over the amount paid for the same time
ast year, and believe my lisht is quite as good as
before using it, and do feel confident that it is a
deoided saving to the consumers of gas.
W. Gadsby
For sale, solely, by the appointed ^
Mar 98??od3m [Istel. eod 2w.J
vol. 2. ? ?? ? I) AIL Y SO. 55.
man's Headache Remedy.?See certificates
of the magical cures by ibis wonderful remedy, of
ministers, lawyers, doctors, and Indie*, at
OILMAN'S Drug Store,
May 12 Near Brown's Hotel.
Rhenish and moselie wines,
in glass, viz:
Deidesbeim, Gusenheim, Kudesheim.
Hockheim, in quarts and pints.
Johanisberg and Stunwine in Bocksbuetet.
Also, Nuit's Burgundy Wine.
May 11?lwif No. 5. oppo. Centre Market.
PLAIN FACTS.?We have, this day, re
ceived four Pianos from the far-fained es
tablishment of Hallet Davis & Co., Boston.
These, in addition to our stocks ot New York and
Baltimore Pianos, make our assortment the
largest and most varied ever offered in this oily.
We beg leave to assure ourlriendslhat we sell at
unprecedented low rates for cash, orgood endorsed
notes at 3, 6, or 8 months. We guaranty every
Piano to be of fine tone and finish, and perfect in
every respect.
All paisons in want of a good and cheap instru
ment on reasonable terms, have now a favorable
opportunity but rarely offered.
Penn. av., between 9th and 10th sts.
May 11?6t
coa, white Pepper and I rowu Mustard, do
mestic manufacture. For sale by
No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
May 11?eolwif
Potomac House, Pennsylvania avenue, a
jew doors east of 4J street, Washington.
Sep 21?1<
Fine diamond jewelry.?i am
constantly receiving and manufacturing to
order new styles of Diamond and all kinds of line
Jewelry and Silverware, at the lowest New York
prices, and from fifteen to twenty-five per cent,
cheaper.than goods ol the same quality can be
bought for at other establishments in this city or else
where. Please call at the sign of the Large Spread
Eagle, between 4J and 6th streets, Pennsylvania
avenue. H- O. HOOD.
N. B ?Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired.
Apr 26?-tf
FOR RENT, the Commodious Dwelling
House, recently repaired, opposite to City
fost Office, lately tenanted by his excellency, Mr.
(Jarvallo. Apply to S. C. BARNEY,
Mar 27?eotf E, between Gth aud 7th sts.
Thos. R. Suter. Luke Lea. Luther R. Smoot
Stock, Exchange and Banking House,
Corner of Penn. avenue and 14th street,
Dec 15?fimd (m j
English and american pig
Lead, Lead, Iron, and Cast-iron, Water and
Gas-pipes, Block-tin, Scotch pig-iron, and metals
generally, at lowest rates.
For sale by GEORGE EARP, Jr..,
No. 56 North Wharves,
Apr 19?2awlm Philadelphia.
Furnishing Goods.? Now receiving new
aud beautiful styles of Geutlemen's Furnishing
Goods, for the present and approaching t-eason.
such as Scarfs, Cravats, of silk; silk, and linen,
and batiste Stocks and Ties; Pocket Handker
chiefs ; Silks and Linen ; Gloves, Hosiery, &c., at
LANE'S General Furnishing Store, Pennsylvania
avenue, near 4i street.
Apr 28?eodif2w [Intel, Union, and Star.|
PURE SENNA FIGS.?A very pleasant,
safe, and effectual remedy for constipation ol
the bowels ; particularly recommended io persons
leading a sedentary life, as a pleasant, but sure
These figs are prepared with great enre from
selected materials, and are so pleasant that .10
child will object to them. Prepared solely by
Cor. Penn. av. and 4i st.
And sold by druggists generally.
Apr 23??6t
ZINC PAINTS.?The Subscribers having
been appointed agents ol the New Jersey Zinc
Company lor the sale of their ^upcrior Paints, are
prepared to execute orders for any description, de
livered in Baltimore at the company's prices, and
on the same liberal terms.
The White Paint is warranted pure, and is un
surpassed by any other article in use. it is sold
either dry or ground in oil.
The Brown Zinc is made only from the New
Jersey Zinc Ores, and is extensively used as a
protection to iron or other metallic surfaces. It is
a chcap and economical paint.
The Brown Stone Color is unequalled as a dura
ble covering for Cottages, Depots, Bridges, &v.
The consqmption of it is very large, and it has
given entire satisfaction.
All the paints manufactured by the company are
of the highest excellence, some important improve
ments having recently been discovered and ap
plied in their preparation, and they are warranted
to keep soft and fresh in the kegs, any reasonable
length of time. In this respect, they are superior
to any others in market.
Apr 7?d3m No. 2, Camden St., Baltimore.
U. S. Navy Yard, Gosport, Va.,
January 20, 18o4.
To C. E. Drtmold, President N. J. Zinc Co., N Y.
Sir: A series of experiments conducted by me,
with the utmost care, during the past three years,
upon all the various paints and artificial prepara
tions for the preservation of timber, have led me
to the important discovery that the White Zinc
Paint, manufactured by the New Jersey Zinc Com
pany, serves as a perfect protection against the
ravages of the marine worm, and the formation ot
barnacles, whilst no other paint or preparation ot
any kind combines the same protective effect.
1 am now preparing a full report on this impor
tant subject to the Bureaus of ^ ards and Docks, at
Washington,and shall send with it a complete se
ries of specimens of wood ant metal ptates, which
were covered with the different paints and pre
parations, and then exposed alike for an entire
season, in salt water, opposite this navy yard ; all
of which illustrates, in the most striking manner,
the invaluable qualities and decided superiority ol
your White Zinc Paint over all other kinds
paints, especially for marine purposes.
You are at liberty to give full publicity to the
above stated facts, which are of too much impor
tance to be kept from the naval and commercial
worid. I
Inspector U. S. Navy Yard, Gosport, Va.
Office of the N. Y. and Liverpool U. S.
Mail Steamship Co., Jan. 31, 15w4.
The steamers of this company use exclusively
the Zinc Paint manufactured by the New Jersey
Zinc Company, experience having proved its de
cided superiority over all other paints.
' Apr 7?col m
Card. The undersigned returns his
thanks to his friends and customers for their
liberal patronage bestowed on him for the past
three years, and earnestly solicits a continuation
ofThe same for his friend, L. J. MlDDLETON W. h
whom an arrangement has been this day made to
supply them with Ice of the very best quality and
on the most reasonable terms. . .
Orders left at Mr. Middleton's office, northeast
corner of F and 12th streets, or directly to him
through the Post Office, will meet with prompt
Apr 21?colw (Star. Union,& News.)
The Dodd Family Abroad, by Charles Lever,
just received at TAYLOR & MAURVS
Book store, near 9th street, Penn. avenue
meuts, of Silk, Gauze Meriuo, Gauze Cot
ion, Lisle Thread, &c. A large supply just*re
ceived at LANES
Gent's Furnishing Store, Pa. av., near 4} st.
May 5?eod2wif (Int., Star.)
Brown's Hotef, has received a select and
large variety of storm and sun Umbrellas, of the
newest styles and best qualities.
Also, a large and varied assortment of domestic
and foreign Walking Canes, of new designs and
at moderate and uniform prices, at
STEVENS'S Sales Room,
May 12?3tif Brown's Hotel.
Now on hand and receiving Beebe's and
other new and fashionable styles of White Beaver
Hats. Also, White and Drab Felt liats of all
qualities and prices, at LANE'S
Hat and Gents' Furnishing Store,
Pa. av., near 4 J st.
Apr 28?eod2wif (Intel., Union, & Star.)
nnAMARIND JAM, for sale by
- No 5, opposite Centre Market
May 11?3tif.
T) J- STEER, Merchant Tailor, is ?*tw opeu
? . ing another supply of choieeSPRING and
SUMMER GOODS, to which he invites the at
tention of Members of Congress, strangers, and
The stock is large and very complete, embracing
almost every variety of Gentleman's Goods usually
kept by Merchant Tailors.
We solicit an inspection by the public of our
goods, workmanship, and prices.
XZif No. 4 Washington Place, Seventh street.
May 14?3tif *
I Tailors, Morfin's Bu Idings, east side Four
and-a-half street, near Pennsylvania avenue, have
just received an assortment of new Goods for
gentlemen's wear, which, iu point of style, cannot
be surpassed, and which will be furnished to those
in want on the best terms.
Please call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere. May 16
fice Directory and Postal Guide, compiled
from the records of the Po*t Ollii-e Department.
For sale by R. FARNHAM,
Corner of 11th street and Penn. n venue.
May 1G
TT'OR rent, a large and FIRST
Jj class Dwelling House, on E street, between
Oth and 7th, furnished in the most comfortable and
elegant manner. The house has been recently
built, with all modern improvements and conve
niences. and is in the most eligible situation in the
city. For terms apply to
Real Estate Agent,
Over Selden, Withers ir Co.'s Bank.
May 12?tf
IC E.?The Subcrlber would rcspectfuly,
inform his friends and the public that, hav
ing succeeded in filling several large houses
with pure Potomac and Rock Creek Ice, and
in making his contracts with responsible east
ern dealers for a very superior article, he is
now prepared to deliver the same punctually in
any part of Washington or Georgetown at the
lowest market price, and guaranties to supply cus
tomers with any quautity required without change
of price during the .reason.
Orders left at the following places or sent
through the post office will meet with prompt at
, tention :
Patterson & Nairn, Pennsylvania avenue and
9th street,
Z. D. Gilman, Pennsylvania avenue, between
6th and 7th streets.
V. Harbnugh, 7th and G streets.
Kidwell & Lawrence, Pennsylvania avenue and
14th street.
T. C. Mclntire, 7th and I streets.
W. H. Gilman, Pennsylvania avenue and 4}
William Lord. 5th nnd G streets.
J. W. Nairn, New York avenue and 15th street
Edward Hall, market space, between 6th and
7th streets.
A. G. Ridgeley, Pennsylvania avenue, between
19th and 20th streets.
Dr. J. B. Gardner, Capitol Hill.
Z. M. P. King, I and 15th streets.
F. S. Walsh. Navy Yard.
Q. P. Wannall, New York avenue and 9th street.
L. R. Holinead. Maryland avenue and 7th street.
W. W. Birth, 3d street, next to Trinty Church.
J. W. Sotlfcron & Co.. Georgetown.
Families will be supplied by the week or month,
or for the whole year, at one i?rick, and a full sup
fly guarantied.
Notice of (hange of residence, if given at the
office instead of to the driver, will always prevent
Should mistakes or neglect occur on the part ol
those delivering the ice, if notice is given at the
office, it will be immediately attended to.
Ice kept constantly on hand at Eliot's drug store
corner F and 12th streets, which can be had in
large or small quantities, at the lowest market
rates. L. J. MIDDLETON,
Office, northeast corner of F and 12th
. streets, and Easby's wharf.
}lr Persons wishing to be supplied will please
send their names, residence, and quantity per
day. to the office or_any of the places above named.
March 14.
lisher of this large and popular family journal
otters for the coming year (1854) a combination ol
literary attractions heretofore unatt,emped by any
of the PhUadelphia weeklies. Amonj: the new
features will be a new and brilliant series of origi
nal romances by George Lippard, entitled Legends
of the Last Century. All who have read Mr. Lip
nard's celebrated11 Legends of the American Revo
lution," published for fifty-six consecutive weeks
in the " Saturday Courier," will find these pictures
of French and American history endowed with all
the power and brilliancy of his previous produc
tions. The first of a series of original novellettes,
called Morris Hartley, or the Knights oft he Mystic
Valley, by Harrison W. Ainsworth, is about to be
commenced. It will be handsomely illustrated by
twelve fine engravings, nnd its startling incidents
cannot fail to elicit undivided praise. Emmerson
Bennett, the distinguished novelist, and author ot
Viola, etc., etc., is also engaged to furnish a bril
liant novellette to follow the above. Mrs. Mary
Andrews Denison, author of Home Pictures, Pa
tience Worthington and her Grandmother, etc.,
will continue a splendid domestic novellette, en
titled the Old Ivy Grove, nnd H. C. Watson an
illustrated story called the Two Edged Knife?a
graphic picture of early life in Old Kentucky. To
these will be added original contributions and se
lections from Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz, Clara
Clairville, Lille Lilberne, Mrs. Stowe, Grace Green
wood, and other distinguished writers ; the new*
of the day, graphic editorials, full reports ot th?
provision, money, and stock markets, letters from
travelers at home and abroad, etc., etc.
Terms?One copy otfe year $2; two copies one
year $3 ; four copies one year $5; nine copies one
year, and one to the getter up of the club, $10;
twenty copies one year and one to the gutter up
of the club, $20.
Address A. SCOTT, Publisher,
No. Ill Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
1th street, between Louisiana avenue and D street.
The subscriber has just re.
ceived, from the north, a splendid assortment
of China, Glass, and Earthenware; also, magniti
cent Girandoles and Lamps of many patterns,
adapted for halls and parlors.
Paints, boiled and raw, linseed oil, putty, win
dow glass, of every variety, always on hand.
Clocks, brushes, flto., and every article for gen
eral housekeeping kept for sale.
C. S. WHITTLESEY, 7th street.
Wov 20?ly T?)
Alt ah of the: mouseiiolu a
series of Services for Domestic Worship for
every morning and evening; in the year, select
portions of Holy Writ, and Prayers and Thanks
giving for particular occasions, with nn Address
to Iieads of Families, edited by the Ilev. John
Harris, D D., Principal of New College, St. John's
Wood, London, author of the Great Teacher
Mammon, &rc.
Just received and for Bale at the Bookstore of
May 11 Corner of 11th si. and Penn. av.
My Schools and Schoolmates, or the Story
of my Education ; by Hugh Miller, author of The
Old Red Sandstone.
The Two Records: The Mosaic and the Geo
logical, a Lecture delivered belore the Young
Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall, Lon
don ; by Hugh Miller.
The World of Art and Industry, illustrated.
Sketches of the Campaign in Northern Mexico
in 1840 and "47; by an Officer of the First Regi
mcnt of Ohio Volunteers.. ,
Rob of the Bowl, a Legend of the Inigoes ; by J.
P. Kennedy, author of'-Swallow Barn."
Addison s Works, new edition, vol. 4 ; "The
Apr 20 Bookstore, near 9th street.
EW BOOKS.?The Whimsical Woman,
by Etui tie F. Carlen.
CryMallinc; or, the Heiress of Fall Down Castle,
a romance, by F. W. Shelton, A. M., author or
"The Rector of St. Bardolph's," <5cc.
The Myrtle Wreath, or Stray Leaves Recalled,
by Minnie Myrtle.
Melbourne and the Chincha Islands, with
Sketches of Lima and a Voyage round the World,
by "George W. Peck.
Just published and for sale by
Comer Penn. avenue and llth street.
May 10
tions, now complete.
Apostles and Early Church, just issued, $1.
The Eternal Day, by Rev. Horatio Bonar, 50
Africa and America Described, by the author ol
Peep of Day, 75 cents.
Remarkable Examples of Moral Recovery. ?
Jay's Morning and Evening Exercises, a new
edition in line large type, 1 vol., $1.
Thoughts on tne Death of Little Children, 50
Apr 5 Seventh street.
Open every day and evening (except Sunday) from
8 A. M. till 10 P. M.
Twenty-five cents Admittance
Will be the price hereafter, on all occasions.
ni^llERL will be no free admissions, with the
J_ exception ol Exhibitors a.id the Press, and
NO SEASON TICKETS will be sold.
J he Crystal Palace has undergone the most'ex
tensive alterations and improvements, and is rap
idly filling up with elegant and interesting speci
mens ol handicraft from every quarter of the
lhe Machinery Department is very complete.
Quite a large number of additional and curiou*
machines, however, nre in preparation, and will
find a place in a few weeks in the exhibition.
J"he Picture Gallery is already the most com
prehensive aud valuable collection in the Western
The Sculpture contributions embody over 300
pieces of marble, mo t ol them rare, many of them
originals, and all of exquisite workmanship. Many
choice statues, besides, are now en route from
1 he Association has completed arrangements
for the purchase of a choice collection of AIodels
of Antique Statuary, of f?reat celebrity.
Suitable Rewards will be proposed for the best
manifestations of Skill, and for such strikingly
meritorious works of Art as the most consummate
talent may be successful in developing in an v part
of the globe.
A section of the great California Cedar Tree,
which in its native forest stood Three Hundred
Feet High, measuring Ninety-two Feet in cir
cumference, and is estimated b.y the most demon
strative internal evidence to be full Three Thou
sand Y ears Old, has been deposited in the Crystal
Palace by its patriotic proprietors.
Altogether the Crystal Palace encloses, at this
moment, more articles of a novel, useful, and at
tractive character, than can be examined in sev
eral days with proper discrimination; and incessant
augmentations may be confidently relied upon.
An efficient Orchestra of music will be in attend
ance at the Crystal Palace every morning, after
noon, and evening.
The Association offers a prize of a Gold Medal,
costing one thousand dollars, or its equivalent in
cash, for the mos* useful and valuable Invention or
Discovery which shall have been patented or en
tered in the United States Patent Office during
the year closing the lirst day of December next,
provided only that the said Invention or Discovery,
by specimen, model, or product, shall have mean
time been exhibited in the Crystal Palace.
Second. A Gold Medal, costing one thousand
dollars, or its equivalent in cash, to the Artist
wherse work, having been exhibited in the Crystal
Palace during the three months closing on the
first day of December next, shall be deemed most
worthy vof such testimonial.
Third. Five Medals, costingone hundred dollars
each, or their equivalent in cash, if preferred, to
the five Investors whose inventions in the vurious
departments of the useful arts, patented, entered,
or caveated within the year, and exhibited in the
Crystal Palace as aforesaid, shall be adjudged
most worthy of such testimonials next after the
one adjudged most excellent as aforesaid.
Fourth. Five Medals, costing one hundred dol
lars each, or their equivalent in plate or cash, it
preferred, to the live Artistes whose original works
completed since the first openfhg ol the Crystal
Palace, and exhibited therein as aforesaid, shall
be adjudged most worthy of such distinction next
after the most excellent as aforesaid.
The ablest and most respectable jury or juries
that can be selected shall be appointed to examine
critically tho several articles exhibited, and award
the prizes mentioned. The Directors will proceed
as early as practicable to select such jury or ju
rors. am' hope to be able to announce the appoint
ment on or before the lirst day of June next. The
Association will also, in their discretiou, award
medals or diplomas to the exhibitors or inventors
of such urticles as possess merit sufficient to en
title them to such distinction.
All articles which are deemed worthy of a place
in this Grand Exposition of the World's Industry
and Art.are admitted without any charge what
ever to exhibitors. An efficient police are in
constant attendance day and night, and the utmost
care is used in protecting articles exhibited, but
the Association disclaims accountability for loss or
damage to such articles.
All umbrellas, canes. &c., must be left at the
stand nca' the door. As the Crystal Palace is a
tk>nded Warehouse, visitors cannot be permitted
to convey packages of any size iuto or out of the
K7" No checks given, and no person re-admitted
on the samcticke'. P. 1. BARNUM,
May 7?iftf President.
Cases.?Ft ?nie by M.M. WHITE, Underta
ker and Agent, rear the corner of 3d at. and Penn
sylvania avenue. Persons wishing to purchase
will find it to t**??ir advantage to call. Two good
hearses, with bandsome grey horses, always in
readiness. These cases can be supplied at thirty
minme?' notice F?b ftl?3m
Second door wtst of Adams tf Co.'? Erpriss Office.
S SIMMONS keeps constantly In store on
? retail all the most approved brands of IM
PORTED CIGARS, of every price and flavor.
He solicits calls from his friends and the public.
May 13 tf
I7U>H LBASE.?The National Theatre In
( the cilv of Washington. for the ensuing sea
son,or (bra-term of years. The National Theatre
is one of the largest in the world, and yet every
meritorious attraction can fill it.
With the alterations atid improvements eon
templated, it will lie in every respect a desirab.e
If a suitable company could be selected, tne
Proprietor would accede to the followiug arrange
m?TUe entire receipts to be distributed thus: The
current expenses; the salaries ol the meinbeis.
the rent. All surplus to be divided among the
members of the company, in the proportion o!
their respective salaries. 1 he Proprietor woiim
have no claim for rent until aller payment of cur
rent expenses and salaries.
The proprietor would like, therefore, to receive
communications, with particulars, from parties in
clined to this mode of action. The purpose ol
the Proprietor is to secure the best talent by pay
ing to it all the profits. Every letter received will
be known to the Proprietor alone, who wiij not
feel himself at liberty to reveal the name of any
party addressing him on this subject.
All communications pre-paid, and addresseo
'?to the Proprietor of the National Theatre, box
212, Washington city, D. C.
ENSION LAWS.?The last edition, com
piled by the Commissioner of Pensions in
1?49. In addition, the resolutions, laws, and ordi
nancesofthe old Congress, showing the pay to of
ficers of the line and the start'of the army, the hos
pital department, and rnedicul Rail, and of the
quartermaster's department; hall-pay of the line
under the resolve of October 21st, 1"J80; under
other resolutions, toollieers, to officers of tliemed
icnl department and medical stall, chaplains ; and
commutation pay under the resolution ol March
?.J2d, 1783; together with the names of the officer*
of the continental lino of the army in all the States
who served to the end of the war, and acquired
the right ol commutation pay; with the names of
officers killed in battle, or who died in service.
Price SI ; sent postage free to any part of the Uni
ted States. For sale at
TAYLOR ic MAURY'S Bookstore,
14 Near Ninth street.
To the Ladies of Washington, Georgetown, Alex
andria. tfc.
HENRY WEIRMAN'S ladles, misses, and
children's French shoes are sold by the un
dersigned, on 15th street, just above Corcoran &
Riggs's Banking House, in his new building, with
the high marble steps, where he will receive la
dies' orders, and keep constantly on hand every
variety of ladies', misses, and children* trench
iraiter walking shoes, white and black satin gaiters,
?dippers, flee., made to order by H. Weirman, ol
Philadelphia of the best French gaiter materials,
and in the latest Parisian styles. These gaiter*
are entirely different from what are generaly
known as" slop-shop shoes;" being all custom
worlc, of superior workmanship, and warranted to
i;ive perfect satisfaction.
Ladies, who value beauty, comfort, and econ
omy, will consult their interest by giving me a
ell, ??<l for '"-"'"VeIRMAN,
15th street, just above Corcoran & Riggs's
Nov. 9?lyeo. (ui) Banking House
Genuine heidsieck & co. cham
pagne.?The subscribers having been ap
tipoiled by Messrs. Heidsieck St, Co. to succeed
Mr. Charles Engler, heretofore sole agent in the
in the United States for ihc sale of their Wines,
who this day retires from business, respectfully
call the attention of the public to the subjoined
CaTlie Messrs. Heidsieck & Co., as set forth there
in, justly claim to be alone enabled to send to this
country thegenuine Heidsieck & Co. Cliampaigr.e.
under the same name and style as originally intro
duced into this market, now nearly thirty year*
ago, they being sole proprietors of aU the identical
vineyards, cellars, Arc., which the founders and
originators of this celebrated lirand had owned.
Such being the fact, we need not dwell upon the
superior quality of their Wines, the reputation ol
the same among the American public being already
identified with unsurpassed excellence.
We beg particularly to notice that their brand
still bears the same name of Heidsieck & Co., in
full, by which it first became so favorably known,
being thereby easily distinguished Irom other simi
lar marks which have since appearad.
Nkw York, January 1, 1854.
Successor to Charles Engler,
and sole importers in the United States.^
STANISLAUS MURRAY is our sub-agent for
Washington and Georgetown, D. C., and Alex
andria, Va.
CARD. Upon the dissolution of the old
firm, Heidsieck & Co., in 1834, the senior partner,
who had the sole charge of its liquidation, con
tinued the business, retaining exclusive possession
of the vineyards, vaults, See., which the origuia
partnership had enjoyed.
Our new firm are his immediate successors and
sole proprietors of this well-known brand.
In order to distinguish the same Irom imitations
and marks similar to our own, which have ap
peared and may hereafter appear in this market,
the name of our firm in full will be found on the
labels and around the corks.
Riieims, March 5, 1846.
Feb 8?d2m HEIDSIECK Sc CO.
Company of Philadelphia. Charter perpetual.
All the profits divided among the pol'.v'y-holdors.
This company is purely mutual. Capital $300,000.
David L. Miller, president; John W. Horner, sec
retary. This company has declared a dividend o.
25 per ccnt. on cash premiums received during the
year 1853. Pamphlets explaining rates, advnn
tages, Sec., will be furnished parties interested, anu
such are earnestly requested tc examine them be
fore insuring, as few companies ofler such induce
Over banking-house, Selden, Withers Sc Co*
Medical examiner, J. M. Austin, M. D.
Office and residence on F street, north side, one
door west of 10th. May 2
QUALITY, fit, and workmanship guaran
tied, being wholly manufactured by our artis
ans and seamstresses, on the premises of th?i pro
pnetor, g(GN op >|<HE SHIRT,
Ojijtoxiie the United Stairs Hotel.
The reputation which these Shirts have acquired
amongst Members of Congress nnd a large num
ber ol our citizens, induces the advertiser to in
vite those gentlemen who have not tested tliein to
irive him a call, feeling assured that they will, on
trial, admit their superiority. A" expenenced en -
ter is constantly employed, and a good lit is
I ranted in every ease. None but the most comp -
petent seamstresses are engaged, ^J'tch is a gu -
antee for the excellency and durability of the work.
1 A splendid assortment of Shirts, Collars, Bo
_oms, Cravats, IIand kerchieft, Suspenders, See.,
constantly on hand.^^ ^ FAULKNER,
S. side Pa. avenue, bet. 3 and 4* streets,
Nov i?eolv. (m) opposite U. S. Hotel.
?SXmpagnk, white wines, and
Fine Cordials?
Moet Sc Ch.ndon's SiHery 1 ere quality |
Dq Grand \ in d Anglaise, ,- A.Oeca
Do Oeil de Perdrix, J
H Piper Sc Co.'s Heidsieck, Ranauld Sc tranooi*.
Lonijworih Sc Zimmerman's Sparkling Catawba.
Chas Schurinsn's Sweet Catawba, Ladies \* ine.
Haul Sauternes and Chateau Sauternes White
Hulskamp, Zoon Sc Moyler's fine Curacao, white
and red, in jugs.
Do do Anisette white, in bottles.
I Rosalia Maraschina Cordial.
j 3?iwif No. 5, oppo. Centre Market.
I Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th sts., next to
I Todd's Hat Store. ai~l<
tory, C street, between 6th and 7th street#,
Washington. E. J. WILLSON,
Washington. w H HEYWARD.
Dec. 15?tf _ _
T. P. Biowk. M. Baown.
Tinn|T> Stkket,
Sep 24?tf
ON account of the burning; of the draw
of the Long Bridge the following races will
not commence until the TWENTIETH DAY 01*
JUNE, by which tune the bridge wd be repaired
ID-The papers publishing the advertisement,
will please announce the postponement.
The spring r ces over ?J?V*
course will commence on the tOUliilf
THURSDAY in May, 1S?H, and continue throngh
?UFu * Day.?TUESDAY, May 23d, sweepstakes
free for all horses owned in Maryland, District ol
Columbia, and Virginia, weight for age.
Entrance,.$25, with a purse#of SoOadded by the
^ Mile heats, three or more to make a rare.
?Also, immediately alter the^weeostakerace, ?
purse of $30 will be given, free lor all trottinj.
horses; mile and repeat, to harness.
$eroud Day.?WEDNESDAY, May 24, purseof
$100 ; mile heats, best 3 in f>.
Third Day.?THURSDAY, May 25, purse of
$200; two-mile heats.
Fourth Day.?FRIDAY, May 126th, purse ol
$300: l'our-miie heats.
Entrance for purses 15 per cent., to be made v, ttb
the proprietor the evening previous to the race.
In all cases three or more to make a race, two to
start. The races to be governed by the rules ol
the Richmond course, Virginia.
Abundant stabling lor horses will be provided,
free of expense, on the grounds. .... ,,
Having completed the enclosure ol the track,
and made other improvements on the place, the
proprietor informs the public that nothing will be
found wanting on his part to give satistaclion to
ihoKB fond of tht) sport. #
May 1 CYRUS MARTIN. Proprietor.
ED1CAL G ARD?Drs. R. & J. Hunter,
1*1 (physicians for diseases of the chest, &c.
befio announce that they will remove to New
York on the 5th of December next, or as soon
thereafter us they shall have complet^ desired
professional arrangements in regard to the r prat
[ice iu Washington and Baltimore. The motive for
lliis change is that of being more central and easy
of access to those visiting them from distant parts
L)r James Hunter will, during the winter, visit
professionally St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and the
principal resorts for invalids on the southern
U?Dr. Robert Hunter will visit Washington an-l
Baltimore on professional business once in each
month after December. - ????
Will be published in January next an American
edition of Sir Charles ScudamoreV work ou Inlui
lation, with an "introduction, "Notes, *nd an
Appendix, by R. Hunter, M. R. C. S.
Nov 16?ly
W and the public that we have just rec-e;-ci.
a new and splendid assortment ot bllOES. wh.cl
we will sell low. As they have been made t
our own order by the most celebrated mnnuhutu
rers of the north, they cannot fail to give entin
,al\Vu |mve on hand the Albou: Gaiter, which
(or neatness and durability, cannct be surpassed
ANo a great variety ol Gaiters, Half-Uniters.
Morocco and Kid Boots, of different colors.
Black and bronze Buskins and Slippers
Misses' colored Gaiters, Boots, and blippers
We also call attention to our stock of W lute
Kid Gaiters, Black, Bronze, and hitc French
Kid Slippers, for the May balls.
Call and examine for yourselves.
Cheap Cash Shoe Store, No. 3, Washington
Place, 7th street. Apr2S-1w
Containing the latest news,
Political, i
Monetary, and
/ t a hea-y expense.
Anticipating in the west and south,
The New York papers 24 hours.
The Philapelphia do.... u
The Baltimore morning do-"'?'???!*
Address ?? Times" office, Adams & Co. 3 Iron
Building, Baltimore.
Hugh Cameron, corner La. av. and ith street,
Washington city, agent for theDistrict of Colum
l^iQ C. G. J5A 1 lAMt,
Feb 16?Gteodtl Sole proprietor.
EW BOORS.?The Plurality of World*,
with an introduction, by Edward Hitchcock,
1} Hambles in Brazil, or n Beep at the Aztecs, with
a map and illustrations. . Hll,i0]nv,
The Religion of the Northmen, by Rudolph
KT^r'c...comh. .f ?Rome. ?' I'1'"'""'"/,
Church of the Three First Centuries, by Rtv. W .
InfS*"w? Letters to Yoong Mother,, eom.
piled by Ann K. Porter.
i The Eternal Day. by II. Bonar, D. D.
Discourses and Sayings ol our Lord Jesus
I Christ, illustrated in a series ol expositions, by
J?Th(f cinirch before the Flood, by the Rev. John
1 Theological Essays, by Frederick Denison Mau
rice, M. A., with a new preface and other auui
" The Sepulchres of our Departed, by i. R. Ans
petch, A. M., Hagerstown, Md.
The History of the French Protestunt Refugees,
from the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes to our
own days, by Charles Weiss. Translated by
Henry William Herbert, with an appendix by u
descendant of the Huguenots, in two vols.
For sale at the bookstore of
Corner of 11th street aud Penn. avenue.
May 7
Notice is hereby given, That i
have lost a Land Warrant Certificate for
UiO acres, No. 78,22^ i favor of Neri D. Smith, ;
Lloyd R Smith, L*wis Clark Smith, Benjaini'' ,
Yost Smith, and Ro?i>- a Frantz, collateral heirs
of Hiram M. Smith deceased, ot company > (
United State. Infantry. (Mexionn war ,)and which
said certificate was assigned to the un g ?
This certificate wrs mailed by Johnston,
fc Co., of Baltimore, on the l?th October, LS.vJ. di
rected to William P. Williams, esq., Washington,
D C and was never received. It is my intention
j to apply for a duplicate of this warrant to the com .
missioner of pensions. NERI p. SMITH,
Cumberland, Maryland.
Tan 24. 18W. Jan. 26?tf
Porte-monnaies, Ivory Tablets, Boys Belts,
flair Brushes and Combs.^r^sle^low M
May 9 eod3t SerentVstreet.
SHIRTS MADE to EIT.-Geiitlemen
wanting Shirts can save trouble and be per.
fectly suited by leaving their ord*"I."rE^s-g ?
May 21?3lif ? s?'e? Room, Brown's Hotel.
One square (twelve lines) 1 insertion...... .JO 00
" " 2 .... 70
" * " 3 " .... l o<>
" 1 week 2 00
" M " 1 month 5 00
?3S-Business curd.*, not exceeding six lines, lor
not less than six months, inserted at half pri?*
Yearly advertisements subject to special ari
Long advertisements at reduced rates.
heligious, Literary, and Charitable notices infl
serted gratuitously.
All correspondence on business must be prepaid
Jlgrncies ani ??tj ?fStts.
Office National Jlotel Building' Penniylvanta
Avenue., Washington, D. C.
Dealer in checks, acceptances,
Drafts Promissory Notes, Bank Notes, and
Notes on nil solvent Banks in the United States
bought and sold, at the best prices.
Notes, Drnfts, and Bills, in Washington and
Georgetown, collected, and remittances promptly
made in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore,
and other funds, at a charge of one-quarter per
Bills of Exchange and Bnnk Checks, on most
of the principal cities of the Union, bought and
sold at the best rates.
Land Warruuts and Virginia Scrip bought and
?old- Apr G?2iueod
Thomas Brown, T. I>. Wlutar,
oir Virginia. or Pennsylvania.
THE UNOURSICNED oflertlielr Mrrlcei
' to prosecute claims of every description be
fore Congress and the different departments of the
Office on 14th street, opposite WiUnrdV Hotel.
Sep 20?tf BROWN & WINTER.
JL renting, collectiug rents, selling and purchas
ing lots or other property. Non-residents and
those who may choose to employ him will find it
greatly to their advantage to do so, he having bad
some twenty years'experience in building houses
in Washington, and being thoroughly acquainted
with all the mechanical branches thereof, which
will enable him to keep property in order at a
much cheaper rate than most men, besides returns
will be prompt, and a perfect responsibility for all
moneys entrusted to biin. Not wishing to trouble
the public with a long list of references, I shall
"imply content myself by tendering the names of
those whom I daily serve in this capacity, aud
whose names are a* follows
Thomas Baker, esq
Stepheu P. Franklin, esq.,
Thomas B!ngdeu, esq.,
Capt. Wm. A. T. Maddox, U. S. M.,
John W. Maury, Mayor of Washington.
Ollice on H street, between bth and 9th streets,
north of the . ten office.
N. B. I still continue to measure carpenter's
and builders' work. Mar 4?cot
GENERAL AGENCY.?The undersigned
most respectfully informs, bv this notice, his
iriends and the public in general, here and esle
where, that he has opened an Agency Office for
the prosecution of claims of every description
against the government, before the several depart
inents or Congress; procure pensions, bounty
lands, extra pay, and arrearage pay, and will at
tend to the buying and selling of real estate, the
renting of houses, and a general collecting busi
ness; he will also furnish parties at a distance
with such information us they may desire from
the seat of government. Charges will be mode
rate. Office, at present, will be on M near ISth
Hon. J. C. Dobbin, Secretary of the Navy.
Hon. J. Davis, Secretary of War.
N. Callan, esq., P resident of the Board of Com?
?moii Council.
(>en. John M. McCalla, Attorney at Law.
James H. fur tin, esq.
W. C. Rei .uui., !~:late Department.
Jan 17?tf
Advertisements received for
all journals throughout the United States,
Canadas and Europe, and arrangements made at
the lowest rates. All papers kept on file for the
nspection of advertisers, and every information
K'vt-m. Oct 1?tf
(Late Examiner of Claims in the Pension Office,)
Will attend to any business entrusted to his care:
particularly to Claims for Pensions, Bounty Land,
Land Patents, Scrip, Back Pay, &c.
References: Hon. It. M. T. Hunter, U. S. Sen
ate; Hon. J no. W. Maury, Mayor of Washington;
Hon. Jas. E. Heath, late Commissioner of Pen
nons; Hon. Jno. Wilson, Commissioner of Gen
eral Land Office.
I have duplicate pay mils of the army from 1790
to 1S10, the original of which were burnt in 1814.
J. P. D.
Dec 21?6meod
late attorney general of Virginia, has re
moved to Washington to practice law.
He will practice in the Supreme Court of the
United Stat'es. the courts of the District of Colum
bia, and aiietM to any professional business eou
lided to him.
Office in Morrison's new building on 4} street,
east of Pennsylvania n venue.
Hon. J. J. Allen, Hon. Wm. Daniel,
Hon. Richard Moncure, Hon. G. B. Samuels,
Hon. G. H. Lee, of the Court of Appeals ot
To the Judges of the Circuit Courts of Virginia.
To the Senators and members of Congress i'rora
Sep 21?lyeod. (m)
Agency at w ashington.?.to
Claimants?FRANCIS A. DICKINS con
tinues to undertake the asency of claims before
Congress and other branches of the government,
including commissioners under treaties, and the
various public offices. He will attend to pre
emption and other land claims, the procuring of
patents for the public lands, and procuring scrip
for Virginia bounty land warrants, and the confir
mation by Congress of grants and claims to lands,
claims for property lost in or taken for the service
ol the United States; property destroyed by the
Indians, or while in the possession of the United
States; invalid, revolutionary, navy, widows', and
half-pay pensions: claims for revolutionary ser
vices, whether for commutation, half-pay, or
bounty lands; also, claims for extrn and back pay,
ice., of soldiers,- sailor* aud marines; as well those
against the Stale ofVirginia, as the United States;
all claims, growing out of contracts with the gov
ernment, for damages sustained in consequenceol
the aciton or conduct of the government; and, in
deed, any business before Congress or the public of
fices which may require the aid ol an agent or attor
ney. His charges will be moderate, and depend
ing upon the amount ol the claim and the extent
of the service.
Mr. F A. Dickins is known to most of those who
have bc? n in Congress within the last few years,
or who have occupied any public attention at
Hi* office is on Fifteenth street, opposite to the
Treasury Department, and next door to the Bank
of the Metropolis.
All letters must be postpaid.
Sep 28?lyd (m)
Industry, illustrated, from examples in the
New York Exhibition. lfsfC and 1854, edited by
Prof B. Sillunan. jr., and C. R. Goodrich, esq.
Sketuhes of the Campaurn in Northern Mexico
in 1846 and 1847, by an olfieer of the first regiment
of Ohio volunteers.
Rob of the Bowl, a Legend of St. Inigocs, by J.
P. Kennedy, revised edition.
Just received and for sale by
Cornet-of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street.
"Straw hatsi straw hatst? just
of Straw Hnts for men and boys, such as Panama,
Leghorn. Cnnton. Palm Leaf, Arc., of all qualities
and prices, u hich will be sold low, at LANE'S
Hat and Gentlemen'* Furnishiug Store, PennsylJ
vantn avenue, near 4} street
Apr 28?eod 2wif

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