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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 16, 1900, Image 12

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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i.ooai, wnnAT Mvmcirr wa-n t-
ci:iitai AMI IHIlElsn.Alt .1MI
cotin 5T.iim;n opp hadia", nn
i.athr it itipitovnn aivxai An
oi.osnn siiAitPi.Y iin;nr;iu
ThurtuJaj'. Feb. 1j. 1SW
Thero tveji but lltt :hit co-tl.I t con
a'Jsrail rj eneu'jregln.; In th local sv"n
lttlv o rituatlun it tia sr".d o!U Lut lator
tcr wajf cui: a rn.cal oh.inKf. .i"il the
b"'! 'i pr.ouiatjni to bfllexo that b't
tar ticies veto In fc'cre for thein At 'curt
t ii ryrai'a to b tho-.vn tj- corn, nhlch
wounil up th IaV. t'UPtnet In a Inslt'y
w.r.r-n'lonr.l ard strorgr war. prices clcslns
a lth a fain cf t.ri riy car.t. Thcr mw
no such sirccfTtn filjpicy'J by the luglnsr
pric(3 craln. thnugh that cereal, as r.ril its
c, inaJo n. fa'- train. It vns corn, how-ne-,
dat leJ everythtnjr and necostarl!
rurartri tJ-.j nf-ntlcn of th trail". .V
far a N'n- Yu-k stiu'ks were ooncernej
t ,at tatfket aa trrrul.ir anil uturttVil
I i rs chan.ir.t'i; rjrs-'edU. b"it cutton was
rutla "is-tiorl!y ptron,; cj.1 :.l-hT. the
if bc!:is at or near the ti.p aa.i Jtronsr
Thcra was moro to fm-ourasa trafiers In
th EncMsh cables this mornlnff than thero
was yLStaniay. v h:: they txereof a nntura
caleo!atl to INr i-jra se traJtns, and !n
jartlcular btnlrg. but th' tnornlns
they trcro 1uat the opposite. Llver
jjlcI. In particular, belni; In a repon
l m. ml, tJie first rt.ish out of tlie
ru bh.wlns 11 s.a.11 over nlttht of s.d.
XNh'Is L-inloo was qi.ot.'il t4d higher, an.l
boili niarl.ets were lirm for cash. The
lmprov.i .ables toseihyr with the contln
i.tu ooli netner. v.ltl: Uroonihall's report
of dimuro to tho I"roni;h crop, had a
f'etvtheii.nt; efTf-t lr. and the orfnltc
. is at nn udvanro of '..t'.e at 71o for
Mav, thf! July was 's2 butter at tTc bl.l.
'there tt.n conclrterablt) talk of tha lm
j.roved position of ca-h .it Chicago, but
thi3 was not confirmed. Tho day's dcar
a' -os wer" moder.ito at 3OJ.0.J) ba, and
iJverpooi. thieij started olf si well, .le
flr.ped v.etl:u. ., ami at the clcs-o w.t
1 ar.?el for t!.. :ay. the irly advtn-e
i hTifng been i"S' The effects or
eso unfuitirfii lu conditions was to brins
., u n a conslieraLle .'11icb prc.-sare, and
.- a resuU of which ah or most of tit"
f 1- Rain in prim was lost, and May.
I i.-h hatl toaeneu Ti"i-, broke array to
. .. , and eventually touched Tl'c. while
j v went to AV This decline w
).licl clur.s by th JCortliwest receipts,
w..Kh wero reported ut U cars, against
.' a wetlc ago and OJ the samo wtel; a
jr aso, totiolher with u. reported decliiia
4 I'arls of -tc. l.ut cables mat came later
II in I'arls ui;d Aulwerp changed all thl--.
. - they reported m.-ances of t.jc and o
I ipectlveiy. thn effect of whi h was to
-. tid ilay up to ;rao again and Ju.y tu
ts .
mdltional Etrer.sth was given this mar
1. by tuo erei.t ytrcnglh hiiotin by corn.
'ieh 13 now tho liawr In the bull :noe-
II eut Thj expecte.1 i .ibh l.U'-iIies did not
ma urialtzo h'-re. wiiio Chirai,o only re
purted sa.es of li.v'J bti., and New York
. a.Lt. Tue feeling waj. very bi.llih iltir
1 s the last baJf ot the session, and strong
ti'orts were made to boost prices up. but
t'iey did not meet with much uco!:as, tu
.May nover got aboo 71c, and at tJw
. ;so of tho day had s-ellers at only i4o ad
vance ut ilVac. Late July bad ., b! .,
lat that was iu-Kd at the clutv-, b-ins '-
1 .her than that option clo.-td yet-rd...
wn'le Teb. was :c better at 71Uc ;ioinl!i.n
Wo tther conditions nterinl largely Into
t le inlluetices go-.erning the 1k:I corn tnar
Ket tf.-.la., and ptob..l had as much, if
1 jt more, to do with the course 01 valut.-.
than anything el--. According to the lu
tiaii rep.rt tho writli'r was fai.irable, but
I ho country aeee)tanrfs were finii and ar
rival at Western markets light, the total
ie.el.its amounting to il.V".' bu., asain-t
'. o.V) bu. onu car ago, ineludiiig r.l.t bu.
rjlly. agalnt Ta.&'i bu. list -ar. ?llip
inen's were 43s.C". tin., and the day'. clear
ui.ce I.OSt.ov bu . thi total for "the week
being Z.''.w) bu.. against J,Cll,'i bu. ltt
w-cK i;nirts fiom AJiierli-i for thf past
teten months were said to be ..).. bu
In ejcc."-F of thoe for last se w.n. Thu
"p.-ijii oero w.is nut tery nt'.uraglng. to
tu) tin leivt, as the prc-uro was more on
t'.o solhng than the buying i.1 a. condition
tli t has not i.reviilled of late. As a result
'.f th's lb y narted :f i-10c lower, at K'
..fir! i. 11 ..li.i.t tiniM If f.nl.1 riff I.. Xtf r
w is tint i it.E betore thf strenqlh tliat has !
to long ben conspleuous asertJ itself
and the prii e react. .1 to Xtsc bid and to 3)e
f-.r July. Ifttter In tfeday local exporter-
fctated thtt all their offers had tu'ti ae
(..jiifi abrtiid, and neari all i-til. s to tho
ontlnent had been m-ide at higher price.
New York reported 4 loails sold for -s-port.
aiid shorts at .ill the leading markets
vt-re s.tl.l to be buying fieely, and it was
their efforts that proved so effective lu
fievatlng prices. M.t going up and clos
ing ".Wc higher for the day to SH,c sell-
r. while J-.lv wa." x4c be'tcr ..t 2! 4c blu
er? nJ IVbruary closed jc higher, .it S!c
The unmistakable "itrigth shown bv corn
whs the . .uef ci. ,s- inr the fitrom? under
tono rthpaved by oats this mornlnj!, and
wldle there were r --nles, or for that rnj;.
. ?;tT .ol1erai thf Alnv r TiMan -in i.t-i
tr'd ci.'.e.l i-y-.f r.U'- r. at 'Ji:,e. wlill '
r"i.brtinr' v.as tioimnallv : better at 2,o. I
n-o total ttiWra rt npu- w.-re SiZ.O") bu.. I
against 2JS."o b. a eu tig... 7, bu. ar- 1
rlvlns here, asalu-t 4.:.r bu. lat ve.ir. !
Tha shipments were a"".. hu. ani th t'lav's I
export cleanness ZiMf) bu.
'l-rilie lilivii.
Tie Chief of tl l.ur. an .,' St-'tlrtlc. In hi rr
purl on thlv countrv e-i-.-rt.-. ciiev tb-j fabuA.
inr flturr. f0T at ma:ll, jna, jcr fr.Jlen rn-iatlii,
endlnv; J&ltUarr 1:
1. )
J lour. tbt. 1.4,'i 3
Wfcrat. bu f,..v.l
l:e. ba ... 'l.liw
uatf. bu... ..... 1.V.4.J.T
(cm. bu ilVifiaa
l.ry bu 2. 1,1st
verutnrai. fctls H.v3v
Uat meal. lt 4.3t-l.l.S
t-Vuft Jul
1.. s.uuo
J0 7S4.UI
:,r.4 cij
il-e expert. In flfir and Mita:
lanu iry
v.era r.;-al'.ai.ilt to I3.Xj "f Ici
amm-t 22.;s4.i,.M
r an.l far vm
Lu fir Fiiiif n aniii !a-.t
rncntli3 rii..r-.rr Ji.uu.r- il. 11 -,.f... I bu.. a.aii.ie
T'le orli Trade Nr as f..rrva-itH th s seai-fn.
aji t. x n nt1 -. tu, par. ivr tlir I nii.d Ivlr.fr-t.t-i
a. 33 a-.. i 1-u 11 m Kuaia and tr,tj U.iKan
-.a:rs. .V..M.-.j...f l.u fi..m tue .-vrcr-itliir and
. (.-t-iuv id ,4'"r.e."J bu frnrn oth r c titrica,
avl-ig 77, w i 'i I .. t.i !-. ruipll.d from Atlantic
ICri frA-'t ir-ar thr-r p--,H lilr).-.-. 7.,4y
l-u. and tl.r j rr t Jin ear 77 . -' Ow, nu.
ftrvi n of rt.-in- f.nm itu.:i.i ant Grrm-nv
en t-ifj w irat r. p. m il.e vvv-l-- . crv.;f t.ir raft
.ra.cn now .'.V4I.I.. -v Lu . axa'ar-t 2.t5,fXv.i.i.,)
I- af-cjril.- io rart.rr .tir,ial-.
. urtrj- the -nx li -.nthfi ri ,.i. aar-.-l.iry 31, l
d 1 ver.?. f vin-! l. Miti.itan farmrrs wrre
4 1.1 l-o bi . v-.tie.e :.r sane rerti.t Ia.t ...r
t r.r debv.rirs werw ti-. u hu. Th.. dlfiericiru
1 etwe'i the two jujsv.5 I. da ta the very much
....aiirr r. p mi-rd in ? ttan In lu-s. The
;r crntiiee of drl.irri. .. cf a. lual vie.d u nrarlv
at. for 1 Iff i-il less l.jn 33 I..r 1 y
1 Ml -f lb. No. 2 rrd repirle.1 by Cilli-TJ-ro
c. rr..dn tn m Iiuij. jrttrca. to outrldo nulla
ar.not le ..onS-ined e-.rn b the ; ral r?rrsenta
t.vo ef th b-'-Je fa!.l to tiave v.l I It
A" Ult-T wrr.v cf rrclt cb aratu-rj. of rtor stiZ
T. i.r- will ir p. r-i, or iblbiv fnuilirr than -.m
; n.i "V i.u of latt wrrk itir jfar ag on- .
4-a,'i.i bu was cl- ar. .1 o.Tluj .. reirlti. -f:.ru.4
.a" tii-s Atlanlio car. that prr-aLM w-e!s leav
Jla' Nothlnjr; h.. Irn hrard cf late ri-r.rdtn: tr-.fj
f j.rantined poiti. of thr Arcrn'lnr. To-morrof.,.
irwrt vin tvl.iprirn.s vnli lnd.cat4 tbe condition
n a rxl-stia-j Ih.re
So far b r w-re,. the movticf r.t to and frctj tk.
rrarketr. d.s not lcdlcata much change fi it,,
vheat visible. A year ago tt.rr.1 was ovrr Ktl..juj
bu .tficrt-re.
The trad. -hjuM rerneml-rr that tha r'anubt-n
corn crop last jear was a very abort oir. an3
thla vears cr..p In the Arsentlt.. Is a failure, ,
fit lliia couGrj- Is th c:il enure of supply tve
-i' corn ou crs o. uie -t ri i.
Wheat lc.-rti3 at
pTnary r Inta. 4'2.ty.J bu .
ek -jo. I f,e"3 3 rar i r )
asilns; ni -- -t veeu -so, i.a-,i."-u a rar ir
r-4 . it. .ei-nai;"
llr. Inr.iti 1'ri.e Current: V.t-tcr wheat mod
arttely Ir.-. Tron'1-.iar thin nni vvrek-. au-j.
a s-Iy from d . ..ne in lna-.i and Oclo. Interior
brat rrarkrtlnir; QUlct. Curn drraand good, wllh
fair movenatit
"nb Crnln. n.iiir. i:ic.
V.'HIl-iT t-aeli tnalket ItrceiveJ y tka. and
JS ca- local .-t-or.jrrr. but d'ffl.tilt to Trail;..
r.- advva-ce. and vvhila CGnttdtralil in-iuirj.
mainly frora the outrida. tha difficulty In cbtam
Irr tr&n.pcrtatltin rvre.rtctlne bu.inr-... lYotn rl
Miter s.frai soil at 73Vi for laijrraded mid T
for No. X red f. o. b. 13. kids. LuMni TD.Uoj N- 3
red on p t. lly siuplo en trk.. No. 2 led .1 7 .
Cl.-c .latter fancy) llua side, and m.t owr 7"t i
tal Me K. .lde. JC 3 red at "0'i7i-. letter 1.
i..d . Ni, 4 w-Inter at tVJ .-"co. N. - laird t arrl-. -
itt t.'.1. - and s;.ji nuot il Iv ta.$j,ao fir Kaunas and
Nr H-k.. .V, 3 dx ... 47
O.lt-V t.t-t tiiurkr 1;. . . -ted si est-Wal an.1
13 .rs tltx lu 1 life'' r .ml tirnir, the um'v
t i - ie ve-t - u,t ii ill jut'. aft. r fo k haiins-
to mM t l.i r" pr-.c- vc ! 1 N - f 4a at .
... 2 at
-How t a.'-..- tlrl
tr-.if.iv. j
.' t. T,r.
,.,.",.. "......
mi: Vmd x s cmiM irfiv iv ftten p-m
ht -.4 -. hut r.i t, in, l..l If t. prUb
-t't il- Th lnMnl arp-r- 10 irr aropi-Hj
"r ri.t sr ir tt an " w n--i
or rnd th n frum lb "rnwat r p-"rt-' lor.
v nji- i..o ir. ni T--9 1 r:ij ivini;iin wrn" '
00 bttrr thau fair Thl demanJ nit lu
! ttt anl rt A tlw fotftll bty wuuU a.
Vmi.4tKii on It wrlntfr r.fct fiuur t a
f Alt.
IHT'at jSlrlW
I" r. fancy .
lar . . .
3 1.iTf
1 .. i l 1 .
.' !. .
!. an4 ro-Iiiim.
; U.
'f f. r l.tkera'. J; m to T
to IT.ii f .r wur-iis. a i
In ii'
r E FIa.T"U Jt r.c at SiM in fs ai.: V- a
In U..3
i'r'KiiAT Ilu It -limtrrn jo:inic w
;s -.. t I Wetm -.' Ji.Rj rer M1
f"'rts-ni5AJ.-'itj m-tl t o. b.. jl.ffl-:
Trail t M 4rlTs m.1 h.m'fir. fill
j!'xnn-,fj o:iirt f.in. tut t t
thA ii-ian! Th'ch itKrfi In ih- main fr.wn ft.
vrtor r-"ltit. Iiran en T trlt qu-fitft t le In
Urte a-id (fc n rnnnlt sV" . Ml'k at nvwfir At
tnlll. b-in r.lla ut ift7o ani finlra nt T-e Atir
corn bran la IV lb '. -W '.n I. It nt ."Jc
1' T H eHfJ -i tn. 'o'M ani t'T."
t' fit?!'. fbi.;l ?V; tnrs Tliothy .;ipWj nin-no-"
.iral Ij-a-e tp revl'- .nie of fHw 1 m ie. tH
ten . . of i nce b1rr D.vrd ed c!.vr
nl. if.1.1,. w.lT I fit ..llimi ea.1 inxr fra.!1 .'ull
and a.l lf-rii i. m o pralr f'ovr. a oOr.ni.f i
!r. ctc... uf Ifj'-nnil . lM- a. r'tlow-.- Timotiv i
:: jv32 .-Mr nt?" Jj s.i i. r.owoJO '
:.".. r Jify for N" S. Prairie i-'" f
e'.vi ?. ST. v .r ?. 1. 3f ftvr No. Z. .
O- .1 te ,t'i! neie- J"311. .
frTSAtv-Vr-t on trfe at S4 ; eats at : I
rvf a ?. '
GRA-S S1HTP-C"nv.- 55 S4 fc poer to J? '.
fir eiolce. rHlt.r 5Sg: tn chaff anJ $Sf f r J
rto.ee, - $T f'r f a, j .itrmati mill tt i -'tTl - I
Ik.' nrlT- . Huiuartan 3Ve. mi:ict 7Iii".. t!- I
th -'- '
rixsi:i-"i N-ni-'iv f fs I
.T.il: llt-'iiV-1 N .m.nal at tl H Err Int. for ,
ca'" 'el
Iicili-Mli !- -t
t'! ' tt TJl-'
. I S.1 Pr I l' .
N ' l.'ll. tiviv ftt.f. tl Q
: ' h1... that, th.ii.-ti
f-f T hr jt hr it t- t
ct.'i "1 .n lie Unl
l'EI,Ti:l!-l-.ier a
vt . 'i
w q.H"ea at :4 IiT
Local Kir?. Von It it, TiiIIt nml
Product' MaiidMs.
T jro!nr naT.-T fr-.raTTv rrr du!t -trJ
iv t th U itllr rti!ft-C br.!.,.
to a rff t etnt r.i cut u tht fhlpi-.nc denun.t.
Z'tj'-tue Yrer dull n4 ea5-r, ns rwlps ww
tif&.UT anti tn.lucTa ni ai.tr V dlp' 'f
trPir toTX-Sl BJ lU14.kr LS (HMPlf HM- r.r
hfw l"rt-ja. Th r. Aa3 khk! J-rmand 'or fan.-y
t.K b .iun.klr as ijMe far f'ar a.
ff. A !. . .a fa u luaal .Taann.l '. flrl.V I
intmpbv at 1 1 urank uliuh v.t rainer seir
i.ut 4imt iarie. pom e&i.i juim mi lujm
.r tiull fial flaw
mns ere r)inrst.at pip tn prl-'j n a -rtn-n
of tti laterHMiw of xtw -aMn. h-ilr arj
xrwtrw ani.U5 to disjH of tt, stife atul ai
mlllng tt tuaJ.o ctn itn'-"T:', pratittd ait
jrf-rlr -.tin K. i hanl t 'u t.
l.v f ts juit an 1 rt-.t J . a t th th tleniana
arl ri-rinftR ai Ifshl. M i-5 f "-&3 tork ar
ioirjwn.tieiy light. The tnqulrr ftir ratbK I
i Taa w3 o""-- nt so firm as thy ba l-ren. a
! yon.e ti'timen rr-ra Mtxro tav anr. ti whlrh
m-wi- futons. . ith th nitriJa TiJuct. tnita
r to quili'. 4k. r r.dition r.-i ptle-. anI ot-fpiint'-.
if surf eto-k xi-rv m-.iv literal wtrOiy.
In iert t exjre"s iiianc t-n loirato-- l"lrl
fla 1iii;n?i4 are at a ital vantage as ,fnpflT-.
ith M'st4t as th t hrp- frrtn the m: -t
.: 1 r. 1a to y luls on a t ita of tomato t
51 IS f-r a tltntanoB f aliuat I '" nu!-. hilts tt
rate fnm Tarr(.l. ?Ixic t. St 1 td. i -ll -tince
r-Tly thre ttaif a etvs? Is ttsl Jl.27 t
crate. aitVMieh 1 rwjuirB two lavs h Ik t anl
thr-s rtav hr rn'I. R - laj In all. to mnn th
tnr '"limetlc ccndttl ii ar marh more f.i
i..r:tf.'i in Mxi o and lihrr l much riiMnr
that It r1- th S.-T.. in rroner a ireat a i-ant-sKM
over hli rifr1 ta v.m;-"lTor.
I "art. ea-tat"-l tiere $r--ra-r p'arc 1
irm -lt! --urh a'ale tr therwic Iar-r1or ttotk U
l.arJ t- ui:'?i cf a; as rr'
Arrlvs ronttnue flrm an-i fr rod lmanJ. n ,
si:piII-s pre lleht a.ni! hnt!r ar l-m.iT
tnnr la thel- drran-! -ry dav C-l fniit
; rAftr.- -tnJ all jSCirtnR are readily taken at
p-ij x rice
-nk- nr not u!tf so M-itly. banrt offr
Ire; am hear aiM th !?rian'I Fonenhit i1'a
StrfwberTl" coatin'tr scaro and In zzoH d
xnard I(ultnr crr.tlne firm an.J rtlr IM!pt' of
cVkfni v"- hiler vetrdar, hut t!" lf n an I
was f'jllv .tiPl to th- supMr ard ic wr
well tr""iit-i'nl Tukev Tre alvv in f!r !--m.uil
anl th M wnthr v.? partlfularlv f
.--Ie for drr-.l ptM-k. which riorM fr-Ir
althvtph tho ritnand wis cii!nr f t ticht y.,umr
hn Turrvs. Durk al- n.ft with reaJy sale, but
-.-. ni-re .alt and stady
Gir-v of all V'n'l" nai -circ and f.rm. hut th
flrni-nd fi nM1t" was not a rc5 a that ft,r
cf'-T k!n'! of rt.
aN a No con-lrui !n roo-1 IfmanJ ail tho
mnrk't U firm
Th-r v 19 Ii chirr in ti nirV,t for .fr-r
r.tit -trlay Ro:' hntt- fntln a-arto
and flrrr. "end tir ! a limited dmand for extra
ci' iw- I '. t'r fCrad v1 dyll
TT r-nrk-rt N in -:od idltlcn, n- th
dTrcnd 1 trlv ntli anl uffrlnct. efp-rlailv
o er--. -1. rath- 11' ht.
TVr cr in nctir il-Tn.nd Tt!f ani h
nark" crorn firmer a- th lo of th -n
n-vrmt-irhe 1 i.t dealer rr- Itoxril-tr mir tr'
li thr lictl'n-. and nlj ?kln ihnt are tar.lriT
!n r-ijn- mt 1- ohl f..r !- than juotatl.in.
4"".vi kin a"e rather vralc
W-'ol eo-'tlnu'" dull and nneh-pJ. a pock
ar t's-ht and th d"rH-d limited
I!i'le- aro tendtrc 'nwird tn Mlc. hut -
A rr-"-I "nu fltl- sr '1 and all iffrT-jra nr
iJt!T ?J--n at th ..ee-ine
t'rM- I". fh-l T-elt'- if In KOOvl dniJ3d
nnd ;rr-H ar well r-ain'iln3
5ern" 1 f Sf'lft freh nr cont'iTi1
rr. .1 :. i t- rf- f th!" kind rtdilr oJ:T itt-c
trdv O'ritir" uro llirh: ard th mirlt
wa firm f.?d trc lld ?. r dm.W'nl
t -r l.Mr. !f -tlll slow of fl at run' h If
l,.rv qu ttation
Kr-reir-t vtn!ay w- I.T ci-j snl ship
ments T.0r- c;-i
llnlrv Prfiiliic!
TlITTinit. lmand ,r.w but i-ii- urhanl
at tli f llowlniir u-1 tat Ion 1 reamr- -Kxtr
r'I ftTti ) . -wN--d 1-. IiMi-v- Kxtra l1.
t!rt- Kil"e rni IV (rreH- 4&' Roll -Nir
t li'.lV 1-ror f.xtrns 2V t'oup
tr. tor T.rked Oj-i'-e fr!. l"1-i"'4. Inilt.'
t.. fi'r rftlV. Ia-nile-im. kd -Kxtrat ISr. rt'sti
1 "I"
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T A. 1? Cr!k 112l Tatr"hurir-r 12'ilS-W
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1SA.NAVAS On orders: V rt Ltmon at SI 73
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lf.r at k. 7- for vicar and cUlrceau. S3 for
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I"TT. r N"..rtt.rrn in bulk 00 t-k Ilur
bank at 4Ifc40" fr . .timin t. fair to 4"'i;. f.r
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ia ivult tt.
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milttiMial ii.r.u-r- in t!. IjIik l--r to 1 .
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fr-i.m him n ti nun.!- : the tratlf I-vl t
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rt-llrii l:mtf tber.
i--.-i m-irU-t (uiatiui:
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I Nrt l.l.l , st,.r, rl,t. 1 UtlT
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717 7
ir. te :it t. cav s.v
in- I" -,.l. rlihe ?cpt. 1 .... CvK
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j:r. t--lirf, altn-, .Hj. J Cj.'fll :
I St. . a ..is Uan.I . . jn.0f !
.nrrpou; aiatket -tt uulrt. llc. I-mi I..Ar;
Hilar. . t 3JJ.I. k.ila oirf ..le l"utur . o-fl
!' ... I'k 4 'aij. Pel. Marrn 4 f.)-?) 1 .
Jlir. Amll 4 W-tAi a . April lla 4 U H. Jlji-
Ji.-.- 4 4J H ! b . Jun. Juli 4 47 '.4 1 a Jul .Hf.
4 ''ii I.. Auk -tft I S.'II a. S..t. t i
.3 4. I. . m V. v 4 54-n4.l I.
iN-m-MIe nHirkrt.
MfMii.t, Mra.lv, l.lM.II'is SV. rec!pt 1J9
'I 1'. t tr-,;v at v..; rreeit t f frl !sl.
e-fi-ta ..i!rt at ". I'.-rlrt" "i 11-'I'liw-r.
Itrw at y",--. tr. "I t I..741 l.al
V. w irl-r. ilrt at V tf rj ts :t4 !..: ".
Mllmtlmlon Kln.l nt fct.f. trf-,: ; fJ4 Uilr.
IWvannaU vulrt ut s 1-He. rr.-r.t J i.vi i.iis
. hvrVt.n I Irri i.t NS'. irrl,t. I i 11. j
Mobil Vulrt .ft lc ircrliit 1.7S bile-.
N.rffjlk Steady at ".c. re. tpfS i t; I. il..
, N w York Marhe! '-(i t inai.rrt st.aly. ui'J
Oltlli; fT.C. luturrf i,m.l tr.i.lj.
'. Iff IlUt. IVV I1.M1.
Yttfvlae. To-fJv. Tu Jav Tu -i.iv
"nrrtarr .. . .. v ..4
3Iar.li s 0.
l-rll i..c
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.'illie s f.)
J'l .
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Srj.trmlr - .
I IRnt tin. ,. . la 4i I .liam t., I,.., a. ,u .. ..,.. ...! tliu. i .. .t..fU..
f i r. ".
I'l -I t .1
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m t ) ' fi
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) 1 1! u
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tf.tf..lr T 7J T f- 7 ii 7
Nr. rereli.t. nt Inll.I S'tatrs j at. f r x
J..'". 1f3l7 Imlrs. ataln.t 17.. .".7 !le li' rrk
itel ..4'1 a Vntraf..! Slner Hrp-nnlf-r I. t. .f
t..'." ahain-t 7et.SfH f.w II.- same tlma In1 v..-ir
Kvi" rt r,,r j.x dn. -Mil llr, ae ilrot VI --.I
lilies lam, va- M.. k .n ban!. I.i;.7"3 bale..
a;ilnst H3.3.) a vrar atJ.
II? Telegraph.
."" York. Wi. r. Thrrr as !.. aith'tv in
tt. . f .r. it!..Tf.rt lu-fiav. T.rtr uai In tint
. iuml in, .iiiin no.it f..r a fr.v a-n.H ."
I-r.-ra.iu cl umlrtr. tc.ultlr rr in l:-ill.ljtii..ri
ul lvt; a. evanit. . "al.1 . were a dbtln. t .r
a.p..lrun-..t p. thr tr.i.lr I-rr anl an n-.-rli.ti
v.rro laij.er ai.-l rflilnriKl t.i l- .till lurx-r bu-ei-a
r f-autmia 1-n.. ..(a-nlna- i.h-.-,l a t"e
Unie cf v.-is i-.ir.u. Sule.r.-iri.t l.-j,lr-.r., m.
r. ...d tha If . p. ksii i..lnt I'rliatr enbl-s
H vtifl that Unr-Hah sJn.i.r, b.,nfrl 1. .l.-, -tl.
n t.. Iriv at the adiiim-r In the knal rnar-
fv . ft..-..- na F..m rrlllnrT l.V Inl.lrru ., . I
that the
inrvrart ua. nHrHl l.v h-av y
a'.d rcaiirre.1 i..n lnirre-n.. whl. h w.ild b
t,. ! I'.iiil.:r,i tfrfrv the fltuall.m c.uld
. .--vi,ifrr,i !,!f.m( H,i n ,har- inr an I
1 I-.
t-nr .i.lian-r in .,rl.r. N.-..rh.t..n.ti.... .h
t-Mrrn rablen th- largo rr.rli.ta anl talk of
tira-v i ic inter. ., thr Sif-atrem .t irvkrr.
..m.vt-r held their ..an. thu. crarm.r a , .m
.r-vat.ve irrhnr at thr d-cllne. and the rvirk.t
ii!,.,uinllv ratllr.1 rfhurply Uil.-tlv ..n .-.vrrlntf.
.lartr.1 bj a .Unraud fr,,m M irch and Mav
fNf-, V-" rTirk-t el...-i ftra.v to , j.4ntj
I .i.-t..r tr. a ..n's frt 1JWht. tjt clt .-1 rtra Iv
ndddling in 'and- st.r: ,)., ,-.,;., .. i.,?",1,,
... Ii-e fiv. Jan 7e
u. fll.. f.l. ,- ....
...... .,..,.., , r . I , f .iTT.Tl Itrlr ..,. r.f
1 ftadv. wlr. - r.!larv 7 7 !.. .-..
irillnar-.- 7 hvic
V H0..1 Il.t..Jlit- V 1, ,T. ,V.a..a..r.' "-"f.'"-
1 .-. nn.l.llli l . .. . ...
rrrrpt 4 10 (it
st.- 4. Vl fV.rur, . ..,.,!. .
y. b , .-. n.-m!r.ii.
March s 4, -,7. . Aril , .A
is ... . irav v v ;?r
i',.j-..A. ".-.'. 5-1' ' '" :r 7-,:;'
. VI. a-. 7..v . -ff7 lc. 1-. 7.3j7 4-
I'1".' '.Tnf' A'"";r""' ''! ir fair ;. 11-ir.i
C.M r-l-l. Her 5 -. Jit. tnlfMUng 7. 3-V.l t.i ,ra
-l-r.l K .. ., Urarv 4 -r..aii ....,-.
4 19-31 The
vvhlf-h f.o vf-
Mien f tie .Iv rr v,'"l"..f
...r i-"-ul.-iti..n an.1 imi'm!
Flfl ,ir th irin.. Anu-t. ... i .... .
I 7 to I . .
.'"Iv- Mir a4 ,-,.. 7"" .'.""
S-it 4 f. (4,1
.-!; t 4 73-.TM 1. ',t 1
N.v lre 4 9 (,lt4 P. 41 ,.
Nuv 4 14 t,H I.
Itecelpl., ru,. riir V(nrl.
( ii let
I rleefi I ncIinRgril.
New Y,.rk,
Keb 1",
TJt. nrxlf, ....t. .
.lav rrra l
..rr.r . .'..L"... ''' ' .'
'"??.:v:-.j''Vb S''.." i
I r-
,!...:..-' -U. ..." eniarna
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I .1 4 -a tlts..lA. f.H - ..
rid 'rn.l-
t-u.k In .-. Tl... ...,.;. .'.:'" " "H" t.
- .lrr.m...l .,,. -II" ".t" ' ".""'
V-n-.t. ,. inehani-.i ""1r ''"''
r.1 P..U1I.-. .r int. t.. day 4.4; , kia
.". of freh-kl!lr,r ra,.r. lall tI4rk , T,
tn.r- patll ril-vrlr th. feirra-r In .mi
if I Iv .r.1. lt maj cntlnt ...' !i!.
. -l
.h..r. rr.,.t. B-im"."."..,"r. """ to the
''"' '0l",', "f bH-e-a via- l.Kht anl LIS,.
vvliat dLii-rfntinc ll-n :urkr. ,i;.?. nJVT,:
all vrsnw. n.,t mUI.. ii,. t-. lr white W
strr.l.'i.'T.t, ..r ri,.i'at l--.VeUn"
are r.aunlv hr.. .., ratrtn, ,s'to .$,
-. and dr.-i.7Rin.- a- '. . while a r.lc- run !
7: .-'veracr run .,f Wrtfrn ct.l.k.n.
ll ai fn m !,
Pi h premium
rejw.i. ibi run inatrj brlrg-
rreh krdr.! i..,:iltn
I r-M 1-V mnel ll
t. 1i inr.liilr.1 n.ifl-.
S- aln- aih. . -.n.l
T-irL-j.-w-jtrrn prime
rtf aril t..nu 1-k vc-iing
'- . t-.rivv- Se. .,1.1 tu:4
othrj- V.'rMrrti rrlrn- It
in.ua atrraar t.rimr I2r
inf.llnni Il-fil2i. -. na!
I lir U'r.in. I fir.
. nil. k-RH anl t -ni..
"' i-'r- and -ras-rv
ir.n-- .!rv pi. kr.l c-.
--. aril in ijra-rn t r.I
n 7. 4...4r r.-i.i
: n7i iij k- t"...ern
an i rup. r. a . - .
K..1.I-.1 Me; .Ir-" ,,!, K
tl." e. l.)r rhl :-.
'-r' . . 1'uwi- .;
.; ,'.. d p s II iltrC
ll.tlllfe ..Id r. k-. .
t'lr i i . ir , i.,
prnnr in, ... . j
ir ioi-.v
l.li-nuij Itntllrv liititiill,n..
t"n! ago pi, Krh 1' I'lwwl Isultr7 uttadv:
trkr.. -Ji.lt rl.i-.rn. 'O-oI-'-c
llllller, riin-.i- mill ITitus.
New Yrk. IVb 11 11 it -r Ite-rlrt. , rki.
and .Iradv June . r..ner lsir22 . Ur.trm ,r ,
-In s--. T t. ry isti ''. h re- IterrO.t. .-47 , r.
. .... II TV .U ' 11 r.r- lieerjj,.. , .;; pkC"
Him fall-ma Ir fin v iarre I...I3, raii
fan.n tr-.!' I.. n2c. Iiolc. rfia;r".i,tr
17KK-fltt.rits P.J2I pk;. . sronr. Wejt-
!: c
ern lS'jc at trarl
'rnriieiitine nml llnsln.
ffee- y.,rk Teb. 1'. Turfrntlrr stradr at MH1
t -. Kirnin .tead . r-rr-ilir.;. rer.imon logir 5:.;o.
Nr-v York. rb 1. P.t-o!e.ini P.-nr
l Cltv. la. Feb 13 Ctrdit Inlnnces Jl et
tv.tlflcatr. ofter.! 51 tTi. .ililj nirnt. las 13
avria.e j.,132. runs 97.t7, averac- i3,v"i.
Now York, Fer. 13 v.... I vtrady.
Hides nml l.entber.
New- York. Fib. 13-I.ld
tf.f..l v
nrra lshr
Ilr.v Ittitttltf.
Nw YorU. I-Vb L. The-a hat- l-n furtt,r
sale. t.f irtiuUtr i rint t loltis at 3.i, an.1 (, ,.
Wir.tl f.tr narr-.w and v. i-le Oflls , .ntinuf. K.-I.1
i.rni i-rler l-iruwii sheetlruts lirrn. an.1 tin
Iroart .-.ar.I..r.allt t.e h. fTl.tr No chinae ta
t-i .,.. -jiui", r-ir-re jair win-.a r-.r r.iea. nr, , ,,t
l.eiK ,-.l full pri-ts Itrnln.s n:i t--r..J!nir 111
war-1-. noma lir.-n further adian- f 1 i.. today.
1 . ks ar.- un-larv-ed Flail-. -.troi.,c ail t hecks
and Mrli-rs and etinl.t-. -.aairitt buter-. Pnr.n
ll. fair .irn.and for -.tapirs, bat fanrlv-i ttniri.
tltrt-'-ams rlr-.-iir lb t:rry anil untlrrwrar Prm
1 ut uir. n: .. n.i .uriet Ml d-'tili.tluni of .-4:-ton
llitn4 in tTiftal c Ut.- n
Vl.-lul Vlnrl.et.
Nttv ar".. I.Vb. I- Yin lrrove.1 .ip a shad--tiK.iin
t.r.uj i.,.wiiu: linprovi-ii.rnt in thr lain
tl..n Irark t, cliirrai--t the citiiati. n l-ft-allv tva.
iinel-tn-r.1. Nevis rrtm th. r-t .-j. al.ut in
line w-ilh anticlpatl-iit. d-nv.'in.l was slack an-1
tffl.r.iw-t lltrhi .it the .lor-e the MetuI Mvchanze
4allr.l pig irtfi vtarranls ver .lull. like si(;r
un. harare.1 at Sit;.23 Til vrry quit t at S3.,. 371..
lr--.i un.-hariK.-..li wllh 14 7s bid an.1 J4.73 askt-d
S-1.-II".- dull, with J4 w 14.1 an.1 II 7J ake.t The
t.rr.krr.- it-it. for Jrad l. i I 4a, and lu.- tci,r
Sir. llaH il.
Nrw- lork. Feb Ii 1 V rr-- "it r-r ii-rel
.tr.ul.. with pnet-t I-r t. la tslr.t. tlr. line ,..i
lu.e.1 m..Irratriy h. I've, with little fur.lrr
thar.ee, while showln.; an eas- umlrrton. fol
lowli.s cintrall- vrt.k abl.--s an.l llf-a;fp.,tatin-:
--.. ai-llvr 6LH-ort. v-.ith ep-jt prites alr,ti dr.
tbr.ire- The market . I -"-ed .teady. wllh rrices
I., to :.) points e.wrr T-tal s-llrti wrrr 31.71) ba.
In. biding .Mar, h 7.1ot7 1; ilay 7 3t.a7.2Ta;. July
7 .Vie. Auir. 7 v .-i,t. 7 31.i7.4V. 1X1 ; ),
7 4. . I.o. 7 3-ic. Jan. 7 IV Si-.ft citTrti 1;,
Olll.-t. V. 7 Invoi.-o v..r. No. 7 jobb:r -.rc. iliM
tiulrt; fordova PKilJ'-ri.
(Hllftriiln llr.etl Frnlts.
New lot!.. r.h Ii Iluslr.e In evaporatrl
apI'P ctntlnu--.I In a J.tl.lnc wav to-djy. -4ar.
vtrrv ..nil made at . oncer-sln-t. a. bujers Wrrt,
holdlnc ojf IJkIu rr ript. vvrie ir,rt by dlap.
l-'ilnitng news tror-i the country The cl.-r-e wa.
ariy wild the tendency towards a lower level
Callfi-mli dried fruits steady In tnCe. w-lth or.lv
a liand-tn-m.ith trade in pr--Kre.s. stale ..n.
orate.1 appl.-s. .nmrnr.1 3trtve, ittm. c,c.c,f-iir
rilOli-e 7li7T-r- fanrv KttSl.C. t-'allfrrf... .1-1.1
I prune. 3ij'j7-. air.iots. rival nQklc, Moore
7'.,Jr?i. ' '
rerira iljia;, unpevlrj
mom: iii i.i.imi rnvrt m, mu-
i:i:ii. mmi noriT.ii hit r
tiiii i: ki.i iiim-iiir..
'i ici
lll'llltl. UI'OTVi'lltNN aiiv 'i:ii
i'i.i: ).'i i.im'ii; rimr cLr.ni
am i:s wiiui: iir.ivi.
lll:iX'KI.I. SI'KCI.ll.
I'hh'iico. III. l"l. IS. A fall of r.w In
v.lnter tlmo alw tvs na. a lK-:irlsh Migges
tlnn In It to the average wheat Fpeoulator,
f veil when ther,. a .tnirr; jtrolwiblilty In
connection with the Tundttlon of wheat that
the mow li a mere winline heot to a
c.,rie. Th Miovv that fell In ,! nUlit ar.l
covcred lli ground this morning was o
of tl.o Influence-, unler which May wheat
started a trlflo lowor than It rlosil 'W'edn.s
lay. Willi, however, rnntlon of snow Is niarto
Ilrst. It vva rot the chief reason for the
fcl!(;htly bearish feeling with which the tra 1
Ii.ir coinmeiice.1 The 7Cofhwe-t furnl-d'ed
the print lrI tnotl-. e tor the vljght intrwluc
t..ry weakness. AIlnneBpolH HIi.1 Iuluth te-I-orflni-
tlf minila-r -.f cars of v.tv-at re-
Ived i t Sfio. or S't In et. e. of the previous
TliursHlny and W nxue than a. year ago
The market rtiiialnr.1 onlv a short time un
der the li.lluriii a of inovv atil Nvirthwett re
telp's beforo making acknowledgment uf
tonie bullish fature4 of th-a yituatlou that
cropprj out from the arly dl5Iatclies. l.lv-
rpool ral.-vril ltn quotations frum Jtd to iJ
u cent!, l'.iri-. was up equal to from 3-c to
lu a bu , nt.d Antw rp showed S-3 a bu Im
provement. ITIvat-j Liverpool cultltgrams
reported the marl-.rt tlrm with upward ttn-
dctiey. and a few- tmall buying ..rders for
cirh wheat accomjianled tho l.lverpil '.!s
patchr. I'arls epl.ilr..d llrmness of wheat
by raving "wrathrr cundllluns continue un-f.ivorabb-"
l'.i Kills from th.t Southwest
v.iro of very cold weather, one Kansas tlty
me"agv cljlrrlng zero tfinperaturo as far
routli as Teia.s; .Mir.nrapoll? reported heav
ier pales of flour than at tho eorresiondltig
tlmo last year, but ut u t-tnal! margin of
prollt I'hlcagu r.-eeiptf wero 41 cars, as
comjJire.1 with Vt the jear b'fore. Th ag
gregate at the chief Western primary mar
kets was 17S."" bu . as compared with HJ,-t"-
bu the previous vcar. Atlantic Jiort
learar -'-a of wheat and flour wero i'ial
to 3WH" l.u.
VstIo'is rumors wero Hoitlrg about con
cerning the .prratlons of foreign specula
tors tn this market Some said Tranco and
Kmrlnml were buyers; otlirrs r.Mirteil for
eign pctiilatlve ord. rs wto chblly !o sell.
Tiirre Wfte some good hlnnl buying orders
from K.istern snurcu. and active jicgoti-i-tlons
were In prjgrtH lif-tvveen burs an J
si'dlers during tho session, with very If.tle
.HTerence betwren them In tint matter .if
prices Strength in corn helins! wheat and
sellers of the Iat:r wore chb-lly satlstlt-i
U ln-nl.
New York reporfd .".' (...alloa.ls .,f wheat
mbl for eurt and 17j.!o bu of tha: vcas
Iriught li'-n. Hrooir.Iiall. I.'v-'jujol. en bit J
that .1. nit. is vv.re rio-i .-ntrrtjintil by the
bet Mtsleil jM-ople In Argentine uf the r.
Isrrtable suipltu. .if that eouutr 1 Ins: as
mi.ih as it was la-t vnr tenet! news .-.,ni-lrg
near the end of the e?ei.in. In connee
ti..n with the strtrKtli In corn and i rov -ls-i.in.s.
l:.p: tie wln-.il market firm t tho
.-n.i May w licit ..p-rr.i at from i3j -.,
mV. sold nringl at i7t5,' . from that up,
to . laick to vs'.e. again up lo i?ti,.. the
next time.
I urii.
N'o country aivptar.ee of cum vas the
Rrner.ll report uf ttie revhi-rs thla ni.irnl,-..
und great demand Srorn the Ka-t s-uld th.
hipplng brokers. The r. wilt of vevt.-r.lav
nn. ling of tho transMirtttlon 'ompunb-.,'
lepre.ientailves was that coritrurts v.eret-ti-t-rr.1
into with I'hicago t-!itpp..rs for the
forwarding of l.ilt.wJ bu. at 1.V from river
points to the j-eaboar-1. That, nt lea?t. v.-as .1
rumor tint received iirrn.v at.d v-rrv
general heller early In the neion and
liriped to -reate lh; bullShne-w In futures
that became verv nronounce.1 .lurini'
the setrdun. Th (Uj s local receipts wer4
4'. cars, and estimate of to-morrow.. IVc
The agf.ng.ite r.seiv..l at the principal
Western markets w is t:ia.i"..t bu . compart!
with .-j-.'.vi l,i th-v-ar t ft.tr 'I he Atlantic
p..ri lAaranc.v were heavs . ainountlmc to
l.tft". t" bu. IJverpooI qiiot.tb.nM were ad
vanced a trille. tliB rite for the djv being
!4d a i nla I
Trsdlng In corn was on a heavy scale,
and a broad, adv.in. lug n. irk. t .-har.icter-I2..1
the .1-iy's buint ss. In iddltion to tht
large uantlty r.-p rted to have l,..-n con
tracted for cst.r.lav aftern.io i for .ship
ment from river jK.lr.ts Hist. .."' bu. t..
go from "hlc.igo were s.ild to-day. and New
York itporie.1 f.irty iMMt..ads v,,i i t.,r ..
port. May corn open-d fn.nt 34'-..i3i4,iil',c
an.l !: pt advancing wl:!i moderato reac
11. ns until i: rt n he.1 Zlr. an-l the cltwlng
figure-, wt-ie w,.''l-".'1,c, a r.tt gain for tho
dav of Se
nilis. Oais were t.p ",c. jrt tln market was
weak in orrpari-on with on Kvr.Ttssl.
and his itiisif -.c. nit. I to have .Ma.v fur
sale at -4.-. but the liime billing ir.b rs
so cmed to iiilt vilhln l-l'. of this tu'ure.
There w,i some ti. niat-.l for t ash and r.t.t.f
bu was i.ik.-n lc r fir -!i:pi:..lit The sim
p!. matkit v.-' linn mid ,. liUh.r. K
ports w--re 11' ". i-u K stlpts were t cars
wllh 115 estlm.itr.l for to-morrow With
drawals fiom store nmomitt.l tu 4..J7 bu.
lilt r let
IS.trl.-y was strong v.Ith price. t:r-li.inge.1
to ,tc hlylter. t mand was gtsid and buvi-nei-s
itjs Ilmltcl only on .--oui t of lha
light offerings. Keceipts were very i-m-ill.
onlv la tars all told, l'ct.l lots ...Id at ?V2c;
malting: er.idts ranged Iroui a7c to IJc.
Klllir-c of I'lllurct..
VVl-eat -F-b
31 tv
July .. . .
f. .n Ft I. .
Mav .. . .
Juli ... .
Oat -?Iav
31. -s I'ark-
..isy . .. .
ta.r.1 -7Iey .
Dfelln-: HlKhr-r Irtest.f
CS'.Sl .
., e;i,
C lo
5 s-
11 3-)
11 IC
1 v.",
Pt S7 j
11 0
11 .1-1
r. ic
t-h-rts Itlhs
Flour. Itbl.
Vl..at. lu
Cms. Isi
ttats. bu
Ittr. bu
llerle). bu.
. -.
uml Slilliliieats.
23 l.i
4 "t
. 7t-.-.
live wrs Ilrm. clcsln"; with hovers at the
figure It was offertsi .it jcsirrd iv 31 i.v st,J.i
nt TfCc. closing wllh this pr.-o bid andaf.'.o
asketl. No. - to go to spire r-old at ai1-.-;
No. 1 f. li. nt fJV llicelpts were carr-,
one uf whl' ll graded No. 7.
l'latsoe.l was eiiiirely nominal, not even
one tr.td. b'lng mule. j.,r No I North
western 51 0' was bid. Mav was quoted nt
11 It". For Kept. 51 Z wa- bid and I K ask.-L
Hccelpts vver 1; errs ard r.hipmiUs iST.t
Tllilttfliy nml Clover seeds.
Marktts b.-M j.?eailv ; sanrriles of II. o
formtr rang.-d from Vi to li"1 pr bt lb
Ir.verseeil was. 'Uot-.l from frj to SM.IV.
holders In a goo.1 many lnstar.e.s would not
tako formtr bids for timothy seed and put
thtlr samples away.
Irov Inlons.
lrovllops tipeiie.l rather Irregular and
rome lncllnition was shown to take tho
short selling side. One vvt H-knovvn nii.l
tather li.avy local s-pectilator t.Mik a dts7ide.
stand against th" marke.t and was a fretj
seller for .1 .short time, but after he had
disposed of .1 good deal In th- tirst hour,
the strength of corn and wheat gave n
couragtinent to bulla nnd buvlng becamo
gen. ral. The market tlo'eil linn at IV3 riso
lu iirk. Tl'jc In lard and a'-fLV In ribs. Tho
local run of hogs was SejOo. or ?..( short
of expectations. The smato for to-morrow-
was --,, ,) he.nl. The aggregate of runs
nt the chief Western packing places was
70.0, as-lmst HT-'" head Usl jear. Thu
I'rico Oirront rjv.rtcJ tl. wopk's p 'Mnir
!n the WV.t i.t im-, c ini.iril v.l . 'ft
hcaj Ia;.t y ir
3iiciviris nv 1 i:i.i::i! t-:i.
New T...-k. 1. 1,, t it, u- Itr.ri;.t4 ...., Li.l. .
vi' i'i -..! t.l.U ll..r a.m. 1,11 - vv.u'.. r . 1
rn f. I,ut hrl I t.. !.leh .,n lt.K 0..1T I r l.u : -.
v r. . a. r. ..ui,, 1, , aiillni; !-. if.iv ...I a-K.i.s
I- ... vvitit.r lail.nta 3.wt1 V.. ml.it I J. i i
' Ic . vvliitir f..m Rt idrs J J . ... y.'
1 'lt.n '- S- "liM". ... H.f tbMt it' t 1. . I . 1
I ! J.J1 V. ffK.!. r t. laJM lli'MJ ' I'J
vlr-il n.,ur M.). SI.I,j41.ji .rrrifal flit
1 w v.trrii iwar. tit .. . brand. v.-u 4-.
- Hj ram. Nul z UrftKu ijf t f l. ait... '
-' or i wtM.- . 1 t Xrw Yurk ar !.-. Iiai .
ta.j . fmllluc IS,-! I., f I 1. Nf V r.. !...
1 ..i mlri Wtrat 1-mli.u
Jf.tMf I"
I' t it. ku . suit Dim. Nv Z rrd
1 .ilirrn Inilutli "I", f. . I. alfffa r a.1
I rail Iftjturn MV v I- all i ir n.t ..ti. '
M'i.i n.-..i i.f. tiiMr. cut r f.i ..rr. ir.Ti .ii ;
.tif-r.-.t. lar.r 111 .vrnpatt..- mi -.rn. n.r 11. :
k ......I - .r-, Dim ff.r tr.e l-alan. . --f i'ir a.
rik l.v eh.!., anl a fair rxlf-i-.u.T. .-f t .e
1 1 a" fUr.l-. m.r. IT tradlnic fra-urfi. t,ii--.l
f r- nuwf ni- if ir..,u.rr. .1 ..b v '- at Jfi..-- -tr.
.-Ills vrrr m..lrrati ue.1 c-.fp r.. s fr..ru 11. 1
.- 1 rtiy and f r- m Fran-a Irallwr. 1 ."""I flrni al
V r.rt a-bfuvr Mar.-fa .-.. I 71.. . M'i "-.'iT
7."v. ' l..l 73"v,r, July 7a'-i7"'.. i" t TV
.an (r..pt). m. a bu., rxp.frta 1C4 7S.7 be. ! :
tirm. Nu 2 4Ji,.: r u If. an-at and n-- tlev:;.r.
iI.tl..i mvrkrt ffffrnrd t-traay aril m ie-1. tmnir-.l.-.t.!
aivan. inn ..ti a bljr. -!.. rr .tl.r .Irfv.ii.t
u -.1 .ash .Irtinfl. hlnl.er e.il L-i ar..l lull
' ...r i-j a. i-tan. ... ifoarO. tlmi at -. i'. irt '
ai r. Mav 4a",tMr. . 1 ! .1 . . .ml 41
4.V l.-d 41',- ! Kr.'pt ."" u
I. 1 - . ;S bu ."jm ttim. Nv.. z r-.. . "' -7.-
.N.. 2 whll- n- N... i mliltr '. tr
1 ikrj f.iern rirf-'tf-ae, trk mhltfj .'1 4"- '
tl i. dull, bat Winer. Ilay fltm lb ; st--i.
' al flrm. I.ut 4irf. H.ef atrady. ni-t .
S.n. Iail.1 tlrm. WrMrrn -t.ami I l ". 1
:.';', n.mlTal It-Hi.. 1 tlnii ivritln--t ' '"
A. !1 . .-nu-Hinl . 9i-r l-.k iirr r.'l w
rer-.n. .-ttr ;e bid. ..untry t:,i-S'- ''
Frd "II str.l. 4naie f-ru-lf. 2""V'f--4c. d - v . '
i. ltl'-r flra.lv AtolarrCS t-'1 TV !' ' l'
btafl Fr.tchtd to lav- rfi. 1 vilrt and ft
lCansa .Ttv. Air.. VI 13 Wheal a-
.-,- i
r.. V.f ; hard Cljr. N. 3 ..XiClr N"-i J ri-1
i"r :- 3 ftliV---- 'rn May -?.. . a.a .
ti.lv I Ii.si3r.r. No. 3 vvhlta ;ie. N
iti N I 2 v-hlt !3e KV.V- Nv. 2 VI- II
j J' .'.'Sj. 'Tri r- .'
It-trii.tj.- vvhrit 21.W.. c-rn a; ...
Shipoivnts WTieal 21.1-10. era 2j.f.J
T-. i-lt O . Vh at Wheat a'tlv
h'nt-rr 7 r
a al . N. 2 cash 72'. c: May 7T.n. ' ri
rf-a.iv. N. 2 nilvrd 33- ttat tru.r-li-ivr.)
;.l, Jav 2f .- Kt Mradr. N.
r- tl..- rr-frr-i ftrtltr .t-adv. prttlie -
It i--. IVb n. r " Ti. Murth ff. w N.s 2 .
- 131
to tl f.11 un. 'ianrj
t'liKaa.. Krl. I", -.'ash fiuotavtlon. -.r-. a ' '
1 w. IT n- i-lrni W'rat N-- 3 j-t.--si
77. ' r-1 7le f-..rli-.V- -' K. N v
i 3e- .c.-n . 2 2?1-- .v : !. y. ,.-
Iii. Vo 2 . Ilsrlev No 2 2ViR. V..-.
No l j: t. N VV fl ' Tm. ''.e " ' II "
5 .',. l-r..eln V. t prk. i rr I I .' -;
". lir.l is- 1.. It-. $.' 7T.T. '.. -- r
ai Irs ru.nr. 13 VyJS 1".. .Irv wltr.1 ....Sa 1, -t v l
tt'.ifel,. Rin.e; . Irir Fide. .11 ' -. ' - .
V.liKky-IU'ttllfe.- Pavl.hr.1 K'-.''. I"-" L''1
SI TTi, SUear. 4i:t bvf tV..- rran'rlfit- I e o
tin the IT. -bn K-vct..-ir.K t.. .lav the t i.rtr- r i ir
krt vtaa.t-adj er.-ar.ta.rie. !'-?7ff- tla1r'.-s lj Je
r!.e.e tlrm 4t 12-r 12 . 1-a-v 4 . nv at Jj.
i.ivi. s'intic si iiici:t.i.
lr.-vtly It. Slrtuia; If-iani
ri U lit :i l.ott Hogs s(r,,n.
at. I.x.'a. Thtirsliy. IVb i'. 1'""
lief fc-i'p
.. . "-3 '
'"'I ; ' "."""""".!!." .! 4 . :
1- "I. ?
ll.r.. fc. ! fttllr. . . -
f.VTTI.r. -Native fltt! Tratlr Thr ca::'. -ur.
fr.an native trrrltory 'ran rrnthrr :trlw t. h
. laas rr-rjvrd a. fair Gtstrlbotion of tt.e ore-.
Inir. 'ilr btf neer reprtsM-ntatlttn n vtiy
tcl.nare and r-icrs r'llel trdy. trrvt b-at.J.'
...v an.! hrifrn Irtrod a lat.-r urernt demand
a spin nicurr. while medium arid canner e.e.
- .M strraly. Tve tr-rti-r Kra-bi- of ala.il caul.
f-M tta.lily an.1 .teady, but cutruaua k3rfda r.ert
tkir and weak.
lbprntative sa'r.;
N It-. At l"r. Nat De. Ar l"r.
4lr--rrl. Ha ILu 1J ItSlK'V 1-
to rtrrr
1. .t.4--a
J331 4.77,1 2frt-tf!rs ...
1'tf. 4.351 2 Iredrn. ...
li-f-t 4.1-.' 1. St.. keri ..
Jllo 4.U' falotkera ..
. .. 13t 4 33' 2 sit- tier,..
1-t.l 4.33 v tri4-cla-a-ft ..
. yj, i 4i
-4VS" 4 if
.. Tlr 4 21
,.Cal 4 la
. 7ft t :.
-.iter. .
17 .ttt., .
l jTer - .
jt -i,r, .
ift, 1,1-fSS .
7 Siren .
V. "It-.-. .
I. .: rs .
It. rat .a .
21 -terrs .
a -.-.era .
;.t rfra .
a -terrs ..
21 -.ivtrj ..
iv -reer. ,
. l"t 4.C1' t stock-r-. ...
...1.14 4.et, 1. aa,i ktJs ..
... S4S 4.2ai 2.to.kr4..
tew - W
ta a r
.. I-"'. 4 J(
-..PJ3S 1.7
i. eta., kcrs ..... . 1
I. STar ke-r-t -. 315.
r 1
2 3
.. i-s-f
... tr70
... Is't
... 721
. .!
4 Is 3 sa krrs ..... v-sr
4.lC 1 L.fller ....... CIJ
4...i- 5 mlxt-I ... ..
:.: 3Bialxtl . ..as
3 W 12 b-.fftts t.i
A.UI 1 l.oi'er
- la
4 stt--f.n .
li te'frrS ,
If llelf, rs .
1 tr-ToC
a l-lf(-r4 .
2 cow .
- . .fW. ..
1 belfrr ..
a t m s . . .
2 .fW-t ...
i . wtt S . . .
1 heifer ..
1 belter ..
1 cow
1 cm
I tH-lfr ..
i lielfers .
... (ta 2.3a
2 heifers .-.. .
... ell
... ;
4.3U Scows ...... "
4 30 Jtalven ....... 14
4.-T. i calf ::
i.vt Itttat.aa ....... Ua
4.W 1 .-alf 1 o
4 ; i ralf 7-1
I, 2 . .lives ....... li-
3.V. 2 . .llr-, .... .. l.v.
.. -- 3 . lives ,i4-
3 .3 2 calves ....... 3 'a
7". ii calves V a
1.73 1 talf .. ....... : J
z t. t can vo
a sa 2 calve-. ....... psl
3 33) 2 calves lio
3.33i 2 calves ....... ll'J
. 17J
t . i
t -3
b .3
2 ettws
4 .stm-s i
1 belfrr .
1 . vv .
2 ht ifer.
72 cow ..
3 cow a ..
1 iv.
1 krlfrr
1 cow ...
1 oa-
3 IS,VT. . . .
2 -in . .
1 tl-Tt- . ,
1 .-on. ...
, . .J ..
3 tow s .
4 tows ..
2 t ow s .
1 ts.w .. ,
1 OW ....
3 cow s
2 ows ...
2 ...ws . .
32 ..st ...
1 .OK ....
1 t.-v ....
1 rtf-V
2. cow I . .
1 .-OW ....
1 VOW .. .
1 sw- .. .
. . ..II -1
hfr-.. 1.77
.. .. 310
SCI 2 calves ....... 231
S.: 1 calt . .. !
t, t.t
V "t
4 41
3.f-r 2 leit-ilnas 3-.
3 t, 2-" vratlitaes .... - 3
k3 3 43 1 at. Iturhrufs . .. -H-i
Ih.. 2 .aj 1 ts-trltr--; 37l
lttf 3- U3.-nUi.lS9 .... Ui
4 M
4 ')
3 .-3
pv.. 1 -ai 4 v .-arlinKs 377
.... 2.v
....Ulit 3 30
-s?i 3.231
... -- 3.27.
:-, I.3I
.. l-So 3.13
. . ta. 3 Jt,
. . 70 2 al
... lee. J.-'
s.t - tw
'.".11 s-e :.
. ... 7.S 2 st
.... ST.t 2.S.
J-tJt 2 VV
. ..KI1 ' ""
735 7.7".
Ifjt 2.7..
.... t.'t7 r.fjh.
4 yeitrilnfis 24.
6 yearllrc. .... 3-n
1 jmrllne IT.. 3 t
1 le.trllnir 27 3.-JT.
3 3r.1rur.ua ....
1 vearilHaTs .. . 2S
1 vesiiing .. 3Vt
1 stag H'4'
4 staKS 115-t
I bull IT1
1 ball 17
1 bull 14
i 15
2 4-t
2.y 1 .tat- .......!:
7 VV i bull 1220
2- i
-. t b-lll 14U 2 i
7.7". t Isill lict "I
2.7-' I bull -Cl 2.T1
r.fjh. 1 bull 3.t J 13
2 3 2 Itulls r3 71 1-v
.... ta
, 2 at . 1 btttl .. . . 4s) 2 f j
. 7s IP I cow .t Irllf 3C. I".
, 64. 2 27. 1 COT." - calf.. ... 24 ""l
2.2 I Z is-w s cles. a 271. ro
7-23 1 row ,t calf . . 72 7
2tt, 2 rfdnarr. . . si, jr
1 73, i sifrtraer .. . Si-v -7
. 77)
1 toa
Southern Itutle Trsde.
Si-sty .ten car. rontl-
turr.1 the cattle suppll
rrr-rn tt m-jthe-n
Starejt. ..f whleh n Ia-i;e rrfcrjorltr were from
Texas M t of the .ftferlngs w-rre fleers of a
irv-hum eharacit-r Tlie Ntter irsvrtrt in renr-ai
. prne.1 a s.iatle lower Ifilt wrnkenM later on
.atlie ovrr l.i"ti lb. avera-e and cbired lf otf
on this t-la.. t".w. ar.l bulls and alt kinds or
ranrJn cattM roI.I .teact,
..ep-ssentative alfe.
No. ! Av lr;NotIw. Ar. IV.
j, ve-rtmss . sr- ir i . -w m s.30
-. inix-1
t, ..ws .v.- hf. st
4 tlt.V.4
2-' ni i-l
1 t . ws .
v. cows at lift, rt&l 3.5-t
1 covr t Z.'M
Z eirs. i. hfrs. (41 3.(3
4 stt-r. 745 r -t.
tVi , iters T23 2 70
li .leer. 7J ; ;
13 siren .; - ..,
22 t-trrr. sai 3.J.1
- Ittv 4.l
141 .lrsM .... . tat 4 tvt
-.Hull ! 4 .l
22tts-rs J..(i 4 i-
.2sters isn 4 13
2S alters l.to j f
let Meers 1..4J 4
7. Blrers 'is., 4 i,
222 steers ... . nn .'I,
.7 rtre A. s:s. SH4 4.73
23 files, j.; 4 --
24 tfs S7", 4.;.
IS steers i. 4 25
74 stra. i iltrt fcl'
I mlx-1 .
I nlr . ..
a ..ii.. . -
3 bull. ... .
3 hull' .. ..
i bull
73 bulls . ...
i Lull
:.,iin ll.) 7.4
1 tSlllS Ir"t X
i bun i : !
ISbltlN tr.i 3 7.1
1 bull IRM J.'oi
1 bull I12 ? 50
rinll. ! 3
4 r'u. UH7 2 ",
lH etaa. ll' t.'i l.ft ttre-rs
II7s 4.31
2 OVrt (fl, , 4 tO . -trrrs ..
.! 4 4-t
1 c-vv .T 2.1U 43tlrrrs lrt2 4.4)
4 raised v;2 2 S .Vf ,.!.,. ll-r 44;,
I. i-HMl-Pt . ..CM 2 71. tjl steef. llti 4.;
7C..WS S7e 7 si s sit.rs hkx 4.f.
5.ttwa .. . ssl . . is steers .. ...32X1 4 f,
1 cow ... Wl t 2 ta'
lltv-lS. Tre h e tnarkt opened rather btvr.
ra-l.r and a r-batle 1 .w.r on tn. a icles. but the
trtd- tpil kene.1 later an.1 t-IoN-.! firm to a stnn
lrurket T -e onVrintr. were larr?lv rallxed lof-4
that are J-rl irnt 'n weirht. an.1 th- strnttr waa
ll'.t o If.a-l in that rerfiect as on VYe.lne-.!.e.
Tla mark-i w-i. tlrM-lrnt In what ar. calltsl top
h- rtt meanlrrf .rrietlv rV-i. n.-itlve liarrctw-s. 27.1
to p.t irr voTdtt- i-iairi n. gs arsl mixe.1 hotrs
vtere ttlrntiful tilt., a fair -uttplv ef g... lieht
fit ir.fslliun w.utht llut.-her. shippers and paek
trs vyrre alt t.r-rat'r.r and ! wis the arathrriiw
tomia-titlon Ihiti made tha lattr market betttvr
liKtn m. f. enmtr
The gif.sl-wrlt.ht li.T4 v-re-e onsl.l.red as tsn
InK .teadv and elt-.lt.tr firm but some latet ar
ritcls mere too late in.l htld .,..r The ihs.
liv to lift H wrrc 3e p. re lowrr all iae )t
the York.r prices a!. rvhlbitttl a rf.lud" aver
ate Tlie Uilk t f the he.... th- i,k. and trr. Mtlellr
low irrs.le otfre intra not ..l..i..r..(. a. 1 1 it- jl t
to 31 ft'- a. ne-ilT.st 11 71 t.. 4 S3 n KMiwhv
The i.'ks and llrkt lirhl.. 7a t IIS I at-rra-'
t ft 3" to Jl 73. rrantlt al Si ! to tl .". lirht
htsrs 13.1 to IV II.. s.4-1 a' !. to tl t., tn
bulk at Sl"i to '' Medium wrlchts. ft to
2U lb. . ...W at 43 rn tl 13. ihe b-ilk irolnc at
Jl vtt to 1 ' Tie hea v .sills ol.l at l to
3. . Nti-1 fair to l...t lieai v htis st Jl h3 to
J3.2. IVrl mlxrd h srs ! I at 34.173 to Sl.JW
an-1 eiiriniia r, Inf-rlor mixture, nitettlr Sou.."
era boss, aobl at SI a) to 54 Z.
IU-ptts-rntailve sa!et:
No. Av
Ar. IV.
7I . ! "
17 . 4 w
No. Ar.
II.. 11.
.. 741
. 231.
7a .172.
37 . 2rt.
fc ..113
4. . 14
.. 2U
73 232.
II. ..723.
31 . 1C.
. 4.C3
. 4.t
. 4.73
13.. 2b .
23 1-1.
.51 !
. 4 1
. 4 IT.
. 4 7o
. 4.7".
4 li
. 4 V,
4 77
. 4 !
. 4
4 SI
. 4 ss
. 4 vo
M .137..
. 4.4
. 4
4 t..
I .. I St 3s. .lis . 4 ss .. ;k' . 4 v..
.'ar. 4 t., 3... p .. 4 t.t W...1SS... t v.i.
. taVt 2 71.
I4 .-?-'
". zii 5!tv
.. 710 lot
-. Ml S.tW
. 4-1 2.3T.
. I.t .'
.. I- 7.'
. l.rs 3 .
."ti. 2.31'
. 1-11 '
tt. .-
4 ti..
4 S3
's. :n .. 4 t.-.
M . 717... v,
r . ISS.. 4. VI
J7...2II... 4 V.
17. .2W. .. 4 -,
71 . 7"-4 . 4 71,
7. 211. 4
47.. 217 .l.i
l TIC. .. 4 sv
7 ..2..I .. 4 t,
fr... 21 .. 4
'3 31 . 4.M
J7 . T... 4.X'i
72 ..234... 4.Vli
I).. 7v... 4 V.
t.-V . n fj
. r - - ti.IJv-
SirEKI'- . very nall r-tpply "f Fp arrtT-!
for a-U today. About hilf &f t- recelra ivcr
173 . 4,'Ct, Ct. Ii .. 4.S2SJ
X ..- . 4.ICii 71 3 4 i
7-i la . 4 SS M. 175 .. 4. S3
lv2.. 2HT. .. t VV 7. 231 . 4 1
7 211... 4.S.1 4-v. ..tl!
13 . 744.. 4.11 7K. .17 .. 4 -.
r.I . 2ft .. 4 '1 S.. .. . 4.S3
74.. I!... i.H r.. 22 . 4.S3
41 ..JS,.. 4 si 33.. 71 . 4.S1
H.. 714. . 4 V7S 72...7-S. . S7',
ti.. 713 .. ..vTtj 4-t. 27t . 4 S7tJ
t . 2C .. 4 il 33 ill .. 4 ct
71 22t... 4 ' fl .27... . 4.i
IS 711 .. 4 l S. 711 . 4 '
k7 '.SI... 4 s.. 7V. 2".! . 4
il. .D5 .. 4 '. Ut. 24-1. . 4 '
t7. 211.. 4.'t M. .224 .. 4 i
CT.. 213... 4 f.i 2IS . 4 '
7?.. .71'... 4 S'U fl .213. . 4 S21J
M.. 2Vi... 4.ST. ' r.-t...22s... 4 V,
TS.. 2.-0... 4 5714 13. 773... 4 37'4
0"!l- of ti.- Pre. Men; of tb
li.-ird of Tub !c I-up-ietr.e.-.--.
Ht l.u!- I e'. .. 10
A-nl-fi iimimals f' - th- ; u.,'i. w .-k ce'.
l-Mier- mentliiKd Ul l" r. iv. ! nt tha
. nine ..f thf lb. r I of I . .1 -'I '":.!-.
' .K in No. . New ' -'y 1I-"'- u-'nl !- ra vif
i ,ht" CTH DAY OK MAItri!. l'..
j t which liour they will b.- piib!l.' opr.eJ
1 n.l rrtlf viz-
fttlne N SJ5 l"or th reon-tr-:ct:cn
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trr.lav: llahrs 31 0k7
New- York. Feb.
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