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Hero of Manila Is Greeted
With Ringing Ovations
in Chicago.
Ctnif.ii'ssman Sliacklpford Scoicd
tlnj A(liiiini.slnilin"s St-rvililv
to (Jrcat l.rilain.
Pageant in his honor.
Chorus of Three Hundred
Giris Sings His
hVjircM.njiiHv" flarlc Anpi1 y()ni.
Wry I'tiintrtl (Questions i
Icf'iciici tti llio 'lav ton
Uulwor Treat).
Balls and Receptions in the
Evening The Drainage
Cana! To-Day.
Chicago. Mav 1. To-dni's celebration, the
Sf.rst In America -it which Admiral George
.Jlency conld be present on the annncryirj
of the battle of Manila Cay. was worthy 'f
the famous tlcton- rully tA)C" people
were gathered along the line of march of
the da)"s parade, nnd for four hours the
Admiral was busy bowing acknowloi'gmcnta
cf the cheers that met him from all sides.
When the parade entered tho thickly
crowded streets downtown, the Admiral
met tilth his real reception, and It was en
thusiastic. The cheers made practically ore
continuous roir, nt manv times so loud that
it xvas. diRicult to hear the muse of tho
land -which marched ahead of the Admiral's
On the step of the Art Institute on Mich
igan avenu" wire Gathered S0 toung wom
en, n number of them clad In white, heirs
fo placed as to spell the word "newct "
As the e-arnage containing tlie Admiral ap
proached, their tolces burst forth in "See.
the Conquering Hero Comes." and th"
march was btopped until the song was fin
ished, the Admiral expressing great pleas
ure at the singing.
Naval, military and civic crgantzatlors
tollowred tho carriage containing the Ad
miral through miles of street decorated
with flags and bunting, and with models of
the cruiser Olimpla made from arious ma
terials, the most popular practice being to
outline the cruiser In colored electric light.
Speaking to tho Manila letcrar.s escorting
his carriage, the Admiral said, on seeing one
f these Olymplas:
'Fee boi?. there Is the oil ship." anu Hie
sailors gate a heart). "A)e a)c "ir," In
HnlTclc.I liy lloui-iiets.
Not less pleasing to the Admiral thin the
expressions of greeting and pood will shown
by the decorations were lh many spon
taneous proofs of a real welcome that he
received. If the Admiral'.-, carnage cme
Bear enough, women threw floi-crs, from th
jrlndows of high buildings, ard the jailors
around his carriage picked man bouquets
that had missed their mark and fallen lit
the street. When there were no Mowers
there were cheers. ar,d afterwards the flow
ers nd the cheers came together, motirir
the Admiral to rise in his carnase and bow
his acknowledgments.
After tratersing the busines- part of the
city the parade was reviewed bv Admiral
Dewey io the presence of thousands of peo
ple wedged in a literally solid mass for
clocks on cither hard.
A lunch-e.n at the Cn'.or league Club fol
lowed, and f.t S p m. Admiral Dewej and
his aids tore the guests of the Vnieruy
Club, while Mrs. Dewev and the members
cf tho Women's reception Committee were
entertained at dinner b Mrs. Arthur Catoti.
At 11 p. m. Admiral Vcv e ard p.Tty lls
ttd the Naval I.eserte Veterans' Associa
tion ball at the FirM Regiment Armors
The stand trom which Admiral Dewe;.
reviewed the parade w is built out from the
grand stand erected along the south rd of
the unHniihfd post office building on Jack
son boulevard, and here thous.ii.ds of l co
rplc stood in the street for hours waiting for
the Admiral to appear at the head 01 me
parade. A number of wo-nen fainted in the
Tho coning of tl Admiral was made
known by the special parade e-coit. a de
tachment fron the I n'ted States ai:n
gaile-rlns up to the reviewing stand. hn
the detachment had formed. .1 carriag--containingAdmir.il
Dcv.e). Mav or Harrison
and Charles A I'lamo'iJor. of the P.ccep
t ion Committee drove up giving the crowd
Its llrst view of the Admiral Admiral
Dewey bowed m Mrs Dcv.e. who jat at
one of the bro d ).!nd).s of the e'n.en
league Club, dlre-tli eppo-ite the review
ing btind. anl t!in the r. viewing parti
ascended the stand. Major Ham-on stand
in? in front with A'lmir.il Im t The lonj
liarade then began to iile- b).
'1 lie Pnritelr.
After tho heads of the Cliie ago Police De
jartment came Gcii" ral James I. Wade.
V. S. A., the chi'f mirshal with his .tides
nnd Colonel George M Moulto'i. I. N. ! .
chief of staff and his aides The special
parade, escort, which hid resumed its place
In tho line, the Armour Dnmi nnd Uul-
Corp?, four ccnipanus of the lifth United
fatates Infantr. and I!att ry I. I'lftli
United States Artillery, piecedcd Genenl
John C Black, assistant chi f n-jishal and
his n'des.
The parale was in light Iiiisions. each
preceded by a marshal and ald"s. and each
containing unique to ture
Tho Chicago 1 ire Pep irlnvnr. wl'h lilies
and rosts blooming Irom tie smokestacks
of the engines and all the opparuas gil
decorated, precedtd bv the -vet'r:!!!. Chief
fcwecnej, in ,m autom bile formed the I.st
d'vision of the p trade. A msd -1 of tin
crulacr OIv mpi.i on top of a hook -nl I id
ler truck attracted Admiral JJewej's spe
cial attention
Tho parade required two hours to pas
the reviewing stand and Admiral Dewey
Ras kept occupied aiknoivledging s.ihit s
nnd saluting tho v.-irlous Hags, some of
w-hleh had been o.irnel in b ittle and
Bliowed the marks of :u tinl lighting.
Though eierybodv- "wanteil to s"e IVncj"
therwasgn it Interest In Mrs Dewey, and
manv persons got .is neir .is possibl" to
tho l'nlon league Club window in order to
tee her.
When the parad" Ind pissed, lines of
police opened .i narrow line through thu
crowd, nnd Admiral Dewe .md the review
ing party .ro-" d Jack-on lou!cvard to the
Union lA-ague CIu. where a luncheon and
reception were given to Admiral and Mrs
Dewey and members of the general Kxieu
tive and Women's Heccption committees
and Invited guests.
To-morrow the Admiral will sec the fS.
WXlOnO ship ;md drainage c.tnal from tho
railroad alongside for pirl of the distance
and from a boat rai the canal fer the rc
Jnainder. Ilcceptlons. luncheons and other
ntertalnmentn will consume tho rest of the
oay. Mrs. r( Wfy w,u the gue3t, 0f jlonor
ax two functions.
VCm ar ricntlf Optirlattir tie Know fcow to
tnake nd fit gla((s. JUamlnation frc.
tGGERT & FISHER, 317 N. 7th St.
Between Olive and Locust SU.
Sketihod on thf Dcwi-y .special tniiii I an ailisf of flic C'liicapo
Public Offices lo Be Closed Saturday Committees Meet to
Make final Arrangements for Banquet anil Parade.
'j in: mioiis nun i.wi vi iov
Whereas. During the w t few divs
4 the ptcple of the eltv of St. I.culs v ill
V be honorcl bv the pe-eiiee in thtlr
midt of George I)fwe. Adrri-il of
the 1'nited States Navj. tin siat
s hen. of Manila llaj who s,n. k the O
tirt and the almost 'n 'sive- hlmv
during our recent war with s5; un.
vhuli victory Immeliately eontrib- s
uted tow anl establishing for iur
common country a rfw plie, in the
H-t of nations, putting her i-i the f
foremost tank, ai.d O
Whereas. On Saturday, the ;.!h of
Ma. a monster par.-de Is to t ilce 4
idace. in the partieipal'oii of vvhieh
all classes of citizens have h-tn le-
quested to join, to shew- the etem
nnd admiration In which that great 4
l.ero Is held.
V Xow. therefore, the undersigned,
Majr of the clt) of St Louis, doei.
hereby proclaim a: d dechire Satur- s
duv. Ma Z, lSiv. to be a public hell-
dav within raid citj, ard does ie- O
0 nuest that all bu-me!, be susinded
on that day. so that all, emplovirs 0
H and emplojis allk-. m.i lie afforded
an opportunity of steting our d!.s-
tinuished visitor.
The arrangrments fo" the ieicitlni of
Admiral IVwev and iartv a: alino-t eom
plct'd A few minor di tails .ire lipg
looked after by the different committees,
mot of v hich held serious esterda.
The i:ccutive Con mtttc" met esterda
.trternom at I o'clotk at the Mercantile
Club. Chairm in John . NobV piesided.
JI j:. Tovnnd rcport-il Hut the Admirals
part would leav- Chicago V.Vdnc-dj
night, stopping for the night at a suburb 111
station. Thny will make the trip to Jack
Mnvi!le ovr the Chicago in I Mtoti. sort
ing Thurd.iv mor'iing at S clock, .inning
at J I'Wmville at IM p 111 Hr lh v v.HI
be m-t by a social committee of which .Mr.
O. .. Wiltelvv is . h lirman The train
v 111 arrive at 1 ulnn M.ition .it I". p 111
IM'vanl Ihvoj of the rnteit iiniii-nt I'om
mltue reported thai l"i't api!i, itions fer
s-e its in the cram! stand nnd been loeilvd
A the grand stand will --cat onlv U it
was derided to s-ue tielets for the grind
stutd to tho"i wno v ill 'KU-e tickets for
tho bano.net
A peIll commlttte was appoint d who
will see tint all of the Admirals proral
w.mts nre atti nded to Tue ehilrm.m is 1.
1.. Itidgelj The lnemlnrs of the commit
tee are. Doctor lMward livers-, Julius 1
1'ov. J. G Alwood ami Crank W.wiun
The ISmuuet Cornmltfe rcpotbsl tint
Itnte a number of tickets for th" 1 11 ' 1 t-
1 ail been sold An on receiving .111 Invi
tation should at once is-j,.)iid with 11 cheek
and .1 ticket will be forwarded at once.
Mior ZiegMihein was present ami ft itcd
that he would iss ! 1 11roclam.it ion making
Satiirdav Jlav J, .1 l.r.lih'v All tlie olfle-s
at tho 'ity Hall will I" closed, and .is f.ir
.is po-slhle. th" bu.incss pifn will be .iskd
to follow huit. The committee adjourned to
inei t again to-div. for th" list nine, at I
o'clock. it tlie Mercantile 'Iub
A P'titlon wa? picsenl-d to tlie Hoard of
Dlr-- tors of th" Merelunts' Iliihainji ves
t rd asking thit tlie ehange lrf- i !osc-l
S,iturdiy In honor of Admiral IVwcj It
was signed bv a mmber of the most prom
inent members on the floor and will be
granted bv tlie bond
The Qulnev. 111. colonv will hold .1 spe
cial meeting at the Mercantile Club to
night for the purpo-e of arranging an en
ter! linment In honor of l.ieutenint llnrrv
Caldwell of Qulnc. who is Dev.ej's 1'irst
I.leutcii mt, and who served with him at
the b ittle of Manila, l.ieu'en ,nt Caldvvill
is accompanj ing the Admiral and Mr.
Iewev on thir Western tour It 1- thede-s-Iro
of the fornur Qulncj citizens to mak
a handsome prtent to the l.ieutenint and
to entertain him while- heK'
At the headqu irteiR in the Hoe building.
Colonel Hull slid thit the im.-l details of
the parade were nearly all arranscd Nine
apprentices of tlie L'n.tid States training
ship Monongehtla. who are home on a f.ir
lough. will take pjrt In the pageant TIv-v
will be a-ssigned to the Kouith Division.
Tho boys aie all fron St. kui-. Ten vet
erans of the Mexican War wili also take
part. They will ride in arriages
To-night at the ltrs-t Iliglirent Armor)
the Spanish War Veterans will hold .1 meet
ing and make final arrangements for their
pirt In the parade. All who nrved in the
bpanish-Am tican War are Invitid to come.
One feature of the parade will be the bit
talio'i of cadets from Culver Military Acad
emy In Indiana. Thev will arrive in St.
louls at o'clock Siturdav morning on ,1
J-pecial train, and will proceed at o.ice to
,tru Planters Hotel, where they will nuke
their headquarters during their m,i. In
the afternoon they will march In the pa
rade, and at its conclusion the cavalrv
squadron will escort the Admiral from the
r viewing Ftaml to his hotel There s are
about 2U9 of the cadets, under the Com
mand of Major Glguilllct. forty of tin m le
ing meunteit 011 i.lack horses. The cadet
band and four companies of inf.intrv make
tip tho rest of tbe Culver contingent.
Grand Mars-hal Colonel Georg. L. Hev
nolds has selected neirly all of his aid
They ate. li, s. Abidle. J. N. Hrowu. .-
Iteneelict. C F. Dl-,tk. S. S. Hiss j I.
Hrusli. M. M. r.uck. J. J. Itauleh. S. II.
Hucklcv Ciij Billon, J. l Ulrge. Charles
I'ampbell. M. H. Cliartrand, H. II. Conrades
T-..DAv.Co.,'' .' 1L Klupton. U H. Conn)
J.M.ChesbroiiBh. C. S. Charlotte, 1:. H. Dar
Unslon. Jr., J. II, Dunkln, Tom II. l'rancls.
f r
K hi.
W. : rieuili g II irr 1: lliw.s w J
ll.mlev Cdoiill. II liilIn K .I .Itihn
soii. J G Jojo', Morton .biunliu. J
J luison. I" A Johnson, 1M s, joni. K, II
Ki-er J Kiiine.ili II G 1,'ovd. 1' l
I.1I.1 .1 1 Moller. J'-ed W Mutt. Uoliort
I t t- 1,1 S.m.iI. rs .orv.it C I Vti holls.
! II U I'lulp-. G I I'arkcr C 1'irs.er.
I K l'tiuiut. J H J'ohlminn. J M K.d-
Do, tor I: Schriniz. H Spoon-r.
Km tor Mav -ttarkluff J. J Seliottui W
C s,t-,r v 11 stiiucan, t I .list,.r '
Wit dmueller. ,lu i-iili II l.wli , .mil
W I: Wright.
i.t' i.il I'oiuiiiittci' Dep.uis In K
1 oir Ailmiial HfHi'.i.
1. :im i.r.:." ii iii
Jaek-onville HI Miv 1 Kverv thing is In
readmes hen for the G. A. I! encamp
ment which will begin to-morrow morning
with tlie meeting of the Council of Admin
istration. The V i: C also will convt ne.
In th atternoon there will be an enter
tainment at the State School for the De if
ind at nieht a reception for the department
To-night .1 special committee left for Chi
cago jo niit Admiral Dwe-v. It will return
lien at 1 ,t p 11 1 lmr-!.ij . p ir nle will
iollow Ia'er there will le a teceptlon for
the Admiral at the ope-1 house, and one
for Mrs Dtvvev bv the Woman's Club.
Ciiniinal I'micfhui ('ii.-iiiucil 'I'o
Kcstiit-i I'liiiifst Iiiuiiijii.ition.
Manila. Mav 1 Major General Otis his
Issued an oruir whic h will have 11. e coVct of
stopping ev.t'ioi-s ef the Chlne-e immigra
tion laws Instead or the certificates of
form-r reside n e issued b) American Con
suls at Chinese ports, the 'iln.imen desir
ing to enter tin e ouitrv must produce eie
di ntlals jirovirg former re-Menc. with
proef that the v sti'l have property or dome-tie
interests Pi the I'liiIIppine-e " Hither
to a surprising mimlier of Chinamen have
ben arriving undi r consular certlllcates.
Anotiicr eidr making changes In the
Spmish criminal procedure his been Is
sued, giving an u Jsd jverson the tights of
hibias corpus, of being confronted with
witnesses .iK.iln-t hlmelf, of open trill of
e e mpting th" accused from testirjing
agiifst himself establishing the American
vte in of bail and pleading, and abolishing
tl e priests' c-vcmpllon from trill !j the
eivil couits for enrres and misdemeanois
Tliee ate th onlv changes immediate I) de.
s-lnble. A complete revision of the code Is
Irf t for the e imimis,on
Grand Annivei-ar) Celebration. Mermod
.V Jiccard-'. llropelnay ,t locust, all this
we-eh Mush, flower" To-div. Gran J Sil
verware Displ.i) Do not miss It.
Se-liietlliigrcr IleniiliiKrr.
1:1. pi m,ic si'ixi Ms
lilghlind. HI. Jlirl-Mr Charles Schiet
tinccr anl Miss Hinnih llenninger were
e-iib tl in irrieel last night b the Hevcreinl
1" G Gcrher.
Aeilded nt s(.jiiin.
lit l"l Ul.lf M'1AIAI
Sedalla. Mo. Mav 1 -C c Willi 11ns and
Miss Je-ssie , Hud- were merrieil to-night
bv the Heveienel Milvin IMttnim Chirps
Hodes of 1 1 le Urn in. HI .,nd Miss Cora
Jones of Kemp. Mo. were married at the
bride's home last night.
Iveiliiir 1 oerter.
i:ri'i"i!i.ic PiTLiM
Wate rloo. HI . May 1 Jacob Kohnz. Jr..
and Hllzabelh Coerver were mairled near
here this af'einooti.
Itosclier VI inula, .
i:i:p: rt.ir spi c ii
I.itciifield. HI . Mav 1 John Hus-her and
Miss Til rest Mundiv of th's eit we re
in irrlesl by Kather Carroll .11 St. 'Marv's
Church to-da
limi'lo MiiHiallaiiil.
Itl.l't I5I.IC M-KCIAI.
Nashville HI. May 1 Charles Hoodv and
Miss Marthia Mullnlland. both of Lively
Grove, wete in.uiled hrc to-day bj. Jqdhc
V. In-11 'V.nttirc
Xeeds ss.t.nce it miv ie i,et to render
it prompt!) but cine should ror.i inkr to
use even the most tierfect remeelles only
when needed The best aril most simple
anil genth remeelv Is th" vrup of Ilgs.
manufactured 1 the California I'ig Sjruii
Co. Adv.
souGiern llfthoill-i ('onfe'reiiee.
i:i:Pl Ul.lf j-l'i:"! M
Hutler Mo. -Mav 1. The Nevada District
Conference er the M. 1; church. South
met be re to-elav. '
The Hive rend W II Cohb. Presiding Kl
der. waseleeted moderator. The Hcvirond
J i: Alexander of uich Hill delivered a
sermon to-nlglit. Wedn-sl ty will be de
voted to foreign missions, a number of
ministers and I imen are preent.
I'lte nrs Ove-rluriie.l.
Marshall. Mo. iv 1 rive ears of an
ea t bound . X. A. freight triln were turned
over and badl smashed up this morning
nejir Hlickburu The westbounl inornln
traiiis -vere rent eiver the Wabash, 'rs.5
castlHiund pissongcr w ii thre- hour-, Inc.
stalemeniK. I'roiii state Hanks.
It'.Pl IIUi'M'l e-t.vl
Sprlnglield. III.. May 1. The Auditor e,f
I'ublic Accounts to-dav lsUf.d l CAii f((r
the regular quarterly statement of the con
elltlon of State banks at the time of open
ing for buslucsa on the morclns of April
I.KPl 1 Mr .spi:,-j)u
Washlimton. Ma 1. Two segsloni of the
House afti moo 1 and evening vvi ic d. -veiled
to the dlrti.sslon of the Nicaragua
Cani'l bill. To-morro v will also be devoted
to eon-idcratlon. and then .1 vote will bo
taken upon the Hepburn bill.
In tin de bate to-da it wa 1 clearly shown
by the Democritlc leiders that the eountrv
Is oppoed to the administration's lack of
Inekbone In the canal Issue, and that it is
opp..se.i to the construction of an isthmian
waterw. which is rot in the fullest sen'e
.in Amerlc.Ti caml built by American
monev, fortified witli American gm.s. and
controlled absolutely by Americans.
Deinund American ('mini.
Hepresfnlatlve Shackleford. leading th
minority forces against the- administration
scheme to let Great Britain control and
domlnite the canal, if built, uttered the
Wejnote of the opposition.
In a spe,,,, llc,i n .statement and eom
nnndlng the ntteiiti)n of the House by
fore- of its argameiit he scored the .admin,
istration's pro-I,rltih ttucUing. and de
minded in u lnlf of the Amcricm people a
canal controlled onlv bv this eountr.
sluul.h-fiirel'M Inv-tit e.
Mr Shickleford give an interesting re
view of the- Monroe elo-tili,. its inception.
grovvtli and .application, and then. in m il
teriv inventive, denounced Gr. u Britain's
seeming friendship as j tranpir.nt fraud
He al-o dinoiinceel as i.nair.erii 1 1 11 L.
administration s ikiIKv of t icltlv alignin
this eountrv with I.ngland in its qinrr-ls
ami sche-nes .gainst th. other nations of
the world,
i.ngland hid .ilw.n-- bem our foe ii
ail. and to-i:.i she. was th,- .nunv ne
had most to ilnad
Germ Hi) Trance Ku-.sia. Aiistrii-anv
one in the group of nations we could tru-t
-ave. Cre.u Hritala She was tlie unre
lenting Uf of the M nine Doctrire- and hid
alwavs 1,. .,1 airalnst this eountiv from tlie
divs of ti. n.volutio'i (Mr ci.ul.i the
yi.e-en be s.id .toe-. le-tneen us ;i.,d the
m il e.f our ambition 1 h. Moure..- Doe trine
v-ould lee recog-ilz. d the world ovr within
thirtv elivs ,r j:nglmd w.iuld nv thu ...
would i,sj,t ,i,. .inerii-an iciitention that
Anierie 1 was for Americans and no for
eigner reed come miiMling in t'i We -tern
Heuilsjdure He for one-, he mM, was will.
Ing to call a hilt and stv to a!' the world
that no foreign Pnu.r thcuM .U. -11..11 us
..s to our puliey or our plans upon the
es4rrn 1 olllll e nt
I'O WIT fill (llIO-.iIoi.
The debate- to-d iv levtloped unespcctedlv
fiowerful opposition. Mr Hnrton of o'lio
chairman of the Itlvers and Harbors i-.i-nl
inl'.tce. Mr Hitt of Illinois, chairman of
the 1 ordgn Affairs Committee, and Mr
innon of Illinois chalr.-aan of the p
proprlatlons Committee, threw- the weight
of their inlliP me against it. not because
they are uppo-id to the buiMing rf t e
canal but be,c-,u-,. they considered that the
lime for .authorizing it, coustrucllon was
not rliie.
.iJIr,.,n"'Son, I1'"1 Mr' 1Il,t '""lei-ded th.t
the hill would violate the CI vt.in-hulni r
s-.ii. viiiih -,-u.irantees the 1 - utr..I.t- if
the can.!, and -Mr. C.ini.on quot.sl Admiral
Walker, chilrm.111 of the Isthmian Can il
otmmssi,,,.. a, ..a) ing that the commission
wa not set prepired to s., which was th,.
be st route
Mr. Cannon contended tint the authoriza
thm of the construction ..f the ,.,,,.11 over
the .Mciniguan touie at this tira,- would
h-lav It- buildin-r Mr ve-ars .mii ,s, f'n(l
government r0.Hn",0ii.. The debate al-o d. -).
loiKsl other lines f opposition. Some of
the Democrats insist that the amendments
sinking the words "d.f.nd" and "fortltlca-
lons from the bill are de-lBiscl to make it
harmonize with the Ha -I'auncefote treat)
aii.1 thit II Is therefore objectionable, and'
Mr. haklcforel of MI-ourl deslnd the bill
.imiii.l.d mi that If that tr,at Is ratified
Hi- bill will not go into effect
The nnomilous pituatlon is therefore nre
smted or pr.ictlcallv e)ery member on the
floor piofesslng his frlendslilp for the canal
and el of powierftil oppo-Itlon arraved
against it on v-rious ground-.
Cbiiiiiploiieil l. llepliiiru.
The bill wa.. ably and vigorouslv ,1,1m
pioned by Chairman Hepburn of the Intei
Mate Commerce Committee. .Mr. I.ov,rnir r
Massachusetts, Ml. H.II1S.IC11 of l,an i
and .Mr. Corliss of .Michigan. M- I'letihei
of Minnesota was th,. nly nenib,r or the
l ommerce Committee who oppos. j the pas
sage of anv bill at this ms-i,,,,. irJn ',",,.,
debate to-da), . -Secretarv of state Sher
man was one of the interested listeners on
the floor, and Admiral Walker followed the
proceedings from a scat In u,0 tes, rv.d
The Nicaraginn Canal bill un., ,i.
railed up and Mr. Hepburn offered tm,
-imcndnunts of the committee, suhstittin
the word "piotect" for 'Mefe 1 ." an, the
word 'provision" for "defense." instead of
fortifications for difense"
Mr. Hiphuni .sii,i jt was now- almost c
actl fift.v-foit- ear -.live th.- project .if
an Inte-rc-e came caml was first broiehe.T
but tills was the first d iv a bill t , .rrJ'
such .1 proj.ct into .iTeet hid received tlie
attention .,f the llou, ,,f Hcpresentatiies
There had alw.i.s Inn vme way to elefeat
action. "And now. again to-d ij"." i. t,('u
tinuesl. "we sc-e -oni. ge.itlc-men. not.iblv
the gentleman who has twice before cle
feited actie-ii. i-tiiiding here protesting that
this is not the auspicious moin ut "
Jlr. Hepburn reviewed tlie whole historv
or tlie cam! proJct and vild the- reports
were practically unanimous in ravor of the
Niearagu.111 route.
Sie-aking of the CI iv ton-Hulwer treat)
he declared, .amid .1 general oiitbur-t of
applause, that the Irte rests of the Ameii
c.ins in the canal had become so great
that they would refuse to lie l-ound with
a barrier imposed bj another generation
half a century ago
l.egardlng e-ti-ting franchises. jr j, p.
burn ald whenever the treasuries of
Nicaragua ard Costa ISIci were low thno
eountrie-s mi!iI franchises. In all, tweuty
se)en hid lieen gr.ieitcd during the list
lift) j cars. This hill lecogmzed dtnl d-iit
v.ith none- of them. As to th, l'anirni
Canal. Mr llepluirii rxprcswd the opinion
that it would never be feasible for the
I'nitcd Stites.
"I want." said he. 'and I think the
American people- want, an American .-mil
which can. ir nece-sirv. discriminate in ta
)or of our own people. gi)ing our commerce
the nd)antige our the comnn ree of othe
cojntries (applause), which are entering
upon the most Intense content In the idstor)
of time, and it ia the Intention of the Aim rl
can people that thev shill have their full
llare of the world's rommerce." (Kc
nevveel applause)
"I want the can.-.l. when completed, under
our control. I d not want oar hands tied
before we enter the contest."
I'lnrU )k n Question.
"If we pass this bill nnd the Senate then
ratifies the H i-I.mnccfotc treaty, the pro
visions or v 1 I0I1 cotilhit with it." inter
ruptcel Mr. Clark of Missouri, "which would
take precedence?"
"I do not know." replied Mr. Hepburn.
"If they absolutely conflict the law would
be superior to that treat) "
"No!" cried gentlemen from various parts
of the hall.
"If we decide to protect the canal. Ihe
Hay-raunccfotc treaty would give Kngldud
the tame rights." persisted Mr. Clark.
"I am afraid," responded Mr. Hepburn,
"that s-uch action would be unfortunate for
tit? crutUioas of my bill. But It the House
So many houcwI)cs stiff, r from nerve is
eVpn sslcm due m catarrh il we.ikr'ss 1 ecu
liar to their sex. :m 1 suffer on ear niter
v.ar, not knowing whit their ailment Is
Mrs Mary Cook e.f I'lttsford N. V s-if.
tered for -a-c ve irs be fore- she iearnol o' I"e
luna. vlr." Cook ncently v. r-ite the follow
ing letter to Doctor Hartinan
" vr! not well for six jeers, paid
mnny doctor bills, but neer lmprocd
cry much. I ae up hopes of eier
"I'inallj I wre'e to Doctor Hartnnn. and
I am thankful to s.iv that I am now well,
tluough his good advice and medicine I
-in gaining in ilesh and fie I oung again I
was virv emaclate-d, but now my own chil
dren are- s'trpri-ed in the great ch-inge In
ire when the) )ist i.i" "
of Hepiesentatlv-. by an overwhelming
lot", dei I ires the policy of the America a
l-e.ple to 1"- for :n American canal 1111
traniineleil bv ntangiing alliance s. no one
In Ih.- I'mted States win dare to say "na).
.Tpljtsit I elo not think there U a dN
iKislti.m bv th.- administration P thwart
the will of the American p.oile. " (.Ap
plause )
"If I is tint the Intention t pre.s the
li.i)-!'.iuniefo!e' tre.ai). why i it not with
drawn"" ashed .Mr CI irk of Missouri.
"V.V iniijet not t-iop 110 v for fear of s.-ne-t'llrg
ill the future." leplled Mr 11. pbuin
"If jou will put tint word "foitif)" back
in th- bill it v.ill hive the t-narlmous vote
c.r this side." said Mr. Clark.
"I do not think tlie- cliaiif.es tlie commit
tee consented to mike in the- Interests of
hat muni, as we Mippos.il, make any rad
ical differences In the MII," responded Mr
He pburn.
"Do jou think the CI ij ton-Hulwer treity
e-an be abrogated by an act of Congress.?"
asked .Mr. Dolllver.
"I doubt it. It would be better were tlie
abrogation to be arrant,. -d tluough the State
Departme-nt, but I entertain no doubt of
out power to abrogate it bv legl-latlon in
cei'siitent with its continuance "
Mr. laevenng of Massachusetts i-ald the
time for discussion kid pa-s.-d. The desire
of the American ieople for the canal was
imaiimous. the fe sibllttv of the ioule
was proved and e-vents shoved the nece.-si-tv
of Immedi ite construction that we might
lea- li H,j( reople 11. the Orient cheaply.
iorV of nn c- inir.
Dining the last -.se'im Congress nppro
piiited $l.(-m,"-M for the investigation of the
various ii-ute-s. One thousand engineers had
be'eti at work. Ici on the Nlcaragu 1 route.
SO on the Hanami and 1) on the Darle n
route "Would Congress go ahead and dls-le-gard
that prodigious work done b) the
Walker eommlssionT"
Mr. Cannon state-d that an lmestigetion
was being mule now as to the advlsabllit)
of cutting off from twmtv to twentv-llve
miles of the proposed route which it was
possible might !;ave half the cost of the
He hid tailed with Admiral Walker
within two il-n.s. Whs Congress no to take
eoznlzarce of what was going on" If this
bill lec.iine a I nv it would place the T'nit.'d
Ki.ites nt ih- inerev of NIearaciia iml
Cost 1 Hie-a. Mr. Cannon created somrtlilnr
of a sensation bv e(unting Admiral Walke r.
eh lirman of tlie lsthmlai Canal Co nmls
sioii. as i.ijing.
"We are not prepared to stv now when
the 1 anil across the isthmus should be con
structed or which is the best route, and it
will take us the icmalndcr of the ear to
determine these two fact:."
Senator SH-wait I'laces the Senate
in the Foinier ("lass.
nia-i 1:1.11'. si'Ke'iiu
Washington. Mai I Trusts were ilrud.il
into two 1 kisses good ti' bid by Senitor
Stiwnrt of Nevada to-dav. As au eximpl"
of a good mist he cit.il the I'lilted States
During the consideration of tic Tray ap
propriation bill an amendment vas pro
posed by Senitor Ilerrj, 'le-'gn-l to pre
1 1 nt the purchase for the arr"y of any
goods or i-upplus made hi 1 trut.
Speaking against this amendment. Seni
tor Stewart said tint it woull be unjul to
class all trusts together Tier ).e-:c-. h
maintained, trusts whicli desorvesl o"i
mendatlon, while othir trusts .should be de
Mroved. "How do vou distinguish the e.ne from the
other"' asked Senator Haco 1.
"There are had men." r'n'lisi Senator
Stewart, "anil thev should le-triine-J.
but I wo'ild not put all ine-n li ji.l"
"Then It is not the principle to which on
object?" asked Mr. ilieon.
Certain!)- not." wis the replv. '"J here
are good trusts and there are !u. fusts."
"Will ou give an e x niple of unit vou
call a good trust?" ask.-d Senator Tell-r.
"This body of Se n itnr," 1 11 Senator
Stev-att, "is .1 trust of whiih I am proa-1."
lirlboellsl I'onfere-nee- nt line-on.
MKI'l Ill.II'S-t'Ile'l M-
M icon. Mo. M ly 1 The Reverend (1 M
5ilsti ,f r.i)ette formerly pastor of the
Methodist Church here, eleliveresl the open
ing .aeldress nt the District 1'onfere nee- of
the M K. Church. South, to-night. His sub
ject was -Vhv :e Tventleth Centurv Kind
for Christian Khicatlon"" The- corfcrence
will continue during the net three- elavs,
v lth an a)erage attendance of about sil
ent) -tlie deb-gates. Misslo-. iry inatleij
v ill le thu prlnclpil topics to-inorrovi.
firand Anlvrrs.erv Celebration. Mr-mml
L Jactard's. I.nndw.ay A. Locust, all this
week. Music; flowers. To-day, Gran J Sil
verwjre D-p!.iy. Do not mss It.
Illinois i:iiiplomi-iit gcnc!i-s.
uri't'HiJc sI'Kci.Mj.
Springfield. Ill . Jl.iy 1. The .ura!rarv of
the report of the superintendents of" the
three lr"e emploimcnt agencies In Chicago
for the period from August ". 100, to April
"5. 1WW. Is us follows:
Applications for emplojmcnt-l'ited. TSi
Pl'e. positions secured. .101: unfilled PV-'I.
Applications for hel Filed, :ni7$, un
filled, 5.111Z.
Sniirriiir Court Ilrnrx llrndle.
Washington. May 1. The Supreme Court
resumed its hearing to-day In the Ke 11
tueky govcniorshlp case. W. o. Hradle),
former Oovernor of that State, being the
only speaker. He appeared for fiovirnor
Taylor. At the conclusion of tlovrrnor
Hradle) 's argument court adjourned until
thu 11th lust.
-: l NEWARK. W'ett
Miss .nnie Kle.'t T T.iv'ngston sfeft.
Vevvirl: N J look I'iriiia for ejt'e-me
iiervousii. s She sa)s "I v.as verv ill and
thought I woull di.. I had a terrible head
ache and mi he id swam. 1 thought I would
never g. t well I Fee meel te ha)e- a great
complication of ellseises and biught medi-cln-s,
i.ut th") dll me no fjeiexl.
"Pinally I gi)i up and thought I would
wait for try crd On.- ela I hai f-nneel to
pick up or.- of jtiur books. 1 rend of other
women who were- near death anel had beci
c ure-d b) I'runa. so I thought 1 would try
" took a couple of bottles and began
to feel better. J continued its use until
now I am a well woman. I praise
Peruna highly and wish other w omen
would use it."
l.cli.-M'tl at Kansas City TIi:.t li
.Will Relocate tlie State
Cliaii 111:111 "ook I'lonounu"- Jt In
atli'unate and Athis.es the City
in (Hie Vp tlie Conven
tion Voluntaiilv.
K insas City. Mo . Mav- 1. Chairman Sam
H Cook to-day issued a call for a meeting;
of the Democratic State Central Committee
to lie held at the Midland Hotel here. May 9.
It is practically settled that the eonvnittee
will at that meeting relocate the Democratic
State Convention bv taking It to St. Louis,
to be held In the Col'scum.
e'hairm in Cook ntid Seen tary Conklln will
retonrreud this chinje. The-v sj ent all of
to-day In conference with the local com-iit-te.
and in lnsecting the Auditorl.'m and
the old Expo-llion building, but could Unci
no reason for changirg their elet- rmhulloii
of the night before, to reasse-rnble th- State
Committee to relocate the eonvcntlor. They
Isith tried eiery way to find acc.ir.imejda
tion In tin Auditotlum foe th- 1.3l lelc--g.ites
and (he host of clerks, .sccrctar-es.
teli graph operator and new epaper in 11.
but had to gi)e It up There w t, not a ray
of l.ope to be go trom e'thT .will" r if
the committee for keeping the ronientiun
he re-.
The cardldates for placs on the State
tlekit hue encouraged the D-moerats of
the State- Condition, and thev expect 1).
i p. ople will Is;- at it. The-v are noiv
lery much hi fa)cr of moling the conien
tiou. Isrause, i-ince Convention Hall
burned, there Is no bull ling in the eitv
large enough to hold the visitors, vvhoii
tlie 1 e xpec t come-
1: Is mv opinion." said Mr. Cok 'tint
ICaiUsis e Ity would b. better off in the
end If j our iwople would nv to the State
th it jou won't have the room for the- St ite
e'oiiii-itlon. hut .are lending all jour en
ergies to be red ill- for the Natlooal Con
tention. K insas Citv em entertain alt th"
people who will come. Jt is K-cause of
thu fact being well known tliat so many
hale planned to "..me. Hut ou hue not a
ouildlng 1 irge enough for the contention.
"A tent would not Is- ten- s,uisfactorv.
Til.- I'd tie Sprincs Contention tie held
In a paiiilon, wM. li is 011 much the- same
ordi r If the d cy should ! hot, .1 tent
would be MiffiK-itlnc The . hauees are
that peopl" would go awav and mj un
friendly things ntiout Kiusas Cit). and
not com. luck to attend the- National
Contention. It would do n-ore- harm in
the end than if vou would give up thi3
convention anil ask for the next one"
Secretary Alln of the local eon)ention
bureau eallexl on Colore I Jewett. State
commit'e-eman on tlie Kepubllc.111 side of
the Ileitis", to lolster him up to keep the
Itepubliean 'on)C"tIon here-. Colonel
Jewett said that the Republicans would not
send so manv elelc-gates. and thit there
wocld b- no troiilli- keeping them here.
"I I. mines I.. I'orte-r.
Seelil'a. .tlo.. May 1.-Thomas E. Porter
Hnnyadi Janos
A Pure Natural Aperient Water,
and therefore free from all the offensive smell often
found in Aperient Waters.
TheONLY Aperient Waterbcttled at the Hunyadi Springs,
ANDREAS 5AXLEHNER, Sole Prop., Budapest, Hungary.
Mr Anna Hre.s. IM! Xorth 1 ifth street,
I'hiladeli hla. I'a.. writes:
' 'Four week s ago I believed I had con
sumption; I took a sc ere cold, and al .
though for the first few days the mucu
in my throat and chest was loose, I
finally became so bad that 1 had diffi
culty ir breathing.
IMln In the sh'-ulde rs fo'Ioweel. As I hid
plie-esi my e-onlide-nce Ir vou and l'eruna. I
follow ed our directions s:retlv, and iro
i"1'e' from day to day. and an. nnv well
again." -. -
Mo-t women f.el tn- Teen or .a tonic to
counteract the debilitating effects of sum
mer Weather. IVruna is sach a reniesl). Jt.
cures ..it catarrhal conditions, whether -t
be weakness, nervous depression or Mini
mi r catarrh, for a free book on summer
catarrh, address The l'eruna Aleeiielne Com
pany. Columbus. Ohio.
JL ffv. That Pleases.
310 N. Sixth Street.
was taken 111 while attending the Hind
man murder trial this afternoon. He w-.u
removed to the home of a relative and ex
pired in a few minutes. ne was a wcalthv
farmer. tyi ears old, and leaves a widow
ard one ton.
hrixllnn Meyer.
REPrnrjo- .spkcjau.
Highland. III. May 1 Christian Meyer
died here to-daj. He was aged C jears.
Mrs. lllixnbrtU ool.
r.r.rrcuc fcrrcLtu
I'.ma. 111. May 1. Mr?. Hliiabeth Soots,
aged ,;. of Auilobon, Iil . dropped clead here
thl morning while- .attending an aged sick
s-ister. who is thought to be djing.
.1. 1- HriiKn.
rtEPcnue pi:cliu
Austin. Tex., May 1. J. W. Brown of
Springtiell. III. a eomraercial man. dieel
in the Cit Hospital here to-day from con
.siimption. 1 hurity Jcuien.
Calhoun. Mo . May V Aunt charity Jones
of near this city died to-day. She was more
than ; ears old.
.I0I111 S. lialloirny.
RErcpi.icspi ci.tr.
Carthage. HI . May 1. John S. Oallow-iv.
a retired farmer, drorped dead at the break
fast table this morning.
Cliurle-s A. Holder.
Hloeimington HI . May 1 Charles W.
Holder, who .'rom ISJt to 1S30 was one of
the most prominent business men of Rloom
ington. died last night at Austin. Chicago.
He was president of the old Home Hank
and founder of the first large hardware
companv of Hloomington. He was lorn in
New- lork in 1)1S and came to Tazewell
County. Illinois, in 1SK and engage.! In
firming. He leaves four sons, one of whom
is Daniel Holder, a leading business mm
of tni it).
Isaac Messer. a pioreer of McLan Coun
tv. born in Mirkiniw Timber, now Moncr
Creek 1SJS, elled from lT"V erirhnirst e.
the blood.
Crurisc l Watson t Ilrnd.
RKi"t I'Lie's-prciAU
Medor.i. III.. .Mat- 1. Information has
been received Hi.it the repeirt of ties-erg"
Tj. Watson'! de ith at Minneapolis. .Minn .
announces! Surdi). was incorrect and was
ye nt from Minneapolis by mistake.
Ile-ntlis in nllnc Cctanfy.
ri- iTitrjcspnci vt-.
Mirsh.all. Mo. May 1. Patrick Fltnn.
nseil tt tears died at his home in thli
eountv. lie was one of Saline's mo;t enter
prising and respected farmers.
In Slater Janes Sapplngton. aged 41. died.
He w.. bom in Saline County and was a.
descendant of the noted Dev-tor Sapplngton
IP.ssie. the 12-jear-old diughtir of
Charles Thompson of Shackelford, died at
the fjmlly home
'1 hennas A. Illljr"
KKI'I l!IJ.sli:v II
Harrisbiirg. 111. Mv 1. Thomas A.
Ilajis. avel Ta. elieil In this citv this morn
ing II" was a soldier In Companv I.
Sixth Illirols Cav ilrv. in the Civil War. A
fe-w 1l.1t s before his death he had received
word from V.1shlr.3ton that he had been
grante-d a nsIon ot J7." a month.
Hiss .liiilimln. llrlllU.
j:r.prni.tc.si'i.i-i 11.
Sturgeon. Mo , May 1. Miss Am-nJt
Itrink. aj,ed Ji. died laM night from
me asles.
Mrs. .1. C. Noon.
Jloni .will 1. 111. May 1. Mrs. J. C Noon,
wife of the Treesurer of Piekawav. died
to-d.i). Mr. Noon himself Is tery low from
(iriivr-siiiiic l.ij ln.
r.tft n:.t( spi . i.n
rrederiektown. Mo. "Mat- L The corner
stone of tli. new C'ourthouse was laid to
il i. I" the- parade were the fraternal i--elefs.
the s.h.Mii e1'' 1-
Marmi Collegiate Institute. Doctor J. J.
Martin of Carletnn College delivered th-.
orition. and C H Hriegs was. master ol
ceremonies ut the Courthouse.

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