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Last Call!
For one week longer we offer our entire stock at greatly reduced prk 'es before our inventory is taken. Regardless of the advance in prices of
Cotton Goods of all descriptions, we shall continue to sell Heavy Brown Domestic at 5 cents per yard. Best yard wide Bleached Domestic at 7y
cents. 10'A Sheetings at 20 cents. Large White Honey-comb Quilts 7*5 cents. In Shoes we have an unusually large stock, and the knife has
been used to cut our prices in two. Gents Clothing and Furnishing Goods cheaper than ever before.
in Low
Absolutely Pure.
Tin's powder never varies. A marvel of pur
ity, strength and wholesomeness. More eco
nomical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot
oe sold in competition with the multitude of low
test, shortjfweight alumn of phosphate powders.
Hold only in cam. Royal Baeinu Powder Co.,
100 Wall St N. Y
Fresh cool Lager
Beer always on
w tap. The finest
^stock of Native
r & Foreign Wines
in the city, to be
found at the 8a
loon of W F. STRUVE.
A Household convenience The
Triumph Self Wringer.
Arrival mill l>e|inrtnre of Train** Oil
ilir M. A C. Kailroitd.
Express Arrives nt 6:00 a. m.
Mail- Arrives at U:00 p. in,
Mai/--Arrives at 12:30 p. m.
Express—Arrives at 11:00 p. m
Buy the Triumph Self Wringer
Mop. t. f.
Wedding Record.
The following license to wed was is
sued yesterday by the Judge of Probate:
Henry R Wendell to Lizzie B. Wood.
Circuit Court Soles.
The case of GurLy vs. Vincent is still
occupying the time and attention of the
court ami jury this week. When court
adjourned last e\’ening the case was still
in progress. Both sides are well repre
sented by able counsel and the case is
inviting a good deal of outside attention.
"■ ililing Itt'IN at Birmingham.
Tim Birmingham Herald of yesterday,
Says ;
A brilliant wedding occurred at the
■'liuruh of die. Advent at 10:30 o’clock
yesterday moaning in tt.e marriage of
'lr I Withers Clay, Jr , and Miss Car~
ri,‘ Aydelott Saunders.
Arbor liny.
Solomon Palmer issued official
notices to tlie various schools tnroughout
dm State to observe Washington’s birth*
day, Feb. T2 as Arbor day.
Tbe occasion will be employed in
planting trees, and carrying out general
ly die suggestions of the National Fores*
tr>' Congress. Last year Arbor day was
observed appropriately by the faculty
and pupils of the city schools and a
number of trees were duly- plan ted. This
P m the same program will be observed.
Mr. S, B. Hayes was in from Ha
dens Saturday' last.
Misses Fannie and Sallie Bone
of Winchester, Tenn , are visiting
relatives near Maysville.
M iss Lillie C. Bradford has been
spending the week at home for re
Hall.—Infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. David Hall at the family
residence in the city Monday night.
Fib. 6, 1888. Funeral attended
from the M. E. Church Tuesday af
ternoon byr Rev. A. W. McKinney.
Rev. Aaron Trampe is Pastor in
charge of the Missionary Baptist
church, col'd., 115 Steele St., and
will preach there at 2Ao‘clock Sun
day afternoon.
Rev. A. W. McKinney conducts a
flourishing Mission Sunday school in
the chapel of Rust Institute.
Services at all the churches to
Taxing Cotton Seed.
The effort in Congress to indirectly
place a tax on cotton seed, justly
meets the indignant opposition of
the farmers of the cotton growing
states. Senators and representatives
should be flooded with petitions a
gainst such an unjust and oppressive
tax. It will especially affect the col
ored farmer, who sells more cotton
seed than any othey class. Let the
proposed tax be vigorous’y beaten
A Lady’s Perfect Companion.
Painless Childbirth, a Dew book by
Dr. John H. Dye, one of New York’s
most skillful physicians, shows that
| ain is not necessary in Chilbirtb
but results fiom causts easily under
stood and overcome. It clearly proves
that any woman may become a moth
er without suffering any pain what
ever. It also tells how to overcome
and prevent morning sickness, swell
ed limbs, aDd all other evils attend
ing pregnancy. It is reliable er;’
Lighly endorsed by physicians ev ry
where Bsthe wife’s true private com
panion. Cut this out; it will save
you great pain, and possiblv your
life. Send two cent stamp for de
scriptive circulars, testimonials and
conhdential letter sent in sealed en
velope. Address Frank Thomas &
Co. Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland.
12-3 13 t.
The Chaltnnoogn (Jotnmrrrial.
The assignment made by the Commer
cial Printing Company of Chattanooga
shows how some newspaper men will
hold on to a non-paying business to the
very last. An immense sum of money
has been sunk in floating the Commer
cial since it first started a little over three
years ago, and one would think that its
managers ought to have found out long
ago that it w’ould be only a question of
time until finis and failure would be
scratched on the books of the company.
The Times in telling what it has cost says:
Since the Commercial company organ
ized in Sept. 1884, the amount of money
sunk in the effort to keep it going under
the different managements is estimated
by one of the stockholders to be any
w'heie from $50,000 to $75,000. There
have been several changes since the pa
per started. Mr. Burkarn taking charge
January 1, 1887.
At enterprising washerwoman shows
more energy than most business men.
While the latter have a full line of goods
in the spring and fall season the former
generally has a full line every Monday
luterp-ting Me< ting of Ihe Board Last
Tu< »<!»}'—The Condemning af P.'O
I>ery— % New Iroa Bridge 10
Span Pinhoob.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen
met in regulai session last Tuesday every
member of the Board being present.
The minutes of the previous meeting
having been read and approved, the re
port of officers of committees was read
and ordered spread upon the minutes.
a proposition.
Lawrence Cooper E^q , appeared with
a petition from a number of citizens ask
ing the Board to condemn the property
of the Colored Baptist Church, and ex
tend Williams St., offering a loan of the
money necessary to reimburse the
Church when the property was con
demned and for opening the street, this
money to be loaned to the city for a
term of three years without interest.
The petition was referred to the stret t
committee. Mr. Cooper stated that he
was authorized to make a proposition to
the Board with a view to purchase from
the city the system of water works. This
proposition was referred to the water
works committee.
Alderman Fletcher offered a new or
dinance prohibiting the hauling of dirt
through the streets of the city in any ex
ceptclose bodied wagons. Adopted.
The committee appointed to survey
and plan the continuation of Cleveland
St., to the N. C. &St.L. railroad depot,re
ported showing plan of street. The re
port was adopte j, and the Mayor was in
structed to summon a jury and condemn
the property at once.
The jury summoned to condemn the
property of Messrs-Cabaniss and Darwin
in order to secure a right of way for the
extension of Randolph street returned a
verdict giving Mr. Cabaniss $100 and
Mr. Darwin $252 50.
The verdict of the jury was adopted
and the Mayor was authorized to tender
the amount awarded to the parties.
The Board then went into secret ses
sion with closed doors to examine and
consider plans and bids for the construc
tion of a new bridge over Pinhook Creek.
It has been decided to build only an iron
bridge, and the contract will be awarded
at a special meeting next Friday night.
AlabumH Nobly Represented.
Prof. J. A. B. Lovett leaves this morn
ing for Washington to attend the De
partment of Superintendence of the Na
tional Educational Association w’hich
convenes there.in annual session next
Prof. Lovett is on the Association pro
rim for two speeches on living issues of
educational import, and we know he
will do his whole duty if he is asked to
give his own and the views of the think
ing men of Alabama on the Blair bill.
The Professor is fully abreast of the
times on the needs of Alabama in mat
ters of schools and education, and being
a forcible speaker and clear logician he
will present these views in a light too
lucid to be misunderstood.
During his absence, Prof. E. F. Ells
berry will assume eharge of the Institute
and will be assisted by Miss Mattie
Tiuistonin addition to the very able
faculty already employed there.
JackMn County Niw».
In the municipal election held at
Scottsboro last Monday, A. Rosson was
elected Mayor over J. R Freeman, by a
majority of three. Both candidates were
Democrats. Messrs. J. W. Moody, J. D.
Snodgrass, K. C. Miller and J. C. Gar
land were elected Aldermen.
The residence of Gen. John R. Coffey,
on the Tennessee River, near Bellefonte,
was totally consumed by fire on Thurs
day of last week.
On Wednesday night two negro men
named Neal and Meade, had a difficulty
at Paint Rock, in which Neal inflicted a
serious wound on Meade with a knife,
effecting his escape afterwards and has
not since been heard of.
The Circu t Court of Jackson county is
in session, Judge Talley presiding.

Din ling; a lulled NnplfaU.
Townsends-Tate.—At the residence of
the bride’s parents near Hazel Green,
Wednesday Feb. 8, 1888, by Rev. H. N.
Brown, Ex-ald. T. W. Townsend to Miss
Tamar C. Tate. After the marriage cer
emony the bridal party returned to
Huntsville, and are at present domiciled
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Mastin,where they were tendered an ele
gant wedding reception, which was a
grand affair.
The many guests were delightful
ly entertained by the generous hospi
tality of Mr. and Mrs. Mastin in the early
evening, in rooms made cheerful by the
rich glow of appreciated fires, by the
mild odor of violets and other flowers
of the season and by rich decorations of
evergreen. After which the merry
party, led by the bride and groom, was
shown into another room where was
spacious, liberal,and inviting tables. To
number the guests assembled around
the snowy board would require no special
mathematical ability, but to estimate the
number of different kinds of fruits com-;
posing the two immense pyramids built
upon the table, the different kinds of
meats, cakes would require the mathe»
matical skill of more than an ordinary
schoolboy to determine. It was well
that those who seived were so well in
formed as to the names of the different
kinds of cakes and creams, and that they
acted their part so well in serving those
who were not so fortunate as to know
the different names, for we are under the
impression that if such as the “tutifruti”
cream had to be asked for, very much of
it would have remained in its icy well till
Especially attractive, was a large heart
shaped;cake adorned on the top with the
significant symbol of two right hands
grasped firmly; the shape of the cake
and the ornament signified the happy
union of the hearts and hands of Mr.
and Mrs Townsend. This beautiful cake
was the compliments of Mr. and Mrs.
Foxhall. Several valuable presents were
given. There was nothing lacking to
make the reception a grand and mem^
orable one.
We wish Mr and Mrs. Townsend a
happy and prosperous life.
A Sheriff Outwitted by Two Women.
Vernon.—Yesterday Deputy Sheriff
Jerry Pennington started with Willie
Jordan to some point on the Georgia
Pacific to deliver him up to the authori
ties of Jefferson county, where he is
wanted on the charge of assault. When
they had got a few miles from town,
Jordan succeeded in making his escape,
although chased and two shots fired at
him. He has lately married near here.
Sheriff Pennington went out to watch
for him to come to see his wife last night,
but he did not come. To-day an aunt of
Jordan’s wife attempted to pass out from
the house, it was thought to inform Jor
dan that the house was watched. Sheriff
Pennington told her to stop and not try
to pass: but she persi ted, and he had to
lay hold of her to prevent her going,
thereupon she turned and gave him a
“Sullivan blow” under the eye, and a
struggle ensued. Then the woman’s
motner ran out with a gun and told him
if he “didn’t let her daughter alone she
would kill him.” So persistent was she
in the onset that he had to draw his gun
in defence. She then withdrew from the
field and came to town to procure a war
rant for the sheriff, for assaulting her
daughter; but as yet she not procured
the necessary papers. Jordan is a son of
Wiley Jordan, who recently escaped from
Pratt mines. Both of them have been at
large in the county for sometime.
The Tunnel at liibby Prison.
The March Century will contain the
story of “Colonel Rose’s Tunnel at Libby
prison,” told by one of the one hundred j
and nine Union officers who esciped on ,
the night of February 9, 1864. The sues I
cessful construction of this tunnel, dug
from a dark corner of the cellar of the
the prison, through fifty feet of solid 1
earth,—the only tools being two broken
chisels and a wooden spittoon in which
to carry out the dirt,—was one of the
most remarkable incidents of the war.
Colonel Rose, to whose indomitable j
will and persevereuce the success of the
scheme was due, is now a captain in the
16th United States Infantry, and of the
fourteen men who assisted in digging the
tunnel, eleven are still living. The nar»
rative in the March Century, which is il
lustrated, forms one of the uutechnical
papers supplementing the War Series,
and it is said to be one of the most re
mantic records that the Century lias ever
Newsy Notes and Perso lal Men
Tuscumbia, Feb. 8‘88.
jBalniy weather.
'L'he ladies are preparing for St.
Valentine day.
Mrs. L. B. Merridith is still on the
sick list
Mrs Arthur Bently nee Simpson
is conva’escent.
Miss Bettie Jones is back from
Holly S iriugs, Miss.
Our Pastor Rev. B. L. Coleman
is up and able to be out agaiu.
Miss Anna D. Coopei is spending
a week in the country.
Mrs. Amandi Woods is very ill
with dropsy of the heart.
The ladies of the A. M. E. church
gave a successful supper.
Services will be held in the new A.
M. E. church the 3rd Suuday.
Mr. Percy Patterson, of Memphis
is visitiug his sister Mrs. Henry
Among the welcome visitors, from
Sheffield Sunday were Messrs H.
May, Wdlie McCullongh, T. Reed,
Vallie Mitchell, Jno. 1 h eat and
Willie James.
The gallant beaux aud pretty
belles s'ormed the residence of Mr.
Wm. Willis with a surprise party
last week. Miss Jennie Willis the
charming daughter, was at home and
full of the spirit of the happy oc
Now Mr. Editor I've been reading
the Huntsville Gazette, as a sub
scriber for a long time and look
for its weekly visits with great inter
est. I have been anxious to see
something in its columns from our
town, and so send this letter. As it
is my first 1 hope it may meet with
your approval and not find a place
iu that copacious “waste basket.”
[Such letters as jours are always
welcome. Let us hear from you
again —Ed.]
Low Rales for Sheffield.
A special to the Chattanooga Times
from Sheffield, says :
The Memphis & Charleston Railroad
has reduced the rate on flour from Mem
phis to twenty-five cents per barrel, for
merly fifty four cents; on meal twenty
five cents per barrel, formerly forty-four
cents; grain ten cents per 100 pounds,
formerly seventeen cents; and all other
heavy groceries in proportion. This was
done on account of the low rate of freight
by river from St, Louis and other West- ,
ern cities. Sheffield has as low freight
rates as any city in Alabama, no matter
what the size, and she is steadily assume
ing the proportions of a great commer
cial as well as a manufacturing center.
A few more years will tell the tale.
- - •-mm »- ► -.
We have all sorts of weather in this I
section just at present. We have raiu
sunshine and thunder and lightning, and J
if that is not a happy combination it is
at least a variety of contrasts. All we ;
need to fill the bill is frost and snow
and then we would have a general con
glomeration of elements.
But the frost keeps away. It has too'
many engagements just now in the great
Northwest and it stays there much to
the gratification of the dwellers it the
Sunny South. The thermometer yes
terday registered as follows:
6 a. m.42 i
12 m.(50
3 p. m. 62
10 p. m. ... 52
In nine hours -between 6 a. m , and 3
p. in., the temperature rose 20 deg. At
6 p. m., a heavy shower of rain fell and
the wind was directly due South.
- --— — --
There is one admirable feature abou
the barbed wire fence and that is they
can’t paint Dr. Bull’s Cough Syrup ad
vertisement on it.
,^'TuU. WEio77r~^,
Its superior excellence proven in millionsts
homes for more than a quarter of a century. I
is used by the United States Government. Kn
domed by the heads of the Great Universities af
theStrongest, Purest, and most Healthful. I>r.
Price’s the only Baking Powder that does not
contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only
in Cans
Non Resident Notice.
In Chancery at Huntsville, Ala.
At rules held by the Register of the
Eighth District of the North-Western
Chancery Division of the State of Ala
bama, on Monday, the 2nd day of Jan
uary, 1888.
Preston C. Franklin,
No. 1580. vs.
Annie Franklin,
Comes the complainant, and it appear
ing to the satisfaction of the Register
from the affidavit of complainants solic
itor that the defendant Annie Franklin
is a non-resident of the State of Ala
bama, and that she residdes in the city
of Abingdon State of Virginia : It is oi
dered by the Register that said defend
ant cause her appearance to he entered,
and to plead, answer or demur to the
complainant’s original bill of complaint,
on or before the
7th day of February, 1888,
or the same will be taken pro con/esso
against her thirty days thereafter.
It is further ordered, That this order
be published for four weeks in succes
sion in the Huntsville Gazette a news.,
paper published in Huntsvilie, in said
District, the first insertion to be made
without delay; that a copy be posted at
the Court House door in Huntsville, and
one forwarded by mail to said defend
ants within twenty days from this date.
Done at office in the city of Huntsville,
this 2nd day of Januaiy, 1888.
Register in Chancery.
Office No. 515 7 ST. N. W„ 3RD Floor,
All Kinds of JOB WORK Done
Orders by mail will lie promptly tilled. .Satis
faction guaranteed dec 3rd—Cm
Dr. A. B. Shalby
2 Doors South of Post Ofliceona
Franklin St.
Office hours from 9 to 11 A, M.and
from 3 to 6 p. m.
^ Messages left at Allison, Adams A
Echols, Drug Store will receive at
Calls in town and country will he
promptly attended. Residence at
-A. :f:e::e5so^t i
Male or Female—in every township in this
8tate to take order* for a standard historical
work of surpassing beauty, usefulness, and
accuracy, which sells at sight. Liberal com
missions. Farticulars on application, You
can make *100 to *2.50 per month. Full in
; Btructions. Address
PHILLIP & II IWT.NO.t Broadway,».Y
boots and Shoes made
do order, and repairs
Uone in best style and
| at cheapest prices.
Jaws C. Hens,
^ MadiaonSt,below Georgia Bridge

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