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jjy i). k. iu;i:d, & co.
VOL. 1. NO. 20.
'1H It
tVll.tiHKD wmir ST
os. Cotton.
EdifQrs ami ProprUfort,
aai Ltvitw, Dni'ni.A corNTY, wrnAA
TERMS. One copv one year, 2 00 one
No paper will be discontinued except at
4at discretion of the proprietors, until all ar
Ttre?i are paid.
Tot each square of twelva linn or less,
first insertion.
Each subsequent insertion,
One square three month),
On square six month.
r., inire twelve niontli).
One quarter of a rolninn twetve months, 2000
On half column twelve months, 30 00
One column twelve months, f0 00
Business cnl of eight lines, vcar'y. .r (Ml
" nix month. 3 00
three month, 2 00
Administrator1 and r.xecntors' notices, 5 00
Wr.DNT.SD Y, JANl.'AUY J4. lH.'.r.
91 oo
fi on
1. Subscribers who Mo not cive expre notice
te the contrary, are considered as wishing to
"continue their subset intious.
2. If subscribers order the discontinuance of
their paper, the publisher may continue to send
"iliem until all arrearage are paid.
8. If subscribers ncjrlcct or rrfne to tal;e
tl.air paper from theotbeeto which they are
directed, ther are held responsible until they
hare settled the bill and ordered the paper dis
continued. 4. If subscribers remove to other rdare with
out informine the publiher, and the paper is
sent to the former direction, they are held re
sponsible. ,V The CorwTS hsvedecided that refninc to
take a paper from the cilice, or removing and
leaving it uncalled for, i) prima facia evidence
f intentional fraud.
Subscriber will therefore understand :
1. That their papers w ill he continued after
the expiration of the time for which they paid,
Utiles otherwise ordered.
2. That no paper will he discontinued until all
arrearages are paid up to the time nt which (he
notice is riven, unless we are satisfied that the
ltibsrribcr i wotthless.
3. That when the paper, throurh the fault of
a subscriber, has been suffered to everrun the
time, the just ami most convenient way is to
remit one dollar for another six month, with
directions to discontinue at the end of that time.
This direction will, in all cnes, be noted upon
nr books, anil if not attended to shall be our
4tll. The U. S. Court have also repeat.'dlv
' decided thiit a Pot-Mater who reelects to
perform his duty of civine seasonable not ic,
' M required by the Post-Office Department, of
; the lieelect t,t a person to take from the office,
newspapers addressed to him. renders 1h l'ot-
Master liable to the publisher for the subscrip-
tion price.
I. II. i; F.N NET.
Has opened a boarding house at Tiellevie.w.
far the accommodation of reffular boarder, and
censionat visitors, who, he will ta'.c pleasure
in making as comfortable as lies in hi power.
flelleview, Nebraska. oct 25, '51
rt f:?'"Trr'T S :y"s.
J.'-' Li.-:.;, .-:'.Z
Attorney at Law.
HAVING determined to locate permanently
at Helleview, I will promptly attend to
suit buainess entrusted to me professionally.
Bellsview, Dec. 1. 1H54,
NEGOTIATOR, Collector, General Land
Areiil, Councilor at I.nw, &c, tc.
Belleview, Nebraska.
Havine an experienceof 17 years io the Ter
ritory, will pay prompt attention to nil com
munications, post paid, in repaid to the Ter
ritory, &.C.&.C.
Office near the Government building,
in rear of P. A. Sarpy's hanking house.
Belleview City, Nebraska, July 4 i, 1! J.
Land Agent, Surveytr und Engineer, Helle
w, Nebraska. nl-ly
Umaiia Cut. Nrlimska Trrri'ory, )
.liituijry 17Ji. lKr)0. J
Fritud RctJ : Tlic House met pur
s'l.mt to aJjonrnment, nod jnoctcilod to
lilt election of olTicen by ballot, which
resulleJ in tlie eleclion of A. J. Hans
coin, Speaker; J. W. P.idJock, IstClrrk;
(5. S. Ayeri, 21 Cleik; L. J.. G"iL?j.
ScTjje:in!-ut-arm, and H. U. Thotnpsoii,
Door Kerptr.
The result of the lmlloiinflf for Door
Keeper, show el 30 voies, whtn ther
were only 12(J ineniliBt's le vole. Where
njion, J. M. Lathiim, madii a speech de
nouiK'irsg in high and hitter terms,,
the man or men who dart coma into this
house und cast inure than one vote. If
such things were to be allowed, what
might not be expected, for himself, if he
ever found out the mun, all intercourse
wMi him would cense. I Jul lifter k liltle
explanation, and u fow t ujjesiions, it wi.
concluded that a few tic'-;ts which had
bean used in voting for Scrguunl -aj-arms,
h:id been in iht Hal I and they pass
ed it us a legid vole, upon the explanation
and guseset made by members.
On motion, of Johnston of Richnrd
so:i, filler a spirited debate, Ilev. (age
or .eur.ik;i 1.4'y was uuiy cicciea lylmp-
liy a resolution pnsseJ, Judge Harden
was cnlled and miminlstercd the oalh t
the ofTn.tr eiec: the roll of officers was
c.'.llrd nnd the oath administered.
A committee of three was, on motion
appointed to infurm the Scmte that the
House was duly organized. Which com
miitce retired, but the b'enals hud ad
jonrni'd and the cummiilee returned.
fci ill nt this time, there was three mem
b is who hud nut taken the oath, viz :
Doyle, Decker and Maddux. The House
now proceeded to consider the following
"RaulvtJ, That all the members be
requested lo take the oath of oi!k-e, ex
cept the officeri w ho luvo already taken
ihe oath."
Which was read by the clerk, nnd mad
lo read, "except the members," instead of
officers, und p;.ssed. Judge Harden was
now railed again, when the resolution was
re-read and re-disi lusrd, and finally Lit)
on me tank', un mo ion, the roll was
ed for Dj.lge nnd Pierce counties ano
the following gentlemen uppei.red and
took the oath, viz: Decker, Do le und
Message was announced frum the Couu
il, fctalingthal that tody wus duly and
pei muneiitly orgaiiizcd, and were ready
o proceed o business.
The following resolution was now pass-
ed That a commilti'c of five be appoint
ed to furiiioh rules for the guidance of ihe
House. The clerk was ordered to fur
nish the printing for the House until fur
ther orders.
Hsuse adjourned until 2 o'clock.
(J. W. WALJ..UT.,
Physician and Hureeon, respectfully tenders
ri II prui rssiuuai in n iu 1111. lihh i j ij
Mary and vicinity. Office two unb-s north
svest of St. Mary, 'on the Mu.so.uito creek.
1). TZSUHl'CK,
Topographical Kncineer, tenders bis profe
ional services to the citizen of Kt. Mary and
ficimty as Surveyor and Kiiuincer in all its va
rieties. Office in P. A. harpy's store, corner of
bregory alreel. aufJi-iy
Ceneral Land Agents, St. Mary, Mills County,
Jowa. Will attend to the purchase and sale of
teal estate, the perfecting or titles, paying tax
m. Ac. L.C.
(TV Farming land and village lots, to suit
purchasers, on hand, for sale cheap, and on
reasonable terms. CHAN. K. WATaON.
I.. Ji. M.N hi.
Kee Creek. Mills Co., Iowa. The pmprie
tors of this mill intend lo keep liiinhcr jA all
descriptions constantly on hand also L- sup-
fly all special ordei or luiubtr at short no
ca, for cash. n 12 -3ui
T1MIK eubscriber haviiiir located b.uis.-lf at
X St. Mary is prepared toexecuto ordeis of
every discretion of Plain, I'anry, and Orna
tnental Painting. Signs painted, h-tP-nd and
gilded in the most approved style, ui.il in the
neatest manner. I'atrouage rcap'-i-Uulty so
licited. Olhce, at II. Myers, Fruit Mr.t. H
St. Mary, K. )t. 27, "1.
Wbolrsale and Commission Merchant, dealer
In Dry Goods, llardwrr, Ouceimwaie, (jlas
are, Groceries, Ini, Medicines, books and
ltiooery, corner ol Alain ana L.itiory street
Conveyancer, Notary Public, and Surveyor
t'rnce ai ma mora ni tireruc, Ainiicy, . v u
St. Mary, Millseo., Iowa. Au,;. 2, ".A.
, Drainage Couiniicsioner, Olhce in St. Mary
vi, a tig ei-iy
2 O'CLOCK, P. M.
Resolution offered by Decker, that a
omtnilteeof three oe appointed to inves
igute the claims of those contesting heals
which motion wai lost.
The committee on rules wa now an.
notinced to be Latham, Johnston, Ricl -
urdson, Pojileton, and l'urple.
Mn ion to admit reporters laid on (he
Motion that we have two I'agcs car
Mjtion, Seigeunt-al-arms to procure
Ji reman carried.
Motion, clerk to number the scats
members draw for thern, nnd hold them
during session carried.
Adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow.
iteutt. Here ihe I'linoc f Swindler
will probably become r.n object of general
miration and regard, as the man who
ucct eded in sw indling the Yankees.
No'hing will wholly deprive a man of at-
crtion it n 1 respect from a certain class.
except the loss of property. To be poor
is the gre-itest of sin, l Hint tri'mnds
It is a pleasurable relief to see a few men
using their gains with a moderate and
philanthropic spirit. Horace (ireeley has
probably made a fortune from the New
York Tribune. lie lives up town in very
!m;dl, though very comfortable !yle.
His funds are not fx landed upon a pala
tial residence, and those of vour readers
who haven glimpse at Hurnce, can vouch
that they oie rot invested in "purple an.l
fine linen;" neither does he fare sump
tuously every day.
Starvation reduces people to the oonsid-
atioti or '-hi st princip es. 1 lie liair
famished ones in cur st reels cannot be
made to understand by any course of logic.
why one class should be permitted to re
tel in overflowing luxury, while they lark
(he very elemen's of life. It is a good
lime for the seeds of Socialism to take
root and spring up, and there are not want
ing those whe ore eager to sow them.
Hunger is a great revoluliotiizer. Soup
kettles are provided in various part! ol
the city, for gratuitous supply of the in-
diircnt. But the soup dot. 'I seem to go
lown wi:h the hungry people, for the
singular reason that it is very thin. One
would rxpeet it to go down all the easier
for that circumstance.
Itiss.dl that there nre now 30 000
Women out of employment in New York
Ci'y. How many men there maybe no
none kows.
Ano'lier war with Mexico, or evtn
with Russia would find no lack of recruits
unong our ravenous popullion. li is to
lie hoped that the public works, moving
'he City Hall ruins, and tutting Tark
Place through Columbia College Green,
will be cominnuced, to a third employment
'ollie thousands of idle hands. If nut
employed, Satan will soon find them work
lo do. Loafers are abundant and Park
meetings, tlios imbecile, purposeless
gatherings aie belter attended than usual.
A hoax pl-ycd off in Williamsbuigh the
o;her day, brought lo light the necetsi ies
of the lime. Some wag advertised fur
large black dogs lo be brought to the pro
prietor of a small theatre in Willi.iins
burgh the next day. The manager wus
flooded wi ll great black dogs all day, till
it npp' .ired us though everybody had eiz
ed on this opporiuni'y to attempt to ge
rid of his dog; any q'.unti'y of the canine
race of all kizc4lud (jtialkies might have
been bought dog-cheap in that vicinity;
the theatre manager, was of course, rathei
annoyed at being the involuntary center of
such a singular gathering.
New York seems to have become the
starling point, for nil kinds of illegal ex
peditions. It is said that twenty-two
slavers have s. iled out of this port during
a year. Russia and Cuba expeditions
abound. Two vessels left, here some time
since, armed and (quipped, it wus sup
posed for Cuba. They have Ltcly turned
up at St. Thomas, under arrest by the
Danish Government. The object of this
extiedition was to ussist Gen. Pacz in
descent upon YenezuU. The persons at
commoita'.cd wall lodging in the station
house night before last, numbered 325,
homeless nnd destitute. An arrest has
been made of gamblers who succeeded in
swinging a poor mun out ol his coal in
the winter.
5 1 1 1 1 1 1 i p o 1 1 r 2 .
a cormxr houje.
Oli ! rive me a borne in the country wide,
And a se.it by the Karmor' wood fireside,
Wh"ret!ie Cue barns bright
Oa a frosty night,
Wre tiit je4t( and (ketone, aud Utifh ara frae,
Oh I the fanner's home is the home for me.
On ! pive b a home in th country wide,
When tlif earth coinj out as a blushing bride,
With her buds aud flowsrs,
In the bright cprii.g hours,
Her bridal s n rniinfr, f. om fresh-leaved trea,
Andmelifiy lloals onllio perfumed bree.
In summer, a seal in the shady nook.
And close by the side of a cooling brook,
Where the violet grows,
Or the pale swamp rose,
Fainting and sick, 'neath the sun's beam
Dips her petals iu the cooling stream.
Oh I give me a home in the country wide,
In the golden days of the farmer's pride,
When the barns ara filled
Fiod tile fields he's tilled,
And be feels that bis yearly task is done,
Smili.i at winter, be beckons him on.
StWctei SUtttr.
At 4 o'clock, p. m., Nov. 6th, says the
Washington Union, all the clerks nt the
Third Auditor's Office assembled in the
Rotunda of the Capitol, where the remains
of their late respected chief had been plac
ed under the direction of the Commission
er of Public Puildings. A portion of the
committee which accompanied the body
from Nebraska, was present, the remain
der having gone to make arrangements for
its reception ot; board
At half pait our, the coffin was placed
in the hearse, the following gentleman
acting ns pall-bearers :
John M. Itromihead, Second Complrol-
place of ties' illation in the fV West, lint
a few. dnjs intervened between his arrival
nnd his death. I'.von brfore he liml time
to enter oi. the duties nssigred l im. Ins
earthly career was closed. We. wiio were
present and participated in the List inoinfl
fill duties on that occasion, nlthonoli our
ueqiiainlniice had bce-i brief, were fully
aw are of the excellent end amiable quali
ties of ihe deceased, nnd we fully appre
ciated ilio loss the Territory of Ntbii.sk.'
and the country had sus'ained.
To be met by you, gentlemen, in our
transit, to his distant home and bereaved
family, in Ihe capitol of our country, in so
kind and sympathizing a manner, goes di
rectly lo our hearts, und moat thankfully
do we letu.er to you our acknowledgment
fur this exprcssioii of your affection und
regard for the deceased.
Permit me to ussurc you, gentlemen,
'hat on our arrival at nrphice of desti
nation we will commun icate tohisi fflic
ttd family this marked token of indricst.
and respect.
The clerks then tiok leave of the com-
iniiiec, una1 ihry proceedtd en their mel
choly journey.
Yery similar were the ceremonies at
Columbia, ihe Capitol ef South Curolina.
The body was placed in the Council
Chamber for ihe night, and the next morn
ing, was conveyed in a hearse to the cars,
followed by ihe Mayor and City Council.
On passing the remains pgain in charge
of the Commit.! ee, the Mayor made u shor1
and appropriate address to them, which
was replied to by Col. Ward li. Howard
chairman of the Committer, in the follow-
brief remarks
J Gtntltmtn of Iht Common Council of th e
Ciy of i olumbia : Having met a sec
ond liineon our long and tedious journey
hile bearing the remains of your de
ceased friend to the home of his family i
fin. i i iV rv r i,. i c......
I, ... , , , I - - v ' v. laiv UllllCU UlIUBI,
.AFltl P YV..M1 ( ,,n,,Y,iiai. .n.i rtf .... ' 1
Correspondence of the Pilladium.
Niw Vokm, Jan. 5. 1805.
A cloud has settled over all our week
of rejoicing. Miaty clouds hang over us,
fog impenetrable is round about us. From
this and other causes, the Go'hainites are
gloomy. Of the tales of diktre.se among
ihe poor you have heard enough; now
ct. ires the "day of reckoning' the whoful
First of Janunr), which brings const crna
li jii In the heurU of 'hard up' speculators.
Dreadful apparitions of bills, long drawn
out with thousands of forgotten hems,
hurras the dream of the debtor; and (he
creditor nervously speculates o't probable
Schuylerisms aud sudden departure! from
justice. Hy iho w, y, ii ii said that Sch
uyler and hi fi.inily have retired lo eie
g tnl leisure on the banks of the Rhine,
having purchased and fitted up a fine liitle
Killing Indians. We see by the Sa
vannah ( Mo.) Sentinel, that some Indi
un hunting in Gentry county under a
pass from the fgent, not being successful
had to resort to the killii-g of hugs to sus
tain life. (Jne of the owners of the hogs
coming upon them when they were in the
act, shot three of the Indiuns, all of whom
died. The balbitice of the tribe fled for
their homes on the other side of the river
Complaints are made of the agents who
give the Indians permission to rove
over the country, settled by the whiles, iu
pursuit of gainu.
JT" A certain Irish attorney threatened
o prosecute u Dublin printer for inserting
th death of a living person. The men
ace concluded with the remark, that "no
printer should publish a death unless in
formed of the fact by the parly deceased."
W a is, t down. The Otlumwa (Iowa)
Courier sayi ome fifteen or twenty la
die of that place, besieged a rum-hole
which had become a r.uis.mce, first tried
to buy ihe liquor, failing in which, they
rolled the barrels into (he, slrec-t, and
knocked in tho heads snl emptied the
cou'en'i en the jp-ouai.
Pensions; Col. Maneypenny, Commission- I
er sf Indian Affairs; J. D. B. De Bow,
Superintendent of the Census; B. B.
French, Commissioner of Public Build
ings; S. S. Rind, Chier Clerk Third Au
ditor' Office; A. F. Cunningham and V.
II. S. Taylor, clerk Third Auditor'! Of
fice. The procession w is formed und pro
ceeded to the steamboat w harf, where the
body was deposited on board the southern
boat; after which Mr. Cuniiinghum, on
behalf of the gentlemen attached lo the
Third Auditor's Office, addressed the
committee as follows :
Gtntlemm: To jou, who have patient
ly and laboi iolisly guarded the body of our
deceased friend from the wilds of the far
West, we t in commit it, to be conveyed
to his mout.. 'in home in Sou h Carolina.
where his family is, and where his affec
tions centered. We know that flattery
cannot "soothe the dull, cold ear of death,"
und therefore will not be in place here ;
but we cannot let this opportunity pass
w ithout telling yon, gentlemen, that yor
have leen iho wen with whom Col. Bu r
was in official connection for upwards of
a year; aud that among thein all, he left
none but friends when he severed those
official ties that unite! us, to take the du.
lies of Governor of Nebraska upon him
self at the request of the President of the
United States. We all parted with him
with regret: but our best wishes went
with him for lite. You will please make
this fact known to his family.
His journey to the West was but Ids
march to the grnve. It is but a few short
months since he uhse.nbled us legether to
Allcnd the (unernl of uu old and faidiful
clerk of his bureau, with the remark th)
"we knew not who would be called next!"
Inscrutable are the wtyi of Providence
il is his own inanimate corpse around
which we first meet to pay our mournfu
respects. Tukc, gentlemen, all that rt.
mains on earth cf Gov. Francis Burt.
We loved und revered him in Ids life be
cause of his many virtues and indexible
integrity, und for those virtue! we honor
him in dentil.
To which Col. Ward B. Howard, of
Petkikiil, chairman of iho committee, re
plied as follows :
(ltnilemen: In behalf of the bereaved
aud infllicted fuini'y of the deceustd, whuse
body jou Lave with such marked respect
removed to it last resting place at the
Cupitol to this bout, and cf Ihe commutes
who have it in charge, I return to you our
grateful thanks for ibis token of respect to
the memory of one who has but a short
lime since presided over that branch of
the Treasury Department to which many
of you belong, and to whom his virtue! as
a citizen, and the vigilant discharge of the
duties of that important office are person
ally known. Having been culled to a more
elevated situation, the Al'.-wise Disposer
ef F vents permitted kisa enly t renei kit
now at the Capitol of his native S ate,
I can assure you, gentlemen, that such re
pented testimonials of respect to ihe mem
ory of the late Governor of Nebraska i
from those who knew him best, calls
forth from me si well a! in behalf of hi
family, a the Committee who have ac
companied me, our kindest acknowledg
ment. It serve! lo cheer ui on in the
melancholy task we have undertaken, anil
no doubt will tend in sane respect to as
suag the sorrow! and afllic ions of hi
bereaved fanii'y.
The All-wise Disposer of Event! law
fit to '.all the deceased from earth at the
moment lie was about to enter on the du
ne of an elevated rank assigned him by
his Government ! Brief us was the pe.
riod allowed hiin in ihe far distant wil
Hard Times comes to the sewing girl
when the rest of the .working world
t' ought the limes wcro easy. From im
mrmeri.il time she has wrought faithfully
and li ken little money for it. But ther.
business generally grows stagnant, and
rn'Miey becomes unusually senrce, the poor
sewing girl experiences ns sad a depres
sion as if it were a reverse in her rasa
uUo. It is as we all know a touch timo
for her at the best. She wearily stitches
f rotn morning to night to earn a pittance
thai will scarcely pay decent board even
though work never falls o!T. But when
men find money scarcer they buy fewer
clo'hes, and if the wholesale business is
depressed a fraction she is told hc can
not have "steady work."
This Fall, prices have gone down too.
On coats for Ihe Southern market they
arc paid two shillings less than on the
same garment last fall, and n similar de
crease effects wages for other articles of
clothing. These changes for the worst
come very hard upon the girls. Yery ma
ny of them support widowed mothers and
orphaned sisters nd brothers. Their one
needle is to enrn not a living only for
ihemselves but bread for a family, coal
for the household, and to meet beside the
monthly demands of inexorable landlords.
We meet them wrapped in their thin
shawls daily in the streets looking as if
their frail bodies were poorly able to stem
the tide of necessary expenses that will
roll down upon any family, even the smal
lest, that attempts lo winter in New York,
Grappling with a hard world's trials daily,
there must be a curse ready to light upon
his head w ho without good cause deducts
from their small wages or with contempti
ble meanness throws a lrnw in the way
of their making the little they can make
as earily as possible. But many mer
chants who employ them think it no dis
honor lo make them come three or four
times to ihe shop for work which was
promised them at the first call; and if
with eyes sharpened by the prospect of
gain, an uneven s idi can be found, they
bor.st that they deduct largely from their
wiges. Shtme on the fellows who be
have so ungalUntly. They fuwn'with dis
gusting obsequiousness to a pert miss who
bears about her person the tokens of her
exiravagance in dress, but when those
hard-working daughters of Lonevt and
ambitious toil are left to run up nnd down
Jie. streets, wasting time that is exceed
ngly precious to them, to get the jobs,
heedlessly promised to be roac'y many
days before, they excuse ihemselves with
the remark, "Il is only a shrp-girl; sh
can come again." The shop girl is as
worihy of her Lire as any laborer, and he
is shamefully dishonest who adds an un
necessary step to her tedious walk lo get
it, or scrutinize her work more closely
than he is w illing that his own should be.
of Nebraska, he has left an impression
even there, long to be remembered. On
the funeral occasion the day after his de
cease, at which this Committee were pres
ent, the remarks of hi successor, ihe Sec
retary, Mr. Cuming, Chief Justice Fer
guson, und the Rev. Mr. lL.millon, who
had attended Lim throughout his nfflic ing
illn ess, (as did also two of this Commit
tee) I say, the rem u ks of those gentle
men on that occasion were such as lo cal
forth tears from ;-.ll who were present,
including a large concourse of the wild
savages of the west. '
If so brief un acquaintance should thus
impress strangers, how much more grati
fying must it be to the afflicted family and
relatives to receive such testimonials of
respect to his memory as we have wit
nessed in din transit through the City of
Washir.g'eu where he once lasided, and
now receives from hn earthly and per
sonal friends in the Capitol of hi native
Permit me, gentlemen of tho Common
Council of this City, to close my remarks
liy thanking you lor your politeness to
the Committee and the kind sympv.Lie.i
I 1 r-l . i-
you nave rxpresseu lor irte uieavei lam
liy of the deceased.
The floating batteries in course ol
construction in Jv.igLud, will be the mos.
formidable ever projected. They are o!
forged or hammered iron plates, four and
a half inches thick, lined inside wi h wuoJ
-II r w .
ana win measure j octtj tons. J ion nc
tu.d experiment it ha been proved that
hey will be impervious to any shot or
shell. The construction of these engine herself by his side on the fatal evening,
of war is very
Asshoj's Coxviction. We glean (he
detail of ihe closing scenes in the late trial
cf Wm. II. Arrison, of 'infernal machine'
notoriety, at Cincinnati, from paper of
that city.
On the evening when the jury gave in
their verdict, the court room was densely
crowded, many ladies being of the num
ber, and an anxious interest wa gener
ally prevalent. The prisonsr was calm,
although care-worn und evidently deeply
affected, - lit manifested by his occasion
al sighs, the nervous twitchings of hi fin
gers and his sorrowful countenance.
When the solemn verdict of "Guilty"
wus rendered, a movement ahnost of ap
plause occurred, and a voice uttered loud
ly 'that is right,' but order was instant
ly restored. The prisoner was not visi
bly moved.
A motion for a new tri.d was mad on
behalf of the defence, which will be argu
ed in a few days, alier which, tea court
adjoin ned, and the prisoner was conduc
ted to tho t.partmctit in ihe prison, knewn
as iho 'M.nder's Room every inmate of
which in times past, with one exception,
has siiil'c red the txtrcmo penalty of the
One of the most affecting incident con
necled with this trial, was, the constant
attendance of u young lady, to whom Ar
rison hail paid Li addresses, and who sat
difficult and expensive
J" An elderly spinster writes to at
freind: "A widewer with ten children
has 'proposed, and 1 have accepted. This
is the number I should have been entitled
to if 1 had married at the proper lime.''
Miss Lucy S.one wus not elected
brigadier gcncralof ihe Vermont mi'dtiu,
though she received a number of votes in
lk Legislature,
hiirsang into tears upon the rendition t
ihe verdict.
Arkansas Insects. AcinV1
kansas while on board of a steamer on the
Miiippi, wa usked by a gentleman,
"whe. her ihe raising of stock in Arkan
sas was attended by much diihvul y or
expeiisei'" "Oh, ye, stranger il.ey
suffer much from inec." "Insect!
Why, what kind of insects, praj?" Why,
bears, catamounts, wuhts, panUiti, and
srveh like inseets."
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