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XTxr-si-:roxi yeae.
Jt-f- ,---.-. f"1 ' I.onls, Onp Cent.
-ti-LV Ij i. !T.ill-s. I'iret- Cents.
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It l. VI! M.U"
Mass Electing Galled for Thursday
to Discuss the Lighting
House of Delegates Yesterday Ignored the Ques
tion Altogether No Hope for Dynamos and
Wiring 1311 1 Recently Introduced.
ilGIITl'.fi SI'irVTION
The real estate men of the tltv. realisms :ke serious.. of the lighting rltua
tlon. have talitd a public meetir-g oi tax-pacor.s at the Keil F.stato Fx h-tnie Thurs
day to se if some aar nmnut be deviy-d to cnmpil tin Mum ipal Assembly to do
Its pliin iutv M iloolm M.tboth. presid, nt of the, exch mg. Ucckwys that If le;u"
method-, are aot sufficient to bring the Asseinl" tt terms then recourse must Ik- hai
to other methods to compel them to provide th city- with lights, one of the real
estate men Is quoted as saving tbat he would attend the meeting with n rope
The liunicipd Assembly has dore absolutely nothing to relieve the sltuit'cn.
The lighting situation has been ignored. The only action taken vestcrdaj on the
lighting matte- .is the announcement by Chairman Hattmai n ..f the Ws i 'd
Cleans Committee that no report coukl be made on the two bills providing for di.
arnos and wirings in the various city Institutions with plants at the Ii '.me .sjlu-n
and the new Otv Hall. He stited that the Comptroller and Auditor rtfUM- tu w
ttty the blUs bc ause tl Treisury is empty.
A conference of city officials la to be brtd to-day at the City Hall to trv to de
vise means for paving the city's current e.ins fn the next two months'. cmp
troller BturRcon. trho calltd the metins was the orly oTe Tiho nou'd iIIt'I". the
matter, the others appt ir.ni to c re little abo t " Mr Sturgeon sas tint sjiii'"
Ihtas must be done at one If a t.rii.3 is to lx .mrttd.
a si a . m sv. K' r s
XJl. J, T r J . V -, jLf-aJt-rfJft- -. Jft-J.
At the request of some twenty or more
real estate asents. who haie dt-.idd that
the t:me for something wore than random
criticism of the action of the Siumc.pal
As'rmMv In regard to the lighting que.
tion has arrived. President Marb-th of tre
ISeal Estate Kxcbange has called a meeting
rf taxpayers for Thursday at noon. The
meeting Is to be held in the rooms of the
txrhange. at Kos, 110 and 112 Xortli Eighth
Ftrcct. Ral estate men especially are In
vited to atund It is expected that radical
2ot nn will be tjfcen
The real estate m.n have felt the effects
of tl-o suspension of lighting In a greater
mea-uro than any one else, with the ex
ception of the Ik ads of the Inmates of the
public institutions which hao been plung d
Into d irkness. In the "-uburbs there are not
only alltjs left In darkncs, but thre are
n number of streets which, having been
lighted b Incandescent rteeirle Ughts, have
Veen totally dark 'Ince the Missour-Edison
company shut oft the lights a week ago th'
mornlns. The incom cnlence and tl, danprr
that omr9iu M-ooH4loa -t l.cwfcv
Bnd the lack prospect of a betterment,
have led the real estate men to decide that
omo decisive action should be taken.
No doubt, ma. .sines9 men will tako
udi antage of this opportunity to voice their
displeasore at the cnndi"on of affairs, and
to d-mind in sn uneertain terms thit th
momVrs of the Munu.pal Asjmbly do
t mi ! nig at once to rii rlit.
M.U .1 in Macbeth, president of the Red
T. ne Kxfhinije, who issued the call, ft
; r' wd himself yigorouyly on the light-ng
l - "ii Iat night
I situation is outrage u-," he le
t i, a.T an uamediaie nmedy is ur-
t. ii r lul Jut w hat course si ould
1. i i-i i i do not know. Hut 1 hie
) i - in it tho meeting will nar- tome
n mi nt that will r suit in righting tins
riij: wrong- The r medj is with the peo
1 ! Tln should omifel the Vu-iicpial s
m niblv to tak action . n the llgh'ing mea
ni. - oiniiel li' m lftcailv, if posxibl ", tl. r--i-
i it b i.omes necessary. I can best
cmt s what I mean by lelimg what oi.e
o tf.e real t state m-n -aid vh-n be ittaid
of the meeting. He said Til le. tliete and
bring a ro with rn-' Similar ciinditions
in 1'im.lnurt ami Chicago Iiave fcil to
threats und sonutin.es to tl 1-n'. Thev
n a do the same thing In St. uis. It
some grtat disast. r" should li ri'en in ono
of the city institutions and lie, should N
lost, as may asl! haiiun. ihrcugh the
acts of the Munbipal A-tm'ilj, 1 do not
lielleve the lues of the oVlr gat nd C un-cita-n
would be safe from public futy
"I believe the proph- tl'ems-.es are large
ly to blame for tN presMil d- i." tful -it-uation.
If th tiok a m.-ie o.i . . pironal
Interest In the aXfairs of "'J- I there
VTOUkl be k"s cliam e for such i.i.e tlons
to arise. The del ii s ulJ I mor
careful of thlr conduct if tiiv I new that
there was a number of v'l ir twn eon
etituents at every meeting . tplng lb r.
their movements As k i !.trli half a.
Cozen clwens attnd the mc'ms "
Ignores the I.isJitli'S itneslion.
Little auancmert toward a s luiion of
tho lighting probkm was made stcrihij .
It would appiar that the members of the
majority faction in the House of Dclegat. s
nro b Kimiing to rialixe that the public
In "tin" at last to their Indifference, for
the sham dallj sections have been aban
doned, the body adjourning ytsterday
mornim until 1 riday at 3 p. m.
In fact, the Hou&e has shifted Its at
tention from the lighting question to an
entirely different problem. The Delegans
propose t tackle the street railroad cor
porations, the Madera Investigating Com
mittee tendering Us report with a requt-H
for additional powtr. This committee w is
originally appointed to investigate the city
departments at a time when members w. re
lookl.-e for favors a; toe hands of the ad- i
So far as appear on tie surface, the
committee did little flye thin incur an ex
pense of over IK for itenoKrapliic woJ. to
the city. The mookrs are, Adolph Ma
dera. C S Keiiv and John K. Murroli.
Tliclr first move w.. tiiretivd t the lark !
Commissioner, and the Investigation went
lio further. The report pr. senled by Chair
man Jlaiitra follows
31' frptaker Tour t. .mlttce apiiointed to In- '
veMtgale th ciij u-tarlmenb t leae to re
port that t!iej he Iu.cmisHteu the violation of
-rain..ji rrlauir lu t. mu !. IB tj vrl .1 - ,
rfiN.t imrl. naJ : mvJL thit the ordinance hjd i
been t"i:".-d .. Hie la r but th des-rturf 1
'" Its Hi rvlM, n- Das made In B'XKi faith by
Ihe Park (.srsils,,. ncl t, r, as Ik tJt i. l'l- J
puimi k .J. i iimi tnc ! Oimmisilonr win
tr i i. uitur t gi.iai ririctly b tl- teller t
the ..irnirKe
our c i settee ha. strteI im.i -he affairp ft
n.ju- oiii. r I. iirtn-.ius. and aak for farther
'?,'.. ,"'"'"' 'li"n,' Jnd further ak f
auuittt ai it w r ana nuiiwrit, ... ,.ut .. !
y .n .us nr..t tailr.l .. iim!ims t. awmn
wl..h.r r n it. -,. .,rs thlr istxi tase.
If u e am runninr on .-H1ul-a time. If thev
a i Hint 11 iri ,,n .ai. , ,r aa tt t)Wy a.e
iu-wiii.nL nh ill ..- ,h(. v.jllwn, unaer
uln h Hnir hu(fT have bten granted and, al
' ' ' ,'''' am if tic citi 1 ?t
Jiis is ,l. iv ins fr.nn said rallr-ads aU the
t , i ins vvhun sti-iM accrue to I- irom the com-tan,-s
n.iiinino .nicl Wlrlnic llllls.
Th- most important development at the
bcss on, in connection v ith the lighting
ju stion, was the unnounrement hj 'iiaii
man il irtn ami of the Va and Mians
Commltue tint no nport ouId be made
on the two onllnan. e 'iroviiting for tho
(-stalli"Iirr.tni of dvnamos and wlrli-s in
tin ptil.li institutioi s. w.th, plmts loom- .1
, i th. Ii fi vlj p i 1 1 n u ,,i II il!
JI.i lci i I is t il ( n,r,,t ,, , !
Aoditor InJ n (us. 1 i . i i ,j t -js
on the pr. no tr n tn. i, n ,s (,, mono
Jn tut treis-ir
Cl.irman Harvmann oiinoanc-sj t'nt he
i' s n
fL T?
v- -s
waa not distvuraced at this, nr-1 that I
necevar- tKe tr rev d -d f- l t! - I .i -tmis.
m.u1i (, t iktn fro-n -h. hhn r, it n 1
In April tu n the anmul .'p, i. . i i s
wire ma-ie In other w. r.l-, . i 1. . i N
ar. sultlri-k- I and .he jx-.sil.ihn , IT i. I
thMstn for rtlief wnt curllnir upw ird
r quest freia tile minority for an i lumon
a-s to the l-s"Uity of the b-lls nlo'i.-l in
a r.solut.oa p- snted by liile.i Mur.1 -tint
wis oy.rruled by the majon'v in ti
dent f ir of an adyerse dieisitm
tlwing to the fact tliat there had be. n 1
misunJrstirdlnc as to the next ' in of
the Couni II i sjxnal m.eting -f 'n l'oard
of Publl' lmprm. m n s ha 1 ln .ille.l cr
lv a m . when th" l-ightinit Co i it was
to hav mule a rjmrt on th.- th-- nivr
t. mporari l-fchting bills n w .-, fo -ml it at
tho Council did not m-"! until Wedne-Vay
at 3 p. m. . nd It wis l 1 1. 1 -iat the
board h.uld n t a" m'le until this .fter-n-
n at ; o ctoefc t th it time the r port
of the Lh.hti.ig Commit - wl'l be piss- rt,.,i
an w.ii journe ih.rte . ti oun. il
(liaminr. wlwre its fat- will it ' is, es
tablish the position .' the u"i. r b-ain li uf
tht Munh ipal A-i ni T
JMcdJui'' - r-ni'oUccl While the
Li-llls Aid Out.
Only one elaa In SL Louis seems t6 be
reaping anv proat nut of dark and rcuddy
str. eta and that Is the bootblacks. Of
Kiiifcp, the footpads am thieves general!,
who can alwavs bet Work In darkness, do
better, but th. y do not e..rn their money
homsllv. whfle the b-iotbtaik doej It is
said tiiai the liootl.Iieks hate n ,er enjoed
'iieh a harvest as the present one Dark
i ss makes the pejcsinan take many a
misstep Into .wp 1Hies f mud ar-1 slop
on th" tr.-et and this means in reused
bosim s to' the Ixiotblai ks.
Sundiv was a field dav for shines On
that day eyerv om tik. s to have his shoes
poIl"htd. no mattei if they are elrea.lv fair
ly prevrtabte 11 mj hid th. ir shines tv
p!ael two or thr.-e time V.-st.rdav morn
Insr 1-usin. .s stirtl in a brisk as ever
S. . rtsf 1 u'! ore n ho ventured ..lit of lc.ors
alt. r dark t .Ue.4 to ste. into a tnudliole
Thus it .-wm ihat s,,melnKy else besides
th. munbipai ling will i,ap a little profit
ojt of the titv's bplo-abh eunditku
t "iitraet for l.lIit Ord.-rt-d.
Prol. ae Jin' . li. n.leist.n yVa rd ir an.
tlnnzia C . h.... iik. !. ik ..f th. f,,rt
to c.ntiu. t for .'.. trn ln.h i in the frobate
tourtr.iom. ami ..nt tug oili. rs
ToUt-tiM W:i.!. .Hid lt:iiis to .Mwt
A corif.rerce has been cilled by Comp
troihr Plurg.on for t i-daj. a' wnlrb. will
bo present the Slavor. Auditor Mason.
Comptroller Sfirgeoti. Treasurer Scudder.
tin thairinan of tb Wats and Means Coalmine-
and itj Vans, lor h. hnurmather.
The call was fc-si.. i bj Comptroller Stur
geon jcstrd-i. ai'i the . jficials named
wire not.fled to asretnhle In the Mayor's.
priy ate office at noon. Th- purpose of the
m. Tioir i t( .11.... Ok. -, . ..... . .....
of the citys finances, and driibe w-jj-,, ami
m.j.is ,o prui.ie j.ui;;ctent funds to meet
the il. mi.. 1. w-l.fr!. mil l ... i-
-; " "- "mki-" upon tno
elt treaurv to meet the legitimate ra.
pinses of the various departmenUt in th..
nt-Tt -Ten. fn.nfl. iJ
t-ittnratr,llAr C. .aa,. ,.i.
..v.,... .u,hrWi, iwiu was tno only
one of the officials seen jestenlay who
"TllaT. rfWlliIt . vf !.,.
occuples-i mon of my acntion in the !n-n
Ux w.ok. and 1 uin convftimi that
T i -t V "" "one to avert a
crisi-t -There is a h..iyy increase n .i,..
......... . ,,.. .,,., . , , , m.nntyin our
liistitations. notably in the IMI e i,.nar .
mnt and there is a delict in the appro-
At nrnit nt ih.n t , , a"s "mn
meet thtP(? xk-n- ixud 1 4-onMderJ k .
e.s ot t!-o.-e ofhtwis hi,-v dut, A PIer
provide n. .ssiri finds phe whole ltr.
ntion mil h. . ,r-..f,.n, ,.....,... wnoie sltu-
... ... ... ...... . .'I'sejereo. and Rllnli
.. ..r.a: .,.. V. iV . "'T'. B,ln his legal
" ' " " -".t'.'-tiii i cannot -y wlmt
rts-ommendilons are likely t be rnn.S
Auditor Mason refused to discuss St,,
.- for the confer. me. and he was JR.
proper ofhtu! to .. wa, "
Th. Clt i ,ui ei.r -aid that he did not
beiieve In -nvinir ,ut f.,-- r,nu..i '
ir ft rn, u ln h, h , " s to th- n ?T " e aV V
prop.ised .oaf re-,ct " 're of the
Spiin-rficld. 111.. DhJMon. .. o. II.,
on tht' ,u.
nni rru.ir eprciAu
isprii.r-l, :,! Mo, Jan. S -The Sprlngileld
division of the Ancient Order of lUbernlans
Thlch had been foUclted bj the natlomi
prtsident to contribute to the fund for the
relief of the Ibier decided, by an almost
tm-nlmous yote. not to comply ,vith the
request The rtpl.y sent to John T Keating
t ashlrgton. sbjs-
"We beS to sav that while we extend our
heartfelt sympaihv to th, rtoers in Month
Afrl.a and wi-h thtm a great and glirioiis
vie orv in Uie war. vt ve are op;,sed as
numbers of the Ancient Order of Hlber
nlans. in extending to the-n ary llnanclal
.ill wlnf. .r . 1 li, yt tiiu ,-u. mt'rm
n . v.-i-v . ms. m ni J, e (.an x
I ! , ir rr n. y . ar oppns, j ,n de.ng
i i i iKi is Jjiist the neutrality 1-yes
ef ur ci Try yyhieh must be repectd
jfn all things '
fiflSl 2WZj '','
e " Ait i5 -w
y L' ifyimw-',
ff"i-'J 4sf
I.oniii'tt Uuili itili's Dcsorijiiion of
the ISiitllc .u iIik Tiij-l:t
Troops .""(.- 1 lair Way ami Hot
I:st T"ui-itaM I'vsiiiuii.s
l'ortls nanuiifd 1'ntil Tlu-y
1 It-Id Ttn Fct-t if Water.
T-ondon. Jan. 8.-T1ie first account slvlng
nnv adequate explanation of nral Ilul
ler dife.tt at the Tugela Itiver om-s by
mall from Uennett Uurlelgh. th- Dally
T'legraphs orrt spondt fit It appears that
the tiattle orders, drawn up bv lieneral
Clery. provided for the efV elite support of
the artillery b Hart's. Barton's and
Uundonald's brigades. These ace mver
compbted t'i'i.rul Hart miss-d 111 wu.
lairl Hundina!d failed to support and Oen
eml I'arton gut part of his forces In an
untenable position. .lonel laing, with the
artillery. ntUaeed, the escort of the guns
and thty wen list, nrietlv, that set-ms to
be the tory of the Tugela Ituer.
But throURh graphic eclumns there con
tinually recurs the iittov.r rf unxpet.tst
lntienchi: nts and fusillades f-om hiiid n
Hot rs and fcallintrv n h as has seldom
inaike-d Hut- u battl. lieius
After describing how the Illitlsh torco
began tl. ir advanee at kt)llght. and that
the Boe rs l ft him ibeoiut-ly unmolested,
the correspondent continues
"At OJU there suddenly burst an awful
crash of lloer musketry upon the batteries
and advancing Infantry. The rattle of the
Mau-ers swelled and yvas maintained as
one continuous roar From tho buildings
and Ilms of trenches south of the rlter
and from the rivir bank itself the Uoera
fired at our gunners and footmen, and
from the trenches on the northern i-Ide of
the Tugela litter a-id from Tort Wvllu
they si nt out a hurrhani of lead, n hail,
and the buii. ts v -lumnusly ruined m the
groun,! in all dire.tior rals.ng puffs if
dust a-id tearing through the air with
shrill sounds
I),n. H.i I'lre.
"Few have ever s,-n o heavy and so
deadly a fusillddi . but neitbe r the lirltlsh
gunners nor th. infantry l-eitate.l ur
veiiicod Cannon wer- whteleel into position,
although many of the horsti, and m. n wero
shot down ere th. maneuver was eomplet-d,
and our irdon.ttable soldiers yvalkt-d ere. t
and straight onward Not ev, n Heme in her
ralinlist day". ,y.r rissce-d more devte.l
sons. As the tjadi nor- marche.1, proud and
bt-xtmns. to death, s the Itritish sejl.iier.s,
doomed to dit. s.iluted. and vyith alacrity
leaped forward to do their duty -glory or
the rave ' Anglo-Saxon soidiers Uuas ad
vance tnat waj I asked an American, wiu
had seen warltre at horn,, in Cuba and
Manila, if his on '-ountrymen generally
did this, and he otiswered.
its. it is marvelous, but yrasteful '
"Closer and closer walked the soldiers to
the Uoer trtne-hes, until yvillim in) jards of
the nearest rifle pits Then, Ilng down,
tht returned the me, but there, yvas. little
or notMng to aim at
"Uy i U, thr Iri-h Brigade "ml dnyen
the lljers to the north bank of thi Tugela
They found that the en-, my had p.anr.d
the ground with barbed wire i;yen u. th-
bed of the river barbed yvru ,vas ja!
down Into the water Went the Li.l lin
ImusMUtngs, Border, rs and Connauhts,
but it v.t.s found at the ford that the Holts
had dammed tht liver there, and there wat
t.n ft-'t of water, whuli orelinatlly w.irt
knee deep
1I:lU Ilroime,!.
"Thev strove 10 Imd thj erossim, arj
ma'- a tine fellow, with his Weigh' of am-
mu lition .ml ae lit, rm nts, yT drownel.
It was a d. s-iierite an 1 serious situa.ior..
Tho attack on tin. right was makins no
progrcis and the 'ldrts of the men haj
reacheel an ai parent Impasse But there
were furious and angry Irishmen, who had
vtr-t W$ virii" i v Y' yw - -
- IfWf , ' s
' --:h jv - r -v ---!-- ,
.Vv. -ill ',S .SV -n .--
VX.y ,' "i'r
S3fu J
i Vi ' . j --- , s
im'lli:i. "iiAvi-: coniA (.;k. lady smith,
rrs,jy,,j j0 (.pf acroiis somehow. Itv din
eif s, riinb! ng from rock to rock and sw im
mune a mnnls-r won the other sloe v. '
most ,.f them found thai thev had I it
p i-s, ,1 ,-ross, , v nding spruit The Tug. ! i
'ill In in front mid all the yyhii. the tn ir
lerous tire ,,f i rtnnon and Mtuwr ,ra"i.-l
and comr.ults fell yye'tering In their blo.,1
"In the m. 'itiwhlle, Ctj I-ons had losv
his gurs anel Oenerals Holler and i I.-r,.
yylth :Iie!r 'iaffs and escort!", had rid I. n to
th so, i:e
"Tin s-outl-iK hail of 1 ad and Iron
sntpi. and spurn ml and the dust puf.el
trier,, than ever. Iord Itooerts's son. witu
C H tains t.-hor!e-ld and Congrove, vel n
'e. red to tide out and endeavor to snve
the two field batter!, In te open. He3dil
thr yolutu.eis wrere femmt "onorils
from the- Ilnesnen md elrivers of the am
munition w irons, t -king spare lean's, gil
op.,1 out and men and horses aga-n began
f dlini; on ev rv side Yoim Hob rts's horse
vtos blown up with a shell. Cemgiove was
lilt ni.h a bullet and his lethes wre , lit
by ohe- mis!les ftiioll, 1,1 rlor.e -cap d
untou. h.sl Acrossj m.t valley of death
quhk) th. -tirviying anirrats wei. rot.ad
ed up an I th guns w re ho..kel ml
tinge 1 j" tin ,,rd .-.Klin that due
utlenpt-i yy i. m ,J- to ' e Jl off the remuin
ill.; Runs, lot 'he IJ.s-1 fire wis III. esrial.t
mid y.lthern t -. th b I'le ts m t.
1, neril Built r alandoiiel t' huii- and re-tr-at,
1 "
.Hint-lie. Hais.es lin Mtmey to St
ile I he Fiein li riaim.
Santo Kondngo. M-.ndav, .Ian. 8 Copy
riglr. "Soil, i.j James l..r ion Bennett e
President Jimeri, z. yyho baa bevn at M icoris
sInee"S.iturday superint, ndirg the ra'sin
of the popular sultscrlptiou to jay the . iai-n
or the Frt licit Government, return, el this
t-venlng witii WO,") f ran. s The riaim
amounts to "SO.""! francs As the p pulur
rubscriptlon is lirg, r than the clam, -lie
iKimliiicans site rejoicing
The- retuia of the ITsldent under such
auspicious clrcmnrtanc s was maiked liy
Iitriottc 'r.tht-siam und a general Pag
display Tin? French crut"er Cetille s.iluted
the guiilioat on yhi, h I'r. sident Jim, n-z re
turned Tho gunboat answ red the salut.-
No steps havo iKin t ikcn by the- French
Ceinsul further -ban inirustlng the cae to
Aiimiral i'.lilur.l
No elisor,'., rs have ejccurrcJ. but the pop
ular hentiineiit Is agains- apolusrlzii.g to
l'rance The people are urging the I'overn
metit l ptepare h sjstem of defcuse, as the
overlhrow of the Government uoulil bo me-l-ii,
si at the lin-t etidenee of yveakness
In r.tlslug the jiopuiar sultscrlption. many
ladles olfere-d their je.yelrj. One bpanis'i
and cue Italian men ha t have im lured he
dislike of the people for their failure to
subserth. Placards havi been printed ur
ging a i.vcott ot the two iirms.
The arrival of the Frciieh cruiser C.cllle
created considerable xcit, ment Sie
rea-licd Fanlo I'-imlnko esterdaj rver.ir.
Imt did not altue as h ti-t. r d tho lurlior.
The situation litre is tran-pnl. and the tlov
erntrent has org. ,1 th. p tpl- to shop no
hostility ti Fiamc It i repoe-etl thnt
Tranc. will send tyvo allit.onal warships
to this island.
V.M.J. pito'i i:rr .iiii:m:.
ltnpt 1-i.p i-r. i l.
Wahinston. Jan S prsldes the payment
of the mrney remaining due. noyy amount
ing to itij.cic.i francs, tV Kr-n.h Govi-rem, nt
lias demanded an ipolan from Santo Do
mingo It Is e-vpen?:ei! th.t th, Jlmlnei Gov
ernment will have to lomplj with the
French demand, and that the incid-nt vill
b settl d In a fe.v da- Th. repre.er-ta-tttes
of this Oovtrnme-nt in Santo Dominsi.
hav l),-eii advised. howv,r. pot to pi nnlt
offtr.slve miasure's to I, ad,i t d against
the iind. rs if the mom l-rv . ialm is pid.
I5io.ulwa Natioiial P.aiik of Ho?.
ton I" liable to Heoi ir.uii.e.
W'a'hlnsrton. Jan ( Th, i omptroller of
tin- Current v has delereiine,! to procod .
vlth tl.t liquidation of the Broulwaj Na-!
tlon.U Bank of Post, :i. under nvclvetshlp,
as ripldle as pos-ble.
The temporary receive-. Dnni. 1 G. Wing,
expects to collect , noucft vwth th1 tash now
on hnnd to pa a W I er cent dlyiilend yylth
in the n, xt thirty Oat -, or a s ion as claims
are pr ned
For the n, t thirtj d ivs ird until the
Ilrst dividend is pif.l M W Irs wl.l re
main in chirge of tht Broadway Nitlonal
Bank as receiver at the ttid of which tlmo
a permanent receiver will be appointed.
m -' -' " y .
i am.nkai: vnv
I'or Vlissimrl Mi, livers Turnlii :
prol.nlili olcnrliiic Uri'in-ml.-li: ciilili'r
e-d-iesi!iii nt te ruooti; s-nitli,'ii-.te-rle
tli-ids, !,-, online nortlivy -!, i It
l'or Illl-itii' Kiilu Tliesdni. f-itloiyed
be fair V. , liiesdnt .yith ,-o.iler in
iveslcr.l porl.io: - oll(li-.stii I e yiitid,
I.ei-oiiilni; norl lit .isterli
Pan. .
1 sj, I oi Is I'ltiv -is Now Aron .1
Whi'e Beport- Ui.lystnitn Still S if
Wy Bull-r' First A. tempt Ka'l.si
Z. Ka'ser Conf. rs with Von Bueh
3. Notable 8pee,ha at Jackson Day Ban
quets lli Brian'. A-Mress at Omahi
Goverror Stone on t'ampaign Isjue.
j Banquet of Tennessee Society .
j llenolulit Ilague District.
ITi i "em e That llfc-s MorrIiti I lnane
rf'iu.itlon In IvenitK ki .
S. Itact-Track Brsulis..
""r-orting Net. sv,-
t Amerltann Press Insursentc.
Kb'i to Kansas City ant? Were liar
7. Another fJreat Depantaent Store for St.
l-'iilorn Noonday l'raycr Meellns's
It, Ugious News.
Corporation Meting.
S Rdltorlal.
The Stage
Society Notes.
S. Administration Attacked by a 'ItpulUIc
an Senator
Brlliery in Montana legislature.
U.-hef for the Brewers.
N, w Military Department.
11. New Corporations.
Transfers t.f IJealty.
I'ailwnr Newsv
lug ills Wants to 1 let Ire.
12 Grain and Produce.
S.tl- of Live Storlv.
Cotton and othe: SlarketK.
13 FItianciil Nevy
Sttek ard Boi.d Trading,
liiyer Telegrams
H. t.ni-ral S tuatlon In Puerto Blco.
"illsrotirl I'edtinllon of I-abor
Ilrs,ue.l Irom Wat.rj Graves
Taylnr Purls Surrenders.
IJhci.i" Ollit-ial i'osiiion Hepoited
by "oiisiiI Ilollis.
HHPl ULir sPFe 1 I
Washington. Jan. S. It ts evident to the
at-thuritles tint the Boer Government Is
strongly avrs. to having a neutrtl olTicial
r. present Great Britnln In Pretorit Not
withstanding the fact that Intern ttional
tisnge rernnts the represent i tlv . s of neu
tral Poweri .t the cipltals of n it ions lit
var to "s their go d otllces in behair of
the , nemv's subjects within hostile terri
tory, there xeetrs to be n disposition on the
pirt of the Boer au-.horitl, s to decline lo
liermit the American Consul at Pretoria
to represent Great Britain in Ihe ense de
sired b) the Lnrdt n and Washingti n Governments-
This fact has lie.'n made plain tn the
au-nn.rtios In an official di-patch whieh
1ms lieen rete'yetl by Secretary Itay from
Corsui Ilwlll, at Pretorm.
It i nppar nt tint the -ta-ements ma-'e
t onsul li lus tpn whieh his message Is
bas, d are in res, nse to the representa
tions mad- by Mr ilaertim, his pr. d-t-es-snr
add hlmelf rel itive to the rerr. s,n
tatlon of British interest".
Mr Hollts r, ports that yyhlle ho vv 111 b
allow til in his per-onal cap.it Itj to lock aft
ir th- Britis.i prisoners such action on
hu. part Is to be considered wholly unof
ficial The Boer Go eminent will not per
mit him to ai t in ap rllicial capacity in
mine rp v.-iih the British pri tiers and
ninis.ri-ig t. their vi.ints
The ,-t if IHpartm, nt h t taken tho re
Iort of on-al Hnlll-: under consi 1 ration
and no el'fislon 1 is jet been made as to h!
future Instructiors.
Uocrs Rcpttiscu ftcr
Seycnteen Ilouri'
Uoth Sides Charge and
Take Trenches Re
Rumor That Gen. Bnller
Crossed the Tugela
Not Conlinned.
F;-lll ClMe to TI - B-a'l - Xnr Y r Ilf-a' 1
and lj rj.ii Da Ij Mail r.pulli'a't n 1
Pi ere C.niii. S.ituiday eteniti";.
Ian. i;. (Ctijijuiu'lu. l!H!ii. hv
lames Unnltm I'.eaneH.) I'iiin-'
has lx-eii neiii"; on all la al Laih
smith, where a deic:iiiiuid att.uk
was made upon tin- srarriis n 1 the
Iitiel's: ill Iaiie ftilce f 1 0111 si.,'nil
Thev weie repelled all alonp; th"
iiii". After tin le'iulsc the enemy
letireil lo tiieir old positions i
slit-lied I.adysniith. Tht-ie is no
st. M mem as to ihe (-aii:iltie..
-Meanwhile, the natal irniiiieis
here eai'Iv shelletl the trt'llelles at
Colenso, iii.d at half past i o'clock
a stioni: demonstration was made
our t loops before Coleiiso.
With the s.i"Inrs throw in; shelK
into likeh positions of ihe eiieinv.
(ieii"i-.!l Hihhaid on the left and
tiipeial i'aiton on the ri-hf atl
v.UH'i-d with inf.inti brigades., pie
i ih d b it-pillar and inenhir
hoise as scouts.
Al half past I oVloi-k the Sev
i u:h. Sit Fouith anl two re
mainiii"; juns of the Sixty sixth
b.itteiy ojiencd tire on the lloer
tieii. lies at l.tlfltl taids i-.uij;e. Thev
n.ade et ellent practice fur ovei an
Mt anwiiile. the Thiiteenth Has
:irs, who were s out in-; under
"!oblers IClnof. dnw a desulton
tile frtiiu the eneim . rilles ni ,
lanae of 'J.tMhi anN. This v,is
the onh imiii .itiou of the eiictin's
present e.
The naval men iluew Iddiie in
lo the lloer lienelies. and bl.t d
away until dusk without eliciiiii
any n-spoiise.
(iur tioops then returned to
camp. Owui" to the letitence of
the eiieim. it is impossible to tell
their stieiifith or whether ihe Co
lenso bin ;ie! hal ie enforced
those at l.:il s-mit Ii.
London. .Inn It yyas not until the nill
dle of the a't.riroou th,t tiler, y is an of
tl, ial eontiimatlon fieth. eiiiilni, ef l'r re
"imp riimo-s of Geneinl Whit.'s sti- e , at
laidv smith. But at "l p tn the War of
fi -e rtll.ve.1 the t vtre-ire tension of the
vailing crowds by posting the- folloyying
di-iateh from General BtiU-.r
Flere Can.p. Natal. Jan S Tho fullovy
ltig 1 from White, dated 2 p m jesierdnv
" 'An attack yy is eomnietiefd on mj pc.si-
tion. but was clolij jgair.st Cae ar's Camp
rnd Wagon Hill Th-- cemy was In srrat
"trength and has pushed th" attmk v.itli
th grea'Lst cot-rase and ei.ergv. Some of
the lntrenclimtiits on Wagon Hill weie
three times taken by the enemy and ag iln
tnken In us. The Ula, k continued until
7 ) p. in. One iH'int In our position yyns
occupied by the e n, m the vi hole day. But
at dusk. In a very hc.iv rainstorm, they
were turned out of thlj position at the
joint of the lkijontt. In u most gillnnt
m7nrer. b the Btyoi.s. letl bj Colonel
Park Colon,! Ian H-iniiltu't commanded
oi. Wagon Hill, and rendered valuable ser
vile The foops havt had a vtrj. trying
time and have behaved evcdleiitlv The)
.re eUted at the s-trvlee the have ltn
dtred ti'- t.'utta.
The ei'emj yyere repulsed ever;. where
with y-r "l-A'.i lo--, Kie itlv ec-e.-'ing th it
on mt .s'de which y..ll te reported j- m
as the- i'v's ire ton.pl, ltd ' "
Itl HOB I1IHT 111 I.I.I'll.
Iim'.on. jan S. -2. P in -A ruircr Is
current In the city thit Gen. ral Buh.r has
crcsed the Tug. la Biver. , nptuietl
twelve guns and is now marching on Lidv
smith Noth ng hns Imn rtclvcd i orrol.or.it Ive
of the rumor, so th r, port must be taken
y ltll all reserve
I'lGIIlIM' s I'lI'lK i:.
Lon.l.n. Jan otCopj right l--. by W.
B Hi irst.l-T.he tlereet lighting thus far
repcrtt'i .sinte the Beer invasion of Natal
In gall Is described in lo-dav s dir itches
from I'rere Camp
l"a,h of tins,- attacks made bj Joubert's
armv was Uperatc and determined, show
ing that he count, d on itndlng White's men
wtaktntd bj sickness and yias t-nt on
ruh np the e imp bef-ire Hull, r eouhl hv any
tos-ible ehance lifcht ills wav throiigli to
the rise lie
Th Gordon lllghlaml, rs. heroes eif the
liattie of B! indI iu-,t. . and the First il in
i ne t,rs mad.- -i bayont thurgt that Is dt
uriljesl is the mist de-peratc- lighting of
th, ull-daj battle
rttej were t! femllng the south side of the
ramp. a:. I permlttttl the attuning force to
tome right up to their tr. utiles bt Tore
the opened lire
Ait. r thecking the advnnce bv a lire thit
no human co-irage cculd yylthsiand, the
ch.rKc yy is sourded and the Highlanders
and Marc, esters HAarmed oier tho trerches
with a cht.-r
Th, Boers restnl the onsI.iLght heroical
1, but the rush of the British could not
Continued on Page Tito.
Whit h
r.pL-t i to I
ift, r s. v ti" n I s . f h. iv '' -
Insr t'i Ii. rs a.t i na I is-n
yi, re -. t uis.,1
He s-iir i' 111 it th. If
s--s of t!
t' in htf
C b irgh-rs y,re f.,r In
O , v. i
O i fight "is he d. s. ril- - i t rri"
T"-e B.i r.s charge I and took ti.i. n s
three times, onlv t- ti.rn, i o
bv the British chntg,
At rlghtfall the I u-ehers v e
drly,n from a line , f tr. n h. s vi'i
th v hid held throat. h ii' t!.. 1"
Fvpert opinion m l."n 1 ,n Is tt it
V.! e 1 - rnl sfr.d .1 t-mport.r-'
In standing off the Bo.rs .tr.d ih i'
. I s Puller foit.s hisi , u n
I-ni'.snii'h at once thit f-jr-rt
must fall
Mall descriptions of the tlrt battle
at the Tt'g-la Illver hoy thnt t'ie
IV-rs uiset eyerv plan mn-l- b ,i
British. Iv?n the fo.ls v
ilamanl until thev h Id t-n f..t .'
water where tlv British p,t..l t
find the stream Knee dep
General I'rtnth has sen: the I"s
It, gilner.t to replace tl' t-'uf '.
O IrdicaMng to mil.' iry , xp rts tt .r
O the litter is In dira,
P .yas th. Stiff Ik IC irim. r yh Ii
sufferesl the pur ' '"oi s ,
losp g one of its .om .- s
, I. r r i . v d m I p -
t!i t i . icr v f'h 1 . m r y i r
ih t to I'.n'h T' i" i i'i iuv I
-h Prlt' 'l it Ki .- .,1 r
London Jubilant Over White's
Ability to Stand Off
the Eoers.
by Miimx v SNYDi:n.
London. Tuce"u. Jan. (Copyrlshf,
lv by Jams Cnrdutt B, nr-ett After
loinr hoilr .if susuens. . diirinc whl.h it
! might to said thit the Briti-h natl-tn
found It. If facing cne ot the most teri us
dan,rs which have threat, ned the llmplrn
ii- a century, nev s arrived yesterday just
before 4 o'clock that General White hid
-tiooi.il.il in lientltig off the Boer att-ick-5
and tint I.nil.;mit'i with it.s S.(tl defenders
was till s,,fe
Tl.e vlgii f relief which went up from
the crowds gather d at the War Office wc3
re ,eh..-,l all c.er the Kmpire, where tho
news was IiitnietltateK lIaIled
il nday l-enu crloom enough. All thi
tn lining paiers tainineiite.1 upon the criI
,al "Ituatlcn of Wlub. and Buller's in
ubllitj to succor him On th- Stock Kx
t'tange at the opening, tie re -.-.ac a i!j"i
yvird movment of prkts ,.u a'ourd M a
was freel) offered, but th-r.- was no di-IK-lth
n to buy Consols relapse,; urns' ar 1
heme railway securities fell, apptec)-.'' it
nome cases
At tho War OlHce. both lohbl. s v. r3
throng.d yyith anxious i iller. -elm i. -f
rn.ution as tn the position of Liilj.-rmt i.
ys the aft riteon w.-re on a rumor gjt
..bout that lolisinl:li htd sttrrennerc '
Thot.sh it was not -iven cr.dence. still the
report sent a fchudeler "hroiigh the yyaitin
hut drrde. But ttds f.s Hng. akin to d-spal".
sat pine t.. enthuslas-li- reilef when th3
ofhcial telegram t-iiron'eling the vutorj- eC
G-rerr.l White's for-es vyas posted.
All the wilt! rumor of the morning n epc I
Into nothing, while the h. crmg words "ihe
enemy rpnls-.j everjvyhere" ptigsei front
Up tv, Up
Aet.irtllng to tie r.ibcial report, .vhi h -.
tin? only : us received o far the 1 itilo
ri,-ed tor seventeen ln.irs. It le-e ,n at
tiiart-r of r o.lotk Siturd'.j .twrn.rr a- 1
did tut end until half pa-: seven in t j
cycling Some of the British Intren-'Iimenw
on Wag it Hill were taken three tnn-s by
Boers Hii'l as often regained by the ie-ft-nders.
Work of the Ilevonslilres.
One point of the Biiti h ptisitljii. vl: h
General A hlte does not sjie-cif. w is rrcu
Pied bv the Boers during the whole dav, t'l.
at nlghtf ill. under ,,,yer of a lnavy rn'it--Iurm
the Ii yonshire Beglm, nt s. c ,l"l
In tii-niiig thtm ut at the pennt of tha
laoi et
Po-iIly. as tht IVvoushlrt s were tta
ticn 1 at Iltlpmakaar Hill, east ef th-5
rimp. It was that ixisttlon that was thj
sceno of tht'r tvplolt The chief Boi r at
ta. ks w,r- dire, ted at Caesar's Camp und
Wamui Hill, whlih were dtfeiul.d bj tho
ilanerester Bglni-nt an 1 the Gordon
Highlanders. Coming up from the south.
the B'ers assaulttsl three times with tho
greatest obstinu, v and vigor. --omimes
obtaining a foothold and again falling lvc!:
1 efore the British lrajotiet tharg.
1, iiiwhllt. the latter, as commando af'er
comtnaiwl.i cam- up from Colenso to re
inforce the lighting line gradually sprtal
over the whole .Irele of intrenchments. in
rluilirg. v ltho.it doubt, the- threat Bir forts
on Mount Mnibulwana ard Lombard's
Kop It Is posy-ihle that Commandant JoU-
bert had at least 20."o men
While White Ins obtained n breathing
spell, the seriousness of his situation is by
no rntans le'-sened. In fact, hl- position
is shown to Le more critical than tho of
ficial report a'tl new'spaje.r d!pntches had
previously indicated
The mere cirtumstances thnt n!i an at
tack could be made and pressed hume with
the utmost determination proves that tho
B. . r forces In Natal hive 1-ecome some
thing more thin gimps of armed men tint
fa, j are un arm In tht true sense, ready
to assail as v ell as to df nd
To have reepptured poltlon.s from which
tht had L.-en ousted at bajonet point is
an achievement tbat was not etpicted ot
thee Trm-.t.ial farm, r- I nless Gcr.erat
Boiler i.in shortly ,iye help, the IjIj
snilth ganls- n must sutci.mb in the e-J.
There are no iiu-tai-c, s in rccint wars
wh-re- a besieged ami K-irroundetl force has
succeeded In eMrleating It-vlf bj It own
BOi:s- 11VM'G!.
As Is well known, tne British peetn'ir.s at
Iidv smith nre b nature v,ak. Both tho
town and the British earap are open to al
most ,.y,rv point, and tin- lung-range g-iits
of the Boers- ar-' nble to p! ij with t- rriblo
ffect upon the defenlers up tu the .filial
momenr of storming The garrison has be. i
for snnn- weeks on short rations, nnd has
.sulTtred from dis-as. The chief point, hovv
, ver. Is the suppl of ainmuiilti.in at White's
disposal Seytttten hr.urs of almost ton-tlnu-tl
fiifhiirg must hm- made heavy in
roafN upon his mag lime stores
No f-rie can st.n.,1 uulimitnl punishment.
socially when th, Ir rations Ivgin to ru-i
-hurl and It remains for BuIItr to throw i
great for. e icr'sS the Tug, la to r-heve th
to.yn. 1 he gives the Boers time to r
eoyer from tht ir unsure essrui attemp i' J
to m i'. a fresh attak uini Iidy r.t'h.
the probabilities are that the laiKlis! pr! -linen.
In Prttorli will huve their nanibtr It.
General Boiler did not eize the opportu
I'lly In th" absirc, of i great numltr of the
Boer fortes In his fiont to make a vigori uj
attack on either Cultnso or the HsItIrs
ntion his Hanks He was content with i
"demonstration" and shelled tl e Boer Ilrrs.
Tl.e British relief armv lost r. great oppor
tunity, probably through tr. k of transport
nnd wntcr. vhlch has .siaiielbd Bull, r to
divido his forci and station -i large (art at
Kstrourt, twintj-llve miles Inm the- front.
It is a questio-i whether he will b allowed
anothe r such ch-nce. Su. h are some of tho
serious problems which Commander-in-Chief
Bolrts at d Lord Kitchener will havo
to faro when thty bet foot in South Africa.

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