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Three Prominent Kcntuckians
Killed and Four Wounded
Crowd Stampeded.
former Congressman Colson Killed Lieutenant
Scott in Crowded Hotel Lobby Per
sonal Feud Caused Tragedy.
, Killed.
l.intTBXNT K-i IIIOJtlinT SS-OTT o! S..-n-er-et.
Kc twr-l-et. of ei-ehee. -mor Bradley.
OIXitLES II. jriJAJt f Frtnklin Cmntr.
CmvlT. a rrcro.nent farmer.
I.I TtlEIt W OEMAItEK. Aarfixi Tctaaxt'r
a! !hemville and n m-in of iflriWh taan.
loe.rville. taw partner of fowr i-emnieessiiwn
Sdm Henry WILaio. shot In reiall ct baefc. but
jrlnrs nit fiMllv.
II1RRT M'-CWAN ef xVwisx-tlle. s3t throns'l
la?.') of foot
o. I. ItraiPATU. '"hi. agi cJrermmT. TtVeVnre
Ml-hicin "lty. IiA: aflifcjtaUjr U3ie!.el down
seep It Semi and right leg lom at aril.
PAVm CI. orI.Sn of Mlfcues-ls-rewch. toner
CoEtnewrnan (na th ni"enth PlstTfci and late
(""I'm! of tha Fonrth Kentesfcx- Volunteer In
fantry, shot m ! arm Mow elbow; bone Shat
tered. jiErrnwc srnci.u.
Frankfort. Ky.. Jan. 1 In a pistol en
counter In the eroweied lohhy f the Cap
Jtl IlnUI to-day. sbnrtlv after neon. (I
Consressman Daxld G. Colson nnd Lleuten
nm Ethclbert Swtt fought to a deadly end
a quarrel that originated between them
xrhiln In camp at Annlston. Ali.. during tho
F-eanish-Amerlrsn war. eif the eighteen
jO-.ots fired by Uirm In less thnn two mln
Titrs. thirteen Iredcrd In the bodbs or tho
participants and several bystanders, result
ing In tho diMtli f tfrv mm and th se
Xlntts or painful xinumllni; of four others.
Tlio fpncral Asmhlr traa still In sps
Fion. clsa mnro Imornt I'vitamlcrs miy
have been killn! r 'wounded, fr thtre
voulil hnro been a Kreater crowil In the
lobby, and thre of Iho four stray xhnt-i
almost rertalnly would ha-o struck somn
ne. On) of the shots was alove tho head
Of any man and undo a tiny holo In onn
if thn b!c Rla5s windows. Tho other threo
f-tray bulleti f truck tho -Kails, on-j passing
within a foot of tho head of County Attor
ney Jamci PolsKime, ono poln? near tho
liead of Jlr. Jllchard I'aston of Anderson
County, who was sitting with Mr. Julian.
nd the thlrl strlklns; tbo ktte- raso In
tho hotel office, within i foot it Mr. I.o
puter, a. member of th- iard of Tubllc
fixity or Iojlsvllk. -
Ko traeo could be founrt of the el?htenth
Irallet. and there 1 a ro"iibIIIty that enly
seventeen wero flreil.
CroTiil Stampeded.
That others wero not wounded seem1
like a miracle, for besides tho Mray bul
lets, several passed entirely through I.!e .
tenant Scott's body, and from seventy to
on hundred men wero standing In to
lobby, making a crowd through which It
would sem that a bullt could not pass
unimpeded, without polnn zlczag. The only
explanation 1h that ten or twelve men, who
wero In ranee, dropped llko a t-hot tu tU;
tiled floor, and tlio bullets pa.;ed oer
them. In tliia recumbent position they lay
until tho shooting was over, or -le rrawleil
rapidly on nil fours to tho doors and es
caped, so that when tho smoke of the bli;
i and CJ caliber pistols bad cleared away
only threo or four of the wventy or 'mi
hundred men remain d In tho lobby. These
Mr. Suter. Colonel Jacob IlaaiTer, Clil.-f
cf the L.ou!siUlo l'ollce Department, and
Ur. J. c. C. llayo, a IKmocratlc Flection
Commissioner from tho county of Johnson,
who was slttlns ani talklnir with Colonel
Colson when the tragedy began.
Neither politics nor any other trapedv
las caused such excitement at the cjplial
of the State as tho deadly di.el of to-day.
lor the publlo was already w on the tip
toe of expectancy on account of It'-puullcan
threats of riot that eiery man's Jlrst
thought was:
"Jllot la on, and what will bo the end?"
Dead uml AViumIel.
When t.'.i- smoke had lifted and rolled in
n hcay iloud against the fres-oed ceiling
of the lobby, tho frightened crowd, now
havlni; partially recovered from tho llrjt
rnsation which made them Tm for safe
ty, ventured, cautiously at !lr.-t. and th.-n
u surglnir stream, bark Into the broad lob
!. where they beheld stretched acrosj the
aloor tha body of I.uther Demaree.dead.wuh
threo bullets through his heart, all lodged
within a radium as .-.mill as that of . sil
ver dollar. Ilostenlnir to tlw balus
trado that overlooks the stairway luidlns
to tlio basement and the lur. thty b.iw th
I ale, upturned face of Kthelben Scott, dead
and bloody from the se-en bullet-holes and
the heavy fall down tho stairs, whhh a
bullet in the back of the hud, dellbcrato
ly alme.l by Colonel Colson, caused him to
Those quicken a: tho head of the tair
rny i.aw tho retreating llrii,re of ColonI
"Olson, pistol In hand, as he hurriedly
.T-seil out tho basunent door.
Others who were hurrjlns back to the
lobby, though not quite as prerlpltatedly as
they had retreated, butt.-d Into Mr. JulUn
and Captain Golden, who, bleeding pio
futely from tholr wound-", were hastening
out of tho rear otrico doors into the miln
"I'm shot; set a doctor," said Captain
l lden, as ho rushed up to .x-c;oernor
JJmcs B. Mccreary In tho hall, where ev-
ral ladles, who were standing at the of
llco door when the shooting began, were
hurrying toward the x.arlor in a great Mate
of excitement.
"Help mo to a room." said Mr. Julian,
who. with a ballet in his left leg, limped
Into the hall. H was carried to a room
ot tha loner end of the hall, and there
lilcd to death In twenty minutes.
Harry McEwan, who was shot In the
Toot, caine into the hall and was cirried to
33. doctor's office. In tho basement of thu
hotel was Mr. Kedpath. the Chicago drum
mer, against whom Scott had n.n or fallen.
PoIMIcIuun Uxelleil.
Tho wildest stories were set alloat. no one
it fim really knowing what .was the rau.-o
of tho shooting and all naturally inrlln,ng
to the belief, on account of th exclfd po
litical situation, that political factions wore
at w-ar. Seie-al bos out of breath rmi t
the Stati house fcnd told a few members of
the legislature that p. number of men were
killed and man wounded in a pitched bat
tle In the Capitol Hotel lobby. The sessions
f the two houses were almost at an end
Wnd scores of members rushed over to tho
hotel, mn't l toein doubling the lni'h of
tho siatimu!. but finding that thej h .d
not been oerlrawn.
Th dining-room wan fun of people, and
tho volley of shots was followed bj a clat
ter f knives, forks and dh'' a- tue
guests hurriedly aro and rushed out tn
diiors. In tn minutes so tniny (wople h'td
crowded Into the lobby that no more .-oj'd
get in. All the doors -xeeit the main fi-mt
entrance had to be loeki d. A llet a
spread over the b dv of lvmaree. n..ik n
that, vcemtncly. the nly sacreil r re-ivetd
spot In the place. Down tho st.ilrwav t'e
etowd of mountain mn urged, aim "l
hmaklng the balustntdes In their ffort" to
ee Soott's face. !1H vt t was torn open
and hn i-uily hair was tangled. Ho lay en
his back, with hi body on the Iaement
!l-ir, his head on the first step, nnd an
empty pistol nt his left side.
It a hours before the stories of tie
witnesses could be woven together into a
tangiblo phape. I?ven r.ow there .are imie
uncertainties which inav never be cleared.
Who Tired l'lrit f
"Who fired the first shot ?" Thii question
r.as asked a thousand times. Tho truth
may rmr be known, though there ll rei
6n to beliexe thit c'lon and fott flrcl
almost simultaneously.
"Scott has Iieen following CoJsn all dnv.
and in fart for weeks and months, with
tho Intention of a.u-slnatlng him," say
Colson's friends.
"Colson had been glaring menacingly at
Scott and UokKn, and lie fired the first
shot." asserted the friends of Scott and
However, though tho friends of the two
principals will always tell two stories about
tho tragedy ard events leading to It, nearlv
all tho most Important fHCUi are clearly es
tablished by eye witnesses.
Colson was Colonel of tho fourth Ken-
tuck Regiment, which was encamped for
months durlns tho Spanish American War
at Annlston. Ala.
rt-ott was a Lieutenant, and Golden was
a Captain in Colson's regiment. Several
months before the mujie.-ing cut, Celoael
Colwn nt d Captain C it ' i had a dlsputi.
which revulted In the resignation of Gild
er, who nt oncj returned to his home at
I!arlour ille, ICnox County. Colson and
I.ieutinant Scott alv quarrelM. and the
feeling between them beeame .so bitter that
It almost resulted in a serious trouble while
they wero still in tho service.
J'ormer Trimble.
After being mustered out and teforeleax
ing Annbton, Colonel Colson walked Into
a restaurant where lieutenant Sct.tt and
l:lakcm:tn were sitting, nnd it was charged
that Colson seized Iilakeman's hair and
twisted it. lilikeman claimed t'nt c-il-son
did this because ho was sitting with
his inftny, Scott.
At any rate, a hoot!ng followed, and
Cokon was wounded in the hip. Colson drew
his pistol, but did not get an opportunity
to fhoot, because tho provost guard rush'-d
In and struck hl-n over the heid. Tim
troublo between tho two men originated
over tho ifforts of l.!eutnar.t Scott to have,
the regiment mu'-terid out of serticu early.
Ho wanted to get away, and did not want
to resign. Colson did not want their regi
ment to lio mustered out. Scott went to
Washington several times to seo tho au
thorities. The fc-ellng berami" such that
Colson had Scott c ourt-martlalert for being
intoxicated whllo on duty, but lie was
cleared at tho trial.
After returning home. Colonel Colson suf
fered a partial stroko of paralysh on ac
count of tho wound.
Several days ago Scott went to Louisville
from Somerset. Ho arrived here yesterday
and had been drinking a little. Colonel Col
son camo here this morning from iliddles
horo. Captain Goldman came hero yeter
di. Many of their frieiidi are njw here.
and soma of thtm were soldiers, if thej ure
:.ut now.
C.lareil lit lfleii DUiit.
The tlr-t lneetln-r tu-dav Iietw.ei. the tv.u
men oeeurred on tlie strict niar the Cjpitol
Hotel. A rrlend of Colson, .Mr. .lulin li.
Hurst of Harlm County, sajs he saw Scott
and Golden standing at the next corner,
near the depot. In whispered co:iersat!on.
A frhnd of GIJtifs sajs that CoUon met
Golden and Scott, and that he giio Scott a
dellant stare In the eye. almost -topping on
tho wdeualk Kuch laitned to friends that
tho other iiad been on the warpath ail the
About l-'a o'clock, Scott and Golden went
Into the hotel at the ladles' enframe,
walked back to the Iirst door leading into
the lobby and stopped at the rlgar co-inter
to talk with Mr. Kit Chlnn, a son of t.j.
ond .lark Chlnn.
"I was standing at the cigar counter."
raid Mr. Chlnn. "when Scott and e;olden
came up and the former asked me tu go
down In the basement to the bar and have
a tlrink. I declined. He Insisted and I said
that I would go with him. though I did not
want anything to drink. We reached the
center of the lobby, which it was necessary
to cross in order to get the s:eps leading
down to tho basement. I ste.ppel n tlt,
center of the lobby and told Scott to go on.
that I would wait for him upstairs Scoti
turned his head to hear what I had to say
while Golden advanced n few step further
uway. J turned to go bade to the cigar
counter and in a moment. I heard the
While this conversation wns going on
Colonel Colson was sitting in a chair
slightly tilted agalnU the front wall of the
lobby about ten feet from the main front
entrance-, and at the side of one of the
large front windows. He was facing the
lobby, apparently looking lire-tly toward
the center where Scott, Golden and Chinn
were talking. Coloni I Colson was in con
versation with Mr. J. C. C. Jiajo, Jn
Klection Commissioner from Jnhuiin Co-:n-t.
who I- here as a. Democratic witness in
the contest trial. Mr. Miyo was sitting at
Colonel Colson's side, and was looklrg in
tently in his fare
Ite-Klnniiitr or Unci.
"All of a -.udden.' said Mr Majo. I saw
an expression of unusual excitement on
Colonel Colson's countenance. He rose
from his chair, and either whil rising or
S : v .!
' "Lit t,
Jut after rising he drew a long reoler
and after he had advanced a step or two
the firing begin. I could not rav who fired
hrt Tho shots were close together. While
I was looking elirectly Into Colonel CoIsoti'm
face Just lwforo he arose, I thought I
could distinguish outside of mv ee. a It
were, two men approaching, but I paid no
attention to that, as the lobby was full of
people-. Cedson rteadled his pistol with his
left hand. After t!rln several time- he
circled around so a.s to put himself neater
to the ce-nter of the lobby, while Soolt got
nearir to the corner farthest from th
stairway leading to tho basement. I think
Scott cot behind a man. who must have
been Dcrearee, as Demaree quickly fell to
the lloor.
"I found that I was getting In rang, so
I dropped to the floor to ecape the bul
lets." Mr. J. X. ICehoo of Maj-svlllo hail Jut
started toward Colson and Mavo. He was
going to spenk to tho latter. He saw Cel
sott get up, draw- his j-Islol, steady It with
1 is U ft hand nnd begin shooting. He did
no kn ' "ch "rjd first.
Tho concensus of opinion Is that Scott
and Colson saw each othe-r nbout the same
time, but not a singl peron seem-e to
know- which first made a hostile motion.
Colson I seel Tti o Iteioliera.
Mr. Jam-s Andrew- Scott, who Is e;ols0i's
attorney, says Scott began to draw hire .'s
tol. when Colson ejulckly roso and did like
wise. About eighteen hots ero hrevl In
rapid succession. Colonel Colson cmptylrg
tw n volxvra and Sco-t emptying one Col
son flr-t elrew- a ell-c-illb r Colt's long
b.irrcl target idstol from a belt at his left
side. Aft-r emptying this he laid It In omi
of the big leather oillco chulrs nnd drew a
SS-caliheT Smith & Wesson.
He bad betn shooting towird the correr
whero Scott had placed himself, and they
wero only a few feet apirt. liuring this
first fusillade, and after CoUun hint clrclod
around to Scott's original position In th
center of tltj lobby, Scott stepped be-hln I
Deimrec. who was talking wl-h some
friend". He graped Demiereo and is siid
to have lit Id him as a protection, so that
threo ef C.jlson's bullets plen-ed his heart
In quick succession
There can be no doubt about this, ns one
of tho bullets went through D.-n:aree'.s
he-.ut nnd entire lioelv. and, hiving smnt
its force, we nt through SootC clothes and
ludvesl acalnst the skin on his breast. It
was funnel there, imbedded In tho flesh.
Mr. Charles H. Julian was sitting m-ar
tho coiner, with Mr. lilchird J'axton. A
stray bulle't. which must havo be-eii one of
thoo fired by eolson, though there is a
po"lhI!!ty that it was fired by Scott, who
nlso had a K-callleer putol, struck Mr. Ju
lian on the side of the cair of tho left u g.
IIn nrose- with neailv all the others In the
le hby and ran out, limping und sajiug ha
wa.s shot.
Captain Gol len was In thei ery midst of
tho aft'r.n, and It Is not known eue-t!v how
he was woundcel. He says that when tho
two men began llring ho started to grab
ColMin'n arm. but quickly concluded that,
as they wero not friends, ho might be shot.'
So ha ran toward the hall door, and, whe-n
half-way across tho lobby, u bulle't struck
him In the small of the right sldo of tha
bark, near the button on the back of his
l'flnce Alb- rt coat.
(iolllen Serloilily Mmt.
He shouted;
"1 am shot," and dashed into the hall
and up toward the parlor, wh re ho met ex
Governor McCreary and others, who tool;
him to room U whero he now- lies In a
serious condition. It is as-erte-d by some
that Golden also llre.1 several shots. Ho
claims that he- did not h.ie a pistol ami
did not lirii a sln;:le shut
Whllo e'oliirtl i-oIm.ii wjs l.iylPi.- down
hi.s Colt's rovoh.r nnd draalng his Smith
& Wesson, which was after he- had been
woundeel In th" I'ft arm, Scott ran across
the lobby to ine opposite corner. He
trying to set down the stairway to
wa j
the .
u.iscmeiiu ii eeau iinpueu his pistol, and.
as lie had already been wevinde-d, his f.ice
was as whlto as a elejd man's. Ho had a
. t r i. .i .. . ..
wild, scare-1 iook. as .-colt wus alsur to
go down the first siep. Colone-1 Colson fol
lowed across tho lobby with his fresh pis
tol and bred. The lull struck Scott In the
back of tho head. Ho had alieady
been t-hot in the front of the neck and
twice in the abdomen. The bullet In the
back of the head, se-nt him headlong elown
the ytalr. and it was while falling that he
struck Mr. Kedpath. knocked him down
stairs and broke his leg.
Mr. Slllt Hager, an ex-nepresentntiie.
was also coming up the stairs, and Wil
almost knoeke'd elown. Cvlson looked oer
the balustrade, flr.-d once, and then fol
lowed Scott in hoi pursuit. He fire-d two
shots into Se'Ott's back as he fill down the
stairs. He teored owr the body and went
out tho lde basement door, going up the
stresrt with the empty pis;ol in his hand.
scut Mint heven Times.
Scott dice! as he struck the basement floor.
He had been shot stxen times, and as nearlv
1 all the bullets passed threeugh the body
there were a oozn noi-s With the Colt's
pistol Colonel Colson had evidently shot him
in the neck and twice in the abdomen,w-hllo
with tha second hu hid shot him twlca
. -e- -r-XlWr sv?j? A-a-i 'vCet-U i -: , ... ' SK Ji khM.i.V
BS Mir w& "3 --2-- "-'
-y 4 -,. - t
' AS.
Siiiiunv: "Sav, Mark, vvlio was that that snt down so hoavy over thiTt?'
In f'le l.iwvr part of the back, once near tho
should, r Mile, which bullet came eiut on
the- lif and once in tho bark of the head
A.-iv or ef the wounds probably would
have kiL'eel Scott.
IVimareo fell dead instantly. Colonel Col
son told several friends that ho tried to
shoot around Demaree. who was his friend,
but whom Scott hMd tightly.
Sir. Julian was taken Into i room nnd hU
cousin. Jiidw Ira JuIIhii, was summoncl
from the Courthouse". Tho loss of blood ami
tho shchk resulted In heart failure, and In
twenty minutes ho was lad.
Captain (Jolden was placed upon a boel
ami several physicians examined his wound
It was founel that the bullet had entcrrsl
tho right Hide of tho small of the back, but
It could not Iks located.
Colonel Col.-on went a sjunro up the
street toward the State Arsenal and stopped
ut Mrs. Williams's boarding-house, which
Is tho stopplnj; place; for many n'n from
tlio mountains and most of whom are Colo
nel Colson's followers. Ho went to the dining-room,
borrowesl a pistol from a moun
tain friend nr.el went to tho room of an
other, whero ho said:
"Met a doctor, I am siot In the arm."
Ho still he-id the plsteil in his right hand.
Peictor Hume was summoned, and lin e-x-ti
acted tho bullet, which had badly shat
tered the bono near the elbow of tho left
arm. It gave tho Colonel great pain, raus
lrg htm to grit hie teeth as If In mortal ag-o-iv.
l!ut he refarcd te tako opiates while
hating the ball extracted. Tho Chief of
I'ollca closely followed Colonel Colson to
tho house and placed him tinder arrest.
After tho phs!clun hail cared for the
wci'md, hei was taken to Jail, where he con
sulted with Jumcs Andrtw Scott, his attor
ney. CoUonn Mute-incut.
Tho Grand Jury WJ9 II1 session, nnl sev-e-ral
witnesses were summoned to appear at
onco beforo that body. Among th mot
Important wero Me-srs. Slajo, Chlnn, Han
ger and Suter.
Colonel Colson told ceveral frle-nds that
Scott and Golden had been following him
all tho morning, and he said that Scott wa.s
tho first to draw a plstul. He was of tho
impression that Captain Golden nlo hud
ilreel eeral shots.
He said that ho would be. able, to prove a
clear c.iso of self-defense.
Captain Golden told friends to-night that
he was satisfied he was shot by e'olone 1
Cejlsi.n, but he did not know whether it wa-.
accidental or Intentional.
Lieutenant Ktholbert Scott wns about -)
year old. and was a son of the feimur Su
perintendent of tho Islington Insane Asy
lum. Superintendent. Scott marrle-d ex-Governor
Hradley's sister, and the Lleutennnt
was their son. Ho was a young lawyer at
I.oxlngtou when he persuaded Governor
Bradley to secure, for him an appolntm-it
as an oIlli..'r In Colonel '"Olson's regiment.
Ho was a large-, hands 'roe young man. with
dark, curly hair.
Luther W. Iirmareo was about 35 jeats
old, ami was not married He lias a few- rel
atives at Shelbyville. whero 1m was nssUt
nnt postmuster. lie owns a line farm near
Shelby v, ille, and Is said to havo been worth
about $."J. ee sj .
Charles II Julian eewned a fine, farm nesir
Frankfort. II u whs a sen of Alexander Ju
lian, and was about icars of aso. He left
u wife, whom ho married only a few- years
ago. and also nn Infant child.
Colson's Careeer.
:oIonel Daxld G. Colson w-.vs bom April 1,
1S61, at Yellow Cieek (now Sliddlesboroi, Ky.
He reslde-d on a farm until S) ear.i old.
During a jeortion of this time lie attended
the common schools, and for two years at
tended college, lie took thej Junior law
couise) in the l.ixx department of the Ken
tucky l.nlxerslty at I.eiul'-ville.
In ISM ho we-nt to Washington, D. C, to
accept a isltloii In the Interior Depart-
ment. xhere, he remuliexl two years, and In
ism was aimoiiited snerial examiner for the
Tension bureau. In which capacity hej served
txo ji'ars. during which time he trax-eled,
with headquarters at Knoxx-llle, Tenn.
In lis? ho leturned to Hell County und
was ele-cteil to the Kentucky Legislature.
In lis3 h. was the KepuI'Hcan nominee for
State Treasurer. In lsM he was elect eel
Slajor of Sliddlesborei. Ky.. which position
he resigneel in De-cembe r, IsM, to accej't a
seat in the United States Congress, to which
he xxas elected in November, 1KM. In ISM
he was re-elected to Congress. Durinsr his
services he vacated h!.s seat to aceept a
conimilon u.s Colonel of the Fourth Ken
tucky Kogimcnt for service In the war with
Court-XIlirllul Ilex I ch eel.
Chattanooga, Tcniu. Jan. 16. With re fer
eniee to tho kllllig of Scott and others.
Colonel J Kyfe, late of the Third Tennes
see Volunteer Infantry, who x.is president
of a military board appointed by Slajor
General Joseph Wheeler, xxhlch tried Lieu
tenant Scott on the question of his com
petency, capacity and good conduct, on
charges preferred by Colonel Colson. said
"Slore than once during the trial It looked
as tnotigh a personal dltllcult would hard
ly be avoided In the presence of th" board
Colonel Colson wa.s present, as n-es Lieu
tenant Scott, during the entire proceedings
-j ,'., ; mw
J-).tasiFLS vAfv y,;
ti&JJ-f ' ' fa&iJtl
". ' '
Por Missouri -sdiniTer AVcel ncsilny;
tlircnte-iiluir Tliur-ilii t sontlie-aste-rly
I'eir lltlnnls TlirrHfcning Weilne-s-elnj
I 'Willi NliiiTieTH III rilerme laeilitli-t-rn
feorlleirii fireibnlily hi)iierM
llmrselny: e-nnte-rlj- irlnels, shifting lie
antillieniate-rls .
I'eir ArLnnsn Colele-r anel fnlr
AVeelne-siln j , oxce-t leliuuers In Mimth
eant peirtlon; iireililllil fHlr TIiarHlu ;
soiilheastcrlj uliids.
L Seon Victims of n Kentueky Duel.
Cannon Hoar on the- Tug-la.
:. Chicago Canal ripens To-Day.
Talk of Coalition Against Kngland.
S. Douhlo Tragedy In a Hank.
Hurglar with a History,
llrlef Courtship of tlie Fayn.
AsTlrlng Young It' publicans.
4. Delegates Adopt Now Tactics.
Kra of Darkness to End In February.
Saloons an Issue.
Gemeral Wheeler Holds III; Seat.
5. Arrival of SpanUh Cannon.
IMsnppearanco of Lily Falk.
6 Sporting N'ltis.
Hacc-Tr.vk Kes'ilts.
Limited Xumteer of Western Juveniles.
7. lllchardson Crlticl-es Secretary Gage.
LI Hung Chang Attain in Favor.
S. miti.rial.
Lngagementa and Other Society Ki-ents.
Senator Vest Speaks His Slind.
Tlie Castellanes Are Comlns.
Convention ot Lumbermen.
9. Hallway Xews.
llaltlmoro and Ohio Sleeting.
Iiuls J. Silva. Heleacd.
11. Kew Corporations.
I'ndertakers Want Another Xams
12. Grain and rreiducJ.
11. Financial News.
Men-hunt-' exchange! Committee".
II. I Jvc Stf'C's: Slen In Convention.
Death Ends His Claim.
and Colonel Colson's arraignment of the
subaltern was one of the- most s-evere,
caustic and ze'nluus I havo exe-r see'i or
heard, notwithstanding there were rumors
tli.it Scott had sild ho would kill Colson
if his rSeott's) character was arraigne'J.
"The testimony taken by tho board
yhoned th.it Scott had acted tho part of a
spedle-d box; that 1m was totally without
military experience, training e,r discipline
and that ho refuted his Colonel's efforts
to 'bre-ak him In.' Ceilson ch-rge-d that
Scott was In tho hal.lt of drinking and
loitering urouml saloons, remaining out of
camp, and that ho had ne x'er drilled but a
time- or two in tlio six months of perx-iee."
Colonel Colson te-stllle-d that Se-ott had
frequently visited saloons.
"How- do you know that I visited sa
loons?" asked Scott, glaring at his antag
onist, with his right hand hid under a big
army clouk.
Because I saw you there, sir"
"I went th're to get a drink, sir."
Voll Dlxe'linrged.
Tlie board recommended that Scott be
discharged em tho charge of incotaps-tencj.
General itoyal T. Frank, xvho succeeded
General Wheeler In command of tho Fourth
Corp", approved tho findings of the board
and sent them to Washington Se-ott pro
cured a leaxo of absence, anil after ten
days returned and announced that lie hael
bec-n to Washington and hail "got It fixed"
anil xvciuld stay with the regiment.
Things wen- no better lie twe en them, and
Colonel Ceilson preferreel charge's ag.ilnsl
him for disobedience ot order?, dlsrrspect to
his commanding otllcer, and conduct to the
pre-judlrc of good order and military el!cl
pline'. and ashed that he bo tried by a gene-nil
One of the specifications to the charges
sent out an open defiance on the part of
Scott of Ceslonel Colson's auth. rity in the
presence of other officers and he harbored
a desperate and bad character In his quar- i
ters nfter the Colonel hid Issueel order? for '
l,lu eveet!lfTi (mm ft" rnrnn I
General Frank scented serious trouble
and being always a peacemaker xxhen p,w
slblo sought to patch up the trouble, as the
regiment was soon to be mustereel out and
induced the Colonel to withdraw the
e'eil-'nel Col- -anel
he canne
Ing trial
The Coronet
Captain Goldi
is cherged with murder
e liond until his examin-
est will bo hrld to-
still alive at mid-
"t), .. w-wssy si i
. fl Z.".l" " -". tst -
The Heaviest Firing Vet
Heard in Natal Re
ported .Monday.
Uoers Evidently F'icrcc-
ly Opposing Huller's
Rumor That a liritish
Foree Is Close to
That Citv.
I.ninldii, Wciliifsilav. .lair. 17.
iCojiyrijihi. V.iW, .laui". Conhin
IJi'iiiK'tt.i Tlio Daily .Mail juih
Iishvs this dijiait:!i from its spe
cial corre.sioii(!i'nt:
J'h.'twinnritzlnii'";. Tiic.-tlav, .Ian.
10. Tlifiv va vci-.v hi-avr ln'into
tin north Ti'Mcnl.iy.
I liclicve lhat the ISimt- wr
contest invc thf i.'isai of th Tu
srrhi Kivor by (ieiifial l!ullcr.
Tin- howitzers e-io e-viilently
busy aiui 1 1- lirinjr is dcscribcil a
the heavie-t tet heard in Natal.
Then; i-; a i-iimor runvnt that a
Iiortion if the Kriiish force i iilmi
I.oiiilou, .Tan. 17. The Kxchanno
and Ti'k'";niih 'oiiipaiiy has re
e'eived the followiue; elispateh. dat
ed Tiil-mIiiy, .lauuary lti, from 1'ie
teriiiaritr.luir";: "There is no new from the
front, hut hoavy liriiijr was heard
io-day in the direction of Frero.
It is irnhahli1 that ieneral I5uller
is ciij:iriii" the enemy.
"A rumor is ciinvnr. here that a
jiortion of the IlritM) force i near
Lad smith.-'
rictonuaritzburi:. .Ian. T.
(Copyrif-ht. l'MH), by W. If. l.earst.i
Very heavy artillery firinp; was
heard yesterday at Frere ami
Chievidey in the (liiection of
Durban, .Jan. 10'. (Copyrijrht,
lOUO, by W. If. Ueaixt.. A ii-ni-ral
engagement is on. Then i no
news from the front.
London, .Tan. 17. The Times
publishes the following from Pie
terniaiitzburg, dated Tuesday:
"Very heavy tiring was heard
yesteiday in the direction of
I.idj.smlth. Stondax
of the A-soclaicd i.r,.s u.-it.d S-.iturdnj s
buttl.-fleld this morning, and saw large
numbers of Boers dead. The British Etins
seem to haxe worke-d great h.ixoe. Ooe
Buer x us completely diwnibouele.l, another
had hI- head cle-an shot off. and a couple
of others xcere killed by the same sh.:II.
exldentlx- while .ating their luncheon, as
hitlf-e-ateii, lurd-leiilol ergs lay beside
the m.
Se'ine Natal Dutchmen were rccognisesl
among tl:e dead. A number of Boer bodies
ar.d carcasses of lior-es haxe been w.ishul
down Intombi Spreiit. which becamo a
raging torrent elurliig .i he.ix-y thunder
stornu Tlio Brltlfh while digging grax-es were
ilred on by the Boer artlllerj., and sev
eral of them xerc hit.
Soft-noted hull it." jnd elum-dum cart-ridge-s
haie been found on wounded pris
oners. Volunteers carried tho Boer dead off the
hill and handed the bodies enei to their
comrades at the bottom. Over ninety x.tre
thus carrlid oft Wagon Hill alone
WHITE IN Mllli: Vl'ItU'll.
Pre-torla. Saturdiy. Jan. I.( As a result
of the lieimUirdtntnl of Slafeklng yester
day, the British fori at Eastward was) demon-heel,
and tho British retired. One Boer
was xxouneled.
Advices from the head laager at Lady
smtth reiort lhat the attack on that place
January 6 was dl-a-strous to tho Brlti-h
and that Lady-nuth appears to be in seire
v mh.itauv. x i::w.
London. Wednesday. Jan. IT. (Copyright,
lei, bx James Gordon Benne tt.) Th-i
Slorn'.iig Pest's military critic saS that,
assuming thut General Buller has gone In
the left with txxo divisions. leai-ing e no be
fore) Chieveley. he pre-bably moved with
the first to I"nrc and Springfield and the no
to I'otgleter's Drift. For the- second he
would choose another postage, as 2. r.)
men would take tho best part of a da to
make the passage to one iolnt.
A dixisioii freim E-tcourt, mening off
when General Buller nioxed from Frere,
would le S'-reenesl from the enemy's ob
serx'ation. The moxement coiitluue-el would
take it to a. point xcest of l'otgieter's
Drift, .is the ne-xt isisage to the xiestw.ird.
accotrtliig to the maps. Is that on the roJd
to Bethany
It Ih possible that General Warren's di
vision followed that road. In that case,
after crossing the rlvtr, it xcould havo a
Continued on l'nge Txxo,
Ev !?
i.:.i:iti. u n m.xxs.
! . 1 e t I l-i. 'g
ej. - ,i- ,, XI,, i i i. -1 . i. e
s - . h- iril .'i Xjt il te k i e e ,
tt , north "f the..
1 l.e firnig was r. tiie ''. c &
s I I r-. sprineetitlel anel t r i e s c
I., t ti. in. u f'.n Huih- "SO
.'. tight h.s .e aere.ss tl . T -: i T
I:i-.er ard that he is in"- -- v i O
; r-. opjK-itieii.
.XU Irteie t nc-F. enters i-i - . -- 3
ej- tal -Itt.ataeii 'llittt Bulh r -
f. ,:ikli g ni-,ni. 111 ie il. v fr
i'sii- is regarded en' e(
f 1 ..! respondents leelie. ...
ir OIH- has reteiv-i -e.-r "
tews from BuhVr, 1" l w.'' 1 1 t?
.t until the rk.al result or vi. O
I.., n' 1- ku mii. e
Th- Morning I1it"s ml. e s
pert hgu' " thai General ! es
st-ad of operating to the a- -f '
s l'-n-o, has mudr a re-Hineml. it en r e
& . the West Of Butler's Ia.e ,i -i-
I'l'itiwi at rotgieter's Drl't :i ' v J
ef- attack from the West wine I . e
attacks from the south.
The- IS'rs attackeel a p mi '.n r. ar
''.,;. .-berit. which wa- iH-iv . -
sj- ti-e Colonial- In Frereh's c.niit.i- . e
O T'le H'K-rs were I'pui-ed, su.f ri-g
l e. r SVeefe ea-U '1'le s s
' uiSr-iN .xiie;i;i;ssin.
I I.ond"n. Jan. 37 The Times has
JOt1" f.dlowli.g fr-.m e).ifs--a-
J "T"e) armv .ri whi'h Iis l ep-i e
, e Q'sartelee tn the Kk "'"!'','H ll -
f ' t 1 i- ber. oreiered to the c e.
! 'is t , re pile e ftie Kyvstnn tr-fs
1 t-'.ti. th- A'gl.'n f"..-'rr ' e
Indications That the War Of
fice Has Favorable News
From Buller.
r:r sitLTvis; v. sxvnnr:.
lyndon. SVeHlneiax. Jan. IT eCopyrisht.
:t). by Jemes e,orel',n Bennett e The si
lence In Natal is 1 resie-n thli m Trlrs; by
the single Item of news from Piftermarttz
burg that xery heix-y firing wis h'arl
on Slonday in the d'reettnn of th Tuge'a.
l"rom this, it Is possible that In-1 t.g -
Ing has begun, anel that the British re r t
being allo'xe-l to crojei thei Tu?-Ia t.S- t
fierce opposition.
en the other hind. It mix- b" o-'t
leotnbardment preliminary to the i-c.. ...
of Colenso or merely heaxv am J, rj ."r -meant
to cover the Hank operate w It
are now generally believed to be, gD.ng i
in forte on the British left and to the
eastward at Potgieter's Drift.
Tho reports emanating from DurMn ard
Frere that General Warren has rr. 'V 1 tow
ard Weer.cn are nejw- regarded as o31"ia"-
Insplred to distract attention- f--m GenerrI
Huller's move.
It Is bellexed that Warren t w 'h cr
vry close to Buller.
Th JCat.il telegrams xxhlch haxe nrnxe-1
during the last fexv daxs are net to ls
irusttd. for the cen-ois ar. no likely t
Ut anything pass which w-,"ild disclose
General Buller's real intntiors.
But while the public is in the d 'He t! e
Ijs every reason fvr saying tha, ' e W -(JlHee
has not only receiied news from eie-'i-eral
Buller, xxhlch 1 Is keeping --.cre b
that the nexvs has b-en of a n: s s -s-factory
I am told on xvry gxd authority that
since Sunday momlcg the War Otf.ce has
been In posses-ion of r.eevs. xxhlch it can
not give out cntll the aim of the corahinc!
mox-emmt of Generab" Buller and Warr'n
has been aecomplihed.
What Is patent to all Is the change in tha
ilrooawir of high officials of the W r Of
licex In the Ipse few- days.
An air of suppressed exultation has re
plactrl the worried, se-rious mocM
A little straw which perhaps shows 'n
which xay tho xxlnd I- blowing Is ftiune.1
In the extreme gayety of !eneral Wcl'l.j
ut a dinner party em Slonday fy.-r.ing
I am told th.it thuse present thougat that
,h' mo,v "0 "" iu ,,,,c" ,alIt U ,ba' c'"n
I 'ral v Iei-y should most certtlrtx bo
calleel to book for the plan of campa'gn
xehieli caused so elisastroiis a beginning
This unusual jy oil humor on the part of
Iejrd Yxuiaele-y. xvhlch xvas describe el lo mo
as being quite remarkible. might Le ca-ised
by coenl ne xx s from the front
Ti back this supieiltion Is tho sta'eme-nt
made by the military critic In this mo-n-lug's
leader, xxho Is known to be excep
tionally lucky in obtaining inside nexxs to
the effect that on Slonday morning Gen ral
Warren's dlxlsion was encamped betwven
Springfield, xxhero General Utiher at that
tlmo hid his heaeltirjarters. and Bethiny,
being five miles north of the former place,
and that General Bulle r assured!' ha,; one
and it was believed two pa-s.eg'.s of the
rlxer in his hand--.
'I he British Pin ii.
A careful study of the topograi Ideal c -dltlous
shoxxs the wlsd'im of su, h a it
centration on the? extreme. Briti-h left nil
tho plan xvould Ih to turn the heighi
north-northxeeest of Cotene, tnd thus nm
pel their fx-aeucetlon :etiel then te attack it..
Boers on tho left, between Buller n jel
There is rsinsiderablo groun.l for be.. .--it.g
that the Beiers ar.jind Laelyseultli ,ir
prcjKirlng for some- stub atin-k. iiltho iga
they aro not sure In which direction it will
A late dlspilch from the besieged t wn
states that there ire signs that Boer prer
atioii xere mad.) for the purpose if
retreat, tho hilts to the northwest beirg
fortified, while a few big guns hax-e he- i
posted to t-ummand a iosille approa-.ii
from tho south.
Fndoubteslly the burghers know- tlie rcril
of being caiigli' between two armies to
xxhicli therj are exposisl. and. as thex- a. I
along buxe been exe-ellently s-erxeel by their
scouts, the moxements cf General BuIIt
are i erhaps by no means mysterious to
Generals French ami Gatacre have both
been busy making teconnolssances, the
former towari Norx-al's l'ont. and the lat
ter In tho direction eif Slolteno ami S'onn
berg. and they are xvaiting for re-enforcements
leefore mcxlng on the Boers, who
havo been shifting iheir positions In a man
ner which Indicates, a poisdule concentra
tion at Colesberg BrlCge, Norxal's Pont.
Bethulio Bridgo and Aliwal North for tht
defenso of tho Orange lllver on similar
lines to those which prevailed a., Slodder

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