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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 16, 1900, Image 13

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn84020274/1900-02-16/ed-1/seq-13/

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-iLlO Olivo
, i:v
tint vi.o
n h s
i ft
S tl a -r fa
i.:oe3ts accounts of Osnorstio is. Firms 3nd IndWlduals.
Pays intirsst on dailf harness subgsct to ohssk and on linn.
Makes javsstniMtS for estates, widows and other persons.
opeGial zVMm to tie susinsss oi wonwn.
"COLOR 4UO-.10PI IN" nun. oJJ Tl bS. VMUC lriit, NO acres, mil mun; "M I.KI.IMi" mid
"A.JA "eiarJnplm Mo. nu p- ilitfl.-rJ-.k-'r lt-3-.e -til a. res. fli ar 4ial ns Joplin dittrkt; own a
llotJ-ripcrt in CariNui I'-ln.t ..! .raJo all urll li.2led.
I.esec. and uir.e,e. ti 11: work rapidl n ravh tra.t: rrikalla.- p .'Jiiiinc hrai.ll'. from fine
tiodv l.radu-i.1 Zini. till (IK M HUM IN" .u.k ii registered will -x.jn hi- IMed. promt Inn
rn.e -f 'all paid an J roi c-i(snir .iare won't last Inns
Hbrtlier .iu want men -hare- or msr. -re or write in. IH r COMI tm0.
H-ll Pnsne, Miii !"". l"l ICI..--. -121 MTCl KITY III II.IIINO.
ejr &"', er?a
f$ t ,
"Stock and Bond Broker.
Local Securities a Specialty.
Wm.aLIttl..Pr. 1" r.Haj.V I n.J lUJe.Sfc.
IJcJ-fT 1n . n "it -. '"' j.1 t -k i,
tivj notL O-lr t oir npi prorxtly
rx0t2t ty pniai v; re it mmi mum comtDtslci
J rv.arf Mrhr.-Ia V j Vfttlcvial Bank.
H0 aha-- T J.ic. l:i.ir ,v Eintj"t:eJt Co
: - ji
m:ss xoTirii.vr.i.K.
Fod-ral f-tpi- Piatt-ment Bail u L;nl
Efft-ct on Ijiilustrials
3Iom-v Kasv.
P.FTX TLIC pr-17 I .
New tork. Vtb. J5. On tba report of
British movoratnt In South Africa tho Lon
don market was strong;. Amorti-an stocks
clom'i at tin advance on the day, fonsols
tier" flrmer an! the traeral market tvas
froic 1-ur-ign Lout-son uere heavy, and
rierl.iij: Jvrlla ami posbto Europfan
con-p le.-m.jrii ti-cro talkid oL
Th Nw Yu-fc tnarket oppned flrm on Im
j.roi..'J Lon.in price-, aad about TS-tX'! stiato
t - tl. Internal ionul titivrlia noro Iwitjght
Jot- firoi,i, a-rouat. Tnc-r. tia still a lar-k
of outvi.lo Iniorc-n In market motn-meiiti
nnd tho traciin-r aa vry LirRely profvs
cfoniJ. The rciort that Kair. Lopb & Co.
liad with ''rawn from tho syr.dlcato formel
to llnnneo the Third Avet.ue Rallrosiil In
rlobtrdness depressed tiio Etor'c nrnl a drop
f ilx points was at one tlmi recorded. :t
ivca paid lh.-.t tho Kta-pUrd Oil L-.tcrtsts
K-nr not satisfied with Kuhn. Loch ji Co.'
1''"" P1 proposed to do tho llnar.clnc
themeiv-3. Sticir lirinrovea on rhort
ravPTi'z I.i.l.--d tflk wa) current, but.
It w j i-r. iy .,,., uiamo nid It 1 prob
nb! that no Inrormatlon as to Mr. Have
trrier's intentions thre tvoks benco hai
leaked out. Shorts sold tlip traction stock?,
but they -tvero vtry fairly oapporteil by
lrislde Intcrfits.
derl Hteti Btat-mrnl hat upon Ui
holo hud e. depressing effect upon th
lndustr!nw. It Is r.ot po full ns traders
hoped and doe not Show RUCh larrr enm.
lnEs as the Pteel companies w.r. cuppoi-d
V ba tnaJUnc. The awjnr f ii.. ,.
be tnaltlnc. The passlne: f the currency
1 iiiis u -i-ia oeaa aiscufbed and 1 im-
2ouhte.ily an Important factor on the bull
ride. It Is 'loubtfuL hot, ever. If the money
vhlch It will r.lese for the use of the New
York ninri.. t ml. be suffi.-lent to countrr
balar.r dearer money ckewhere. The
close v.hs null and the s-neral tone ttai
rather ueurr-sed Third Avenue was the
Tvej.,; spot and drasgea the rest of tho mar
ket with It. Traders covered horts in tho
f-enera! :ist put out earlier i th. Tk0
finish wj above the lnwit. hut tho ab-
the markti. Men y fairly .ay at .". per
,- l'ln'T "'rt'- P..-.t to a rondltlon of
1 f.t . ." 1 - l' ' '"" a!t"'" "s "'"n rate.
, Jit.oo Vi '""l"rn stel It in a atrons
1 .sitirn The rat- of d '-count In the open
nark.. I ,.r iu,s hluh, r Md HtZ
t.ro ..il,-e th.it thcte win be Oearer money
MM-t1 i.""l,ri '!" This ia 1., w ex
o'V ' - - ;" '"' '.'- pour'e causes no
nnxii ,t... , he activity- f trade in any case
inoiiey " lc8lttmat -lemanU for
.Nct- Yuri Mock n..lrnliiii.
htorki-Tih-T.--,''.?,""" ;:n ,h' "" ""
, rd MoJk-V ,;&V '"'c, " C"-. "!'
'a Mi, K Ml
tk.i. eN. fcl -A
" i,i - . 3ii Ti- fr; ---
aJrf -nnSliuV:" r,-l,IiM ' ' N
Ho. riil- ' '" ti-l
a.V.i.(i ... K.lni 11.W. llliil-. ti.a.' itn
A. T A . 1-... 7 li) J1L u. i ! -1
lie. pfj .... !- fi. s,; c, .j,, ..
i. -li. .-il... v hi - M , to t- ,.
lit 11 , l ,
7V 7"i., 7'.
k 1:
' .t .
i- 11
t .. .
-t 1
. 4 ,
1 pi 3. i
i W . . ,-to
r . .--.- . " - "pen tii-rh.Taiw rto. v : i-';i;nsA ift..!..ii. t....si... i.. r i.-t
T xl"k J,l' li " .-'' 'i'4 -"" " "'I.- XcTr Y"rk CMrl' stock-.
f 7k, i-t i X 2- f1 4P- ' I nlT':- oa"V br D- Il- l-ranct.. Pro. & Co.
I . .r . -n- i2? M ?. M-i i Mf. 1 4H Ollie treet. '
I -"" -- - -... i-. , a,.. .... fcl .,,. 1
tsji r& n
ES ?4 12 oil? a
imiK stocic kith m.i..
oiik cotton nv nwi.t:
Mot'ii r:rn n:i:.
ltiiAiiii or -itii:.
( Hell. Alain 2712.
i Kinloch, Al-150.
! P
. s. i-
' v I.
.1. 1
1- t ".
1 vt 1 -.
li- .
I. . !
1- . I
, 1-
-', i :- '
ti M kit
.. . If. 11.
. .. V I",
tt;. .-'4 i
&, M U.'i
7 7ia Ti
IP... n
A i O ....
l-, ::: -
. M
i 1 ',
T.l 7.-. TT'i
Ki. ;'. 7i,
i --1 t nric ...
31 ir - i 'Mitral .
lj '-iie 4Sft
L. i- tz W pM.
tv ir7
l.'C 114 lll 111 III-., 1U-,
'..." ".. ". ". '. ".". V" Mi
i Sanh ... :tsi H. Jl. H, H, ("-
-flan "1".. fc.Mi t'h 1"" Sa ''. '.',
M III: S.'-al5v 1? ITS'i 173 IVl.,
i T )-i
I - nf .1
liKl Si'. S31-, lit.
1! . o ' Pvlltn
- c tl Kitcult
I- I'M
Null ma 1 Ieal ..
4.1 rt J"-, 47S 44 47 4.
i: :'. . srs ?7 :: t:,
1-1 t-4 t4' "
:. "-.' Ii". i i4 "7 .
"' i :.t ;ps ;. ' '..
71 w.lj tri Wi !-
i U..1. lU.'. !.'. ia4. 111".
rat tiJ
Ik, ptd
Ni irk Central
x v.. . & wt. s.t.'. rt , ntj ii-, n1. -v,
r..-rr. .v .... b. .a 2". i.4 a t
D. J.M S"i 7S' ::, 73', V, 73
Nnrtb. PaelEo . -I.M4 M', .'4 W, :.-. 5114
rx. r;W 1.2H 7'i 74", Tlij 74j 7i.
Ta. inc Hall .. 7..TM 4l'i 41li 29'. H', AVi
VniyIRnla ... U. Ki. IK'. ITS', fi lr.'.
l'nI 4Ja . l.:t lft 1"S-, 1"7-, M5 li.
1' ..' K '
l-i--- -i S
W4 ''.
4 !' pt.1
I .1.(111-
' 'it tM...
Ik I'l pfl ..
-t l A S P..
tk, II pM ...
W I t4 W ..
Ik. pfd
Sniiih l-arttie .
frouth ItalHra-r
it, - ki;
.... is, . ..
r.i. r.i.
. .. ii
. is m t r?t.
. w. .; t. r. -ai ,
. i.ii lit,, i:', i. 12 n
. 2.4J.4 ..7 i7H 'i T7 547,
. k.l4 PC l- IiVi 1 I
'. iCi E"" it i" V". .
.'I 7"', 7;i, 71. 7.;., 7r
. 4.H I7, I7. 17i, ;:'. 17 4
. 1 ", 7;t. 7.: , 7. 7 7i"-
1-. pfU.
T r.n 4 1
1'nl n It & P .
I.. Ifj
I n m l-a.'lfk:
I- if.i
t -s I, tther
I- lul.
T .-' UalAr.- ....
Wal.ish pfJ
v.i fn Till....
. 1 ', 31 J2 33'. !'.
ri 3". t". a-. .o. .".
Sl k4S H', 54 . .
j "H. V'm w i " .. l t ": "" if
! v-l &:"".: ,-iS is Ss ', .:.
IKINIl Ml.lli Al .N!.V YOItlC.
KIZV' ItlJi'PrKi'lAI.
; Y .-k. 1-ei. t. - iV t Ixnl -Tfr jtia-Ie
h re t. ilai a foil .w:
11 rt l.i 1 1.
4.o Al-Ii een " "'
4 l 1 .. adj . .".
' 1 i-in Art- r
I ... .13
-..- i- 11 s....i-:'4j
5.O.') I.
A N on
t"i Met St It 7- 117.
tA-ifl JIe 4 lt
ine . . x
1.09HI. 2.1 Ine . ill'.,
:." U Ihie tr i. Wi.
r.-jM ,'. o a
! H'i
KV Y - 1. S
r Tjk',
" o V 4 t I.
in Mi
rtfox y o . p
4i . v- ;-,
21 S N fe .V t.
e.,'.r 3H,
' nn$N V ".l f 11
A 31 4 p.
- ".ION P -Not, C7
-. f IV 4 l'Ul..jtP.
-' . I. eon ; im,
-) P It tV I o
ai 7 i;i
0 Kadlnt -n
4 . . .Siy ST.1!
1 ") It O V I .7,
' nf.) St f. I l t ntsj
' 4W St I. S V il
i',44 )
. :f0S A A I 4.
l.i- A larc Ks 4..p'4 ,
- "0" rt .- o s1.-.. r
ll I., u 1"
l-i Ki-rklvn I'n
i:i. v lt . . SS
I0 II W V. i- ..
;-- "t r.
: i is It T 1 '.
--M-.il S U iil If"
-H- .' m (la .ii
"I S'
7.0Vnt !.-
SflHrf "."
l.Mttr i O e.n
V . .. ,,v
J.l- I O eon
7a V.
1S.C' 1a N&b e
4 il
io.'i- it 1 r 4 '
vi-h TV-rtn As.
l.MC c c St :
ra 4 . ..
. nl Slid 1st
!j ta .."Hi :
- 1 1 iel Ga k :
i ! 17 T V O" mi
: .. i''!.'
3 in I. I. It S i :
1 ) ril it .-..
Ta . . .4.
S3.tyy Ik) Is eon 44
So".. 1 rv
"lv)5oti rr 4.
S3Vn t
;.ivIk. Iel .on
r stampM . K'7
I". (V1 s U l .. lie-
23l"i S It T -a.1' !..!
15.s IK lat k n
.. ' . I - "' 1 . I I lv '
:E T II lrt e I 1 tr . 11I2
m J 1"1 !MI' 1 lt 4 1044
tfWKl'PO 1 I 4-..ii V.'ab eb II .
7J3 73ii , JTi. -j. J7I
i;-oia-.On f ih 1 lvov.- rc y y
1 toi. R yy 1st Ti-j r- jr.n
.Nrronil lnll.
' -,-t,j ,,.v rrr
I e A'o ).
J "VO Man l lCAi
Iiii"M Par ro"..JI7ii
7 0- Met ,t lno SH
."N- V N II II
'!- .. .. 1!S
J 001 N Y O I. S
:s .. . fr;
l.OON p s .. . cr
t.oo n y n n 4. m
fi.i IfadlnB 4n .
fi',f 7.;
lSt I. I M ie 11I
:?. son ra- 4. .
m-.u S4
i iy- st 1. s i rd
11 1131;
J.0T St I. K H
lt .. .171
7. M0 Tet pSe l.r l!;t!
.'Si t P 4 .. fM,
...' Malt del. . t-Ti.
4 mii.. i-t i!7'. n:-t
7.41 ID :i S9
kjlf n. t
r. Do 4. . 1 is 1
S COO Ann Axt-r 4s ?J 1
-( tl W ! 75S'
Si'OOTit O 9 V.-CL.
W ( ! 3H- . I
M-,a 14-,!
3"VOCent fli . Hi-I
;a,.i fi lft .W7 ,
3.o")C It I 1' li I
UWOi O 4i. M'J
3 -vi" II J ..ns 1 ''-.,
1 X l- ; T 4' . 3 1
ij.hh' r 1 s ..
sr-'? S3
e.OW.1- 1 1st )
Hr i-t ' n ill
l-.0lk K 4 P 4! 1st '
tr -?'.
ftfliHH nf Ji ? nail?
SE32inSaT7 il. eJSii -Ullia
r.w ji 1. - . .
."w N w 1-:. -.7
. ".-I At 4. .. .. 1 i
.. Ik. a.l' . . S.".
l.wn II l 4 ....
: "I'lil I" li Ida",
1 1-. . N J cm no
10 ran 1: 0 deb ..IMS
.. lo Ills llv
3 . . .. 104
".. I' S'j
14 c T 4-. .. s;s
r..ji'..I MM 2ds
' (KO i II l I. O
nt J7
7.ec.)I KGii
S-1i wi.
I.'i'M'l St Hi-f 1171,
I '"I M i 4 4. KJl,
. Hex c f in..
S.l.4f KS
1MN' Y G 17
a J
t."S I'll' .' lie.
i"ea N" V t; t; 4..jy,
l.iUM N Jt V l . !.i.
lion It K N 4. .I.il
!-..'' i a. 1: t .
!-f ft
3..fIM(: 4, ... . til,
"" -t I. S W
-i i'ta'5s
;. ..l Sou l.te 4 . MS
7."i Iki Aris lt 11"
1! i.i S It T 6- . 7:.t.
Illd. Askel.
... 47 4)
.. J 17
... 47 44
.. 3IS
... ms sr;
... iv'j iv,
.44 4J
-.', -.4.
317 11 3
American Air Pews-
Anirri-an HIcyc!
Ho :.fi
Amerir.tn A.;ei ..... .... .....
' I'M- ,
Atn-ler. atn, Gas
I'o Pfl
Amaira:ia.te.l 4opper
Ih. -i ne 43a . ......
I t !"- .i-nt lton stll
j I - tli"-; 1 tr 1 am of Ancriea
1 ' ' 1
12. 1 tri. p.nt
I- t-i
I.te tri r , . ..
1m pfd. .. .
. 47
I3 trie Axle
III. ant ' .'ii n..rvial
I-' pP"
Ullii.... Mi. trie ililit
International Mea-n Pump ....
1.. pfd
NlUlMfUll :-alt ........ ...... ...
! pM
.N.HI..H.1 Turn-
Is.. iM
Nw "tk Kl-ttrle Vehb- ...
Ts'e I'liKlil'd TralT.I.Htalhiri
lilt 1 lalr .
I'.. lfd
Coal I.ikiitc 1-oK.ler
I. ;..'.!
Si it lard nil ex. dl".t4len.t ..
Mo It.ti
M lf.l
Card. lr -t l"i
W. pfd.
17 l
,... 4'. 47
77 HI
w sss
s. ".
!!..!! J? J"1
V. M ,
34 i
1C "I
.. . il '
..... :t .-
I'liIi'iiKn Moct. nml Ilnlitl1.
lii"l -lailv tiy D. It. Franoti. Br.
H Olh tnt.
& C..
till h. IT.
i.: i.:
. .. '. '
UP. rfl'j
. .. Jl 31
.. . - '.
.. . M'. 1
. X n
. ..
. .. -4
.. I.'. I 'i
. .. . i' .
.... J4 IP.'
DM. Alkr 1.
.... li'. li
.... a.-, i
M'l S-'
.... n si'j
.. :; aw
.... ". .-
.... si
.... w :i
.... S"1- -"'t
.. . : .
lHamiiJ VI -f I
N.ili.inal iiiHttUt
N:i"Ul ii ...
Nnnn Mi : Mff't i:.ill y ..
An f rl n tnL liar.l . . . .
ill.-.-ilan ..; MOo i.tiatl
!.. i.I. .
2Hjih ..lr i:t-mtrl
In.n Iri.tl
NHtmul art"o .
JJn-t,l til
I.. pM
American Tlnptate
Itn". Oil
IM. I.f'i.
Allien-an Tlnpl ttt
!. M
mn m inUjarU
i ii i.i K tr I'm Iwnds ..
it -ill liiiilt
. i.i i" t'.irt-'n
.s ii t il .-.?!
! p. 1
N ! ' H- itnt lUH3rr ..
. i .. if.1
lrt ltaltwT
..11-'' SIS
i. - : 7fc, 7:
ll i f Mat ti Rfi; tt."
I... .-i- ir.-a--il 11'.
,.. ,1 . -mi. .il yi. I'l
JlMr.-t. ll'.m W't Slin Wevatri S S
m fit . si' l
I5.iitnn FK II Qu. tat! ns on
an'l bon-i Tin a f H iw.
Call loan 5"ij. tin 1 ai. . IBs.
money, stocka
A.. T. .? F I .
ln. pfl
Amrrli-au Sugar
In., ji i
lb II li'.. Jn r.r
M. -il-an "mral ... IT.
M1 I. Vi plri.n- l
-M 'ol.nv
'I lv.m!:.n .. .. S
I:ut.'-r ai
I n'f.n . Itlo Vf
I -it n Lanl Ii
-' Kn.J 93
' pr" Ill
V.'r.Klifll? nic. IS
Ui. n.ln iVntnl . l.i.
Kn-Iua A -UI'anY ..:tl
is - n I .-. ii. 1 . "'
I -1- n . lal!l
. II iij..
1 . a I . Ill
i. ill lln'iif
I'.. rM
I.. mil..... 4.ul ... A.', j
l" pfj Ul.'. .
l"arrot It'i i
Vumi-y 14 j
i Santa Te Uopfrr... i, I
Tamaraijc . ISO !
lr..ia s I
t W.ilmrtiKn 41 J
I"i ! r.il -l-l . . X
!- j.-a . . . . ; 4
A.lvnitTiT r.
II tit2 Mnlntr i"u. ..
Mlattut- 14
It Mi M.mtanl '
Hun & It-wt n .. . in
alun ct . II-.-U . -VI
ivntinnlal ... li':
I-anklin li
n-.,U 7.'i
It ih
l li-
Xnr Turk.
Stale bHKl rtralr
!u! hit r.i. i.n. I li . I fii.
N. rth iarniina .i i;7
N.irtli ar.JIna 4. . In
'liri.- n-w TtirnMH c ;
tri"-i 4Vnt:i.i .. . i&
Virginia, i3.rerra i
;ni rintiint Ilimil-i.
?7-r Ti.rk. Kib. l; ajotrrnment bosjs etetlr.
T'rltM Stt- ;. rrcifterl mj
1'ritM htaf-i 3. r-Kltred 1-.-A
I'lJlt.-! Static 3. coupon llr-j,
l'mtl sta:-a new 4.. rrtirt?vl til
I'tilt! State new 4. i-oupun ....... 134
l'ntle-1 State ..I.I 4 rfKts.tiT-1 1IIT
l'nit.1 Mal- tM 4 ...up n 1:4
I'nlle.1 state " recl.t'T 1 Hi.
I nlt.l State i. rr,uj.,n IL.'.
l!tri t .-f .:..m)la -.ki li;
31lrrlliiniin i'tirlltr.
Ana!. Orr.- l
Anin Air 1'iwer 4a
l.rltlh 4'npper i;
I'M A-I:
I i .v --up . t-..
j iieiiier qi ynia. ....... . .
I Ik.. IH li'J
1 i:.i. ltoat 1".
i In.. J.f.L
r:ie v.hK-i .;
Ik. pfl
I Tl-irre Pn-umaTle 1
I l-mtnfTt.in 4.at jr. 4ok . VI
. iTetiertl 4arrtaju I'o ii.
Hi .
ilii ana 1 ..ml IS
Ik. pM j.
IlHr.ol Tran. It;
Ii.i Steam lnmp 17U
Ho pM Ij
Inteerailwmal lnvr C
SI I st Kr S7
Keilturky llHtlU'r ..
Ik -juhii
Markeen 4'nrt-JT ..
N it.(nal tlntHwrhoxie IT
NaT, .nal Salt '"un.pany . .
I Ii.. p'i . .. . . . .
I v.i nnalan! Tranrrt.
s V !.! V.-h. Traa
4 hi Klevator
II. pfd. ....
Ineumat.- Il'irv olIar
l!ul.ler fliui.1
Ih. i.f.l
rjal Italilt'i IVd
standard till
Tennej,ee I'Kjvper ... .
Vnkn Steel & ha.n
t. pfl
m &31
1IU. C
i'i)iti:ti: tin ni'k.
iiiiuin mi
1111 m. I" 17 -4-.n-il for 11 .ne. P 13 K.
for the a 1 .aiut P li 1. I'analiae lai ine 1-ilS.
i:re 17'.. il ftrl pM .'-. lllin.a t-etitial
11.. I ni-.n Pa' iti. pfd 7i. st I'aul 1 rumon I-..
Ne York 1'entral l.TJv4. P'-nTi-' inla -. Itiad
lliK Northern Pa. ilk- ptd 7t". At.-I.l.n --.
la.a.-iin -- ilranK Truna S1.. A-wiitmLi .
Mon.) 7-4 i I p.-r .nt The rale of .!l..unt in
the tj-n maiket for erwrt Mil :T-, jar e:it.
i!.i tinee montli Mils S'. p'- cent Th. mark 1
for Aiaeri. an recutitlea rule-l j;eneralti tt.m ill
to day 1 n a moro buoyant f.-elini; Th hnal t. i.e
aa .tea.il and th demand fair. Spanlh 4
. ..ed at '' 'he nm. ur.t of bullion withdrawn
from te lta-ik of Kneland -n Imlan e jet.niai
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laiihi.il in. tiael ti:;.'il.. other ee Ulitie in
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.haiiired The irrjortion of the ltank of Fine
land's wn" t' llahllliles 1 4 3 tr cent. Ut
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rtiantrd at 4 ler cent.
P.rli Tib. 15 Tltr e j-t rent rente 10f KSc
for tho' ftee.t'tnt. i:s,-hari en I.Wld'lll 7if 2s--t.
r cherk Spanish 44 c.i".l .it ?.. Prk-e
intrrrii.e.1 on tr. H-ain today, owlne to itl
f iorv nv In retard I the tttuattiin of th
Priti.h In 4'ape 4'o'oni. th.s linic a. ent'iate1
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Hi. Tanto in iierTn-m 1.. . ut ' S.alTir ne
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e veeKll elate'). ! .f ' O IfaiiK C'f Krhll'O
rh".s the foliou-pii: .1 iroi X 1.1. In rlteii
li'l n. deerea-el I-T r Triurv aee nint
nirrent de.rea.ed I . - ". f r' 1 1 In hand. In
cra.d rrr..ljf. 111!" dl- ..anted, .!e.r-ae.l 3
4."l.t.;..f. llt-r In hanl d-frea-el I.i' C k'f
4:eriiin 115
rierlln. Fth. 35 Pu.nrri was utit on tr
Uoeni to-day. Amsiiraa eecurltl wr m coo-l
d-man3 L.H-ala reartej on reallaatl.n" Near
the end ther wer repuri-haee tn Vetem nd
1 1 en. Eachan on Iaindun Ton 61S rfc for
check; vllsciunt rates short tills XS j-r cent;
thte maotta bllla 4 jer cnt
liar Milter.
Now Tcrk. Feb 35 liar !lrer 534r rr oune
l.ondOD, Ib. IS -liar atlver quiet at rpd per
lime IlaaLa.
New York. rb 13 Mr-ier on rail ear a 77f
-i. tr rent 1t Ir.n:t . J'... prim mrc.nTll..
laper 4iia iter . nt Sti-r H.c t. hnnce trrecal.11.
with -i.ti.al l.'islne. In li-.ker rill, nt 14 71-
4i4 v; for il.niard and al HHulMi, for to
da -. ro-t. i rate 54 i . anl J4 s. t ..mm err a 1
lutw 51 vai,n - oilier rer-ntat.. .14 a?.. .
Mixlran .1. I ar. 4.S
cleann 11-.J 7!i.i-'
an. Jli'.!17 .".
tr", I.I' li C.a-irtrjs 5
.75rs'7. balance
i:"i- ".
I'hil.i'Mrl.la l"b. li f'-arlncs SIC ?13 4"
an e P ' t. .-
Latum r Feb li -OeartnK? !..: 773,
; bal-Inl-
ate 544 1 IV
I'li-ai... i-eh r ' 1-arlns 57-' ov. 7-2. tKiUn.-e
llll.Jl' 7. ". V-rk l" hrtiic- 3V c:I'-oun
tt-rlni; eltlnl!e SI fmi ., ,
i.ui.i. iiiim: initKirr.
Dcinnnil 4;itiitl i I I iicIiiiiikciI Itnfcs
llililtc Trilltslli'lril li-ttic.
S- lau!. Tanr-ilir, I", b 15. 11
Th l.val rr.orey mtrket wa artlie th! men
Ire and. In ;rtl-u!ar. in .1 r.-utln ay. the
lnli'ln pas.l-io oer the -oant-r l-elrir quit
larv. The il-iianl for m.me wa ipI, but
ther- tia no rjuuTehl- ehanze In . urrent r?t..
tall anl tine l.at-s ta-ir.c made on a bal uf 5
to 7 ir ent I: the -Mr-ai- - Th. e w.-re al..
fail -i I mini in.iuirt. f .- man- at Jo-aer
t'truie than the .i!.. tut no loai.s uere nude.
1 he ..ay del j-it Tier .j i.te fair and withdraw -nl
.literal, uhl- I u-ine with it. 1 ountry waa
fai- The loi-ai lank eiexr.nc cntinui In k-p
t.j well, and th' rm rnitz w-re riortid at
niiin-ilc llsclinuuf.
Mhltak-r A: Ilodrman. IVnd. topk. co-n-ier-
cal rar-er and exebarc
paper and excaarsi broker. -.) North
l'ourth street, ijlot sxehace t-aiv
as roll-.ii
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1-V dl
IOC .11
77. it
43c d!s
Neir York
I'inrinnati .....
New 41rleal
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I It.r uf M. I.onls.
Correrted dallvr by Oajlard. Ulrj.lr.r
W7 u!ie .trfet.
Hi I. Ark-d.
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fitvjfV, J U. J7
Mi J,v. -r-I.t. 11 N PCI
cm - k .1.1, J I !
1 Hi- i . cold M N il
tin J I 1''1
I'lty J'-. K"M. M V I'.-i
4'iiy 4 cold 11 N is::
1 ity 4. strrllnR - year. :s-;5, j. n
City 4. icU. 1SI4
. .
'It- li . ! r-IS. J
Tl 1.. j. ill A '
.l C- r 1 !. A. u 1
Mll'.lli Mill lvS Wll IH)M)S.
MnrLct ctulrf, IN-tT l.uilntlitii llrluc
T"ir nai Illll s tr. on tl-!ar In l.r. krac
lr l un I ih. trti-iu - lianiii l. J w i. let
M-irti.l bil.l'iu n th n r i i.minJir.kiTi
)ilira.t..I atiiii i it t ht. l.nN -itt utturttni
l'-k. Wlurli t.ul to th llltMlllt i.r icit.it.4 it I
S7 m.t l.i.r a Ml ST-i ". th Lid. t.ir in
iliu.tnl it St n unl rtt-iil at II-;"... . n-l -al-
tit nhliiti iftpr mil in $-' at IM Tl r- 1.1 .
n-'ihlm; s. 11 in FJli-m unl !. iU..ti4.:ti ! n i . ,
Hunk ciM tmt ntrK m mKln-t.it -u I '
f tu..t-itl ti. ur niu. A ntitl. i. i. .-.: .
tn IIm lotjr.r ihlH inoTlitnic to thi eft. t tlau lil.1 I
attr Hit quot-itkt-i d (itttinK utll t un u :
jn r. -ntac liiin
mrt..in x-ttl Mlrtrc. hlvii h tn
h.i tii.K ay vr -fI! iif In'. tmk a Itne ti.inh!
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fn in it). I4t iirl'a .f luft nvL, liinje lli-
l tit:, out srlllnc t 3ll2kl ': -l .in at JH .
rit. iitiKt fr Brwa Prow. -rflti-at wn
wmkr tl i nuinilliiC. und II I1"1 I-1'! w- ,.l -it
ili '-l- aimI I1 w aheij. N iiuirkfi a-.
m. l I r Mtrlan.I Tra?t.
To-iImj-ii quotatlcro;
Riil A-.L
...$117 . :!-
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nrom Itn. rcrtlnVatf-s....
St IhiIk uT'l yilMirl-li .
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Mi-r-antiiu Trim . .. .
Ni'i..nt Ittnk i'umm-Tf.
Amni ar lsi hniiM
:Hai Nitii.nal
a ! Kt Jne I.ul
..rntilt-lll Mtall!i
, Anvrii-an N.ttl .
i K.nninl iariit nftl
Isiiiininn. Hanlnar- ird !! !
Hnulwn VIlt 9 "
i ISrcw-rv I nh "
f4itun tiulMln.r .
"'tti n i-.impn -s ljuh)
Tailor Aiiai
Mm 'juri EIi tri- J
117 'j
Ntn iirk lnrlii
The- 7"1I iwins en.i if Ibe
In tin. -t.iiiiir intui " i : th '.
ira riel'i.il . Ii K I'rati. .
r tril
N a Tk niark-i
. Il. .V "" V -
la-ntlin prli-ea (ami in .lvl'le.ilT iali. r at!
arkilraae t,r.ik. r- mere i,..l twer .r -i -k ull
nnaiml the r. m.i. The pun liaes am. ..ii.it t.
al..llt M.... ..tare, in ttll!nt I P. At.-h.. It
A- II (! M I. AV N -ii. 1'a.llV- :inl . .
It a, thought l.r.1 tlial thi Ira.lei h nl om
new rum.iis about tlt iliolnin. nt in Soiith
The entire lit wa ftnaiir In the eir.r trnl
tm: full -aim; He lea.I. Iit the r aii iii'i r. a
a . la-, i-ijtitln il l-iil. an.1 a'te. ihte t.r"
elTe .if the Lmlin lujrln aier he. ni.nle
an iM-Ranhie.! atta. "ft the ati.. 'je. uiwti.;
st - k ami r r e.1 ta-nv malerlal le. line..
The lr.ak In Tblni Atenii aromiil n.n t.
a fetttiire. The .elUnff a lJr lt.wcr A iStr
...! an.l Von Krnlers at Altirlir. TbMi.ni
ni un.-emetit that Kuhn. Ia'l A i'ii hi.l lru-l
t.i atre? ti. flnahra the nVuttm ilebt lrt:ht tn
illlrtf -r.Ier fe-i mote airrtf
Th entire p-t ar.1 aite-t.l in t'-e afremo..n
l tie ttiak in Thtnl Aienit Tl . e a. not
anv niaierial in-rerta la the .ttiii.:. ..f .jwliv,
l.n lir tru'ler neie mri c. .rM-nt at I
aire wilPn,; i. . irate on a more .-xt.nve wal.
.i t.e -h .rt wile tlian they liava .no the Ik
finnlns f -h.. tn-.tit'a
Tho fnatl advan. In Piura- life '.n tile nfl.r
ni.n fn . erifH: f nhort ar--r rei.rt
a .- rtulte.l inat tlie xit!e'rawal if the rer - i
. n ti. txtall. rs f..-ehadnne-l a rl. In H-r '
r--li- S of the learlan n'in tra.Jer le
car.ie I inuel ai-innlin t. tbei- on .:.ri.
al.ut tie pr ! ... ..f the rrfun.Hr: laue m .
t'. titiani bill hefor-i tla S.nat t.-.av ar.1 l-e- i
oiirae of thi iilartn ther offere.1 .l.-trn Ivmia. '
" P X. l . St Piul aiel inl ..ther
Th.r. aa a p.-.l il.manil Ih the n irket at th. '
ee line, and all th utoek otTcr.J was w-lly f
IV. Pie suil 'lei l!ie,I on falinrn of roromitte.!
to rej.irl th.. ralam. hill tn-lrir
In Iiwrl.-ati T. ! H..IIlMe' A llibe-ek
I iiixht pia.1 sluiie .liiilni: the flri-t t. h -uir.
The pin.lial t!lera ere I II-jK. n . !..
I' W S.nfn f. Co ami l'rh-e M.. rn!.-k - "
There ra !n rew r.f anir kln.l in ncaril t'
the Htoi III the ln 1 eritn.l lhe i-a l.-a V
t-tilln an! h irj nili-ani4 Xi-rn it al.iieln.ii
ni.1 alarqiiFtte t.-inl-trnitir l-rl-i were the feat I
urr T7.e Warf. ntH tiht hj liou.- that laa j
l-en lhlerefi f.e- ne time In V.-ithMeeteni ,
tropirtie -init nere har.1 l. ohtAin Iieeaur.
ii i :. t w I'tintr
tr fir Ihe lnlereit tm-lnent ei Alil
. i-ani-t -a t tr.at .m. rteei..pnents we-e
petvlinr In it-rl to t..em Int thev iwr i-
I wi'ltiiR tn .-lie any ilitMil-
i no .tretiiilli or lllino' ' hral l.-i tieen ec.p.
FT-ti.- ii lei few- il iv. partirularU ni. i n-ar
; ei t w.i it-n 'f weV.iie ilhnoi i-.ntiil
r:i lal etj.iuin thi iin'pallr l.r Iarce l.ui-
r. 1 and ico.. 1 earnlnr ntr-r laii-.- are it. t.
1 ttie cr-inlnir l.p-portlon of e4nitit!re Iriftie
tiit mocv t. ra of the Huir i. rt anl th.
nerr 'X'nnv' n with allnnipoli ami si i,
ah'eh ei-Ui! l!lln..l 1'er.tml to ra. i St laul
ti I ".Unite 1 .' -
It ! ,.erte.I that th r".ntlnental Ioliav
Company, if it oea-M VJ.i i nee rent pre
ferred .txk of tl.e P I.wlllaM Cumpanv. will
lay fir th ftiiii tiv l.antni: Jl.. 7 tr oent
iletient'ire 1. n.1 IV ..re Minuil for l.- ii:
-The pf'-rre.l toeV of the p Irrill.tr 1 i-om-Irtnv
t exrhintreaM- f..r thi i-e?.-Te.t :.-k of
te 4'intire.itl 1.ii-e. iinpan In the proor.
ti..n ..f -rei.n .Ititri nf th- former for 4'n.ht r.r
the Utter"
Thre nrw niin-r In ff..i tnart-r that ee
retar. itiee ha le. n eo2uH1nr 'in- of th
1 -tal nank-r -altli a U-ir to re.ht.-lnr 0..err.
riert ep.li ln looal lun,"i. in fvt It I In
tlnate. that h. mar ilM. tn em.lnallv rHuee
eaiih In L'nlti-I Stat lelt'rlea to rorninal
Lite Ia-"w.n rnhle verdv -were n follow
ipl.-l-itlnat to pr.fe.onaI tr-i.Vr ns Ta.l
ran wi e.pM.l in re.tne t. the firm J
Injr l.en viter.tav l.lii-rrewl -Terllne. 1 T'.l .n
H t. and tuture. after op!iln-c ni. haiop.i
tix.I Z t4.1 ih line at ? p. tn whi-h e-iu.l , ir
market to ora-n Irreirldtr nhour 7 teilntu I-.r.
and fnrtl r deollned nleit 3 po'nl o. 1!.iui-itl..r;
Mite I.e. I imd Southern aeeraint l.i.eai t ur
-i-. of uTinr delperte br la-re hand!
4 ' n.-t.ial r.it'p for .pinners eau. I nKre or lei.
.- I hen sion aleut Intention ef .-ali'ne f -r c aion
n Ian h ar 1 -tarte i m- hn. ititr to c -re. sale
"' rummer iMircrle. Tl o mttsiik. teitlatt-. e
dimard has lapn li etiden.e ar-iln to da- lait
f.r nwiller ijnantltle The wi l.Hne in Mt.r
t.-d futures 1 . day of 4 Clt wnld tend 10 die. k
.-.-eiiitii . .u.'nc- a Ui-nuil, !i 1 n.t foiiou
th! market in mHnnelTw- price T.eeeit t e-m-tiuue
Tare. nnl tin tieekly Income in t-rht et-t-etc-1
to h w -in tncrea of . I.al. . ,er
l-t err 1timlav receipt, tnwever no. .ailr
..ne thlr ! of lat .ir. and II10 iAtrklr yt,ititje
In Ur. n-" 1 la tnorre4 -.-til lind..iil,. !;. be -,
ttlltt.' I. -it re nnlea erunten. te. .v t.e tih
.-I -.i.'pt. aid fi t tliat t'e i-.rtln nt.il l-ar
In'en t l wh-t eo-epd ir Urp.--ol an.1 Veiv
York fVure tnarlet4
lirilc:ii l.iclirm-c.
TTi- demand for foreirn xle-re - orr
vl: tl IrremruWr i.rte-..ty n'wl the "lia.-.it f.a
rhort t.-rl n-r i, tlrm but lone et.rl'n-- wn
I" P-r "it p.ner and 4i ntln'tital I K ir eeat
1 It IVanels, Pro & Vi report r!olrr ptc
tie follow.
Prime iterll r ciKe t wii-t.s;i;; reeks t 57'.-.Ir-
dn- 1 S4.ll Mi,.
I'om-nepet-il l.irker e-ek! 4 TH: fjte dar
4 -7 ,,4 .r. rln. I) Ann I .
iJta'n Hill 1 M'.- cotton Mils 4 '.1t.UI.113u.
P.inker- Ir1 a liSfi'. li 17tVIi,. cfecli
7 -I'.-l'. I;- . 1 II. ttr dt & TOW".) t-K
-oTTiTr. -.-lal lriirh fi-in., cl.e. k r. 17 - Flst'
i3.iv -. -m". .i-i t 1'
i-ale fr.nen .keek- r. 21i.. -Ity .lav -,25.
l.-'irni ileknt.il'-, pltr lai." 3171.
P inker r I.'imi-k "at lr, '. t l.i.i4 ehe. k
M 1 I. ifi- dai.. ip.41! VI'.
'I'liTiKKiiit ret.-r-rnark. . herk Si-.t 31 tc.
slTii d "4 . I:, ninety l-is ssf,
Itirli ' lieh truP-'er. thee' v -1 !tv
!n 4n 1-16
".'mr-.'-rrlal rvutcb -r-jll.-. chert- 4.11;; stitr
aai k
Liverpool llnrket.
lUtverpeel. T4b. 35. llsro Iiort mt steadr nt
,1 Ilacon-f"-itnt eriand cut e-ir at 37 6d. lone
e!ar midairs. llht dull t M- M: (jo lieT.
dull at 3 Sho-it.Prs-Square dull nt tl". Ivirl -Prm
We.tem In fl-rcea dull nt Sis; An.-ri a.-.
reilne.1 In pal!" dull at 3J i'ottnne.l o'l--II'ill
retlned. Uir-Aur steadr at TCe Cl Tallow Au-
tral'tn In I-.den rrm at 7 Itcln firm at 4,
lOS-1 forn Futur.s stealy Feb S ;V1; Mirh
.-. 5,d. May S S! iYbai Srot firm: future
iu!.t. March 3a .;!, May S 10W.I; July 1
Gives His Kp.'ipon for Phoolin'i
Maryillle. .Mo. IVb. 1.. Milton I.imli, the
juror who nas taken -i. k last niKlit. tins
able 10 ruine his place ar.d the Jc?e mitr
l"r trial continued this ir-ornlns. The
St. 1 to rtetl Its c.ie at noon, ami it lit n
court 'incncil nt 1 p. ni.. Y. 4'. I.IU.0111. for
the Ueftafe. .-nl'lreed thi Jury. t. ;. Ji -to.
Ihe 'lefriiU-iiit. w:i the fir! witness
i.illed Ills te-tlmony. ln pari, v.j
"I ui.one.1 a ilru torl in alarytille ev-
r.-il M-.iin ami. and will admit that I 11
luiiiur nintr.ity to law. t".un after I op.n.
tho Mn-. Ciil.lu appniat Soil me and vai.l
I.i must haie fW " munth or h nould
io.i.t" in. in his pap-r. I s.ie it to him
Liter iie raH'il hi prlc- to SJ'. Till I jt.n,i
until 1 burneil out. about tv.o i-urs siro.
After I burned out I dll not pay him aii)
thiiur. tin the tlav of the !iootlnc. Cltiffin ap
proiiehul mo In the hotel and said he npit
li.ix.i .'! or W by noun ihai d.iv or he
had in artlo.o written. il'fam.iti.r to mv
d.nitihter. that he would pul.ih. I told
him I hail no money, b-'t he only latir-hed
iiml said I could set it. Thi drove me wild,
and. when I stw him curalnu toward me.
nlmiit noon, with a smllo on hla face, it
maddened me. and I pulled my Run ind
Ilrril. after which I do not remember any
thing." .1. 1 Kennedy, a traveling salesman for
tlm 1. Ii. Smith Drue Company of St
Josepti. testlflel that he nut Jesse a few
minutes before the shootlnc and that his
nrtlotLs wen not natural. The case prob
ab'y will ko tn the Jury some time lite to
morrow. .Iiulci T. K. lli Itnrl.
P.T'Pl'lll.Il SPKCIAI.
I'opl.ir Illuff JIo.. Ieb 13 -New. reachcl
this city to-day frotn N" Iville that Coun
ty Judge T. K. iIos was thrown by a mule
and. with one lee broken and an arm dis
located, lay sf-vr.rjl hours In the cold. Alarm
tiltta as to his recovery.
... .ij ii .-r tt, matftft tor Anwn.-an Ita'.lvar har.- In 1.1 ,W .V.i. LTriiA ... 7 --.. ' i-.
' ' eotrnn. with .-the. .e.-.,r-.e, . ,iv- atH ' ',', . "T r ,1 i 'V ,: .T1",'1?"
7 i - rtnine a.l-rane. In nrloe. .-irrarfiMr '. te e. nt I I T. JT. '".J'T ."'? "' . l-ula.tol-.net..
? li 4- t rontJ The ttn,.r.em.at ti ,. V the TniS. , V-' hi 7 IvT,,-. ,,!!r"'i
.-. SI -11 1- ! iJm k inil ?.' ,' I ,h" '"B"B" '"WW 'II Mum. Th-.1tl .!
1 ". ai-.all I .1 -.iVe. '- Tl"w:'- ! '" "PI-'' - IS--T reielp: r, y.,
7.1 ?1' i! HI. I ..... i. . 1 ? .. .-. I - "f ton t.n.1 I ran". of ..4t..r.eei
r ;! an i I " ."Iv't-e fr -n UverpooJ Tieliy Trere .lllte .. tvr, ., , ... ,. ,
tc l k;1 ka I .fj j.,. . .. . , . ...,' , . -. w lirlean. I-t . lei 1. N. u..ai out .r
Iv f
h-.. .a
n . ill
J n i rei
ti j r iitir '
-.tlii.uiaii i
I I..- 1
ai.il .trrni;th.
lul -1
all i
Ill utiil I'iill nl
'i I i. r 'ui I. .r .
. 1
I I !!
Ilii- l.lrr
T- .
' m 'ni an
1 Ul-llle
! '! l(tMi"ltt.l . .. .
K.-" III.
"1 i .
iii.-..mm- . .
"i IVal . .
I IUliUfU-
I l.i-1 1. M.rt . ..
' k- k-i:
.4 t
I '
I -
!" M tin- . ItatjtiSi.
Ilannllal ! .fi
Katifi. 4'itjr
Ilern.a'in .... .
!-: laUs
Ix --ter ... ..
M IHlllllll . .... .. ...
IM - H.k
V-i lv.lurr
r!ir-tKlt ....
N' vr "k-ii.ni
Pit. -J-atl
.-4 !
4.. l I! . '
S ' IT
! n i.
K J 5iV TT.
I V - Jt inula!.
Iv 1
KIliT lilllt Itllll1..
n. Trt r n th caiure at thi point yet.Majp
renlsl" i.f I feel, th Mitt; a fall of o u foot
In the kit tirentv f..ur r-. in -
BuMm-. more actle t! an the 4al. .tintx.
No -tnaile l.-e S. atl pat th- harl-i.- in roatne.
hklft elottr thi ratt hark
Pn ritttrii ii.
- Th fnerokee in. .Jne fr n. i'j. i;irarJau
atij 4'i.ine. e eerilav.
I;.4'.rt K Iee. Keaen.1 mime. r of tl- si
ln- neuirr. was a nier-fr.ii- n-.i .. .et-j-tlaj
X-t nirht h retiir-..! t . M. n..ht .v rut.
I - I'arn.r i lt f MeutpM .11-1 n t il out t
I .r.lav evenina a aa eai-. te. s,. i jiitu n.
' i.ric t.. Iipiri for atrnii'.i anl a.l nay Und
' P.k at n..-n to .la .
The Hill -t wa ee. te. tn arr'-e .Inrlrs
th. mvli: .r t . k-n she i u. k.'i !.ttri r.l'..l.
i ai-ain larh'iiT ami I'll." Zle;. i n! Pri
l" r are in .-h.1 n.. ..f ih- '. rki. I. e j-.
I- u-. nt.nlfnt .-.inl-ite.l of M .Il f..l nf lum!e-r.
I of hop. -i sV of .. f. n. 1 i l-uTi.tl
e. I. h.a.i of hor..-. us . a-e. ..r
. f
r. Mn! rx iwekailifs of un.lti la...ij
h-I -iMtCer iruu.n,,. She i -h. .ul t.
l.ii tii i inung w ter tttura trip In tlt H.-u.-I'li-.
III. ts 4-nte liati and j, irt f-treet l.rUf:lit
the -,n ,f y tiphtr t !-t M-nte I'ail a i
.tit .n (he lt ,f pa.lu ah Tues.a. but e.
Iianx: Tcat.-h. ilK 4.re street .f th- M.-.
phut at 4-ar. limrilenu The Meniph' -wr!jr
hary.1 iiet4e.n M.iMil an. iei ret ..f lum
ler nn.l liea.1 f In- si-.k la uM'ti n to r..
iui"-lli:.-,a!i ,hou!nef. Her .'am rrttftT ai
t i.
- IV.it lutlan Ixaiala. c. yeiri.. ai-I re-terdar
at I. k-lmi it nf h.-.u-t f.ll.ir- lie formerly IH I
In this Hi,, at Khlth time b a prmlnint
nvnii. r .f the mI KnlKht of II. -n r l-Ii.-.- At
ii" iinie or ni li un he ia in aitlte -l.-e.
I kT- Pil'-t on !- i:-v 2ueen. plliuc !t
I Ji-k-ti-Jt; and New Urleac. He ! aurMte'l !.y
I Tt.lo
j steamer "llr i Si. Lui cintlnn to reep e
Irln ilarll ;ra Irip to "." ii-ban. on vhloli
he 1 .. t. lulej u iir ri.tilrd-iv at " nTrrWk ,:i
l th- a.'te.nnn.
- Vi- r.Unr to the tcoril of th- Iloarl of
!ain Ini..-trn ..f the Nik iirleaii le.anl f
Tra.le. 17 Meatulili -lear. .1 fp.:a tb.it ie rt witn
jcrm l ire.es lrini; J..i iMry an atrrace .f
la.-Iy luo alii.. jr tl.iklnx .fciv.
II 'I ilcr:iili.
Itl PI'III.I.' SPKi'IU -
ilr. 1:1. t.h 1 'll.e rt,fr. ,. 5 e f. ,
IU.-1!.- tie la-I -... Ml-f .,r (...nf. Ktiite .,1.
- ft Th.. . ,ther I er . .11 jn. 1. n ii
lallnn; rai)v. a - oir.pan.t ,1 h , . n-K-r il.
vi-.' Tl. M..ijr.ilt 1. fioni the I.r :;.i--li. I
WlIt: ,t' ..
ft or luint.r nl Ion.-- a'rtv.il at
..' ..J 'etann.1 S.ith tin .ifiertii-uti T.'m
I . If. II tla-k eleare.1 f, r N iirletr nll'i
ton. at n. ni. Tho lfi f-. urei.i .. :
frwa Si. loin with .1 K"l trip, she ilUa h.irsed
a I-1 '.f ..in.lrl,. made aI11tioti-. an.1 .Imparl. 1
'f -Vetuplila at It n. m. Th flty .. l-i.tu-ai,
Hrrlie.i tli re wilh jcr--.l tnp fpm. St. lamt.
j-la .IlMharel ,t ,f itni iumI ainlrtes ati.1 le
Iaite.t f..r m Tme.ee Hirer at 3 p. m Th
l-iu I Una frotn tl St.jth tienlnht. an.I ih.
I 'iil 1 Irri.M ti -tr wruff Iwpe. tv Moore an.I
nilliam ietuine.1 to Ki-anm 111., thli tnomltu;.
Ifirlm-r John li -Ma'tlr.. until reo-ntlj on too
JTlfz i now .-n the cti' t.luit Tm '--e.
M. n.Mh.- T. .... t-.a. t- i.. . .-t.- .- o -
- , .. . . .... , ....-rio.t-v?i.i:i
n il. iraiice. a 1 - of ,' f,i m i.. iat mini,
four hour Welti, r c iv and i..M I-..I.I 11.11-
t.-lnsht ril. Kate A. hm, .tl.-hari-"i l't l.a.
of .i.ttoli 1B.1 leit at . tM . i.nlur ..- return
trip to Atkituaa 1 ii'. Ii.e im -e nm. fn tn
t '"! ,t ' '' r' ' ,UT '",M "f " and other
freiirlit. an.I mil eae Sltunj-ir on rrtur:i Tho
.1 . IS. WilLatn. nun . ool fm.'left thi morning
i. inner warm an! ri.-ar. .u r.a.-hMi
tie ilr lal ulaht ttal '"aitalii jiiie ik.uir
'.- ;il..t of the all.- ijue.n. had been found
.'. -id in hi sTater.ejnt near ! kilmii;. I'apt.ili
1 111,-1 .. t. on. .. the pri-iiin.nt i II..I ..i
tn- 4!liprl Itiier. nnkl.i a .n- of the
: .-I .-X-rti n. e.1 and lai.ful risi el hi pro
' -.0.1. He WI rehlom found Lantlllf; a ;.-'
I . ar.d hand. I the hi-lm if -n.e of the c14.1t--t
l.t .. ht It. am.mir thm tit J 3T
Hh'le. N-.il.-hl IM II!i ii.id n. I liar!.-. I
4Toute-tl a-l i:irar.i..l lie alo run .n .1
1 la . r t l-ont isit .rf sf IMl'. h t mic l.-n
l.t '... time rmkye,a in the Milvpp V.lll.y
Hure- I In- an.1 for aovf.al - 1.1.11 ua- niif,
th liittr-tate Triluirtati n '-.mianv K..r the
I ir tiio ..-ni n- had ln .m ihe ihalintte
V all. i Via. n tnd ith.-r I. ait ..-i-ratt-i I.. u-e
4-..lm.tte laekt l'.npam.
4...lu 'h. Ki . l.-b 3 . The uuin reait IS
f. '. ami -lenir -tiff mini fr.n the n-rth art
'.! I'l. k Kowttr to air.. , a. m John s
Hopkln to Kiaii-rille at noon City of la.lHi-.ih
11.- iKoe t.e.tl,-ht fr.ll St la-Ub. TIlC ClIJ of
.'t.fli.1.1 ...failed t . n.cht r..r the Tnn-f-e
Kli.r The II. :. Slirl.y. with a tow of 1-in.
1- fn.m tl- '.ml-rlai..'.. at p ni i'n.irle
I'lxoii. il rt. f ih. -ii'.m r ;...- .-.1 . ,t ,u ,., i
Itt'l l Will P. . th- -.-on.1 cl, rk. .-et..l,t.
nft..roo.l The 1". ter la, arel T.-m!M-e aie
d-i out of the T-.tm.-i.fcee.
Uran.i -ii. Her. Ill . Feb, u Tity of IUdi:.-ih In
nr 1 :n. test s.lcht llty of Mem Ills up at
II .A lart ntaht. Uari'.t.r nlth three kirc,.
I..ed up for St la-Hi at . a. m Hill 1 itv
up at ll-fl a. tn. ilier-.ke departed jr --t
leu'.-, at j p. ni. The Kiuae re... i J f.et 1
fall f I of f,t i.i the iat twents-f.mr ho-:-
U. itper i .ai and ...M.
h.-..nic. K-l.. Ii -Hlie-tJ feet and .tation
ar. Weather i-lear and eoj,". t'epurtr.. i;reei
n..il. lltteltirc R a m . Inia. IMltshur. -i a.
m II K lte.lfoe.1 Parl.-rV nm. u nt i,
w':h i-rr.l Ir m Am", k' a n . N-'! - U ilt si il
i'i-k lutt :i ind H. lie 3. -war. 1. ni
rt -r 1 . in I ;
al-li en- ti
1 . 4 1 . .1 1 111
h...r !: r. I". liner falltnc
'i: tiitf 4 '
'r 1
-' ii ii..i
1 nt 11 r
- n .ti.d r.-.
an.1 llty ol
r H.tt-t.- . i.uui a-.l "..II -1
.in.lel .!. mii at ' ai. .k-.in. 1 at :
".- .!!-. 11. t l.r St I. an ar 3 :
-ter ar. 1 lire ae.t ui it ? 3 l
turne.1 here at e p ni il.i-okee
M. mphl due up
Y.t-.w III . I.! IJ Oaii; road II I fr': n
rl. f fe-t in th lat twrpty-fnir hou-
Weather rl ijdv unit cold The lee mo-e.1 ant
t!..ked ar-ali Tl I" piled four to fifteen feet
al-io fi-e wat-r frx.ni bank ta lank and was a
prnnd "Iph
i-apo i;irar!.-i. Mo. Feb 13 - Weather miion
rv.l.ie- Itlver ralllrn Tr city -f Pa.lucah riwn
at 3 a in and th ne- 1,- d-rn at l' p. m.
Th Hill i'lty up at 3 a ra. and the ct-erokt up
at k a m. N thine du
Ia-m11Ile. Ivr . Feb. 15 Rlirr rinl-i- li-ly;
ctnnl 11 tt I ine-iee, fall 9 fet 3 'nrh... I
lrw 'il fet H lnrh-s Wr-ither cloudy an'l rhllly.
llurllnctnn. la. Fe. 35 Th- rlior is t. fe-t
S Irrlwii above low -water mark, a fall of half
an In. h Weather clear an! .l.i.r
tliK-lnnatl. 11 Feb. 15 l:per .4-1 j,t anl rls
Ir.c Wetrt,r fair, mercu-y 34 Keytun S-tta
lor I'ltfiiurc
Ki-an tile. In.! . I1. IS If. . r 73 1
rl-li - W.atfc.r 1" -idr ar.d e .' !
Plth-iri-. Pa . Pel I" I.lier 33 I
falling We-,the- ei-ar ar. I
liiliii-s I.;
iihlin. .1:
.Man it'll 7
.. Was
IVKin. III. I'.lt 1". J.imr La-islJ..! Jr.
was adjudftrd i:i- ine to laj . lie wa.1 to have
Ijten marri-.I "nm.
llllss- llee liarttitla litis 'J'ii-Iln.
Nut Chip. Ilutter. 1 1 s. .-to . pie a jiouii'l. j
llninlieritt-r I ns. 'I r.i nsferri-il.
The attorn' i' for Mt. Ilr.iri-tt i Jlatn
heej.r. tl- ii..lw'.e. i.-'-rtl.' :'le: .in
all.-b.vit. ; "n,u i.iij itn; Jt. Ise pln" r t. t:t
In the on-. J 1. tri- N- r i:n:.i d..i: i
tr.ir.-fori.-tl th . .1 -a P livil".i No. ; '
the I'rltiilt.il '.urt oer nhii.i Jini. It':i
tr pr.-ut A, uiit.tli r .a- wa in trl-tl
in .ludft liher's iourt t!i.. 1: imlier-7-r
c.i-f had to be laid mer until tn-.ay v.-i-n
some ilirjisltloii will le mail. nf it. .Mrs
lJ.imla'rKt-r'-i uttorne.. dlsiial!tleil Ju.li:'
Spencer Ian-m-.e he would i.ot praiit Hum
the jostpon.-ment v.hi'h they direil. A
fluht will be nude before Judf-" Klher to
se. ur a eontlnuaiire. lie ulll be furnlshel
with transcript of the ca before Judt-o
ll.-xlriiii Titnrist Ilublieil.
Paul Mar. u. a stranc r from Mexleo. en
rout- to I,. rm.uiy mi a ple.iture trip, was,
rtlmrd f $1W in lurrt-i.iy and everll
drafts on Mexb in b-ii.k.- lsredtine Jl.at-J.
at No Pj1: i'h'tniit frit V dm-s lay
nlcht In cumu -'ion with the thfft Miner
va Alcxnnder was arr' ted by Ietitivea
liambrick and KmcIi and will be held pend
ing an Investiiitlon.
vr. i.nris TI3IU
ArriiiiilH Mini Hi-ii-ii-turi-s nf lr:ilniiil
11m- t iilnii ".fiitiuit.
111 1 1 t .- .ti
t's-aluiflai .lln " .!
- -..1 1 I
- I- IB ' V
--tiiil. . ,-' j. .ril.t
lDl . i j l M- nlA..
mii i.;i:.
I.OII.- ll.l.i: IUVv-iU. . AXI ST. Wl'W
i i.s-i.i
Mi : iil.lt!.
..mi.. Artlvi
I . -
v. -- .1 t II. 1 . ,.t I ii"
New 1 . 1.
! .
e. oi atu - ' p 11
' ; u -a : etu
.J, v .. .. 1 ... .1 ... .
Ib.n.ia Air !- : I an .' 1
Ia'U.111... la . a.:.ai 1 ..i"-4
n-.Ta. Atlal.i 1. a K.rtiv:!e.
1U lipm
II. .V l. -
It. 1:.
I - Arrlte.
f-ln. 1.1 f.,.1 1 ..
matun. lUlnm .-e. 1-hilad.l-
p"m and New ..t a xir - '1 !a am U.I 4t
CtteUltUli. ta.Ul-.lite lltta-
buni. W.fhu.iil . (Ultimo!'.
Phtladelphu and New Y.t.
l"it 7dal . -I."! sci T.Jeaaa
tin. Inr.ati A' .n.n..-'.nl,.n . t" 4. am i 7"
lsniiuiati, 1144111 lltt--
talnt. Wahinai r. lUltln o-e.
Phila.iel.4ii.. an.1 .V. I.rk
It'.lal lib., lair, tie I . ) Ji an t-ii pm
ii-fa Ac. omjie-latiou ... .vl ptn IS J2 am
4-1'r. A-onrr aliti :, . . . ii piu 71-1-33 sxm
WeM Kadei. aud Fr-n. 1 la. K
y'l-rlnss. ta il. n-o. Itu-ste. . s 7 am .ia net
!!: I'll! It.
Ik Sr r l i .rlrnl !! I.
t r a A.t.tr .u Ct.esap, J.e
or: KIrr. E
4t ori Its
ep.ilt Aine.
H am ta.al pm
indlatia;-.!: Kxprea
l.n:iierij.,i k-r Spe. a - N -w
lrh. I: t. n. '..a; n
Ikiltlro re and rnnil ii , '17
Alun l-spre I
M'itT - a ard Alt. n 4. nm -.latem
l4-l-l. New Y. -k. . In-iatl.
Wa.lumit-n. 1 aitm. r. 1111
telelphla . . s
Alton fait. :. l a. ui --4
ttl a. !. . I! p. i.i.
m an -J:. pn
pm itn pat
Ji pm t:.- an
ti ooi -7 70 am
. .-'. Dl. Arrl.ea
iii i:i.:i;hi itm i ::.
St. I., h & N. W It :tr.-l"nl.n f.atlon.
raln ILpart- A.r.v"
Mmna. ;r Si p.ul. ij-nn .
K.okuk anj t , lar ll.iiid-
.pr.a . . pm
.he "N bra.ka i'..j . ..i l.t-pre--.'
f.H- I. .-, . .-i j,.
I' i- Pb ; x s m
Ieiiv... lar.. ,ii . i:jl,. Ka-i-nt'
'in. .-: i.-e-h. I. .. -n-
tth all lalll. mil N.,-1..
l-npr-s.. .. !; pat
7 Ii I a
73 an.
.l.l.U. . ll'.-Kl J- I- ,- -I'l
Pa. lilt oa-l a- I If i k lit I "3.4S ptc 7 1 am
llariiil.l. ,..u.n , Kt. k.kand
lliirllmston irfjusa al. 1
l-" M.'lne Nmhi l.xi res "7: pm C 73 a-a
lunsrtit till At. 1.1-. ii. St. Jo-
Mi ar.d leienw..rth ... . 1a15 am : trn
I-t Mall IlaRmbal. Quinc.
ilurllnet. n aiel lo.a (sdnt. 3Xiarn .........
I.-al l'afcta-niier fn.i.i Itannl-
. bal Ill-Mam
la. .1 lhv.ii-... fnm liarnl-
bal ..
M. Pml and JIInne1:.d1s . "7-13 In
lt.--k I-!au.l. St Paul. Mt-n-
ap-li. I.i -ro..e an.1 l0.
bii'iu. Itxpr. . . .. 21 n
lb. k l-1-.nd. lluthn-ll. (lal-.-
burr Eiire .-..--ap-Tt
rUtiUiUe ITMpre. . . . yi ten
71 pm
5.V am
16 4-3-n
r-t. L. k .1 N w It. It t nlon St ilon.
For Alien Lear l . Ti dall Sl a ra.
d till . 11 a in datli , 3pm ev-pt S-lndas:
6-in p. m ejrept r-un.la. . i 71 p m. .Kill. 7.4)
p m daib . . -.i j. in ! ulr
Fr'-n Alton trrtie s.ta a ri. rtaltr. 7:"4 a m.
ev-.pt Sun lay: :; a. ni daily. 11 " a pi. ex
cept Sundat. 1 "i p m. dalP . 4.ii p m. except
frn-aJa. :. 71 p m. dallr: s p ni duly
.111 train einep. on dcpartlncr at .4i p. rr.
an.I ore arrirtnc nt C r p. m itcp at YVahln:
ton aienue
l'li:i.ti:o AMI
Alion IImlt-1. fo- Oil-aro
i 1 i lir Pilaee Kxp
I'M'ta-o Ml.lrleht Special .
i-hl-aco I lay Iav-al f:tprei
Sprlnir-1M Aivt'TT- .Tati'.n
Kan i tty Vetiliul-.l Urr
3Cnra 41ty IVy Iltpre. ..
A I. 'PI IN.
n-rart. a-tIt-
. I- 3'. nm '. p-n
. ..i.i pri ' 7S a-n
ll-lim i-lisi
" Ham ; 3J. ma
7.-o'. pm ! 3 am
. 4 pt- 7:'n!-i
a ii it-.iivit. .sreorn-iitiiion
-v. rm iW 2- cm
'IT TI r "i, fn.
j -"itn ...oiiiiK i. r-p -tai
Train. Irirt. Arr!r.
T.v1r anl Xw Tor Kxrr". ? t!an Wrn
Tol'l' anJ NxTr n'ts F.xht. 7 ti rm V-40 .m
coriov nm.T. "
FT. laoms
C.ttci T!t Enprrjfai
T-rart. ArrlTP.
niiro i.im
VuH-v la rk Ae-ornmo1atloi
Vu'I' 1'irk ,iFm.'otIi n .
Vall-'T Iark A mrr -lilin
TM- ani-1 K in-u. Mill, fi"
I'lTthici. Jofilin. UTrhiti.
Ark'tn-M tt ntt,ihvT;a.
IalI.T 0ilr-inn an I Tort
Vrth ...
Pairfftr Acvonrrf4tatlon . .
Valtte-r INrk Arm"nri0-4itln
aMi-i Itrlc rimm4litlnn
V-i lt!. Ai iT.nH!i.;,.nr. .
TrXR Iai;r.l(iv.l i-M1hii for
Fiiika vrlntrn. Vrt S-nHh.
r.irt" 1 !' (arrnr!Ilf.
Ip-.rt. Arrlr
; 10i-intlft Man
JVM am tS r. am
.i:-an tlr-pm
1111 m JK-.2S am
t2.M .t -fi tz am
M pm --. pm
i.rr.i "ruana. utm.
in Antonio. II- us'nn and
("all ton ...
V'MTn Fprrj ir vtn-ta.
klahoiTB. -i "art tape. .Tpllii,
S ZV pm 7.33 am
v. '-hi:a. wion an I th
1't 3 ww jvn JJara
st- i.oris ami nwMiur
Train. Irwirt. Anirt
Mafl nnl Kxpr- ... tr V am ill 10 am
Mall arxl Kxprr-m " i pr t6. -n
t i.frf-i'i;on: mm:.
(. t ft nt. i- i:. i: st jv. i . si r n. n t
Train IVpnrt. Arrive.
l'r.a. IkH, FprlirfH Knd
Craftrn Dtrw ibll- . S 11 ara
SpHnf1Kl and :r..fa.n Sf-nil.
Irtil- 4 -53 pm
Pi nficlI1 ai4 3raft' n Mall.
tallv 3Jt5ai
ri rla. rk1r. Sprincti-pM anI
rafttn i:pr"-. !alh 7 3-1) jrm
ntov .hoi vrwv.
Train. r-:rt. Aniv
T"t' r.i- Stall -o Uttl
i: i- it, T- atkani I'jIIt.
1 rt Won i md Alt.I-r. "ft; am ;pm
I'l-lia li.nl alr. un I
N-ii-top.-rt Kxp-- S.'fara SSSrni
r.s.4t I-i i-pr--s H .t
S.nrr- Ill.. For V..rth.
AuMh ?.in Ant- nlo. lltms-
tnn ao1 Calv7fon . . Kl rra 4-3S P-n
T"aF. M.-f'-o an.1 1'allf .rnli
M-itl lll. IWt Worth.
KI l"a. I An4i--J, ;!-
itr-n. Sin Antonio an 1
larM' . S.:s pm T5r am
Mmi4il- and Hot Sprtnr Ki-
:r-v S37pm ;.) a-n
IIHiiiiN Aksoi-iatimi Will Moct Xxt
Year in Di-eatnr.
Itvk I-Iand. 111., r.'b. 13 -The seventh
cnntial eonvfntlon of tho Itetall Merchants
Aso.-latlon of Illinois was adjourned to
day after the election 07? the following new
ofllrers: Ires!t'.ent. C. R. Ix)tt. ChloaRo;
!co presidents. Gors Lotz. Eaat St.
Louis; Georjte CThurrhlll. Oalnsburjr; O. II.
Klmrsbunr. lloek Island; satcrotary, Charls
Ilvde. ChlcaRo; treasurer, OeorRi) Dalen
lori;. Chlcnffo. Memlers or tlio Exeoutlv
4'onimlttce tl. IJ. lajnir. BelletlHo; O. S.
I'onnolly. PprlnRae 1. J. It. I inxton. I'e-
oria. IJ. 11. I.lddell of Chlcaso was elected
hor.orary vice pree.Ident.
The i:l conv.ntlon nf tUi association was
'ote.l to Deratur. A. II. Jones of I'hlcaKO.
St it I'n-1 4nmmiiniie-, delivered an id-iln--s
mi the pure f nI 1-w. after whlrli the
. oii. ntloii ad'.pleil a roFoliillon providint;
that maiiuf.ii'ltire and v. IioI.-a.iI- iIeaI-r-4
.ti ill l held l-T.'.iitT.illj r.sia.n-ibte b. the
n r' hart- for the -.t'- to the n-tiller of
liiipur. pHHiii. s. j
Voinijr "oiijih- WI111 Kaiitilifil at IJ.
lijrinns iJiUVri'iiro..
Afier 'line ye.- r nf nt.rts.hlp. iTuie I
1'reeman of Ilia kn.II. St Krar. ,is I'nBti
ty. and Mi-H U'ilmar I". Hi-hrlr.i- of 1'hlla
ib'lphi.i, .Marlon Cutint. Jl, were 111 irrle-l
iter(lay in the jiarlors rf the llo'il Au-t.-tirb-th
.it i'l.yti,n by i-rt.bati Juiiso 41. A.
Vun!i-tnan. Tn wit -.. to tne leremony
w.r. the bri.1. s -..tr .nwl l.t. .lb. r-i-i-l.itt.
.Mr. and Mr.a. !'r. d I. tint., shu .1-" 111- l-i
M ul'.ri t'.iun . 'i ni- l.r:.!.- was -ry inu-h
dtT.t-t-ti .luriiiir the i'rtiii'in. and went
i r.- I . .
Mr.. 1'reem.in i th naiiKli'or of a jiros
jeinus firtnr of -M ir.oii Cuut.lv. Her par-
nis. who are mtniU't of tl.e Lutheran
Chiiri-h. nbjeete-l tn .Mr. Kie--man. it Is
stM, on aivoiint nf his relisious Ji-.itilm,-..
Mr I-re. man Is a in. ruber nf the Chri-.lt -i
I'litirrh un,l hiccc-in1i i In -onvertln;r Mi-n
llehrinc to his rellRluti-i views. Mr. und
Mrs. llehrirffn objections le-eame so strenu
ou that their ilatiKbler left tbe p.iterniil
roof an.1 oucht n. hntpo with Iier rlstir.
.Mr. Lamb. The latter eneourased tho
m.iteh and it was at her home, for nearly
three -ar. thai the jntir-r rotiple court- d.
Ihirlns all 'hit tlm. the ilchrlnirs did not
t. lent In their opposition to the match.
Thev were willlnir to let their daughter
tome hnme. but iPsieted on ner rejoinicg
tin lulth of her childhood.
Mr. und Mri". I-'reeman were averso to
r1leiiteeliii tthaf offol. ..... .-..4ni. fk. . Ill
n-JVaj-7ti., umi iiuini jr-iriUUi, Jia4rj a.11
rem a la in St. Louis for a week.
II.I.IMilo I '.l !t L.
I .
i". ririRlH-l I A. t.n.n.i-U: .n ... M"
I'i'.i .h Mail ..tl. ur,-..
. -77;-'-i - - jj-n.
.i -t - t . J.- i n .
N t-hi ?! l-i K-i-- i
-.." C ...-. N t
Ki " a
aN W t . I W- ,-
t'i u ih t. : .h
i ..r i is i ,v - i,- .nt..
t in.--,?--. :!.:. . A J
rail-. ,
A- nm i-,' n i .'bfr .
j;-n l i-i
JSam 71 ri
'. j-r " -7 a i
ltr-n " ' -a
M-r:i.n. .'air, 7rwMrti :in.I
".r--.- . . . n-Spr. V ii
A iJi.-.H'a.Miii. ) Mortem -l. to.
M-irittn aH i.,j Sr.n. .. M-Sp-n ! 1
Tratn. Depart. A-.
F. Hail nM.rlIlr. .NM-
itlk- rir-n"r! "n. M"nt-r-iTO
rj h ttTaiiH ms. At-
! tnt Sfa" n Ttair!r-an S
Vul i Ni rT.an' anil
Jj. k,ii. liv, f! .r!ii"i -'fn
!! X---ll. rirtnli chirr.
M-Mi- Nw ri-" . Tr.. m-
fca. Ihala enI t IV'-r-t m.
Kit : i-n -Vt-n
l. II. .V M' 1,. l'.. U.i-intrrs.Mi Hi(it-.
Train ! ; . -1
1 t M H o-arrhoTf '
c rr. ia uill an i - i"i- Z a-n " r i
K.." r i Vx.ir - .i r
I n i ryu rt I iHriI j'
rv?-, t .
Ult . 4 lint V ".
-irii anl Infian Trr ?
Vi.r T" a"" r
I r rlh IttH-iv Wj....
Ti1t .. t Am "n I?..: ".. .lt rni '' 1
v rt t. ih::t- r-i n-
t "'. .n'i '"at. " r"Ti""( " 13 in C ' "
t 4 -.rl-M. -r-i-i' a r- rt S .t
.iRil It. nt-xn Fxrrf-p - 15 r ' a
i!unii(!:AM) oi;io ""
't-fpn PwliT ;'.ir
-'h.-rr (4wl. r
1 fiM-Ht ri-r . . K '
V. -t Jnlia Fix.- " n i
! I" A tth .. l -J'rn t 1
rr -
ri m.iii
I. t.Ml EcnrrH
Ifi- .i-.- St Jiiri.. Out 1-
3 tin i
lu an! Snhem Kaiwaji Kt-
T'lv ?-iar-i '" rm
V-i-Mnctnn Arr ranvlatlnn.. . 1 5. 25 pin IT - an
J,ar. .mi Xbra-k.- Umlf!
- KanK.- Otv J rHn WL-h-
I'a. t l iih. Oman..
N uth-rn K )- and ?ith-
-t Ml nrt r". 7-i-n
K 1 i" -nl -r .t, ndn Kxrr . ' 1-5 r" -
i.m .rr l..ki trutn-" leai' T'rt' -n l-
fi .1 m , "; a. m . J : p ra. Surnlar cnl 4 t
I m
vik if in trIr." !a I"nl-n PUten at f 43 a.
rr -I" 1 a m .!" p m. and 1" p m
Kir! w .1 train Ip-if !"nt"n ptatlr. f f 00 a
rr j . l!1 v v ri. 1 ft p m. an 1 J. p. t
Ia.'" Vn-iintr"' ,, S:atln -II - . m
I,T1. Tip? : un-Li JSun-lav iMr
si i.n is .ir.r.iHwrv nitinci: ti:is
iiiwi. 1: ii.wav si iirmivN tkiv
i:n in:.
F"tv- un lri- Klphth f"-. Orat!"t S
" i-k Mi'- f. IR 77. s '1. !-. 11.1 am. 1
1 - 4i 4 3 1" p. m
S'trd. - t ; , 1 - 1: a m . nnA Z-JZl t rr
laF U-drctnn A - W'-k 'lar-. fiI T-i.
s ". w i a .u m in-i 1.. z ". . : 4. i n c .;
p m ittir in. 1!.4 tn
Pjn-ip-ip .", 27 7 w p 1 n. m. nnfI 7 T n m
A ?t P'.unil la'i r;rnTtj fr Wk rir,
.w, . i CS. ;i 2 m. nni ?". I .). .
n- ; '.j . I? r m PatyrdaT. 4 "- n m
wn lij-. " '. -"? a n. ml !? nd " w p m
!& M adf-H-n -k lar. 7lt --lJ. 2 .
1VIS a m arnl i: 75. 2:13. 3.J7. 4:li 3 Zt "17 p.
m- l;itunlrj. 4 ." p m.
r?iinij". fiVfl. 11 n. ii a-:l l-Ve. -S-flS p m
sr.T,"K.V."t r-Tn. n
Tpln Xf. IOC. Vnlon Ilxprri. rJallj. ar
rives Ft. lafiils 5:3) am
Train No. 10?. t'nlrtn Krprci-. tlally.
UaTt Pt. laj-rxh.. pn
Train Impart. Ari.
Train" ICr :i and n Un : ':wi
1it nTpr ' :, am & '-0 p t
N-v York Ta2mlt-it . . 1 ini ? 4 p:
N T.-rk I-Ml. -I-'rMi. Ptltl-
r and Wih.i:t'n 1.x. .. "4T-.pn -.:.a-n
4.m innatl N'rht Km-
t" ptn "T-ft-nn
otam 7-'-ar
" 3-pm Selar.i
2-44 an 1: am
Or.rlrnntl Ty nxpre
Van.JalH At?crrTc-Mtn
Indian jpnlfa and "V-en- York
vitin mm:.
ivof the 3:i-;?iprr.
T part. Arrlr-.
rvntIn-ntT? UmltM
Itarrfr ITxpr- ''pijn ..
I'atur A "'T-nvv1iitI "" .
. .! am f-2p"i
am 4S,2pm
I'Srm 11 Man
7.2ram 5 C cm
T"irlrt I-"1 i.pTtv"
T. T--3. I irrar
Yf-rk arl I
ini-Tti-- rf-r
t n Vs?KtIlul?il
S:-Hp-n -7,5an.
Ka-f Mill. ItufT-tlo ard t-
Knt .... -:?MT;ra
"Vl'i'rA. T.'I'''. X-"- Tork
irl Hn-rrnn Ia Mill .2:15 am
Ne-i Y;. Itri,'n ant T Trdrt
I"at Mill . . "t'Oan
l.anir 1.mlftM rh-irf - p-n 7-15 an
T.jNn? Wrr or titt: MiFsissirri.
Iohrl- ail Pi" t 'in burr Kit
rr"" '7 tim 5aa)p-:l
t ('IHrnnia .fc.irrn".jiiifT
KnT. Ot7. 'tturnwi.
. ? 15 am :nrm
S nam '5:15 p-n
3Mn 21:13 am
CI 1 ml-U Ar-omnK-J-i'lirt
Mi Ik"t!v Ai-o-rmnKJajatt'n
lCrinF-i 4 "ity. :umwi
sifin iji na jitnne--
npvV-t Px-rr-9 pt
Otrihi Ll-.It: "TDpro
vKr"W" " I" v lTl-iri
( i-M. t Paul. 7Il"-isapoI!'.
I- Mins an 1 OltumTv.i
i.ipr"i ....
Kcrsa-- - I'at "M-i;
Vrrjru,on or.m,-Iat'n .....
:i5 rm
''.- a--
I vr2uon ir-'.iT'ti'aiari n
St ''n'-ti'l-r-. n-r itlrtn
iVrc.' 11 e n- "nl n .
IriTH-".',n .i 111 t-i: n
Tnii,,iiIar fn:v
Ml tlpm .4 p-
."2-4ani ! 'ji nr.i
21 'm li-"-3pn
linlvh l-irk .r4nirnFr''-itIoi. t? !" p-i
rrr;TJon Arcn.rM?a.tpri . t-3.pm 3:Orm
fkom nx-ivr rrnxnrr ?t-ttov
nrltJjKtoii Arrororri'-.Nt'.in f . " a:n -tOprri
P-rrit"'n Acrnm-Mit' n .. ' m -S4tp:ii
I r I a. u T- rt 1 - -'Ullii' 'i I tf'-H . , .,
1 rli!reti Arco-n,-nrv3ntlon ..
rh)ir-"-i --rnrnmo.lflttrn
r,r(r4i,n A-orrmndaf n .. .
t-.Mll.ei- l.A,..l.ll. A. t" ... ..
I ". r IV-Wum
!" pm 4A jri
nm -J7 nm
fi "am l2-ri
" 1 r.n- tCT Ts-
1 rn3'n A"viwnmt'itlf n
Krr-raKn Arrcrnri-T3atici--. tH ,- pmltlO-W pn
$4.00 to MEMPHIS.
For Mer-phls atl all wsy landlnas; -rery to-r
rate on freicbt and jaja-rrer; takins. fretchft
for all lardlnrs -iti cf Mtmpb! and Arkaoaaa
Itlver to Pin niutt
Str. OEOROIA LICE I-rpa Friday, jreb. II, I r,
n., D'amoDd Jo W-harfboat. 'Prion. Mala M47A.
1. i: lJi-K. Gen. Act. V.. E. AlMtx, Oomw aVst.
aMJJW 4Q3t.T 1T-. VTsTg.
The raL-itlal Stenmer. ,
Ctry of St. Ijoxile,
Tlie Iarce.4t.flr.est. fastest and bent equipped
p3sen-;er steamer on tho Mislsslppl. will!
leave St. Louis from wharfboat, foot of
Oiive street.
SATURDAY, FES. 17. at 2 P. NI.
Arrive at New Orleans Sand-iy. Feb. 3L
JOHN I1I1JD. Acent.
Main IMS.
, 7-T ,.. S- 1 HM.OKKK. f-r St.. 4n-t"fit-?f
v . e IT 'ter 4-, err le. Il-l Iloelc,
w.-i.-irr: i.rar.t l-.ver, lap l.lr-
arili t
M. n.!
. - i all w iy Iandinifs. learl
' t at j. m.
Itt .Trri HEX JE.";-;!t.'S 4er.l
Teleph-ln- M.i'1 - "
'lenne-e ml tauter Mls. lllvera.
Ship 1I fr.'rr'it fir linti-iir betw-en Palncsl
an.1 W'siert . A a ard fine a- 1 Vlrk-Mi-x vl
CAI1K I.I F I.V .Tt:MFl'S Ilr Kirn. Ilk.
an-S ialn. I' I -AM P I' K. O'nrrat Acen'-.
11n.net-M1I1 .417 A. Mand'S
?-Iio Will .iK-ar in n Sketch at
Ifojikins's Tlieator.
A ttletjram wa-i rccclvd by MannRer
Gumpertz of Hopkins's Iinpt rial Theater
yesterday announclns that Mls Victory
Hateman. formerly leading lady In the Im
perial Stock Company, would appear hero
In a vaud.-ville .-ki.Ul the we. k nf I-Vbr.i-ary
S. Mis-. lJ.it man has her own com
pany and plaj seer.il one-act piece,
l'urlnj; the se.1j.011 of lvj7 IJ."-. when Mis
ISateman ms the k-adltn: lady at the Im
I-erlal, H.ie mad. for herself many frlcnda
who will be sltX to cat her.

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