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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, March 29, 1900, Image 8

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Tud ITiery Day In the Tear.
rriu.isiiKiis. uEonoE knai'1' &. co-
Charlta W Knur-p. President anJ tl-n. Jlsr.
Geor- I All-n. Vx-e rr.-IJ-nt.
W. It Carr. Secretarx.
Of"lrr. C irner Sex-, nth and ol'x- flrtl.
iiiEM:i.ir" i.ttijhxo
teiims of st-uscim-nos"
AX1) MXDA1 -.-KM.N lssfi:-
T Mail In AJxanc- 1'osl.it, Pr. paid.
One "War -
i.x ?i.inth ....................--
Three month- -
Any three dtx t-rs t Sunday. oci x-ar....
Sun-lax, w th Macaz tif '
Ppeclarnall Kdiliun. sunJax .
55 4)
, S'
. 1 J
, 3
, S "J
1 ".
t-unday Magazine. I
Tr wpek. daltx only G,.nt
l'ir week, dallr and Sundax ll.riiU
Tsin:-A-tti:i:K issck
rubllehed Holiday and Tliur-da one ,ear...l tv
Urn it Ix- Tank d'aft. eMr-. money order. or
r.K -bin. Ictt.r.
st I.oui. JI.i.
C""ne - M j -navatinicatloR. cannot be returned
under anx xlnumytunre,..
Kntcrel at the pct-t oC"e a: : Iauk. Mo . a
rri-on 1 1 la? mttT.
noMnsTiniK-TAOK iT'lt ociy.
Fish, ten in.l twclxe iiac-'ii 1 cut
fr- tlfn. -icho-cn and t-:iiv ia- ....
- rents f'T fpne or 3 ct! t fur two papers
Vixentx ie.
Thirty pic
to tuentx eiut pace..
.2 rent
..3 cnt-
TFuirriiONn ni:miii:k.s.
Ce.jr.tirc I "m . ... Main "-.'I
K.'1t. ra.1 Ite.--i.tto' -It. -am . Park Iva.
A ;:
.No rf
W. H. Carr. ;: istne.ss Manager of The St.
Btrxls Rfp bile. I etna; duly sworn, says that
tile actual nurabur of full and complete
copies of the dally arid Sun-Jay ll.-jral.uo
printed fiurirg the month of February. lft.
II In regular edlLons, was as j-er echedule
CYr!-- t Xfeta,
.... 75.210 16
.... 79,200jli
8l.i0' 17
4 Sends j
.. ....
V... ft...
il 8nndy
. ... ....
84.1201 IS Sunday
S3.7I0 19
82,270! 20
61,090 21
SI.I50 12.
i r
25 Sunday
26. .......
c ........
Total for tlic rannth
Jfe8 all copies srinilr ! In print
, inc. left over or ttltd
fet number distribute !
Areroec daily distrUiutlcn
And said W. IS Carr fmr. er rys thut
tlV number of ropier rfturiu" or reported
mJK)Id durls the uii,l.:ti of'FeDrao aa
I . per cent.
j W". B. CAIIK.
Birom to and Jrcrlbpd before tno tela
Wentr-elehti) i' of February, 15H.
Jfctary Patllc. Cltr of BC Ioula. M. My
wrm rzput Ajiril 2C. ISO.
ThrouRh Senalor Hoar the Senate Ju
fllciary Coir.ujiucp lias favorably report
ed a bill Increasing the compensation of
Federal Judges, lnder this bill the
Cnlef Justiro of the Supreme Court
would rect-Ive Sir,.rrtX, each Supreme
Court JtiMlce S1.".00( each Circuit Judge
50.-00 and 'ach District Judge $.OQ0.
There is always a popular objection to
increases ia oiliclal salarier.. Iu the ju
diciary branch of tin public service.
- however, the necessity of prescrvlnj; the
dlpnity acd iudepeudence of the bench
Xias alwa;rs been reaildy ackuowledired.
Few persons acipiaiiiuil with the cir
cumstances would say that the compen
sation prjovided in tl.e Hoar bill Is in
,ay case excessive. The public welfare
t,rv'irc3 tliat the judiciary. State and
federal, shall be of the highest legal
,(EWIity. Moreover, it Is not well for the
.Tjpobllc service that men charged -with
2the heavy labor of decidim: Important
gieases in the crowded l-ttleral dockets
ihould be barawed with the petty; mortl
Bcationa arising from incomes ' juade
iUpite to their station in life.
a'bls Is one of the ln-t:iii'i-s when lib
iisrality is economy and uln-u prudence
Ues in wisdow. Sei:tii and Kepre
jlKntatives who vote ft-r Mi.a a iueaitire
.Iraeed not fear tbe disaiiro:tl of public
3'here does not seem to bt? any especial
promise of peace in the offer of the Ital
' Ian Government to act as mediator b
tween tie British and the Boers, provid
ed the latter modify- the demands out
lined, la their plea for mediation.
The struggle of the Boers has been a
struggle for national Indei-udem-e. :tnd
it Is not likely that they will terminate
hostilities, tsare on a basis of agreement
.which shall leave the Transvaal and
Orange Free State Republics mill iu ei
r Ictence. Desperate as Is their present
plight, they have as jet given no Indica
tion of a wililngnes to surrender their
liberties until finally crushed to i-arth
by superior numbers. The hope of Euro
pean intervention is :aid to be still cher
ished by President Kxuger. and It. ex
pected to lead to a long and desperate
defense of Pretoria.
England, on the other hand, N imr
determined to bettle ouee for all the
luestion of supremacy lu South Atiica.
The British Govemmeut bees its way to
the definite subjugation ot the Uoeis and
the acquisition of the Transvaal and
Free State as crown colonics. That it
will be content with nothing less is
plainly In evidence. General Lord Rob
erts's first act on occupying Bioeiufou
tein was to declare the Free Stale Gov
ernment dissolved and to proclaim Brit
ish supremacy. The same course will
be followed In the Transvaal when Pre
toria shall have fr.lleu.
Intervention, not mediation, offers the
8le chance of the preservation of Uoer
liberties. There is a laiut promise of In
tervention by Kusia. in which event an
Anglo-Russian war would most lively
lie precipitated. With this remote like
lihood dispelled, the ultimate fate of
the Boers is cerlaiu. They must submit
to destluy iu the shape of .superior force.
Although General Wood, the Military
Governor of Cuba, recommends that
2.000 American troops be now brought
back to this country, reducing the Amer
ican army of occujkiUou to about 0.500
men, the Secretary of War disapproves
of the recommendation and declines to
net favorably Hjwn It.
Upon Its face, this Is rather a strange
proceeding. Tranquillity prevails
throughout Cuba. The claim is not ad
vanced that there is apprehension of
trouble justifying the maintenance of
the present American strength In the
island. There is. indeed, every rea.sou lo
believe that the Cuban people will con
tinue t icspect aud abide by our rule,
provided that, under such rule, they
now Ik.- allowed to establish the Inde
pendent, government of the Cuban Re
public, rollowini: which all American
troops must be withdrawn.
If. howeer. the formation of this in
deoudeut government is not lo be al
lowed, then I here will Mirvly be trouble.
The 8..V.K) Aincrirau Mieis imw iu
Cuba will he needed, and olheis must be
sent to rc-fin'orcc them. There will In
war a renewal of that war which l lie
Cubans so lon ami .,, hravcly waged
au'ainsi Spain, and which this Goteiu
luenl deil.'iicd to be a righteous w:n.
The Cubans will be lighting for iheir
indeeudeucc -and iu our declaration of
war against Spain two jearago we an
uoiwced thai they then were, ami of
ristht ought tu be. fri-e and independent.
The I'niieil States Government decs
imt neetl au army ,if ."'" men to asit
the I'uliau iu cNtabli-liiiig a Cuban Re
public. Its only use tin- men iu Cuba
from this time ouward will atWc lioiu
au attempt in prectit Cuban independ
ence. Jiy is Sectetarj f War Root
x (leruiitieil that the Aiucr:-aii arin
of ci-up.iiioii iu Cuba shall ! kept at
its present Mriyiglh":
Mat.ir Ziegcnhein's aiiitinle iu Hie
niatter f the hncnligatioii of the u-dut-t
,.f the Supply .miin-M..ii,-r".-. ntlnv
appaieiilly iiul.es it a foregone i-tmelu-sioti
that uolhiiig deiiniie will be done
lu the pit. pie's inl.Tol ir the local atl
miuistnitioii c:in nnili.il eeuls.
Tin: Mavnr bitterly ic-.i-m. the acliott
ot the Grand Jury iu recotiiiiieiiiliu tin
removal f Mi..l l'uiiiiiis:oner Meier
and end prom-,slinv ngaiust thst orti
er. He agiees with Meier thai lite
Grand Jury has couuncd it.li ti 111-siniaitioti-atid
iuuucudK.s.aniI proposes
lo take In lime in acting on it report,
iiutiiiu.-ii as the Grand Jiirj "had two
tnoulhv in which lo prepare its itiMtmu
tious." Says ..lator Ziegeiilieiti regttrd
ing ihU tetsuniiieudafioti ot twelve e
cepiioually represeulaiive and faithful
Si. I.ottisaus; "It was spite work, and 1
kuow tt."
This Jumping at conclusion tin the
part ot the Machine :-. cauiiot fall to
impress the public as ominous of the
certain failure of anyiitempt to reform
or improve local government by wotk
done from the inside. It is not demanded
of the Mayor that lie shall believe Supply
Commissioner Meier iucumpcleut or uu
lit for otlice on tu- Gmud Jur.t'.s recotn
metidatiou for that othecr's removal. Ititt
It Is demauded of him that be -.hall insti
tute ail Itnesligatloti of Hie coudttcl tf
the Supply Uejianmetit and that be
llall not from the very outset constitute
himself the champion d defender of
the olticial Hhcve removal Is urged for
the public Itruetit.
Supply Commissioner .Meier will be re
tallied Iu othce It machine lutltteui-e can
be made lo prevail. .Mayor .legeiiliciu
and the gaug are with him. Grand Jury
reports and public sentiment cut no
figure nltu tlnt-e riugsters. They Ialld
together "one for all; all for one." Aud
until the voters of St. l.ouis adopt this
same principle or ktanding together at
the polls against the gang, the gang will
continue lo misrule St. Louis.
In his address befoie the Business
Men's, League of St. I.011N. discussing
and suggesting certain jilaua for the bel
tenueut of lo,-al municipal conditions,
Mr. Adiel Sherwood rightly character
ized as the hesl of all rolioseri leluedies
that which should lead Si. Ixuisaus to
organize and Insist iijjou a business ad
ministration or city affairs.
Until this .shall be done there Is no
hope of a materially imptoved adminis
tration of miiuiciiial affairs. With the
cily governuieiit in the hands of rlng-bt'-i-b
and professional politicians, any
aud all movements for reform aie
doomed to certalu failure. The gang
will nee to this. They hold the neces
sary jiower as long as they remain Iu
otlice. They will not jiermit 11 change
of conditions which threatens ibeir jios
bessiou of jxiwer.
It Is, indeed, a waste of time to strive
for good government under an evil ad
ministration. The maclnue gang must
be thrust out of the Cfy Hall and hon
est aud able men jiul lu their places
before thete can be the faintest promise
of ri'Iorm. The Rtisiuess .Men's League
Is 1111 excellent organization to lead Hie
jieojile iu this great aud necessary move
nieut. Its members are skilletl men of
affairs,, -j-hey are esjieeially of the class
to furnish excellent administrators ,,f
muiiicljial goveiument on a businesslike
Professor Halsey C. Ives, a former
member of the L'Hy Cotiniil, jiointetl out
to the Hiisiucss Men's League exactly
wlienlu It has failed In its duty to the
community. "Thete are men iu this
room." he declared at the recent meet
ing, "who have rejieatedty declined to
serve their jieojile on the ileu that Iheir
business would not permit them lo
do so. It is :t shame" iil it, this Mr.
Ives sjoUe the plain and unvarnished
tiuth. 1
That large lo. at element c,.rn-.Ml or'
houest and deccul folk, who dilre good 1
government rather than ring misrule, is
ready and eager to follow the lluine-.-. J
Men's League in a movement to se- j
oc iu i;.io-i iiiucill. is ine lillsinesN
Men's League ready lo lake ihe lead?
Subservience to tin y.iegenheiii admin-Istt-alloli
seems lo hate led Hie Cloho
Democral to the lciiglh of ojH'iiiug a
light ou the recent Grand Jury. Edito
rially it questions l In honesty of the
Grand Jury's puipo-.- ami act-uses ii of
jiarlisan bias.
"Iu the report just Jiilbllshcd." it says,
"the ;niud Jury treats the jiolice with
tender cousiderallou aud surrounds it
with excuses even more elaborate lhau
usual. But il must be remarked that
the whitewash Is extremely thin in
spots aud enough of Ihe truth shows
through to show the complete inelli
ciency of the department. The arraign- ;
uieiit lt sufficient, though liuluteiitioual." ,
The mere naming of the members of '
the Grand Jury is a refutation of this
attack. I
The Globe-Democrat has heretofore
championed Ziegeuhciuism. lis defense
of iolice oiurts and grafters, its failure
to attach weight to the arraignment of
Supply Commissioner Meier and of the
Municipal Assembly was not uncxi'cct
ed, but Its assault on the Grand Jury
' passim beyonii men juridical iartisan-
j Without niainlaiiilug that the Police
j IVjiariiiicni is above criticism, it must
be said Ihat the tailurc of the Cm ml
j Jury to rejmrl the existence of a nuiri'
I lion in the Polite 1 icartiiiciii MH'h as it
, icorlcil in the otlice of Hie Supply Cufii
j iiiissiiMicr was .In,- solely to :i lak '
I evidence that tch a ouililioli cUstcri.
In onuectioii with this lack of evi
dence il llltlst In. i-oUiilcreri that ItielH
cieiicy and wroiimloing in the Police Iir
Jtartiiietit i-au be iiipcii tniicli more eai
ly than brilh-ry iu the .Iuni.ip;il Assem
bly or corruitiou iu a miiuieiml ollice.
The Ii:inli"-t crime on the criminal cal
rlltlar to JlPJVe. Iij evidence coluietelit
in a i-ourt. Is bribery. I siuilly tin- only
oitlvvaid uiaiillestalion of I lie brllx is
ttie vote or he p.-rs.Ml lirlltctl. I lie lie
gotiaiions aiv never conibn led nor the
collslilemtioll J.Jwi-,1 jn jiulilic. No one
knows of the transaction xtt tin
bribe giver and the bribe laker. Each
is fiiially guilty b.-loie the l.iw. Neither
c:iii testify :iv;aiiit the other without
blaoning his own guilt and incurring
au isjital jictialty.
Cotujian- with this dilllciilly the ease
Willi which jmllce illetllciellcy or vvrotis
doing can In- proven. A list of burg
lanes. tobberies. iniiiili-rs. riois. bniwl-.
sh.Mitings, ilistitiban, ,-s of the peace,
which the jM.IU-e should have sniiiri-ssHl
aud did not. ouM Im- coinpil.-d by a
.-Ii.M.l.,.y fiMin I he daily iajc-s. The
wiliies-cs toiild be found. A citl7ell
who slitters Ihrollh jxriice tlereliclioti,
vho is ass:mli,-l. trealeii gnillly or de
nied jiroper Jirotis-iion by the polio Is
always eager to testily licloio a Grand
The Grand Jury found an indictment
for aiii-iiijiied bribery ami iue for nv
0111:11. ii. linu the removal of om- public
0Il1ci.1l. l lie -v idi-iicc. iiior . haul lo
gel. was lorlhcotiiiliu. If the Clolie-
'UKH-nil KsJi-sseil evidence of the III
elliciciicy and vvnfiigdoitig of tin- Police
i'cjiaiiiucnl. as would apar fnuu ils
comments on h,. liniud Jury's ropori.
its jjiuy was to ri.ict that evidence be
fore Hie Ut.iliil Jury. It fail-sl to do so.
Had sin h evidence Ihsmi submiitcil and
!gnor-s. the Ciolx' I'einocnu iniglu talk
of whitewash.
If a iioui-:trli-.-iti iiiiiiiiiij.iu of six
bislues men of St. Louis ma.le a 1 are
fill Investigation of tb. tiuam-ial 11 II airs
of St. Louis ami rcflchisl the couclitsioii
tliat no earl lily way ejistisl to save the
hosjiial fuiitl fniui in. for current ex-j-istw.
si. l.ouis would make up Its
mind to livar the gteal loss, which re
sults from this diversion.
To conduct such an examination a it
rriioulri be coiiiluct.-,!. as It must b.- coti
illicteil lo avail llsclf of even the re
motest i-Iialice of saving the clierisli.il
fund, will rtsjnirc lime, energy anil ai
teuiiou ou the jiart of these men to
which St. Ijui'is is not ciniil.sl as a right.
Iiiasinin h as no :ijiirojiiialtoii for the
conduct of he examination or even for
engaging the -cniiv-. of an accountant
or other exjiert U camisl ny the resolu
tion, th,. busiui'sn orgauIz;ilious of the
city must provide nieaus to defray the
exjiense. Probably 1 hey will Ik- perfect
ly willing to do Ibis public service.
St. Louis' does 110: jiresttine tliat this
committee will content Itself with Inter
viewing city otliclnln aud avejitlug iheir
coucltLsious as oirrect. Such cursory
work would Ire worse lhau useless, as It
would not .save I he fund and would to
a certain extent remove the n-spoiisl-blliiy
for the loss of Hie fund from the
place where It should nt oil the liscnl
authorities, who. though fully apprisi-il
of the emergency, failed to jirovide in
Hllle for Hie Imreaseil jwriii-e etp.-tises-.
'1 he object tif the investigalloll tliollld
be to save the hospital fund; to t-bift
and adjust ami manage co that Hie fund
Heed Hot be sacrificed. This would lie
a concrete betielit to the city, and many
Si. l-oiiisiiuv believe that It can be ac
coiiijriishcd. The report til deat.i ot Gent-nil .bul
lion will awaken the Hrllish to a fur
ther realiailion that they widely over
estimated the Poor strength. It shows
Ihat the Tugela athletics ot tJcin-nil Pul
ler were couijii'llcd by au opponent n-k
unto death.
The Grand Jury's reiiort was a scath
ing anti administration document and
the good streets tcsoblliolls at the Jtllsi
ness Men's League were iu the same
line, llul neilhiT was partisan.
ii- t a iUesiioii of parly, but of
It is
An iulercejiteil Idler: Tt, John Hay,
Sccieiary of Stale: Dear Jack If you
need an ao!ogy lo slop the mouths of
those 1 oiigresslonal jays who are mak
ing trouble, why. don't scruple to usi
one 01 mine. Voiiis. Paunceiote.
The Mayor of St Louis N loo busy to
In esiigale iiuuii-riiaicly Hie charges
made against . cii.-iin city oliici.ils by the
Gland Jury. Indications are that he
will have au elegant Miiht-iei
leisiite after April. l'.MIl.
The number and variety of the com
jirotuises on the Puerto Kicau tariff bill
introduced iiilo I lie Senate indicate that
this sy is juirsiiing President Mc
Kinley's policy.
The wave of mural rt-fotm which has
stttl'-k the slag. will jirevetit every
jtlayvv right funu writing a drama show
ing Piesiilent. Mt-Kinley chauging his
mind. '
Tib rumjuis which the "Hoxers" are
laisiug In China 'n-iii to argue that
lliey are iui-oriioraicil as uti alhletlc
club and cannot b,. touched by the jhi
lice. tine of Ihe unwritten i-aiiotis of law is
tiiai ine loser nas tin riglil to fuss tin .
istiirt." Tin Globe ticmocrnt is berating
Ihe last Craml Jury like a los,.r.
Mark Hanua must expect to look a
bit ridiculous lu the Senate if In iusists.
0:1 tiring a kicking gun from a halr-coi k.
alnir Ihe Cuunlr.
lh-r-' thundi-r In tt-e atmo.phfre.
There's Its.litri.tix- in Ihe kx.
1 1.. ramtialKn f; akrr s on the 5tiiai9.
Tti- t-an.1ldat-'e near bj .
Cllllral war-hun-11 now
IK rterc-Iy Monu the Krtiin.I
t"..r Ihe time lo ao tn-countrj.
lla or.ee more come around!
lnt all xollr 1iuin-s aside.
An-1 s-ets that this is don-:
itlxe uii our .ul to politics
I'ntU tbe day ie woa.
I'.iKht in the front of party strlfa
Xlut patriots Is? found
Kor the time to Mi the country
lias onxe mole come around'
UIl'blTl' 1. SAU.VDEnS.
Itcsiilt of ';ir I )i-i;irl im-iit s Stir
r.Ntf 1 In Iliiiiuis, l)ipl:iiiii'.s
tuiil Mississippi IJivcis.
Kecoiiiiiii'iiilatiniis ('i)iuc "er tip
jioiiiiiielv fin- 1 In- Iniiu:i:i'
Tlllslecs ill tile Suit
I'd'ollglll liV St. l.ouis.
Hth St and Ivnl.-.lvj- j V
Wds'iiugt,,),. Jl.irdi y, -rii s .tr-lj y uf
Wttr l.tlty -m ti, t'onress .1 r.)-ri of
.itmv ni:ln.srs u the i-x.imln lil-n 1
sutvey of Hi- Illiniiis ami Uivvt-r L".-id.i'ie t
rlvt-rsi The il-Jer or Kiifttii's-r. liiwui
V IN..11. fMirt.t tliat umlt-r the ti-r ui 1
lurln.r at 1 of Mar, h. lt . i .itt.w
to alnt a l. .ml f ilirts? nii,.-. rs h
make this itiirvey and t-stlm.it' of Ho
cost f.,r Improvement of th- I i-l- r ln
nolo uid l..uir Dei't.l.ili.-s In llllu . 'iii
Hie View of tile t-Xttllli of liUvU-' I'll!
from the Illom.U Itlvr to l.tke Mi li'i. 10
.it Chit-iK". The iounl wusj n-iilr-il ta
furrlh eMI111.it, a 0f ulr. o-t for a . Inmel
T und b fevt ilerji thruuifh'mt tl.e
proposed route und fur this i-'in-j JTt'O
., ripro.rljt,ri.
tieiit-rul Wilson st.i,, u, u... it ft I
of -ti.-h tmtaitt.itire itut It luis I- -11 fj.t I
liiipra.-llrjMe to Iirest-ni 11 full rtjrt t
'oiibiss diuimr it. pr'-srut t,ss..n ana
thtr-fore. a coy of the itr.-ltlx.tii ir r-- -t
l.iiet Mor.-h IT. l.s'j. with m.i - 1- "
niHf.l at !hl time.
It will l notf-l that tins r-Hrt .m-s In
v.rv oMortini'ly fr Itu- uf of t.- 1 !.
.u Ur:ilnat;e I'uiul Tri.t,ei. In their jnMi.r
to Hi' Mil: brought by St. Iuls. will, i.t
s-t for all H.p-.tr-j:j ,- ,.f the ib f-n-l.tn!- !u
tin" United sjtales Suptenj t'uurt le-xt Mon
day. Tl-e n-nort ftatrs that the c-onnml.- and
practical roliilloti will U- ft,atid In the con
struction of canal from I.orki',rt 10 thp
Jolirt Itas-ln and from the Juliet l.iI:i 'o
Irt-Iovv the month of the IC.inV.jK.-e i:iv,-r.
The IsKird of the ofiliilon that a canal
10 fn-t deep ami ! fet wldv t the 1
tom. with tlx.-tl appr-a.-h,?. kIvIkk S f-t
tl,ar li-ad room and with lu-ks ) l,r ?i
1,-et would confonn to the r-jlt-tiienii of
u riv,r rhatinI s ft-: deep at ih extteni
low water. Tlil nouM provide ft.r ihe
lart,-.-!-! Imii; ir.il.'ic Ilk. Iv I reat h lid
rout- and l..i:.m-. the ttss.tiiin ndailons of
Hie t-iTt of Jan :arr rt. UT. alllliK fur
Mirvetj. arl ,tltn.ttt-t.
To provide for th- M!s!n;ii l!lv-r nav-U-li'.n
from llir ml of this .anal donn.
tt-t..tiiiiietid.-d In the sanir lejHitl, the Uarl
, t.rsld-r the toiuhltxatijn of n:i oln i!.fr
ud c.i mil Impr -v-ni tit tu l the most :!-at-le
The 1 haravti-t f lie .Mb"-ilppl River
riviailon tlit mlaht be ep,s-t,s u. s k
Itu r' He uas mad, th- subject of an -
ie-ide. study In ill- r-Krt of !. in I ,
the tlra i-ht of tftsitit encistil In su. h If if
ft. ha- tu itu v.av tntrt.ts.-. since tliat time,
ihv ciih tusiun Is tea htsj ih.'t l-jr an '
foot at-rvi.i In th,- ,.! 11 river lot kit will
I tti ifctl ;- bv i'- tt. Hie slzv of ilw
ItM-ks I..-I..V .
Trie r&.i t location and fln.il tlraae of
th- nork miei aHMlt the lotnx.te' on ot the
Mirv-y and lis additional tlala lh.il the
latird Is ollt.iliii: Kruin wlut Is n.-vv
avallablt mi et-tliuate is snbiuttlt-l whtcli.
while only approximate Is csnlderc l.
the board Mittieieiitlv larK- t ptuvidc for
the woik oiitllr.ttl uudt-r th- nto't adv-'rse
isinditbins that may art-. Tlic--. ctiiu.itii
mtv N rtsiiifs-,1 b furtli-r tnh.
Kstimate lor t-foot ctiiiiitit-l ftom L'lii to j
M.irIII-. i"i!V.
Xlarseillta faii.il. lli;:o.
Mar't-llbs to K.ttik.ik-.- I!lvr. ts5Jf0. .
I'aiiul from Katik.ikt- Itlv-r to th-Joli-t
bas'n 5i XT. .
Joint I.. -in to the .!i.iln.rt;r ranal. JI.3S
Ift Hrl.lK- J..-.j.i
iiUht "f .i. $)
KiiCin.-er ctiutliiK-n. Ir., 1 CV).
Total. SI.tuv
The ti.'.ir.l making the retain conIss ,,f
f.di.tiel .1 W. Itirlor.. Major J. IJ. VVU .,r-l
tttd Majr f Jl Town-. n,l of th- Corps of
Ttie l...ird make no reoininendatLin as
lo the xn-!illturc of ltd- .-no-moil sum . f
Illol.f) for Ihe lllpsc ,.f tsilllil-tli; th -
.t- a n.ivicatlun rout..
Th. report no doubt will b m:nl- lis- o
! Ihe att.rne for th- dr.iituo.-. ean il as
evib-nce that th- Itov, rnni-111 .s.nsM-Tt tli
canal to be part of a prol-ct for lnterslai.
conim re. and probility tint was the .nr-p..h-
..f tin- npprupilailon of J'(j for inak
ItiK ill 5-irv-.
1MIIW I.I.MI ll.ll Vl:'.
Ottte mitt VIIourl lleseri iillotis
iti:i'fiii.tc si'Kci.i
Washing.. in. Marh 3 The House to
day passeil the Si-n.it- bill providing for
the r vi.iii nod ailjustni-nt of certain sale..
of laitds fu the Otoe ami Jlissourl is-.rx:.
thins in ii ills. is an. I Nebraska. The bill was
fonL-hl billirlv b f h.ilroi .ii Iii.t- ..r ,1...
Commit I- on 1'iibltt- laiiid", und was tul- '
v.H-at.sl bv 1 1. Piute I'll mi of ikl.i htiiii.t j
aii.l Ib-pr.s. ntailve Cald-rh id 'if K.iesa
Il provid. Hi it 'the S.-!:- .f it.,.'
l-'terlor si:in cans,, noil.-, to l-e rlv.ll 10
said pur-lias'rs tiielr li irs and t;al rt-pr. -
-tii.iilv r.i- llv-ly. of Hi- amount .,f
the .1. f. rr.-d pa in. nis found to t- ,u-
anit iiupalil on It. Ir r-Mi- il- jsirchu
tiinbr the adjusiiu. nt Im -or continued
an. I ulthlii or. v.-i.- th.i..if'.-r It hsll I
Hi. dutv of u. h pur. I. !-!. Ih.ir li,-r
Hlld repteselll.lltv.s l.spc 'lt.lv to Illlike
full tiaviiii-Tit in .-iisli .f ihe amounts Ihu i
found liie bv III. 10 seer,Il. and in d. I
fault of such iavrnm uftliiu s-i, to-ilu,l J
or on- vear in- -tnr or any Hir.'iiis,r ,
In d-f..ili shall 1- forthwith eiiict., ,,nd I
the l.in.is ti.ill U- r.olil h :li.- M n-n. i
of the Indian lit not I than Ih. up.
. nils.. I abe th-rcif and In no ...se ,u I
!- than S' " r : r. . a piovi-l-d ii
midtr which Hiev w.r- t.rn;i-iall I
sold I'poii making s-ii, j cituili t- iai.itiif 1
within the time
ii..i -too 1-1.rcu.1-. r
c, s. uliillt . - it ill I .
1 ,al-nl ..r the 1 mils
bis lu irs or 1 i;ai i
t-tititb.l to ie. t ive
so pun b is. .1 '
I'M.I l 1ll
'iaiii: si:itv i :.
Vliienitlnelil to lilt-reuse
Hie lotnl
Washington. J1.ir.li i Ihe iti.'stion of
exteudiui; Ih- t'li-iitiitiil. in te- .-r i. - to a
number t.f post ottlr Ihrotlltbollt the cauu-
trv xx.-i . onaiil. r.-l -ii a s.je-. t.tl ni.et.n-; .if
tile Hulls.- Commit! n Post t i;hi es to-
tluv. and .mri ein.-ni wa- r -o b.l to insert
JT:j.I" In the po-t oil!.- (plirot-riatloii bill .
for the di vclopmi nt ai.d -xt.i.sliin of IhL
s.rvbe Tbl Is a .sij.e'.b ruble iucr-iei
..xer iir-vli.us api'iopiiateii-s, xx hicli h.ix.. (
le-en siillbi. nt onlx for ir rtm-tHal . rvlee
In .l fi xx cities
lini.i u;vivr nvnvi.
Secreliirx IlltcbcocU W II
Tbenl Iti Hit sennle.
Itl.l'l III ICsl'l.l'lAI..
Wavt.iiictoii Jtari'h !s! . S.sr.'t.lrv
lut-rior bit
!. .'i.le.l to 11 1 to th- S-n tt-
th- t.iiei In Hi- . h tr. s auairwt li.n. nor
Itarnt-e of Okl.iln.Pia .fid Ait-ni I'ollie k of
the Is-J:es The Sellllle. :tt in- Inst.nt'e of
Senator Harris or Kaiisis. ba ii.issel sev
eral resolutions . alllni: U tlie-c do.-umnt.
but the Sts-rctarj until this time ha- fatlci
to compl.
WllsblllKlitil Vrrlxnl.
i.Kt'iT.i.i.-srrci vi..
x a"tilnetiin. JInr. h n -Hotel arilvil:
Shoiehani-1. It-tkewell. St la,u'.
ArlitiKion- R. Iloluit-s Si. lynii.
Willard-N. Clatk. llil. Te.; O. K.
I)!l!ll.ti. Texas.
ICab-lKh- It. A. Clapp. Knowille. Trim.
National J. II l.eter. Atlanta. C.i
St J.inie A. W. Kief man. Arkansas.
1 11 J ti re. I In 11 Collision.
While Silas (J.-, h of No. 2."'5 North Thlr
t.entli strist was driviri; a hors- north on
Twelfth strctt. i.ear tho ts.rn. r cf i'lieiniit
street, he collided with a buuity ov. tied by
H II Hall. To years oli. of N'o. Slo l.uc.is
avenu.. .Mr Hall's, liiicc. was iipsPt Me
sustained a fra. ture of a rib and a bruise
on the rlcht hand. On .es-ount of .Mr. Hall's
ace hi injuries ar sinidered tlanseroii.
He xx as removed to Ills home in an am-liulancc.
IHK. Jt Jr&f jTJfl JvTViWllkiiiiiiiH
iiiiiiVTr -Jiiiii1iiH98SSiBB
H)fl M. o() t.FST I.OI IS.
J-: !: . VV I .1 l.Iue fr J . : 1 f il St. I. .111- Cert if Art' '' w.n born In
rraiiklm i'.. lau. K-elu. ky. In ivy. In lsi. I.e came with his jiartnts to Clark CountJ.
.MI-iMitili. wh-rr lli resided until locating In St. lamlS tu 1152. Ho received his early
elu a'i..i, at "be t.iihUc . ho.il-. In Clark Countv. and at St. fau.'n Collejr. I.ilmyr.i.
nn-l a.,- ti-ofnit.d Ii.-m l.i Unnc- cites- in IVTI. lb wa- udmitbd to the Isir In
1". H- 4- Si- .kr of ihe Ml--.. :r! 1 1 -.us- of ll-.r. ntativ-s in Us;, and In Ilia was
1 1.. le.) Au..r:-. j ;. t..-.t! I'an th- ;.lr illoli of Hi" urrn in th- Ittt-r otM-e he lor.it
ts in m. I.i.i- ..,.! t.xinesl Hi- prattler of h! irof. --ton. I'i Aptil. Is.s.. I.c was ap-jm.:.-l
J .ia. ..f th- Si Lmf- fin-nil c ort.
Si"ii;il Ti:iin Im-hiii I.n- AnaiIs
Ibilltltl fur 'llic;,i.
ttia-i nt- -mm.
fa.- Anit.I. . i.l. Mar h IS A pe".al
train, i.-i. i-ii.-it; of .11: . iiKiiit-. itiv.ite car
attl an ttclirnry a-r..mnMt.iHtin c:ir. left
Hie Santa r". I -a i.ran.b- Station vl-rla-inuri.ltiir
i.oti a r.-.srd-hr nkinc trip i.
Chici:-.. Ill It arrie Al-s.tiitl-r Itoivton
IVat.M-k !. l it-- prin ral in ih- I'ar
nKi. si--I V..rk-.
Mr. I'.- -k nn:-i I- in 1'itt'bur n.-xt
Sal 11 In l. 11 h- r-.i:.i-d l-rin f.-r
liiin-. II mil rb.- le hi-" Mri- on th 'Im
Ited tra:, h-dubd Hi b-ave ht-r- .1 '
o'clo- k in ih- ii.twit: h tat-.l that 111"
pr-e n. - bj. d mamb-tl in I'iltebur? not
later than S.it..r-la iitn. le 11 Inform d
th.it .-.II lower lrih had l.--n ld. h- In
tiilr. d th. is t of a spwij! train to ht
tac.. "It will r.i --ii a cr.nt da! f triun-v."
raiaili-'l J..h J Hvi.w. c-n. ral io'n iiK-r
ac'i'i wliu iidl-.l tliat the train could
lurni-h. .1 f..r m.-thln. mor than tt.".
"I II lake il. sim Hi- ntnrer. iii.il,
a. If ih.- hirtnu of a es-ial train aero the
tsniiniit n.,s .-n orllnarv transaction, and
onbT w.r- al ..n-e ttiv-n to pr. puxe th
Jlr I. ... -k and hi- f.inillv and a t':r"V
or fri.nl had l-n vi-itinc In Son'hern
Califoima lor ome tint-. He tec. ivvd a
teb-et.iiu ).-i;ertl.iv nioridn.' calilni: him 10
l'ill-biirg to tt -id the tin.il tn.t-lttiB of the
r,irn-r C.mi.it.' ..a S. inrtlr..
Th. - ii.-il train, .irrvinn . hclil t-rs..n.
will ni.ik- an avian- of tnor- than f ni
nnies an hour l-'or a it.r'ioti of to- '!i--tatic.
Hi.- line w.'l 1- tnor- thin sitv
nill-c in h"'ir T i. r tin . ft ire at in
......!. im .- I'lor Itlie "tl I- .he I' " !-
rjlio Kit-
di 1 The rid- Ifin t.r.
t-it to
IMt i.l til... .I...IH I..I.I..II
t rs TI..- inn. ' 4 'III iu V. ill 1 Ill.el.-
Ill .ixtv-si h.oit-. . r Ir-.- and to llnb.ir;
III alv.cu . v:.l.. I.ve b-.ut-. III. tast.M
tiln- a r. 1 i
t.'iiiiii' HisMisiiiuii tif Mnin
I'oiiiiil al .Mi-i-.iiiier UiuliIaiiiN.
Ju.lit. Ifii.bdl ti llirz-l .lit. -J it : r-.-In
the ciMtoii Cirt i.ll four! In ptir-uaM.
of yiipol in not bv ihe , rti-s ii"..--
.-s.,i. iti :n- i-.:n 'a.-. . i.. ... ....-
In.- Isitik ..I Jleini.hi- ...c.tiisl barl- I'
Collin- .1 ' . " I fb. ibs - l:i K'"- j
.-.r,.i.i,. i. -!. i.ims .: the il iio:i 1
.. . imi.. 1.. ... .1... .
m ..-til 1 .vi'ttic."- 110:0,... ..s ... ...-
, K.tkw 1 lev
.I.e. .n lb 1 Ir..
I II 11:11 1 .10!-
rnl ill trb .Martin w
Ik ivy. c.i th- . . inphi
lb. iiioc ard Jlr
il-ir is til in eiiiiii;
le ...II. I Iv ...V !.
II ink 11 blub r- "I
l'h-ker. 'all. '' '
the molt. il' moi
e . .. . ...I.I 1.. I... Iti.,1 l.e-t bV
' Hi"" ' - - - -
Colin- ,1 v. -..in. 1 Hl'thl Is- On.. 1
ul.o ai ass .till 1 aieK.tt i o.t.
.-n .tiiniHli'.d upon him b Martin l.tis
I, . Win 11 t'olliu v.i- pi.-kd up ift-rw.i.d
in ,ii i:u.'"i. loi.s . oi.diti.ui b. w.i mluti
ltatl $..e. !n-bx W.I mdii t d. I.Ut l'"I
'In-- bo- lev ...-.tr..i i pr 1- Ui-
Two V..I- !.tt-r lit.' I- iwr -. ot.o
lloiie'l I'
on. of lb
iiiii'i:..!- !
'1. .! -ill sin . -oil I 1 .cv ie ar
id. ii...'.; r.s running Hit, ash
In.!, a 'Ills Th bill We. It-ldlt
.11.1 ! 11 ent to me l!-:i-ur.
W irhn atoii. -.1 l l l w.i- !
otll. tal- at
r..b-.ni..l T! cu . Sivii'e i-iiik vv.i ior-
in. rl
t . le.UO.r l . lot-. .11..1 iti-.i..".
lb iMti'i-'
I if... .Il'li:- i ic.-.x-r n
' - .p ..; it., d" -i ! H.
it.'i! r i .' b minus .,t-
il- ! .11. V . a
III..!. I- w.'l -: t
t.ilie - ! -
IIi Arii-sl on Kni-iin-r Swei'llu-.U'l's
Acciisaii'iii I'lillnws.
Sim I; .-b' -t x-.tiini: man 11x1111; -so
; N".. .Hi Kb V-oili -t-i !. :irr.si.sl
-l .lav a' In- .'U'-' if Miss j;..iiiie
Itart 1 a 1. rmt ? -w..li--trt who !lv .tt
No ITW Sotilli S.v-ntli sti -!. ill I'arta
.m.l .1 v. ura: I ai;a 1111 'tin. t hintius
liim wiiii uraiwl btris itx ne .u. tn 1'
!utix promi-. ! t m-ir. x- h -. and tit.ut e.l
11. t '.. IUIII t.V.I to him CS xxhl.l! l.e had
:tx .1
Jli-s itart 1 ini.lox. b the Am-nt 111
l.tl;i:il'tt fompanx Tn.t illo.llll- alto h'
met l.ii-hv II, I'tok b-r to -ex-ril dae. -and
in a short time. ' savs. Il- ld her lo
iM'lievt h- vxa xfiiag to na-ry h-r. Wit-i
t..- Is-Ii. f that in.v vxer- lo Ie- marrasl
st,.- -aid -he 1.1 him have ih- lnon.-x. xxiii.li
i. Ii al sax til. A i-v. ln .tier -I.e r.J.I
l:i ! t p.r- 1h.1i a marniic- II . ns- b d
let-ti sa..l to Sam Ib.bx ..litl Mlst l..!la
ltb-.lntev.-r ..f No '" !!" 'i 111 m sir- I. Sh
inxiMltal. il and f.-iift I that Ih- mirtias
ha.i taken pl.es Th. 11 -in- .'. in 1 id-.1 tl
retutri of her luon-x. but cxti.M not t
siort il
Itu-bx- r-fused di- 11 1 i f.i-e xxiili r--strit.
but hi- .iiorii-x. At i.it.br Vutni:
si:it. tli.t Itu-b. hoi noi obt tine 1 ihe
tiiom x imo.r Ih. inintv .f marriai;-. lie
-aitl Itu-l.x His, in.-i Jib. I'arta "ti th-ti-
1 wbhoii' 'I- t. imtlitj of ..11 ii 11.1-illl.-tton
1 I" x all nil' d -'X .ll ..."li. s lo--eth-r.
but lb a nuuii.ian .- went no :ur
Anii'ticaii iniiiiaiiy liicijti(ii:n'l
Willi a t'ajiiltil nf s;.VJ.ihid.InTi.
Tr. niu" N J .March "3 -The Am-n- in
Sle.1 sr.'-a c impany vxa incortatr-itctl heic
totl.iv vxlth a capita! sto. k of .".; t..i.i. The
comi.in i .iiit'ioriztil t.t .l-.il In Iron ai.d
steel Tie it. ..rt'r .tors ire. ! W Mo
nro I J JKC .k AP a-l L Cum I J
Trirv.l J Civ W V llw-IgM T M. D-.
Jr.. A. P. Rartletl and Clifford C. Hay.
Seiiait i:iiiii to I'mitiriii Ilvnum's
Wrtshinston. March ; Tin S'tiatr to-div
fall. d lo otihrin ill- noinlnailoit or V li
Hrnutri 11 "e-n.-ral Appraca-r ,.f the p.irt
of New- York, las-anse of the alxetKe ..f a
iiuorum The nomination was debut.il at
K-m- hnc'h and w i a:iack-tl bv S. na'or
Jor.t-s of Ark tr... I. rr arel Mn- tvlilte
Sen.itor Kalrl inks a-..i Spottn r sptike In
Jlr. i'vi.ti-n t.. hal'
The njn:ir of cntirtnation Kie.I their
opposliion or th- rr ini ihat Mr It. turn
Is not a Iflminr.it. al h..uli n..niiii.i,t .1 as
i-l; Tbev . ttll.-tl all. till. .i t., th- law re
iiirinK 1'ial f.eir ( ill. Mr. A. r.ti-rs
should I- ef a aii'v .llfr.i.ii fr,.m th
t. ib-r tlv-. and -ni.iidsl that .Mr Itvniun'.
apiNilninif-1,1 w.tulti Is ,.i!trar t, bin
Il w is tvplloi thi: .Mr ttynum harl t--en
a rVuotr.it throuulioiit hi arer. and
even .nrinic the lal.palsll of ssi be had
It--n a jiipi,rt. r ..f I'.lin-r and ltnck:.er.
Il ws sl.il.l -h.ii .Mr. I'-rnuni had re-
slliisj l.i -.lion at Ihe h-ad of the gold
Ietnora-ic p irtv In lien
ltjJlrv. Hi .pioiint. :iserf.d that Jlr
lfvnum bad 'ak-n th- Lad of th- c-.M
tn.ivtm.iit In the I, i.nrattr panv for Ib
purpose of ilef.-itlni: Jlr. I'rjiii. a-d "t v
tinoletl atlldaxit from ptrsons vvbo pro-t-s1-.!
10 have heard him sa that I nil was
bis rent,n
Then a vote w-a called for. and fh- l-m-t-rats
rt-fr.ilr.sl Y.m voting. hti br-ik-tri;
ih iiaorum and for. ing an aiijotirn
tnt nt
Admirals, h'.iiirv ami IvinijilV Sail
Satuitlav lo TtiLi Cli:tii.
San :"!., n 1 ... . h rs m ih- lltmg
Kum. Ijii.. iviiicli vm'I sol on Saturday
for leiia ...d Jair. -.-.ill l two AdmtrjM
"f la I i'i:.-! Si it-s Cix Kt.ir Admiral
K. m;.fl .vi-o h-- h...l . barirc of the JIare
1 IsiatHi N'V- V.ml n. , Admiral W.it-011
vi-r.t to Manila to rli. ve Admiral L)-e,
1- :..in 10 ih- Far Ka-i :o take command
f 1 lie Chin., Station vlni'r-.il IC-m-v will
it. . -.! Wilson n .ommand of lb- I'hiiip-
J.ll ts g.et.
Tsn i.i:r.s mvmi.v.
M la. Jlaifti r. Ibar -V.lmiril Watson.
ii 11 ird ihe ilrotiktvn. lu ! parl.kl for
lloim-K'.in;. nli-te Ii. e- . ;.. tI to trans
ter hi command to R-.tr Admiral Itemev.
Two (.mil. Ml last week .1'. ov. rtd a
Me tm-r siciiallinc wltti itit shore at Cai.
llw..itr. lshnul of l.-iz..!!. Tti.-v piirsii.il
lb- s:,am. r which etii't;iiili. .! la r lights
and si a,, seaward 111 the .l.irkli.-..
a' ii.mon. Mar. i .. It is a!d at the
.- . . .. .- . . ..:
i.s.,t i.,-..tr:ni, "i 11 .; tn- ir.titi itni; ,if th.
Iir w.irh!is al V.kol.ama II.,. no inler-
I'.tiMnal .isuiti.-an. Tie I'aliun.ire will
uf'i Admiral Wat-on t. Vokoliatm and
..fur b.- itirn- I.'- ..inni.tr. I ..-. r lo Ad
miral ll.-m.v II. will... me holll. 1 wax tif
Su-s uii it., italtimoi. Ad1.11r.1I 1:, ni-j "will
h.s. Ms Hat; 0.1 lb- H'.oklxii and r-turn
to Jlanila The .-wark b.i le-. n elected
as th- tlai:tiip of '.di'iual K-n.pff. xx bo will
hive cha.e, ..f 1:,, ..., ,.i..I tlixiMo.i of the
tb-t. xxitb b. ad.i.ariei n t'tuin ... xvaier
Ilav ami Sloan Will Pitibalily lb
Trietl A-iaiii in April.
Caindee N. J . Jl .r. b
le.n out mu. e 4 ...sk
x Afi.r having
.xester.l.tv att-r-
notin. in- imy 111 th. . . .f William 11.
II. iv e'i. How irl K SI. in fh- "nil c.-'phin
iit-vxp,itt-r mm xxlio xx.-r- iri.il Ittr tttii
!!rliiK lo loliire il.- r.puii.i'.'i of Kuit-ue
Ii.iriKitl ot this tttv. ..tine into , ourl bhort
IV aft r 1 t, ell k thl morning and 1111
ni. an. .-.i that n,e. had i iij..l to agree
'I .. 1 were dls. li.iri: I Th.- 1. -,..,n.i will
p. isll.lv be tried .iK.iln al 111- WM term of
tulllt. XXlll.il loux.-ll.s lH'l TUed.l,X.
Tile tr ui of llax .intl Sloan was the re
mit of Ihe pUbtlt.lt, oil l.lt S-pl-IIlLer III .1
rtulatl-lphtn llexspaKr of .1:1 alle-ed ,-on-fcaln
by Kli Shaxx of thL city, tliat he.
bail ktll-tt his moTh-r anl irrundmotlier.
TI'. txxo xxoni'ti w-re iiiur,i-t,. at their
hotnt it. tct-.lsr. 1''T. and Shaw vxa ar-r--.-.l
liaii;.d with the crime il.- was
tri.d on tx.o iii'l.. tni'-iiii. .m.) aiitutieij
111 time- it.- n. -xp.s'r siorv xxritteti
bv llax .,:..! Slt.iM siat.. 1
I1.1t Sh.ixv had
tlnailx le-tu li.du. ..I to in.
had nnpll. .1 d Hot:. 11. Im
1, orj afi-r tli. la..
and itiat he
nail .is an ar-
- i'liii!iliiini "oiii'siuii(Ii.i,-,.
Tnii'Kas.v. Hi Thinks.
r.isttnast-r llaiimhotf j.-sterd.iy Iseiieti in.
s.ruition. lo th.-tl-rk at tie- u-neral de
livery xxmdow.s 11 tin- Cost unite 'o ket.
t.b on th.- nienb-r of talb-r ami aNo a,
eertaln xthelher they xx-re r tldeut of the
eitv or only lrani nl. Ill lirst days in.
vetiuatioii sbow.d that there vter- l.lt
t. liters, of whom l.lit, wet- residents and
JIS 'tJitsii nit. To all ."1 pie.es of mall
w.r. .1. Ilv.red. 11 bieie- to the re-Iilt-ntM
anil I- to the trann til..
The l'o.tmal.-i Is 0f the opirli.n that
this toiidltion of atfalr. should not exist
S aking of th- mailer, he said;
'Th g-m r il tl. -livery 1 inti-cd-d r.ir
'rani-uls. .-.aj not for i.-i.leuts of the
ft. Th- iir.o-Ii... of Iiaxitii; 1-tiers ad-tlr-st-l
to t'i- uenenl tb livery is gettlni;
entirely ts inmiiion II nnoitate it mucli
l.i ret r fott-e of clerks than should 1 re
nulr.sl. siinl, le-sldes. eiicourasi-i clandestine
t onesjsndt m-
"I biv-e had before mo a number or the.
callers for mall at tb- i;i ner.il tlevtry am
I Ural In ivcrv . ae tbc are much cmbar
r..s.d. and vt ral of tht-ni have rushed
out ef thr olllt. just the tnnn'iit I aktsl
whv ihf tiki n-.t luive their mail sent to
tht. ir homes.''
The ICublni-telit Club was entertained lnnt
fvciutii: b Mr. and .Mrs. Uaarent Ten Broe'rc
at In- r-sld-iice K- J- I-inKenb-rg.
No 4. IT li.-Im.ir tKiulevanl. The club mem
t.. -st w-r- pr-s-nt In umi-iiallj larse num
bers, and in addition. Mr. and Mrs. Tei
Cn.. I: hutt-d about two d3Z-n frbruls 1.1
ll-t. In Ihe programme Popular numbers
wire the order of the cV-nliiK. and the must.-
f.-asi j.rov-d -specially liiterestliiK and
satisfa. tor Utsht r-freshment.s wer-i
.rv.-.l at ihe close of Iho proKramms,
whltb follows:
Ilatiu- I-. . uiiiin-Ka l'ai,-anlDl-Ut
.wr Jtolwri istjior.
tai llipple Itfitlnald Pi Kv-l
tl, A Mar Morl.lliK I- len4
Mrs. Xtartin Imn..rt. Jr.
a. I.t-ntnc h'ir ...... Senumann
(b i,!.uO Ka'lina .... .;al.rte:ie MatM
Jlr Clttl-s A. Ka.th.
,a St'.hp S.-ni;.
IM It'jtin.!. tt
I t In M-it..r of Mendebohn's tleath.
td Ko-i-lin 1 lilld.
In v-.ut-ritt-ln-ss.
Mr. otlinar A. M'l.
.a, !!..-. X'.e. Fl-tlt
to Th- lt-s..ry Kth-It n N-n
1. At I".,rtln rthur IJbr
Jlr. liaan-nt Ten Ilro-k
.i h ::.! JItreh of Marln-tte... .Chopti
L. ..ituite .. .. ....i-irambJtt
Hit-. Km Jtuit-'ir.
a, lh JT..-r Vntn ftiibtsatln
C'T.e stt.et t tlower lt.t I.I'.vr
. Jam-s Rr.jfer
1-1 v 1.4.1. .' otimar A. Jl'l
tdi I- .r ..lu-lk Hubert Kuni
Jlr. A. It-an- Cooler.
Tl.e U-.Jm-sd.-iy tnb Scl-nee S-etlon has
Is..e,l invitation" for a lecture and matinee.
tmistv.il o be glvtn to-morrow afternoon, at
2 ..Vl.M-k m Association Hal!. Y. M. f.
A bull-tine Miss Car.. Ills- Hazard, presi
dent of Wrlieiiey "olIei:e. will be the hon
or, e t.f this affair Mrs. Charles J I. Rohl
a'.d t.r Alton is to te the speaker of tin
aft-rii'ion. with Tonalitv'" as h-r topb
Tin- s.it.je.-t will le .uiiply Illustrated with
volee and pluno. .Mls J-ssIe Ktnttrn asslst
lh;. The proKnitnm-. which follows, con
tains a number of odditle.s and antiquities.
.J n.lr-s- 51eo,lr ...Turitnd-.t Ii. C
I -a f'anta.l- Vrat. -t'al.s-
d- Alrr.ees
11I.I Aribian . ...Arranit-.t by l-llclea Davtl
A l-luli Jt.lody
id ll-hr-tr I'hrvitJan fthlrd niod)
.r.-k Mvmis
tat s-tkll. Kplrammallon.
ibi lltmn i-. ajjoU CT3 II. C Ammge.2
bv Katiri:.
luj-aiiin- . tllj-po-Pfcrvctn
Pa-r X.-ir
-fou-th nrvv
... Ambrolan
..rallas -
;ric,rlaa.'jCalT.-i vlli.
oi-:io .... . .....
A.: IV: s-ri- I-willow Some"
, lrar. sc-ine III-rinal.
Scx-. II
IJ..I.U n IJehstitlU"...".".'
' - aiaina-m
. 'Waimer
Ia.ic .Vewton Ifedtics. will dernrt to-mor-rowr
morning for a short vMt with bis sis
ter. Miss Hedges. In Indimapolltf.
Jlr. and .Mrs. Seller of No. ZZZ Pag bou
levard announce the engagement of their
daughter. Cirri... to lIoc Cohn of Stock
ton. Cal. At hom. April 2 and E.
Mrs i. Wolfert and -Miss Clara Wolfcrt of
KalrmoJnt avenue have cone to Little Hnclc
and Hot Springs Tor a visit.
-Mrs- Edward G. Simmons' and her llttli
son. h"Iher. of FarmlnRton. and Mrs. Joseph
Clark lairan of Carthage. Jlo.. are spending
the xvi ck with their aunt, Mrs. James
Whitelaw- of Page boulevard.
Jlrs-. W. H St-i-Ie Is serioulj- ill at her
home. No. 41:5 Washington boulevard.
The marrlac- of JIlss IJIllan narlehjh of
No. 3J3 .Morgan street to Herbert Banks
JIoher has he-n set for the morning ot
June S. The ceremony will be performed at
St. AlphonsuVs Church In Crand avenue.
Mrs J. D. Harrett entertained with a jon
lull luucheort jesterday afternoon nt her
home In West line boulevard. About thirty
ladles wen Kiiets of the hostess. An Infor
mal mu!ral rill-J an hour or more after
Ml-. Hell and Miss Mildred Hell ttave th
se. und of their afternoon card nartiett ve-
t.rday, Invltlnc nearlj- a hundred friends to
play six-handed euchre. The prizes w-er
fully as handsome as those of the precedmir
afternoon Jlr. E. A. Peek won the first
pnze-a decora t-d vase. Mrs. Thomaf
Nbslrincltaus bore eff the second trophy, a
s-t of drawn work doylies, while the third
prize fell to Mrs. Franklin Armstrong, s
I It ture.
The Kiiests yesterday Includedi
MesJumes -
t.ugene tVUllams. Harrison.
Jacob Van lllnrcom. c. c. Ralntmter.
Thomas Nledringhauslllackwell,
Wlljon. I'ullen Rattle,
Rraitsford I.xtK E-Jgi.no Smith.
Jam. s ilr.tn. Otto Jtereman.
William A Stlckney, A. O Cassldv.
I Jl Itumsey. otto n. Korstor.
Joseph Dbkson. LudwiK.
Notes From the Tlieaters.
Mls AJa Rehan' comlnr t the Olrraslt
Tl.-at-r M ani.jun.ed far April t She win aa-ti-ar
In "As You IJke It." -The Cmtntry rur."
'The School for Scandal." "A Happy l'alr." and
The Tamlfiic of tho Shrew."
-.Vrttoni." In l eectnd eeayon at th
Obrrt.lr. Is ilr.tT.-lnic weit from among the
who mleil eelni; Auxnistuit Thomns'a excWIenc
play early la-t fall, when the xx-eattier wu till
very warm ft will be folowed ty JIx. Joha
lrt:w tn 'The Tyranny pf Tears."
Jlr. Andre-r Mack In "This Laat of th
It-bans" comee nxt Sundar nltcht to the Cen
tury Theater, where 'The SUrprtes of Iayre'
ar- llnc d-monstrate.1 this week by a Fna
ntai corninny.
'Ihnt:rln" ln Knlih) Is th tjnilTrtre at
.v!'iic Hall ih- iatl Square Orra Com
pany stnctnx thl week in "Fra DIavoIo."
"!.hermtn" xvtll fce retkoned amonir th mest
t.T.nlloti iind.rlaklnfs of the season U? at
ITIrleenlh and Olive.
filllette'i rtar. "Seert PerTiee.' at pepslar
prhe. I tin line ai.prr!3ttve audiences at Ila.
bn' Ihta week Kor nett week Vefffl A
Denilni:'- Jtlntr-ls are announced.
Th- calette of Isham "Octoreois" At ths
1. 'and t;-ni t.me ere .0 ji-ntanu and ct-an
thst the -how inuM b- pmnouneed ona of th
t-r ceen ui this li.iie thl ..non. N-xt week
tinman llrurl. a melodrama, mill be the
The Columbia LIU. with its human anl fnur-fi-.t-d
at r-bat I'et Haker end other funtnak
et. Is recelxlri: its hre of the daily theatrical
potronaue which eeems to 1st pretty evenle
ditrlt.ul-.i tht week An entirely new olio will
be preented next we-ll
The itxv Jtit.queraJ.ra" M the StandaM are
p. I replaced bx th- "American !lur!eiur."
who will -!. ptjx a return nBagsnient at JUn
tr llutl.r's house.
Thl exfnina. at Nrthirelern Hall. Klllat
an I SI Iui axenue. the St. I.iul. Sketrh
flub will Rlxe an entertainment, tncludlm; three
ebort t-Omedle.
I'lalura Tsiiyotiiotos Wife Flatl
I Iini AiTi'steil.
I'talora Tuyomoto. sailor. juirRler. wtre
waiker and contortionist, who has. appeared
In several of the Iotal theaters in different
specialt) role., and who glories In the fact
Ihat he Is a genuine Jajianese, spent last
nlcht In the holdoX'cr.
"Tmijo." as he I generally known, trai
arrestetl on complaint of hi wife. Etta,
xxho charu-tl him with disturbing herpeace.
Sh- accompanied him In th- patrol watron
to th- Four Court from their home on
Chtstnut street, xxhere be w.11 arrested.
Jlr. Tsiiyotnoto d-ciansl that her hus
band was very jealous of h-r, and yester
day afternoon broke all the furniture in
their rooms and cut her clothing into shreds
with a dirk knlf-.
Accordlnc lo Jlr. Tsuyomntn. her hus
band's history is Interesting. She said that
he wa. awarded several medal for bravery
In th- war b-tw-en China and Japan, anil
was toiuddi-reri one of Ihe l.est gunners in
Ihe J.ipnnee Army. His breast, shoulders
and arms ar- covered with tattoo mark,
representing Japanese scenes, and the In
illtto inscriptions on his hands resemble a
Chlnev laundry ticket. The woman told
Captain Reynolds that she and her hus
band tr.ivebd through Ihe Cnlted States
btt summer with a circus, doim; trapezo
ard Jn-KliliK speelaltl.-. When the circus
went into winter quarters they came to
St. foiuis.
Texns Cnlilinue Cttinlnr.
Corpus Christl. Tex.. Jlarch ;!.- Vesterdir
nnd to-lav twenty carloads of -ahbac- I-fr
o-it tor ..onio-rii iii.irKt'i. ine snipmeilt
jreaks all Southwell Tex.ia records.
'J I
- .' C
y iff iu
?. oc
.'-"S ane
a k"
g so
B ter
i. F
1 " nut
kr-1. s,a
M ol't
V -3sMe.
NJjf I-ef
Mm M
V jv and
i -,T
Si - Pat
TH Daii
t -. ave:
fe" Mat
.' ther
JL Can
t on
? - rave
-,-.', a" - r.

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