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Nebraska advertiser. [volume] (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, December 08, 1864, Image 1

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avl jaii.tir.s. (?l!zia:.iiil T'r-r"r hin,",-
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i -; .- . :i l:A w(!i-fc- .tH fctoclc of Albums
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j. ..Mi - ini Wi'.'n childrnn, also iu copying
I'i'U rol....b:;ii, creeu, piuiils are
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Wes' andMig,eB Bonnetd nd Hat8.1Tib
4 boas, Slower s. &c
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Washington, 30.
Inil steamer from City Point reports
heavy artillery and mui.lvet firing, yester
day morning, north cf Jaios river, ia
th'j vicinity of Dutch Gap ; guaboats a!.;o
fjppotsed to be at work; firing Lad near
ly ccaeu at 1 1 o'tlocL
Nnv York, SO.
P5t special sajs ni'.-hrnoad papers of'
M'i.(!ay are silent regMrdijgShcnnan'8
rnoveif.cats, they cvtuce great treprda- j
t:cn, cud every rtron, to beheve tbat
iujfrnrica is making hi. viy triu.i!-L:tnt
Iv to the sea coast.
.Jferald'rf arisy uf'the Potcrn-tc correi
pordentcf tliL2Sih fay mere Hrlhg th in
u.:uU v i the 27th, in the tveiiin--; r-jbtL
fired J'rom an ad vc need psin: on thtir
new line ju.-t leyend Birmuda HauJred,
our gunboats replied. Morning S:h
filing qnito bri.-'c n.-j A-etry parti'. i,-ating.
no battle ensued. Rebel deserters re
port Kwf il's corps gone souih. Thro'
cut all the 127th firing on Dutch Gap
Canal was uccomooly heavy and persis
tant, but doing no damage.
Dy s;camer from Fort Mnrgsn we have
late advices from the Guf, 5 01 our gun
boats lie in Mobile Buy only three units
from the City.
R?tels have important earthworks a
little below City at Bagdaa on Mexican
side cf Rio Grande.
An expeditionary Union force, under
Lieut. Col. Sterling, captured company
cf rebels and a number of small grmsat
Barren Budge.
Ilavanna, CO.
Biitish Etttmer Lolent left for Yera
CrtiZ yesterdity, among i'.a passengers is
Baron Wettertiadt, Minister trom Swe
den at Washington, who goes to Mexico
to officially rt cognize the Emporor.
Kew British Consul for Cuba, Mr.
Bunch, arrived yemrday.
7,000 Dominicans captured St. Domin
go city after overpowering ti e garrison.
jS'ewbern, 1. C, 1?;).
R-"Tcrtfd that ail available re el force
froiti Wilmington and other points are
moving to the assistance of G'orria.
Bragg has been assigned to the Depart
:nf m of N'-rth Carolina which ron-tii'ite
his c-mmand. Rt Lei papers of this State
rt-port ll:e abandonment of 'ilmiiigtcn
and its occupation by the Union forces
which appeals io give them rreat relief.
jN-W Yrk, '.10.
Cr pt. Hall, of the Arctic Expedition,
Lis ! een heard from, on the 27th o'
.i:gij;t Capt. Hall ia at KowVs Wei
ccme bo'iiid up. Yessels from llu hn't
Bay all in lor this year, no further tid
iijgs expect, vd till Sept. Monticello will
wmter at Two Brother's By, Ncrth ol
Chej'erfield inlet. Schooner at Marble
Iht contains Icnc: article on blockadi
running fic-in IVaysaju, says that vessel
clear from New York for llav; nia an i
put in's Nassau under plea of distress..
when their good Rre landed and snipped
on blockade iumars. Rebtls openly i
beast -.hat through merchants in Nas-au
they can get what goods they desire from
the U S. Ilavanna is becoming a J-pot
for blockade runners. 3 steamers from
Nasrau are to run between Havannaai.f
Galv.on.. Large quantuies of good.- :
ate being sent from Nt?w York to Cana
dian pons, and from thereto Wilmington.
Na-sftu correspi n'!.-i't of the Tniiune.
from f:eet olf i.m.! 'on, tays sttami
recently run LLn . kiide m oj-ei hy. pj.-.s-ing
in ;;j!it of ( ur flft at atu! or.
" riu.c-s aru.V Po.oiii; c tpfcial says a
recotit attempt of reb Is to destroy r
portion tf our line by darning the str?am
has thrown waters back through bend o
pcrtioa of r-bel line threatens scrii-us
damRtd M.iitary tailro td has been t-x-tt'nd.d
'1 miles furiLer on left.
New York, 30.
Herald's M mrce special says Florida
sut)k from unknown cause, supposed she
sprung a leak in se:ims weakened by
blow from Washusetis at the time of cap
The latfst rebel in'.ellignce from
either column Shi rman's nrmy pieced
Slocum column at Greensboro on Mate
R. IX. S4 miles west of Augusta on the
20 h. Howard's column at Toemsboro on
ti e Omtr.il R. R- l-ia miles from Savan
nah en the 2'2d, both columns ha J crossed
Ucomu'izee n:,d Oconee river--., two prin
cipal streams m ibe rjute of march, ami
wr.s at that lime fully half way to Savan
nah. World thinks it not likely that Lee
his sent a large force to Georgia, thinks
11? must rely on levies called out by
Gov. Brown, of Ga., and iov-B.mham,
of f?. C, to niuforce tr?op.which have
probably teach d A jgusta from garrison-'
at Savannah, Charleston and W ihrimgtoc
Wa-hh-.jtoa, 30.
Otr.c:al report t Navy -Department
iho-.vs that extraordinary ciiorts were
made by the Atlanta as well as by th:se
on board the Florida t save the filter
vescl, i was only when impossible to
pre cent her from sinking became eppar
ent that further attempts were abandon
ed; Nashville. GO
Five hundred rebels crossed Chat's
nocga road ntar Lavergne last night. 15
miles south of Nashville garrison. Shel
ly ville attacked by rebel cavalry Monday
after some severe skirmishing rebels re
treated. Skirmishing at the front of
daily occurrence. Our forces have evac
uated Shelby ville, it is now in rebel pos
... Ata nro m rations made to
dXT HMh.'ui. Lhouia b.Mift
ueiBjo I'B
capture. . "-
Kev York, 1.
Richmond Dipa'ch of the 2Sth'says:
Georgia pipers putl.-h a great deal about
Sherman's nioyemems, nearly as in:jch
about our own, all of which it vu!d be
imprudent to copy ; :t was.pretty well a?
certained that ih? left wing of Sherrrian's
army when it reached Madison number
ed 1C.000, they burned the town when
they hjft.
Augusta pipers thew great exciicnieLt
existing in that city weelc ago Monday,
! thpy were in great need of.troo,s, it
was prpo-sed to m.-presa negroes ; on
pap-T in that place va3 very fearful of
trt:-jth:Ty on the part cf citizens on Sher-irnri'-j
arrrral. Tho ituf ort;;nco to t'13
Confederacy of Macon acd Aug'Ji-ia i
much dwelt upon by the rebel pre.;.s,.and
t!.e!r fall w.u'd, thrv admit, Lea creal
disaster. The Iiich-'ior.d Whig derive
sjme comfort from its assertion, ivht;rh it
strives to b.iieve tJ be true, that Sher
man is oniy marching at average cf 7
miles a day.
From li'ohmnn.l E in'rr, If) v. 23
On Thursday hst a serious attempt ws
made by Federal prisrn3r3, confined at
S:il!.snru ?f n . tn rr..i! lhnir er ir.p.
.u..... 1 , .... w , .j "
ch was eiTertualiy ioiled .at expense
of con
idrrabl- Yankee blood. It an-
pears that the plot was formed amoog the
prisoners, of whom there are at Salis
bury some 32.000. to overpower the in
terior guards cf es.campinefct. then break
thro' the line of parapet guards," after
securing 'ill the arm? they could, to march
through western North Cnioliea into
Tfnuess-3 ard mske good their escape.
The first part of their programme suc
ceeded , the interior guard was over
powered anl two unfortunate men kiiied
while resisting; ihy thon attacked para
pet guards, wlio fought bravely against
tetrible odd-, until the alarm had been
fully communicated to the garris-on and
two pieces of artillery tl rcwu into p s
lion bearing upon the encampment ; two
of the parapet :uards werekilb d in 131. 1
larit d-rVns;-' the criiHety sor.n op' nt d
ep:n the prisoners and alter a few rak
ing disihares cf grape and canister they
Med out for mercy, declaring they. would'
not aain try to e-ap?.
Time's sr-e.-.ial Nashville 30th at mid
night tay.5! : Enemy at four p. in. made
a heavy attack at Frant.lin with two
corps, but after persistant lighting they
were rep;d;ed at ail points - with a l.es
of G,0:-0 killjd and wounded. 1000 pr s -oners
anJ on? rebel Bivjadier captured.
Our loss about 300.
C'.ll-nm VooJ, C. "'., L.t.
Custom authorities yec-t-rday reized
boxes containing L-un carriages, canister,
grape shvt itc. for aa IS pounder.
Steamer Georgian daily expected.
Washington, 1st.
Richmond papers of the 20th contain
dispatches from Augusta to the 20h,
which state that Sherman hain't ap
pioached that city, and demiting the state
ment in the Savannah pap ts of the 2dth
that he had been cL fened in his trior s
ts cross the Oconoe river, and that h s
attempt to march eastward wa? La'dl-d
llmeis claim tliey still occupy A a ju-:a
arid the Richmond Ea'purer argues th:.t
Sherman cannot reach tbafcity.
Wash i 11 m on. 1st.
Following official dispaiohos c o.Jirm-in-j
the vi.t ry in T onnei.se was reci ivod
it Head , pinners:
Franklin, K.v. 30. Knemy i:vde a
henvy and persistent attack with 2 cer s,
commencing at 4 p, in., luring nil aft- r
dark, and "was repuL-ed :hi roi:.t
viih very heavy los, probably or 0.
.housand men, our loss about one a n l;
that number. W oplurei n-n 0
men, including one Brig. (en:jral.
(Signed ) SCHOFn:LD.
New' Yor'-, 1st.
Commercial's rpec'al says Re.hm'eid
papers of Tuesday con ain intei'ige.ice
.oncerning Sherman. They sta'.e tha
neither Macon uor Augusta were taken
on ihe L'Gth.
New Yo k, lvt.
Rio Janerio dates to October 13. h re
ceived. Violrnt tormdo occurred en the
BMi. city sullVred severely for about a
opiar'er of a in lo in width, unny bouses
blown down, ethers comdetm'y riddled
by hail. Tornado lasted 15 m nutes. scv
gral vessels ca; s ;2ed auJ a number c
ives lost.
NaihvilU. Doc. It.
Hood's infantry crossed Horpeih river
this morning, and has not ad -anccd tho.t
portion of Lis force since his- cavalry
crossed Horpeih at fords above FranUin
this inorninff at daylight closely follow
ing (ion. Wilton, who retired in this di
reciom Skirmishing witli advance hi'
oecurrod ail day. Wilson orcupics a po-i'.t-n
a few notes south of Nashville,
and is able to resist any force the. rebels
may bring against him.
An eihcr who witnessed the fighi at
Franklin describes it as cne of the most
su.guinary of the war, the determined
bravery tf the rebels exceeded anytbing
before seen, although slaughtered by
hundreds they ftill joivnced ogiinst our
batteries, within fiv h.mrs eleven dis
tinct assaults were made 'against oor
works each a failure ; battle beiag over,
ocemy qui-tly withdrew from' the town.
Among the equalities is Maj. Gen.
Stanley, wounded by shot in the neck.
Rebel Gen. Cheatham reported wounded
Reported this evening that Hood is
moving east to Murfreesboro.
New York, ?d.
File Georgia papers to 2-5:h iy ;
rr" of "i--f
pWhjIe.Sheruiaa a no doubt steadily ad-
Tiucinr. in 8c;ordance witn the program
me w hich he prepared for himself before
leaving A'lanta. If a judgment cf his
movement wa3 to bo foruad from the?e
frightened rebel newspapers, we. might
consider his course very erratic, for a
cording to them his army is omnipresent,
then aain 'fts no where, 'tis here. '.ru
and everywliere, strengthening hs terrific
I nes accro.--5 the State and ann it has
vanished entirely. Riehunnd papers of
Isst Tuesday sav that rebel papers s-':;l
cesi'py Macon, that Saturday- Sbprrpn
had not approached AuiT':?u. lit-i',eU
ta :m tor uttieia t:mft tia KHpatncirs
cav.rlrv were ren vl at O ;o?i.f: ri-vr
C i hi-? I
A-iu-.-t x Cu'on.r.'e
avs i
t?..rt on t.e sniie day Yan!-es let line
of G'l. Mi'rt.'ad, going sou'h vird, wh.cli
rr.cans 'hit G';n. Sljcu.a was mo?ing his
cubit:: a t3 ui:n a iuaction with that of
i Howard. -
- S'i?!!nan!s tnorerner.ts havo cut Gov.
Brown off from the rntiii-r with" e;? -.tern
onion f Uie Stute, and ihe Presidrii
f ihe St'-ite Srnnie, Mr. 'Wright, a p.
ar tntlv de!i-;tited in' one r-i-recv-iit h-ast
par.tntly deligtaed in' one r-i-pecv-it h ;isi
ly tHj cccni renco, luis ta-:n advuirarje
tt it ani arsuttifs ex-c tiicio giit( i na'iirirt.'
, .1 f I I
"Vi 51CI"
tn-m -Aogua a prociamam-n -revving
he Governor's orders regarding mihtia
Mr. Wright directs the militia to report
and not to Gen. Smith rs Browuhim a
hsd oideied. Gen. U ade 'Hampton,
from X -, nd Brgg, from North Caro
l.na, arrival, reinforcing Georgia rebels
New Vork, 21.
H-' raid's Natchez correspondence of
2 1st give an. account of rebel operation
along Red river, in Lotns;ana paruetuar
Iv at and around Alexandria. Rebel
Gen. Rjckoer commands in that regie n
;iih headters at Alexandria, where
additional' -Amidab!o deteusive woiks
have been erected, for the purpoct? of
n ndermg it impossible for Union gua
l.nj s to again ascend Rd River. Dnns
which Gun Btily constructed to release
the fleet which accompanied BiuVsarmy
have been used to form part of these for
tihC3tions, apparently with wry good suc
cess for rebel dt s-gns. In il this coun-
IjLry a far arouini as Buckner's awthoritj
rv a. hes an sndisrnm'.nate merciless c-ni-.-crip;
ion of ail male iuhib.tarnj is er.
f r.-ed.
IL-rald's O-lan? C'rr'spo,;deve fur-
' aj
nish:-s addition il conli 'm itum of Recent
r- p;rt t!at Alb n, . rrr- Govern .r rf
Louisiana had organiz -d 10 regnnenrsoi
t egro 's at Slirevep r?, at present l!:e
an einpdoyed in strengthening deben.-es
t. thiit-'plaoe but are instructed in regu
lar niili.t iry drdl, and will soon r -i cive
authority from Richmond pulling tr.ern
into the rebel army. '
'Union Gen. Le, in histate sucoeiful
cavalry expedition into the interior of
Louisiana says ihat he had a fight a--
f , r.tr- i.niiii.j.in.t Oflfl t-riiirj inrlilii-
trig 2-5 ofnoers, 3 pieces annlery, bet
ween iix and seven hundred horses and
1 immtitr of nLroes, and destroyed an
in n.-iise amount of reUlaimy store
on the raihoad.
Louisville. 2.
Tiiis morning's Journal says that
Thj-ets has abandoned his p ;skon at
Franklin, focnedline of kuile with
in 3 miles of N.shvilie ; yteniay a'
o'e!..i:k hostile ar.ti.ts 'were ekirmish
Oig, rnttle of oi-.-ket! y pi.ii.dy lit ;;'d m
N i !i-i:b'. 4 i title ii:ix'i).-i;t. Tno iias
. t: ('.) r bat He lie re to b.;ur a ivnivgr
thaj at atiy otJur poiiit, his left res
MuifreHbwfo, and when sren3hneu
rv '-tcc.s a; Cb.auanooga wiil be strong
-n u.-h to close on Hood a 'id cut vThis
; ire;
a i d,
it Hoo
- Nashville, 2d.
The LiMh- at Frar.klin was cne of the
loot brili.aot of the war. For three
lays sii-Tj. kirinihing was kept up dur
ing the n tireire nt of our army !rom
Diek River to Fritnkhn, during whiL
time a multiplicity of exploits and sue
eesses resulted to national arm. Gn
Cox conduce 1 the movement of the20ih
i:id achieved a splei.ded victory at Spring
H;ll, while Gen. .Wilson's cavalry gained
i teries of important successes over For
rest's advance under RuJdy on the Pike
between Triune and Spring ILll. Dar
ing p. m. 30.h rebel army sorely pressed
us under Hood who had Ch-athem and
Stewarts corps and a portion of Die'"
Taylor's command, numbering in all over
22.000. O.ving to Cox's galiaut check
ai Spring Hiil a portion ot 4 h and 13th
co-p? et.a! led to gam Franklin, where
ihey threw up a Ime of works extending
from one end to the other of cuiv.-s in
th river, behind which our entire infan
cy tciinnaiij took po-iaon. At 1 p m.
"t.tirt rebelLrce made a charge, ending
n breaking eentre neur Wagoner. wi;h
character!'. .impetuosity the. enemy cum -prising
Chatenf s corps d ished in.o o'r
works, he operating wiih attaching par'
on tie ir left aitemp'ing to envikpe and
lestrey onr ngltt, in n'ck cf tin.e ti'op
of Wagoner were ralhed and ihro-viug
t!:ir whi.de force onto the rebel cobjici,
the y drove Hck the storming party in
gr-at disorder, capturing several Imodred j
prisoners. Four times the rebels charged
in three lines and were as often repnl-ed
with great slaughter. Rebels on num
bered' us at lean, two to one Nearly
half of the 4th arid 2lM were held in re
serve. Our breastworks were .not over
knee high. Rebel loss in killed three
times ihe number of ours, while , their
wounded at least three times more than
curs. Ail attemps of rebels to gain per
manent advance frustrated. At dark
federal position unchanged. Rabebs re
tired under corer of woodsjonih ofcCql-
' . j .
- ucibia lhl
An art iiery wa- kf
. i i i j i
-i - j ....... j. ai.u;jj ojr i.r.-o a;M i..v'n:il eaea jfer- ut
con:ifuceii crying Hrp-.ii rir, t-d nite rtcimcn: v.tro placed 4 o;ner- s., r,r
retired to w.u.mj 'or uuies of thu oay. j ,hal tht.y Wer u-.Mjhir 0 r-'imer.t '
ltie r.giit at t ranklm wa? not n tne
t;.ii!, fill UftUiillf limit's.-J f
.- r , ' . r- ...-l . I ...
uuii uirn ir.'n .iu.isjijc: alia ill j
sate cr --n-g or river by r trains.
Cm. F'tt-.h ii here with fleet cf irou
cla !- soilicseni not 'only tv insure safety
uf N:i.-hi !)-, cm. auouii-r Vitttry i.i caiC
n m 1 1 ng f o" , -j i.
r.-i'ov'ig t!;.-pa;che leceived at War
i'i '.''"'!' :
. L.v iVur. 2s.- II ' Lmwi Ilxfunir.-
v ;i,!iti! i S i:erii;-i it will sifteed
; e:i. n tig a coast ; oner jnpers t-ii'.
li" u
' l it-ired UC0u;e.
Ci y l'ni. 1
Grfg's cavalry wa sent sou h ihi-i
m,:rp.!.ig on n on;;;,"s-.ii.cof more ptn.cu-
ly to
I'l-cuier i; tNicuiy wre moMntr
j troops ?cut.h.
J).p itches j;M icceived rely tire t. h
i at h- lim m ier.s .iuv Pou. ti iC, S p m..
1st: To Grim: Hive not heard from
t uregg, ins nip nc--u :eu h p. m
re pur? n
iiiri:) ' cneiiri v! S'.i'tiv ' ie-' ia:ion. de
fended by mlariirv tied ravajry in wot K
witfi artuiety. lis cp'nr.d.two pi-s 1 4,f unirkets, -o.ne roods were here cap
.Miilery, Lot 1.01 haviog means tu bring luIvd and bne restored ; for two heur
them oif spiktd them and destroyed tar- j ,j a h.-If ba'ti3 raged all along ifn-.s.
ri:iges, had 1C0 prisf.ners, S wans, 30 f 17 du.tinci attacks were made by enemv
moh-s.. Destroyed all cars and sttre?. itU, r. pob-ed. At least o (!0'j' rebel
No information obtained of any troops LiiioJ, wo-irj:!J an.l caMurfi, wbib 'our
being .send south either cavalry or it, fan-, j.s u: nrobably reach 1 ..100. We have
try. w.ien bearer or ui-pa-ens nst tne
enomy snwed signs of cotn enMittmc,
buthe thinks Gregg wih-be m camp t.y
micir.ight. S gnsd,
Nork. 2.
Commercial's special ays titere is high,
military authority for saying the iituatbu
an Tennessee augurs success.
B.ihim ore, 3d. .
Party referred to in statement ot pa
railed toidieis ib.Hii. Georgia, as teiiig
connected' with incendiary plot to fire
northrru eiues, . undcrsiouu Lere to be
Morris Montgomery,' a prominent j arti
cipitor in tne resistance to Government
in thi- city .'j'ooui the memorable 1.0 'h
of April, He w.i- at that ti.ne an oiO
cer tii t-he MatyluLd Guards, and letl
iiihntiore dmiog liist ytiir o: the war
:oj 10 the re Del cause.
New York, 3d.
Richmond Examiner SO-.h ?.ys there is
iiov-i io.po: tciiil news be?y end couarm
ti'g tiie i-.-puri torn th.) t!.ti;.y has -em
;i' in ihtt-cLion of s. a coal a .-mail bo-Jy
of rivalry; d..y before ye-terday they
stru.k raiiroatl b' tvveen Sfivtinnm anu
Augusta ut Wiiynest'oro 30 mdes from
Augusta, and are s.iid by some to have
plu.ide.ied tie trains there yesterday.
Ve are informed that the expedition has
h en intercepted and part ot the raiders
cap u;ed and the rest of them dtiveu lack
o.i Sriermaii's n am b dy, the oi j-ct oi
;Ii;e movement easily si en, this party
were on their way to ih;au.ort to convey
;n:dh-'"nce of oiieit.: a's yosilioa to his
goverim.i nt s;nel emmumcaie Its pLns.
-overrule nl unci, communicate iiis puns.
3 iL.hm mi Whig of30.it says iioin
.unuhern prpMs 2o.h received bs; nigtu
we glean Hah- -hat ispnd,m to pulh-h.
Aug.aConstituticnitlo-tHin h.gl-m.n.'
SeJiel ,:-ys it is tu be h,p..d thai iht
I r...r...., fir. ..,.',...!,,: s,- ,.
Sell i.jol sifys it is to be hop.. d L
ne-ni-n i'j IjaC r-eou tr-ron gii wintu r..cf-
i - ,
man proposes topi. s .Mil .1 t: eiii-Civv
oi-.on iiim with a eour.
if.at .
tii.-m a?n?r. inert .:- u t
bei'.vi. en Siiuation r-i.o
r .'j..-
il od
ho is in an enemy's co..nry, e.hiio Hood
is' laii'jng friend.;; no ia. rhioexd proper-
counted now or conacre.. txoe-s:o i
tear dn bridg e, U o. h ro.ds, rem wr ,
t i '
or des'.rov supi ", cut oil lor.gers, ami . -
ti'.rht at every p.u-s. ti on--rmaii snoaiu
i e able to accompli. h suca j urn-.y as he
prcpo.-es htiag as he g--es ii will be
proof that he was n u b.comatjly re-ts.-od.
Whig, after stating liiai n u strict
ly prohibited from puhlishing miurma
tuij concerning Sii ro;au ; tays ail we
t an see in Aew v oi k p.ij.er or oar ovrij
we are clearly of opinion mat Sherman i
x r ir .r. . .
iicaurort, mill nis mtenor ua-iu is to
unite his foices; whether our forces wilt
be able to stop him of not tiep-nd.s e n so
many i-onting'-ucic-s tis imjo.-taiiie tororm
an f-ptnion on th sulject. I'iiat ne wih
take oi-lif.r Siva:iiuh, Chnli-. stun of Aii
gu?;a wc don't fear in the least, if he is
able to take even Macou tis more, liran
'.vo believe.
Ciritim: ati, 3 h
Gazette contains some adJi ional par
ticulars of the taliiO of J'
pUn of the battle was vej' simrl- ; we
had no time to get op a complete plan, as
the enemy pressed us sorely and ooiig J
lis to li'.nt oa liinu. irigaau pi m wa s j
to wiila! raw forces . of Sin 'ib id taor i
meeting our remorceniats and five lut
tle in vi.aiby of N.tshiiie, lut .ur .-;i!r
g Utile rebels press-ed us loo sorejy nod
wlioli Sthv.-fi'id p
Hirceived he : i ; .1 n a
avuid a co-a.es'. dve.v
n; iiis
ie aiio
i.i In.- of baaie in front of Frat.Min.
3 o'clock tne -rebel asuuii cnioi-noo'!,
Ch.-a them's corps on ihe righ', .e v.tt t'.,
on ihe hit, S. D. Lee's p.- in iesvciv..
Ga .he centre Chealh m threw fas whale
vo.-ps-on Wagner's division wuh great
impetoosity, and after half hours do -per-ate
righting, pushed Wagon-r back on
the second line, where they became
mingled with Cox's and Roger's men tin
our left and centre, rebels encouraged ly; the 20th ult., reported taiders destroyed
success cf driving V3gner back, ad vane-', cons-deralle property,
ed with loud cheer3 on our Itr.e. their or j RichmoriJ Enca.irer 3d says: wa be
der of advance waas very peculiar semi- j lleva that Sherman's army .when it
re.;!i it-iii? Cc-p e.tc..d;..g ail
. jtp. Op: Lvman, comm:.;;dii:g uruh
HI trv J r,-r-,! J-h .:. ' .t r-'-.- ?
j -V . - -0 - - . T.. , .... J . J
. .
m a n;;t ii
,r.-..-. . K
11 .11 lJ .
)es s!v.ra: j or
1 f
2 i t a x. u ij i."
:i r.
si..;-w--r;u u.to th-3 ?bnri:5r
mt'-t r;-ikfr'si biavery n'- l
and wl.j-a w:ihiu a lew h :.:
5 ru;
our rai i;-ur tn-ys o;er;.
:,rnl.ic v,vb t-u-k-trj
: f .io-;;.:, ;.j lVs.
...... i , ...
viv re u.
i ...:..,ri.-. .- ,'.!...
,i t!,
Vet V f ij :i I'l'i
i ii s ; i;
; j.,, )x their i-.iv-
r ed
ih'U)' w
S VLl C.
I'Tv-tii that
lke. Pre-
.a this tinw' bf i jade c-mioi j. d '.v Cm.
j i)-vlyb-e, 10") h Ohio, whi.h h id b--n
; 1 1 iiiie-'. tve, rutin u r-rara io restore
'.iu- ro'erJi.-. rcb-s wh.) ha 1 crowded
j ,,vt r 0iir vrk-s hadn't time tu retire a.d
, 'v'- ;,.,. VV.i j:i r mn n !..
1 , i,-.f,.r." rallii-,! ii-.1 ."n-lied th.
;. n.y on tlattk, wh 4e Opdyke i;!ia-g-d
lit 'D ii) tt out ;
Oi-r.fe i.rta 1 to haud
iijlit i n.-ued with b-avorjets and bi.it t tub
,vvn lRit.y fhtg-. Gen. Scle h hi di-
itced b:it;io from a f.r: on nor-h bank
,f the
stream, where some heavy
wro placed, wh'ch did great execution
on eneiuys rie.ht.
Was! i(.o!on; 31.
Gov't I a.? received it-for;;iatioa tha:
Sherman has cip'or-.d eLiien on Ga.
C-.ntrul railroad on the 20:h ult., h's
ar.ny coticentrated and thought has m v?d
to S a van nali teloie ihis. LiLesi. ctlicti!
Informal i u from Tliomai is ihit he hai
1 o"iier-nli-ot-d his forces at foriiti-a'.ion.-near.NH-hvdle,
and is prepared for any
uiovo Hood may rei.tt.re to make.
r.on, o
; R.-;obiica:i in E
pt.'lliihes follow-
ing ly arrivj-.l 01 w r.v; n.-e nt transpoits
at Fort ?Lmrje la-l cveriiiig Government
vt-c. anvtces from Mu-rman to tne2-.:
ol D.'cemi'cr, that wi.en too steamer
ie't i.u'ounniofi i e tehed Savannah that
'ierm in's. adiance cavalry were wi-.h-u
0 miles of that city. Ti.is des.eii' t .a
Ibct widi news Ireuh.t by steamer Bell
wh'th arrived Saturday night that S.tvan
uah p.nptrs announced Sherman's iirmj
wi'hin forty miles of that city: Tiu.-e
papers don't state at what date he wa
that distance from tdattity. Gen. Lyan
recently from Savannah informs us then
are no impottant defenses on west side
Baltimore, 5th.
A mr-rii an's special says advices from
Ft Miuo'oe last t vening rep -i ts ai rival
there of st.-aiiier Gen. Lyon with 7-jO
elefsMj prisoners. At time the Lyon
, "
1 bavamr.h last Thursday mght news
va, r-v-n more that isim-irian hau
-cep'-u .-Iihen, his c.jwry M-uu-.tr-g sev-
i itrn 'own wrh l-fl" e-
s-M utce irmn ;!;e e.,e,r-v. Lvery m-r.
! J 'e v HiaOO tO (Itlrid .-.t V P IHi't li , l'i.t
.-i-oiu'r.- i e port 1
Mfeo women :t.:
year- o! 1 in i
ire uch.'s ai J
Wa-hi'.'g? jii, o h.
II;i.so aseiolled. Ail members in
est hi.mcr. Sp".iker cilb d h .u-e to
order. R.iii nib ti. iicuard-trf 1 .1:) n -in-
------ -
bers aQs.Vt.re.i qu.-ym ?nny!31rod in
jnnn , nc , Moe received fro,,.
t.e iiiformirtg the House that duoru-n
Si.na e as.-i oibl'-d reudy to pifc.el to
ta.s '."ss. R.-oluiioii .I'-opted i -riTi.ng
aerate that House was ready t-. proceed
t o ! ti-m'-ss.
Senate ciil'ed to order at noon ly Mr.
Ciark, o" N. IL, pres. dent pro tern.
1 oo'e, of I., oiiere.-l ;i resohiion that
Sc. of Senaie be instructed to inform the
jp, ,,,. ,!l it Senate is ready to nro-
Nashville, 4th.
Nothing of i;iteret trampireJ to-day
nay along bnes, our artiilny was used
at d'.leiroji pioiots aj i,i-t ieo,ls ivlioan
eiig:gid :n erecting I rea-Av.rks wuh'm
ha a' a m le of oa. Pii.'i:er brought
in t -day say that la i;r-G nerah Gi t.
S lake, Garuleray ai d ihovn of ie:.d
ctrtny were killed at :: ok ha. Gen.
-Ca -aiiiam lost every B. ig. Gen. iu his
Wa -Itcgnm. -1'h
frem Savatna! u- eivtd here
to-day fiioia .-O'iihern u e s ba'e no
roo ;i for di.nl t th.it Shi-in.aa .lia -uc-
t u' " i;i i y f.uiit- TiwVvir n ;m V"
(re ara;y.
Richriio..-; J pipers
taa a; ..lei
oi a r ent i
ore rir.a i i.'oo msr'.'-i.
r i:
a! 10 aavr;
: il .
n e
it ce t ' ;
i .-
tid I
ie...a, H 'l p
00 w.-go-. nnd a
i;t..-', l-"0 horses.
i-j-j.) ijv .u c. ca
and a gte.it r. mount it o'h:r pr.:p-.
Cai-ture . of Ci.urh -'own. W. Ye...
f - - : I Pi
iry lis:
cleiical. Successful Union raid in Ila-t
Tenr-rssee and West N. C. was made on
pi circle two
ir3n. i-
lu o c
er luK.ing b.nk tv.vad.i a
r iii Ti r.int u.-J'utt.lj a
' --n l.i-i i ear.
;:i;:. r :ayj we Irn th.t
pir::.-. .".j pro.uhed very
:ib to t arrcu'.u in urpr
fr:'ir.el r. I -t.vs: it was r
.?d.?y t::.u tim. Hai-t..e Lad
Ii.'jt to -
is j
e.i" .. ,
u.-'sr i
i ii' e.j.'
; . ' p, , i ' : -
Il r 1,- f I I
7. J . i . 1 'J
. ir tit a 1 ;
-..I C.
v-j o r ar:c u" .i
i . ii j!d j.i t o il
L s ar ..y jo
! i 11 i '.
. ! . r ir
1 i ; ii: ..i
I i e .1 1
.1 ii be i:
m re ,
h;ary i ..p;t-
i.!;-.:!-i:3le :.
i.i tn,n t,f
a men
rr-c:si iirg
i 1 "-T;inii's -r v"r quarter.
Sayan;; ah Rej ul linn o! ibe r.r.:h ...y-:
j y1. 'h-' Gn-v,a:.2v,!!e h4ht
i in all 101. R-b- I aiv:c. a Ji.di'.-.r.e S!.-r
1 nc.iue tut litt.e or no jrcgr-ss wuh
::e' in.i.n !oiiy K C tne it-l J ; or tec.
H i is still tn 11. 11. 's-.jn.-e d;-tar; :e Lj-
Von J M.lioc"'tpp irently rp!--i.i-hing h:s
tosioiiiss irie admits b: n.:n ir.ui. bj
terublyj ided by this tim-, li't!e prepare 1
to m -et i roubles t -em. Anothorhbt
reported be.wcep Whe.ler ar.i Xi. pat
rick on ibe 27 ult., 111 v. Inch the Iui.tr
u as thrashed.
Richmond Kxaminer cf the 3d siys:
news, from Gt. ar.' cie. nu raging, if hh. r-
1 riiau getsji.r.,.-.1 low v.nia c
no wii ivvj ti.i'i el ia 1 3 nr.iiV-
Cairo, C.
The Federal 5 hare b -en w itl.dia e r:
f r u John.-unv ille Ttrm. Cv r: -:o-: 1
stores have been rt ni.v-d to tr.tt. partes
an 1 gi n' oats abjve tj.vn when they vac-
;a.'.d tho t.v.-r.
Nv York, 0
Trlbme's e?':
air ! Si
.(ion uu-
.: tne -1:11 says: a c iv-ir? f sp
1 1 t " r 1 1
tier ureii. iei rni 11 i-iuaen v !.;;-y ;.-u
ret tuned, tlt y brto ;i.t a v. ay 2.Uo'0 ho t J
cf t'luio, she
j -1
n -Ts.
ive irrt
w note regions over 'vjico tn-y u.vrr pt-s.
1 ho!
t t
t 1
eii iie-0 .V
H.'unis of M'..0 y an i hii
,-nen have been ,h oi -j-.ighiy civ ant d out,
1 . 1 1 . . .... .
low reuei H 1. ooe rs oik ii.
Tho ivsuhs of this raid are most im
portant and will rtr'itiv increa-e of
eiahcid'i-'s iu Ssjbsis'.iog cn that part tf
mi - I'r.gton, oca.
1 b? Sen'-.' ic- Jay coiii .i-u i!e ii
miralion of lioii. Ninaou 1'. Chi-e.n
Chi -f Jusice of lite Supreme Co art.
Nomination of James Spn. d as Aitorn-y
(ieneral, and Win. Dennison as P. M.
General, were sent in but notacttd cpjj.
New York, Gili.
The charter election wa held u-duy,
a small vole was cast. The returns in
dicate the election of the Tammany can
didates. I
oulsvilh, 7th.
The J..vtrn! Nashviilespeci.il ,-ay.ithe.
Rebeis L.i at Frai.klin It; gc m r-r 1 ciii
ea rs, among th j;.i were G -n's Gjvan anl
Ojiai ies no: prev;.jasly repjr'd. Cheat!;-
iiiauesuo: previa si v repjr'e.t. Lt;eat:;-
scaped capture on'. 7 b- tli3 tlocta
j uf h,. u,. ae ' '"
- N.ishvil!-, Ch.
Artillery skirtah-hlng eonM.id thro'-
, .. t;:(, ti'iy iiall, t,)lii(.? u u
. -.11,.,!. ..i ;? . . s. . ,
varied : v ihe ree pu-'o, ot a ti tg o; tr.ca
,-eut in by (i. fi. Ho,,j, u,r. vas re
reived by oar po ke's wo the Frank!; a
pike, a king an e..:h.tnge of pr:-. i.ers.
All sort- ot rum is prrvaib-d iri th.; c;y
vinn the n.'.vs Out a llig of trueo had
coine in goi a
r-ja-l. 'I h.j g-.-neril s.
position wasib.it Hood haJ ib.-.-n i.u.h 1
the s arret, dt-r of the city. Gt nls M.I
roy and Rosstu are at Afurfreec.b r j
winch is ariipiv go tided a. id l
a..,. U
1 al-
a Co u
tajk it.
D e.roit. Ml. h., 7 ?i.
lafcririarl-.n cf a inu-t p.. i'n- thitrc
U r that a raid upon this t iiy i- 1 ei;i. i r
g.'nized by rebel ro!n rH H m Canada h;.a
oeen received ly ih- cn.i a:id loni.a-y
authorities. 1 H:!l. m Irary comuiin.
-ler, iu a lia- to M iv-.r Btrt.er, pu.h:h
ed this morning, r-c.ei,iuii.U thai br:
mdiale in lit-ure-s be ta-ieu to organ. zj
iUidaiei a l'k gimeni uf nuliiia
jpro-ection. A large uu-ab. r of spev
J p-Hr-A hav.j bei u enrolled and no:
raix-uies ttij lakiU to prt'ec
tfie cay.
New or:c, 7t
.ft;. Chase will tike his so at up. a th-j
bench of ihe Supretun Coutt to-m-xrow.
' Philadelphia 7ih.
A d-h gat ion cf Paniu-yiianla.is have
gone to Wahii:g..:i to urge the appoii t
iii"i:t of Col. If.-y as Secrr'arv of tin
liUt a mr in 'be evtiit Jun-.ige.' Usher.
gotng upon ihe btie-h or a- bevrettr
! Naiy ia ca-e S'-r..iry W tils
j accept the emba y to Frio-'e.
j Th? Savannah Depart rat nt ef thj W..
New York, O.h. I :ri".the hertabo.ts o: .vru.an', b,dy.
Man sa:i..:aa.rt..y aart .i:: a;.!'
,f a-a-a.',rcen-i, I;i!,v,i:)t ve,t-rday ii,d.v..to any
- ent r.r-e ra' j ofJ j :hmg ,s. deci i-'a of p .Vp.e ai io hi3
:..,. msr.,aj. Of:;. Tu .
: v
- -i - Ki '. l y
i ,
i j - a e
:aar:'b 'Vi.-J
ave tt. a
Uiirmo-i at thi
: a;s tar.a,g
-in ia hiS'iiai o;
v;,,i o ; :!gre!, at,i y
Aog-.ri Chf.-i.ic
i J of
the oh:U
.-ays it l;;u
a be co
li-e ei tin " 1.
! p i.-.t w-e J"
rmtUiiu succ.c4Uhy a.
ihe part ci a.jatUt.iu ug:r, caafouaJsvg
aii calculations and ex aii..g g-jve.al ap.
prfl-tni'ou by his tnovenitats. The !ai
est reports iadiCat-i that he ii moving to.
wards Savannah river. .He may turn up
on Augusta and seek 12 f jrcv? his way
thro' Si u:h Carofii:?., or he rny pjsh for
Savannah or Ecmsayick.
i -

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