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IT HUNTSVILLE GAZETTE COMPANY.__ "With Charity for All, and Ualice Towards None.” 8CB80BIPTI0I! $1.50 oer ■■■! .
Nows from Everywhere.
the Cuban suiar crop of l$S5-8o, it is
. . -hi will bo the largest ever raised on
that island-_->
_ Dnj{e of Connaught haw been ap*
1i ;;7ed commander-in-chief of the Britisu
forces in Bombay.
Prjxce Nicholas of Montenegro, the
choice for the throne of B; raria,
k'a Russian subject._J
TT? •;vers po und Art? re -u IW
>* -r
"untry along_thcir courses. • - - "
\ proposal has been made in the French
""i,ini her of Deputies to grant a pension
‘f j (100 f,.anC5 to widdtfs of men who died
,n Tonouiu. •. _
\ nisriTO// (w B >;u3 stntes that it is
reported there that throe Italian ironclads
tare been ordered to join the British fleet
now stationed at Malta:_
fix- the I3th, Sir Farrar Herschel said in
# .teei.bat Bristol that the Liberals could
Sotconfide in Lord Churchill, as his policy
„,54uecho Gladstone’s.
fire official returns of the New York
r/tvelection show that Hewitt received
vij»> votes for mayor; George. (’>8,110;
Roosevelt, CO,4X5, and-lYmdtwell, 582.
—-• ..—
ftjCT. Wiley reports tLat by the dif
fusion process- of. sugar-making about
twiceibe aificnnt of’sugar is obtained
from Louisiana cane as ov the . old sys
--I,. ■ w ■
Ax order of appeal was issue l on the
llth staying'the execution of Daniel
Driscoll, wbo was sentenced to be hanged
it New York on the 12th for the murder
of Breezy Garfitty.
Disastrous floods have occurred
throughout tbe south of France. Much
damage has been done, and washouts
Bnng the railroads have compelled the
complete suspension of travel.
A marriage is being arranged between
the Princess Victoria of Tek and Lord
Weymouth, son of the Marquis of Bath.
Queen Victoria will give the princess a
dower, her father being penniless.
Cardinal Hatnald, Bishop of Kaloeza
urn! Bars, Hungary, has starte l a sub
wription for the purpose of raisiug fun is
todefrav the expanses of removing the
remains of the Abbe Liszt to Pesth.
The issue of standard silver dollars
nun the mints during the week ended
.November 18 was $858.111; same week last
tear tfCi'8,117. Theshipmenls of fractional
silver coin .since November 1 amount lo
0 6.541.
The Baltimore & Ohio Express Com
pany has succeeded in perfecting ar
rangements for a through line from New
York to New Orleans. The company will
begin on December 1, running on their
new line.
A year ago Harrison Leper married
Cor,a Brown, aged thirteen years. He died
on tbe 10th in the village of Shrub Oak,
Westchester C"Unt.y, N. Y. The widow,
who still wears short clothes, has a two
months’ baby.
Cpon receiving notice from the King of
Denmark of bis refusal' to consent to
Princ> IValdemar’s acceptance of the Bul
W’ifin throne, the regents resigned and
”.•»S-ibrnnj * lias adjourned, ell the mem;
Agoing to Sofia.
h epidemic of juvenile crime seems to
Livr broken out in Paris. Among the
brought to public notice is that of a
>ouug girl named Georges, who com
mi.telsuicide in the Seine because of dis- I
®PP’intment in love.
‘ Re Comptroller of tlio Currency has
■Rthorizel the Alabama National Bank,
° uiingham, Ala., to commence busi
es with a capital of $500,0)0; and ibe
I'luuon National Bank, of Townson,
•n'" with a capital of $55,035.
iT i< alleged that John C. Euo, formerly
N- tl^of-tbe Secou l National Bank of
whoroiibed that institution of
'’’ol millions of dollars and fled to
-.iiaila, visited bis father's residence in
' c- «few days ago in disguise.
The official vote of the State election in
-■oRives Hobinsau (Rep.), 310,805; Me
lif,tDem.).328,3M: Smith (Pro.),28,657;
■ (Greenback), 1 0)2. Robinson’s
jj;11‘*5-’ 11,581. irt J844 Robinson’s plu
1 • (°r Secretary of State was 11,-42.
tke coluJ)auios of the Secou l in
l3l - stationed at other points are
,(E -ansferrel to Fort Omaha within a
tii/.!'3- The plan concentrating
(”>rw 'V le?‘m3uts in large posts is being
‘ioot rapidly as the limited ap
• 1,!ions available will permit.
o!j!*r'E Komatsu, uncle of the Mikado
liS!^a’.called at the White House on
^oia'1 * '■',nPa,,y "'ith the Princess
lai.j aud members of his suite and
^ere ■ * !’e"Pects to the President. They
fTfitn?V*Ved !IS t!)0 b' oo parlor. The
bay; i j "lons were made by Secretary
Mbb \i •-- - — -
Andrew <iRGA”ET Carnegie, mother of
a"dsteel an>bi*,?« llje millionaire iron
11 CreS5, Ul*Rufac*urer, died at her home
long*,! i)"h,g J" 0,1 tao l!)tb, after a pro- j
*y*sevCn ^*3' Carnegie was seveu
*hohaj \'?dlS °f a®e< Andrew Carnegie,
t'-'Wconvir l!i for several weeks, is said
T nTal3jcmg. _
thing [0 > d''u^ Hods that it cos ts some*
bictof pPj^Pcrty’holder in the Dis
V|w,for .,Uml<la- He purchased “Oak
! ^^othS0, '20’^- He got bis,, tax
V d Jo»t dou\ l8J ,and f0nn J ,hat tho Place
lNex-ye5rthe‘ b a Vn 0n LU bands.
>0EementV to850!,"W add tbe C05t cf
uwelUn? v . to .Abe grounds and
*#rUl J«st one\h6bT»sU \Ulk3 Hie -place"
■ 6R1 s salary, of f30,000.
It is now stated that Russia favors the
Montenegrin prince, Blazo Provitch, for
the Bulgarian throne.
A Dublin tradesman explains that his
bankruptcy-is dueio his being boycotted
by the National League.
A New Yoiik jury on the 13th, after
seventeen minutes’ deliberation, found
Andrew J. Whitman, a private detective,
j guilty of blackmail and endeavoring to
extort *l,00u from Charles B. Seers, of
Buffalo. ^
Trie will of Mrs. Stewart was probated
:n New York on the I3ch without any ob
jection having been made.
jdlU: Department has,,. e
KieneJmVue" is duo" ot Trie new two-doilar
silver certificates.
According to official figures the army
of the United States now consists of 2,102
officers and 23,91(1 enlisted men.
Mrs. Jane Wheeler was brutally mur
dered at Cleveland, O., on the morning of
the 13th. Benjamin Wheeler, her bus' and,
has been arrested on suspicion of having
been concerned in the deed.
Congressman W. T. Price, of Wiscon
sin, is lying seriously ill at his home in
Black River, and is not expected to re
Ihe American Secular Union, at its
meeting in New York on the 13th, elected
the following officers: President, Court
landt Palmer; secretary, Samuel P. Put
nam; treasurer, Eugene McDonal 1.
Colonel Itobt. G. Iugersoll presided.
The Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago rail
road was sold on the 13th under decree of
foreclosure for $1,506,000. The bond
holders were the purchasers.
The entertainment at S’ !i Francisco on
the night of the 13th for the benefit of the
Charleston sufferers netted about $3,500.
Mrs. Miriam Putnam, a daughter-in
law of General Putnam of revolutionary
fame, celebrated her one hundred and sec
ond birthday at Danvers, Mass., on the
A WELL-DEF.SSKD man entered the jew
elry store of Charles Upmyer at Milwau
kee, Wis., on tho evening of the 13th
threw a handful of red pepper into the
eyes of the proprietor, seized a bundle of
watches and escaped.
Rev. Wm. Delaney, Catholic Bishop of
the diocese of Cork, Ireland, died on the
Accordino to ofl$r;-1 returns the German
merchant fleet is composed of 4,135 ves
sels, having a registered tonnage of 1,282,
449 Ions, and crews to the number of 38,
931 men.
Sir Henry Drummond Woiff, the
I British Commissioner in Egypt, has been
i summoned to London, though for what
| purpose does not npp ar.
I A fire, resulting in a loss of nearly
i $50,1*00, occurred i:i the 8'taten Island Dye
j Works, at Stat.m Island, N. Y., cn the
I Utb.
The steamer Yemasse, of the Charles- !
ton lino, arrived in Now York on the 13th
with its chief officer, George W. Wills,
deaden beard, his brains having been
j dashed cut by a swinging jib-sail block.
Patti arrived at New York on the 13:b.
The tobacco tax collected bv the Gov
ernment the past year was $;• 7,907,302.
Lizzie Dwyer, Ed. Corrigan’s famous
mare, died of pmumcnia at Lexington,
Ky., on the 14th.
John Ryan, a Hamilton (O.) policeman,
killed n thief named Long on tho 14ih,
who was trying to escape.
A b:ll for the conversion of the Belgian
national debt will be introduced in tho
next parliament.
A labor convention is called to meet in
Columbus. O., December 8, to organize a
trades congress.
Two engines and fourteen freight cars
were demolished by a collision on the Mis
souri Pacific railway at Denison, Tex., on
the 14tb.
The radical element had the upper hand
in the Chi.-ago Trades’ Assembly meeting
on the M il, an 1 action was taken which
was virtually a snub to Mr. Powderly.
Boodleiian McQuade’s trial opened in
New York on tho 13th.
Michael Davitt was tendered a recep
tion at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the night of
the 35'h.
Prince Bismarck has returned from
Berlin to Fredericksruhe.
The Wheller murder mystery at Cleve
land, O., remains unsolved.
Dr. Salm says the cattle disease in
Indiana is not pleurc-pnemnon ia.
Nine deaths resulted from a railway
accident at Sisteron, France, on the 14th.
According to the latest calculations the
Democratic majority in the incoming Con
gress will be twenty-one.
Pnixc:-.tow College is pouting because
she thinks she was slighted at the Har
vard celebration by Dr. Holmes.
Pkince Waldkmar, it is said, is per
sonally willing to accept the Bulgarian
throne, l ut daddy says he mustn’t.
Vjhcent Mestre, a member of the Span
ish legation, is under arrest at New York
on a charge of robbing a woman.
A SKCRET Socialist meeting was held at
Frankfort, Germany, on the loth, and
twenty-five persons were arrested.
Aw extensive revolutionary scheme at
Pbillippopolis, which was fostered by the
F.u-sian consulate, has been frustrated.
The National Cattle-Growers’ Associa
tion has decided to unite with the Na
tional Cattle and Horse-Growers’ Associ
Count Kai.nuKv’s recent speech before
the Austro-Hungarian delegations has
created a bad impression at St. Peters
At Antelope, Ar:z., on the J5lh, C. S. ,
Stanton was killed in a row with Mexi
cans, one of whom was also killed by a
companion of Stanton.
As many of the Chicago bnion Stock
Yards strikers as could obtain employ
ment returned to work on the 15th, and
the remainder will be taken on as fast as
they are needed.
The National Veterinarian Sanitary
-iloards’ Association met in second annual
Amvention at Chicago on
Francis McCabe, the boodle alderman
who was recently adjudged insane, ss
cured his release on bail from Ludlow
Street jail. New York, on the 15th. The
required bond was 5-1,0C0.
Iuk schooner Ishpen’ ij was towed
into port at Escanaba, Mich., on the 15th,
having beeh found on the lake abandoned
by her crew. ^
lx is reported from Athens that the
peasants of Eastern Ronnielia are declar
ing themselves in favor of Russia and that
a civil war is imminent.
1 he stoamship Normantore is reported
to have foundered off Pashima, Japan
with seventy-two passengers on board.’
Of thesi twelve reacho*d the h or o s;v,(l .
hon’. Norman Colmar, Commissioner
of the United States Agricultural Depart
ment, delivered an address at the session
of the National Grange in Philadelphia on
the 15th. Tho seventh and highest degree
of the order was conferred on B. C. Har
rison, of Alabama, acting high priest.
Edgar Lombard, of the firm of A. C.
Lombard & Sons, one of the best-known
shipping firms in Boston, committed sui
cide on tho 15th by inhaling gas at
Young’s Hotel, while laboring nnder a fit
of despondency caused by family
Herr von Alvesleben, the German
Minister to the United States, was re
ceived by Emperor William and was en
tertained at dinner by the Crown Prince
on the 15 h before starting for America.
The Str .sburg tribunal has condemned
23) absentees to pay a fine of six hundre 1
marks each for emigrating without hav
ing served in the army.
The Secretary of War has decided tha’
the soldiers lelonging to Captain Law- j
ton’s command, who were provided ttith 1
worthless shoes from tho military prison ]
at Ft. L< avenworth while in pursuit of j
Gercnimo’s baud, shall be tully reim- !
The sloop Mayflower is offered for sale
at cost, the offer to remain open until De
cember 1. The reason assigned is that the
owner will probal ly be unable to give the
required time mxt summer for the trial
races in the event of another contest for
the America's cup.
Commissioner Miller of the Internal
Revenue Bureau has received several sam
I les of the oleomargarine recently seized,
but no decision has yet been reached as
to the disposition to be made of the seized
material. The decision still awaits the
investigations of tho chemist of the
bureau, Dr. Starkel.
Six American citizens have been arrest
ed in Southern Russia for preaching ii
an orthodox assembly of Russians. Mr.
Lothrop, the United States Minister a
St. Petersburg, has been endeavoring tc
induce the authorities to release the pris
oners, but so far lias been unsuccessful.
Second Comptroller Maynard ha*
decided that a soldier who, after bavin
served for two years or more in the army
deserted soiuo months after the close o
the war, but wdio subsequently receive
an honorable discharge, is entitled to : i
bounty of fifty dollars under the tiiir
teenlh section of the act of July 28, 1868. i
Thk Clerk of the present House of Rep
resentatives bas made a carefully pre
pared roil of members elect, which show
that the Democrats will have 175 votes
and the Republicans 152.
Mrs. Mirkiam Putnam, of Danvers,
Mass., celebrated her 102d birthday on the
• 4Mi. Mrs, Putnam is the mother of twelve
children, live of whom arc now living:
Her memory goes back to tin death of
Thk Hecretary of War has approved the
allotment of $100,COO for levee purposes for
the levees of the Yazoo delta. This will,
it is believed, compl to a continuous levee
from Memphis to Vicksburg.
James I) Fish, the man who ruined Gen.
Grant, linancially, and spent millions of
borrowed money in fruitless speculation,
is about to die in the New York State
ni ison.
The Executive Board of the Knights f
Labor oh the l.'llh ordered the Chicago
strikers back to work at the old hours.
The dead body of an unknown man was j
found in Wolf liver, near Memphis, on the
pith. He was about live feet six inch - j
tel1, weighing about KG pounds, min
is years of oge.aud apparently a German, i
Louisvu.le had a $275,000 lire ou lh, i
Business failures ocmiring throughm.; |
tiie country during the week ending on j
the 12lh number for the l nited stiiUo !!•-. !
Canada 83, total 2d I, compared with IV. j
lb(i last week.
Moody’s Church in Chicago was burn
sd on the 12th. Loss $50,000.
The official count in the Seventh Soil.
Carolina C mgr,ss o:ml District-gives Mo
elccliou to Win. Elliott, Democrat, ovn
.Smalls, Republican.
T.ie First National Bank of Helena, !
Ark., suspended ou the 15th.
Miss Amy Hewitt, daughter of Maym -
sleet. Hewitt of N-w York, was nan d j
ou the 15th to James Oliver Green, sun i-t j
Dr. Norviu Gi -iv.ui, president of th.-Hi-t- .
;rn Union Telegraph Company.
Six Americans have ban arrested in j
Southern Russia for preaching in anm
ihodox assembly of Russians.
The issue of standard silver dollar- !«•• j
the week ending on the Ktth was $58,111'
<ame we b last year 428,117.
The 5iiss;.-s:ppi river is lower at Vick.
mrg thau ft h s been since 1871.
Sieve Ei kins predicts the nomination
if C'l-veland or Ban 1 all as the Demo
cratic candidate for President in
At Raleigh, N. C.. ou the 10 h, L-iOiy
pounds of tobacco were destra> cd by tire.
A train on the Mi logon Central rail
oad, having on board a number of oRi.-eif
md directors, ran 107 utiles in 99 it iuuto
»ti the i r> - i * - *
I .mure. J. Mulligan, the Murderer of
Jauk ; V. Hamilton Taken From Jail at
Hari;:.ion, Ark., Strung I'p and shot to
Death by a Mob of Armed, Mounted aud
l uknoivn Citizens.
H.YTrjh.-ov Ark.. Nov. 15.—There is much
exdt«ient here over the lynching of An
drew*!. Mulligan, alias James Page, the
r.umifC.'et' of James N. Hamilton. Saturday
nighjltSiy a mob. who took him from the
jail ac-l shot him to death.
Mulligan was brought here from Macon
to aft® lynching, and had been here about
■t during ail of which time a guard
ha •* been kept at the jail, as the sheriff
vas, iprised that an attack would be
■JAjEds. Hamilton’s friends in Harrison
> .rhir Macon counties to wreak vengojiwee
on the murderer.
Between twelve and one o'clock, as a
number of persons were returning from a
society gathering, and the two guards
were leisurely strolling around the jail
and endeavoring to keep out from a cold,
drizzling rain that was falling constantly,
a number of mounted men appeared in the
street. A reporter chanced to be passing
near the jail and was first to notice any
thing uncommon in the street. He saw
live horsemen with faces turned toward
the jail, as if recommitering: they passed
entirely by. then came back to the square
in which the jail is situated and returned
to the street from which they had just
come, and where they were lost to view in
the darkness.
Attention was called to the men, but as
nothing more was heard of them at this
time it was not thought necessary to raise
the alarm.
After the lapse of about an hour twenty
five or thirty men. heavily armed and well
mounted, suddenly pounced upon the jail
guards, and captured them without a
They demanded the jail keys, and being
told that they were in the possession of
the jailer, who was at his home, they forc
ed the guard to accompany them to the
house, where they found and captured the
jailer, and making sure that he had the
keys with him. took him to the jail and or
dered him to open the door. This he re
rused to do, but gave up the keys to the
mob. who immediately proceeded to open
he jail and brought out the prisoner. Mul
About this time, an alarm having been
sounded from two or three church bells,
by citizens who had learned what was bo
ng done, a considerable crowd, among
whom was the sheriff, gathered near the
ail, but were stood off by the mob. who
warned them to approach no nea rer.
A rope was thrown around the neck of
he prisoner, who stood bound hand and
"oot in heavy chains, and two horsemen
aking hold of it. literally dragged 1he
miserable wretch, who begged for mercy
is he went down the Tellovillo roivl.across
’rooked Creek, to the edge of the town,
md about four blocks from the jail, where
ome twenty or thirty more horsemen
waited them.
Here they threw the rope over a limb of
1 tree that stood near, and as the wretch j
vas drawn up they riddled his body with j
mllcts and then let it fall to the ground. |
vhere it lay until this morning under a j
heriff's guard, when the coroner’s inquest j
vas held, the jury returning a verdict of I
'eath by shooting at the hands of unknown
Mulligan's crime was committed ou the
2d ult. Ho was employed by Hamilton to
vorJc on u lario. i:e nail been tnus cm
doyed about four months, and was treat
d as one of 'the family. If any enmity or
'ar.se for it existed between him and his j
mplover it has never beer made known, j
On the night of the murder he left Ham- |
item’s to spend the night at a neighbor's, j
iVhile Hamilton lay in his bed asleep >
diiliigan. or Page, as he was then known. I
•rept into th ■ room. and. taking Hamil j
on's pistol from where it hung on the
.vail, shot him through the brain and went
>aek to the neighbor's. He was arrested,
mil confessed the crime, hut gave no
“redible account of his motive, which still
remains a mystery.
-< • »
Charlo. Baker, a Iles;>ectpd Citizen ofVVil
lkisu.-oii County, Te\as, Crazed by Gris-f,
Commits Suicide in a Tragic Manner After
Severly Wounding a Neighbor.
Gp.eexyii.i.e. Tex., Nov. 15.—A few miles
from Liberty Hall, this (Williamson) eouu
y, lived Charles Baker, a well-to-do farm
er, who recently lost his wife. About a
month ago 1he neighbors detected that
Baker's mind was becoming affected. Sud
denly he developed into a raving maniac,
and ids servants tied from the place. OlH
eers visited the plantation to capture the
maniac, but could not find him, as he
would secrete himself the moment any one
came around the place.
Two weeks .ago every day neighbors
would hear the tiring of guns on Baker's ,
plantation. Investigation showed that the
maniac was amusing himself in killing his
live stock. He would shoot every thing he
saw moving, even the chickens. The
neighbors determined to rapture him.
They saw him enter the house yesterday
and immediately guarded all avenues ol
escape. A. J. Miller. IV. John Miller
and B. H. Kagan entered the house, '
while others stood guard. Eagan j
and John Miller started up-stairs, when
the maniac suddenly confronted them at
the top. He opened tire, shooting Miller in
the shoulders, indicting a serious wound.
Both men retreated before the desperate j
man. who kept up a continuous tiring !
Bcveral limes Baker tried to leave the j
house, hut finding every door and window
blockaded, he became perfectly furious,
and rushing to an upper chamber, seized
a razor, placed himself before the win
dow where the neighbors could get a good
view of him, and then deliberately cut his
throat and stood there bleeding to death.
Hearing Eagan coming upstairs he turned
an-K notwithstanding the gaping wound,
attempted to kill'his neighbor, but the bul
let missed the mark, whereupon he turned
the pistol against hi3 head, fired and fell
dead. Baker was highly respected. He
came front Illinois, and leaves valuable
Toole Gas and Died.
Boston. Nov. ltj.—Harry Lombard, ot
the firm of A. C. Lombard's Sons, commis
sion merchants, committed suicide at
Youngs Hotel this morning by inhaling
gas through a rubber tube. The act was
probably due to ill-health. He leaves a
widow and three children.
American Women Abroad Whose Manner*
Discredit the Whole Ser.
At a foreign watering place lately a
dining-room was furnished with small
tables, at which men sat alone dining.
1 There came into this room the very
pretty American woman whom we will
call Lady Fasherville, with her hands
in her pockets. She. walked tirst to
one, then to another of these tables,
sitting down to each to talk to the men
with whom she was acquainted,
i “How very American,” said &n Eng
lish lady who remarked it.
“No/’ said an American lady pres
fenl; “that is treason to the American
flag. You would not sec that thing
done at any American watering place.”
“Yet that sort of boldness (we call it
| dash) has made the fortune of your
j voting country women with the Prince
| of Wales,” said the Englishwoman.
“Very well, then,” said the Ameri
I can,
■ "Treason doth never prosier: what s the
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.’
They call it -dash, do they? Let me
hope that some of our young country
women will continue to fail to suc
It is probable that the very self-con
sciousness of the desire to he talked
about, even if one is abused, is inherent
in some natures. It was that disease
which made Gniteau shoot Garfield,
and which gave us the spectacle of his
horrible conceit during bis trial. It
would seem as if certain American
beauties who were filling Homburg,
Baden, Cannes, Paris, London and
Trouville with stories, were bitten by
this hopeless mad dog, whom no Pas-,
tour can vaccinate away. The virus
is in the blood; they must be notorious
or nothing! . :
Many are the examples to the con
trary. Certain young American Prin
cesses at. Pome are models of good eon
duet. Many quiet, amiable, well-bred
American wives of English noblemen
are blushing for the vulgarity of their
compatriots. Many a wife of an Amer
ican minister is shuddering as she sees
the rouged, vulgar, and loud American
whom she is expected to receive; “and
call her cousin,” and of wliqui she,
hears the constant reproach whispered
behind a fan: “Oh, she is so Very Amer
ican, you know.” u, ,,
This quiet lady from Vermont or
Massachusetts, who may Ire repreV-nt-'
ing America, longs.to ->av: .Mr! jjo,
she is more unlike my America th;n^
anytother country,” and yet sjic lias io
learn,, as we all do who -travel. Hurt
there is a development on the coutj-:..
nent of American eccentricity in cer
tain women which we never see at
home. And it is worth asking why. In
the first place, ignorance of conven
tionality is the first and final cause of
many of the sins. A woman comes from
some circle which is not considered the
best in America; by her beauty and
“good clothes” she attracts attention
at a foreign watering place: she finds
soon that the more she is unlike other
people the more men notice her. She
accordingly makes a rare show of her
self, gaining a false position, which,
lasts her perhaps two seasons; or. if ;
she is very lucky and lias money, it j
perhaps buys her an impecunious no
ble and a title. She soon quarrels with
the gentleman thus landed, and then
pursues the career of a titled adven-.
turess, which some women have ren
dered very conspicuous and somewhat
profitable to themselves. But although
every city teems with adventuresses,
the American adventuress does some
thing which shocks European ideas at
every turn, and her whole country has
to suffer for it. The best and Hie most
delicate, the most peaceful and the
most refilled American woman is
classed in a certain general sense with
those women who are traitors to the
Ifatr.—Mrs. Sherwood, in Boston Trav
How Speculators Kndravor to Keep Secret
the rossibilities of New Wells.
An oil well is a “mystery” when its
yield is kept secret by the owners for
the purpose of making money by af
fecting the price of oil in the market.
If a new well proves to be a gusher,
the price of oil is lowered: if but a
“small producer” or a dry hole, prices
go up. So, by keeping secret the
character of a new well, those on the
“inside” are able to take advantage of
any changes that occur in the price of
oil through the rumors which imme
diately get afloat concerning it. and to
make money by buying and selling oil
—speculating, as it is called. It some
times happens, even, that false rumors
arc circulated by interested persons.
Every effort is made, however, to dis
cover what the mystery really is.
“Scouts” are sent out for that especial
purpose, and they use every device
and stratagem to obtain the desired in
formation, sometimes even climbing
trees and endeavoring with tiehi
gla>scs to spy out the secret. On
the other hand every effort is made
to prevent them learning any .thing;
and some amusing and exciting inci
dents occur in consequence. A guard
is on duty at the well, day and night, i
and outsiders are kept at as great a
distance as possible.—Samuel IT. Hall, j
in St. yirholas.
—“John.” said the proprietor of the
beach restaurant, “you’ll have to
take a spade and go down to the beach
and try and find a clam. The one we ,
made the chowders with is missing.
Been eaten by some of the guests, I
guess. By jingo! these city folks ,
want the earth.”—Boston Cornier." '
—A Dead wood paper tells ol a man
there who has made thirty thousand
dollars gathering up and selling empty
i beer and liquor bottles.
—Sir Richard Sutton^ the English
breeder of Short-horned cattle, has lost
his valuable herd of Jerseys through
that fell agency, pleuro-pneumonia.
—The sting of a! bufilblt? bee contains
only one-liftieth part of a drop of poi
son, and why.a boy jumps up and down
and takes on so about it is more than
medical science can explain.
—The proprietor of a celebrated- res
taurant out West is described by a
locei journal as being, in appearance
and dress, a combination of an English
lord, a United States Senator, an Am
erican poet and a French painter.
"—Daniel Webster's Marshfield eStato
is now owned by Walter Hall, of Bos
ton. It contains four hundred- and
fiffcyjacres.and.supports fifty cows, five
horses, two yoke of oxen ajid^ev-eral
head of young stock.—Boston Jotuiial.
—A new poet sings ‘.‘The Whistling
Buoy is Anchored, at Sea.” The
whistling girl, however, 'continues to
float about in fancy free to ihe envy
of the boys who can not properly
pucker to whistle atufic."— Chicago Inter
Ocean. : :•. -.;
--Archibald Ford hag-met nine dif
ferent Kings and Queens, but when lie
walks up to a peanut stand with his
nickel 11 eg<Tt.s'*i 10'be CECFTfi e as m e than
those of us wfio have simply gazed on
the coat-tail.buttons of a United States
Senator.—Detroit Free Press.
—■Probably the largest grape^arbor
in Central North, Carolina is a Soup
pernong arbor on a plantation, in
Sumter County. It lias seventeen
hundred posts, covers nearly an acre
of gi-ot^nd, and every year it bears an
ab dirt it mice 'of. Sciippernongs.
S' J-The Boston Record throws ofT the
following editorial . enigma: “if five
genqratiqns fed on canvass-back and
fi'frrtpin are required to produce a
Maryland beauty, how many centuries
of beans and brown bread are needed
for the.e-yolution of.a Boston belle?'!
—A spotter in Guelph, Can,, swore,
tiiatr he 'had drank ginger-ale aiid
whisky-in a certain saloon. .At the
trial the bottle was.produced, the wit
ness'tasted the contents and swore that
hey were ginger-alb and 'whisky' a inf'
hen the defendant proved that the
drink wag ginger-ale and pepper .sauce
arm was acquitted. ■
•^People? whaKire VpTrfcktb •“take up1'
remarks ami t(yt-esetft.s.irppa£ed iusitltt*
nre kep.t.pretty busy by tlu; wprlijj.,.An
i>f(Ffhnrt. who was before .Judge Cow
ing ini New. York, fa day- or -two'-agor*
adinitted that lie. had., been nrrestedv
: about one hundred and thinly times.on.
cfiafgesof •assault-, and explained that
no was ‘mot going, to Jet anybody call
him names.”—N. T. Mail. - -
— Sleepy Hollow < Ymotery.tha burial
place of Washingt »n Irving, which is •
directly across the Hudson from-Nyack,
N. Y;., has heeomu.so crowded that the •
idjaeent property has befen purchased
to-enhirge tlrts grounds. The addition
is a forty-one .acre .lot on. the-north -
Vide, and cost thirty thousand dollars.
The cemetery H Visited by thousands
of .'strangers every year.— Troy Tims',;.. •
—Samuel Gilbert, of. Georgetowtg
N. J., stored one hundred and fifty
bushels rtf‘potatoes in the Attic of his
.little house preparatory to-barreling
them. The other night while his fami
ly was at supper the floor gave wav
and the potatoes came down on them,
tweaking Mi\ Gilbert's ana. and Mrs. -
Gilbert's leg, fracturing her shoulder,^,
and injuring a daughter’s arm so that
it will have To bb amputated.—A. Y.
Sun. - - -
—A laborer -while digging aAvoirat
Norristown, Pa., shuck a (jniektfahd'
and became fastened. He called for
help, and ropes fastened to a wind lass
were lowered, but as they pulled he
cried that they wei'e tearing him limb
from limb, tie was linalfv rescued by ' -
means of grappling hooks jilacyid mi-, .
der his feet,' a crib having teen lowered
around him. When extricated he tffrd
been in the (ju.icksaad seventeen hours.
—Norristown lie ‘'ahl.
—There is a valley in Cliantampia
County, N. Y.,:called* ‘-‘No-God hol
low,” arul this i.s the way it came by
its name: An evangelist went into the
valley and worked very earnestly for
some weeks, and apparently without
any good results. One day in speak
ing to one of the residents of the place
he said: ”1 do not believe there is a * *
God in Chenango valley!” This .was *
picked up, and since then the place has
been known as “No-God hollow.”—■"
Buffalo Express.
—A sixty-year-old widower, of
Albany, N. Y., who has selected a
young woman of twenty-six years for
his second wife, was chaffed so much
by friends about the great expense he
w as liable to incur in taking so young
a wife that he thought it would not be
amiss to sound themiml of his intended,
and did so. She named over the num
ber of dresses she would need and
capped the climax by insisting that the .
first two years must be spent in Europe.
The match is now all'.—Albany Jour
—Gratifying evidence of the advance
of woman in England appears in the
statement that of about a thousand
students, from the Liverpool region,
examined in science and art at South
Kensington, more than two hundred
were women. Two young girls passed
in magnetism and-fileclricUv, twelve in
inorganic chemistry, and two in agri«
culture. One lady, who passed tha
elementary, examination last y£af in *
machine construction and drawingr
was again successful in a more ad
vanced stage of the same subject.

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