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J. S. CHURCH, Editor.
Official Paper of City and County.
.The Episcopal Church building In
Omaha was burned down last week
It was insured for $10,000.
Financially SpcaUIngr.
The Omaha Herald contains a sug
gestive leader on the financial prospect
in which we find many complaints
because the National Debt is being .re
duced, and finding in this the reason
why the money market Is stringent
wheat and corn of but little value, ant
business generally In a languishing
state "all because Grant and Bout
well must tax down the public debt.'
One short year ago, with Andy John
sou at the head of the nation, the pub
lie debt hist about held its own. in
The friends of the Q., M. & P. Rail
road hold a grand mass meeting
ut i i . , ., ... rr-v.
i- I uiriisiuiz ua uiuv.il iimi "v
Please creas5ng slightly one quarter and dc-
nvnanf lsn ilnv nnd time.
if. nrvr f Inst wcrk iiiocrauc umciuis aim niuia:
i o V. a A W-' a. v s.
were asking for a change of admiuis
tration, declaring that the public debt
never could be reduced except under
a Democratic administration. Then
the Republican party were charged
with all the evils of which the coun
Democrat correct
in its announcement of the time and
pface of this meeting.
From the Nebraska City papers wc
lenm that one Charles Murdoek, of
Saline county, Mo., on last Saturday
morning ut Nebraska City, shot at try suffered because they did not re
peveral r?rscus on the Ferryboat. The tiuce the-public debt, and now they
last shot took effect by hitting Dick arc equally culpable because by strict
Johnson, the fireman, in the jaw, economy the expenses of the Gov-
Iassing out near the ear. Soon after- eminent do not equal the revenue by
M ards the dead body of the said Mur- several millions of dollars per month
dock was seen suspended from a limb Since that time the revenue tax has
of. a small tree, near the ferry, and been reduced, and many articles for
there remained until the Coroner cut mally taxed are now upon the free
it down.
ti,9 itiprniKR in the amount of the
imspwiincnt roll in Atchison county
tliis vcar over. last is near $1,000,000.
The increase of wealth in an old
i;t- Atrhi.con. the value ' of
whose real and personal property has
not changed materially for the last
ten vears. is attributable to the build
Ing of the. St. Joseph and Council
TtlnfTa Railroad, tacts aresiuouoru
tMnrs. and furnish irresistable argu
ments In favor of building Railroads,
even at .heavy cost.
list, and still Republicans practice
such strict economy in the discharge
of the affairs of the Government, that
they find it necessary to leave a bal
lance on the credit side of the ledger.
We doubt not Cougrees will deem it
wise and proper to further reduce the
tax on many articles, . and perhaps,
send others to the free list. We believe,
however, that the stringency in our
monetary affairs !s attributed to other
causes, we couunue iu uuy Mf
of foreign manufactured goods; im
portation of articles which ought to be
made at home aie still arriving;, usual-
I. !A f
. . i r t. l lv rnese were uiwu iui i"
The General Assemuues oi mc v.u -
. v. i f ti,Q PrPihvtpriin ana couon. uuu ii
nnd New Schools of tue 1 resoierian
BnUl , . ronfiv Pitts- now wanted; much of their cotton
Church convened recently in iut
burg - and after a separation of thirty mey now recede iruui uu.- .uu ,
wirg, aim a iinrmnni,inJandBo the country is drained of its
bond, and specie to pay for these for-
ed ta7r eSi to spread the eign goods, and as a consequence the
Sol news upon this continent.
Gospel news upon
There will be but one organization,
,m.' ntirrvvsn and one aim in their
'tiv va i
effort for home and foreign evangel!
zatiou. The united churcli are pledg
ed, to raise a thanks ouering of $5,000,
000. We hope this reunion is but the
foreruLner of others, until the chris
tian world shall stand upon one plat
form and acknowledge but one head-
Christ over all.
We have called the attention of our
of grain is low and business is -dull.
We are apt to shift the results of our
own follies upon the controling pow
ers; rather than by correcting our own
course, confess them. We conjecture
that the aim of the Herald was not so
much to correct what it claims to be
evils, as to appeal to the prejudices of
the unthinking against the party in
m t
The Railroad meeting held in this
. I i!f mi 1 oof T?rwlnr n?irlt (tomnniitm.
men several times to the fact ' y
. ... , . . ted to the most incredulous mat ine
that tnere wouiu uo r-uwhiuuuwh
4 it a ,n solid men of Brownville are actively
OI inC national cuucin; mt, vvi..."(, a , . , , r
I.."! ,Wo nitv that there to the importance of the Q-, M.
; " ::r. U . .m. mntr. & P. Railroad a a great national thor-
We need a banking capital of at least oughfare and as a short competing
. , , , . . .11.. r.,-,n-1 line lur linrai uumhcss uj uuu iium
clvM',', onu mere is nmuij u
more or less stock in a
but could take
good national bank. Wo aro prepar
ing a list of such men as we hope to
enlist in an enterprise of this kind,
and will publish it when complete. If
eucli a bank existed in Brownville, it
could loan its stockholders its funds
when occasion required, saving to ev
ery one of them the necessity of keep
ing several hundred dollars to mee
eastern markets.
It was not assembled to hear speak
ers from abroad nor those from home,
but for actual, straightforward busi
ness, having reference to the growth
and prosperity of our own city and
county. There was but one opinion as
to what should be done. . ' The mode
and manner of doing it alone received
t the attention of the meeting until a
late hour,
The details were at length satisfac
torily settled, and hereafter there will
be unanimity of action, all having
but one end in view, the early con
struction of a road running west from
.hrnska Citv appears to be unfor- Brownville via Tecumseh, Beatrice,
ith Unllroful across the Little Blue, and from
immergencies, unemployed through
out the entire year. We can have a
Banking House of this kind if we
work for it. .Will we do it? or will
we wait until the opportunity is gone ?
companies. The Chronicle says that
they paid $40,000 to get the Jt. Joseph
n Rliiffa Railroad to come
within one mile of Nebraska City,
and then asks why it is that they did
not come nearer than two miles.
They cave $150,000 to secure a branch
rftAd from the B. & M. Railroad to
Nebraska City, and under that con
tract they are likely to get ouly two
miles from the river to East Nebraska
City built. Th branch that they ex
pected will be built to Hamburg, con
necting with the St. Josepn ana u.
Railroad, thence on that road down
to a point opposite Rulo. thence up
the Nemaha Valley, or from Hamburg
North to East Nebraska City and
from thence to thu river.' The Chron
ide think! that If this is a due com
pliance with the terms, it is not with
the spirit of the contract.
The Trunk Railroad, we are assured
by those who are controling its desti
nes, Is receiving all the attention
which its Importance as a great com
peting through line demands. There
are many side Issues to settle which
thus fur have prevented the com
mencing of active work. The cold
tumble of a few weeks ago so crippled
the contractors that they are now un
able to execute the contract made with
the company to complete ten miles of
the road from Rulo north. In conse
quence, they may fail to come within
the terms of the State Laud Grant;
nevertheless, active work will com
mence so soon as the rights of the
comnany and the good of the road are
properly fixed and determined. The
public may rest assured that the com
pany are doing all in their power, and
much more than they want made
known at present, to complete this
mu(h needed throughfare toSL Louis.
" The people of Jeffereon county are
Impatient, as well they may be, for
better mail facilities with this sectiou
of country. Before the Little Blue
was published we knew but little of
the wants and necessities of that
country watered by the Little Blue
and its tributaries. We notice by the
advertisement of the Postmaster Gen
eral in our columns, that two weekly
tnaila are provided for that section and
Its Inhabitants, from and after, next
July. What they now have to de
pend upon we know not, except as
may be gathered from an article which
we print from the editorial columns
of the Blue. Will the Blue state
whether they wish a new post route
established, or want increased service
on some old route. If a new ona,
mention the points where Postofficea
are needed. We are anxious for bet
ter mail facilities between Brownville
and the Little Blue couutry, and
when we know just what is needed to
!Tord this, will work for its accomplishment.
thence out to and up the Republican
with perhaps a branch to some point
on the U. P. R. R.
The ropes are being very successful
ly and industriously laid which have so
far drawn the powerful influence of
the Pennsylvania Central from all
other lines, and concentrates it on the
short line through from Quincy to
Brownville and thence west as above
The -county of Adams, in which
Quincy is situated, ha3 recently voted
$400,000 to draw that Pennsylvania
interests Into Quincy. They have so
far succeeded as to stop all negotia
tions in other directions, and are cer
tain to secure the active corporation
of that company on our line.
Let every man interested in a Rail
road from Brownville west, rest as
sured that these facts are correct ; that
the Q., M. & P. Company are a live
company, full of energy and ably
officered ; that they arj constantly
watching the board, and not only
know what the great Railroad Kings
want, but have the grit and disposi
tion to meet those want3 with as little
delay as possible. .
The city of Brownville will be call
ed upon to vote $100,000 to aid this en
terprise at an early day, and we ex
pect that she will show her full confi
dence in the immediate construction
of this great national thoroughfare by
a unanimous vote for the proposition.
Earnest and energetic work is now
what is most ueeded.
Railroad meeting.
Pursuant to published notice, a large
number of the citizens assembled in
Mcpherson's Hail, on Fridayveuing,
Nov. 12th, 1809, for the purpose of dis
cussing our railroad interests and dej
vising some plan for aiding the pn
gress of the Q.t M. & P. Railroad.
The meeting was called to order by
Dr. McPherson, Col. R. W. Furnas
elected Chairman and J. D. Calhoun
appointed Secretary.
Mr. J. S. Church, being called for,
brielly and lucidly stated the object of
the meeting.
Dr. McPherson, being next called,
gave full expression to his views, urg
ing immediate and effectual action
Col. Rich gave the opinion that city
or precinct bonds could be made avail
After remarks from other gentle
men, Mr. Church offered the follow
ing resolutions, urgiug their adoption
in a forcible speech : . , ...
Resolved. That the citizens, of
Brownville in convention assembled,
are in favor of authorizing the city of
Brownville to subscribe StX),000 to the
capital stock of the Q., M. & P. Rail
road Company for the purpose of se
curing the grading, tying, bridging
and ironing of the said Railroad, com
mencing at a point opposite the city
of Brownville on the riirht bank of
the Missouri river in the county , of
Atchison, running east in said county
to Phelps city, and so far beyond . as
the funds arrising from such subscrip
tion will be sufficient to complete
ready for the rolling stock, provided
that. $10,000 of said stock shall be
taken by the city without further con
dition than that it be taken in lieu pf
the stock subscribed by the citizens of
Brownville to the capital stock of said
company, and that the ballance of
said stock, to-wit : $50,000 so soon as
four miles of said road in Atchison
county so as aforesaid shall have
been finished ready for the rolling
stock. r ,
Resolved, That we are in favor of
authorizing the city of Brownville to
issue its bonus running twenty years.
bearing seven percent, intere&t. pay
able annually, which said bonds must
be taken in full pay for said stock at
par value.
Resolved, That a committee of three
persons be appointed by the chair,
charged with the duty of circulating
a petition to the Common Council of
the city of Brownville, praying said
Council to submit at an early day the
question to the legal voters of the city
of Brownville, the question as to
whether the citT shall take said
amount of stock of iaid company, and
issue its bonds In payment thereof on
the foregoing conditions.
Judge Morgan moved to amend by
ubstituting the word "precinct" for
city," and ,i$100,000" for 4,$60,000,"
n the phrase, "authorizing the city of
Brownville to subscribe $(50,000 to the
capital stock," etc. He supported his
amendment in a speech of consider
able length. -..!.
Mr. Church opposed that part of the
amendment relating to the precinct,
as also did Col. Rich.
Judge Morgan responded to the two
last named gentlemen, and apromls
cuous discussion ensued, participated
In by Messrs. Lett, Broady, McPher
son, Porter, Blackburn, Hewett and
The amendment was put to -the
Judge Hewett moved to amendfJy
making the amount $100,000. Auop-
ted. . :
Dr. Blackburn then offered an
amendment to the effect that the sub
scription to be valid only in case woTk
be actually commenced by the 1st of
May next, and completed to Phelps
City by the 1st of July next.
After considerable discussion the
amendment was adopted.
The resolutions offered by Mr.
Church, amended as above, were then
unanimously adopted.
It was moved and carried that when
thl3 meeting do adjourn, it be to' .2
o'clock P. M., on Tuesday next, to re
assemble as a precinct meeting, for
further consultation on railroad mat
ters. Other important business was trans
acted, after which Dr. Presson, of
Tecumseh, was called for and address
ed the meeting.
The chair appointed Messrs. Church,
Hewett and Morgan a committee to
present the matter to the City Council,
as provided in the last resolution.
Meeting then adjourned. .
R. W. FURNAS, Ch'n.
J. D. Calhoun, Sec.
Rev. Mr. Lowe, of the Baptist
Chu roll In this city, preached in the
Presbyterian Church last Sunday
evening upon the subject of Spiritual
ism." The learned divine's handling
of the subject was somewhat peculiar,
and if f his premises' and "conclusions
are correct, then there is more in the
subject of Spiritualism than we had
heretofore supposed. The "manifes
tations" he dignifies jby the name pf
miricles wrought by2 falleni angels.
He thinks that these fallen ' angels
can . represent the dead in their .char
acters and. appearances while in khis
world; that. they can control mind
matter and the elements, sor far as
permitted by the Ruler of the Uni
verse ; that all the spiritual phenome
na of which we read and hear, Is the
work of these fallen angels through
mediums on earth. We have never
given this subject much thought and
no investigation, but supposed that
the phenomena might be accounted
for upon some as yet unknown prin
ciples governing and controling mind
and matter, having absolutely no con
nection with spirits departed or oth
erwise. The future and what is be
yond this life is really beyond our
knowledge, and we have little or no
disposition to seek after such knowl
edge, and know not where it may
be obtained. We endeavor to so live
and act that we shall receive the plan-dit-
of an approving conscience, and
then trust ourselves in the'.hands of
him Who doeth all things well. V,
1 ' ' For tlie Advertiser.
"Have ITe a Croaker Anions:
We are'led to ask this question v by
the interrogatory in the last week's
Democrat; t , " What shall we do?" It
is supposed to be the duty of an editor
We' would like to know if there can
not be some arrangement made by
which we could get our mails regular.
Can we not have a direct line between
this city, Nebraska city or. Brown
ville ? Will not those cities take no!U
of the matter and help us to secure an
extension of the route from Beatrice
to this place?
If those cities did but know it, the
trade of Jefferson county is of great
importance to them, and by our hav
luff better mail facilities in that direc
tion, they would get a large share of
our trade. -
, , We have had no mail from Brown
yilje for three weeks,, until. Thursday;
it all came together. This is gratify
ing to merchants, lawyers and editors
who have to rely on the mails to keep
posted; and through wnlcn tney
transact a large amount of their busi
ness. . .
Our mail from the east, comes up on
something that was onco no doubt a
colt, and may have been at one time a
horse, but now-is nothing but a huge
pile of bones, that by the assistance of
spurs, a rawhide and a . good deal of
extra swearing by the earner, is per
swaded to travel about ten mile3 a day
prbvided.it .don't fall down or stop to
rest. . - . . 1.
Ji.isa shame and a disgrace., that
three, thousand intelligent men . and
woipen, in Jetferson county are im
posed upon to such an extent as we
are by .the irregularities of the mails.
We-hope the Brownville press will
take this matter in hand aud not let
it rest until we have! at least a: tri
weekly route from that city to this
place. We would ask the Nebraska
City papers to help, but as they do not
deign, to exchange .with the Frontier
paper of Nebraska . we do not care
whether tney no or not.
Will oar mail facilities ever be im
proved in this section, is what interests
us now. Little Blue. .
to urge upon the citizens of his City, will give an Entertainment at the Union
county or State such measures as in
Churcb Building November lsth Thanks
giving evening. ; The funds to be appropria
ted for the benefit of the Charch.
Hat Bt and
Miss Foster,
Miss Thompson.
Needlework Stand
Oyster Stax
Miss FoBtle'ite,
Mr. Humphrey.
Notiox Stand
Miss Wilson,
Dr. Buekham, '
Miss Credit,
Mr. Jury.
GirsET Text
hisjudgment would be beneficial ; but
that he shall fall into the croaking,
complaining, dyspeptic disposition of
finding fault and manifesting any
imperfections or omissions that, may
have been made,' Is, entirely out of
place. One would suppose by this
article that Brownvilje had retrogra-
A A m
aea mat ner, business nouses were
empty, her dwellings tenantless; that
no new improvements have been made
and that she is going to. ruin as fast as
the wheels of time can whirl her
along. Is this true? "We, the citizens
of Brownville,' answer emphatically
no! Brownville lias twenty-five per Mr. and Mrs. I.N. White, Mr. andMrs.Fos
Cent. ; more population, business and ter.Mr.and Mrs. Jno. Proudflt, Miss Cary,
material wealth than she had one year
U1T ilfflS.
' FroiaDipatcfceaoOiTeniterl3th.
Thebarnlnsr of the snar cron in Cuba, as
proposed by Gen. Caspedea, in crrier to keep
tne rpaniarus irom usin ii, wui cost uie
United States, according to Cuban estimation
from fifty to sixty million dollars in customs
revenue and income Irani commercial irans
Gold In New York yesterday opened at 127,
and closed at 12 The Assistant Treasurer
sold a million at 12651-lOOdt hs to l'J6 SO.lUOdths,
The funeral of Gen. Wool takes place from
St. Taurs Church. Troy N. Y Saturday a. m
Deceased will be buried with military honors.
The heirs of John Campbell, the possessor
of 3,000 acres of land In liss, which now em
braces the commercial centre of luisviue.
are about fnstitnting suit for the recovery of
tnis property, wnicn tney claim mey are me
rightful owners since the first charter of the
city in 1828. The land is valued at f:i),000,000,
The death of the venerable Mis Rebecca
Georsre. one of the public spirited Philadel
phians to whom the city is Indebted for
George's Hall, is announced.
Rev. Dr. Gordon, for 23 years Rector of St.
John's Chnrch, in Bridgeport, Conn- died
The U. S. Treasury has In its vaults SlH.OOOy
000 in cold, and $11,000,000 in greenbacks. s
The valuable estate ofBlanton Duncan, of
Keniucsy, siezou unuer me connscaiion acv
for his part ici pation l n the rebellion .has been
ordered released by the Attorney General of
tne united states. ...
A terrible explosion occurred in Covington
yesterday. The boiler of Henderson & Long's
planing mill and sash factory Llew up burry
lng fourteen men in the rains of the bulldlnjj
killing the engineer and wounding nearly all
the rest.
The Joint Committee on the re-union of the
Old and New School Presbyterian Churches,
have reported a certain basis of anion.
The Government has been swindled ont of
about a million dollars in the New York
Custom Houses. This has been brought to
llgth by investigation not yet completed.
The iiourlmj mill, warehouse and elevator.
of Haley & Wood, at Chillicofh.e HI., were
bnrned last night. Loss, $70,000. Insurance
A Cuban Steamer that had landed 1.50 men
on the Island and afterwards attempted to
coal oiT Nassau, was fired Into by the English
gunboat Starling and afterwards sunk.
- Mike. McCoole got back to St. Louis from
Cincinnati yesterday. He is mad as a wet
hen- He wants to tight Allen "any way."
Grab Bag
Miss Ella Dort.
Mrs. Scott. . -
Committee onTableaux. Mrs. Jury, Mrs.
Stiles', Miss Credit, Dr. Tay man, Mr. Osborne
and Col.' Thompson. ' ''
Committee. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. McNeal,
ago. From eight to ten new business
houses have been erected, and all in
lun blast; some til irty or forty new
dwellings have been erected, ranging
in cost from five hundred to three
thousand dollars each. Her Railroad
prospects are brighter than ever be-
fore. The Q., & P. Railroad is
pushing along with energy. We do
not wish to extend this article at this
time, but would suggest the propriety
of no more croaking.
Return or Thanks.
Editor Advertiser : On last Sabbath
afternoon Porf.Dye, Mr. and Mrs.Ben
nett, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Sen. , Mr.
and Mrs. Morgan, Jr., Mr. Nickel, Mrs.
Loche, Miss Johnson, Dr. Kimberlin,
K. E. Ebright, Mr. McCreery and
lady, and Rev. T. S. Lowe, from
Brownville, Prof. McKenzie and lady
from Peru, and others, paid us a visit
at the Honey Creek School House,
and paid us a rich treat in the shape
of a Sabbath School Concert.
The exercises consisted in Instru
mental music by Prof. Dye, on his own
instrument, which be brought out for
the occasion ; singing, led by Mr. aud
Mrs. Bennett; short speeches by Dr.
Blackburn, Prof. McKenzie, Rev.
Britt, Judge Morgan, and others, and
a black board lesson by Rev. Lowe.
The exercises were highly interest
ing tuid profitable, for which we desire
to express our hearty thanks, andshall
be triad to see our friends again.
The Omaha Republican is our
authority for saying that Governor
Butler has determined to call an extra
tessiou of the Legislature together in
January, and from his speech reported
In that paper, we conclude that an ex
tension of the time In the State Land
Grant act will not be on the bill for
Legislative actiou.
Glen Rock, Oct. 19, 1S69.
Editor .Advertiser : Sir, Will you
allow me the privilege of asking a few
questions through your widely circu
lated paper?
1st. Are the voters of the third
District, for County Commissioner
entitled to their candidate? or does
the outside voters of the county over
rule our preferences ?
My reasons for asking l this-,, the
majority of the voters of the 3rd Com
missioner's district, were In favor ot
Higglns, and by rignt and justice, he
ought to be our County Judge, for we
hold that the voters of the 3d District,
should have decided this question,
independent of outsideinfluence. We
would like to be putight in this ques
tion. 2d. How are the delegates appoint
ed? From the last Election Returns.
Glen Rock has too few, or Brownville
to many which is it?
At your.earliest leisure please Jo re-
Respectfully Yours,
Rock Cheek.
. Normal School, Nov. 12 '69.
Mr. Editor : Do you suppose that
the people generally know that they
have a normal school in which the
young men and women of the State,
who expect to teacn, can receive their send a
tuition, and very many of their text to
books free of cost ? ,
Is it generally known that we can
accommodate over 100 students as well
and as cheaply, its! any other in the
State? I fear,. Mr. Editor, that our
people do not appreciate the advanta-
afforded them.
Our State Superintendent is very
anxious to introduce a regular system
of instruction throughout the entire
From Dispatches of November 13th.
.The English Government has .or
dered a Man-of-war to convey the re
mains of the late Geo. Peabody to A-
Louis Blanc has been nominated
for the Corps Legislatiff.
I he Saxon House of Deputies want
capital punishment abolished through
out North Germany.
The Breman bark Cupid, with a
cargo of petrolium from New York to
Danzig, burned to the water's edsre at
the latter city yesterday, where she
just arrived. The loss is heavy. .:
The Duches or Ueno Is opposed to
the candidature of her son for the
! throne of Spain.
A ltio Janeiro letter of September
27th, states no further fighting has
occurred in Paraguay, the Allies hav-
on Music. Mr. Osborn and ing given up me pursuit oi Liopez.
Lojez is at ivstanislaus with plenty of
troops but little amunition.
Gold closed at 1263.
A number of gentleman who were
assessed as secessionists during the
war by order of Gen. llalleck, at St
Louis, have commenced suit against
Col. Dick, Ex-Provost Marshal, to re
cover the amount paid by them.
"When they get their "rights" we will
note tne fact.
Information has been filed in the
U. S. Disirict Court against twenty
St. Loui3 tobacconists for non-pay
ment oi tax.
Geo. W. McKean has been appoint
ed Postmaster at Lexington. Mo.
Gov. Palmer has appointed John
Jones, (colored), of Chicago, .Notary
O ! At S 1 J x "-
rni tj n O'l n n J onow is uiree mciies ueep at ues
j.usuruwuvuitjouveruorneiii3anu Moines Iowa.
WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE. Secretary Boutwell officially an
I 1 I. 1 11. T" t A T -W T I
All are cor.llnllv Invited to nnlf In nl.Hn.r "Ounces Hie (ICaill OI ItODen J. WaiK-
o i . . i iv i ii m
it, uuu uu uuMiiess iii me treasury
Department ..will .be suspended the
I day of the funeral.
Investigations show that the frauds
committed in the New York Custom
House during 18G6, '67and'G8, amount
to $S00,0G0. The principal offender
has not been found and hi3 name is
withheld. .
6,000 counterfeit tobacco stamps
seized in New York, reported worth
$115,000. . . , .
The r president has completed his
One Price Hew York
Wo. to Slain Street,
tn Tnr.
In the diu
tttl DLxtnrt
4th day of SoTmmoer.A,
that petUlon (ZCTT
October, A. D. Iv3 fl:wi T n
W. K Field, of
WO. u fca
herrtn. , '". "1 bitH-" T
UblmhVrnift',;" ?5 ! -An iT.1
. i - . . ' J '! )l tt-ri .
urn, me united Htatm."
cate thereof, from .11 t r.m. bara-
time and place awirnV for hi 1 1w,"'i ijfc
when and where yon mivIuX??
!f anyyou have whv tl i n t''l1 h w
thoulrf not be n tL T&?!5 "'J1 ""'1 p5
the petition of the fi "J'1 5 'S
be h1 at tne ,We tunS fit
CTert ofther. S. n4ute
..JJYl DaiH
1 United Sut for th.n(D..V.V.'.T Of
ITS- Wj W o-cl.k 2 y??hu4a7 5
M. Bjco. one of thA .t- ,"v 'i-ffx-. J.J
district, forth wrikin cf a Snai d ".r"1
DiirtHwes named in the twentvt-.?- "W:
bankrupt act of Ifanh h J'KD.ln iu,D ,!
a.wnee his dividend of th'f1 W
1 vr ir n......
One of thft larfffist. -SSa
I Und ImnKmirrill.. .1 . '
nest stocks 01 Men and
Stook :
. Uod Iron Gray FJllev. .K.,. .
old. darlc uoane a
Jiaia fuces. and w
attout iwiv yean
nianeTiT tail, a
S., about two yen
jyearsoM. The ownern'can ThV ,
8 lrj.n (ir:,y uZ.H Itot
and tail; tu 1 .tTf ' "or.
a wmi on the ua
rs old: cue Irr,n i.Vaf T - knw"
paying charges and prm mg " r,
arte tit !.
Finn goods.
- I'i-UT
T?STIf A VVnTTr.T.1 .
Hoothwest of Bennett's MiiN on tl?eU dar J,!
ber. one estray wnite stear w li T"ti? I oflrUru
head, two yeum old in tlit sf r?e w"Ti "4
in the fc eur anda crop offW t X
marks noticeble. ' v.t r oth
Tr miles , Valises, fyc.fyc.
and Z. Colvln
. Committee. Miss Credit, Miss Tostlewait,
Miss Gary and Miss Baird.
Committee. Mrs. Rnland and Mr. WI1
AvcTioyEEK. D. A. Colvln.
Dookkekpeks Mr, M. Thompson and E. J.
Pkayek by Dr. Buekham,
to complete the new Union Church.
ADMISSION ... ...50 eta.
!2rAXY oxe HAviya CLAIMS
Counselor at Law,
t r Solicitor before tle Court of Claims, Ac.
4T8 H St., ' : .
Washington, p.C j-tf
IVAXTEjD Agents for
Just the Book needed In everv familr. and
so cneap mai an can aiiora it. it Is a hand-
Allopathic, Homeopathic. IIvd.ro-
State. and says he has reccommended 8,m octavo of 5 closely printed pasres. con
. , J A . taininjr the matter of a S-3.00 volume, but ts
text Looks that are exponents pf that sold at It differs from all similar works
. Wit.nn.onMm. t nof h I "7 nejiiuereni moaes 01 treaty rarar-
does not strike at the root of the mat
ter. Good text books arc very desira
ble but we must - have thoroughly
disciplined teachers to use them.
What we most need, to-day, in Is e- full particuUrs, terms, etc,
braska, is a regular systematiq drill,
for all our teachers. ' Let the State and
County Superintendents see to'it, that
the Normal School is giving correct
methods! is moldinsr the character
aright; and teen, let them urga every
pathlc, Eclectic, and Herbal, thus rend
ering It available whereother books are of no
use. Agents find it by far the best selling
book of the kind ever published. Over Two
Thousand (2.000) Conies have already
oeen sola in tne city of Chicago, where the
author resides. Send for circulars, giving
Address ' J. S. GOODMAN 4b CO.,
5-2t r . 5 Custom House PlAee, Chicago, 111.
TOTICE is hereby given that the i
a.! co-Dart nershlD of A. J. MeFall and D.
H. McLauirhlln. known as MeFall t Co.. has
been this day dissolved by mutual conrent. Either
From Disyatcha of November 11th.
Admiral Tepete has been elected
Vice President of the Constitutional
Cortes in Spain.
The Bishop of Havana has been
arrested at Cadiz.
Gold closed at 1261 i.
A class of 30 ladies with 140 male
students, are attending medical lec
tures at the- Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, - , .
The funeral of Gen. Wool took
place vesterday at Troy, N. Y., with
imposing ceremonies.
The funeral onsequies or tne late
Hon. Robert J. Walker took place
yesterday at ashlngton. The Pres
ident and Cabinet, with representa
tives from all the Departments, were
Tne untisn sixiy-iour-gun rngate,
Augusta, sunK in Delaware, below
fort Mimin in 177, has just been
raised in a good state of preservation
Parker and Watson's .Tatlonal
Parker and 1Tatoa' XaUena
navies' Arithmetic,
navies' Hlsrher Mathemanr.
Clark's Grammar!. . .
MoulIethN School Man. In
Cheapest and Best!
These book are fiw wvlnr Intn nn. .).,,
; Teachers regurd tliem a
Send for Descriptive Catalsrat
"- 'ntlrl rlronli m .
These goods Avere
selected by -himself in
New York, for this
market, and are un
doubtedly.: the: most GEO: B. MOO BE.
relia ble goods : of the
land ever offered in
UI ilUV UL11U1 lllill- SMm
ket. :
vnnnrr mjin and Woman who expect to niember of the firm is authorized to receive and
j --o , . 4 receipt for money 1
teach, to spend, at least, two terms at
ue the firm.
Keturnine thanks for the manv favors received.
thv U'nnlil SUIT thnf Hfp XfVall will .till v.tt nn
the Normal School. e fear this IS the public to Furniture in tiie ii an nn ford brick op-
overlooked to much throughout thel the best brunds oi Flour, Feed, etc.. at theold stand.
A. J. .H'tAI,L,
State : in theory, they all admit that
the Normal School is the thiup- for
every State, yet practically. they ig
nore it. How strange it is, that when
the meaiis to make" our schools what
thev ' Should be and must bo are
richtat hand, we pass them by and
r- w
October 30th, 18fi9. S-.tt
Cor. North Market and Broadway,
Corrected weekly for the Advertiser by
The Market this week shows a
Business Coats from fil0.
Business Suits, frs.
Cnaimere, from Wn.1fr
Vests from 7- cts. to $1 Si.
Overshirt. from 75 cts. to
UnderehirU, from 75 cts. to f2.
One block west of the North Market Ptreet Penot
e il,: I oi wie M. u. . i ne sireei cars pass mm nouse
seize upon a feeble thing that at the for all parU of the cityt ior aa purposes it is the
oesi nocei in ine cuy. zii
ITIiat Railroads do for Coun
ties. The increase in the taxable wealth
of Atchison county during the past
twelve months is upwards of $800,
OOO ! These figures may seem start
ling to some, but they are neverthe
less correct. What has brought about
this result, while many of our neigh
boring counties are on a stand still?
Simply this: We have a Railroad!
If the building of a north and south
line of Xlailroad along the western
border of our couuty increases the
value of our property twenty-live per
cent, in twelve months, what will be
the increase in our taxable wealth
within the name space of time by the
building of an Eat and West Trunk
Itailaoad through . the centre of the
county? We answer, not less than
seventy-five per cent. There is no
exaggeration about this, as . the Rail
road history or tue country will bea
us out. Rock Tort JouriiaL . '. ,
'Industry must prosper," as the
man said who wa9 holding the baby
while his wife chopped wood.
best is only secondary.
T.ook at our schools to day. Where
is our system? 'Visit Nebraska City,
Omaha, and other towns, and see the
confused jumbio they present; no
Adjusted blan of operation, but
--- j fr . .
every teacher teaching as lie listeth,
without regard to any other,.
And this will - be so, till some place
is formed to which all will conform.
Will not the press in tile State in-
Proposals for Grain.
Headquarters Department or tbc Plattk,
Omaha, "ku., October 21, 1869.
SEALED Bid3, in duplicate, with
guarantee, signed by two responsible pnr-
tieff, not bidders, and accompanied by a deposit of
one mousana dollars as a runner iruaramec, wiii be
receivea at tins omce. unm !i o elocft a. m.. on
Saturday, .November laKh, !., for the delivery of
Thirty thousand (HO.nno) bushels of Oats, and
Fiity tnousana (ou.imu) Dusueis ot corn.
at Omaha, Nebraska the corn to be of last years
crop. ...... . .
ieittrenr ti. coimiiencv uikii in nwsru oi con
tract, and to be completed within thirty days there-
sist on a systematic'drill, on thorough wm be recrfved .r any quantity not les8
nrpnnrjvtinn . than three thousand bushels.
pil.lui.ttiiuu. .. ... Kfnaratii bids must he mul for lie Corn and Oats.
UUr l eacner 8 xnautuies are ueips, I JJiaiiK mas can oe una at tnis omce.
I Villi AAnii i t iitna r.f AAr.tH.i maA IrnAWtt An an.
out cannot. laKe me .piace oi ine ior- pucation at th ftnum.
I By order Uv't Ual-Goa. Auur.
mal Hcnool. . . .. ...... . wm.myers.
A t.. r I BTT HrlK-tieilJ. U U- M.
we are prcparcu iu luntruvb iium
Corrected weekly for the Advertiser by
Calico, inert? 11.
Muslin, 12Cci.l7.
Bleached, Hc?.i.'jn.
Ott"n DeUiiMt, je. . . . ,
All Wool ix-lmne, 57c
BiUmoral Skirts. (I 7.Vi?2 M.
Word of Wisdom for vounir men. on the
Ruli n Jt I'assion in ViMith and l-rly Msnhixxl, with
SKLK IIEI.Pforthe Krrimc and unfortunate. Kent
In seilel letter envelopes, free of charge. Address,
HOWARD AitaiOCIATION, Box 1. Philadelphia,
Wholesale and Retail
150 to. 200 pupils, and say to the people, tt a TJir ft, A "Rf TT A dV.
we wait your pleasure. We cannot ilAUlV
believe that anyone can be so prejudi
ced as to the locality, that this will
will keep them away, and if any feel
like asking, "can any good come out
of Nazereth?" we can only reply,
"come and see."
WTe are anxsous to build up our
Vo. 24, Alain Street,
school on a sure foundation, and we I Keep constantly on hand a full assortment of
believe that foundation to be well
quallified, and thoroughly disciplined ,
teachers. .
We ask every friend of education to
help us, by sending those thirsting to
the spring to drink.
! We ask the press to say to the peo
ple throughout the State, Tuitiori in
the Xormal School is free tothosc
studying for Teachers. .
Staple ajid Fancy
Glassware & Queensware
Country Produce Always Wanted!
J at
-All kinds
and styles.
ano tpIvom. A -trTri livo Anrnsf TjTi AXTv S rf nil kind, consfjintl v nn
de river luirtie rrjfnpike by der school -D hand. fit the Advertiser Job omce.
as you go up mit de right'hand on de pLOTHIKG! CI.QTIIING ! ! Cheap
odthcrside. 1 ai UETZKL'S
XI lKDIt'INE. an diploma at Office wilt
show, has boen lonicer enjjaKst In the trentmeiit
of Vexkrkal, StJti AL and I'bivaTK Luskas-
kh than any other nhysicutn in M. Louis.
Syphilis, y.-norrhje. Ult--t, Mrictnre. Orchlttls,
Heruia. and liiiture: all urinary Lus-s and
HyphiDlic wr Mercurial A mictions of Throat,
skin or Botifs, are treated with unpsralielied
Spermatorrhea, Sexual Debbllity and I m po
tency, as the result of self abue in youth, sexu
al excess in maturer year?, or other caiwyw, and
which produce some of tha fjl.owin effect, as
Nocturnal KmKsiens, blotches, deiMlity, dizzi
ness, dimness of sicht, confiuuon of idas, evil
lorebodimw, aversiiMi to society of females, lam
of memory and sexual pewer, and reniering
marriage improiwr, are permaaently cured.
The LKictvr's upjtortuiiities in h.pital and
prjvuta jTactice arw unsurpasNit In sl Louis or
ay 4htrr city. Back tilis of St. Louis papers
prove that he has been located her lonrer than
any other so advertising. The establishment,
library, laboratory and appointments, are un
rivalled In the west, uii-nurpasat-d anywhere.
Aire, wiih experienc, can be rlid ui-oii, and
Die doctor can refer to many physicians through
out Ui country. Id a.st sui-ces ami prast-ut
pition he stands without a competitor.
The Wrltinc cf Pbyairtaa wa rrr
atalioa l I niuit.w itr akould
fee worlh rratltuc.
Pocroa Whittiek piblishs a Xftiisal WpV
Irt relating to venereal diseases arvl the dis.
In mm aud varied coa-vuence of self-abuse that
wiU be sent to any addre in a sealed enveloe
for two stamps. Many physicians introduce pa
tients to the dH' afUMr rwliu his nmlical
pamphlet. 'xmniunications rontidential. A
friendlr talk will -ost vmi not h in. OflirvejMt
tral, vet retired So. 17 SU Oiarles street, t.
Louis, Mo. Hours 9 a.m. to 7 p,m, Sundays i
to 2 p.m. 23-y
JOB PRINTING, in one or more
J colors, promptly dune &t the Advertiser
Job Office,
SUMMER SUITS, for Men and Roys,
Mr. Hetzels ex
perience in this busi
ness over 15years
enables mnuto select
his goods, with more
judgement, for good
material and make,
than the great major
ity of dealers in Cloth
These goods have ail
been purchased for
Cash, at a very low
margin, and enables
him to sell them verv
Low for Cash.
Few persons once
dealing with Hetzel
but will always deal
there, because his deal
ings are fair and above
board. He lias but
One Price.
ozte phi an
lew YorkClolhing House
ISO. 70 JIaJn Street,
BroiMrllle, .Nebraska.
111 State St., Chieag,
lirovrnvllle, b.
. Annual Statement
If umber of Policies Issued
Amount Issued t hereon
Amount to-. . ....i:M-i93l
Of which the interest ua Invest
ments was,., 1,70WT
Was 81.11.1,69 W
Was more than 300,000 la of (!
Amounted to the lane. Ram of. , 83.-26 VM1 1'
This Is mors than tw!e as mnch as was paM
any otter Lire Company In the World, a sppaw
by the ofTicial returns. Tlie l vaatages enjev! W
the policy-holders in thi Compaay overtb
any other, could not be better exemplified.
t . : I- . .
Offered to policy vcldersla aiiitUrwt from ta?
arOr no Una than from the amount of Ulu
. , pany'a Assets. Thes Include Inveiucei't
. . - - - r - - rrwl
n ery case not less tbaa dmb!e the 7,
Government st.wfc
Real Kstate .
Cash epited with Banks and
Trust Co'i ,
. 5.00-1,1 rTJ i
tub awets or nrz comtsxt
Include no Tremlnm "Totes, as thebnineso
Company is con.lai-ti u:viii au txue'J
.J . i
ASSETS, IC5,000,00U
FISJI & iixlis:
.ocal Agext, : :
Pern Xi very Stable
Iealerln -
.Vll IUnclH- of StocU-
v e
Ilunea Boa-it, Soli. r
Stock Boitrdtd lj the Ihvj or
MY STA are tncktfd aith ' , i
e ww to "-
bUKJties. lVrsiiis lim fi'i'-'" NWjr
tionof themalilJkndpK.u-u.icii
dsted. The ... rVaf
Peru iz Brownvillj,,:
leaves mr Wabto erenr momW " veyei,
ders leit wail th Puuiia-iers oc' lyJl
tended to.
1 1
Market, at
i c ,
i )

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