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Nebraska palladium. (Bellevieu City, Neb.) 1854-1855, October 11, 1854, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries, Lincoln, NE

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. vfiint mi f srilli ."TIOSS 1
4 J -
.,',.. il.n s u l!i hear in in'tiid. '1
rcjiniint '(:i'ivl ;is';.i.-- l"rmi lb? pu
,rimMlu!, Mfl ill:,! cur winter supplies
il'.t'fi bo buid in before! tin: close ol"
inviMirtrt, end MONI'.Y is needed for
IlnntY H I..ATIT a Hook. 1 he xJelolior
K uiUr (1 this rph inii.l monthly, is re
;.ei. It is I it lily mb( dished wi h plate
r..1(? add'ed Willi luMiiliiul thoughts. I', i.s
Mill :i Ml rupee, s
fa i oniumeiii iniy where,
tin f,i ail tut it- is 1 e.iu'iiu.
Dub ilrlphir,.
TitLIishdl dt
Ai m inai s. YYc rye niiiciiitni in
"SI , 1'oWl.l.R fv lYll.I. (if Nl'W
York, for tlirir rlrovuilly illustrated 1'lii e
r.c!' i 'l A'nii.ii-.?. Also, It, r part 1,
io I f Fruits nicl I.triiic-cea, a most
eicnl'i'ul work uiou the Mibjc-l of vep-e-'
l,lt diet, ly Jolm Smith, Willi iintefi, and
'ill I'tr.Mioi. ly ltoh,rl T. 11.11.
Sri i NTirie A sii:iiicas. 1'nliaps there
i popular seieiiiifio jit-rio.lical issneJ
in m tlio Anierieun I'l rs, rornparable to
th s, in adaptation to the necesbi; ics of an
. iij'rili'onl. ii-,,ji!e. K H'h number contains
f 'ij.!it L.rneiju.irlopapuo, of nearly oiio'i
; i,i:l tnti'Kr nsnjily illustrate"! with tW
I i riiivin'.rs. Published Weekly, by M ass
U Co., New York, t,t 2 pt -annum.
Arirmr'AN Aokk, ri.-rrniST. This is
tn inijiorirnt I'.rieultur.il publication,
f which wc slioiibl like, to m:c in every farm
lioiipc in tho bind. It is n.dioiuil in its
s !bur;,el(T ntul n! ip'eil to t.li part of the
i I iiiitil States.
I Published by Allen fv. Co., New York,
t $ I 'JJ JUT Milium.
'f- ' Fi .un the .New nrk Herald.
I The first nunil.f r of the Nebraska Pi.l-
i v ....
lijiiur.,'' o handsome looking sbeet, puh-
. Jisheil :.t ISellcvu'W t it v, iniliraska Ins
l nobi (1 (is bv ln. il. No more signal e, i
oY.ore can be abbrile.l -f the ridieuri en!
'rapidity wiiii which ind'Ueo' mil i.iel ni.
..) progress po :i,n l in hatnl, in ll.i?
Jiuiuitry. than the npin aianee of this jour
J 1 1 a I. Jb fore the Ten i'ory itself ran be
-Jp.ibi lobe crli c'ivf ly ori;ai.iz(".l, (in! b".
f j Suit even !ic fiifl pliysie.il iiccesiiirs (,f
life have, been fully pioiIe(i for. we find
i.ieiiKUrcs taken to smip'v these men!
'r..vinjrs whieh rons'i'n'c ihe most prrss-
j in;'. ! tnry M e. Uic ncl,esl uspirai ions oi
ir ii.!'i.nt n iiiinuiiilits. Sucli fac's con
i:i:ue the les.l nec-ie's vt the pi ?nt uiil
! i iciloiriiuiitii' infmi'iue whii.h this cou:i
trv rirci'dv cxeii ise:, in the nii'iirs of the
i v.orlil. Uliire, rven i:i (lie lnmibb s'
j " ,iii:i,i(,n i, life, mrntal ru'ti a'ioii is
' .!.u-c,l ;ibov all lii.tri Iv Rensual fr: c:-
ii..ts, ivrhit'jr nan nrrest the pro;;re.n o"
f i coiilc. v.'t'iisc miion et.;i to us
bi liu ihu h so;is !r;.wn fn.m ihf p,,!,;.:ul
1q ciTi.tf for man, u Moir hop- fnl fulurr.
V.V.C jnf .-..s. that we. opened the first nuin
hrr of our Nrbravkan eo'entporary , wi'h
oine inis-gi in;;H n to the lesull of la
bors pursued under b;ui unfavorable ron
ii;ions, 13 it-must for thfl prpsent l.e
j,h.Led unli'r. We never wo.-e morr
ipreejbly Jisappointrd. f In point of s!y!c,
l;;i,r and oit r -Uh st of ilii-'ion, there are
liot many papers m the Union, that can
H pre'end to suipj.ss it. In i s Luinpss
rolumn, too, !.i:ybe fomrl r.ntiounee
!nen!g tjiat show that the l iy of l'el'eview
t Is rlre::i!y ii!i'!!, U stale of ailvaliefnien',,
L tin lo be in B jjo-i.ion to salisfy ;.ll t,r the
t'i Tf'isonable demiuids of life.
. By way of a iiieeiint.u of ihelyr'uu'
pinius of vounij Nidua.ska, us well us of
moral lo our i.r ic!, we raunol more ap
iiKJiiiialtlv Li intr our obsr ra'.ions to (
tiose, limn by t runnel ibin from o.ir run
IriTiporury, llie following ilVnsion, whie!
Vps iirig at the 75ellevicw Fourth of July
Iii Uic limt where ol, .'1.1111111011 d'jlli rtln.
11.! coioc to iL-tira.la, tl,o tin veil it r- t,
' ' Vl.rre llie poor ainl t lie neetly uliall ne'er be
j j uppies-.eil,
! rjursoil it isrirli, nr.d otirpra'uies are wi,!ej
' . , Tlit latfh-pitringscf our cubiii hai,g iway out
A right h'arty wrleome a stranprr will find,
t or (he soiii of Nifirikx Bre unchil m,,l kinl
Dr.r.i,;ri'lyi rvtr Pi.l Y.nt
-,r I v,irii,,','t torur all t.i -f A.;,,.,
(...i.rill.l.t a'd U-initleiit I'.ei.ai.d ev.-'i y I
r JVver il.ei.lcnl to th- we-.t. II t:- 11 '!, -I-remsin
SI. t.o iis. wc s.iyhvi',1 'f
,..r, 1!,.- liM.Mcy !,..1! I.im- rnrl-Hollipj..,-,
lmci'. M 'in
TV r.N IV II VI Tlioe" O I'
have i.ceji p.,1.1. an I in no m
to rir.-ct ! lri in oici
r 1'm. c ft I r
i -r- r.imnloat Dr. r.ii!cilv'.s I'ane.tv V,-
iiirc. ,.nthc-it enmrr of
(' .imIiiiiI streets, St. Louis.
Al. ta.M by 1'. A. Sni v, SI. Miry, !wa.
n i,l hy '.':U r.4 in incliriinj encrnlly, in the
gy Ki'ad J)r. Easterly's ailvertisnnei.t in
nn,, tin r column of our pn;cr im,l (cive !,iia a
Dr. Cartor'i Ciugti BaUam
Q'j," Is Hie most plrasant nn,l elhcaeions rcinc
,!y f ,r ('oitths, CoU , .'ht'n, Cotisninplioii
anJ!lb--aef.f the I. ni':. ever offered l the
i s Tit l' i ' v- ' i r
1 1
.1 1
nil s
, nfc ,i .i ' I I i , ',
ir" in f.i i a ' h f,,,"i
hull!,-, or six t,ottl.-4. "
Tiiinl n I
N F, 1! 11 A .-s i-: A
1 , xr. it:: .'! ! eh..
: f i i -ci-i ii,
I :.ll W,!l I," Oll-I ,1 ,ll
'I' I
t.. t
ii RlT.illY.
,, -, , To .vp fi"'
,',!., lel'ii tlicreri.'-
on th
,, ,,!, Ill
111 eillier
S li'l lo
,11 Mi
"" Jlorious News
Tl c( M,W,.-
I I V OU .Villi.. I
i ,o'v;
II1T! ('(..
-S mg .4
ibi Ncbniska.
i.i'l.-' i lol'i" r:;;ir 1 v.'itii :":).U for
C?T. LOUlii . D V L" UT i 6 L Iv L NT G
i ii, u
1,3 v
.I ,1.,.
i:. . -.l il,
jiiiMir. i oir ever a: j i i,u ,i,,omii. in" rifi""i .u
bleak winds f 1h; noitli t.n,l west proil lee ; f th- l.uen;,i,il liailiienl. Hi,l ieill
cim;liq and eniils ilaiureri ee.ldi. which ile
maiul of the wie pr.nlent, the earliest nt lent, on
',r thi pat "e no rcme.ly h is ever ',ccn disco
vcrc'l whieli has eliccl l so unny cures, nml
which seem to K-,ve snrli universal "al i 'fact ion
to all, as Dr.CAnrm's (Vroii II.m.bkw. K. h I
rr, have you a cnuh? Do not ro'tlc t it. I),'-
. t. I..,...... ..( it,,. I
lay is ,la ntrer ous. i. sc i.o? i,,i ,,,,,,, - ,
it will effectually euro you.
Q.y Price C.i eeiit.s b-r liotHe, l-ir.jr bottle
frl , or nix hot ties for ').
Lor sal- at Dr. F.aslerly's Tamily Medicine
Store, sonlhensf eormrnr J lur.l ami v ncoioi'
Is., St. Louis. Mo.
At,.,, si.l.l hv P. A. Surpv, St. Mary, Iowa.
ii. , I ley dealers in inc l.coics Kenrral'y, in U '
s':'.',':,tli il:,v ' I Oe!,,l r ii ''. to t i'
ll'lT'C'st il't'l IfS, O'll I 1', I ii, ,;,, ..
r,Mn,eii e on Ihe i:,o'i'i'l ,1 II o". ,-e A. M.
of s;ii,l .lay. ai ,1 "i, limed ml. I sa,,l t-ns n: 'all
s.,t,. I.i I'lc! in an til,.- ,us ,i,s ui.s.im I'
pin chase at.
Private Sale,
, :,,,, . aceolninod.it.'d o.i lib "al t rioi hv rati
i.i, -r ' I at Council III, ,11 t ,t
WllMS ' HiOl ''S e.lM I,.' M a 1:1 , I
,l a list of l.'.;s to h -old.
is nit iat-1 " i th M iri iivr.
hoot l inil-.s nl t o ice, I i.nr.i l .IV al in
rn, on or W iat'r i u.ut -rs 1-, v.y. Ut,u ,l
th" i'ie,..i,i .iii.'v. me sarv 'v i ,,,r
1,, 1 1
, . . , , , . , ,
lu-l, and hv lar !lie most li-a,U", iom,- i ..i
iforiiia, Oie-rc). and S.ilf 1. ,K". 'I n" U'
,,.r,. i j M..,ii -tliioi.' Ir-.m ; li.tu I. in f nuiHii'-ii ) .mi.
wol.', with a solid
It o c !: E o 1 1 o m !
from s'line (o snore at n il.-tdh of from five to
twdv t-'t. and r,,s -, u.nt I v , j.-' ! in., , i,t hunks
i,u l,:(i i,, , v. hii h. so lar as tin- l.;im ',
of Man i-xti Is, " upp" uraui: s i.i.l'.c.iie, ii.'V-t
hive i-hO'.'",! or ovitUowi',1. Ii the ext,.iae
hied water til" holt, on on tin low-, sid ovm -I
i 'mm- extent m :ir th" bluff; toil Is-yr
I ii,." t ..-r. SliriliL' h'fi'ie l.l 'l. dll illL I.e'
hn'h w.i!e, il was 111' o.,lv J, o'.it ah. i, i, t!i"
ir.oulh ot I'latle (exept St. Mej ) wiice rmi
"lants c,i,l. c oss llie j".lis,,,i,i and some
! thousands of Mououis nml ol'ius did r;osi
1 iL-reilurin th -vi-rv liuz!i-t -'." of Ihe water.
I in laet In.'., I I, or low water was never kumv.i lo
! s'op Ih" f.-rry in ir al tins point.
'J h" Town Sile is H.t'iat.e.l a b' .until' il hi, ill
Dr FaH-orly'il'.di.ueaudBaroapariUi. b -liel. or slop- u.mi iliuMy o.i tl.e rn...wit, a
J , ,i I "ood p.'ri ii ,"!, I f t am n'. 1 ,u, !,;,"; lor i.t I" as- a
It is the only preparation that is worthy - ip ,1.irfhi Tll.., are ,vot,;' streams run-
nil," lliroiili tin town, n.i holn ot wni.Ui are
rvc"ilei, I imll r.i iviiL'"S. Tiie MoMnoiiS dnr-
ft I, ',!
'.I I !'
t i hi II N. 'I. .lo!.,. s.
u 1-.' hhis. ; ,l,!r:i Syrup,
.ro i.'Ws C. . Salt,'
jo.i hi, Is K.m'iwhs .1".
i..'' .lc'ks ,l:,irv' do.
'J( (.. !;,' ilo. S .a p.
J l 1,1, i.i Ci rT Vim-'ar,
T, V.U Xi. I iisi'l i Mackere',
H ! ins ' ,ir.
J I h,,e-- a, id hulf l,o,.:et Star CandV.
f. Loses 'Pillow CUlldtCt,
III i.ci.' A.i i assorted,
.' l-ovs Cm l',sh.
o'l i.ie'.S RiO i'. !;".,
I npi.ri ,1 and You,, ' jvs"'i Tea,
S. .;-i. Silent ii. C. n,.l, Kaisins,
I', .irlnh Walnuts, y!ii)''v,,l.L
(ii',,er, Spice, I'ej'pcr, Jte., &e.
Dii y (U)ons.
fl., M.v,i and I, 'far 11.-1 i!i'!nf ic ill u H i n::s. t'lsnahiirs-s. Itavens. il::c!;s, f. . o.
'fa. pi,..' 1it,.,ilo)'i o'th" I ,di' is .I'l.-il to our a-so::ni"i,l of i'm.ss too.ls. which th"v will
(lu,l.,wren-,!M;eea,,l qaal.tv. t" "-is u: -pi.sed in Western l-wa. Cal.-o rli:!,a,L
:r, a.,-le!.ine, l'-r: , loh-io." I," l.,t-l i'.-Mo , and s-ve. ro,,..re,l runs. c.lu'L
(i.'lti. sleev-L ,:!h -. ,1 i'oi bonne's, lircn and collon !u'iiunere.ner.s, liosie.y, p.,.. .sols, all o.
wlnell will be sold cxe -n linjlv low.
(t C'lt si'.'."',
bench p'aie
in, II s-.v.
in fact ev.
s. tr,!-' saw?, broad n "--.i dm; pi , iixci, !.'. lo? Ind b'e'l etitlns
rvtiiini: in the li.ndwaic 1 : ue. Ii.hu a Jew sharp up to a cradlir, scythe
-1:1 cases diet from IVis'.mi. Hoofs of all i'S and ipialities. Shoes, Lad :cs enainXed Jen"T
T l.,,.l,; ,r.,il,.,w sin, nil-. :,, ICS Cut. I. Ill I Cli! Ili.ol-'. Mlsif-. s.ioes a, I SI7.
IM. M',,t r:."i. lii,U aiiil t itioiierk. llin'-Sind llled i C i 1 ie. .1.1VH1
ui"d ini.s, and i,ll other popular patent medic. in s. for hale at a hob-sale pi ices.
,ul London", family
Dt various
tone ware, eliurn.
, jars.
of the least confidence of the public, for ltte
cure of those di-snses an nn- t : oui an impure
state of the blood, izf Seroluia. or Kind's
r.Tit, AVhile Swellings. I'.ularrc,', (Hands, l'.-ver
Sores, Pimples on the face. ,,',.1 Sores and I I
ecr". Buddies, Biles, Neruiu? A:T, clioiis. Can
cers, r.ry.sipclas, Khcii'iiatisin, Sypililie Dis-e.i'-es.
Pains in the Holies and Joints, Pinir
Worm or Tetter, Scald ll-ui'l, ilisra-,c of the
Kidnevs, M. rcuiial Hiscnies. he. Dr. Las.
terlv's loiuv r. and Sahsa c i,i i.i. . is roin
ponnded of those nrtirles which siniultane
oiisly net on Ihe d.iouent orfiM of the body,
arid pcsri thn most efficient c!. t, r.ml hcul
ini' propei lies. 1 . in, i, e ls of the most int.'lli
ee,t and rr-pecta'dc fimili'siu Sf. Louis, have
iim-,1 il, an 1 sp-alc of it in the highest terms of
?, raise. Ini ni'l..:iui iss'-c ton s'.roa ; -r ,
cheaper and better than any otiier prepai atioli
in i'e.
' Pi ice. $1 per P .He, or sis; Butties for
l or sale at Dr. 1'. A'-Tl'.RLY'.S Family
Med, cine Slore, corner of Tniid anil Clieslnul
M rc-ls, St. Louis.
Also sold by P. A. SAItPV, St. Mary. Iowa,
and by dealers in l,i-.!ici:,n cenerally, in !ie
Wi-'. '
fjl" P.cad Dr. Ha-terlv" advertiseni,int in
an.ituer eoliiiiiu of u-:r p ii"r, in 1 givj him a
call. i'-'V
It. Ex'tcrly's Afior'.can 0;1 Llnm'tnt.
his valuab'.e L;nii.i-i,f. Ct nihil. ,'S the nm'
cllic is article kn.v.vu for nil the aiiois
forms of disease icipiirinr an cxternsl applies..
tuition. One (,f Its i,rincii,., a, due iie're.len'',
slhe Ami.iucan Oil (or Pelrolim.i) which is
uiuvors i:iv Know n 10 pos-..--
ml Ci:bai uvi: Piioi i iinn'i. This On , when
omldned with other alm.hle remedial a-eutu
.f known and established efficacy, forms a silt-
and lire remedy fir Rheumatism, Itruiscs,
prin-1, Cols, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old
Sore and I leers, Sc ilil lleail, Idler, i.inc
Wo.un, Lrysipelas, P.I.M, Causes, Still Joil.t.i.
Cak-d llrias's, Paralvs s, ( o'l'raetcl len.ions
H e r soi.iu. n leu ,' i. io n c ,., ,
run of bus and a saw, on o ,. of lh s nu.n.nH
the frame is still et.indmiT. Tli' i" e.re extensive
im --s:o-,e piarries. exc dbuit clay for hi id;
m iliii.tr and other purpos -s, plenty of lirxt rate
sand, crave!, and an iiliundanc- of irood tnnh'T
outh- town site and in th" innicilat,' vicinity.
As it is not our object lo ilaeeive, hut to sive
a lil.iin and triitbf.il slat"ment of f.n-1 , at Hn-v
will be foiii,.l lo ex-is1, the jmblie can rely upon
tiv c,,' i e.'tn, ss el th'1 above difc-ipiiou. All
we n.sk is that tho'i" p"isf.s who eo-itemplate
b iyin;r lo-.vn piop- rty in N.diiaska will. Ii- fore
rn .. b i : i -C toeir pnreloi:". es.uii ic our point as
w-ll as i,'.h"H and ticn draw th'lr own coue.lii
s : o , s .
There vil! b" S fi'sf rat" slenin f -rry boat at
th" ahove mm,"! r-,int ea-ly next serin-'.
.!. Ii. STi: I.i'.! A. "I,
II. !'. I'l.l.H M.
J. C. MITt'lll'.LL.
SI. Mu-y n.i7. tb.aiiN Nehraska Paltadinin
publish 3 w.-ks, ai.Jfui wa d their biliu to this
..Ihe.' for payment. H'pV.
Glcr.wooc1, Mllli County, l57.
LL persons wu.-!iin' to hnv or sell Ilea!
Glasswi vc. tun, id. is. jars, nr., he. Kin v
crocks, e :it, ',, k-. s,.i e c r.H-ks, ,.c., .sc.
fa) bedsteads rf different patterns. e'u.-rr .hniic.'. and In-eakfast tables, walnut dit'o, ditto.
Hurenis with tl:.-, plain and fancy walnut, pre -es. cuphna , ,1 tin .--alVi., one or two ibawer
si .in Is, wash stati, Is, loun:;cs and iiMltres-.es, double in.iltre.--i.ei. slut bo' l,,i,i chairs, cain a ,at do.,
ri .-kt nir e.hairs, cill,s-.r.
1") co:,k stoves, asaorted, Put itr- mi's, re a dy triiuui d w.lli tin or copper boilers, box.s'ovcs.
Crf cian liarlur ditto., stove pipe, elb.o s. c
Pine churns, 1-'.' bu h's. wood bocAetL well liuc',;et wj-h t ih. wood Iioa-'s, t ays. d u;h
i.i,.-. r hove- bv.,,, ins. zinc w a-h boards, clot hes pins, he.
SAD ni.r.IvY. Hi idles n, '.:tin:r-ils, c i.-iiejles. jrir'lis. halters, le iuie reins. I'.lnckawk s u!-
.!!.-; . (j ult e-'.ls, and d.tlo Lailies side s id, lies, bnivy wl.iis, iliay n'ps. Ij. wli.ps. cow-luui
Jtc, naUitlc-bas, leather trunk , he.
S:de-bn!lief, kin. nud ralf "kins, in-inn'.'o liniiv's, rju-i! skins, buir,
ir!()X AND CASTINGS. -Tiow steel, sheer stiu l.e ist sled, plows, moub'.s fee.
'ols. ovens, skillels ;.nd UU, G. K. 10 and t h i ud e ,l!oii liettle.i.
ri.Vi: I'OOKS S l,v in and JO 1 y li i-a h. w in. low biiiels.
CLOCKS S day and hour clocks; warranted to run well.
Virginia. Roanoke Xrrtar leaf 'olmceo. Ileiralia mi l irincpe ri;rars of the finest flavor,
Culm and Havana sixes, and various o'her amines, lint we deem it unnecessary to mention then
as it is no I ro uli I-. to show poind s, ;u,, we will no happy it ail times lo show our old ens tenners,
nndas niativ new ones asmav favor us wiih their paironiiv-e. our eon, Is a nil pi ices. I lur f ue.il i -ties
for si-ll'ir.a; (. ' H 10 A P,nre belter ihan any olhei hou.-.i in we-tei n Iowa, and we in lend to do so,
and an axamuiatioii of our prices is ail that is neecs.-ary to convince you if the fief.
fileinvor. I, July. IJ.N.:. Ki-H-.v. A l,t lo M.i.S h III.
i : i ;':
,-i p,
i u and (.,
II, e xery hoi,
the h, .o.i .,
'. m lo l!
,,i u'.l'.otli'r.t.
j 1 :ti v.i. rorrc o gvrf,
!,is l,:.iinieiit is cue ef
leiocuies ever o!i,e -d to tli
n ii ,, "i 1 1," "i ir . -1 i '.at ion is
. i '!at i e. pen, I ratm;. soulh-.pe.-lies
. Infuse tiiem-.-Ues to
cot- r- Oootl,e crcnl-itiou of
cll,e-.V impulse o -A huh IOU VOUS
,.,y r i ri'i-ir iew of th-i fi'n.-erB
,1. 1
. l'..-tate w ould do well Ii call on the under
icd.who is ii'i'Miiid lo I'.nler J.audupoi
Time, urn! Local.' Land Warrants. Will also
attend lo the Coll. ciioii of 1) his, and payment
of 'fixes in an:! out of the County.
All Bus ';,,.. iiiUM.s'.c.l io mc wol ietive
promp rttic,,t,oa.
ori It Pit K.J ! I". VNON.
AIM A N'T-i will th a-e lake i.ol.cetha
H J rl -fBsisiiis.i, .. ii
, G. SC. Toed&Co5"-", i
4 Successors to f ;
f a- sow ri
. !-. s, us I'll
S i s--5?
1 1
.i If' .A tS
v : II y fh J
3 "Km?
s i n to; r,
Carner ahova
ft:. A IMA NT.'
J the I. roe ..d
I i
Lxtract of a letter dated Pittsburgh, J.ii.ua
Jry K':b, 185J: -I w.ll aay that your Mustang
I.iannci.t is thcl cit Liniment I ever used,
' BavB used it in my own case, aim,? the lower
jsrtnf tli njiiiie, for npiiial irritation, with
rompb to a 'cces. I ued it a few ni:hU ago
when I ftas inrfcclly rrubked, and iuV back in
rcinplete torture, from what the books wonhl
j ' rail Oji-stliotonii condition of the iniM-les,
wbii-b yon know in about as hml as "lock-jaw."
1 ) Jt give in. mediate r lief, and in the ino.r 'iI
' eould bend !ike a eutta perclia man, nnd v..lh
t li'.tlc i.ain. The medical profesjiou, you
V,-oW, have a gn a t ave, sioii to these kinds of
rn i lien, but from a know b d;;e of the ingred
ients ef the Mustan? Liniment, I would have
j,., bfcs'.f .lion in reciimmeiidin it, w herever a
l.u,- ly ! iKtl.i-ve pain is iu lica'.ed. I Iriva ro-
...1 .1 it i.. .......1...-.. .i-fl 1.1 II. x- UU 11
, . I.UH1UI, UU I 11 IM illlllll. i V. -J .. ..
f i ra.'i, -e, an! as far as I ran li am it lias ncte.l
) 4 itb .,.i il ma.-ity a.-,d ccr'ainty as in my own
iss. Hoping thit it i.iay b used for and
' b ivo a y I'", .efvr it ei.sl, and that is
I . sy i tun, i .era ) u well for your exertions
J of bri lining io Vil'iaul reuicly Lefoie t.ie
; p it'li. Truly )ouu,
j . ci.n. il ur.Ysrrt, M. d.
or Cords, he., and also for S!rains, Sj.avin,
Scratches, Chafes, Saddla and Collar (.'all.
Suns, Wounds, Pistula, Sweiuicyand PollLvil
in borses. 'I'tiis Linimei.t h is a direct and .r.w
erful cctiou up 'P. the s-crciory and ubsoibent
fsst!, tlimul itii, them to a be.il'by r.d'.on,
thus enabling t'lem to throw off the morbid or
liseasi d matter w hich obstruct the rircnlatioi C
thus removiio all diseases or injuries of t ,e
Hone, M i., le.s, Cai tillages, Nerves and S.in,
On lioltle will convii.cn the most kl.eplM-al
of its wot'derful elliraey in cininj; Bruises,
nain, Ilheiim itisrn, Baines, Sureneks and
Stiffness of the Joints, fc.e.
Dr. Kas'eiU 'a American Oil Liniment is.
without exccptuoi, the mo t valuable rei ly
ever compounded fo' all discises e,f Mill or
Biat, requirln"; an internal ap ilictition.
I'rice C'j cen'ii per b. '.'le, or five but:les
f ir one dollar.
A liberal (li-count made to wbolr.sulu
p ncha a rs who buy to sell a-' tin.
Cj" I'or mile at Dr. Iiasterly's Family M' d
ir inn More, noutheast comer of Third and
Chestnut str.-elr, St. Lonijk
Also ?o!,l by P. A. S art y, SI. Miry, Iowa,
an I by dealer in medicine generally, in the
w e it .
T Red Dr. r.asterly's adi ert'sement in
another coluinn sf our paper and give bim a
i.roe 'I'.tui r oi I ,e ii.-r.i'view .-.uieis
Club, in., ke it the d.i'v i f all Claunaiits t re-
rord adi-eription of iheir ( lamis as near an
l',e,- i niy 1) able describe tiiein. Oiin.-.-.' at
Itelb'X ievv, N'e'.i-.iska.
t. 'o I Reeonler.
A-.1mmLstr.UnT s Sle.
N'OTICE is hereby jivui, that I. Mir-aret
McAlpm, have been appointed by th"
Countv Court iff Milk County. Iowa, to
Ad.nmi -t -r ii;iui the estate of Alexander Mc
Alpm. dec'.!. All p -rsons know nil; themselves
lo tie imb-Med to tie- e-tate will please lo m ike
ariai'i niciits to h -111'- up I iiime liatel j ; and all
p"isons havinz cl iiuis afiimt the esi lie. are
ie,pietifd to nil them, p.onnl iii'cord.ii tu law,
as soon a.s p. mible.
A sale of personal property wi'.l he lid d on
Saturday. October It. at mv r. Hnbiuc.
m aki;aiu'.t M'.'M.riN,
Cl.-r.woo,l, s-p '21 it A,Smu.ilr.iti-.x.
ciib-r will vis.t St.
riMir. a
I Mary oil W
1'itiLiP ih siian::o;',
Attorney and Ccurmllor at Law,
Clinwood, Mii.i.s Ciu-mv,
W ILL attend to all li'i .n.i-s entrust..,! ., ins
care, with lidelitv and ui-palei. I'a.-
fieular attiiit.oli t'lven to the Co'.lcclioii of
IVI.t., he.
n i r i k exci s.
lions. A. C. Dodgn and James Sheilds
Wu-biii!;toii. D. C.
J. and A. J.owery, r. T. Ji.us o to., .xc-.v
V...k Citv.
Jo-'ph SI an non, I. sip, l aliiur, C o. .. ft Co.,
Si. n I lancisco, C.il.
Webb h Co., Milwaiikie, Wi.-:coi..-.i;i.
Hon. A.JM. hinilh, Jam-sville.
Hon. A. 1'. ray, Madison.
Hun. Otis Hoyt, ilud-on.
I'aoe A;. Bucoii, f,l. Louis, Wo.
M,-Loin?hlii. fc. liairow. M. Joseph, Mo.
h. 1'. N ..-'..oils, l.sip, Linden, Mo.
I'.t.r A. S.opv, l.ip, N.biaska T.-nilory.
Fn-Coviui.i'i hleplnui lliinpatead, ,.liu.pie,
Jovt a.
10. Horn, L-c)., Council illuffs, J.nva.
Nil, koU.sfi Co., Benin tt llauliui;. B hi
Wli,l, C!.u,w,.o,. .wa. I'etll.tf.
Git A 1 VV A is TI D.
IV'll.J. the hifhest ni'kel r , 'ce for
Corn, W li't, Oat and BiiJ. w l,i a,, at my
Ollice iu (ilei.wood, either in esh or iner
ehaiulie. PHILIP 1. .S1MNNON.
CI. r..r.-,a.!. r.et !!.
. . JSf
h.esday's and :'.. 'f
(ileliwood on Tti 'sd ij 'a and Satur-
day's of each wa-k, and will ,ipdy lo se
inarli-ts with Fresh Mints, Butter, l.-t, and
Vegetables, at th" Inai k d !,ric'i
s.pt -7, I if l'. I'.oriNT.R.
"KiN TAINTFlt AN1J (il I.DI'.lv.
f IMIL B'ib:i"riln;r bavii-j located bims, If al
.1. i t. Miry i prejiaie.1 loexecuiu old. us ol
cv-ry disci ii' ion of Plain, Fancy, and Orna
mental I'.untini:. Ngi.si paiiii.-ii, .-t.c,, .i ..,
ill, l-d iu tin- most p prmed htyle, and in the
Teat -at m.inlier. I'alroMi,"' lesperli'ully soli.-,
l-.I. Ollice. at II. Mil 's, Fri.it Mo-.-t. bt.
Miry. STAM-xl.Al S isC 11 1 .M A N olv V.
St.' ,-Marv. S.-pt. 1.Jj.
f i -"j s, if ,? ; . ?
I . . ' . ii -- ' ' - "
IN; p ri.uii,'-t,ty located in this ph,e.'.
tl,' pl,r,,n.. OI H-IKng l.DKl'.s
LAND, TOWN -LoP.S. and .inn," a (...muni
Ag'-'l.ev B : in, -s, we would repp, ctl'ully inviK
the puld'o , t n tive t.j!!,
Our lioodi were s lei te I with cure, and wv
-ore c.e.t- l'-r;t that shall bj able to give p-r-lu.
t .s.iti.,1... t;ou to a'l.
C U L 10 N F, KIN'NKY t CO-
Kept. 27 '.!. .
i PIIOCI'.S of 'I n long, beot quality, I'm
f) 1 sale low.
Hi p
Clil.FN!'., KIN'N'lOV A. CO,
, 1 i I, I V do.-ii U
f I ,li I, I I
1. ni' -cli
;,t II;.
ii and Fov
A--, cy Si.,
I ips,
' of
t.li 10 FN ii, hlNNI'.V .V CO.
u p '.'7.
Oo J S AND hlloLS. A laiO and gen -ii.
Jl a o, '.m ml vim V low. r.t
.. -H. l.liFF.NIO, KINNT'.V CO.
-t . -r f Ci C IS. MO .
Jft.o , 1. 1 ' ii. . I n. ii 7.. ,
. t ivverlrsb.V.iiivf.tc!ucrsr.fy
frenc.) Uwvr iUiil CtoiKo.
Xs nte i.i it.? Mnl fitniidiiii? business in 8:.
lauiia. ( I'oniiu.-ucin.r at the Work, inn's (encht
enables us to iud'T" orr. elly of the i; uahly of
hnrr best aibtpl-d to inilling in the West. 'To
obtain that i i.ility, w; h i-.o found it ne,-i- ;ary
lo visit the ipiiiri ues iu France, and there make
sehct io us. Our stock til is year wis select-"! at
the ipiaiu ics by one c.f the ti. m. and .sain;d"s
left with the jiropi i.-tors. that weraiy, wiuui
we order, be ciut-iiu of obtaining the desnt'd
quality. 1''.' sueeessfui imiiiii, ine pr .cuiuii
miller and miwrii;lit cm nppieciaie tue iuiior-tam-e
ol' t diss ii. ra n io uncut. Our slock is ill way s
birgc, and any desired temper and texture oi
burr can lit! obtained without dehiy.
To obtain the quality of B.,l!in;r Cloth 1 est
suited to nii'ilmi in the We.st.uc hat e had the
gi-ea1e.l dillieult V. O.cr-loudiiig bolts by fast
grinding, and the large ouantit es of spring
w heat mid oats proved so desti uct ive to the or
dinary Cloth, ln.it complaint of mill owners
and miller became so fi cqu.uit, we found it ne
cessary to obtain heav er and stromcer Cloths,
or subject nurselvt-s to a suspicion ot seljin.; an
inferior article. We laid before the manufac
ture our objections to Mieir Cloths, and order
ed lieavier aiid stron.'er to be in id". They un
dertook it with reluctance, fearing that they
could not in.iUn their Cloths heavier and pre
serve tiie uniformity of ineshes so iinlis,.e.ii ,
bin for good millin:?; Tliey have ueece,li'd.
Ol.-HHiif.TIM Cf.o'l IIS A Ut NOW MADS. liXI'M.SJ-
i v rim i s. and for beauty of .''.n.sii, .uiil'orini-
ty of inches strength and durability, ia - re' r
to Ihe millers generally in the eouiiliy, an-1 -pcri:illy
to the millers and mill owners, in t.us
':)'ronT.1BLE (1R.1LV MILM.
Our attention for many years has been di
rcc'.e.l to obtain the best plan for consirueiing
these mills, lo ninny cases they ar- u-e.l by
inexperieiieed bands, anil th.r.-f'oie, uurabililv
and suuid'city of const rue; ion was the object
to he attained. Ll this we thii.k wo liaieauc-
ceedi ,i. Vi e bid, eve so. bi-cau. u in tiie gn-at
iiu.i. her we have so',1, lliere has no! oe.ui one ru-
tu: n. I, noi lo our W.i.itvlc.tge tail. 1 t p.'rl"i in
ei, i i :-, 'y to ihe salt 1' ae'i on of th--,e u-ii, 1 lu-iii.
Th'-y V'' in extensile iis. in tli, We-t, and
lomv of tiiein in New Mexico and California.
On,-'in. Ii.,.. re known a TOOli'S 1 Ml'li'lVIOD
(;it.l MILL. We manufacture three kinds.
to w.t: cast liidN hacks, to grind by weight
of the runner; stock ami cuain mux, llie
blW.'l 1 slone 10 IUiil, 11 lid tiie fHKKsU Kit Mll.l..
patent rio led, vt '1111.1, ted and machine .stretch-
This aiticle is now made iu lh i grcutesl pr
fe. iioi,, and becoiniii-r etiui.siv'l y usd iu the
,,,a i il. i, luring esllialishuifiils of the connti'V.
We k, iptin hand the l.irgfit as.toi tiiient iu the
W . so hi country, of our own, and I'.astei ii
ii.i.nuf u-liii e.
i i.i a s" i 1" n Hfr.aia Bitl.Ttvo stfvm
e t ii I mi a v n ko n hi k uosr:. Wear th" only
a:;, lit of the !!,. ton Coin, any ill tins cilyfor
lh.. sal" ol tl.ese goo ls.
Hoist,', ' fCcw s, mill spindles, m ilati'o
screws, iluiiisal il oils, patent iron proof s of -s
i.";iri',oi:io',l t 1 j c Hi'i: cf tr.u.e.
T I0SS ;s. SARI'Y .v 10 N't; LIS 11 A III'. NOW
ill. receiving at (lieu wood, a well felected
stock of dry guo.I-i. fancy goo !s. i-.lolhini;, hoots
a',,1 .-hoe, groceries, bai dtvare. c, oekc, y. drugs,
liuuor-, s'ovt's. tinware, he,., in Western low i.
The public are iut iled to en!', and cx-utn'.lie Tor
themselves, and they will ti-i ! tiie truth of the
above st item 'nt. Also they will find that Wf
can s. ll a s cheap any oilier house :n Mills, Fre
mont or I'ol un a I lam ie count ics.
And in giving notice to the firming commu
nity, i w.ll trivc them l he higlie.it cash price
for their produce, sucui as beef, pork, corn,
tx h'-at and beans. The store i.s on the west side
of the. Public Suuare, Glen wood, not' -11 dim
O KIN'S WANTJ'.D All kindsof skins w.mt
O ci. for wh eh the highest price will In" mid
by S.&.L.
Dlt;:0!) FRLTT f -r s ile
S It
l'Y h 10 VOL! SIT.
IL sale by
s I'M A LAST Cloths for sale by
AYM'.b J'Ail.Nl' M I.D1CIN I.S, for sale
by SARI'Y IONiiLlSll.
II I'.ODl.'C !0 AM) CASH wanted iu pi. merit
j. in i:ivment of debt. KAlil'V .V l!.(i.
10K.N and Oats wauled by
r TORS.F.S, w ork ot"ii and vnings:o
1 JL .SAkl'V h LNoJ.ISH
s. hi:.
1 I0IOF AND i'tJRiv. wanted
I Jl Square by
it llie l'ublic
S. -V 10
am! si . i, iul.it . s totlie ahsnitien's and secretions,
a nl I'lti.'auT MATra a to thi-O'.v oil' and lit
ber-'tf ,!' a-iv ii,-. i sc. s, tio,i ot the ihtvo.i
clio-iiJ or l.g.iiio'.ols. ma',1 u.g it equally aptd ie
bie !,, sores ,,r nt ki-ei. lb a'lsiu puiis
in et erv I s' I of t'ie i'i"ly, from a Ce r is, ,1 act on
of i.nl 'if til'. P'rneturnl po.tions,f I l,e system.
Wioie 1! is piuf u-ily harmless t,i l.-.-l'by I'-o-,
skill, ir hnni. it has III property of luiteril.?
into i-.jinhinalioii, and dissolv.ng any of llie .
ra :ie Vi'iv when thev are (lise.ise l. or their vi
tality ,s destroyed. Poss.-siing these peculiar
power-,;. Ihe rcasuii why it isnpiall v efl'C.ici.uu
in so many different cnvplairds. It aria upon
scimlilic piiiii-ipli's and lixcd laws of tiie Crea-
Tlie large iiumh.r of cases in which thisliio-r,i-uii
I, i-s j.roi e, iis value, iu the. 'i.t1 tune it
has !.... i fore the ju ople of Ainerra . is snlh
ei.uil t u gif" Ihe urea I est conli deuce Unfits n
t ,e, pre iucoaipa.able in en.-eing rheum.-'tism.
l.ru'-'Pi.stn-ius. bums, wounds,, swell i.ogs. Irk
en or einekel hreaa', obi sores or pliii "
pai t of the body.
Sr. Iiurii Tkstimosi v.
St ati; or Afissm. ri. j
( 'oun y of S:. Fjouis.
Be ii reiiieni'.e.cil. tl at on this fifth day "
M l)'. A . n. 1 i nl. before me, thf umlrsigncd,
mayor of tiie ci'y of S . Louis, in lheoiinty and
State oforcMiiill came ju Mnally Daid M.
Snivthe. who, upon his oath, says that the fol
lowing .'-'aictn.u.l is true.
In testimony whe-eof I hereto set my hau.l
Ihe day and liaLe 1 jsl .ifo-eiul.
.1(11 IN HOW, Mayor,
if. or. Nfwm a, jtc.. is'cr.
Sr. T.ot is, M ... M-y H. IC.W.
Dr. A. (. lliido. . ('". Cents: You xvilj
-oh-tbly recollect t.'ial 1 called into your eUah-li-iiieenl
suuie ihrec weeks fuim and piiichased
a lilt -.--cent lio'.tle of jour "Mexican inusianjT
. limine. it ;" mv obect in so iloing was tutryr.a
in, -iits upon mv Daughter's arm, who lias bee a
ring from the effects of a severe dislocatiua
of tiie in bow for scve-ul years past.
The excruciating pain conscpu-nt upon r .Is
llingof the hone I). id d.vindleu and contracted
her rtii to a puny sie. iind I consider it a duty
d'. t o 1 1 mg upon ine to acquaint llie community or
tiie hem lie 'nil effect, your liniment has paodnced.
ll.Tiirin was draw, i toa right angle, and was
almost iiin-t and use!':, until vonr invaluablfl
linunent was applied, since which time, I am
h;iipv to stale, .she bars enjoyed uninterrupted
good strength, and can use her ai in nearly as pli
miilv a In fore it was di-h, cried.
1 vtould stii'e, however, thai prior to tryinff
your on.. "polled liiiiiiit.it, I used several olber
remedies. and among thorn McLean's volcanic
o.i lil.iin. lit,'' hut Willi ;be leu-: b"u- iieio I result.
Wc offertliis liiiim"nl as a lemedy in the vari
ous disra-es and complaints i'or w inch it is re
comrtiendod tvitii foil co:niur nee of it succest
in curing tb"ui.
'J be foilow.ne is a lis! of the numerous nnd e' a
Iraordina. y cases it has cared during tin la
tew iiiou! b :
ft 7."U case of rheuuiatis-n in nil its f onui
A-'Z'V) do sprains nuil lunises ;
, l(l do burns ami seal, Is ;
3.t i!l ilo fre. Ii cuts and wounds ;
b) do cancers;
7,7 id do scrofulous sores and ulcers that
had resls'ed all other 1ir.tlil.ent ;
5.210 do iuilauiHil ir sw died jnintn j
T,fso(l do piles;
l()'J ilo luiubago, sciatica, gout and harl
bony ' iiiior.q
t".a.,i ilo chipped hands ;
b'.nisi do cak'-d h.-e,isls,
i.t) 1,1 do looth-ache;
l.t.ii'-il ib- various cl)r -e-' ;..ises.
'Ibis must ao,er u!ioot incredible, but lha
nninirn is e,"li,u-ate and letiers from dislin
g.dsbe.l physicians, ci'lens, aguif and oljieri
wuo hat.' lisy I tiie Medicine, enable us lo sub
stantiate the above facts; in : 1 1 ions, of bottles of it
are yearly consumed, an, 1 it has always givea
To ( oi-nthv si r pril x s rs. F.tery store abo'd
be supplied with this valuable liniment, as it
pays a :no I proht and sells rapidly.
i'Hicrs ok tiik i.iM.ti est. It is put up in
bottles of thri'csizia. and retails al vj." ecu's, h'l
cent-, and Sil perhotlhi. The fill rent and on
dollar hotiios contain .')! and 100 per cent inoia
liniiri.ui', iu proportion to 1 1 1 i r cost, so that
money is saved Dy tiuvingme lagersizes.
A. L HR.VtJii.CO., Sole From ietori.
Principal ..dies. cor. Third and Mark"t sis.,
SI. Louis, and W)l B.-oadw av, New York.
For -ale by i'. A. S xae v, SI . Mary, and Saii
rv & I'.siii.isii, Oleuwood ; and by dealers in
medicine every where. aug lil-ly
fix I IF.
1 Co
N u i:s e ii v .
TJI; iiiidersigrii'.l has on hand and for
i,. Side a fety tnoiisiirid select gral'led app
.,-,s, r. n.'.y fm- tr.uisjilunliiig in orchard the
coining tail and s,riug.
Red June, b old Auu, white winter tiarin iin, fall
pipiiu, li.nmont, wine sap, yellovV bi'ltlowi-r,
ll.il, ide Island gi .'.uiing, stv iar, priors red. ml
astiachan, early h.triest, sweel June, nunimer
ro-.,, Mumiii"r queen, R ill'. janet, r.unbo, wine
apple, while belh-rlower, Roman mem and
N'urthe: n s,y.
ron aiiAns.
The Colalpa an I Black Locust.
o una m i:r A i..
The si.o-v ball, lOughsh ami Am eric-, n lilac,
red dogwood, hom-v s ickb', ro e, &.-.,.xli-.
A few of llie Isabella and Cata.vhy grape from
St. Mary, Iowa, Aug. 31. 'ml.
aug:n-ic. ' gfoh;; r. ji','.pnf.p.
l.O.Nti LOOK lib I' OK,
Nl f Ktll.lA CO. linve,Usl rece,ii,; oneor
Die largest and h.'.-l seb cled stock of
GOODS ever hrfore exhibited in the West. A
iiiong their assortment may be f miid
v iricty of clothing of all soils and sics
h.irde, tire and i.'iitlery, drug-, medicines, lurui
ture, bedsteads, bureaus, t ih'es, chairs, cook,
tiox ami (irecniri, p.uioi isit is.c. ) in anon,
eterv nine von liny can ior.
I'-ersoii.s need not lie di tainod when they eome
lo the, cheap corner, as they are Weil supplied
with nimble clerks on llnur tirsi legs, and al
ways hate sharp scissors and dull conscience
lOmigi ant.s will Iind it to thiur a, it a,,t.,ge io
Call upon us before purch .siiigelsvt-!i-.u e.
Cl.uiwoo.l. April -'ii.ls.il. ii.bi-if
l Ihl'A. H d.ii and HO hear clocks, warranted
t for sale a. thcch.'ip cash s'o,e of
Nl'KOLLsi ,x co.
The jre.it jiopiilur iii.-nioiiic of the. ilny
Vits! tiin.iun'i, used per month The nu-rn.-roiis,
an ! won It-rf ill cures il ctfect
I s m leiiuil elb i t upon liilioniH Fevers,
and l'l-ver au.l Aejui; Greut excitement
iiinoiiif 1.1 1 e 1 )oelors !
s I i 10 snhsci.lei bat ll g least,! of (.aikei
l.l- i. Id Council ill nit li-tiy Ul 1 ra-
,bu'. io.nl. 1 otl.nto'.l.uu-.e Coiiuly, low a.
Hating built a n. 'W and substantiai Boat, lb
now pi ,',;, n il to cross an w uo t oine. l ei sons
vii iliiig ,'xeti, askii will iind i!,o one of the bcl
I'ei l ies on Ihe liivcr. 10 ue. 1 bat u no S.cau,
Fi rry lie it. but 1 bote sti.oug arm potter,
ahull volt piopcll a boat a.uo-s tliu ner at
this narrotv point wilbout any d mgi-r or I, low
up. quick cnou-.h to sati. l'y Ihe for.,.-,t i.f thin
l a. t age and c.o.intiy
mio M:iisiAii: ;
1 W..goo, t A ' lin.M- Ci.' e iult, . St! ..
I Hor.se and 1 ,g,;y, 1 U'.
Horse ali i rider, ... - .r.u.
' o'li in. ill, - - - - - 1.).
t'.'i" I wenty-fiv.-! per i er.t added lo (lie a bote
rules during hitch water.
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mill picks, serci ,i xt lie. copper r-.t e s. lace Ica-ib.-r,
c.it.uiicd tdastcr, AsC, he., "'"constant
ly on band..,'' J
' St. Louis, April -'d, DC) I. nld-l y.
m:)lll'l'il. Lovers of the Wed will find
I a s in, t ior an ic In oi'tdie-. in;; and sui..uii
Tob ici-o. r.t ttie Ag.'.u-y more, or Uitr.r..tr,
KIN N F. Y A. ( . ! -M iry. ecu.
M.DWA!'..;. A l.ue and g -n.-ral .issort-
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H'O V7.
Ll 1' l'LF. i" incy not- .ns for s ..lea"
store .,r iiiu-ir .. i jxoi.i.m x .
N K i U A SKA.
rpiIK Nfb'H ks is anew and sp'.eo.lul Iioat.
I iiiiinii.-d by eyi.erieucf 1 olli tusaud ei-w.
15 dl.'viciv Citt'i .N'el'ua.li, is o,,iositt) St. Ma.r,
low '1.
US dnl. a I t'
VRF. now adunll"J on an bands to he a most
extraordinary and valuable medicine iu
gi'iier.il Use. iiitoioiny ucis as ii speciiic upoa
'.Ii- bilious and typu luyers, clulU and lever,
. . i .... i . ii' ...... i , , ,. i ... i
and iet.u an.i airue oi ine tt c.si uieiooani mu
in all diseases of debility, weak siomach. indi-
gest on.lossof appetite, impurity ill! the blood,
and all .1 is.-iises . i cval.uil in ii we.i.u n mid sourn
e'li clinnfe. Their great p,,tfer eonsists in
heir peculiar ei.cct upon nil tho organs ol Ilia
ivs'eiii ; ii-ni tb' r .i, id form. ill, in of new and
lore blood tiiey produce. In tins lis tli great
,c,il or in, or success. i iicy are mnu aim
ant in tin -ir actum but si arching and pcr-
uiiiiciil in ine rtii.ci peueiraiing ine rciii.iieov
reci s-esof the s .s-iun hytlieir ready iih.sorpt iou
intolhe I. loo 1. 1 hereby infusing a netv Hiipply of
t , ;i lie, I'.uis potv er into all tiie inachiiif-
rj of I. If. The exteusit-.! popularity tiny Intra
a'ei uire ! i:ll oter tile Wi;.-l ail 1 South eiib'irc
saici of al least
iiO.O'r.) no n'ks run month I
And we find it diliieuit With our large fore of
hand i, and the lale ii.uro-oci moms in machinery
which we have adopt si, to iiianatuciii.f tn.ni
fast enough to supply toe demand IU thirteen
e.es'erii and south.; u r,.ut-.s ! One j, ge iiiauj
tacto y is constantly engag'- l in piep.n ing lha
various concent rated r.vtriets ot It inch they
aie compounded. From the bcsl i'-! '.i. iinitioa
we can iiM en from o ir ts ooO s -llii.g agents,
and I, . 's of tilieniiie ci,i i espen lKiits in till
p.arts of the country, our Medicine cine per
in nit h I,"'. l,--s I ban
I'MUO cases of fever and ago", one thousand ef
ttlia'll Ii .t e i i-d ail o'iier I ,',, I ;
5.1!lM) Cdse.s of " alvlU'Ss llli l g, eei-ll debility ;
g..Vt,l of t ai iou chnu, .,- .1 ceases ;
J ii III of it . ak -toillii',1 uli I i.'SS ul
I ' tite,
r.l' U.epsla ;
of i in .. in il I-in s .
o I lion.,!,' 'oui .plaints I
1,000 K
r n V i .
LBS. Cotton Batlii'g, for s
Ciil I NF., KIN'M'.Y ; CO
a k t't'S. Jl ck
0J ' Cl.i.LN
Mil : t il". J'.,r si.l l.ftv, at
LINN I.i h Co.
sORTY lii'ioi Me l and Boya' Jl.rts, of every
comiug lo
ll-hC'ipI '
i il l. I". NT'.. KIS.MEY h ( '.
"i-l, t '.hold I luxnis d,t ret
;j i r.i a it y .
Tili i the fiont gutet ,ry to t'ie inost ir,r.ovtt'.',t
hii . in. :uv;i,'g poilio.i if Ixdna-ka. Be..r :n
mind lb it
i:. UAI-Y li ir.LLEVIE tV CITY
are the two b- .-o p. nut. f ar the em uu .,t ion
lil.-viix Cty-Julj f. U'i. nt-Vf
cases ,
l.o,,i ' (i t,,'. i r en lh sr'eeu ;
'J'li is m id ai'pe ! ;.l,i',.-t. ineic l.ble. but tha
:i'.!!.' roils lei.'eis from phj aician-, ids i.n4
iboseitho i.sh Ihe me.iii iiie. from all lleweit-,u-t:
and souiii'u n Sl.iie. sattsf,- , s that this ia a
ai ute, ite i : i.i a'.e. .o,d thai o ,r ini ' 'ine i.s raj -niiy
t '.in; ine place of Ihe virion? roun'ci leit
wi.i'-i' i-e r'!,- ,1, vol I'ne nue.ero-ts l.ui.e r:u
tores ,.!.!.- ,-.!, ;t. ol qiironc ts Inch ul r l.u.po.,-
i'.l ,''..'! th ;, d. ,,' ' .- inaiiuf ic'.iiii i s who Iivr
lli.1lO.1V k I.O'.V !.i. !
-r.f?of Funic .ii's. O") t els ; and .,,ti-bii
oils, . .cents. A. .. f ;.'i.'.. ,M. I'.. Sole Ol' t .1-.lii-,.St.
I.,.,;. For sab. by I' A. Sir.ey. h
M.i, y, sud S'oii'V ' F.n.-i isii. 01. o'-o ;
I,fl'.',' il IS'I.-"1? t!."J'lJkl'u1 Oe 1 ' 1
...'ei. a i- :1 ')
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ittZJKl H UMlli. l "o
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