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The St. Louis Republic. [volume] (St. Louis, Mo.) 1888-1919, July 22, 1900, Magazine Section, Image 34

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:?--k!iMr'uA ""r.. lv 'SmSS&S y )?MJ&r'f'?$
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WRirrnN- for the etntjat ijEPCBLia
The IMcl-m harp ha a cry larse and
bold cj, Rhicti belies it- mtu'e very msdi.
For th Ilelirfan hire li am thins lut IkjII.
He Is the mint timid Iittk crrnturo that
ono can And in a einkI daj'i joiirnM.He 1
us hy rs a. cojntry luiir. and as free Ironi
icIoun5 as he is shy
Tho bold eje. iuil thp extent to which
that o libels th nlture of Its oinr, jr
the first things thst lmp'05"! a student of
thllfWan hare. and. as tho UeWn hare
fad h& Btrtiek SL Jjoi lth consldtr
abl luce, thire are many n-ople who are
studylr.B him
There Is a much difference between I!el
Clan hares as there la between hor-.es. The
fan'-" IMKian In us different fom his
common brother In tho next hutch as a
Derby winner is diffCTit from a fart horse.
Of coure. o-- must have a Unnnleiifr; of
the "points" that e to distinguish the first
class BelRlan from the commcra one, Ju.t
as one mu--t liae an acquaintance with
Jiorses to tell a broncho from a Kentucky
racer. AH Helglan hares have heavy coats
of red-brown fur, sprinkled with black; all
ha Ions ears and lorjr hind leg1- and fchort
fore-legs AH ha-ve bis, bold ejes.
But all do not ha the- Ions slender
body, much the sha: of the body of a
race-horye. tho narrow fringe of black at
the tips of the Ions ears the exports call
this the lacins". the exact amount of black
Fcattered throuch the red -trow n fur which
J called the "ticking"; the caof shape, and
"'style" of the Ull. the proper ,imou-:t of
Ono summer's Sunday morning ir tl.o
tarly nineties there Hood on the corm r -if
Uroadway and Kim i-treet an underslznl
but wlr and muscular appearing man cm
tho flapping Hmn coat h- wore wer- plum d
numerous badges and gewgaws, nu sheies
were pushed up to his elbows, and mourn!
one hairy v.rist were bound elluw ilg-r
ribl-ons that Iluttend faintly In the early
morning breeze. A brown hrttered d. iby
was on his -head, and crushed down uer
th derby was a fairly good straw hat. It
was "Craz" Ward
Poor old "Cruz" Ward. Who of the
downtown St luls of tho lire-hghting
davs of I.ind-ay and Hester, the campaign
nnd torchlight procevion niithts of Kr.incis
and Noonan: who of the people who pitied
and helped him, who of the manv in tho-
Sbynone, daya who by tho stentorian torn s uf
an optn-alr fspeaker ha lieen lurej Into
elbowing their way into a crowd to c t a
glimpse of the orator, unly lo kick thtm
rnlves for beln;; foi.lad aaln by "fraz"
IVard who, ah. v ho docs not rimmlnr
Many a man of millions has gone to his
long rest and his dmie calltif i-n forth one
fraction of the rcmimsci nl cinnment oei a-f-ioneii
b the de-ith of "Crazv" Ward.
Mhlch took'pla'co ono day laf-t week at the
Et 1-ojuls Insane Alum.
As Ward stood on the corner of-llro.idwoy
and Kim nn-it liat hunini-rs morm"g, l-e
presented u sorry sjxctaUe. and one that
contrasted strani l with the p'ctut- "-que
f.-isclnatlon wriih hid urroutjdil hl per
eonaltty the enr.g btfore. when he had
f-honn resplendent and had leen iliared by
no les,s than a Uoren isdlcemen oft bam Is
and boxes, which hJl sr-l him as ros
trums at as ininy pultil on dountuxM; cor
ners. Ward had pat-ed a hard night of It. He
had not lieen to ln-d Indttsl. it were doubt
ful If in the last few iars of his i-rora-ting
I eregnnations- Ward had anv rtguiar
tlecptrjir place. Hut one thlnx was n-r-taln.
if he had bem to bd his io!l-t r.ctild
hae ben ,made. for Ward. .-i his p,Hir,
benighted and unli.ilanc-d wa, was a
gre-il stiekhr for drj-s-. lint a h- Mood
gazing blankly at the brewer wagon airc-s
the waj. II w.if. all-appareMt that he hid
not hail own an engine-room ll.-r lo -Vep
on. for hi" toil, t had not ln--n maj-
Of n smlden the sun burst uter I' last's
and its brruht bams worked tin Ir ." un
der the straw hat, uder tho blown dirby
nnd into Ward's ies. Tor an instant ho
blinked and tried to brush thor-. tut with
his hand. Hut that wouldn't work. Then
hi- tried shading his ees win th" small
"SUors and Strlrtea" wit'i whlcn h- Iid
punctuated his remarks the night before,
nnd which ho t-tlll carried with him As an
owning tho ll-ijr was ,ot a sti ciss and
"Ward made as if to move fuuher rorth.
nnd ln' the shadow of the Southern Hotel
Only ifew steps he took, then, iecrrn
tlally any sun-worsjtlper of old, he bred
his hajf bald pate and began to sdib-cT.s tho
r i x. a m l . . - fc- " i .. . i . ."A-... '..wmwav . -. . ".'v .w . jv v. ." .-. . w. v v Ols is a ." .. . sx a i. . : v-. j-jOC -c : "-v- Jr .r- : iui.t na m 'rj' .' - -. j. . -j-'
white In the proper vlaces. the ait iliapc
nnd length of tie lees and feet, th t.".ct
s,hape ami size of head, and the ctact M7
and arih of neck AH are not quick and
i.'mble. all do not hold their fars at the
p-upcr ansle, all hae not the troperlv
colornl coat In fait, it N rare that .i i:-l-Rlan
is found with clshty on"-htindredths
of thtse thines in :l" proper prcvportlon. wnd
b(n he Is fourd lie Is immediately placed
In tho "faucv" cld..s.
Cvery IMnlan lure has from thrr to
thirteen "twin" brothTs utid listers, to iy
nothing of fcores that are jounger or older
l'or ix IttRlan Iihp Is about as proiitle as
any animal that has et bien dli-cored.
Tho birth record In a ilvlfilan hare fjnii'y
is something enormous, from four to idx
addltlors of four to fourteen babies beln
liddcl to the famllv hearthstone eierv J tar.
Coun'Jni; the children, cr.indchlldren anil
gr-at Krandchlldrcn. it is estimated that a
jrood UelKlan dc will be the oricln of IK
offsp-tng in a jjr; or. to figure it from the
marliet man's standpoint, the will produce
fcom 320 pounds of meat In twel inoiilhs.
The eprt who makes this tstlmatn de
clare) It is con-Tutte.
A lrab lieilan hare is ery much like
a ralblt or a klttt-n In man rpects Its
yts do not oien for from elsht to ten dajs
after Hi birth, and it Is perf'Ttl helpex
After that it Is as lively as anv I a by unl
xnal Six weeks it is old enough to b
weaned rnd put lrto a runwa to look out
for It-elf Hy this tlmo It Ins learned lo
eat. uini Is nnip! able to imke its own way
pkasant good morning and sk 1 altir ibi
kind of nlRht It had i-piitt II m med
the sun had hod a muih more iif'-shng
r. st iiim be had had At 1 tst. i was
i-ure i had retired larlier. and he thought
It hlghl linprob-ible tint it had 1- n
ihasiil i.v us mam polleimen as he h d
Of course not Whj ! of coiiiv) not' The
sun was the gnat god. th" Mipn me arbiter
of n.an. who tieimsl the troplis ilth f-ult
that went to waste, und. Just beeauso il
isniM go win re. It want's! to. It te-l v here
it was and howed the dlrtv, jpia rant
l.squimau that If th il'dn t hi'.e i."-
fiiii;h to louie down wlitr t was vrrm
tht eotild nil Mlay uji tlie-e ai.-l 'nie
lis, starve.
No, be was quite juir the miii had n '
bei-n ihaioil b an poll enii n Hut that
was old birallce It hadn't st!icd In St
J.otiK to m ike politb-a! siieechr" !! nise.
if th-' sun weie t" d-i th.it, fun If It was
the tun, i-ome St Iiuls ce-pp'T would h:ue
Pall enough to tfU It to moe on. Ward
was Huro tjf that
AVhat foo!siii.5s was he talkli g about:
Why rver bod knew the sun was Coil,
the reati-st somen of lljshT.hi it and pou r
that the Unite mind lemhl gra-p And as
sut h h bor. id to il As siu-b lie lu-iehid
it t shine I'll him. and put life .m! !U ntri
into his tired bones, siimi- i-ay he hoped
to get to the sun. He would hue done to
long ago but l.e had 1 e-n too Ihisv t- build
the big balloon that i.uti'l .irri him up.
et he had Ineii too bus Then- wre l '
mail bus in SI. Louis and tile sun kn w
that without Ward to fll UmKij or Hfs
ter what to do thei never would b- able
to got a lire put nut right. And. be-tdt-s.
there wire so many s-pfeches that had to
be made and so man 1 roci s(ons ttiat hil
to b'e led that be didn't se how he loald
vtr) well fpjre the time to pi to tho "-nil
fir some little pTiod t Nut until ilorg
about winter. aiiwa. whin It b-gan to pel
i old. He thotiaht mi be he mild tin 1 the
time then Just at prey nt hi- cou'dn't al
low the people of St Louis to miss Ward
If lie only had a good pair of wings he
wouldn't have to build on billoon He
could pay the sun a fling lslt. Wouldn't
it lie gr.it if 11' only did hse wings What
would C'hUf Harrlgan say to se Ward II
lng along nnd Icadlrg a prncsclon aboi.t
twentv fe. t up In tho air, wh"re the col 3
couldn't get at him Ward latigh'-d.
hut Is c'reater optime,
I.ucem dlerum proferens;
l"rlmordlls lurls novae,
Mnndl parar.s orlglnem.
cjul mane Junetum v expert.
Idem vocarl praesclpis,"
Now Ward was down on hi; knees, chant
ing. "Ne mens gr.ivnta crlmlns,
Vltae sit exul munere "
Ho stoj.ped. No. It wouldn't do at all for
St. Louis to m!e3 Ward.
Hut bctnd fr?" "" Til TiT m1"-"1- The
authorities gathered him inSW"" " many
vears In which he had become, tamillar
' v -' , x. "'sssMissisMatsssB s K&wQigir- m?
in the vorU
It is not often tht a H-1l.hi l..i"- an le
"clasd" ln-fcre it 1- three month- id I 1...
that time it has dev!o;.e,i 11 the markings
that it wiil evr siiow. It" color is llKhtir
tlian It will be as it grows older, but the
ticking and the lacing and the white spots
nnd the Mipe of th- boily ard Ii gs and neck
are will developed. A ISxIfilin Is consid
ered fuIH maturtd at four months.
The I!t!;!an hare Is a cle3tilj animal. It
Is nl'o lntelllt;ent. and un -c taught to be
quite plaifut. It likes js ttlne;. after It
has b t n ct.tn lnced that It Is not dangerous,
niid will cuddle tloe to tne crou-d and til-
low its -lek coat to Im stroked with eery
ildtr.re of 0::mli enjoyment.
Tor tho lirlKkiu is a oumb animal. It Is
raro indeed that It will j:le forth any o--al
tound. It requires the mo-t excruciating
piln to caii-e It to utter th it peculiar
squeak which is its only ocal accomplish
ment. The Iielgiin plays at night. In the di
ilni" it is a er hleip ami quiet animal.
11 will He for hours ."tretched In Its hutch,
or nlbMInir drowsily at tho food within the
rt.ich of Its luticilnt; lips. Hut as oon is
It las h-id Its supper for Helgians nr ful
twlLe a day, in addition to havhiB a lot if
gnen stuff to nibble at all the time- 't 1
lomts llielj. It runs about its hulcn, ard I
htreti'hi-s lis full length upward oi !h" wlr.
front, nnd nov-s at Its ralchhor a-"! rolls
ami tumbles much after the stjle of a
llftgians hati a way of burronlag wheji
fSMJw If
L"! icrt Vvrcis-,-!" tl i. " .e"
i- J175 lBn. vRoiaMjssiac:
11 llp si
UT. iO'Z TVHUv ra'fe. .' '?EK!rt.? v
iA i
it Is time fur them to ir ike a v Tl.ev
iu to (,-t t far under the cioanl. hete
iIk ma have all the quietude jii'lfe
Hut o'herwls- the Hel.an : aot a buiron
ln; animal 1'inchrs a; ihir- is alsn
lutilv ia danKr (hat tbo Hil-ki.t w II eer
beciime a pst and n mewco t irci- In
fait. the say UelKians lo not thzl-ie in
freiilom They ure .:rl;:l iIimiomic ani
mals, and do liettcr In a loomy ba-k ard,
where tin re is denty of sheUer, thai: thy
would do In the u!!d wooiK or in an aban
doned flM
A Hi Irian will rit an; thine that a sheen
j will eat. It Is not an eptnie animal to
tied, in tact. It is tsumaieu mil irao can
be raised at a total co-l of 0 ci-nts. It Is
not a hard animal to take care of; nil It
needs is pltnty f good water. noti;h focd.
a plcc where It may stn'ch lisolf, rnd
mouth belter to protect It from the cild
windf ii winter und the eun's ras In rum
mer There are perhaps a dozen rabhltries In
St. I.ouhJ now, and the numl r Is lie!ii,j
addid to rapidly. There is a ast amount
of Intcrtst In tho "new" animal, and ull
cf the dealirs hue scores of calls ewry
dav. Some of the b---t known men in ht.
l.ouls are becoming Inoculated ,lih the fad.
and are c:-stlng about for eicu-vs to cs'ab
Ilhh raUiltrles of their own Pan lers ay
HclKinn h?ro raising is the best latkyard
Imltistry er discovered
It Is as cheap as raising chickens, and
mviih more profitable Thi point out that
the h.ue Is good for feed, nnd Its furmaites
- C- - Z- L 1
cs -
"" fi '. I" -. V TtV,. A' i wwv'vnsLJrr ii i v 4
cTiellent "eloitric sealskin." nut jt
present there are ver few hales lhat
go Into the tonkins stove They are too val
uable fcr that pui;o-e It is a hard mat
ter to supplv the dirrnd for breedms ani
mals, ami KNtun Brother out on Cook av
enue, and the Woild's Fair Itabb try. on
Market street, report that they have soil
ut least 10; animals In th" past week. Somo
have gne as far away a-s Hoston, to which
j lace Mve does ami a buck were shipped
Prices range from J!0 to JTa for the str,ck
tl at Is for sale Hut the best breeding
bmks and doo are not for sale; they are
valued at from J10J to V.') ilr. Steinhaus
ir. of the World's Ta'r It ibbltry. has a
Donbury-Urltain buck. Ijrkspur, that he
would not take $- for, and Mr. KIs'un
lias an Ambrose buik. It-d Fox. Jr., that
he has not put a price on nt nil. He sas
ho would not sell it. Mr. Kl-tun his alo
a number of other hlgh-cliss Ambroe
bucks pnd does, among wblch are I'rlde of
St. Lcul. I-idy Oiford and Trlde of tho
West This last I a tiny little animal, bare
ly 3 months old, that scores S3 points of
perfection, whhh Is a remarKably good
store tor a joungner.
As a rule, the tran or woman who sees
n Helglan admires it. Ono exception to
this rul i relate!, however. A laly who
called at nn of tho larger rabbitrle.s was
afraid of th animal, nnd when one was
places! on the floor for her to look at she
Jumped Into a chair Just as though It had
bun a moue.
ZZZ?l2Z!'tZZ2?J2y lil'l's ".J.iJI J.e.1.
I J rJ ..-si-."--- -V e SjrWr -7 r-C? M
For yearsliewasthech I
cjJprth manY reminiscences The man and his vagaries. I
P'or old Ward out to the Inan Asvlum and
locked him up for safe keeping.
As a patient nt the aslum. "Crazy"
Ward was never very much bother to the
attendants, as he was disposed at most
times to be obedleit. The greatest trouble
tbey had with him was when l-ltors cirae
who knew Ward, and there were many
such. Nothing tickled Ward fo much as
to have visitors ask for him. and when
he had reason to telleve there was any
prospect of visitors he was more thin
ustmlly obedient and obliging, hoplncr
thereby to gain the good will and favor
of attendants.
His habit of ruining to fires was a hard
one to eliminate, as every time the gong
staipded on the floor where he was con
fined Ward would lnl-t that Lindsay or
Hester could nevir handle the tire without
his dire-ctious. and he was morallv certain
nil those crazv folks he whs set to pro
tect from tire would surely jerlsh.
Sant courtesy and attention were ac
corded his -p-erhmaklng effort". What
did "King William of Cctm-inj" or "Na
poleon the first" care whether a prohibi
tive tariff or free trade triumphed'
As cars succeeded, fewer visitors .ifced
for Ward. HI once bright. If unbalanced,
brain became eich day mgre and more ob
scured and th body of the man showe!
the lavages of time Toward the him it
vas an effort for Ward to run to a tire.
Miny stories hive b"n tiHd, and not
a few printed, loneernlng "Craz" Ward
and his vagaries
It ha been said that he was once ,1
prosperous painter, with a flourishing bust
mss. located on Morgan stnet. near Ninth
-tret At that time he was not known
as "Craz" Ward, but as Frank Worth,
whKh was hi real najr.e.
An accident, with its accompun Ing In
juries, which befell him In the earl seven
ties was held to be responsible for his un
fortunate, condition Frank Worth fell
from a balloon at the St. laails Fair
Ground H had taken, a contract to
paint a large balloon and had executed I1I1
wotk satisfactorily. He was present when
the acenslon took place and. In some In
cur hcable manner, became tangled In the
ropes dragging along the ground and wis
carried through th air head down He
fell to the roof of a house and sustaliesl
wourd" that conllred him to th hospital
for weeks.
Hut, aitnougn ire mKjy jii-aieu, me mini
of the man never tighter! Itself. It was hli
ever-present delusion that he was about to
soar through the air. He was unable to
properly transact business.
He had pilntcd the aeronaut's billoon,
the one Irom which he had fallen, a vivid
jcllow. and his admiration for his work led
him to the Fair Grounds to view the as
cension. Crowds of people, the color of jet
low and th sen'atlon of going up domi
nated hJ whole after existence. He would
paint up house or sljn hut in yellow. Jn
lieu of Tils former signature to a sign he
Invariably aflUed a yellow balloon.
1 Ft V
sl'uated at Ninth street nnd Washington
avenue. Ward made that locality his head
quarters, and delivered many of his famous
"sermons." or sp'oihes, at thn corner of
Ninth nnd Lucas avenue. After getting a
suflli er ;t crowd around to gratify his vanity
nrd lining talked lone enough lo produce I
what he was plras'd to term th' attention r
M remarks merited, he would almost In- j
v. rlabl bring the 'sermon" to an abrupt
stop by descending- from his flowery flights
of eloquenc" to dip suddenly into subi rosa
matter. 4
t the old College Church he was a rgu- T
I.ir attendant. anJ though his responses fre- . J
nut nth jiariook of the vociferous, he wa3 '
eli'om molested. J I
Ward elilmed that h served In the Clvll
War. and at th" time ho was taken to tljr '
Asylum for the Insane, seven or eight yars '
.ago protested vigorously against belns
nouecil with the clt's charges.
From the I.:I Iranian.
Mere veirs ago than I "hill nan"
I sought to win a good wife's fame.
I knew not bow but al! the same
I made a shjrt.
1 eut I stitcheil with many a tear:
Ilnllowd ii out. loth front and reir.
I carved the annhole wide, for fear
They wouldn't fit.
John's neck I measured to be true.
Tl e band must t!' -tint much I knew.
I'd heatd so oft All else I drew
And pmkered In.
A" list 'twas done. A work of art,
1 -iiriplete. I hoped. In every pirt.
' Come. John." I cried w 1th quaking hsar
"Try on our shirt."
1 must confess It bulged somewhat
In plaies where I thought t should net.
Hut Joh'i. tho brut, yelled out. "Great
Is this a tentr
Ami such b'hav lor language, welll
lie uttered things in never tell
I may lorget them when I dwell
In hljhe-r spheres.
Oh. woman of the present dsy.
To you s inscribed this tiny lay.
You littbi know the man you pay
Your homage to.
If his "true Inwardness" you'd know.
Have him jour idols overthrow.
And sentiment to four winds blow,
.Make him a shirt.
Fori! TO ONE
IVm the louth's C'omianit-n.
An KnglMh ollicer In .Malta stopped. In
riding, to ask a nitlve the way. Hi) was
answered by a shrug of the shoulders, and
a "No Mek CiiKish."
"loj'ri a fool, ihen," said ths- nfBcer.
I.ut the man knew enough English to'aafe-
"Do ou understand MaltcsaJ"
"Do you know Arabic?'
"pn vou know Italian?-
"No." .
"Do you know Oreekr i
"Xo." . - -
' f
r,UfeMOW'Me.-;y;3-43WI . -;-.

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