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Nebraska advertiser. [volume] (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, November 03, 1864, Image 2

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... :r; r-: -.-aru!y assorted ty the
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'.Lr;::.;'-"!: the country,
v'j c'-i rc. ths election of
nc- liiumph cf the peace
paity tf ii:,' N;'.'h
The following ex-
tract fro;r. a::"' arkl- in the. Charleston
Coitrirr, e::j cf 'I;:- moil diguifitd and
irifj-r.:iui Kmals cf the Sjuth, is a fair
athi. ra IXmjcracy.
. i
prTver.i i.ie intimate con-
?.ec;ix! t-.-.v.t t-n the armies of
c," the C t.. d-.nicy the peace men cf
tha L :i::cJ.
Ii.ese coustitute
ac ;ir..r.cf.j loicts that tre working fcr
the rcou:;.'.:.vrit cf peace. The party
xvhee piatferm ar.J ncniicaiions we are
cuiiE'Jer;n(, are altogether depfndeut
fcr suces cn the courage and resolution
cf our fighting men. If their general
ship, faciei!", valor, andvigilance are
unalle to win victories, and' arrest the
progress of the invading hordes, the ei
istiug Administration will lauh to scorn
all the etiori' of the Opposition, and, - in
pite of y i.vst pov.ef fiil comhiDations,
will contincitt to hold the places they tow
Uur success in battle injures the juc
ce:s of McClt-ilan. Our failure will in
r vitally lead to his defeat. It i-ihe suc
cession of victories that have crowned
cur armies since this year began, that
have given existence, strength and har
mony to that organjzition which has ar
rayed itself with firm, .defiant front
" against the despot and his minions. It is
our long, unbrokeu series vf splendid
.successes that have emboldened the few
men of sonse and honesty in Vankeedom
to raise their vt;ice," in deHunciation of
the unconstitutional, base, foolish meas
ures adopted and enforced by their -Government;
pdJ they have gathered around
the banner of their exceptionable men so
larea number as that they have good
hope of being able to male head against
ti.e opposer and tyrant."
The success-of McClellan depends on
the success of the confederacy, and the
confederacy is dependant upon the suc
cess of McClelleu's party for their only
hope of success; yet if we take the letter
- of acceptance a McClflien's platfofai,
....... n .uu iuu i n ra-TTLnrt, c;3n JlI Id in fV
.... a
them any cause for rejoicing, but the as
cendancy to power of such a party as he is
tiie nominee of, would give mem great
c n'ourr.gcment, and would ba fatal to the
Union. -cause.
Cn vi:-? iv.h or h-r.s:' ry, 1 SGI, George
II. ?
I-.tcr :c i sC'-ch in Congress
4 t::-d?.v' is for conciliation;
ny v j iT .xaiprsntise ;. and it is but
the echo cA the iw!;e of rv.y constituents
1 bg yoi'. g.'utlosneh, 'a ho with me rep
i c5i.ni the Ncrihwett you who, with me,
reprcE?nt th-? 'city cf Cincinnati I beg
you, gori;!cn;cn, to l)ear that voice. It
y u will fjt ; if yc.i finJ conciliation im
posfvillC ; if your diilercnces are so great
that . caui.ot. cr will not, reconcile
them ; t h r-n t CPiniemen,. let the seceding
it dtr-.iri in peace : let them establish
their govfr ::?r: ?i.t ana empire and work-
rut their destiny according to the wisdjrn
v.hicn God has given them.
Further along in the same speech, he
fays :
"If those Southern States rannct be' re
conciled, ard if you, gentlemen, canrct
find It in your hearts to grant their de
rr.ards; if th y must leave the family
mansion, I woi-ld signalize their depart
ure by tokens of love ; I would bid them
fareweU so tenderly, that they would for
ever be touched by the recollection cf it;
and if, in the vicirsitudes of their separ
rte existence, they should desire to come
together again ia our common Govern
ment, there should be no pride to be hup
miliated, there should be no wound in
flicted from any hand to be healed. They
thould come and be welcome to the place
they now occupy." .
Since this speech was made the public
have received several assurances that his
principles have not been changed. These
are hU sentiments to-day, and if elected
to the Vice Presidency would-use his
whole influence to accomplish the dis
memberment of our country. Mr. Pen
dleton has at least one virtue, and that is
consistency. People know before they
vote for him that he is, in principle, a
rebel, and therefore are not deceived.
.Arming the Ncrces in tiie South.
$omeiime ago an article appeared in
the Richmond Enquirer on the subject of
arming the negroes fpr the defence of
"Southern rights," which has met wjth
general approbation throughout the south.
Some ef the statesmen and almosi all of
their leading journals now advocate the
nd?pt:cn of soch measures by the next
Ccrare;?. Something of the kind will
. pr-rally I e ic:,?. The chivalry find that
they arc cnc-uil n the tvk they nave
undertake;:, nud bogir. to-cdl to the ne-
s; icr -aivl.
!o'.v we give a dispitch froia the
rtltl Governor of Uuisiana ta 'he rctei j
r:rrc.irr U War, C3 thi tatject :
i i
ExrcuTXVE Orrici, Shreveport. La.
September 26, 1SGL
To Hon. James SedJor.t Secrdary cf
Vt'ar Richmond, Va. :
My Dear Sia: The time has come
fcr us to put iiito Vie army every able iod'
icd negro man as a sdJier. This should
be done immediately. Congress should,
at the coming session, take action on this
most important' question. The negro
knows that he cannot escape conscription
if he goes to the enemy. He must play
an importaut part in the war. He caus
ed the. fight, end he will have his portion
cf tt burthen to hear. We have learned
from dear-bought experience that negroe.
can be taught to feght, and that all who
leave us are made to fight against us. 1
would free all able to bear arms, and put
then into the fidd at enze. Thy will
mil'e much better soldiers with us than
against ts, and swell ths now depleted
ranks of our armie?.
I beg you to give, this your earnest at
With assurances cf my friendly regards
and very high esteem, I remain, very re
spectfully, Vour obedient servant,
Governor of Louisiana.
How will Sambo look in the Confeder
ate uniform, when he looked so disgust
ing to rebels ia Federal colors?
Gen. David 11 Birney, almost in the
hour cf ht3 death, presented an example
cf patriotism which should be a reproach
to all the lukewarm and a spur to all the j
careless nominally in th? Unica ranks'.
lie was brought to Philadelphia cn ebc
ti:n day, with tha impression cf death
upon his features. Before allowing him
self to be taken to his home, he insisted
upon being carried to the polls, to vote,
as a citizen, for the cause for which he
had fought as a soldier.
The Carrespondcnce Between Gens
(inint anJ Lee.
New York, Oct. 31. On the 19ih inst.
General Lee wrote to General Grant
complaining of General Butler's placing
rebel prisoners under fire in retaliattiou
for the rebels putting colored soldiers;
captured by them. In a like position, and
proceeded, at much length, to show, thai
it has always been recognized that the
owner of slaves were entitled to these
slaves when captured. It was so under
the United Slates Constitution; so ever
after the war cf -1S12, England paying
indemnity for slaves captured; hence,
whea colored soldiers were captured
their owners .could claim them, and they
had been put at work on the fortifications.
He, General Lee.'had, hcvf ever, order
ed them to be withdrawn from their ex
posed position, and sent to the rear.
General Grant in reply,-informed Gen.
Lee that these prisoners of war having
been removed from their exposed .posi
tion, the rebel prisoners hud been also
removed. He also informed him that he
had nothing to do with the disscussion of
the slavery question, and declined to
answer General Lee's argument, but he
assured him that though he would re
gret the necessity whenever he was in
formed of our prisoners being treated
unkindly, tie wvuw -im--
-uat number, cf rebel priso
ners. "
From Pilot Knob.
Pilct IvKoa, Oct. 22.
To Brig-Gen. Ewing: Capt. Leeper
left here with ten men cn Wednesday,
and went to Lesterville, ' there joined
Lieut. Kelly with thirty men cf the 2d
and 3d M. S. M. On Thursday went
down Black River to the mouth cf Sin
kerg creek, thence across to Logan's
creek; at Logan's creekcame up behind
Col. Pollock with fifty men, followed him
four miles, came up with him and charged
and killed ten and scattered the balauce.
Pollock was headed south. The scout
then wtnt down Black River fourteen
miles south of Patterson, heard of seve
ral small squads of rebels, and killed
four more, thence returned to Pilot Knob
by way cf Patterson.
Berryman is said to be at Pender's
Mills, on Little Black river, on the di
rect road from here to Pocahontas, eighty-J
miles from this place. Three hundred
rebels are said to be there. Col. Pel
lock is recruiting- a regiment, and Pon
der's Mills is his rendezvous. Thirty or
forty rebels are at Oliver Bluff, county
seat of Batler county. Telegraph poles
are all up between here and Patterson,
wire down considerable. Capt. Leeper
picked up twenty-three men of Co. A.
47th Missouri infantry. I will send their
nomes to-morrow.
Signed, H. H. WILLIAMS.
. Maj. Commanding.
A CouTcnUoii of Rebel Governor,
New-York, Oct 28. -The
Tribune's Washington special gives
the following: The Richmond papers cf
the 24th contain the proceedings of a con
vention held at Augusta, Georgia, be
tween the Governors of Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and
Mississippi, fcr consultation upon the
state of the Southern Confederacy;
The Governors first resolved that there
was no cause to be discouraged, but it is
imperative to increase their armies im
mediately. Second. To recommend the Legisla
ture to repeal all laws prohibiting the
sending cf troops outside of the State
Third. To urge the Confederate au
thorities to conscript every nun eni
gged in the various departments whose
placeman be supplied by disabled officers,
soldiers, senior reserves or negroes.
Fifth. To recommend legislative en
actments for the arrest of deserters.
Sixth. To make it impyaiiye that
negroes be removed from frontiers ex
posed to the Union armies; that the
course of the United States Government
in appropriating slaves to purposes of
war demands a change of policy on thei:
P3rt. They recommend to the Confed
erate authorities to apprcpriate such a
partof the negroes to the public service
may be required,
BfsvER City, Col. Ter., )
Sept. SOihr-1364. r
Ed. Neb. Advertiser : After twelve
tedious days' travelling from" Kearney,
we have arrived at Denver City, the prin
cipal town in Colorado Territory, unmo
lested by the Indians, en route to this
' place, except once. While in our
"downy beds" at our last camp before ar
riving at Fort Cottonwood, probably about
half past two o'clock in the morning and
a short time before moon-set, a party cf
fcur or five Indians cams prowling about
camp apparently to ascertain out strength
and disposition with the intention of at
talking in numbers as soon as the moun
went down; but a few timely shot3 from
our sentinels who were on the slert, dis
persed the vagabonds and we presumed
they concluded it best not to attack a train
of eight wagons with a proportionate num
ber of men who might possilly be well
There were cone of us "as far as heard
from," '-spoiling for a fight," but were
perfectly contented to act purely on the
defensive. However, I did notice that
some half an hour after the "scare" was
over, there was a general feeling of bra
very and even defiance in our party.
Near Jack Morrow's Ranch were a
number of Indian g-aves, thu is, bundle3
,f blankets. American flags, guns, bow
nnj arrows, trinckets and dead Indians
probably of all sizes and sexes, each with
all his worldly goods nicely placed ia a
seperate box and tied upon four-stakes at
about twelve feel above the ground.
Some cf these bodies had remained there
so long that the ctrds by which the boxes
ivptp lif-d tn tbp s?aL-ps K;ii! rntf f vT and
-T T , , llL. . , . , t i i i at once remonstrated,-but his protest be
Mr. Indian had "bitten the dust." I did; ' . .
i . . ii . l in -r disregarded, he promptly adopted
lorj on the spot when all the other bodies,
or what was -left of them, fallowed suit
strange coincidence ! Two or three per
sons at once took poles and teat the blan
kets about to see what valuable trinkets
nYijihi roll but from side cf a dead In
dian striking example of the bravery cf
the white' American race. I. candidly
think I felt much more secure of life than
in the battle of "Games' Mill," however
I am only speaking for myself.
. The refill of the great election for
State or no Stats?, cr better, Chiving ton
or no ChiricfTton. is not vet known. i
Bath parties are equally 'sanguine, but
" !iP
irom conversation wua some 01 tue uiui-ti.
.. , . ... - , i
re lable men m this part of the country.
am satisfitiil that the anti-State nartv will
-C .
, . , ..-..., ! even stern.
bnn in a lanje nnjorny. let it tnerej . , . j- ,
. . si - i The Richmond Exar.nr,er is indignant
is any virtue in Government ambulances, j , c ..
I because General Udtler s act at rtitalia
va;ons, whiskey, money or double andii , , , , j ,-r . i .
. " J J . non had the desirtd ftTect,- and m:st
treble voting the State party will certain- . . - , . . . . , ..
3- ' iHat the only wr.y of dealing with it was
ly win.' One ambulance driver told me , , , . , .01
J to plr.ee more "white laiikees at hard
in the presence 'of several persons and- -
1 . - , , wort .upon the tiotl expueu,-parts at our
made no attempt to conceal it, that he had, K -
' , . . T i I the rebell works. It declares that
:r v I should the rebel do verr ment "admit.
cl.-iirl 1 fr lhrB Pirturn! rlicco n r.rf t"nl i
, , , I
ne knew tney votea at eacn pace lor me
State question.
Tis a must remarkable fact that though
the pretence under which the State men
act is to give Mr. Lincoln all the assist-
to .. . ... !
ance possible to suppress- the rc-Lellion.
yet I have failed to iinj cr,2 'officer who'
, . j
has been ccrnniissioned :n the new rt-i-
. . - - . J
ment (3d Col. Cavalry) wh tvas 'not a
v - J . t
have met a rreat nuaiber of them, if,
J . . . .
ment supplies in tnis lerriiory who isnpt
a Chivington man, and 1 have not bten
inactive in this respect. I have yet to
rtJ . L - ......I .l f. .
tuiu tiny uiau vviij vciieu ior ma otaie
3 ., . !
i uc5iiuu iciuui.il ny it it'a i Hies
1 i j .
tetter oh than he was four years 32i;
J . 5 j
and any number of men are ready to j
come forward and testuy that the princi
pal actors in this State drama, four years
aro were not worth one cent in ihe world
h:cn to-day their mcney may be count
cu ii cm iuujsuu'js iu u'.iuui e -is oa urjus-
ands. I could relate several amusing
facts in relation to this suVjegt, but they
are unnecessary to illustrate my inten
tions, so I will refrain, bui I must say do
you wonder that these men are going to
vote, for Mr. Lincoln and consequently a
continuance of tho war ? I am anxious
to know if there is any on? in the States
,J p .u J . l 1 I - e-.t. ..
so foolish as to suppose that this last reg
iment was raised for any purpose but to
put Col. J. M. Chivington into Congress ?
If there is such a man, the sooner he gets
rid of such an impression the sooner will
he do justne to the sound, honest men who
dropped their lucrative employments to
fill its ranks at the call of the Government.
Those men are some of the best that have
ever been enlisted, and it is believed that
every one of (hem made the sacrifice that
he did to wipe out the dijgrace of the
murderous Indian massacres and depre.
dations which have, be en committed along
the valleys of the Platte and the Arkan
sas. . Well, what disposition is made ' of
these men after they are raised ? Those
who are printers and printers' devils &c,
are detailed back into their offices, farm
ers or rancheros, pest-mastersand a great
many others are at ence allowed to o
back to their various em
they will all probably remain
remainder of -their hundred days, the
precaution first being taken that they
have their allowances of clothing and ra
tions. I am firmly ppavinced that no emer
gency can indue these men so shabbily
used, to re-enlist, though the present con
ation of this country requires vigorous
measures to be at once adopted for the
protection cf the inhabitants, travelers'
-. .' tv.-
and trains.
In conclusion, there is scarcely an of
ficer of any rank in this Territory who
has not made a constant use of his shoulder-straps
to gain his own private or po
litical advancement and most of them
Jiav succeeded to an eminent degree
and alniQit every one (bad the Territory
become a State) would vote for Mr. Lin
coln's re-election, and denounce any man
of generous thought or action, particular
ly were he in favor of McClellan or any
other true soldier, patriot or statesman,
as a copperhead, or more probably, an
out-and-out secessionist. Draw your own
Cutler's Ketaitallon,
It must be confessed that General But
ler has a faculty of dealing with the
rebels in a decided and efficient man
ner. He gave a proof of this at New
Orleans, when he promptly put down the
miserable syatm of insula which was in-
dulled in against our flag and its brave
defenders, by women who would have
thought themselves contemptuously trcat-
jed if r.-.y one spoke of thu'in other than
as-'huiies." Kj.v, in command cf tue
Army of the James, he has broken up an
infamous scheme cf the enemies 'of the
Union. A number of Union colored
pnsontrs were s-i at work on ih for
tifications of lbs besieged placea prj
cedure in viola'.io.n cf the laws of war
and at variance with th?'j?ntle instincts
of humanity; Em-sc'd to ihe fire of their
hl3 brethren in arms it wii probacy
expected, for tliern,-. that war's violence
would ra?e with diminished forca ia a
quarter where these brave but unfortu
nate men were placed. Generai Bailor
l.i i- . i 1 1 ...
tne pcucy o; reiai.auju, u;i
list an equal number of rebel priso
ners at wor ou the ci..ui li3 is con
structing riht under the tjuus of the.
enemy. Thu recui; was a cessation, on
th rebel side, of the vile conduct to
wards, our prisoners with a cL'm-y dis
- tf. i i
r 1'. f r- 11,-'or h9
ruen-ly b-foi, Genial hmer U,
proved thatthe best way i deal with the
rebels i- tlOt t:0 terpOfi with ihtrtli; Slid
1 . I
lllittTU UtUi ill U-AUfc. Hl;.Jw j
jf . . , i .... i
i ,,
iisell a
vare that. to be eJactive.it must
becfectded, unyielding, and sometimes
Jdiitler s cuiraci as an act of retaliation.
it jjires up all ground of arumrnt, and
reccEr;iiz''iJ starts ai men.-
This, in' a few word.'?; is th? grave-
men of cur rffence rainst the South
, e ,
thi s:n of tins which hecea-ii cm i;evt-r
. ,rv . , x ,
- , , , . . .
Soma treats s-hves zzbruUs, but i:u: nu-
. - . v . , , . -, ,
tnanitv of th? IS .Tin uals with tnedi a
men. Herein lies all the dilTiiren-' but
what a n-t-lr des tins diiierent
c p::ice
c, , , . .
u!i'.;ot:ist ! The Lnumists nre tarrvmi:
out the principle (that n mn are frpe
and bv? equal rishts). which ' JeiTrsoa
nbodied in the Declaration, of InJe- i
, i . - t i e e .u
p?r.deriC. cut which cur forefathers p.i-
, , . p n . i 1 .
lowed to fnll ltito abpyat.ce, ;;i crder to
, t c ,u i- - .
pu-a?e tup bouth. (jfnr-ral limitr car-
ries out tj,at prino.ir.le when, in ih wurds
'of the Richmond Exaain:r, ht ''r.-cog-nizes,?!avc3
as men" Phil. Press
' ;
' m.im .. JJL.Vrl.C a O jilio-
A portion of our armies i; to b? sup
plied with breach-hiading rifios at cnc?,
or.at least as soon as tho weap-.-ns can ha
u.ar:ufacu;reJ. The IJiirnside Riile Co.,
of Piovidenc', R. I., have, oomrae'ed to
furnish U1.CC0 b.-t eifi-Iondcr-, o? the
Spencer pattern, and are now making
extensive alterations cf thvir works for
the purpose of delivering thei;i as soon
as possible.
From the well-known efficient of
those weapons, and cf gocd breach-h'a 1-J
ing small arms in general, we may Ionic
for excellent results. Although breech
loading Artillery has never itself cf mi'ch
value srmll arms on ihe same principle
have reppatf dly given proof of their util
ity, and their s'ory is well told by the
terse telegraph reports of correspondent.,
who give regiments armed with breach
loading weapons the credit of repulsing
twica their nambers when asaultr-d, or
of putting thpm to flight when acting on
the offensive.
This action on the part of the Gavern
ment in making this contract is highly
commendable, but hadjt occurred earlier
in the wa.r we should 'have been "spared
many disaster?.
. The English Governmpnt has taken n
contrai y course. Recognizing the effi
ciency of the breach-loading principle it
has issued orders, through Lord D.- Grey,
for proposals to alter the'EnfiVld rifle in
to a brtach loadin? weapon, at an experi-
, n , t t r. . f (1 1, f ! C::a t-. v . . . . rl 1 1 T !
nui iu tuttu iu .l'.i. i ne rn
iaimer of what theirown iewspapTi had "orL',-a.:.'.'V,!.u;r U-,-iS,'1 "l T, "ta ITi,ir I ki..u m,, I, V-'. .-r -e u. a,, ecu,' i '"iV r'
lauded as JOOdpollCy against U8. Ua ull 'f !'- i:ipy:inct'.- . certain iT.-tii;-" ry r.Vf j Uri'ter tb.-c n-r.t.-uv?', AH'i VN'U VL," k CO, i " c-' "'-
1 r 1 1 1 lii.iJe Lj a liu Will:. nn G-r!;0, ".u- i.-l 5-;i, in acting us Ajteats t .p the i r.iicip i K 1- p-3.1.1 it mil. - i
practical retraction Uuriera, jjrljr us- i fi4V..,r cf sr,H pUintiif, for $2j(i-o vthU inttTist at J '" reset o-i up ma oxAn-i'iikT lotiriti- ! T.v Ci' "
charsred the rebelV.tiioners from ihetr en- '"h ' c ?1' :'4" n aVf r ,!j.lJ '. : csivTificatk-s- Ti.imii.i; e,b rtcfe .,-i ,u v,:,,-. !
mm- uu ii sue xa'.i.n.s ci icr u.tic : ii r-;iM ;aua ;av.ri? .. .... ;
pIoyments,wl,ere!neIJ rifle is lh.e Springfield, rifkd muk
. , . , cts we use, and the- result will probably
Jinain during ue u ,0 ?poil holh weapons -to ruin a -ood
rifle and make a poor breech-loader.
Our Government ha3 takeq the widest
course and is on the safe side, for the re
cord of the Spencer rifle is alr a ly made,
and. pot to perpetrate a witticism, will
noft' be repeated. Scientific American.
, 'T U C f I
OOrneeS, iali)Der Ot L-qnresS :
from Indiana, is re-elected by less than a
hundred, but a gross illegality is to be
contested, which it is believed will de- j
... , rpnit h.hest market pr?re paid for Country Pruii.re
feat Lim. - .a At Licijaugnha & Sw..u'.
Fr..ra lb? Zuh-trit-t-r ab..nt t-w. m'los aMra Ker.ia!.a
city Xcb.afi Ttr.it.iy ol-'tii ibelib 't Se t-;r.t-r,
c. 'ine b Hre wMb white b'nJ .C5
ace -Iwtil Kive$Ji rewdiJ t- any perri rf -m- z uie
lume tome. fcLIZAUKT.I STKPUi: s 3.
. v-Ix-:.-9-4?r.
Tken tip ty J. IT. Trpnt 2 miles North of Rrownvilie
in the County of Nnab N- t'ra-iia Tc rtto'ysne :fjy
Ox of t"e fojlt wii.p lirorit-tion to it: a wJii l i
ox 4 yer olt uiirkel i tiia lfi cr ar,. tiie e-tr
pears t have teci ior:i tnat 'ne mir is ?!'. k'i..wn
nia k'-l iii ibe ru'bt e.ir with a u'ta crtj ht-rns t;l
lenbte viJe ai.il tievy no oibar uitrk or Liuaas pjr
r-tt-n-G 3t.
Oa Sttii'diy th 5:t ti.iv of s ivemer IPoi at om o'
clock il. J s i d 'ijy Iwill i-iT-r lor ?d!e at i.-,l:ic
Auction at tbe h-.iu-e of V.!U lai II. Iliu'ey, in Lata,
eite ecitict ono K?truy Co au4 C1X ': caii.
U-'t. 13ib 166..
x.vrmN ?qt:isr3, j. p.
v lx-c-6 3 v.
Taken np by tbo UE'iers'gr.cl tivit three rr.i;c3
Ntrth tf rovivi!Ifi near the '.Vm!-'' in X?ia.i!:
Ct-unlj Mew ajka.uri the fir-t d nfm Norcruber kS "4.
('ne C-tny Irovfn m.tre 1'; ccy bnnJeci on tLc
k-fr hiojJ.lpr very d m l out i;ine yi-r id.
I'.'owLvillo, X,Y 2d. liJ-i. vIk -n-7-;5w 15!
Taken np -by the nuaer.'j'ne 1 living twoani a
h-ilf ia;iM .South .,fRrwTii:., ia Niii I'wn'j
.Ncbr.ipka, on iae b.-ft d.j of .,i Vi mm?, 1 b j K
On Estra;,- Fil'.ey Li ick with s-xno liit i-n the
furthwl an-1 kft Li;i a Laiur.il j:;r abj'Jif ur
mm oli next rpnii7.
liriwiivi!!-, Xov. 1st. ISC t.
v-ix-7-:hT.P.'. J. E. SWANK.
Tofcph Tn-?-.n tvlii tak? r:f-ts that I'mH. C::m
rr.in:-,;s !; Ir.-'lrf. h,is iY.u a pet i r i n n.uiisi .-!!
U.cw. us .Ic;'-r.'JA-t ,fn th? l.:v tUli v.? Cut '!-
trict urt i. f Vnai.n.1 County. .V.)r,i.-i:a i -rr.r ry .
" : i i-.. '.. r ... r. .r ! j..'..,...--
V.!r u-l. 1.- iVr rr;;!f tl..-t: s-,',1 n:.1 ,! -Ilrt r-
ii 1
i .i ..... '
:J .ii o fi.r the
Hit!. .!::! y
i i,f L? won S -. t' :-sb ?r. 17th
i-i-u'il o it rf .-ai I O -Jir a:i: th- f-Ml.iwiu. rt.-i.Ie.-
. . . i -. , -. i ' . p V . - . . .. r .
V. , ,t 1-2 m S-ath V.t 1-4 ?-.:;.... Ii. 1 'jv i;i
5 Um9 la l7--.:'. Si u'h l.p.?t i-4 f South V est I 4
-ct!' ti V lnii !.'lii J I3i. i. t WJW aUo,.-U:J
js ti-. ip- in.T.tfi,!' i-.nl lt.i;'ia.
Sa d l:non is rrquired r- inywcr sr.i.I petition byj
..... ii. iLuJAfc, Aiiyfi li f. !
Tr;ncis A. Lwh r. jsdtnirii.-ir.Uorhif the Et? ,f
W'illMia ('..-r!;.dvej..-eii, .nil t;:e uiikn .,w:i h-ir-
w ,n i ..!,.. i Th... ....
J Dower ha, !. . J .i p,-. uu,.i cn tU t.haa cry mI,
. f th i):.-tr:.-t Ul:;., I -m hi Lur.7. -...-k-.
Ti-rritorj, tli. o". j ,-cl of wh ca is t a:aiialo.u'
t'or th nI of llio fo'iwi'ijj J; s-nail idn.l .-. ti.it-: J
id iid C.aurv of len ii: 1. to-w:t: thj uorth-w. .-t
, . .
V.". V II .1. '1 i. .' V. !UV p-JiU I.I I'l 3' t.- C . f
if m-1-tnt Awre-iuireJ Im answer ty 5. Itltii d-jr
of LVc,m!j r, E. w. thomas.
g I.tU.u
' '
7Vr A f '': ll ?7LTS KT ? IT" t
lad:i:s axd gentlemen
If Va wish tn ilirry. sJtrps- !; un!,r',i!rin't. vr'uj
vviii ei!'l you wi ii .;,! inojey 'i 1 i.iiuu 1 pr.-.e vi ia
He iiirnrn.ii'U ti tu it vri!l eujt! yi-u t.i u.trry Xn'y
8i'1 .-pPHtiiy. irre-pec;ire -it hj. w5!t'.i or fcp.i-.ty
This murina:iiiTi wi:j g!.b: yon n tJiirj. anlir w,s":
tomir-y. Ivill tLee;iu;iy s.-i.-t jo.i. All toliprs
1 8-' wt y c-mfi ie..(iAi. Tiie ie r. U i-ari.rati:a heat ty
r.'turu m.iii, n! ro'ivf.-ti- n.' a fed. ;i i !rrs
Sai alt B . Luiiitjjrt, Uroe:iii;u:, Ki'iis C .
hew I'jik.
AnJ Hoa'i Candiia:e is a::d ever will l.-a
V." II CLE 5 A LK AD T-LTIil. 110CSZ
y- ir -jy V1'"
J ..!Lili(lM,.'l.ii
ii- -ri i.r;. i liic n".-i r t7'ptp a T go ea
o-iaK-ti' of iletciiai.Uue iu Jiiviiviita. c sc.ik i
U h --V 'S;""' & 'r.f rV
c-Lj Vi v i
a d
TT A rr: n n
Ciiic:go Ciistor.i-Iala
BOOTS tfc siloes,
cf cperivir Qr.i:ty. a!.co a ra'.? try:y o!
rr o 2? 2 o r" 7
Dress-Trimmings, Ilcods an1 Neulias,
Gloves and Gauntlets, Hosiery.
In variety cor,iVv.z of T"l:e :.na Pcike rmrc
CLiei., Brace a atiu bi.s, Tile-t ai U ii.iike r"iti.i,v-.
BiitJs and Screws. s.tw- ati'J iiiiututu, Axe tail
Sy.Ues. Atuii Kasoriuieiit vt
S3 "S? O "W S3 B
a D
C(K!lfir.g..IIeitin? ana Parlor Stoves, fcarje Kettle, J
Stove Pipe, Sueei hu aud Ziuc.
A full assortment cf
At Ljw Prices.
Blank Books, Pocket Book?, and Memo
randum Btpks and Stationary cf all kinds
kept constantly on hand.
Oil3, r'ainta c ImZDrixta.
A complete of assortment cf
.F U R N I'T U II i: , '
on hand. B iren. Be 1-St a!s, Lowne. Tab!n8
ra.-es. S--iis. Cliir, Woih sijmdi, Crijj, Hjckiu
Ct'nir-t, L-Mjkiri; lilisse.
AIvj: Pluuuii. Curn S-iellei' Troy, aiij an. Steel,
M-.ifti. Ucavep a;i3 Ofer Trap-.
RemomV'Oi- uai Den py- ttie Hi;.liei martet Price
f r HlDJil.-i, Piis and i'urs, auj PHODtCE of n
kiu It ltlhe wanu. - '
van auu exaiu.ae my 5iocn ooiore DUrcaas.i an !
H.p.n - lll UiOLKJ. I T 1.1V IllOlU- 1 10 beep IDt rl'--.t o '
Dry COts. Lie Choicest Fapi.l- Urocerie Ciuiri I L'y
Fruit and Ojter3, andtt e bet of Stoves to c.olc tnen 1 at
ou in tae ma; k-tt. Try tneiii :
I 1 . . . !4i.f I i!i .hia l.otv .i.iii'!( i n -!.'!- I 1 1 . . v
"- w ..-..; in I " ' t-;, arJ JiLSl SOLI' ii 4.11 f - '":'J ! I ! - ..
. To Consamptlrcs.
Cussar.;ptiTeTj5?rri wi: receive a T-.!aaM.,'
grrijlioa l-r the cure of Cn'i:n'ifi-,n
Uri'.nchiH, nl ai! tWt aa-i L - ' -'. : .u"''
; free t c:,.ir--., ly J-'n.i;i iu-ir aiara u '
! r.CT. CD V Ai.i A. WILCOX,
, ''Kir-jr-.
- - 1 n.
W. M. C. PE11KIN8,
Great W estem Pcotosrapli rc:
C-T?' z i
First deer West of Erownvills IIouss, Cc?
- i
WooM rpsri-tfu:!y snrn.'.inc? to t'n piblic tim i
has attfd rp a SSy-Liuht :iry. in J ik CjW ,wt. j
to t.,ke vt:y it::--!, t-u-; ai.il ftyi? .! p.;f;re iu-rn tj 1
trie art. an t a' I t:ie late am i.tf I a;-?r.VtoU ty tA. I
anJ at io.vor p.-ices t;:a aiy oU.zr ar-f.i .t of Si j
J jsf ph. Tr.'-n? wi.-hir,.i picture, wsl! liai it itri-.;y t: I
tbeir Interest to call an-1 exsiiiid uy peiuieuj acj !
p:ice- bervi e zai elieLei-B. . !
Ail kinds of Pictures copied ial3 Kioto-1
gropdis. !
. ! r t ,pt i
Great Gift Distribution! I
Cno r.xllion. IDollaro..
O N E D O L L A 11 E A C II !
; i;hjUt reCarJ ,!:,! N,t b- pail
;oi h!i -..a to e..ive !
j C3lDn-.l;d JL.--?t of Articles ! ! I A;! to
ft-r vzW.
b3 scia i
'O- On? D.j-Aw IJ '-h ! : ! 1
C50 ncr.;.- a,.;,l u in W x:,t t $150 i-.h
L,tj Ue:.l-r li;:Ti!;n,- cse d;U2r 3 " 7J 2)
2P0 5 .d:;i d I'.'.ius, t) " ii
' bA,,: c'is.d t.'ij r.Y in:' 6 " i i c
! -,vi Ob tt-.'ijttij' j id iu .r.i Cbiins' 5 " 2a do
"to 3 ti-jlrt-ur.-f Ot.-.:i li .-he - 4 10
! 2 !-' ' ' ? B-- 4 " Ij
11., ' 'J.r.l : ek-. cm - A Hi'.
' ttlv K.a:c. Jct,Xjtvat
. . . .
A' ". . , , .
8 Co
ti :.)
I ii
S Ji
li d)
,'U C .ii.'j'.i A '0::
1:1 ti r e :. : Pi-u 2 ."
, 4tt-0 K- bi
! 4un G t ci lL:i)i.--s. i't aiis. ic , 4
2 10 " 3.l
3 2J di
2 8 Jj
4 ' II t.
, 30 Gl-! X., i'.p.. fc, -Crc, i.c
f o yt:n t;.i; it r.u
I 44;;0 Miui.it a -e M.i
: to: 0-. tij5:l li.jill
' I.vj b.n.csiij'iiS.fc,.et?.!rf)
4 11 J.j
CIi-'-rt.j In i--;.. 2
lww tlW PfUsll f KllWrt)ll
2 ! Jj
lb j.
' Is Jj
6 ) c! j
'. 5vOt (i m J ; a al GS.& exttaioa 6
' txJli.cn
! )o Silver i'oiet a-.td Driaiinj Capi 5
f 2w,, SliV(ff r , !!:t an.j.r-.-.-n-.ukttj s-o 50 l.U , . 45 5
' &Mj9 ozi-tt Siirer TeA ; -b 10 " 2' ? 4
n Cs a trw.i IjtX t3 4 i1j i
j lu crn,oj:ie:i'e u.' the .rcai jueii'ioi of ir.iio in
the w-ua.a-iu.-.;i-' iJ.-s.ii. is tf ::;:ni.i. liir.-Tuh the
war taviu-' tr.i t.t the u;. p.v ti vi.ttu i a iar-je q tin:.-
: are uiaci in tei i i-.-ivci f.n. an-i wen iuni t '
! 0Q tecelpt cf 25 coats. '
m2U Micks so at One Dollar each,
- u.Moj r-rirf; tj Vriilte
I On rec?-i.tof the Cc-iM-.nt yos; w.n ree w.t yr.n
are ,i:3 tw havs. ah t tueu t. i -t y-.ur cnm t- .tiK:
of liiSae enreii-pes ! De ou; by mA u auy ai l. e i
e lUr aiil tJko t:ie articic or u Pa-c-a-.-rs
cuy taus oMji:i a (Ojl-l. w i!a ! :li.g. op I
ik ot Jesre:ry ou our list or ON a L'OL tt i l i:i 11 ;
ca-e c;i tbey tfet iea ibaa -ieUjil r" wjfta. tbire j -y m r -i rt?7,
a.o l.t ti a'.lt . Tlis i;;ice ol c'tfrliO.a'.ei i-i jioi'uj: j
C::h i: - .3 ts-U.
i'ivc fwr - - rl
Ktve'i for 2
lMry. f jr - - - 5
Six-'iefor 0
i II'. u .ri J fcr - - 15
ACt.Vl'3 be a:i ."vei rei cri!s.n ev-v Certi3
Cdte oiderfit ty iue. i, i i l-i I ib-i:r ri'ru-tj.n I i To it n -itun'
a:r:').-in. ;uO.: Doi.ar. Avo.iJ cill co!e-:t 3 cni
! tur every Ct?. titicuia. i. l leiaii. 15 ce iti cttaep
AilhANnALE d- CO.,
167 J.-w-i'J-ay. Xd.r jfr S.
n. cz 11. T..iirfi'iI3:f if k CO.,
Jui.f-t:urers of
Pliotosrapiiic Materials,
W:.-.i:irsa:a I'll r.e:ii,
i p.
n to cvr u oil. !
TU- to-rt
l., " e e lt-i- ij-i-ittr ibi'ii.a w t ;z :
. I o; t!:-: -e we h an ii lic i-e -:Mori.-ue:n, i nt : ti
V.".-ir -(.; .iu;ir,-.:uij i'-.f.-T l Cities au 1 LjUI-
Shv.-wm: :.r . .. p.-;v:( estni-.ion Cur !
CiviJ wilt l? sc:.t to -uj .-!:ii.s -.a iiLi.;t uf
I A c v c:e tr.L- L.s
i 5.Er. r.il we
'!.c iai::ie!i.-e :-i.::.:itic m ; ',-
i-ita. 'iav7, rjj.'nxn; n J' Co u : M v.U. tf T
A.i...!,i- U ve ic-c i-tpuiu. i:i temj a. e u ,r i.i be.t
Os; r I"- ii.'.-:e n.i e;.i'ji ovo Kiva 7toin !
-''' "-luj"' t". Vi.C.I n'i'.'i;i jut u..! IX.ll'i:iJl :l
i.i: ;i:
1 o 21 :jc.'-G-:.iva!.
1.' il ! ,ti OicfaiS,
IS) U.viiij.-,
Uj A-j-.L.-n,
4n ..::il3.
O li -r i'.-u.-.s,
1") -N y Jiilmf,
:tJ Jr.- -iiji -.vi. i F-re!3 Pv: ,i ..it.i
- C'jJ K - . f U o:ii u Al l.
r.! ;-t or .,!;: i A i o'tcr l.-p O L -m Vuu-.ut-
j-tw..i . .c-i !-. ..-iaer- u;-.;erins t C. O. I w.l
p.ji :e;-..it .4.u....!i n-;u,.i ji : am -tiat wi b
l-tvtr nac. . ti n. r. .in rKs : v o.,
Z3T!.e liriti, mtr.t qu-il.t j of o-tr tjc-jJt itinnt J'tJ
it -7 1
Of Lvirj Description at i.'ie
Arn.y ami CoHtitry Mercb mt., Pci;r. T- i-.r S',i
lets i;l lii-iic i iv.i.ecau uiie uruivu vnri;
up n .t 8u;j i i i.tvetrue-ii !
Jeweny ot any .'aiip n r Qnlity an-.l in any T,an
tity iiij-Jt Im i-riicr. L" iK..liUrtiw luT fcUu cf
!: i AiiCi:ji,eef Couiu.-y tfa-xlsn. luvliau Xr.lcr
i'a -wc.ji.il its, cniiua iiij tv. hUp-
Ari.v l'ei.er.
.i.) : v jj, ui troii cjanafdiitureJ. such as lu-ea-
i.u c-., eie , a. s-a .u n Uce. Jj-.;.k.1 'uvs?-.;i
C.til:, w.!'i i tiriiii cii.al ca tin-i rn:i-n.:it e u
ploytueut I liiusiratcd iiv9 au-ltull v-jrt:cu-ars Tree !
A Vu-.iesaie Suvpiycau tecarrieij in a knap-clc,
l.jud va.ise, onai-i bat;, au-i will nit be hke ijjk
OiUlty vr incotiveiaeni to carry now jiU- e to .!ae.
Kv.-iueat.4ir ..! i,ej iu.uk tlm 1:;m:-: i, strict .j
luinii:.! Jj'Jnsrci.i i.utocl of uurvu-eeua-u
or exj:j.ei-iiurt. tjir ..;. ii.-iv rtp tl.cais,-i.c ! !
Il l a Li';i;es l: whith j,a j,ii:;-:w. au-1 i-a-i -.avi-.-ry
e;jujr!piit i ttveu ft-r lue ra .uey receive! a-i :i
cjur,:;). iviii itj pocieiea at the s,..m lui:. It 1 au
occu.oaiiuii in wrjiwh in) person i;pc l le ..p as-
tiJu.t-1 tv cauv3i the rie.U a,'iu aat h.'-im. t r
wUe-e oii.eii.ir are inira ;U a j-eraiaaect asd
cuniinu:. irs uem k. is create t.
lo &-'i iu-r iu thu A. iiiy, op those at h t'ie i':s!!eJ
byibp Ija.actai war, to Cie-grme: cat cf Leaitn,
Tuacl.er, Pa.-ini osiers, or any e m;u wa.) wiat? ei::!-7
i'-cai or an active cciiisua. a id oua uai brir.s trita
it iret Pecuniary in-1-.n.e-uoii s. rh:s presents ai op
P'rti.n.!y se.iiaia afct wii.ii. Try iw! AuJ sc :,r v..ur-
CM it C ir"'LLT SELECTED LOTS CP J2 VE".Tlr cui-pri'-:
our i.ewt v.yle-s al iao Ve'i,e vrieiy
'j.xiiis wiii (;e ent anrwUfe in tUe L-yai 3 ate-. We
'recoo:M!:;y liiim , oro.- frjiu pers -ii leivmz tat-t-hw'.e
ot (ioi;s wLuiiy wah -n. ft t; u we promie
lil l-e-t f-T -.r.'r -. ii f mi - i-.t a a .. I ii..l ... ..--.1 fr.. i
OUT l.jll IC ?"Pi frni'ft r.n .ti.itr. .irui : ':n.'i W a - fr i t. t . 1 T lii -i - -
v v .. ,, pUi.,D Vi - .
rio pay i:i riiviir.ie, stat wtiat tjl-j and quaiityt?' '
'iju-t are v.nt-J. ani we wi 1 1 sen I :!! sims udcji- !
T-ftv icr I ti . .p .1... A...I ... .K.-wTI.,.. T
C.xid novrrrents and nunufsctiirc I iu the ' e?t nua-re.-,
of pine material, ail warranted at prj :e Irual
uiui cu. uti.i.uj.unt fiiili'c
'P'eis. Sitiuaotioii jsaarauted ! AH Wat-ca.
f!rsI i,iL's t '''.' teiu? ot o iroa imporut.ju.
Circuit ;rca IS a.uil t Scud for itjeai !
T. Ci n. GOt. G IMS'.
Xlanuficuirei an-l lai':-rter
is-T-San Hi U.-oday, Ne'' lo'i.
HBKP Sotar ..f the p.-t af-pr Ted mf e. for h i
At iu.cJLat&lia :S bwaa a.
C it tf .i .
C TJ"-
! 1 1 rurifij ; .'
; It rer-i'.vr?
'.It p-n I': -
i r. .. -
l y r
n p ;'i:i!. J-,-
A T?TV 1
i tic c:
.'..,-.. v.,..li
1 1
I.. .! ii '
- ... f ' V
; V-
t "-:t a cur
(J, .-..-r-i! f ' ' ' '
u r '
.;.;,f: Vir
f I.-.. ::-'': I'-'':" '
er ii
c :v-- '': '.
(- i. - i'
(. : - ; . --
' ' .
'.'-".' ' ' '
; i--i 'i.i -' 1 ''
V. ri:-:-- ' ..
M - ...r'i' i i ' '
t-:: n-v
K -v. ?)' T -'.
i; r..r;r T f-. -
I; r. II.
l:.-v. K. H '" -
fi r.
3...V Vr. if
IT :. M. ' '"'
if M V 11-:'-II
l!if f
IToa. . . r -
Ar.l hv.r.-tr-":"
tlem-a, fr 'aK'"
rrino! I 0'-
cur sizr1:'1'
oih.-r r.""""- , ::
cl.-.M US -J ' ... j;."

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