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gvery lady prizes a
comfortable and well flt
Lg Corset. We have
devoted year3 of expe
rience in procuring just
Sat very article. And
he price is very reasoij
?b e only $1-00. It is
"Le Marie made es
pecially for us. It’s made
of imported Coutille,and
is boned with genuine
whalebone. To give you
an idea how this Corset
is appreciated, we have
increased our sales ten
fold. Beside this we
carry an elegant assort
ment of other numbers
in the CB Corsets, as al
so the imported PD and
CP. Corsets.
We have just finished
our inventory and find
many odds and ends that
we are anxious to dis
pose of. We have slaugh
tered the prices and it
will pay you to give us
a call to avail yourself of
| this opportunity.
New Indigo Calico 41c
New Shirting Calico 4c
New Standard Calico4^
New small check Ging
ghams, 41c
Our French]
reduced 33 per ct
Herstein & Loventbal
—The sentences
^ Upon tno Convicts of Laat
w,ek by judgeiSpealce—Timely
Words of Warningr.
TBe term of Circuit Court was short
Saturday, having adjourned at coon.
Drayton Cabaniss, charged with an as
ult with a pistol and Wm. Jones,
Lged with grand larceny, were each
tailed up and their cases nolle prossed.
ladge Sreake then passed sentence up
oo those convicted up to date, this term
as follows:
| Willie Miller, burglary, sentence to 3
years in the penitentiary.
' flarry Utey, grand larceny, 2 years in
the penitentiary.
Charles Giles, burglary, 2 years in the
Robert Robertson, grand larceny, 1
«ar and six month in the penitentiary.
Alex Fitts, grand larceny, 2 years in
g penitentiary.
N'eal Leslie, grand larceny, 2 years in
the penitentiary.
Ephnam Bell, grand larceny, 3 years in
the penitentiary.
John Gaston, grand larceny, 1 year
and Bix months in the penitentiary.
Geo Fennell, grand larceny. 1 year and
3 monts in the penitentiary.
Green Moore, burglary, 1 year and 3
months in the penitentiary.
John Bedford, burglary, 1 year and six
months in the penitentiary.
IJohn Bedford, gracd larceny, 1 year
and 6 months in the peniteutiary.
Chas Young, burglary, 1 year and 3
months in the penitentiary,
ttas Y’oung, grand larceny, 1 year and
/months in the penitentiary.
Robert Leftwich, burglary, 2 years in
Robert Leftwich, burglary, 2 years in
i the penitentiary.
Alfred Armstrong, grand larceny, 1
year and 3 months in the penitentiary.
Lee Drake, burglary, 1 year and 3
months in the penitentiary.
! Lee Drake, grand larceny, 1 year and 3
months in the penitentiary.
Lewis Taylor, grand larceny, 2 years
in the penitentiary.
Wm. Hereford, grand larceny, 1 year
and 3 months in the penitentiary.
The sentences were passed in a kind
and feeling manner, the Judge clearly
showing that ifwas a duty and not a
pleasure. He cited the fact that of the
twenty one prisoners sentenced, only one
was born in slave days and warned the
colored men present against such a fate.
He said they should exercise more care
in the training and education of their
children and endeavor to make them
peaceable and law-abiding citizens; and
wid if they did Dot, our prisons would
soon be overflowing with men , to whom
their rac<. would pass in shame.
Tor the u s. Circuit and District Courts
i -April Term.
At noon yesterday^the juries for the
April term of United States .Circuit and
District Courts were drawn. Hon. ‘Em
[ ii'Neal, of Florence, U. S. District
Attorney, represented the Government,
*hi:e Messrs. Spragins, Sheffey and
leasants represented the Huntsville
The names were called by the Mar
^ and recorded by Deputy Clerk
The Juries Drawn, were as follows:
Tor the grand jury, twenty three were
lumtnoned, from which sixteen will be
^'tcted to serve.
T‘r petit juries No’s. 1 and 2 thirty
*tre summoned, five from Huntsvil e,
.,Iee fr0lE Decatur and the others from
6 ‘strict at large. Court will con
gQt Mcmday April 2nd, Judge Jonn
rJCe Priding and will last four weeks.
important Notice.
***» QatetU.
4y Dear Sir: Your excellent
aP«r is extensively read among our
. °9 e’ an^ please state that owing
j °Cular and mental dilapidation,
aye been compelled to abandon
^ ing for a^livelihood during this
■ear> and ask that debtors call or
) and settle dues, as I am una -
^ to go around ancf collect as usu*
Feb oa ^^respectfully,
1S94- Wm. H. Gaston.
March is with us.
School your children.
The snow has vanished.
Sunday, the 25th, is Easter.
Quite lamb like was the entrance
of March.
Business is reviving with the op»
ening of spiing.
J. H. Weatherly is out again af
ter a severe attack of fever.
We are pleased to see Miss Laura
M. Turner out again after an attack
of la grippe.
Mr. Clarence Toddy is now wait
ing upon his friends at the new gro
cery house of C. H. Halsey.
The many friends of Mrs. Thomas
A. Douglass will be glad to learn ot
her convalesence after a severe ill
Rev. L. H, Mixon will preach
the annual sermon for the Odd Fel
lows, at Lakeside tomorrow, at 3
The many friends of ex-Mayor Ed
I. Mastin will hear with genuine
sorrow of his continued state of fees
tie health at Sheffield.
Judge Tally, of Scottsboro, occu
pied the bench in the circuit court
this week, Judge Speake setting at
Scottsboro to hear th9 Skelton mur
der case.
Merchants who advertise look to
the interest of their customers. They
are uuxious to please and serve the
public «.nd say so by their notices to
the public.
Children allowed the freedom of
the streets learn lessons that carry
them to the jails and coal mines.
Keep your boys employed and keep
them off of the streets.
Mr. Nicholas C. Davis, of this
city, who recently entered in the
United States Army at Nashville,
and is now in the government train*
ing school at Columbus, G.
Mr. Ernest Dentler, successor to
his mother, Mrs. Dentler, the oldest
confectionery establishment the city
makes an announcement in this is
sue to the public. Mr. Dentler by
his courteous and accommodating
disposition and hustling business
qualities is extending the already
extensive trade and popularity of
the old firm. ,
Card of Thanks.
Editor Gatette:
Will you please allow me a little
space in your paper to express my
thanks and appreciation of the
pounding given me by the members
and friends of my church on the 23rd
ult. 1 plead guilty and acknowledg
ed that I needed all the pounds they
gave me. But it was a complete
surprise, and when I saw such men
as Brothers J. F. Humphrey and H.
C. Binford leading the van I knew
it meant something. Well friends I
am much obliged to you for the
pounding, it did me a great deal of
good. If you desire to pound me
again, your will is my pleasure.
L. H. Mixon,
Pastor Lakeside M. E. Church.
Information Wanted.
Information is wanted of my sisters
Polly and Rachel and my father
Richard Anderson, all of whom I
left in Lee county, Miss in 1867.
Mii.ton Anderson
Please, if you know anything o
their whereabouts or eiiher of them
address, John M. Anderson
I formerly belonged to Mason An
derson, of Lee Co., Miss.
Items ot Interests Gathered by
the Gazette Reporter.
Montgomery, Ala , March 1.—
On February 26th we had one of
Longfellow’s rainy days and we all
spent the day at home, supposing
that no one wanted any visitors.
I am pleased to inform you that
the bazar given at Dorsett’s hall for
the church a few weeks since was
quite a success, and now the preach*
er is happy because he thinks soon
he wid have his house done and in
good shape.
Mr. Jackson and Miss Tones, of
our city, were married on the even
ing of the 28th and they presented
a handsome appearance. They are
much respected here by all who
haye the pleasure of their acquaint-*
Prof. Bibb promised to give an
exhibition on the 23rd, but on ac
count of inclement weather it was
postponed for a week.
Dr. Morris is steadily improving
and looking much better after his
lorg spell of sickness.
Miss Bulah Allen is having quite
a severe time with sore throat.
We regret to learn that Rev. Mr.
Jones has been removed from your
ciiy, yet we hope you have in his
successor a good man. We all love
Rev, Mr. Jones in this city for his
many Christian and gentlemanly vir
tues while here, and hope for them
a pleasant held in the Magic City.
m m newman and co
star clothing company
we have received during the last few
days a large portion of our spring stock,
which are now open and for sale at
prices which will appeal to purchasers
who wish to save dollars.
$1.00 silk hose for. 49c
buttermilk soap. 8c
extra heavy black hose, 3 pairs for... 50c
silk gloria umbrellas. 98c
ladies dunlsp straw sailors. 15c
inderant surah silks.$.100
10 cent ginghams. 5c
apron check ginghams. 5c
25 cent extra large towels. 19c
beautiful new dimities. 10c
all of our calicoes. 5c
new stock Windsor ties. 25c
new lace curtains $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00.
c. b corsets, white and black. 90c
$1.00 kid gloves. 90c
50c all wool dress goods. 42c
25c half wool henriettas. 21c
new stocks of wash embroidery silks 4c
new stocks of hamburg and nansook
edges, torchons and other new laces, In*
dia linens, paris muslins, swisses and dot*
ted swisses.
in our clothing department we offer a
full new assortment of neckwear,
men’s negligee shirts 47c, 74c, 97c.
new line of boys clothing.$2 49.
new stock of alpine hats in all the latest
combinations of colors,
men’s clothing—a full new assortment,
youths clothing—a full new assortment,
men’s mackintoshes,
call and see us we will save you big
money. m. m. newman and co.
Fiffy World’s Fair Views Free.
The Poultry Keeper hes reached the
front as the leading authority on poul
try. Sixteen large pages, monthly, 50
cents per annum. ’’Farm and Fireside”
is a sixteen page paper coining twice a
month, 50 cents per annum. We will
send both papers one year and f fly
photographic views of the World’s Fell,
to new subscribers rnly, all for 50 cents.
Sample copy of the Poultry Keeper,
with particulars, free. Send 5 cents for
either of the fol'owing back numbers
equal to a 25 cent book: Poultry Houses,
July 1891, hss fifty view, Brooders and
Incubators, August 1889 and August
1891. Address, The Poultry Keeper
Company, Parkersburg, Pa.
Needing a tonic, or children who want WlUS'
in* up, should take _
It is pleasant; cures Malaria, Indigtedon,
W'hmCTi Liver Complaints and Neuralglfc
Rolls, Bans and Cakes
Assortment of Fresh Fruit ou hand.
Hundred kinds ot fancies to
select from. All Linds of
fresh Canned Goods.
Fruits and Flowers.
You are cordially invited to call and
examine my well assorted stock
before purchasing elsewhere
and you’ll save money
Eustis Street, - Huntsville, Ala.
W. E Nubie, Esq., waa in the
city this week.
Mr. Isaac Z Moore, of Jeff, was
in the city this week.
Mrs. Maria B. Powers has been on
the sick list this week.
Mr. Van Lou Walker was up
from Memphis last week.
Mrs. Lucy Cummons came back
from Louisville Thursday.
Gen. J. W. Burke, of Jackson
ville, was in the city Thursday.
Mr. Riland Jordan left Tuesday
evening last for Toeldo, O., on a
Mr. M. P. Johnson is in the city
again, after completing his school
term at Green Grove, Ala.
Messrs H. J. Lowenthal, O. Gold
smith, I, Schiffman and D. Mendel
left Tuesd ly for the Eastern mark
Mrs. Mattie Jordan, ofMurfrees
boro, Tenn., is visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs Lizzie Shearin, in this city.
Dr. R. A. Moseley, Chairman of
the Republican State Executive
Committee, was registered at the
McGee Hotel Friday.
United States District Attorney
Emmett O’Neal has been in the city
this week attending to the drawing
of the jurors for the April term of
the Federal eourt.
County Notes.
Jeff, Ala., Feb. 28.—The farm
ers are somewhat backward in plant
ing oats and Irish potatoes.
Winter is lingering longer with us
than we expected.
Interest in education is on the in
crease in this section. Let us all
work for longer sessions of the free
We have a good Sunday school
under the management of J. B. and
I. Z, Moore. Subscriber.
jvmraiffte J*epwnw
Brown’s Iron Bitters. Genuin*
tea trade re ark soil crossed red lines on wiuMf
LandOfficbatHuntsviu.1, Aaa.,1
March 1, 1894 j
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention ta
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Huntsville, Ala., on
I4tb day tf April, IS94,
viz: John D. Travis, for H. E. No 17599, for the
8 E N W fractional section 17, fractional
township 6, 8outh range 1 West.
He names the following witneses to prove his
oontlnous residence upon and cultivation aI,
said land, viz:
George J Owens, Alexander Dean, Alexander
Hombuckle, Tillman H Campbell, of Laiey
Springs, Ala.
Styles are now in. A com
plete line of samples of . . .
Excellent quality at very
moderate prices. Call and
examine before buying else
where. A perfect fit and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Having again embarked in
the grocery business, I will
carry a full and complete line
of the very best Staple and
Fancy Groceries, Wines and
Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco
obtainable; and will offer them
to the public at wholesale
and retail, at as small a mar
gin of profit as is consistent
with sound business princi
Thanking my old friends for
their liberal patronage in for
mer years, I urgently request
a renewal of those pleasant
business relations with me,
promising them and all others
who may favor me with their
patronage, the best of treat
ment, as I will give the bus
iness my closest personal su
pervision. I can be found at
Echols & Sheffey’s old stand,
No. 105, Washington Street.
Very! Respectfully,
State of Alabama—Madison County, In
Chancery at Huntsville,
At rales held by the Register of the
Eighth District of the Northwestern
Chancery Division of the State of Ala«»
bama, on Monday, the loth day of
January, 1894.
James Derrick, et als,
Henry Fackler, et als, defendant.
Comes the complainant, and it ap*
pearing to the satisfaction of the Regis*
ter that the defendant, Willie
Carter, is a non-resident of the
State of Alabama, and resides in the
City of Columbus, State of Mississippi,
county of Lowndes.
It is ordered by the Register that said
defendant cause their appearance to be
entered, and to plead, answer or demur
to the Complainant’s original bill of
complaint, on or before the 3rd Mon
day in February, 1894, or the same will
be taken pro confesso against them
thirty days thereafter.
It is further 01 dered, that this order
be published for four weeks in success
sion in The Huntsville Weekly Ua
cuby, a newspaper published in Hunts*
ville, in said District, the first insertion
to be made without delay; and that a
copy be posted at the Court House door
in Huntsville, and one forwarded by
mail to each of said Defendant, within
twenty dars from this date.
Done at office in the city of Hunts
yille, tnis 15th day ot January, 1894.
J. B. Cabaniss,
Register in Chancery.
State Normal School.
Dr. J. D. Humphrey, Huntsville, Ala.
Dear Sir:
Having given your great blood
remedy fair trials among the teach
ers and students of this Institution,
with most satisfactory res Xts in cases
of scrofula and rhea math * take
pleasure in stating that it is ailthat
you claim for it, and I cheerfully
recommend it to all persons suffering
of such diseases- Respectfully,
11 29 ly. \V. H- Councill.
If you want work that is pleasant and profitable,
senaus your address immediately. We teach men
and women bow to earn from SS.OO per day to
•3,000 per year without haring had previous
experience, and furnish the employment at which
they can make that amount. Nothing difficult to
learn or that requires much time. The work is
easy, healthy, and honorable, nd can be done dur
ing daytime or evenings, right in your own local
ity, wherever you live. The result of a few
hours’ work often equals a week’s wares.
We have taught thousands of both sexes and all
ages, and many have laid foundations that will
surely bring them riches Some of the smartest
men in this country owe their success in life to
the start given them while in our employ years
ago. You, reader, may do as well; try it. You
cannot fail. No capital necessary We fit you out
with something that is new, solid, and sure. A
book brimful of advice is free to all. Help your
self by writing for it to-day —not to-morrow.
Delays are costly.
E. C. ALLEN & CO.,
Box 420,
A superb mammoth tlntograph In 12 color* by
the distinguished artist, Maud Humphrey. It !a
2 feet long and 14 Inches wide and will be sent
free If you tell roar friends. It is called
•‘Out Viamso,’' and shows a beautiful, dimpled
darling clad In a warm, rich, fur lined cloak,
basket and umbrella In band; she pulls the
snow covered latch, while her golden hair shim
mers in the sunshine, her cheeks blush with
health and vigor and her roguish eyes sparkle
merrily. Sore to delight you. A copy will be
sent free, postpaid. If you promise to tell tout
friends and send 14 cent* In stamps or sliver for a
three months’ trial subscription to
ui Illustrated monthly magaelne with stories,
anecdotes, fashions and all articles of Interest by
best authors and cash question contests monthly.
Kcsssix Pcs. Co. IS* Summer St.. Boston, Mess.
Gordon Building, Opposite Mercur i
| Office if
1529 Arch St,, Philadrlptua, Pa.
For Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitaa,
Dyspepsia, Catarrh, Hay Fever, De
bility, Headache, Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, and a 1 Chronic aud,|Nervoua
The original and only genuine Compound
Oxygen Treatment, that of Drs. Starkey i Pa
leu. is a scientific adjustment of the elements of
Oxygen and Nitrogen magnetized, and the
compound is so condense i and made portable
that it Is sent all over the world,
It has been In use for over than twenty year*
thousands of patients have been treated, and
over one thousand physicians have used it. and
recommend it,—a very significant fact
It does not act as most drugs do, by creating
another ailment, aud benefiting one organ at
the expense of anothe, often requiring a second
course to eradicate the evil effects of the first,
but Compound Oxygen is a revitallzer, renew
ing, slrgthening, Invigorating the whole body
These stacements are confirmed by numerous
testimonials, published in our book of 200 page*,
only with the express permission of,the patients;
their names and addresses are given, and you
can refer to them for fur her information,
The great success of our Treatment hes given
rise to a host of imitators, unscrupulous persons:
some calling tneir preparations <Compound
Oxygen, often appropriasiug our testimonials
and the names of our patieuts, to recommend
worthless coicoctions. But any suostanoe
made elsewhere or by uthers, aua called Com
pound Oxygen, is spurious.
“Compound Oxygen-Its Mode of of Action
and Results'” is the title of a uew book of 2M
pages, published by Drs Starkey & Palen, which
gives to all inquirers full informatisu as to «>»U
remarkable curative ageut. aud a record a(
surprising cures in a wide rauge of chronic ca
ses -many of them after belug abandoned to
die by other physicians. Will be mailed free to
any address on application,
1529 Arch Sr- Philadelphia. Pa.
120 Sutter St. San Francisco, Oal.
Please mention this Paper.
6-10 6 m.
On the Brandon Place, near Gin
House, Athens Road.
ceries and Country
produce at low
est prices.
Wood Shop.
Horses shod, aud pl'»ws, wagons,
buggies, etc., made and repaired
on reasonable terms.
Dmlo—d at kiitf. tddrc— As* J. Ik liBCHIH Uk, I'Utt, A, 1.
and Whiskey Habits
cured at borne with
out paiu. Book of par
ticulars sent FREE.
_,_ B. M. WQOLLEY, M.D.
1 Whitehall St.. Atlanta, ha.
Knoxville College
Classical, Scientific, Agricultural, Me
chanical, and Normal Courses.
will cover all expenses of board, tuition,
fuel, light, and furnished room. Separate
home and matron for little girls, and another
for little boys, 6 to 14 years. Term begin*
last Thursday of Sept. Send for Catalogue to
l'r«*L J. 8. KeCTLLOCH, KboxtIIU. T.b*.
Fruits, Toys, &c.
Huntsville Alabama
‘Fresh coo! lager
Beer always on tar*
r The finest stock r|
i Native & Koretj a
( Wines In the city <•
be found at the B«.
loon of
tt;W. F. 8TBU\ M,
OW r New Illun’rated
Catalogue of Plant*,
a Bulbs, Vines, Shrubs,
^Ornamental Trers.
Small Fruits, Grap*
Vines, Seeds, etc., will
r be mailed Fra* to all
(.applicant*. 100 page*.
Mont complete Plant
Catalogue published.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
46 Greenhouses; 30 acres. Address
, ||M1I||m
prompt answer and an honest opinion, writ* to
Ml'SN 4: CO., who have had nearly fifty years’
experience In the [»tent business. Communica
tions strictly confidential. A Handbook of In
formation concerning Patent* and bow to ob
tain them sent free. Also a catalogue of mechan
ical and scientific books sent free.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. receive
■pedal notice In the Scientific American, and
thus are brought widely before the public with
out coat to the Inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, has by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work in the
world. S3 a year. Sample copies sent free.
Building Edltlon.monthly, *2.50 a year. Single
copies. *5 cents. Every number oontalns beau
tiful pistes. In colors, and photographs of new
It. I Tin i with plana, enabling builders to show the
awsrh«fws"T’.s.,i« ask*..

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