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The St. Louis Republic. (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, June 08, 1900, Image 5

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ayf 'i-V-1W L..JWJUI 'III ! !
retkJ F.-LT'. 1 ,'.-fZ t5
K a Rjw3SK -" '.'
Q,v fO
3B ? T. a
The new 11.30 p. m. train to New York, via the
Wabash, is a great convenience. Business men -going
east Jo not now have to rush home, and after i
a hurried n:eal, rush down to the train. You can
spend the evening at home,
you were not going away,
11.30 p. m. train for New York. Then, you arrive .
New York 7.30 second morning such a convenient '
hour plenty of time to iocateand breakfast before I
the business day commences.
Complete Service.
' rS! lip.-
i m
1.STT!'"I Ml YVKsTI!Ol Nil.
Lv. St. 7aui 9i'is s t-a: 1: jt. pr i.v llctoii If fa 40;a
Ar. IHtroit .. s '. J-3: & .1 5J " NmvYo:!; It'Wja t 'j?a !Sja
" l.ullalo .. lioia 7-taiTo- " Ihiftalo ..I S.v.psi j i txvsu
' Ne-York ;ira ' -' 7 t. . Detroit..) H'j: " ' n'v ;a
Ar Boston .. ..i'7 I0.qti u st. Loals I :rOia ;spa 7 ISta
Yc can make allarrnnucments for vourtrlpalourfickct office.
We will see that ynir liacziKe is rn'led for at jour residence
or hotel, rrnc vour Imurioir or be-th. ar.d supply you with
railroad sad siecpinc carticktts at the lowest rates available.
Wsbssh Ticket CScc, BroadVav and Olive, S. E. Cor.
C?.-.- i - i
ci ::t vjv-'JiaVKS-:-m? '4ii - .zrti?
5T.?l.ViFa.Tili.v--v f'-n'-'-t wirM
ft is
Dr. Ozfas Paquin Thrusts Aside Ignorance and flis-
takes and in a Purely Scientific Planner Cures
Drunkenness and Positively Immunizes
Each Patient From the Drink Habit.
Hundreds of Relapses From Other
There U no darkness but lpnoranro:
there Is no lijrht but intellicence, a often
ns we can exchango a mistake for a fact,
a fals'linod for a troth we advance." Th-
torchlight of truth h.-.s walk.d through
darkness anfl i'.lurrimited Its rath with
many practical facts !n th9 last century.
For years ard yoirs druntenrejs hni
been looked t:;"n ns a crime. We have
legislated epainst it ar 1 rave fiHed ojr
m m
y-. A
? ' 7i.I-: Bi
r. y?.j.e vj
l IP MY -T-
v -it
Iris .r.s an3 lnaT-o mlura3 with It. hut
It seems that arurk-r-ncss Is on the In
crease: wc canrot mai.o cny ffnalty ?o
Brest thjt flrurktce-f will ct ao. The
reason for th's is that drunk' nnas Is not
n crime. Is n-t vu lutinoss, is not a hahlt,
but It Is a dlrea;. aivl b taking this fact
linc piven Vv'ertcrn clubs In the Kast. He
It rrins that medals hae Ken offerevl
tr each iiiMern piaer who will di'.Hble a
Western run I rt.r saw &u h i.ioj
work. Not nil'- ar the pljc: di In
dirty W'prn. but manugcra at .1 flub owners
are anxini- to get uingled up with ilaver
from the West. Think of Colonel Iturn
of the l'mladtlphias wanting to Ilcht: Uhy.
that gem U nam tt-nt me a formal chHllvnse
to battle nt his clubhouse. I lauchtd in hU
raeien(5er' face. Tnev tri'l to kill
Cooley in rhiiadelphia. On the Iat pl.y
jet-tirday Thomiis dliberattly ran into
Dick a:.d iiurt him so ho could HCarcely
walk during the cvtnlns. Teljeau told me
lie was ab" havinc t-- ubie i-t.'pi'ig his
men v.hob There will t. some Br.at colei
to settle when tie Eastern ciiils make thEir
iievt Wetttrn ttlp."
i'Illt.VIli:t.PIIIA I.
Iled foiiml.-il 1'ruzer tjrf t!ir Ilnblier
in fnc Inltlnu'.
rhlla lelplaa. Juno 7. Aft.r n lens-'nmn-out
f.nrt mrin. In uiiKh a will tbrfw by cro-
tw rlr.iln. duK- ard 3. tnio br CicUu
DAti, uiach neit'd tl.e 1 lurs fear run., tr.
tun" to-dar t--in tha.t tnua .n-l tht lTUU
ri9!ph1&s n.nttuuttt in a lit-i..? manner. Tn
lcalt ooulj ig ijoUiins v.ttj fecott. nnl nhat
Inu they ot wer lamely ( a F-nt h k.nl.
J-raar ws x-bac3a for -Maul in th fouith In
litru; jtnl pt-il a eootl irinie. ioore:
All Ii.O A.I
Ail 11 H.Vt
Tr.oraa. cf. i I
t tecoran, n.ft
l-civtr. it-, i
fcIcUr.de. rf i
traw'd. If. ..5
Jrvtn b. .1
(telnet. 2b.i
rirtl. c ...
hcott. p.. ...4
n;.-. If... 4 2 . )
Wty. lb.. .4 1 1) 1
Flirk rf.. .J f 1 0
lAjnre, e.. 2 3 2
tWl.'n. a .1 1 2 1
Llan, 2b 4 o i
Crovt. u 1 4 4 3
Maul p.. ..1 OOo
Jrar. p.. ..2 0 0 1
Maiilacli ..1000
.11 13 27 10 1
...31 6 2; 13 3
IlattJ for Praier In tl- ninth.
Cnclnnuti 4 0 1 0 0 9 0 0 03
1-hlladelphla :..l 0 0 0 0 i 0 I
Summary; Kamefi runft Ctr cl--natl 4 Trf-o-bAfd
h.tti E-arrett 1. Tbr.j-Ui hiu. ilt HrMe 1,
Yawforl 2. Svtltn b.e. Uarrett 2 "niTf. rd
1, Irwin 1. louble pla Bantu to Irwin. Iw.-jic-1m
to Iileh.ulty. ItiMbajia oa bll orf S...tt
1 lft on baa- 4'incninatt ?, 3"bti-'lfli Ma &
lilt by pluhe-1 tall Omigiajt. Mru-k o.t-By
Bcott 5, by llul 1, ty l..zer L 'A.dOl bMKs
XATUftla I- Tim Two Uvur ard lle minutes.
Umpire Einslta. Attcnaocjca, Z,'J&L
riTTsnciio 7, riiooici.Y. s.
riitllpnl'" llrllllant ntrlilnK nml
llaen"'" Ilalllnis AVon the (Inme.
Brotklyn. Juno 7-V.asner an! ITiilippl did
the feature ork to-djy. tha l'-irer lattl,iff
bartly and fltfidin? brhJi&ntI,. whJlo the pitch.r
had Uroc'klyn gaeeftlG? uinl tho tii"th. Then a
bart on ln'1. lour cite and Jtitchej's fuir.ble let
In three runs 1 lta tbe bai. full and two out.
Kelly lifted a foul to O'Counur and the wno ai
cer. Score:
Cooley, lb 5 2 S 0 0
Jlltchev. 2b.S 112 1
Jore. cf ...
l.eler. rf ..
JMl-is, lb.
Kello. K...3
WaMcn. ...!
1xi, 3b. ...3
Inly. 2b... .4
rarrell. C...4
N'4. P 3
SnckarJ ..1
J'a-aumX of.S 1 2
IVatmer. rf.l 3 &
fMll'nu. tb.3 1 1
O'lirltn. U..4 1 1
Illy, a 2 i
Connor, c-4 1 4
ji-aiippt. ixs o o
Totale ..S 13 K 11
Hitted for Kop. In ninth.
bcfT ty Inning:
J'ltfburc 0 0 2 0 113 iv-7
IRwMyn 0 0 0 0 0 n 1 0 31
Summary: Earned rune I':ttbarc . lloklya
r. Three-bato hit'-Wagntr 1, o'Hrlen 1. Kly 1.
Two-laf bite Cooley 1. IMly 1. llret ba.se n
erroraltroo-lyn 1 left on bases nmburc 5.
JJrooklyn . Struck out-Iiy l-hllippl 3. by Nop
2. gacrlitce hl'-rhllippl 1. Htulen lia-eit N ve
rier 1. Croas 1- llasea on Iialls )!f llilllrpl J. o!t
Jsops L Dcuple p5f UlJ and llltchej 1. Tims
Two licn:-s and six minutes. Lmpae bu art
wood. Attendance. 2.0CO.
!IO!?TOX 1.1. CHIC.ir.tl -t. '
XiebolH lVn a I'uzrli After tlie Sre.
oiiil Jnnliiir.
Hoston. June 7. Seven lilts, a base en Kills
and two errors in the nfih innlnc of to-daj--a
Lame. jrt IioMcn nine runs and tfce -arae,
Jilchols tad excellent csmr.snd. and Ch'xajo
f!it 'VU
fo New York $1
or just as you would if ;:j
ana yet take the Wabash ?,'
- xTwj.t.j,r,.
- ! mm
- .uiii - n..
nilDIIDI :
Drunk Cures Permanently Cured.
( ns a basl. r-!enre In Its lrameJ war hs
thniFt as.'!- mistakes nnfl lirnomncc n-I
rl- el In It s'cad truth anJ li)t Ilio'nop.
T.-ie cmmur.ity at larKn K Inli-bt-M to
j Ir. (7l 1;. IMqiiin. the ominent prni-:!i"ins
j phjFioian. for this truth. Ir. l'a'iuin for
j yars his lnn miikinp cxpriin'ms. the
! foundation ct which has been !.' belief
that dnmker.nes Ta a iliFae. Ti las
ilemonRtratcd this to bo an aitoluv fact
without the- hadiw of a doubt. Affrhe had
mad" this ftartllns discovery he went about
In a purelv scientific manner to prepare a
rnntho.1 v.hr-elty this dlejse could be
cure!. Ills efforts hae rtiultcd In jilacin?
bifore the world what Is now known a the
I'aquin Immunliing Methol. Hy this meth
od he cures every cas? of drunkenness, no
matter bow hopeless the case may seem
to be. a:..l in every Instance lie Immun
izes the ratient from the drink hnblt.
HimP of the cures he has performed really
sejrn miraculous. In manj i vtances he Ins
tiktn cases which were relap-.es fro-n oth-r
drunk cures and permanently cured them
from all desire to drink. Pr. Ozljs I'aijuln
has cstablishd him'elf In suite 11'3 Chemical
bulldlncr. whero he will nt all times b-
pleased to have any one call who Is inter
est ttl In his method, lie also ha3 In con
nection with this sulto a ladles' reception
room, and can euro the gentler sex as well
ns men from ulcihollsm. If any of our read
ers have friends, relatives or acquaintances
who are sufferers from drunkenness and
will send Dr. Ozlas I'arjuin. 1112 Chemical
building. St. I.Kils, their addrt.s. he will be
pleasoj to place himself In comtnurlcation
with them and sive them th Information
necessary about hij wonderful cure for
;Srf Eg
VfsanwiavaEIHMtwnn1. "i i
re-uM tic r. thlrc v.ith his delivery after the tcc
I end inuinc Att'-ndancti -tb-.3 oor:
I U- t'n , Cfc.caici.
( llimil d, cf i u u u 6 Mette.. cr..4 110 1
i d'i ... 3!) j o l i ; n.iidn. a, t i . 5 o
Tnny. tt i S 11 1 if J:)h:i. If 1 1 4 0 0
hthl. If . i 3 1 0 C (Jreeii. if ..; 1 j v )
, 3r.B. .....; list Oam.i, lh.. 1 C Z 0
' rree.-n'.i rf.5 2 1 0 V McCVflc. e 3 4 J 3 J
11 e. lit 5 1 3 0 Ttrtd'ey, 3l 3 I 2 2 0
' f '.'merits, r. 5 J to 1. hmre P...2 0 0 0 0
1 Mchols p...l 0 1J. Itxter. O...Z 1 ) u
; T-ilor. p ..! 0 2 2 0
Totals ... II 21 12 . :
t TolKla .32 21 14 1
I lb -ten rt 3 3 0 9 0 0 0 11
"h! id . ..ZvlO OOOIO 4
uraKiTj. Urced rt.na-Kjtton I. fliletKo 3
Tt;' laFe bit Ttnliy 1, 1.th J, I'blidii 1 Tb..
baee hlr-4r.2el 1. lltme rurs :.e n 1 ltraa
1 Pfilen ba bur 2, S'ahl I. lMubl. plajs
h!Ids. ilc-C.jrrrb lc and Oanzel 1 Kt- on
bail-iir Nlrbo! 2, off Tnylnr 3 Ptrurk jt
l!y Ki-nola 4. Wild plbhea -TaUor 1 Tune
Ino bur atid fle minutes. 1'mplrt- Ilurat.
Ilnffnlo 14, Kimans Clly I.
Kansaa Cf.. M.. Jim 7. I'atten prove,! an
ea.y tr.ark f r th tiellors la to-dCs w
rcu'-lnr fourteen Id's In seea lr.nir. catei'
ubo r-ii.... him In tie elsMh. nai als.. eaC
t. r"ie. an! I.uCalo wrei In a wali. An.ij
to- Ui vltl'&r.. iltchou u good .me Attend.
ance, 2.0CX Sc-re:
Ken.i. City .... 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0- 4 a "2
llafaln t V 1 1 u I 2 0-14 sJ i
I'auierles Kanraa Clt. l'atton. Catea anl Gen
cms. i-urfalD, Atoule and r-r.
Cblrnc 7. Cleiflntxl 2.
dexro 111, June 7 Tw (mri a i,an a
rwent!- rn.l fi.iir hit. ea ChlcuVti t-'-ay'a
Fam in tne eluhtli lr.nil.B. After tn out In
the ninth, u Kl.'t and tbr- hlt ac Cl-.vtlinJ
two ruts. Attendance, l.bO tfeure:
Chlcaco o 001000.-7 s 1
Wetland 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-2 4 5
Battrne- ,hlcajio. lifter and Sutd.n- Cl're
laud, llwrf-r and Hi Irs.
llelrolt 1, Mllrtntil.ee II.
Milwaukee. AtS... June 7. Ilelrfy and Vnrvr
rltched irrwit I all to-day Tli. unmlr. .rOT-...,...i
I the Lome team In the ninth limine from ix-ntmK
; tiro ru. s by califs Waidrun tut at llrst nb.':i l,e
, r c'eaxly safe 'ibe vlt.t.jr uent to Ittri i b
a eeoro of 1 to C. The BrMhiK of Iluike "and
ji.t.iK-ts wan ui leniure OI ma Kame. i ore
Mlluaukee 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0- u 4 2
Uetroit 0 t) 0 0 t) 0 v 0 1 1 u 1
Batteries! ililwaukee IteldT ami mith t..
i trt leaser and llin.
IIlitllmuipoIiH 5, -llllillruimll 2.
l:inneap.lis. lllnn.. June 7 -Indlanap..ll van
tl.o rsrond of three -amr. nlth JIlnnai-IN tc
; Ca Ti- r.hol-K on l-.th lde. aav -I jjij
ry btl e tnthusUcm was sbrat- In ( e fmrtb
Jo hbH pUty f..r tlrtten minutes. n rrrjT
. - .... . i ..i, en-.. . imk in toe nr.t innmc r.eit
tre ri--it,ra on run. avd another error In the ec-
r.d lr"lrc by IUrna in ltt Held was reponlble
tor thi ttree runs. He dnr.f.e! an ssy rr with
tiro tut and n. rans Iarker Pitt hM fin btn
J t i'lnnt-apo Is. as did Guar for tb Mt.irs. I
o o o ft l m -: ", ,:.
..1 3 0 tt I t o o ft--, r 7
Irdlarap lis
Halteries- AllnT!e.-inol!t p.irV... nn.t rsi .
lndiar-apollo r avd H-ydon. '
ADAM'!- ClltVils VAI,I,OI'i:n.
I.. l.V Mutrirers Slnnirlt I..r,I
.iiiltli's Tnlrlrr nt Mill.
tvillow wleiiers from St. Iiu!s Cnlver-tl-r
tacld Tw-lrler Adams of Smith Aefld-my at
the l'aatlme fround. :e.tertlay aflern.j.n ..nd
rsmch.I bt. rume. all ovtr tb Iroal I ,t Th.t
larMH Ia.b were Cfn-dsttnt with their lii-itlit
and tallid ele.n run., whll. brnith ref lit- red
three tlms. The rcore:
fct Inis I'nlrorsi'y I Smith .-ndrri
A.HH tt A K I ah no
Burke. : ..7 1 1 l 1 1 A.Horr.in.If l 6
3!eiwnl! c .4 1 .-, l 0 Ctvlenvin. Jb.4 o 1
i-pemer 2b...3 1 0 t) 1 ITl-e cf....3 2 2
IiOn.-thtl. . 1 .. . h ll.rl. .. . .. TT
1 i
r. ti
It ij
o 1
2 3
1-yt.ne. p S 10 2 O 1 1; llu!r:m.lb 1 o li
Sunn,--. If .3 0 2 0 o White. 2b....4 tl 1
Crare rf.. .304ft ftil.bbkt, if. ..2 1 t)
l.nntnn ... T A r. . . t 1 .. I. . I A .
Met lain.'lb 5 3 7 ft 0 Jloorc. "!'.. '.J 1 1
-- -- j Adams p.. .4 t t
1 ft I
iotais ...S3 itn 4
Totals ....31 tvr:
1 ?
St Isils 1 3 0 0 0 0 2 S 0H
Smith 1 00010 0103
Summary: named runs St. Lotit- U. X Smith
2. Tw-o-bas hits Donohllft 1 Tbree-lKUe hlta
McDowell 1. Donuhue 1. l.yona 1. Home runs
XcOala 1. Baaoa oa tails OK Adama 4, i3
I,or. 1 Stru k out Ty s t br t.- -m I
Iti,ri- plie ' n l.je 1" -1 ' . 1 1
to-i f.! JH'ii: 1 I' '
1 I n.rn -- "1 'i.i . '
f f 1 n 1 I'lfiu. 1. I .v II 1 " '
Iks ! ue 1. l.ai. 1. lb.rn 11 ! I I" 1
"Western l.nirtie.
Sivtx City. 1.. Jtiii- ; Bi.wbali seor
Sioux itv tnaBoti! "
J-t Jiwrh 4OO(t40 1
r. merles rerEiiae-i and Cte. JUiip.n and
r. 3Ielnes, la.. June " Baaelall sre-
r 11 n
rv voine. 0 o 0 0 s a 2 0 o-s 11 i
l-u. Mo 9 6 l 2 0t 3 2
ltatteriee WeHoer ond Seleler; lrb and ttra
h.im. empires TrafBey and J. J. Jenrl-s.
cViaba. Neb , Jane 7 -Iiahai! srtire:
Omaha "44S300O. 1 3
I....I.- 11'l-2 i
It ittertee- lluxties Newnterer and Wilson, bim
n. and M-U!Uiril
I1:inUle 2. .lutd.Nt.n, 11!,- 7.
iiKri huh 3i'i:TAU
ia.kifnr.ie. hi., June ".Danville eutplad
the b.-n.e itam to-day and kuq euJdlv. lu tl.e
1 th iirunK H!abs as riMeked out if tbe
t and .u-alm w.ttt substituted, witiwut atail.
1 ne e.fre:
Ja. kmlll 4 M : IMt-i II
1-.. i. lite .... 0 1 6 1 v V I 3 -12 11 I.
1 ..tttr.e Swilin and Nut-la. Mclnniv and
I'rsnrl.iinu .s, Arkutlt-lpltln it.
TexarKina. Tet , June 7. A frrod pnnw of
Int. all "a llayed tine- thia aftemtun bttlafea
Tt aiifin.i and Arkatletphia. Ark. Tba formr
v.on the -anie In tao third InninK. Skvre:
T .rkir.a 9111114-ju 3
Arki Mplfia .. a e 1 1 i 1 0 ! J- 3 1 i
Mjii r.- Texiirlicn l-tlln and Olilo. Ar v
d, ; la MiMUlan and V.rllit.
ItltMtmiitfrtfiii 7. Ti-rrt Il'itttc ft.
M...-r..nr!'n. Ill . June 7.-TUuo"ilnKt't woo
t.e f .n.e frtjn Trre II mte t . dtv, 7 io 5. M
tre.w. . pitt-hed thn- Inrtca's tor Itbteniinc
t n. t.s h.t n Hit- bt ail l.y ie'.e' insb.t art I
bamrl. at b'tb?utute.t. I?, .-re
R. II F-
IM.ct-u-.4ton '1 ! j f 1 1 Ml 1
T'-re lli'iw uo-jsioo'tl' -
battel JM.iv, n. Kinitic al-l Kollins,
irtitlf and Muni.oni rj
.iie'cov ri:n cimhtio.
He- latts 'Ibitl Ilfiittut for K.-fusiiijs
Itt Kiubt llnr3.e
New lt-rk, June 7 - The !imlt.- la ox between
T " l - rkey uel K.d SUt t a drh waa ulat-d
t u- touht at Coi- 11 ina tn June 2. haa
I it dt. lared .'ft to. a-..! lfts,j annuuxu-ed
last riff 't thtt he ra.i -i .It u,. rs nt.rd rt t
to llKlit the .t' r ind that tlie latter CvUld liave
bi I -ifelt ef 51. jj9.
Allot nK't Mtt. , nud an Jdea of tliroarlns up
tiie matLh before he fuUht Ja k IV'nuer. be
d-arp-i bt inntd and asked Tom u neurit.
Markejs riianaaer, for .ttr.tBment uf the
I.itM. This O'lteurka wlllliutly run- nied ft.
at.d. avit rdlntj to .Mt. y'a :at merit, ne a ad to
g tt a Je.Mde.1 ar&wer laat nljlt.l ... T t e r. w
ca -f tl,e tattle. After irtvii t'f it ttt.-r i-e-f.i
t n-idt ratlin, Met..y , lO'.l tt ittb ft ' l e
n it. h f r Koo-t. He aol r.j t. :u . t. nt e.ul 1
.tttr hit. plans 1 lit.n aeaed wht re had tbrn
l.p the nutlcli. i!t-ti fild. 'I t'lt I the fihl
utf t.iitUMt I think that training h trd in tli
sunuiv i t.me tltr.ni3 a alau ir.t t.t.tisun .". .n.
1 fa kni 1 an not a rnifit'd n tn b i-ny tuetn.,
e-d it.--tier tbrn take an .litn-et -f r.n.n
...r health I d-citlfl not to II.' 1 1 at tut urttl tba
f!l 1 hse -all-1 otf all t'i- fit'i' 1 ral on
lwnd Iwl on that att .tunt and if S ar..y waau
mj 11. "j fc-rfct ho la welcome to it
IMI.I. Cl..ll T5Ii: 'IIT1.I-
Itjn Ahmil lt l'ttse ns 31iildlr
Weiuitl l'li.tliitillli.
fhirac... Ill .'un- 7 -"I n-t tluf Kil ileiy
ba. t..ir.l f r a i--ir salt T. ftti I: ti t -dij
'All 1 mi .-iV t.. b. .i- I .t. fit. m-n
n rturn to New :k !tr. I -w.ll k t alter
t licit ltst.-n Itr'v tltr- an Ji"k J.-IT'b-.
tain l.n tli 1 i at li.lt. r.M 1 Int.' . It
claim tiie of': utiFrnt . i.aiui i nil tp of the
v.rlj. I-t a i -It ani i ..rtptrr' Xo m.- t
anv mart liilfi it 1. p-.uti.'-. ritiritla Tl'ls
Include. JIfl.i'1 or anj one el wll vtould Ike
I . an nnke t n rwunds llshier thin that and
be tr -ns Jtnd ' t Nt s en u h m -tt- la It. I
wtul! - itlad " ti.tM a ma-h tritn wivm
at 14 fntifti. 1 nave f. tuf1-! blK let! ws all try
lit". I bt.f not mut ti bmrer t' ."tav In tlis
nnc an.1 'I not at f'i time f.-l hst tney
t-ttll t-e In triors. I wan mj cl o:C lears in
tl tl-rr Tintr --ume ttt I.' pr-H!taiIe. Tiait all I
Mill o niiele lilt; ua)ta it."
JIIIIN" I.. WI.N A 1101 T.
Atilieiiser-llii-rli llrenery TlirttTTs I'll
Hi.. iiiiikv.
nEl-fIM.Ii SIT.l'lAI.
New 1 rk luit- . I hn : Sa:iit-an ha de
fejit.1 th Anl.eu-er liu-h cttnpin) tn a lu.Uc
reelil es-e. I v. I mK J4-") 1 eial-n cf tl J
bi.'irc nuv.il.. jtrew t. .t l an arrangement
with Milllvan -iV-'i be lir-t peried a ea oun tn
Km lork on -.ill m nn. ---.ua'. r ' t . t-s
t r beer t-t the an. unt .t k. 1! Anl-f-u-ee.
llutb oo'npanv dl l n t pi .-ti'l " f 1-
II eitt St th-" IH I tit !t erill ti lit tt er
l'Ct a f.etl-mer t. Ie . if I. w bae bt. 1 cropped.
It wtiubi l the man ani. jl " to ft t a il-cen-
la Ntw Y r'a .r..'". R It t r-..er en
tlit. n-ite- id us t i . ni unt ln I.fl Is small
e inf, wis adlstd to-tlay to eu-pt id further
pr . -eUi ?
o nitio fim-.iii:i m:i.i..
IiinB e-rr Was KnwLril Out In Sec
ond ICoimti.
Ivs llo.re-i. June 7. I'hllioV.phla Jack O'Brien
pn.vvl too mmh f.T barlea Hell, a ne;-TO. or
li 'va ltv and wat, rlen the deelsl-.n t-n a
elejn kr...-k-out In the -.-e. nd round of wi-at
was to bae l"tn a twentj-rotuul contest. In
titlit city t. niO-t ... ,. , ..
Morr" Itau.t h defeated k.Jt!y ' line in th sec
cn.l round Ja.-k Itan was gten the d-i-i m
iter Je.-- la. ai tit the e-on.l r.unj altr
N.din tiat rU-n the deelrn. n oer IU He tirant
ill tl.e -a1, t.r.d 'i unj, be ause h J-raltod ta
u&irib an lbut bl w
-r. i,. . l'vn-iis.
Cluutiploii Trnek Ten in Will -niinl
in I. O. II. ;iiiiiv.
Intending cortp. tlt ts at th aipr- irhlntr
feld tbij "f tht. Ambit )tdr of Ililur I'tnt. ti
la hela at the Pair lrt tinds June IT. aie t lu
ll ned that tntrle. for the anus lUneil.B ant
Bti.btl" i..ntti.t Ioe at J p i" n'at satunlty.
I .nt A tmlsa.ai. ma tttet tf il-i- M leans I m-.r-uy
trn.-k ttam. I.a- ap; .bd to 1" W Itjrne
ft- tntrj" blanks for eietj ir.enilar of th- '.';
tv team bst cmpet-tl witl. ibe ill.'-iurl I nl-
ersity tellll for the Mrfle h 't rs at the re .lit
ti. t. lTntiles ate airt.dy i-tuni.c in in largw
Wilej Hiitl llnjley on ilii- Mat for nn
Sen rranrtsco. ral . J ine 7 -Max tVHe-r. tbe
charailun ilKht ar..l nlfr "Si1 ann'eur
wieihr of ibe I r.ltel .-lates. It. ire in Neir
1..rk and I. H. l-ajby ..f tne in I ranclseo
OHinpic 3ub lie" at the m-.t la-t tilKht.
After wrotl!n f. r an h..ur ut-urtr In. 1 caine-l
a fail a:.d the tiniest wis d.s laie i a draw, th
ttmi. 'limit hailr.a . t; rt.l At lh- iwil ami
tair eharrp'o o-tiij. tt ui-natreiil tn l' is cltl. A 1 y
Iot the dtlln to l'.ley. He tame tat a to
the C' a.t for another inett i.
Hoi-iintr riiteoilM nt -onmorr.
ItKI'l HIJ'" .-1-KflM.
f-vnm r.. 111. June 7.-Tw hurdre.1 n-n-l-jt
rli-eon. ieloninr; to th KutWur llomins t.ut
Lf MIIb ,jk- w.re frM ,et t 'la-. Tb.v Im
im dlst.lt r se eeral btin.ln.1 f"! in t,1"' ".
then ttruek ut In the .llrectb of JlilaauVeu
I'miK-ssil to Kml tlif I'lielp-sSt'-jilii'iis-Stone
ltr.rri.idc si'Efi.tu
Kansas City, Ho , June T.-lt 1 now pto-nost-d
to dtfK.!- vt the Stone-1'ht Ips-Ste-ilnns
wran-tle by sub-jtiiutliiK thers in the
rai - f r I -.-!--. ratlc .loloi-.ites-at-Iaike to
the Kans-n-t tity conn-ntum. A inov-.inj'nt
was piat-td on foot h re to-duy ulth tint
end in -.lew, and the names of S-nators
Yst and Cockrell are tntntloiieti u the
proper in-rsons to name.
In the hot-1 e .rrld-irw to-dy. t-ollticlana
nlm had reinalnei oer alter the Stat
Ctinventlon dis. iisi-etl the Plan -seriously,
and It ha" Iwn well rtceivtd ceneially.
While no on- l willing to acknowlrdg th
responsibility ul launclilnp the movement,
there are manv who take kirmlv to it and
push it alone ' as n R.J thltij:.
V lesson in t!lsie-iiiK of wrangles was
tauffht the I'emoericy of the St tie at the
late ronvenUaii that may be tir-reacbina;
In its rt-tults. Tilth intnement rtferred tu
Is oitf r.-sult jf that Ieon. Confronted
bv a wTanisle of hu.- pniportlons. afft-ctiu-;
th- Kansas City end tit the -tarty, the
Comruitte- on "'(dentials. and those who
ncted in an atUi-ory ciipueity tow ir.i it, in-si-tttnl
on ctnf--ions irom the principals
In both fjctittn1- t here till roti'-es.-.i,,-i
Mils, not f' rthcumlng. the chilms of both
wire releKuted, and' the Int'rests of the.
party considered Ilrst. This is poinUtl out
as an object-l' sum in the deleitate-at-lar-to
(lovernor t-tone's published slttement that
h" is wiliinK to wlihdraw, tiovtmur St
jibens's deelirailon that Ifi is not a canli
tlate and I'help-i's aiowal that he wants
peace to relKti mat le takMi s.Tioiisly or
li:-rallv. I'arty 1. aders here stiwst that
li" would lie ait fXiell nt wav to settle the
entire matter. AmorR the p.imts m-ntioned
t'l-niBltt nre S. i .firs Vt-t and Cotkr.ll
and Hd II "rber f Trent .11 I'eaee may
relcn wher tll-cord net is vupteme by the
simple process of substitution.
Coles Cotiiitj- I'rtiltililliiilllsl..
itnri Hi-i' sei-.ii,
Charieston lib. Jure 7 The Colas Coun
ty I'rohibltlonlsts met here to-dy Dele
"ratcs were appointed to the .eeral c.tn--untlons
An Kxetuilve immittie was sp
pointfd with pot.rr to name a coant tick
et Township t'ommittees wero appointed,
and new ollicers elected.
112 hoarding Places
Advertised in t-c2ajr' Pi.ub"ti
l'r'-sont Plan f Organization
I'li'iibt" the Hiili
AiHontliiient IVrniilting Slate
Ciiilw Sot .Mi'inhers of Slate
l-Viii-ralions Io .loin the Ocii-
eral Ilodv Also ICcjerted.
Milwaukee. WW.. June 7 -After one of
the most siarltril elons ever h-M by the
General FVnlerntlon of Women'i Clubs the
lone-dtsrujwd question cf reorsanlzali .n
vras ticfratetl to-day by a wte of n'3? to
i HvtMy was the dicusjrftn at times that
there were a score of women on ihe floor
uV-m.-irdtn: reeosnlilon. Hut net for a min
ute did Mra. lanwe lue conttol of the con
Vfntioti. Mrs. .Tamos Dow. pre-tltbmt of the West
ern New Yotk Federation, offered ar.
amendment to the minority refort of the
! KeorK.'inhtation f.-tmmittef. making pro-
vl-mn Tor Stnte'ersanlaalltins that did m t
wieh to cuitmvt themvle with State ftl
eralions. As Mrs. J-'ow sat w th the In
diana continent if was thought to be a
plan to ctt the Indiana .liil s Into th
genernl federation without their hattiic to
loin tlvir own Plate federatUn, connected
vrlth which tl.ire has. recently been some
tioubie. The m it ion met with disfavor and
was finally w.trtlrnwn.
Tho deltate was tinally rlosetl by Mrs
T'.r.ttk of I'cnn-tj Ivania. thalnnan of the
Ilt-'irxatiuatlon Conmiltife. ho Is the
.haniph n of the ml.iorlty rejort. and
th.tlh he made a mot favorable, imires
sion th mlnonty rt-iMirt was list in the
vote, which waj finally calbd by the State-..
i'AS 10 2S
Color tltie.Uon Aot Toiielied.
Tbi.i.e,h the lloatd of lMrea-lors met this
afternoon the enlor tpiestion was not taken
ftom the table. The r. stilt was to be a
Kri-Alnie belief that, thuuyh th- question is
bound to be v., t:ed it will lie nt the dls
cretlt.n of the pew Hoard of tdreotors
The only new fiature cf tip pretnlentlal
situ'tifii to-tlay was 111" wlthtlrawal of
M"s. Willrimstiii of Xf Jersey, which
1 ft a cl.ar fl-id for Jit.. lame.
After the reorganization sesslin. JI's
KlUti ii.nrtttln of Chm the honorary
preiti 1. 1 ft the. y;t ti-ml t d. ration, ap
I'aitl It.r t T !ir-t unit before the eonven
tlun to pr-stnt a meinorlul to Mrs. Kdna'd
1.' iit:trt :b. She wa-. glv n an ovation.
Then t nnp th Intlustilal session, with
?Jr.. C rlnne S. iirown i'f ChlciiRo as rh.nr
rnan th-r section meotlncs were tlevotetl
to "i"lvi. k, with Mr. Willi 1111 Hron of
tli.e'-.ii iti In the chair. "The Ethics of
tt.rk." untbr 7lrs. 11-t'itr Noble of Nor
folk. .t. 11 . "The Ctmiiiioti St n-e of Io
im tie St ieip e." with Mr. Annie tl Whit
uiore --f 1- -ivt r. ehalrinii!
Thes . st sb.t . ir,..(. foil .wed bv 11 series
of ilaborate ret. pti'"is In Milwaukee burnt s
llti'iiini- llterelse.
Ti.ls eveiiinc at the Alhambra Thenter
on of the chief inleii-sis of the fed-ration,
the work of the cn"inrs I'aBiie. mn
liai lii-1 bv ilr. Sarah Pl.itt lieckT of
Itesive: Mrs , derb-l; Nathan. rsHint
of the New ork touetixm r-' Imkuc, sfok
of "The Power ami Itt-apon-Ibillty of tl.u
C. nsumer", Mrv.. noronce i;el!y of N-n
York, secretary of the Nntlt111.1l Consum
ers' Ijtaictie, spttlce of "Tile Consumers
la-acue I at btl uli.l the Inspection of i'ac
tttrii e."
Miss Udith M. Howell., t-resllent of Ihe
Ma"sachus. us ("onsumers la-airue, hs-cus-Htl
"ll-tw can the conscientious con
:uiiir eu-ttjtt r.ile with the oonclt.ntlous
meii'hant and nianufa' t'lrer I'lans for
futuro woik Mice iir-s!tttd by tlrs. Co
rtnne S. Brown of Ch!-ai;i
A new work In which th elnlr women
take lively interest is niunlclivl art, which
Was pustnletl in Its practical phases by
torce Kll n. I'h. P. of ChlcaRo. who
ejokf of "Municipal Art In America."
T-.-mornn Intt rst will eentir In the
ebt'Ti-tp of olht-efs
lette to-niuht the Nomlnatini Committee
arrapg. 1 this ticket f-tr presfiitailun to the
c-nn!l-n to-mornv.
I'resider.t Mrs. I!elcca laiwe of (leorsria;
vie,, prt'sldt-nt. Mrs. Cliarhs I. nnlvoii or
New lork: ret-sortlinit secretar .Mrs. 11a---r't
t I'ox of Miehl.-aii; eorr !tont'inif se e
tary, Mrs Georte Keji-Irlek of I'enns . 1
nia: trasu-er. Mrs. I'mma Van Wehten
of lm.i. uiitlltor. Mr-, ileorci Xmn of
Wisconsin. I 'n vl or Mrs I'harlest K. Kair
bailcs of In. linn:). Mrs K-l ml I.. Ibick
w niter of thl), Mr. Annie West of Misi.
hu.s.-tto. Mr. Miry Licknond of Ulstrict
fi i'o'iiiiiMi: Ml 1 M itKar.-t J 1:1,1ns of
MInn-a i. Mr W J. Christie of M-mtniia;
Jlr I.tliian Str-at-r of New Hampshire,
Mis w T ! ul 01 South 1-akoti, .Mrs
l'n.i-ly cf Kin- is
The nomin tttitR sptvoh for president wis
matte bv I-trlor Kate Ibviiol.!. Ia.iblnr;er
of t'oloradn.
Ha-s Large ProiH'rly Interests. Inn
Is Heltifcss.
ItEI-f ni.It- SPTa-i l..
Iloston. Mu.ss., June 7 C II North, for
merly head .f the North I'at'MiiK Company,
dolnj; a business of JS.oOO.OOrt a year, now
peddles vegetibji-H in the 1'rospt.ot Hill !is-t-lt-t,
Sntii'TVille. bareheadtd and with rai;
Ketl clothes and broken shoes. He has a
w ie--in drawn in an asttl horse.
If onl I roulii ptt S.".CV he sajf, "I
could ltd on mv Iel aKatii ami Uiok nfler
my proitertj, tln Nebraska Stock Yards
Ctuni an "
Mr North still lives In the bis house on
Pros-ped Hill, where once his wife and ight
chlWr. n liv.l with him in luxury. He oceu-Xi-n
two rooms only, anil It ts the other six
teen to a Mrs KItnbHil. who tikis t.o.T-i!ers.
Mr North, u few years' npo, was the weal'.h-lt-st
man In Somer'ville ami prumin-nt In tho
church as w.ll ,-m hi business. Ills retlre
mtnt from the N irtli I'at l.Inf Cpmi-atiy in
li market! the ;inr.ln; of his tlnancial
troublis. ami though he now has Iinre prop
erty interests he can do nothing with them.
I'asbi'd Awav at His Kanrli hi
Urosliv County, Texas.
Pi,, tor Jotpli Spl--lh.ilter of No. II
If.ijstlt: avenue, on last Tue.s lay. was
notified by telegraph that his son. rred
erit k I. Spteolhaltor. had died at St. Louis
ltaath. Crosby County. Tet. Th teleurani
contained no particulars a to tho cause
of hu Iv till. The jounK man hnd been in
Texas almost a year, but his fuiuil kuaw
no rt ison to asipn for his tiealh.
Iksti.r SpleKelt-altor teleKr.irh.tl Instnte
tit.ns for the disposal of the lettly. It prob
:.blv wi I reath S Iyuls on Saturdaj. No
.-irrnnt'innt- for th" funeral have been
mule. tbotiBh It has ben d-cldetl that tin
burial be private
Mr. Splec limit er was 32 ye.irs 0t,j. tjp
was encnK-1 on tl-.e ranch wnere he died,
beimr part owner of It. He was well known
In South St. Louis.
84 Help Waiiieil
Ads printed in to-da's Republic
arrivm!satThe hotels.
- It I. Ials cf JIoK Is at the Southern.
- V. It f.unt) ef IVillas Is at tb S.mthem.
-II 1 neir.mI of Utile ltk Is at tfce couth-
- A. 11. Prescher of Harnlll Is at the Plant
ers - J A. Allen of Itutler. Mo . la at the 1.1
rlede. . K. Ward of Plows tSty Is stt-rini? at tlw
- T. ". Hup of Duluth Is a iruest at the
felil T. Hath of lrt Worth Is registered at
tb Southern.
V. U Jlellrn of Iu Ouoln. 111.. 1. refflstere.1
at tho llan-.ers.
K It Tufti of Ala.no. Snnora. llexlKj. is at
the St. Nicholas.
Mr and Mrs. A. M I""nhard ar irtie;'s at
the M. Mi hi la.
.Mr anil Mrs. Nortslnaer of We.t Point. Ml",
are at the Plant. rs
Mrs O N. Iniker an-1 dauchter of Jeplln rte
reEiteied At the tecutbern
1 r riicklnc" and l. W. Andersen of Se
dalla are rKtstered at tbe Uicledn.
- Mr art-l Mr.t W. II Thomaa of SprlCEf.ild,
111., are taaUA .a. lue risU.ru.
The New Summer
Published bv THE
Just llca'lij.
As the Light Led.
Ai.is HorK."
Another of those stories of tlie characteristic life of rtir.il
Missouri in which lie is iloinij for that section what Thomas
Nelson l'afje, Joel Chantller Harris, Charles Hubert Craililock,
Jamc. I.ane Allen ami so on have done for the Southeast, for
Tennessee ami Kentucky. The time is suposctl to he in the
tlt-caile after the war, when iletioumtiition.il religious differ
ences aroused aiitai;onis.iiis that rrejd. from church ami social
affairs even into politics in a wave of intensely hitter discus
sion not even yet forjroileii.
At You-All's House.
"Well worth reading." I.iteriture.
Bead; June 20.
A Friend op Caesar.
A Talk or thk Fall or tiii: Roman Rkithmc.
Yividlv interesting, with a thrilling plot, this is none the
less valuable to the scholar (as an aiil to the easier compre
hension and interpretation of the life and literature of the Age
of Caesar from its own purely pagan point of view) for being
an uncommonly good story, capable of holding absorbed men
who know no liiore of great Caesar than his name. It is. m
fact, unusually full of pure human interest vigorous in ac
tion, its characters most real.
i-'or sale at every bookstore. Send for descriptive circulars.
T i. a fact that the world admires boldness daring dash and that species of enterprise which
is disheartened by nothing and overcomes all obstacles in the accomplishment of a great pur
pose. These are the elements that enter into and make up the truly great features of
Our islands and Their Peo
As Seen With Camera and. Pencil.
It cost more than S2-r,000 to procure the photographs alone that are reproduced by the new
Nickeltyp: process in this book. There are thirteen hundred of them, and every one is an original
view. Thoroughly equipped and qualified photographers men who rank as artists in that profes
sj0.j were SCnt to the very ends of the earth to obtain these really remarkable and extraordinary
scenes thirteen hundred of them! Aud the new Nickeltypc process by which they are half-toned
insures such extraordinary beauty and accuracy of reproduction as to excite the admiration of all
who see it. It is something new in art something remarkable and wonderfully pleasing.
But the Illustrations Are Not the WhoSe Thing.
The text matter itself is a veritable new Arabian Nights of wonder and entertainment and
likewise of superior value, for it is true, based upon facts supplied by the Government and by the
leading writers and correspondents of the world, who describe only what they saw. It is neither a
war history nor a political disquisition; it is something greater, grander and better in every way.
iSTRonuccn nv
General Joseph Wheeler,
Soldier, Statesman, Author.
West Virginia Ii'iiiiiir:it. Adjourn
After u Lively Session.
Pa rkersburr. W. Va . June 7 The Demo.
eratti Sraie Cimwn'ioti to-day computed
Its tlcktt ard adjourned 1'olluwiiig are
th- nominations
to'vert.nt John II. Holt.
Auditor -J.imes II Miller
Treasurer J.imes li Oarland Hears
Attornty tietieral- '"eorKe M McCoj.
Supremo Judges John W. Knclixh and
W U. It nnett , .
Tim ronvmtion w-as larst Iy attended, and
enthusiastic "hrouKhout Jn addition to tb-i
platform adopted last nifiht and the ticket
nominated to-Inv- the occasion alo li.nl a
If.irlns on national politics. The next
I, Kislature, t.ext winter, will elect the jui -ccs-or
to I lilted Stales Senator Stephen H.
The "work of tl.n Stale Convention has
been favorable to the enndbliicy of John
T McGraw of Grafton lor the Democratic
nomination for Senator
ItHFl'si: '1(1 JIIIN I 11(11111.
Union Hviniblleaiis nt rlillntlelplili
VI III Vut March.
riilkidilphl.i. June 7.-lb-cause the Ilepuli
llcan Nillonal I'onvvntlon Hall Is i-aid to
hav- ben completed by nonuntoii lalwr
the foriv-three organizations of the Allied
HuIldliiK Trmlfs Council refused to-day to
lireept all Invitation to participate In the
parade of the Allied Republican Club' dur
irc convention week. The trade organiza
tions were asked to turn out tweuty iikr
ach In the parade.
m:;iioi:s ai:iist Mi-kivi.iiy.
Iloslon .luilce He-lnres Tliey IllslIUe
llie 1'rettlilenl.
Iloslon Mass. Jui-e 7 Tormer Ju-Irc K
J Walker, who was mentioned ns a pres)
dentlal possibility at the meeting of tho
Nation tl NeKro party in Philadelphia, mjs:
"Tht re is a Ken-ral feellnc amonic neirro-s
acaln-t th- ltepubliean party this comlmc
.lection If l'resldelit McKlnley Is the stand
ard bearer
"M- KinUy has no sjmpathy for the
II. to
tvr iiiTuit w TirisiiT.
Colli Mimiliiril llemoernls Will liimr
Indianniills. Ind.. Juno 7. A me. tins of
lie National I'xeiutlve Committee of 111
I'iold" Stantlard Democratic party has been
ealltd for this city July p. at 2 p. m. U
Is utub rtood that the hlef business of the
lommltt.e will bt! to orjtanlze for the eom
tn! t milwntli -'ml to "t tint an lndepentl
. nt tlckt t is I lacd In the .v-l.l.
1VII.I. ! I'I'OIIT MM! 1'1.1'irOKM.
trulinertleul IlenioerMls Mill Abide li
Kiiiisns Clly Cons eiilion,
Watcrbury. Conn.. June 7. The Demo
cutlc Slate Convention assembled here to
day to ebct th" twtlve delegates ho will
represent Vnn -ctlcut Dtmocrae. m the
National Convention at Kansas City.
The convention unanimously adopted a
platform, uaminc William J. Itry.m as I's
t intlldnte for president, instructing th
delegates for Mr Hrjtin and pbtUlntr sui -1-ort
to the platform of the Kansas Ity
llnjnr I". I. IVIIIInms Head.
KHPrnuo ti'Ufi.iu
JopIIn. Jin. June 7. Major V. n Wil
liam, formerly Jlayor of Joplin. twlceean
iliil.ito for Congress on the Republican
ticket, and for twtnty yers a well-known
business man of Joplin. died to-day frrm
heirt diseae. Major Williams served dur
ing the Spanish-American War as Major
of a battalion of the Second Jilssourl Vol
unteers. Ho had Is en alllnff for a year,
but his condition of late had so improved
H. u wa thought h would lecovtir.
"Striking and fascinating." Evening Pot, Chicago.
Order one of these for your vacation kit.
Imiiie.st on the Hody of the IJever
end Doctor llarsha.
The funeral of the rtevertn-J Wlllam
Will"tt Harshu. who was ln-tantlv ktllel
al K'rkwood .Mnptlav niKh: bj- a Jlis'ouri
IVeilic train. v.is held ytsteniay from .he
hume of his daughter, Jlr J C Kendrick.
tn Wt bster tlrove". The Reverend W. 11.
H.ittsi of tie Webster I'rute lr-sbyter.an
Church presided at the ceremonies. Doctor
Har.hri was one of the oldest and best
knoun Prrsbjunan min.sttrs in the We"t.
and many of his contemporaries in the pul
pit Qtttnded jtsterday ut the Inst e-er-eises.
The pnllbearers were all menibtrs of
the Kcndrkk fam!l.
Afltr tne oh-tetiuies at the house the body
was ronveyetl to the Mla-tourl Pacific sta
tion In Wt bster. and there it was shipped
to Dtton, III. The Interment will take place
The inquest held by County oron-r Arm
strong tin the Intdy of Dtftor Harsha was
1 ontiioietl Wetliiftday nlKht. The train crew
were etninlncd. but as none of them wp
nts.svd the iiecllent b which tho aged inln
leter mt his death, a vtnllct was not mill-red.
W. W. Hull of Sulphur Sprinss Latnd
ir.sT, Mo, It was said, witnessed tho occur
rence, accvirtihiela the lntiue-. was aff-iln
i-mtiMitti until Ia"t nleht. by whnh lime
Hull was to be summoned. Hull apiteare.1
on time ami Coroner Armstrong evamlii ,1
him. He told pracllcadv the 'ami- story of
tht accident that was publish-! In Wedues
das Itepubllc. The Jury returned a verdltlt
of death by accident.
l'rosiiei tins F10111 the City Shadow
ihe Diggers for (ioltl.
nimo Cenail, Walkfr Ilanley and Thomas
Tn. Ihe thref .idventutous resMente .if
'layton who haVf been dlKSlm: for gold
on the Tsson fHiiu. Just t of the city
limits, have been expert nclni: considerable
di!hctilt in pushiiie; their work since She
publication of tluir secnt In The Republic.
This caused a numle-r of adventurers
atid'prospet'tors from St Iajul- to rush to
Ihe place linmodintflv
In .mticliuition of uch a move the three
men covered their tra'ks 111 order to throv
ihe prosectors off of the sieiit. at the
same time kiepiiiK an ever vigilant ey
on the s.ot where ihe tieasure is sup
ftscd to liave been buried, for fear that
It might be located.
The men lay low for wver.nl nlehts un
til thev thought the prospectors from St
t ins had slven up the search. They ihtn
made preparation? to resume dlifitins ami
itKree-l to tctet at the plate edneday
nUht at 1" o'clock. None of them itp
je.ired, lor hardly had thy startttl from
thdr resieellvt' homes before they dlscov
irtd tlmt they wero 1Iiik fcllovted.
Mr. Hunley says that h trhtl for two
hours to shake his "shadow," but to no
avail. Finally, he turned to confront him.
but the fellow look to his heels. (lenail
relates -practically the same story.
YtsWrxI.iv the three wire trylnc to de
vise a plan when by they micht elude the
viKllanee of thtir "-.ha lows " No nRrce
mtnt was rraehtd. 1-ut thev are det rmlneti
to r'ume iliitKlnK as soon as ra-sible.
Married hwm
nent prepares the Isriv for Ihe strain upon It, and pit'crt-a.
the syrunetry of form M0T111 a s I aii:tu Ij 1 'Mates
all tlie thinner of child-birth, and cattte- tbe expectant
mother safely throuRh this critical period without
preatest Liesmg', and tnousarc Rrateiu
v tell
bat none meet bold dv an drusnnsts at
aiiurujrjnisat i.ooper doiuc.
1? alt about this ereat tentedv
Our little book, telling alt about this great
rree to any aasreu
AUsbU, Georria.
bs- Tlie BuivimLS. SacucLAXua CourJLnT,
Each, cloth, $1.50.
Ready June 13.
The Banker and the Bear.
A Story ok a Cornkr ix Lard.
ok "Tin: Short Link War."
A novel which must have a strong appeal for men sine
its plot has heen constructed in full appreciation of the op
portunities for emotion of many kinds offered by the sloe .
tnarktt. No name is liven the city of the story we believe,
hut the scenes are too vividly drawn to be wholly iniaj;inar, .
It is a stirrin story quite equal to
The Short Line War.
Another book which men have voted "a ratthnr' good
story." rhiladelphia Kvening Telegraph.
Ready June 29.
The Reign of Law.
A Tale of the Kentucky Hi-mi-fields.
IVY JAMES LANE ALLEN. Author of "Tin: Choir Invist
i.K," 'A Kentucky Caciunvu" "Summi.k in Akcvby."
Mr. Allen's work is summed up by the Independent as
"fiction to be read and remembered as something rare, line
and deeply touching." The period of th" storv is nearlv the
same as that of Mr. rtaskett's storv of Missouri Life, the tin
restful years after the war m which manv more than slaves
and slaveholders had to adjust their ltvc- to new conditions,
the product of the war's upheaval.
Address Tur. Mac.mii.Lan Company, f6 ?ifth Ave.. New York.
Descriptive Features by
Jose de Olivares,
Author, Poet, Artist.
Six Graduates Keioivo Diplomas
aluic and Hei-hatiini'..
Tlie cramencenint tttrclses cf -p Mls
rourl Sciiool for th Illlnd were I...M List
nlxht at the Plt.l;wick Theater bfore a
larce aullmce. Sit strvluit.s red ivetl di
plomas and a number of other pupils took
part. Tlie itraduatei ali actiuitteti them
selves creditably and It would liave been
impossible for a casual observer to cuess
thr-( sight was lacking to all the your.y
peop'e before thtm. JudidnK from their ac
tions alone.
Tho pupils who were to rective dlp'orr.RS
were jrrouped upon the staee In company
wlth the ether students of the school who
were to lake purt In tho work of the even
lap. The pupils who rt cited or gave music
nl selections ros" and walketl to the front
of th" staee with the snmo confidence which
would have been displayed by a person pos.
yesFlr.i; ijvsijfht and It was only from
thilr rather fixed naze at times that on
would learn that thev were sightless The
work of every one of the performers was
most ctedltal'lo ttnJ showed palnstikln?
Tlie entertainment of Iho evenlnp rp-nfl
with an overture by th orchest-a. which
wu followed by a piano solo by I-:a Glov r.
A recitation tntit.eil 'The Klddl Told"
was then rendertl bv Matilda Haines, w.10
was followed by Th .mas Lke. w!.o re- t!ercl
a violin .o!o from "W IPiam TelL"
A rentllnK antl pant im'me was then pre-s-nted
bv -even younj atlien of the 'hnol
and a chorus was delivered by the Juv.nl es
of the school. A piano solo was performed
bv Roland Howell, president of the cradu
atlnr class, and h vocal solo by Ida Ulover
was tho next number. A ptino duet by He?
sie llenne and Iviura Eisner and the ren
dermc of the valedictory by Daniel n,irnc
were next on the ptnsrainmc The eter. tts
of the evenhiR concluded with the presen
tation of diplomas to the six Knidua'c
bv O. I Jlunj;er one of tho trustee", who
also mide an aidress to th graduates.
The sit Krailtiatts of this jear are: I-iura
A. Eisner, St Lou!: Vallie Jlay JI-Don-nld.
SU Joseph; Khuty Jlyrtle shiez.
Princeton: Daniel llarnes. Rlan.l Hou-cll
ut.d JIarlowe Howell, all of Troy. M-n.
Two .M011 Assaulted and Ilohbed n
Fred Varenhrock. a batcher resillr.ir at
No. HI JIontKomcry streel. cnlbsl nt th
City Hospital last niirht to have his in
juries treated. Ho was sufferlnic from scv
1 ral scalp wounds and told the ho-,pi al
authorities a story of a sensational ..-.M-up ,
In his butcher shop on Seventeenth anil
Austin streets at 7 o'clock jesterda vc
inif. According to his story, tin was eount
Inif his money at the close of the day's
business when two men entered the ship
tlalmins to te deputy sheriffs On" of
them drew a revolver and covered him vvi'h
it and the other took the money from I is
hands, nn,i after castlmr a glance rto tlm
till to make sure he had ov erltx-iked noth
ing, he knocked Varenbrock down with hie
revoUer. The two men then hurrietily left
the store and eaped.
oru.i ctrvei a nape ..rrcty ticure, anv
of tticr.i det-bne Ihe lo-s of their "trlish lorrai
marriage Ihe le-irinj; of children is .err
detrctivc ta th mother's shapeliness
avoded, however, by tne ue 01
1 mtKi.
fore luliv
cowr.es. av this
mm qs
ner.tinc hnl-
It lswoinau's
of the Ktrat irood it
tettcdy. will.be, ent

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