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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, January 21, 1900, PART II, Image 15

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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I 10 PAGES, f
corvitiGUT. is:o. by ruuL.isin:rts. gfohgk knapp & company.
r 4e Special mtt eeuion 1$
Printed fa rar.e farts.
The Snnday It a 3 nine s
frlnttd In One Tart
Stands Without an Emaal in Actual Honest Baro-ain-Civins". Which is Forcibiv Berrmriftirated in This Advertisement.
V The first line of redoubts lias been stormed and taken!! THE SECOND LINE IS YET UNTOUCHED!! And will be stormed this week by the people of St. Louis, and our own gallant battal-
j ion of 1,300 men and women, who will be of the scaling party. Look out this week for shot, shell and grapnel!! with greater devastation and loot than ever!! fr
FIRST FLOOR Huge bargains
going in the great Siegcl-Hill-nun
Bankrupt Stock.
f Wnjim-A'l I. " n Hindoo vhi.-f. jr.,
5 Siege' llilinun price- luc oarp-Ico t)L.
Women s . .Hopcl m ! r.mbn'il Item
jr st t, fi-a ,m.i P,.i.r Liaen. svc-: ? i-
11 1 nun pr.ce 12',c. our price C
jf& Women's Kmlirouiereil. Scallojieil anil
JT Imt .il. sieg- '-11 iliaaii'k price Ij. f A,-.
g IK and 2.-C. oar priic . . . iVC
J Women Lace Lilies. S-iej.el-11 nn-cn s
. .. WAc
prut IPc and 2c.
VI omen - Plain Linen Hcinstit.-li.i -
'-ic-el IMlman s prue 2ic.ourp: n lOL.
Men s All I.incn Full sz- Siegel
II liman's rr .e iv our pr.ce
Women s .'.igbtiv so-led ani mte-se
Handkerchiefs that vine o il or -gel-
litllivan it itn tor 1 9c 2 c ami .1
5c, 10c and 15c
flajestic Ranges. 10c a day.
Butterick's Patterns for February
A Successful Sale of the Siegel-Hillman Bankrupt Slock of Women's Goats, Capes, Suits, Skirts, Waists, Furs, Collarettes, Etc, Etc.
now in.
Prices 7Vcide on This Choice Merchandise That's Out of Sight for Values and Rapid Cash Conversion.
7 16
i;c isc sve
8c 10c 16c
Jfk FIRST FLOOR Of exceptional bar-
y gain importance going; in the great ,
SS sale of the Bankrupt Stock of the '
jv Siegel-Hillman D. u. Co.
m Itlsek Satin ana Veltet-
K No
C Siecel.Ilillin.in pi ice ....
j Oui price yard.
f IllarU All-MlV Moire Antique
aft- Itches 34 .1 9
yj SiegeMlillrr.an price. . I c 2V: is-
df Obi price, yard . ... 10c ISc 25c
VTff 3 , inch All-Wool Silk Noielty Hibboas in
C rl"ls xtrirs anil Hcr-lan -
kV .siecrl-Uillman price 2V 3"'C TSc
SS Oi.r price, yanl 19c ISc 35c
i Be-t Ail-i!k i-tins and Gro Ura!r.-. in tlac.
j and iol r
1 N. . S 3 .1 7 9 11 1 2.' rl
? -11 nrice St l' 1 c lc ii'" 4r t'- 3c
A Ournric. 4c5 :c7 -cS-,c 10c Uc ISc 20c 22c
V Lilacs Linen Baci Velvet. 10 arJ bolt-
No. 1', r'i : "'s ,
Tr -H rrite -'' n "' "c '" Kc f fit
f Ourpnie. 10c I2c 26c 33c 41c 45c S5c
V No. J . '.' 12 IS -'
-Il once ! S5 l.! 1 IIS i-" ?-2
On .irce. 6c 7oc SJc 5I.OS 51.32 l 4V
Plush Capos.
lezel-IIiliman jrito l.Vi
our price
Siese i-Hillnian price H Oil.
our price
Kiilfrdonn Iirovins Sjrjnes and Rnbts.
5CyL'L5 old br - cc-l-Hhlman at -
j H. i niantl si S our pr.ee
ROISCS Sold l.v -ierel-HIHman at C O
cji.d flou(lichtly s.ol.ed) ourprictl.UO
Wool Waists
Olal! srajes and price on sale now In two
crc.it lots jiepel-llUiinan s prite C HQ
were W-V. J2T5. t!U) e'e ourpr I.yO
Siece -H UraanN pr ccs were Jj i
Jiw II .- ur pr ce
l'ronounced lir all that hae s.cea and bought Fur Collarettes.
from the Immense Moct of Our ilernrtment has been rerosnli'i' as ti
, larrrst mivl erniplete .milbyfar the 1rc t
Cniidren S Dresses lirceo! anvintheWe-t: to wh.ch e hart-
All new. up to .late .u.d thice to four times 3lk' a ihernnre stock of .-itFei-n i11a0 .it
. sues nruisjou neer hcar.l of Io no. kliv.
as I'i:r Collarettes are in ureal Minimi ou
rQ wll surely Hn'loaetopleas-W you callatonce
J)5.vO trieKel-Hillman's price !5 Q0: our price $2.98
Plaid Skirts.
H"'!-IId!rcan pr.ee A0y our price
Brocade Skirts.
leel-II.llnian price Ji Ofl our pr cc
S3 98
the value easi for them.
.iec-1- Illllroan- price IT.50.
our price. . . ..
Plcrel Hillman's price 15 .'O,
our price . ...
Siesel-I'lllman's price !3.VI,
C'J ZZfl Sicc;lllil!n an"s price 3?."-0 and
.pi'iOV t''.tn our price
D Bt mm this af ft tar ra'st inprtant bir:a.n. our price
This week's programme more notable for Bargain-giving than ever in the great sale of the Bank
rupt Stock of the Siegel-Millman Dry Goods Co.'s stock of
Cj fQ --ie.el-Ilil.rr.-in s pr.ee S125
JJl.VO !'' our pic
M and
rfz fE3K:n nssres rfrr hrst
VV&.WSIIUU k2Nsfc?v7 BsaNfcsJti FLC
First floor.
Sterling bai gains with the true
ring to them goes in the great Sic-gcl-llillman
Bankrupt Stock Sale.
"ancy ' olortd IVrcalir.e Vnder- tflr
sk..t scMbys - for -n. our price IVl,
It. man Strli ed 1'r.flersklrt. S'cse.- -A
II lman's tr ceTc. ourp-:c- uUt
IllacH ulllrd --aieen L'ndcrs'K.rt. S.cirel-
II t.min s price !1 25.
our prite. a OL.
Grey Melton fndcrskirt trimnieit (n br-iil.
Meir.il Hillmaa's rr.ee l Rj. mrCl 1f
III ek Perealinr. w'th two niCe- rn sto
Biiunic. MeKCi-lIillnian's price (jjl AH
4I..'. ourprice JJI. UU
Mercerized lateen In Ii'Rht C f-
shades, r-.-H price IS.Vi. our pr.s'AtOU
Iiel Urded Nearsllk t'nd-- fi-J T
sli.ri, s. .il. price J2..V1. ourprice sl.O
Kxtra quality Mack Qu Ited Sateen French
yone ton. bleeel-IIllliBaii'i. C Jf
price !22j. ourprice.- 4"
Our Spring and summer cata
logue will be issued shortly. Send
in jour name for a copy, mailed
free to out-of-town customers.
FOURTH FLOOR Are you ready for
the biggest bargains of your life?
They go in the Great Siegel-Hillman
Bankrupt Sale in the
10c, 25c, 50c
One lot of Link Cuff Ilattons. Siecel-IIillman's
price 7oc. Ire, JI.2S;
Our Price
i Floor.
Sweeping reductions on high-grade Novelty Imported and Domestic Fabrics from the fmnmln'TJef"' Cut,CIeiUc"
Siegel-Hillman hankrupt stock at one-half and less former prices to clear them out. Ojr Price .". I ZOC
Tho following lino of .nijh Art Novelty Fabrc nre a. iovr of those which were purchased by Mr. F. W.
Smith, the we.l-known faalilonab'e ladies' tailor, on his last trip to Parla:
, iMere hints of values in this great sale at bankrupt prices of ocal and in
2 strumental music. Second floor.
TJ- M-!mh All-W..ol Caci-Ps-HalrrticTlot. extra heavvrjO
itZJ, icsrel-IIilUian price !l.7.-llinltrupt Priii yOC
ifir- -iccli Mi.lulr rrepon SicKil Hillman s price riO
4VL JITo-Kin.rup: Pr.ce VOC
TJ-.r.c'i Rrocade Mohair Hrillunt ne Siesel
lli'ln.an s pnee tc ltjnkiupt Pi-ice
IG-mch V.l-Wol -'oral anJ Njn s -cr7e
-leRel-Ili.lma'.'s piiceVV ltaul-npt Price .
e-inili All-V.'ool Camel s-HalrJhev 01 licje!- "70- n- ,'',, K-eneh liroaileioth-sjc-ve'-Hillman's
II ilman s price il -i ltinkni'it Pric- VL, pr ,e 2T5 iiaa:. -up'. I'rie
M-meu Frenih Venetian Cloth 5i! tet Hillmaus price fi0-Hankrupt
Pr cc .... ...
Mlk and Wool Klectrlc I"'ict ot wi?h metal' i dot -nd
1 stnp Si cts-Smith s pr. c !..u0 Cl") fifi
saiopr.ee . . zj.vs w
I l.iinroriled Trench l'opiin.. 4 im lies wide exu- heirv
rures:!!; Liid wool hmitirs prtc- '"') CTA Aft
! .ilc price ... Pit.V
Oie l.nc of French ICoLes Sui th's price
i 1TV-sa epr..c
.On line of Kren h Urcss Patterns --m ill s C7 n
Genuine Ebony Tlandie Manicure Piece. ster
lme inmraed. &lefcl-Hi!Iran-s price OCr
(Ji e l.ue o' Matclass- Kotes with s,U polka riots, an ex- 50c OurPr CO
tremetoi y "-ir..to s pr.ce. :.tvi)- CIS A A (
saicprce .... sJJIO.VV c r.Donuea iianaie nisx urcocs, sierune
rer nm uiuunuw-'.i-Sti-niusuii price 2
Sale pilCC )D. O S rinn-t fll in c nir hl himln.
sile prtc"
I'.eere Lack Mlk and Wool Crcpons, suitable fcr iwn
. . $5.7;
t'ne ilreof llrocadcd ilk and Wool P.obes C")A Aft l In Rings. c. n CCAA
r-tu.thspn.e. -;i-sale price. .. 3Z).J) fron..t OC l 4d.UU
I ren h llroiti.-lo'hs. In lisht shades -Smith & CJ f
pru ll.'0-sile p-!ee S.JO
AH Siegei-IIiHssan's stock.
Vllf.VI. Ml SIC.
I i) IjV' T. lit r That bong Asaln.
JerR-n A irvmK
w- Little UVir-1 iusle I.. Las..
Y u- Promise Kp for Uaby Jke.
T tve MT.rlftn .
ll-r Word U JUt A C1 Ah
V irr cjraham & no-nfr-ld ....
A'. 1( nls Ixmic lake I'hickrnn to Mt.
Irvine Jones
J r 'Had I Met You. Mary. M. 11
1' enfe! 1 .. .
ll.ii Air Gu. . Weinberg
v Hamlll .t v,hn
M lttl- Gexirsia Hone. Roden .t
v .it . .
The M .ih anl the name. TaES't
A t tt .
ed In riunny Tennee-
A C arler
As tre ut ent
jt !iwn. just cjne c.in. tden
J Mul th Orec n Field, or Virginia. A
V 1U1.M s IjURhtr Harris
Jum r:i Her That I ljed Her. Too.
p 7 Hams
' A Mv Hinnah Idv V Hed. Jr
1 Mi mi N.w llamph:re Hume. Man
A Yea-s Acn. eaih.
f Tl.e Cmly Way Ito.!n A. Witt . ..
J& M Mtv lear IUmill
ii C Sm.le Again ballad, bv A. U
T P'ts. her .
r The Ki,Tl I I-'Ut
il Kralted i
V IJ'auv Just
lwrut mi:nti. Ml sir.
. .1! Aftrr th 'IV mn Hunt, march. m
Hep. cakr wain, tU!or . .
.J! Th larhjr IMcnlc. iKt Talk. I
It O'Connor
V .!! Hunh o IHacKlerne-. im-.k Moke.
Iif.lerr.Mn. sich
., .U Whlitllnc Hufu. At a ;i?it I'amp
Meeting-. Imj-cunlna3 Uarip. far'i.
:- !! MWum Hall lUc H. V f'ritrh
.U .1! Monte CT!ti Waltzes. Ma Scuth
. .!! t.i'!tn.t Itcj.,?. -choltifcUe, IIarri.
.) .!! IImitI' Waltz Mm.I11. cornpristPF
411 hi xpulir Waltzes
.Vi .l!l Marrh of the ISier to Iilj$mlth.
f;ranl (irripttr battle piTf pom
s') .11 i iftM ly Wm Mail. ! paep
Atnerloan fiuanl. inarch an J two
.&) .1! -tp. M. Kirn in. .
Kentn? Mar. Val Ojrie. Io-
.S) ,1J lM-a.llne ath
T N'a h e T o-step. rln e
.If Waltz M. A. Gunn
. .!! IVirwt Park l'nirrUy OirN nan h
and two-tft
."h .I!l KlomltkP 1-i Mar. h. two-fctp. Qa
i .!! alls Mah. tnll
.t .11 Coontotin t1" nade. E A lr-fs-i .
At a Niccer Weddln'. takp walk,
SO A'J inarch or polka. J5 Morris
Greater attractions than ever brought forward
from the great Hankrupt Stock of the Sicgel-Mllman
D. G. Co in
:i .i!
.il .1!
. .1!
... .1!)
.i) .1!)
.j) .!!
.t; .si
.v) .i:
.;i .ii
' .in
m .in
o .ir.
.i ;t
200-vanl Spool Cotton. Sierel-Hillnian's
price 4c; our price
Darning Cotton, Siegel-IIilluinn' price
3c; ourprice. .
Silk Supporters, Sicgel-Hilhnau's price
oo; our price
t-illc Tuist. Siegel-Hillman'-.
price "Jt ; our price
'Hair Pins. Sicgel-IIillniau's
; price Sc. ourprice
i Pins, Siecel-Hilhnan's
price Ic. ourprice
'Hooks anil lives, Sicgel-Hillinan's
i price .'Jc, our price .
.VieDfforesucft63rffa7naj In this Cire.it Hankrupt Sale of the
Skgcl-IIIIIman D. ft Co. s-ocJL.
.")00 Purses anil small Ciia'elamc Hags, Sicgei
Hillnian' price 15c, 20c and 25c; our price.
1,200 I.-Mlies' Pocketbook. all styles anil colors,
SirgcI-IIilluun price 3oc to 50c; our price
Ladies' Handbags, Sicgel-Ihllmaifs
price Joe to oc; our price
Do Collar Belts. Sicgel-Hilhnau's
price $1.3-3 nud 1.50; our price ..
Tooth Uruslies, Siegel-Hilluiau's
price 10c; our price
Drebsing Combs, Sicgel-Hillraan'-s r -
price 15c; ourprice. 3v
H.iir l'.ruslies, Siegel-Hillman's
price 40c; our price . . .
Scissors, all sizes, Siegel-Htll
man's price 50c; our price.
Frames, Siegel-IIillmaa's price
50c; our price
. 4c
19C BfittR
10r RUPT
A tJemonstration of 5uperb bargain values in beautiful fabrics of the finest
weaves from the grand Bankrupt Sale of the Siegel-Hillman D. G. Co. now
in full blast.
l-'aacy Check Taffeta, all pure silk Siegel-Hillman
price, SOc Sale Price
Fancy Silk Taffeta, with Persian stripe Siegel-Hillniaa
pn. e. bUc bale Price
Colored Stripe Swiss Tafleta, oa white ground Siegel-Hillman
price, fioc Sale Price .
Colored Silk Taffeti, all pure silk Siegel-Hillman
price, S3c-Sale Price
Another lot of 100 pieces of those beautiful 23-inch Colored Taffetas
v.ill be placed on sale Monday morning at
Worth -S1.25. best values in America,
lilack Satin Dtichcsse. all silk Siegel-Hillman price, Soc
OiliClT.Ct. .- ...... .. .... ... .....
Black Satin Duchesse, all pure silk, double warp, soft finih
Siegel-Hilltnau price, !s2.50 Sale Price
Fancy Silks 130 different styles to select from Siegel-Hillman
price, 61.23 Sale Price
. 82c
.... $1.45
........ g st
3 Bankrupt Prices for this Oreat Sale)
ffs that you will concede to be superb in
2 Harness and
i) Horse Clothing.
O fourth floor.
. 14c
Full P.twhide Whips. ft. ions,
worth Tic. sale price
Web Halter, with Tie. aortih
njie lluzcy Harness, well made.
worih III 01. sa.e price.
Hor-e Hlankets hiegel-Ilillmaii's
pr.c &J-. our pncL . .
Horse BlanUcts. -Sieecl-HiilraaDS
prlietlW ourprice.
Horse HlanWtts- feiCEl-Hillmiir.
I rice il 25; our pi tee
Horse HlanHets'-iecel-HllIman-s
nnce tt 25: our price
Lap Kol.es. nice plush, full size- f ftO1
fciegel-HlIimat.s pr.ce liT.i. our price )I.VO
Fur Lnp Unlies felt lined Siescl
Hlllman's price V 00. our price
IHack Fur Lap Robes, double bori'cr plu.hi
imea r-iecei ll lliuan s price krr flV
IT 50 ourprice JO.yO
White Domet Shaker, extra quality. Siegel-
Hillman'.s price 7' ;c; our .rice . tyC
Unprecedented and Peerless are the Bargain Values going on in the Great Bankrupt
Sale of the SIEGIzL-HILLMAiX Stock of
Extra heavy Flannelette Skirt Patterns, embroid
ered border, dark colors onlv. Siegel-Htll-
man's price :55c . our price . 25C
Checked Nainsook, sold by Siegel-Hillman -..
for 7'...c; our price '. . 3zC
India I.inon, Siegcl-IIillmau's price 10c; ,
our price ... OC
India Dimity. Siegel-Hillman's price 12'ac, ..
ourprice . .' J YlC
Satin striped Persian Lawn, very fine quality;(f.
Siegel-Hillman's price 15c; our price .' .I(JC
India Linon, Siegel-Hillman price 15c;ourprice.J0c
Lace Plaid I.av.u, Siegel-Hillman's price
IS'-r; our price C
Httra fine quality of White Duck, sold bv Sie-
get-Hiliman at 15c, our price . C
Lace Curtains, Upholsteries and Draperies.
Stupendously and Deeply Cut are the Prices on the SlEGEL-
MlLUlAfS Bankrupt Stoclt.
I-"anc Persian Flannelettes, Siegel-Hill- .i
man's, price 12 '...c, our price . . . J 2,C
Extra heavy Velour Sacquing Flannel, Sie
gel-Hillman's price 13c, our price
All-Wool Red Flannel, Siegel-Hillman's .
price 15c, our price IuC
Red Twill Medicated Flannel, Siegel-Hill- .,
man's price 20c; our price .... ... IOC
Fancy German Sacquing Flannel, Siegel-
Hilluian's price 10c. our price . ." 25C
French Flannel m hair lines and dots, Sie-
gel-Hillman's price 75c; our price 50C
-10-inch Tan Kiderdown, Siegel-Hillman's
price 30c, ourprice 29C
T5 Nottlncham Lace Hcd Sts -
fcit-el-llllluian pr.ce 11 ) i 1 7i ? '5.V) 12T",
u.r price, set .... 7Vc vsc ji.iv ji.s 11.47
W pair Itufilcf Swiss furtitns. all odd sample pairs. Mc el
inuman price II ..land 32.ni; our price Cll.
pair ... . iJlC
T.S ptirKjflled Swiss Curtains. 2 and 3 pair of a
kind, Sleu-I-IIillman price J2.00. our price, pair..
SK) pair Scotc'i Lace Cartains. 01 erloelied eJ-.-e. 3 ra'ds
siciwl-lllllmanpricc " ?- II . Jl.-
Ourpr.ce. pa. r oSc 75c h0; Jl.fK)
ITT) pair French Guipure Lace Curtain, ovcrlockect edec,
3. jards
.xiczel II lllman price... . JI CA Jl.9 2 2M M01
Our rrlcc. pair $1.10 $1.29 $1,43 J1.69 JI.93
IS, pair Irish Point Lace. Curt ins. white or cr.am
Mc-cl-Hiliruan price . . KT. 53 V .T!-. 'col . V)
Our rrlc-. pair. . .97c J2.lv $2.75 $3.75 14. so
SO pair Ileal HrusseU Lice Curlains
Sicsei-Hiilraanirice 3.2" 1 V.l 'T-fl !.V m
Our price, pa r S2.35 $2.75 SJ.50 $4.75 $5.50 $0.75
75 pair KiPenbcrc Lace Curtains on extra tf avy net
aiecel.HiIlmai price tt:s -s.vi tll'O K7JM .W,0i)
Ourpr ce, pair $4.39 $5.25 $6.75 S16.50 $19.50) XxxxICatlon Haircloth.
Unquestionably the Greatest Oar-
j gains ever given are here in the Great
j Siegel-Hillman Dry Goods Company's
! Bankrupt Stock of
First Floor.
12pa!r Tapestry Perl- Portieres, heavy frinyc. all gooJ lejel-Hiilman-s price 74c;
co ors ( ourprice. a yarx.
i-Kje.i-iiiiiman price "i CT.. .(.-! jt.so nm ?..u t
Oir pr.ee. uair i.js j-i.va j;5 t...s jj.i "" J Medium and light plain colored Silesia Waist
3:. Couch Coiersi. heavy f.-in?e on end and side- Lininc-Mesei-m iraan sprlce
Merei Hllim in price -a. . n.i "i Ji" hi r.-jc jard: our price, a yard..
Ourprice. each 9-.-a ;.v 9J.su jojiis
color only
51 Inch Colored Madras, Sieirel-Hillniaa price JOc. f
our price. yrd .. . Wt
50-incn Furniture Linen. Sicpt 1-HiIIman price fiOc, -J j;?
our price, yard . ... ... -OiJL.
NKi yards s..Ikoline and Go'd Printed Prarery.
MeKC-Hillnun price 10c. our priie. yarn
in dozen Oraque Window Shades. 3x6 frlnce and
plain, Mesel Hi ltnan price lie. ourprice. each .
5 cross Cotton Hall and Tassel I'rir.pe.
Mciel-Hillmin,rice7',c.our price, yard
... 5c
Ucst quality Cctton Canvas far siirt facing, in
j black, brown, sray and an color Siegel- .
(Illllman'.s price 10c; our price, a yaid.. 4C
Diuhlc-width sllk-BnishSIl'tette Skirt Lining.
1 all colors Meecl-Htllmia's price fj
20c: ourprice, a yard I2C
Gray back doutle-facsd Bjured Silesia
Slegcl-llilunaa's price 17.4c;
ourprice. a yard
Startling and wonderful are the Splendid Bargains going in the Great Siegel-Hillman
Bankrupt Stock Sale.
Bargain-Giving forcibly demonstrated as now here else in our Grand Sale of the Siegel
Hillman Dry Goods Co.'s Bankrupt Stock of
250 pieces blue mixed plain colored Dress
Gingham, Siegel-Hillman's price . .
7 'i.c, our price, a yard diC
27-inch wide Percales, black ground with
white figures, Siegel-Hillman's ...
price S'-gC, our price, a jard ... 42C
Best quality Seersucker Stripe Ginghams,
Siegel-Hillman's 10c a yard,
our price, a ard .... OC
100 pieces Twilled Cretones, large designs,
Siegel-Hillman's price 12'oc, ..
our price, a yard J rZC
32-inch wide Sateens, black ground, with
faucy colored designs, Siegel-Hill-
man's price 12S.C, our price, a vard -OC
Yard wide dark indigo blue Percales, with
white designs. S.-H. price swsssss
12..c. ourprice, a yard 9C BANKRUPT
Fine Imported Scotch Zephyr Dress Gingham, 32-inch wide,
Siegel-Hillman's price, 25c, our price, a vard
f For special flonday bargains we
f offer for one day only. Ths fol-
lowing staple year 'round sellers:
"V 69 very fine quality all-
wool Smyrna Rugs..
4x7 very fine quality all- QL Q(
ji wool Smyrna Rugs.r .. . CDO.Cjy
Diack Silk Braided Panels. - j-
i-ieeel-lllllinan's price ll.a. not7 J OC
Iliack Hraldcd Vests and Yokes y;
iieK-1-tliilman's price ll.iu. now JDC
Cut Jet Hating. Slescl-Hlllman's price IV: 5-
yarJ. now . OC
Cut .let Ornaments on Chiffon, also spangled sorayt
for net dresses. biegcl-HIIlrain s price ig
Tocand Sl.oucach. now OOC
P.lack and Colored Silk llraid and Gimps,
Slcsel-llillma3".s pr.ce ISc and 10c yard, now IC
Grnv Krcnnler r-carfs. fi tails. 2 heads
Mejrel-HUIman's prire l.00. now .
llluc Foi llojs. larcc head and talt.
iesel-llilllnan's price J"W.now. .
Children's Fur Sets
price Jl oa. now.. .
Lot of White Lamb Thibet and Ansora Children
turrets, Mccei-iiiuman s
price tl (Wand l 10, now. a set
lllick Coney Fur. I inch wide,
sjiejcl-llillraairs price 20c. now
lilack Feather Cellars, Megcl-Ilillman's
price 6i'c, now .
Almost given away from the Bankrupt
Stock of the Siegel-Hillman D. G. Co.
Tencil Tablets, extra large, Siegel-Hill-man's
price, 5c, our price, 3 for OC
Box Stationery, Paper and Envelopes to match,
Siegel-Hillman's price 15c and 20c,
ourprice "C
Collar and Cuff Boxes, Siegel-Hillman's .
price 81.00, our price 19C
Lead Pencils, Siegel-Hillman's
price 10c,
our price,
Friday 2tC
Third Floor I-or the great Bankrupt I
Sale. Prices unmercifully slaugh- S
tered in the ?
r " &. . .lis
c wEm&ttikBm 1. if Pa&esr s' mx m&m$ r- n s?
aar mm mm wm r mm$ a .. y mms
JocOtMuc-., Q f.V Granite Foot 3n '&' isESwK iV,iiV? i".n. Hf! fittX4r 57 V U vSVVMvJ
large sue 19C Tut. .4d0 c Granite Uice 0Q, ga JgjS M WIJW
CO fi CT ., "n '., "erlm h-ct' VXP llOOOrinlie rn "vi uu -iQggsr EScC-ranite 4 3.-,cGr.ia tel.ippe.1 1 I I Z2-
0)0,95 ties. wh cover. . Zt5C ''cSampei Pails. 59(5 TSefirarlie HcrtlD fimcnnlte Sce fan .. . 140 mserrtnc IQn J V
A tcssi i5c cotc" i2L i,o,,ers 49c Jl Wm
t I FW JMl fe. riWl Wc Natural
$7.38 iO -- c ..,- -mmhi sis !'s' 39t
mOZLSkSzXmf -G-MJIA ftr Ti2K C3 EfXsMrv HKkaliKaV RnCffHKR IH
WPrrflH YJT72y 1 XZm WB "IttT? 'ni jMifl KsSBV Wjal m One lot of Uolls-Sic-
sWteliCiilM VE.V ILflBW WKF&!3f&-!&rZm Bl39nK VrsZWii W 2Cl-Hil!mn's price Ce.
KTH "1 EJ 'VIMBI t-.,?tca jVHHHMHk. mOtielfsm
P-S i ri lfflfff flStsiPl aUSSBw EmtSJr
IFtrSLTiff fSs. BBBW """j M' JtSTSX!3va 25c. ourprice
1' alB&O fl.OO Granite Tea yCB &&i!fixl
I Kettles. .. .4uD &r &
vvsjittiiiit; '1-i.h .uririniisiiitn t r RvxipntntdTd. m : !..:. & . .. --r, i
I' Milk Kettles Z0U Pans." HC KetUeT" ' " ZbO 'cScMo HC 1"" "" ...ddG prlce
!:55aS,a!!g,.SI.I9 sWBr. 5c Sk69b SLSSi 3c aS"..aflP.i!i-E-iHta,..75tfo
i i . - "--"I1 ' P price
Host Wonderful Prices from the Siegel
Hillman Bankrupt Stock of
Soaps and Perfumes, floor
Lubin's Perfumed Soap. S'.ecel-HIIlman's
price 25c. ourprice . . UC
Cosmo Buttermilk Soap, SiegeMIillmac's OI
prceSie. our ptica I72C
Imported Castile Soap. Mcgol-Hillmaa's a p-
price S5c. ourprice f-3C
6-oz. Hay Rum, Mczcl-Hillmaa's mm
price ISc. ourprice JQ,
White Castile map, Siegel-Hillman's
price L'c. our price IC
W0 bottles of Perfume. Siegel Hlllman's e
price loc and 25c. our price yC
LieMs's Hcef. Iroa and Wine. biegeI-Hi!Iman"s r
price Mc. our price oC
Third Floor Extraordinary slash la price
for the great Bankrupt Sale in the
aier, with bevel
3x15 very fine quality all-
ool Smyrna Rugs.
IZ.r.0 Fancv Deco
rated Parlor Lam'is.
with lift
out fount.
11.25 Fancv Deco
rated Parlor TOn
Lamps. I ou
Pinner Fe ts In new decorttions. re
liable ware, every piece guaranteed.
1M plecBs, worth ts.SU, fIJ QQ
sile price vuitJO
Solid oak chiffonier,
French plate
mirrors ,
V SB-inch very fine quality ( ft CO
J all-wool Smyrna Rugs . vj)UO
O xl Bcauvais Axminster fr1 Q7
A Hugs CpU. J
, 36-inch Bcauvais Axmin
V ster Rugs
y 3C-inch Uoval Wilton
O Rugs ..
S 36-inch Wilton Velvet r) ft Q
Cic Jardiniere,
slightly qn
crazed uul
- $3.95
JUc. our price
Kid Body Dolls-Sfc-
Ctl ilillman sprlccirin
Kid Hidy Do'.ls-Sle-Eel-Ililliran's
ll.ou.our -3 En ourprice
Flee Jo'nted Dolin-
SIcccl Hlllman's price 10c China Plates,
51.25. our Cn Mue decora- C-
UUU tion. oil
Fancy Dresser Sets
Seigel - Hlllman's
prcell.V), QQ,.
fOcCut Glass
Table OCp
Tumblers- Uu
Dinner Pets, the "Matel" produc
tion, heavv gold tracings. Hated
edges 112 pieces. If you want some
thtrg unusually fine, buy one at
once: wo-tn fiiw,
sale pnea
One lot of fine Berry Spoons SI-gel-lliliman's
price II 2S, Cftn
ourprice UUli
Rogers Forksf.IegeI-IIiIl-man's
price 75c, our price..
Sliver-plat-d Napkin n':.
gel III inun"s price 25',
i Sie.
Silver plated Itutter Dishes
Siegel-ILllman's price ODn
II 50, our price 30U
Full size e.xtension'Lible, in solid oak,
well made and polish rtX j"
finish ipO.yj
A massive golden oak sideboard,
manufactured to retail (Pit 11
for 516.50 $11.11
Fancy Chairs, in oak and mahogany
uuisu, cusnion
Velour Couches, in all ( if
colors, with spring edge..)0.4-D
A 3-picce Tarlor Suit, in mahogany
finish, upholstered in (n fV
tapestry vJOOU
Mahoganized birch Dressers, swell
front top, with a very large French

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