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Nebraska advertiser. [volume] (Brownville, Nemaha County, N.T. [Neb.]) 1856-1882, December 22, 1864, Image 4

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To Closes ..BssIbcss,
No. 17 Jlaln Street,
Hiving determined
to Wind -up any Dry
Goods Business this
Fall and Winter, I
will ofTcr to the trade
my immense stock
at greatly Reduced
Huving made largo'
purchases c:a and
v.iil sell my entire
stceli comprLing the
latest Sivlcs ollered
in the Territory to
C::sh buyers at a
great sacrifice.
Intends to dispose .
his superb "Stock
hv ildrch next, con
sequcutly is enabled
to ofilr create r in-
ducemcnts to tho
trade than can be
given by any otlur
House in the West.
'lL!.r:cp r. 'anl'y cn bend an aisortnscnt of
::rir?v-vps:f.ii'3 to Ccmmcn
2j "2?
And all other article tiua!lykcpt in afirst-c'as
Merchant Fhiurinir or Saw 'till.
nrowavilie, March 31st, C4. nS0-8-ly.
thcs. c. usmmMi,
Nain Street Opposite Wsrt-'a TTnr.t,
llffl III i IB!
The anderiirned, hivine feenred for a term cf year
the new ud tpaciuus room unJer
Brj? lesve to annonnce that they are orepareil to if 11
most anything a man may atk tor in their line, sach at
Or the Quest quality.
L- ;-J
Tor Children.
Hictcry of tlis Kebellicn,
At different prices.
"Also: All the recommended School
Looks for the Territory.
'."'..-! r. of .,, 'tcr, Cao end Jfote rpw pelrg very
l.-.r. ? r -.1,- ...-.! ouadity and bought when Golu
v . .-., -..-: !U percent, lower tbanany new
m -! t- : pringup. also nav a ew o
o o x-'j
3 ZTZ 23 Xj Xj 3
..h EL'LLr "II AND SLEDS as you
(-' -My where yon can f rid anything yon
v..!. ti rcAd a guod place to read it in.
TT.lOUi, 1561.
n ..-4:v. - 7 vHri&Mm. PILLS.
l : . ,,--;: . , . .. ' I - Are yon sick, leeble, and
f ' - . '" ; v- v ., I - - - rT Mi?' 2 complaining: Are yon out
A I r- :, v . - . .- -'' . I (lQiifiii'i of order, with yonr system
(v..' 3.;i;.vv'-'-- w. , : . - - I I I n'v nr--C----. 1 oerouged, ayu yonr leeau sis
,'-''. j..., ;v"'-r; --.-t-v-'r-:'::;y- -''--- f ftJt-WrtjjX! g fi:v- tons ere often the prelude
'7-. . -- ' .. I fc v jfl ry to ferious illness. Some fit
' -'-'V-'- i" s- -r , ' w-r- jiL.. -- :"prZ-.ir J f.1!?rS!jii ; 1 of wckres-s is creeping upon
' '-.. .ili2'H4 ""' 1 " t ' V.v-y?.,tf IX.?''",-'J yon.nr.d should be averted
'"y:r::-?s,M tl ' 1 L- ::''h vJi iXVxX lv timely . of ti. rii.t
."i .;..- .r f f r r 'f V--?-' . f aid cftan- out the dfcor-
v -' -VV; . : yyJ F it 1 L'J n'yVi - r'f Ured l.r.nira parity the-
-J, if f.'M i'wV' - J - fir;!:' Si ,: "irv --Sinnve on m .i-lvtrccH-d in
V' Vri:1.; ' .flhli C tefe-Jjaie tI:eafai:ctior,i of the
V'.;' .-i I - OiNM I-. fri- i-ii:i3
The titt.er.tion of tbe Public ni the trsdo invited to oar New Scale 7 Octnve koscwood Finco
J"orto, vhich fr r volume ami purity of tone arc unrivallel by any hitherto oTreJ in this market. They
contain all the ic? dorn itnj rovrincnta, Freotb, (irand acti n, Harp Pedal, Iron Frame, Over-Strung Pas?,
ike. ar.1 f-c"a i'nslrcn.fiit hpin initrle undor the personal ?upTv;.-ion o! Mr. J. U. (jrovesteea, vf ho has
had a j racticivl experience f over 30 year? in thrir manufacture, is fully warranted in every particular.
TIic "Grovcatetn riairo Foric' received SIic liiprri'f,i n'irarfilcrKieiit
rre w?re f x' il i'c l sjiftrwueata fr-.:u the Lct muVora of London, Pari.isrmany, Philadelphia, Balt
Tinore 5id-tcn iinlX:v York; and nl. lattLe Aincican In:titute lor live successive years, tho gold and
i!vcr'n.Cujb frinl oth of whkh caabTS'-ca ut cur w.ire-roota.
Py th irdrrd'ie'i'-n of inp-ovtiu -nti u iko a fill more perfect Piano Forte, ar.d by rcsnufnetarinj
lar'e! v, v. itb 5 sirktly cfita teti, are etal.ied to t-Ctr these instruaicnts at a price which will preclude
nM r.-.ia;.eti i n. .
PiilOLS o. 1, Feven Octave, rcutd corner?. Tl v-ewooJ plane casj 5275.
No. 2. Revert Octavo, r. uuu corner?. Uoscwood heavy nsualdine $10.
Jf-. i Seven Oe'ivre: roved coi Ji r.-, Uoce wood Louis XI V ?yb j:25,a fa? simile of thoahoveent.
rnscn-Tivi: eiiieuLAi
ti r.
T7 1
fill J U 11 Aii li U ii A i ii fl .
The frc8te?t ira.-r'-renient vet in tl.o Sewlca Ma
chii.e Art. A cuL-ci:y v.oitli act::.
Pierce send for circulars wiih saraplc3 of Sewing.
1 . L' I
The j Improved ?Ta-?l.irie ar on- Luna'-sd per
eent. of tbrraJ riLitilk, ftiud ia-iko tlia Lock-S:iUu
-i'..kv .a bjlh . iut.o.
The rer n.re no
exeepl the ' ,riiHoU
y cliscge in sewing from o&a kiul of c-olj t- ;
Au-1 co tddn- arart to e'ean or cil.
A . , A .. ., .
Cu.-N 5!r.r: .ctory i? n- w e..r.l,t. witn at! ,
it? LiaeLinery .'. t. '. entirely n;:v.:- l us-.-i-r- i
ropiuly trr.iii.-rot.t ..!..:::,?;. . i-.r oeau.j-.
peii.-ti.n cf i j.i.-h s;.-e nr turpa;3ca l any j
are in viU.
N. B. Should any Machine prove unsatisfactory,
it can be returned andiuonoy refunded.
Agpnt. wanted in counties sot canvassed j cur
owu .Ageuti.
rixiirc & iiYo.v, s. 21. co.
NO. 533 DEOAbVaY, N. Y.
No. 43-vS ly.
4 V, .
Thesb Bitters are prepared. In rv.re Pi-.iirbon
Wliisy, fioni a combinaiioa of ever twenty 'af
ferent kinJa of roots, Larks arid hcrt?, which
act in perfect concert cus with the otlier, pre
pared from the orihial formula flven by t:.
l-reat chief, lUd Jacket, to Lr. Chajin, wlio
used tlum saccessfally in hw practice Lr mar.y
years, and by th'.ir ui- Ruined so Tvat a popularity
In the treatment and cure of l'ysrpcpsia. Liver
Complaint, Ct'ii3ti;ution, iiiek sr.d vo-ti Head
ache, Fever and Arue, tnduil tti.i urtsai i. iiiir frt ra
torpid liver cr indigestion, rersons sulTei ing from
either of these loattisome diseases will find a sure
cure by the use of theFe Litters, v. l:hh fire perfectly
pure and free from all those dnigr and ixiisons o.u
ai!y put up in ifuch preparations avid palnied off en
an unsuspectiDg pullic. A einh-ti '.:d i:l con
vince the most tk. ptieal that in the KLD jACiitT
there is virtue which no other LUU-rs posiuss.
They Etreagthca zzii invirtto tie rysten.
Ttev aro urclclfor fjcncr&l debility.
Ttey ere a euio euro for ayepepia.
They r;iva a rjool Lcalt-iy tppctita.
Tb;y assist dlozticn. . . '
They are tie bcit Elisiulant in cii:tcno3,
TLey aro a preventive cl Pever ad AX3.
They relieve constipation.
They euro I7crvcii3 neodachs.
Ihcy are perfectly pure oni pttlatahle.
Aped persons and dellente females Trill fird thpy
ran save lart'o doctor's bills ly the ute of ;heu. Lif
ters. Beware of counterfeits. The T.ri Jacket Tit
ters txe enly sold in bottles with our name blown
on the side, and our private goTcrnnitLt itaip
cross the cork. oca
For Medicinal and Table use?, whkh r.rc pr etly
rure, and need only Le tiled to be ti pif. !
hone peuuhae cnlert they h ive our ga'J ju-vi ea
each bottle, and our IniLUls pitsed in wavser
- he cork. ,
Bold l.r si! dmr-lcts ard dealers throe ghout tl - ;
Country. .Call for our floods b,,,j take tiotiiirr.
Circulars to the tiaae supplied oti applicati. u u
" Bennett Piotors ii to.
Bold by Ko. 21 IUver St.. CUa:a.
W. IT. ycc.'.i ,PliV. IUe. OVl.lr,
jurmv k it PiiOLi'r, i'w, t.
GADKCo.. " " "
Erownville, June 2, 1831. no 3.a-ly
Successor to R. Brown & Co.
Tonld respcrtstlly ann-nne to the Citizens of
Broivuviile aad vicinity, tUat he has purchaici the
L?.rse and Well. Selected SocK
23 3r2.'TLr 3p
V3ft lW f
'icf hwp i. - .'-.'. ': '. v3
OF It. EH0KX !i Co.
lie assnres thcrnblicpencrally, that he will keep.on
haul every tLJag usually kcept iii
Fiust Class Drug Store,
and Is determined net to be nnr"ersold for cash.
. tx-8-ly
Taken op by tbe undersigned residing in Glen
Rck precinct, Nemaha ceiucty, Nebraska, one
white heifer with red cars , two years old next spring
Said heifer was Uien up on tbe I5ta day of Novem
ber, IS34.
ll-3t-pd DAVID Y ATKINS.
junc :i'J-n t J-S ly
Cabh IVLe'eale end Retail Dealer In
Paints, .Oils and Dye Stuff,
Fiire Liases for 5iCuSc.il rsposc s
Ail Li lids Patent Medicines
Blank Bcohs snd Stationery,
The b-it Lrjtn'a of Chewing and Smoking
Xril. or 11 olors.
V i Ornery and Toilet Goods.
: ir hi patrons, and the public p-en. rally,
l"'"f 1' ( n1fca,I!i.!,Jn exton.ivs stock of tbe ar
:i..- tu:-:..:-ncd, bi;."ides any tr.jnjr and everything
usu;.,Ty in a first class Di-u Si. ore, v'uioh be
u rrrr,t:vj ta ?cn t low rates for Ca,b. Call and
ei:Uu;uc fr yourself
, .'
..'Outa - GP - ct LomCT .Iam RDtt I IfSt Streets
T f. V7r V3 ' ; TTo'-ar-T-'a
PrcscrlpHoiis and Orders
Carefully filled at all hours.
The rf-aJers of the Continental are aware of tbe
important' position it L-s o??un;eJ, of thn influence
which it. exerts, and cf the hi iiliint array of p-.liii-cal
arid literary talent of the Lighest ordur which
supports it. No publicHtion of the hind Uh-, in
) Ins conntry, ko sucoessiu'ly c moined the eneruy
and I'reedoia of the daily noirsf.aper with the high
er lilenry tone of the lir.t-class tuontldy: and it ii
vory certain that no in taz'i.e jrive-i wider
rang to its contributors: or preserved itself so cotn-
leitly froia the iiMirotr ii.Puentes of party or of
fai-'i' ti. In tirn-M like thr- pre.-er.r, such" a journal
is titt'.-r a p-ower tn tr. jjii't er His if;it?:n;r. mat
tbe Continental is not the ratter TU aiirj.lai!t!y
ev?Jv i:eed by what it ha. u;ro by the KdVetiou of
ii.s c-.urrt.l3 in ir.iny i:3pn tar:t pullio event.-, w i
in Ibe character aj.d port or of thoao v.hoareits
s ti n no !i e t s n p p . r t e r s.
Th ii.pb but iitti'- vsre thitn a ye.it ha elap'e.l
ine the t?or.tincntal wi.s Crt cstahlih.-.d, ii has
l'!rin; t.h.t-t time r.i-ijiired a srrn,ph ccl a siari-fi-ar.-.e
elevnil). it to i; p ..sltion f;r fhove that .fv-vivu-iy
Mcniik-d a stroait'i and a ;..UiS-:;l si;niU-
a.co ck-vatingit to a p:i.-iti :i fnr above that j.re
v;; u-;'y oeciipedby ony p,.ihiisatien'"'i-f the hind in
Atuvn-M. I .r.of f.f assertion we oall at-
friiti :-r to tho f.! lowing f:vtf :
1. Of its pol'eal artijl.s r;-publi-bc-J in pamrlu 't
fi:r:n: a single one has he...l. thus fsr. a ciiculation
of hundred avA sis th-.a.-ar.d ccpiL-s.
2. Ur-'Ei it3 li;er.:ry us-a'tuioiit, a sin-n serial
n-.vel. "Aiis' i. th-j i'ine.," h-.e, within a very few
rr.' nth , soMxsirly thir'y-Svo .thr.'i-ai.J copies
Two Other series of i'5 li:-rr.ry
.-le hive ;;!;o
V.f-'jri'i-fcj.uhli.-led ia bi.o': form, vbils iho ilrj
-.-a :i a tiitrt ts .uready in pres..
nv. conclusive f;'.? -need be RjIo-.IiI to
prove tb- tho csjj'.'.oii-e of the oi:tr: uUoi? to lie
.'outiiio:;tal, or their extrvr-diuMvy p-.puli-ity; ar.d
Ue conductors aw deUru-inct that it shi.ll not full
bu'tir-d. Fre'erv):; ':! 4,ihe boldnos, vi-r and
ability" which a tlinsand j-mrnals hare attrrbnted
to it, it will frrentiy cvil,r,;f iti circle f :ielo-'n, np.i
di.-et:.-, Karlessly a., i f, io1.', cv-.-ry prit:eipl. in
U'il .'e-d i J (uo reat on .s':--,n.j f the day. . 'i'be firil
itilnJ.-of the coU:i'.ry c-inbi uoio the tnrn in isr.
f'tiiihar with iU d.pleia-ry and in. ft distingui.-htd
t'jr bh.hty. aro .ira-.-r itj e-atril.UT.:; a .id it i
iiu more fUttrting j-roiaise f4"a j.r..-;ioetus" to say
i hut this "niaozino tor tho liner' wi'il employ the
tho first intellect in Anurica, under jausp;ci-s whieb
1:0 r al'-'.ation ever enjoyed bef re in this country.
V.h:lo th
o Cominc-ii.:!! w'.U
e.xo:es o-Mia-.-d
vp?ions en. (I e great queit r.-i f il.r dy, it will
not l-o a tuere yw.'litiii.'il j our j ..!: nnt-1) the laror
rT'i-'-ri of its c.'inn'tn will be f nlivt n. .1, a3 horeto-1-r,
ly ta'cs, poo fry and buiuor. I.i a word, the
C--'..t;ner.i"l v.il! bo found, ru ler its new s'.aifof
i.aiurs.oe-jupy;;; aii-iti;a un l pr2senui)
tioua never before loan J in niaaziue.
es for or. j year . $."i.00
. ... f -r-pks f.j,r oneytar, C.00
.-: icj i' r ope year, 1 ,00
;. v -.. top". n f . roue year, 20.0 U
;'r . cvpi-i for t ne year, 30,00
: c, ye Twenty-four cmtj a year, to be paid by
trv.' uv;--;riber.
Three " ,'rs a year, in advance. Postago paid by
tho Publisher.
JOHN I TKOW. 50 Greene St., N. Y.f
Fubliiber for the Proprietor?.
A3 in inducement to new subscribers, tbe l'ub
Iisb"r3 oVrs tho fallowing 'liberal premium
Aoy pi.-r.-jen remitting $3, in advaccc, will receive
th e ina-izine from July, 1SC2, to January, l?di
tbua gccuringjhe whole of IJr". Kiiuliall's and Mr.
Kirke's new serials, which are alone vorth tbe
price of the subscription. Or, if prefered, a sub
scriber can take themagniine for lb63,and a copy
of"Am'rg tho Pines," or of "Undrrcurrcnta cf
Wall Street," by Ii. B. Kimball, bonnd in cloth, or
of "Sunshine la Thought," by Charles !" Godfrey
Inland retail price, $125 The book to 1 sent
poitnge paid.
Any person remitin? -150, will receive tbe mga
zino from its commencement, January, 1852, to
Jatittnry, 13H, tbiis securing llr. Kimball's Wa
Ae euecersfiil 1" and Mr. Kirka's "Among the Pines,"
and "Mcrch.ir.s 8tory," and nearly 3.000 ocrtave
pnges of the hcjt literature ip the world. Premium
ubscribers to pay their own' postage.
On band and to arrive al
Iron and Steel Wareliotiss,
20 and 22 Third Street, '
Fob 24, n26-tf.
ILS, Tubs. Kccs, "Was-bboards, Keelers, Childreu'i
Cabs and Wheelbarrows .
ETL Bnckets, Cbnrns, Sieves, Moose Traps
1 l.odv h:to vinorous cctiviry.
prrify th" u-s.crn frrm.i-'.e obstructions wi.icn niaKo
d;?ea?e. A cold settles somewhere in the tody, and
otHrncts i(s Latural functions. These, it iot re
lieved, react npou tlicuisfclves and the fcurro"id:i.
or-rans, pioUtjein coneial o:avaiion, Hilicn.;?,
Rfsd tiiK-j.-e. While Tu this coudiMcn, oppressed by
the derannsentfi, take Arcr's I ill, and sre how
directly they restore the i.atnrsl nction or the sys
tem, snd with it the bnovant fueling of health again.
Moiis e:id dercncmeiit of ti e natural functions of
the bod .
. uvi niv,u( v" - ' - ,
iv, they are rapidly, and many of them suie:y,
hv the tame means. None who know the
of these Pills, will nesr'.oct to empioy tutta
cured Ly
virtues r,f
wiien fili!i(';-iii fiom tfie tiitiordel S thev Ciire.
btutc-C!ej!t?'from leadirj J hysiciai!? in feme of tie
principal Citica, uiid-tioaT other vVc.l-kiuov.n lubi.o
From a rontarding Merchant cf St. Louis, Feb. 4,
ISC J. " '
Dr. Ateb Yotrr Pills ere the paraxon of cll that
Is preat iu-nicdici:.e. They have cured my little
dr.ushter of ulcerous pons upon her hai:di und ftt-t
that hr.d p:oved ii.cui-al:e for ver.rp. Her mother
Las teen Icrp grie ou!y tf.IIcteii wi;h Llotcl es and
p'niplei on her fkiu a! d in her hair. After our
child was erred, 6he tlo t.kd vcor 1'iiK ni:d they
Uvc euitd her. . AiA .MCKUiUUOE.
Asx Family FJiystc.
From Tir. '72 W. CaTixrl-jl-t, Orleans.
Your li:'s 8retTl2 piii.ee of purges. Their es
eeMpiit iufclitscs FT.rpti.-s tr.y cathartic v.e j-oskcss,
Thev are miiil, but very certain zv.d effectual in their
rctiba on 'the bowels, which makes thtia invaluaLla
to us in the daily trcaimeut cf.disease.
32cucLr,Kicf; Elca-.cr, ITorzl Siomach.
From Fr. Edward Ha'timore.
B:;o. Aycb: 1 cannot answer you irliat
. yon i
. t;c ju.ia vaiue thera rb''y'
riTTSu.nrj, Ta.. ilr.y 1, lf-'S.
Da. J. C. Arzrt. bir: 1 Jiavc hi en lej eateuly
ru;id of tLe worst headache an? body can hai e by a
do.-e or two of o.rr I'i.'is. It seems to tiice fiom a
twu! stomach, which tiiev c'mof-e at once.
Touis with great K-epfot. Kl. W IT.r.nLE.
Clerk cf Steamer Clariun.
. Slircna II.norJcr liirer CstuplahiU.
From Dr. Theodore r.r.H, of XfP York City.
Not only are your 1'ilisiiuiiiiij.My adapted to their
purpose a an cperieLt, tut I bud their Leueliciol
en'ects upon th.e IJver very marked indeed. They
Lave in nsv practice proved more effectual for the
ctne'of Niiouj rvtrplaittti than any one remedy I
can mention. 1 sincerely rejoice tiii.t v.ehave st
ler.prth a purgative which is worthy the coutltlcce cf
the p:oiclJi. sud the jjcopie.
Yt'ashirfctOi!, D. C , 7th I'tb., liJ !. )
Ptti: I 1 ave used your Pills in ray general and
Lr.Hp;tal practice ever since you niseis then, and
cannot Lesitate to say if.ey are the Lest cathartic
wo employ. Their regulating tiction on the liver is
Cuick ai;d decided. coLseoueutly they aie mi ad
uiiehlo rehitJy for ue!acgemcnt3 cf tlsct organ.
Indec-d, I have Kcldom found a cr.se of lilion.i"dis
eisc to cbftirete tl.t it did rot rectiilv ield to
iLim. PrateiLSiiy your?, ALONZO I'-ALL, I. D.,
' " thyticiaticf ihe Marine JJo.'pilal.
Dyarnfery, Diarrhcea, IJelnx, Tcrisjs.
Frovi Dr. J. G. Green, of Chicago.
Ton r Pills have had a long ti iid in uiy pract:!e,
nd J hold them in esteem as one of the Lett aperi
ents J hare ever found. Their alterative citect upon
the liver makes them an excellent remedy, when
piven in Mnall doses ior bilioiLt dysentery aiui diar
rhcea. Their sugar-coating niRkes tliem very ac
Cptsble and convenient lor the uo cf women and
cL;ldicu. . '
Uypcpsiw, irapurlly of tlio Ulood.
From r.cv. 'J. f. Mixes, rjstcr ef Advent Churchf
. fic? ten.
Bit. Aim: I PaTe Hied vor.r Tills with extra
oiii.nry success iu mv fcrcily and among those lam
cftl.'cd to vifit in distress. 1 o regulate the organs of
r.ijetio'i and purity the blood, they are the very
leet remedy I have ever known, and I can conJi
tiently recommend them to my friends.
Yours, J. V. III5IES.
TTahsaw, T7yomicg Co., N. Y., Oct. 21, 13o5.
Psar Sir: I am nsinij yonr Cat hartic l'iils in my
pjfetice, and find them sn ticd'ent purgative to
clause the system find piirift the f-wiifa'.u of the
i.W. JOHN G. JlEALii-UI, 31. 1.
Cen!:pntion, Co:ivcncx, KitppreHhiOii,
ii'arulyiti cec.
From Dr. J. P. Vaughn, Montreal, Canada.
Too much cannot be s-t-id 04 your Tilis l'or the
cure oicia.iivtne.di. If others of our liatori.fty Lave
loui.d tiiein r.s eiMcr.ciot!3 I Lave, they should join
me iu pioolaimingit. lorthcbeT.tiitof the multitudes
who tuuer from thr.t compieint, which, aiihonh
tsd enough in itself, isthe piojreuitor ot others that
are worse. I believe costiveiitss to oririijutc in tho
liver, but your Pills ailcct that orgau und cure th
clic;u'e. .
From Mrs. L. Stuart, rhysiclan cud Midrif:,
I find one or two large do eg cf your Tillr, tnkon
at the pi oner t-me, aie oxceileut piomotives of tho
iiiural sjeretion wnen
piCTiiid, ai:d a'ho very
wh.iy cr p.
fi:a;!v g!p-
eliectual to ch '!.(- tt.e
etoh.aai and expel tronr.s. i..ey are so mucti th.e
lest plfsic we Lave that 1 reconimeud no ether le
ray patients.
Fran tU Ev. Dr. Il.vrle?, cf the Metltadlst Fpli.
rrLAK:T Horse, Savannah, Cz.. J.in. C, 13.
J.ookep Mil: 1 sl.oi'.ld he unr.telul for the
relief our fckiU Las Liunvht i e it' I did i.ot report
l'!y cD -e to j-ou. A coid seiiieil in my limls end
L-rot: rht. cn "f.cruc;..;:ng tauraf.'ic yuJ.J, which
t-v.-Jed in diro.iio rii- uUi UUm. AotWithsiandiiig I
Intd the Leei of phsiekns, ti.e dlt-i?ie grew wo;-ie
Hr.d wor:-e. in 'll by "e advice of your excellent
r:-cnt In r.iiMT.voi?, J-'.'. 31uckei2ie, 1 tried jour
Ph!s. Their f?'eci were f-'ow. but tare. Py per
te voting in tho me ot them, 1 am now tmireiy well.
Senate Cuambeb. Paton r.ou.cre, La., 5 Dec.jlS".
Dit Avtii: I have been tntirelv cured, by your
Pi'is. of Lkrwatic Gout pnh'i.i! rii.-t pethnt Lut
aiilicted me ler years. YIN CUNT bLIDLLLw
C7 Host df the Pills in morket contain ilercury,
trl.ich atth&itgu a c'ua'o'e remedy in skilful hands,
is dsno'tom in a public pill, liom the dreadful cou
sequeiiCeK that fn-fiuen'fiv tollow its incautious use.
These contain lo meiciiry or mitiul substance
Trice, 5 cents per cr 5 TJoxes far $1.
Prepared ty Tr. J. C. ATZ2 L Co., Lowell, llass.
Pntr ity
TT5I. II. i;;t:i-;,,i.'-.Tir. Browuvllle.
(. jk.linoWN A itKO., Peru.
Ir.Il.;TIAVi:s. rhi:.
JU1 L? V.'. 1KM.T A Vl.O.. Palcin.
HOLT A FCOTT. F.itls Cifv.
LEWIS 'c SUEITiriil), St. Stephens.
v8-nS-ly .
Attractive Feature. Tbe 55,003 Prize Novel
Tho Gulf Peiweea Them. Py Mrs. Aune S,
Stephens, Authoress of "fashion and Famine,"
"The K ej-oted Wife," Ac., &c.
In addition t iM attractions; as tho first and
most authentic Illustrated Paper in America, sur
passing all others in th v.ariery, ao?ur icy, an t .In
terest of the numerous illustrations which it oilers.
Fraud Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper .will beinin
No. 435, datod January 30, ISoP, the thriiiiugsnd
absorbing novel, "Tho Gulf Between them," writ
ten by the great novelist, Mrs. Stephens, whose
"Fbion and Famine" had a larger circulation
than any other purely literary porel of our day,
ayd was regarded as so masterly a work of fiction
that it was not only republished in England, but
was translated into almost every language of Eu
ropo. Tbe prize of $5100. efft red with nnusu iber
:ility by the proprietor for tbe best noy drew
f.rth no less than two hundred works. -1 'nycf
them cf great me-it. Among these, Mrs. Stephens'
novel was selected, as evidently surpassing not only
all ethers offered, but almost everything hitherto
published. It is fully equal to "Fashion and
Famine," and will bo as widely re.ii
It will bo of greater interest, from the fact that
tbe scone V laid in our land and our own times;
and in dcliscatiea cf character ar.d absorbing
power it will fiscinate ani charm the reader.
Subscription &:'.59 per year.
Address FRANK. LESLIE, 72 Duana St. N, Y.
Copios of the psptr containing tho ccramence
rr.entani continuation cf Mr?. Stephens' novel,
"The Gulf Between them," can bo hnd of any News
dealer in tho United States or Aritish Province?.
O ALT by the brrel or pound, Fine Dairy Salt, for
3 Sale .
At McLArcnLis 5c Swan's.
"TTJICKELi' by the doien or barrel, uf a superior qual
- ity, crustantly on hand
At 3IcL$rGnr.ix A StVAjr,?.
FIGS, Chrolate,31aple snpar, asserted Jellies Can
Peaclics. Pepper sdi;ce iiushrooai Citsup, Vorce-
tershire nauee, tc, , ... . .
At McLAronux A Swan s
BROOMS, Blr.ciii! brushes, Scrubbing brcshes
Whisk brcoms, Blackiug, Matches, Ink, Writia
Faper, Au:., &.O., '''
McLaughlin Swans.
FLOCH, Butter, Ef?". Bacon, etc.. stc.
At MdLauehlin & Swun's-
w uat is tr;e end eo apparent in mis inviui
TTnn eomii!;.iiif 5q c'; true in nianv of the
seated ar.d dangerous disiempers. The fame purga
Hva Kf:;.t .vnr.'. Lam c.-)ti-rd hv p..ilar ohstruc
cct'jplt.Tts 1 hr.ve cured r.iih your l i;:s Letter tnaji
to Cf,' c-'l thai 'r-ia'tr (rent villi a pitriidiive r.iedi
c.i' I t.ce gtcat vf'CtmieiiCe on thr.t c-ilectusj
craiitrtic'in tnvdatty coldest villi Uiftare, pnd U'
lievi; .t. J :0. that
Lave, I
Mauutoturets' Agents lor the sale of -
Watches, Chains, cc, &.c.t
WOUTIH $500,0000! .
To.be sold for one Dolla Each, without regard to vaue
Of Articles all to be sold for one Dollar Each.
103 Gold Hunling Cased Watches, - $100 each
100 " Watches. - . - - 60 each
2t0 Ladies' Watches. - 35 each
&i0 Silver " - - - 15 each
600 Gold Guard, Test and Cbatelain
CbP.ius, - $1$ fo 20 each
4000 Vest, Xeck, Guard andCbatelain
Chain.-. - - - - - to 15 each
3000 Cameo Brooches - 4 to 6 CacU
3')Ut) Mosaic and Jet Brooches. 4 to i e-ch
3v03 Lsv? ant Fiorennnc. Brooebes" - 4 to 6 cich
3r CO Corel, iJjirnet & Kioerald Brooches, 4 to 6 e.teh
30o0 Cameo JK;r Drops. - - - 4 to 6 each
3 00 Garnet M-saic and Jet Ear Drops, 4 to 6 eaeh
40-1 Lava amlFloreiitiueUar Drops - 4 to 6 e.ch
60 Ovis' Scarf'Pnis, - -- - 2 to 8 each
6000 Chain aal Baud Eracelets, - 3 to 10 each
?6tjO Gents' B.Tiits Pins, - - 2 to 8 eacU
30(;0 Watch Keys, . - - - - 2 to 6eah
rOKO Foo una Ribbon Slides, 2 to 6 each
7000 Sets of B 'soru Studs, - - - 2 t j 6 rrtrh
P0 0 Sleeve Buttons, - 2 to 6 each
S'JOO Plain ar.d Chscd Eings, - - 2 to 6 each
70PD Stone Set K;n?ts. - - 2 to 6 eatb
7C00 Miniature Lo.hets, Crosses, &c. - 2 to 10 each
12U00 Sets Lao'ies Jewelry, - - 3 tj 15 each
All of the iroods in the above List -a-Ll be sold, witb
onx Tcsevati.,nf for One-Dollar each, Certificates of
all the various articles are placed iu similar envelopes
aud healed. These envelopes will be sent by mail, or
delivered at onr efUce, without regard to clioiee. On
receiving a Certificate you ril! see what article it rep
resents, and it is optional with jou to send one d oiiar
aud receive tbe article or nut.
Ia ail tr?usactiocs by mail v.-e shall charge for f.ir
forwaroin.it the Cert ideates, pay:u postage, and d.in?
the bues, 2- cents cneU. Five Ccr'.iiK-r.tf 1 win bs
sen- u-r $1; Kiev-en fur $2 Thirty fr $-5; fUiy-flve
ior 10 ni l : ; e htiii ire ! t-r $13.
Cw!llifcPl..N l'Li niiy re'y a qn'cic ami
protui't u:.wer to li'.n.r. -rif t . O-ir tu-iuei-, is c ij
Uuct?d upon liberal. l- ..:;e- t, str uh'fofr.-.ivii p. in'-ir1,
and we pu.iraut'-e s.itisisc.t kin all cases. Cur p.t-rc-ns
may always dei-cti'l ui-ia havn-jr iheir orders r.ath
fully kuI pi:tie-ii:ai!y supplied. In uo case win corres-poii.ie-ti
bo noie'-t jJ.
Ci rreviCude.its 'ioi:M be cjrf?o" to write their
sivri isurts i,iin, :i -t e their' Po.-t ;ft'.-e, Cv:i.y, aud
biatO. Audi tig, rKt. DEV. Fit 1 1' a CO.,
S3.Bi-uadwdj Iew York.
E5" IT.ivjT;T b-d b:s!- c-s TP's:; r:3 with ths chore
pei'iieit.cn, I t!:s pit.'.vuie in .aj ins Ihtt the. -'are
hetioraMe. uj'fiJ.t men, 3s;d rir.-rr.i all thty promi sin
and tl:e Jew e iry I have seta Xr.. 1:1 tbet e is ei-uiie,and
gives tatisiaetion. 11. O TUOiJPSOX,
n4"-tf Murery Nh.
" K s-
An Independent Bornocra-tic Dai
ly, semi-Weekly and Vcekly
Tiio Wor'J, b which the Not York Wee'dy Jr-u
bns b"en united, hii to-lsy fio tluie the abro
gate cir'iiation of :-.cy D. r.i er.: r cn.-ervat:ve
i)rwt n.-.,-r. It a.Jr-.-."3 Wiv-kly alone m--re than.
lOO.lVd itubscrib.'-rs PU.1 eoataul purchasers, and
reri.chesutle.iit Laif i:!illi"ri n-n J ;rs. V'ith the
steady ircr"as in cij ;".iti..i ffhivlt it row enj-iy-,
tl-".'? n iaib'T? will e--zi le WA'l. N. t.iing iess
trii thisfcliouli sti-f- rh'.se s believe flat the
5 e i ini'.-r.i.t . .fiu nr. 1 I u c m'l: ll-.Ti I V
cf li t
(.'eii-stitatb a cu-r a to-v .JUtm-tej ctid di-
vii i e? ar.'r.v, lies ;n 'vtesting p.v-er from the
lnwli f th'- fi.-.:;-;-:.?in haa Lch-ed to provoke,
invito, ani proi tie war: o.id that t- ac-cmi-iiih
thi3 end, 0- civan. U i-i c-tTcotiva ts th. diiluicn.
ttiroUli able
n'iv--,-.-pers, cf sound
iv,l j tie
-w!.;.:ge among lae w..r:! g men, the
in, tr. t tuo vi.tir.g'eu ci the North.
j-Jntt t i-! iso, ir. In;ry and money will ha JibeTly
expended to'uiik-3 TLe Vorld the Best 2i'c7ri;ir,ee
ia Amoriuh.- Its news. from every part of tf.e w.rii
wiil be early and uthenti5. Yr'berver tbetvlcgraph
cxtcds, or railroads run, or steamboats ply, it will
gather the latest intelligence. It has a lare staff
of accomplished correspondents with all the fedsral
armis. who will telgraj.h and write to us the latest
rc-ws fr-m the various seat3 of war. It has corres
pondent? bid reporters in every p.ljtical and com
:u?rcin'i ces:tre ia AMorica rA Kurop?, whose leti;s
and dixjintchej wiii -kave nothing v.crthy of net
ui,:.euv? to its readers.
TLe Market R-pcrts cf ihe V-'orM are ir.-e cirn-
pier.e thttu those of any other newspaper. The
Editors inviia tvttpariaun in this respect and p.iat
to the repo rts of tb flattie Market?, the seneril
r.nd country Fred ueo ?Ja.-ket3, ;md the Money Mar
ktjti in its columns, s proof of its ezjolienjo in this
r-pett. Tiie world bus also a speoial d.;p?.rt.iif ut
icvotcd to Agricu'lure, oiled with eelitoriai errie'-s
cimmntiications from practical farmers und mech.m
ies of the eour.try.
'ihe war in wlicli the nntion is engjed ngriint
armed ii.J infotu.'.tcel Kc bel., -ir i the rsdk-ai j uiey
of the adrn'oi ti!i .i which p:-.!'--.r,-' ir.h trg c-';-j
sif!-.ii to trirg together nt.on.oi.o -?af(-rtn all con
servative, c ii' on iovir.fi and Cot.stitution-lr vi.-.g
uier, whatever f.-ri.i.-r na.ne and ci te 1. Maay of
thoso v. ho virhiu the limits of tho Constitution,
f.-.nht the bf.tilvs of tlis ballot box ntd-.-r the
Icaaenlilp of those j.atti otio statosm-n f Other and
t elt-: days. lier.ry Clay an I L'r.5oI W-.L-icr, to
gerh'r wi'li the m ses who-'? pr;r,?'.j !.) :e th..-.o
i.l'.-rvb pi.trh.'s fis Andrew .Li-.-kior. rr.. Vi!il-ai L
-.:'r:;r. i;u?s , ig;-t aiKi oic, t:-n U'..iis.?.s. now
sta-jc :h;i-.U.T t. -h. uld .'r npen th-; s-vnc ph.it cm
i-a '.ln ,..i.-. I: is to r-vtora ;hs J:A-.r.f nr.iriV.in
i he CeMistiUit'e-n, and cnf..r;:.' the b:wi. Yi'Ii.vv,.T
makes f -r this t-i;r' , th ex r-ise of fe.rcn f the
pel; -y of c-.r.i iiiri. :i. Th" W orld Mid a ! voetito,
It i
1 1
t v.-iy t : :-;- t.
ih ;
areied In n bcl'.iox. at lire ?.. '1. or iiisi.Ii; u :
irt:; th! se'ediicf uiUwioU aud c-sicntiul diti .vaily at
j t
the N'.-rtb.
It will i -p pose every v! hili.-n f the Cvnt:t-.(ion
whi- h is the t-iily hope a:-d o-.ut-l -f I-) ion, au.l our
'i.!y au.I.'-ri y j'.-r cxh-.rt.i.g or eoiup-hing tho a.Io-gilcer-t
It will (" every infrnction of the Jj-x. iu high
phi.u it or in io,l revk'oss uA tui.-jo; l-.d T '
n ns. t r hj' iho a iUiiId.riitiou wuul: h.w be .a tUcir
It will fi-ar!-ssly rxorvts? the Free cf the
Pre-s : it 'oui'a-nfIy cph-.id ritil det'etid Freo
dom cf 'pee. h and Fioi-d-.'ui of tho IJalKt.
To tho lawbis-' nets of the Idmintrntlon, it--
or!,;tr..rp nr.l iioiii-t srrests iir.l e ' :.tr!'i;:i-:u:
d jui-il t,f tho right to tho writ o! hacc-w c r:
; us, its
t;!....t .,--1 t-;, .r.. i.L-' --i'.iv.'i oi h.art an-i
fjd'Val lw3,it-s despotic uc.-.iti;'.l:tio- of ungraut
ed iiowtr, and its subversions of the sai'-'gunrdj ot
civil i.d pertorud liberty, it will tvn.-faurly i -c
the Mter and the r hit of our .-u. i ::;J 1 iw ai d th j
dvix:-ry f sout-1 doctrine, ur.tii Aiticri.'ii fre-,0.-n
sl"U be ro-.- I to the r-va:y of t"i.-ir right.-,
ih.-lr 111.,-ri !. ti"- r laws, a.. I their limited and
well b:;! a rr.-
-d j':ve:-ra-.'i;t, f y lu reciituss ueviion
of He billot.
Pre;;", -j'-eliy 5:r.:--r-i-:-d w-;h t.-e .i
buto all ti.;t- it ii'-v t" tho v.at v .t
itiou. r.irc.'i ;, to r -rcra our i.-i.'f:
to j la e th lJ;.i!d ta'..!s .ig'io fo
D'tioi.i of thi; t-fri-b, nd n. st i'l t
i"r- to rontri
cf this gener
i.l u'il'y, ;.r.i
; ;t ain": the
' p ac-, (.!;-
l erit v. and 1
.ns ur
.c. 'c-.
it.-e .it-r.ii
seeks from tl;o.-:- v.-u
and stu T--r!,Siil. a';--
tU.-;re s;..n c.sng tw:r.a
,t ?.il, tho f:v'or i.f iilui who
crowns b.ery gnei "ft-
DAILY vr)l:H
Yearly SabWri'w.- Ly m-iil
t- t:,.!l-V. Iliil.Y VOKLD.
Single subscribers. p-"-r anuam
To Coptic tootle ii.t..ress
7 ou
J hree " 4i
Ten ' "
Single Fubscribcrs, per annum
Three coj ies addrti-s on eah paper
Five " ' f.
Ten u
Twenty copies all to one address!
Z2 no
5 CO
8 PO
15 00
25 00
Clubs ot tw.cty or over can have address put on
each paper for an additional charge of ten cent
ea-di. " '
For every club of twenty an extra copy will be
added for the getter up of the club.
For every club of Sfty, ihe Semi-iTeeh'y, and for
every club of one hundred, the Dai'ty will be sent,
when requested, in lieu of tbe extt c .p'-r of Weshiy
Additions to Clubs may bo imioa at sny time at
saua rates. Paper cannot be .charged from one
Club to anolher, I ut cu request of the person order
ing the Club, and on receipt cf ffty" cents extra.
MDg'.e papers will bo taksn frcai the Club and sent
to a seperate adaross.
All orders mast bo aecorapnnipd by the Cash.
Address. THE V0HLT.
"" 35 Park Kow, 2dv York.
To Consamptircs.
Concrtp'ptivesnh'crcrs wiil rtceive a valuable pre
scription for the cure of Consumption, Asthma,
I'rcnchitij, and ail thrust and L in afToctious.
fre3 cf chr.rjre.) by sending their address to
Kings Co.
New TorV .
rNElA Rubber and n rn. Dressing, Pocket an-1 flas
- Comb-;, Wao-Jen PocRet combs, Tobacco Fouctea
Wallets, Fish Iloots an l lines,
nVtllCtXfi RTirl l"hiwiricr Ti.harra. PiTir n.naa Tir
- 1 , - - -t -. v ' . lD
stems and Tobacco Poucbes. in c-ejt Virietv.
At AicJhaugiiiia & Swan's.
TTACKERAL. Lake Trout, White n.-h, Codah, etc.,
AfA etc.. constantly on bind
At M cLat; phlin & Swan's,
rpnB best Flour from theL. S. V. G. ilil's ia quarter
au half and wboiesarEs kept I
- The most comprehensive mieeelUny of useful
knowledge und General Litcntture, periodically is
sued iu tbe United SUtes; embracing all the fea
tures 01 a Polytechnic Journal, iicooomic Lxpositor
Literary llepoatory and Monthly Ucgijter. Espe
cially elevolci to Finiia-. i.l. Commercial and ludus
trial Interests and ail joint stock corporation con-
ilavicg commenced the Fifth YcTued cf thie
Xlaj-azinii. whose aU0ca3 cvinc;3 th.-.t tb3 cue-rts of
it3 cocductori buve beta appreciated by a discr:ml
niticg pa'r'lic, we would call attention to itichar
aeter on the part or tho l.ire body of rcudcrs w'50
aro not vet upon its fcubsorition Jits. Our par
pus 0 ia'thii publication is te "dissemination of
practical infoiinatin on subject of poiittve utility
to the pj5oi.Iv.-,coaibir:e.i with a diversity of literary
attraetiou securing the eevvices of tho Ids: j ous il
the vurious departmo:i:s of Science, Iiclies-Lcti.r;s
and General Literature. While aiming m si es
'.eoialiy to rtadcr moot' cH-.ctive sorva to tie
Trt.da, Commcre-e asi 2!aterial Produatioa of tau
Country, many sides of the Country, many sides cf
the mentt.1 world reiei?e due consideration the
liiiio.-ical, Critical, Jisthetical and luiajinative, as
well as the Financial, St tiutmal, rltohj.olcgicai
and st.-i;tly ilercantile. Vve employ alt lie the ra
ceaeh of tnetavant nd tho fancy of the feuiletoa
iat, with the practical experience cf the business
man and the worker. In the treatment cf scijptiSe
topic-, tac mod--; sekctcd is the j.pular in s."I
rattier than tho ttchtiiojl. loo menial pLr.-o oil
the lioui It 00 our c-n.le-.ivor to pu tray, ;:ni w
uva.il orseives ot the con-options ot do.i Di-cov-ery
to tiio Cireio cf Klc U'de, und sja.i r.voi
with all -practicable sjeJ-ciu-JM Current let clli
ence, wln.-h will 00 of fulurj nt.u:ty &iid iibto?.;c
fntereit when tho Preseut shaii Lav6 become the
Pasi,. In hue, thy Aui i-ietn L'schar-go ata Kcviv;
is a desirable ii! 1 ovt r wtico i.e ta. :.n ly vi.-iu-r to
its sitbserte-orj i'-ipartl:: th n.-Ui.c l knowktlt.
imj r-" i;. the tjto, utid fui.isui:;g ii.Collectuai
Er't'u ati.-n."
w Tho iv.vi-.T has it.-i -prciulittia ia diict 9..J ja-
ero.--i:'g lcr.artiCSui, with tiG -.u-rni I'i-.'i.v.-a
the wi-.l'.st c-.;: -i;t9uc sc-.po cf themsj. e gi3
spv.v!ti -:!ilion of topics w
h are to a.-jcctj cii
of o.visionai -r regular pubiicafion, viz:
'the Arts, s;h':!cs: Arv.i.tur?. pt.-li3 Chera
is'rv, Ar.-r.at
L.tfrs, Uir.g - aphv.C. -
isi i. Ii t.n-mis P.iitl
Taxr.t'.i.: F;r::ir.co l.ar.hi::
Acco,:nt.. V.x ha'-g, F'ue
Sl.K-k?: IPsfe.ty, Io.lns;ri-I
r-5:,.-y, C.--rp-'Vsti..c
-r,4 ta
I rises, inri - p '-c.u: t
! T,
lot i'r-'s
Canals, Tdtgrr.rhs; ll-t
nolvgy: i! n hiu.i 's, Mi;;i:
Mc-tr?iluriy-P.ttriit.s l'bj
ii.cr;l' y, G-:obvy,
soi in se;o?: tt':.:-; tore'j::i a
,1 d-
1.0 shipr
mercantile la , ..av: - -ti
T -gr. pr.y, Travoif.
One -u py, one year, it advance 3 01
Five 'copies " " " 12 f;
Ten " " " 2.) of:
Vrhen pnM at the end of the year, i CO p-ir an
num. fii-gi-.' fn;.y. Sainple copy mailed on the re
ceipt of io cents.
Sloglo Copy per annnui poitige paid,
Cinnd. - " . S3 T;
tr-it Britain ana I.ehtnJ, .6 vj
Fr ir.e'o, 3 72
GermucV, 2 72
West Indies, rilri:??:- 3
Wett Irnlies.lXot HrUish. ' fi
bcuth Aeit:c 1 e-'t th r-tl G
i'O'WMii: A M:0N, Fr-.rrtoTi.
Ne. 521 Chestt.at iliih-ieiphis, Fa
FOR 1S61
The publi?hcra of the SIE.TIFIC aMCRICaN
respectively give notice that the Tenth Yoluine
(Ni .v Serirr will c;n:tE':n?o on the 'first of Januiry
next. Ti.:s journal was ccMtlLbe-J in I li 15. sud'is
uncloubt-.idiy the n'-st widely circsiatcu aud inSuea-ti.-il
pulii'.-ari.-n cf th- ki.' l ia T tee wr-rl.l. In e-r ni
mencing the now v.!uta ti. publish . rs iisij to
call ept'ji.ii st'e'ition to il chirms as
In thire;pejt it stsals u:irivalh:d. Ij uoi only
firjds its. way to ' almost evt-ry wotVshop in tha
ct'Uiifrv, as tbe earnest ffie-;d of the mfccn;nic ar.d
artiz -n, but it is found in .'he ee uf:H"g-rootu r.f tee
n!!iriuf.i..-t'jrer ar;d the mcr. t,
also in to
aud tho hos'-h-.i-i. The pubiidicfs f:e! Wi-rrnted
in faying that no ofntr jotir. ?i rw p..o!i-..e i c-.u-t:ii;.s
an CjUl nvv.cut of nst-ful irifi-rm-iii.-ri: nhrie
it is their n:m to iriseut all au'-j.'-tts in tb n;-t
poi.nlar and t!faetive rr.nn--:r.
The Weutia-? American is r-nVtishc-l occo n week,
in conveiiicnt fot:.i for bindtr.j;, atd "-h rumber
cntaiis sixleca igys of uae-ful reaeiijg matter,
iiiu-tr.ited with
Ki'Mritor srrr'riio E.vrtrtAvixcs .
of r.'.l tho litt-rst ?i 1 br.-i iriventir-n.- i the day.
I fc.itur." o: ihe j ,urn.U U worthy f s: :-:-hi! tiofe.
Liv.-ry r.f.uib'jr v. . l,l:t- ' v.i v.: ?. I en '-r: -Ir.cl eu
gir.v 1: - c f hiii.hv-l invnr ;.::.- r-.-bring t ev?ry
ii -j i.r. i i 'iM tsi th? nr'.s. Yhee en v;-aroerv-eii
.e-d l y artist" fptcially c-u-r-loy-fj cti th' I-ip--r,
sr. 1 st'c uBtv.Tr.-;i:y r-'-hnvv,?;-.?-. .1 t la ij; eri.r tj
auvthi'';? f th-i kind prc-dti-.-cd in this eouutry.
Ti t 'li-.li-heri of th trir f-tif j Ar-ieri'.mi irr.n?i?..i
t ) prc.-e-e', as du-ii-g pr--ci-.uttg yeius
in; .-i.v:-nv! -s ia 'fu:u I.r.gif---rin2
all the hit
O; J:i:ii.-:e !:v !;t..ry tu ,
1 vol;, .: t J .i.. . 1.1 ' r.
t ;te.rm. .-i.x.j::-
'Pump and ..':h-r Jt.-.i.-.-i-itie A,-p-.r4tus, Ib-u-- h. I
Ui-.-t.fll. I.h '-.ri '. C.j. mLj! und Xiwh.inij.-il I i -tr j
m i s, e
- liTucs, ct.i ota"r i..:ri'iU i.iv.-a
to m-
- b-.
to-- v.-'-rt 'J artrc:e c--.g.iei to
f Di -T. .iti j, not ly in ih s';. p
rtti t re h(co. but ii
dastrie-r ol i i'o aie p.t;
e-ry phice where toe L.-
l-'i- .!i if-' '.!-'
hp - U-.-:i 1 h- t
c-:'.--".;. thi ci-!-'oiae Arr.r;'jn
tto cf tho -ri.its of
Am i'.- i.i I.:.e-t r.-, a:.f. the.
Iu this iin!. rt r'it p.irt rent, so vitvly e nnect
ted wi;h all ihe rva- t.itTt t thee. un'rv, ro
other j r:rto-r '.: -iy any ce'Ui imtever: sn i's
e-cl'tu-.. tut rt- i ,tsli. nod a v;-k'y O.hj.i d I.i t of
Chs -Clf.'fo-;" cf j,.;! j-r. tents granted ut, tho L. S.
Patent Uhi c
. aitr. rn.cncAL Ercirr..;?
tilono arc oit t'l-r-'s w.r.h lu-.ra to th e sul-serihef
than the um -uat of a whole y var's suVerip! ion.
EtilMd Ok" ?trH5riPTI0:t.
Two vr.iun-.es of tb- S
vi-olido American nrnpuo-
i-noti i-t.-.i icr, ' v,.u e:u-h, -r . .cf t
with i-.-i resp- r. ling 1 -, w i- .-res t C l'.l.sr t
t-.i f.-ur miv.t hs' cabs'-rlpTioti. Tlri k :
otiii yc.ir, v at -I b .;;.. 1 in a '!:uir,
Work' of ragDscf u -ef tl i.-.f-.r-.a it :
i-. r :tnr. ra
1 will p-.y
r:l'cr.i tor
r.stit-ro ft
n, v.-hb-h
every mi!! o'lght to p..----. a r -w "voluina
coaiuiciics oa the firsi of Jjiiu.iry, lti
n.ua KAiia.
Tivfl ccr'-'s. f r ?ix m.-nths
Ten r-c-pic-. f. r six months 1?
T-n ei.jie fe-r twelve m.mtb. 22
Fifteen copies, f..r tw i'!'? 11 1
Twenty copies, l- i' t-.vv m- r;t's 4
For is.ll flu'.t" -f t v enr-y rs-1 ver. the y .iriy sub-s,-ri,
1 i- R is y;;'y $2 'hi. Noi.l-.s cuu l-r -i..t i i at
di2i'tai..tiai and i -- tu riiuc-rett i;-t V.l,i '.
poeimei ropio.- wiil bj seat gratis to any part of
the eooniry.
Co.i'ic:i -iibcerlhers will l k-arf t-rfim!t 25 ceets
citia oa &ch year'd subsiii Ip.njo ;-;:. pU. e.
- ii L'N n' a . o .. puh;:'..r-f s, . w
No. v7 i'rtik lh-w, Nct ork.
The' Greatest TJuabcr for the
U n.aVes a rerfect ife itie fence in four yr3r I
fl5" One Ane f it st t'lii fall, ia aveyears will
make enonfib Wood for one Fatuity!
5r It gro'.ve straiibt, auu vc.y td". ! I
23" It never snrcnts from ttie n- i ; tst whn cnt
down, will grw a?ain fr-iai tbe stump, verv rankllv !
Tl f It is the teot soli wood for luel, er any ether
ptir.se !
S3" When kept off the sround, the rails will last 20
years !
J3 It Krows e-itnilv well with lis on upland, where
this rieb. es m the bottoms !
53 Ontticc3 e''bt iiiebes long stuck iatlie ground in
t'e Kail, never fail to sro-sv !
53" We sell it for $5- per thousand Cuttinfg, ue'.iv
ere l at any of our Agencies.
ST?" Parties wii'uLf to buy, shonld orJer early of our
Agents, so that th-jy iaay notify us in time.
E-undlei and delivered at tte above places, a3
soon as tuo ieares fall.
T. It. FISIIER, rowvllle, 'tfAgent for Nemaha
and east, half of Richardson Counties.
GCttTIS & PS AVE It, Pawnee City, aro Agents for
Pawnee and w est half of Kichar!on Couiitief.
RKV AIR. TI.N'SIIAM, Beatrice, is Aent for Ga?e
and Jones Counties.
J. II. BUTLER, Austin, Agent for Clay and Saline
Ecvrarc cf Willed? Peddlers.
We learn that many swamps of comro"' illow have
been cleaned up. und tbe Cnttiiirs sold iBf y Willow.
We get our Willow vt SAMUEL El VA tD3, ol La
llcii.'e, Illinois, a rfspinsible urseryu.a.
COAL OIL, best quality claiifled Carbon oil. Latr I
chimneys and wicks ' !
of THE.
Fcr the Tear 13:
eratcJ, and Slavery oi,:;ter'fdf."l '
ever.n 01 'ot wiii be anj.-n the rn -- '
the Ii:.s-..ry of tbe Co.-ntrv a-1 ""." 'r.
clua-i the return cf Pise?, r,i p.
America nj on a new crrer .f Cn '''
ne and prosperity, With Li'o,,r
the repr.ath of ger'dosi, the iv,t; '' v"
on a higher p!;-vtfr.rax tl ir.telli n:t : ' "
feel a still rrofouc.L'r iatep-sfi;, , :',
th progress of their ow 1 an I other l"
world is entering upon a net enr? 0 ' '
to trrtninate in the triumph of pj. , ' t"i-
acquire a new a:;u tremeoius
ia'i2-ni.ely ur p-r.lu..t!Te p-wer.
1 ;ie sr,:rirg -;vc'S" ct u tr...
IV ue-pjctel 1.1 1:16 C I .
wear a rts-.-lvj-t t i-:
'' Oi ii,n p:.j(
tractive faan cvr tiiit'iful
T : ) i tv.
iu,,-,..ti . y -ti-; ci 'p.w
no h
r ha Tiu-h-T:..
'.:l- ' o r. ?
id'-S and
l;r .
;i. t to ! mo'j:,
4 (.!':i.-;il cr rail
u-;r c.iu ).
Ia ad "tin to our Yv'ar I't,
in our V"ceUl p-;p-;? the "7e -,
ar.d .) trr tbir-.-t r-f t'-e y :
! of the iVo;.'sdlr.g 0." L-.-'.t
ar.d I.Iim.!'.
f jr
- er
y,- win
the I:i--ra?:t Ne ws, Local u
I'i -
of tk-j l-ii:y.
.'.1 T:-v CX'
Yi'o have imr.r.r.
C '7 T3
Fr.;ru W-hirTV;:, fr.;-n tl. - Lcw-.r I. ' .
frtietl e ii-?.uri and l'Mu',i Ca;v.i.'
will b 1 '..-'-'-h-.-vl in n 1 i ) ir ,
K.J -
A tl -' A 1
.r i i
V'e r
u'.;:.l o-t .;i':.y ot
ueit all Po.:tzi.iiitr
Pr-.iveetU3 t'-i dicti-it-utioE,?. tV;
tend as miry r.i:n'S sj p iaCfr-'
tbefr pjpers s ut io one a-i-i.-eis-t-i ;
th I'; it'tra??-. r rr ti e - r up ci th C:.-..
It is not rvptird t ; .!, s i ths ; i..r.j .f '
sh;:'l h er)t to ..ne ':!:). ;h.-'L.:x-.-fi.
$ 72 ; st,t to li'iTicrtui CiUcs, aal a-.bi.l- ii d;h-
t .my tira
Tho tVih;wir!? are oc r&t -s f. r th? j .t il".
72 '
vl ?ub-orih'irs d-v) yrur -
ee to --v. v.-r il --ilofi
Mall Suh.viiher. ose jv.i -
Sihgle Copirs cno jeer - ----- t
Thro Cr-piei - - - - - .
Five pies - - - - - - -- ---
Tea Copies - -- -- -- -- --
Any larger Club than ton will b cbar-i a
rsts cf cne dollar and a half per cy.
The-nhove rates for all Mail t-h;ir;'. "
payubls in advarue.
Orders r. : ': mpaaiel with th t
c?ive no ter.ti'C.
ATiuprs cf either olirlon, wiii hi Z. "-
at the ttui -f the firm paid ' r.
41 ar. l 13 L"!.a-t strs
get ip ion dn;s nrs-
NEW AVf) SPLE.VDre rprvir':.-
xii r ee." r axd niEAPiiT i .1 ;r.f--
ThN t'-uh-.r M dr e-..a?i:s i: ;
n. -t)ry t'.-a c y - ' uir.'tie i
tt t-.ii'. L. cn r.rsriv leJ ri -'-1
12 t- b - : ;-;t.'-err.
r.ii i v-i. 7- .-.I e,
all this t.-r i': l'- - r' '
tl.i.i n-.j i..s5rc. ot itf c- i,i ,'..
to taka '-Peterii n." la Uv." g '.-'-t
pr)...i. ;t I ttitf H 7 ' :" J 1 '
I?.- T-r:'1. s, titlier t-J s:t!-:i- ;
.', If i
7 -'3 '
ii't.il i
tl. Ti: r-.
Th - t.-rif-s in "Ihfsr
rst r?i:1 h.-l;e 1 ::ny f i e
?.';! 'li. oL-;!tn. 1- '"'
'.p n ci h r r.f "Si:iV L's
ar e-"
A '"
Fn;.li -
L. Chu;. .ller M -ubor!, Cul-ri
Towr:se:.l. U;ailo Or-v, C..
I. i "
A'i -: "
i.-ii r
au.r.r.r c-t " i r.c r. - 1
f Afer.n a- '
pit u
! r f. '-.f.h-- wr;tcT
contributor?. In '
ih..ri tho re
r. to th v
O -ii (W-n ht-l N-veie's. v.z:
.1- -.-, i . -- : i . ? j. s - - ry i . -
-i7. J
: J 1 s i
r.i c.
Iii. si
; the sr. " r '
-a-.-r ' r-,r
j,-..n.-r's NltT'i'r'n
:l -:.-;.:: t-5 '
,-h -r c'.- eir.."s cv
l.i) .
l.v :
- a
n T '-:
s u r, e i o
i tin .s r-.i-.l
ta i i n ' t..r -i.i
r. f-
in c verv Di ll ' r. Co.
Titreet It is tbff tllV
I !..'-: . v. be nlif .1 "i. I -' J ir
l):.:.-nPh!es cr.rr.vur.?'f-lr:-i..
F i:.-hh r.s hit. r ii-y
ni-;... -.i rh en fr rn'ie -,u'" , !
V,'t'..i. Ftti.ro,fi'.oi v.h.--.'
cr child's C-i-tt iio cin . - cy,
iSiiriiu.i-'O '.'ror fct iu.it ti " '
nili ::i.rf ayiar's. )..,?. ' ,'.
Ph":!.i.l'!; h.;..ia-.l New York r . -
ut Ier.-h e fh moii'h. Pa:tcrm
i ', f-w-S, J
b-i-v, rr -eh( t.
W.'ik- I'-hb )
1 :.i
u..iivs.i 1. F.vv.-y
or m -o pnri,
Cr o', i.!!i
w r .'t '.. A -
s n ci';,y v:r
.' in-' i Ktit'.i
1 V e.
... ,
j a:tern f ,r s'.ippir . J'-'51""2
-'.en ca.-li cf wbi-vb, ut a
3 r-r
a re- .u;
cents. r, ;
iur N.w C.,,h-i:.,,--T"
1 I-Uvei;-'? of-Iercri-,n"- ir:"
i o-.ir -th k-ilook" will 1-j c -
i ode . tiio--; rr-e-.-'tJ has '
sis w-iu r. .r h th pris-J o. -: - - "
( !
tor u
d toiid.tJ, Sivi-r'.-il'
-.--,v CT-d fo. '."jrn'.b mu-v
And hints ou ilr.rtici.liu'1. I-'
matters ii-.tcreii.g to U-
a v ;
IN Aw-
1 ijii.io -i.i-
Ooe coj
Three e.
' one yenr,
f- r c-ro-j y-"f
Fvvo co.ies f one ear,
F.iht Copies' for one year
Twelve copies for one jear,
Six :rn copies fr one year, ,
Prsmiumi fof getting u? i"? 'p, t;,
a!,hi r.r in..m .nit4 m.'ikS C.'-l"' .
einr. or mora cipirs, w-" , c.
son getting up a club
01 iure-c. --- t. ...
doll ira "r aciub cf rte, ".'.v. l"
dolNrs and 3 bait or a club ot -.i, .
tlnz ten d.dbrs or a clutJ cf t'j'
tinea dollai3,an estra cj J
ol I
lSd 1 will be -ivca. ii F
sti-'l e. a r-rfUiiu'a, (last;
. hr:
... 1 T:'..-.-.t-. ' ! i l j' A I
ia gilt, or cither of our v. .' .. . ;'rJ
eaib27 inf-bea bv 2') "Surryan l';,!;:.-;
Ulin 1 Child, in Jail." cr "ihui;aa -- cf?
ing for His ttckase froa Fj.-a. 1 .n :
. . . f ! Tf..r). t' " . .
gei.ing u; c-iu" oi
the.Vhig-izino wiii be sent, or a:
AdiireSJ, po't-rnU,
1" -.
No.3oC Chcstan
l!t PA:!rr.i!,n 1. i.Stitut.:i
pcrson nay get up a eiuo
tomlv.if written fr.
sotic'H to isty
Itoar-I of
UU Uii'i'.C.Ll.a,
e e :i n g! f o r C h e p u rp os e c f t s -i m n i - - j: ; .
?,on the first i?Hfjrd-y - ' 'i A-:'
1 ! Cil- -- ,.j
are ref'uired te have a certiUeJ
r o!
r ni
previous to taa ttmiu"'"."";; yi
T. rc. n--vv-r
.t vi ?t:.0 1 1
C31WS, n .m).-.ers,
U Atiaers Picks
rniLE bihesi market p-jf;e 'r'jn A
. ... r
.'.p e-:
ibe war drima is spp-rcac'.in i- , l-i
interest. Thi venr will pn.i "
I Wof theK ollo n, wifr..:?.V-'
ernrufnt restored in the ( i:!..n v.".' '
domes rins ana tssun soap

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