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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, March 29, 1900, Image 5

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TTTTC ftEPUDLIC: TriT'KSnAY. MAKfT, 2'X 11)00.
i Po
I Jrot
Former Conn--ilm:in Went There in
ail Effort to Ki'tii-e
His I'ortuni's.
Ki'lativi-s Have Xo informal ion to
Confirm the Kniimr of Hi.
lScath His Son I.
Willi Him.
Former Conn, iltuan Philip llohan it was
reported yesttr.lai. is tU.itl in Dawson .!
or Altsk... whith. r h- went to rccuierate
hi- shattered fortunes. Th- newt, which
was pcrsistctitli ciroulattJ on ihf strec-s.
Brd anions 1-nli.inV lormer aciiiiAtnlanees.
rctiVI not be confirmed l:i-t ni -lit by his r"I-Etiie-
or fr.. nd. Nothing definite J- known
by them t'-'pt t'lc f.ict th.n when the last
word w.is receive i from htm it v as known
that he was s irni-li, ill. anil hi-, recovery
uas leemtJ improbable
Less than a dozen ..:i"-s :t:o. Itolinn was
rxe rif th. m"-t i-put.ir men in hushies;..
fecial an p litaai ciifi'b He had a wide
drctf of friend-, ami wa lr.tlnetitlal in 1 -
cslIleniocratie politics He was 11 niemlier
the ntm of ll'ihjn l!r..s . boilerm-iker-.
iterating a lar"e punt at Mam anil Lid-lle
treets. Alt r amas?iu- a miuic fortune in
buine he ! inv .icthf!v engape-1 In poli
tiis and w:i- I- I d a meml r of the Coun
cil At one time he was mentliitsl promi
nently for M.'w.r on the Democrat if th kt.
Iater he ma'l. the race for SiterlfT. but
n defeate I
While a member of the Council he built
some boilers for the Mutiitipal Kb-ctric
l.lshtin; Compan-.. of which Broker James
Campbell was th. head. There was a dis
pute over the i meat of Kohan's bi'i.
which was finally aired In the civil ami
criminal courts, ami which created some
what of a sensation.
With the waning- of h-s politlrnl aspira
tions, business- reverses crime to Holian. anJ
h lost his fortune. In an effort to retrieve
his financial losses, when the Alaska Roll
craze stiept the tuntrv. he formed a stock
company to launch an enterprise, which he
confidently expected would make liim an
other fortune. This ivai an Iron sectional
lMt. which he had de-n-ned t-sporlally for
. on the Yukon Kiver in Alak.i for trjtis
ortinir passenEers and freicht He rc-i his
friend1- In St. Louis to back the enterprise
Journey In AlnsUu.
Aftcr many dtsx-onra-temcr-- a boat m
.constructed under ilohan's personal jip. r-
'"lon and shipped In SMtbm- to AlnoV.i
li-Van and a party f thirteen oth. rs. in-
claQJSB his son. Jamei. -mirneied to Alark-i
litlk. more- than a icar aR. All were
etocVhoSSVs in the enterprise.
Trcm time " time since reports have
reached Ko! an's friends In this city to the
effect that the boat of which he exected so
mtieh was never launch d liecause of simc
Hpparent defect in its con-truclion. 1 ne
disappointment was a severe blow to Ho
lum. whose health In rcctnt jears has not
been of the best, and it is believed that the
disastrous enilins of the er.tt rj'ris- on
which he had yet all his hopes worried him
Into a cecline
William Zobel. a waiter at Fault's, who
wj a member ol the Kohan party, r -Mirn"d
f. the citv four months ano. He
br usht bek woid that I'hil Kohan wv.
sufrerlns etre!v from a scun. and that
hi condition w.i so serious that It was
hot belli wd he could rccovt r
None of tie -;Iaties ami fnend". of Mr.
Kohan who weie seen last niht ' iuld en
fy the rumor of hi- death. Jllehae Kohun.
me of the brothers said he had heard no
dehnitp word of I'hllips death. At the re-i.
deccc of John Kohan in Windsor place it
was said last nisht that none of the m-m-liers
of til-- famil) had nt.iieil anj au
thentic news of Philip da'h
Ilin l"rieml -Ivept ienl.
While the a.'.mitte.l that tlure va a
.4slbllitr ot the truth of the siorj. a
they knew that l'tulip wa. rvj-irted -.eri-oly
ill. 'be v.. re at a lo-s to iicdtrstand
way jiKis Ki ban. tin -on. had not eoni
niURited witt. hi fatlurs rel -t:es di
rect If such an t-.enl had onurred
nry Ham--, tile sa!oonket"r in the
FJ'ditahK buiidinf:. who was out of Kohan s
limate friends. wa at a lo- to uiuler-
tatu! thf soum- nf the minor He said lie
had made Imiulrv amons a larue number
or -:eopie vhi woulil b- likei o reeive
the information .'lrr t if it was true, and all
de tared that tbe had n delinlte li.now'1-
'It "-t-enis strani;e that I'hil'"- --on would
tieKlect to onev ilire-1 new- o hi-
fath'r's Intimate trb mis here of Jila pa-mi
iway." he nH "I wa f-reailv -hocked
when I htatd the r port although I Irid
leen told by William Z"bel. a waiter in
Kaii-t's. of bi? -erlftu-" illne-s four minth-
apo ft U jf-ible. liuweer. that Ihilian'-t
siji wrote to friends in Seattle and lli.it the
lifts ms tel. Knphei fmin thai point in
advance of the mail-- n-a hlrii; In re I have
not been able t.i lean- of -n o-ie h t who
ha- received iir.- t adices frjm Kohan
or his son s:ni e Zobtd r turned The thir
menihcrs ot tin Kohan p.nt.. I understand
have jrone to th ea-e Nome di-trlet. Ie-i-ins
Kohan an' hi sun a' Dawo-i Ot
It Almost Sitiilftl an riini'-i,s-ary
Ij KloprllK-llt.
William II Kt i-ker -uperintendeiit of
Ihe ilcPhe-ler UarehTni-t. I'mnpani. at
No. tint North Levee, and .Mi Amies Cath
erine Kischon -rate their fnend- and fam-lli---"
a s-jr-nrise -.tr. bv elonini-' to
i Kdwardsville. Ill ." and beinn tiiarn. d.
y Jun why they should haw adopted thi
meinoQ or marryin-; is not cb-ir. lliere
are other things to be explained also, ammur
ncm a teleiaam. wiiicii wis hanotfl to
irk llimker at Kdwardsville. while the
menace license was beinir made cut. re
iiucst'; the clerk to refuse a license to the
coupte?cause the pro-pei tive bridecreeim
was nocf matriace.ible -go Kiesker had
piven his aye a- "5. and !lis Kischoff s.ud
she was the same age. Clerk Klnlker. after
receivmi; the telegram. eed Keiker clo-e-ly
and then is-ued the license with the
remark: "If he is not over !!1 I'm no Judge
of age "
The license procured the couple went to
the ofho- of County Judg- William 1.
Karly, where the marriage wa performol.
aftcr which they left town. ..-.tetisibli for
fctt. iJMiis.
Kei-ki'r Is a son eif Herman Kel-k'r, a
salesman of the Fischer Flour Company of
St. Ioui"1 He residid at No. 'JUIS North
Spring. If he f.els th ,i he will hae to beg
parental forgiveness lefore returning home
Hood Poison
A Trial Treatment Sent Free to All
Who Suffer From Any Stage
of the Disease.
Cures Cases That Hot Springs and A !
Other Treatments FiHe J to
Even Help.
Thet. has been discovered by the state
Medic.! Institute. 2i) Elektron Hide.. Kt.
ic. iiui.. ine most remarKanie ijiooa
n Cure eer heard of. It has cured
such Indications as mucous patch' in
moun. sore tnroat. copper colored
s, chancres, ulcerations on the lwdy
in hundreds of cases whero the hair
eyebrows had fallen out und the whole
Ekin was a mass of boils, pimples and
ulcers this wonderful specific nas completely
changed the whole body Into a clean, per
fect condition of physical health. Kvery
railroad running; into Ft. Wayne brings
scores of sufferers seeking this new- and
marvelous cure and to enable those who
cannot travel to realize what a truly mar
velous work the institute Is accomplishing
they will send free to every sufferer a free
trial treatment so that everyone can cure
themselves :n the privacy of their own
home. This is tho only known cure for
Blood Poison. Do not hesitate to write at
once and the free trial will be sent sealed
la "plain package.
t ilUH
he i ilic m si mi-taken voung lvetiedn-t in
America. -Mr Kei-ker said la-t idght that
w Idle the marriage was x groat -urpri-o to
him. lie liai no objections to It at all.
"My son is Z, jears old and. of cour-e.
had ,i right to marrv If he w-inw-d to do
-." lie said. "I neer sent am tebgram
that he was under age-, and can't imagine
who did '"
ilrj-. Kel-ker said she almo-t su-pe- ted
p.'methin,-; was up when her son left home
"Jfessed so tine-. She told him he looked
like a bridegroom, but he otilv smiled
p.-e-iili.irlv. and she thought she had made
a mi't.ke -She added that they were ex
pecting the e-ouple to r-turn to St. lul.
The candle-- were lighttl. the clitlit -pread
and pieparation- made to extend a warm
wedieinit- to the son and hi- bride.
"river "news.
Ule mid F
Per the tnent fuur
"in Innai.
N i-helll,.
"iU.i'n.vra .
t v IH- til-
I 'inve'i die
lle!lN rt
I't M ans Itapi.tf..
Oniati ...
Kns eit
ItagnMl ..
llrni-nn ............
SI IrfiU'
MniphU ...,
Utile Peck
Slirewiftrt .........
New Orlejn .........
I!l.. -r'all.
all r the IUrm
Innira endlnc .t:i in
st. Iii Mar- h rj. t'
I:ii;r. ejue e"ha!
: 4
ti 1
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14 J
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.- 5
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Z' .1
It 3 1IYTT.
i.-3i tvtr4- m-ui.
Tv nf Memphis.
... MmpaN
... . t1.Mer
i:-M lit IV . .
t it, of Ivd-;h .
HI or a iil Itiitiiirvm.
RU-r at ilit i.ln: Ii 1 r.-u liajnrt cuc-1
aiI tinj-rolnc ith rv trip.
-ThAOtfiU l.f t U- h-r on 1"r1.1.
jli- h-Tk" wilt -1- wiit t 3 u'.uk thl
-T- lcter. Iv will jn.irt f.T SalnUxi aUmt
i-aTuf'iy n'tiiw:
Th J.: rrlM Ut -enin with Ih
Iwrj: ? htmU-i.
- Tf Oarrl-r .I-i-artl ttfc a e-sj carco r-tt-rUaj.
Th eivw .f t.r S rca I Kicl h roh.I
Paluah In c!m-i;- ol .mTntU.:r- Il-mj Ivh
and will Xxir.T ttn- .mi .i iNn-mh Stir Trill !
1 tluta up by tij.tin 2Ia.n tluriu
-Tb- fta-i or lh- Hill 4tjr han -n dffrr 1
rrl u. a2 ui dpirt ,n .saiurUav A full
iiipv liM has U-a taki inr th trip an-l a.
full rarca Ijm ln IvkCL liirj; (juailttt f
flLii- is 1lng MiImkn! Irvm lfc! citi by this
- T i"ity nt P uaSt drrart-tj )iinlT lth
a S'"i till .ir-l la!- ncmtwr T ianxT)
abouM t- aJo (.arnl a cunU-rab! q-iantltv
Of ilV- -T k,
Tho iaw K-(f' M4rt-. Ia-t nlciii f-r lort
h- .jnl-J at-mt o ratll n ih- m
Th irv Uas! will itVar Uvm b on l"ri-
---aixain J M. OilUia. th- -t-ran Mirarl
KHrr pilot ini ntjet-r. h- ln -ocaM i.v
A K T-TiMrtjilon omian t- t-r!i4rir-
of on- if tti-l- Ftr-im-rn n AUokan wat
i. JU will !-trtii lh- nH.II- ot Ai.nl mn-i wt!l
to la Kan Krarlfc-
- Tfcp .i-r.t fin, wrihfr ik U-.iu; uk-n aI
t-jutau- of h n-any r.h wirh to nutk- th- it. f
5-vMh on th- rlir Nar'.v ll tlw ltt n-
arrxire t:J 11t tf ims-os"1 Th- xirrcnt
aM.n l. on- nf tU- m t ! Iiititf j! nl L-c-t.
Ul to t-Tn-l n tl- r-r
"aifatn Ar. at" ltr .n t lUttnain t-un.-l
hftrM" tnUt morntriK ..ft or a i.uiif trip t-
thi city. H- ha I-n h-r n-Kotlatlnc lot th
rurrhw vf Uit t tak- th- pU - of the Jri
ilfbbit. whtrn t- i.-ntly ld t, Murxhiito
in-r 11- nn.ill i!m I Jf tJ t build atMth-r U at
in lt !a-
U K-ttTi nlU r-ura- !.t pot a ril-f 1-rk
t rir irfiv-j Uvn ih- l.jaf. Initial t-.p w si
w k.
llj lIrcrtih,
ni:n i!Mosi-iAi-s
all... III. Marh -Tlu- r .- f-.l ' f a
fit Juntic tfc Ltt -4 h'-urf. the pjut- t-O-X.4
1t Th- wathr is fair and inltd. with tn.li. j
tlfrr favorah- for rain Th lluJ-tn irom1n-.lnn.-Tt
lth a .-J tnr atri-j at 1 -6 a m.
hh- dlharcl " kc .-f ?jtk5 Kt th- "Wton
i!-It iUilroad aul I : j- of ftiu..iL alt I a
!! uf ui:Jrir- f.r r-iitpnnt t. t lMil Hi
.11a ! IlKht addi t'ti J.zi-1 tb-part -d for lUnu-hlj
t C J- u in Th- 1 f.nd.r tiin N-w 4rban
with a U"v f -niptl-j. '-vrrjiti.K of 1 .H-ai.
I ha:-;-i and I ruob-l lrx- ji-.1 tip f i faii--T.I1-
atJa. ti Tl- J!ar;M fr mi th- Um r
Mlsstfipi arit.d at 1 1 m with r lcir t
luit. Mw will ci-iiii lMl-n- ai.d I-avr- ftr th
xnith t-morrow, niurnini;. Th-T II l'aviit fioiu
M-mj.hls with 3-npt harK-s ujd up 19- th-Tn!i-
Hix-r at I i n. Tj- K !. from
M I-oiii- with a Khi trip arrl-t ai 2 u p m
i-h- di-haiTtil h t- t n ti kac-5 if Mindri-
4h.ddil 2 tor. o iiiw-lijr -.us fr i.lit ttd -
srtitd for llpmpl.i- at p in. TJi- 1'iitt with Z
Iiarc- of luuilr niw-d from th- S-mth at 4 p
m. Dn- trr ? t 1n-;liinati. and th- oth-r
t for lmal nn-l5n " Ta- llrr l-.ui mi
ir from N-w Mrl-ar.. uiih IS rnptj jaltHt.it..
lirtii,ii Jflafanl I barn- loid-l with niula--
"h- pMv-d up Z at h-n- lira d-iart-l fur Iiui
ilU at S V I" Th- Join A Ut-tl with cat
t w fiotn. Ii" lilt t lu- II r a plain.
lou M $ifT w-i t uimp th- If-fid-r t.. m t
ti-r and s.um- rtirp. Th- "it nf M-mphi
f-.m Iai- lit- ..uic'a 1-- fn.tn M-m:ti.
th- Oakland rrm N-tt OrI-aa ar lu- p. n qht
Tn- lrttt-r is ht.nrH -11 t-d atid will c.(
thi'Hic?i ti t Iju.i Tli- N-w xiutb fnim N-n
irlani and th- fM-ri Lr fr--ii th- Tu:w---111
v-r ar- due to -nno Th- iharl-ttn fi ni
th- tipj- r fc-nds Iroucht dvuti a -aipu uf orn
lat ntsh
il-mphi?, T-nn . Man h Tli- n-r mark"
Tt I f t on th- shus-, a I 1 ..f .3 of bt
In i4 luurr U trailer flr and wnrtn Th-Jjm-a
I-- artii-d Ia"t ntht from Friar 1'oirt
with ZZ 1 ! 'f rotTjm and ift j thN -n
lnx 'n r-lum trip Th- It.jUrt r I' jtt in
laM nicht fn.tn I.i"rt with 14 b)Its. . ..ttn
and dMaM-d at Z thi- t-nln5 n a r-turn Tt -0
aTTtfd Ust niTl't tron II-b-M with J5
Hark. .f rid.! on -! and Z..1 bundl-- if ta-
ami I ft at - tht -i-nmi; ..n .1 r-turn Th- Jnhn
lv p-oi fr-.ni 'mrinnati arri-d fhi m.rn nc
with j-ood trip. fo- dlschanr-d 1V im-i f fnicit
and I-ft in th- aft-rnon fr N-w orl-an Tr-N-w
SM.ijth fr tii N w rtan. will pa up
In.;nif:t trfi the wa ! in itin'tl Th- Ju'11
airi-a this in-jmlnc frm Vb cltirK with l
Im- f -tttn nd CV sa. ky of ..tt.rs.-.i ..
will Ia- to-nvirrow -nnr n a r-turn T h-Kat-
Adam- will am- t-nlcht fr-tn Arkannai
"it- nd ri-ar t.-niiriw -v-nlnc on a r-urn
'T - Hudson fi'-m On-innil will I rtu- bv
in'-rnint; and wtll l-a- to m.rT.w t-nfnic n 1
i-Ttirn lli-r .r 1: t- w-r- 137 ImI- f.f rotin
pn-i ICC -a'k d .itt.n-rMi Th- Sm-k -M
with h b.w of -oaI w-d d"wn la"t --nlrr; n
th wh to Nw Orl-an- Th- toabiat 1L K
latt.n liartd thli nii-rnmR f.- If I. kman in
charr- of a;datn l'rio hard iapTatn Thmii--i
d tti- Arkansas KI-r M earner Halktt- in in
th- ii
fi- t r. III.. Marrh & - Tli- rlr-r i faitinc
with th- tra lire 1-2 f t W-aih-r pirtlv -'nil,
ard wrnt Th- h-rok-- arr-d fr.m t Iulm
l i-t mldnlrM. Th- It-- !- d-:wrt-d for Mem
phi at 1 a m Th- Ja1 Itirhtman and Imik-
X.-f-d t.p at It a tn. Th- "h-ruke- d-iurt-I
f..- vt i,.it. at nn.41 Th- Mar M Mhha-I
and lar?-s rM--d up at 4. n m T-ndrr N. i
wa in and mit on tlm- Th- fit f M-mphin
was at St AUr"s it C p, -n and will l-a- fi
Memphis -orH- ti-nirht. Th- Ii-y Iitrle Ih du
P 1'adurith, Kv, Mar h 2 Th- riv-r raiii-r-aIs
3 t f-tt find 1 rb-inc The Jw f..wi-r
w-nt to KanUI- at Br m . th- Ii k K-.wl-r
to -I'atrrt at t !" a. m TI- I-fnJ-r and t.ov
Iiu at p in Th Uiittrrf w-nt to Nauh
luis at j m Th- ltutt-rif went to Nv-h-iill-
Rt " ! P Th- IVt-- la1- I Hn. r.ni of
th- T-nn Ili-r to-morruw motninfc W-uh--r
cl-ar snd werm
".rnd Tower III . Marrh C. Th- Marv Ml-
!a-l mth Z'wrt;. of luniler past-- I up for H
IauW hi C a m Th- 'Sr-i f-orl- I-tiart-J f
t Iiu!t at 7 m m Th- II la-- depart -4 f.ir
MmpM at 7 a m Tb- t'lti .f M-mph) 1
Id- dot-n Th- cau- -.-a.l 1". C f-t a fall of 4
In the la-t Zi hour. Weather I -l-ar unl jl-as
; "rl-n. Ii. Man h 5? -T'i- (lark an-l
I art, k will mi-iii- to-mrrow and r-tum In t:i-
aft moon Th- I.im- K i--ti wlr-l hh would
m- t-i leavo Satuplav a- he!nb-I W-ath-r
id Tnd f.ilr. Hulne flr Th- 4 "Sty of St
loot is down at Nab'!.-z
Cap- trinrd-au. Mo Marrh "- - Tli- w-ither U
rbar at.d warm Tli rlr pans- Mmw fall
of 3 ff a foot "Hi- rir-v Karri- - f! up at 1,'
orlok lat nicht TT1- ll"es I..-- pt-d dnat
1 1 n Tt- Grrta I.- i due up
Hurl npton. la. Match rS Th ri-r 1? 4 S
f--i alo- ow ?atr mrk. a fall f Tlnrh.
Th- w-ath-r t cohVr and Horniv Th- pi:s
Iai arrli-l up. th- IVroy Pniith In and ut
W iraw 11. March Is Th- cm:- t-ad "
f-et. no clianir- The w-ath-r K c-Ml-r and rair
inc. Tl' rtHcr Cr.scint in and out in lota!
Wheellnpr. Marrh 1 Ulv-r 12 fe-t: falllnK.
C!ar. cool. l-part-d: Kanawha tharh-Mon
a m IVn Ilur. tttt!3urc 6p m
KoulFvil.-. Kv . March -Ith-r falllnc M 4
In final: S2 in fall. 26 beljw U-rk? Clear.
j leafant
Cincinnati. March 7 - Ul-r 3-T; falling. TXln
Irs; tntrrcury 4i JuTthin for Memphis
KvaniU-. March . KHr 2S fm: fallins.
nar. warm.
Iitt-luri-. March 2S Klwr .3 Clar. pT-a-nt.
Y;i flu- JI:iii:i!;iiir Kdiror of (lie
I'aris Kdition r ilu- Ili-ialil.
llKPriJIJi SI'Kl'MI.
i-.iris. ruieu.i. jiiarpi . -.Mian T. t
Iljor. frnnTl of tho .' York Kvonl-.g
Telegram and later managing editor of tlie
l-arls cOltton ot the New York Ile'ilii. Ui.'J
to-ilay. aftcr an H!tH"-- of tlint- w-ks. fit
was :W year? olil anj loa..s a w1lmv :4nJ
little lx). Mr. Haer wa. a native of South
Uenil. Itiil.. jnil In-iran his l)Ulnev r.i.-er
as a lelesraph oHT:ttiir on the "Ills Knur." i
loiter he was ntliloyeil liy a press acenev ,
anl in this way clrlf toil into the iienpn,K"r,
profession. He joined the staff of the Xe-.v !
York Heralil In 13.1 and made ran'il ir- ,
rebs until rtricken in this cilv The boJy i
was Ehi.-'ScJ to New York for informant.
I!t':.uii:iiiu nf Kuink lu-.-mlfii
l lip I.tifiinttilivp ami far
Xw i i-nit;il M;!ii;iur ill An
mnimv i Aimiii!uiiii1s Kr
futf April I MiuT;ii
K;iilu;Ml Xli.
Vlr !rt Ut'tit J'ti'l i;rnT.it Manun itti--M'U
ll.tniins f tl. .Mis..tul I'jirM. -Irn
MoutUalti f-Mun. arritnl In .St. I.011U last
nlht fiim Kai;i 1 My ami ituulr. an
.irl) trtl ai Ms aiMrtinonta in tl; Soutbcrtt
Mr. U.tnlltic t in tirnl .iml IM not r 10
ill-en llw i KtiiK'-s ho 1- alMul t uiaK
on the c;..il'I Itlio..
In J'I-iUio:i to m iktu? W. c. Watrou !"t-rt-rin:ti!-iit
nf tian?-iirlation. ur a kliitl
f :i-si.t.int ct-ntTil m.!ii.jur. Mr II.ir.1 r
utM U.f ly till th po-ll:n uf MiH-rin: tt.l
t'tit of tti ltMotnotl ,inl oar !rp.irtint'i f
tho MNhOi.ri i'.ni:it a Mr. K:.tiiL. Kuii!ii
Uu i-!nrtl. il Imn Ih n ootiniU-l O
tho Gunl Iiii-t- Miioo b" ami imo km a f
his own ohihitj in ontrufc: in othor :u
ir5. Mr. KcirJ uS r-.-iumittoii h in U'u
hancln im Hie v'K I Mr. Wartirr oil!
fir a .ir. s hi- rotifim-nt e-ititiot b '.iM
at tlio JMr of Mr. Il.nlnm. who U about
t tn.ikt vti! t hati.
Mr. i:'.tri :i i at (irm In AMit-ll N.
:.. with Mr. S 11. II i-latk. wh !- - ri-.i- -1
lit thifr II- .! ui oiM"t! homo t r .1
w-K .r tii titi Hum nor., aal r.h-i !!
rotum- h i . pctd t turn vr h.s if
! tw hi- ! r.ir. ti he apttmui-i b
2fti.T.tl aIanAt;r Ua nhrij;
ir-ul.ir aiiii'iitiiJiit; n-w aMxilntrt ntn
uMl ! i n-l l-!rv April I. A. tin- Mvi
at-r I. II. ltriimti f the (ittn It-It mil
ha' l api"ltit a su- -s-Mir to V. t j.
ri;jv. whi ua a tiuMon iutinii-n'l-ni of
1 no yu m i i:i win alro i-e .umouuvt-a
t-foie .Vnl I.
Mr lttirI-n. jrhr to l& w.z ijwit
inv-lL.init if thi MtNurt. Kaii-i- un-i
Ta- Kn.wav, a I Ihii'n, T v. 1'rotti !
rub r. im. to Noi ml- r, ;: h. w
tiia-ir tn " tnh -f ilu St lui-, Ir -n
Miurit:ihi anl Southoni it .Ilth- l". k.
Ark Frtn Xo m!-i !":. to tiat. lu- 1m
I. 11 li. ir -ut r -iMii.oiliU- (-itMU .u tar
Ml-itiri Io )IM-
t ui n:.Ki: n iim.
lroiriout t'nllimn
fntionnl Kofiiiri
; York. Mitch Z
lifilr mi nit- oii
of lltt it-rhlj.
At a moolinu ht 1
In tht il Io-l;iv th
Itaiil of IrM. t-t
of ihi I'll .;.ik. ..:il nhi.i Kailrua! u.c
r.mizi'l .'iwmil!r in tie ml- r- 'I - -t
tti. -f'iiiiylt.nii.t l;.uli..jit i. n. I ti VjmL '
l'tlt. ! ti.- Ittihin ol ihi- foll-w itij: .i -11-ri.iot.-
S. M l-rmo-t. Simuvi l:(.. N. II.
i'.irlxr Shortit '& I'h.nni. .M I;nu. II
J-. K TuomliU jnl II. J. ll.ii!. n Tli.
t!tr' ttr I'li.tm. tl ait aii to rfpri-w-nt lit'
r. im- Hanu .iii.I the tin Litter lf jii-l-rliill
Th- other lit.:.r .r. : .
Si-.n. pn-nhnt. Iiw.iiar Axtil . I Ii. 1 .
U ii khrfin
Uuni'.rH hive h en In In .ilatlon for . -rl
ilas rau.in!hit. a ;-pi.i .t .i i f
the 1i--.i:-.l.e .ni'l iilito. .in i tn liHtmi; the
. iUi-;liun f the Toli-I. .in-1 I'tilo 'nlr.il
anl K.iri.iw.'M .m 1 .Mt.-hlc.tii mllr.cirt-
I'resMel;! '.ill..uat ! th. It.vaa-lke .m-l
t!.t. v.li-n .i?K-l to-l.i a Unit the r. -I.rt.
'There Ii not a wrl 'f truth In i A
mijnntv of the sl.ict. f th t'N-. iW
atil hlo N ovil-. Uy tl.e New York i eti
tr.il .itul the IVniilvaiii.i rjilnwlA .nil
tl re .it- I. Ih- lit extensions'. The t"h-si-
j.k anl hi i n in a olt..n ihr
.eli of ih other two ri- iianie.1 h is a
loe Inter t i.i its io!l-y anl niaiMct--in
nt. ai.l It will ii: ilutir. in .ttiv iti.iii
le.ils The faet tli u the 'lf-.iiake .u'.l I
Ohio is a ti.itnr.tt f eilet ai well k an -ut-I-t
f th- Itiir l-iir s-jh m made it ne-ssar.
tliat th V.iihI rhiltt hutilil liir a vuik -in
its tn.-tniicexn nt."
Anoth- tnMui-n'l.il ol!l- r In the V.mJer
hilt syyt tn s.ilri.
"Th- tun' lias rone ly for th. i'Imv.i-l-.ik
nml -hio t in ! I- ns"l In .inv
i u i.il It l the mTiv '( the .m
il. rl.ilts .-nI the 1-eiintK.iiiia. ItHllr.i.el
;tnl a iii.ijirit of ti.- . hi, is ;hii .iuh
Wl er M etllritirs illle. r-.i h It. t'tllltlll-
-ll mi h tr.itt.e .1Imii- s .is Hi. thhrf.
I"-.il;e ami nhi-. has whitli j.r" .f a. m
!:( w-ill h- inaintaiiii l ail sir in;tli n l
Tin 'h-.ii e-ike .il ihi runs rrom "
port X as ii lie innutt. an-i It is nun-
h. r a nunile r of siiUir.il'uite lin-. n-
lii'liin; the Kiiz.-it h. I.- xliiirton ..ml lav I
Siri.s Hi- 'ihm .inl itii; J-..inlv l:iv-r. in-.
Kiitink .mil S,,ith A l i.i mi.- ,ii,1 the ir
ii!l.t Miol.ni'l Th.-re liav.- ..I! i-,n -l.-tr.uti.-
r.!.it:iis lt-ii th. "li. -:i .ik
an.! Ohio and th- Kanawha nn.l Mi-hlcn"
.Vm.tlKr Kixirt i-r--lt-nt in -m ul i'ioii
neentlv has ..nipl.d th name ..f Y.n.t
luli with tlii Kiltiinore and iihio Th'- re
. nl .i' tiviiv a id upward inoiem-nt f
iMith vl if f Kaltiinor .-iii.i Ohio st.M-k
li.i l.s n itiril.H"i to h..vy luivirii; l.v the
.iiid-rliilt in' rest and rumor has ilrlar-
that the New irk '-iitr.il would lne
siial repr j'entn'i u with the r-entilaii-i
and the iialtiinorc and olilo l.o.ir.1 of li
t elors
"Not. a word of trinli tn vm-i! e..re."
fimm-ntnl lr-nlfiit i'iliow.iv "The N-w
Yrk 'ntral .!..- m.t ..vin a dollar's worth
of -I., k In 111- H.iltimor and lt.. -iii.I
is nni looking f. r :m npreseiitallon in its
Hr. r ..rat. "III.- ". ntr.il has no irler-st in
that i-r.-rl '
ritoi-iiM'.ii m:v mm:.
The Kiiiishs 1 1 - Stiiitliern In Kllend
Into Writern limn.
iir.aha, Xeb.. M-iroh Si It Is . onimnn talk
In railroad elrrl.s 1.iti that a sell. me Is on
f.sjl to butlil line of ro.nl lu Wi-miiii
low.i to counts t the Xorliiwe.-ti rn and the
liewlv rtsiranlzisl Kansas City South, ni
piop.Tty. Two routes are under eonsider..
liou tine is to run fnuu U.-s Moines to
Vlmrset. iTeston. New Mark. 1. Sh 1111
haui;h. ftilleiiti Springs atel Intersect Willi
the Omaha and St. I.011N at iil.tm hard,
which coimi-ctlon would make a diree! site
practieallv from l)s Moiu - to ICansa.i fitv
and tsimt tlie Nortliwesi'rn with the
Kansas- t'ltv S-mtliern
The oth. r rout- from l-s Moines to
lntrs"t. (Jre-nliel.l. I'.irniii. Clarlnda.
1 ollti;e irltiKN tilt ni e tonnts-tlns with the
utnaha anl Si. I-tmi ai Klnm Mo.
l-ronoiters .ind eontriet.rs hale r.sentlv
le-en miikii'i: a '.neful studi of tie e...i;'
trj throiiKh which ll is prr.sissi , .-i. nd
the new- railroj'1 Killnr of the prni-l
lines would run ihroufh .1 n.-ii country an 1
nffonl valuahle trau-ie.rt-i;i..n .11 .-ouim. da
tions to the section intended. ... dire f
accommodations w.nld he furul-hed witn
I'hleaco St- lanil-. Kauris fit-. . Oinnlia.
H.s M'.ines and the p-rnt-ey !riiiut..r p.
the Kails is 'itx Soiilhern line.
Texits Commission lias 'Izxkt-n Hi
l-rttptisilloll I tiller Xtll tst-ltit"llt.
IIKPri-.I.K'SPKil VI..
Austin. Tex
March -I'pon out I . lip
the arcu-nents on th T. x.iikan.i piterstate j
situation before the F..otr...i.t i.i.minis-ln-1 I
this morning tint b'eiy tisik utnl. r .-uiiis,-nii-ni
the prop-isitit.ii to ttsluie all State
rales to niei t the low inters-ate i.ttes er
jotd by Texarkatia jobbers and n-s d
on to a hearim; of flu r. (piest that nil
toads in Tcx.ii 1- itrolilhitttl fr.un p i
ttln; "double ltead.'i" t.u T xas road-. '
This ht-arliu- ha- resi.lv, d Itself mo .,
Itoliti.-al matter all the candidates ft r I
. oiictcss In the Mate lielni: h-re
tt. Inilt I
,,,',.; . I
.ii.uenis I
after the Interests .if the lalsiriin: nu
fore the fommhsioti. I.tnsiie arisuinents i
and lent;thy t.-sutiioip w.-re su'itnltt. d dur- )
ill"; the afternoon, sh.iwmi- why the ost:i- I
lion of double headers should be prohibit- i
si. the main contention beim; that It was j
Injurious m propert- .tnd life. Tin. rail- j
roads hail not had a ham e up to .i.tfourn-
ins this evcnluc to offer an testimony on j
tneii sin" ol in. iuesiiiiu. imt i.in uo o
ittn vixi; nti tr.
Iiilemlnlr Ciiranirri'p I'oitinilssluu to
Is AcKeles. Pal.. March Jx Two pe-i-tions
lo the Interstate Pommercc 'oitimi
sioll were lilt-si to-slai lloth nllesei an il-ItK-iI
combiiiation l-etween the Southern
ParllH" and Sama Ke Hallway Potnt".inie.s
The cimplain-ints are the t'ocrolilat. d
I'orttarditi' Oumpant and the Soutrcrn
lalifiifii-i Kruit Kxch intRe. The three rail
roads are alleceu tu he In combination in
touting and li.ir.dliiiK rcfrlscralor cars,
.i'nn i .iii n.u Irutt- to It.istorn
I .nil- Th. i nr ..: Im-- vliin..l tiie
r.chl t'i .iri,i!i.in; n':to .ill frvihl shl;-
Th jM-ililor- will !. h rJ by t It- oni
iiiM'mi to-iiiorriv
!- nveky. '.i . M m Ii ? At Hi.- .i.-n
i . M tr. !i - At ih.-
tin: -l..ii of th Inier-lii" .imm r -
'.Mniiii.v'i.ni I.. l;iv l;eii.Ms tt tiii".l
that in the .-.i f li.inlw.ir hi .inttulrn nt
of th II(T-renti.ils would e.'lllpvl Ills hoi. .
to ..is- pur. Imsiiiu "Is In Hi.- Mi i ll
-si and lirtiii! th.iii In tr.-in I lie All. rtl.-
"-.st , vel The .lls.llti.ill .f different .lis
W..UM t..r. ost j.d.le rs to .simliin i. ...
lire ie-.-..:s and the t.-.ult of th- rh mi;.'
would ! a- t!N.i-trils t the Hiiro !! is
to the j.dilels I nd T the pt--l!l dlff. r. n
ti.il Hie I'-M-itl. i".i.-i-t jolderare n,,w slowlv
ii run; what they l.st .liirinj; the rile
w ir.
I'll loiiiq rrtiss-.piestimi.'d hy Altornv
'liris. .,f -i i.uis i Ik witness denied
that thre was any ai;r em'-ni Iwiw-een ih
mm ioI.Ih rs and' the railroads rrc.i dine
ihti shlim'iit of ;mhIs tv rail p..i Id. i
l.ir-;- !trf teiitials mi full and l.rt.k-i- ..
lo's w-r Krautisl. lie admit!! tint i-
loldi-r- hid irl.-.l to 14. t tl.e pr- -em .1 rt.-r-
nti Is .ii. 1 wet .iiixt.iiis ..1 m iiut.iiti t-. -n.
Minim ti ll- ltrmuel to I'lirm.
I'l'l I I l.." M-l-i'l l.
i'ana III. .Mnr.ll S The iH-Ii-mi of the
r.inoi.il of th- II A S W -lios .11.. I
fllwin fr..m thi- 11 v t.i Flora tt.is .J-ti
nlt.ll -.Hl-I l..-.l.i. wli.n the ;i.e n.l.-l
fti' t.i t letter n.is setll to a1! 1o :! mp.-s
lv Siljs ritt-rid-iit I II lire.
I t-.n tile . in--:. ti.n of the - piiBin h.ste
at Flera llw- p ...-t. e ef .lin-iTi It tin -iiel
encliie . r. v. al I'ini w 'ti ts .- .tit.nie I
There Hilt le nt --Alth t-wm. .( I'.n jit t
llie iu.s n.i-.. tie re will 1- Ir iti-f. -1 t.i
l.sn Tr.i!hii.en. . ticln rien ir..1 .il,. r- -.n
T'.t'i with the of .tt lilt; tlt-f itttii.it. . h m
Uf. ! 1. these ...---- tll'l It ts-.lll- It
I.i.le n -Nni Ttu- -. r itv .4 .O..I - h....
in Pkim m. m.ike it ns.-ar- f-.r . sue t.nnt.
l'e ;, .eu u- i.ic f.-r a time. I! ...I Mi-h
e Till Is n. ie an i"!.!.!'' for j time
ii'r steeple -i. ill is isiiupt-l!-! ii- mie
to n.ira on m outtt of the reniov .1 of tli
Ill llecetl Pee Itrf I'lirelinst.
K n-.is i nt Mo.. M.ir.h I an-n..ui,.-..j
fr..m New York thit the i.ulf and
I'd r-iaie lii.lwn Ims Ik hi - ,M t.i tlie
!ii-ori:.i!i.z.t!io!i ('imiulite. of th. K.ms.is
in l-lt'-l.uri; ' t Hulf now the K in-. is
"ill you-li.-rn Kiilu.,1 The 'Ililf nd In-lr-tate
xteiuls from llanitftni. on the
inn 1 the 1:t l.uti; jti.l Hu'f. to i;.ilr-Ktnti.
a .ll-l.ii. r i.-nt) mile- The nud if
.-ii-... am x. ,, Kin i'l'l Sotith-
rti tniri'iv i :.il..-s-.ri. .itel w..nt I in
il in it ip, tew ...! t- Im i'.. , i t.
I'll- nd. wat.r irmiti.il- .it i-eh -..tt
il "r . i I : il. --..ii To.- ilulf miti in-
I. r-l.ll". I ..ltl n.i- ,.t e ..ffefts to (lie ,
man iic m. ft of the ".:.-lii"--.- and :ulf. Imt
Ii '- i I t.. mi)." I'ort xrt'mr Itn de
t rm : .is ,. ,.. i;i,f r Mxl.-.
rlimmr. lu l.lirillter It'lle.
1:' I 1 .. I. -it. hi.
I ...He I:... k. Ark. Mat.-h J Th -I i.iI-ii-.
I .11s; inee tariff issue,, l the I: i'lri-.id
i.nitltfsK.ti on K,-l.i-..,r i I" win h. -iom"
tf.sie ,n TtejsUi. April Ii. ri.
The orii.-ti.-il ,'ritt." was Mart Ii ; mid the
liter on"- Aptll . .ut the la.-t date Is April
I" The rriiH-ii-.il ihanse is in the rla-s
I ties, w'li.-h are ...i.-u- t ;.tiul In i.t
"lit .ler the Orll"tn. -.rh.-lulf in def.eetlee
! the r. )r.sent.iti.iis made h the lailr-ta-l
t.Mft nvii The new rate on ilimle-r is .
f"..Fs, ;i, ettts e-r hutidr-! jtou'i-l-..
Tw-i.ti-n. mil. iii. un.l.r. .-. ji mil. .
.ml o.. ... 3 ;., milis tnd ov r i. V ;
I'M mi!-s :m. .i,r T:.. e. I mll.-s mi-i ,iv'r
!. . 3o mll.-s imi oirr IJ". 7. n mll.-s
.Hid ir ?. x. i miles and .i-.r :w s.
i mile-. ..ud our W. I. mtl.. and
iT rw j.
ttellmit. I onslrilelloil lleei.ltiii.
l:i:-i l:l.i. .-. in.
Tori .-"uilih. Ark. Marrh - In the Fed
eral f.u-rt lure . kit Judci Ilu-;. rs ,.,-!-
I down nn o,..i..n j.n-.,"- j- t la. -aln-l-ffs
tn t'" . ie t.f U liiuim-u -tnd Sl-ae.i;
.s.tinst Mnnn-e Iee A: . Th. fii.-e crrw
tut r the s. iintr.il ti'.ii .f the K.m.-ay i:t-..
1-Ht.sl.iiri: an.1 liu.f Kadwa-. an-l tnv-ilit I
t'i. roll's mi Ti mll.-s .f -t.r.trti. lion muuIi
of Ihe Aik insi. l:ivr. whi h ac-.onnl"tl t-t
SIP.... Th. plaintin- su.sl for half tt-:. t
ainttuiii. Th- t as, his Ms n in the conn
llete II" aril lll.i .-.irs .unl has 1m-es9.it.ti-. I
t'e i.tk-ne f d. srsitt,in. m f.u-s"n
;:.!.- The . im- win B 1.1 the IV -i-rul
x.tri of Ap.iis at t. iul.
Xlr. I luirles If. l"isters Mirrrnr.
N. n.eK ..r. Ii l!-..r. .s-l.. le. wh.i
' '" iter. I the tirm of J. I-. Morgan
A 1 ... 11.1- t..-.!,) , 1. .!,,! -. dirts-tor of th"
l.'-.illnc 1 ..inp.ii) t. HU..e-! u. .,. ("has.
II 1" i.r. It is rxi's-te.1 tlmt i:lerl Ui
sin ..I J I- M.irc.tn A 'o will shnrtlv he
I. .11 .1 dlrftor of the .W.rlh.-rt. -iritle
I.. yii..T.. th.- lat- ir f'wter. Mr. ta.-o:i
I- tl-o Ilk ll t. j .-.tl Air ".il..r ..s :,
..it. et. r of trie Km mii I ..f the .,tli.r latce
r.iilr...til .in.i mKT -..ri-ir -1 !.. . in whn Ii
Mr .et. r was ., dinei.ir Thvre will ! a
',",!' s"i-h ...- 1!:. is-ikh. of Mr.
JM..I. i., ike leading lt.r-i. himI m some .f
Ih. mit.tr itiimn. s ..th.-r ti.-irn- may Iw
I. 1 I '
wiiekson, in,. nll h, .u..
l:n t I.I--si (.. 11.
J... k.-..:.vi:l. IP. M.rtl, 2.-.n ar.ree
111. nt lu- Is. 11 r. a. h-d wh.-rehv the Ja. k
si::nle .111.1 St. I.in- nil. e' (r,iIt
t. .11. 11.1.. k,, ,- !..,(. (,, to , .
1-.. th- I.I'. hti. . ami i its..-,, f..rm rfk:
l.!t. hte-.d. TI". r will he ., lir.mh I ..in
-oh r.n- ! iitx . x. -.t Sa-unUy T-iins
will ..tt. J... k-onwU tn.i Kast St. Iuiis
-ur.uli .-...u-.i .it .. m p. m .mi r, ..,-
III ir "1. vlii.n,..ii- ., ;. ., m xt ,,. w-
. ,' k- .-r.il fiisii K.-nt of the
J.i k-inillt .it-1 m. y,i.. 1 (S .miita.nttsl
ft- ..lOii.te.. -,t ..r J. Y i-,x .,. ,..mnMt.
tl ..t-t.t w. h ..111. In th- Ilntiser l ,,.,1
lec. St U.uts.
I'lKltl llier Wesleru I'rorilliiti;.
X. w -i..rk. 11.1. Ii - -Kr. hjht a-;, nt- of
a in.iii.-ii . il.. ..tii... .rfiir.. lis Id
..llOll.. I ...nf"!.!!. . Willi t'..tl!Mi-si.i..-" 1:0,1.
lar. at Tr.ink l.iti. n. 1u.p1 ir t.s l..-l.i in
r-i.i lieu f 1 r--iii.il ..f th pror.nin ace--n-.etit
which was ahrosatt-d not ionic ts.i
Earnest tTrm ar, iHlu nn le In- r.,;e K.,
ft. iuht ai;. uis I, i,:,i,. ti. ii,r. em.-tit re-slor-
d it onl In a m.-lili-. turtu.
l-ennsj liHlila Klet-lloa.
I -hll.il!' .pl.1.1 -.i.. M.ir.h r Th. Il..ar.l
of liie.i,r- of t'i.- I-. nnsiliaiila liallro.i.1
. Its t.. -itr.l.11. m.t p. da 1 "ii-.l r. -'li ttt.i
ad Ih' pr -nt oih.-cr-. The Isiard alo pro
m.tpti s I'. Ilu t hi:. -on. .low siit-riii:eu..
e it i.f the le wis. f.i . .(i..,i p, ., sl.
am t."-ti.r..l ai;.-iu In th, tit) of New . irk
Til." dllll-s ,"f tl J .,er. Ill- Kile t.tl .IK. lit
tii.r. nai- in. re..s.-. t. su, h an . xient ns
t". impair his heillh ii.t-e it.i'.li.i; the ;.p
poimtnint or an i-i.uii
i:Tleiisl..ii Work 10 lleslii.
Nw hat. .in. W.i-h. l ,r h j Virk
m the eXI..-ll .if the It. .Iimtii.iiu o,j
and itrlli-h i'oiiiint.1.1 Ic.ulroid 11 HI .sin le
siu. Th- lir.ui. Ii -t in- at Sunns, tw. niy
lour mil.- trom I. re. ..p the uilein.itpti.al
isiuuti.iri line. .ii runs ,a-"waiti mi 1 1,
Ameritan m-i. iw. tiii-tttur inil.s ., Mui-d-r
t'r 1 k w-ht r.- thi 1 '..rn.-ll . m! iinne. are
-liii.iici This niints I1.11. he-ti piinnati
l I. II I'otnii.ill. l1i117-1 lhi)w.ml and
I). W. Ml'.:-, th. owuts of the railioa.j.
t'oliiiolssltiiier t'odilard "let-l I uic.
New Virk. Mat. h Jx A iii.s-iliu- ,.f :;,e
tialllc oflli il of tin railroads w. st t t"hl
cico ii"d M l.i.i and of the trunk line.
was II. I-. inis .mi rfiXJIl .".I in. olllre of i
i.iiiini- lon.r i:..l.!.il of the Trunk Line .
A-oliit:on Til" t:.i-ll..l If the .livisl.il
... thri.i.Kh rat.- from the Iasi i.i ih, h..r i
'.Vest. Wl'lth ll.is i-en .ll"lt.1Ied f..r .it... I
Itlll- W.is s.tllMr.iet.irll ,rr..tte.Ml 1-1... I
- Ii- .liil- of rat" villi not is- re.i'i lor some
Iipoliiliiiftils li I tilourl Ktirtlxee.
uki i iti.it .s."i:n u
i Utile i:.f-:.. Ark. Mar. Ii I Polonel s.
I V Pol-dive, prt sidcut of thr Utile Itoel:
I and Hot Sprtnis U. ,,n l;.,iiro.n. in.
! i-unc-.l ih f.dl-.wliiK apidiitpieiits lo-dai :
II ! KU m.r-r. a .in -at nifriiil nU til. II.
j H. Martin auditor and loe.l treasmer; K.
I i:rec..rv. cii'-ril freiln and u.iss..ii-.t-
: ar. nt S W l-'.irdi..e. Jr. tr.-isurer. with
otlice nt M laml.i.
X-ji I'xporl Tnrlff.
Toronto iiil.it lo. March - The (Irani I
T runk K'iiw.ii will on April ;pui In-.i f
f . i i a i-w M.rt tulfr b.-tw.-n Toronto
and N w Yoik. Ai present tin rel.- oa . x
I.rt rail. i- 17 ..lit- ilu prll it -.x III l.e
I-'- cents This rat..- will nl-.. appli tn Bos
ton -.i-I S: John
llrntllilirj Ileporl Healed.
Kansas rn,. Mo. Man ii . Silas .
I el'. t-UIlst'l lor tile IT.II.ldtlplItl ictor-
Kanizalion Committee, which bouslit the
Kanws fily. Pitllitiri: and Uu-'f Uatintul.
... ...... .-....i .k... - . ..... ...
to-.lnv denied that ' I. ISrwIhury. xdc
preshlent of the I .-ike Krie ami Western.
li.nl bn s-letti-d -is prt -I. lent ef the prop-t-'t.
WiiuIn o Issue lloinls.
iii -i-i nr.ii si-i:. i i.
Atisiin. Tex . March IT". -The San Antonio
and Brow n.svil'.o ilallrr.id to-div nl.sl an
:"pp!iiati..u with the IIailr-id Comtnlssioii
lor autln.ri'x to tsiic bonds to tie extent of
lV"t lT mile and ste k to tb' extent of
$1 tittti -r mil" on 1-77. miles of ro-iJ.
Personitl n oil Ciirreuf Notes.
.1 t: l.ove. ci.nimercial -iKent jf thrt till,
ca-jo. Milwaukee and St. Paul at St. loui-.
is iltstrilmiln; a booklet with a hiKhly e-d-orsl
coi.-r which contains itsefJl rrailln?
t!..ttr and balf-tone illii-trntlons on "Sum
mer I.v- in th. Like fountrv.
The steamship Pa alia, of the Hollander
lane wi-I s. il from New Yoik for Mobile
on S iturda M ireh ,1 TJie "teamshlp
Or.on. woicu fa .ltd ironi Xew York on ihe
.And. Cures
IDropsy arid.
Drciidcd SrigH-b's IDisoaac-
"till I., .xi .-..I t arr" .1 M-.l. 1 on
Slim.' ,
I II 1.1 11 -' l .11. - t ..' TI
Ml--. .1111 I'.t 1!,. .1 J-r .1 . wa- 1' l" i-i-tpi.irt
"- I- -1 1 i
A J't-l- Mat., ii. in ul r. d i- .! f" .111
It-Toll 11 M ti-h ." 1 .id- - t '..
letttitu M i:riwi. . iii-f iictii r ..! ih
Saulliaw dl-trt.t .ir-.i J J MtVt.ii.. . I.I. f
iKin.r of the Ura ml Uapl'-t distritt lux
Inyc resiirii-.! i:-.ri;" 11 Klml. til e 11
P lntrl hi f iiite r. with li."ii..t-i"rt rs
nt itrtti"! IS"pld. and will as-utne th. dull s
of th It etllee lit ..11.
Mr F. I- Wide of the Southwestern
1' i'ei':er Unreal) i,.i.s teeu .,it..tt d jultit
iisTetit for th.- Tian-uil s-1pid I'omnt nial
iiittpsH r. hi.h tnet- .it iloust"n. Tex.
on April t; i.i Jl
J !. tlrafton. et.urslon ;; nt for "! x
I nd I'.ililortii i. was ,n li-s.m:t I".". Ill-
lleild.Ultrt ts lestet-ti-IV.
I. V . U.ik-I:. . K" ii-r..l p.iseni;..- :i(i M
of ihe IliiriiiiKKiti. was in ti.i'1-.us 'tj s
t. rtl y.
I. It.tAis. rs.-n. nl Wet.rn pn-ser.c. r
jii-M .f tl.- ihi t.t and A:iin. lias in
Itid.uialiH yeMttrii.
-"iNw.y It;,." rat, will li ma-le .vn
h l-n i.-" !.. r.ii pas-ens. r as -its at a
nicefiiti tt, tie t i lt fur lie burt,...-
V. S ll.-rma!. ira. p:i-s-!-r are-.t
.f th.- i"lvlmil .m-i KulTilo Sham-hip
M.t. was her- ) 'lav an I en'tn tin.sl ly
-.'. I., liipary and J K. iKiveii,eirt.
;e..r.e Mort'.n has . .t!I 1 a in-it;p of
T xa rai ! rk- p. I h 11 at louMn
for tie pari.- of ."Iri-ip.K ilium' r !
i.lI-1-ar-t..ii.. I t.i.n-t rat. from S.."it.i
wtsttrti ;-.u. i .
II. '. Frfrfc :ii..I VntniW An- Kn
I.'iinli" In Aihiuiir il v-
l'llt-l.ur. Fa . M..I. h - IVe-..it iti' Jl
S hw .1' ! lie- firn-vl".- t,tinstni. at -it.iiip.iit"'
l-v A-i. fn J 15 Dilkl.tt hue
l-.-nl.lit ..ii ih 7. in 1 ".'i4ilx.it i.i tiaiti f"r
Mlintit- 'H". !-t- tie j will me. t Mr
I'.irn m" i.i-.l latT intsetsl tt Nt w York.
in ih next train at s n II. . Krlck and
fatnllv mi" i-n-s. naer.- Itound for Atlanl.r
'hi. i. h ! th. i xi-.i in remain a m-.ith
..r more While th- ho 1 p-DTil th it
th- st.- ku js lull ris-t on this ins-is..n
and pi'.lt up wli;itvtr xmaininc per-on il
tliffr. n - Hit- max h-ii.-, i aea's to iie
ik.se nK-.rier that the r. con. illation so
muilt talked of is ..nlv in a l-tislnen wax.
Tli- I-tt-t vlll ttt-mi.rr.iw p'lt.li.-h a st ry
ein-initlrc from .tn- luh in t'i" coum-iM
f th- totiiptny. in nht.h h ts tnrele to
"V that " l.e e-ruiial mitnofitit- lftnr.ii
ilr. "artum an-l Mr. I'rlcS are just as
-tr"ii; . v r Th y hilt- not m t n r
lalfc-sl p.e-iht-r j.ii"-f the reerni 11-is.iti-n
It-en-i. Tli-v will m-t ipn-i 't fri-rd'i
I rms at Allan"!.- I'm anl it L it.uh.ful
it th will vr If I .tiiei;. d. '
Th-rtttlm :t furlln-r -nil that IT-id.rt
S-hr ah was r-.p ui-ild. I r til etinipronil-.
s-iil. m nl of the lltic.itptn and -aid tr was
IT. ! nl S hwali nh. .luiin-l nisi syi.
ci-s-.d ihr K'eattr "arm lie ".i:npaiv. ..-t.e
which t.tunse) .i- i-.ill.d In In draft Ih
t hartr.
r. ni.rtdnc the f..rc.l trip of A 11 !.-r-s
k at-ross. "h- tv-timnt. an n-UVial nt the
'irneuie '.inpanv lotkiy sail It wis
i-et-i .-an- for Mr" Prat-ne'e to h re on
Satiirdai next tt ncn .tii"- d'J uments. n-nt
It w i- i" l'r-sid'rt Schwab's rr'iuet the
I a-Ii journt y is It ins mad. .
II. A. l. -'. II. II.
Kiiipmeiit new and ureto-tlat'. Thrrn
ik.llv trains to lnstern ."i'les. Tickets, and
InlwVinatloti. l;ro."iiwa and lcu.-l t ami
I.iioii Station.
To-Pn: s Foreensi.
Va Ml t:: a. M-tt-u r r-nit tjr Tl ,r- it
IMiv i- !'ii-i or -:. Tn ir-Uy. tsj-l--r tn ex
Heme issiPiem irii n. Krt-lay fair, fn-.h
N. flherly wtn-l-
Xrkxn-as 4..Ir and -:--i.--Ui fair Thansla .
l"r..lt iJir r.rtbeil wirel.
kUI-nw und Inon . trtlf-rj - Fair Thurs
Uy in-l Probi. . :nJs m.-1 trth 1 ea..l
I .via VHT in -tetr. -ti-.w u. tail-rn ior-ti-
i Thtlr-.la Kti.l-.y f.ir. tf.ttr.cilr winds
Mlsf-Mirl Ftlr in ler-. tain In ejsleni pir
f.si Ttmr-ti- . "i-l" r i-i sith.rn rsrtl.ns; Itt
tlit fti.T. tss-th t ii.-i-
N l.i.s"( sni K..r .- Fair Thursday anl Fri
tii. . Irt1tl vrlo.is
I nc.-il liepttrt.
St- Irf'ttis. ilarh
: rrt.
.- p m.
l"tr"in"-ier In h r Mi
Ti ineaiH or .l.-i.f-"-s . Is
lw l-'.ol. lct s rr
I mi ei i. -n ..f ln. '
i-lv et wind I-.
WeHilier m . . a tn f-.tr. at it xv m .
tleiili Maxlmuni itnperMiure. to. inlnlnium
inftatiir t-- Hivr. l-.l Pet
J-! Forecast "tfl u:L
l.'r.i eriiiiient Ileporl.
Is arlnient t.f Xcrt ultnt" . Weill. Tture-iu
M. Ie--..l.srl. :tl .sS.-n.rftl.lt Its-elltsl nt St ItU.s
Mn h - 1. t - I" nt- I -d tins- and s ;.
m tfietiit litil. nun Iian tins t l"snatim
Loon at ttiv same tuumt' it t nine at atl li-II-
-s alt.ir
S ll rk ..
I-" l"l-tnta
ll -nlni:1..n.
V..rt.k .
I narMte
M..ntK. in.-t..
X I. kslsirt;
Nt. irlemm
I .tile Csk
trfUeMutl ..
Palestine . ..
Mer. phi . ..
N.!ill . .
1.atltnsM-v ,
lit!i.nr.sih"i .
t'lnelnnatl ..
Park rsltuii, .
r.ini lialen
Mnniuetle . .
i hl.-as.
lr ittr. ii ix.n-.v nnr
.; si
.. 1
i l-ar
. NK
. .h
.. i:
.-? .ts
r s
r $
41 ii ..
i" m.
."- . ...
s 71 ...
:.i :i ..
I. ir
. . 1-a.r
.. t1.iitlr
.. t" . uir
... .dy
... Pair
... tteudy
... t"!e-ir
... Pair
.. i tear
. Fa.t
IS l-.im
.. teir
.. Fair
. s
. s
J. -A M
K l.vC
..NK S 11
..NK 5.I2
3t :
V It
41 "
N 91 l
.. ni:
.. w
. XB
.. . i:
. NK
.. K
. .IK
. NX
.. N
... K
.. SK
. NK
. VK
. NV
. NM
. iK
. NK
. .tt
. . "
. vw
- 11
SI J-' .
.... fl tr
.. . T.hi.Ij-
sn ',
"l Sn- vr
I. am
.It Itli i
.ft fl-n.lv
.... t'1-ei.lv
.... t-l.si.iv
.... "Toiidv
1-n l
IL Ik-..
.1 Sffw
A- -. i.' v
.t '! sidy
-! ir
. . il- .r
.. Kair
! Ktlr
s ,r
11. ir
rji rx 5"
- n. ;-:
tz "i
M t-'
V..C K
-j-. i :i
. a.er.i-.n .
"" I""'"1
' M .Ine
r. ji
2 s?
rs .-
S" IinCttel-l
S. ISllS
'A '
tl ...
111 I re
Si.r-itjtleM M i
,. itisa- t":ty
11 iren . . .
)!.mmi k
, A"ttlt
1-atvl nn . ..
N.-rth Piatt" .
lansler ....
I'Vtmr- . .. .
It-m-er ... .
PtHhte . . .
r.sit.- nty
t.-i. .r lin . ..
m i u
a. -j-
i ii
S 3
M 3 M
31 I! A
V "2
. I
3. II
r. is
i .rt
i ;
r. !
pj i-as, w ? : :: 7
.Xl.il' n- N r.".t -i
lm.irl.l-. NK -ss ' j; M
trr -I luneti.i . Nil " is .;
S,llt U.Ke . N .1 l
f.sitr 'in .. . V : ii '.
Sam i V- . . r-t.-f. -. ;
! a
I -".. r
1 tr
"In Ii iles pr-.-t itsll.-i .na, "r-
it .1 tll.XTT.
fwal -irt..il l.Ticial.
Now I.rlicvi-s lli-t Ilitshiiiii Up;ttl
Will Wi-il Atiiii.
i:pi-i iu.ii- ."-i-Ki-iAr.
New York. Mar. h 2; After tieiii--fur
e..rs of vaitinir for her miin-: !i"-li:i!i..
Mrr. IMwin S. Itron-s..ii of ItrookIn now
C, i.ars old. hn I.- I.I.-.J m marry a-;alti
IMwin S. I!ron-on dis.ipiM"arcd durir." the
ytar of th" pent t.nial His friend.- an-l :: -qnalntanees
have lonsj 'in. lielVv.-tl him
dead, inn his wi:.- has reins, d lo Io -..
At last, that sin- may re-t nt.-r the tn.itri
inoni.it taKi" wltli a tlear const k-nco .unl
nt the sime time cmplv wltli the domestic
nl.itlons ait. which enables either parly
tn marri acain after Ih" dis-ipp, iran.-.. nf
the other for a period i r ii. yars. .-he' ns
be-nin aditrl sin- for hr ml-sini; husboiid
SK weeks i Pi. t.nn limit which has
lieen Riven him to put In ti a-ipt- trance If
lie docs not return by that Hint, he will bo
clt-clan-t legally ikad.
Uiip of Illinois Slnui:? i riuirar-li-i-
Iitil ;it Alto l';is.
r.i.i i i.i.n -i i i i.
AI'.. I'a . III.. Mir. h y - imt follv
Siiid.-rs dl i ll re to dav t. oM a";e. Sh
w is Isini in ICocklmthHiu 'ounty. Xorth
t'arttliiM. uImhiI s, years i-o She w.is ac
quaint' d with Ali'ir v. .la-k-in. at.-l durlnt;
her t;lrlti.s." Ilie.i on a farm .idjoininc his.
I mriiii: tl 'nil War sin- boarded I'nloii
-..Idlers at '.ipe lirard'.iii .M . and f--
iltlitl el. ell. I the Ki-ar-ls. t .'O-ssed th-
MI-.-l ippl Itiv r in a -k.fT and itilk. d to
i.tls,n.i.t II! a dNiae.e ..f mer thirt.
miles s-1 n uf her inn.- . hildren di.si In
Infat.c) 1 1. r .rt'i ties eiidant-t are one
Kiai.d-d iii.-htt r an-l f.-.o Kr .il-crandcliil-lrn.
She ...ul. i r:eithr rernl nor wriie.
but nus i.iie of the ,-hr-w.l. st and strom-ft
iiaratters in Soiiih. ri Illinois. She Hvtd
her. alM.ut :litri-tlie v -
Inel II. I'lnrU.
!:ia-l I I.P- Ii l il.
KIlo.i "I . M-.r h "S. J.l II I'lark. .r
1'iti ml flerk of MHi'r '.imty. dl-d litre
ll.lxlil II. I'rlsl.ee.
l:M'l'l:M.-.i"i i.i.
Cab-ban.- 111. March 1 -Pavld II. Ktt-
lse. or. .f the .Itles litlzens of llal'S-
lars. !ltd h. r. p.- I.. .
New York I'At'liiiiit- Will Iiv-(Jlinl'ttiini-
n:i Ilu- Ciuilp.uiv.
I:K1-I h.icii;.i.
I'iftsbure pi.. March f -Jrr.es It I-'ll.
ait.re i..r !. i"s.rti tie .s.inpan. I ft f"r
N w York t nicht II ."Knck left f.t
th.- K.i-t li h s he n I.-irnct on un!m
I" -i.-habte aiiihoritv lh.it the "arn -!e .i.m
pany's stt-k nil I. Ii-tl on the Stock l'x
chan;. . ii;i. .,! th. t.-ultar featur-s of
the 'urne-rie tomp.inx i that the members
of tlie cmpaii -,r. -lien- ei by orders: from
the dir.s-ti.trs wh-ir it .s.mes to i"ivlRi in
formal. on to rewj-ia-s-r? Mr. Pill has exI
tbntli reee.it. notice as previous to she
timt of his It in:r ts-tetl a tlirrctor he did
n. hesitate tt dl-.-us- his dnlnm. Xow lit
is mum and says. "I i.utrnt talk "
W. 'l;ii'k of .M;iron. (in.. Ant'sst"
til .-it .l:iikiiiivilli-. Fla.
Ji"k". ti.h l"-i . M-iixh fo'orKe W.
"I.irk 'tf .xt i- . ;. w is arreHtfl here to
d.i l..ii-t I wrh t'lowitic ..-. n the s-ife of
the I". :rv l-s.. ..:! S.ixinRs fompany of
per'", ... .me woks: tw. and stcalimc
fr. .tn It i" r II -'
Typhoid Fever destroyed more
of our American soldiers in
Cuba than did Mauser bullets.
Our War Department sent
fifteen hundred
Water Filters
to Cuba and the Philippines.
See what the soldiers think of
the Pasteur Filter in our hand
some booklet "Held Back."
.Ask any plumber for a copy.
" W hJt's 3 tnlilloi d-Hars tnd T) -shcld Frm 7"
The Pasteur-Ghamberland Filter Co.
llATTOX', OIIH-. f S. X.
For New Orleans
nTSit Anl all way linO.ni-s wiuth cf
T I' Sit- T.-t it. . S ms. tlert, th-
t.rc. -I 1 f.-'si -t-iin-r "i tlie Mu-3ib pi
l: t r i--. s it . ll. M .- -. "j at " t in.
tr t -Tt- - n t-I ." till. -tr-ft Ph.eix
xi mi". Ji-IIN i:ii;i. .Hem
Eagis Packet Company
ni:;t t..i: capi: !ii:.nrKM packet.
, t.3- t, 5-'t.anir OP.! T KArit.r.
JvwSV-? P"r St O-n-. i-,e. tTie-trr. Cla--T-C-rf-r
-te -. u, Mtttfr.te.K Hi. ind T.iwt-r. C.xb
rtliar it-iu tXimmrree and ail Inl.rrrediate land
ItKs. i-.tr- WiNPWS and KKIUAV.i. SD.ro.
II.I.IMll.s llliKK.
IlKi'i IJMt PKdltlA 'A' KET
s" . -r HIJ K.i;l.i.
K. - AT' n tl-.i.ton. la a ilst.twn p, -14 nd all
..' .' s- le iv - SVTI I.I"Y, Mi:.ll
.1 4 1- t.
in N-rrn ins jpnkixs. go. Attn.
Te!fpl...i.e Mjln -r3.
S7.0Q R3UKD TfllP.
soar... r v. f -.Itmi'.s is I! 1 ave liarftaat
f.- .1 Pint -t 1 le oa-. A-.- it at - !
(. r "itr. i..tuin'rsi I Mt-mj.hls. Iletna anl
nil tt.iv .ar ' :- V r n : 'h I'hres
Mair, t an-1 K ia. h X II?
JX'u I- U S.KVIII.E. Asnt.
$i fo MEIPHIS.
1 1 -
ar.l -ic ,rv '.-u
r.ti--- . .1 r - '
t. - all . .-I'M
' I i .101,- i.-lsit
utn -f Alt nu n sn. Artiansi.
Iln-r t" I ." l- "
htr Itl'i'l-i.lX 1-? K l.jv.s NCLnlajr p m .
luattien: J" Mnt-tl-a'. I n.ti. Mrf.n l7 A
I P lai-s. R -Xk I. Allnl". Com. Ast-
, Stfaraer ClIratuKl.!-.
I.JIj!iji lor -" eneilcre. Chester and nil
tijRfcti " Un.tln-.s. leaies Tu-.-d .
"Piursil-t s ar.l S.t(ir,)4n ai p
m.. from Ha;-!: l'ackit tXtniany's wharfboat,
foot cf A Ine t
e- . .. M N""i- -.-EN JENKINS. AgtnU
Ttl-jJione Main Z3S.
N .riliiiani-e to rcts.nstrii. t Ninth -T
f".m Ih.ldle -rrtt to .-s -ii title.
Ii it or.lnn.ti b tin Mur i ip.tl Asum'
of Hit 'it of St l.'.uls as f.dlow
S."ti..n I The litardor p.il.hi- laiprt.i"
met.ts is hereby authorizi-d -ind dirit.l
t-.ni .- -xinih strett from Piddle sir"'
t.i .111111." It X. ept st. Hill' h there-. f
the railway -. inpanv h.iiin tra. ks on t
ret 1 is l, .;i itbi:"id to rt-onstrii' I
Im r . .-ii-iru. i.l by taklm; up ind iiii
i""r tin old p.i-.t im nt and curr.in-;. I r. p
tn -.r .tinl i ih- siipersini nit -tt
nw . iirt.mi; i.ivilii" .t ro.iiwa utituoit
;.t ait i.i. . k- on a ." ' - t. I as. -?nd in
Itii all pto.t . i.nue. tniiis .nd iittr-i'i
wi'li t.ibtr -tr.tt- atid alley-
S-. . Th li-e shall It a f. of '
drai.tle t.-mnt ft.uetet.- and th. p.t-i
l-Iot ks -till he r.1!.lte. laid vll a b. !
s.tutl, ih- tirldii"; -ii.ili i,e si-anlse and r.
on .i. base t.f tun r. te and tt luicki i w
ii. r. f
S . J Tli. .Id ixiiem nt shall he r mt'
md the (-round ft,.- tin- siipetriit"lur
par. to -i d. pth ..! fourteen iu.-hes '.. .
th ml. ni.-."l ,-urf.l. o" the rtNolwav. u
r""-t"li.. a b.ise of hilraiili. i-t-ment .-on r
-ix in. ht-s d. ep. -hall ti- ltd. on tin- 1. -l'i'
-'.ill Is j.l.i" .-. a p..itineiit of scr
" ldf k.s. Th-- blt--k- shi.ll not I..- I
than hi. and ..n.-h.ilf in lit . ror m-.r tt.
si and on -half ir.-h. s ..i. not b-s 1 1
-ur--- ..ii.; .jie.h-lt tie -lo - r.r more i
i .r .id! .'i -half Im-h-s libit, not I
tl.m nin" us Ii s n.ir nioe than tw '
11.. h.s -.ir-;. thei il lie .s t olt ttllSt -h.
d f cl. an. .."ar-. s.md ..f -ii'.!i. but -tt l"
' hr.nu the upp..- -ur;....- ..f ihe hi.-i;
-itr.r rht haie b n i.i i .mni.it. to Ti
tr.it -i'f...-. ..f h (axtment Th"- joi'
si.jiII lie t-t.mplelely till, d With s.11"!
'-i.bjt. r.es s,all be riuoid and rtpl.t.
wit. nw f.n.s The curbitm shall h.ne
ntr.-iiitht and -v. n f:u"e on the -pie P. war.
the "-niter !l"l -luill il.lVe 'lose .-ml Ji.l'l'
to thi full dt pth of tlie ston. and n" .-:.'
......I Im- les ih. i. tour and one-h-tlf f.-
I'lttK. nor less than six in Ns t in-k. imr I
tbati si".efi in. hi s .;. ... fhe .-urb i ir
diall rest iip-in a Ud of h'.iiraiilie in
en. rttf"-i im he- dpat..l tw.lxe n.. '
e.idt . It shall In- ta. k. 1 w th . "in -:.
in. het wide and ten in.hs !tep. i.r s
in. i. s b. low top ..f ctirutn"
S.s . The cost 'if the fort-coir": w o t
and all proxe-r roare-tlun i'.l Int. -tlo-is
r.siiirett stvpt s.. much therif
the railway comp-inx haiin- tri'k- o: - t- I
s:re-t is hy law ohti"- tttsl to -mi. s(idii
thariti s a lien usi the at-jteninc pr."
er'v fronttn-c "-r bor-i. rim -in "he improi
mint h rein pruvi.ltd ftr. and -all be .a
In the owners thr--of When -aid wrk '
millet, il the pi. -! I nt of the IP-aril
Public Intpr'.VtnP Ills -h.ll eompllte tr
..-t tin r-of anl ! v- ind assets tne -am
as . speit.il tax acainst aeli tot "f sr..'.
c .'.ri-i.iIJi- therewith, in th names of "
owners thert-c.f rt-sp"ctixeli. In tl.e prr.s.
ti"n that the llreir f. -t of ea.-h lot '.'.i
ln or bordering on sai.i Imrrovement I" i'
to the ttit.it number of linear ftet -if all "
projsrtx ch irceablt" wltli he sf"cia
afort satd. .tnd shall make out zitl ..-mi-'
t". the iVntjil roller, en behalf of tl.e i
traitor, hills of silt h cot and .isstssjn. .
Mc.nrdinqiv. s retpilrtsl by Un.
Approieii March iC. l.
AN ordinance authorizin-r ar-d proiaurs
for the tonstrut tion of a stable at the Js.
lie it ordained by the Municipal A-sem(t
of the nty t.r jt. Iiuls. as follows
Ss-tl(,n 1. The l-oard or -ublie Itnpnu.
mints s hen by authorized md dire-ded t .
cause a stable to If eretti.l on Ihe -
side of the Morgue in the Jail vanl s.
stable sh.ill I.- built with walls of brii k
A stor.e or com refe fouislation.
Sc. Z The cost of the above des,-rh- 1
work shall be paid by the "itj. t.f st l...in
out of the fund ypt apart bv ordinance nun.
her nineteen thousand lcht hunilrxl an-I
thlrty-llxe. for "htillillni- al,It." and th
um of three hundreil and fifty dollar -htreby
.ippropri.itnl to pay the cost thereof.
Approved Man h :r7. .
AN nrtllnrtnce to repeal ordinance nurr.-).-nlneteen
thousand elKht hur.drtsl ar 1
elthty-slx. tntitl.il "An onltnanee to pro
vide for tho construction of sewers m ISte-k
Sprlns Sewer District Number Klsht." ap
proved Decemter seventh. cii;ht-en h ii
tlreil and ninety-nine.
Uf tt ordained by the Municipal Assembl.-
of Ihe City of St. Iuls. a.- follows
Section 1. Ordinance number nineteen
thousand elsht hundred and elghty-sii. ,-. .
titled "An ordinance to provide for the to:
structton of sowers in ISock Sprinjr Sm.r
District Numtwr Elsht." approve! r-s-er--ber
scx-enth. richteen hundred and ninety -nine,
ti hereby repealed
Approved March rr, YjV).
AX or.Unatico ta lease a portion of t'-e
unlmproied wharf to the Central Ibm m
Club for a term of litc-n ye.irs from th.
termination of lease, under ordlmnce num
ber stx-cnieen thousand two hundred et-rht
H It ordained by the Municipal Assetnb'y
of tho City of st. Iiuis. as follows:
Section 1. Thf Harbor and Wharf Com
missioner and Comptroller are hereby au
thorlztd anil directed to lease to the c-n
tral Koulnir Club for a term of tift.s-.i
years from the termination of the le.se
undT ordinance number sex-enteen " th u
sand two hundred eif-ht the following d.
scrlbl portions of the improx-ed wharf,
Commeticini: nt a point on the north lie
of Palm street produced two hundred ar i
sextnty feet east or the west wharf Un
as established by ordinance number tive
thousand four hundred and threo. then.
north parallel to the west whirf line tl.'t
fet. thencs west one hundred feet parallel
to the eastern prolonjratlor. of thf north
line of Palm street: thence south fifty feet
thence east one hundred feet aloti"; 11
north line of Palm street produced to th.
placn of bef-inninB. Paid portion of th.
wharf ns above described shall Is used bx
the said CcnTal Itowlnc Club for the pur
pose of ercctlm-- and malntalninc thereon a
boathouse. to be erected to the satisfaction
of the Harbor and Wharf Comnils.-ion.
Sec. Z. For the prlvileccs herein cram
the said Central Itowln-r Club shall pax- f
the City of St. Louis an annual rental of
sixty dollars, payable semi-annually pi ml
Stc. . Uefore ax-alllnir Itself of the prii
Ilrsrs hen in jrninted the entral llnii
ln Club shall flic with the City Ueciste
Its written acceptance of the conditions ..
this ordinance, and its bond in the sum .f
one thousand dollars, with two or more
pood and sufllclent securities, to be 1
pri'VC.I by tho Mayor and Council, mini -tlonetl
that at tho 0xpir.1t ion of the le;.--hcreby
cranted It. the Ccnti-tl Konn
Club shall, at i's own cost and eis-n-'
remove from said portion of the wharf tl
said boathouse and other erection pl.i-...
thereon by tt. to the satisfaction f tl.
Harbor and Wharf CommL-stoner.
See. I. The prlvllepes hereby crante I
shall not be transferable without the n .
ten consent of the Harbor and Wharf Com
missioner. See. 3 The City of St. I.ouls reserves the
richt to alter, amend or repeal this ordi
nance at anx time.
Approved March 27. 1J-"").
AN ordinance authorizln-; Joseph Kemp"r
t.i erect, miintaln and nienite a d.iirv
lie It ordnineil liy the Municipal A-scmblv
of the City of St. Louis, .is follows;
Section 1. J-ermis-ion and authority I
htrtby cmnted to Jost-ph Kemper to ere t.
maintain and operate a cow stable or other
convenience, for the purpose of carryin-: 00
11 diiry btisne-s within the city limits n,
t 1." located at thlrty-seien hun'lred aii
tify Itobert avenue. Said tl.ilrv to h under
the ".uperxision of the Iti-in! of Health,
who max- condemn in'h stable or conien
lence as a nuisance, if not kept in a rlrunl
manncr. ainl tiKin such condemnation such
stible or convenience shall be vacated
Sec. 2. Said Jo-eph Ktmp.'r to keep nor
more than twenty cows, and to comp!
with ll ordlnan.es now in force, or whlrii
m.ii be passed hereafter in reference P
d lirles
Approx-i-d March Z7. '.
AN o'dlnince t.x i.n.tn Proadway from
Itlssell street to Grand avenue.
I!- It ordained bv the Municipal Assembly
of the City of Sl I-nuis. as follow--:
Section 1. Pro'tdway from Blsxell stre-t
to tlrand avenue Is hereby wid'nid. the
w "t line thereof to run as follows, to-nit.
1-eKtnnlni at the intt rsection of the present
j west line of llroadwav with the north Hie ..
I l'issei: Mreet. thence northwardly and co
incident with the west line of P.rnidway t
.1 point whtre the same Is Intersected b
the south lire of a lot of ground now or
formerly owned hy 15. Aller.'s est-ite; from
this point the line to run straight to a
isilut In the north line of -aid lot of --round
v la rt the ame is inters , ted bv the pres
at west line of Itro.ulw.ty rnnnin"? from
tl-and avenue southw irdly. thence :i!:itr
v nd v.t st dne to "rand avenue, the ea.st line
to lie "-Oiccident with the present east line.
Sec. J. The City Counselor Is hereby au
thorize.! pii.I instructed to cause said Proad
way to be widen d -iccordini; to law.
Approved Manh "-T, !.
Trettt !! Oimnle Pif f f-. fir. It "X"t-rtsIi-riirtiTi
r.litfiT rutrt "v..rr.Mi If-sllit-. Stmtnal Wrs"tntt, l-tt
IYir;. H.t-Kollt.i. Asters
nt-l ti.tiiiel w.lh the ni.ntf if thif nrnt-tr rtn ptwurt" s
packaio lor TRtlb lr One. Hollar. ..! If MH9t.l w.ta
''iIltlnirrt-n.Kor bslante. Iir. t. A. RohintHD. N-. 3
UwiustntI.t.a!.lta. DK'rirtiTrti.rRl-'r

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