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. Great Liberator’s Memory Honored by Many
- Testimonials.
William Lloyd Garrison.
Colored people of St. Louis by several
m. tings, at which speeches on the
great liberator’'s life and work were
made by many prominent sngskers.
The memorial services began at 11
1. m., at Central Baptist church, where
Rev. Geo. E. Stevens preached a most
eloquent sermon on “God’s Hand in
Garrison’s Work and Time,” to a
large audience.
At 3 o’clock a maeeting was held ac
Metropolitan A. M. E. Zion church,
r which Hon. J. Milton Turner pre
,d, and addresses were delivered by
rof. Peter H. Clark and William Gar
land and others. .
At this meeting a detachment of the
Ninth U. S. cavalry was in attend
ance, and Prof. J. B. Vashon read au
tograph letters 75 years old addressed
by Mr. Garrison to his grandfather,
Springfizld, Mo., Dec. 12, 1995.
Kiditor American Eagle:
Dear Sir:—After congratulating you
upon your improvement in the reading
matter of the American Eagle and
Services in Halls aud Churches.
thanking ninm lor moral and unancial
aid in his work.
- At Douglass hall, Prof. P. H. Mur
ray delivered an =loguent talk en “The
Garricson Epoch,” i connectios v«ih
the Sunday band concert.
Capt. C. H. Tandy and Attorney
Vaughn addresscd a meeting at U. B.
F. hall, made up of the members an:l
friends of that order, and the Caterers’
Waiters’ club closed the celebrations
of the day, with one of their charac
teristic entertainments at Pythian
Temple, where addresses were made
by several prominent speakers, con
cluding with a sumptuous banquet.
On Monday evening, nearly 1,000
people crowded into Central Baptist
church, to witn=2ss an illustrated lec
ture on Garrison and the incidents of
his career by Rev. Stevens.
bespeaking for you the nearty suppor
of tho loyal Pythians of the grand
domain of Missouri, I beg to reporl
the election of officers of Fidelity
Lodge No. 7 for the ensuing term. At
our regular convention last Monday
night the following officers were
electod: 2. Aduams €0.30 H,
Nutall, V. C:; Rev J. S. Dorsey. Prel.;
H. D. Johnson, M. of F; A B Free
nian, M. of B.; H. R. Webb, K. R. and
S: # Holen ™8 of A: Dr. W. G
Scales, Med. Reg.; B F Adams, Grand
Rep: 'C. H, Andrews, M. of W.
A public installation will be held
Monday mnight, December 18. With
this n2w set of officers much is hoped
to be accomplisned during the next
term. Success to Missouri and her
giant little G.. €. Aaron 'W. . Liloyd.
Success, too, to the American Eagle.
More anon.
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Eloqucnt Memorial Sermon by
Pastor Stevens.
New Views on an Old Subject.
Rev. Geo. E. Stevens addressed thv?‘
largest audience of the day, last Sun
day morning,at Central Baptist church, ‘
taking for the subject of his discourse,
“God’s Hand in the Work and ’[‘imei
of Garrison.” He spoke as follows: |
Zephaniah 3:12—“1 will also leave
i. the midst of tlee an afflicted and |
poor people, and they shall trust in
the nam~ of the Lord.”
The prophet is reproving Jerusalem
for her sins. There was wickedness
in high places. Her princes were as
“roaring lions,” her judges like “en
suing wolves,” “her propnets, light and
treacinerous persens; her priests pol
lluting th 2 sanctuary, and as a result,
there was among the people a general
drift away from God. The prophet as
sures them that the just Lord is in the
midst thereof to reward them accord
ing to their doings. He tells the peo
ple that however apostate and corrupt
the times, God will have a remnant
who shall not do iniquity nor sporak
lies. In the darkest hour there is al
ways reason for hope, because Ged,
speaking by the prophet, said: I
will leave in the mids{ of thee a poor
and afflicted people, and they shall
trust in the name of the Lord.” Their
Jdistinguishinz mark will be loyaltyy to
God, and to these belong the coming
of that brighter day of gencral right
eousness and peace.
Thais is the way it has ever ‘been.
When the hour was darkest, and in
justice and self-seeking and unb:lief
in God were everywhere, there was al
ways th 2 little company who were the
salt of the earth, the conservators of
spiritual religion. They were a de
spised and affiicted few, but they wit
nessed to the truth, their lives and
testimony was a proiest against sin.
They were prophets of hope, because
they walked in God's fear and be
lieved His word.
The one-hundredth anniversary of
the birth of William Lloyd Garrison i 3
celebrated to-day throughout this
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country. He was one of those poor
and afflicted ones, but armed and
panoplied with the truth, he de
nounced slavery at the risk of his life,
and taugnt this nation the real mean
ing and scope of the fatherhood of
God and the brotherhcod of man
througn Jesus Christ.
It is well that we review the stirring
period in which Garrison lived and
labored, lest, in this hour of expe
diency and trimming in regard to the
eternal principles of brotherhood an<
justice, we forget God’'s verdict in the
Sketch of Garrison,
«arrison was born in Newbury Port,
Mass., Dec. 10, 1805. His mother’s
maiden name was Fanny Lloyd. Her
people were Episcopalians. One day
little Fanny attended a meeting of
Baptist worshippers in a very iowly
meeting house, and there heard in
plain language the way of life through
Jesus Christ, that he who repents and
believes and is baptized shall be saved.
God’s spirit brought the trutih home to
this girl’s heart, and there among
thos> humble Baptisis she was con
vinczd of her need of a Saviour. She
returned to her home praying and soon
vielded to Christ, and expressed her
desire and purpos: to conneci with
that Baptist church. Her parents re
monstrated with her and even threat-
PER YEAR $l.OO N 0.34
ened to close the home against her if
sh‘e should do sucihh a thing. But
Fanny, in spite of ostracism, was bap
tized, and joined the Baptist church.
Her parents kept their word. Fanny
was denied the home roof; but she
had Christ and the joy of heeding the
heavenly voice. Even as a girl she had
a strong character and was willing to
suffer for her belief. She had the
courage of her conviciions.
This was the kind of woman who
gave birth to William Lloyd Garrison,
one of the greatest moral heroes of
the Nineteenth century. The great
need of our nation to-day is a home
life which throbs with a devout wife
hood and a praying motherhood, and
wihere the childran breathe the atmos:
phere of God.
Abijah Garrison, our hero’s father,
was a man of intellect, but given Lo
drink, a roving temperament and unre
liabl» a 3 a provider. He finally aban
dons his wife and tar2e children alto
gether. Then began the struggle by
this devoted mother, as many a woman
before and since under similar circum
stances has done, to feed and clothe
hor little ones. But little by little
God opened the way. Little Willie
did what he could to help his mother.
iAmid her poverty, erushed down by
,the infidelity of her husband anl the
‘burden of her children’s care, Mrs.

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