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Our rapid climbing to commercial eminence is evidence of the character of our business. Square dealings, polite atten
tion, and hard work lias secured our success. Every dollar spent with us receives full ralue, for we are always ahead
of all competition. HEH^TEM LOWEHTHAL,_ The Leaders of Low Prices.
Good Bed Comforts
50cts each.
Double Blankets
$1.25 each
Good Counterpanes
7.ji‘ts each.
Grey Twill Flannell
15c yard.
All-woolred Flannel
17 1-2 cts.
Canton Flannel
5c yard.
Ladies, Missess and
Children's Merino
Vests from 25c up.
All-wool Cashmere
Gloves for Ladies’
Misses, & Children.
The most attractive
assortment of Milli
nery in the city. We
employ an expert
Trimmer, and make
no charge for Trim
Gents’ Clothing,
ready made and
made to order. Boys
Suits and Overcoats
in all grades. Un
derwear, etc.
UuiUsvilk Gazette
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
lty, strength and wholesomeuess. More eeo
comical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot
oe sold in competition witi multitude of low
test, short, weight aluran o' ph hate powders.
Sold rrnhi in ran*. RoYSL 1 All *G Powdr* Co.,
106 Wall 8t N. Y
Passenger Train No. arr sat
Huntsville, (going w )at 10:45 p.m.
Lem sa 10:50 ‘
Passenger Train No. n ives
(going East) at 5:55 a. in.
Leaves at 6:00 .t. in.
Passenger Train No. 3, arrives
,going West) at 1:10 p.m.
Leaves at 1:15 “
Passenger Train No. 4, arrives
(going East) at 5:47 p.m.
Leaver a 5:25 “
A. Campbell & Sen.
Carpet Department.
Prices for our New Fall Goods.
Best Boiy Brussels $1.
Tapestry Brussels 50c
Best quality all-wool
Extra Supers - - 65c
Best quality Cotton
Chain Extra Supers 50c
Cotton and Wool 20
to 40 cents.
Hemp 12% to 15c
Remnants at cost.
Smyrna Rugs 90 cts
{o $8.00=
Cur $8 Rugs were for
merly $12.00
Crumb Cloths, Door
Hats, Art squ res.
4-4 Oil Cloth - - 25c
Window shades, Dra
peries, Curtain Poles,
cornices, stair Rod3,
Curtain Chains, etc.
Carpets cut free of
Fresh, cool Lager
^Beer always on
(tap. The tineet
>'tork of Native
& Foreign Wines
in the city, to he
found at the Sa
loon of W. F. STRUVE.
--Cotton continues to come in i
Fowler Literary Monday ni^bfc.
Maj. W. L. Goodwin has returned
110 Cullman.
Mr. C. A. Davis, representing Sells
Brothers circus, is in the city.
Mrs. John S. Latham, of Gurley, is
visiting relatives in the city.
Mr. Jno. F. Latham h .s been iu
the cny ntiendiug me U. 6. Court.
Mi. Ru i>. Paltou of Floreuce is
among tire Federal C urt jut018.
Mr. K. J. Harrison, of Gurley, is
spending several dayo among lriends in
me cny.
Air. Herbert Bruckner and wife nee
Mama, leaves lor tlieir future home tnis
mormug in Atlanta, Ga.
jjli. Rout. rt. Wi is On now of At !
iantii, Ga. utiS been Visiting hla for
mer notne neie tins week.
Mr. A. F. Alurray and Mrs. John S.
Reed, accompanied by Aiiss Cora Mur
ray, returned to Decatur yesterday
Col. Matthew W. ISteele was a wd
Coined visitor Horn Hinuiughain a
inoug bis old h »me folks lias week.
M,. * ui. Everhart has bought a lot
ou Grove street, where he expects to
oull . SouU. - CuatUmOOgH, Telin.
j Relit f
Ex Gov. R B Liudsay, of Tuscumbia,
Ala , is in the city on professional busi
ness, lu attendance upon the Federal
1 Court.
| air sea Maty P Spates aud Millu
i Hatri-tion oi Eutaw, Fauute Col
b ri, 01 Troy, and McK mm Shs ur
md Air Fuqua, of Rigeraville, ait
j iinouy ibe stu ieui» from abroad a<
| Rust institute.
13rm i • •I- i .— A ne P'
• t i cliuio'i A ili.etsi iy, 0«i 2(5,
1887 I) R v. Dr. Biy-on. Mr.Eugene
Uruchner of Atlanta, Ga., to Mi-s.
.S I ie S. via r n, of tins city.
E -t- s. -At the residence o Ex
VI I. Joe. m. Ewiu-- ill Uiis > i ',
Suni'a 0 -i. 23, 1887, Mr, L. M.
E^tes, ageil 77 ye^rs. D ceased was
the lather of VIis. Jos. Ewing an ' a
venerable an<I highly ester i**ed
CltiZb' l) •
(J P. Social.
A 8 rial iv«u by >irs. L C B its
a d it 13b Elia Douegau, IhumUy
dgbt last for the benlit of the C P
church was a :.r.n 1 success, netting
§20 i he church returns sincere
thanks 10 these ladies for the dona
tion of the entire amount and to Mr.
L U Betts to r hose able management
the success of the evening is due.
What ihe G azette Wants to See.
Less rain.
The boom boom.
Mole enterprises.
Boys taught trades,
lore of the girls study musia
Tne choirs, increased to 25 mem
T m blair bill become a law.
Colored members in the Legis*
la til re.
The social clubs revived.
The street car lines extended.
Everybody prepared for Winter.
U. S. Court.
The court was occupied the entire day
yesterday, hearing evidence in a suit
brought by Chas. W. Biese, of Chatta*
nooga, against W. E. Snodgrass, of Jack
son county to recover the price of a saw
mill purchased by Mr. Snodgrass.
At the hour of adjournment the case
was still pending.
—Rain and mist.
—Couuty court adjourned Tu-s
—.Merchants are arranging their
show windows for the holidays.
—The Missionary Baptist cbutch
white, has received a fine, new bell.
—Elder Gaston has a thriving
select school at the Baptist church.
—The Electric Light Co. turned on
one hundred incandescent li^h s
Thursday night.
—Mr. Riland Dsniel is improving
hie dwelling on church street by the
addition of a second story.
—Ex-Sheriff W. D. Whitney of
Winston county dropped dead on
Jelfeisou street Tuesday last.
—The Ladies Educational Aid So
ciety is still holding its regular meet i
ings and doing a grand work among j
trie young folks.
—M estrs Allis >n, Adams nd
Echols, the popular druggists will
die pence hot soda to their patrons
during the winter.
—Rev J F Humphrey has con
tracted for a church site at Browns
boro, upon which he will eh rtly be
gin tr.e election of a cha>ch.
— A successful supper was given at
New Hope C P church, Limestoue
county, Thursday nigh last, by the
Ladies E iucatioual Aid Society.
What the Gaz tte Hears.
T t Sania Ci .us is packing.
T l lie boo n is bootniug
Tu t large numb • >f marriages
are OH (i iCKet,
111 it prepaiations are being in^de
for a fashionable wedding.
That—"But to see her was to lovn.
her, L >ve bui her, an 1 love for eve.?’
1'nat, the co-operative st ire will o<
p n < X' in util
lhat “God helps them that help
that Prof. Council will publish a
book entitled “Facts, Fuu and Fig*
u. es.”
That dome very dear “whistles”
Were bought at the Express sale.
Thai a certain pr iniaent gentl -
ma<. ir- growiugtired of single bo s-dd
That the Cold weather is ex lected
to treeze out tue Li nry.
That eliort will bs mad foeulirgen
the vl. E choir.
l’hat au exceedingly hard wiuter
is moving ou us
Th it the Holiday business will be
the best for years.
Yesterday was a big cotton day in the
city, several hundred bales having been
disposed of. The receipts to date are
greater than at this season a year ago,
and still we have the P.evna district to
hear from and all the regions lying round
about Whitesburg.
The price paid for the staple is ridi«
culous low—$8.05 to $8.60 per cwt, for
best quality.
At Work on ib« Other Eutl.
E J Allen, familiarly known as Uncle
Egbert, of the firm of Norwood & Allen,
contractors on the Mineral Road, is in
the city. Norwoods Alien will corn
plete their contract in about fifteen days,
and will be the first to finish on the ex
tension. Besides their regular force,
they are working sixty convicts from the
city prison, all of whom will have to be
released at the completion of the con'
tract, notwithstanding half of them will
not have served oat their terms by that
time.—Birmingham Herald.
Seal Estate Transfers.
Mattie R Jenkins et al to Marina San
ford, house and lot in town ef Gurley
W. W. Otey to J. B. Cabaniss, lot in
town plat of Viduta, Monte Sano $125.
Sophia L. Davis to Aaron Kelly lot on
Pump St., city, $50.
Jere Murphy and wife to James W.
Hobbs lot on Winston St., city $600,
C. E. Blanton and wile to Thos. H.
Bayless tract of laud in county, $800.
Thos W. Townsend to Dick Gilden
I twenty-four feet of ground in private al
ley on Adams Avenue city, $42.
O. C. Hammond et al to John Me'
Laughlin tract of land in county $575.
C. F. Miller et al to Archie Roberts
and wife lot on Church St., city, $150.
J. T. McGehee to Oscar Fulgham
house and lot on Church St., $38.
Nick Davis and wife to Sandy Bynum
lot in citv $250. •
Oscar Fulgham to Milton Humes tract
of land in county $181.
Louis Bradley et al to A. J. Ikard tract
of land in county $850.
J. K. Gwinu and wife to D, W- Iluffar1
tract of land in county $600.
Caroline Bradford to Elias Bradford
house and lot on Whitesburg pike $50.
Susan S. Todd to Preston D. Smith
tract of land in county $1,000.
James H. Lockhart and wife to Milton
Moss tract of land in countv, $400.
Pi i
We have the largest;
most complete and
cheapest stock of shoes
in Huntsville.
Special bargains in la-!
dies’, Misses, children’s
boy’s and mens’shoes. !
On all shoes sold by
us we will fasten But-,
tons without extra
Our stacks of cloaks
is immense and our pri
ces teli every time.
Extraordinary but neverless true.
We refer to the announcement of B.
F. Johnson & Co , of Richmond, in
which they propose to show working
and energetic men how to make from
$100 to $300 a month over and above
-- ♦ » ■ ..
Strayed or S olen.
From my place, on South Clin on
street, Sept. 9th, one large bay h 'rse
about twenty years old, sixteen bands
high, well made, and with a scar un
der his eye. Liberal reward for hi
return. Hekrt Betts.
I detire to inform the public tba
I am prepared to giv^ music le89on
instrumental aud vocal, piana or or
gan, either at my house or by calling
at the residences of pupil? Reason
able rates, furn ished cn application
Patronage cordially eolicted.
y.gO-tf. Huataville, Ah
^■j[!?8T PERFECT M*pL»^
Its superior excellence proven in millirnsof
homes lor more than a <icarter of a century.
It is used by the United States Government. En
dorsed by the heads of the Great Universities as
the Strongest, Purest, and most Healthful. Dr.
Price’s the only Baking Powder that does not
contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum, Sold only
John D.Caldwell
(Send for Catatogue ami i’rice List.)
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Masonic Books, Blanks,
Ballot Boxes, Collars,
Aprons, Jewels,
Gavels, Letter O.
M. C. Pillars, Altars, Trowels,
Officer’s Stands.
The Sherer Blue Lodge Chart*
Canyass, Cable tow, Warden,
Columns, etc., etc.
Royal Arch Chapter Robes.
Jewel*, Collars, Aprons, Ark
Banners, etc., etc.
Commanderies K. T. full supplies and
outfits for the Sir Knights.
WTe also sell G. U. O. O F. Goods and
Patriarchie Suits. Addrrse,
33 W 4th St. Cincinnati, Ohio.
lfjgy An 11 olreet, PliilrtUeipLun, Pa.
For Consumption, Asthma. Bronchitis. Dys
pepsia. Catarrh. Hay Fever. Headache, Debility,
kheumatism, Seuraliga and all Chronic and
Nervous Disorders
‘‘The Compound Oxygen Treatment.” Drs.
Starkey & Paten, Mo. liJJ Arch Street Philadel
phia, have been using for the last seventeen
years, is a scientilie adjustment of the elements
of Oxygen and Nitrogen magnetized and the
compouned is o con ien-vi and made portable
that it is sent all over the world
Drs. Starkey A Palen have i i ■ liberty to refer
to the following named well-known persons wao
nave tried their Treatment:
Hon ffm D. Keliev, Member of Congress.
Rev. Victor I.. Conrad, Editor Lutheran Ob
server. Philadelphia.
Rev. Charles W. Cushing, D. D , Rochester. M. Y.
Hon. Wrn. Penn Nixon, Editor Inter-Ocean,
Chicago. 111.
Rev. A. W. Moore, Editor The Century. Lan
caster. S. C.
W. H. Worthington. Editor Mew South, Bir
mingham Ala
Judge H. P. Yrontnan, Quenemo, Kan.
Mrs. Mary A. Livermore Mc!ro-e, M. <-aehu*etts.
Judge K. S. Voorhees. Mew York City.
Mr E. C. Knight, Philadelphia.
Mr. Frank Siddall, Merchant. Pnilanelphia.
Hon. W. W. scliuyler, Easton, Pa.
Edward L. Wilson. 833 Broadway. X. Y., Ed.
Philadelphia Photographer.
Fidelia M. Lyon, Waimea. Aawaii, Sanewich
Alexander Ritchie. Inverness. Scotland.
Mr- Manuel V. Ortega Fresniiio, Ztcatecas.
Mrs. Emma < ooper. t lun. Spanish Honduras,
Central America
J. Cobb, U. S. Vice Consul, Corablauca. Mor
: occo.
M. V. Ashbrock. Red B uff Cal
Ernest Turner. Nor Ingham. England.
Jacob Ward, Bowr&i, New South Wales
And thousands of other* in every part of the
C ilted states.
“Compound Oxygen—its Mode of Results." is
i the title oi a new brochure of two 1 undred page*
| publislied by Dr*, Starky <& Palea. which gives
to all inquiries full informatiOa as to .his re
markable curative agent and a - -cord of several
hundred surprising cure* in a wide langc of
chronic case*—many of them after being aband
oned todie by other physician*. Also "Com
: pound Oxygen, it* Origin aad Development,” a j
interesting book of one hundred page*. Bo'h
I or either will be mailed free to any address* on
application. R;a i the procure I'
1 No. 1»« Areh ht. Philadelphia, Pa.
'-'the Fnglish, Normal, Academic Scientific,
Collegiate, Musical, Theological, Medleal, Dec
tal. Law, and Industrial departments, enroll
ment last year 4S2, about thirty teacher* ia the
various departments. Next sesion begin* Boot,
l«th. Ixpenses from $8,50 to $10, per month.
For Catalogue* Ac. Addrees,
Kcv. J. Basnitr.
Nashville, Tons.
1 Valid gentleman hare a thorough aanul
or classical education for *6,00 par aaeath far
hoard, tuition fuel, light and furnished rait
Provision is made for little girl* alto fro« #
to 13 years old. Term begins Bept. Wa. leal
for catalogue to Pa«e. J. 8. MoCullom.
J 30 3tu. Knoxville, Ttfa.
Open to ALL RACES and BOTH gllH
Tho Industrial, Normal, Piryabatobt
and College Defacements, will open Sept,
15, 18%, and the Throloqical Dvam
ment, October 1. Tuition Free. For fell
particulars address.
J. B. JOHNSON, Secretary.
Will open Sept, 15 Able Fecultv. Tuitioo
Cheap. Address. Pro*. J. H. SMITH.
Secretary, 632 8th St.. N. W.
(Which includes Dental and Pharnawaa.
iwal Courses), will open Oct, 1. Superior
dvantagcs. Terms very low.
Addrese. pRor. C. C. PURVIS, M. D.
Secretary, 1118 12th Street, N. W
Washington, D. C.
Particular inducements offered to thoee whe
are prepared to enter the Theological Depart
ment, for which a good English education la
necessary, -student* taken of all deneatoa
S. J. B. Carter & H. C. BlnforH
Have opened a Real Estate OJBee aadw
the firm name of
Offio. oil Franklin Street. 8o*th of |
Office, up stairs in Gaxrttr cRct.
sll colored persons and ethers whe have
Beal Estate t-ir sale, or wishing to hay
may find it to their advantage te eoBsalt
them atmee. Parties having deeds mart
gages, c. trac's etc., to w.ite, ana We ac
commodated fcj culling at oar e«ee.
Hnntavillo. Ala
It has been twelve years since thi* pop.
ular Authoress has written a book. Mr.
Liliinghatn takes pleasure in announcing
that her new book the beet of ali her
works-a large volume of over GOO pagw
beautifully bound, entitled
Price $2 OO.
The many admirers of tm.sgisted writer
will hail with delight this New Yol.
500,000,:OPIES ,0LD -
BEULAH, $1.75.
MACK I A, $1.75.
INEZ, $1.73.
ST. ELMO, $2.00.
Good Reliable Agents Wantii
For this new book, “AT THE MERCT
01 TIBERIUS,” on which i.ibbbal
terms will be given.
.Sold everywhere, and *ent bv mail Innaii
tree, ou receipt of price, by '
G. tv DILLINGHAM, Publisher,
isuceeeeor to G. W. Cumsiok A Co )
•J-27-9t. 3S West 23d Street New York.
D r . A. B. Shelby,
2 Doors South of Post Offlea mm
Franklin St.
Office hours from 9 to 11 A, x.aad
from 3 to 6 p. m.
Messages left at Allison, Adana A
Echols, Drug Store will racaiw* at
Calls in town and eoontry will ka
promptly attend ad. p~n1iaiL «

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