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iVppdlulc .Judgi's (o Mct'l in Louis
ville Insl.-;ui f Frank
fori, Koiilurky.
If Thoir Opinion Is Advorsc to He
publican '!:iini;iiil. lie I'roh
llily Will V-n-alp Ofiit.
IVutlitiK Appi'iil.
lomisvllle. Kv, Match : The i,mt f
Appeals will rare: in Louisville ti dci .lie
who Is the Irg.il Governor of lveu:n.'k .
end whether thu Legislature acted within
It; provinces under the Corbel election
law In deciding the contest in favor of the
Icmocratlc contestants. The decision to
meet in Louisville instead of at the regular
meeting plate, Frankfort, was arrived, at
to-day. and !s due to the exi-lted etate of
feeling existing at Frankfort mid the danger
that some harm might fume to the luem
Lers of the court or the attorneys engage J.
Tile lives of two members of tile Court of
Appeals had already been threatened, and
it -lias decideJ that by meetins in Louis
ville theie would be lets interest taken in
the actual sitting of the court than if
held In the small town of Frankfort. The
removal was at the suggestion of two of
the members, one a I.epubllcan and ur.. a.
lVmoi rat.
The court will assemble in Louisville en
Monday. nnd will give two da.-. If neces
sary, to the argument-, and as s.oon there
after as liossible will render a decision.
It is probable tile court will give a decision
lefore returning to Frankfort, and. as :he
Judge? are already well versed v.itii tne
inputs of the controveisy. having followed
it from the first, owing: to the luid.-rs'aad-Ing
that they would have to pa.-s, upon It.
the decision will be prompt. In f.tT. an
early decision is desired by both sides.
It is now believed that Taylor will n-i-ent
to abide by the d.-cision of the Court
of Appeal?, and will Vacate, the orhce with
out resistance, though not waiving his
right to ask an appeal to the Supreme
Court of the 1'niled States This is all the
.Democrats have asked, as they have always
been willing to defend an appeal to the
Supreme Court.
It Is generally admitted that the d-M-ion
will be in favor of the Democrats. u the
court has alri-ady passed.upon th i ousti
tutionailty or the Coeliel Miction law. un
der which the lo-gjslature acted In taking
up the contests. The only new point is the
question of the action having bei-n tjken
outside the ngular place of nuetliig. which
was in the possession of tlie militia. C.ov
rnor Taylor, wlio was then Governor, hav
ing arbl'rariiy adjournetl the lo-glslature.
to London, .fudge Field, in the low or
court, overruled the tuition t. impeach the
legislative Journal.
It is unofficially sta'ed that Taylor ha--changed
Ids mini about forcible resistance
to the judgment of tie Court of Appeals In
view of r-eent developments, and tiiat he
left it to the Judgment of his attorneys
whether he should vac ite the otlice in oteli
ence to th judgment of the court, if the
judgment ehould lie against bim. The at
torneys are said to le- strongly in favor of
submitting to the judgment of the Court of
Appeals, ai.d if this is done it is said a
writ of error to the Supreme Court of the
Vnited States will be readily granted. Gov
ernor Heekhnm executing a supirsejeas
bond vcnding the appe.il.
If Taylor abandons his oSiie the other Re
publicans will ilo likewise, as (hey have
held on simply to give Taylor moial sup
port, having no standing in law. a their
ases did not come befor- the la-glsl.i'ute.
liu before the Coniest Hoard.
CI LTON .:.i n itiom:.
Frankfurt. Ky.. .March mJS W. II. Culton
was again in conference witli the attornevs
f-r the Commonwealth to-day and a:is
questioned further with regard lo his con
nection with the conspiracy which I-d to
the assassination, but what was accom
plished at the conf-rence was carefully
guarded, and if there were any additional
facts, a diluted they w-re kept for action
by the attorney.
It is the di-sire of th Commonwealth, if
possible, to refrain from further arrests un
til the nrand Jury shall have acted. The
tlrand Jury will meet next Monday, uud. !u
view of the sensational ilev-lopin-nis dar
ing the last few tld) as a tesult of the
three confessions. IndlitmeiHs ar- expect -1.
not only, against the men now ntulrr ar
rest. buCagaiuM others nhose names have
been bt ought out in the testimony and th
imifessions. It is said to be tlie de.-ir- of the Common
wealth lo not atrest Taylor unless lia -ic-tl
liy an indictment. The simc may lie saH
lo lie true of several other leading Repub
licans who have le-en mentioned, dlrectly
and Indirectly.
The attorneys for Culton and tlie attor
neys for the commonwealth deny that Cul
ton has made In his confession all the
statements wjiich have been credited to
liim. but for obvious reasons they will give
out nothing of what he really said, further
than to say that ho went before the com
monwealth's attorneys of his own volition.
The attorneys also refuse to say whether
Culton's confession will be urceptcd. that
lie mav become u witness for the common
wealth. As matters now ttar.d. ho is still
held to answer as an accessory.
K. II. Youtsey refuses to make anv state
ment regarding the charged against him.
It ha not yet been dclded whether Yout-f-ey
shall be given an examining trial this
week, or whether he will await the action
hv the Grand Jurv next wek. Relatives
of Youtsey contend that he Is not a con
spirator. He is an intelligent young man
of good moral character and totally nnllLa
the mountain men who have been accused.
It Is denied that he was the one who pur-
Much Harm is
by the excessive consumption of cheap confectioneries
and chocolates of inferior quality, doubtful taste, and
doubtful composition.
Why not abstain from these altogether, and sub
stitute the digestible, wholesome
Van Houten's Chocolate
(For Eating),
which is of delicious flavor, and cheapest in the end?
Sold in the following shapes:
Croquettes, in Tins.
Drops, in Tins.
Square Tablets.
Small Bars.
The product ranks among the existing brands of
chocolate for eating as Van Houten's Cocoa does
among the cocoas: it is the
the most economical in
pen B 5 msmMmm
cha;id the suel bjllet- and wiio naid tl.e
assassin, and who iuhd friu I'owcr'-'s'
ojiif bj- an undi rgiipuud iassagc to the
otlii-e of tTinernor Taylui, directly after the
tlot w.is tiled.
It Is cei lain that tie defendants will 2sK
a -hange ot venue fiom ihlsiounty. It
believed a ctintiiiuaiice will le askea i.f
Judge Cautrlll and when the c.i-e again
i imies up at th-1 Jul term a hansie .f
teiuie will be isked. which will result in
tlie trials being put off until the vscitini;
t::r.es of the fall lumpdlgn.
i)i:ti-:ctii: with ivaiiii wis
Fi.mkfi.it. Ky- .March "3. -Dctc.-live Ann
sirons left ti-niglit on a ti.iin for Hast, rn
Kentuiky. and it Is reimrtiil that he his
warrants for more Republican State otlicr.
and others etpialij prominent. It is said that
these warrant-: ate basi-d on iuformatio'i
furiu-hed bv W. 1!. Culton. who Is said to
havo confessed. Culton i- a deputy under
Auditor of State Seer.ey. and sered four
yi-ars lin vtou-l under Auditor Stone, t "tit -ton
was hi tlie Kxecutive building pr-vlous
to the e-seiirsiiin of tlie mountaineers and al
tlie tiinn of iocle!' assassination, and li
is said lie was told abmil inference-; and
convrrsatioi-s mound the Slate building dur
ing January. All --iris of tumors: ate cir
culate about what Culton h.is stated and
about his v.hol. sale implications nf state
olfners. deputies and clerks.
T. C. c.implicl! and .Miliar i;,irk went
to Cini iun.tti t.sslay.
.McKinli'v's Older l!rspiTtiii Ii
HvTy of .Mail.
Washifrton. March rs. The Fresid.-: has
Infornifd Kenuickj Republii-aus that, while
he cannot 'ntorfcro in Kentucky uffairs to
the extent nf disarming the militia of eith
er faction, he is willing, so far as lie ran
legitimately do . ti re ugnlze the Re
publican ufluials of tna: State u the il
faf to otliciaW.
He told them, in 'he same i-ornectioii.
that he would give dii.-lions that mall ad
dressed to hi otticial by title i.nl, as to
"The Governor" or "The Secretary of
Slate. should lie deliveietl lo Till. Ifomil.-
licans holding those unices and not to tho
The 1'o.stmaster General lias sent the fol
lowing telegram to Postmaster Holmes at
'Iteplylng to your telegram, mail ad
dtessed to otlicial persons by name Is to
lie delivered lo the jicrsons :iamd. Mai!
address-d to State otii.er.. wi'hout l-slg-nation
by lam-, is to lie delivered in the
ai tual Incumbents of 111- otlices. Tlie mere
fad that the Cont : ltoard has given cer
tificates lo iinles.:ants will mil justify de
livery of mail of latter class to them until
they are lawfully IihIuiIm! Into titllee. This
reply Is based upon juur stat. mem that
COIlteslees still hold Tlie ulliie.
.Signedi "C'lAUI.LS K-MultY SMITH '
An lnticasc of Twvnly I'm nr
jtaili- in riilsliuif: Iilrici.
Pittsburg. Ji.. March S. An nlvar.-e In
the prli'e of i-o.il to consumeis will lie made
by the iailro.ul and riter luinblii-'S of tlie
l'lltlurg ilistrlct. Lefouilng effective Aprli
1. The citiular naming tie- adane has
not yet leen issued, uitiiough Hie new tale
liave bis n agried to by the rua!-produ iui
companies. Tlie advance is made ncccs-sir.
It Is claimed, by the advance in mining
rates, and each grade of coal Is Increased
about M ji r cent above the existing pri e
cin-ular. The prices of nut and slack co:.l
will, it is stjid. sustain a s-h:trT advanee
than the scieetiisl grades, whicii mav sli.-w
:i geneial advance f about . cents r ton
above the irbes now .urrent.
Adiiiinisiiaiion I'lans lis Kaily
m:iTi:i.i" si'EciAi
Washington. Man h 13 The eaily ratifica
tion of the llay-l'aiinccfote treatv Is now
the programme of the administration a-id
the Republican Senators. They claim that
popular denunciation of this revival of the
CljJ"ton-l!uler treaty has sulnMcd by rea
son of general attention being dlvrted to
Puerto Rico. A. conllngly. they au- plau
ning lo bring it to an early vote, and claim
that they ran muster the necessary two
thirds in Its favor. Among tliue who will
support ratification, they asert. are He
F.ncry of leiulslana, ?.lcL.urin of South Car
olina, and Lindsay of Kmtii. ky.
Done Daily
most delicious in flavor and
.Mi'iuhri-s of I In Mi'ivlianls" League
I'liil Ignored Advocah's of
I'illialioii I '.ill.
rii.M K-.i Ili'iiry 1'aitliark and
JfolitTi Moon- W'aitini; fur an
Hour and a Half Tmii-
! It :- a lok
The M-r. hauls league Club dtsti:igui-ite i
Itself last niclit by an a. t of rudeness i:a
has had few .spial in the hi.-toty of Si
Louis dubs. lolllIr;i or utferwfa--. Ttto
gentlemen who lia.I c.ill.sl to address th
i lub on the subject of h p. nding riltratimi
ls-rlmeiit bill were kept waiting in an i
teroom for an hour and a half. Tiieti. v. hen
they w-re inviietl l. Senator chir-s
S. hwel, kanli to enter the assembl.v-:oooi
anil aiMtf-s the . Pal. tl:- v.ere almost
brushed off their f.tt by tie- riisi of tl.
memtet- to g-t OUt. The tn-et ,e, J ) a.
iourii.il us soon o Siu.vi S liw.i. kiili
left the asf-ml.!v-rMms
The men vho v.er- thus insulted .v.ie
c.dn'l Hubert Mo-jre. a vvll-knoun . im!
ciigii.eer nnd m.uiber ..f the .s.h(s.l Itoatd.
and Henty FaiiUKk. pr-s.d.ni of the Ituild
ets i:change. Th- r-a-..u fo- the refusal
of the club to hear them Is ti.us simitii-d
Ui by Norman Florshclm. who ide.ids that
he tool; p.. pirt In the proceedings furtiier
tlian to In- present al I he adjournment:
"linlh of them are I'cpublhans. Whv
lon'i they join the club? If they want -o
make a s.cecr. ir 1-uioilii. e a t-soiutbm
lit them mv their ilu.s. Inii.it- members
.in.i i. tin- right sort. Tha: s wliaf I do
us! I don't want to make anv e. in -'
It ln-r."
No voe w.i taken upon the s-ntiment ev-pri-ssed
by Mr. F.oi'hetin. but the action of
the uietntiers left no r..m to inubt that fdo
UCtloll Of the cltlb tl.l- otlsMeled ;i$ .1
huge j..ke. In lait. ...m. ..f the members
threw- themselves int.. i - m the . .;i(
inotns In wild I-.U..W . linehier.
oilers l.i,;sil their inous on the
tiacks .-imj -hook with lie force of their
more or le suiMu-.! , hi,, ,... alj a num
ber followed Mr. Schw-ii kaidt thruh
tlnee of the rooms and the hall laughing
lit him and telling him lli.it be was n,..
victim of tin. b..,f ();,. Hut had b-.it
brought otf in the Met, bants' League Club
fr a long w bile.
Meantime. Mc-srs. Moot.- and Fulib.i.k.
hag must and vonderlay whv and lion it
iiad all happened, siood in a dark coiner
..r the de.vrte.l :i-selllld)-rolli. Itst.llil.g I.I
a lengtny nnd api..iretulv c.n. lllalorv ex
Phiualien bv Kiigene .McQuillin Finallv
they btoke avva from Mr. M. Quilliii and.
as tlley d. s,e,.,. . sleJ.S that led frolll
Hie hlbrinilns to the sl,-..( and llesll Jlr.
said tl. a Kepubllr leptiselitatUe
They didn't want to listen lo u. we
gue-s pel Imps llj. y were not iulet.-..d
lii lietter wat.-r as nun h as In leer. At an
rate, we shall not make another attempt ..
get the Men hauls" Leagu- Club to Indorse
the movcnieiit for g...l water or anything
Prior to tl.e meeting Me-sis. Moore ami
Falrloi k explained l The llepiibllc man
lhat th. y expccl.-d to a.ldiess the club In
tltn oe-n s.tsioii following the executive
meeting, and attempts to get it to indorse
the plan for nitration exn-nuieiit.i plant.
Th.'V lefu.M.i p. give the rejsirter u eopy
of the nso lotion n advance, saying; it
would not ! court-mis to the dub.
liiiam Lloyd. .,ue Hi.- in.-ml.ers f ii,
i:m. titlve Hoard. s-Id he thmmht the reso
lution would 1h- :il..ptnl.
"Ilesolutluiis don't lost ativthlrg." he x
plained. "and they don't mean ..n t,i,.
guess the Imivs will uss It. Ju-t"as :li-v
Wi.uld pass a reoliitioti of i.-s--i. ..r a
vote of thanks Half or them will not knvw
what Ihey are toting mi "
All this was le-fore the m. etlug 1. -jaii
III the llleellng ItMlf tll'le I1JH !!. mil- ll
of iniirt.it'ce. PnIdetil lamis p 1.h
was ri-H.rliil 111. and In his alce-ic.. :.
C. It. Waggoner presidnl. A dozeo ,. w
luemliers wire voted n and admitted, and
a numte-r of st eches were maile in the
emus.- f a diyciiss;ou of ways an ! me-i .s
by whi.-'i the N. sl.ii law l-cIloti (ill
ie- eiiiiiesteil. The general liuprcslin was
that the club was going to do som. II-1; e i-i
the matter, hut what It was did not app a
to lie so plain.
Then Senator Schvvil.-kardt i xplalnul io
the ilub that Messrs. MiMire and Fairba k
were wailing to address the club n the
subject of filtration as soon as the cxeiu
tlve meeting was ended, lie hastened to
s.-orl the gentlemen into the assembl:.
room. and they hn.-'teneil to accompany him
Hut his absence, although it was of only
h few minutes, was stitlicietn for ; stam
p.si of the members from ine asscinhlv
riHim. Tiley push.il and crowd-! the pure
water advocatis and s'parat.-d them fr mi
their escort. This escort was pi rsued imo
the club reception and lounging room's
lslng slapped on the liack and pphM.hI in
the rill at every step by the chuckling,
pushing, rushing members of the Mer
r hunts' league ciub. All of them told him
It was a good Joke. And Mr S hwea-k
anlt was foreixl to admit that It was
Messrs.. iloore and Fdirback watted ; s
liePt they could until tin rush w.is ovri-.
and then they entered the asscmhl-roin
The Janitor was busy turning out the lights
Mr McQuIIlin was also there, and be
stopped long enough to shake hands with
the gentlemen and explain how u a'l hap
Case of tlit l.Vvcieiid .Mr. .Mur'iliv
iti'iore I lit l'rcsliyit'iy.
Clessa. Mo. March tS. The I.cxing'.in
1'resbyterj of the C. P. I'hunh, In e.jsion
here, transacted bu.-Ines.s t-d..y by h-aitog
n-iorts of committees and orgariizir.; fur
The trial of the llevorend Mr Murpli- of
Kansas City. Kas.. was discussed to-day
an.l the prcsliylery apiolnteil the ltev.-r-end
Jlessrs. Tharp ami King to prose -me
and the Jleverend Messrs. Crawford and
Jenkins to defend.
"Die trial Is set for to-morrow at ! oVI.v z.
It fu-ema that the Reverend Mr. Murph, '.s
marriage, soon after procuring a div-i'-oe
from a former wife, aroused some mcmlier
of the tliurch. who had earned the case
before the presbytery
The feature of the evening wa the dis
course of V. II. Black, president of Mis
souri Valley College of Marshall, Mo., on
Christian education.
l.iiitp li-lini:i". I In I'osiiimi of Ail
liiiiiis-lralioii 1'r-nililii-aus mi
I he !'iit-riii 1'n-ni .M:isiir".
Spcaki-r of liu House Sa .Mi-Kin-hy
U Win Liu; Haul lu eiiin-
ll l'j:l-ii- - lefelMl
I lis I'o-itioii.
I.':sl.t..iie. l.i Mar. h Tlie . ..!.. i'.g
'-'I. r unit, e be S;Haker II no-r on I. Ld
Ktiutt. I idled St.it- Maishal for the Nurth
ern Histri. I of l.ni.i. was re. elv.sl to-d:i;. ;
It fhovvs hin po-itioii and that of the olh. r
Hi-publican ni.-inb.rs of th. House who
vot'd for the iassagA uf jhe Puerto l:i-..n
tarilT bid:
"My Hear Mr. Knott Yours of the nth
about Puerto Hi. o i. rccelv.d. 1 cannot
gather from .ur letter what juu personally
tiiink of m.r aelinu In the House, i.r v.h.it
iuii think of the Prisldent. who thorough
l agn.d v.itii os and worked with might
.iiii null., to get the House bill sls.d. :.i.d
lias len so working In the Senate.
' Tlie fjuestlon for ma to .--tile if an In
dividual iepie;eitlutive, I, what Is my dutj.
That ii:estluii I ask'l and anwereil wl.-u
I worked wl'h my n-sBiaLh to pas.- th
Pn.rto Hlciii bill
'Now. l-t me grt this rnaiir ileaiiv in
vour mind. Mr. Knott, tor -oonr or later
th. ci.uiuiv vv.;i nnd'-i-tatid our osillou.
Puerto lEIclltl Ciillilltlolis.
"First. Hi. re ar.: large pianti:i.s of li
luc. o uid t-ugar in Puerto Hico. Iniugbi up
by trusts .u.l sviidlcaies. They want to
get that Into the L'nlted Kiat- fn- of
any duty, and when once in. of course it
will el In the markets at tin mm" rals
as the toba.co and sugar vvhi. h have to
lay the full tJiiff rates, thus giving htin
iieds of thousands of dollars piotit to the
smdicates, etc. The trusts and yndlcat..-i
are lighting the bill, and 1 have given oii
the reason wb. Time has not lM-in. nor
is there now to in knowledge, a lobby
h re woikliig f.r th. Puerto Huan bill,
but th. ... suili ales and the .dllsh tn
iirs;s ..f New I'tiKlaiid ami otlier luter--ss.
im luding the ijur Interests, are j
tt.viag to get Into the Puerto Hl.ii trad"
Willi.. 1. 1 si.vlug tl.e I, i. r ..lit duty on
1 It. ir ptoduit. as piot-osed in the bill.
While, uiid-r the Piinsley law, a t.i of
11. to illiistiat'. is luisu.e. on a . .rt.lln
artl. 1 . llli.l-r the lluils- bill II Would pay
only la i ms.
Ills I tea so n for 'In r I IT.
Si i oii.l Now. whv have vv into.sI tliis
1.'. r cent of the 1'iugley I irtff li me
answir this, and n it in our iniud Puerto
HI.-.I is MMir and lias iw.-n swept bv dev
astating alld desttuetlve Hood-. Her eo-
pe aii not -it this time and n tb.-.r pics-
nt ioiidlti.n able to uy the t.peii-e-. of
their goiertim.-tit. No otti wai.ts tin 1'iiit.st
St. .let to piv i:. i-i.-. s of running ihe
govermuriits of .my of or several new s-sej-sioi.s.
Tl. )-. ,.1 lb. ins. tvi.s luta.-li i-l
the Islands or uioiips. sh.iuld p.t their own
ee-t.-es How I- Puerto Hico t. .1. this.
I...W that s!.- has no .al goleriilllelit ' '-mii-t
titst give Iw r a be d government, and
lotb houses of I'ougtis lire .it work on that
problem, aud In u.y ..pinion that pfobPiu
Will 1" Wlse solV. d Wlll'll it i.S lltUll . llUI
It will tak. a year and a half r two i.-urs
to formulaic ii government lor her and to
put it in r .tilling order, so tiiat th.c people.
wUh th-ir n. w government machlncr. ma.
i i-e m..:i-v t r :n ilt.-lr own government.
In tlie meantime, what should we do? Fol
low the advhe ol tttu sndicates and trust-
and lax this il.sol.it- i.-lalid -or 111. Ir lands,
or their limited pr.sluctloiis or do as wo
pi.ijM.--c. and put mis trilling duty upon their
. xptis and linl.rt.. and give every dollar
of it lack to thein to run their government."
Illll- Trusts Mtecle.l.
"This will In- felt by none -,.-. pt the
iru-is .ill.! sjiidi, ate- .md jci interests
that will t lle bill tot th-ie and the ship
ping to Puerto jiito. Indlni'tly. of i nurse.
s..tn- of tn e will l sil.l by the tonsurn-
I-. I .in t will fall lightly U-n them, and
the I.U...I.H will hi i!iinrceptble. while a
diiei i ts, v.. old he rltiiply brutal and In
huniar. The bill al-o piovi.ies tha thK tax
shall .-spire in lw. j -ai. win. h Is time
enough lo allow the Government inachiuerv
f Ptier... Hi... to g. t into working order.
There Is no pios.siilou to put a permanent
bin.!. n upon Puerto Hi.... but It is tner-Iy
a in:p.irary exp lieiit tor l.r own Intcr.s'.
Mr fil-n.l." never was a bill so mirepn-s.-i
ted un. tiiPundet.sHH.il as our Puerto
Hi an bill, and the time will come In th.i
near future whin those who ptol.s. a di
rect ax. which Would result from absolute
free trad., will nifTcr In every ioslble
way for their tiil.-BUid.sl ...u.iu.t. for their
selll'll 31 1.
"What the Senate 1 gdng lo do Is prob
lem.it l.-al. It ha its share of .-ovvai.is. Th:
S.-nate is always, the body uui vvhl.:h the
grtat interests conieiilral. their efforts lo
ibfe.it -r lexislatlou. Hut this fait re-malii-i.
tp.it I have the knowledge that I
hav- .lone uiv simple duty and have done li
In .oiisullation and i.-ot r.it.n with the
p--ldeiit ol the lnH.. Stan-.-, whose lean
Is iUlck t feel 111- aftlictlolls of tllN Utile
i'L.tid: I have done It In i onfireiu-e with
mi. h itieii as Allison, Foraker and the earn
est iMtrlotls of the Semite, who. del) Ins
special Interests and cmblnatlons. ate liv
ing lo map out a plan for the present iie.eds
of Pu.tto Iti-o. and to keep our country so
that It will be unfettered and lltte.1 for the
wl-e tieatmetit n ed.sl for all of these now
le.s. ssluiii. 1 am. my friend, yours v cry
trul .
(Stgn-iit "i a hf.nui:hson.
To Honorable Kduard Knoll, Wavi-rly.
Judge U'lsllelllls's I Olionneelllenl.
.I.i.l:. Wifti.nl lit itnn;e of ih,. . ,,n;I
ti.-l.-l 1. li i i'...it, has .le. ijej uj.m a new
1. ..I jr.-. tic- I.. I.- --.irt to 'ake Itte-t
Aj.-.l t III a'J.i after Ih.l d-.Ie. there lr.ll 1
i ti ... i. et':.ie.- i.' fin- He mail. IMs an.
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
ClEAnses the System
Pi i; PELS-
overcomes rr& 'ZZixZ.
T5T-s.i:.x:-aV-.i-,-r JS
c-'c v1Z VXJx
16 4A Iff ll WBMs rtw - fit WITi
...in. .oteni In on-n conn ysiiiiU-. Kvry per
n l.ar-te. niiti an i.rten e ttlll li.ive to slmid
il i -.ul..l and lte I'-nlins f !!. .ulll
i .!-. . i-e will if-main
C;lM' Involved Til If lo I'lopeliV
Worlli l.'ilt.niMi.
Mrs. iiliv.- N. lib- illeis Westil. li won h '
suit In the 1'l.ivtoii fin-nit 101111 )e-i.rd.i)
against James M Carpeuier, the St. L0.1.
leul estate agent, and obtaimd a d rir
Hunt Judge llirzel setting aside and annul
ling c.-rl.iin '-nviyauce-. nl.s In the '. ord
r'i otll.'e. vvlier. by she was cut or fr-.et
anv inleri t in li.r father's vast e-t.u.
Jufge lllrzel als. gi.int.sl a ilectee of siin
lion ..: the prieii and the uppoiiiHie m
f a iouiiiiilonet.
The .1- islon Involves the lle to ieal es
tate situated on the iiliv..- Sin -l toad
i.iilr.. I. St lands 1011111. and lmprovnl
lots on l-lti!.ir l..ul.-v.ird. 111 SI. laiuis.
north Jl.i .Mr. illeis. Si., dt.d two .mi
imo Seveial iiioiilhs. atli-r lu.s death Mr.
'arpenter lite.1 d.ds in the Hei outer's ..f
fee al I'layloll. .iltN.TtlTlg lo ll.iv'e been ix
e. 1lt.1l oil llL- dealll lent, uheleby .lllllOSt
th.- .utile estate was lr.oisferr.-il to Palis H.
il.-lrs and two of his l.iotln-is. Willi Mi. ar
iitcr as. trustee, to the & lu"tun of hW
oilier live child: til.
Although three of the ;i.-rs Ikjvs weie
Illade lle.ll.l...'s III tile Suit tiled ,V MIS'
W'sir.eh, an aure. in. tit had Is. 11 readied
bv 1 lie heirs prior to It" tiling and the 11-v
of ihilr names in thl. manner was sluiplv
in foinph.in.e with a bg.il ie.iilreuietil. Ml.
atN-iiter was t-:ill the only defendant
Who co!lt."l- tlie s'.lt.
. 11I i Wine l.oi-iii Urii-ailers Carry
Their l'oini.
Warrants w.-re Isued es!erday ajralnat
the following sal.ioi.k. rs. .hargi?ig tlwii
vnth operatmi; iiiu.-liul iiisfriiments in their
plaes: .'.lark 'umlicrt. Jefferson aveliuo
and Chestnut street; Jo-. j,!i aselli. No.
ps Siuiili Seventh strft: l.w Thonioii
and ltnl-rt I'arllou. No. 11 South Sixth
Hreei. Al I'antv. No. 1I-S Pino !rei-t. and
ilike I'luiri hill. No. 5il ih.-lnut Mrtet.
Thete have les-n numerous applli-atlons
for warrants against Churchill bill Assl-t-ai:t
Prosecuting Attorney Johnson refueed
linn. 1.11 the ground lhat Chuichlll h-.d
bar led up the do.irv.ny letiv-cti his jsiloon
and a dance hall next ilwir, which is not
conducted by him. Colonel Johnson said
.vest, rday that he would l'siie the warrant
against him. not I cause he thought a
conviction could le obtained, but to s-atlsTy
the demands of the ui-ti-viinerooni crusad-
.Mis. .oir of St. Louis ami Doetor
A .-p. '.al .ii-i.it h lo The IPpiibiiu from
L.oisville sa that the etigacetncnt .u
nuuouiic.Ml th.ie yestct.lay of Mrs. Mlldied
CulT of St. laoiis. and Iwlur !I Hav Can
non, a phvslci.ui residing in New- Alton),
though pracinliig his profes-lun in Louls
v ill-.
Mrs. ilofT Is hi id to have a literary r-pu-talton.
and has don.- e-IHorial work on the
staff of l-iistern magazines IM-rtur 'an
11011 Ii.clitlv mad. hi- debut on the stage
in l..siisvilie in a to.al sio.k 11.mp.n1y pro
dliition of '(i:o Yadis." An a token of es.
t.s-m and "iinnien lation for Ids work in the
p.irt of N.siis. the New Albiiny Klks. of
which lie Is a im-nil-er. preente.J a massive
Isidg.- to I Im u tlie p. 1 forma in e on last
Fr11l.1v night-
Wonderful Heuied.v Tlml UnleUly
lures Hie Illsnslnius 'onseiilrnpe
of the lirippe. Mich li HeHrt
I'll 1 1 o re, Kldiie.T lllsesse. Pr-
ul-sls, I onsuinplloii n nil
Vlniiy crr Tronbles.
All Wlm llnve Kirr llml tirlppe or
.out Milter From Us ItmaKes
Mioiiltl Try Till ltrmrily
mi lltirr.
Thoe who have had the grippe during th'
Isist few yiars and who -xperienco mor
or less weakness and vital derangement will
le glad to know of a remedy that will cure
them. I'll! life and strength Into mlr.d and
muscle, tissue and nerve. Th remedy Is
known js lr. ltx Tonic Tablets and hat
u most wonderful constitutional action In
building up the shattered system after a
Siege of the grippe.
Step Into the neatest drug store and get
a Ixix of Dr. D:x' Tonic Tablets to-day anil
be well ar.d happy again. Tell your friends
and iitlghbors about this mot wonderful
Most rases nf lame back, rheumatism,
lung affections, poor circulation of blood,
unstrung nerves, ki.ln. V and bladder trou
bles, paralvsis. heart palpitation and many
other diseases had their origin In the grippe
and Dr. Dlx Tot.lc Tablets will cure. Thev
eured Hardy Morehc-.nl. Onawa. Iowa, of
Paralysis. Frank lh.rbeaii. 1KW South Mih
St.. Omaha. Neb., was entirely cured of ex
treme 11-rvousiiess after -several doctors had
failed. C. JI. Hoyd. ex-Sheriff of Tuskegee.
Ala . wus cured of nervous derangements.
William Simpson found In these tablets
u cure for u severe kidney trouble and hun
dreds of other run-down sick icople have
regained tk-.r health after many discour
agement with other remedies. Write for
free look explaining why thes- tablets can
not fall to restore health and strength.
Dr. 1I Tome Tabids are for sale by
lieaily all druggists CO cents a liox. In ase
your druggist does not have them, fnclose
th- amount to the proprietors Hayes
('oil. iJctrott. Ml. li.. and they will send you
11 full box prepaid.
Oill.e of the President of tha
Hoard of Ptiblli Improvement.
St. Louis. March . IX
Sealed prpo-iiN for the public work
hereinafter mentioned will be received at
lte orlc of thi Hoard of Public Improve
ments. Itimm No. ,. New City Hall, until
12 m. of tin.
at wh: h hour they will be publicly opened
and read, viz.:
Letting No. C1S1. For furnlshlnc tir.d de
livering lit the city pipe )iird ulout 1I.1W
tons of leluth. 12-tnch. -lnch. "SO-lnrh and
";. lnrli cast-iron i-oate.1 wuler pipes.
Depo-It ti-iuiied. JSonJ.IO.
letting No. Cls. For furol-hlng and de
livering nl the city pipe yard about -H"' tons
.f cast-iron roaled sieclal castings.
Deposit r.qulrisl. i'.'i.W.
Let tin!: No. CIS. For furnishing and de
livering ut Hie city pipe yard about .'(. tire
plugs and top part of fire plugs.
Deiost required. Jf'eJ.io.
Ittiug No. CIS". For furnishing ar.d de
livering at the city pipe yard about Ea
C-in-.li. 12 inch, lnch, W-luch and 3"-lncii
rtop valves.
leposlt required, K70.W.
Letting No. tlvS. For making excavations,
hauling and laving complete, in accordance
with specifications, about
31.T1 lineal feet of Cinch water pipe.
S!.yt lineal feet of li-tnch water pipe.
4.f) lineal feet of 20-Inch water pipe.
1J.:) lineal feet of SC-lnch water pipe.
Taking up S.twu lineal ft-et of C-inch water
Setting comptele 132 flr- plugs.
Furnishing l.oii j.oimds uf urnught-lron
straps, bands, etc.
Furnishing one box complete In place.
Deposit required. JISW.W.
Letting No. UlsS. For making excavations,
hauling and laying complete. In accordancr
with s.eciiIcatlons. about
1S."?J) llneul feet of telnch water pipe.
rS.Vrt lineal feet of 12-lnch water pipe.
r llneul feet of 13-inrh welter pipe.
10 lineal feet of --lnch water pipe.
4 Sn lineal feet of 20-lncli water plie.
1 jinral feet of "K-ineh water pipe.
Taking up 1 lineal feet ot "iS-im-h water
Taking up 1C lineal feet of lo-Inch water
Taking up 10.M" lineal feet of 6-lncli water
Setting complete in fire plugs.
Furnlshinjr 3H' pou'als of wrought-lron
straps, band", etc.
Deimsit requlre.1, JlOlS.fiO.
A separale proposal must le made for
each letting on a blank form furnished by
the Hoard of Public Improvements.
The right to reject any or all proposals Is
expressly reserved.
Specifications and forms of contract may
be obtained anil drawings may be seen upon
application at the otlice of the Water Com
missioner, room 31". New City HalU
liy order of the Hoard.
m:i. nvrvri: Titw-iiMf
Aitl.. .
-s .
If I I - SI II
A I HHlri I... P s . 1. p.
I..-- .. 1 '. . II r ... 1 . :. I . .
t ..' Ia- f w .1
PVlAI:l IS. . . - l-i lia-K.. ... I
Ifc-linur. Ie-ri. II ItUs k I . Jiilei loo"
w .1 .....
I'Xl.ll'i'llMA o. ft. e. s. le-i l.yi 1
sn.l Sl.lllel . J..I.I. II 1Or Hlt Sl.'e 1-.
Waller Kallam .!..
liI -.. ft . n -. ! Siauut awl V 1
.-er,ler. James II I'aile-l.te. aisl le
I., liltlh ;;l.r- v .1..
Ill NT ."i II as. I". T..er iii'. .. "I
.Set.. Lad. HelllV I- MM Jl l"e I"
H.-.IIUfl A. II. )!-e-. .1
I.M.I VS. V e, n . r . bet l.nh nJ
IVMaloZZl. Henri I'll'ke and i! l
lleriuan M. Sclni.ua te. .1
l.VI'lN--. ft. e. . It l.wl. a-l
la..iil; llirn.an il. hmlt to lysns.
Kceke-qle. .1
KNo.N ." f!.: KlOell.tv lleallv lVii.ii.ni
I.. Knitsx KeMlte Co. w. l
ivt"i:iii7ii:iit'i;ii iw it.: vv. !:
Irt to Il.rm.n O. lr-sfel')- " d... .
I.K--ft tl . s s. bl. le-a ptu e ui.l
Pair. A.ik. Hall.1- and U ',.
Iiatld Kfttme and wife vi. .1. . . .
Nl.W MAX.'IIKSTLI: T It ', In. Tim
i.lhv I I'leary lo itearv Inv o i.
li:.sin.iTi. -.: :t s m. e - u-
Hians arl Par'. Join l SMJilslle .111
wlf :.. Atiajaas Itn-e - il...
l'KXXSVI.V AXI V .:. ft . e s . be Hob
ells aisl fiaoii: Ttiissiole AltlHiff lo
laiui'.i II. AlHion .1
ST. KKIH.IN.VNLi- Ut ft.. be '1
Ut. t'li an.1 Nenstea.I. Johanna tivell
and husLan.t 1. '.'Lirle. II Kl.-v.er ..l.
SK. iNt . Jl . William 11. le.n. .: anl
Wit- to All.e V. 11-e-oO .!...
PT vi.mi;nt r. ft. . " " Jeiti.-s-.n
n.J nhii- J.-eanna lfe.( M t I'i-Ii
llutl'lini; anl la.n ni v. t-
SIIHNANIMIAII IW ft t In., n - l-i.
Vnnil. venter un-l liretne. i '..riiiuent.il
Ii. i r. i.i VVittlatu S. mn .
Tllllcn-.K.NTH II . v . -t la.l.ll-an-1
Carr: Adol.li Iti-Mtc-r on.l ivife I
J..ltn ImsnoM an.1 ulte -sr !
nri.Ti:i:vrii-si u. t m.. -. i--.
Cl.eslnut and lialkei; M.iann-lU:--C-altv
i"ii to Mlilu.l M.lraul t'- "I .
s-AKAll- -i ft . s.. I..I Kennertv and
Sl 1'erdir-an.l: l-te.f Prvher and wife !
Lluala-th lten- . t
SAIEAII-. ft., w. . Is- Kinnerlv -nl
St. Ferdinand: i:iii-t,eilt i:r.bes.n to
iar.ltnt lreier w. d
SlIIAW-M tl . n . l-l Klwarl .in.l
Marktltt.l. the Iaa.!r I.-uieltn-; ami t.-Jn
Asirf-latluli to Jr-hn ft. "..reve vi .1
WISTMINSTKIt- -S. ft . n '. - VVI-.lt-tlr
and llee; li!.i A Cltmev in ai
ton "ais-nler n. t
n e i
. .
iii tti.M. pi:inin.
Maiicai-t V.'al'li. )'irs. i:e? lur.ar.l. en.pe
rarditis. . .. .. . ,
i:mn:t S. Wliletuan. Zi v-irs. t. I-raiikoe..
"uirU-t S.Tier. IS ia'S. 1-.JS Ip.Velto I l. e'e-l-
One or i In X-'W -im. l'n-liv Sili
itt l.iyht Wiaps.
rdies HoUspierro Cape. N. T:.V!.--Shoulder
capes' are among the novelties for
sprlns ami summer wear. Aceompan)ii)K
many or the new Imporicil costumes arr; at
tractive c.-.ws of chiiTon or mousseline l
sole. vombinrl with the fabric of tlie gow-i
and el.iboratetv trimmed wilh applique, lac-,
ind Irlng.. They are dainty little affairs,
lenchlnc about half way to the w.ilst ant
Ivlng the dcslre.1 breadth In the shoulders,
without interfering with the g-r..r.il out-
"'K-r aTnrate'wnip. the sh-rt rape ,s .,
fiaturc ot thu coming season. A- i.l.-
34, 3S and 4- inch bust
Infant's Japanese Wrapper Peiforati.l f.-e i Tho garment may 1 mail. as a sacqup.
Short Sacque. No. TK1. Japanese silk i. I the pattern providing- perforations for tho
hero daintily trimmed with hand? and yok I . nrrect shaping. It Is unique, attractive
of pale-blue silk to match tho polka dot- 1 and practical, giving tho comfort and easa
on tho cream ground.
Tim itraDlkT Is li.llusteil with shoulder and
underarm scams. The- full back and fronts
are guthereit and Joined to the lower edge
of the straight yoke. The fronts are trimmed
with double bauds which roll al the neck,
forming a collar. Th.se Ikinds form a pret
ty finish at the lower edge of the garment.
The flowing sleeves are shaped with sin
gle seams, and gathered at the top to hang
loiely. They are completed with Ikiii N of
plain silk.
One size.
Send 10 cents tone silver dime) to Tho Itepubllc Pattern Department. Repuhlta
building, for each pattern ordered, and Inclose this blank, properly filled out with
your name, address and bust measure for each pattern ordered
I-adles." Hobesplerre Cope. s-0. 733. l'rlce 1
Infants Wrapper. No. TK1. Trice 10 cents
T Ceafa (One Sllxer Dime) aad Thla
1 aiaer ( ta Pattern Ja CUca,
.-- 5fs ' t Kintiarium;
... t'i T .lisse;
,i j. it l Si'l-buryt
-. t-. v. p.. - r: . ;ne
.ears ci: AlerKn: ron
oa:.. -j., t,ri Tw-ntr-
1.. 1. . ' .
1! Ik.' II
V Vanlair
t . .. 'i.i.li...
lazie Meruru:. 1' vears. l"l! I"ine. -un.li..c
'ha. V. Knoll, t.: enrs. Jlt lift..n. i-ir-h'-i-.
' Teresa .1 esl-. 7' ers. Ikr S'Hib Nine
. .n't.. el aae.
a..r M..I..T. 1 veais. "l ll..:irl c.ump-
II waid MtKenii-. ; )eais. MIT Clifton; siirTo-
. all n
si-.iesier Iteut'r. " virs. Aletian Krnthn
il. IS...I: ilrrhost-' of llv-i ....,.
M-irv .. Vo..lUun. :' jears. L tth I.i-oa.I-
It.. laerlne-T. eai. tJ Seulh F'eon.i:
I'.Hhard ll'illee. 3 monilm. ".v.! ltj; tn-ii-
uVilimr !nili-r. 1 yt.-. 2- Clark: rneumoitU.
J. ni II. Seennn. atot.th-. ZS south Mnth-te-u.onla
Annie ijermrfoth. I jr-ar. iK 'hirp'a: -
"'- . . ... .- .
otic A. Harm. ka. . nxsiths. x.l ta: .-
Le,.' B..ter. C vears, Jill N .rth Thille-nth;
dilihtteria. . ...
In- I Wev-tira-isb. I- l". fit OarS'Iil:
nolrasiniis .... ..
...relms White. m.nlls. als south cecond.
Anna Mason. nvmllL-. SCI Cestnu:- jvrhii!-.
l-i.y It nntnelen. I m.aith. :.l Ml. m.tu-
'Y'.Vae-e 1-tan.l. S nonlh. sil Vu.ni- tnSnenia.
l-nkte.wn bile sin b. 7 davs. la Oraitan:
tsr.leilt . of tUJIlCS.
I earl lluerhy. 3 mr.tl. SS.-1 Tien-jl: maras-
'"s-.i'ah 'lark. M rs. r Hi' gnr , .
H...l v. fteifel. i months. ";S IVnnsylvanU.
hJat:es,,,VVa1lh. s". l-.f. P.-hoase; ,-arhur.e.l-.
;ru.-e Swnrlinc. I ninllw. S3A arollne.
isasir.s nterpis. . , . ..,.,.
Iler.tv T. J ne. is jers. T.-n Morsn; rli-u-
rnwln?,'.-latk.. :t lears. n; Franklin: .onsunie-jame-
Kni. ZO vtars.'il'Si 'qrr. asthma.
.ill U1-.it Presbjlerj.
iti:pi"i:u sii:ia
Howling ;re-n. M-. March -""-The scs
ons of the Salt Hiver Presbytery to-da-rrr
birgelv attendel and highly Intercst
.S. many uilnisters and . ldcrs from various
irts of the district b'ing here. In th
.ui.ds of the pre-bytery are thirty-nino
s..e..r,.s .1-1.1 eieiuein ministers. L'ocior
FJ peirso" was chosen moderator pro tem
and th- Hevereud S . D' herd, clerk.
Toere was al held here I..--..1) a meet His.
of the Woman s .Missioiury so' iei w .
trated. this fashionable garment is made of
h!... k .hlff.m appll-iue. over ivory satin. It.
i- made in sections which extend from the
lower edge f the cape to the top of th
.-liar aud so shul.sd that they lit the
shoulders perfectly, forming a smart flartnic
...liar which is faced wiili the saints ma-
'.Vroiir.d th- lower ilge and attaihcd to It
is a drapery of deep violet panne from .
whiih d.pend.s knotted black silk frlnges
V lari chiffon Iwivv. with long ends. U-e'-or.il.-.
Cie fn.nt and covers the closing.
which is made directly in the center.
Kbgant wraps- in this style .-an be made ot
1.,. .- .lo.l. or chiff-n applique, antique -satin,
p. r-iun Libert v. ami other exqublte fabrics,
with trimmings uf panne, ihiffon. mous-e-
To make The cape In the mdium size will
require two and one-half yards- of twenty
re?..tln.h material. The pattern No. 7?aTJ
is cut In sizes for a !l. CS and IMnch buil
whi. i, are cssviuiai in iiressinp an imam.
Wratniersj in this stvio mav be ilevelorieii
In soft silks, plain or figured flannels., cash
mere or poplin, with trimmings to match or
contrast prettily. Fancy figured Japanese
silks made up itt this manner produce truly
ortental-Iookitie garments.
To make the wrapper will require five and
one-half yards' of twenty-Inch material. Ta
make the sac;u will require one ami one
half vards of same width material. Tho
pat' in. No. iCl. is cut In one size only.
cents Ilust measures..
One size.
Order Blaalc "Will KatlUa '
imi njicr oil 1-BDliaaeil u
1'AVkt 'WW'Vlrl
rlf I BYM
j Ki-lsi
or A'
his -
ntn! :
by tl
one i
- tics .'.
w hie
h-- !r
hi? l
ue c
of :
, 1 TI
V 1 Me,
W ski)
T ulc.
t rail
ta i

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