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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, February 25, 1900, PART I, Image 9

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32. i
J'ijinii' Slmw Mow Jtilliiiill It
Would He In IMt-rt ;i .Mnjuritv
iil' S(;ilc licl)ifM-iitiitic.
Mackintoshes for the Masses -Men's. U omen's and Children's. The tircat lloston Come Closed. Lniployes dis
charged, machinery idle, nothing left of the once active busines! life just the melancholy sign on the door.
is 3 IP g tf $ SI
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XL UOU lil Li LJ
1 MS
N is. is Ef aPa f5 lull WB B a 0 R tv. IF13 HR 1
S Kfarfci a Eg
tut 8 UVWI! VlUWx.Ul
I "- -
In consequence of the above we lime closed our 2.1 Retail Stores and have temporarily rented the store at
AMP 31-1 NflS
-j yii e w w i j
snd m icmxtosii autu:rs:
For This
Spsciai Sale.
will he sacrificed
And the I. mire stock, consisting of o er 07,000 Rl'lililsR
at mini 15 TO 20 CENlS ON T-2E DOLLAR of the actual cost.
Words cannot racif) the enormity of these bargains, hut a comparison will prme to tour entire satis
faction that this is a life-time's chance to secure a mackintosh at les- than the cow of the material.
Do not hesitate; come and see; if you are not thoroughly satisfied, do not huy. The following prices
n ill gi e . on an idea of hat to expect at this great sale:
Si. 50
licnt'emen's Unable Tirwujv Macilntnth Coa.'t,
w't.- T,a ;ti. - p-a. JAUli
-. '. p"-l 5 . . ...
tiendemen's M3.kiatoli Coat. nuoe up -i lwix
-.,-.- . ni ...... ars si-, .o MrjJ.
'iii'iii-d toine rpi.i"' J? i "ssie pr . ..
CicnUemen's !cXintosli 2-torm Costs, .ill wool.
r u - :incir in ?- -
(fcntlcmen's Mackintoshes nm-lr of .Tniwtrd c o
!..'( .n i hTvU- M -1'U' u eiMUi( rt
i Tf v fine h ;!.
Lad'ca Double Texture. DeUthabte leltct totter.
tmuMp -t r l.tv. uUi -!i at inti ( a 5 F O
!M''va' at'riit mi - j..o. lo ti t-rt ' I mt.e ' Imptr.eJ
.4Mloo Csxilmcrc TaCape Watknttoshvs. ' i
T.irti.11 if tan arri.e .1 j i - t t
tlj- itine anil iiru ui.xt j- f run-r
prur T.J t1 nIi ptit f
Xuiuotbi-o rv tin' loro' l.aJics t3ikitttotte.
tint-1 .ill woV rloth " th ' ' . . , ,
saru.'!! linttl thruL,pliiut w t . - i 01- ..i.
ItliP .uiii ;;rav- To j-et u 1 ', j ,.
A hi rKC aM:imini of Ctiittltvn' IMtAnovic!' i r .uifi
nlliol sjikI !al"l .ll iuii! ' ..
I' i tU!irim.;h'it with vitn n
iinlnj: .' Ir.L tro
S4.50 I
75c to $2. 00
Store Open .You Sale doing On -Don't Delay -Come at Once and See the (ircatest Sacrifice Sale tin I arth.
i0 10 Broadway.
One Door from LJank of Commerce, near Olive .St.
Plors open evenings
Special Inducements
to the Trade for
Large Lots.
Sale lasts a short time only. Mail Orders, with cash or money order promptly
filled same day. Don't forgot to give chest measure
sjKR-?xi:eiMZ!i. ;attiM gULXtL,', a it ::'' w.vji ,vx jgLaM,vr?y
GOES TO H. I. iOQO,:l";-'
1 t l - he 1. .tili !..
I'll . i ,
-I . i
1 1.
' 1 ''fl.l '
In in(iiif.rt
1 jI'V lo fail
iaiI f
M:K-s 1
I'nlilic lmiitvi-iiiftii
lie Award al a Sp'-cial
IMoniber.-j I'.aso Thoir Fonrs on ill
I'lisaiisftu'toiy Kx;miinaiion
of Itudd's Lawyer Thf
Incandescent Tan-'li'.
.ue itnai icm.tiTc it..- ... t. ...
i'-!! of r.iiusc any nurn u ii,M bv
!. n on It."
Mr. s. unarmac! -: "Aw -n not Trillins to
liavn Mr. im.tl. or rathr. i Mi. :tQ. 1 IM nj.
nc t x m a contract a.-ctii!..-.jil. .1 bi j
' n.l to 1' i-ut In toa-. In the IianJ- .if -m,.
J lm:M lo tb. cly ,.t St llt ImiOnliatelj upua
Mr iiili-,i. . x- ;..r r - n n th- fir.t
1 1. . , m.u urr aiklii: f.r a hon.l t.f JH...1. h. .,
.t a matt, r : furt thv m.i-t y.u -n n.julo- .it
t Ij, stai: of the lrwhri; 1 $I,7. m!i1Ii
umuuiit has j'r. ...t xtn l-'po'il. as 'an t
0n of B i fulth "
latrman H.rrnann: ;. I i.ndT:tinI j.-j r,
sy that t!.e MN.,uil- ll;i v.miwnv al.n
ha th riht M u- th, II i tf.ni tMi-iii"
llr. Olllian 1 undi-r-tT'.! tr: the 01 !
ctiis In th cilv uho tu th.1t rteht."
The attitude f H.-irltor t'timmN-lunir
Iienr- Alt in usthhoMlnir his consei.t to
cm iitins tin- Ktrn CJj-IU'u i"oiiiiuir Iiv
inofo (Ijji in uhli-h t. tile if hoiiO. tVti--Ini;
murti lllifaii!,ilj!p t-i:nin.nt :tt th t'ltv
H.dl The iin'nil;cr o! tlio b.anl. Uli t ,.
ccition of Mr. .it. vin vith alarm tho
HslIiiiily of t!i- Kvr'i onip.'inj n t pet
ttns tli- i-untr.' t l-.ni.o ()f ti, jp,, 1o ,lo
titv that viuuM follow lis IoMii; t!i- con
tract. In thp rvt'n! tl rntiirai1' I tottrltfil. it
Is t:ttel lh.it xhf omi-iny in all pr.ij.aliiiin
will su tlif ciu f"- the ifiov.ri' of ih
JT.Tii .1. io. It. T!i K'ni iHnpli havp until
tn-muiruw at I ji. i.i. in '.linh u, jirooure
Th T!u:ll riMi i t'rnA liv tV sn'.ill iV-1-os.it
if J.'.T' Tlic tii il ,t mul .o-t nmi, r
tli lil fjt IIkIkihk tin- Im-lm ntion
tilth !'l ai- and iu .ut-.'tnt lamtii
ulll l- JItS;.lfl Shouhl .Mr IIii.M fail to
procuri' boml Iwfntt FtlIa .il .". . rti . Hit'
1. joit 's furfi(ii to tli" ci:v. ami a n'w
lrttlnK made noo-.-uirv uiiUli lotttnc imulil
I.rmt, I'm. -i .i,i., u.. , fiwum.- --; .,.,. lm,-. i.itnanie
,, .,. , - .iv.iu.iT jiuiiu "i i titn to a lif-u c-ornxutn.
tv.,l!!?rOV'rl,J. i"n0,?mn,- lM'-'"'"1 Tor M-vntl we.K). th- lllf ha- l
,ramlttoo on Ity IJbMirc h.rc' rortift' t' .: j groulw: that tli.- citv of St ly.-il- N In th
tft" tnomnanj-jni: t .i,ulr atau-ro. nt in a rr-t , lui lu- of a llshtins oinblnc in fict. It
.am-M, .,t all th j.rvil r-elvl f..r Ilahtinc J n,u holdlv Kintc.l j K-nl.1 tii.it nxilhl.t
. ft ! th tlty .f st Louis hy nv-an. uf ' tin !.ris ha' Ihth dr.iuu up :v tlw
"tri i. al.rti.il as lett.n , .!!. .Il largt local ompaiiii". ulii'-U ttiot.lj an. ill
' ilinuy S. ftrt. an4 tlut th lawest ir.-al l thr s-izur.' of th'- J.lll.Ilr- IlKhlill- U-f.,ro
nn-J..- wiKt Ii tine u that or 11. lu lloJ.l n no ! tlwy aio sU-nfJ The wltlnlraual of th
fTr p do the lntri.- ItjihUn.- -.-ili.i! r.ir th. Imparl il l.icht. llat .tin I'ow.t "ointi.iMV
r.ridi'liKiin I- I In- llninr.ilili
tit IJitniili-v in the KiiiKii
Tlio contra, t for iiphtniit tli bni"--trlct
ol L Louis nuh elcctricity
Hwaraed yoslcni ir morolcR ly the lloar-1 of
J'ablif Imprvttmonts to II. j:. Uud.I of
Hunlvcr IlilL III. I: was a srxxial rejln
t'f the hoartl, called for ".he oxpress iiurpoie
ft considering tho llghtlnp iiroWem.
Tho lollOTtinp r-lort or the Lighting Con
Jnlttoe tvas adopted:
.Mi'ii)l)fi of ip('':iliiwt ant! i in
tin liiloniatif J'oijit in .M
tfinlaiu-e Couple Sl.tn
for l'loriil.t.
-i. .h ii. per m.Ti i.rt arc lamp I..it f..r
ar c!vtrti. Umpa. aw u ainu o j;.K it ra.
l.' lamp hours tor hv-andaaomt th, tt:c !ami-
iuur pnnmiUK rwt.iutnetnl that t'm cuatra-t
I anardnl a-seurd'niy to II. ft. IiaJd. e-r
l4TMtfUll) .
i:dw. j-uai.
KI.UT. ii. 1I.1L.TII.
Wlieth. r Mr. I:udd Intenos to prfonn t'-.o
Rurk ftr nhlfh he bid Is a question. Th4
mrnhnr of tho boartl are turn inml to thi
ontrary. They Uiic their Ix-lief on a rnih-r
unsatUfactorj- hearitig rIvtii Attorney John
:illlniii, rrho repres-tntB Mr. Hadd. on rc-l-ruary
A stenographic report of the hearing u-a
iai!e rohllc yesterday lor the llrt tlmn
Mr. G'.IIiam's only iimt of 3Ir. UikM's plan"
was iiiin hu tsald.
"IJe rxpn-ir If he is aaaided till eoctrai t. t,
arry H net by &vunnz tlia.rlirht to use U. n v
yutun. alur is l.nu7.n as Uie lUrt'urd pjm,,,,
r lb Uartfenl nhrrnatlnj; M-tni. whiih n
tra la now rMitruttal , itfat r by the l!enral XII.--trtc
tJompanr or Hie 1viinKh.Joii i-wj-l. i.t.-i
i,fi is oniv , ti .inr t .4u(tn la the
wMoh ) the rlht to an 1t
Mr. HchnurnM! ! r : ! it not losntii fr
from the rar at tho last m m-nt tvlw n tl
Kittle was noil, 1 IwMhK eil.-d a jm In-"tam-o
of a taolt umlon-tamllns IW'!!
U' itimtiatilt"
The l. ip! u.i on the iKiltit or a".i trdlnc
tho a-Sc'trii' !a;itit:i; it-ntraet to the Im
perial p-Miple. whon thej annoutieol that
tiiev fe.ireI that Mieh a -ontrart would not
lie al'd and rouvl t a ,pt the contra t.
The o1.M;h i which hive arl'i n n the
mantle liphtins. ate sivon is another In
Ft.ine of JmckPi.c. Th'- n w ll-hliiiL- ot.ti-paiM,-
so ini. ffot on Sptiiilior 1. lr.
..nd If thor- l- manv mote lotilm:-. Ir . r i
i.oiv i,niimrai ucniii k oriiiiin will i
Iio. e..irv f.r tile i Iti llilT pal nn .e..Vo
rati 1'or HshtoiK to tho 'ompMino.. ni'ti .'11-
rwn,-t in tho lliiiniinat'on of the tr-.'t
Jll l.- of iH. IiijIj..
io!lr.lte. -i pai-i? &:
TIili tn.-.m"! lilrr.il
o.irl e.til
maiias- m i-t
I'liitel 11
The 'inutal
"orporal in t.
lni.tfr Itif
the li.iHle of th..
f I'm ll-lll Ilr- U ill.
! Utlrfin. l: IhWI't. I
I"ll;r!.-- oi.d I'nil.. I Sialic
ij. v !n 'i.i- w-oU'Hlfd in
rnifiiipiia-. on Hoi riii' r
AV.iliitiKton. 1M. it -The llutiorable Lil
lian launi rfote. iuKht-r of ri I'jiuTr
f'de. :rltl-h A111I..1-- idor t" th- I tiliw
Slav, wa- tnarrle'l at n.iu to-l. 1 to tin
Honorable Hohert i:roml-i of Stoke Hall
Newark. Xottingh-.uK.hlro. KiiKland.
It w.f one of tlo noht iiotabli' ifxhlinE"
tluit hue tak.-u plaoo in Wavhins'oti for
tnany je.r. .'ii.lnt old SL John' iiHir.h.
w here the renwiiv wa. jierrumnl l one
0!" th" landmark, of Wahlnptoi-. an out
wantlv tinvi IMtlr- vtiH'io-ooat,"! litilMlns
of odolital type. Just ai r.-i l.if. je.t"
Siuare from the Kx.outit. M.r.i"i. It
capaottv Is al ut sat. .. n; loom ir-c'mli-d.
and thi .lid not '."io to f.oin
mrv.a!" a tith ,f tlH;r aho v iloil to
.iin" the treinoti.
At;:R th" di.-t.i'ni"h-.l Kite's t inr
The Mrrtarr of State at-d Mrs. IIa tli"
ili'-'e'. Hay. .Swrn-i'V and .Mr, lloo'.
S.-r!ar.- ar.d .Mi-, tltt. 1;.m k. th .MIs-m
Hlt Int.i'k. 1 'om master ;.n. ral ium Mr.;
Smith M! WJUoii. datiKht.i of tie Seen -
...... " .lumuiiiin.; ,ro ... nnaii. 1 -nn. h tlo'i. The Ii-!ii.M-rat .-p.et to renin ratVr
..rwi 21i.iean Ainhatn.!.ir-. th. Ulti r a - ! than lire etonnd In t!rno. whleli In former
ompinil l.v Jlr- Aplr.is..nil .Mi... IVrir. yoars was ridldlt ll.-pn' li. an. Tho -Ix Mon
th" fount (".isniiil. Mi 1'tiv-lnL the :!'- I l"-from K tnr.i'. iHt ml J'o kon ("ountv
teniatin Min!Mr. Mie llavitan .MltiUt.i I il" inallv .'!. Id'd. Tie ix-mwrits ;-et
nth J!r. I.C". the A'iFtria'i .Mlr.i t". and
..lr. li.ni;ei-llull
and fount r
.Minihter and Mr. .u. th "hiof J.itl.
and Mr- Puller. Jutlff and Mr-. Marian.
Juitiie and lit- Smras. J"'i . and Mr
Ur.iy, JutU- and iS.t- Ilii-a-rr
Th" Ulterior of the ihnr.-lt . like ti...
corolla of a Iiuk.- liow-r T i l.llii.mt;
TItim Coiinlii"' and liisirii-ls
liii'li Ale 'iinsiti.t-d riiiM-
Krjmlilii alis Winild
MsixeloCarn All.
In a form r ..rthle In The l:. piiV-Ile It w.is
poinl".! tit that lh" eanipalKii tnan.-ii-rs of
ImiIIi p.irtl.M would "xptnd a lame part oT
. thur r-Moiire In this .ll and m.ik It th
1 l-oltilr.il ftorin-ceuter of th cunpaign. At-
teiitinn will alM bo paid to Kant-ax City.
"If my inll-" it tak'-n durliK the StJlo
:iiii..iin." i-aid .1 KepiiMU-aii pirty inan
aKr tlio other dii.v. "" will endeaior to
..itiviiiiii. of the il"" ounties with a len
to ntrollltiK the loner braneh of the n
ral A-m mbly. Half Iho Senators hold
..ver. vo ri any eieut we nied mil es.eet
t ntroi that bodi for two ais lo eoni
aftr the net 1 !- Hon. There an polity of
1 . Iru-i- louutlt.-i In tls State and. with th
! 1 mlit kind of work, I UlK-'o It ot.bl to
1 .nttol tho Home. Tli.it would handhap
I Ho- I'ein crais and prt-Vtnt. Hi, m from tn
i a in.-; part 'in liKls-Iatlcn"
I i. lamination of the ofThlal nianu! o!
f Mis-ourl !ioi. that there ar almut thirty
' -oiinii. 1 and dl-irlet outside of th tlty of
I S.t I.ouI thtt .ire de!!!'-.! elo'. Of the?.
-"nUfii ale now itpre.-enttd by ltepub
( li.-.in.s and nine by Hinocrat; 1'urion tlck-
' tK eatried In the nlhi r?. or cnndltiotif. were
I - i. h at tHe la.-l election as to rendi th
1 mte no . ilt r 1. 111 for the future. WVIkit
1 .1 ml .N....iiiay counties have lnn cla-.s-.i
j lo -oine a-, h Ins dibatabl,- croilii'N. ledli
I te n i i pre-, ut d by men Ieete.i on
I fusion tickets of Iemo.-rats- and populi"!.
iiil.lde of these th" i-ouiitien followliiK are
j u-ualli- I i-"-i a-, ti-itie; ute otnf rtibly
io ir Null partlt"-. Th- tUures pi' 11 in
ii. at. tli tuaj.illiy or pluialit received al
tfi, Iu--t .l.clion:
II letianpn S-c'i! t'o'li. t Nj nifj-tril-.
.0 -:i ..I nuijuiit).
1 . 1 l- in ij-atty
..,ri' t-"li' i'l.tr.-t. 11 PW)lT
liI-r I i:-t l.-.lrl-t. I- maJ'Tit..
Iiw-ti. .. iiaj-int..
l.n 1111,-t 11, jj inaj'-lllj
.1. TK III. !tf0.lll.
N. wivii. .... tnajjitty.
At.-fcl'on. 4) majurltl.
brry. 11 I'lurnlitj.
u liiajd,it t pluralit).
tr. .j niajvllty
Ur.:. t. pt-jrallt)
l'alt. 71 iiiaj..rlt.
11--u.il, '. majority
Kan.ai 'il'. ,. ..n., Ilittlcr. l -nai.
J-Ir nd I'lKtiRt. ti.it.l.'.
li. t.j. tl iluiutll.
lnn . plurallt
l. alte.i'1, l x lurallty.
i.-aipf . a iiiajvrlt)
ivrr; 41 m.J tll.
Sjlilian. uijurltj
11 a-hliu:t ji, l.i nlalrlty.
v..ttn I.' mj-rity.
In ird'r to ontrol the Hon-? the lll-
I ul.li-a:,-- would have to tarry ery couuiy
r di-lru-t they lid in liSi". rvry one of
the nine ell" IJiinocratlc eounlles or JI
t-.eti. and the two tountle- now re;rt-.-enttd
bv INipuUstH. ThN would cive tl.-m
II bate (oii-Iltuttoii.il ui.ijitlti. Al proem
the 'i'-ii-r.il Ac'tubh- .'U I .in follow :
Senate lioinoerat-. . Kepuliilc-iu5. 3.
Hou lo-tnoeral--. W. Knulliai. ."''. Populist-'.
.'. If th I mot 1. tt carry on- if the
St liul- S tiatori.il listriet-. a thev x
px t to. tie- ii'-xt Senate eintlit to l.inl.
Hetti'H ra"". ?.. Il-piibll.-ati'-. t Small w.i
ler tile Ite; ub:i 111 nu ia-s"r.- I" rot a-i..
Hat, a o'littol of th Sen. ill for some tii'ie
lo utne
I.e 'otllllli- nnd DWtrlcl-).
To co Into p.irleuiar tonormnc r-ome
of the close 'OiinttiM now iepi.-'-ntel -v
the 11 pubH.-ans. ,ts w II as eral dlstri"-.
I' mil iipH..r lh.it 1 hey are In Ult. as
miKh danger of Io-cuk Kr.und as the Ie:e
H-iats at,., an.i .ven n. ore mj aller baling
St lmts tilir.K .nil of lli on..fl.iti It
was t--a:di. hi the Ii'niocrats as ji'-t I
n:rv tlmt the Kopululi-aii.- scialeheil out a
tietoty in Parry I'otinti bv a plurality r.f IS.
Pitder 01.l111.1r1 -ndllion-. that lounli l
H :n-eratie. as is alo "Iark. wli.-h w.t
arrbl I j lh' Pet ublieans bv a plurahti
.f IT I...rK" .1- tin phit.iiit if III P-publhau-
nppiaiH Pi 'ap. arardau V"iu
ty. a."! ofiin as Ilex- hate eant.Hl It. th"
IH-mocrats ther- N-hete tliat wlih Pubert
II. !iit"lat n their c.mdMate. he wl I
carry It lie ha.t done on -?eeral c-'.i-..ouj
In th past wIm-11 tho Pcpuhticans
hid a lirnnr Tr't on tti- county tlun hJ
hat , noiv
iiiitne t'ounti will be a :lrrce bilt.'
izrooml. At present, on- UetniK-r.it and on"
I'epublli'iiti rvr"-nt th unt. Pi.-h ap-
paientlv had a safe b-Si! at th liM Ic-
As is customary vith us in the dull months, we
have made up all of our Shore Lengths and dis
carded patterns of all grades of Carpets, including
the very best qualities, into Rugs large enough for
any room. We will begin the sale of them to-morrow
BRUSSELSY $9. 5and$l 2.50
TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, 4 I 4.UU antJ $ 1 5.00
9x12 BODY BRUSSELS, cL? 1 Q Cf
9x12 WILTON VELVET. (J; 1 Q Cfl
Smaller and larger sizes proportionately cheap.
1 Special Sale of Jute Rugs.
Wc will offer 200 best quality Jute Rugs in Oriental effects.
$9.50 FOR SIZE 9x12 FEET.
$15.75 FOR SIZE 12x15 FEET.
These Rugs regularly sold at $J5 and 520 respectively.
to hold th"!r on ird 'arrv th.
: I i)kIi. kl .1. 4a n -m- rrttpz-tnttf
nil. r .Se It. I 111........ I ...si,,.,. wi.. . .- ..- .-,...--.
............ ... .- ...,,-,., , ,t r,.lMI,.all ,c in.tjor.tt
ij.'nioive:.!, . ib i liiwi- Ja"ter I'ountv is atioth
d bt :.
1 t n'n. t--
r l'ittl"criiti'i.
for Inrtanc. 1:
imp. tidier ai
t.ndr Ftin tn
l.'l"h .!. I i-i
-,s-.l.l , ,
xi- ., ii .,,
u 1
I at a
ik l:i- ! !t
l. I
t i.
s -jr.l 1 -
Pi I- -ni!.!.
uii ! ii i
Jain.iri . will I h.-ld
J lb tsoii ILirr.ii k . tl."
e National l''melr. A
:i. tie lo... ral ..am will
h.itrn;.n lfrr
lo r.i- I J
last, at.d cl'l
tin- .-P'-rii'M! at
burial N ti ii .1
'h i lal train I.
I-ale I moil .'-'ill.. II till- oft r loon at 1" t
" . .m k and will iiti.rn al JJ.'h.'i.rK. The
'.iv.- ivnl N- s.nll lel b the P".-let'.
'. I. ! Jlllhr iav'..r .f St. A'i-ti.inii.'
'. ir.h in l'i inn. ol v.hieli tie ils . .,... ,1
w..- .. in. ..!.. r Ml the njmb-r of th.-lT-t
!;. jmunt and ol tb lo-wll hit mwr-l
" ' ' I . I li it l.l!.- ( I. r.n.- ar. TriM.iH ...
Ti i-XiJ
TtT fZ XV 1
v ii. ui:Mi;wm;it
V w '
ZZ. fc. Nx O ' '
o iW o ? -
''ii 2 " "' ""
! . f&., i ,- -- F 7n i' ' ' ' '
U. Vf' SsVCi. 1 m 5 "'
j2 jAv.A -i
trkf- V4m tm-i.ua, to ti r
5i,t r
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nx i
--- - ... . .1
i .... .. J T. J . ..J..
. -' s .It 3 --elf-
l I . .l I.: in..
1. in n li ii. -j
in. I k .' . mi,' ii , , j .ial.it n. I
t- e-k !..ms an.i kilrt-. i,al eih'r i
tMi'tamK nnt. it. r one f..r lei-in- -s
!-lal ti'Hi ' tr. itnient I
i.-ur physical ai'l iwx- j
ie vn r a nuin annii
maltrr n'l.i or lat hax fall.
IiKhtl altar in the dipt. a- f the JarI.en.sJ
audili.rlum with ii- Rol.bii h..h.s and
us ovj' candles fonm-t tlie Hani.'ns and
otstll. while the llowe,. ru., ,11 ln,j
pillars tin. nuh which l'i .rltn.-.i Ii.iih:-
iiiks M-an ij s:i..si wet- lik t
ol 'l looiisi.-i- hlo-.-orn
Tin- air was h.-nj with the n-eat of Pas
ter lill-. bride'.' ni-i-H ami or.tnzc bl.s m
nilimlim; witli th odor of 11)1. ,.f n, x.,l
Iv and cariiatioi. Palm- nlhd all th.
avallabb sp;,. wltli'n th" chancel wlnl
briii w-lute ill I... us Mtrvichiiii; down th
al-b X..-I.- dr.pp.l by tho n-herp. link b
link as th. i-ws iili.-sl with th- IIiin
Clll.ss i;ii. Ms Th. ushers wtro all at-t.-i'-hes
of the iml.i,. fi m. Arthur j,,.
.Mr. i.eiatd lx.wth.-i. Sir harba Pilot .Mr'
Jinx .Miilb-r smiiI .Mr. iliimpiii").s ien
Th. btld . to ill.- sreat tille.i, neys of her
irlendJ. hid lr.li .1 ill. ill all ... k ai-.l
1 il" arm of h. r fnher h
o- l ilowti the aisle. II r
as 1 lull .s'tin ..-tiinn. of
Irotn a Kicainliiu intwoiic
While the Iiemocrtls carr-ed the Plr.t li
trht In a rm ill nn.rsln. it l -tell eiioueh
to rcimuiber that th" P"Ubl. in eoi out
two llldep.-lai lit tickets for the express
puiT.c of rlppliii: '" Ivime-iat and
tlat c-li si'-(..ds In currjlr.p th Scond
I..:r'cl lit a tni'Tii" .f ! The l)mo-
r.it ns t to.-ani I oth the J i-p. r I'oun
ti districts this fall In Moniteau th tie.
pt.bli-ini no! out a Mld.!!e-"f-lh"-Puj,l
Populist tlclset. and with II help minaifd
to cl.s-t h Pepiibllcan by a plurality of ten.
.. t-,.i .1 xl. mile mi "iini. lleiuocr.'.ls anv
"'''Is I f.111 never In- .I-ipllcHe.I. IV-rv ard Sullit m
are two ro.mtu' " ' " 1 'eiuotr.it a aio
xpst o .-arrv lh! fill
TI.- ollb la! t'cir.- co to show that th
P publicans 'i ill h.ii nior to !os.. as a re
sult of it Pch' 11 il"" "l"e couiii.es than
lh- Ienio. r.t- T" .Mi.ldV-..r-tli.-Pid
Poi.ul!l aided lh P-mil Ileum in l.icbde
..i.d 11 putuN-r 'f otl-r cr.untl.-s that thev
. .rro-l It nairow margins In ivix. i,ut inco
tb.-ii that xwrlv ha 'I'Ciit dropi.. 10 phves
and the llepuhllcaiw have hn-t faith In Us
liilin tod. Microti cooil?
l-xio-ifd That liie Taylor-l'.i'ckliaiii
oiiiesi t'ase Will He Argued
ballf'i l-eavllj
tli. pro. t-M-i'in
wioilim; cow n
wlnl" i-atui. th
1 ...
rur lot . n.-st..re
'rtlth and niiXe 1 m
... ..... .ue. ..i .... noil. iiia s or la. e
a"sht with oianc bbmsoms e.le.1 Hie Ii.n
-u:t train from th should ik to thr IKor
A pietly f. ature ..f the l.rld. 's ait ud mis
was Mi' er Sionev K nt Icuat l-i the os
tuiiie of .. p..- o i-tiaiLv 11, H)r. ,tl
bean train anil wa--f.-tlou. d bi th. I rld.s.
maids. "Hum wrt. Mi. P-ih. r Prouih-i
-is-i'r of th. ci tn. -Mi-s furyon. msin of
Ixird t in son. th Vioim ,,f India. .MLss
Hattir Sarcemt if Po-ton. the Honorable
J-tlll I'.iuii -tfole aiiI th lloiioiabb Audrev
Paunc f'-le, s-istri ..f the bride
The ietuni na--s rforni l lo the Pih;
Peicre'id llishop of Wasld'iVtoti. Ilenrv
Vals Sillirbe. -.vsi.tcsl l.v id.- p.-i.n nil
'liarles Ma.-kai-Sinilh, rector of St. John?
f.-r tl-- re'.io'n a w-dilini: bnakfa-i
w.is -eri.'I at Hi" tnbassj to X. jji,-si..
M-. and Mr. Promlej' later lepatl.-d f. r
I'.iltt Pea.h. PI. 1 . and "0..11 . r.turu tl
Pn-jland. wher- th.- louior tnairon wilt be
pr. nod at court.
An Expedition Is Ueiiifj Formed to
sieizc Hainan.
P. rliu. I Mi -i. i-iroii 11. -.- WarteKK
ruhli; lie- a letter from bliuraorc in thy Co
lo.ti iols .. iiuni; in iinich tho writer
m,p 11 ..t an of,- .11I011 I- leliii prepard
In the I K-m-h lii'ii.s t r the piirp.je of
!. Ill Ilk llillll.lll all't llleleltltll 1.11'. lie. UlIK
tne io.1Ch luirnc' -t ".am. Hie i.aioti aoa
tliat tn- n-.ait.t was brought to tne atien.
lion ni Prince Henry 01 1 iu.-m.i x.mn tin.
laio r ia 111 iEaui-Kok.
IliTlillin Uailillbal s Will.
I'ltc (Mil l.Ii:il.!r pi-ifnli4t.
O-rTrt-fl. .Mrroal 'r t'rcmul r. tirhinp "tr- iH-i
ttnnr". ft- . Jr ,( fXU-X without th" Ut .f
Aiit iMUM.so:- v-;rv m-
KT,. ti-.-.p-' 'tl rp-tiii-fnt
nJ full".-- afttr itl'itkr. htaitljurn, rte.
nnrK .a camt-
ut Knift. !t- - r tk-t-ntl-vi Irum
. r ari'l i-crraincnt cui.
Ti will of rlrm.in IlrinrilliI
N'oith Tf nili -it. -t .i-t iilr-tl f.r
,Ut. Til- T,t- U ,.i' ,1 .it -
4lativht. il - m II.111. lii ' nn.
'he Ml $1 -ct.il To In- i-
'. T.
in.. ;-.
tn ! rn".
f tr- urr.n
nJ sI.n- .rrjitid ulth unfjlltiis "un
'ln'i nn.. nil Hs-a1' f th1 A -riinrnpttr
-f-.Ilx I Hn' th"T'iJriI. I'tifNl anltj trui fr , ;-
i.i nit-'it.f.i ! n ..h ui -I .nn ih !jMm f-rcr. rj-tiin-
. iMh h.'"-I t irit.
11 voii canno- .an at inr nixiro. ru.j -j,-.cn r.L. n- niii.:-. jnu
! V 111 Dt.i II 1 t t!ii! ' L xti'irn' tl, .."! hiAir t ,i.x mux ..- s-.xti- . .,
l,Mh ol valuable .ofofuai on tve of chare-
miicc Jiiur 1 nmi n n. ni. It s . m. Sidi.I.i - in
la)Uls aa-l II. a all h' ra. the il- .if i.ie t.rei.
u.r l.t. -n Ninlli an 1 T.iah. imtoit an-1 M..n-n-
M-"-t- wt.r In i. . ti-nt is le...f-l. n
coiltttl..n tha- thev la-, on li,f ef '.e tax, .if
all I1.1. led . tat Tl.. lnia!ii.ii .1 ht- .sta'
is bit to lit. M. M ir . t. ko lit h r .1. itli to
tl.elr U ciiil.lr.il In iual 1 art MiojM sh r.-m-rry
-h 1 to jet .ti.thir.I of the cstni at I
t th 1 -ni.v.!r 1- t. b dliit-! ouatl amonr
tli Ir flilklren
cxx- I'lmliin.l oi-icl Oi'i.-.-rs.
Tlio Ni-w HiiKiai. I S .1.1.1 h.'d ii- n1111i1.1l
lection al the Mi-annl" flub -ti.la
afteiti'Mti. The follow Ins ouV!-. were
choMii for 111" next ear. Pi.ideiit. V. IJ.
Homer: xi'' rrs-Mentf. ;.ri;e I. iMna.
U.iius Paddock mil i!ior;c A. Xcv,.onih:
:nnibers ,.f tl e Pxecullve foiuniiils. to
:-cne Hire jc.tr, P. Pilot and Dta-lor
T. ! im-lok i. t.iri, Al. II Steirns
tre.ifurcr. I. Whl' law.
Mil will
'. , I I dlucUIlolison
I ItLI'l la.Ii M'fcflAL
in. ( 1 in. I .Ploouilr.Kton. Ill I-Vb :t Mr William
I 'tno.v iiiio ,ii-.s i-iii 1100-.111 wcr mar
Lor. Uroadxvay anil iMarket St., St. Louis, Ho. tc,t to-day b the He. trend John Krdlln-
Ui'll-biiewn NetTaiitiprr .Xlait
Iti the Aorlliweal.
.MlnncJlK.il." .Minn- P-jb. 21. Colonel Wi'..
It nn S. Klnc. t-x-CoiiRiei-sniaii and a na
tioiu.l ih.uacter for tho ravt fortj- j-cars,
ill. d at his home In this rlty early to-dav.
Poloind Kins was boni In Pranklin C'ouiitj-.
N. V.. in lsjx was acllv- In .uiiHjrt of
I the -Tr'o Soil" party In that State, an I
I ni ; in the organization of the tilfl Pe-
publican party In Xew" York. He cam to
.Minnesota in lx1-. was aeltx In the antl-
M.iverj- contest!- durlnc the war. He start.. 1
1 lie .Minneapolis TrlbiHi. and wa.s tor iv-
ral xar on th Si. Paid Plou..r Pre..
! Mii!" In I'linsriM'. iolond lxlnc wa" ties
yiibje-t of a fanioin 1'i'icrf s-lonal inves-
; PiMIton In conn'clion with the Pacific .Mall
Mii.ihti 'dll but the liii-i-.stie.'itlou entirely
il arel him of anv improper ad.
Xlr.. 11. 11. i-lilern I'ancrnl.
isppi in.if sri:'iAU
Texarkana. Ark I-'eb. 2k The body of
Mr !. P Wclnter arTlte.1 here to-daj-frem
Dallas and will be Interred to-nior-
nl Trsurkana.
rb. :i. Mrs
Throe llcntb
itKi'i iti.K- sn: ui.
Icx.itkaua. Ark lib. :i. .Mrs. 1: 1:
Jons illr.l ti-Iav at her lefldence on Peach
trect. A child "that was born at the time
did alo,
Mr?. JI. IJ. JIaj-. will known In church
ami iK-nexoIeut clnles at this nlace. .11.!
j to-da
Stoiii'.s in t'oinittt'oii Willi His Kii
nun ihI Kntrat-nii'iit llaih;-
son Xoiiiinatrd to Sin--
u-i'il Him ir. Sniaip.
ltpppia.i- spi:nxi.
Pranhforl. ICj.. Pel.. 14 T.: eMln "f
th House to-daj- t-n bio. k'l bi the P
ptlblicanr AVhn th Hoil'e met Ihe Jli.
ofo tewapl ..111 was r.-p.rled from th" Sen
ale and wa referred lo a i-pecial commit
tee, which will rpott .Monday. Iiurin: th
leailinir of bills Ihe Pe;iublfran memlw-rs.
Mipe-1 out of the !mni!cr In .ni r lo
bral: a tjoruni. fort-sveu Imo.rals
alone lietus; left The Hnii'-e tliereiiH.ii ad
journed. Tlio regular S"iMt" had adjourned
over Sundaj-. but formrr I.leutennii ibiitr
nor Jtarhall and vn ctlr Pepi.hllcan.
rcpresentlnc the tnh'.oritj- Ihi.!-, met ami ad
journed. Th contest for fSovernor anI IJeuten.int
tloieinor. 11s far as t' la sl'Iature is con
cern.!. were wound up this afternoon at a
inectlnir of the cm. test committee, the
purfsise of ihe r.iei-tm N-lner to approve
accounts. Tho conuniiK-ei will be ill?cli.irKd
In roune tlon with th several stnr!".s
that the Into tloiernor (Inebel was en
S.iRd to l' married at the time he was
shot, th" cosslps in. 'nil. mine thr dlffer
ei.t jounir wuinen. S r.ator J. W. Thorn n
of Ilourlon Coumy nude Ihe folio? ins
stnteinent lo-riaj--
"I had a convert alien with Covernor
3oleI shertlx- before th Fliooitnc. I had
nitlceI his friendship for children, and
was at the tlm showItiK him photographs
of mv Krandchildren t'oinhiK to lh" j-nin:
e-t. I remarked that I wotiM not clve rrj
Interest In Ihe child for all ho could set
out of politics. "Vnti are rlEltt." he sail
I am sure a mnn cd more out of the
homo and family life, and I am solnp to
marrj- as soon as this matter tlce contest!
Is settled.' "
Th cloet friends of Governor Goebl saj
that If he was cnc.iKcl to b.. marrie! It w.n
to n imin woman In -oiinKtoiu to wl-rm
be paid attention for sex era! jeari. This
disposes of th rumors that he was en
cie'd to a Ilo'illnc lircen woman .ml t..e
daiiKht'-r of Senator Pl.-ct Itlarkhurn. both
of which haxe been denhd.
A (.11 Pl'.ll M'lT PII.P.II.
r.ppi r.i.p- spk iai
Ixulilll. Kj , IVb. Ik farrjinr iut th
agreement to hear tho gubernatorial ens a
as on befpru Judge PiId In Ihe lamWiille
Clicult Court, the ult of Goxernor He It
hani acalnst W. S. Taylor, orlsinaby illel
at fienrirelown. was to-dax- fill in le.uts
xllle. Hie atisw-erand counterclaim of Gov
ernor Bckham, Adjutant General fastle
nian and President Pr- Tm. Carter In th"
Senate was also filed. This is hi rei-iions to
tl. suit brouftlit bj" Taj lor. Aiarshall and
Collier It Is s.i-cted that the co -, m Jit b
nrjruo.1 Tueula.
31. I.. 1IAH1II-X.N O.MIXTi:i.
Coilngton. K-.. Feb. Ik At a meeting of
the Democratic Count Uxtculhc ConjinU-
tee this cituirtt. AI. U llarbsn. for Hf.vi-te.r-
!-. t. law Hi of th" late William
Goe'.el. wa nn.!.i.ttl to Mirceed him In
the Stat. Sn:ite at a ieclal election called
1.x PreH n- ProTtfi. t art'-r r Ihe S.nate.
to I.- b 1.1 Alar, h ' The .stion is contlnsl
t.. Kenton Co'iali. whl.-'i Is a senatorial dis
tuct. Th-r w is no oj-p sitiin. Th" Pepuh
Hians h'.- no! yet 0- elded up-n a cand:
(lovcnin:- l)i-r-iiN Convift Labor
in .MisMi'.ni.
r.tt'i m.ii- sri:ci.!
Jffi-oii Citj. P.b. "t. In leply to a Id
ler from ConprcsMnan Pattholdt to-daj'.
Gntertior Stephens wste i!m as follows
"HonoraU- Kihard Partholdt. JI C.,
thlm;lr. I. c. -ivar S'r- Tour -le.
in! fnor f recent date Is fore me.
With refer tie- to HolIM- bill .'..4.V. will sjy
that 1 am not mistaken :a to Its provision"
and the ls,strotis effects its. pe.'sase will
h-iie upon our Stat" Prison and tax-pajers
If it litocraiv a law. none of Ihe ko-kIs
which are lh" product of convict lal-or In
iny penitetuljry. prison r roforniatorv can
l.e tratiMixTte.1 orciv.su! to 1- --livrsl fir
tranp-irt.itlon into am oth'-r Slate or
Tcrrllorj' "r Into lh" ljlsirlri of CoiiimMa.
I'li'Ier'its is-nilions from I. l ?."
privner1- on;iii-I In the .enitenilirj-. now
siminc CJ cents a ilax .ich Tor the Sfl.
would l- thrown out of omp!'.i"nnt nd
would l" cxtili;neil to cells 111 :dlem-vs to
rot nnd die. We have, throush Ihe contract
rj.slem in Mbs'iuri. made the Jllsniirl Pen
ltenttarv a model Inst'.lulion It Is th onlj
iin., I 'i.r nn:.-. In lh- -o.intrv which at
this lime l self-supis.rtins Th- enact
in nt of Ihls liw- would abrogate -iery
pris.in contr ict and v onl.l entail lees to
us of Mn thins !.k P"" t Sl.'.vi per !aj.
1 would l" ci-mI'.'.l to c.Jl an estn ses
sion of tho IVsrNlatiir. for the purpose of
e'ecurir.i; an appropriation of JSfAixo tr th
support jnd malnttnan.-e of our Per.lten-llarx-
for the cutrent ytar.
"From a. humanliartin standpoint, if not
from a business standpoint, this contra!
sx-stem now- tn x-okub should not b Inter
fered with, especlallv In Jtlssouri. There 1
in Institution in America whr there i
discipline If th -onxicts were within,
emploi merit ther noull b.? miserable. r
would 1 more difficult for us to do anj -th'rsr
with them, the death rate; would In
crease, and th're would Ie daily murder
"I cannot liellew the employment of !."
men In Jlls.ourl would interfere orloiij"
with th- inter--!" of orcanlzed labo
throupbout the Pnit'-d States. Klchteeu
hundred men In a couniry of .OwOy""") pop
tilatl. n is but a drop In tho ocean. If
tl, men xrere not employed bv the mat -iifaClurTS
nt the prh-ori. It would b- ncs
farj' Inr us to trj- to find other employ
ment for them
"It niatttrs not what that employment
1". thev would still be in conflict with labor
of some character. Wo should lot well
(siouch alon. I trust, as a Jllssourlnn. yoi
will slie th matter jo-ir carelul consider
ation, and that u max- find it b"t In j-our
judgment to opjsjse tp bill. With best
xtlhs x-erv respectfully.
Ilooiic Cnitnlr Fair nana.
i:ni't:nu" srKfaAi.
Columbia. JIo.. Feb. 14. Directors of 'ho
IVwine County Fair have filed tho date for
their fourth' annual fair at Columbia on
July SI and AUBU-t I. 2 and 3. They will
offer four $1,"") r :iks, In addition to other
llt.cr.il purses. There is a large premium
in all departments. N. I. Itobnot Is secre-tHri".
lira. Mnrcnretha Hahn'n Ponernl.
i:Krrr.i.ic mwiai.
Hichland. 111.. Feb. :i. Jlrs. Jlatjaretha
I la tin. who died in Su I.011K will bo hnrbsi
here Sunday aftrr.oou. JIr. llahn former
Ir resided here.
. "'i "-'.". ; wtfc-'
No lying about
the merit of CASCARETS. Mtllioni use them anil tell their
friends hove food they are. We want to ffive back the purchase
price to anyone xrho fails to get satisfaction from the use of
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ilon't count for success. It's your cure and your fjood word for
Cascarets that will make them famous in the future as in the
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Best for the Bowels

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