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vol 2. ? D AILY, ?' - "m ?->.
Want* Building, near the Ca/ntiu,
CtTT or washington.
Daily, per annum, in advance $10 00
Tri-Weekly ...... 5 00
Weekly 5 00
To Clubs or Individuals, subscribing for
live or more copies?
Tri-Weekly, per annum, in advance....... .$3 00
Weeky " " ........150
Post misters are requested to act as agents.
I~ EDWARD C. DYER, Importer of Clears
'i and dealer in Wines and Liquors, has just
received, from bis agent in ??*>>?, 100,000
"Washington Club," "Prefata," and "El Siglo XIX"
Cigars to which he respectfully invites the atten
tion ot dealers and others. jan 31?tf.
a native of France, teacn<jr of Modern Lan
Iuages, especially French, Spanish, and German,
ranslations made with correctness and punctu
ality. Professor of Numesmatics, for the classifi
c at ion and explanation of medals and coins.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 6th
and 7th streets, opposite Brown's Hotel.
Furnished Rooms to rent at that placc.
Sep 21?dtf
VV No? 92 Fulton street, New York, has an ex
tensive assortment of fine Watches, consisting of
T. F. Cooper's Duplex, M. J. Tobias Sc Co'a., R.
5c G. Bcesley's, Joseph Johnson, 25 Church street,
Liverpool, See., &c., varying in price from $75 or
$100. Gold Lepines, four holes jewelled, $25 j
Detached Levers, thirteen jewels, $30; superior
full jewelled English Gold Levers from $50 to $60,
The whole of the above watches are carefully se
lected by myself, and being put up under my own
inspection, I can warrant perfect time-keepers.
Gold Pens, of my own make, of superior work
manship, warranted to retain their points, for $2,
$3 $4. Pens without cases. 75 cents, $1 50,
$?; auu $3. Sent to all parts of the country free ol
postage. Old pens re-pointed and made equal to
new lor 50 cents. Dec 17*?lv
By ike Author ot the Republic ot the
United States, 4fce.
THIS important work is now in press, the first
volume of which will be issued early in the
autumn of 1854.
The publication of this work will be continued
by the subscribers ; and in due time they will pub
lish in the several States a complete list of agents,
who will be prepared to furnish copies promptly
in every pirt of the Union.
That the author may have ample time to prepare
his work according to his views of completeness;
that the publishers may be enabled to issue the
numbers with promptness and at stated periods,
thereby protecting the interest of their agents, the
following arrangement is announced in the full
confidence that it will prove acceptable to all, via:
To stereotype the next six numbers, making ten
in all, thus completing the first volume before any
more are published.
The numbers will then be issued monthly, with
out interruption, to the end. Those who prefer
the volume bound will be accommodated without
extra charge for binding; and the numbers already
published, from one to four, will be taken in part
jray, if not injured, at their full cost to subscribers.
In announcing this unavoidable delay for a few
months, the publishers are not unmindful of the
earnest desire of many speedily to possess- the
work. The necessity of accommodating the au
thor, whose labors are incessant, will appear ob
vious to all without particular explanation.
Publishers, 86 Washington St., Boston.
Mat^J 5?tf*
PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor,
i under the United States Hotel, having en
larged and improved his store, would now respect
fully call the attention of citizens, and strangers
visiting AVashington, to his well-selected stock ot
French and English cloths, cassimeres, and vest
ings, of the newest and most elegant styles ol
goods from the New York market.
- Having had twenty years' experience in the
purchase of goods from the best importing houses
in the United States, with such advantages as will
enable him to offer them to the public on such
terms as will give entire satisfaction to the pur
chasers, and, in view of increasing his business,
he has purchased an unusual large stock of goods,
such as will defy competition for their beauty,
style, and cheapness.
All he asks is a call before you purchase else
where, and he will convince you that you will
save your money by so doing. A suit of c othes
can be made up in the most elegant style at twelve
Baysrlsr Ready-made Clothing.
I have on hand a superior assortment of ready
made clothing, of my own work, made up in the
most fashionable manner, such as overcoats in
various styles, frock and dress coats, and also
pants and vests, which will be sold at much less
price than work made to order.
N. B. Sole agenffor Scott's report of Fashions
or" the District.
Oct. 15?6m. ftn) *
The most complete assortment
of Pianos in this city can be found at our
Music Depot, consisting of Hallet, Davis & Co.'s
superior ^Eolian Pianos, which for beauty of tone
are considered by all who have heard them to be
unequalled. * . , _
Bacon & Raven's celebrated New York Pianos.
Gravesbeen & Co.'s Pianos, one of which, the
magnificent Papier Mache Piano at the Crystal
Palace, is the admiration of all who have seen and
heard it.
Schomacker & Co.'s new Unichord Pianos,
which for durability, keeping in tune, and cheap
ness stand unrivalled. The success which has
attended their introduction here is the best guar
anty thereof.
Kosenkrants's world-renowned German Pianos,
considered unsurpassed for sweetness of tone and
delicacy ot touch.
We are daily expecting an additional supply ot
the popular Unichord Pianos: also, perpaket ot
Saturday from Boston, one of L. Gilbert's be? jtiful
Boudoir or Piccolo Pianos.
This enables persons desirous of purchasing, to
select instruments from the most varied assort
ment of Pianos ever offered for sale in this city, at
manufacturers' prices, with a warranty for each
Piano if desired.
Also, several second-hand Pianos, Including one
of Jonas Chickering, which will be sold on the
most reasonable terms.
Second-hand Pianos taken in part payment for
new ones.
The most complete assortment of Musio and
Musical Instruments constantly on hand.
HILBU^dt HITZ, Pena. avenue.
Jrr> 22?tf fm)
BOTELER, sole agent for the city and
Georgetown, respectfully calls the attention of the
consumers of gas to the following certificates.
This article can be seen at C. W. Roteler's store,
Iron Hall, where order* may be left. Also at
J. Bucitley & Co.'s store, in Georgetown :
Washington, March. 14,1854.
We have had Kidder's Gas Regulator in use in
our respective stores for several months past, and
take pleasure in recommending it to the gas con
suming public as accomplishing perfectly the ends
for which it was designed. It regulates the burn
ing of the gas, and with as good a light saves us
a handsome per-eentage upon our monthly bills.
R. B. Hall, 7th street, near I,
T. C. McIntirk, corner 7th and I sts.
Washington, March 14, 1854.
I have been using Kidder's Gas Regulators in
my billiard-rooms, at the northeast corner of Penn
sylvania avenue and Thirteenth street, and also
in my house, next door td the Union printing of
fice. The ReK?ilBtors(operate finely, and in point
of economy 1 have saved bv it at least twenty-five
i,er cent, on the quantity of gas oraeumed.
1 ~ C. W. Flint.
Gadsby's Hotel, October 31, 1853.
I have been using Kidder's Regulator in my ho
tel for the last ei* weeks, and during that time I
am confident I have saved in money twenty-five
Cr cent, over the amount paid for the same time
it year, and believe my light is quite as good as
l>efore using it, and do feel confident that it is a
decided saving to the consumers of gas.
W. Gadsbt
For sale, solrfy, by the appointed sgetu , ^
Mar 28--eo<l3m lintel, eod 2w ]
man's Headache Remedy.?See certificates
of the magical cures by this wonderful remedy, of
minister#, lawyers, doctor*, and ladies, at
OILMAN'S Drug Store,
May 12 Neafr Brown's Hotel.
iu griaaa, viz:
Ueidesneim, Gusenheira, Rudeaheim.
Hockheim, in quarts and pints.
Johanisberg and Stunwine in Bocksbuetet.
Also, Nuit's Burgundy Wine.
May 11?lwif No. 5, oppo. Centre Market.
PLAIN FACT8<?We have, this day, ro>
XT ceived four Pianos from the far-famed es
tablishment of Hallet Davis & Co., Boston.
These, in addition to our stocks of New York and
Baltimore Pianos, make our assortment the
largest and most varied ever offered in this city.
We beg leave to assure our friends that we sell at
unprecedented low rates for cash, orgood endorsed
notes at 3, 0, or 8 months. We guaranty every
Piano to be of fine tone and finish, and perfect in
every respect.
All pei sons in want of a good and cheap instru
ment on reasonable terms, have now a favorable
opportunity but rarely offered.
Penn. av., between 9th and 10th sts.
May 11?6t
ooa, white Pepper and I rown Mustard, do
mesiie manufacture. For sale by
No. 5, opposite Centre Market.
May 11?eolwif
Potomac House, Pennsylvania avenue, ?
jew doors east of 4* street, Washington.
Sep 21?tf
Fine diamond jewelry.?i
constantly receiving and manufacturing to
order new styles of Diamond and all kinds of fine
Jewelry and Silverware, at the lowest New York
prices, and from fifteen to twenty-five per cent,
cheaper than goods ot the same quality can be
bought for at other establishments in this city or else
where. Please call at thesignof the Large Spread
Eagle, between 4J and 6th streets, Pennsylvania
avenue. 11. O. HOOD.
N. B.?Watches and Jewelry carefully repaired.
Apr 20?tf '
FOR RENT, the Commodious Dwelling'
House, recently repaired, opposite to City
Post Office, lately tenanted by his excellency, Mr.
Carvallo. Apply to S. C. BARNEY,
Mar 27?eotf E, between 6ih and 7th sts.
Tuos. R? br nuu Luke Lea. Luther R. Shoot
Stock, Exchange and Banking House,
Corner of Penn. avenue and 14th street,
Dec 15?6md (m)
English and american pig
Lead, Lead, Iron, and Cast-Iron, Water and
Gas-pipes, Block-tin, Scotch pig-iron, and metals
generally, at lowest rates.
For sale by GEORGE EARP, Jr.,
No. 5G North Wharves,
Apr 19?2awlm "Philadelphia.
Furnishing Goods.? Now receiving new
and beautiful styles of Gentlemen's Furnishing
Goods, for the present and approaching season,
such as Scarfa, Cravats, of silk; silk, and linen,
and batiste Stocks and Ties; Pocket Handker
chiefs ; Silks and Linen ; Gloves, Hosiery, Jcc., at
LANE'S General Furnishing Store, Pennsylvania
avenue, near 4} street.
Apr 28?eodif2w [Intel, Union, and Star.]
PURE SENNA PIGS.?A very pleasant,
safe, and effectual remedy for constipation ot
the bowels ; particularly recommended to persons
leading a sedentary life, as a pleasant, but sure
These figs are prepared with great care from
selected materials, and are so pleasant that no
child will object to them. Prepared solely by
Cor. Penn. av. and 4J st.
And sold by druggists generally.
Apr 23?Gt
ZINC PAINTS^-?The Subscribers having
been appointed agenta of the New Jersey Zinc
Company for the sale of their superior Paints, are
prepared to execute orders for any description, de
livered in Baltimore at the company's prices, and
on the same liberal terms.
The White Paint is warranted pure, and is un
surpassed by any other article in use. It is sold
either dry or ground iu oil.
The Brown Zino is made only from the New
Jersey Zinc Ores, and is extensively used as a
protection to iron or other metallio surfaces. It is
a cheap and economical paint.
The Browo Stone Color is unequalled as a dura
ble covering for Cottages, Depots,_ Bridges, dec*.
The consumption of it is very large, and it has
given entire satisfaction.
All the paints manufactured by the company are
of the .highest excellence, some important improve
ments having recently been discovered and ap
plied in their preparation, and they are warranted
to keep soft and fresh in the kegs, any reasonable
length of time. In this respect, they are superior
to any others in market.
Apr 7?d3m No. 2, Camden St., Baltimore.
U. S. Navy Yard, Gosport, Va.,
January 20, 1834.
To C. E. Detmold, President N. J. Zinc Co.. N. Y.
Sir : A series of experiments conducted by me,
with the utmost care, during the past three years,
upon all the various painta and artificial prepara
tions for the preservation of timber, have led me
to the important discovery that the White Ztnc
Paint, manufactured by the Mew Jersey Zinc Com
pany, serves as a perfect protection against the
ravages of the marine worm, and the formation ot
barnacles, whilst no other paint or preparation ot
anv kind combines the same protective effect.
I am now preparing a full report on this impor
tant subject to the Bureaus of Yards and Docks,at
Washington, and shall send with it a complete se
ries of specimens of wood anb metal plates, which
were covered with the different paints and pre
parations, and then exposed alike for an entire
season, in salt water, opposite this navy yard ; all
of which Illustrates, in the most striking manner,
the invaluable qualities and decided superiority of
your White Zinc Paint over all other kinds
paints', especially for marine purposes.
You are at liberty to give full publicity to the
above stated facts, which are of too much impor
tance to be kept from the naval and commercial
world. I am, respestfully, your obedient servant,
Inspector U. S. Navy Yard, Gosport, Va.
Mail Steamship Co., Jan. 31, 1854.
The steamer* of this company tise exclusively
the Zinc Paint manufactured by the New Jersey I
Zinc Company, experience having proved its de
? cided superiority over all other paints.
Apr 7?colm >, ?
CARD.?The anderilcned returns his
thank* to his friends and customers for their
liberal pVrouage bestowed on him for the past
three years aud earnestly solicits a continuation
of the same for his friend, L. J. Middleton, with
whom an arrangement has been this day made to
supply them with Ice of the very best quality and
on (he most reasonable terms.
Orders left at Mr. Mi ddleton's office, northeast
corner of F and 12th streets, or directly to him
through the Poat Office, will npeet with prompt
Apr 21?eolw (Star, Union, & News.)
Charles lever** new novel,
Tke Dodd Family Abroad, by Charles Lever,
just received at TAYLOR dc MAURY'S
Book ?tors, near 9th street, Penn avenue.
GENT'S summer umder-gah
ments, of Silk, Gauze Merino, Gauze Cot
ton, Lisle Thread, dec. A large supply just re
ceived at Lane s
Gent's Furnishing Store, Pa. av., near 4J st.
May 5?eod2wif (Int., Star.)
Brown's Hotel, has received a select and
large variety of storin and sun Umbrellas, of the
newest styles and best qualities.
Also, a large nnd varied assortment of domestic
and foreign walking Canes, of new designs and
at moderate and uniform prices, at
STEVENS'S Sales Room,
May 12?3tif Brown's Hotel.
Now on hand and receiving Beebe's and
other new and fashionable styles of White Beaver
Hats. Alao, White and Drab Felt Hats of all
qualities and prices, at LANE'S
Hat and Gents' Furnishing Store,
- Pa. av., near 4J st.
Apr 28?eod2wif (Intel., Union, & Star.)
Tamarind jam, for sale by
No 5, opposite Centre Market
May II?3tif.
T> J. STEER, Merchant Tailor, is now open
_t? ing another supply of choice SPRING and
SUMMER GOODS, to which he invites the at
tention of Members of Congress, strangers, and
The stock is large and very complete, embracing
almost every variety of Gentleman s Goods usually
kept by Merchant Tailors.
We solicit an inspection by the public of our
goods, workmanship, and prices.
AST No. 4 Washington Place, Seventh street.
May 14?3ti!
Tailors, Morfitt's Bu<ldings, east side Four
and-a-half street, near Pennsylvania avenue, have
just received an assortment of new Goods for
gentlemen's wear, which, in point of style, cannot
be surpassed, and which will be furnished to those
in want on the best terms.
Please call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere. May 16
fice Directory and Postal Guide, compiled
from the records of the Post Office Department.
For sale by R. FARNHAM,
Corner of 11th street and Penn. avenue.
May 16 , .
_T class Dwelling House, on E street, between
Oih and 7th, furnished in the most comfortable and
elegant manner. The house has been recently
built, with all modern improvements and conve
niences, and is in the most eligible situation in the
city. For terms apply to
Real Estate Agent,
Over Selden, Withers & Co.'s Bank.
May 12?tf
ICE.?The SubcrlbeT would respect Ally,
inform his iriends and the publio that, hav
ing succeeded in filling several large houses
with pure Potomac and Rock Creek Ice, and
in making his contracts with responsible east
ern dealers for a very superior article, he is
now prepared to deliver the same punctually in
any part of Washington or Georgetown at the
lowest market price, and guaranties to supply cus
tomers with any quantity required without change
of price during the season.
Orders left at the following places or sent
through the post office will meet with prompt at
tention :
Patterson 6c Nairn, Pennsylvania avenue and
9th street,
Z. D. Gilman, Pennsylvania avenue, between
6th and 7th streets. '
V. Harbaugh, 7th and G streets.
Kidwell & Lawrence, Pennsylvania avenue and
14th street.
T. C. Mclntire, 7th and I streets.
W. H. Gilman, Pennsylvania avenue and 4}
William Lord, 5th and G streets.
J. W. Nairn, New York avenue and 15th street
Edward Hail, market space, between 6th and
7th streets.
A. G. Ridgeley, Pennsylvania avenue, between
19th and 20tk streets.
Dr. J. B. Gardner, Capitol Hill.
Z. M. P. King, I and 15th streets.
F. S. Walsh, Navy Yard.
C. P. Wannall, New York avenue and 9th street.
h. R. Holmead, Maryland avenue and 7th street.
W. W. Birth, 3d street, next to Trinty Church.
J. W. Sothoron 6c Co.. Georgetown.
Families will be supplied by the week or month,
or for the whole yew, at oire price, and a full sup
ply guarantied.
Notice of change of residence, if given at the
office instead of to the driver, will always prevent
Should mistakes or neglect occur on the part ot
those delivering the ice, if notice is given at the
office, it will be immediately attended to.
Ice kept constantly on hand at Eliot's drug store
corner F and 12th streets, which can be had in
large or small quantities, at the lowest market
rates. L. J. MIDDLETON,
Office, northeast corner of F and 12th
streets, and Easby's wharf.
JET Persons wishing to be supplied will please
send their names, residence, and quantity per
day. to the office or any of the places above named.
March 14.
lisher of this large aad popular family journal
offers for the coming year (1854) a combination ot
literary attractions heretofore unattemped by any
of the Philadelphia weeklies. Among the new
features will be a new and brilliant series of origi
nal romances by George Lippard, entitled Legends
of the Last Century. All who have rend Mr. Lip
[tard's celebrated "Legends of the American Revo
ution," published for fifty-six consecutive weeks
in the " Saturday Courier" will find these pictures
of French and American history endowed with all
the power and brilliancy of his .previous produc
tions. The first of a series of original novellettes,
called Morris Hartley, er the Knights of the Mystic
Valley, by Harrison w. Ainsworth, is about to be
commenced. It will be handsomely illustrated by
twelve fine engravings, and its startling incidents
cannot fail to elicit undivided praise. Eramerson
Bennett, the distinguished novelist, and author ot
Viola, etc., etc., is also engaged to furnish a bril
liant novellette to follow the abpve. Mrs. Mary
Andrews .Denison, author of Home Pictures, Pa
tience Worthlngton and her Grandmother, etc.,
will continue a splendid domestic novellette, en
titled the Old Ivy Grove, and H. C. Watson an
illustrated story called the Two Edged Knife?a
graphic picture of early life in Old Kentucky. To
these will be added original contributions and se
lections from Mrs. Caroline Lee Hents, Clara
Clairville, Lille Lilberne, Mrs. Stowe, Graee Green
wood, and other distinguished writers ; the news
of the day, graphic editorials, full reports ot the
provision, money, and stock markets, letters from
travelers at home and abroad, etc., eto.
Terms?One copy one year $2; two copies one
year $3; four oopies one year |C; nine oopies one
year, and one to the-getter up of the club, S10;
twenty oopies one year aad one to the getter up
of the club, $20.
Address A. SCOTT, Publisher,
No. Ill Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
Itk street, between Louisiana avenue and D street.
ceived, from the north, a splendid assortment
of China, Glass, and Earthenware; also, magnifi
cent Girandoles and Lamps of many patterns,
adapted for halls aad parlors.
Paints, boiled and raw, linseed oil, putty, win
dow glasa, of every variety, always on hand.
Clocks, brushes, tea., aad every artioie for gen
eral housekeeping kept for sale.
C. S. WHITTLE8EY, 7th street.
Nov 90?If (??)
?00k?, Sfati?ntrjr, ?r.
series of Services for Domestic Worship for
every morning and eveiling iu the year, select
portions of Holy Writ, and Prayers and Thanks
giving for particular occasions, with un Address
to Heads of Families, edited by the Rev. John
Harris, D D., Principal of New College, St. John's
Wood, London, author of the Great Teacher
Mammon, See.
Just reoeived and for sale at the Bookstore of
May 11 Corner of 11th st. and Penn. av.
My Schools and Schoolmates, or the Story
of uiy Education ; by Hugh Miller, author of The
Old Red Sandstone.
The Two Records: The Mosaic and the Geo
logical, a Lecture delivered before the Young
Men's Christian Association* in Exeter Hall, Lon
don ; by Hugh Miller.
The World of Art and Industry, illustrated.
Sketches of the Campaign in Northern Mexico
in 1S46 and '47; by an Officer of the First Regi
ment of Ohio Volunteers.
Rob of the Bowl, a Legend of the Inigoes ; by J.
P. Kennedy, author of "Swallow Barn."
Addison's Works, new edition, vol. 4; "The
Apr 20 Bookstore, near 9th street.
EW BOOKS.?The Whimsical Woman,
by Emilia F. Carlen.
Crystalline; or, the Heiress of Fall Down Castle,
a romance, by F. W. Shelton, A. M., author ot
"The Rector of St. Barddph's," tStc.
The Myrtle Wreath, or Stray Leaves Recalled,
by Minnie Myrtle.
Melbourne and the Chincha Islands, with
Sketches of Lima and a Voyage round the World,
by George W. Peck.
Just published and for sale by
Corner Poon. avenue and 11th street.
May 16
i\ tions, now complete.
Apostles and Early Church, just issued, $1.
The Eternal Day, by Rev. Horatio Bonar, 50
Africa aud America Described, by the author ot
Peep ol Day, 75 cents.
Remarkable Examples of Moral Recovery.
Jay's Morning and Evening Exercises, a new
edition in fine large type, 1 vol., $1.
Thoughts on the Death of Little Children, 50
Apr 5 8eventh street.
OP*n every
Twenty-five centa Admittance
Will be the price hereafter, on all occasions.
THERE will be NO niKE admissions, with the
exception of Exhibitors and the Press, and
NO SEASON TICKETS will be sold.
The Crystal Palace has undergone the most ex
tensive alterations and improvements, and is rab
idly filling up with elegant and interesting speci
ments of handicraft from every quarter of the
W The Machinery Department is very complete.
Quite a large number of additional aud curious
machines, however, are in preparauon and will
find a nlace in a few weeks in the exhibition.
TheP.cTVRE GA..LERY is already the mostt com
prehensive and valuable collection in the W estcrn
^Th'e Sculpture contributions embody ov?r 3??
pieces of marble, mo t of them rare, many of them
originals, and all of exquisite workmanship. Many
choice statues, besides, are now en route fro
E Th^Association has completed arranjrements
for the purchase of a choice collection of ModEM
of Antique Statuary, of great celebrity.
Suitable Rewards will be proposed for the best
manifestations of Skill, and for such ?tnking y
meritorious works of Art as the most consummate
talent may be successful in developing in any part
?f Asec'tion of the great California Cedar Tree,
which in its native forest stood Three Hundred
F?t H?oi" measuring Ninety-two Fret in c.r
cumfrrence, and is estimated bY l[}e .^^1
rfYEiRsoTijnf bneeen deposited in the Crystal
~ i? .ev"
eraldavs with proper discrimination; and incessant
miirmentations may be confidently relied upon.
A n efficient Orchestra of music will be in attend
ance at the Crystal Palace every morning, after
noon, and evening. Modal
The Association offers a prize of a Gold Medal,
costine one thousand dollars, or tU equ.va ent in
cwh For the most useful and valuable Invention or
Discovery which shall have been patented or en
tered in the United States Patent Office during
he vear closing the first day of December next,
nmvMded only that the said Invention or Discovery,
Cywe5men? model, or product, shall have mean
each or their equivalent in cash, U preferred, to
the five Inventors whose inventions in the various
departments of the usef ul arts, Dented enured
or caveated within the year, iudI ?MWtri in the
Crvstal Palace as aforesaid, shall be adjudgea
most worthy of such testimonials next nfter the
one adjudged most excellent as aforesaid.
Fourth. Five Medals, costing one hundred dol
lars each or their equivalent in plate or cash, if
preferred', to the five Artistes whose originalworks
completed since the first opemngof the yyst?
Palace and exhibited therein as aforesaid, shall
be adjudged most worthy of such distinction next
after the most excellent as jurie^
The ablest and most respectable jury or juries
as eany as pro announce the appoint
ass s
I. AbSSS Ex~?'ion of Ik. World'. Indu.lry
.^..ubiutn* i?.. -,
"?jgss, ok.ck. *?.,
on the same ucke - ? President.
May 7?iftf
by M M. WHITE,Und.ru
i A ^ir the corner of 3d at. and Penn
ry7v".:?.A.8v??" v-r'-ra.1 vrS
minutes* notice- .
tFh>R sale, a three-story brick
F!" ... .nd Lot on Sew York ...r
??h street and opposite the market-house. The
budding conl.in. ? Tfw talSST'il'kM
easy, apply to R?, EatMe Agent.
M>y u-tf ?ver Xelden, Withera & Co.
or THE
I PROPOSE to publish in the city of Washing*
III doing so, it is proper I should make known
the principles it wilt maintain, and the policy it
will advocate.
It will support cordially and earnestly the pnn
ciplea of the Democratic party of the United Statej.
it does not propose to be the organ of any Depart- i
ment Of the Government, except In so far as an in
dependent maintenance of the doctrines of that
party may represent its opinions and express its
VTwill not be ambitious to commend itself to the
people by a blind flattery of their rulers. It will
seek public support by the bold avowal of the
sentiments which are common to the genuine
Democracy of the Union, and by the condemna
tion of all such as may oonflict with them, from
whatever quarter they may oome. It will ??ek u>
be (and it will endeavor to deserve the Ulle) Urn
organ of the Democratic party of the United
The Sentinel will maintain, as a fundamental
truth of that great party, that the States formed the
Uhion between them by the ratification of,the Oon
btitution as a compact; by w|uch, also, they created
the Federal Government, and delegated to it,
as their common agent, the powers expressly
specified in it, with an explicit reservation of all
others to the States, or to their separate govern
ments. The exercise of any powers beyond these
thus delegated, is, therefore, an usurpation of the
reserved authority of the States by the agent ot
their own creation. ? ? _ i_
The Sentinel will uphold and defend the Union
upon thi basis of the rights of the Statas?under
the Constitution?and thus by sedulously guarding
the latter, it will the more effectually strengthen
and perpetuate the former.
With regard to the exerciw; of tho-powers of the
Federal Government, the Sentinel wil\ take as
the prlhciples of its action, that Congress shall ex
ercise no power which has not been delegated >y
the Constitution, according to a strict and fair in
terpretation of its language and spirit; and that it
shall not seek to attain indirectly an object through
the exercise of constitutional power, for the direct
attainment of which it has no delegation of ]>o?*r
In other words, all powers exercised must be
clearly granted, and all granted powers must be ,
used for no purpose, except such as is clearly in
tended by the Constitution.
In respect to the internal administration of the
Government, the Sentinel will sustain the settled
policy of the democratic party. It.will labor to
inculcate this cardinal doctrine of Dem?oraUc m j
ten.al policyithat this Government will bes*
promote the freedom and prosperity of the people
of the States, by being less ambitious to exetcise
nower, and more anxious to preserve liberty, anU
bv leaviug to the individual States the manage
ment of all their domestic concerns??while it con
tents itself with guarding the confederacy from
external violence, and directing the foreign policy
of the country to the promotion of the common
interests, and defence of the common rights, and
honor of the States composing it.
The Sentinel will advocate such a progressive
foreign policy as will suit itself to the exigencies,
and correspond with the expanding interests of the
country. That policy should be energetic and de
cided; but should temper firmness with liberality
and make its highest ends consist with the strictest
principles of justice. The real >nterest8ofthe
country, upon each occasion demanding attention,
will be its guide in the course the Sentinel will
The national policy of the world in this age is
essentially aggressive. In the g^w.ng seu^ o,
weakness of some of the nations of the Old World,
and the ambitious restlessness of others, a com
mon motive to colonial extension has developed
Our settled determination to repel interference
from abroad with our domestic concerns, will
prompt us to avoid H in the affairs of other coun
tries,^unless by their foreign or colonial policy our
peace should be threatened, our security endan
Lred, or our interests invaded. For when the
selfish interests of other nations prompt a fore'Kn
or colonial policy which infringes upon our rights^
and places in the pathway of our commerce a
dangerous and unfriendly rival, such a I^c? ?u.8*
be resisted by remonstrance, and, if need be, Wy
Our foreign policy should, indeed, be defensive,
but to be properly defensive, it must sometimes be
aggressive. Our administration shou d
be vigilant, watchful, and energetic. The world
is full of important movements, commercial and
noliti' al, deeply concerning American trade and
American power. It is time we had an American
foreign policy. We must have it. M e cannot
nvoif U if we would. We have larger interests and
Theater stake in the world and its destiny, than
ev?ry other people. We occupy the best portion
of a continent, with no neighbors but a colony, and
a worn-out, anarchical despotism. We are the
only people whose own land, without colonial de
lendcncies, is washed by the two great oceans of
the world. Our agricultural productions are more
varied and more essential to civilized life, and to
human progress?our mineral and manufacturing
resources more vast?our facilities and capacity for
internal and foreign commerce more extended
than those of any other people living under one
government. A oontinent, to a great extent, un
explored and exhaustless in its yet hidden wealth
i* at our feet. European trade seeks the great East
through avenues which are at our doors,or mus
lie made through our own limits. Europe, Asia,
^frTa anHhc? isles of the sea. lying afl around
us, look to us as the rising oower, through the
Mencv of whose example, amfever widening and
extending, though peaceful influences, the bless
ings of liberty, civilization, and religion, are des
tined to triumph over the barbarism and supersti
tion of the millions of the world. And shall such
a people refuse to lay hold upon their destiny, and
act upon the high mission to which it is called
A mission so full of hoi?e, though so laden with
responsibility, which, if properly directed, must
m!iCe our confederacy the harbinger of peace to
the world, as well as the peaceful arbiter of its
destiny. ,,
The Sentinel will, therefore, advocate a bo
and earnest foreign policy, such as the condition ol
the country demand#; but it will advocate it under
the flag ofthe country?nowhere else. Its forei?"
policy must be consistent with the spotless honor
Ld unimpeachable good faith of the country. To
be respectable at home and abroad, and to be great
in the eves of the world, it must ask for nothing
but whi b right, and iubmit to nothing that
wrong. It must be liberal and magnanimous to
the rights of others, and firm .nd .n.moveubk, n
insisting on its own. It must, in fine, be true to
i,? own inter...., right.. and honor-it cannot then
k*3nch thon?^ the'charT^by which we .1*11 be
guided.' Independent nnd free, we .hall endeavor
f? he hone..'and truthful. The
democratic principles we shall cordially '"PP01?
and defend. Its enemies in the field or in ankush
we shall oppose, and on all proper occasions de
nounee. . , i
To our future brethren of the
the hand of friendly greeting. The ^
rival of no press of its owe party?the personal
eiThIniwm Democritic'Administration has our
b^ ^S2for ,V.le?M in .he ...abli.hmen. o.
!earea, principle. upon which ..cm. into power,
nndlTits honest labors to attain such an end >t
will find the Sentinel its friend and coadjutor.
Teems For the Daily paper, ?10 a year, in au
vanl? For the Tri-weekly, $5 a year to smele
subscribers, and to clubs or per^n, ?^cnbingTor
?> nr more copies, at the rate of $3 a year. Por tne
wl. klv $2 a year to single subscribers, and to
<^uM or persons subscribing for five or more copies
at tWraf^of $1 SO a year ; in all cases payment to
He nifidc in ndvtinc?. ., ?
All communication* should be post pnid,
dressed to Beveelx Tucke*.
nEd'tors throughout the country are request
ed to copy the above Prospectus, and send us a
Washinotok, Sept. 21
$0tris, gwtatrranls, $ crarbhHj $ mt$.
tory, C street, between 6th and 7th streets,
Washington. E. J. WILLSON,
Dec. 15?if
T. P. Brown. M. Brown.
TMLB.riut.NTU Stekxt,
Sep 24?tf
ON aeco?at of the buhilng of tlie draw
of the Long Bridge the following races will
not commence until the TWENTIETH DAY OF
JUNE, by which time the bridge will be repaired
K7" The papers publishing the advertisement.
Will please announce the postponement.
Alexandria County, Va.
THE SPRING RICES over the above
course will commence on the FOURTH
THURSDAY yi May, 1804, and continue through
out the week.
FifxtDay.?TUESDAY, May 23d, sweepstakes
free for all horses owned in Maryland, District ol
Columbia, apd Virginia, weight for age.
Entrance, $25, with a purse of $50 added by the
Mile heats, three or more to make a race.
Also, immediately after the sweepstake race, a
nurse of $50 will be given, free for all trotting
horses; mile and repeat, to harness.
" Second Day.?WEDNESDAY, May 24, purse of
$100; mile heats, best 3 in 5.
Third Day.?THURSDAY, May 25, purse of
$200; two-mile heats.
Fourth Day.?FRIDAY, May 2Cth, purse ol
$300; four-mile heats.
Entrance for purses 15 per cent., to be made with
the proprietor the evening previous to the race.
In all cases three or more to make a race; two to
start. The races to be governed by the rules ot
the Richmopd course, Virginia.
Abundant stabling for horses will be provided,
free of expense, on tho grounds.
Having completed the enclosure of the track,
and made other improvements on the place, the
proprietor informs the public that nothing-will be
found wanting on his part to give satisfaction to
those fond of the sport.
May 1 CYRUS MARTIN, Proprietor.
Industry, illustrated, from examples in the
New York Exhibition, 1S53 and Ib&l, edited by
Prof B. Sillinian. jr., and C. R. Goodrich, esq.
Sketches of the Campaign in Northern Mijkiro
in lb4f> and 1647, by an officer of the lirst regiment*
ofOhio volunteers.
Rob of the Bowl, a Legend of St. Inigoes, by J.
P. Kennedy, revised edition.
Just received and for sale by
Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street.
receiving, a large and beautiful assortment
of Straw Hats for men and boys, such as Panama,
Leghorn, Canton, Palm Leaf, See., of all qualities
and prices, which will be sold low, at LANE'S
Hat and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, Pennsyl
vania avenue, near 4J street
Apr28-eod 2wif
EW BOOKS.?'The Plurality of Worlds,
with an introduction, by Edward Hitchcock,
D. D.
Rambles in Brazil, or a Peep at the Aztecs,with
a map and illustrations.
The Religion of the Northmen, by Rudolph
The Catacombs of Rome, as illustrating the
Church of the Three First Ceuturies, by Rev. W.
Ingraliam Kip.
Uncle Jerry's Letters to Young Mothers, com
piled by Ann E. Porter.
The Eternal Day, by H. Bonar, D. D.
Discourses and Sayings of our Lord Jesus
Christ, illustrated in a series of expositions, by
John Brown, D. D.
The Church before the Flood, by the Rev. John
Cumming, D. D.
Theological Essays, by Frederick Denison Mau
rice, M. A., with a new preface and other addi
The Sepulchres ol our Departed, by F. R. Ans
petch, A. M., Ilagerslown, Md.
The History of the French Protestant Refugees,
from the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes to our
own days, by Charles Weiss. Translated by
Henry William Herbert, with an appendix by a
descendant of the Huguenots, in two vols.
For sale at the bookstore of
Corner of 11th street and Penn. avenue.
May 7
Notice is hereby given. That i
have lost a Land Warrant Certificate for
lt30 acres, No. 7S,22ti in favor of Neri D. Smith,
Lloyd B. Smith, Lewis Clark Smith, Benjamiu
Yost Smith, and Rosnn* a Frantz, collateral heirs
of Hiram M. Smith, deceased, of company H, 8th
United States Infantry, (Mexican war,)and which
said certificate was assigned to the undersigned.
This certificate wns mailed by Johnston, Brothers
ic Co., of Baltimore, on the ISth October, 1853, di
rected to William P. Williams, esq., Washington,
D. C., and was never received. It is my intention
to apply for a duplicate of this warrant to the com J
missioncr of peusions.
Cumberland, Maryland.
Jan 24, 1S54. Jan. 26? tf
Buckskin and silk purses,
Porte-monnaies, Ivory Tablets, Boys' Belts,
Hair Brushes and Combs, for sale low at
May 9 eod3t Seventh street.
wanting Shirts can save trouble and be per
fectly suited l?y leaving their orders at
May 21?3iif Sales Room, Brown's Hotel.
HO. HOOD, Pennsylvania avenue, between
. '1} and 6th streets, has just returned from
the north with a good assortment of tMs most rich
nnd fashionable Jewelry in the market, which he
purchased for cash at Very law prices, and now of
fers (or sale the same, at wholesale or retail, much
cheaper than goods of like quality bave ever been
sold for in this seotion of country. Please call at
his store. ?ign of tho large spfead eagle.
N. B. Special attention paid to tho repairing to
ne watclies by W. W. Holiingsworth. Apr 2
lors, Morlil's building, 4J street, near Penn
I sylvania avenue, would most respectfully inform
their friends, the public in general, and the old pa
trons of Joseph R. Thompson, in particular, that
they have received their Spring Supply of Goods,
i"which to lie admired needs but to be seen;"
and which they will make to order, in style and
fit, lo please the tastes of the most fastidious.
all ages.
Favor us with a call. Our motto is : " We study
to please."
SHILL1NGTON has received tiodey't La
dy's Book for June. . , *
The Dodd Family Abroad, by Charles Lever.
Bride of the Wilderness, by hmerson Bennett.
Virginia and Madalene. by Mrs. Sonthwo.th.
The Star Chamber, a Historical Romance, by
Uocle Tom in Paris.
New and Correct Maps of thte Seat of W ar in
I the East.
Van lee Notions for June.
Every new book published received immedi
ately afterwards nnd for sale st
Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor. 4$ street,
M,v y*?3tif ??<l Pen*, avenue.
One square (twelve lines) 1 insertion...... .$0 ?>0
u " " 2 M .... 75
" u u 3 " .... 1 INI
" " " 1 week 2 00
" >1 t.*4 I month ........ 5 00
^&"Busiuess cards, not exceeding six lines, for
not less than six months, inserted at halt'price.
Yearly advertisements subject to special ar
rangement. . ?
Long advertisemeats at reduced rates.
Religious, Literary, and Charitable notice* in
serted gratuitously.
All correspondence oa business must be prepaid
THE undersigned will publish in the city o(
Atalanta, Georgia, a monthly journal of medi
cine under the above name. Each number will
contain twenty-four pages, devoted to the develop
ment bf southern medical literature, and the expo
sition of the Diseases and physical peculiarities ot
our negro race.
will be independent itf everything. It shall not
grind for any clique or faction; it wiS not be the
mouthpiece of any cabal, or the organ of any indij
vidir.il. It will stand upon the code of etbicr,
and pntronize honorable medicine, sink or swim,
live or di^, survive or perish. Wo invite short,
sensible, and practical papers from the profession
throughout the country.
The work is permanently established, and will
be iftsued in March next at $1 00 per year in ad
vance. Persons wishing it will please address
ths editor, with the needful enclosed, post-paid.
March 21. H. A. RAMSAY, M. D., Editor.
1 Daimonion. by Traverse Oldfleld.
The Life of Archibald Alexander, D. D., first
professor in thct Theological Seminary at Prince
ton. Ne\jv Jersey, just published.
Natural Ooodness; or, Honor to whom Honor
is Doe* by Mereein.
Sunlight through the Mist ; or, Conversations
betwecfh a Mother add her Children.
De Quincey's Theological Essays and other
Struggles for life; or, the Autobiography of a
Dissenting Minister.
The Woodcutter of Lebanon and the Exiles o
Mabel Grant, a Highland story, by R. H. Ballan
Charles Roussel; or, Industry and Honesty, by
the author of Three Months under the Stiows.
A Lamp-to the Path ; or, the Bible in the Heart,
the Home, and the Market-place, by W. R.
The Godly Pastor: Life of Rev. Jeremiah Hal
Home Truth?, by Rev. J..C. Ryle.
For sale by
X the House of Representatives.?A gentle-,
man who has had twenty years' experience as a
E^iiamentnry, legal, and general reporter, both in
rope and. America, having several leisarei hours
each day, proposes to devote them to the service
of any gentleman having writing to do, either for
the press or of any other description. Desiring
some mode of employing those hours until the ad
journment of the present session of Congress^ he
is perfectly indifferent as to the character of the
writing he may be required to perform, and will
perform it upon the most reasonable terms. Com
munications addressed to P. B.T., at Mrs. Ward's,
corner of 4} street and Missouri avenue, will meet
with prompt attention. References of thehighest
order. Feb 2?-tf
Washington.?The Thirty-second Annual
(Jpurse of Lectures will commence on the fourth
Monday in October, and continue until March.
Thomas Miller, , M. D., Professor of Anatomy
and Physiology. .
Wm. P. Johnson, M. D., Professor of Obstet
rics and Di^ases of Women and Children.
Joshua llilt y. M. D., Professor of Materia Med
ica, Therapcui os and Hygiene.
John Fred. May, M. D.r Professor of the Prin
ciples and. Practice of Surgery.
Grafton Tyler, M. D., Professor of Pathology
and Practice Of Medicine.
Robert King Stone, M. D., Professor of Micros
copal and Pathological Anatomy.
Lewis H. Steiner, M. D., Professor of Chemis
try and Pharmacy.
William H. Saunders, M. D., Prosector and De
The.facilities for the prosecution of practical
anatomy are ample. ,
Like most similar institutions in Europe, the
desks from which the regular lectures are given,
and the wards for clinical instructions ore under
the same roof.
The extensive additions to the buildings since
ast session, for the accommodation of the
-K, will greatly extend the usefulness of the
medical ana surgical clinic.
The entire expense for a full course of lec
tures is ..$90
Practical anatomy by the demonstrator 10
Martriculating fee (payable only once). 5
Graduating expenses 25
Admission to the Medical and Surgical Clinic
trough the whole course without charge. *
Dean of the Faculty.
Office and residence corner of F and 14th sts.
Sep 21?tf
Wheelbarrows, Jumping Ropes, Nursery
Chairs, Carriages, Willow Cradles, Gardening
Tools; together with a general assortment of Toys
and Fancy Goods, for sale at
May 9 eod3t Seventh street.
inings, D. D.
The Church Before the Flood, price 75 cents.
Lectures on the Apocalypse, 2 vols.; f 1 50.
Voices of the Day, 75 cents.
Voices of the Night, 75 cents.
Christ Receiving Sinners, 30 cents.
A Message from God, or Thoughts on Religion,
for thinking men.
Refrigerators, Water-coolers, &c. ? We
have ju*t opened a handsome assortment of Plated
Goods, French China, Fancy Goods, and a general
assortment of conveniences for housekeepers,
whicb we will sell as low as the lowest. Our slock
in Cabinet Furniture and Chairs is now also very
complete. Lannly Refrigerators, which obtained
the first premium at the late Mechanics' Fair, wc
have on hand, (and the only house that keeps them
in the city;) and we state with the utmost confi
dence that they are the only article of the kind that
can be called, properly, a Refrigerator. We invite
the utmost srt-utiny. We invite a call at our es
tablishment, the only comp'ete one in all its parts
in the city. We will sell as low as any house can
sell that does a fair business.
May 20?3teoif DONN & BROS.
TAKE N OTIC E.?Housekeepers and
others are reminded that the following list of
articles are of the very 1***1 description*
be purchased from the sub$crib?*ron as low terms
as any other house in the city. A large assort
ment and supply always on hand:
Oils of all kinds. Queensware,
Paints. Brushes,
Camphine, Clocks,
Turpentine, ( handeliersj
Window Glass, Girondoles,
China, Vase*.
Karthenware, Britannia ware,
Glass, Arc., ftc., kc.
Goods sent to any part of the city free of
charge. Country dealers will do well to call.
7th street,
Opposite Seldcn & Withers s Bank.
Mar 16 (Star.)
V[EW YORK, May ?, 1883^-The under
signed has this day opened an office, No. 42
William street, (Merchants' Exchange.) for the
transaction of a general brokerage business.
Bank, insurance, mining, railroad, government,
State, and city securities bought and sold.
Promissory notes, bills of exchange, and loans J.
negotiated. ; .
Sep 21?tf EMANUEL B. HART.
of Fancy Gooda suitable for presenla, will And
at LAMMOND'S, 7th strtet, the most complete
assortment ever offered in this cityv and at pricea
to suit the most economical buyers.

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