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! i
Srr AVe. .very other bunoay Morn
rr!r.i ..w&imUr evening.
log, " 7 - . o. B. DA VIS, cwt.
APTIST "HlTtCK.-Oorner FourtanaA"!
v A O. F.-Browiimie Lodge' o. , f . O. OF.
Lu on To.vrvnlnff ol each J o'clock
-. ..- Yi.ii lit ihe brertmeyer IVrick, on
p m-. i - -
lu vBrstbe Dobskt. Secy.
- ' a wsr Vut.h ValUt N'A. 11.
r n the 1st and M baiurday In
nTon "it" o'clock p.m.. at their llall in the
nMt'tmpvvr Uric, on amin pinr.
PaU vi'ung Brother, we Invited. ---u
Jar. M. Hackf. Secy.
Arrival aa Deaartare of Ike Maty.
Northern. Kastern and Southern depart at 11 a.
Wtiulo Mull arrive at Bp. ra.: depart at 7 a. m.
yysat p m.; depart Tueadaya, Thursday and
hiunUy . .. . .... .
,rnt M arrive rriumyw m
Tol". Hour from ."p J"
jay from 1 to 10' a. m. V . A. FOLOCK, F. M.
ei. T.ble Su Jae. aad CB.R.E.
f and after May d. Train will leave Phelp
option ioiio-.
raCL-L--. 1:44 p.m.
HU train dully except fcusday.
tlnv exc-pt Mdy.. . ... ,
..mil Saturday.
eoi?r aocTH.
";7 p. m.
J7:o p. m.
11:25 a, m.
-.TuV1h iiicers' Omntbu leave Brownvill for
g Jc ,
.1. r
h- 1 vum m"1- - ' -
J. I Collpp, Editor.
yr Dre Goods Ladle go to F. E. John-
on k Co.'. . , . .
yr Tar Otim Boot and Overshoe and
Children' Gaiters, go to W. T. Den's.
TkMi Home-made Flannels and Pant
Good, g(J off at Den's like feot cake. Den'
UtlieplltK,brfn. .
Fr Ckalc Grerte go to F. E. Jobn
jon 4 Co.'.
'ft a Une of all kind of goods, such
u Dry Goods, Grooerie tiueensware. Shoe
and Boot; Clothing, Hal and Car. Shirts
and I ndenshirU, notions of all kinds, call
on Geo. Marion-Toot Mala atreet. He sell as
cheap ny 11 ting ; man In town.
1 ft-etk supply - of smoked Ilalibnt,
mokl 4iod, desiccated Cod Flh and a
ebolre lot of Teas and Canned Frulta and
Vegetable at ' -i
SwaX A Bbo.
K-keatt Car or OaU taken at Den's store
br Stfrve,Tlows, Dry Ooodn, Oroeeries, Fur
nllure. Halt, for whlclfthe Ltgheut market
jrloe will be paid. v
gkcBeLbrger Bros, received the 1st
rremlum for Cooking" 8tove at our late
County Fulr, on the Olive Branch, and on the
Continental with sliding oven doors.
lmpravcmemts. Wra. IL Hoover lias
built a neat addition to hi residence on 3d
street, ...
' We notice a small cottage being built on
VlMOurl ktrtet, but don't know by whom,
Jons Prnry 1 preparing to erect a couple
of cottage neat the west end of Main street.
Mr. Deaiioa hashls Blacksmltk shop cor. of
&h and Main nearly dne.-
fha. KeUwetter la building a residence In
South BrownvlUe,
W. F. Wilson 1 making quite an addition
la the rear of hi stacw room.
vFretH Dria mackberrter, Curranta,Rap-brrriex.sAc-,
at ' -; -
-' Btas A Bro.
A vUlt to the BrownvlUe Marble Works
will Tvpay(ltelf In viewing the beautiful
Vurk of art gotton up by Mr. Neidhnrdt.
Jit la a workman that cannot well be excell
ed, and both in price and style of work will
fire' no one an excuse for Bonding eaxt for
auythlng in hi line. Go and ace him.
Co loF.E. Jcbnton Co.' If you wish
to purchase at the very lowest rates that can
be had.
We have Just received as good n bill ol
Cottonwood Lumber from the BrownvlUe
MM as can tie had anywhere. Mr. Graham,
1U gentleniauly proprietor, 1 doing wetlby
hl numerous customers. There is no good
excuse for going anywhere ele for Cotton
fd Lumter.
1 k. v.. . . . j . . i
to t F. E. Johnson A Co.'s.
V. W. Ia.t 4 C, delivered an Immense
bill of Fruit Trees, Vines anil Shrubs In this
city this' week. Their sales amount to a good
j many thousand dollars, and their stock has
i riven extraordinary satisfaction.
The Calvert acTos 4th street, thank to
the energy of Dr. Mathews nnd other liberal
clittensj H no win good possible ooikI It ion.
XV m went three times to see
May of the Regulator to know,
would he fcay anything locally
this week, and found him too
busy to more than nod to us;
and from the rapidity With
which his .goods ure going off,
we Judge he mut be giving
them away. He does a. large
business, and no mistake.
A tolerably busy day I Last Monday
sinrnlng nlxut 10 o'clock. Judge A. W. Mor
ran took the pain to count the teams on
Main street from 8d street to the river, and
sports llial he counted I M Uiffercnttearas on
the atroct at one time.
A Moat Liberal Offers We will send the
OtttUab 4 TimiHD; price 41.50, Ocr
Scbooldat Visitok, one of the best maga
zine for boys and girls published In this
wnntry, worthJLZJ a year, and a magnificent
Wel-plate engraving, entlUed "Hur Mi
-"," worth per copy, all to anyone who
'I MnH '" ' Th enmrlnr will e
V" Pd, aecure from Injury, aau will make
charming ornament for any parlor or sit
Wnfroom. Send In the names, and secure
worth for only $3.
"lstowtshlna; hut True.' That DooL
T" Chkxjcal Yxjurz Bakin4owueb.1s
'otoafythe f t but the cAo;c U taarket.
.lekUr?ly fre.from any deleterious sub
tncej"and compounded with such scru
pulous exmetsMM ihCt the contents of each
are thftsauvi and produce the same
ulU erery time.. ' 3ft uneqoaled for
aaklnj UuslL, tolls, cakes,' pastry, Ac. at
one healibj aod nutritious. Full weight In
paiVaje. G rooers every where keep It.
! Tas ICUeu-The oaaetiied accounts of
; hejonmoj Prlntlrve Coananr will be left
with Judge Morgan for Immediate collection,
; fterthe JUfh Inst. Many of these accounts
j "esan, and the costs for the collection of
on dojlsr will be as nuuh as tot one bun.
j dt Those concerned will take doe notice,
j Wm tbruej re accordJngly. The b n
I ftr'crK4 Will t home cash Saturday till
: tbabovdAieLaake settlcnjenU. , ,
i Z. W. BiO-CSBtax.
BrownvUJfi, Not. i iSi, -3t -
'S hare had oecasloB lately to have eon-
'Wwable dftvllqg. with Shaffer A Co.. of the
j "rick. Yard, be low thl city, and we nererdealt
j vitft more honorable and accommodating
I toen. Their brick are o good and their deal.
' n8 o fair Vhat Ihcy never have kept brick on
j fend longer than H k to haul tbera away,
- ; . . .
wdt Mu4U MuAlU Will soon be
uhing round T prepare to meet such
ther go tq CUav JJelm.cr's Boo and. Shoe
htore- No. 15 Main street.
j Dr. Rtmbsrlln has bought out Stafford's
fcterest in the Daguerreian Gallery In thU
"ty.andhe and Mrt Mount are remodeling
nlotherwliie fixing It op la good style. Get
' picture taea,
Tk l.teht fib Hen.sabc.14.
The happiest and best member of a family
Is usually celled the light of. the household,
because, besides being harpy nd cheerful
himself, or herself, she or he makes all
happy nod cheerful Such person Is a fam.
lly treasure. Next In order to sucTt a one 1
a Charter Oak Store, which 1 actually the
light of the kitchen, and metaphorically the
light of the whole household. It is the most
Interesting and Important feature In the
family economy, for It fills the house with
warmth, the table with good cheer, and pre
vent that cheerless aspect, and those lndl
gestlble meals that bring sourness of tem
per, discomfort hnd dissatisfaction. '
Shellenberger Bros, are agents In Brown
Bold wholesale and retail by Excelsior
Manufacturing Co. 8t. Louis.
The XClpg of Bavaria, kindly permitted
Doct. J. C. Ayer to have a copy taken of
Ranch's celebrated collosscJ statue of Victo
ry, which belongs to - the Bavarian crown
and stands at the entrance of tho Royal Tal
ace at Munich. The Doctor had It cast In
bronze, and has presented It to the City of
Lowell, where it stands In the Park and sym
bolizes the triumphs of both freedom and
medicine. Her manufactures are the pride
of Lowell, and foremost among them Ates'8
medicixej make her name gratefully re
membered by the unnumbered multitude
who are cured by them of afflicting and of
ten dangerous diseases. Bo ton Jovmat. ' ; '
"It affords me great pleasure to; bear wit
ness to the excellence of the G rover A Baker
Family Sewing Machine. I have bad one in
my family ' for some two years, and from
what I know of Its workings, I can hardly
see how anything could be more complete or
give better satisfaction." Letter from JSrt.
General Grant. ,
Wm learn from the Rev. Mr. Davis that
the Rev. Richard C Talbot t, of Portland, Ky,
Episcopal Church at that plaeT " th
The Wholesale Llqnar Trade, of this
city, i growing In magnitude dally, and the
many who buy their Liquors, etc, of Valleau
A Worthing are all witnesses to the fact that
they have go a better article, for less money.
than they could at any other point on the
Missouri river. Valleau A Worthing are de
termined to build up this branch of business
In our midst, and to that end keep only pnre
Liquors, and a full stock of Segars, Tobaccos,
etc Their sample room the Henate is un
excelled In convenience of fitting up, or stock
displayed, by any In the West, and they have
two superb Billiard Tables for the pleasure
of thoso who love the game. Drop In I
Rich 4t Gllmore. See the advertisement
of this new Arm. They are men of enter
prise, liberal dealers and. will keep a large
stock ofverythlng In their line. In them.
this city has made a valuable acquisition to
its mercantile corps, and one that will be a
benefit to all who do their dealing with them.'
The Albtnkra, as a resort to whileaway
a tedious hour In a pleasant game of Bil
liards, . is not excelled. A more clever or
obliging companion than the host, R. C. Ber
ger, cannot be found, and he keeps the finest
Liquors dispensed from any bar In the city.
Residence fbr Sal.
Having determined to goon to my farm, I
offer for sale my residence In BrownvlUe.
Particulars given on application.. , ..
The "Corner"
On gold in Wall Street lately leveled many
wealthy men to the dust, crumbled sever
al houses that were supposed financially to
be built on a rockt and created terror and
consternation among the financial ''small
fry" generally. In th Is respect It had Just the
opposite effect from the Corner,
which proposes, and does, lift the poor man
to opulance, dresses the naked and feeds the
hungry, under the management of
IlcPhcrson & Tuttle,
by selling Dry Goods and Groceries, of a No.
1 quality, at lower rates than have ever been
known In this market. Remember the
Corner, No. 68.
Emigration to Southern Nebraska Is
still pouring In in a steady stream. Scarcely
an hour passes but the canvass covered wag
on of the emigrant may be seen upon our
streets. They seem all healthy, vigorous,
sturdy men, women and children. Just the
kind to pioneer It, and make Nebraska the
proudest and wealthiest of our glorious sis
terhood of the Union.
Floar 3 per sack at Hauk A Armltage's.
The best Spring Wheat Flour In the market.
lt Premium. The Canton Clipper Plows
manufactured by Purlin A Orndoff, took the
1st Premium at our State Fair. For sale by
Hhellenbergcr Bros.
FITS ! PITS ! ! FITS ! ! !
at Alf. W. Morgan' Clothing Store.
Coal Cooking and Heating Stoves at the
lloneer Stove store, opposite the Court Room.
Ladies', Children' and Misses'
Thko. Hill A Co.'i.
Full stock at
100 Barrel N. Y. Salt
To be sold for caah Immediately, by
F. E. Johhon A Co.
Of every pat tern known to the eastern mar
ket for salo low fur cash at Shcllenberger
Bro's. '. .
We sell pure goods only.
Ceal OH at Swan A Bro's,
Horse Blanket For the best go to Baur's
Far RenUFrom December let, 1809, the
Rooms now occupied by the Brotmvtlle Dem
ocrat, J-3t JM). JU UAKSOr.
CIGARS at wholesale or retail at A. F.
Cohn's Cigar Factory, 62 Main street.
For Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware
go to Joseph Shutz and get the genuine artl
ei. for he ha a splendid stock. .
Re w. Mr. Lew, of the Baptist Church, will
preach, morning and evening, in the Presby
terian Church, next Sunday.
Gent's, for your Underwear go to the
400 ketrs of Nails Just received at Shcllen
berger Bro s.
Plaid Waterproofs.
Ge te Grant's when falling snows
And northern wind a tempest blows
And freezes you from noes to toes,
Aad get a good suit of winter Clothes,
, And Boots to match, he does propose
. His goods at prices to dispose
Cheaper than other dealers in Clothes,
Go right away and Invest, who knows
, It may save you from being froze
" To death.
Ills Boots A Shoes are Boston made.
Warranted the best known to the trade,
He for his stock cosh money paid.
And cheap for cash he sells 'em.
You must trade there without fall,
for there you will find at wholesale
Groceries, Cabbage and Potatoes.
Piece OoC New stock at Marhon's.
D. It Lewis A. Co. fill prescriptions.
They, are experienced hands at the business.
Hawse for Rent. Inquire of Dr. Elm
Pref. C V. WlUon, the great Lecturer
ana j est Medium, will be In thisciiyon me
th, inth.llth and 12th, of November, when
he wUl deliver a course of Lectures on Spirit
ual is ol.
Trunks and Valises at HetzelX
Pants and Vests at UeUel's.
A Visit to Hannaford" tz
; Wholesale and Retail Furniture Store oppo
site the Block la this city, is both a pleasure
and profitable Investment, for you will
to ere. see a stock such as would do credit and
fill the bill la a city of 20,000 Inhabitants; as
they are determined to do a trade bounded
only by the eight counties that com prise this
Land District, and a good portion of Mis
souri and Iowa. Let us give a short dlscrip-
tloa of their stock:, . Oa entering the first
floor room you find It full of furniture of all
kinds, which they lack room to display to
the best advantage: here are about 100 Bu
reaus, and Tables, 'ChalraDesks, etc in pro
portion. The second floor is finished, and
here you see Furniture to a good advantage.
Full sets of Oak, Walnut, eta, and here set in
order. Bedsteads, as fine as were ever made,
Bureaus, marble nnd plain tops, . Stands,
plain and marble topped. Wardrobes, Book
Cases, Desks. Mirrors, Chairs, Round Tables,
What Nots, Hat Racks, etc., are here arraign
ed In sets, and the sight Is worth going a
Journey to see. .. The third, story Is full of
Chalrs,and Bedsteads In pieces not yet put up
They have sufficient to wholesale to every
town In the Land District and still supply
the local and retail demand, j The firm as It
now stands Is composed of two Cabinet Ma
ker& who take a pride In having only the
best of ware on hand, and who can fit up
Furniture here and save to our people the
Immense cost of shipping already put up.
They are determined to supply all that Is
called for, and say If a fall stock 130,000 worth
won't do it, they will double It at any time.
Give them a call and save money. 1
Respectfully Informs his old friends and
the public, that he is prepared to attend ait
calls In the line of his profession. Office at
D. II. Lewis A Co.'s Drug Store, Main street,
BrownvlUe, Neb. ' . 51-tf '
l WALK UP 1 1 1 ; " " -'
expense and litigation by calling Immediate
ly and settling at the old stand. ' Don't fall to
saUIpi either rvr rab or rintlv .. ,'i "':-ir:
JSTILL LATKB- All accounts not paid
within twenty days from the date of this will
be placed In the hands of. an officer for collec
tion, d. h. Mclaughlin.
October 21st, 1809. ''' ' '"
A Chance to get Cheap Newspapers.
I am getting up clubs for papers, at the fol
lowing rates t New York Tribune. Ma Dem
ocrai, and Ma JBepuUieaHl weeklies, (1,60
each. ,
W. A. Pollock, P. M.
: r i .
m r- j i i. , v ; .
! , ; , , , . j.
For Xails, ' '
' For Lock, v ... ,,,,
For Jiutts, ;
For lMtcKc$t - . ;
For Screws, etc.,
Can ton Clipper JPlows :
Call and See
McCreery A Nickel's immeuce variety. '
Ths largest lot of
for Wood or Coal, Is at Sliellenberger Bro's.
The Latest lVetval
The Latest Magazine I
The Latest IUnstrated Papers
Can always be found at Pollock's PosiolIJ.ee
News Depot;- where aubscrlptlona- for any
periodical or paper published In the United
States or Car,adaa will also be received. . ;
Canton CU pper I9 loirs I ;
ATX CUT- . .
ting done to order at Morgan's Tailor Shop.
Ladles', Children's and Misses' ' ' ' '
Full stock at
Tiieo. Hill A Co.'s.
Freah Arrival of
E. Johnson A Co'. ' '
Not Quite t,eoq Worth!
Theso Boots and Shoes are warranted, nnd
w know ox .our. own Kiiowieue lunt, me
Merssrs. Johnson's will make the wurrsnty
gfKxl by "repairing any unnatural 'breaking
that may occur, lou ntHl have no tear but
they will sell yon a good articled . -
No Business House should be without
The Great Western Fire Extinguisher.
'A 1 '
r- AD I E S
Go to Shellenbefgcr Brother's nnd see their
Doty's Universal Washer. Unrivaled in
the world. It will pay every famHy to have
one. , : - i --,. v ''.'
Corn, "Wheat and Oats.
Raincy A Lewis have removed their office
to Robt. Tears A Co.'s Store, where they will
nav the highest cashpriecior Grain and oth
er Produce.' 7 ' ' i
Bolts Wall Paper, direct from New York.
Just Received at Soiidcrs. No. 52 Main
street, an extra fine lot of whips, lone
and ratan Dugjr.v whips, innies' nnd gents"
riding whips, raw hides 'and solid leather
blacksnakes and various other kinds cheap
foreash. Give me a call next door east of
where the EXPRESS OFFICE WAS. . .
Overshlrts, French Coslraere, Belknap, etc.
at Hetzel's. .
Good Buildlnsr Stone. We are now pre
pared to furnish irnod building stone. In any
quantity. Also, Step V tones. Bases for Mon
uments or Tomb Stone. Water Tables. etc.d
furnished on short notice and reasonable
terms ' ' ' ' J Lorajjce a Vabnkt.
480 I
Is the number of Business Suits, you cart
try on. "No trouble to show goods" at Het
zel's. - -
Builders Atteutlom lam now prepared
to do all kindsof Plasterlni in this city or
vlclnltr. Orders left at t.ie American llouse
will be promptly attended to. . Prioee reason
able i worK nrst cwssM . , , , i i t
' -M ' V
A.' E. Bell.
Checkered Feed Stable Is tlie best place In
town to refresh and feed stock. Hay, oats,
corn, bran and shorts for sale. Stock boarded
by the day. week, month or year at reason.
able rates. Farmers, give him a call. ' Nos,
S and 8 BrownvlUe, Nebraska. 48-tf
Business Coats to choose from at Hetzel's.
500 Barrel of Salt cheap at George
Lvty' Washing machines and the Novel'
ty Wringer, at J. C. DEUSLR'S.
Carpenter's Tools and Blacksmith's Far.
nlshlngs at Shellenberger Bro s.
Highest market price paid for wheat, oats,
corn, sx oy ueaiora a tianuiey.
Patronise Heme Industry. All kinds
of Marble work can be had at Neidhardt's
Marble Work tn this city, cheaper than It
can be naa else whore. .one uutine Deal ma
terial used. ; " j
S35,900,000 Is the capital of the Mutual
Life Insurance Companyof New York. .Jar
vis 8. Church Is their agent at BrownvlUe. It
1 the safest company la the woild to insure
in. - . U
Orsjans-Burdett's, from 1 H0 to fOOO; Ma
son & iiamiin a, ia to wu,
James R. Dte. BrownvlUe.
Ten Ton Blacksmith's Iron of all sizes at
Shellenberger Bro's.
Private medical aid, read Dr. Wh I tiler's
advertisement. :
300 keo;s Horse Shoes and Nails at Shel
lenberger bro'. 1
A Good "Wagon Do you want It? Goto
Tlsdel's. : , , j
For Stationary er a Good Cigar go to
thePostotace. :. . - . '.
TUdel can furnish you the genuine Coa-
cora Huggiew. -
Twe er Three Fresh Milch Cows wanted
by r. ... V B. B. THOMPSON.
The best Fanning Mills made can be seen
and purchased at Tlsdel's
. GO &- C!
..'190.&Q tet Pine Sidine,' i ' i'f ? :-;
' 75.U.O tjet Pine Flooring, r :
60.UUO feet Finishing Lumber,
85.0U0 Pine Lath,
150,000 Pine Shingles,
Together with Sash. Doors. Blinds. Mould
lng,et&. Just received and on hand low for
easa at j. it. jk.l.l's ,
v . Lomber Yard, Brown vllle."
dAnd 90 Car Leads Caaalugl
. Kllbeurn, Jenkins k Cav Manufoo-
turers and Wholesale and Retail dealers In
all kinds of Pine Lumber. Lath. Shingli
Pickets, Sash,"5Undtt, Doors, Battens, etc
omce and Lumber Yard, corner ta ana Main
streets. Branch Yard at Phelps City. Missouri.
We manufacture our own material In the
Pineries of Oshkosh, Wis where we have
la operation 'one of the largest manufacturies
of everything made lnPlne in the worm, ana
obtaining our Lumber direct from the tree,
as we do, we can sell at lower rates than- any
Lumber Yard in the West which pays one
wholesale and one or two retail profits. We
shall always keep on hand a full supply ot
everything in our line, so that those in want
may always rely upon getting what they de
sire. We sim ply ask all to examine our stock
and prices before purchosingelsewhere, as we
can ensure sausiaciion in Dotn.
Traveling Baskets for the Ladles.
. ! ' : f McCREERY A NICKEL.
I have now In mv lrnrrl nmr 1 .000.000
feet of the choicest DRY PINE LUMBER, of
every style ana description, size and thicK-
ness. Also Doors, Sash, minds. Mouldings,
etc. Dry Pine Shingles. Lath and Pickets.
In fact, anything in the building line, which
I warrant A No. 1 in every respect, and on
which I do not propose to be undersold, for
cash, by any man west or the Missouri river.
I Invite all who need anything in my line to
give me a call, knowing that I can outfit them
with good material, at the rairest rates. : -J.
Brown vllle. Neb.
"".---. Cor. Water A First Street,
"PT Q "Lumber delivered within t he city
JLw AJonmits, r Kiii; vt t'UAHUt
Street, has just opened anew and complete
stock of Cloths, CaMlmera, Vesting, and all
kindsof Piece Goods, and is prepared to make
Gent's Clothine to order lu the most fashion
able style. Ue also keeps a full line of Ready
ladet;iothlng. Hats- Caps ana oenrs r nr
nlshlng Goods. ,,..,.fV., ffZxa
' 20 0"
Kegs White Lead, Just received.: -
Buck' Brilliant Cook Stove took the Gold
Medal above the Charter Oak and other com
peting Stoves, at the New Orleans and St.
Louis Fairs. In 1869. For sale at the Pioneer
Stove Store, by-
(-3m J. is. iHi.bpf.it.
' Grape VIne Concords, $1.50 per dozen,
tlO. per hundred, nnd all other varieties in
proportion. Satisfaction Is guaixanteed as
to quality ana genuineness oi vmost
7-em - J. W. MJDDLKTOX.
350 .
Overcoats to select from at Hetzel's.
Eve. Ear and Catarrah. successfully treat
ed. by ur. KimDenin. umce over ne i ui
Salts of Boys' Clothing at Hetzel's; ; ;
SI 300 Dollars and Expense! See ad
vertisement of American ShuttleSewlng Ma.
chine la our advertising columns.
Cases of Boots at Hetzel's.
J. W. Bl!.7tezulnrLlcensetl Auctioneer.
Sales attended to in the conntry on reason
able terms. Orders left at the AdvertUer
office will receive proper attention. 4S-6m
Pairs of Drawers at Hetzer.' ;
Millers, bay your Robber and Leather
Baltlns of Shellenberger Bro's. A fall stock
always on hand. .
I , . ' 1 ' ' - : :
Fruit Cane Self-Seal lng-t Shelloober-
ger Brother's. i . ;
Tin, Sheetlron and Japanned Ware at
Corrected weekly for the Advertlserby
Th Market this week shows a
. -ini'DE CIiIIJE! J
Business Coats from f3 10.
huiue Suits, js. . T ...
(.'asimere. flrnn T ; :, .
VesU from 75 ets. tot 2S." . v ;''.. "
Overshlrts. firra Ticta voX
l;nderKhirt,fron?.ct,-toi v J
s , . . DRY GOODS MARKET, j p
Corrected weekly for the Advertiser by ? .
Calico, 10c$llc. , . ,
MuHlin, VS'.jCUcl".
Jileaclied, IticwSK
Cotton Delaine. 23c i . .-.
All WimI DelHine, 37c
Balmoral Hkirts, ?1 7r(a?2 50.
V ' j TJ r pT
The Great Uenc factor.
And the only Machine that washes thoroughly all
kinds of fabriclcs, from the Unert laces to tbe coarsest
beaaing, wiuiout injury. -!,;,;;, !
" ' '"i '.. : .,!,
Aday4 washlnr redneed toenehrmr. -''.
Htate and County Kighu for aaleJSefld for CtfClllsr,
Addrean . i
. Home Ulanufactnrinff Co.
; ""' ':' SAMUEL CUPPLES, Pres. !
JOS. B. WILDE, Sec'y. ; . 1
818 N. Fonrts Street and 831 Broadway, ;
ST, L0UI8K UO. j
Sliellenberger Dro', '
...... AGENTS,
7-Sm BrownvlUe, Nebraska, ,
I1E0 'aillllllB? SHOP;
H j r -
1 Harfagjast opened, St No,1 S4 KsJa street, BroWa-
Stock of Millinery Goods, we would call public at-
iririT. at rtAonab.e prices, prom re fbr bis bett?r-
half" all aha . wt 1 : . ,
"om uta njal muurUQCOI WXlrCIl eTfnr
Mlla li
."i r-
be No. 1, lad made trp la the best of styfe, and that
may here find Just what she wishes In the war of
aa.aao, a a lauuAllaBy MMT!a WC IVVirj OQ6
os mr rest assured that we will
give entire satisfaction, as we are In daily recwDt of
Ihe latitat nnvaltia i n fl .. '
-1 C00K,CCBURr.tlC0.
t Advertising Agents, Chicago.
tS-Artautknrited to rtcrirt Adrer
timmmttfor thit paper, at wr lowerf
ratef , and art Ag-jUt fnr all Atwtm-
vm IB Ol IT. X. mmA 711
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f .
i skUt 5ft i
II ft
KssMai EaaWiM4
yi if.,..' 1 j ' i, : -. V 1 .- '
A lit
No. 76
Hav the Largest Stock, and Make the Lowest Prices.
: t . I i .
Four Hole Sheller and Power, either belied or
Four Hole Sheller and Power, either belted or
Foor Hole Sheller and Power, either belied or
Six Hole Sheller and Power complete, either
Two Hole Self Feed Sheller, with single sacker, two-horse power. Jack and drive rope,
Two Hole. Self Feed Sheller, with single sacker, two-horse power, geared......................
Two Hole Hand Feed Sheller (or "Farmer's Sheller") with one-horse power, Jack and rope
. . " ' '" '" . ' ' ' ' " ,'' 1 ':-
Wcii Soldln theYear 18G8
TO OtVK -...
Entire jSatisfactioii
THE ftuli rA L wirriw 1 iuj .
For almpllrftr of Mannrement
- Aid for CleanUnes in Coo Sing,
b., !? Mannmctcred in th West, and . ...
adapted to the Wants of
V Surely ft good aouekepef can afford
- ' - to be without one. !
. roll raica list, adds see
Excelsior Manufacturing Co.
612 & '614 N. BI AI. STKCT, j
. ! i-Vl' sotiyar v.i'VwIi
- AurmiTMEirnrr. ronwASDEB ay
0MA11A, NEfiRaSKA.
Medical Dispensary,
. Corner Farnham and 13th Streets.
' Entrance on lSth gtreeet. 1
A. 1011x1 a. nont JEnsti tntloxi
I i Estahliflhed exclusively for the treattoent of '
In all tneir'diCferentst'apas; " Cut wamsfed. The
physician In charge of tola Institution has bad many
j-Mune3tpe'''nce in caset of venereal nature, and
Lis practical knowledge of every -rmptom corute
)uentea or arising frtxn badlx trtted caHevof ven
ereal complntrrta, will be of rreat benefit to those
calling; opon him for Consultation, and be woo Id
caution thotte hnving Hecondary symptoms remain
ing to beat once properly cured before the constitu
tion tcomes ondcTinined, the health broken down,
and th intbUecttTainndcMnt:d faculties destroyed.
No mrfnry L New owes cored In six hours.
French bales, (1 ; ihree lbr taO by mail. All cases
of '-. -
Intpeteaee, gpermaforrheat (Seminal
j , f Iv ,." 2 waisiss,) ,
cored by n ttnd rftctunl treatment.' Consulta
tion free, and strictly confldentlaL
The Doctor would state that be devotes, his personal
attention to all clssst of Ifrmnlr intense. His
Vreat female, tirmrtig for the obstruction of the
menses, can be obtained bv callin? at the office, or
addressing a letter to Dr. Youxo, Ick Box 237,
OtDaha.Kebraskaseiiclokinstheprioef.VMk Ladies
In a certain condition should not take this medicine,
a It will an rely produce miscarriage. end for cir
cular to "Married Ladies Only," which contain
valuable information to every married lady. All
correspondence treated confidential and promptly
attended to on the receipt of a reasonable lee.
Office hours from 7 a. m. to 8 p. aw Sundays from
I toi in the afternoon. 43-y
,ttttMM11' eaawaa esawesaaV MaEate
XTS. . V '"' 1 B 1 ,BK fl
If 1i H ii H t ' I
1 .11 -M
Main Street, McPherson Block, Brownville,
jb JdLLiJ-ii-i-Hj
geared with doable sacker
geared with "eight foot" elevator
geared with "ten foot" elevator.
belted or geared with eight or ten foot elevator,
We have on hand a large
kW WW UUUU VJ r -iJtmw
To .Which Wo are making co
we aro selling at Prices as
the LlississippL
In . the Quality of our Goods
? ' U - .
.8. , - fn
a 1 ' i ti - r.
! hi 9 '.' ti .
1 . 2 , ; e
2 H In d
, tfi vv ' rTf
I . Pi, u
P e
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Vt 'Finwopo
I 1 1 1 1 I I It 1 I III U III
ITo. 74 Ilain Gtrcqt,
and He trill Deal era la
" a
m 1 1
RSI T I x. 1
,. xa-i-: i
; L -..-385 ' ' j
ML Tisdel Jr.,1 Companj
c vvVa-r"7"-Z"rn 1 -lis .
and well assorted stock of
nstant additions, and which
low asany Honse west of
JPemSLivery Stable.
'Dealer In
Yll ICinIw or Stoelc.
Horses Bought, Sold, or ZxcJumged.
Stock Boarded by tlie Day or Week.
MY NT A RTT-M m .twbArf -i k it t
. . - . . ..... . .. ..i iiui a 1 1 j
Duties. Persfins wishing conveyance to anv por
, t on of th Nemaha Land District can be acco'mmo
i'lael. The.
r-ei-u urownvine uoach
: Ieave my 8tables ev ery inornfnir at 10 o'clock A.
M. Passeneers or packaee Kii.re!y conveved. Or
tders left with the I'ostmaMters will be promptlvat-
"jyery, Feed, Sale and Exchange
ai LhJlzkh&M
Corner Main and Levee Ht BttOWNVILLE.
HAVING purchased this Btahle of
A. P. Cogswell. I nm prepared to furnish
the best TKAMS. Bl'tMilKK and f'AKRf AIF In
Southern "ebnslta. at UlWtXT CASH
KM)m for Kifty Hopu. Corral rfrstr.ck. Particu
lar attention paid to Feeding or IVmrdin? lfores.
l-lyj FU1LL1PS 4 ILUtNtii.
BroTTiivillo, Ileb.
maaiBiJB. m u t i at m m u
T .
1 1
Dealer in all kinds of Ktock. Horses Imaght,
sold and p.veiangol. ft itk boarU"! by tho
The Fropritor ha recently erectei! art emtJrs
new, large nnd commolooH Stalde, otur tli
old Krownyille Honxo. His stock Is ail fresh
and vehicles new. Tlie pnMic can l nccom
modatHl at nil lionrs
A stock corrall, with an ahundnnt supply
of pnr water, at tn-tiH to the Ktal.lf. 4-lv
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of the Throat and Longi
such aa Coughs, Colds, Whooping
Cough, Bronchitis, Asthras,,
and Consumption.
Probably never before in the whole history es
medicine, has anything won so widely ami kply
upon the confidence of mankind,..- thut exceienC
remedy for pulmonary complaints. Throw! sny
series 'of years, and among nt cf tlx rows tj
men jt ha risen higher ana higher fa their estima
tion, as it has become better known, iu uniform'
character and power to cure the various affections
of the lungs and throat, hart matte it knows a s re
liable protector against them i tula jw!.JHc1 to
milder form of dieae and to yoaiig children, it is
at the same time the most eOevtu&j remedy that caa
be given for incipient eoasutspiajn an4 tae dan-g-erous
affections of the throat and lung. Aayro
vision against sudlcn attacks of Cronp. n sbtmSt
be kept on hand in every family, ami Lo lecd a all
are sometimes subject to colas ami cough, aii
should be provided witb itXi axiluluie for tiienu
Although settle 1 t'"tmptiom i thouzht la
enrsble, .till great numbers or cases where 113 dis
ease seerael eUlcU,asve bova ocapie'.f !y cured,
snd tho patient restored to sound Uoaiza by tha
Chfmj J'ertorml. S cotnpleta fa t raillery
over the disonler of tlie Lunirs snd Throat, that
the most obstinate of thern yield to n. Wacn noth
ing c!.-ie could reach them, umier the Cherry
to rat they BuhNle aixl di.apear.
Simfrr ar.l i'-ublic Speakers fiatl great pro
tectiou from it.
Athnwt is always reliered and often wboEr
Rrchiti is generally nml by taking tfca
Cherry JFerta-nal in small and frequent do.
&o gcneral?y aro its virtses known that we seed
sot pubiibb the certidcatM of tbea here, or do mora
than a.s are tb publio thai fcu quaiiues are fully
Ayer's Ague Cure,
Pot Tev-r and rie. Interrtlttant Fsver,
Chill Fever. liemittnt Fever, Duma
Ague, PeriodfeaJ or BJious Fever, &
and indeed all the affections which an
from roalanoos, marsh, or mlasmBtio
poisons. ,
As its asms Implies, It does Cur, and does nt
fi.il. Containing neither Arsenic, Quinine, Bismuth.
.nn , nur mnj mr inini-nii or poisonous SMDStance
whatever, it in nowise in In res any patient. Tbo
nnmber nrxl importance of in cure in tbe ans dis
tricts, are literally beyond account, and w be nova
without a parallel in the bistory of Am roe-l-ne.
Our pride is gratiiled by tbe actaowk-dgraent ws
receive of the radical cures effwtcl in olsstinata
ca"f and where other remedies hail who!!y faiJeL
Unrtcclimnted persons, either resident m, or
travelling throngh miasmitin locslHies, will be pro
tected by taking the AC.flZ Cf'KE daily..
For JArer Complaint, aridnz from torpidity
of the Liver, it is an excellent remedy, atimulaUnjf
the Liror into heaitbr activitv.
For Dilinus Disorders and Liver Cornplalnf., !t is
an excellent remedy, producing manv trulr re
mark.ihle enres, where other molictnes had failed.
Irepared bv Dr. J. C Ateh tc Co., t'racucal
and Analvtu-ai Chemists, Lowell, AIoss., aad sold
all round the world.
Sold bv
- A I !!:
I ' i ' n ft

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