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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 25, 1900, PART I, Image 1

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fas ,p-MfQ MiiT-U pliSTSQIl
Pm-ito Wean .11111 Probably Will
Pass iVith a Time Limit
.i.i pi' A nnnmiros That tin Prei
l in Now .Favors the Kill
Partisanship Likely in
Win l) vim Principle.
I ' l.lr H-B1AI.
v a. Mnpl.M.. Feb. :M.--Itci uM,.an opio-
-:i to 1. pending Puerto litem tariff
1 v ( - broken to-nigh? at a eoi'ierenco of
1' . i i..'.mii no-mUls of the Hottse of Bep-
- uni. ami th're la n-Av a otrontr
I . i.ilHy that the tnoanre will be issed
v ', ! amcr.dinc.it timiti.ig its iTatj!j
. v years. This sop has lie-en thrown to
: -:rant mend rs on the IP-publican
- "1 under tt lih of the pariy whip
- i..s likely th.it enough raemWrs will Ik
' -r to in-mie the a.sage . f the bill.
. tif -re-nce atljourned at let. minute
' i- i'tutght without a xotr having Iiecn
1 . i ': was decides! tl-it arilSrr onf r-
" ..-aid lit- held ..n Monday night. an3
". te ri:ig cotnmitte-e.'" coin!"O.Kd of
r.' mSsrs. should ia the meantime tT
'!-; .iinut an under.-! tnil'i.rf that woutd
- ; ..i h.iim.nk.iis acion. Five members
i . .-..muni tee are to be appointe-l uy
' rii:.iis t-Vrrmn aii'i i!.- remiti;ii!R fiv-K-,.i.'.-erta!i.
Jl.t'.ill. iJttleJUW Iipil
1 in.- :fce !e:. .t th- .ipp-ition. 55-.
' t n 11 !! M !-:. I'ayne uf Now York.
3' i if r-unul..iii;i. Ilo;ln -if Illt-
i I. .-sell of Cuntn-ctU'Ht aiI i"llivcr of
1 v li-e li..- nprcsontaliV'.-. of Hie op-
; - t .. f ii c i atne to-morxow.
" ! a t.irso atteniUiee v.lieii U''l-
t ,c noon of Ili:no!? callvtl th"
i-e to onier Jrtth a speeoli. jn ulikh
. .- il liirminy. Ite was folloued liy
S- .! Iicnli!n. lio urs-l tlie im-
- of prvstniins tu the Ueniorrntli
..n unbrok. n front. Tlio SptakcrV
vas a dirt-ct nppcal to partiMin
i . and he tout-he but liphtly upon
iff bill. ai.J omittnl altogether the
I , i,-tiiutioi.;il question involved.
i: ; i - ntjtivv I'owirs of Vermont, irho
I k .ip.ii!it the 1411 in the House to.Jty.
i . u a Kt' at lisit. He eounskil iom-
; -ii .'.r.U harmony.
.. - nu.iive I'ayne. rhairman of '
a i : . on Ways and Means anil noii-
t i - piniiiui? b!U. mW lilt, committee
1 to i4eire to dominate the House or to
iv th- pending bill down the throatt of
t - ; ublicanK." He na ia'Jy to .iceepl
mjirnmis-e measure. The mit Jm-
! .til feuture of Mr. I'ajne's sp-eeh iui
:i ration th -t he Column lee on Ya;. s
. i Mehtw hw been gul.k-i by the In-
i r . : of tnetaa-'ra of th- mlminixtratlon.
ab a- s'tMng intiuuitipn that the
1 i . i t had realtzol that he made a mis
' :n aiiplyint; Ike cxliou; term "jri"!
-.to Tueito Kico I:i hi last annu.il
- . :irnl Mr. 1'ayne ioM hif a.neiatf"t
" t tti i-ndtns measure now bad the full
..Mint of Mr. HiKinley ar.cl the ji.i-
i i ! iieen whispered aliout the Houe
i av or rar that the bill imiosins iJ
i : of the Dinrfey retcs on commerce
'" ! Ike l"nitd States and I'uertn Tllco
1 ': ;illy orI?inatiil In the War Depart-
. . 1-cu jir. l"aj n" was rpeakliiR. he
. i -S.i il th' direct iuen!on by Mr. Oraff
I '. i- whetker 11 taras true that the
i ;-' had icn prepare.1 by any of the
i i :: Mr. Pne deelined to ansv.er the
i n:ative Weeks of .Michigan, v.ho
' ' i one of the opponents of the hill.
! that he did not like it, but "that
' !! not aid the Id-moi-rats and tvnuM
i1 ' his party."
' M'l'all of .Majiai!iu.ctts. the J'.e-
" no mi in tier of the dirainlttco on
. - .ml teanx who refused to F!en the
i re;u,rt. hUxvl by hi ronvictloii1-.
m-J. his repret at not le-lng able
i , k ui; h hi party.
Iiritm-r ol Illinoi one of the
' : "f tlie oiip-jltion. made a Ions
in which he declated that
iiM not vote for any compromise;
i. ;s just as wrong to imposo a tarilt
i I'n.rto niean commen-e for one day
it n.Mihl be to adopt the jtenoliif; bill.
t i. it he nouid not vote for any measure
. i t :! tioi insure freo trade between
. t.. ftite" and t'uerto Itico.
';o--inor of Uhiq van es.tfii to
-tatempnt directly Imlicatir-s ill"
' -! itfs !e.,irc"s, l.iut he carefully re-
! i ..ui irom doing o. lie mid that he Imd
i Tuiv attendml a banquet where h was
e. '-.i to speak "from the throne." imt
i. I. .ol prepjrel a wpc-cli whieh wholly
omltt.d any authoritative statement. So.
to-nlibt. he paid, lie did not intend to
"speak Iioni the throne." He said that
the proposition limhius the operation of
tt-.i 111! to two years was as fur a the
tzr - re -hould be ch;iiitd
Letter Iteoatiliii";
Luzon Town.
Vew York. Feb. il. The following ex
tract from a letter from V.. S. Hartshorn,
l:n".illcn Adjutant of the Twenty-sefnth
IteEtmnnt. It. S. v., f-om Marhpitna. nhoiit
v..n:y im'e.s Cast f Manila, on January
. 'i-t. Indicates a friendly leejing toward
the t T.cd States troops on the part of
the te-ideitts of that town. The letter relates-
The town is the leading shoeniaklng
center of the kland. I underestimated the
population when I last wrote you. The
oili. til re. oi,! Kilt, t iih li..Jio. Tho peoplo
aic iiii.at frb tally and are glad of our pro-t-'tinn.
showing us every consideration.
The KAMI is l-comin,i more prosperous
eviry dav. I d.m.xiy that no less than 5.0
house and nipa huts are now In process of
rcrtIon. ami nil have been started since
we occupied the town From 1' to 2i na
tives ecmo In every day, bringing house
hold furniture, and, in some cjscs, whole
nipn r.oi's. One roof came In a day or two
ago with about fifty men carrying" It. All
could sec of the mtn was their legs.
We had n ilag-rai.sing which took place
In fioio of the guaidhuuse at 2 p. m. to
,l..j W bad airansed for the town or
chestra to be present and play "The Star
Spangled P.tnntr, but they were late, as
inual. so did not perform, although when
they c-irac ihey playd until neatly retreat.
-The Skar Spansled Banner and all. They
did not have the music, .so one of us whis
tled the air and the Major wrote It down,
and. thty mide up the parts. They did not
do a thing to It. Of course, we all stood at
attention, and uncovered and tried our lest
to look serious. I shall try t get th" music
for the orchealra In Manila on Wednesday."
I.o-s itf y'.".iMiO al the S.Hiilien-:
1'iiiiirr uf .Mar laud ami New
stead Avenues.
Policeman Carries Mr. W. I.
Spraj:ue From ll-: Uiiritin
llonie 1'laiiii-s i'iiii.-iiiim-
.Mis .Mav I'ilii's .Mnncv.
The wont Ike that In viiieil thr iesi
dence distiict for jvats Mept thronch the
row of housf.s at the somluast comer of
Maryland and Ne,. --jc.nl avenue Iist iiisht.
The roof and upper story of each of lh I'ne '
dwcllliiKs was destiojed and tlio loss, a"- )
coruins to the most accurate c-,tiniale-. that
could ! ni.iile last nli;ht. i-s not less than j
-!."'. l-ortunately t'.o one w:is iujute.1. but
tin- sire loused no end of excitement in the
neighborhood and way accompuultd by sev
eral Incident; of Interest. Tlie bitter cold '.
which froze the ho.-e iipes and made the. '
Mrteti so slij'pery that they wcie almost J
tniiias.-ablc made Ih task of the ilremt.n a j
haul one. ,
Tin Cue staucU ju-i after o'clock in the i
Katret of tin ho.isv at No. 21 North New- j
suad avenue. Into which Mr. and .Mrs. J-li-ward
Gay liatler. wlm weio re.-, ntly mar
li'd, had Ju moved oil their furnltuie and
wcddlm; presents prcpanitory to beslnnlns
huusekei iiiiiK. Kred Hamtlton, a son of F.
II. Hamilton, who lives at No. S North
Ncwstcad avenue, was soine out on an er
land nfcin liy tllscnvercil the lize. lie
veiled at the top of hia voice and (.'Ulcer
I""Ianey. tho hatd the cr, uirm-d in an
alarm. When the hrst cnRine ariived a. few
minules later the llames had spread to the
houses of Harty Jl I'apin. at No. i'J; F. H.
Hamilton at No. :, and J. 1:. Sprauue at
No. ZX. liefure the llrst line of hose couM
bo laid the houfe at No. iM. orcuplfil by
Watson I. Farr. Wit- tLo ablaze.
Thr entit.- r.clnhborllood was aroused by .
the tire, and a crowd gathered iulckly In
sjiito of the pierclnff c.!J. A sl.arp breeze
from the Northwest far.neil the llames, and
for a little while It seemed that the row of
houe would certainly bo entirely destroj ed
and that the firemen's task would be to
keep the flames from xpretKline to other
residences. A second alarm was turned in,
and soon six enqine nose hard at work.
The fire was under coi.tto! then in a Iltt.e
n lule.
OHIeer Pelnneyt Heroic Act.
After he had turned In the alarm, OMker
Detain y went to each of tin; house? In the
low uarnin:; the occupintu of their danKir
and olf.it inir any aUtan e in Jtl powir.
At the home of Mr. Sprague he was told
that a sick noman was in the second story.
The loof was already ablaze, anl there
wa no time for ccrvinuny- The ollicer
rushl upstair? and fnuul Mr. Spraguu's
aceil mother, Mrs. w. IJ. Sprastie, who
had not been able to leave her room for
six months, otting to a -:roke of iwralysis.
The polieeman p:iked her up as 1f she weie
a child, carried her downstalts and to the
home of Jii.-ejih M. H'ie.. No. 4.3 I.lml-11
bou'.evari. Ijiter she was taken to the
home of anothi r sou, t". C. Spiaque, at No.
iV.'Jl riemens avenue. She was able to walk
to the eaulge with the assistance of her
While the e.vltcmer.t was m It height.
Mr?. Harry i:. I'apin. who was alone at her
home when tin lite -tartcd. misseil her lit
tle Klrl. :: yeais old. and started into the
houe to tind her. Tlie child had bei-u taken
to the Metho.ti.-i njphanV Home, and Fa
ther I". I". 'IteiHv, wr.o threw optti the
ie..tor- of the St. l-iuis '.ith.!ral aero.--the
stt-et for the burinil-oiit families, went
after thi- inls.-ii- tlnld and restored her to
tlio mother. Altcruaid -Mis. l'aiu and
her ..liiKli.'ii were taken to the huine of AV.
I NletlrliiKhaus. No. HS2I l.lr.detl lmule
vard. Her hmband is out of the city.
MI Mav Farr. who lives with her par
fn:s. Mr. and Mi-. W. it. Fair, was one
who lost heavily by the tire Ye-uerday she
Uicw a um of money fr.-tu the hank, and
conc.-.ikd !t ill the at tie of her home. The
money vas. of uurse. di-.truyed. Th
amount v.a.-' state.-, oy one who was In a
position to know, to bo $1,1'."'. but Mis l"arr
woind i. nt say wh"ther this was corr-ct.
though th" aJmlttt-.l the sum was lare.
he wa- at I'llgrlm CoiiKtcgallonal Church
for hoir tiraetu: when th.e lire broke out
and wan notuieit tiy .i telepnone inessase.
;..-?.. . " ' J kJ.o. .. .. .7. .1 " rV .. .."'
..it -,.-....-- u-,vi.,,n ,v .ui.-.ii auu n-i
mother were nuiL-i by the wa.'ei- and
Sllioki .
l'irew Origin u .Msti-rj.
The poll ailUi.i .-.illy on the yeeiie. and
lend, led taiiiiilile service in canying lur
niture from the burning house and pro
tecting nhateir toiild uol eoiivenUnt
l nniv-.i. I.ieuten..uts Me.N'amara and
Man.-lii-lu weie in eommalid of the
o'lKtrs. They assist. ! tl...- families of Mr.
Sprague a.ltl Mr. Hamilton to go to the
home of Joseph M. Hayes, on I.ludeil boii
levapl. v.heie Mr. ami Jir-. Puller also
round a lrieiidly shelter, ilrs. Hamilton
was marly prostrated by the excite
ment. The Butlers lost a number of
family heirlooms, which were valued he
yond price. Among them were a writing
desk, a pair of j-web-d slippers and n
sword that had belonged to Gtorgc Wash
ington and came to Mr. Butler through (I.e
CusMs famil. of which he is a descendant.
The oilgln of the lire is involved in mvs-ti-ry.
It Iw-g.in In the g.trn-i of the l.otiso
where She Putins live., and may have Ik-i-ii
.-aused by a deftstive electric who. it
.spread with startling ta.ldlt.. The danniK.
to the buildings, attorning to Assistant Firo
Chief Jack Barry, was about fvii. Thev
are all owned by Howard Plllott, and the
loss is only parti illy covered by insurance.
The losses of the tenant- are c.-tiuiatcd as
follows: Il.iny E. I'apin, SI..Vm; IS. tl.
loitler. JS..Vm. besides the heirlooms which
money cannot replace; F. II. Hamilton.
$:.'i; J. P. Sprague. ii.i; w. II. l-'arr.
$l.-y": Miss May Farr. Jl.lo?. None of th"
losers will recover in full. .Mr. Bullet's
loss and that of Miss Farr are total.
Jones Case Also to lie Ileaid
.Mai eh ii.
Franklort. Ky . Fel.. ;-The attorneys i
for tho piosecution and defense held a con- '
ierrnc" to-uay ana artan--ed for an e-
trial of Harlan Whittaker on
Marcli 6. Whittaker is one of the men ' ,"""r "" experiment, a simple apparatus
charged with complicity in the murder of i consisting 111 duly of inpnrr tubes. waa tis.sl.
Goel-I. ' Atmospheric air was taken n itt OIle ,..j
Lo Jones, th" Whitley County suspect. ) an"l at the other oxygen was shown by
will also bo arraigned for tilal the same 1 the production or a calcium liuht from tlw
,1'ly". ... .1 . i l"'il"n of the gas. Liquid air waa em
it is evident the prosecution intends to 1 ivrii i,, ,he process
make a strong fisht to hold Whitt.ikei for ' ..' ,. ... .'. .
1110 crat-il .lllrv in .nrll wlthool lull i....n
ty Attorney Polsgrovc refusal to const nt : Per plant he could produce ,-..i.wi cubic
to an earlier trial on account of the wit- i fwt of oygen. 1.0i.j cubic ic. t of niir.i
nesses l-ing srailer-nl over the State, and j gn and l."' ruble fret of i-arbontrutod gas.
a!s..i on account of the work that is in ! The last-named iroliirt. will, tt is said, pay
Iirogrcss by the detective. j fnr t,o cost of the entire production. ..-.'d
The reisirt telegraphed from Bowling i the oxygen and nitrogen will represent tiie
Green that s'everal cases of smallpox were net prtlits. As f cubic f"et of . xv-gen is
among the Butler County troops, sent horn ' estlmibd to l esjual In heating Hiwrr to
yesterday, caused great alarm here. Some a ton of coal. Hie process is i;iiisi.lcr-d to
soldiers arc ill hre with what the camp I lw of great value from a e,.nimnrtial st m.I
surgtous term army resli. point
-. t fmmi&iEhws-- .
-r-: -r; mmmmmMm
-rr T.. ZZZZT3 H ertfcwV,.'K ------- ,i f . l:
Fooil Is Plenty, hut Fuel Scnive -JJieli
Strikes Keporletl.
Seattle. Wash . JVb. 21 The :!r?t n'w of
the winter came from ('ape Nome to-day In
papers which state the tirivat there of Call
ion KnobeUdoiff and Charles li. Campbell,
who left Nome Heeemher 1'iatid reaclnsl the
Klondike catlv this nmnth. Voa Knobelr
tlor.T and Campbell repjrt:
"Theie Is plttity of lood at Nome to last
tlirotich the winter and until the first steam
er's arrival next Hummer. The only s aree
article is wood, width was i-elllni; at $ a
oird n lit it we left. The .supply of wood
ulons the bail! was consumed for n dis
tance of ten miles up and down from Nome
City, and the prorpect.i were for a practt.-ti
famine In this fuel lx-fore sprim;. Th-: coai
for sale was 7 cents a pound, though
theie m little of It on hand, anil tt wi.
l.ein lefiijcd to bujers. The large trans
portation loinpanies. how.ver. had inoilti
toal on hand to last them. There was not
ronsHeioJ much likelihood of sufferlnt; from
the cold, l'lour was sellii..; at J6 a sack;
baron 3-) to 40 cents a pound; hain, ". cent;
sut;ar. "J cents; dlled fru-.t. 25 cents; rice,
15 cents: oatmeal. '- tents; beans, li cuts;
c-nned meats. l a can; cann.il fruit. :; j
ceiita a can: fresh meats, il to Jl:; a pound; .
brikitiK powder. Jl; inial. $1 to il 'M. and!
lodsir.c tl to $1 a night. Kkrs. fresh jsita- !
toes and onions were out of the market bv :
Docemhtr I. when tKs sold lor S3 a dozen
mill potatoes and onions. ?1." for 1 jound j
'St.inipe-.bs are lej.nrted to have lecn of
frenuent oecurt.nce during the winter. Th.i
latest ex. In nit v was above Cape York and
m.tjiail (a In ihn fnfTtlii 'ilninr llta t lu. t m 1 1-
"i"l Uraten nv-rs att their branches. Tk
York lJvh sand was not believed to i j
Mrf piomislns. Imt the pro.-pe.-ts on the '
cricks alt- fci-jd. Below. Nome fiirnl;-.lie-i !
the lc-U results in Bonanza district, there
having been repotted a rbii Mnke In coarse
gt-ld. Outside of Anvil, Glacier and Dexter
i reeks and Snow GuP-h, the prospoting
waa only st:periicial. No I. U-lovv Dunn -
rr on Anvil Creek .-i llllmt.-irr i.f Jm .!-.. I
PJver, showed JkCJ as the result of t'i- '
four mouths" sluicing. The largest nugget j
fojnd in this claim was valued at Jlli. jien
w.re sinking boldcs thiougli the Ice o.U
from the Iwach in Ds-eml-r to tind If thte j
was -;0i,t in tne iKittom of the ocean. I'mn- 1
mings took tho biggest pile from the lieach
ii ipiarter or a inlb- from Nome. He Is said
to have realized ir.too fur his y-iof's
i ryi-hiiio- oe in.! pjiui on ii;e iieacn. tne i
I 7.. I. .. I.I.I.. . .nil . ..W k-.. .1.- IO.. .., ,
-in, ..I."'" i.o..- ... oo.inir Itiiei, ,iie.'-
Nome, was all wirked out, and th- liest
pay of the rnlli-e l.t-aeli for a rii'tnucn of
fourteen miles wa.s taken out. Little dev-'-opuient
work had Ims-h .lone m the Tiindta
so its vali.e was unknown.
Febtuary 5 lifty-one trains left Dawson
for Nom". and txii to noon of the next day
twenty -eight nioic lnd startol."
Success of a Seilfl J'loeeS: Colli-
nieieial Value.
New Y.uk. Feb. ra At a dinner given at
the Players' Club to-night to Paul Pk-tet.
th- Swi-s scientist, oxygen was produce.! '
fiiini air liy a sis-ret prociss nseil for the j
xirst time in iiii couiiiry. The dennnislra
Hon was made 111 the presence of M. Iku.
wprt. the Fieiuh Consul General; F.dward
Sumner, vvho represented Sir Thomas Lf...
. 1 !...... . .
' ' "-' oi;neicu witu uu- Gen
',, 1-lo.uid Air Company.
..... ...... ...-.-..- ,..i, .--uu ..".-iiorse-
s:iisrc3- op battle.
Necessity for Ktitivcs, as He Suggested, Emphasized by a
Story That Agutnaldo Was Captured by the Army as a
Suspicious Amigo and Released.
Wa.-ti.iiKton. I'-'' -' -B-fote h' d.a'h, ar.l af'.-r rivi . mu.-h thoue.1.' to the .h
;ect. tj. nirnl l,eiiu:i had work ! out n pin" ' r i malt.t. nance of order In tlio
I'hihf.p.'.es. alter tl- lose ot aettiai war, will h had been rubmitted to General
'ti. and is pres;imahl the plan which will ..jii-rv id iti-.ir to the War Ip:irtment
when Hie time com""' to replace the regular troops by oth'-r force? competent to
jire.s'r'.e order.
denernl Iwtoti's bl-.i was to el-'t a force of native rsjllco. wboe otHfers at firm
In all grades, and finally, as conditions Imiove. In the upiier itrades alon. shall all
be American-. Some uch force as this Is now sue. esfully ;ipll-.i In Cut a liy (P-n-eiul
Wood unilcr tl e cognomen of rural jfco. Owing to the racial differences
among the Inhabitants of the Philippine, It wn General .nwton's Idea that thero
would lie no diuk-nlty In serutlnic police who should 1." proof against disloyalty la thn
districts, apart from tho34 of their nativity, to which they mluht be assigned.
That this theoiy was well foundetl Is Indicated by the auece-sful utc of tho Ma
mIkJhi rrlbe. t.v General Iavi ton himself, and by General Yuuni; late- on In hH chiso
nftj. Agtilnaldu In tlie north of Luzon. The natives, by their acquaintance with tho
country and the lt.halitant. would iw of creat ansistar.ee In running down luw-
hreakerf. ibause of the fiml'.arliy of feature and ti?tire of the TusoIk. the American
trfKir have had Kt'-tt ditlkulty in dinlnutabliig: on ttldUldual from another, in
telling friend from foe. indeed, there I- a torv in circulation union; some of th
airny i.aieers who lutve just tvturne.l t WHrbinKton from Manila that the array
actually caiitured AituinaMo In Cavit proluee. put him in j-iil tor fifteen day. . d
.Spicious amigo. and then released him only to hear of his Identity after l.o had got-
..,, :lwav.
The ability of the Philippine It mler to
they -ir.- called in tie Philippine, u said
is able to pn..ltate such a. disguise.
Leading Topics in
Missouri Iiu-rcn-iiiK cloudiness j
Minds. Iiccolllllic
nrliiblet rain or
tlllin vimidny.
i.,l Inir mid iiriiier Mm-
, , , . .,
1"s '""'U "rthn 'pl' l"'. "
coining variable! Momluy miriiier.
vvllh rniti or slum.
Cor Vrknnsns Cloudy and warmer
JiiiuPijt ml '' ciilder Moiidnj;
raslerly lmt ""!"
r.utr i.
1. Ciouje K-li.-f Kiine Attacked by British.
Pire In the Wet Knd.
laiwtotiV Plan to 1'ullco PhillprHn.-.
Opise-Uion Pulkd Ilo Line.
'i Deal'i Notice.
Dcspirate sortie at Maf-klBg.
n. Liir Dealem l Alfss Ministers.
V Itiine of Tiaik UnprvteHenled.
Wisither l!e)ort.
,4f Fate of knnw Might Iks Oarn.
He Had Burglars Tools.
Glas of Wine the Cause.
' !l,rk Loun.y
Is Agaltwt Tanner.
Prisonera Changisl Clothes,.
j 7. T-evvney Beplk to I.Ul!cftW.
. Siift'niae Clause Arouses litttnan.
sTltenublican Iliw Have-Snwll Pauls.
Lighting Contract Goes to ISudd.
Agre-d Injunction Suit In Court.
Sh pipes for the Duke.
Stephens to Barth-ildt.
fc. Mnllanphy llankt Directors Act.
Tragedy in a New Yoik Hotel.
lf. Macon Pti-cri!-s Wtileott's Victory.
Habetbeek l-ads Mound City langue.
i;. PoolriKim Men Are Defiant.
Police to Act as Insi-s.-tors.
15. Germany Feats Tariff War.
Frau-e May Sf.p Bull Klglulnc.
Cotiiil Caste Il.it.. Lo:.:e in Paris
Kng'an.l M iy li-!' Frame.
Ij?iiI B"l-rt-- is Li.'-tauir- IItii
11 World's Fair W rk I- Two ctje.
Mr i-kcison v ics.
make up as a Chinaman, or "rhino," nn
to l remaikable. and only a fellow native
To-Day's Republic.
pure ii.
. Pe'w.tn Her Lovvt niHl ISeliglon.
V enieii as WBiiCo-sys.
How Cotton Becomes Silk.
. Tho Soul Is Immortal, the Ware,, of Sin
Ik Death.
-Mr. Dooley On the War Kxpert.
News and Views On tlie Automobile.
Niw Ithiying Pules for Stat.
Pennsylvania Kmhci Girat Prsults
From I-itlinnu
I 1
What u Tiainer Could Da for Bacball
Farm. Not Chame. C-wtols Success In
Sport. I
Iniernstioral Itnuliiw -r,..r..., ........ 1
Kkrven-Year-OW Billkird Kxi-ert.
5. AnrttlHr Mutch Between JicCoy an.1
Jack JetTiiea Will .iiceeed Hi Uioth-r.
Future ikitting On Two Jttg lliindknis.
fi. IMftorhil.
Plays ami Plyis.
T. Death Notices.
Milliner Tell Why They pi-fer St.
S. Fraternal Order News.
2. Comment on Close ot Society Season.
Lenten Diverelmis in Pri pamtli'ii.
Frklay Night's opera Aliemlutu.-e.
Weeliiings, XHunero ami D.illces.
i lerhre I'aiti-s and entertainment.
Personals and Giawip.
T. Mistrial in Beleiimil Case.
S. Wes-k's llrccrtl In Bealty.
Cartervilie Bk)t Trial.
Cut ton Still Climbing.
Bis-thovMi Piipiln" IPcital.
Chlragit elrain Market.
Ftrnm-ial and Commerehil.
Sumner's Views on Marriage Crit!ei-..i.
'.inc Miners I'rge Concerted Ai
Springtime House limiting.
Wlt -r County Boom.
Mi-n'iuri Bankei. Mst.
Proa, tilng b.v N'ewspaitr
Tic it of P .-k- Is Charged.
It. mo.-r.iit ll iil.-,i -rters.
2I.i.-az"iie S
fjidomitaljlc llocr Com
ni.'tndcr Stands Off
Dispatches Say lie' on
the South i?ank
London. Sunday. Feb. : (Copyright. IS-;
by the Nw York lb-raid Company. Face
to face in lsnh. the Free Stale and Natal.
the opposing armies stand, appai-ntljr
without vital charge slnr? Kriilay.
It wt"t xpveted, and even very contkient-p.-
asfertd by those who had mad- n care
ful tu.!y of tho proeres-s of event, triat we
shotiid surtly hear of Cronje's surrender by
jesterday. but from the latest accounts lie
seems to le still holdlcs out.
Thero s.rn run.ois, but nothlnr; more.
throui;Ii Caie Town and Diirlian, that
i?ronJe has surrendered, but they are not
gem-rally credltl. At nay rate, tho War
Office haj not received anything to back up
these stoile.
Tlie re Is news under Thurxlay's date from
which, though not oHtclal. hs
considered truMworthy. On that dy the
Peers wtie still holdir out. Their laager
was ixlnu sholle.1 intermittently, but Cron-
te a apparently no: altered his mind and
wes stilt determined to ptri-t in defense to
tl:c last tn the hope, thai re-enforcements
would succeed l.i accompllshins hij relief.
That r-eiifoixmtnU hate bcni sent to
him Is made clear by tnu mesai;?. already
referred to. which says that 2.W lloers nro
oporaUng southeast of the British post-
tIon. These may be the forco of Com-
mandor 1'et. which Is tr!cg to . a
diversion to enable Cronje to slip through
the net which has been drawn around bim.
LorJ JJotierts lias witn mm. nowever, n
,.re- .-t,ei.-.itfe e.tirmiled at 4o-0 to w.tv)
1, nv.j St-Vi.. rtr.f tj.nr. in intl.tl
the ease with which the Irtish have in-
i:imi . in. ni ulc. ,..k.. v.-". - .-- ..- . ..-
variably defeated the Boers when lier
mitted by circumstances to act on tho de
fensive, it is dlrl.cult to believe that any J
attempt at relief could be successful. Such,
at anv rate, is the opinion of tho t-st mili
tary experta here.
As to ihu Natal situation, rumor has
b.en v. ry busy. A series of rei-orts h-ive
come through Cap Town and Durban that
Ladysmlth Is relieved, but no credence- Is
given the stories. It is now nearly a week
since Ginerul Puller reported thjt He was
confronted by only a weak rear guard, yet
he appears to have made very little prog
ress since the a;ture of Hlangwana
Mountain and the occupation of Fort Wyllc.
which pl.-.ced In his possession a strong
point (Vupru! on each side of the river.
in- pazzltng feature of the situation is
found in the reirt that tue p.-rs still
have big guns on Bolwana Mountain.
though It is not clear wheth'.r tlw reiioubt-
able "Long Tom" is si 111 In position there.
It was stated two day- ago that their Wg
guns had ren itmovt-l on Monday infor-
n.atlon which more than auyihlngtlse gave
rise to the ret-in un.1 convinced ecrybody
that tho sbgi- of Undysmlth was alout to
be rai'ed without los of time. Now- it is
ni (sirent how inaccurate tlii.s iufoniKitiiin
v. as.
j Conrequently the intention of the Boers
to raise the siege of l.advsmlih has !
I i.)m 11 matter of .loubt.
An extraordinary telegram which reu"ued
London from Boer sourct s by a rouruiabouj
rxiuto stnle-s that the British force has
again fall-n back from Colenso. Nobody
here believed sj'-!i a story for .1 ctwn-nt,
-l;:cc, in tlie opinion of military experts.
Buller. with a grip in Fort WyhV ami
Inhiawn Mountain, could mil b compelksl
to retire except by a serkois interruption
1 it. U..it..a. . rndttuf i-if tarkt! .
in nis i-uiiiimiiio .ni""-"-- I. .S. . ....-..
wo could net have failed 10 t.--iv- wae
Information by now. '
Tl.e only other nws from the .eai uf war
is a report which has come tliroiush that
Colonel Pluinei has lssn stio-essfui in !-
pulsing a li.nl- of Boers. Ahitig with it
conies a statement that the Boers have
' natives fighting with them at Malt-king.
Mil A'llOA 'I Ill 1CI'.
Paanie!i-rc, Thurselay. Feb. There is
little change In ili" sltu.ithn. There w.i -Intermittent
shelling to-diy. and durtug ik.
ihrht a large iliiglisli supply .s.i.ibui :u
riveit. It is rerirteel that ". Bo't.s .ie o,:.;
lng i.onliwartl of this plate.
! Yestcrilav evening, after the lam gun li-..i
' lorn bred, the Shropshire rui-h.-d f,;r i.'-i
I j.j yards further toward the h.I of lit -i
river jikI found .1 nunils-r of lie-r deed.
j G peril Fre-neh cajitiited s..-v. :iiy-:iv
(mole pri-miiei-.. who hail prevkiusly -
raped the e-ordon. ami a parol, on til .-st-i
vnrit side, took thirty more
pi:n-i:h wii.ivixmin.- iii:u.
London. Feb. Ik-Spenser V.lkinsin, sum- '
iBiiruIng the week's eve-nts in the w.vr l:i '
South Africa for the Ass-e.Iatesl ITes. to
night said:
"On th- night of Tlmrsdav. Keliruary 1',. .
i Getirrnl Cronje tn.ireh.-d out from lingers- !
! fnntein between General French, who bad '
! lost entered Kliiilierley. aiKl General Kelly-
Kcmiy. Iber. at Kilp Drift, on ir.- .M.l,,.- ,
ISIvi'r. The next day General Kelly-Kenny
j imisueil him. atia-kcd bis re.r guard awl
I (b-iayed bim until the Highland l.'rlg.nl,. wils
Kohcrts Try ins; ;o
i)c Wei .e:ir I-.
j on its vav to stop mm on me south Ikih-j The lll!" thus I . gun continued throiigh
. of the M.sld-r. an-l General French . -.,i, , ,h Kilt.
,.ass bim "li I he n.i.to bink .
After thr. t 1'. v.-' r.i: r...;. ilalu G.. ;.,I
e lomewa- s:o,.,ms! ,,t K.--I s Paul. ,,e r
pj.irdil-.-rs. where he vat. Mirroun.e, His
fori., was l-rvvce.il the rive.r banks, vvhi.-li
ave him a lel.-nsive io-itioa Jaelug either
a --' t : o o f
l.l.MTUM U.
it m;w.
- .-
tl ni.il -ti; no r..e-; :i
- I .e in tertnltteU U Mft Tirfei
" I lie censer' Sle, Jltit I'Vil t T C
e . j.I.m . the :tti.itiin wt fi ...
Vt IN:- Ic-rliionriWBti- Id!'.
' !.. Koiwrts and fte. tie r
i "'lellje :i-e miSslltK ''! I'
en tnsajtc.l mith the Ut1tl-ti r.-.
s I'. :iuli. Ti e result w no' kn-wr
"ri.n" r.: stanllni5 off Kit !. iv r
- h. des4te h!- sreat . x!.T r
f r. -till, ry h,i bten upatde to I- ak
i'i iron if sist.ii;.-e if thr iri-iorri-auV
l:nfr . ..em inder.
A n: . -a. from !..! ..' - --,i
tt., t:...-r r-. i.:..ri-e-.... uts aloi t :
M. i : r tie iirnns and wI. t
t-. n. ;,..t
ll'.rlli-r se,-rn to h..e nio'i:-
s t-.ei vUrpri Tlir ltoei r-
le.it tl-ev hiive iimk.il him i.n.i .
I:- l.--i- here 1-. . n he.ivy. l".
i. to- iii ! a reisirt from It ..
s ,'il:. that l.e has bt ---,t
l!i .i- i .-t ii i lading '-asua..-s. .
t! . : ,- . .i pi. . r day.
t i''.lu.l...'ai.l Ij uir ret
!' '..:... !. t ti'e Itrui-h . k' 4
1 .'11 u-.! AlitI 1 t a: d We!" -ept.l-Hi,
-.tt. n; J. -. . e ,. --...
' Ov-st.0si
way. so thai alt... k- uu him lnole, he
k.. but he wa oeM u..tll on Ties i.
when Ixrd ltole"rt! naa-sl to r.p T irr.
with a ctrdle of infantry in h,-- p..s.t..;
while caunoiuKlhig him with t!fr -u- - e .
JUudtnr the itr,.r hc..
"In the meantime, l.ird Koherts w.h
spare dil.slon or tti... I ..-)..;.! the tli-ee t- -sades
boldlfg Cronje. .-i hlmelf xo inte -coot
ami drive away any (tier rc-enfrce.
Wa the situation on Wedi.cd.-n
atMl It offered a rea-onable probability r"r
t-fc- capture of ( ioiJeV force, and of the de
feat of any re-enfeieemems. We h.e 1 -tW
news U-yond Wedr.e-day. Or. Thursda
th lieiiing of Cronje was continued at ,--tiTi-ai.
lontlt.uous .-helling probably ir..
ol1ng a t.s. lavisli ne of ammunitle i
The Uueis have Iwen clvhi themselves i r
i bv fifties a day. in Tiiesdar Ixird itnlie-ts
j "rove oil the re-onrorcement coming fr.ni
j Colestsrg and from Natal.
A !fr'in rt'Prl dcL'r"i that Cronje p..,
? 'th7"aKb- T;Is " '"'Probable.
wa5 lerer to a srrjll rartv who .
...j. lu , .,,,.,,, J wnoe--
j ..JjjrJ Kol,;.r a'Jvance ha, Iraws
s.,ir.e of the Boer forces from Colesberg.
j S'erkstroom and Natal, as Is Feen front
( he diminUhe.1 resistanco to the British
I txn tfc,'to eOlnts.
,?e"eral I!ulIer- a'r taking Inhliwo
" h" Iver. and.
ing. This looks like a decided attempt ,T
( reliovo Itdysnith. wherein I expect Gen-
i - .-..ci win succsed. if fce does not.
be.ore. Interrupt his advance by stoppln.
to count his Insics. and declaring that ho
; " J1';- A.Oer.eral ha, never to-t
. ,
o-is iUa4 enough. A General ha, never I
nOUCh to tnu-tf.- !,!. :.-i . ...
, - ' "'" nuns up or ins en
terprise, so long as his troop-, are. willing .-.
so on with him. laid;, smith can probable
hold cut for several weeks lonser. and m
thr.t lira- the effect of Lord Poberf. ad
yr.nce probable will b even more marked
tr.au it h.s je teen."
.Mimiinv to aid m m.kii
j, ,'""" f"- --" apjrlg! t. Ha), i y v.
; " "fl-WIrs. P.igei has i.ceive.1 a
. " t''frsra "" h-r husband, wiio is with
. .w...w.. .,, ,.m:reriey. in this. Paget s.ns
that Mcthuen's force intends poin,
n Sun-
uh to j:ots?rts ? assistance
It rlin. IVb. :.'. .-,ial
"' -e ma; tney learn fi
' eed d
Brit (-
sources that
In forei-g hi
t.-ral Cronje 1 a
w.iy througo ti.
IIOPPs .t;; ST.....
1 Iirpi'ltuc spKt'lAi.
, New Yoik. Feb ;i.-Th Cv. ' ii.ir .1. -.
j nal publishes a .li-pi,;.h tnm :. ,. .
! Xrue-r to lo,-tor I. vis. whi.-h. i I.. sa i
; the Transvaal r-awy ha forwarded friii
Amstmi'siii J.j the several jto.-r
I thrcitghout the world, ft
acere "3
says .
i-ree iaie niw Transvaal f...
gether southeast of P.tardeberg
foritsl au.l well Imre.ichtd."
LonTon. Feb. "I. A war bulletin ptiMi.fce
In Pretoria, F. b'tmry r sal.t t.i t 0"!
u-.nnication Willi General Cronje was .t I
open Febrti-iry il. ar.d tht ruiwrf of hevx-
iig:;ttng occurring east .if lPner.il Cronj- s
Inag.-r iiave Iwen r. eeived.
A Strkstroim dispatch of February ;i
says that a Britit-h refugee from He id"Ibrrir
( asserts that the lloers have admitted lorfrg
.i men fox the a-;uilt on Ladv-sinlth J-ie-.".
. ;lry s aUf, ,iVilt lt T:a!. tnM Iiat General
' joubert was no lonser In .-r.mmnr.rf
le. aiW,. .hut -m. Kree Stater. ..,.
puhjiely Ucgced for cowardice after th" bat-
tie of Belmont.
Tin- Biitish lasiia'tie. .-it Kooilooshorg
Irift February 7 ard JCii. Kiaal February
W W"re seven olllceis wounded, four nvn
k Mi. I .ir.l nii'ety-l.x men noinded
in r.i.iiic.s tnvM'i: s,tiippki.
I'o Head Ijiager. Natal. Friday. Fei. .
Vesieruav the British cros.ed the TugeU
;:. !.ira mmibers. with cannon and ovc--.:
w.ig"is They .1; lark-. I the Brme'rt
.. .I .MiiMleburg commando-?, hit were
-..r. .-i to retreat under a heavy Mauser fire.
A retievveei attempt to storm the Brmclo
r wa made tin's morning, hut the Prit
ifh ere aenin "iriveii off. The fighting
The Pritfsh losses were very heavy Fight
imhulances were employed In collecting tho
'."I awl woiirnied.
The General report that the ronitnnnd.-ra
.ic lighting bravely.
I.adysmltli firesl a few- shell. t!il ir.ornirg
at our outpewts till silenced bv Umg Tom
mi. 1. 1:1: hick t cm. i: so.
(V-Ienso. Fel.. 21 - Buller has l.-eii tmalda
to bold tlie north bank of tl-e Tugrl -. His
advance is opixisid b.v a strong force Since
Thursday th- laiers have had lour S4I
nns diitetlv In front of the British, a-.!
!tn artillery
has lieen In prociess a'-
iraoit e-oiilinuoii-ly. On Thin -dav- th- Po.i
took a kople --ii.i..l by BrnWi Infantn
eniHading the inv 'tiers as they retreated'
Th itriti.h fell hack graduallr on 'o-
,.- Te-lay the, oporatloro have been
ce-oluied erj- largely p, artlilery. HuIIcr
havirg turnul his attention to the Boer
" "
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