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On Next Tuesday, Sept. lvHh, j
Our Entire Line of Fall Goods Will be Open.
An array of novelties seldom ever witnes ssed_
Dress goods in exclusive Designs ranging inpri ces
from the cheapest to the finest. Domestic’s at all
prices. Flan nells, Table Linens, Towels and Nap
kins. Millinery is one of our main features: We
employ a first class trimmer and make no charge
for trimming when the goods are bought her e. Our
Carpet Department enlarged and now in full blast.
Cents and Boys clothing in complete assortments.
BERSTEINJt LOWENTHAL ,The Leaders of Law Prices
SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 1*90.

Mis Mar'a L r lay made a trip to
Decat ii last week.
Mr S. I>. I lays of linden’s pre
cinct wit in own Wednesday
Mr. Alien A Carter as returned
to Hut Springs Ark.
Mr. William Hell l.-ft for Chat
ti/ioogu Monday where lie will m ike
his future home
Mr. P ytoti W. Shields ot Bir
mingham has been in the • ify this
Mr W C 1 lari i.s, one of Deea
tor's most slice- s tnl hii-iiiess men
was iu the city last buhb tli
Messrs Frank Walker and H II
Arnett of Madison cmny, was in
the city the first of th° week.
Messrs. W 11 and A tinny Ke'-|
ly of l’.iowiisboro ^va^ in our sanctum
last week.
Mr John Pope came up from
Memphis last Sunday with Capt.
Elder Jim Suggs of Fayetteville
Tenu., is in the city begging for the
C. P thirrch which was blown down
last March.
Rev. J. F. Humphrey left Wvd
Desday for Athens Ala, to attend
the Huntsville Presbytery.
Mrs. J. B. Browu of Paint R*ck
passed through the city last Wednes
day on her way to visit her aunt,
-Mrs. Dully Allison.
♦ ♦ ♦
Society Meetings.
Evening Star Lodge No. tj second
Monday night of each month, at their
r i ir wavii Grove- H. C Bin
°™ " M . Charles Hendley Sec.
Meets at Masonic Hall, in Davis
rave 1st 3 d, Friday nights. Mrs.
H-CBmfori, M. A , Mrt Lucy I)
“ufe, Secretary.
evlTV.ille Lodge No- 14 ,ueets
yen trulay night at their Hall
Tu"Uel MeCal,y . W M„ Walter
Tsvi ^al)t- ceremonies Sam
layl°r, SeC.
ht an'l'f V o' No. 2768 meets
mouth tlr'Y nigh^ in each
U^ 8';llllam Jones, N. G.;T8.
s- M. T. NO. 1.
lili/vV"1 lue8d»y nights. Mrs.
C*zn w p” fii-8ar*h
,SUi 1,kndehson temple no. 47.
G. I 4 ue*^avr nights. Mrs
^»ll, See Wna*d " P * Miss Erma
M 3r.l of Friendship 1st
V*. W \i "ur--, .n,«s*lts- Mingo
l1’ " u ,am Bates, Sec.
*u 1 luce to Educate.
V Z Sutbev° d"ul)t of the fact
^**^1 School iQ this
^People ® i wonderful work for
Vt to y0lln " "*” superior advan
“(*te, if 8 People desiring to ed
^»cte,l hoLaieJ°°king *)r a weli
J^iheStat vkein,Ia8trial8nhool
»iah tnt °rnQal in thU city.
r^ntseh, i ‘°A raore about’this
^ill.Prin Vrt,te( to Prof. W. H.
-"^pal.^Huutgviiie Ala.
Foxhall.- In this city at the res
idence of Mr. James H. Mastin, on
Wednesday Sept. 10th 1890, Mr
Peyton Foxhall.
Mrs. Margaret Jackson drop, ed
dead on the street Wednesday even
ing last.
Normal School Notes.
—Pupiis are still coming in fii>m
all directions
— 1 wo boxes of hooks for the Li
brary and o ie box of tools for the
shoe shop are on the way from Phil
adelphia, being sent by a kind friend
— Miss Clara V. Goodman of the
class of 90 has been added to the
Faculty of the school. She is a
sterling young lady.
— Prof. Councill delivered bis lec
ture styled from I860 to 1890, last
night at Leighton.
— The Industrial Department
going right ahead.
—A first class job press has been
placed in the Printing office.
— Schools are in full blast.
—Revival at the M. E. church.
— Cotton picking opens lively.
—City schools opens Oct. 1st.
—The City needs a colored schoo
—The sul u ! an streets and side
walks are badly neglected,
— Capt. Cash Mushy brought an
excursion from Memphis to this city
last Sabbath.
—Rev. A. YYr. McKinney filled
the pulpit at Lakeside last Sabbath.
—The C. P. church had baptising
at the big spring last Sunday.
—Excursion rates on the L. & N.
R. R. to-day for all visitors who de
sire to attend the Huntsville Pres
bytery at Athens. Fare for round
trip, from Decatur 57 cents.
Mr. Thomas H Beasley, son of Dr.
James Beasley of this place, was shot
and killed at LaGrauge Tenn , last
—A collesion of’ two freight trains
ou the M. AC R. R. near Limrock
Tuesday caused a delay of several
hours of the westbound mail train
No one was hurt.
— Evening Star Lodge No. H meets
in a special communication next
Tuesday night to meet Grand Lee
turer Jeremiah Barnes of Tuscaloosa
—Mr. Burrell Scruggs came up
from Milton’s Bluff this week plucked
one of our fairest flowers and re
turn to his vally home with the best
wishes of the Gazette force.
295 Fkkxoamex St., San Fkaxoisco,
November 3rd, 1310.
Microbe Killer Co.:
Gentlemen—After suffering from ca
tarrh for eight years, during which I tried
various patent medicines and was trea
ted by regular physicians, even special
ists, I determined to give your Microbe
Killer a trial. After two jugs bad been
taken an improvement in my health be
came perceptible, which steadily contin
ued. Now I am taking my seventh jug.
I am so far recoved as to entertain once
more a hope which I had long lost—that
of a complete and radical cure.
Gratefully yours.
Henky Rw*oi<>.
For sale by John L. Risou.
Wm. Radam’s Microbe Killer Co..
New Orleans, La.:
I have used the Microbe Killer in my
own family, as well as for several of my
hands ou the plantation for the past
twelvemonths, and find it to be of great
benefit in all cases. I keep a supply on
hand at all times.
J. Lebekmouth,
Salsburg Plantation.
June 25th, 1390.
School Notice.
1 he City School Colored will open
Wednesday Oct. 1st at tho M. E.
church. All patrons are hereby no
tified to have their children on hand
promptly at 9 o’clock A. M.
Thomas S. Cooper,
9-13,3t, Principal.
We place on our first dargain
Counterthe largest lot of Rem
nants of all kinds of goods
which we want to close out at
prices which do not re present
one-third of their v aiue. It
will pay you to look at nhem.
fss M, M NEWMAN & CO
Mrs. It. W. Austin, of Decatiir, is visit
ing friends in the city.
Mr. llenry Speake has returned home
from the Springs near Atlanta, sann' is, we
are glad to say, greatly iii>pr(»v**d in
Messrs. Hal C. Weaver and John 1*.
Spence leave to-day at 1:510 o'c lock for
Topeka, Kansas, to attend as iSrand ISep
resentatives the Sovereign Grand Lodge
of I. O. O. F. They will he <a»n* about
ten days or two weeks.
Committed to
Ike Mosely, colored, bj&s been cCmiririt
ted to jail in default of. bond by Sheriff
Murphy, on an indictment found by the
recent Grand Jury, charged with gaming.
Wise & Co. desire to
inform their friends and
customers that in com
memoration of the Jew
ish Holiday on .Monday
next, Sept. 15th„ their
store will be closed on
that day. Parties living
on Monte Sana will
please give their orders
to our driver No. 6, for
all goods needed* which
will be delivered on Sat
In the city our wagons
will call at 6 p. m. on
Monday for orders which
will be filled and deliv
ered same evening from
5 to 10 p. m.
tlm fn sat sum*
Fifteen Bales.
The number of bales of the fleecy sta
ple received at this market is increasing
rapidly. Fifteen bales arrived in tow n
yesterday from different parts of the
county, aud were sold to the following
parties, the price ranging from 9:40 to
9:50: Landman & Co., 5, J. C. Jones 15.
S. Sehiffman 3, aud one bale cyme in too
late for the market.
TheHunsvillo Marke.
Meats—Bulk Meat t>, to fjijij. Bacon
Strips, 8$ to 10c. Country Fauis 12£ to
131c. Sugar Cured Hainr,, 1,31 to 14^0.
Country Shoulders S'* to 9c* Breakfast
Bacon 10 to Lie.
Lard—8 to 9c.
Corn Meal—70 to 75c. Pearl Bolted
Meal 75c.
Shelled Corn 60 to 70c.
Hay—Millet and Clover i>0 to 75
Sugai—Granulated, 7] to 8Jc. Light
Brown. 6j| to 7}c.
Molasses-- 45 to 60c.
Coffee— Hio, 20 to 2.V
Crackers—7 to 12c.
Coal Oil—175 test, 17e. T^Otest. 12c
Chickens from Wagons*— 30 to 15c.
Mi let See<L 70 to 75.
Flour—$5 to $6.50.
E ,*g8 15 cents
Chancery Court
Chancery court, with Chancellor Cobbs
sitting, will convene in Pegular session it'
this city Monday next, j^.n average dock
et is on hand.
j Cause Inumlnfions i: Various
I .u is «>. tho t oH:iir;, .
j Thv. FT j Grande the Hitfhebt for
i n V Gars.
j The Loss t.( I'l-op.-rtj Will !»e Cnnsi.ter
| able — No Futilities It spotted. Hut
; Many Narrow Ks mj>; s —A oudiern r»
eitir Train Struri by a Waterspout.
Floods lie pm ted in Numerous New
York Towns.
1 Hasn’t Heen So High at F.igle l’ass for
Ten Ti ears.
Eajs.k Pass. Tex , Sent. 10.—The Rio
i Grande is higher at this point than it
• has been for Tea years. Wednesday
1 afternoon tho lower parts of the city
were inundated and considerable prop
erty was destroyed, but no lives were
j lost.
Miraculous tsunp s
About 5 o'clock an iron trestle leading
to u bridge over a l i ver was car t ie i
away and with the office of the custom
guard, inspector, quar ’iitiue guard and
four or five others. A1 hough the trestle
was fifty feet high no persons were hurt
by tire full, ;.ud tbe p.-opie clung to the
wreck until they were rescued about a
anile down tho river. The telephone
and electric light wires are down.
U.i a Itooiit Ainu.
1 he Sail Antonio river, four miles
Vest of the city, is also on a boom. The
Overcomes down with a current ten
lent deep, and has d me ;;r ■ it damage
to the houses and iinpcov meats of the
Piedras Me gras Coai company. The
track of the Mexican Pitet national rail
; way is washed our. and railroad travel
: to the south is suspended.
! Cliei1 Cull for ir.'s - itrain on tho |
s.,ut Ii.-rn |» r.fi-.- in [ a* a.
Wan Antonio. Tex., Sept. 12.—
Wednesday night at o'clock passenger
! .-..in No. lit, east houn 1. from El Paso,
on the Southern l'acidc ra lroad, wa.~
caught in a waterspout about fifteen
mu, s west of i-ei li.e. Tlie water, some
forty i‘e> c wide, stn c c the isuward pact
•if the train it love the engine, bag
gage and mail car from the coaches and
carried them forty-five feet, overturning
;ii m.
The paFseligers knew nothing of the
approach of the water until the jar oc
curred. Ihe engineer and fireman
escaped drowning by swimming to high
ground. The track was torn up rrom
:<8M yards and a gully ten feet deep cut
;2irough ir. The train was left standing
•su the track.
lull miatiinih In ('.inis ami, Klinirx, Hnr
lielktvillp ;iih( Klw?wlu*r'*.
III.Hi ha, N. Y., Sept. 12. — Nearly
tliree inches of rain f ell here in twenty
roar hours, and the water, increased by
the lit reams above, raised the Chemung
liver to the danger lire. The lower
1 arts of the citv were under water.
L uuisiitli>.
The Brie road. Bradford, Eldred anti
Cuba and Weilsville tmd C >udersport
roads are tied up ai 'A ellsville by land
slides caused by the neavy rains pre
At Ca.nsieo.
Camsteo. 5T. Y., Sept. 12.—The citi
zens we:e aroused Y’cdue .iav night by
She ringing of The fire alarm bells, au<l
Hound me village partially flooded.
■pie rain continued unabated until
pu tt Thursday morning, and at 1 o'clock
tSie river was high r than ever known
be tore. The town was a perfect sea of
water at that iime. greatly adding to
the' amount of damage done Wednes
At Cuba.
Ct:K.\, N. Y., Sept. 12.—There were
heavy rains here Wednesday and Thurs
day!. Some damage is reported. T rains
on the Rochester division of the West
ern. New York and Pennsylvania road
are iruuning through a part of the way.
Tli ‘re are washouts at Belmont and An
dovter, on the Erie.
At Syranise.
SfYRACt sK, N. Y., Sept. 12.—At noon
Thursday the rain had been falling
constantly for thirty-six hours with the
exception of a Muir, time in tne morning
Streams are cons;.u-ral>iy raised, but no
damage has been reported.
At if on «
Hornellsville, N. Y., Sept. 12.—
The highest Hood which has been known
in this section since lSlO, with one ex
ceplion, visited the valley of the Canis .
too Wednesday, ami a third, of the cay
was iuuudafc ..
Dt Bo:s. Pa., fckpt. 12. Thirty-six
hums of incessant ram-fall raised the
mountain :itieain.' to overflowing. At
iverlmg Il-un Tuesday idgiit, a Philadel
phia aud Eno bridge v.a- washtd out,
.u.d traitic is 1 mg earn -d aroundi y the
Allegheny V'adcy ro .d t.oi.i ui A/oud
to F.dls vreek, and from that place t
• Uiilgeun y over the Aidgeway anu
Cieariie.U division of the Pennsylvania
Jv n'ueky < .is* ii ut » ai Convention.
F:t.v' kK" irr. lv : ept. »2. The nni
siiturional c<invention was called to
order cil hi u clock Wcdm-snay hy the
president. Mr. Janie.-, t.. Stone, of
B eckiuridg-. was elected loading clerk.
Tiie rest ol the ses.-ion was occupied in
disc u-siug tiie number ol stenographers
required and Whether the convention
should elect them or give the appoint
ing ]«wer to the official rep iter. It
was finally referred to the committee on
rules, t he p. esi ieut has not yet an
nounced the names of the members to
compose any of tlie standing com
mittees. __
Cm«a<i«*r* on Trial.
L.VTHKOP, Kan., Sept. 12. The trial
I of the crusade cases bey an Wednesday
at Blattsburg. These cases are the out
growth of tiie organized band of women
who. last winter, went into the saloons
• 0f Thomas Ward and Carroll and
i emptied their liquors into the stm t.
i There a? e eighteen defendants in these
i cases, embracing s< .me of the wealthiest
and most highly respected ladies of this
1 state.
■ J- Kit,u,Kurd __
J- B- Bradford&toT
^ A j " Dealers in- 9
^ple and faflcy Groceries
North Side of the Square. T J\ ‘
are now nrAno^ * telephone 42.
CHEAPEST line o? Groceries^ *** BEST
Kin^an^ w. the market afford*.
£"* ms' B»"eless Hams
Canvass Shoulders, siour
"•“b.'S,"*’1 T)WH »«,«„ tit',
hS !r “ -1" ch«" “f CAM AMO BOTTLE GOO,,
_ V ‘ *• %#
mvmiWD til
-VOUr “*"*» to our ’ .
Which i» the ,i„e t , ■DROI> **I»OUH
} SeU u t,lt? lowest iivinor ln * ,.Can<,'«s a,a.
*” • (jlve us a cal],
J, B> Bradford & Co<
I 1
Yours, anxious to please,
Ed. L. Htotlei.
Ask your dealer for Ed. L. Huntley & Co.'9
If our goods are not in the hands of some
STOREKEEPER iu your section, you can PRO
largest Mail-Order Wholesale Clothing House
In the world, at prices that will MAKE YOUR
syee snap and KEEP YOU guessing how we can
afford TO DO IT. If your DEALER does not
keep our goods, send to us and we WILL fur
nish you a Suit or Overcoat, express or mail
paid, on receipt of price. We will win and hold
your patronage if you try us with an order I We
have built up this immense business by our
PAINSTAKING methods, and by doing by oth
ers as we would be done by. '
Ed. L. Huntley & Co., Style Originators.
in ordering Suits or Overcoats observe
strictly following rules for measure
ment • Breast measure, over vest, close up un
der arms. Waist measure, over pants. Inside
leg measure, from crotch to heeL
References—First National Bank of Chi
cago, capital $3,000,000; Continental National
Bank ol Chicago, capital $2,000,000,
ED. L HUNTLEY&"ca, Manufact
urers and Wholesale Dealers in Clothing
for Men, Boys and Children, 122 and 124
Market St, Chicago, ill. P. 0. Box 667.
Land Office at Huntsville, ala..
August i. IWX)
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has liled uotiee of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, ami
that said proof will be made before the Keg is ter
and Receiver at Huntsville, Ala., ou
.September 17. ISttO.
viz: Homestead entry No. 120H7, William A,
George, for the W, % of the N F See. 10, 11,
R. 1 Hast.
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous tesidenee upon and cultivation of
said land, viz:
John H. Kennedy, of Francisco, Ala.
John Burke, of Francisco. Ala.
Samuel Wilson, of Francisco, Ala.
J' hu Rice, of Francisco, Ala
.vjoo WM. C. WELLS, Register.
David D. Shelby,
Aetirnlgic rersons
And those troubled with nervousness resulting:
from care or overwork will he relieved by taking
Ji room's Iron Hitters. Genuin.es
has trade mark and crossed red lines on wrapper.
' The Greatest Discovery
of the Age.
In short, all Ir-nsjl Organic and Functional Disease.
The cures iiottjwj by this Medicine are in
many ea*es
C„1,1 oniv in .t ie- containing One Oallon.
f >r i <<> Tliree *»ot Ln'» u i-mall in vestment
when Health awl Lift* can be obtained.
“His.cry of the Microbe Killer’! Free.
IJOIIX L KISON, llanuvtilev M»
£ C3
c c=>
~ Q
— E? r= c/3
5 K E. 2
C =• x = -
c — <®
g •*« jLi 2»
5 = ^ =f
g ~ S’ lT
s- =• r* Ss'w
z* &i I
1 ^wTg
2 •'I /-3 •-<
. » 2_ —
33 S g.
3 » 5*
Cn — B. — SB
- 33 . q<5 3
SB ftrt ** -
- a" G0 ^ Si
i^S S-2S
m jc c«* rr
<D —
I:. »-* t ^
c c c crc;
^L*r< 2
®’S |-§ S'
x‘- 2. 2. -
. ■ c
SS * Z
^ * OB
.n * g’5
• -i IT 2
£. pr s
-1 »
• * c
C 3*
~*s CD
TiNCT Departments, under forty competent Prefer
sors and Instructors: Theological, Medical, Legal
College, Preparatory, Normal and Industrial.
For information address—
Rev. J. K. Rankin, D.D., I.L.D., Presidents,
4 n>. Johnson, Secretary.
One of the BR P P*
BENT rcl klf BB
eteopes 1 a | RlBsk
the world. Omr facTiitiea are
unequal cd, and to lulroduee mu
uuperior yoodt »l will eandr B aa
to om raasoir in tack locality,
aa above Only rkoaa wko write
to na at onca enn make eure at
tka chance All yon have to do In
return it lu ahow onr *oode to
thoaa wko call—you natgkbnra
and thoaa around yon. The be.
•Junior of Ski* adveetiaauaat
•howt tka amaH and of tka tala
nnpt. The follow!** cot yivaa tka appearance of It reducate
feoutth' «m«fc per.

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