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Nebraska advertiser. [volume] (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, December 22, 1864, Image 1

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kates or ADVn::Tii:.'a.
One square (ten !iot tr le9C intenl z Zl 5)
i-ach addliior.al inr'sri - - I 51
l'u;:aei ca;d,ii Luea or os Jr S3 CI
(-'u cvluraa one y tar - - 83 Cf
One L'.f ccumn cey?ar - SO C
Oiie f.urth; ci.luTTm:ie jcf - S3 C1
One elbih f. laas .- t j ear - 21 CJ-
Oce rtiuni3 ix a-ni;. . - 11 6-
fr ta'.fc -.'.j'.a sir n nthi - 3i6
OMfositbc.-i.-n,!! liitni 21 CI
Oce eua:h ci.i-ca aiiw-sihi li i
'ae culucm tiire iruiiisj - - 33 Ci
0,je ha'.i ci tutsii a i r.i-c'.k - 2-1 C?
Advertiser Elock,3ffa!n S't Between let & 2d;
i i i fjy n.
'vy- Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay
. ...
t'o cirri. i.h cfi... j;
-r,"T pti rear, lu advance, - t
t CI
. v vr; ;
Subreption, tncst irittriaVy, be j:d inAdvance
J- f.-jk Wert, an! Plaia ar.d Taney Job Woi,
Ail traasitH ieri.iatu:i dill It ftti ia 4-
rar.cp. . .
Yearly ajTfri'.eCT'ni,j r,r.rrlT in i'ic;.
A!l kiaJ rf J i. K n.K li:J v as u ( riLlir.-. J.b9 !
.b le--'. rv!" f.-i fh-.rt 'k avl revoc6! trn:t
u'. . , '. j . . ...... ...... -
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t l" I'll F I
t! i .'.r'i:,:i! s'jc La- ju-t c. i-:3?neeJ a f:rt cl?
j,-,- r 1-t d r"t rr ml
r.-ftti- .!-d .ftr t';J !n'.'t I-?-tr:i
r.'"- ' r:n'! r--;.!i.j d - in the try tt
Vf.jVi.if. ' 'V i.J,
I I l. .-! t t, r.i'.j to p( rturai ili work, yz-ar-
');.'.'- .f t'j-'.'ij ,. Ij't t'.C lUOit BJ-piuVtJ
.'i . . -.' tii ui Atkinson's Cloth-
l,( t. .;' . ' . : r . f'.'i-'t'.octf 1 ktcclt of AlVnws
k V, ......;. u.r'.h i'r of rihin Street oj-pn.
t J- !... 1 . V ' f Tf. I't-.-f i: V.'IH 'J xtftil t
' . : t. U .. '- e -' '- v J.e.
('.; p.t.cti, i ..rU-rc- : 5 fc'eerc, t.r l-iai'l art
i litin St.,oj.iit I'. O. Uuildir.g Let. 1st and 2d.
Tt'-rn tnV8 to U i atroi .-r fi rm-r liberal
rl'-!ipe, and tti'.I on Lur.d raa.y to fchaTe,
CilAS. (i. DOI1SEY.
S''b T.'ft enm t.f Mai a a'sl Fira Str
l i ii.K I'on 7 t. M . i!.Hr.d 1 V,2 and P.'j tt
.iiiIllAh e SUiiGL:Ji i
fiTi-'T. at ins klv;:ie.vc5:.
m c :Mr TV Q
V-A w 4 U - L A A A AA ' wV' A tJH AA
1 i i : O V N V 1 1 . L E. N . '1.
V- . ", -n- ;:l)y a!)11trP t O t h C Till' ' iC ! t 3 1 ll
ii ". : 1 .. -k i.!.,' i ; :a::rTy. :i I i.- n.-w rT;.3;ei
. ..ur i v ry ki J, t.!io ciiu -tvle pu';:-p- kj i 'ii i.
' - fi . , i t . !.'.! M;;! t!..-.-t ;:'. vh! ty;es,
' o: vr' t.: -J i .lor at '1.-1 v of
V. ( v . v: !! tliri it trp.itiy t
'!. i !,.?: ' ., i a;;-t fy-t.i.na Lss ti-eiiufus aud
I i ( - I ;.:r t- ::. - !'- a ..i'. o.
Ai! kiiiii jf I'.-iur' : roniJ iato Plioto-
ii j. 5 JL iHvitxiitJ,
niitiui. Ai LAv,
k.'J..itiiL.i j , , iljA.Uxjitl ,
rr, V:i ill, NEBRASKA.
' h'. i:ri.;n:fc TaHor Sltcp, by
- .r. .u ts--.fct ari'foTtd tylt, asJ
Aiii)'t;ii'-! to th ll! of Bromnrille and t1
timiy. that ' t jnM. tocctved from ttt
VfcV East a u.cniticeut !k ut
C-tiJi-'tii"'? of
ornrts find Ha'.s,Il-
L-jz-s, a lower.-:. 12- "
' tr.:-5 c'. iTiv.iilhf atter.::cti of tte ffl
-r;r.jH$ " nil-iy
12 W.a i-rati.ce in ail
'- "---iv. j iSI
w . ti ft a a
.rnrvz-Unt Imiituina eUaoUatf.t ly jriel Ta
aymtzi.Jr r jr.? ir ore S:Vi ci?.-! Ifisirtstt?
" '"' rf .'U.Vf.f cf r.WouU l:urcjct. k4
''W('"'-? Aw XAe Cure if DU(asvt of the Sexual
lICDICAIi ADTTCH civen jralis, br tbe Actlcs
a;Cv---!ei:Aprt onSpern:atnrrbn.a.ap1 otber
1, j. . vim s, uu it- n t,n KfcAifc-
..-ji e u-.f .tyea i ibe JisoPiiiry. t ?ut in K!eJ leaei
iui-eJfi-eeof iarje. Tvoortl.reeSiaa.ps accepu
1Urea J.E.J.KEItXTX HOrGlTTOK. Howard Aa-
.2, SonUl KllitL reet. Plaidalt.bia,ra.
iceu:Ur 12, 1j61. .
Jke Faolstepj of Pealii.
Tb f. liowinj in a trars'atica from no ar:ient
is t-urj asrtd Lj nothing witb wLicb we are acquaint
e.i in the Sj.ni.-h laccuse, except the 'Odt of
Luuis df LeuL."J
OLi 1 U t tbe enul its elcai'oera break
Aroure ill n ne aiid awatf,
To LcT FuTl
Life, in ill 'rie?, g.iarj tTray,
And Iht elern fooiste j.s of decs
Coii.6 tlti'.ing on.
And while we tiow tht rolling tidt,
Duwn L;ok iur flow leg ininu tea glido
Let ;:s tbe jirc3c;it b .ur era,loy,
And detia ;h future dieiiaj a joy,
Already fEt.
L?t no rain bopa deeife the OiIcJ
happier let hope to ficd
To-ruorrow thaa to-day.
Or g' lden drani3 of yore were bright,
Liko tb!tu tii a present tLall dfaiiht
L:ke them decay.
Our like haticj; streams mat bo,
Inatinto trie enguipbin sea
Are doomed to fall
Tb rea of deaih, whose waves roll on
O'er king &ni kini ra, crown and throne.
And e wallow all.
JL'Iliu the river's lordly tide,
Alik tLs Lumbic r ivulots glide
To t'.iat sad wave ;
Per.ih Uvt'.s poverty aud pri'f,
And ri "Ii -icd ponr clep si Ja by tide
WitLin tho grve.
Ocr birth is but a slfetia p'a-o ;
Lif? is but the running of tbe race,
And death tbe goa: ;
There ell cur glittering toys are brought
The pth iijno, of all uoiougbt,
U fund of all.
See, then, ho?" poor end little werth.
Are all .Lose glittering toyj cf eartU
. a'l3at lu;e u? here 1
p-enm of a tlecn that dea'.h rnu?t"Ireit,
AUi ! be'.ro it bids uj 7va,
We di."8ppcar.
Lnrg ero the damp of earth can "blight,
Tho check's pure gl jw of rd and white
Ciis parked avray.
Y.;uth rmilfcd and ail was heavenly fair
aA Lis fiv't tnere,
AtdwLert arc thi-y ? 5
"Where is the stresglh that fpnrT"d decay,
Tne step that roved 0 light and gay,
Tl, Le&rfa bli'.L t-.ne?
The strengi.;i is poao, thoitp is ?U-w.
At.d j'-'T jrriws wcari.j('rr;0 atl wo !
Wttn cC" c-iaei on.
"Ey Jt:ru-alem ! this is rutin to be
nighty ticl.lisli lu.nis, Max !"' exclaimed
Ftitr Day, a sharp-.-hooter in ray c'-m-pay,
as we accompanied by Cox, the
sccut were running at terrific speed
over a long, rolling plain bordering on
the Little Ilpd river iu Arkansas, pur-
ut'd by tome eight yelling demons known
as guerillas.
"There's no help for it, Pete," I re
plied. "We must reach the river end
hide zmcng the woods, if we would es
"Gosh all fish-hocl;s ! I'm gettin'
tired, returned Day, depondicgly.
Seeing; we began to lag, the pursuers
raided a shout of victory which caused
him to spring forward like a race-horse,
at the same time crying,
'Thunder! ain't they close; come,
boys, let us fly along; ws'il be eaten
alive by thore cusses, if they catch us."
"Shyt yer mouth, -greeny !" retorted
Cox, angrily. "Yer lo'iin yer wind by
gabblin' ! Jist use yer pegs us fast as
as yer kin."
At this juncture an appalling yell broke
from the guerrillas, end on turning to
note the cause, we beheld two Iadiitn,
undoubtedly their allies, jom them, and
at once leave them behind in the iict pur
suit. -Use yer pegs now, greeny !'? cried
ibescetH to that terrified individual, who
was tearing alcngf considerably ahead of
us, his eyes dilating with fear, and his
hair streaming behind him having loct
his cap. If ye should go under new,
3'cu'll have the pleasure of knowin' that
'twas nobody's fault but yer own."
Of this Day seemed to be aware, for
he pressed on with redoubled vigor, never
stepping to gaze behind him.
Samuel Coi, Peter- Day and myself
were cut on a spying tcur among the
mountains in the northwest part of the
State, cur principal object being to as
certain the exact whereabouts of a noto
rious ruerrilla captain, who, with his j
band, was doing much damage to th
Unionists in that region. The army was
J then ttationed at cr nctr the rillage cf
Fayetteville, and, as our regiment was
with them, we were ordered to report to
Col. there.
After scouring the country around for
some fifty miles without meeting any foe,
we had - almost determined to return,
1 when, just towards the close of the 13.
we accidentally stumbled upon the en
campment of the viilians, situated in a
little vallsy among the hills, and partially
surrounded by a thick grove of oaks.
; The way wo discovered it "was this:
Peter Day happened to be some distance
ahead cf us, while making fcbservations,
and, as h9 was trudging along demursly,
the figures of several horses tied to trees,
suddenly rose, cr seemed to rise, directly
in front of him.
Now, always, no mailer where he is,
Pettr is sure to give vent to a long
whi tie and a ludicrous exclamation,
whenever he is frightened or surprised ;
and, in this case, his faculties were so
astonished, that a shrill whistle, accom
panied, by the inevitable 4,Je-ru-sa-lem !"
told us that he Lad discovered something
. As we started forward to ascertain the
cause, that personage came- tearing thro'
the bushes, yelling ia ternfidd accents,
"Run, boys, run ! fifty thousand guer
rillas are after me ! run, afore they
catch you !" .
Ten fierce, unshaven ruffians, followed
close behind him ; but hardly had they
revealed themselves when tWq rifles
cracked, and two fell never toTise.
"Guess ?veM batter make tracks, Max;
they have too many to fight yet," said
Cox, as the eight came tearing on.
"Go ahead," I answered ; anddhuawe
started ofl.cn a dreary, monotonous run
of ten long miles.
On, en',- over hill and date we sped,
until we reached the long plain hereto
fore mentioned ; here.the guerrillas strove
their utmost to overtake us, well know
ing that in the fast increasing darkness
their prey would ecae and. their strode
hold be known.
The Indians who joined them were
their "-allies, and swifter cf foot thanihey.
We did all we could to reach the, river
and Day and Cox tucceeded in their aim;
but. I was not o fortunate ; catching myj
upon my face, and, ere I could mt was
pounced upon by the two redskins, who,
although I fought manfully for freedom ;
succeeded ia binding me securely. Neith
er Cox nor Djy perceived my mishap un
til they dore headlong into the water,
when the farmer exclaimed hopefully,
"Keep up a good heart, Lieutenant,
and I'll get yer out o' that fix !"
I then submitted patiently, at which the
Indians seemed well pleased ; it was
evident, from their actions, that they un
derstood the words of the scout, for they
kept rne closely guarded.
When th9 guerrillas came up,-their
actions and threats were awful to seo and
"Thkehira to the Red Rock and burn
him !" cried one.
"HaDg him up !" cried another.
"Cut the dd rebels throat!"
.'Drown him ! "
"Slice him up; we're hungry!"
The latter suggestions seemed to be
adopted, for I was hurried along. to a
high, flat rock which overhung the river,
and which is called Carmi-Rata," or
"Red Rook," by the savages.
The top of this immence boulder con
tained about one and a half acres ; a sol
itary hickory tree stood directly in the
centre, and with feelings of horror I be
held bonps, a skull, etc., about its roots ;
and 1 also noted that its trunk was black
ened by fire !
Soni8 time was passed by the guerril
las in delating upon the best means cf
disposing of me." I lay a little distance
from them, towards the edge of the rock,
and by working myself a little way at a
timei I soon ms nag ed to gne over. It
was inky dark, and I could hear the wa
ters swash against the rock below. I
was temyted to fall over and drown ere
I would be burnt at the stake. Then I
rolled back again.
The Indians were for turning acd tor
turing me, and I saw from the appear
ance cf all that such was to be my fate,
should no help come in time ta avert it.
Earnestly did I pray fcr it then; I tho't
of my friends ; would they assist me soon
enough ? I thought of home and the
dear ones there; but I re ensured not; I
was only dying for my country, atd what
better death could I die ?
Finally the Indiana seized me, dragged-
me toward the tree, and bound me
! there. I thought that a signal t-a my
friends wouhl hurry them up a little ; so
elevating my head End opening my mouth
to its fullest capacity, I yelled forth be
fore my enemies could prrvent it,
"Help ! help !"
Here a rough hand was placed upon
my mouth, and a knife "tickled my ribs,"
uhile a rough voice ejaculated,
'Stop noise cr get kZltd ; shut head
or die ; ugh !"
I complied by maintaining a strict si
lence; but I wns satisfied1-; I knaw that
if my friends were within, call, they
" Could not fail to hear,
But ba-ten to my 6uc?or."
. As soon as I was lightly bound to a
tree, a pile cf 'fagots was placed 0 round
me, and several torches lit. Retiring
several paces, the savages amused them
selves by throwing their knives asd tom
ahawks at my unprotected head, each
time coming so close as to cause me to
iart, and to start made me almcs: yell
with pain, the cords cut my flesh so deep.
This W3s funt'or the guerrillas, as they
testified by deriding shouts of laugh-.er,
and nurrerous stinging taunts.
My patience began to give way;, why
did not my friends come to my release2
Had they deserted me in my hour cf
While I was thus ruminatieg, a hand
wa piacea upon ray arm, irum DuM.
t e i i j
tiUU L Li, c- a O Hi itiliuiui r- a. aaua.L
hurridly in my ear. .?
"I will cut your bonds, (suiting the
action to the word) and then you mast
run to the edge cf the reck with a yell,
and jump off. Jump a good, ways, and
Pete will receive you in a c&noe; be very
careful, new!" and he was gene before
I fully comprehend it.
I kept my hands in the, same position
for some time; but at last I thought the
proper moment for action had come, and
with a thundering yell I sprang toward
the edge. The Indians immediately
ran in front of me to intercept my prcg
rsss; but, bestowing a hearty kick cn
i 11 art
other,! leaped far -vut into the darkness.
Down, down, struggling and kicking
we went, uoiil. with a heavy plunge, we
struck tbe river, and down to the very
bctirvn we'sank, each struggling for the
wa.-tery. I had my hands upon the
sav?ge's threat, and there I hung with
all the -tenacity .cf a tiger.
When we arose totetop m? antagonist
was neariy dead, nxA flinging him from
e I locked anxiouslycbout for Pete.
In the struggle we had hardly Isft the
spot where we Lad fallen, and a few
moments I heard hi3 voice calling,
"Martingale ! Martingale ?"
"Here, Pete, here I am." returned I,
cliinbmg into the canoe, which came
JL1 .f - w.wu-r C f Zm. -a- -4
clo?e to me. "How are
you, Oiu iei-.;
Live nnd kicking, Max," was the
reply. vBut who in creation did you
have with you when you jumped?"
"One of the Indians; but he is paid
for trying to stop me."
"Tried to stop you, did"
Further utrance was silenced by the
long, mournful cjy cf a wolf on the op
posite sid of the river, upon which Fete
commenced to paddle in that direction.
"That's Cox," said he's waitiu'- for
So it proved; he.joined us cn the other
shore, and with renewed vigor we com
rnencvd to paddle up the stream.
Meanwhile the guerrillas, just rousing
from tht-ir 6tupor, if such it could be
called, came rushing down the bar k in
time to hear a defiant .shout from their
escaped prey, and the faint dip of their
departing cars.
An hour's hard paddling brought us
within twenty miles of cur army's en
campment, after conceiliog tha canoe in
seme bushes, we commenced our journey
arriving safe and sound at the head
Since then, I have often pondered
over, and fervently thanked the ail-wise
Providence, and the Irave scout wha so
magnanimously assisted me, for that Ear
row escape,
. There is a sory told cf aa imperial
highness waluing thrice on the same
evening with an English lady at iha
Court of Beil'in. The lady, flattered by
his attention frankly expressed her grat
ification atthe ccravliment. "I did net
intend it&s a compliment," was the ans
wer. "hen," Eaid the ' lady, "yor.r
highne must be very fond of dancing."
"I dest dancing," was this unsatisfac
tory response. "What, then, may I ask,
can Uj your' imperial highnes'a motive
for ancing?" "Msdam," was the ex
alt1 personage's curt reply, "I dance
toyperspire.". '
In hh lecture on 'Peculiar People,'
Mr. Gaujrh narrated the follotvlng amus
ing incident, which is more thoroughly
maudlin and meliuw than anything in
Two men, after drinking acd carous
ing ail night at a salo-on, started in the
racirning to go home. It was a beatui
j f, .unily mcrning;. As ti-py staggar-
ed ci-jng, the fallowing conversation,
lx 1. 'Well, less leave (hic)ma:trs
to the first man we meet.'
Ko. 2. 'G.ed.'
- The two tottled aion for a short dis
tance, v.hsn they chanced to meet a man
in exactly the same conditionUviih them
selves. The individual was imrnediate-
ly treated to the following interrogation:
Ko. 1. 'I say, (hie) old fdter ! We
h'ave ot into a litilo 'spute; want ye
(hie) 'elp U3 out. My froa here says
that's sun, pointing upwards to Old Sui,!
' n 1
who wa3 blazing fiercsly down upon
r 3 '
them, and I say it's moon. Now were
noin 'to leave the matter to yon. What
, or (h;c) mo-oa?
Ths person addressed braced himself,
after a considerable difficulty, against a
lamp post, and commenced by scrutin
izing, as well as he could, the burning
orb overhead repeating in a meditative
tone of voice: sun moon sun (hie)
moon.' After a short observation, he
explained: Fact is, gen'lrnen, I am a
stranger in this part (hie) cf the country
and I can't tell whether it's sun or (hie)
moon " '
Thus the matter was unieseided, and
inebriates No?. 1 and 2 reeled away,
baffled, disheartened, by the unsatisfac
tory result of their search into astrono-
a j - a w
A mischievous Yankee ons day stopped
before a shirt manufactory, and teai on
a card, hanging cut?ide: "Handj on Bo'
soms Wanted;" He stepped inside,
asked to see the "boss," which individu
al leiug brought before him, he inno
cently inquired whether they wanted
hands on fcospms. We do sir. "Then
I'm your man: trot out your females, and
1'il tke my pick." "There seems to be
some misunderstanding here," remr.rl.ed
the proprietor. "JS'ct to my thinking,"
replied the Yankee; ''you want hands on
bosems, eh?" "We do-"' "Very good,
you see them hands?', raid Yank, hoid-
ing forth his two. which re more re-
rnarkaUe lor size tnan cleanness, "i
see then, certainly." said the ehirt
msrehant. not comprehending the other's
j meaning' "Good again," said Yank.
"The Lands ors here; now all we want
is the bosoms to put the hands on. So
please jest trot out the feminizes, and
we'll p&jbahly. make a trade." The
merchant explained the meaning cf the
ign, and the Yankee left, amid the mer
riment of soma three or four clerks.
The nreprielcr took in Lis sign soon aft
cr, and when he hung it out again.it
read thus; "Wanted, good shirt-besem
"Wc Scrcr Driaaa."
The anecdote related below is worthy
the attention cf both soldier and civil
ian, for the denial of indulgence to the
appetite is alike a virtue in both cases:
On the stand v.-ere seven cr eight sol
diers from the S'h Me. Regioient civ;!,
well-behaved, intelligent men, a3 was
apparent from their conversation.
While at the same house in Lincoln
there came into the cflice a poor eld blind
ccnn stone blind slowiy feeling his way
with his cane. He approached ths sol
diers and said in gentle tones:
"Boys. I hear ycu belong to the Eighth
Regiment. Ihavea .soaia that regi
ment.". "What is his name ?"
-John ." .
"Oh, yes, we knew Lim well. He
was a Sergeant in our company. We
always liked him."
'Where is he now?"
"He is cow a Lioutenant in' a colored
regiment, nnd a prisoner at Charleston."
For a moment the c!d man ventured
not to reply; but slowly and sadly he
"I feartd as much- I have no: heard
of him fcr a long time."
They did not wait for another word,
but these soldiers took from their wallets
a turn of money amounting lo twenty
r 1 , , 1 v. i- . I ly advanced and sa;J
inebriate Io. 1. 'How bright (h;c) , . . , , .
e v J "Bjvs. this ii a LindsDm? th;r.tr. and
tac- moon iuines! T , . , . ,
- i (n , . v treat for the company.";. . .
i-.o. I- 'That ! it s (hic)mocn. T ..... , . ' . ,
T v ' I waited witti interest for the reply.
! dollars, and ofTered it to the old man,
"If our ;who!e rcmpany wa s here, we
could give)ou a hundred dollars."
The eld man replied.
"Boys, you put it in my wallet for in?,
for I am blind."-
13 jt mark, what followed. Ansth?r
individual ia" the room, wha had looked
on the scene, as I Lad, with fc-elins cf
pride in cur citizen soldiers, iromtdiate-
It came
"No, sir, we thank you kindly; wi ap
preciate your offer but te never drink."
The scene was perfect the first aet
was noble, was generou3, the last was
The following is the advice of aa ex-
! T rCk ,.., 1, .T.IT, n
am.ninz J uure ta a jung lawyer, on
'Sir, it wtuld bel lie to trouble you
farther. You are perfect; and I will dis-
f ... . . i , ' j .
misa v&u with a few wcrcs or advjee.
i . u -m j t "..J v' ,
which you.wjil do we.l to fcuow, aou
will find it laid down as a maximioT civ
ii law never to kiss the maid when you
can kiss the mistress. Carry cut this
principle, sir, and you aro safe. Neve
'bos' to-a goose when she Las the power
to lay gclcien eggs. Let your face be
long, your bills longer. Never put your
hand in your own pecket when anybody's
else is handy. Keep your ccnsciecce
for your own private"! use, and don't
trouble it with other men's matters.
Piaster the Judge and butter the Jury.
Look as wise as tin owl, and be as cra
cular as a town clock. But above all,
get money; honestly if you can, my dear
sir, but gt money. I welcome ycu to
the bar."
Jnppphus Comp, formerly editor cf the
Atlanta Confederacy, but late proprietor
of the Georgia. Times, has arrived at
Na-hville. He was forced to leave the
South ft'or or five weeks since for pub
lishing ararticle looking toward recon
struction. Mr. Comp was Clerk cf the
Georgia House of Representatives, and
hence had a good opportunity of gaining
a knowledge of opinion in that State.
lie informs the editor cf the Nashville
Union that there is a universal despon
dency, at least three-fourths of the peo
ple believing that the sooner ihey return
to the Union the letter. Jeff. Davis is,
however, the -greatest tyrant living, and
there can be no expression cf Union scn
ment or peace until his armies are de
stroyed. The rebel leaders acknowledge
that if McCU.-Ilan is beaten they can have
no hope. Gov. Crown, he aiTlrms, is for
reconstruction, and recalled the Georgia
militia from Hood because ha looked up
on the war as hopeless.
A couple of weeks ago the Govern
ment received a dispatch from the King
c: Bavaria asking for full information
about our financial attain. Recently a
loiter was received snd referred to the
Treasury Department, from Earl Rus
sell, asking in behalf &f the British Gov
ernment, for full details about our Inter
na! Revenue system, the cnpe.city and re
sources of the country, the accumulation
of the c,'5:5nal debt 2nd su?h other Hr
j ticu'ars 83 a pruJent -Bri tih capitalist
would be likely to inquire about before
inviting in our bonds. The indication
is at least not an unfavorable one. The
Government will furnish the fact a3 soon
as possitie
The hat was parsed round in a certain
congregation for the purpose cf taking
up a collection. After it had made the
circuit cf the church, it wa3' handed to
the minister, who, by the way, had ex
changed pulpits with th? regular preach
er, and he found nt a penny in it. He
inverted tho hat ever the pulpit-curhion.
and shook it, that its emptiness might be
knnwn, then raising his eyes toward the
filing, he exclaimed, with great ferver
lI thank God that I have rot back ixiv
hit from this congregation.
Abernethy's prescription lo a wealtoy
patient was: Let your servant bring you
three or four paii3 of water, and put it
into a wash-tub: take off your clothes.and
get into it, and from head to foot rub
yourself well with it, and you'll recover."
"This cdvica of yours seems very much
like telling me to wash myself," said the
patient "Well," said Abernstbv, ":r is
open to that cljc-ction.
A post-cilice clerk 3"i. 1 the following:
"A 'man call d at tee sneral d?l:Ttry
one dy, when I haj-per,; for. the mo-
i t'.j nh:ie in the cf-
I.I Ut I 1V I t .
He wLUilrd
I stopped to
to tbe windfW
ar.-t savairv ly iqutrcvl,
"Whose dog he wus whittling for?"
O.i? cf Uncte St m's. pf:. said he,
quite cjtupos'.-diy.'
t 1 j . 1
to say.
An Irithn.Rn su.-i::,?::d for re-fu-iiPj;
to rty a d. cu.r's liil.nhen he was
A ! ailrJ whv he refused ti pay.. "hat
for --houM I p.iy ?" tald PdJ iy; "hu:e
be u:da't pis a rai atiy-hlg but sonnj
some emci-cs, ai.-d the iicrac::9
could I kvep in ma stomach at all, at all.
Tat was employed at a fura-.ce. Ha
was ordered is taVe tha cx-cm with,
the cxen, and dra w seme iron to a par:
ticular spot an 1 dump it. He brought
the load to the place designated, and aff
er peucu!atlri wildy before hid cxn,
exclaimed :
"Rare upl rare up! ye baste, up acd
throw toe lead overboard."
The Unite J States Cirt jit Court, New
Yoik, has given "a virdict cf Si .GOO to a
person for damages sustained, whild
crossmiT the strett, from a stage. The
j hw U that pedestrians have the first right
to tne crying, ana that drivers o: vc..i
clea ir.u-t consult the safety and ccr.vei.i
gnce of the person crossing the street cn
foot. . A few verdicts cf this kind would
have a good effect.
Ths Detroit tribme announces a
great oil excitement ia Michigan, owing
to the discovery of oil ia the S.igar.aw
Valley. The hear; cf the fever is in ihs
vicinity cf Lakep'jrt, St, Clair county,
where Jandsare being rapidly tught
up and ahafts sunk. Lxpriec-oi explo
rers have boen ever the groua-J, and find
every indication of oil to be feu 1 ia Wes
tern Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
"Steel your heart," eaid a cenddrrat
father to his son, "fcr you are going
now among some fascinating girls."
"I had much rather steal theirs," said
the un;ompromis:ng young man.
A Jerseyman was very sick and was
not expected to recover. His frier.ds
got around his bed, and on of thm s-.yi,
"John do you fel willing to diu?"' Ji..Ln
made an effort tD give Lis views cn th-.i
sulject, and answered -.with Lis te-.3
voice: "1 think I'd rather stay vh?r3
I'm better acqiainted,
A Jew who was condemned tobeh-ng. .
ed was brought to the gallows, and wvi
just on the point of being turuod off whtn
a reprieve arrive d. Whn informed' of
thio, it was expected 1.9 would lrtitanil?
have quittt J the cart but he ttaij to s?e
a frliyw-prict-aer hanged ; and being
askid why he did not go about his busi
ces. ha said; "Ha va:ted to see if he
could bargain with Mr. Keich for ths
ether gentleman's cLiLl-s.
"Judge- Canton, of Illinois, who is a
copperhead of the m.Uir sen, dii hoi
fear to say in a recent speech : "Taa
abolitionists, if thi-y can succeed ia abol
ishing slavery, can control the country.
Our intereit consists ia n aiataininir our
relations with our c!J friend? and politi
cal allies, the s'avehclders, and in pre
serving k'avery."
The Peoria Mail, Springfield R?jr?
ter, Bl-omir.gtoa Democrat, JisoQ
(Wis.) Patriot, and Evans ille (Ind.)
Times, all cepperhead sheetj, hive goue
t::der since the Presidential election.
.' '"The way of the tran'gresscr is hard."
One of the MidJietown,Ct.,c!ergym?3.
at a vecent torchlight display, exhibited
a transparency 07er his door, wi h a quo
tation from Ger.sis 22, 15 "The ar-tL
c: the Lord calif d unto Abraham cut of
Heaven a second time."
Jeff Davis reports h'13 Treasury full,
and asLs no appropriations. Gu Henry
rajs lfce fciJier3 "l-ave not been paid
for fifteen months." And Mr. Tren-
holm, announces that ihe money in hi
exchequer is vorth'-ooly six cents cn ths
Meia Got, rat a country!"
Twenty thousand o'p'hrs v.ere oaerel
and refused far two ceiiaj bucks" h:
ivek in Vera: cat.
Somebody adverti.es ia th Rahrnmi
Dispatch under the h-ad of "Lot"
a pair of shoes, sorrifp.Lat wcra, Ltlcng
ing to a servsnt gtri."

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