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BY Huntsville gazette company. .. :_r- —--.. " —-r —-—i-V—
-=^ - --—___ __ __ With Charity for All. and Malice Towards None.” SUBSCRIPTION $1.60 per Annum.
News from Everywhere.
Canadian Government lias ordered
but no vessels be allowed to pass through
be Welland canal on Sundays.
* number of London companies have
leefded to sell tlieir lands in the north of
Ireland on easy terms to tenants.
O’Donovan Rossa has bean retired from
Pi lership or the Fenian Brotherhood, and
ir. Hamilton Williams succeeds him.
lTis now so*' MSSMxja& &£*.
,eie about restored between Conkling
i,,,} Arthur just previous to the latter’s
—-• ■ ■ ■
George Hazeett and Miss Sadie Allen.
U sister-in-law, of Buffalo, N. Y., went
rtfolv through the Niagara rapids and
whirlpool on iheSSHi in a barrel.
The will of the late Margareta S. Lewis,
,f Philadelphia, which was ad mitten! to
^obate on the Kith, bequeaths over $200,
DO to religious and philamthropical pur
V55«S. ___
N;i htndred and fourteen* horses,
ref unborn, have been entered for the
ire thousand guineas stake to ho run in
’.izlsnd in 188!). This is the largest entry
trer recorded.
- - •
For killing his wife Chandler S. Wells
ras convicted of murder in the first de
nes at Ann Arbor, Mich., on the 22J, and
ms immediately sentenced to State
irison for life.
Tite Mils of tho House of Repressnta
res for draping the Capitol with mourn
ngon (he occasions of both Grant’s and
Hendricks’ death remain unpaid for want 1
if an appropriation.
In his speech from tire throne or. Hip
;.Vh Emperor William sai l the m^aswe
’or increasing the strength of the, arir.y ,3
justified by the increasing of tgi^ "armies
if neighboring States.
The President had tak^ no action up
otho 231 upon the V>lication of dj3.
ri, r Attorney Slone of PennsylVania for
■einstatement. Nr . kn of col)rse>
'efinitely just w ^ ^ Pre3idgnt will do.
Miss 51AR' Fahuveatft, M. D., sailed
'*! ' ' /ork on the 271li en route to the
^ ’ province of India, where she
; .ot.ako charge of the Countess of
iferin’s newly-establishe l medical mis
Bishop Whipple had a me lal struck at
the Unite 1 States mint at Philadelphia,
and lias presented it to Engineer Thomas
I.ittle, of Portage, Wis., In recognition of
his bravery in saving life at the Rio dis
It is stated at Rome that Mgr. Stranfero,
.vho carried the hats to Cardinals Gibbons
and Taschereau, will be sent to England
to negotiate with the British Government
fora renewal of diplomatic relations with
the Vatican.
The latest sensation in Scotland is the
seizure, among other chattel ••, of a baby
for rent on Lori MacDonald’s estate in
rennless. The child was listed at the
valu3 of sixpence,while a dog was valued
at a shilling.
On the afternoon of tho 28th a slight
fiiock of earthquake was felt throughout
Columbia, S. C., shaking loose windows,
trickery, etc. The tremor lasted about
ex seconds and was accompanied by
Right detonations.

•Were Scott, of the Illinois Supremo
fawn has granted a supersedeas in the
• liicago Anarchist cases, which stays
their execution until the full bench of the
Supreme Court can pass upon tho points
hived in their behalf.
fbe Government announcoment of im
portant new gold discoveries in Australia
Las caused a general revival in the in
dustries of the colony. Owing to recent
hitis in New South Wales the largest crop
1,1 tnany years i3 expecto 1.
IRE jury in the celebrated English case
of Charles W. Adams against his father
in-law, Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, for
libel and defamation of character, return
ed a verdict on tho 25th in favor of the de
endant on the ground of privileged com
■ holer a lias been officially declared [to
exist in Cordova, South America, where
five cases and three deaths were reported
°n the 23d inst. In Roasario there have
been twenty-one cases and eight deaths.
’LLeie have boen also three or four cases in
busnos Ayres.
Commodore Schley, chief of the Bu
reau °f Equipment, in his annual report,
Urges the necessity for two modern-in ake
■:eam cruiser training ships, on the
Wound that it is only on such vessels that
“e training necessary for modern war
,u!e can bo given.'
Three Russians living near Roscoe
jik., while going home on the night of the
found a bottle bv the roadsido which
“ v supposed to contain alcohol, and
| '-ink it. It proved to be aconite and all
' | them died from the effects. Their
Djiues have not been learned.
^ Arthe State Department on the 23d a
tl/V *’ which had been printed on
a'; that Minister Manning, the
' ' ‘^‘n!SlCr to Mexico, had become in
j iu a trouble similar to that with
J* > Sedgwick was charged, was
ll< a8 wholly unworthy of attention.
^ourt °f Appeals has
low i,m/iC t le •'u^’ment °f the court be
yort , “® case ot Buddensiek, the New
havingWer’ convicted of manslaughter,
oeati =',-eSn lieclare<1 resPonsiMe forth’
of bait \ 8 rTor*5!1*an employ ed on a row
fcitci „ n'S,fell while in course o'
under his supervision.
The new two-dollar silver certificates
will be ready for issue by December 10.
Bullock & Co., of New York, have
concluded the purchase of the Memphis
(lenn.) water-works, the consideration
being 5500,000.
The steamers Alaska and Oregon col
lided in Labe Erie, near Detroit, Mich., on
the 2.th, and the Oregon had to be beached
to save her from sinking.
S. H. H. C lark has been appointed to
auiueeu uie late xl. M. Iloxie, first vice
president of the Missouri Pacific Railway
Company and goneral manager of the
Southwestern system.
4* k..i-uu,wM;a tUr<x Genevfiil s'if'KtSfYi rs ’
Buller is to succeed Sir Robert Hamilton
as Under Secretary for Ireland, and that
he will soon be transferred to Dublin Cas
Coroner West, at Cleveland, O., an
nounces the. verdict of the jury in the
Wheller muirder case, holding the husband
of thi inurMered woman responsible for
her death.
A statc/e of Richard C’obden, tbe cele
brated English free trade advocate, was
unveiled by his daughter at Loekport,
Eng., on the 27th. The Marquis of Ripen
delivered the nddi.ie.ss of the occasion.
According to the report of the acting
Surgecn-General th^ health of the United
States army was never so good before or
the deatn rate so V>w.
Elevators Q and owned by the St.
Paul & Duluth Elevator Company and lo«
cated^at Dulr^^ was destroyed by fire on
the _’ith. Chas. Moore, Ed. Lee and a
man nam rf,| Leronchi lost their lives, the
tvo lat jjeiiig burned to death. The
loss bv jjre was $8,^001).
A n^w two cent postage-stamp will
l’e er ^'profile of George Washington.
•A-T.ian supposed to be Janies H. Farns
’ iv^rtb, of Detroit, Mich., committed sui
, Aide by hanging in a New York hotel on
the morning of tbe 27th.
The St. Louis Exposition made a net
profit of $59,939.99 as the result of the sea
son of 1886, a marked increase over former
years, notwithstanding increased ex
Buenos Ayres advices indicate that
cholera is spreading with marked rapidity
in South America.
The report of General Superintendent.
Kimball shows great improvement in the
Government Life-Saving service.
General Henry J. Hunt, who com
manded the Union artillery at the battle
of Gettysburg, explains in tbe Century
why Lee fought at the time he did.
It is explained Ilia1’ the gates to the
White House yard at Washington have
been closed mornings on account of un
gentlemanlv behavior of treasury clerks.
Captain F. A. Cloudman, of Rondout,
j N. Y., started Iro n Savannah, Ga., c*n
| the 28.h, in the twenty-four-foot sloop
vacht “Outing” on a trip around the
' world. Before going ten miles, he ran
aground in the mud and did not get off
until midnight.
The cables at the northwest corner of
the Niagara suspension biidge have been
successfully transferred from the old stone
tower lo the new iron one I y the use of
powerful uydraulic jacks. Traffic was
suspended during the operation. Other
transfers will follow at weekly intervals.
The (Id towers are to be taken down.
Pennsylvania “river” miners have de
manded an increase in wages.
Kerner. the Reading (Pa.) wife mur
derer, has made a confessiun.
A public meeting has been called at
Dublin to protest against the Govern
ment’s tyranny.
Fire occurred in the Pittsburgh Plate
Glass works on the 29th, causing a loss of
Fifty cases of cholera are reported tbe
past week in the military barracks of
Belgrade Sarvia.
Numerous disasters, including loss of
life, are reported on the Northern lakes,
as the result of recent storms.
A crank named Boddie, who has of late
been annoying Mrs. Garfield, has beon
locked up.
The Sultan of Turkey assures the Czar
of Russia of his “warmest regard and
A second trial began on the 29th of Ar
thur J. McQuade, ex-boodle alderman of
New York.
Several Englishmen have been arrested
in Brussels in connection with the recent
mail robbery in Belgium.
William Kurz attempted suicide on the
29th by jumping off the Brooklyn bridge,
but was pulled out and saved.
It is stated at London that no progress
is being made toward a settlement of the
fisheries dispute.
The great tanner s’ strike at Salem,
Mass., which has lasted since July 12, has
ended, the men surrendering uncondition
Gladstone is sai l to favor an immedi
ate challenge to tbe government, upon the
opening of Parliament, to state its Irish
A lengthy address to labor organiza
tions has been issued by the National
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.
SColonkl N. M. Bell, Superintendent of
Foreign mails, says the Belgian Govern
m ent is not legally responsible for money
lost in the recent mail robbery.
The extradition treaty between Canada
and the United States, it is said, has been
defluitely settled upon the term s drafted
by Minister Phelps and Lord Rosebery.
Mr. S. W. Cobb and his associates on
the 29th presented an elaborate and able
brief to Commissioner Atkins in behalf of
St. Louis’ claims for the Indian supply
In the case of Carl Mussefeldt, John
Ruuge and August Gautz, the Milwaukee
Garden rioters, Judge Sloan on the 29th
suspended sentence. The prisoners were
immediately freed.
The family of Jos. Keller, deader in
general merchandise at Chilton, Wis.,was
chloroformed by burglars a few nights
ago. The thieves secured $3*5 in cash
and about $300 worth of goods, which
l they carried off iu a wagon.
Sam Jones closed a three weeks’ cam
paign in Omaha on the 2‘.):h. At his 1st
meeting he raised $8,100 for the Y. M. C,
A. building. He left the same night for
his home iu Georgia to take a rest.
A young man went into the store of J.
H. Johnson, jeweler, at Broome street and
the Bowery, New York, on the night of
the 29th, nnd asked to see some diamond
rings. He snatched the tray as a cus
tomer entered, and though hotly pursued
he escaped. The tray contained ring?
valued at $5,000.
TriE dend body of Mrs. Alicia Douglass,
wife of Dell Douglass, a Chicago seem
painter, who had been doing seme work
near the latter place on the 29 h. Near
the body was a chlorc form bottle, and
Mrs. Douglass bad evidently committed
A Carpenter named John Reed was
oarrying a bunch of shingles from the
scaffolding to the roof of the Second Re
formed Church in Kalamazoo, Mich., on
the £9 th when he slipped and fell to the
ground, eighteen feet lelow\ breaking his
neck. The shingles fell on his bead,
smnshing his skull. He w-as forty years
old and leaves a family.
The Pope has invite l the editors of
Catholic papers throughout lho world to
send their publications regularly to the
press office of the Vatican.
Ex-President Wm. Hep.bst and Cashier
Henry Seitz of the First National Bank of
Glen Rock, York County, Pa., were held
in $5,000 bail each on the 29th by United
States Commissioner Edmunds to answer
the charge of embezzlement.
The President was compelled to omit
bis usual afternoon reception on the 29th
in order to devote his attention entirely tc
his message and other matters to be sub
mitted to Congress.
The issue of standard silver dollars
from the mints during the week ended
November 27 was 585,985: same week last
year, 059,584. The shipments of fractional
silver coin since November 1 amounted to
$ CSS, 291.
Mrs. Hunt, willow ot' the lata Secretary
Hunt, of the navy, has joined the Catholic
Church. She is a prominent figure in
Washington society, and the event excites
considerable comment.
Mrs. Cleveland will resume soon aftei
the reassembling of Congress her bi-week
lyimorningreceptions, which were so much
enjoyed last July. Those who call at the
White House in the evening are presu mv
hlv closer acquaintances and their pres
ence there is usually because they were
asked to drop in informally by the Presi
dent or his wife.
Active measures are being taken to
prevent the introduction of cholera into
Chili from the Argentine Republic. A
sanitary cordon has been formed in the
Cordilleras, and a post of medical officers
of health has Lean established in Punts
A slight shoes: of earthquake was very
plainly felt by the inhabitants of Van
Wert, O., on the 29th. Many people ran
out of their houses, so perceptible was the
shock. The surrounding towns were at
once called up by telephone, but none of
them had noticed the shock.
-* * *■
It is rumored that the Illinois Cent:a
nas bought out the Georgia Pacific Rail
road, and. will take charge January 1st.
The iss 10 of standard silver dollars
from the mints dining the week end-lug
ou the 27;h was $585,98C; same week last
year, $659,384.
The postoffice at Conway, Ark., was en
tered by burglars on the night of the 27th,
who robbed the safe of a considerable sum
of money. Four registered letters, con
taining several hundred dollars, were also
The Bureau of Statistics reports the
value of our imports for the year ending
October 31st at $656,439,776, against $572,
437,378 for the preceding twelve mouths,
and the exports at $697,020,863, against
Everything is said to he booming in
Sheffield, Ala. Strangers are constantly
arriving, and operations in real estate are
brisk. The sales on the 27th amounted to
The Socialists of New York were elated
on the 27th over the action of Judge Store
in granting a stay of proceedings to the
Chicago Anarchists, but their jubilations
did not take the shape of a public demon
Fire at Duluth, Minn., on the 27tb, de
sti oyed 880,000 bushels of grain, together
with several buildings. The aggregate less
is $840,000.
It is stated that the revenue from the j
tax ou oleomargarine which went into ef
fect on the 1st of November, will amount :
to $400,000 for the month.
S. S. H. Clarke, formerly manager of
the Union Pacific railroad, has been ap- I
pointed as first vice-president of the Mis- !
souri Pacific railroad, vice H M. Hoxie i
The municipal council of Paris has re
quested United States Minister McLane to
intercede with the Governor of Illinois in
behalf of the condemned Anarchists of
In the recent blizzard in Montana the
loss of stock was immense. Whole (locks
of sheep have been lost and presumably
Returns to the Marine Department,
Ottowa, show that the storm which
swept all the lakes on 17th and l>th was
terribly disastrous. Thirty-seven lives
were lost and thirty-three vessels, worth
$039,100, were wrecked.
The corn crop of the country this year
Is said to be 1,050,000,000 bushels, ihe
same authority gives the consumption a*
more than this, namely: ISO,000,0*0
bushels used in human food. 024,000,00-'
for working animals, 20,000,000 for seed,
100,000,000 for the production of spirit; and
glucose, 65,000,000 for export, and 900,00;*,
000 for th* food of meat producing aniiu“ls<
It is stated that some of the wealthiest
taxpayers in Wythe County, Va., have
i purchased coupons and propose to use
them in the payment of their State taxes.
Francis Darnell and his seventeen-year
old son visited Giiftin, (jla.,tbe other day,
and crowds followed then. The father is
four ioet four inches tall, and the sor
three feat an 1 one inch.
The French and Kversolo factions in
Ferry County, Kv., had a battle at Hazard
a few days ago, where one man was
killed, v hen it was agreed that all differ
| eiy *s l c left to arbitration.
!_dfinoi ■ 1 mar, daughter of Secre
tar v Lamar, is to appear in WasfflflflBP
■ society this winter. She is described a?
atj’pical Southern leauty, tall, graceful
and of pleasant address.
By authority from the At.torney-Ueu
eral of the United States, Marshal Jchn
Carroll offers iJGOO reward for the arrest
and delivery at Fort Smith, Ark., of Joe
Stulzer, charged with complicity in the
murder of Th omes and John Mahoney on
February lf>, Ussti, in the Cherokee Nation.
His accomplice, Patrick McCarty, Is now
in jail at Fort Smith under sentence of
death for this murder, the execution to
lake place January 14, 1887.
T. J. Boasso, formerly chief of aids in
New Orleans, under sentence of fourteen
years’ imprisonment for forgery, and John
Soniat, of St. Landres Parish, under life
sentence, escaped from Ihe penitentiary at
Baton Rouge a few nights ago lay break
ing through the wall of the hospital inti
the cotton factory and thence making
their way through a largo gate. They
were undoubtedly assisted by some one
outside, as the binges on the gate had
been wrenched from the bricks of the wall
from the outside.
A syndicate has been formed to build a
'ailroad from Memphis to Nashville,
John Davis, a negro, was lynched by u
nob at Randolph, Ala., a few days ago.
a is offense having been a ciitninal assault
jn a \vb ite lady.
Jacob Maas, of Cochran, Ga., has as
signed, with liabilities between $10,000
and $50,000 and assets about the same
Colonel E Iward S. J< ues, prominent at
Gettysburg, and Department Commander
of tlie G. A. R. for Tennessee and Georgia,
died at Nashville a few nights ago.
M‘\ McGee, who was elected to the
Georgia Legislature by the farmers of
Murray County, has introduced a bill lim
iting mercantile prolife on the necessities
of life to fifteen per cent, under severe
penalties. The measure has some chance
of passing the House.
A switch engine in (lie yard of the In
ternational .& Great Northern at Houston,
Tex., cut off the foot of John Ryan, a well
known railroader. Amputation of the
lower portion of the leg was necessary.
He was sent to the Missouri Pacific Hos
pital at Palestine.
The lawyers of Nashville, Tenn., have
offered the Lawyers’ stake, of $l,Cfi:>, to be
run for at the spring meeting of the Nash
ville Blood-Horse Association. The race
is for three-year-olds, an l ihe distance is
one and one-sixteenth miles.
C. F. llfrev, a well-known German citi
zen of Harris County, Tex., was found
deed in his room a few days ago. He was
a country merchant for a long time, and
finally became proprietor of the Arlington
Hotel, a railway house. Ihe cause of his
death is not known.
The final survey for th e extension of tho
Memphis & Charleston railroad from
Stevenson, Ale., to Chattanooga, Tenn.,
is in progress. As soon as the survey is
completed it is believed the woik will be
The colored people of Owensboro, Ky..
| some time since made a proposition to the
j State Educational Foard offering fifto n
teres of land, worth .*-1,500. or .f500 cash, in
return for the establishment in that city j
| of the State Colored Normal School. Col- |
! oncl J. O. Hodges, of Lexington, visited i
| Dwells boro recently to select a location I
: for 1he school, and work will be begun at
A petition, signed by eighty-eight citi- j
sens, has tc?n presented to Attorney-Gen- !
sral Cunningham, of Louisiana, praying !
him to take proceedings before the Su
preme Court for the removal from cilice
of Judge Henry E. Lazarus, of Division
E, Civil District Court, in New Orleans,
The petition charges him with nonfeas
ance, misfeasance, grrss misconduct, ill
competency, abuse o f judicial power, etc.
R. G. Thomas & Co., dealers in dry
goods, clothing, boots and shoes, at
Brownsville, Tenu., made an assignment
a few days ago. Their liabilities arc'
placed at .$20,000, due mostly to Memphis j
linns; assets $10,000 in stock and$10,000 in
accounts. The firm is composed of I*. G. !
Thomas and T. E. Glass, ihe latter rf j
wlipta is the principal stockholder of tin- j
Brownsville Furniture Company.
A north-bound freight on the Mobile &
Ohio railroad, while passing an'unlocked
sw itch in leaving Mobile a few days ago,
worked tliS switch open and Iwo cars and
a caboose were ditched. Of the four per
sons in the caboose,' one, a brokomani
jumped and escaped. Conductor Frazer
was thrown out the door and fell on the
sidewalk, breaking bis hipbone. A\ . E.
Cole, president of the Cole Pole Road En
gine Company, of Richmond and Nash
ville, had bis foot crushed and leg injured
by a box falling on it.
The North Georgia Methogist Confer
ence has just completed an important
special session. Rev, Joseph Jones, a
brother of the celebrated evangelist, Sam
Jones, went to Ringgold some time since
and began a revival. He used the vilest
pulpit language to a mixed congregation,
which fairly set his bearers wild with in
dignation. His conduct was reported to
the conference, which has denounced the
minister in the severest terms. He wili
not be allowed to preach in that distric
again until the General Conference of tin
State disposes of th* chargest against
Be Speak* at a United l.al>or Gathering at
New Haven, Connecticut—The Itallnt the
Workingman’s Weapon—Some of Ilfs Pe
culiar Idea* of Ileum et Tu urn.
New Haven, Coun., Nov. 30.—Carll's
Jpera-house was crowded to its utmost
opacity last night, the occasion being the j
jrand rally of the United Labor party and .
;he presence of Henry George, of New
York, as principal speaker of the evening.
Brief speeches were made by P. J. Lynch,
Dhe Labor candidate of New Haven, and j
Henry C. Bahviu. of Naugatuck, the well- j
inown ex-Greeubacker. Henry George i
ivas ttien introduced. After the applause I
iad sulijfjd.cd Mr. George stepped to the
■'inrttt-xff 'flTtr‘f»lol* tri.T end suld : '• • *" •'
Ladies and Gentlemen—I thank you for
:his reception. Men of New Haven, I came here
Vow New York to bid you God speed In this
movement. You are taking the only right step
•o purify the ballot. I do not know whether you
.'an select your candidates or not. and I don't
'are. Success does not mean the filling of an
lflice. We did not meet with success in our
ate election in New York but we accomplished
i work, the news of which has travelled all
Ivor the land. Public opinion in the long run
will rule. Our politics have become corrupt
because principal has gone out of them.
The last State election turned on
* question of personal character. Think of it, a
Nation of 60,000.000 of people haggling over the
l>ersonal character of the rival candidates.
The work of the Republican party is done.
Black slavery lias been abolished. But the
crusade now begun is a crusade for the emanci
pation of all mankind, both white and black.
At last the laboring masses, all over the
country are organizing. Strikes and boycotts,
to my mind, are like swords and rifles; they
ire ugly weapons, and, although it may be
necessary in some instances to resort to them,
it is not by the use of either that the
workingmen can secure their rights.
All over the country great
awakening of minds has been going on. but
these thoughts have been crude until recently,
when they have begun to crystalizc. The real
heart of the labor question lies in the land
question. Your candidate for mayor has told
you that for over thirty years he lias earned his
bread in the sweat of his face. |There was
some applause, but it was limited.] Men do
not applaud those who earn their
living in that way. The good things of life the
riches and amusements, are not for working
men. It is not natural for men to like work. I
never saw men looking for work because thjjy
liked work, and yet we have massive protective
laws to keep work in the country. We are
building enormous ships of war lliat, we
do not want, and are told that we may need
them some time, and, at any rate, work is
furnished lor thousands. Well, if we burned
up houses we would furnish men work in re
building them. No man has a right to demand
work of another. No man has a right to say
to unother that he must or must
not employ a certain mar. what we must do is
to produce a condition of things that will fur
nish an opportunity for all to work. What we
want is that all men should have equal oppor
(unities to secure work. Our civilization now
does not give this, it absolutely denies it.
We have abolished slavery and boast of out
splendid country, when tramps abound and
the alms houses are full. I was reading to
night of a new alms-house that was being con
structed in a Western city, In this house is to
lie ;»tramp-room, which is to be so constructed
that it can be filled with water, and the
tramps forced to pump it out or drown.
What is a tramp? He is an American citizen;
he will work and he will vote, and the rich man
who runs for office will buy his vote, It is the
very rich and the very pour man that we fear.
What a ridiculous thing it is to tax houses. Are
there too many houses in the country?
Referring to his well-known principle that
taxation should fall upon land values, and that
no individual should own land to the exclusion
of the community's right therein. Mr. George
continued: What right have those who are
dead in the land on this continent'
About as much right as a mar
who lias left a railroad has in the car that
speeds on its way. If I want to buv a vacant
lot In New York. 'I am obliged to pay the
large part of my earnings to some rich man be*
cause lb" will of some dead English King, who
never set a foot in this country, says so. What
foolishne -3. You enter a railway ear and you
find a!l the seats filled with bundles. \ou at
tempt to sit down, and you are told that the
seat is engaged. You ask how- it came to be
engaged, and you are told that it was bought
from the person who alighted at the last sta
tion. There is just as much sense in the car
illustration as there is in the selling of land for
building purposes.
There ought to be no such thing as starvation
when the great granaries are all full—the
great Creator has put enough in this world for
all. Equality of opportunity is what is needed.
Justice is what we want. AVhat you are doing
in this election is to elevate principles. I hope
no true Democrat or Republican will fail to
vote for your labor candidates. If you cannot
elect them, eome as near as you ean, your in
fluence will be exerted for good. Men of New
Haven, do your duty and let it go forth to the
world that Connecticut is waking up to the
cause of labor.
-—k » k
The Recent Mail Robbery in Belgium.
AVashixoto.n. Nov. '2d.—Superintendent
Bell of the Foreign Mail Office has re
ceived from Postmaster Pearson of New
York the list containing the registered
numbers of mail matter sent bv the steam
er Eider, which were stolen in Belgium..
It contained 150 packages, and all but- sev
en packages are reported lost. The [jack
ages recovered were: Two from Phila
delphia: '2 from Shenandoah. Pa.: 3 from
Baltimore, Md.: 1 from Norwich. Conn.,
and 1 from Washington. D. C. Of the
packages lost, fit were from New
York City; Baltimore, Md.. 3: Bis
marck. D. T., 1; Stillwater. Minn.. 1;
Montgomery. Ala.. 1: Sharon. Pa.,1: Prov
idenee, R. 1., 1; Boston. 0: Traverse City,
Mich., 1; Detroit, 2; Franklii:, Pa., 1: Cin
cinnati, 7; Du Bois, Pa.. 1; New Orieans.
1; What Cheer. 1; Sacramento, CaL, l;
Milwaukee, 1: Chicago, 2: Rockford, 111.. 1;
Philadelphia. 7: l.eaveuworth. Kas . 1;
Wilkesbarre, Pa.. 1; Shamokin. Pa., i;
Pittsburgh, 3; Waco. Tex., 3; Jackson.
Tex., 1: Syracuse. N. Y . 2: Des Moines,
la., 1; St. Paul. Miuu., 1; Hurley, Wis.. 1:
Plymouth. Pa., 2; Washington. D. C.,3:
Shenandoah. Pa.. 2; Buffalo. N. Y., 1:
Kingston. N. A’., 1: Haverhill, Mass.. 1
Gilbertville, Mass.. 1; New Brunswick. N
].. 1: Webster, Mass.. 1: Peoria, ill.. 1.
Jaklaud. C’a!.. 2: Sau Francisco. 3; Roch
ester, X. Y.. 2: Cambria. Pa.. 2; Glovers
ville. N. A’.. 1; New Haven. Conn.. 2.
Mr. Bell states that under postal unior
regulations for mail originating in the
United States which is lost in transit in any
country mEurope, no responsibility attaches
either to this country or to the country ii
which the robbery occurs. This state ol
affairs exists from the tact that Congres
refuses to sanction acquiescence oirtha
clause of the postal union regulations,
which provides for reciprocal l'espomi
aility for lost mail.
W+mmmmmm ■ r
George Hazlitt and His Sister-In-Law, MIm
Sadie Allen, of BnffMo, X. Y„ ..-Make the
Perilous Voyage of the Niagara Whirl -
pool Kayt-b in Safety, Encased in a Bar
Niagara Falls; Nov. 29—One more
chapter to the romanth- history of Niagara
river was added yesterday afternoon bv
the feat of George Hazlitt and Miss Sadie
Allen, both of this city, who made the trip
of Niagara whirlpool and rapids in a bar
rel. This was the iirst time a lady has
ever attempted the feat, and curiosity was
aroused to the highest pitch. Hazlitt
went through the rapids and whirlpool on
the Sth of lust August with Wntjem Potts.
’ a* ;--Wt * be n* aii. G
order to avenge themselves An .Graham,
the pioneer in the enterprise whc
had slighted them. Hazlitt and
FoUs decided to have a woman go through
to take away his glory. Thanksgivihg'eve
Miss Sadie Allen, Potts’ sister-in-law. was
visited, the matter proposed to her, and/lip
said at once she would go, so it whs ’aV
ranged. Potts and Hazlitt went to Chip
pewa, and towed up the barrel. Yester
day morning Miss Allen went to tire Falls
and slopped at Michael Hearn’s hotel on
Falls street. She said to your.correspond*
»nt: ,
“Yes, I have fully, made .up my rnmd u>
make the trip, and 1 thuik I can truthfully
say that 1 am not afraid. •• The boys asked
me to go and I am sure they-would not
take me where I would be injured. I
might, for what 1 know, be just as well
killed now as any time, but of course I
don’t think 1 will lie. -The papers say-I atn
eighteen years old, but 1 might just as well
tell you that I am twenty, as I have no
wish to' conceal it. The-' story that
1 have a husband who is in Chicago
is, of course, a lie. I never' had a
husband and don't expect to- have. lam
an orphan, and aside from my sister, whc
is with me. and two brothers, who are en
gineers on the railroad. 1, huge-no.friend?
on earth. My father, John Allep, died
seven years ago, and my mother passed
away three years ago last June. Mv father
was a railroad man,.employed by the New
York Central at Fast Buffalo, iihd' always
kept me in good style. He was a
member of one of the Buffalo Masonic
lodge sand. God bless them, IheVhave done
enough for me since. His-life was injured
in the Masonic Life Association of Western
New York, but owing tohis'long sickness
we were unable to keep up the dews and
the policy expired a few days before his
death. The Masons paid the funeral es
pouses and have continually, helped me
since. Three months ago Lwas sept for to
take care of Mrs. John Scully, Who lives
at. 1073 Seneca street, .-Buffalo, add. have
been with them since.'7
The couple iu their barrel" started ot
their perilous voyage at half pant two
o’clock, from the old Maid of \he Mist land
ing. on the Cnnftda side.' MlsS Allen,when
she appeared at the. ferry- ready .;td entei
upon the perilous, journey,-wot*, ji noal
walking dross. Taking “off' Her Irtit and
jacket, and throwing a shawl aver her
head, she stepped lightly into,the. barrel
through the mitii-HolK tucking hPk gar
ments closely iibojit her and langldiigly re
marking: "Come, (ieorge, jump in; I’m alt
fixed.' Soon after HAzliti stepped into the
craft, fastening himself iu the opposite
end to that occupied by Miss Allen.
. At 2:55 the new suspension -bridge was
passed. People on 1 he. bankswaved their
handkerchiefs',' And Hazlitt waved his
hand in reply to the greeting.’ Ib-wias just
2:59 when the turn hj the l'iver was passed
at'the old Maid of the Mist lanSiiig. where
the rapids begin. Here-.the-.battle began
The barrel rolled and dived, being out of
sight half the time. People"who were in
position to * see thought. ; it was
gone half-a-dozen times, Jt was loaded
With five hurt fired pbun'&s of'sahcf,'and was
very loggy in the wator. At three
o’clock the whirlpool was .reached, and iu
the brave little 'craft went. The roaring
billows coveted it with toanr - and mist,
and everv time it was lost sight of people
thought it had surely struck the lug rock
ou which Captain Webb's head Was split.
The barrel went down once seemingly for
good, but when it righted again it was
seen moving down the. stream out of the
maelstrom. It continued for five hundred
rods probably, and then turned back just
as fast and came into Thompson's eddy, ou
the Canadian shore.
This is only separated ,Ji*om the whirl
pool by a great rock, which shut off the
view of the spectators on the bluff. They
thought the boat had gone down to Lewis
ton and some of the party went there with
carriages to bring them back. At last
Frank L. Lawson, who keeps the gate at
the Colt's elevator, espied the party anil
came running along tin1 shereof .the whirl
pool. They had then been.there three
quarters of an ' hour. Others came
down, but there was no such thing
as making a noise which, would at
tract their attention. Wlifen the bar
rel came .near the shore .again he
threw a club and struck the barrel, llaz
litt sti rk -nit his headfc&ffght a rope that
was presently thrown him and-tlm barrel
was safely landed at 3:45 o’clock, Hazlitt
gol out. but the voting lady had fo lie car
ried;to the elevator, .where-hpr friends
were waiting. She was driven back to
Heurne's Hotel us quickly a*possible, anil
at six o'clock was able to sit pp- Hhe was
so ill she could not go fo Buffalo last, even
iug. but probably will today.; -kShe said
she was terribly bvuised_and that the ridt
made her sick at her stomach.
Miss Sadie Alien, heroine of Niagara, is
i pretty girl that would make some honest
young man a good tVife. She has dark
brown hair anil eyes, gupd-foatuxes, a rosy
complexion und o mouth which, when she
smiles, is positively beiuttifnl. She is as
modest as she is comely, and . has made
this attempt, seenyiigly, in blind confi
dence in the judgnlent of Her brother-in
law. and his friends. y ^ ;
The OunriiKhaui Shaft Aline Disaster.
Wii.KU'Uinnr. Pa.. Xj»v. 28,—The excite
ment at the Conyngham shaft having sub
jided a« examination was made.yesterdav
to ascertain the extent of the_ damage
caused by the explosion. "It-"wab found
that the company vviU-oiiffer buUjitt Ic loss
by the damage to the workings..- The Bal
I imore slope Suspended operations yester
day-owing to the largo quiwitit^' of gas
worktug m from the Cotiyngtyun mine,
with which it is connected.' None of the
wclve men. who were/reportfcd as having
jeen fatally burned, have died

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