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Discount rates were 4 t"
per cent for
call and tune
oan-. t le-amnce-. it..-,-.".
.1 .-Ml .-
b il.m e, J'
1,317. New- York ecnanso. i..
i,rimhnn bid. JOO. premium
ksl, l-OUlh-
vide, par M.I. premium a-m-i. .-.-.
l.V premium 'id. SV pn'raiuni asked; in-
ii-ii.ui. par bid. liv premium as-ked; New
Orleans, p.ir bid. l"c premium a-.kcal.
The local nho.it m.irKot "Iwl lusher at
7- - noinin.il March. TO'c asked M.i. Vr,
li! Julv. rj-i73c No. - rod ''oni e,-lo-.-d
Richer .it S'"-c nominal March 37c a"-,l,'"i
"M.iv !7-i vc altd Jul. 57's'i ' N.i. 2
ill lie it'll- closed .it . nominal Mar. h.
;-,. hid Maj. :3V hid July, j1.
N ;
? Chi. ago nhe.it closed Iilcher at "c
!.,r. h. n,Vi,"7t- May. .-V-" July. -s -ci!
..rn elov.-d hich.t m "r,c iioitiln.il Mirch.
-v a-k. d Ma. 3sf".e J"I" ?lc ''J'1
::.pl o.,ts ruw.l lush, r at 3vc Marvli.
i:V- M.i. S.'rtf Jl.
"Ihe l....il m.irk.i for standard me r""lf
. .,v,-d nrm :ii Jlr. Tor new and at Z.i
f .i- old. Prime steam l.iri closl hisher at
t i.t. . rhoiee at G.11V.
The local market for lot cotijin clote.1
The Senate rehuk d Secretary Hoot by
derl.irinK null and void In'- o.Iiiivo drclc-
permit- for f Nome Senator J"t. s
...lare.1 hi- lavortti-m was a violation 't
I in Senator i-.-irl.TV amendment oinii-'
Hie Itcacli to oMdoiation hy any American
citizen a.s ims-shI.
.State ISe-r In-pc-tor Kennmore has noti
fied all ihe ir.w otint aliornos of lite
St.i'e that he will at on.-.- take steps 1"
enfor. .- the l.lV pa-.-cd hy the last I-eRls-latui.
1-o-tm.i-tir nunihofT ha heuii an Ime--tisatiMi
of lb.- Wrce uuniher .-f t.-sMent-t.f
St 1-oui- who call at the rcsivmI de
l.vrrv for Liter
Sam ltu-hv was :irr.-'"I cMcnlay on
eomplaint of" .M.-s Mamie Carta, who al
locs th.t he borrowed f under promt-.
,f marriace and then married ahother Rirl.
Police, l-oint Jude Sl.ien.-r. in a letter
t.. ihe M.ivor. .l-.-l.in- he .- urts an invesl
patlon of his olli.-e
The hodv f Charles- rhoiiteau M Hill.
!,.. died '...ii.l.n. ..- inlerT.il .i?t.rd.y
in i-alvnry C. nu ler
Viiw prep.tr.moii- for the ree.pl Ion "f
Admiral Itene mic , ..minimi .-utTdav
ai .i nuiiins of tin- rinam-e -oniroittoe.
I-Un are nearly .-.mpl-t.il for the .-on-sol
dai-.on of ier..l of the larc-Kt liv.-ry
flrm in St 1-oui-'.
i.eorpe T. Kpst-m. an ase.1 r.-elu-e. was
found dead jH-side hh hed in .1 sh.-tntyb.iat
William 11. Kei-ker and Mix Aunes
Hi- hoff cloix-d to lain arl- ill- and er-marri-l
Soni-lto-ly almtt .Iefeat.il their
plan b s.-ndins a telesr.im to the L.lccne
ierk. V.iinB th.it U.-k.i n not of .ice.
Memtiers f the Merchants' Kxrhinso
li- ii e.1 faorahly faplam HodJie-'s plan
for a committee f busiues men to inv.-tl-..te
the eiiy".- linance-, hut lcarod that
the riclit ?ri of nun would not conelit to
A trouii- of amateur mliistrl will Sive
.in .nlertainmeni. lo-nipht at Jit- J'our
l.elith Street Theater. f--T the lenelit of
the Kresh Air Mis-ion.
The l"ninn Committee nf the S. IOUts C.
I! I men will meet at tVntnil Y. M ". A.
tin- .enlnc and eon-ider pr..jMoil amend
in. at- i the union .i.nstiiution.
rrf-nl-nt I'rank Wynian of ihe fhiMrcn's
lii.lu-inal Farm A oeiuti-n r.-lKrt.l that
.nore than -J children were Riven an cut
ins la-t year.
Oonimandor-ln-rhiof Albert I. Shaw of
the G. A. II. will irrive in Pi. I.ouis to
morrow morninc and remain until Saturday
.i.-nliiK. I'lans to entertain him have beta
The Nofthit Ian. nw in force, makes some
inip.trt.int chanses in the -lection law as
r -pots judces and rccistr.ttion.
i:dib r V. V.. I5e.ui of Ihe Nevada Jlail
will that onsre-nlall Itcnton of the Kif-t-enlh
I:s:rict would lue no opiniiition
in his candidacy for r nomination.
Doctor Gray, editor of the Interior, declare.-
Iioctor Herri k Johnson, head of
JlcCormiok Theological Seminary of Chica
go, a creator heretic than Doctor New ell
Itnicht Hillis and Doctor HillLs may lie
retir.-i for heresy and a momentous con
trol ersy thrust upon the church.
Aunt I'ully Sanders, one of the stronsest
. hara ters of Southern Illinois died yester
daj at Alto I'.iss. Vs a Kill the knew An
drew Jack.-on.
Troubles lelween miners and operators at
'.iih and in the Chieapo and Alton ynh
divtrlct are settled., the minirs Retting the
Springfield scale.
Vespasian Warner. M. C, was renomi
nated yesterdaj by the Republicans at
(. hampaisn. Nominees for State Senator
and Representatives were uninstiucted for
United States Senator.
A combination of cxpres-men and mov-ins-van
companies In ChicaRo was formed
Arhuckle Hrothers esterday cut the price
of rcilned sugars ojjter cent.
V. J. ltainey. the millionaire ccal and
coke operator of Cleveland, died at Johns
Hopkins Hospital. Baltimore, yesterday.
The O. K. 111.11x1 bank of Hanlontonn,
la., was yesterday roblted of tV'v in cash.
An increase of 2) per c-nt in the pric of
coal in the 1'lttsburpr district is announce!
to take c ffect April 1.
The Wheelinc Consolidated Coal Company
was chartered est-tday in West Virginia
with a capital of J-'.oXi.OO.
General Joubert died at Pretoria Tudav
nlKiit of peritonitis. General Louis Rotha
Iroh.-ibl will succeed him.
The Itotrs resumed a h.-.-ny hombardment
of MaftkliiK on Tuesday.
The Transvaal is n ixtrte.1 to have over
Jll.it.") in cu-h on hand.
The Hours have 40.0j men In the ll-ld.
General Grobelaar has succeeded in ma'.c
lns effective his attempt to brills his army
of 6.WJ men and 3) nasoit throush from
Ooleshurs to the m.rth of ltloemfontein.
Reports as to the time General Roberts
will select for his advance against Pretoria
continue to be contllctins.
Taint of professionalism must he eradi
cated from college athletic.
Little Rock meeting may be extended
three das.
Catcher "immer of Pittsburg roast the
St. Ivtuis team, and says that it lias no
chance with the Pirates.
' -- t -.. i-"!.!.. ..!
Vice Prc-ident and General Jlan.iger
Russell Hauling f the Missouri Pacific has
returned to headquarters.
The Pennsylvania Railroad held lis an-i-ual
The new Kansas City Southern wants to
extend its line into Western loua.
The reiMirl lhal C. L. Rradbury will be
in ide president of the Pittsburg and Gulf
is denieil.
I'rank Re.irdcn. superintendent of the lo
con.otie and car d. p-ir.n'.ent of the Mis
souri I'aciiic. has resigned to engage in
u'h.T hu-inis?.
The Texas Stat. Commission has taken
the Texark.in.i rite case under advisement.
Jlnrine Intelllse-liec.
Southampton. March "S. Arrived: Itlin,
New York, for liremcn.
New York. March r. Arrived: Sarmar
ti.in. Glasgow.
Philadelphia. Man.li 5. Sailed: Switzer
land, for Antwerp.
Liverpool. Jlarch C?. Arrived: Oceanic,
from New York.
Hamburg. March R Arrived: Sardinia,
from Portland.
Urenicn. March VS Arrived: Ilremen, from
New York.
GUfgon. March IS. Arrived: 1'eruvlan,
Kobe. March t?. Arrived: Sikh. Taeoma.
Southampton, March 2!. Sailed: Ivaiser
Wilhelm der Grosse, from liremcn for New
New- Y'ork. March S. Sailed: New- York.
Southampton; Teutonic. Liverpool; Noord
land, Antwerp.
Hone-Kong. Jlarch S. Arrived (previouss
ly): Coptic. San Francisco.
Cherbouig Jlarch :. Sailed: Steamer
Kaiser Wilhelm der Gros-c. from Rrcnica
Rnd Southampton. New York.
The Boers Begin Heavy Shelling,
Which Garrison Stubborn
ly Resists.
Large Burgher Forces Joining Main Column at
Kroonstad British Advance From the
Orange River.
London. TImrsd ly. Alar, h 2".-(Copvricht.
K""1. by the N. vv York Herald ConiiMtij.)-Tii.-
Roits Ii.tve tvi.1. ittlv N gun a .1. t-r-mine.l
eff.ut to taj'ture M if. kins Through
lu.er i4.urc s .imes i-rws of ihe town In-ing
fuii.!!! tiomli i'., e.1 and ill- garri-on ui-ik-mg
what the i;t.rs d. y. rils. ;.- a spirited
i.sislan.e. bill :t.s vi-tk after week msv. s
without the tr-iv..l of the long-rp t.d re
lief, tile 1-nsili of the trill, r of the gtrri--on's
reslsiaiK-.- must Im- s:. .tdily diminish
ing. Tnerr dors not s-cm nnv fountlatlon for
Ihe report that the Ilriil-h have .at "if
.:. nertl Olliii r" r.tr-nt The -vaciiaiion .f
l.i. 1 bland and G. nenil l"r-n. h's retiitu
fr-m Tliabtt N-hu itmt Ihe oth-r .n.
It.Hr acmiiiis atlirui that G.-nenil ttlivier
t- -afe. .iim di'jH.hes. from llliM-mf.-.teln
-ate tit-al G-ii-ial Giolnki.ir. with .:.ii
in. n. li.n lutsyeii mrlh In-youd the i..t.-li
of the Rritt-h
Thtv will add M.ally to Ihe strength f
Ihe annv ...ini-mra-.-d at Krooiit.ul lo p-jit-e
Lord Rolterti's advance.
TIiL- the Command. r-ln-Chicf appear" lo
Is- pi-panns for hy sendins anctli.r Infant
ry brigade forward to Guen.
Til- Roe-r for at Krc.n-.siad is estimated
to he at least ?V"t. It Is -itid lhal they are
determined to Iisht. They ..Ttainlv are
v.atchins the Hriti-h mov.tnents clo-elj. as
th.ir jatrol are scouting the i-ountry far
south of lirandfort.
Ia-nl RolH-rts will st..n be re-enf orc.il hy
General Clem.tils's llv'--lin. which oei-uple.1
Jngersfontein and F'auresnitih on Tue-sd.ij.
it ought not to take mr. than a few davs
to offee-t a junction in Natal.
Gen. ral Puller's prciarallons are nenrins
ttimpletlon. His Iptops are r.ady anil eager
l..r Ihe lurther move.
Wlun the P.riti-h er.t.r-l Ltdyi-tniih. the
Tran-aa!.'r fell bark on the Ulsga'slH-rgs.
whil- the l're Slat.r nn.de for ihe Drttk-n-berp
p.i-s.- The latter hav- lt-rn tho.--ouzhly
r.i.nnoit.re.1 and th- number of
Hoers Is reistrte.1 a- not xcee.lins ?.').
They !il.l nine pa-.s. ineludlng Ileziiidt-n
llM-k. Ko.nI.io. Oliviir's Hoek. Tintvva and
Van Roenan's
The Tralisvaai Hoers who hold an in
trenthtd jftfltlon In the Hlggarsbergs are
reisirtod to be In sreat.-t strength toward
llelpmakaar. They appear to be in go.id
lighting turn and s-klrmishes with outio-ts
.ire a daily oc.urrcnc&
If the Itoers are driven from the Hlggarn-lt-rs.s
Ifct-re is little doubt that they will
IhII Uick on Lang's Nik. which Is strongly
The announcement of the death of Gen
eral Joubeit sceni.i! t" prtMluev a fe-ellns
somen hat akin to sadness. There was no
outward sign of elation shown. All the
papers praise the dead General's Sne eiuatl
tles and say that he is the one Utter Gen
eral who has shown talent tor arranging
combined movements.
"Every Rriton." .says the Daily Tele
graph, "will pay a tribute of r.-s-pee-t to
the brave adversary, and SirtJ.Drse White's
eulogy of hl foe. 'A soldier and gentleman
and a brave and honorable opponent.' might
well bo his epitaph."
It Is not thought that his loss will gre-atly
nfle-ct the lto-rs. The younger among them
have ahvab comTilaln.ii of his slowness
and caution. G.ner.il lytuis Hot ha some
lime ago virtually r placed him In Natal.
President Kruger may now take jK-r-onal
command of the lSeter anniff. "O-.m Paul"
has alwav.s !etn a lighting man. but lie s
growing pretty old for hard work In the
Pretoria, Weslnesday. March 7. (Copy
right, lfrtt. by the New York Herald iv.m
pany! The- Ilocrs on Tuesday vigorously
attack.il M ife king.
The ISoe-rs have r-taken Lid brand, de
feating a small liriti-h force which oc
cupied the town ye-tertl.-iy.
G-neral Grolflaar's column has nrriv-e.1 at
Smalldeel. having vnf.-ly aecomplish-d ils
retreat from CdesWrg.
Mr. Michael Davltt has arrived here.
ixapi: or ;ii.iiii;i. vaii.
London. Thursdav. March 23. fCopyriglit,
iy by the Now York Herild Company.)
The Daily Telegraph publl-h.-s this dis
patch from Hennelt Rurlelgli. ils special
correspondent :
Rloemfontein, Tuesday The country up
to the Modder River being now cleared eif
the enemy. General Clements in the wet
and G-n-r.iI Gatacre in the east. Itoth at
some distance from th- railway, are march
ing northward restoring order.
The Fourt.-e-nth Infantry Ilrigade moved
forward to Glen to-day.
General French has r-turnul here, but
Colonel IJrondwo.Krs, with Col'.nel Ander
son's mounted infantry, anil Porter's cav
alry remains out, occupying Tluba N-hu
and other points to the eastward.
lining to the state of the roads and the
r-indilion of the horses. General Grolt-laar's
commando, numlte-ring nearly 6,jo m-n.
consi-iing of all ltoei-. rctrotlng from
Colesberg and other district to the south,
lias slipiwd away to the north.
The enemy traveled el.iy and nlsht. Mov
ing hurriedly, they pas.-etl through Com
niassie I'ort, north ot l-ad brand, and got
Hy traveling fast they were e-Iose to the
I!a-utei border before our fore-e could hope to
get near them.
The Uoern left behind them a numlier of
wagons. General Grohel.iar had ;i vehicles
in Ins -olumn.
The whole district up lo Lad brand is per
fectly qui.-t. 1-jrge numlrs e-f burghers
have come in. laid flown their arms, and ac
cepted Lord Rolterts's conditions.
Latest news Is that the Boors have about
ift.etv) men of all sorts still under arms, of
these Iti.cOO are in or around th? Natal bor
der. The remainder are divided between th
Orange Free State and the Transvaal.
It is now stated that the- enemr have
masred about SXi men fcr the defense of
Kroonstad, where they mean lighting. Their
patrol- are seen daily south of Hrandfort.
London, March . A private telegram re
ceived from Mafeking reports that all was
well there JIarch 3).
Kroonstad. Tuesday. March 27. Commjnd
nnt Cronthcr. who commands the Transvaal
lighting line in the south, reports that he
has retaken Lndybrand after the British
bad beca there an hcur. He adds that Land-
dro-t Viinc.iikuni and Field Cornet Smith
l.ll int. i the bands of th ISiili-di. of whom
ihr.i' were wound.it .ui.l imc was made a
pr.in-r. Th- J S.w i hj.s, h, d.i'lares. was
nil The 11:111-1 tied in ihe .lir.-ctl'Mi of
In a -kiriiu-b near Kraitdfol t four I-m-crs
w.ie kill.d and si uoiiii.liil.
m: i'iiovi rniritiiti .
Pr. t-n.i -M .11.1.11. March 2tl I'lilted S'.T.-s
C..11-11I Hav and his se. ret rv have gone to
Krooit-ta.l to mak- n -es..sry arrwnReme-"t-for
I'nli. I Si.tt-s t-pr.---ii(.itlon in ih
I'r. e State.
A thsiiat.h r-eeiv.il h-re fioin the ler
1 .atiqiiariers in Natal announces that the
d-struction ...iitimt.-s ol .-oal mir.-s III;-1
lo I us. till i. the Itrlli-li
Tli- Dmid. - cllicr) h. li-on blonr up.
the inn. hhierv h.i- leti d.sirnjed ar.d In-min-
ba- l-.-ti r n.l. r. .1 u. len for Hi:.
month- to . ontc.
A-ipliiic t :1 .Hsib,!,-!, tmm Kroon-i.i I
C.nnmnnd.iiit (tllvi.r h.--s i.dne.1 ;.!ier.is
:r.. biar and U-niner. nh.t are safe.
General D-I..r v is -till sick at ITfMin.
but he will prvc-oj i.. the front Sund.n .
Train- ..i,. frtqii ntly having villi burgh-ei-
for the lighting line on litis .e if
Rloemfontein. .
Th- SMndatd ami Dlpg-rsi' News s 1Vs it
l.arns that G.-nemN .tllvl-r. Grot-lam' and
L-miier Imvc nmve.l at a ji.int suthe'en'ly
far north to rell-v- .,11 .ippndieiwlons of the-I-i-ilhliil)
of their litc cut off. it u . -;.
Ii-I.il I hey nil i.trlve at U inburg In ., f-w
Livs and ..fr.v, a im.,in wtI, ,;., .
Wet. when the federal-' post Ion. (t is .. -t
tared, will formidal.lv oppo- Lonl I:..,,
Report tr.jv.-l from the various b.nks
of Ihe repul.Ii.-s Rh..w that the rash hol.lina
anioiitit to t2.2S.evJ7
Tlie i:nverriii.i1t !, fi-mmandrerrd a
r-rtio ,f ,.,.. Bllll ,, of a hp t inJ;x
It.ir gold iu, u,. Klv,. ,, wnlt,IV o
IR- amount of aN.nt Sv
-t::s hv.vi.x to imiii:m-.
la.iol.rn. Mar.h -. The .r.rK.n.U.f .f
the Tirms t l...r. nz Marq.jei. i-legr tph
ing Monday. v.i
"Mr. Si.y,, has i,M, .-, , r.-tit.,r teit-r
dealing with the pr.M-.im.l,...I1 f ,., ,,.
.rt- ami d--!.iring li it. ,. ..bvl.tiis that -f,
.nenij's p..lley I-. ils !.,. ha- ,Hi,n m
--"tiih Afric. t ,Wr :tllll ,,..mtnate ,,,,
Th- .ireul-r go,- o (., My that Im, ,,,.
the war the Rrin-h attempted lo se.lr.. ,i.
Ir.i- .s..ttp ,t ,r..h.ros means frm u,
sol.mti coiH.nti.tn with the Transvaal In
"rd.r to f.-tl,.p ,i. sn-alionlng up ,,T th
repiibiirr. II- r.pudiit.K ihe eharg.. ihat the
bureher, have !-.. .,, ,,y ,,.. '
T!. and then vij;
to" T.H, rnrm.y """ ,,y Mr P"ml. socks
o .! vi.J- U!, ,,y off-Hn- ruari, fnT
hnalty .,R1 war,,lrt.. ,.,,, ., ,,Tnf ,r
suit U. ofr-rfil iht.n dl.su.-i.le u, fronl .,
saereil duty L-t o, . ,,,., , ..J
cunning ruse. The man who woull se.!.
fTl'inf,,.''0 0"",-,, C:ln"0, ,"m"f
ii."-"o,Ii1r 0t "."" -V"m,""r """' '''"-in-
othii-r,. ar ,,,,. ilrT,.,t(tI for r
tle.li. A large numU-r .,r men ov-r O. yeaw
"f age are Uing corom.tn.."e.r.il. althou-h
no. -gal.y h.,,.1.. for s.rve- A-eor. m- tn
ruvorthy inform.itl.,, fr.,m ,
to 1 stck ..f .Maus.ram,nunition-iC..-,r.
r..udsna. teM, o
l-nrsh-rs. The I!o-r, :ir.. now w
lie ft.r.1 eartri.-lg,.. ,.f which they have only
....... and Martinl-Henry caitrldge, of
Wh.-ll they oriUnall Vs-s-.-sed U1'..
The Cr-usot ,-inimunltlo,, .- aim,,., f.xh.,a,.
"I. The mol:tl-sS p.mikr h,u, m.n
ufacture-l is proving deficient in ,iUa!ty
and the cxis-riment of r-eharglng the Maul
ser cartridges has ,,r.v,-i a faiur,.. 0,
i Ihe Inability of th- i.r, , k
MIEI.I.IM; T,,: jiiii-nii.
Warr-nton. Uoim-.hj, March -The
IJ.-rs ...M-tuil lire with artill-ry and rIIes
on the Rritish ..,, to-la,. The -, .shell
burst nidi.. ,h- Fu.-IILr, w,r,. , ,,rrak.
A Imil of bullet, pour.il into Hie village
Manv cattle w-r- kill.,1
A hot-l thai i- tt-,,1 aH ., hr,,it., Slll,
over vvhl-h th- Rid Cro-s n.,c Katt ttiU,K
was iir.il nii.n Th- attacking Ro-r for,-,,
was large, but. n-twith-taiidj,,,,. ,.. ,.,.., V's
heavy . xiiendltiir.- of big gun and Mauser
ammunition, onlv ..tie Rriton was vvoiindnl.
two iiiiHit primim:i:s icmi:.
London. Mirch S..-G. n.ral Whit- s.iil.1
fre-m Cajn T'-wn for ICngland to-day.
Two !lo-r prison, rs . -c.ipcd from ihe
camp at Slmonst.mn. March K. The sick
ness ther- Is imabateil and mmy ofuhe
liri-on-rs are in a, serious condition.
iin:i ii.-s .m:w cnmi.tMi,
Ini!on. Marcri 29 -A dhjim, h to the
Daily Mail from Lorenzo Mirtnz. dat.il
W.iln.-sday. savs:
"The Fr.nch Colon. I. Vlllehol- ,.
JIareulI h is be-n appoinl.il to the com
mand of the foreign legion, which i oi-i-ating
In th. Frei- St.it.
"General I'rlnslee r.ientlv- arri-i.-l
charg.il by the Ro-rs wlih high lr.-as.on" "
ItVfmv KxiTiilimi Dccliiifd lie
Taujilit ISttcis Tiftuli iiuiliHiin;.
r.ni'cni.ir- sp t m.
V.uicouv.r. Rriti-h Cnlumbla. March 2T
A new-paper arriving by the sle-atn-hip
Warrimo.t from Australia gives the fol
lowing description of the drain of a Brlt-i-h
desetter. as contain, d In Ihe letter of
Sergeant Major Ever.lale to a friend In
Sjdn.y. Sergetnt Major Greene-r, who was
a Roer sj uiimthizer. des. rted to the enemy
on lite urst occasion inai presentea itself.
lie wis c-iptur.il by the RritMi sent, time
afterwards, and condemned to death fin
being nske.il !f he had anything to say, he
The Rritish wondered how the Roers
contrived to e-onstruct trenches so formid
able at Magersfciitein. It was because I
taught th. m the art of trench buildimr.
and It was I who directed the fortification
f UK kopj- where the Gordons and lilac.:
Watch wett cut up."
He said that he died with no qualms of
conscience, hut with the idea that, accord
ing lo his light, he had done his duty.
When Greener's hour came he was com
pelled to dig his own grave and to stand In
front of It to be shot. He dug the hole
true and qulcklv. measuring his own tsxly
that it might lit well. Then he faced the
lirins line with ees open and his hands
folded on his breast. He died unpitled by
the Watching army, nhtle the band played
The Regu-'s March " When the word was
given to iir". he threw out his arms and
the nest Instant fell Kickwird into th
gravv. whero the earth was quickly thrown
In upon him, the band playing- "God, Save
the yucUL"
Forty Warships to Concentrate at Kobe Military
Councils Held at Tokio Russia's
Kiihp. .I;ii:in. .Mim-li 'JS :! i Iirlit. I'.HMI. I.y V. IC. ..ars-U
Kciicwril triMililf lu'i .wiii Hnsi;i niiil .l;i.iu in Km-:i is iitiiniin'iil.
Tin' movements of tin IJiissian lli'el :n' nmsl siniiit-ant ami :ii'f
(liui".lil to iniliialf (lie irolialiililY of the mm.ihc of miiiip Kmeaii
Tlir .laian- CuviTinnciit is ualrliiii"; etcnls llicif i-ln-flv.
Tlioic liavc lipfii roiifcrriiccs if ilif War Ofliie aiiiiiotiiit-s at ToUio.
Tin- .l:tiaiicsi. jiie.ss ilt-iiiaiiils tliat Uiissia niaki known Iut intentions.
A significant moYemetil of the .;iKlliee lleel i aiilioillireil:
Tun lialtlesliips. tlnee et uicrs, a roast liefen-e vessel ami two nn
lioais have inoveil from Yoktxukn to Kiiii. ilie ".real na:il ami
miliiai-.Y lieai!iiiaiters at tin- western eml of the inlaml m;i. tweli
lionts sail from ICotea. At the .-ante time it i antioiimeil that or
ileis hate ln-eii iin-il for an extraorilinarv insjietiioit of arm.t niniii
litins. A .Major 'ieneral Itas arriveil al O-aka. neat Kol.e. for the
piiipn.-e of raining thronjih his insperlioii.
The Mikailo will levii'W foitv .lap.mese w;uhip oil Kolie to
waul tlie end of Apiil.
St. l'el.-rsliiii";. Man-li 'J. -The Wif-.-iaii Mpiaili.ni whiili ie-i-entl.v
talleil at riieiniilio. Kotea. has anheil at I'ort Arthur.
a-.hiii".ton. Manh "Jx. -The ainlienie iven lv l'niili-iit Mr
Kinle iina lo tin Jlinistir of Korea. Mr. Chin I'mii Ve. up-tii
his ilfpartnie ft. mi Ihe I'nileil St.ites. maik an important episoile in
the ilipliimnlie Mtnaiion in tlie inient. He i- u f the alilet iliplo
mal in the Koiean M'l-vii-e. ami has lieen onlenil to Kmope ami esjie
iall.v lo Si. I'eiersliiit- liei-an.-e of the r.iwinj: impiirtaiire of wateh
in the iiiletiMs of Koiea iii the bailie of iiileinaliunal polities.
Anotlier inoYeiiienl of the same suit is ihe ileparlme of tlie .I;i
anee .Minister. .Mr. Koiiiiira. who has enauio p.istp. for Liver
pool l. the On-anie on Apiil 1."i. The .lapanese .Mini-l.-i- aNo is a
man of hijh aliilit.t. whose skill .iml aililress are relieil iipmi to main
tain the iniereis of his i-oiiiitrv al St. I'.lerslnii";. I is the int.-it-lion
of limit the Korean ami Japanese (Mitermneiits lo semi men to
Washington of ,iltilit ami knowletlj;e to replare the .Mini-ters who
are liein"; oiilend away, hut it is felt that the latter will enjoy pe
culiar advantages in iopin; with Itussiati iliplomai-y fioin the exjieri-ein-e
tltet have obtained in the Initid Stal.-s and iln-ir knowledue of
.the temper ami polity of the American IfcpiiMic in Kastetn matters.
State Department Heiiic That
They Have H.eit I'.otiln.
W..-hliitoti Mareh .-Th- Si.it- I'e
-irlm-til adds lis denial to lli.it .f th-Hanl-h
Foreign tllllre. rvlailve to the Paris
story that th- Tnllcd States had eom
pl.'t.sl th- acquisition of the Hanlsh West
Indian l-l.-md- There are lti.Ilr.iii.jn th-.t
IV iiegi.all"ns. which have for s. long
ocfiiptr.1 ihe ait-r.tivii of th- e.vo Gove-rn-m.
ills at tnt.rvah. may ! attind-. by
succ-ss at a reasonably early .inte. but It
I- certainly pr. mature to annoiine - their
conclusion at this moment.
.i:imim ii w .i:tiiii:m.
i:t:ri-iii.i- spr.iai
Va-hlnr.t..n. Mar. li r Cidess ih- rnite.l
Stales ssiily mi'uii: tlie Panih West
Indies ftom IVtmiark tli-y may Inrtime .i
portlmi of the German Kmplrc. Information
10 warrant this statement came Into the
Kf2-le!i of The R public cirrcp. orient
tat-day. It Is likely, lr.de.sl. that Germany
has already a foothold In the r-Iands. arid
is simply awaiting a favorabl- i.s.irtunily
I., anrx x 111- gr-up ns a whole.
It can b- ftatcd rsirltlvcly that pn option
on certain lands of tlie Island of St. Johns
lias tx-n granted to a e-orper.itton two
m-mbtr.s of which arc Admirals In the Ger
man navy, .tn.l a third a Colonel in the
German Army. The slgnifl-aiie.- of this Is
at on. e a pp.tr. nt when It Is known that
offl.cr in lh- service of th- Kaiser eaniwt
a-s-Klnte th.mselve ill such matters with
out the xprcss consent of the Kais.r him
self. It Is thus shown that whatever steps
were-- taken t obtain possession of land In
the Island had otlielai teefgnllion an-J sane
tl n. The original pa-rs tt which this
option was grant. d have been msii by .it
lea-t n. prominent fillit-t.il now in Wash
ington, for wh.- iKT.ellt they w.re trans-lal.-l.
Arcopling to the agre-.-ment. the op
thin was to have expired In INronbr last.
Wheth-r Ihe option was renewed cannct lie
told, but Ihe probability is that It was.
Germany Is in a jxisition lo acquire the
Islands without at the Rime time laying
h-rself on lo the charge of having vlo
l.it.sl the Monro- doclrim : a: least, that Is
the Ik-R. f thai prevail In diplomatic . Ireb si
her. This w-.tuld 1 -spe!iIy so If th-'
l'lutod Slates, arter having enter.sl into ne
gotiations for Hie Islands, sho-jld withdraw
fr-m the Ibid. Th. n. It Jsi.lalni.nl. G rmany
could, with.-iit lndng placl in lb- .itiitiide
..f a pur. hit-, r. stmpl) exchange ome
h. r insular lioldtngs i.ear It.nm.irk for Hi-Y.-l
Indi-m group It is h.-ll that It nouli
Ik- l.ael for th'- G. v-r.itn-iif in mat.- o-.ti a
.a .-aln-S G.rman.v
ui"! r th--- clr-um-
stan- .'s
She Seeiired ?i:K Instead of ?:'.(.-
(inn iii riik-.ijjo.
Chlcap.o. March :8 -Princess Salm Salm
will go to New York l-morrow- Willi !
In lier teeket fcr the Roers. She had prom-l-.d
h.-r-elf she would lake . out of
Chicago, but fiat w..s l.-fore she hail com
menced iier campaign.
Ami the I'llnc.-.s still s.i.v:
"Chicago is kind and Chicago wetiit.l give
me oil I wl-ti. I had Intended l.i give a big
iii-" meeting, where every b.tdy would c-nie
with the moiiev itotigh lo 111 out an ambulant-
corps-bin iKietor l.ejds changi-J my
plans lie r. ported that no more ambu
lances were ii... I.-.1 and lliat i- why I am
St. tug aivav."
Are vim not a lillle dlsapiMiinled' Were
r.ot Chfc.so tH.ipl- just .. trifle . :.!"
-evh i... Tnev cave me fITt In two dav
I kr.ovv li-. m.t nitlng would hive
brought i:t- th- $." I will now g.. t.j
New oik I will t- tlie chairman ol the
Ladies" Auxiliary Ijiiciic 1 the National
R.r Relief A"-.K-l.ltion "
Prisoner I!ele:iscl Fioin Sin- Siii";
I "pun an linisiial Oitler.
nta-i iii.b sit. i.i.
Sing Sing. N Y.. March 2S. Stephen A.
Dm ton. a ptt-oncr In Sing Sing Prl-on.
s-rvlrg a sent !: e of three years for grand
l.ie-enj. attaints! to which was a line of
JW't. and who has been held In Ihe prison
hero -tr.ee May. 1W.. ft-r his failure lo pay
this line, was released from prison this
evening on an order from Judje Nevvburg
er of the Supreme Court of New York.
Dutton claimed that a person who Is
lln.irelally unable to pay a tine e-innot be
held a jo-ison-r for failure to iy. He dem
onslraled that he ceul.l not pay his line.
The man's sentence was only three years,
whereas his tine being worked out at a
rate of one day for each dollar of the Ji.t"J
would amount to over thirteen yean..
Honor II. S. Dewoy. Formerly in
Chariie of Kankakee Asylum.
Chii-ugo. III.. March rS.-lctor RIehir.1 S.
Dewe-y. well known in Chicago, nfco ora.s
formerly head of the Kankakre In?m
Asylum, and recently in charge of th- sani
tarium at Wmwatosa. Wis., is Insane -itid
under restraint. He originated the nut i;
system under which Insane latints wcr- .!!
1ilci! Into different elas-es. After leavl. g
KHnkakee Doctor Dewey e-tabllh.-l a pri
vate sanltnr'um in Wisconsin. He had a
wide experience and his success in 'he
treatment of infanc persons was wonderful
I'linlinciril I'rmu I'asr One.
I have the honor to replv that in a !!
patch e.f ti.. it ..( (K-tob. r. rin.lv. d at lhi.s
d'partm-iu on Nov-mlr S. and the only
on- on ..ur rile latins to tin. matter, air.
Slovve t irt..l as fe.llow-.
Arhllrolloa ltet.l.nlrl.
" Tn-Ier Ih- dat- of S.-pt.mber K. I re
ceived from th- I'tiited Stat-s consular
agrnt al Rl.M-tutont-in. (trang. Pree Stale,
a letter, vvhl-h read as follun-.
I saw President St-yn Ihi- nflernoon
by hi.- r.ni;j.t. and h- w.uld like to have
..'j liii.i out at ttncf If your im. l.overn
lli.nl will ...ii;. tit for you to a. t as arbi
trator, and if you can al-o tlnd out if tr.e
High I'omint.-noner would al.t -..ns-nt. The
Pre!d.-nt jpiwars lo think whu-ver t don
shoultl Is done at once, and wl-h.s to know
if you ran give him th!- Information."
"'I r.pll.-i by wire as follows.
"I will r. ply 8tv wire- to your letter cf
the nab tt.i aft. tti.B.n."
Ila'n Hn.trt to irbllnitr.
''After giving Ihe alive resju-st careful
.onstd. ration. I .ailed uih.ii th- High I'.tin-mb-sl-iiT.
same date. and. In the course of
eonv-rsallon. said:
""VVhtn I dii-e.1 with yn '"'" other e!.y
you st.-ttfl votir Government we.uld never
cori.'Ut to arbitration I.y outside Pen-rs or
representative, and vour ulllh.sl dlsp itch
so M.ilis. An you of th same opinion-"
and he replied. Vh..l I might like lo do I
cannot do now as my bands are tl.nl.' Tht ti
I told htm In sulr.taii.-e what I had !e.n
asked by the Prisident of th- Orange hi.-e
St t.. a-.d the High Comrrt lon-r . ltd:
"Please stat th following as vernr reply.
which he dictated, and which appeal!, in
the f.i:inwlng copy of my telegraphic dis
patch to the I'mitd States Con-ular A nt
at Rloemfniiietn. in the words undcrlinr-i. lo
which I .i.l.l-. I ik- tlrst live words, not ur.
.lerllneL "."anrot ak Government rnys-If.
Seen larly rsii.-te-.!. though jsrsonally fa
vorable to further negotiations, thinks Ik
cannot tn.-v- on the line timiMis.nl.
" "lt-11. vlng It a courtesv due to the t'nitcd
States Conul. Marrum. at Pretoria. I sent
Ihe following ilNti.it. h same date: 'Was
:i-kcd bv Ihe Pre- Stale to sk if our Gv-
rum.-nt would cms. nt for m- ro arbitrate
and to see the High Commission, r. and re
till, d. Her- I in-, rl.nl the above dispat. h.
" l nis.. d.-.ntl It right to tmst Consul
M-ieriim w aUtve. not enly for ihe reason
thai the Orange l-Tce Stale Is it is Juri-tlit-tlou.
iml for the further r-as. . that he
had s.it.l in a .ommuiileatlon i.t m-: 'Noth
ing can b- dot- h-re for js ic- nut. -. ni.il
t. rs s-'il-.l v.iur end. fiver l..i men sent
t. border Iat night. If anything d-n- niut
be .tuteklv- tm-; Hie H-g'i .".imr -.luner
should .to som-thtng for ts-.t.n s
" "It vv is :i eU.-it',n in rn rn'nl I: ought
lo Like .inv a-tion at all on th- r. iiue-t
..f Hi. or.-itu-.. I'r. Stat- I'r. id.-nt. but the
Htch 'omml tc-len. r ift.Tivar.U said t.i me
ifat I hd aete-l r'ght. . nd that he was
grateful at m aetloji "
Otlit-Jiil Corrrspondriirr.
.s v.. ii also imr.nr.nl wh.t there was on
III- in rtgard lo ihe departure of Mr. Ma
eruni fre.nl In- pest at Pretoria. I have the
honor to Inform von that on ihe 7th of No
venilur Mr. Marrum trlegraph.d resiuest
lug l-:.ve. -P. rmI.-!on. vi-it America Abso
lulely imp. relive, prlvale and otlielai IiuhI-n.-.
Atnerlgeti tlghlmg. Altlehury. Amerl
.an. ink. s .-h.rge Cable iulckly.
"To thi.a rel.lt.nl
Your pr.. nee Pretoria utmost Import
ance to public Interest".
"He th. n. i n the nth of NnvemlxT. cabled:
'No irply. Hepartnit nt will approve leave,
on explanation. Imp. ratlve. Cable im
mediately "The n. xt day he cabled again:
"Cable received. Kv. rylhlng tpiiet. At
tlcburv caiMble. ep-ricneanl. My presence
honie absolutelv ne.essary"
"em the Pth he cabled once more:
"Tlir..- cables re.itestr.g leave unnn-wer.-l.
Subsiltitte -tttti. l.-nt h-re hut not
at home. P.. e- c.elil." ac.pile-.a-en.-e tiutck.
SMp "-ailing so. n '
"In r ply to this, on the "ith of Novem
lT. I .losw.-re.l "Y.ur !.r..'iic.- Pretoria
itr.iHirrant to publi. ititerfsts."
"On the fir-t .f lHnemlr Mr. Macrum
fin.-- mot- cable i in-.
"N.t i. ply. Department will approve
b.ive on explanation. Imperative. .-"nb'e
"And again same date:
""If ..-in't leav- vvlthoiil termislon will
forfeit i.st if den.irtm.Mit don't approve on
exnlaiiati-in I'le.i-e reply.
"Pptin tlii.s. Inferring from these lts-p-itehe-s
that 3tr Macrum wax in a state
of mind which would make" his services In
Pretoria useles-. I an-wer.nl on the second
of IVe-cmber 'You may come home. Put
Attl.biiry tempoiarily in charge. Depart
ment w 111 send a man from here
"Soon after this 1 received several news
paper articles anil letters from responsible
Itersons as-ertlng that Altlchttrv. whom
Macrum wished to nlace temporarily In
charge of the .onsiilate, was a p. rson of
li-'ieput.ibje character anil a fugitive front
justice. I therefore directed Mr. Hollls.
e'.tnsul lit Ijrenzo Marrtuez, to pro-n.i
at once to Pretoria and take temporary
charge of the consulate until Ihe arrival of
Mr. A. S. Hay, who hail been apiwlntenl
"I am sir. xery truly your obedient ser
vant. JOHN HAY."
Tol.areo Trnst Will Close Down
the Croat. Scolten Factory.
Detroit. MIch..March "t Preparations are
bfing made f-r the removal of the Great
Scotten toltato "manufactory from Detroit.
All th- I.C") emnlov-s have b-en uotitlr 4
flhat their services wilt not be rcfiu.rani
alter -May ine macnincry and njipuanc-s
will prottably be dNtrlbuteal to other plants
of the Continental Tobacco Company, of
which the Scolte-n company l.came a par:
two years ago. It is probah'c that port-, of
the Detroit factory whl be taken to the
MiaMMamfetimm Jttcmw
Curtains and Curtain Materials.
Wc have recently added to stock a oxy choice
Hue of New Curtains and Curtain Materials, suit
able for Cottage Windows and Summer Draperies.
Stripe XaitisODk, with plain Swis; Ruffles, per pair 50c
KnfTle and Embroidered Swiss Mislin, exceptional value;
per pair cwii
Kmbroide-'red Muslin, in a varied selection of choice designs;
per pair S1.75 to $5.50
I;i;jured Muslin, extra (inequality, with ruftk'S-per pair. 52.50 to $3.00
Kobbin Xet Center, with ruflics, 1 .-indsoniely trimmed in Lace;
per pair $1.50 to $9.03
Materials by the Yard.
.jil-inch Svis Muslin, assorted Stripes and l-'igurcs, entirely
new tlcsigns; per yard .12'4c
IS-inch Dotted Swiss, in varied si'.e Dots; per yard 25c
'..''-inch Novelty Swiss, floral designs, two and three color cf-
jccii j t)?a varti otf
10-inch Cross Stripe Ktarcines, in combinations of Blue, Green,
Hose; jer yard. ....................................... .50c
"iiin "til ompaity'.s plants In St. Le.uls
I...UI-VII. ind Jersej Ctij.
.Mat. c- rs r i. s .t'rt fa ' r tie. lm i-y
Mat. .1 Unit. I Ih reasons for the removal
H Wits Oni-f Acnix'd nf Startinjri
IViinv & (ii'itlli-s Hie.
James Cummlns "; nrt- il. of N "C
!-i...le ..venue, the iilsht watchman ul .
was .irrc'cl at the time .f the creat Perinv
A. t.enttes enntlaratbtn ch-ir.sl with 1-1-r..ndl.irij.m.
.11. .1 at hl home Tur-laj night.
Ills doctors .itd that he .tied (,f ,niim..iit .
His familv, hoiv.v.r. Kiy that ill death vv;is
iu- to his hro'tdlnu about I.is arrest.
Purine his itlni.N Cummlns w-a5 at
l.n.b.1 by loetors Willlim and Krank ;.
Nif. nir. and he fr.siiently eomphiln. .1 lo
"hem that he h.-ol lecn unjilstlv twrse. iited
Tlie .I." lor- .say that worry and br.todinir ,
itvr his arres; was primarily r Ponlbi.- '
f.trhls fatal Illness. iMiltni; his un.i.n-. timo
hours he raved al tit his arrest ami in his
luc.d mom.nts talktsl ii'mhU nothirs el-e
until Ids family feared th it he would In
come Insane.
Cummlnus had lies-n nlsht watchman at
th IVnnv .t duties store fir "tvent-s-n
ytMrs and when that firm opened its n.-.v
More on V.i-htnr;t..it avenue atl.r the tire
he rt-Mimed his duties. .t the time of th
cr-at fire a Mr. and Mrs. Noltin'r. llvlnp in
Kranklln avenue optos!te IVanye llentl.-s';.
store, claim. .1 h:ive- se. r a man saturat
Inc th- ll.s.r of the bulldlni; with t-ome
Ibpild. Cum-nlncs wa-. .irroted and later
bientlfbd by the Noltlnsas the man whom
the-y S.1W- !iurliK the ll.iuid n tlie II... rA
At the trial Cumnilnc'n inn.icence was t-s-t.ibltsh.d
ami he was relea-e.1. Th lunerat
will t.tk.- plaeo this ni..rnlnc from St.
Navler's Church at " t.'.-l.. 1- Tin, burial
will be tn Calvary ".meler.
Head the announe.mcnt of the Hotel Em
pire New- York city, on pase opiote edi
torial of thb. paper.
Disliop rottor on the v.hurcli's Fu
ture in the Philippines.
New York. .March 3 Writlntr in the
Churehman e.n th" "IIcIIkIous Situation in
the Philippines." Itishop I'otter yayst:
"It msy be ask.. I: Is it worth while t-
yeiitl mls-tlonarie to the Filipinos? Are- they
not lars.-Iy. as we have lia-en told, a
Christian fsstple. with ehurrhes. ci:e)ols.
mlnbttvrs of rellclon and the like? Is It
worth while to intrude upon them teacher.s
ami teachings whl.-h they have been taught
to recard as of the devil fs..me of the r.-ce-nt
pronunc!.-.mentos of the Archbishop of Ma
nila are In tills connection and to American
ors literary ciirloItl.t and mi t becin the
vvrrk of a hisher civilization by intlamlnj;
n UrIous prejudices and by awakening vio
1. nt rellKi us ce.ntroversle-s?
"I confers It seems to me that this will
! a epici-ilon for the Filipinos as citizens
themndves to answer. The Filipino: must
Sift understand what AmcrlcanNm means.
They are at pre t nt f-o largely in the elark
as to our fre.sl..m. upon whl.-h they rest,
that the perfectly vve-tl me int. but not al
wrajis ju"-t rr considerate pr.-s.ntati.nl of the
truth by tho-o- whose attitude Is one r
ptronR antasonlsm to the tcarhlr.es and in-
WOMKX and Women Only, especially mothers, are mot competent to
appreciate the purity, sweetness, and delicacy of CimcuRA Soap and
to discover new ues for it daily. IU remarkable emollient, cleansing,
antl purifying properties. tlPrivcd from Ci'TicntA, the groat skin cure and
pt;rct of emollients, warrant its uo in preserving, purifying, and beautifying
the skin, scilp, hand', and hair, and In the form of hath and solutions for
annoying irritations, Itching, inflammation", and dialings, too frte or offen
sive perspiration, and alo in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses,
as welt as many sanative, antiseptic purposes, which will readily suggest
thcra'clve?. All lliat has been said of Ccticuka "Soap may aUo be saiil of
Ccticl'i-v Ointment which should be used after the Soap, in the severer
cases, to hasten the cure,
complete. Externa! &. Intornal Treatment for Every Humor, SI.25.
ronilitlni of Cl"TICl"K v Map 2"-.i, to rleanc the f kill ot rru-t and prates and soften the
thickened cuticle, CrTlcCUA OINTnNTSi"-.),to Instantly allay Itchinz. lntlamniation.and
Irritation, and soothe and heal, ami Cimccnx KrseiuvKVT (Jte.), (o cool nnd rleanse the
blood. A SlMJLK nirr is often eutflrlent to cure the most torturing, dlsllirnrlnir , and hum II.
latlnj: Vln, scalp, and blootl homorf. with loss cf hair, when nil elc falls, roxitll 1bcv
and CuXM. C'OJtT ., Sole Props., Uuttoa.
s-acs. yS
takes his stimulant when hi health
needs it anil physicians prescribe it.
He takes; it when tlispensinshospital
i:y and when formalities require it.
He takes it forchcer.comfort, ltappt
"ness discreetly and moderately.
He will have the purest type of the
Baltimore Rye
Old, Mellow, Rich Flavor.
David Nicholson, St. Louts, flo.
stitutions of Home, would only be Inflam
matory ami unsettlins and micht end in a,
situation In which the Ulu-ions of the
etid faith hail been destroyed without the
substitution of anythltiK better.
Meanwhile, it oufriit to be distinctly un
elerstood that hene-eforth in the Philippines
any man may vvondup Gcd acerordlnc to
his own conscience-, ar.d if he- is so minded.
Invite others to unite In dcin? so with
Hotel Krcplrc. New York, hl;h-clasa
hotel, mrderate rates. See ad. on page op
Aolte e-dltorlal uf thLs paper.
C.miit Vincent .1. Ilene'.letti Den. I.
Parts. March :. -C.uint Vln.tnt.le Itene
dettl. the I"rench Ambassador to Prussia at
th time of the outbreak of th war be
tween lru-sia and France In 17, is dead.
He was born in Corsica in 1517.

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