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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 01, 1900, Image 12

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At the Close of Busin.-ss, Saturday, December 30:h, IS0.
.. rl I-'-s
.' it 'c ll
Hi ." 1 ' ' I !
.. -, mi i: ai i i i-
'..! Pntn a-.! St l.oui Ctu lVm.ls at
h. r fton-l a-d Ptui ks jt not nur iar ...
.1 '"-ate .
i n.l I'tcliinge
i uufl.
It -dual rMiits on :-iieral Ito.ik'
rued Interest on Demand laoaiis
if. Deposit Walt -
paid Subscribed Capital Stock, subject to
' i t.il Stork ........................ - ........
it iss iitifii.t"i
" -rvo for Ite-imu-rariee of UaMKtr n Surety on mtan4inc Honda 3i"I
1 ,rv for IntMvst ..n Savlncs IVioitsi. I-.iyabU June loth. IXI 4,t00."
I - -ve Account Subscription to Stock or
1 m lends I'nprj'l
i .itvi' for Taxes
, Ir..,. ric-nosl-
1 -i .111-1 IVpi-lf-
DE LA CVClt Dl.EX, Secretary.
bj s
y Q B es & Hw a "its'
At the Close of Business, December 30, 1899.
Cash on hand and in
Hanks $2,008,057.77
Loans 7,251,302.30
Bonds and Stocks 2, 1S5.337. 27
Real Estate and Title
Plant 31,oGy.OO
SI 1 ,702.202. 10 1
Dividends to the Amount of SI50.000.00 Paid Out of the Earning During
the Year IS'J')
TfiOS. II. WEST, President. HENRY C. HAARSTICK, Vice-Prcs.
JOHN A. 5CUDDER, 2nd Yice-Pres.
!phi -I - I
1 ri, I i-,,n
J l n T !
! .ma. t 11 -.
11m W II Hi.
I!..lit II. I J..nes
i ! M Lure
1. .11 Uuin-i
asM'sa&j s u uu'ftk?'faiiawsin& w&t
Beg to Annoon:; Their Removal to Their New Offices,
212 North Fourth Street
Adjoining the St. Louis Stock Exchange.
BtiLL PMOMi, -MAIN 30-1.1.
su u ui uc. a im
Interest maturinj; January 1, 1900, on
bond purchase certificates;
'oupon of K nd? ft the omi)trn He'eM. tn-
n I-(Mt A Merchants TPimlnal nallroa.l t"o,
lu. January 1. 1?.
"cpti of lK.n.1 ! the Taljr Ae. Uallnay
t ilur Junu.n 1 i
.ui. ns of 1. .n.l- -f the " A X- 1'ilr
G-. un.l ltallaA Co.. Ju Jar u.tr 1. 19A. a"l
i uj ,rj -t tion.ln of t!v Citlz. n.' It.nlwa Cc .
due JanUfirv 1. 1ji).
Will be r-ald ..n rrenalon at the nflVe .f
the St Louis Trust C.. n anj afler January 1.
EIWAltta Vi'lllTAKEIt ITeM.lent
St. U ul. Liec. . 14J3.
1 Ifrrehv Gnen tint Tran-'fT Itk
Bond purchase certificates UNITI!)
Will h rl-.r,I from 2Sth lr.st. until Januarr ;oti.
J1" aP'l that fit m .nthV !ntr-st !i 1-t prs.
in a-un if al I hinds '!! Iw pni-1 on pr-t-rnatiun
of crtnlfatfs to uiiUer.Kn a Jatmaiy
InO. I-0.
Transfpr Ac-nt anil Tiustn.
flntnrrtnr" Qnnnclal QUitnt!o3, In
val aail foreign, 1M be round In Sxxt
Tontlrnc Ttmiinl lni'r:ii' hn n In
It rent t Itii"l.
H,'V UI-I' fiV'.- IAU
a-htriKt n. c. 21. A sIIrM tr)Jen y timrtl
tha in r a- of the njtiuntl lan iit clru!aiKa
has apifjr! In th rr(rT' for the !at fw
wMks. 'Hit tvjjular circulation ru- n Saturdr
to Jlti.Ms.S ani tho inus iaj lpft t mt
cu ci r-ula tion w r s $231. 4i.Tt Tft1 tisurt
thoweti in Iniitrrtement In txrt-i -a s nr iii'.e
f-r a ftw w-t-ks apo anI cn t-r ttin Ir 4
tvwJt ac Tlw irHTt-.i-v u"hiH haH bon ctn-il-oraMy
prar hut f r v-r n-.lu t.ni f --tu-il
ii.iu itmn dt.t to firroal taufi h.r of
ths w.i ;lit iPi-.t l Uuful ri ' h :
'M N.ai. ml l'unk of It. tn. jui iM-forf 1
fa.tlur f-r the Ti1thlranal i jHt iiw in If n'l-.
anJ t!i retlrnnt ? cunviicy thus ccureJ.
Th- ei- til tl-roantl- mail- th- wtifaJrawala
tf clrrlat"n whicli were n-tiuefttel uinre than
th Ijja! limit of 3.ftV,v tr niontii Ilx'l iy
1 n Ian. ar.l it will le twces.iry to carry ovr
- m ff tlw n-quets to the January aenjunu
'1 im fa-t thJt an Inert occurr tn svite of
thcM rtluctions tniii-att-s a criWeralle uitw.tr J
tftidmy. Tlt cin-u Union a wvk aso w S3li -.
(.313 art'l the Ixmil n Jetttt to ur 4 ir--ulatlrn
were liJA"' The moiiieni In th
tani'r of lwnl horn 1 th nrvount of TY-a-unr
UlrtH imolwii the tli'tit: lu't crk of
J.' nC. i. aii'l the withdrawal of fl.7.c.
Th tlntilattun 11 n-arl j.Ftj hicnr than
et th1 hKinninc; of Jul. wh-ri It tout httl it- lou--st
ilnt sint th l?in r the Spanish -ir
1 an Tli .imount at t!it tim ttis fjn ...
nntl th hunt" n tleiw-ni a s-uttt w r t4 -tv.llrt
Th imprttncnt was slv ui 1 1 th -F.
1 n.tic of 0.ti"lrr. nhon th irrulaimn an
3 t rr.ta. hut the last tiirw numth have rH
ns.el an IniTcas of mrl t. ift The boiK
on tlofrfisit Include KilI7.3 in the new thre- ?.
vJ'iili rank nrxt In anvMnt t- t- M f-"Ur? Tlio
latter aro i (.ejtofit t the amount f JirT mi
tmt the new four are pltlce to the htm wit of
tv J1T.M5...A because cf their h'nh pr-ce iu tl.o
tcn market.
llrj (iHMlt,
rw Terk. I"e The lrv r.xmJ market tw
d.. na quit tleroll of incident of Import ai:ee.
I .sin - 01 ih not mlcl ilKht ami null o. -
1 r demand lrUiw the aer-Ke. The tone in
Mil dirt'tlms wai without thnite anl there a1
II alteMlin in nriceii f either cotton or wrwlen
c 04? Ytma contlnut-tl Mronp. but the uVman.I
wan quieter.
Nw Trrk. Dec. w Pusar Hiiv firm: fair te-fj-iinir
3 IVlfir cnrirusal. : text. 4'4r Mti. M.w
Ue? suc-r t?-lir. rftn-Nl iuirt hut firm;
roM A. 5 7-16c. tta-hlir-J A. 4 l.-lfic. onf'C-ti-ner-'
A 4 IVIfic. '"ut loaf and crushed S -lV,
X. wdered S4c; Kranulatd a J-16c. cul.s 5 -lc.
New York. Dec 39.-1 he roITe market ojienctl
iady at tin handed put and ruled r JU
pt unln(ere.tlnc rr.it cf the el n in the ab--'
ne cf important nw. Near inltd.iv there vtu
Ui3Ien ri-e of ."tftltt poirt- n a j urt of i
enns v rom Fhnrt Otiienl the market
was quite fc turcica. I,-irpe ltrazilllin n--' x
x.cre off5t h Ircrea! Ani-nt.in war'i U-'
delivcrlfF The market tl ?cl tlrnt at a pet ga'n
rf i to M im lnt iim were 11 "riW lie. in-CtidlnK-
J.tn -.-. Mrth 2rtrr. JIa r.3)
tif- " Jnl f. 4i . Aug fi. '-' and Sept VV
f Ft ot eofTe- Ri 1 stead V 7 lniif 7 .
N' 7 1 iMunc 7 -c M.ld ta,dy, ordoa Siill' e.
TtiriMniiie ami ItiiIn.
Vew irl t 1 Tunn "- Si ot j
Ct -. Ki-ln jU'Pt fatrameJ c r:n: l 1 cc &
SI -
jr. .wins 1 t.-.
- i- 'tM i.n
'.'.Ti.T. W J!.MS.MJ 09
r?'t.Tl"2 14
.-i .:. ii
3.SI i.x-ifi
n.t c
2I..V.2 :
.' 47
t: ').'')
, U,i-v.)
Ir .
vail .
St Louis World's FUtr AswU-
5 ft.) (V)
.'" 7-1
4 4M
i in t- -v.?. r.s
17 vi. vj
JllM'SS. YLSIl, President.
n 4. s
Capital Stock, full p lid $.. .".00,000.00
Undivided Profits...
Reserve for interest
on deposits
Dividends unpaid
Reserve for dividend
No. 14, parable
January 2, KlOO...
Tauuarv 2. l'.lOO. .. 37.500.00
$1 1,71-2,262. 40
Kd iril " Simmon,
! itti Si n ir...
.1 1 jn Ulir.om,
'n .r.is blink, r
KINLOCIi. A 1717.
TIIK nimo tits A VI1HV sllOKT
h.m:, ouinc in 'i nil m.i.tiiws
i. in i, i: iil-im:s do.mi.
v no Tit vmv; iv couv, ami tiii;
3iakki:t 111 itiN; tiii: uv vas
Office Tlfpul He.
Satur.'j Ihc 39. IS'A
WHn.T-T:nglUh maTkrts Kare. 13 a F3(3.
cold farewell. Liverpool c'-ls- ;? lower nnd
Iejndon 'iJ off. !th .jll mark tig. thottch rap'i
showing stadlnE. Thl 1.jp2ay of w-akne?
aliroatl OH not trouW American mar!;eti to any
ctl nt. frr none of Ihra showed nv materWI
change. M.iv cpepeU here rUht w!jer It closed
j-tTdnr. at 71-, all l!i little traillnc durtng
tlie first half liner lietnj; at that mmlr Th re
cetptt were na!l at all taints pnd the Tieatr-er
crM. 1ut not marh attet'on phen nn thins.
j i;Timjite on the worM'fl fhiinwnts by Iteibolim
I and HrmhaR were for S.lV0 and 5,5n0') In..
I repetveiv. uhth ire 1arr-r thin -xj.ectfi3.
ond Ilrorn'hall prediTed a mV-rate lr.-a
ant. Aatrlta als bRan what ejr.T,rti Our
own clearance wcie n-iv rtaxll. both tf fl-ur
urd wheat. I"aris was qujet and unchinist d.
It tvill t ktn thit thece ecnditlnns were
leariH, bet the domofttc market held firm.
Mar f.ild here up t 71'jc 3 id julr at C.c.
Afrr 11 h m the-e naa no attempt to trade.
Nearly all ether market! closed at tliat tlm and
a band lAivinp en th Aw, s- thet; aa not
murh t3o In trains to d- unthlnK. Thi dote
win nominally ac for Ihc . 7:,' fr Mar and
Cfc'ftr for Jul--. Ch taar'cet llecclved n ars
!. Sellt-rs ca:d find no buyers, and tle rasr
Lv va an entirelv rc-mtnal one. On trk. Nn 2
re.1 ruotal le at 71-72i?; No. J red t CKiTflijc;
1 A vmer ax Kn.te; rw 1 nam at M' .qfifc.;
No. 3 do. at GlfcCIc; No. J ep-ing at CtfCc; Nu.
J 3 do. at C iUc
I 1SN There was co trr.tlmR durlns the early
I hours. anl hardlv was the .-erral gicn any at
t Uition in the int. Mav ua. di-. utTor J I-Ims
Uwct at 31 . but m-n arm d up en a rally In
! "fcl g . Western market reived l&.t) bu .
nj.int 4K bu. a y ar auo. and fthlppcJ 12iJ
1 u. Charance v.ere iU bu. I,l'n"Ol wai
lUict and unchanhed. 7!ire was no trading dur
Inr the entire -muo. XV was offered at 3ic
utttKiCt buj-ers. and tor May J1U7j3ic bid ultit
out froller. Cash mark-t lt-eied Itf cars lw.I
and i cars through. OnI one bujer In maiket.
Ite tijins: 5Ic for No Z and i4c f.r No. 3.
cithr mijievi. w'me cr j-llott. dJHtred IZ. sU.
UTS Western markets rcctv-.l 3.tKjt) hu
SKatnM iM.tJd bu. a a. as -, and Mtippcd rT-..t
ba. t ifarantt-s were Won hu. from N Orleans.
There wm ,c hiKher bid f Ji tor Mav, but no
8-elbis. c. uM I- lound- :i-h mirkct i;veied r
.,.ri local and l . r tl tKth. Ntxt to njthin
dtvtrfc. a few cam or. l y felllnf; to ltH.al trale. On
trk Nv 3 it table at Tic. No. 3 at 2J;c No
N Tthcrn mhl at ;S. No. rbi nominally 2T.U
ti-y : No. 3 do. &)Id at 3'.Ti4c; No. -I do. at zi
ItYIJ llarkct nominally irm at Wo for Rrade
No. 3.
KljtIR Practically nothing dow on the
fliMir and millers repirt litti- lo$tn-c . r
I itnv let ml. Quotation on s.ft w inter
w he t noar a re a follow . : l.it ents
Jt r.1 ftl. ext-a famy J3.li)ffr2i. clear J3 TiHS W
low ard inetlium $3ti3 S Hard winter rittnt
SViZ 45. and liakers Siiiii C in jute sack.
K K KIX)Ln-Jbbjng at it H In sks. and $2.-t)
In hid.
Uti'KWIIGAT rLOCIt-EatPtern Jobhlnc at U
rer Ibl.
OHlNMlvAIr-CIty rreal. f. o. b.. JL70E1 7;;
pearl meal, crii ard hominy 32.
MIUI.n:niSteady fur bran at fiic In lircft
an I fie ri mall f k. and a bulk at SSo 1"
trk At mill bran jobs at t3''aC7c, and ships a't
HVT TSerelird "I" tons lnal nnl 4) ton
II r sh yhiMt-fd it tons Nut niurh ,i,-
J tuniu firm but yuiet for mJiu.-n and
1207 N. Ilroatlivay bot Ollvannd TlnoSt3.).wltli
Full Paid Cnpltnl nnd
Dollnrn Surplus, cnnd'irtlnif its biiMlnosa ftlon
Ktrictlj" f'ottitnir -till lniis. lo.inini momy In
inodiirutH nmmints to rtiutnblo bnt-ltiPHS
limiKert for lecitlmrti" mercniHiln i:ofd. hat
daily -ddod to its linn of putroiiK. and to-day,
with total rosourctu ol over
Solicits nccotints. orornl-ihit: that nil bualnes
Intniitod to it i:Il bo trente-d with courtoy,
prtiiiiitniH. accuracy nnd liberality,
ltiturost paid n tlmo cortlticntos.
-'i . ii:m 15r1.
11 m:.i. inn n
. 11. nt i
. T. K IM.I.KV.
1.10. .1 u inn:,
.1. 11. t . 1.1 i.
IVll.UKIC MII.I Trr-.. I rilltllN TI.I
iyiHMyl I i
Capital, 3709,000.00. Surplus, $800,000.00.
Transacts a General Trust, Financial and Real Estate lluslness.
A HMD 1 IB 16
.. 11 1 1
t JJ.
! 1I1 : - ht-li n Hit i'o.
Ill I!V i.l. II -I I ill." K. .'It .
...a.t-:n NiMirn I.i,r o.
..- r. t ir M-r -inlli Trut Co.
lllffitt l"al. Assi-tanl Triis
nrr Tru.-.l C.
Itnkrr anj Hrokr. Ntiw York.
Al.I.n ltKTBfRV.
Attorney at Iiw.
.i i vi:i:i:n r.i:n x.
I-i. -i 1. 1 i Tin 1 '..un .-' -.- 1 x
jajii-- V i.l 1.1.
fn-i.l.-nt t 1.111-. S if It'r-xIt
an.J Satncs ilank.
I'Afl. ltitow:..
ManasT 'ontin. ntal Tnbacco Co
j a Mrs 0. iH.n.nrt.
1 aitxlist
j uiKs .nrnKi.i
Ruiktr and IlnVr
1. i lizmn.
Pre.Uent Uozier Iiak-ry
st.i! tmt
Tin. 'In ll ..i
tl- er .lull I'n . at f.'ll -
.!- r. r f i . , , t.i t it i il'i"t
i 'i 1 t N . M .,-,! f .r
' i rh i . JT --. r. r N. 1.
1 f. r 1 . ! '.
3 l'-!ilr, J .1
S." i.i; for N. -
i. '"! t. . h I. . 1 n.-r J'-srl.i
."IIIWV . W it il .).
iins- .-i i:n irr.i:r.B li-.ht nt rt-aiy
I'k n..r SIV f r .-r 'i ITff rh-I-
r- Hop T" 'ill . In i hafT. an I 1 f.ir (h. lr-
i - fir m.i lirimin mill-t. Jt t'T prim,
llun ,-tin K.'.iT . inlll 7'..i. . Mmut'iv Z'i2 T..
l-I.W-BKIi-Xn lirtl nurk.1. N.uuinallv II 4.
'-..l: rn.WS Nominal at II t: pr tu- tor
ca' 1 t jTim rn t-k.
II! MP-ltl-K- Lal-t naif it $3 r- t' U'
I.l ' l.'iil.-. X.. p.il- ha-o bm m lat'-1-
I i:t mir.vt n-.t fTiriy qii...iM.- ali-i" W KS
jt I -iiiii. n n-.i - il.il 1" ai..v- Jl -.
-i-n.rrit Imll at St -n ilsn. ami can r-rob-ai
u If tw.uclit 1-I..W that.
Prlot cm 'I
i th rani-e cf prlf
i i.r- '.-... -n.it i.mr rin.n.
In fuiurrq anj cah grata:
"! .. a
Mi.it -Doc t)n
Miv T!t. t
lul 6SJ, a
o-ra-ive s: b
To 4a t.
.. J ...
ll , i. .-.!.;
.... ...
... e....
tJ ft. ..
m fin
Ct ll
.t ir....
31S ...
'1 O ...
:i ?n
tii-f ..
y. tir.
"S ,
" a
Sfr n
sr ii
T.1-.1 1 r.
0 r7ii
s :
,- ...
n",'.r . .
ii" -.
It w ..
rr.-'.'i' --
7tS ..
r. "i -'
M n
. i.'nr,
. rP.n
it: f.
'aIi nhat. corn an.l oatj
T-t v-ar.
V-'h-at 2 r!-"'! f ..
N : r! 71 H'2
X -. 4 Mint. ..S 1rt
n . ; hil .. .-
N 3 har.I -fter
Oin-N... ; t:.i-5H
v ; t ...
X.. ; whlto.....3T1-'? ...
N 1 ntil:e.....K' r ...
o-ttcxo. : 2si-t . .
V 1 Ti.7l'l
X.. z Xn-tnrn.:!V'
N . ? nHI. ... 3H (i ..
X- ?. tt-'it1 Z9 i".
X. 4 white I 40
3I.M i-liiont of 4.rnitl.
111w.it. Corn.
.. H-. 4I..M
.. 7.i-rt tsi.tlj
.. t4 .1 I fJ
lVhat. r .
H CT-) 31
d v. ;:
.) v
i s
Pt I,miH
-li! .si
K-.ni Oly .. ..
Mllw.i.ke .. ....
N.w Y-rfc
' ulitiinr. . .. .. ,
lill.i-). Ii hla .. .. .
H tnn . .... ..
Xw rlnrn ....
1.. Vl
t 70:
in -.
171 H
.. 4 IB.')
.! ins
.. T
.. K'JI
.. t III
.. II krt
T4X 135 MS
.. 17.WI
No report trm Minneai-ll'
Mini. of lirnlu in More.
lv 'tIT I.at Y
'onttct sraf
, . ?r. :o r.1151 2 1,
iW4 ;il
17 f.-7
:;- "ii
17 11
is GO
313 i.1
141. '.."(
2k 27".
7. Z r-I wheat
.1.47 "'i
. .I."33
. 37. 4 I
. im ve,
. i; .ct
1.151 T.t
ft "t2
Z e..m
2 white corn
7 nit
2 whit
No. Z rjc
.Sliliioii'iil nf rionr.
Ft. Iirl 4.77.) Mil : Chieaao 21.511 Ul : Pe
tri It ! Wit - Mllwauk'e .1. -.-. I.bln.. Minne-ai-iii
I.- up. Xew York 2W lihlu. and 2-n) k :
Italtlmore i..". LI.I . Phlla-ie'pli'a SH tnn; Xew
tiriean- 2TC hi-l and I') ek.
thi: niTiiii muki:t.
I.nrnl ."IliirUot llnlot Jinil I'lioliaiiuril
l)tliT llnrl.ol Clioit.
Si. Iul. Satur-iav. I lee. 3. T5.
The cotton raatket ai.roa.l end In tins e arfrv
wero tlo-" I t.-iltv. with the exrej.II .n of ''
lioui market, whlih a qnlet. an.l with, ut
chance of any kind. The el.ine quotations v. ere
F follovs:
luteal maTket:
Onllnarv .............. ......
flood oiIinarv
I.fiw middlint:
Mldilllna t .-JJ
Rv.1 mUMIIng 711-K
Jtidllirs fair & :-l
TinBfS and Ialn tttr below White.
lli-Kpn?. i-r .inl 1 It C.-; 2 ! . CHr: "-,
IV. 'iC. Iron cotton tls It W. Ilmp twine So
N-'t reeelrt to-cv ..I
Net recellt rune- Sejt 1 I2 '57
(Iri r.--ipt t.v.:ay 7i.s3
ftrof-s re. ltl8 Fir.ce . pt. 1 SCt.413
froa rhipm.rt. triay It 2-4
Oro-. rtiipments ine.. Sept. 1 52!'l
Etcck on hand MklH
:. v".7
7 II)
i.tiii-i:i iiy ri:i.i:7it iril.
New Yrtrk 7ec W Ilnur Heeeipt 11.211
liM . exiKirti 9 3H Mln; i-ftl-. 2& rk- In-ai-tiie
and r."in nall un-hanrrel. Minn-sjvt .
pa'nt. !1 Soft ft-'., Minnesota hakers. t2 vi
n.l. winter patent. aT.'iil TT.. .lnr tralhT-.
Zt3.r winter f-strrii, JT ".j-S.'.-!. iftnt r low
Krades J I'-fir -P live tlour feadv; swles :-
ld.Ii fair tit jini-d 9t.lHr3 2t. h"l. t fan .
jr ?!:. Bukheet th-ur qu"t. $J 1 ftl .;..
rrrnrreai dull. il!w t extern K3 citv 77-;
br-ind.wine 5.Tfr2 X. !: iuln; N- 2 West
ern :,c f. o 1 fl-srtt; State re o If New
York carl-its. Rir1e I'U.et feedCC -IStc c. I f.
ew XK inn 11 in; j- -. i i. .:
ltarlnmalt dull. WeFtern. 55rfi.V. Wl
rel:.t-. 57,75 It ralj. ) hu.: futu
O ha. p''t- Po-nt firm; N. 2 rel Tc
New York maltine 1M Jf . i f. New inrk.
neai it-
'urejt, !.'.-
Ot ha. p''t. Piit tfitm; N. Z rel .-vc f. o. I.
niTortt; No 1 Northern iMiluth 7i fob.
atloat rronipt; No 2 r. 7S'e oIat.r. Options
cptned teiily and unrhanp! on reiort3 of ex
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Fhlpments were ri- ted to b a hade linrer
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CMerlns and oh jmnI firm at 'h-S'.'- advance:
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7T.e: Mav 71 f T-" . cloned T"-; .lulv 7le. Vm
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tmt steady ntth wheaf and n cqlil- in fac of
libera! rcceil't at ihioaB. itild plow and fen-tnrelep-;
all div. -clolne f-teadv anl unehanped:
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ort 2-"' ln. PpS dull: N 2 - Xr 3. I1
No v.hJt tl : No 3 white. 30e' trk ni.Twi
t"--1ern. 0T't,c: trk white, tftfrtfttr fp
tlon dull Hay qukt- firtn-r T.fi7V --ood t
choice i'-V. Krp. (bill Ptate common to
chr l" cror 6c: 1 rroti, 7Trrc i.-l cr-w.
1Uc Taclfle Oit 1-W rror -l-BA" lsS tp
7rV- l1- crM 1231c Hef dull, fitnllr. U.W
iTm' tH.r-ti- l-etf hfim. JJ V-a -narket
J31 "A1?- city extra India mf S219SX ut
rrentu t-rul-t" plckle.1 T-ellles VfiV . pickl-I
Fho'i'ler r'34c pickle.! Inm Sfff-, I,--rd
te t tVtern r-came.l rwM at $" " c t
J" "" P-c rlt--l $r " nnmlTil. te!nf-l out.,
r-nHnenT $ " S -W r-i co-.ir-v.ind 'iVT-' .-r-r-k
s-t- nesj ti i"' ' rlfir $.iOi?
fimlli JT -12 ' TU w rtrc' cHi C cnuti
tr '? UIc firn, dmcTir fa.r to erit
4361 c. Japan, Ot-Jjc M :ares steady. New
CIIIII-.. ll ltl
i. it. itH'i:.
.1 -. . i.ofKivoon.
N, ler Pro. I.. . II 'IT 111.1!, Cnlilo-.
P3- "BPBBBtlft1
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feaLa u aew
T'-N-XTII W lit'-n.
r 1: .-t . 1 .
! wim t-. 1 i.i.ij:
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omuiN- it s-i-nxri:!".
I ll llallt.
I'r-l.l.nt I.ihii S t-ul!lan
rr-rrrs j vtm.
lvt.mt JIt. .iiuile Trurt Co.
1 I) v.i.Ki:it
l'ntl.!.-nt I.!v . WalkT l. (5. Co.
in.. mi-.i: w wii.mi.s.
Ti-.usiivr Mn-antile Trut Co.
'Ml- ins 1 pin k.tlll-, K--.I tl I h'.l. e 3V. rlinl. e.
'1 1 l-.ii.it- (iii:, ...ttun liv ht-am i"- 110111
ir il 1.1 -In 1 1. nn "M.
Kin is Tit; . 1.m-. 3ft Ulieit -M iv. 0-.tHe
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? '. ' N 1 ui.v,-. i -in .l i ."i"1 1 ..'1
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nt .s.- wim... .'i.'ii. i:, x. 4.
II iv 1 Ii. I. . tin tlij. i'.. . . h .1. f pr.iirie $:'ii
7 :' llutl.r ii ui.-. 21.1.1. . .Irfiry 17. Hck
I"r. sh 1.1, , ,tr -Whr 11. il v..i , r-. 41.
ai .it. ji ! hi.nn-r.t- lhtat. Vjjj-j, corn.
41 A". ..at-.. 4 '
T.I..1.. it. In.-. -ttht ilnll. st'.ilv. X.i. I
i-j-li "V . -Mav 73V-. C- in .lull. --ki.1. . N- 2
Ulix.'il TJi- ll.it quiet: X" ' mieil ''i illi-
ur. r-.tnsi 1 X. - '.i. t'l..r .1 .lull an.l
stea.lv. llinie t-.h. .l-i. JIT. ai-k-i. Dec. JT. iT'j
cktil, Mirili J.f". O.I ur.. liars.-1.
MIiiiii-aiiiiM I'lmir.
Mirneip 1!-., Minn. Ieo 3-1 - 11 .ur anl lir-in
t.n Ijir.. I 1 Ii. tt in i-t. rr. X-. I Xurtherii
.!'. , -May r' iiiw.c; Julv 67tiiSo- On trk.
N'ii. t hr.l lt.... No 1 X rth'-tn ri.e, Xo. 2
XortLern Cr'.i Xn 2 North, rn 3t,i-.
I.liorimol .llurko.
Liverpool, Ii.-e I.I.- WTie.it Spot hleaily. No. I
Cjiifornia L'.jfim 3.1. X-.. J r-1 itern win
ter, r.j. 10.I. X-. 1 X. rthem uprinc a V?tl. Iu
turen qui. t. M.irrh .. 11.1 . May .. lia..I- Cm
Suit linn. nitrt.-in mu.sl 2. .V ..L Kuture
'hteatly. Jan . 1..1. 1VI. 3 V..1. Mar. h 1
5..I P. a.-l"ana.llan . '-I H.br-t. l.ui
fancy win'er iirm at 7s Hup at Im-lon fl'.i-.-IH'-
l'.al) finn it S.I'MH l'i It.-ef-Stea.Jv
lxtra Int:a m.-.- 2 -!. irlnin me- 7. i.l Pork
Sle.nlv. Prime Vetern m--i ..7rt f-I. ll.un.
Hurt .nt. II 1C It. sten.lv at 41. M,u-"n
rtinil-rian.1 . ut. r to 31 II.. Ilrm at 31. Short
rtlia 11 t 23 lh ..tea.lv at SU M. l-nc dear
rnl-MIei". I.p.l.y. I", to 4 ll -e-i.Iy at 33: snort
ile.ir hark. K fr IS it.- Ht.-a.ly at 3i fl: .-.ear
l-ellle. II to K lb. St.-H.lv Ht 3.I.. StH.UMer
Squire. I to II Il.. Iirm in t5s "-I I.inl firm
Prime IVeptern in tre 2ei. Amerionn refine.1
In pall i CI. Itutter tlnet t'nlte.1 statf
&.. ki-'-I 7V f"h.v-- Iirm American fmet
tte 57. Anrrl. an lln--t .-.-I.-reil ".'1. Tallow
Pitm Prime ritv IV. .titrallan in I.n-Ion "f
.! oitl.m-..-.l oil Hull n fineil tier -Ai-HI Ftr.tiir
at Icf f I Turt-ltine spirit St--..! at - R- -in
Common Ilrm at 4 .l. I'etrolenm Ilerincl 73,.i.
1. r.g-eil ll it
Calif. inila III 1.(1 Frnlt.
NfW York. II.. 31 i:v iriritetl apple er
quiet, l.ut linn, at un.hanee.1 pricet. state eiap-i.r-ile.1
mir-le, common il'ifie; prime Ct7;
tliol. e 7"thle, fajicv- vu.ii.- California ilri.-.!
prtjne 3i.Vi-e i-er Hi., as to Ize anj quality.
-Xtirl.Tt '.nt litftl. . Mimp 1-iirk llCil.e.
J i'etaci t-s IV.-If.l 3l1tr'( . unp-virtl 7,I-1'V.
Xw York. IV-r 3. IVool Dull. D-ilre.!:
fif.re SijrjSo; Teta lt17.-
Ix-ndon. li.- The anHal f worl f.ir th
first -aerie of the !' wool aiirtl. n ale amiemt
tt I"' S?l tilfi. lnrlu 1 mr 4' forwanle.1 .11
rect. The Import of wool ilurinir the week were
a. follow: New S-iuth Wale f..ii; Iml. Quen
lan.I CIC; MeUourne 1 -'. S.aith Atistnilia 2 4J..
M AurtrilU nil. X. n Zeiian-1 2."'.:. Capo of
Guoi 1Ik: ami Natal 7.1: hIotVh Zil.
Qaift nn-1 r.tt aly.
Mlssou-I (i Illli.uis
M.-.I. combine . 2I'4
M-J. --lu---in.. 21
llrald and I-v. 2J
Purrv and clear
mixe.i ;o e:
Hre inil 1? !2l
U-Kht nn., 11 ilj)
"oinlwm hard
burry H
till. In C Vl'-.. .
1 P.i.rry 17 SilJ
UriRlit ine-l 21 li-
l.lclit line -" ii
ll-ay line ... i: tl
ixin-.n an.l low
I'rlcJit met J3 Hft
l'trk I J-'l
Pine nial l' 21
Pine I', nil
Kanra .V Xel.'aik
ltrtchl meil 22 i?J
Katk rre.1 1 120
Pine rued 11 tl
IJKht tin- ... .1 .il)
Heavy Una II Oil
Aneora K-at ...to r22
Tex . 1. T. .1 South.
Meillum .1 j"
Ik- fall dip -I tj.ii't
C..aie A. 1 A 17 01
i'lrK m.-tl l 4i2-l
I'lr" m.1 14 i2-
Liclit line is ., 1
IIa t.ti
'M-.I i!leei-e)..2J
-iil. tluo-ej. ...o
Hum" IC
Hard Lurry ...u
II1 tllp . ... ru
No. t
.So. 2
Hurry 22
It! iV trnm
to I:
lr lb lwn than atovs
11. e.
rito rwi,
I'ork V. o. b H. side: old J.M; new -viand
ard $11
Jjsrd-Sicani en IT. "-IJ- nominal: prime 5 32'2o;
choice Z Sic.
Gr-n llaiiw-ar l't- f. o b.. K j-Me. held
firmly. Ham 3t aerpe ;,n, i 7"c, i$n be,
lis : 12. Vc. lw lr . Kiinise to l"f C-f nver
nce. pkmn-il do. v-. O.Iiforrlj. W4C to i'-c; New
jork hotiM-r V.
1 S. M-Ht---Itxl lot in a mall johbtnj; way
range: Kttn hrti Mtc. c'rib anl clear sid-
CV. lHalrH cliarKo higher on -mill order-..
Itaeon HxJ. . iu-tf j-J-bin;. Heaw to
ftiicy Hcht L-rcaklflM Lsjcmi J-'-o to Kr&IOc;
Iiam e to lAtil4r: aHf..rnla Vc; New
York jhouKer 6jc. I'lain ntn ked in nall bud.
lntr. Ultra t-hort Zc, c'riba nnd clear Md? Cc.
Ijealera charge i,c hlKher on fmail order
Mark-t -t-ady. Den.ani po:-l
Kacv'-nn f ltl lix
No I Urjje 75 No l $ l.K
Melium r- No. ; jj
M-nall t feconis No. 3
No. a :"! N. 4 Z)
No. 4 IM Ora 1'ox
Mtnk No. 1 M
N. 1 tarK H. Xi. 2 &t
No. i medium ... 1 No 3
Small lr -ecoral fr( No 4 i;
N 3 i, Otter
No. 4 1, No. I Iarxe .... 7 i")
Skunk ' Xo. 1 rndium... .)
Mack !v. No. 2 i t
J-hirt strip- C- No. 3 ;.
Narrow trl;e... 4 No. 4 j :,o
Ilr-ad striio ... !- IVar JltiI2
Oj.io4Bum 2W?23 Ievaer jiti 5
ltader iu2"t Wll.lcat 2
Muf-krat &&!! t.et cat 10-?M
Wolf I llotisfl cat .9
Iraiiie mt'A All sab-i worthless.
Timber Sof(Sl.5d.
VI Ili:i
KfSGS Iteceipfa Sm C3-KS; shipp"'! s1 caes.
I'n h reeipt tca'1y at 17c, uses on; cold
itoraK ran'e from 17. to lfi.-
HI iTi:it Marktt uulft Creamery Hxtra 25c;
firsts :tJSc, frf-cnd 21 33c. Iilry Kxtras Zif-f.
22 . firs; 2i21c, Krca Zl&ic. Holt Ner-ty
liiH-"jfC. lrtccn rxtraft Zs t'ouatrj. Ftore-
Lackwl fhice freh 14c. inferior to fair 111jl3c.
-idle packel Kxlrat- lie; tir?ts 17c
ClIEKMi-rull creamTwins tee; rlrurlei
n4f-. . A. 13c Hrick X2u-yi3c Mmb'irger 12U
j . vt;ly8 t&ulU.
1.1 Vi: lt)UITltY Firm for tmkejs, but sWw
for h1cken: all -lpe t-trady; market stnrr.
Turkejv liisht anl medium weiplit- rc: hay
torn. IS Ib. nil ocr. 7o. Oilcn-ens Young1
ani old roiTnd 4tTlfT7c. eld rooster "-c Durks
t5-y r;e'e T-c. Live 1 Iceon? , per cWen, 4c
I'HfSKI PtUI.TKY-Uuse; Scalds and un
drewn. with heatl and fi on-TirkeM. choice
licht. IV. ch'ilce hear lie: rouch and thin i-n1'-'
j chli keni, choice and fresh 7Cic, held an-1
; rou;h 4"-ft5c, roos!r Etpx . dutk. choice, 7ur
-' pe- fiiTc Full-drawn anl scalded, wfth
I h'ad-t and feet off Turkev O10W lleht IV
choice heay ?', rouijh and th'n SnTc. ch:ckn,
-! -Ic fn-h. 7,u;2c. held and roush te. root-
er-4 4sc duck, chclt'e. Sfl.e, ;cee UG.
Iiruch. tliln, frozen, edd st race and m-alana-f
fctock nomtnallv minh Ie than aboe tixnnB.
GAMi; Select sweet only: Quail, eect ua-
ORGfl.NlZflD IEJ-4-7.
Statement of Condition at -Close of flusiness December .10, M9:
H.33JE .o-tTixcaes.
Uxcbmij-e Matured .
"Mis Reeciv.ir.Ir
ltill of l-cli.iiii-e...
llomls and Stocks...
Uank IttiiMinj;
Real Instate
,. 1
' I
Capital Stock
Surplus I'uiiil
Deposits on Time . . .
JJeposits on I'oiiiantl
i a
' i-ie
driwti Jl l dra-in, froft -md mnU b"i
ii.hr, J '- I-l-ea-antH W Wild
'T- h t 7c Imi k. undrawn I r d
Lrl ami i'lh id J.1. in b m k $7
i ntf tai II . I IU wlm tt-ai JJ, mix-.! Y
driv.n tin k-- . i"r lfZ. I tlan aiv- ttfc
Wild c.m. oh u.t--. l-r unAs-rf ,irfj r:
1'- ei..n .nMle.. ir lb !-. Ut llv j- w
r null ii.l I'-irlf WifIciMk Iarii ir &l;
J fnotlluiii and in ill 1" jSan-..p1iiT 4o:it
tnir-t SI ' It lt 11m hone fi.-. 7 .'V !) j
r iuh irMro.Mii aiM i-r i-. r-rnni-i r w
1 . L e.l.t.llL 41 . I. Lwltm ui(. '- f 1.- ' ?
l" I. Ilrn ii.ni.tnd f iir l hulc. t fil
nMil f.' 'fic ir iur.d. f ilr - . tertl
r tuirh .itul ti.in -, b-r' iuoi.il If tf
I'm M'x and ru"k Sfsi bo.'t- fat i r.
1 in! ; ! iier It. thin an! ttuor ., i.
IIII-i:- l'man. K--HI. IT!" Fteod 1 -
Fiil n un.l ;rn alie.i ftiif'iri and iiim
Vx.1. 1." 1 1 il.i na mil Ml"i"'ppl &'' fry f'lm
t-..iit Tx.i 1i , aras Texan lv-- nat!
Ait'an-a. and Tenne"- l'-c. Ml'-'-i'Il pi
l.taiiia I" I'M KalH-t li When wll -
lf.lioll 45nell -al'tij n 1 Uc Nr 2 'e ht til
1 t.hn- t lr Mint No. I lss N- riX
17. bull l "'ills and Flue hh lw IMi,
h,.ltd No 1 !. No 2 lie. Fallen mixrd -fcc p rt
lt b than but her 1
TAI.IU tjuiet Nn 1 -".U-5 PT lb.; So. 2 4
i4:.. M'kT-' hotf &va5c. i
Ol.KAI. jul t Hrovn p. yellow 3e; whti
? , fiitkerj ohobe whit 4-.ir4ie. jellow Z
. ;. I.n n ai.fttac.
lti:iW AX- Firm. Trimo 2-V.c p-r lb
IT TIli:itS ITirne lirre Whit A tn Mm
and in larjre -' . ffnti whl'e .M i
X :'J3J . XK -'!-( 33i . XXX 12-WIV: XXX
Jvyli I Miik -White .rr...".?! . ilirk .'i'i yc n' k
frit . Tare, 0 I er int for Irirj: t 10 p-r icn
f. r -mall -kJ
I Ki:i:KINS-Fr!m 32c per lb ; an: flop lie
c. .tt r-'iiii'- Kid- and dainaal or
IU'!? iin-ttiR J2.i";4 i-er Iu for rmall U
Ii-t- . la 1 flt;p-r at tv. -er-.-a at -"-ffUr rin
11' . lMit.- K.-Iden i-al T". May aiple 2ft2'3i-
etiiK- 2"- . bla-.k 54i5'. arllr-. 3iz,iV. watojs
..ri ..f t.u.t if ikirk .T ir4 "fz4.. in mi :-'"-
i.lu. 'l.tir 3. vki.ll cai V-
SlIKl.i- l'i:i.TS Wool r-lt at 7-e:-.-, lamb:
L ni fch'-arltris 4uv-. Irr st.earline at 2JtC0:
Yrv or f-lh i I- lT 1 'll4r Tier lb
I WHITS HKNS i!ark-t tirm 'h--'c' han 14
riJike.1 iea t-t-ann n i: trk held at JI.W MM
tri- -an.e wer. j -bbine fii : -r- here at SI i-
24- rnd UMiallv Th- ter lu !- i.untrv at
111'' iC -e'ilI-. etc. le f'ullfornta kidney at
3U 'f'V lr lb Uma nt C3
ilMNi.-..nh at 12- to 14.. while, lnf-rior.
dal," td I r- k-n :o f( r bs-. j;xtraed and
trai'i 1 in hilt. C-uCt.c. fiH'i tn cans '.i p?r lb.
hisl r.
FrnllH nml Ve;lnlle.
ATPfd - 1. ..il dmand fr ch-ue -yu
toJi -ii"r.rfi . IUi-in 1 .a l.i win at Iran Ji
f r No- ' ?- - i- 7 1 t'.r N" 1, rt-nini; at tt -
for No::- J - '2 - fur ni". mixed i art to-"
.11 ll-iiu . . - - - ..--.- ...
SI Vi -oti-"-. wi'i-.i,i at I- to I.
! ..i to i: i- ') l win B -it tr
front, i - -'- U--tern ivn lit- at
.v. -kt-nui'if; ai.
fr m !- to $ all
t-th r ari''1- nJ tnlxJ i"' "! a trdinsi".
.tli r arl' t( n
'i:.M-J,- 'h
iui j i-er 1 1 x
i.kihi.s4 ite-i
Hi" -hie Mrxi an iZ .. na i-wnui
Ini at ti rat per c.i.
Wi lrr 1. uO. in a snuil war.
tr lot. .1
HAN XNASA-0 riers $1 ' i'Q'Z per lunch
l'l:Ii:il Fii:i IT.S- Marot quiet o-i appls.
H-.ai--raleil rtTil- "' '" I r to for Ko-.l and
'.'-tQ for .nuieA to Tel r taliL-. eilmrateil nu-jr-ir
at 4' ty-iCA bun lri J ijudrter at 4i-'.t4e . r
il.irk. .'(jiyo Idr i-r.m. . an-1 V for clKili-t . rel
ins anil Ojieai 5'li for un ilrled to l!.c fir
IKatheil ciiopsL at lc for gun-drtcl to lL.o r-r
tl..i.-h,.i a
ltAMinnitni'S A filr ilemana. Choice ires'!
Ji for fan. b
li)TA"i)i:s Nirthtrti tn bulk en trk.: Bur
luink at from 44(V' f t c .mnwn to fair ta IT
41 for cli ii e to V iti' rural at 4"i4'c for c .m
ruon to f-ur and- 4Jt:'Tt f .r choice t fan.-v,
lan.-y triKht unooth Ml. Mean rural at 4-. jwr
! at 4n . Helftr n a -41. white mixr.' at
4 "J-e. itc rJ ni; to' uualit . teil atd whltv fllie
at ii4a e.r.i ros nt -! - f r le-1 cul. loaa
ai fn in . ii fir ft. .lt and p'.r to JaiV f ir
fair, but fim Mralr.Jt rural nor'u lajrv. ."IS''-t-.ta
atiii HaK. f earlj-y Oho at 4-'c. Ke.1 It-u
. no in i. . -i ifi. ...j- -'no. a. 1...1."' Uls
ter nn fultible f r betCf1 . Iriumpli at CiT-, turn
it., n lnl- ri r m at.l yl.tnil .jor uk.1c i.
NIHV.4 Ii(ni.in.l Iimtite.l choice red Kiolrf at
3i c, iln Hat at 123 Wo. Jell' at 4-io. lJtt.ck
dn tc. av ale. Hlfar faurj- rcJ clobe In
tk- at JTe del .
MIHAIIB in fair detrair..! ar.l f.rm. trlth
H.iiea at $2j to its r- r ton. .Mliere-i, mall hejil.
inf.-rlor ant tl .u e-io aQti. Taily It. Iwil r
. Ii irise l1, iJ. jiei II. .ont or.ers He.I cabt-artt
siii.nB Ilthtu at 1" prji.
KI.i:ill a'lforma tnltlie touch at 15 rer
crate contuininfl lult dor , to Jl for crate ion
taitunc T ill z . fani Irtnitnf-il blu rlt b .n 4 n
or.tum at wjToC i-r buncf.. Oelery roots iio to
) i-r . z im
To.MATOi:--. fancy lat-r.rtp n-ridi In fIr
.lemand and stend. ithw;e at Jl to Jt 5 jrr
--ba.k(t crate fir -air to ffci. poll, iinrli. and
I'l-ir nominally le-s Callfarnla dull at JIgl."a
ir i-taKit crai- wi
I.I.TTl"iI-nioi. e Iyiulrlalii f. u fparlncl-. a
. ir tb! -ijr t'k unsanble n. n.Ia . :f-r-ln
.lUotalile nt Jl i. to IXJiQ i-r hiniper. II- t -Kr
nn 'lllnc en or-I.ta at 4tK to T-). lr bu lx
STHlN't. liEAXr- Hcatcet,nd t'rm fh i -frh
ilorl.U r-und sr.-en atH; tz T. nnd viax
nt M x?r bu box. taio and. c.-o. 1 red nut quo
it iniPIIRS Orrllnnry NeMor,e-n re-eipt
ell --ltwlr at D -lc per lQS.ft un re, bat a
few fin hlt t. pne-1 receiver (rom the N-uth
and e" 1 1 nt - i--r du2 lirKO bur- he-.
i:i:u ri NT -h b Kl..rtdaXt tl to j: rer
d. :.. S3 t. r crar.qe 1-oxen and jj r iars
irtte W
i.lilKS ri;ii--ui iir.-c ir. n.nin at
J3 -T. and I.iulslan-l (latter OCT at Jl 3. p-r Lu
"-AI"I.irrilVIK rhnlce ratin at j.-i;per
til. tl T'fiJ rer cute allfo-"flx at tl 7 i r
crite f. r . li.ili e fre.h htlle al-a-, or Te to Si ".
sim:i:t Pi'TITOK.- rir-n.f E me Kr -n .il
jt 7.i7ne p.r bu f. r IS.rmuda'lul; ; v fT Hn.
rior.' "n ..rJer. .ii il-r tharf. j; jj rtr IM.
for lleimuii.t. St f'Jr .l.ir- n ond.
llleellnncoiis Hrl0,..
inniiii inks- "-eii fc .."i 'Af: i -
nn'.-- mi' iiiit'i- ami i;uBi...
Hir 7 t
N. 2 -
1 i-r i"i lb old r ; e- iianiiaij ,
t ll.l ..lt.!.T. 1 11 li-
S-IIAI' IU(i.- AND HI7TVl;1T,ntii..1ur t
Tw per l- lb : ti "at Jillj Mn maivB
ble -. ftoe plate J. . Imrnxt-SM l;.... II- -
IT SO. imi J" -- f"! Pr Jli50.Vtaj 5 ztnj
S3 Tenter !I" Xf-
lasiTV i:.iiiti:i.sioai oii.lt.,nt:e Bn
rns-llne v. l!n-e.l V. lr,etar ,.IuI , ,
i ...ii.-.. uhtiikx v I air i.r
- w '.
MUirkraut 3".. i Ic-Me 4'-. niolMl
1 .- lar.l t.-
I.ln-..l I'er F-i!.: T!nr Be..,. r
:.l ..ft In ca- I i c.i'torjo N j
ti. . r c
i-r Hi. N 3 lie. mui i"-"., "B''1i1r
ton-ee,l f.i-snminer venon jji- ,'wyal S't
. .. . ........ 11... .. 1.1. a .1.1 .Vl
ttVirKltTI fFS In tir I tn n-trl
Inlf t.i I.
r.ittonwiK.l Hour l.M tl '.. N" X
1 Oll'ilin.ni ,..-,. --.-. - --. mfj Jllil'-i
Jl. beer Hi JIJSIJ, bml te. J . -DO. fcb; j.j
H.lnlinir. Ir eet No. t tl ir MI. V0 ,
rimr lil 1 S". f-r c-..jer. I. r Hoc r ,, ,f
1.1,1 j; coile.1 elm in I'l-.ti ll-i. cak lata ' c ,.,
cr-hne. .(Mil. lTk bl-l J. "
niopKItini" tJ-r.l te I "at "StR.j i,.
J-tIiO. lack wi-rit. roiir.l.li..p P-r; .
Rat h.ip l- "TV. hair-Mil i-c. meaTij ..
j,rcllK- M.I II. Ipple 24c. )f
l'IinnxnllX-Tte-elpt llftrrt and .'ft, n
nelllnir oa l-I .f Jl'-i i-r ton for caob. ,,,,.
k-t v. ry ilrtn: common at St to Jn".Taat j..
to 1144.
. cr.o-ce at ji.- -o i'-' mi,
1 i
Tiii ltnrKrt 4 iniiiru i p " '""""japr
rrii'i-x leiiuj.
r.nrrm.ir siixiai.
N. w Yoik. !c. r. urtcl p -litr
to-diy n.re S.t-'O pkc. fc-cral al ,
t.1.1 and end of fair Irt . ful tur -f ,
t.. te rheap traiie at .!.- i-- ri.
...ri..l out at from 1-ic
cleanlnc up in Ki"l sliai-
The rr-BTf1,"- '
(V.kms ami row I vi-r-ibaniil
u cl.-ely on c-"I
s ek.i., .l
KT i-rr'
t..r let were in.i oui
I.rv-1'aeke.l l'.ultry Tmke. J,.
hen 11c. mixed hen- and t. m l He . ,,.
torn " ll"c. old hen .Uc. o'.l t..T43 I
Ohio and Indlma fonrj- larce lit c; l ,
em US I'. lletetn meilii m ! ' I'-etlJ ,r I
Mli-i fvs.-ll.- chicken. IVetcra rrtr"!,, I
and fol trix-'i xi-. f-itil. !!) ii
drv-rlckcl 'c. ical.ci yc; cee..
Intter. ln-i"e nml .wtfir-
y..rk. Pec 31 llutler IW ffl.
miner 12 rrii-.
creimr 3
Ileielpl it.r:lI
mall 12KJij ' V,
, L?r -. plronc Wctern
,-r.nmm- swift- Ciiee-e
.-..- f .!t-n...i. f.tra:v small
fal.cv Inrt-e littl3c: Iate-ma.le -.IM
1. te m.ir. ..',"" ,'S?;..-Sylr"A
I'kr sienny . .-i--ii- t;'i -"--.m.-j " I
YMcrn UnRJ-UUt-u i iiiaifk 143.-' ft-.rJM J
I09 'iff.
... S..aa t
I.iKin """rr .i-riaw. -; 1
;. th t -rt rri.4.- -Tot j b
f-.iin !-. """-. - ' 4.-.X . v-.. -. w .-- -7
tub Sil- 23 tun at zc tin' mi . Jjje
at 2Tc Itutter cn jear ago M'sCJU-
tut J.4-0 tubs.
Mrs. A'-"f
7rw- Tsiri. T)- 3 Ictrr.Ieunv tK
flnc-1 Nem- 1 orK JV.-9: Thlladelpfcla. en
'S.s rA
j v... m nunc a..-".
Oil tlty. Ix.. r"e- 3). redlt h
il'ie. rr I'' ivi "-'-l. "-" tMllirTJ
lie. I"r to fair w:Jc. J1'I"
Clili-aiti. I'oiiltry QnntriM 1
riivac lec 3n-rre--e.l poultry! 51.
i.i 5- ijl. . chi k-n. T'..c -- I
certificales no Ml; run and ehlpi
Iniiiorl nnd Kximrli
New Tork. lxt. 3.The Import Brrihc non lJindeil
and merrhandlse at th port of NT---prt:rcera4
thi week were valued at J.i.4.vi.c,4i, fin .. 1
ot specie IWa nceic tre J-U33 toif fo
'Id-MS:: 12 5 2,'K.i,c.j7.9i
7.K1.W0 It;
5 2.S03.000.00
.1.22:t. 170.78
H'.W. . TO.W.SO.V, Csr.
oilier. KsjH-rT o" -;f' f , .
(Titeil $-'lfiMi rilur t..iis and
w f-K ajritre
ard Jlvj
II 1. 1.- nmi i,oniiifr.
New York. I" 3 II;. i ITrm
2t) to r. lb 1. leather Ste'r-
" IIniI-k
w.l- JJII'MIO Air- HKM to heait
2..c; acid Sir-M".
l-lal Inrl-ef.
H.v Tele-Krapfi.
tt Juir-rd. AI.. Der S) -FattTn-eei?t9 103,
"" --!
.Unprecedented Prosperity in the Mining In
dustry of the State Interesting
Tables of Statistics.
EnrtT.TJG spnci-ii
.; Jnfilin. Mo.. IKc. Sl.-lllssoiirrs record In lead ami zinc for the year 12) shows a
itotal valuation In output of S10.1K.Zf7. u Kiln of J3.;yi4tO over l?i
f- The tear's sales of l-,s-t foot ur. 2a5.12s short tons of zinc and 'S.SSS short tons of
-". which poM for JI0,tlvi:. TIi!m is. an increase over 1SSS of a little more than SO
per cent In lame, but the inc-ra-e In tonnair., I le Hinn i.l Terrnni of .inv tchtia
I, ttfre 1 a dcereaf e of : per etnt In th- L-ad
,-t.bs oausf.l by the hishfr prices raid for
utr.-afre in aimut 4'i -xr cent, and lead at
in i5..j tne avf rage price of zinc was U2-Zi.
j-i .u:u iaa j'j.); in lif. zinc avirngt-d
W.I- and lead Hl.TI.
Tho past tar has leen ono of unprecedented prosperity In the lead and zinc
trict. shonlnir cn a (,-reater iraln over HM than that vear marked over 1SST.
Durlr.K tliu first quarter of the year the
kiu, seiuni; ror .37.6Si The -Aetkl;- average of sales was .H tons of zinc, at TJ
average top price of JW; M tons of lead at
wetlvly lalue was tIK,3;7.
iJurinu the Fecond quarter of tho year
isiw ot i.-au. ntilch sold at SS.zi2.UG. The
jj.1.- ui an at.r-aj;e top jirice of SI5.T7; ITS
.u ....iu.j nevm Idllli' ta itj.li.
Lurln the third ijuarur the hates were 62,V3 tons cf zinc; and G.9K) tone of Irad.
:Icli soli at J2.7Ji.mi The averaj-e wtekly salts were 4.V3 tons of zinc ore at an
eiiB" '"-' P1"'1' ot iif -'?- " tons of l-.id at an averauo of $34 1. per ton. The averag
treeklj- value was titr.zV'j.
ekiy v.
rinj; the fourth quarter the salt- wero
Fold at 2.21t.".l. The averace weeklv
P price of Si', and it ton. of lead, at
ely value was J17'),"CS.
rmr tne nrst j-:x montlis the sale item ln.4T7 ton of zinc and 11,527 tons of
vhteh. s!d fr .1.7vt,i7. The ai erase weekly sales wero 5.132 tons of zinc at. an
e top price of Jll.33. and 4.'0 tons of
value way J.""i3lj.
trrrtlT-J-nrnTtd ix mnnth IIia nle
'lr'''fc'hleh sold for 34,M" llu. The .ivtr.ise
b nip price n jfi.o. anu vi tons ci ieau, at an avtrage pneo or ii.Vi. TTia aver
lekly lalue was JIA-.I1
total s-ales of the je.ir wero 2H.K2 tons of zinc and 23.SS3 tons of lead, which
11".71.V!"7 The nivraKe weekly sales durintr the whole jear were -4.!i2 tons of
an average top price of JL"." per ten. 4.H tons of lead, at an average price of
r ton. The average weekly value was tJ;.(ii3.
llrel.lv nml (Illlirlerlv lt.-iiiii-t fur KII'l.
IfoIIowinc tabi ,-iv the pound- of zinc ?..;.! ch week and tho top price paid
I the jKiunds of lead sold ea.h wek and thu price paid per ton, and the Value,
lore;- each wetk. Tho footinus art- drawn up by quarters, the averaga.prlc.ei paid
iiur cul-ji uii: uuhuk d. ijuarier, ana
rf.""BBllC. .E.Jl
KXDI.va 'AIXC nice LEAD lrla .VA1.TJE v
roun.! SJ1. per t.ei. IVun.! !oia pr ton. lwih orra
io.i!.d:o :...to .vr.ii ti."..i jii.7 kM
--..- . l.5Jl.tiM -.'. ST1.SI0 4S.O) ITO.SSS
. ll.K.4T0 n.5i) 7Z.-H 4.0 3n"43
. - JUZTZI 34.. Mli,,.. I.l.i SM.C!
. 6.i.4i) I.s.5.1 SJs.V W.il 1SM2
3."M-ISI 4. ! &I.-.3 ll.frl J1.9CJ
..... t-.?Jj.lW 4vJ .M.3I hZ.M 1RSJ73
.34.'.'.J 42.-..J "".i.rJ K.H) 1713
. ...- ... le.139.jn 41...J l.OVxr.l (0. PI.Kt
. 13.oll.Ti-) 41.i l.43.i.?0 tl.i ZtlXt
- ll."T'. 4J ) n...7- K.Q.1 IT.4.4.19
ll.v-..M) tl.i.i l..KI,au &2.ft SE.iO
. UM?.'"' 1.) :NITJ 61.f tWJ
11.21..lv) 4s.,.i l.(x.'J) &).0 ZC&J5J
!1.73i.Iw) M.:. -.ftis.w 4'J.f") ISLW
... ..-. W.2S U'.J CI ( MT.il. Sl.ftl !3.Uit
-.. 1I.".3T i5.- l.(.i3.IO 61.". S3.S14
... l.i3.1T) tiu KS.C9 EZ.rtJ I -.rft.tJ'J
lK.S47.fM) !.( StO.lSO iZ.i't 3311
1.K3.4 J0..O .34.) 6i..l IIJ7J
... li.Mil4.) 4.:) 1.H14.0P) I.2.IV) TJ'sa
..... lt.5.l.W) 411) StsM9 El.rtl ' JTM3
......- ....... 19.K3 1T0 4T.1 t9.1 E2.H0 SajtSt
9.7i4KM 41 - l.hS.S3J K.fO tlUtt
. .. 1-1 61i. 1.70 42 ; S9lD r-I. I ztlHk)
. l-Vli).l--0 41.ii) -r-SMOli E2.CO ar-s,t4
T.t'VSvli 41 W fH t)3i K.C0 ' 1.13.15J
.... S1.IM 41. " T?.4 M.tO - SOC.!
-..... USS) 4I."' 7.v..1 K.01 1 '0.371
1!.3".0 4i.iJ JM. K.oa , 34UTO
liieiLJ1") 4. :?.:: r.i.oi ' rjti
ll.. 4S.CI ,ic.ii. tt.oa SM1
1I.7-.-S3) 43....I l..ir. t.W 365,45
- liC.J4 43 ! $.41 t4. . zja.111
Si:."i) 43.10 511T4) H.ftJ 1M.4I?
!-.42.3) 44.1.1 -'.111 54.41) i l7.ca
7.T3.3I) 43.c 3.fii3:li.) H.fti) JT 4
"-.S 4J..O fl.ri 14 09 t3!4S
t.Vl.IWi 41.I-) l.tt-2.0) -4.-KI JUTrH
-. v -'.IT.-) .(.) Tl-i.&'l .! I , 1S7.40
- CHI..") 43 IV) C3.3T) M.OI 34.1ll
v."JITS-) 41 -O 33,7M W.O) lUK
t.i;'.) 43.o r.r..i ts.in lwrw
....Vt.'l) 4l l.fiT4.:t u.f.i 113 171
M32.741 "-,(,, 1.1.H..V.) M.IV) 13f53
34 3.-.51 J.OTI.WI M.f.) JS4.V5I
.34-i.4i tl r-13.1v) f4.(.) 139 5411
IM'tWO 3 ft) Lft-U.-.J t4 X Jr'T-l
3.. ll s.i 1.111.1M r.f -31 "3t
- f.Cl.llil rM 47.f.?) K.r.i 17lcj
D.T.y.TI) r7.i 1.7711170 8.-..H.1 31'T3
-.. T.is3.' ;r. -.j .r:.-..- ko j3-3n
irr.7n..! 41 ft n.M5..- to to" z.s37-i
ir..l'i.J. 4- T7 1J.47;' M.4I1 1.W3.-A5
IS..V.-.) 44 31 ILM-MTI T4.13 Z.730W4
11T.IV3.U0 37 "J I2.0C.3IJ t,I..O !J14!5
W.feM.T 42 31 47.773.330 tz.H 10,71S.3T
I rv'
.Ml 4 .1
Jl 11.1
Apr. ,
Alii U'
"pni a
dF"1 -.'.
?!-r '
J,'1 a....
tay zt
Juno j.,"
Jurw W .
June 7(ii'
Jim. zt "
JuH- ,iy
July s..
J'tly i;.
ju- .;;;;
Aiurut i;'
i-uKUH 13
A'...ut St"."
Ptemlr "
s-vumUr l(J
t-e.-iernl-er zt
fc ".teml.r ail
IM..L. r ' I
I tolier ll'"" I
wr 1..
Ii oi-r "?v..'
N. rpmler'V.!
. ."mlh it (
i ".mber is."
..""inH -
lie-mr-r ; .',
T-cemt ..
Ii- .nilr C'
iv emiier m 1
r)ecembr 30.'.'.I
T"'t n-iarfer.. I
-. - .-, iiuirter !
. i . i .juarte
" "H nuarterl
Tot-U year
Total Tin nml IVefUlyAvornKr for Mi Teari.
c taiile civen tin- total ton?, of ores sold for each of six; years, the wieft
The f.illowi
Iv nierncn ..
soli, anil lite averaRe neesiy
ores and the average valuo of
... - o,i,
p.d.1 for the tw'
7ASC Phirt Ten.
T-ital Weekly Aven-s
i-i S .I.L Ai.cre-. rrice. Ton
1 1 IT. Ii
32 "I
32 21
it 42
ii--.. it!
3 77S
31 2M
27 721
3-1 mi
32 'i5
I1T7 7
3!oiu-v Ifi'Milts in a
A- Ir. It-...
J Will Ilo.th. two negro
.. - ... ..Illte ..
f.ldle s. Hvinj. nt
tallnln. St. Iajuis foun-
. - -- not anci
fat 11 w-ounde.i
iine or tnem prooaoiy
eterday mornln; at C
o'eurf c. by Hoi.t IHolIoway. while in the
jrr.e of John 5f.jfford. Jlolloway's step-
1.1 ni
at a -
over a refusal of IM-
1" Pay ii-" Vs for t!ayiur th.- fiddle
race tie hVii cklien in hi stepfather--'
Saturdav t Sht. ln th; '"eh-- that
'' HoIlowiM tirv1 'hr,'e -"''" ''
which ,n!t 'wild anl lodceil in tin-
The seeoi struck Itnoth in tho
'e third hnlVf l struck Watt In tho
'"ar the sr.ir-1)1 cor'-- A "eichborins
3h who ,,NW. priinminetd the
dangerous I1 ""oway. fearing he
be routrlilv jr.Ir"1II,'d. surr. ndered to
f lllOB
first e
1 htsli
v ound
l)t put'
Sherirr tit '..ft Autenreith
--... tu;i I.-,. . ..t.i 41.,. u
1 1 at
"een In itll n"oi".tJ C-....4 iiwi iii.-
! In elf.,lrfifn"e ,n -'h" ,1,1K ""'alts.
ens-age.1 l,Irrllto ''lay at my. "?"
liV.t ..1. '". .31 o'clock on Saturdar
1 h.i
told him .T.vVythln-: would ha- to
-runt 1
1 Olr ia l'l,- wi-'i-" iti'k -tiiviiiK.4
ytsts (present to pa
fi jcveh that if he w
t expense. I told bim.
mat ir he w i"1"' to pij iur ,te-i-'lp
and all th'!2 w'"e he could ilrtnk.
ihcad. To tn11'9 h? agreed, and I
nnli.l tn rite fi.r rniiil.
vas settled until yes-
the tHnco was over.
rnornlnjr, -Ah ft
I th
11 sent h m
ilown to get his wine.
"Lfe"-? '
ent for mo and ile-
t reminded him of hi
it. and ho" e-Jl
n. by whlptTj'
ilia iiinnnv
clared that he xvouM
. ,v,
hg mei pome day 1
10 start In.
it that he Jerked opca
market steady. Jlor nveipt E.1M; trarkt
ftaly to ic I.Tve-; a-era,i;e-l hadA I-.wt Uxht,
J-J.i7.--M 27; medltiru to heavy, U.SiA.Z' rifh !a
biKher. S3 2Sr3.7': lulk. JI.A-:j4 2a. sKeep Be
rt ndi. J7S. nirkct Fteiity.
Xw York. I-l 3o.-iIeeves Iceir.ts 1.1D no
tr.idinK: fIimr steady: cable- nt-ady; ahljinentJ
3.TJ2 cattle and l,'&i quarter of b-ef. iilres-
Uetelpt 51. fteady; CfvI taU Ji ."wifj.7i. barn
3 ard talifi $3.7". Jheer and Iambs- lU-celpf
4 -w. h--t dull. liinlt Hte.i4 to ii iowr"
Hbtf-p $a4 JT. Iambi Jo.'-ftiS :i, Cant.li Iamb
I. ulU 3.44-l-Co. IlrjlleccIi.Ts 2.412; ilriu at
t ir ..1.
K.tna- City, Mo, lc. ik Cattle.TCTrta
1 '. up.j t light make n. market, Tb
". t ii-tin"! m-re r les- unfe-ttled hv
hell t ly ttmd.tony. lu(--ral supply Tu-liV
. J i-u.ll .. k.M. ,L im. nci. ue lifrht ITl!pj f . l ..
-" ( inr m f ' ' - . !- ... till 4 JJI I
1 'V
nK KxrenKirjeneu niu irm if-4iay nr
ti.anvi-1 irm iai --k. w-iv. nam
r-.ie!. I.. Hcht weiKnt- ji i7i. fckR-iti lL
t4.irs M.I., cann-e-rn $' t4f-3 I.; fr, y rri
?!'" ;: Wt-Mern ftder. JJ2-'4 -. Texan fLf-J
i4 V IJoi; K-ciptf 3,4 ', tra: fJrlv at-S.
irif-. 2--.0 iit-ar, Itrht mppl th, w-efe cau""ei
a further fi"i t.:ic- tf al ut 2'. heavv lntxl
Jt zt . licht. Jl irul 2-t piss. JL:.3tVit3.tf
Sh-p !:- in for week :.. nff'-rinK all
KndeM ti v l.sht to fuiply demand and pr!c"
hdand abmt 2.- lamb W.I -i.'. mtittn.
J44H K. fe'biiir limb- tt 7.V&4 Ut f-i-.Ur.tc Kbee:.
Jl -V.j.. TT. M.xker ?2.7"il3 "'. cull. SLV-gtl.
--jtli t-TMla N"-". . I-- 3t ia:tle. Ueceipt
"'. marker stroncr. naruo !f teen, $4 25
frf". , tern -tre. il&t. Texas steer.
Si 7-i4 V cows, and heifers. W 2K4), cannery
J2 r.'3 .'. -ieker and fJ.T. J2.WM.7 :
'hIii, js.r-i?. bulls. Main. Ta, J.S-'-itt.Z..
ll'c- It- eij t i"-, market shad Iiwer. heavT-.
SI l:r4.l7-. rnid. J4 12-551 1". Hen? St jj
4 IT'-, fie. St.il 10; bulk of sab. $4 l2V-i"t
t'i"r I.telpt '. market strvnic; natl mut.
t n $t iM t WteTn mutton. ?Ir4.2V ttocic
eh p. Jt 7S4M r. laml-. Jttt.v
"hiai. Ill, I" J. Cat-h tutrfatlon were nn
f ;!... H mr Sr-tdy quotations unchanee l.
What No a jpr-np -Vic, Xo. 2 red. 671 s
o.'.i. " rn-N. 2. i3tc. No 2 yellow. 3.
".IV 4it No 2. SSVfe, N 2ut.te, 24
J -r . No. 3 white 24Vfc2lVi HyeNo. - t'J
"V i:-.r:-.- nv. 2, "a'j-',i. riaxed No. ,
Jl v,; X rthweittr-rn. JI 44. iTime ttnutb---d,
J2 ."-.- iT. I-Toi 1-b n Me, pork. pr
I'l. J- ".!. ir-, I-ird. per l'f- lb., KK9SC
"horf -nlis H. (b ". 5 2ir. t'c ; dry salt 1
fhouller O-oT 1 f."! c, hrt clear ride
tit- x-ii. u -i . K.
ftfc,! it. i-l rush t
'oer J ih On the
the lt-r rr-i"KPt m
dilrle. I''j-jc Ct
t.nn fsh 17'-,
IILF ill
v mky-wisrmerv nnl't4 l
ij" per tral.. Jl 22 A
I'rcxluce Kxehanr. to-da
i ttetdr; rreurir1- IS
,T.cc firm. 12572o. Er;sA
tonnage. The. marvelous increase In i-aii
or. zinc sillim- at an average of $42.50, aa
K2.il. an increase of per cent.
and lead. tSiivi: in 1SK zino average)
$J2.S and lead Jli; la 1S3S zinc avera
sales tero C3,S7T tons cf zinc. 5.774 tons V
an average of JiXtX; per ton. The ave
tho sales were OJM tons of zinc, and el
weekly averape of sales xva3 5,33) tons
tons of lead at an average of $il.45 per tori
.V.C43 tons of zinc and C.'JJ tons of lead.-!
SaleA T-erei 4.311 fond nf vin nt nn aivr.1
an averago price of Jot per ton. The aver-1
at an average of J3L16. The averasa
tt - e,, tt 47fi tnna nf It... on.t 11 i" nn. e
wwkly salea were -t.72 tons ot'zlnc, at an
me iot.ii lor me year law:
pneo inr ziuu anu lean, me total pricx.
tho weekly sales during each year:
IJ7AD chort Ton.
Tctnl neekiy Arerai;
Ti-tnl I-rIc- IVeeftlr
Sold. Aver. Irlce.
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hLs co.it nnd pulled a knlfBL iry stepfather
Jumixl hetween us. but he lunged over his
shoulder, finally fctriklng me on the. band.
Inflicting a slight cut on my finger, as you
can see "
Ilolloway has been in Jail before. Wo
was acquitted of the charge of killing his
father, Oeorge Holloway. four years ago.
He had interfered in a quarrel between hi
fathtrand mother nnd the shooting ensued. .
He i 3 ears old. Watts Is 23 years old and
llooth 21.
He Was One of the Oldest Settlers
in St. Louis County.
Major Kdward Smith, an old citizen of St- ,
IOBfs County, dieil suddenly yeetcrday at
th" homo of hi daughter, lira. John Vogel
sang, who Hies in the Manche-ter road. Just
opposite the I".!icn Jill". Housx
.Mr. Smith had just finished eating dlnne
with his daughter and her family and
walked over to his faiorite rocking-chair,
when ho fell over and expired. Death was.
duf. to heart disease. Jlr. Smith ws SJ
years old nnd lived In St. I,outs County the
greater part of his lifP. n? will bo bnried
to-morrow from St. I'eter's Church la Klrk
wood. Filirnbetb StHrlc.
r.nrrntjc sti:ciau
I)ulsiaria II.,. Deo. Sl.-nilzaheth. Stark.
W.J'1"?' f j0l'n Svark. one of the pioneer
9 nice county, died to-day. aged 75 yeari.
Nino children Eurvlve her.
Mr. Cnrrle Knner.
itKn.in.ic sn-EciAu
Medora. IIL. Dec .!&. ClUTle KUM .
used 55 years, tiled to-tia-r. ""- JM"

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