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-srK-S""rr."...- ..',
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-s. j-,ii.
Strikes iVinong Union Men Ie-
portetl From Twenty-Four
T A1 Independently in tiiving
Excursions to CoIoijhIo
and ('tali.
j fitienti r ven 'i. rail, th isha efa .' I
i'.f.' "-.' lr '-''' f"l"f i 1' -e wl -.
-,i . "' '"f h ' 'i il 1,-hT.itiN
"'in i..t'n r .1 sV ' n'i.l s , itJTn
L. i ' I"1'"1 s- I l -e . s , ' i, i
" ' id i. . .-tfjtts .in a. ntnir.1 .in'
,'',' '" ""' ' ti I in m I,. , i.
General Demand for :r Kednrliou
Front Ten to Eight Hours
With Increased Wages
One Small Kiot.
, ....... , . , M ii, j .-
estein I'aSMHigepAssocintioii 10-
nied the ('(iiujiaiiy Ceitain
Exeiu sion ( 'uhan Kail
wavs Notes.
t H-ir. j , ,.,
' '.It S few r 1' ei-
- r m t ah
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an t I
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Dr, Sweanf
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frr? $& -' &mss.
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end Is
'-UlsIc ft!
Hay Iiy was tile date set for l.iltir or
ganizations In twenty-four cities to declare j
strikes If their deminds were not met. As J
h eonseviuence. )eterday the walk-nuts '
reiched tint number. The cneral demand
was for eight hours' work at Increased pav.
In some Instance tips was met bv .mptov
ers, and the strike hinged on Ivosses- re
fusi! to discharge nonurlon cnplo)es
At Buffalo, where- the shopmen of the Nfw
Tork Central nailr.-.ed are out, tho em- i
ploves of like department on the Nickel I
Date and Delaware and l-aokawannj. road
declared s)mnathy strikes. ;
section men are reported out on the !.
Four ard Itiliimore nj Oli'o Southwestern
At Kansas Cilv and Galveston, as (n sev
eral Northern and Kistern cities, the build
lng trade councils .ire endeavoring to es
tablish their organizations and are vigor
iiily resisted lv Iioss carpenters and build
er? At Chicago the Grand Jurv has decided
to inve-stigito the Hbor troubles
A small riot, quicklv suppressed, at Clcve
lard was the onlv violence of the da;.
I'ifiiiT o ! !v"s cni.
Icmliers c.f Itnlldln 1 rntles lieniaml
lnereie in Wnfte.
Kanas Cit. JIo , Jlay 1 The threatened
Viuiltllns trades strike materialized to-day,
nnd 1.31 to 1.4") men are out. i;y the nd
of th we-k the numbr of idle men will
probably he doubled. Work on more than
half the new buildings in town is su
Th" hodcarrlers 3re larctly responsible
lor me suspension, i ncj demanded an in.
erea from i to Co cents an hour and
struck to enforce It The bricklayers.
stonemasons and plasterers had also de-
manded an InrreaBe. but were willlne to
continue nt work pendinc nesotlatlons.
AVhen the hodcarrlers quit. howeer. there
was nothing for the trowel men to do hut
to quit al-o
There i no general strike of carpenter-,
j ei. but it may come any day. Their de
mand for 3T; rents an hour went into ef
fect some w.-eks ago. and there have been
petty strikes evt r since, but most of the
men h- remained at work under one ar
rancinnnt or another. The contractor,
with 'ie or two exceptions, stand firm
and threaten to lock out all union men
upler- the strikers return to vork at opte.
TJ;ey s-tem anxious to force an issue with
'he UuildlnK Trades Council, with the hope
of wreckinc that orsauiZAtion
'oncntlon Hall Is net arfceted in any
way h the strike, and prolwMy wli. not
be Th- hedcarriers simply pae notice to
das that the new vc.'e was 3 cents a'i
hour, and the contractor promptly put It
into effect The sionemi"" r i-re .lays
nc t'emailded double p.iv for --hi work
JS.sil for eicht hours r.irk .ml toe cur-rent-rs
wante.J "time and a ha-""" for over
time brt the Industrial ot;n. 1. m-a: uti
f all the labor unions in Kansas c tj.
ndnpt. d stronc re-olitions declarins
tiirainst any action tendinj to interfere
with work on Convention Hall, und iho
Mor'-misons and curpcntrs subsided.
Tlx- hall contnietors ar pajin-r the hlch
ei was-es. more 'ban the union scale in
m.ui -a.I. and they will probably hive no
tiouble, no matter how neut- the general
strike situ itlon may becorrt
i:nM) .iv i i'koiii:.
LIiIchuo Cnnlrnetnr-4 mill tlen t ill lie
'Iiitaso. Mat 1 Iteglnnlns to-morrow tho
Grand Jurj will besin an exhaustive in-
estimation of the labor troubles now pre
ailmtr in this cit.
As e-jplalned by Assistant State Attorney
fipregle, who ha- charge of the Grand Jury.
It la not the de-dru of tho. Jury to indict
the actual combatant. so mut.h as it Is the
desire to rtach the leaders who hae In
cited the lesrer members to riotous acts.
Tlie leading union men are cxpectlns to
he Mimmoned.
TWO MJIPATlir M'Rllvl.
lurk Ccntrnl Troubles Spreail
to Other llnncls.
Huffalo, N. Y May 1. There has been no
progress made to-day (on ard a settlement
of the strike of the New York Centra!
car-shop men. it was expertisl that Super
intendent Waitt would re.urh here this
mornlnjr from New Y'ork for a conference
xvlth the men. but there was a delay In
delivering the strikers' mesiage. and that , Allied Iluildlng Trades Council, workm-ii
official did not leave New Y'ork for Huffalo ' representing cverj branch of the Imildni?
until to-nic-nt. The propced conference trades went on strike to enforce, tluir cle---,li
-.e t ee-e c.-,i, i..,..,.. .,.. . mands. :.earl ...vJ men art rei-rted to
- " ""- ...-.-. ......i. -j
ihero will be no compromise.
There were two sympatnv s-tnkes to-day.
One hundred and fifty shopmen of the
Nickel Plato road and KO shepmen of the
Delaware and Lackawanna road are out.
There wa u. secret meeting of the Ilroth-
Eupepsia Tablets Promptly Re
lieve and Permanently Cure.
Il Hffertixc Ite-mcd) for erous
1) spepsia, I ml i -rest Inn. Ciilnrr).
e.f Hie Sfoilineli, Ileartlitirn
nnd similnr Trouble-,.
Kupepsia Tablets are sold by druggists
Under an absolute guarantee to give imine
iliile relief and i-ermanently cure stomach
Irregularities, indigestion and dysptpsla.
"Money will bo returned In all instances
xvnrre they fid. In cases of nervous ds-
jwpsla, catarrh of the siomach. heartburn,
ftcldlty of the stomach and all other irrc-
tilnrltles of the digestive organs, they pro-
dice prompt rcuci.
The dlsturhlnc Influence of imperfect .li- i
pe3tlon 13 the real cause of a large number
of the serious as well as the common and ,
Kidney troub.es, bilious disorders, obesity.
jaundice, ayspepsia, gan stones, corns.
catarrh, cholera morbus lumbago, rheuma
tism, gout and apoplexy often follow dis
ordered conditions of the disesttve organs
Primary correction of the difficulties is
Kectlve by stimulating and Iccreasing the
supply of Nature's digestive iluid, the im-
Jiortant factor In both curing and prevent
ng all Irregularities of tho digestive or
fmns and other diseases which arc apt to
Eupepsia Tablets will cause the stomach
Und orjrans of digestion to perform their
fiatural function by inducing an incrcastel
Supply of gastric fluid.
Georsrs W. Crock well, traveling representat'.'s
nt tho I. It. lrl. e Jlereantili" Co. kanis c-ty
Dd Hannibal. Mo., under dat of March . 1'1,
svrltei as follows. "I found tmme.llae rel'f frura
ttullReEtlon after uing Kuiptila Ta,blvr. and
ffhal! take pleasure In retmimadlng' them to my
air. M. A. Hanna of Adaraana. Ariz., wrl s.
fender date of Mrch 8: "There cannot be to-
touch said In praiae. of Iupepsfa Tablet?. I
Sever had KnylhJng t do rne as much ffood la
fid hort a. time."
Where Bupepeia Tablets cannot be ob
tained from local druggists they should be
crdcred forwarded by mall. They yell for
fnc a box. Sent prepaid by mail to any ad
cress on receipt of twenty-five 2-cent post
Age stamps. Small tablets, convenient to
"carry and easy to take. Every hoxreontains
"two weeks' treatment. One box: will In
"many cases effect a cure. AdJress all cor
respondence to the Uupepsla Co., ZZZ Clark
venue. St. Louis. Mo.
CyThere Is nothing "Just as good" as
tupepsla Tablets. A druggist who savs so
Is. thinking of his own personal interest and
tiroflts nothing more alivitj Insist on
Kpttlng what you a-k for. and don't take a !
"frlib-tltute for Kupepsla Tablet".
piei.w wiijinnraw u - b p i n i " mu
The Indiana l)o. will tome to
erhoml of Itailw.'v Trainmen held thl- a'
tenioen. Its nhjcot v.-as e-.UIcnil rcR.irditl
as important .it t-tnke headquarter.
The Irollu rhood is composed f paS) n
Rer trainmen ami trelcht lirakemrn m-Dlox.-d
the road- dierclnp from IV.if
fal They hae ihtvau ned to strike till
the roails where the car repairers" strike n
on. cl.ilmlni; that a l.uli of pr.iiwr inspection
was a nicn.ii p n life
i;iou'i:i!s i i)i:iii
AlirH tlen lei ISiNrecnrd tourix In
jniirlio:i. Xer.- Y.irk. Slay 1 Sitmiul Uompcrs.
rre-ident of the American l'cderat'on of
Iabor. has taken :-pcc!aI pains to i.olate
the injunction !.--ued by Justice lreedman
of the Supreme Court, prohibiting officers
and membtrs of the Cia-m ki r.-" Interna
tional I'nK'ii from paviej; henott-. to trikins
mpIoes of S. jl !. Co In a Utter to
Jtorns Itrown. srer. tar of Clarmakers'
' nion rvo . iir uosiiitn. -K'MFes tiat tr.e
, mjunciion oe uisres.irtiei in I im io-e a
! click for l to he ud in paiiT a ma-i to
I l'lcl.et I.cy x. Co. and to Iniuel-.r. Levy c-
I -o. s mplos to rtmaln on rtrik
"Of cour-t. ou understand." h conrlud-s.
"(hat althoush the heidquarters of th
American federation of labor are In Wash
ington, my lecal residence 1 at No ;11 Kist
One Hundred anil Tenth street. Ne". York
City. I shall be in New York on illy I "
ok; rout u Titouni.t:.
Section tlen Out jend -mnll Itiot at
Cleveland, O.. Hay 1 The police were
called upon to quell a riot in the 111? Four
yards this afternoon, where twenty non
union Iron workers were engagctl In repair
ing ;i bridge. They were attacked by about
s!t ini'ml-srs of the Structural Iron
Workers' 1,'nlon. The trouble came as the
r. tult of tho refusal of the nonunion men
to ttop work, a strike having been declare-d
bv the union
Clubs, slor.es and rkecs of iron were
used by the coml-a'arts. nnd several of
the participants receivenl bad cuts and
brui. s.
The police arrested the leaders in the
A special from Tiffin savs the section
m-'n on the Tlthn division of the Ilig Tour
struck for an lrcrea-e in wages to-day.
The company has refuted to acced- to
their demand.
Tiii'iit i-c-ihmn itt:ri-i:!.
e'nlv e-st.n
Pointers nml
fin -it-tilers
toil V. eirk.
pimrni l.s tir- .. t
. ,, . , -..
. .1
s.i.u.. ...... ... ---.
session last night, ncd after several hours
of deliberations,, rctolvt-il to strike unless
their claim for an advance in wage-, was
grantcel by the Ijoss cen-cnters. The car-
K,ir;,bS,lt 'A,, r"s- the ...fin,-
efs the same-. Ttu former demand j cents
,''' ,;Zmi. i,.,e;Ti...e.;rr..e n . .J
r Irht hours to be . rfeciiv.. on and after
May L Tho bo--- carpenters and pilnters
refuse to conc.de the advince d manded.
hence the union carpenters and ptlnters
walked out this morning and business in
their lines W supp-ndul.
uu.Koi'r i rim, .ii;i. em .
All Lnb.ir I itlone Ileiiiund nn !!I-:Iit-Iluur
riiiladelplua. I'a., M.ij 1. The rtrag-;!': for
(tn eight-hour workdaj. which ha. bn rn-
eier consideration b the lalxir un!n f thi-
I city, began In cannot to-dav when, a c-.r.l-
Ing to Secretary Joseph H. Alb-n ot th"
lii.ve' emit vvorK and tins is nut u small rep
resentation of the total incmbcrsMp of the
Allied Iluildlng Trade t Council
ami. i. iii:i.p thi: eitivri:its.
AeiV Ye.rle Tj l.otltetn.' to Assist II. e
Kutlsns Clt Strike.
New York, Maj 1. At aspeciil meeting
cf the New York Typtl.-ne to-da the
following resolution was imunlmou-dy
,. -"-.'" . "-"" "' '""Li:"-"
York Tjpothct.ee subiicribe a fund ofJW.W.
Hes'dvesl. '1 tint tlie members of tlie .xt'-
to aid the emplovlng p:inte-rs of Kansas
City in resisting the unjust demands made
upon tin in that every office in that cit
shall be unionized."
louis yv. aiti:cti:h.
Illinds on the I!. A O.
Peymuur, Ind May 1 All the section men
and th- extra gangs on the Haltimore and
Ohio Southwestern on new wo-k from s't.
Louts to Parkersb'Jrg. W. V.i, hive struck
for higher wages. About S.0(0 rrcn are i ut.
Mlclilrxnii Curv xiaUors.
Detroit. May 1. One hundred and fifty
union coremakers went on stnk" he-re to
il tv 10 enfore-e their elemand for an Irerease
J r ases trom ?1.75 per day to $J ?,.
Sblp-lluildcrs Walk Ollt.
Port lluiou. .Mich.. Mav 1. Three hundred
m.n struck at ti.e J. nks Shipbuilding Com-
Pa"! s aids and shops to-da. Ior U ce-n.s
Pr "our a n .mo. r ... m:cnin-i an.i
"'ncr cmploje-s also went our.
sl.orter Hour nu.l More P.ij.
Neve ork. Mav i - A -tiikc of o mm m-
I plowed in Lie building tiacs b.gn in Pas
saic. N J., to-day. The men ask for shorter
hours and more pay.
"Wiikc Trnul.Ie In ileorsin.
Savannah. Ga.. May 1. It Is claimed bv
tho president of tho liuilding Trades Coun -ll
that iW men are on a strike In this city for
increased wages
Trtn Iluildrt-d Iron Moldt-r.
Milwaukee, Wis., May 1. Two hundred
union molders . mplojed In the work" of the
i-.i..i i. vm .-.. .,! .. . seie i...
.'.... .. ...... ...... ........ ...
day because tne eompaii) re.usecl t.i dls-
charge an old emplove who would not jo'i
.ii.- uiiiui. .
,, , T :.
Men ltofuso.1 in. Advance.
Ludington. Mich.. May 1. Tvvo hunured
freight handleis employed by the r. re Mar-.
queue Ilallroad here have struck. In mak- I
lng a contract for the ensuing year, tha I
company refused to pay the grain handlers
00 cents an hour, an Increase of 10 cents over I
. - , ". .- ;- . '. t
lasi jear.
same pay
ear. ine..ireigni-irue-Rers asK only ice ;
a.3 ..i-j ...v ..... tviuuth, t
3lilw.iukee Cnrrlilueiiiiiltcrs.
Milwaukee. Wis.. May 1. About KM union
woikmcn emplo)el In fourteen carriage and
wagon works. In this city, struck to-day be
cause the firms refused to sign the wage
lleuve-r Contractor Firm.
Denver. Colo.. M .v ! -Fn.b i the.leeislon
I of the ceriMMib rs' union, the new wage scale
of CT.1 for an eisht ho r d tv became ef-
feenve to-dav fc, me of 'he contractors have
agreed to iiy the highi r wages, but the
St. Louis on a special Pullman ttsiin to take part in the Kevvey 1'arade.
mojoritv !:ae refused, and several iundrtd
can- inert, arc on a strike
"l(('ls i m; I'.Mil.WII.
Cilil-Iloiir ili-.-x-iii.-nt Scored n t.eli--r:il
ISostoii. il t 1 The e.cht-hour day wis
established to-day in almost every distriet
in New tu;-iand nbre journevinen of the
building trades lne niganlzesi, and tho
'oncession was obtainol with little friction
and onlv a lew strike's.. The most wide-t-pread
demand for the .lsiit-hour day was
m.'de some weeks auo b tin. granite cut
ters throughout New l'heland, and whllo
at most plae-es the 1. in. in. Is. were irranted,
tiero were a few ee hoes of that contention
Strikers in other trades var- generally
su.-cessful. and no difTerene of great im-P-irtnncp
will r'main unsettled at the end
of this we-ck.
i:tiei.oi:s mi:t thi: tn:.
Iron 'Vlnl.lers KlT.il a Compromise nt
Cincinnati, O . .May 1 -A joint conference
has been m Mssion all iaj here between
t:ie International I'nion of Iron Jloldor-e
and their emplujcrs. The t scale for
the year expired yesterday, and the new
ior anotner jear was di-eussod. The
mold, rs demandeel an advance from S TT. in
J" per el-iy. To-nlcht n i-ompro-niso was
tlgreeel Ulioii lor tlie sn.n.. .-..l. :c li.st
-.oar, for the vear be-ginning July 1. and for
an advance of l-j cenis imt dav for ih inn
months till Julj 1. .Meantime tho joint con
ference Is to me-et again in June to consldi r
the scale.
-tril.e llllekl Vlilnl.
I'ittsburir. I'a . Mav 1 About l.tW brick
Iiyers aral CW hod-carriers struck to-day for
an increase in was.-, and shorter hours.
The scalo was slgn.d
Trniniiien Out in Vlnntiitiu.
Great Kail-. .Mont. .May 1 All freight
roneiuctori and trakemen are out on th
Jlontana Centnil. The troub'e is over a i.evv
schedule which went into e-ffect to-day.
Th- men tliim the nvv rehedule means a
tut In wages of from 15 to 2, per cent.
Oiunliu arprntern Out.
Omaha. Xtl Maj 1. All the cnion car
penters in the cltv are idle In-rin ami nnt
n single contractor of any lmiiort.ir.ee is
.raiui, mini;, ine men uemaud an eight-
hour day, an lncr.uso frcm S3 to AO cents an
uour. and the exclusive use of uiion label
planing mill mater! ii
I rlillnlier, liikr a Ilolidlll.
I " "Jul. Minn.. May 1 All the union
inuiiiui-rs in mis city strucK in-day In su(
Iort of u demand fur shorter hours nnd a
j lncreaso in wages
Im-ren.e In .-..-..L ..e .......
oungstovvn. o.. May 1 Commencing to -
?y "o journeymen .ilumUw. tinners.
t13?.?. L anfl VlrP,-3lVr-- "nploj-el here v.1'1
r. ceivo niiadvauco In wages of from U to
. " otI-ts I'er ,lj-
lloiler vie-n llsnl islle.l.
Akron. O.. May 1 Six hundred boilcrmen
and molders struck ut the Stirling Holler
Works of Harbertoi to-day for un increase
of 15 per cent in wages.
Thi- strii,., ;,j sprinKlli'lil.
Sprlncilelil M iv I ti... --, .,, .t... -..
thePon S K..I..V r.Unxl,T t''n;a'
Mrikf. lo-elsn. ilnnanilinV r. n-.if,.rn ..1...I ,1.
v deman.iin-r -. uniform .--..,.
il"v t r 4 i" mt v ri..
.1 iron vvoks-aiso-'wcnt .en
01 JJ.. per
ireiuie. itir-ii iron wr.rus ..is., ,..
l'lftlil for Mages in Clm-IiitiH ti.
flnrinp.nl o vi.v i . m.. ....t..., ........
iron-work, rs have de-elded to iri:e b-s-ause
tlielr demands had b. en acceded to bv but
on.- hrm. whose emplojcs ar. lot l-i tb..
union About SV m.n arc inyulvcd. Ine
dcmir.il is for an eight-hour d rV7 with ten
hour wages. Kitty per wet -uleKuona! for
--time and double pay for Sun...v work
aNo nktd """
fighting for i:ii-!.t Hours.
Ituluth. Minn. May 1 -i rgi.nize,i la,r m
the trades strut I: n.-day for his'" r wa. s
and shorter hours e'arp. nt. rs wan T. e -nt
lie r hour, plu.. "! Ui rents not .. S.itJi.i.y
bair-holi.l ty paid . r- painters u tei.-s, ..mi
other trades in propoitlon. in- . gencril
elshl-hoiir daj
Klllplnv e. lillltle.lt lieu,
I .viiniieapnus. .viinii., .May i ver Si irem
' b. rs ..f the U.-idworkeis' I'tilnt- ,.f Mm
...i.iiiei.ji.ios. ..linn., iiiy i -vor s,.i irem.
neaiioin in ei.ii i to strike tn-el.i j TI e striae
will nffes-t all the sash and door but jixture
and show rus0 factories in the Tr.ln Cituo
The nii.nuf Jetun r.s agr. e.l to the w vsK .r.le
inn! offered to . mploy S3 i r cent un'on men
but declined to dl-Wiarge their pre. "it ii"ii
uniuu mploci.
lilsnrr.M-tl.nl :l H.-la-io.-.
Haclne.Wis . Mnv 1. Two hundred e-arnen
ters struck t.-oay. and fifl b-xlearri. rs !
ami nia-oiis also vvenl out All building
has been usiH.iCid In this cilv. The nir
penters' union .1. nixnds an eight-hour dav,
double p.i for overtime. Sundasx. ntil hofl
days. T) .ents bt hour ami the t mploy
inent rt union in. n . nlv
Holders Oul nt Vleioiilils.
M.mihl. T.nn. Mdv 1 Five hundred
iroi inolJi rs emplo.vr.1 m this e itv stru. k to
day for huh. r wages.
lie S;i.s lit- ('nil a Iihuici' in .Mil
ttJIUUf l
New York. May 1. Mr. and .Mis. Fiank O.
Iivvclen arrives! from Chicago to-night and
are al iho Wnldorf.As'nrlT Mm ir-.t..
was funnel lv Miss n..ren I'niirr,., .i
ter of the twins n"rencc l "llnnii. a sis. .
A tamllx nnriv u hl.l in h !.....
ih .wSldKflLi .'ir.. iV.'I 2 it: i.lF.,?l,, !
.Mr. and .Mrs Oeorge Al Ihillman and Mr."
and Mrs. danger Pullnun came over from
.. 1 .. . .. -" -"- - -v.....M. -
ine ..erani. anu a eonicrence lollovved Mr
lovvdeii declined to disei.ss the purion. of
Ids visit to New York. Th- pecullarit) of
Ale Jin.l Xl.1 llnnri... M f...l.n.ne.. . lei
tv . j :: "'.r: ."..- i".s..i..ii
UlI, mJ .ti.ii.tr.-nL nun uoon tilt- enuanlmlre
,lf ,n,yt. un lHrsls TI:v mV(. , ,
i a jolly crowd at the U-iard imdisiurl.'sl
.. e. iiie-.-iii .ir coniiuent
t-eorge l'ullman deslared emphaticallv to-
,0 that neither he Iior his wll. had e-m-
milted bigamy when thex married
"If persons who are Interested In this
matter." said Oeorge. "will .search the
records of Milwaukee they will lind that
neither I nor my wife is a bigamist"
Sanger Pullman, the twin brother of
--ci - - ...., ...v ...... uiuiii't e
i.eorge, corroborated George's statement
..on mxiuiiu inui .nrs. isowcrss case was
pending for a )car in the Milwaukee courts.
vT mil ntiii:ii t iiii.w ai ki:i:.
IlL1"l'RI,lr M'KOIAU
Milvvnukce. Wis., m.ij I. Th.n la notli
lrfg In the court records here to show I hat
either George M. Pullman or .Mrs. Fred. r
lek . Dowers has tlgured In divorce tro
cec dings la this county. Under the laws of
Wisconsin. MrS. HOWCrS ir Xfev Piillmm.
as she is known in New York mill. I rot
nave serureti a oivoret with.'.u
leskemc m the State It i certain thai
neither hap been oftti.r ..l.i..titf ..e .tof. ...i 1
ant in a divorce action In Milwaukee J
Striking Employes .Make No Dem
onstration Against 31 en Who
Keinaiu at Work.
Efforts ar Mediation Iy Citizens
Produce NoNoiiceahle Kcsult
Talk of Aid Fiom Tian
sit Company's .Men.
Tl'e thin", el iv of the strike on the St.
1.01.1b and Suburban Hallway passed with-
J ollt "' ""em-rthy Incidents. The sltua-
tiem U praetieally unchanged. The ears
are being operated as uaual and the strik
ers are putting in their time attending
meetings, where the f-triko and the U'st
means of bringing It to a succ.ssful elid
ing are discussed.
The union headnuar'rrs in the Holland
building and at Ilenton were thronged
throughout the el-iy with the t-trlkers, but
no general meeting was he-Id nor was ar.j.
thlng that will h ive a direct bearing on tho
Mrlko accomplished. Kvtr thing rennir.cd
quiet along the line, save for an occasional
hostile epithet dir.xtee at the men oper
ating the cars Th policemen aro still sia
tie.nel at points along the line, and a num
lwr of m-'ii from the mounted district are
statlon.-d at the lieds nnd nliout Do lli-dia
The strikers elalm to be satisfied with the
situation, and sa that It will not If I tur
before the tumpany will he forced to conic
to their terms. They nv that the company
cannot secure enough m'n to ope.rate their
cara, and that :!:- are not carrjln morn
than a thlnl as many passengers as the
dll Ix-foru the strike was di-clared. The-y
..No claim that six i.trs vveie nroke-n e-
I terdav tnrouh the ilrn rnne. or tho new
. -, - - -- - . , . ,
1 ri,n. It was renorteil at tho union he-id-
marurs In the Holland building that
twenty nie-ti iia.i stwkjesterd.jy.nuil that
I -'' .'"'1" are expected to follow their
! ''V.'.'"ll.lc- T'lu ommitt.-es of the union are
si'll hi work among the men trIng to get
them to join the orcar.izatlun
A man in the uniform if a Transit Com
pany emplove vwnt to IeI!evlImont yes-
leruay anu nnue riiuis.-ir verv agreeable'
to a number of th. striker. Liter In the
. d.ev. It WHS said, he lgaii to discuss the
' "-'r1-5'". "'I lu-keil soni. perlimnt ipiesiions
None of th.. slrikt rs had eve r seen the man
1-efore, anil they a-keei Ma. for his ered-n-
"'" : "1 not nave a'l. . at.. ne was
" "" mil nave a-i. . ,u..i ne nas
U,KI ' tlv-J' ,,ul- - ,0v' "' ,lr'u " -0"'--
" ".u"s hi'U Th" l'iUr ,""'k "
' Th, cr"",l of rallwav men that llnl Iho
downtow ii streets Moi.day vve re const.!, u-
e.us by tneir absence v.ieenJ.iy Tlie corner
or sixtn and locust streets seeme-d to have
ninie -ittia'tlon for the men, but as soon
as a half doz.cn would stop on the eorner a
tsilteLmin would ask th.-m to move- on, and .
they did so.
, -'-'-';-' ''ins ki .1 urn no nan not i
i,,r,i ,,f any no u siriking esterday, and
' that no e-ars bad li'Mi brok-n. 'The only
thing In the rntiire of :m dCeld.nt occurred
on tlie Hrentvvoi.il line-, when one of the I
cdrs bumped lrto the butting post at the
end of the ltne-," said h" "I he elashlsiard
.'f the car was bent, but the damage waa
Yevtenliy nfl.riioon John A. Lee nnd the
i He-v.r.nd J.ittus J MiOIin. pistor of SI.
. Hose's Catholic Chun h. .all. .1 on Mr. Jeii-
. Klll.s anu oil. reel llirir s.- e tees in orilli ' was Ill.lll.e .i .... ... V rus- in aiu.-ii iie-
' alMiiu nr. adjustment of the matters In ills- expressed the regret of the men at hi- de
pute between the conipiny and their em- parturo and assured him of the great e-
p:ov.s. Mr. Le said tun ne nan prei'iit'cd
lie would call nnd see If the company waa
ile.ilm- fairlv with Its mill. Mr. Jenkins
said that he had a short talk with Mr. I-ee
in.! Father McOlviin. and that thev left
apparent!) satistiesl v.ith his explanition.
Air. Lee veould not say what explanation Mr.
Jenkins made.
several of the company'"" ln"-pectors were
pre-ss. .1 inlu -rrxlie as ntotorm-n on the
M ramie ilivisinn .ve-st-rdav. Indicating that
in iloinien are s. ,.r. e on that divl-eon IJan
Fuu-t. one of lb. strikers, was arrested at
KeolT and .Manchoti r avenues )estfr-iy on
.ompl.ltit of a lineman nain.d Wall, who
stJd tlmt Faust stoned him the day before
fit MeCaiislun.l and Manchester av nu.-s.
l'.iust Was locked up at the Moiint.il Dis-trl-l
It vies binl.sl nntong the stnk-rs ester
div that the eff. ct of the strike vvoul 1
probiblj b far-r. a. hlng If II was not
I .int. uiy M" uni. son ..... .) mil ,
iri... . ..mit....iv uiii.iii ii. .lie imu I r
bchird the throne, and tint tlif-v may be
cal'ed on to settle the stiike. Just bow this
will tie done the men did not know, hut
the- stid thil II i probable that the men
..n Ot. other lines will be ordered to strlk. .
I s. "1.1 1 the people will demand that lb-
fr.nlwn) rompin i - submit to having th.
I differ, nres lwtweep them and their epi-
plov. arMlrate.1. The headquarters of the
moved from 'the H.Hand
suouri'aii r.ir.'IOV s e u.-.i. ..... se.u.i .-
luii.uing ine
K-nllie Imlldlnc will iirobibly be selected.
Harrv Brown, a meiibT of the Interni-
Uhm Kxerntho n,Mr.I of Ptr.et Car IZm-
ploves, has lien deputized ht- President
Mahon to tak. eh.trce of the Pt. la,uls
,, ,,....
sitiiatlmi and Is liourl.v xpecte-ds
Ktist St. Louis Stifi't Car .Men Kx
pi'ti Ans-ui'i'To-IKiY.
A eomtiilttce of 1-ist St. Louis street-car
men )estcrd.iv morning presented a list of
ehmands to Superintendent Michael Har
mlil. to which he has promised an answer
this morning. The dem mds of the men are
for the thorough Investigation of all charges
against mplo)e-s. a uniform wago scheslula
of lo cents an hour, pannent at half rate
of extra men. who await assignment to.
duty, cnange In the nues 10 tne eneci mai
tho emploje who misses a run shall not
be di-charEe-d, but shall be suspended for
19 d.i)s for eich offense.
The demands were slzncd by F. It. Hey-
nolds. William Sh.rman. Dennis Powderly
nnd F. it. Houle. It Is e-onfldently expecte.1
that an amicable agreement will be reached.
Hnsl si. I. o nls Itull.lliiK Strike-,
The situ itlon in th" I'ast St. luis build
In trades strike is practical!) the same ex-
eepl that in cT irt was mule by members
of the Slat He nl of rbItration lo get
lli e .inte nding panic- together. Yesterday
..... . .. .. ..,. a..n.. i.i l-.t si. lmi. -uu
on the post office buildini;.
There is tiouble ahead for the Wesiern
liin s regarellrg summer tourist rates to
Colorado and I't.ih ceimmr.n points. Advio
received from Jolin Sebasllau, ,. ncr.il pas
senger ng. nt of the chleni-o. Hock -land
and I'.iiifjr are to the effect th.C lie niado
..pplleitii n to the Western I'assenger Asi
eiatlou to run special eteurslons to Colo
rado and I'tali points, and his application
was negatived.
This dlil not please him a llttlo bit, eo.
faking the bull by tho nurn he served
notice on Chairman Ebe.n K. MacLeod that
ids company would take Irdercndcnt ac
tion and put In reduced rates fer these
rprcl.il excursions extending over :i limited
period of time. His co-npany will sell tick
ets from all Missouri Hlver sideways on
July T. S, 9 and IS, und on August "
On these tickets stop-over privileges will
bo allowed west ef Colorado common points
within a Iln.it of thirty davs on gedng trip.
On tho return trip the passage will be con
tinuous. The return limit will extend until
October 21.
Mr. S'bastlm'9 move will bo discuel,
doubtlessly, at the meeting of the Kxeeu
tlve Committer of the Western Tassenger
Association to-morrow and again nt the
eeneral mteting to be held on May S. If he
eloe-s not recede from his present position
other lines are certain to take independent
action and put In rates for a series of these
excarslons. which may be a trlfli lower th in
thoiv of the Hock Island. ThN must In
evitably lead to a elemoralizatlon of pas
senger rates, which will extend lwycne! the
pe riod limited In Mr. Sebastian's scliedu!-.
One of thp main objects of the meeting on
May ! Is to discuss summer tourist rates
and as thee special excursions if too fre
epient, tend to di-rupt general agreement-"
and make Impossible the maintenance of
rates, the members will have a knotty
problem before them. It Is well known tha't
utile lines are only too anxious for a pre
text to kick over tho tracts an I Mr. ? -basthin's
Independent move mav ho the
cause of bringing about a set of ile-e ai.d
easy tariffs for the summer.
f I IIAt HAI1.UA1.
Slr Willlnm nn Horn.- Tnlks of the
Aine-rlcaii S ndle-nte.
Now Y'ork. May 1. A spcch.1 to tlw
Tribune from Montr.nl savs: Sir William
C. Van Home Ins i;lven oi.t seme nfor
niatlun respecting the fnd!cat which has
been orgienb.-d to s-upidv Cuba with rail-
wavs. Sir William 1 the organizing and
controlling spirit of the enterprise. .Mid as
sociated with him arc American capitalist.
Including William C Whitn'v, .Jam.s W.
Mackey. Lvi P. Morton. J. J. Hill. II. M.
Whitney, H M Flig'er and others
Lines upon which options had ilreadv
h.en e-curesl and vvl.Irh will "ome Inn the
et mhinatlon are the Sigui .oi.l. which will
ceist CM, the Calb'nen roail. St'Vffv.
the Savamllla road. $Vt'0. the Clenfu-
f:os road, f ,V tv, .mil the Juciro line which
t is etimiteel will cost m.r iV'",(e). The
llerrera Steamship Line, doing a coasting
trade between ports on the northern shore,
will also be iicejulreel at a cost of Jl,.r'Al.
This will give a svstem all over the islind
with the imp-rtant exception thit It will
not touch Havana. The syndicate his not
been able to secure options on the trunk
lines running .utn the capital
r.r these tvvo lines Jl." t.nil was asked.
The company will build Its own line to lla
v in i from Matanras. Once this line !s built,
ill the lines will be extended until the who!.,
is ird is gridiron. !. Authority for tho pro
pox'il n w line s has been secured from the
authorities, ni.d It is sail aysur ince.s have
been obtained from the I'nlted Stat- (.ov
...... .. ..i.....n....... ,..n -. ..
, ei.i.ii.-iii inn. in in. i.ui-i in. -i til.. l .!..-.-
wm i,o.illowid at an future time to endan
ger the rlgnts ami property tnat tne com
pativ Is now acnulrlrg. All the prtl'mlnary
work of organizing the compiny his b.n
eomplete.l and work will be 1-egun at once.
Sir William c Van Home will be repre
sented In Cuba by Ijichlan A Hamilton,
who has been for man years a commis
sioner of the Caradlan Pacllic Hallway at
t.-vi: HIM II VI
su.l Pnrtlni; lletvve-n n lllvlslon Su
lterlnlendent nml S.ibordltintes.
i:i:i'i ULic 85i'nciAL.
Marlon. Ill , Ma 1. Superintendent It.
D Fowler of the Chicago nnd Kastcrn Il
linois sewred his connection with that line
to-day, after serving the company for seven
vevirs. lib. supervision of the suithein di
vision embraced that liirt of the real
which extendi, from Danville to Thebes it
the Ml-dslptl Hlver. He is succeseded by
II. .1 Huek of Dinvllle. former trainmaster
on the Chicago division. The headnuirters
of this clli'stin vvlll remiin here
Mr Fowclr lias ace. pte.l a position with
the I'nion 1 "acini: and will leave in a few
.lies for his new Held ef laN.r. A I ire'
numbr of the mills "iiipIo).s. who h..ve '
been serving under superintend. nt I ovvler
met this morning, invited htm to join them
aid pre-sented him with a tine hat In token
of tli Ir esteem. The present it Inn speech
teem In vvnicii lie was iiei.t ty tne-m .vir.
Kewler was deeply affected and for the t'me
found hlinselfat n loss for vvor.b. ti rei.lv.
Ho however thanked them very app.opri-
itelv for their kindness and expressed
lruch regret at having to part with them.
iltl FOIl nl'OUT.
Merllliir t He Held nt leiinsns It)
for I nifnrm lnspe-e-tion.
(.-.ilvi-ston, Tex . May 1 To-day John
i; Halle), miuager of the Calvoston
Wharf Compaii), and Mcl. Hoblnsoti,
rhief grain inspector here. riturii.il
from New Orlt.tns where they had been In
conference with the grain men and hlef
inspector of sriiii at New Orleans, rclativ
to .mi pting
uniform grain Inspection. ThU
;.., , -ln ..-reemer.t lo hold u further
--- . - -- - -.----.
conference In Kansas City In the early part
of August. In which the representative
grain men of New Orleans, GiIveton and
the We-t generally, will pirticlpate, and.
If possible, agree on a uniform s)stein of
Inspection of grain seeking export through
the Gulf -ports.
Herbert Hradley, Miller's export agent.
who has been here for the past tvvo d.i)s
conferring with transportation people nnd
Investigating the facilities for the exporta
tion of Hour through this port, left to-day
for Fort Arthur and New Orleans.
ew no n.
I linrler for 2ho Miles
TopekR, Kns.
F.r.t'l'HLIC SPK'.'IAU
Topeka. Kas., May 1. Tho State Chirter
Hoard to-day granted a charter for the new
railroad proposed by A. K. Stlllwel! from
Kanas City to the Pacific Coast, u total
of 1.G0O miles of road, ') miles of wliich
are to be in Kansas.
The charter specifies that tho new road
shall pass through Wyandotte, Douglas,
Shawnee. Osage. Lyon, Chase-, Harvey,
Ileno. Hutler. Sedgwick, Sumner, Harper
and Harber counties, in Kansas, taking a
southwesterly course, the destination in
that direction being the City of Mexico.
The capital stock of the company Is $.
COO.t'W, on which the company paid a fee of
Central I'nrlllc Flection.
San I i-ancisco. May L Tho recently elct
nl elders, of the Central Pacific Ilallroad
Company of Ftah, the successor In Interest
of the Central Pacific Railroad Compnny of
California, have clectesl the following of
ficers for the ensuing vear: Pr.-d.lcnt.
Isaac U HcipM, soeretarv. J U Willi utt.
treasurer. N. T. Smith. It was announced
that an add.tioiial x.fce7.(i0 of .".'- jw-i e-ent
mortgage bonds, or a total of J.',.i"l3.)ci of
tho ii.X.CMJ Issue had bcu canceled from
Private Diseases, Syphilitic Blood Poison, Rupture,
Stricture, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Nervo-Sexuai Debility
and all Allied and Associate Diseases.
'aVJJST1' v ' i ' ' r I ' V t 1" r.'-'errt'.
. r "-'''. I i u r, , ii. '? h ' efi . vrr t hlin a
t ,anJ ' "" ',"'',1 ' ' ' r . '- ' irs r s u,pi ir I -io.ifi" h..vtn;j
ulla.ni e ises to tier it ere ir.i 1 .it te - i rn II eivrs t fj pit -t 1 1-Fai
e ntr- -la t I- abte -, e". ' I f - ere ,x t
REFERENCES Itest banks, merchants and business men in the city.
OFFICE HOURS From 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. m. to Z p. m.
F. L. SWSANY, R1. P., Mo. I ti. Sroariway, St. Louis,
the proceeds of the Central IMcitl" 'inkirg
OM:itl.M) TIM itt'ii: iiiciinic.
lliiilrnmls Akf.-c lo I l.i.rg.
Hlinilre.I I.. tin. N.
s'un Francisco. .Mav 1. At the conference
of olhei-ils of the Overland rillvvivs an 1
their steam-hip e-onr.ectlons tf.-diy n con
mittre submitted a report re'-ommendiri;
that a minimum rate of JIJ5 per V') pountK
bo chargMl for tea s-hipments from all n
ratal iKrls to nil cejinmon ioint- in th 1
eountry, such as St I'aiil. chie.go. St.
I.ui Cbv.lnnd and New York. The jr s.
tnt rate ij to aid ts cents.
A f.omtniitc seles.ted to report upon s:lk
rates ,! not nadv to msko its recommen
dations It will undoubtedly report in favor
of an ine rease-d minimum charge. th i
rat-s will also lie advanceel.
The Committee on IJ.it.-s on 01110111?
Cargoes was Mven until to-morrow to mil.
its re;it. It is said s.v.ral rlighl rcju -tlons
will l- re commend, el. Itefs oi the
immense cotton sliipments from the South
to Jai an are not to bo disturbed.
-oi-rin:s-n:ii i.im.
tv m
'leet Here To-Iln President
ltlisse-11 oil the Cloe.ds.
I'rcaide- t C I- Hi'sell of the Mobile and
I Ohio arrived in the illy je-tcrday morning
arii is r.gister.d at the Planters. He com. 3
her. to attend a conference of Southeastern
lines, uhlin will take pace at the Southern
Hotel to-daj. The e.bject of the meeting Is
to discuss a reidjutmerit of frtlght rate .
Color el Hi. seel! conlirms the reports .if
the great damage done to property In th"
South by the floods, but s.ijs all necessary
repairs have been made by the railroad,
ami through trains are being run js u-ual
to Mobile and New Orleans. Ho will leave
here for New York on Thursday.
i.r r.irc-uien'H Association.
Fort Woith Tex., Mav 1 Tho heads of
construction departments of th railwax-
here, roundhouse fori men, master nuchai
ics. etc.. have- formed a car foremen's
association, and the following othcers
were elected: fi. Healy. president: J.
W Hogs. ;t. vice president, C. S Collin-,
secretarj : T. F. White, treasurer.
Vllssc.tiri Ptie-llie Cliun-e-s.
C M n.ithburn. suierintendeiit of the
Western division of the Mi-sourl Paeui .
has issued i circular nnnounc-ing that H.
I iilm re. as-'Istant siiper'ntendent "ia3 re
signed and th.- position is ab dished. The
jurisdiction of 11 O Man. division super
intend, nt. Is pxtinde-d to include the Omahi
IIe.lt Hallway.
Penn ltnnlii DiTl.lon.l.
I'htladelphii. .May 1 Tho Itoard of Di
rectors of the Penr.svlv.inla Hitlroad to
day declared the re'giil.ir semiannual divi
dend of S'j per cent, pnvable May 31, to
stockholders reglst. red en the books of
the comimny April He.
I'f-rsnnnl nnd Current Notes.
I. It. Kveland. traveling passenger agent
of the H!o Grtadc vtt.st.-rn, was a visitar
here )eslerday.
At the regular meeting of Hues in the
Western I'assenger AsseM-latlon. to lv held
in Chicago on Mav- x, summer tourist rates
will be dl-cussed in relallo'i to the appllea
tion of short line rates! to the Northwesi
via St. Paul. Th- Kxe-cutive Commlltee oC
the association will meet, in Chicago to
morrow. The K msas City Hate Clerks were In ses
sion again at the Smthern Hotel ) ester
da). -C. L. IliUcar). aslstant general pas
senger agent of the Hlg Four, returnee! to
headquarters )esterd.iv
George .Morton of the "Katy," compiler
of the Tex..s rate sheet, has re'turned from
tho meeting at Houston. He sas he did
not havo to swim hack, but was compelled
t.i take a bath wh.le there.
Tho nillitaty rate which has been used,
as a liaslng rale lietvvecn Colorado common
points and Ogden, lias Ieen withdrawn by
lines In the Western Passenger Associa
tion. -Southwestern Hues, members of the
Passenger Hureau. have grunted a one and
nne-tliii.l fare for the meeting of the Gen
eral Ass, mbly of the l'resbj terlan Church,
to be beld at Atlanta Ga.. on Mav 17.
Ilclatlve to the cx-Confede rate Veterans'
reunion It Is announced that an extension
of the tim. limit to June 15 may be ob-
1. lined m p.iym. nt of
fee ot yi cents to
the joint agent
Texas lines have, grant..! a rate of one
fare plus JJ for the round trip for the rr.ce-t-Ing
of A. M. 1-1 Chureh at Columbus. O..
May 7 to June 5
The Hoik Island will tesiim the opera
tion of its standard !e'pine car in coni.ee
tion with the Missouri Pacific on June 1.
The Missouri Division of the Travelers"
Protective A delation has issued a circu
lar announcing that the Mobile and Ohio
will be the oltlclal route of the order to the
F.leve-nth Annul! Coi vention, to be held at
New Orleans on Ma) to K.
N. 1. Judd lias resgi.ed as chief train
dispatcher for the Chicago, Peoria and bu
laiuls at Springfield.
C IX Ilovvmnn has been appointed agent
for the Chlcaro. Peoria and St. Ixiuis at
Dow vice It. O. Goodrich.
C A Parker, e-omm.ssloner of the St.
Iamls Traffic Hureau, is in Chlcigo on busi
ness cniineeicd with tho bureau. He Is ex
pected to return to-da).
Illinois Xiilloonl Gourd.
Springfield. Ill, M..iy I The following
elections In the Illinois National Guard
were confirmed to-day by Adjutant General
Tlmothv M Kennedy, to lie Captain Com
pnnv C Seventh Infantry, re-elected.
John J. Noian, 'n be First Lieutenant
Company C. Seventh Irfantry. vice Healy.
Thomas 1 M'-Coimlck. lo be Second Lieu
tenant Comranj C. Seventh Infantry, vice
Jeremiah J Slsk. to be Captain Company
H. Seventh Infantry, vice Millev
James P. Walsh, to l-e Flrst'LIeutenant
Al four OUt of
Lave Catarrh in .ome torn, it mav appropriately bo called our national dScT '
Catarrh bejjnw w ith a simple tnflammatioit of the inner lining of the nsstriU
and throat-a bad cold-soon goes deeper and attacks the lungs, stomach ikid.
Catarrh is Common S?"lWer ?Tgans' Thf'accu-. .
. , r. . , . initiate m the blood until the entire svetem u
polluted. Catarrh w common and cures rare because the treatment rW
fcprayp washes and inhaling medicines reheve for a short time, but do notairf.
Local treatment can not reach the scat of tho disease, wh ch is TthT hVS
Catarrh is deei-sited and oltinate. ' tno bIood'
s. s. s. is a certain, compie-te and safe cure,
cause it U the only medicine that Is able to forcoout
oi ine oiooa an poisonous suojranccs: that tones u
Address Medical Department, Swift
airon Clause it. Mo niu n,u
trnttal. Eock that tills 1!!, rrailcil FKE.
H01tETlt BRUM CO.. jaOnlOKE. PA.
t Athlete or invalid
Burton Brewn Stout,
' Ked L.-WI Ilran.1"
n i, nutnti v. ImivJ 1 f' d a sod for
.n ' .- t th r. mak.s weaV: oik
-i. and web r.lks si.onser. Ask jour
If eour ar cer . 1 ..i
s":jp!r t t ' lb r.
K'nl,.-h D l.H
- eiler eaint
t e-ewerj direet.
ST. LOL'15.
Company II. Seventh Infintrv. vice Kel'y.
John J. Cullimn. to le Second Lle-ut'-u-Hnt
Company H, Seventh Infantry, vice
O'Shea. , ...
L-avc c.f absence? f"r thr ' monih'. vrtta
permission to leixe the Si.ue-. i- granted to
First IJeutenant Joseph IS D.-vif. Assist-
art Surgeon or tne se'eouci ln.anirj.
Dimhier"s "MiirrifuiP yiillilli'd DSf
a rt i ''a i -r r K ' r
ins ilotlicr's Wish.
To gratify a d)tng mother's; ruiuest. Otto
Nickel. Jr. anl Mi-s Mitia Wolff, step
brother and sister, were married In th
Nickel homestead at Dcs Peres Sunday
afternoon by the Iteverend Theodore Mie
sler. isistor of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church at that place.
After the ceremony was performed. Mrs.
Nickel said that she could then ello e-on-tent.
She passed away that night. Her
funeral was held je-ster.Iav- afternoon from
tlie Des Peres Lutheran Church, and was
one of the largest In point of attendance
that has ever been witnessed in that place.
Mrs. Nickel was 41 years old. She had
been suffering from dropsy, aad last week t
felt that her end was drawing near. Know- v
lnrr that the xoung people? were engaged.
she requested that their wedding date,
which had been set for the future, bo
ehanged so that she could witness the cere
men) and die. knowing that her daughter
was wrl! provided for. The young people
willingly charged their plans.
Otto "Nickel. Sr.. Is one of the best
known land-owncr; la St. Louis County.
He has lived at Des Teres nearly all of
Ills life. The young couple will remain,
with him for the present.
Arnvimcnienis Made to Send Them
l.y Mail.
The c-irr.mltfe In charge of tlie banquet
to be tendered Admiral and Mrs. Dewey nt
the Planters Hotel next Friday night an
nounces that those who desire to attend and
who may not lind it entirely convenient to
purchase! tickets nt the Plantcre Hotel,
where they have been places! en sale, mar
nrocuro them by sending their nimes and
addresses, v.ith their check for the proper
amount to y.r. W. A. Thomson nt the
Iloatmen's Hank.
Arrangements have been made to answer
nil reiu-f!ts Immediately, and these who
cannot call at the hotel will Hid everv
facility for securing tickets to tho great
banquet In the places mentioned.
Kadi ticket will entitle the holder to
seat on the reviewing stand In front of the
F.xnodtion building during the parade on.
Siturday. r
Will e the First Governor of
Washington. May 1. President Dolo has
been selected as tho first Governor of Ha
waii, as wss anticipated In these dispatches.
The formal announcement will do made
when tho list of Hawaiian official, to bo
urpolnteel by the President, Is complete.
hot Himself In llir- .Mouth.
Joe Hlantz. a German. St years old. whllo
attempting tn bud an old-st)le powder-and-ball
pistol at his home. jCo. rsil North
Ninth s'reet. accidentally shot himself In
the mout and Doctor Otto p. KJaus of
No. Ss.. North Mntli street Eays the in
jury may result seriously.
r-vpn- tix-n misntii te. .. TTle-.i (-...
be- " ttXTB aeOMKil
Treatment is YfrBng
P-riencn'rVd H,' wTiw'i?.?7 of laree ex
fully of your case. rip.nt.i--. .L" ,- rite the ni
Specific Company, "Atlanta", Georgia.
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