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Our past success in this department has induced us to lay Tn a larger supply than at any time heretofore. Our Shoes
have been tested these many years, and our numerous patrol is can attest to their merits. The Famous Two Dol
lars and sixty cent ($2.60) Shoe has been improved, materia lly, and we now keep a full supply of DONGOLA and
REAL FRENCH KID BUTTON BOOTS, in all shapes and wid ths, machine and hand-sewed, at prices ranging from
three dollars ($3.00) to five dollars ($5.00). Misses and Child: ren’s Shoes in the greatest varieties, and at unusually
low prices. Ladies and Misses’ Slippers with h€>els and spi fing heels- Old ladies House Shoes and Buskins.
Gentlemens Custom-made Shoes, in all styles. Patent Leather Pumps and Slippers.
Leaders of Low Prices.
_ r mi ■■■! m — - »
M CB ® B Q
i-h d- ® d a ”• Si
M o 2 0Q z a fed
&> £ 03 ^ 0 S’ §
CD • c*“ ^ £ £ 1-3
H < ^0*3 02
H <j° S ® Qq
■r-l <^Q C+d O W
2 CD P O CD o “
c* B K3 Bgg
:§S 3 *» w
m ® m. ^ O' /-s
<| < M 03 . CD H2
H ® g S'® £.§
3 p 5’^ g S ^
w S' CD £ CD ^
t> • o d. ? | a
r s?>r?»
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur
Ity, strength and wholesomeness. More eco
nomical tiian the ordinary kinds, and cannot
oc sold in competition with the multitude of low
test, sliorttweight alumn of phosphate powders.
Sdd onlii in cans. Roy al Bakino Rowder Co.,
100 Wall St N. Y
Fresh cool Lager
Beer always on
f tap. The finest
*stock of Native
/ & Foreign Wines
in the city, to be
found at the Sa
■ loonof W F. STRUVE.
More New Ginghams, New
i Satteens. White Goods have
arrived, Elegant styles at low
Good unlaundried Shirts 50c
•'ll Linen Towels 10c
Curtain Scrim, new design lOc
french Woven Corsets 75c
Wool Dress Goods lOcyd
Mew stock of wide Hamburg
Edges, IOc per yard.
Special bargain in Ladies
Shoes, 75c pair.
Lace Curtain, 3G yards long,
S'.25 per pair.
The balance of our stock of
Cress Goods, including black
Cashmeres, all at cost.
ltwi" pay and save you money
trade with.
^:l'u hi abundance.
Ib-ath > scythe is busy.
1 'ejiaic for gardening.
. h'e-hictory has resumed op
atl'*"r the summer campaign.
*1'L' Primitive Baptists re again
4 lbeir church.
v . \1. ’ 1 I,lly w®s observed at the
teformal school.
,.rrhe K of P. colored Lodge was
^“e*l last night.
)oung fo ks have organized
1 Ven'lc social club.
Mr. Jno Bone was in from Mays
ville Saturday.
Mr. Henry Wendell was up from
Decatur Saturday.
Mr. Jas. H. Weatherly lias re
turned from Birmingham.
Miss L. C. Bradford has returned
to Decatur.
Mr. David Hall visited his fam
ily this week.
Rev. B. J. Donnel is up from De
Hon. A. Whited, of New Hope, is in
the city.
Eld. W, H. Mixon has been in the
city during the week.
P. esiding Eld. Prettyman keeps
his circuit under close supervision.
Misses Ju’iaand Mary Dillard
were among their friends Saturday.
Mr. Janies Isaacs and daughters
were in the city Thursday.
Mrs. Janies Patterson and Miss
Hines are new in New Orleans.
S. D. Cabaniss, Esq., has been in at
tendance on a special term of Chancery
Court at Huntersville this week.
Mrs. Alec Patterson has returned
from a visit to her daughter at Chat-1
Mr. Thomas Brandon has been at
home during the week, on the sad
occasion of the death of his litt'e
Mr. John Battles of the substan
tial farmers ofe Mridianville was in
last Saturday and his left compli
ments .rith the Gazette.
Mr. Moses W. £ Jones is a model
young farmer of sterling character
and enterprise. He has recently
purchased a desirable farm near
town, paying the cash on the spot,
and is now under his “‘own vine and
fig tree.”
Buy the Triumph Self Wringer
Mop. t.f
-- -« • --
Notes from over the Mountain.
Candidates are num rous
Everything looks promising.
Election talk is plentiful.
Farming preparations move on.
The Public school taught by Air.
S. B. Hayes will continue two weeks
1 was glad to see in the Gazette
the interest taken by Supt. J. A. B.
Lovett in the passage of the Blair
bill the passage of that bill will give
us better schools, and that is what we
need, especially the colored paople
in the county.
Some p'aces have no schools at all,
and where there are schools the
three mouth sessions are too short eu
tirely f r effective work. The peo
ple must be educated, for their own
good and the wellfare of the State.
Let the young man aim high.

Col. Dhwsoii Kn(liir»«l nl \Va«li n^ttm.
The following resolution was intro
duced by Prof J. A. B. Lovet, and adopt
ed at the meeting of the Department ol
Superintendence of the National Educa
tional Association, in session at Wash
ington, Feb. 10th, 18SS;
Rest lived, That this Department bears
emphatic testimony to the continued
v due of the United States Bureau ol
Education to the teaching profession; to
the w ise conduct of the office under the
pres ut Commissioner, to the faithful and
efficient service of his suherdinates, and
also to the great value of its recent con
tributions to American educational his*
tory, which it is hoped will be continued
in the line that has been so successfully
Circuit Court ftule.*.
On the re-assembling of Circuit Court
Thursday morning the case of the State
vs. Anderson Weeden was called and
postponed until this mo ming on account
of the absence of Oapt. Day, counsel for
State vs. Tim Audei *«m and Arthur
Eason grand larceny, j mry ami verdict
guilty. This is swift jut *uce. A couple
of weeks ago these yo ugg miscreants
helped themselves to »»verai dozen
knives from the show c: we taf Cooper &
Lovett. The)’ were arre Hied Bhortly af
terwards and the grand jjury being in
session at the time of tbei r ;ar»est, found
a true bill of indictment wihioh has re
sulted in their conviction.
State vs. Wm Blair, a Baas'll with in°
tent to murder. At a Late fcioux last
night the jury were still •. put.-tascussing
the verdict.
Yesterday was a busim » »lay in the
Circuit Court and certainly ' an one could
grumble at the “law’s dela ty* for delay
there was nose. The case of the State
vs. Wm. Hussey for murde r, wa s called
and continued until the August term.
State vs. Isaac Gardner, Gra; id Lar
ceny, jury and verdict guilty.
State vs. Betty Allred, misceg enation,
jury and verdict guilty..
State vs. Frank Jana es ft urgjiar y, Jury
and verdict guilty.
This morning the case of! tiiie. State vs.
Anderson Weeden, for n nrdtei, will be
called and disposed ol
Two Colored Sergeant!* For
Washingtou, February.' Ua- —Only
superficial people have dleli* red the
President to be no politic?* -n. His
acts have been as clever; isstlu ty Were
bold ever since he has 1 o«m before
the public, though it to* >lclon£,r-heaiI
cd and above all right- hearted, pol
iticians to gauge their effect Gov
ernor Cleveland’s veto < >f the Five
Cent Fare bill is a ca.« e in point.
New the President has ■ F»ne a char
acteristic thing in nom imating Ser
geant Charles E. Ta} nnaan of ifoe
Twenty-fourth Infantry an Sergeant
Thomas H. McGuire of the Twenty
fifth Infantry to be sec amd licaten
ae ts in the army.The T treaty fourth
anil Twenty-fifth Regim .emits ®f In
fantry, in rank nml file,.- ire eonnposed
of negroes. To placati i a cer tain
public sentiment, wehn the last re
o ganization of the ari oy occurred
four negro regiments w reie IeJ "t in
the military establishn leut-tlu it is,
the men were black but the of fieers
were white. Flipper, the only negro
who ever graduated from West Po nt
—until Alexander last year —was
sent to one of th ^ge regiments, to the
ghastly disgust, of the other of fieers,
who number some of the swellei ;t men
in the service.
Here then is a Democratic Pres- j
ident doing what no* Republican!
Executive has ever dared to do—.
recognizing in the most radical way,
the practical as well as 1 he tec hn ical j
equality of the coloret 1 man and
soldier. It will create a s torm of op
position in army circles, md there's
’ittle doubt that the insu ruiountable
prejudices of race will make the
colored officer’s lot an ui feappy one
if they get their commiss i«>ns. But
will they? Will the Senat * pass the
names ? It is Republican, fc». be sure
I but all these Republican t Senators
i have friends in the army, is>d strong;
| influences of a sort to whit ifciHiey are
peculiarly susceptible will Ik brought
to bear against them. Th e .chances
are that the Republican f ieaate will
kbk back into obscurity th v ^colored
soldiers whom a Dernocrp ,tie Pres
ident has raised up. If t tiey don’t
it will only be through s * coei cive
apprehension of the mu ch abu sed
colored vote.
A Household convei iience T. he
Triumph Self Wriuger.
IT. ». < onrl.
The following are the Grand Jurors
for the April term of U. S. Circuit Court:
Frank Chisholm, Green Hill, Lauder
dale county; Milton Roach, Fackler,
Jackson county; Win. McKissack, Ath
ens, Limestone county; B. F. Stine, Tus»
cumbia, Colbert county; W R W Cobb,
Gurley, Madison county; A S Fletcher,
Huntsville, Madison county; David Hall,
Huntsville, Madison county; J F Cooley,
Hamilton, Marion county; John Hood,
Mt. Hope, Lawrence, county; Felix
Forbes, Meridianville, Madison county;
Porter Bibb, Bellmina, Limestone coun
ty; Wm L Halsey, Huntsville, Madison
county; Calvin Scott, Friendship, Mar
shall county; James McKnight, Raw
Hide, Lauderdale county; Jere Murphy.
Huntsville, Madison county; Joseph
Baldwin, Houston, Winston countv; J M
Hutchens, Huntsville. Madison county;
A A Baker, Huntsville, Madison county ;
Edmund Todd, Bishops, Colbert county;
W F Baldridge, Huntsville, Madison
county; Thos J Denson, St. Florian, Lau
derdale county, S J Mayhew, Huntsville,
Modison county; Jonathan Dobbs, Bell'
green, Franklin county.
John Higgins, Larkinsvill, Jackson
county; J L Sheffield, Warrenton, Mar
shall county; M M Frazier. Pikensville,
Marion county; J A Pope, Hamilton
Marion county; Wm F Struve, Hunts
ville, Madison county; John W Patter
son, Cherokee, Colbert county; Henn
Cale, Bellefonte, Jackson, county; Thos
Davis, Holly Tree, Jackson county; J H
McKee, Albertville, Marshall county,
James Isaacs, Cluttsville, Madison coun
ty; Jere Burnett, Ark, Winston countv;
Wm J Mastin, Huntsville, Madisoi
county; Jonathan Hall, Larkinville
Jackson county; John Till, Waterloo
Lauderdale, county.
George Hubert, Huntsville, Madisoi
county; D H Lester, Huntsville, Madisoi
county; Sam’l H Moore, Huntsville,
Madison county; John Bennett, Warren
' toD, Marshall county; W M Foster, War
reulon, Marshall county; Joseph Carr,
Gravelly Springs, Lauderdale county; J
P Matthews, Huntsville, Madison coum
tv J W Cunningham, Rodgersville
Lauderdale county; John Gilbreath.
Guntersville, Marshall county, Tillmai
Bishop, Bexan, Marion county; L A
Peevy, Huntsville, Madison county; Jn<
Odom, Hillsboro, Lawrence county, Jor
Moore, Russellville, Franklin county; A
C Legg, Elkmont, Limestone county, C
M. Hundley. Huntsville, Madison coun
ty; P M Box, Huntsville, Madison coun
Brawn Tuesday Feb. 21st, 1S88, in th«
presence of L. K, Pobbs, Asst. L. fe. At
torney and Chas. P. Lane and W. L
“ Church. A card of thanks.
Huntsville, Alabama.
SaturdayFeb. 18th 1888.
Editor Gazette: Dear sir: Please
allow us in your esteemed sheet to
return our heart le t thanks and
gratitued, to the Principal, directors
and trustees of the Rust Normal
Institute, for their kinduess extend
ed tons, in keeping thedoors of their
school room open every Sabbath, foi
our divine services, since the burning
of our church.
The officers of nearly all the color
ed churches of the city, oflered t<
extend to us a part of each Sabbath
to carry on our service, while debar
red, as above stated from our own
for which we also express our grate
fulness. Through the wise and skill
fu biess management of Mr. J. M.
Hutchens,contractor, we are enabled
to hold service in our church today,
ithough lacking something of being
complete. VV'e feel t;>at we shall
soon have it in better cond t on than
ever. Since the burning, we have
collected and have on hand $525 25
leaving a balance on first payment
of $24.75, when we get full possession
of the church. Second paym nt $550
due in twelve months after.
Very respectfully.
Eld. Bartly Harris. Pastor; for
the entire congregation.
Wm H. Gaston. ' Clerk.
A Great Day at the Meh»rry
Medical College.
The twelth annual commencement
exercises of the Me harry Medical
College and the 2nd of the dental
school of Central Tenn. College,
was a brillirnt success at Nashville
Tenn Monday Feb- 20. Dr. Bra- j
den the distinguished President of
the institution presided and was sur
rounded by many most eminent men
who have added their talent and
time to the great work of education
among the colored people. Promi
nent among these were Bishop Wal
Our limited sj ace forbids an ex
tended notice of the interesting
speeches delivered on the occasion.
The addresses by Geo. W. Honesty,
Vtechanicksburg O. salutatorion,
C. M. Wade, of Hot Springs, Ark.,
formerly of Huntsville the valedicto
rian, Robt, T. [Brown, Athens, Ala ,
valedictorian for the Medical De
partmant, were models of good taste
an 1 oratory.
After several appropriate address
es by the faculty and visitors,
With appropriate ceremonies the
degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery
was conferred by J. Braden, D. D.,
upon Henry Lewis Smith, Bastrop.
Tex., and Claude Melnotte Wade,
Hot Sprsngs, Ark. The degree of
Doctor of Medicine was conferred
upon the following young ratu:
Benjamin Rufus Bluitt, Mexia,
Texas- Richard William Browi:,
Charleston, S. C.; Robert Turnei
Brown Athens, Ala.: George Sam
uel Pryce, Jamaica, W. I.; Mason
James Snowden, Oakland, Texas
Daniel Milton Darden, Spring Hil ,
Teun ; Thomas VanBuren Davis,
Nashville, Tend.; Russell Fred.
Ferrill, LaGrange, Tex.; Charles
Melvin Moates, Belton, Ga.; Jacob
Chris'opher Hairston, Martinsville,
Va.; Samuel Andrew O’Neal,
Barnesville. Ga.; George VValtei
Honesty, Mechanicsburg, O.; A1
bert LeRoy Thompson, Gallatin,
Teun ; Win. Hanson Hughes, Oxford
N. C.; John Whitfield Lillard, Nash
renn.; Anthony Nathan Prince,
Hallettsville, Tex: Joseph Grier
Thomas, A. B., Chula Depot, Va.,
Howard Douglass Carter, N ashville
The following prizes were given to
the winners:
By Dr. Boyd, for the best examin
ation in physiology, Slater, of North
Carolina; by S. C. Smith, Secretary
of the S. S. department A. M. E.
church, for best average examination
among the young men of the grad
uating class in the Medical Depart
ment, George S. Pr>ce, of Jamaica,
West Indies; by Morri on Bros., for
best average examination among
nembers of the graduating class in
theDenta1 Department, gold Jrnedal,
to Henry L Smith of Texas.
Wedding Kecord.
The following license to wed was is
sued yesterday by the Judge of Probate:
Percy Jones to Caroline Erskine.
U. S. miNsiouer* Court,
James Furgeson, was before U. S.
Commissioner J. H. Bone, yesterday,
charged with operating a “wild eat” dis.
tillery on Sand Mountain, Jackson Co.
Upon a hearing of the case, fie was held
to answer the charge before the U. S
Circuit Court, at the next term. Bail
was fixed at $500, in default of bond hi
was committed to jail.
ley Roberts, George and Valentine
Goforth, of Jackson county were also be
fore Commis-iouer Bone, charged with
illicit distilling. The examination of the
witnesses in these eases was continued
iill this morning at 9 o’clock.
- WEIO//r^i
Its superior excellence proven in mlllionats
homes for more than & quarter of a century. 1 -
is used by the United States Government. En
ilorsed by the heads of the Great Universities af
theStrongest, Purest, and most Healthful. Dr.
Price’s the only Baking Powder that does not
contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only
in Cans
Office No. 515 7 ST. N. W., 3RD Floor,
All Kinds of JOB WORK Done
Orders by mail will be promptly lilled. Satis
(action guaranteed dee 3rd—tim
Dr. A. B. Shalby
2 Doors South of Post Officeona
Franklin St.
Office hours from 9 to 11 a, M.and
from 3 to 6 p. M.
Messages left at Allison, Adams A.
Echols, Drug Store will receive at
Calls in town and country will be
promptly attended. Residence at
% n*
Stiff Joints,
Hoof Ail,
Saddle Gall*.
accomplishes for everybody exactly what Is claimed
forlt. One of the reasons for the great popularity of
the Hustang Liniment Is found ltits universal
applicability. Everybody needs such a medicine.
The Lumberman needs It In case of accident.
The Housewife needs it for general family use.
The Cannier needs It for his teams and his men.
The Mechanic needs it always on hit work
The Miner needs It In case of emergency.
The Pioneer needs It—can’t get along without It.
The Farmer needs It In his bouse, his stable,
and his stock yard.
The Steamboat man or the Boatman needs
It In liberal supply afloat and ashore.
The Horse-fancier need* It—it Is his best
friend and safest reliance.
The Stock-grower needs It—it will save him
thousands of dollars and a world of trouble.
The Railroad man needs It and will need It so
long as his life Is a round of accidents and dangers.
The Backwoodsman needs It. There is noth
ing like It as an antidote for the dangers to life,
iimh and comfort which surround the pioneer.
The Merchant needs It about hia store among
his employees. Accidents will happen, and when
these come the Hustang Liniment Is wanted at once.
Keep a Battle to the House. ’Tls the best of
Keep o Bottle iu the Factory. Its immediate
gee In case of accident saves pain and loss of wages
I Keep m Bottle Always io the Stable for
MO whoa wonted.

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