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Nebraska advertiser. [volume] (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, December 15, 1864, Image 1

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D H A S K A (5 A D V E RT I S E R
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advertising. '
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Oae fourth columnifcrte moai
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Annonnfin carii.iaf c fiir 'iS.;a - ft Cf
All transient aierti?ctaufi call be ia ad-
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r.tC"rr.ne3'f,ir'ln'jTE::f' " " "
Sulfation, trust ianab'-j, be rVJ iiiAdTaaeej
Yearly adrertijcmf nf quar'a-lr la s2?..
All kinu of Job, li ..ok an-1 Cr 1 prlatinr. do I
be best ftyle on !.'ri rr-t nri ruRa.'fc.'e tntia
r.-.k Wort, and Plain end -Tasey J-.b Wot
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NO. 33.
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V n "..'.ia Street, ea: of AtkinoiiB Cio'.b-
civ.i;jr?'.,-!'i'f. TT inirirsrM ta
; -.if : ! i' i .
! -. , . a wf!J-r:c'.H stuck of Al'jnuia
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Kct.:!-. tl.ftuk.? ro hi i-alrous for firmer l;rertl
ttfr..'ay'j, ar 1 i still on lunl roJj to iLava,
ititn.'.'-i : an I uri hair iu the b3t Hyi.
l'.-J.wuvilie, Aj-til 21, 'C4. q:;3-8-1j.
CI I AS. GrpollSEY :
Af.rii 14' T(. 1SRI.
C. F. STEWART, Ivl. v.,
Foutn K:-ft cimw .f Main an-i First Streets
Ct:ch nofK3-7 to 9 a. m. arid t to 2 tti 6, t,
Erowcviile, N'tlk.t, May 5th, No 35, ly.
E. S. BUIiX, M. D.,
2o3arxvIx., City, "ICT, 1.
July 2th, ' Mi. c47-TB-iily
GreatWestem PMogrspn
Firat d ;or "Aro ." i j-rivillo House,
li i t ) S' N V) ! J .1 N . T .
.-. . ,i f i ! ! ? p'iti!ic thst he
1 : . . :ry. i.-l is ti.w !re &.-ea
.1 f oi p:cf2--f k:i u t.
,1,.' i i t .'vi-r.n-Ji.J tyis.
. V : !.:-- .vi'.i t:n i it ',.Tj'.iy tr,
. r .'.,0 b;tie-.i and
copied into Photo-
is. 7-?.
la;. 2 : If tl : t-.
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Jrl'!'ll. '. . '
thejr i:; r-',-
Cffl'j c-rrs, r.r Win ! Hr-.t Struts.
B i O W N " I L L E , N h: 13 R A SKA.
Vrall Pap-r Votil Fapr '. !
C itt:.:iy on Ui:d at Msr T:"cr SU-?, ty
T-itr-Y.znr , ne in tie r.icit r?rcvrl ttyle, and
ttSuLi!.iec!i t jLis.
ruwL vti'e. i.t Li. jiir.o 3 130:, 5w
2?r rz). AUGUST,
snow r-v75Ti.TTjXi zsj. rr.
OyMer", CnSe. rc, C- i.us. iin;er Itrca.l. etc.
tc. i-f ' i d.'-fit v' rt.tistaii! 'y mi h-iiil.
Bo )i JCSALS servrd in the iet ttyle an-1 ts-livt
t.otice. ix-l-ly
Annonnoei ta the la lies of rrov.xv:lio aad vi
ciaity, thit has ;nst received from iut
L East a luasaiflceut to k of
CoUEiititig of
Ladiss endKiesot Bont!&t3 r.nd Hats, Hib
bcu3, Flowers. i:c -;
T( which sh Icritesthft 8tt(nt ion of lite laJ'., feel-
ins ttsored they cacuot he letter suited ia ayle. qra!,-
ity or price. r.i-iy
practice ia U tae Cj Tfl.r:
J TTTKI T. Buckets, Chnrna, Sieves, Mause Traja
1 41
Clottiea Tins and Castile soap
Tp-'VR. Jiaittr, Brca. p-n. etc.. te..
Wholesale and Eetail
Jivan worinmg,
A Ax a j
L ?. J if ? r- ' S '7 '-J - J f M
rn J-sst r.Trivl c v-.rft jn.-! tr-.t v.lc ' !
I-i': .:rs .--.r l c:g-s c---rji4'"'f4 t;i sin mark?:, un& j
Til: eJ i-'-tiiaj'iw 4..?: but.-e Ttrriw:. !
Main Street, I3rov.nviI!a
If yti -r:; ti to TrTjr, f 'irr- ttia ti;vlerr:7i.rJ,
"vill hCi, ! j,-n vi i;t "'f' .i" u' i wiih'jiit j.-ri'-. v.il
l-lc :)' rvu:t !i :r .r:i..;;t y.n r,nr-y Ii.i;;-y
("III il T( ' t. "I ivp -, r ; rp. WPlith t")'.'tA'.
Tin- i;si r : : i i i . i : i .-j j ct r.iit it -i'liiii, fin i if . wh-u
to n.irry. 1 vi'i ;,co ti 'y t.. j-o:i. All lo?.:r
t :y t-..!r.o'i-. .1. T!.c'f-ir'i ir ' rinti. n t-e il t y
rflura ii.ii i, .'! i o 'i-u r ti j. s a -U -J, s.Wtj
5.i'ij y. Ljiusevt, ic;:':s tv.
Ke V?k.
O w il .JU O
-TTTA or 1. k i m .
."5"i cr.rfal. !inv only Uie tuiuup
1'itAT A FOX: Ac?f?i','in St, Lni. v-ix-l it.
Great Gift Distribution!
Oixo ItXillioxx ZDo11azjsi.
Ati to Mid for
Without, resii! to vtlnc ! Xot to l paid fur unti!
yon kn-jw w:.ai yuu are to receive!
Splendid I.stof Articles!!! All to be Sold
tor One Doilar -Each ! ! !
CSfl fJcn!Mrt'l II nut ins case Wa'clies .S to $l!'3,cb
25) L.niie ;.!'! Knainele-t.cjic
za to ;to
f0 t4e:it' Tlnnunjr case S:H cr '
CtMi lriamofHt Kni t",
a-trO t;-.ll Vt u( Sri-k Chains
3:00 41 " " '
3 M wi Rj,ii, r.r. tlets,
rV.'OC C'ia.i Gold It a t Iris
i'.-uo Cf .( isxne i-id uar, Ciniiij
-)3 K)in;.ire (r'l i,.rirriiv
25 " 70
15 30 ilo
4 " S io
4 " 8 d
6 " 10 1.)
n 2. d.
4 19 l(
4 ' tlo
6(M0 (Nirl. Oy. nd Kural'l It' ,.,.. 4-
8 d i
5i;o0 M...-:c, Jt-t, liv and Floi eii'.i'io
Ear l.'4.w . 4 " fi do
t600 ('-ri, Oin1 anl r.iMeral K.r Di-ojh 4 ' I.j
4'1'Jfl Caliloru A Vnull B.it Vui.s vi 5'l " lo -lo
3' ( 0 Uuld 1" U aivl Vest ffi;rh tiys 2 . S rt.
4'.(K) F.4 aiKl Vet HitUm Slides A " 10 !.
Jjot't) SethS lit:re3.eevo Hn:tvn,Stu.ls S " 8 -l.i
4000 uld TliihiUles, Penciis, A.c , 4 " 7 d
loco Mioatnre locLe'., 2i'l " S d j
4'o0 Si 1t1i.1t u e l.ickettt Ma-ac Spri;i 3 2(1 i
SOI tu1I T--th!i. a.-.. Crosses, 6.C. i " .j
Nf.'O Piai:i ioiil ll'tifis 4 " i 1 it
6iW3 rbasettrii.I.t Kiti?s 4 " Hit-.)
1 IOO-I tito'ie Shi u: ivt Ui.:c 2 60 " I i i'j
l:o CiUf'ivata Ulmon.l R.nes i ' 13 J 1
;5.o Se: l.attiea Jewelry Je: & fr .U 25 " ;5 ko
6 3 Ret 3 " Jewelry C:Me... Pe.tr! 4 " 1 d
Iojdo US.i retif, Miver Kxteu.-iou
h..l()e ;k: IVt'ciU 4 " 19 do
locf-c ;. !t! Peoti and tioidWo'tnte l-
H. '-'ers 3 " 3 da
5-00 Gold pens and Gold extension 6 ' It) do
ho iiie.
o-v-i Silver Gojlets and Drintipg Cups 5''' CO do
3-.kw Silver Castors, lo " 1.0 .io
-oo Silver Fruit attJ Cr.kenastkets 20 " M ..
...a IK-r.ea t-iiivcr Tea Ko'im 1J ' to jm.
ou'jo ilj Cv laO.e stxj'ins lot V'l 4U do
Ja ci ti-eciuett-e of tlie jrveat HtunAtion of trade 111
th M.in-ira'-tr.rii!? districts cf En?!an:i, throne h tfce
war liavti i' -.ut if il e sUiiply of C truti. a iuanti
ty f Vaiuniiie Jewelry, o'tiiialiy i ite!i.le i lr li.-,
Kniit-h ni '.rUe'ti as ic?n bent . it' for in this evuti
try, ati'l Mt'.Sf Hit Sul.i at any sacr-a -el!!
UitJcr tbe-e irctim-tam-es AK'.t IN'UALK i. CO.,
actin,; as Accws rr tl; prnnijt Kurii?n Mtuuiac
luic.s. 'aavtf . rcolvei u;m:i a GltATIS GKT D1STP.I-
illl()N. snijcoi. to tlie tolluwing rojalaii-.tis:
CKKTlflCATK S. n.uuiiiR each arttolAaJ its Viine.
re inaov.1 ii. Sealed Kavei -ie, unJ well uiisel O :e
of these envelopes will be bent y luaii toauy addras e
on recii'i of 25 ceuis.
All Articles sold at One Dollar each,
vAHiCiii regard io value!
On reread of 1 l.e Oemfiorte. y.n''.r;:i see wVat yon
are j-'.ii'U 10 have, and Hk-i ir is t your o; k.i to f-u.i
ihe!i'"l;r k'.i1 t :ie -the si ticlo r not. lArC!i.-.serb
1'i ty V.x'.t .ib!i:i A (o!I wjt-.::t. Di mi.:)d Ri!:.i. .r any
y--t of Jc--elry uttour list tor O.N'R i'OLL. an-! in n..
or.se rj, they set Iesa than one.olUr' wortit. .- :iii""o
ate i.-? 'ill'. Tue jrice ,t Cert ideates ii a ijUv--at
0:i i r
l ive for
Klcren for
T.my for
5ix!y-flve for
:e llim lt-f ! fir
AGKMS win-he Klluwe 1 ten cents m every Cerfifl
n ordered t-y them, ;Tv:.!e-l ;he:r rr:-:.fc.n:ee
io'ati to One Dollar. Agents win colkv. 5 o.;it
or eory (' tiflo.ito. anl rci'jit 15 cetitu to its, cither
1P7 Broad-jray. Xe v York.
NcT7 Pvncdies for
A nrr.ftclcrit Ir.tiitvtun (tGths.r:i by ryarj En-don-'wtt.
fortn Hthtf of tkf S'ckcnJ luttrttxei.
atictri with Vtfuitr't cvd Chronic IKttotts, and
tljitrin.y fvT the Cure of Disrates of t fie Sizud
LlIJDICAIi ADVICE fiveu tratii, ty the Acti-j?
Valuahie Eope.rtR en Srernatojrhoea, and other Mt
e??i cf the Sextial Orcacs. and on theNKW KKME-
DiK3tmi.!oed in the nisi.ei.iny, sen iDseaten Jettei f
eovelQies,freecr charnt. two or lureeaiacips accept
A-ldraaa DR. J. SZU.LI.V HOrGtlTC". Ko ard As
K(.iri-.n, Ko. 2. South NiUib St rest, Philideipliia, ?
Dc-euit.r 12. ISil. u23-ly
soo 3
Oa band and to urrivc at
Iron find Steel Warehouse,
" 20 and 22 Third Street,
PAILS, Tuhi. Kec- Washboards, Eeelers, Ch.ldren"g
Cahn and Vlife'.ta.-row
'lis Sweet to e Rcsii'sul'cre'J.
ET JAWS .'. CLAtiS. w
In the cifr.-y (1:3 of j. u'.i:.
Vi hii the irorM ia r,i full of briz'itso;?,
Af:i thlcvo rftuiii? iJ truiu
-hen r b-aro 2ik tLe xora;;:s Iwsw
'iv-xi jtbfj tbe sea,
Atl every Jram tro know cf Ufa
I? or.e ci' i; . I';-
'Tis set; lo ,r ieia-?robcrc.l
A th . jtL?" rf:t:e!;:lfr e;; t!i,
S5rfndir.g r.-tf i't car uxKytuy,
I'.iiin a'.i our Leuitj wi;h n:.-:-.
0 ' 'lis siToct to I f rcr.f.'ivr-J
in the t urn :n?r tim of 'Ac,
Lre reach tb bemir s-iiiiiu't
With our trciglit of wo3 &rt'l tri.,
To lt'ok b.TikTrorJ tliryrth tb ihnioi
Vhtr casjwcrDcy r-!i bcn,
Aiiu ?h?r.hlea Cjer.-; if uittuory
Turn thi-ir f.i :es to ti' 5 on
T i if swic t to be rercf iub,i'ql
A the br'!.-7e r'-rnrbr d iy,
Fir-sting uj f..irfl from thr. v;i!!,
UVr ibo i'griui s we,iy
0 ! '.'is srrt to 1 rfu:c;2r?T
Whon i'i:r li! -' n,!.-; lost b!-.t;fa,
Aii'l every wornirg sun u.oi
?I.-ty 3o::v'..- vur.t the tab;
When r.nr y.uib U' f.. 'gotten,
Am ftr.e with yoP.ri'iig? fauJ,
Frorrj a worl l whert;:!i nro :1 v ir.ij
To a Jo;itLIe.--s ?.t!J l-ev.-r.ii
'1 is sweet to bo r-rui. i.;bor: l
Ai tbe t:rtj reiacmber tiijbt,
SiJrki d'.-nawi'nl throo-h (Lo darkcesj.
With a psrrarxl bo'y lirfu!.
Ci'en. Scott's Autoblogrrapiiy.
Sheldon &. Co. haVe jast published the
"Memoirs of Gea. Scott, written by him
self." whi?a have heen promised for
seven months, and on weich the. General
has heen engaged for nearly two years.
The' ore comprised in two volumes, and
extend down to, 'he, period when he re
tired from active service. The latter
years, however, are but brie Gy touched.
We extract Leiotv some interesting par
ticulars of Gen. Scott's share in the
events which immediately preceedttd the
present war, as well as incidents in the
Lieutenant Geueral's earlier career.
Scott, a? a young lawyer, wis present
at the tnai of Aaron Kiirr. He
concerning Burr's acquittal:
"This is to be regretted not that the
thirst for blood was nut slaked on the oc
casion; hut because, there never haviisg
been an execution in the United Sirica
for the highest of crimes, our people
were, in ar.d ISfil, still untaught a
roost needful lesson the playing a'
treason is a dangerous game! Hence to
threaten treason has bacon. an ordinary
party device in nominaim Pre?ident.
and in factious debates even en the fl nir
of Congress; hence, nullificaiicn in 15Ti2-'o-3,
and hence the present ( iri")
mighty rtbellio'n. It i a striking fact
that three of our ex Vice President?
Aaron Burr, J. C Ca!hot;n and J. C. j
Breckinridge became, eoch in his day.
a leader of treason.
' When the victory of Bueni Viia
readied Major General Brooke, (a ircle
old soldier,) commanding at New Or
leans, and a friend ;f Major General
Taylor, he rushed with th report in hand
through' the streets to the Exchn-, nd
threw the whole ciiy-iato a f renzy of joy.
By and by came the new? that the ?ar
nud stripes waved ovr Vera Cruz and
its castle, and "Brooke, aho a friend oi
mine, w.ts aaain ear to spread the re-
v, "I 1 1 111
port. cnieDody in me crown cancel cut,
IIuw maamea has Soctt Lt?' Brooke
was delighted to reply. 4J.es than a hun
dred.' 'That won't do,' wt-.s promptly
rejoined. 'Taylor always loses thou
sands. He is the man for my money.'
Only a few faint cheers were heard lor
Vera Cruz. The lone: butcher'.-, bill was
wanted. When I received-friend Brooke's
letter giving'thes? details, I own that my
poor human nature wis piqued for a mo
ment ; and I said: 'Nevermind. Taylor
is a l-.OUlsiuiftM. Wo ehll ii Jo ti'nc'
liear the voire of the middle, the norih
ern and eastern Slates. They will esti
mate vicioiies on different principles.'-
But I was mistaken. The keynote raised
ia New Orleans was taken up all oer
the land.
October 22. I emphatically, as has
been seen, called the attention of the
President to the necessity of strong gar
rieons in all the forts below the principal
commercial cities of the Southern State,
including, by name, the forts in Pensa
cola harbor, etc.
October 31. I suggested to the Sec
retary of War that a circular should at
once be sent to such of those fens as
had garrisons, to be on the alert against
surprises and sudden assaults. ,
After a long confinement to my bed in
New. York, I cacie to this city, (Wash
ington) December-12. Next day I per
sonally urged upon the Secretary of War
the same views, viz : Strong garrisons in
th Southern forts those of Charleston
and Pccsacc'a harbors, at cr.ee ; those
on Mobile lay and the tVlississipp:, be
low New Orleans, next, etc.. etc. I again
pointed out the organized companies and
the recruits at the principal depots avail
able for the curpore. The Secretary
d?d not concur in oue of - my view?, when
1 1 begged Lin to procure for ma an early
cerview n-;:h ihe Fre?:dect, tbat I
i trsisht make o;je. flfvrt rayre to save tbe
j Ivtti and the Urioa.
hy appoiSinieat, u;e secretary accom- A:i-uti i 1, says that ho has a telegram
! : , . - of ibai datrf from Hardee, wno sr.yj tbat
! 5,.vvhen tae .an:e top.es, tece.;s:on:s::i, . '
r.i!.. : . r,,, br.il rr.et an J cfifr:eti the lavairv
bvi'J", a: the tnoivei in the ooinicn cf!f"r:v r-t out from Beaufort by the. envj
vx-orn r'i t 'i i ii : i l - ii im i. iikimi - i
i the President, no danger o an early ae -
: cejoo beyond South Cnrclica, the Pree-
ident, in reply to my arguments for im-
mediately reinfcrcin3 Fort Mouhrie and j4,,rlJ' Vl"ci , 1, 7""'
!eodnS a-g9rrison to Tort Sumter, s:id,t Pnt cu the Savar-rah and Charleston
i in substance, the titr.e had not arrived ! rsilread. .
! for dainrr so ; thaJ ii..' ; ot-!d wu't the ac-
;;ion ot the ('onveniiorr oc Souili Caro.'i-;
' ua. ju ttt'i exp-fi'.atis'.i .;Rt a ccmraisstca
wcjid be Rppu:ntea ar.d sent to negotiate
! wi'h him Oongrca?, respecting the
eecesiioo of the State and tae property
of the United States held within iti
i thm K -on'-l
cut xrain.-t t!te et.es on, tnn no cuiu
M tUreiai'oi cement.' and telegraph the
cuamaodir.r oflicer (3Iajor Ander?t-n)
of - Fort Moultrie, o hold, tue ?-rts
(Moultrie rud Sumter) against au.yt
Vi'd thu Sccreicirv, vuth annoftion.
added : 'We have a vessel of War (:!ie
Brooklyn) held in readiness at Norfolk,
ana he wuuid then send' three bundled
.iieii, in her, frofti Fortress Monroe, to
Charleston.' To which I replipd, ftrrt.
Thru s many men cou'd cot be with
drawn from that garrison, tut could Le
.aten frim Nev York. Next, that it
would thca b loo late, rs the South Car
olina Comct:s:oners would have the
gamo in their own haruis-by first using
and then cutting the wires; that, as
here wa? not a soldier in Fort Sumter,
any handful o? arn:l fcetewioniits might
seie and occupy it, etc.
Here the remark may be permitted,
that, if tbe Secretary's ih'ree hundred
men had then (or seme time later) been
eut to Forts Moultrie and Sumter, bcth
wovd now have been in the po:ts$tcn
of the United States, and not a battery
behw them, could have been erected by
iht Secessionists. Contequemly, the ac
cess to those fcria .from the sea would
now (the end of March, 1861,) be un
obstructed and free.
On the reception of Mr. Floyd, et
Richmond, tho Examiner pronounced a
ulogy upon hirn in which the following
passage occur.? :
The invented by General Scctt
to stop secession was. like all other cam-.
nrii'Tts devised bv h'UMvery-' alJrr Wi-m
je,aiis au.j lltariy certaioof general suc-
coss. -The bouthern btates are rtnl of
arsenals and fort, commanding thir
rivers and strategic poimi. Gen. Scon
desired to transfer the army of the Unit
ed Slates to these fori? as speedily and
as quietly as possible. The Suutnern
States could not cut cfT communication
between the Government and th fort
resseses without a great fleet, which they
cannot build for years or take them by
!;tnd without one hundred thousand men,
many hundred million dollars, several
. .ampaisn and many a bloody seiv.
Had Scon been able to have got these
forts in the condii'lan he desired them to
he, the Southern Confederacy would not
now exil.
The same day. December lo, I wrote
the following nc? :
"Lieutenant General S ou begs th
President to pardon him for supplying,
iu this note, what he omitted to say th:s
mornincr,' at the interview with whtcn he
was honored by the Pr-ilent. 1. Long
prior to the Force bit! (March 2, 1533),
prior to The iss;;e of his prcvbmaiion.
and, in part, prior to ". passage cf the
ordinance of nullification President
Jackson, under the eel of ?rarch 3. !S7
-Huthrizing the employ ment of tte
land and naval forces" can -e-J rein-forcemc-ii'.s
to bo scut to Fort Mouhtre.
u,d a thiop-of-war (the Natchfts). with
two revenue cutters, to be sent tc Charles
ton harbor Qiii u- der Sc.xr). in order to
prevent th seizure of that fat by the
utilizers; and i3. To insure the execu
tion of the revenue laws General
Scott himself arrived at Chariest.m the
day fter the passage of the ordinance
oi nullification." and many of "the addi
tional companies were then en route for
the me destination.
President Jackson famaiiarly said at
the time : "That by lHe asseinl'laau '
those forces, for lawful purposes, he was
not making war upon South Carclira ;
bat that if South Carolina ettaiA-ed, it
would be South Carolina that made war
bpon the United States."
General Scott, who received h-s first
instruction (oral) from President Jack
son, in the temporary absence cf the
Secretsry of War (General Cass), re
members those expressions well.
Saturday night, Dec. 15, lb60
TThe Cincinnati Gz ttle learns thai
General Butlers proposition to exchange
Pollard, of the PtivhmonJ Enquirer, for
A. D. Richardson, of the New York
Trilurit, has been refused.
In Taris alone there are at this mo
ment no less than 60,000 men who. have
no other reh'gen or creed than that of
spiritism, or as we call it, "spiritualism.',
There the belief is as thoroughly organ-
zed a system as any sctof tho Christian
religion. It has its disciples, it3 priesta
etc., as well as its papers, reviews: p-jp-licauons
of all sort, whh editors and
booksellers of-its cjra.
Kews from Bcfccl Sonrces.
RubniondYape, cf Sr-.turday, Dzz. 3J,
! ve fceen.rceired whhin our liny?.
A disp-iich from Braxton r.i, dated
; einy
y had been driven bck to.
-ar-j the latter pince. He is anticirat -
, .
inc;, ivs, ar:otber attack- at mother
:-:e iv: j.:; .ia ..f.nnnior ct t.t! 2 ad.
ciiitOf :?Ilv hff? the fe!lcvir!2 :
All nerrs
t A k
o:n Gpsigia is c-xcetuhily encouragin
t was reported that the
rUd Villon nr.d t
v cays a jo i
VarA-s had reached Millen, and there
:.ao every propect thai Sherman would
rHi'" ;-e coast, ihis is fale, and if
Shern.an fjers thrcngh nv. which i
; donbiful, it will be with' the loss of half
of hi army.
The ik-n'ir.tl, Whig, Dispv.ch and En:
'juirt-r, of this date, eentnm the official
dispatch of B.-gj about the fight with
Foster's troops, but no ether facts about
, The Fxaminer cf the 3d says:
The following official disnatch was re.
teived Jat tha War Department last
night: y
Head Quarters Array of Northern
, Virginia, Dec. 2, 1SG1.
Gen. Eearly reports that Gen. Rosser,
with Raines' and his own brigade, encoun
tered, on the 27ih ult., ne?.r Moorfield, a
small party of the enemy, and captured
forty prisoners and one piece of artillery-
On the 2Sth h5 surprised andcap
turfd Fort Kelly, at Ne-rv Crtek, with
four field pieces and four siege guns
and between seven and eight hundred
prisoners, a large number of horses and
mules, eight stands of colors and destroy
ed two hundred wagons', and a quantity
cemmicsary and ordnance stores. He
brought oil the wagons and the field
pit-ce.sv.nd came of the wagons, spiked
ihr, th-ge guns and destroyed the car-
r:n Hi- tiUo cm lured Piedmont, auk I
destroyed ail Government buildings, con
taining a nuciber of engines, buined sev
eral bridge, did considerable damage to
railroads, and collected several hundred
head of cattle. His loss was two killed,
and two or three woui-jed..
The boldness and energy exhibited cy
Gen Rosser. and the conduct of his mn
deserve much praise.
Signed ' R. E. LEE.
The Richmond Sentinel of the 3d. con
tains a series cf peace resolutions, pre
sented in thu North Carolina Legislature
by one Poole. They are as follows:
Resolved : That five Commissioners be
elected by tie General Assembly, to act
with Commissioners from other States cf
this Confederacy, as a medium for nego
tiating for peace with the United States.
Rao! red : Tha t each ef the other States
cf the Confederacy be retpectfuliy n-quc-stcd
to create similar commission, to
co-operate with North Carolina in re
questing President Davis, in the name
of these sovreign States, tc tender the
United States a conference? for negotiat
ing p?ce, through the medium of these
eommuftioner?. .
The Whig ci the 3d, contains a tale
gram from Petersburg! statii.g that Lee
had not demanded Pryors release. Ger.
Willcox, commanding whsre Prycr was
captured while violating the orders cf
both aimies, and in retaliation fcr the
capture cf "'officer Burbridgs under simi
lar circumstance, adding that Pryor could
not he released.
The rebel Genera! Grscia, of Alabama
was killed, on Friday last, by sharp
shooters. - N
The Daily Dispatch of the 3d, says
Grants movements on Lee's jiht seem
to be important. It reccrds ths burning
of Stiny Creek depot, and the destruc
tion of the Weldou railroad, twenty miles
below Petersburg. Their acctunts con
firm ours.
The Enquirer says that persons from
South Carolina report that there- is a
fleet of two hundred Federal vessels at
Hilton Head. It it believed to be Sher
man's supply fleet.
Details of the attack on Macon show
that it was but a small artillery fight of
two hours.
Savannah papers say that their troops
behaved worse than the Yankees, in
j plundering after the fighting was over.
The great Tallahassee is ia Wilming
ton, according to Richmond paper.
McCIellan's majority-in New Jer:-ev
! is 7.12 ; in Delaware it w as G10.
The b'reat Wes5.
V"hen Gen. Taylor was chosen Presi-
fdent, only sixteen years eo, he iid not
receive a single-Electoral Vote from he
Slates lying north aud west from iLp
r.'ver Ohio. .Abraham Liacola, favored
y the diiseniions atnccg hia opponents,
carried ail those States jn 1S50, some of
them by meagre majorities, but received
"! scarcely a tenth of th3 Tcpalar Vet? of
I n T : - : X-r 1- :
! r " ' .
'hem ,y generally tner
Mtsscun with thern b
r-iissouri. io;.v. ne carritjs every iv.e o;
.sed rrtaioriuer.
by a very dccrJ
It rr i a
eu voie. nj as: r., ,i cnrriuu new
i ... - tr i t. t .i . l
of IJevada, end-ha. lar.q-e absolu'e
majorities ia California and Oregon,
j where,.thcnSh he carried their Electors.
! li8 had k,rpiy tWO-fifths of its Popular
Vote .'in 1 SCO. His majorities in that
great section, which is saan to preponde
rate ia cur National councils, aaay be
roughly stated as follows :
Lincoln's -iaj.
4 '
- 8
30 000
5 000
Tctr.l, 12 Stater, 245,000
These States gave an nggregata popu
lar majority against Lincoln in 1S60;
they now give not less thji 210,000 for
him, with gains of Members cf Congress
in every State where there wa? anything
left to gain. And there is no pretense
that anything was lost to his adversaries
through divisions ?
The vote of the North-West is the
strongest gus.rran.ty yet prefTered c( the
perpetuity of the Union. The aliena
tion of the North-West has been plotted
and sought for years. To this end un
counted lodges of "Knights of the Gol
den Circle," '-Sons cf Liberty," ccc
have been organized. To this end New
England has been persistently defamed
and reviled by the basest of renegade
sons. To this end, constant stimulus has
been given to Western jealousy and hate
of the East.',-. The Puritanism and fan
aticism of New England have been in
culpated as plunging the country into a
gigantic civil war fcr tho benefit of her
cotton mills 03 if cotton mills luxuriat
ed ia the dearth and dearness of cottcn
and now the Great West responds by
larger, more dechive majorities for the
War, a heartier support to tha Adminis
tration, than are given in the East. And
the rattle of riven fetters in Maryland
is more than paralleled by the crash of
tho priran-housa in Missouri.
So let us rest in the confident assur
ance that the-Unicn will endure forever,
under the guardianship and protection of
tha Great because Free North-West!
A'. Y. Trlivne.
Old Massachusetts the cradle of Am
erican liberty has even surpassed her
sel! in the recent election. The vote for
President, in 307 towns, stands a? fol
lows :
Lincoln - 119,057
McCielhu 40273
Lincoln's majority, 70.SI4
The Congressional delegation stands
Uuiou 10 Demcc a:s, none.
Would Lose Fifty Thousand Dollars.
If a military cflker puts in an applica
tion for a furlough on the simple ground
of urgent private, business, he is about as
likely to get it as he is by beig struck
by lightning. A Main officer applied
for one, however, stating that if it was
tot granted he should lose -30,000. This
attracted attention at headquarters, and
the officer desired to forward a statement
of how he would lose il. He did so to
the effect that he had been in the army
without leave of absence for two years;
that he' was engaged to a young lady
worth $-50,000; that there was another
fellow after her, and that she had written
to him that if he aid not come home and
marry her right away, he would have
the other man. He got his furlough.
Portland Argus.
ElecUen In Montana.
The result of the election in its Ter
ritory is eight3en.hu;dred majority for
the Democrats. The Territorial election
occurred ca the first. Colonel Sam. Mc
Lean, formerly cf Mountain City, Cclo-
; r&co' was Siren lae aDv nnjerny, over
i l . . i i
i castleM, uepuUicaD-
The next Corire." wil ccLtain an
overwLeltnino: Uuioa Mrcnty ia loth
Thc S?naie will le c-Trii:uted, fcliti-
j'colij, as folK-wi:
Unioniats. - CS
Democrats, 7
Uuion-maj ttity. , 31
The IL'Uss will be divided as f o"cts :
Uni.in. Dem.
Maine . G O
N. Hampshire 3
Vermont - 0
'-Mass.-uhrs?!! 10 0
Rhode Island - 2
Connecticut , 4 '
New Yr!c - - 21 10
NewJcr.-cy - 2 3
Pennsylvania IS 0
Maryland . - 4 ' 2
West Virginia - 3 t
Ohio ... 17 2
Indiana S 3
Illinois 10 4
Iowa - - - B U
Wisconsin 1-
Minnesota - 2 0
Michigan - - G '0
Missouri - 7 2 .
Kansas 1 0
Nevada - 1 0
California ' . - 3 U
Oregon . - - I ' O
Delaware -k 1 0
, Kentucky 4 Ct
i Tennessea - - 2 f
Total - 130
All of the Territories send Union D.I-
?gates, as follows : .
' LTiiiou. Cupp3".-.
Nebraska 1 0
Colorado 1 O
Dakota - - 1 .0
Utah - - - 1 U
Montana - 1 : . O
Idaho - - 1 0
New Mexico - 1 U
Washington - .1 O
Total - 8 0"
The House of Representatives will
stand nearly four lo one in favor of an
amendment of the Constitution of .th
United Stales, abolishing Slavery in all
the States.
Gen. ntanlej's Accar.st cT t:rj Hat
lie of Franklin.
Maj. Gen. Stanley, wounded in the
battle at Franklin, arrived at Cincinnati
on the 4th inst. He says the reports cf
the battle that have reached the pubho
have not been exaggerated. The Cht
was made to save cur trair.o which vrere
of enormous size nad value, filling the
roads for twelve miles. . . .
It was not intended to held Franklin
longer than necessary to get our proper
ty out of iho way.
Ths rebels had been pressing us' very
hard from Columbia, and at cne time w
were ia great danger ; but Hood lost his
opportunity in not attacking in force ut
Spring Hill.
Shcfieid's arr.ij was composed cf the
4th and 23 corps, together with a few.
recruits that recently entered the ser
vice. They left Ptnaiki, November 23. and
were so clasely pressed iha; it was fear
ed at one time that the artillery and
wagon trains would have to be aL mdcn
doned, but by good management ail were
brought through safely. ; .
Gen. Stanley has been in neatly nil
the battles in Tennessee and Georgia,
tut says the musketry fire, for an Jw.ir,
at Franklin, was the most intense lie ever
witnessed. In addition, we had iweu'y
eight guns in the action, havir-g full
sweep at the rebel columns.
The Commercial's N-shviil- dipatch
says: Murfreeaburo, Bridgeport, ami
Chattanooga aro safe.
Nashville and the surroundin country
for miles ha3 beea converted into a'hugs
fort. The destrus;tion of rebel proper.
in the defence of ih city was immense.
Almost all the rich prcperty holder here
abouts are rebel sympathizers.
The advance of the rebel army neces
sitated the destruction cf their property
The Federal position is perfectly satis
factory. , ' "
The Southern papsrs tail Shemnc
venture a desperate casa cf chmce.
Very likely;but he made hia first "point"'
in taking Atlanta, "passei" iI3cd. iuui
Alabama, "eucherf-d" him in the nsxt
deal, holding "loth bowers and an ace,"
he is playing, a 'ion? hand.'Vaad iaa-
king a march,, with every preset of
"go n out."
A cotemporary mentior-r arrest cf a
weman in the sireet "with ncthii g ou
her person but a love-letter a ad a di-g-icrreotyp."
Rafher a piic end
pcrurerfjue co:nn:e. far a rr.sirepo.'is

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