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V7 V
J.aITOv V.
special connEPPO."rr:Ni-E.
Jamestown. N. J . July U. Sunday morn
ing at Jamestown nlme.st reminds one of
Goldsmith's "Deserted Village." so quiet
and reposeful is the tuvvn. The Icvr th.it are
about seem to l eitli r going t ehur h t
to tho post ofliee. Aft or dinner. which ts
still a midday meal, ever bud) tikes a iest
until 4 or 5 o'clock, when, if not too hot.
ihe visitors go for driven to dnntilont Park.
lleaer Tall or Saunderslown. Cottap-i
hotil and piazzas are the frequented places
in the evening, when nice little tete-a-t t s
may b" observed. On occasion's there is a
s-acred eomen at one of the hotels.
Weekdays are entirelv tftftere nt. In out
ing oostunv all hands breakfail at 9
o'clock -ind await the bathing hour. In th
Interim letters and newspapers are read and
arrears in i orrespondence made up. Aft r
the nran dip. a sail on the bay. rowing.
.olf and tennis usually till the afternoons.
Many of the cottage matrons serve tea each
nft' rnoon nt 4 or b o'clock on their ptiZKns.
and it t-i no unuual .sight to witness a half
dozen or more young persons, the Kills in
short, white linen Rolf skirts, shirt waists
and '"Ladysmlth" hats, and th, men In
Ilanr-ois. 1.1 'uped about a wicker table in
somebod) 'j- side piazza 'iiJo)lnir the after
noon beverag-" in r.il English stjle The
tea is often served Iced and in Kusstan tum
blers, with lemon, as well as hot. with Eng
lish muffins,
St. LouU society on the hill was rather
taken by sjrprlse the other day ai the an
ro'.ineel engagement of Mr. David It. Kran
els, Jr son of eje -Governor Prancls. and
Miss Sally C. Coulthurst. daughter of Mr
Charles Coulthurst of Danvers. Masi Mr
Erancts is a Yale man of the class of
19"J and well known hrre. where he passes
his summer vacations. He was among tho
f"w who participated in the wedding ku)C-t!-s
of Harrj liavemejer and Miss Char
li'tte Whitney.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Benoist have named
their n'w baby Elizabeth
Ephron Catlin. Jr.. has rented C. S.
1'lummer's cathoat Shadow for the sum
mer, and" James Abeles has rented tho
Edward Malllnckrodt, Jr.. who Is much'
Interested in )aehting. has arrived for the
summer on Shoreby Hill
Mr. and Mrs. DanUl Catlin hae arrived
and are guests of Kpliron Catlin at his
Holier? I Atkinson 1 the guot af.Mr.
nnd Mrs. Hugh l AuchlncIos at Newport
Mrs J It Johnson, who has a cottage
here, has returned to St. l,ouls for .ae-ouplo
of weeks '.
Ephron Catlin is having an automobile
house luilt at Ms place on Shorebv Hill
c. w Bailey is having his vacht fitted
out in New York She will be brought here
a 'oon as the work is completed She is,
a sixty-foot )acht. rigged and equipped for
juinntnc and tlshins exo-d!tions
Mrs Stephen Moriart) of St Louis has
nrrived at the Brlgga cottage at the wed
Late hotel arrivals from St. Louis are.
Hay View Mrs. D. B. Lee, Mr Jilwin V
3-ee. Air Wayne Iec. Mrs Annie I. King
nnd Mr Loverlngcn and maid.
Hay V'-yage Mrs. H. It. Whitmoro.
Charles Mulllken and Mrs Frederick Ewlng.
Gardner House Miss Caroline Lackland
&nd Miss lackland: Master Joseph Werner
end Mis Katherlne McColRan.
Thorndike Erastus Wells. Colonel and
Mrs. H Stickney. Miss Stiekney and Mi's
V. Stickney. and Mr. and Mrs. Hobart
Complaint Is -heard that the hops are not
numerous enough to suit the dar.dng de
rm nt, who would like to have on about
ever)- night. Hut. August is the month frr
social events, wnen everybody that is com
ing wl'I have arrived
O C E. X GltO VE.
Ocean Grove. N. J.. July 19. Camp meet
ings have been almost overshadowed here
a part of this week by the discussion as to
whether or not white llancl bathing suits
should be allowed on the beach. The po
lice say "no" emphat!cal! . and Is 1 re
ported by one policeman that BIhop Fltz
Gerald Is against tttt.m. Tho discu'plon was
precipitated by tho refusal of the police
to allow a well-known Brooklyn. N Y.,
woman to bathe at Ullzgon's ground be
cause she wore a white suit It waa not of
any thm material, belnR made from heavy
f.anneL but the puritanlc.il police said It
was unseemly and perhaps demorallzlnR,
and that sh must return to her bath
house and never again appear on the beach
In such a costume. She and her husband
departed In anger the same day.
The Cams MeetlnR Association Is belnR
criticised on all sides for lti Blralt-laced
and unreasonable chics of dress
The Alaska House Is entertalnlnR Miss
Edith Clifford and A- Clifford of St. Louis.
The week's arrivals at the National in
clude Mr. and Mrs. n. II. Cox. .Mrs. A. J.
Fetrlck. Miss Fetrlck. H. II. Cox. Jr . and
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Block c.f St. I.ouls.
An Omaha representative at the Seaside
Is F. K. Barton.
Mlssourians at tho Arlington are Edward
Heaton and family.
Miss IT. E. Thompson of St. Louis la a
visitor at this resort.
Charles O. Ililcs or Sioux Cltv, la., ar
rived at the Chalfonte the f.rt of tho week
for a fortnight's sojourn by the sea.
srEciAii conitKcpoNnKxcr.
Long Branch. N. J.. July J3 President and
Mrs. McKlnley are to arrive at Elberon
about August IS for a week's visit with
Senator Mark Hanna and Mrs. Hanna. Th
t-enator is due hero next Wednesday in his
special car. The Franklin Murphy cottaRC.
which he will occupy until September, Is
belnR renovated for the advent of the Re
publican chairman, and tho political colony
1 growing- apace ia number3 In anticipation
of his comlr-K.
The Horse Show, which is to be held next
Thursday. Friday and Saturday, is all the
talk Just now on the hotel rlazzas. The
indications are that this year's exhibition
is going to surpass all Its predecessors
Wealthy society leaders paid n-irly Jj.00
for the front row of private boxes last
Saturday night at the auction sale and the
entries aro about a half hundred in excess
of the number last year. Tho attendance
this year will be large. Tho disappoint
ment is keen that President and Mrs. Mc
Klnley are not going to arrive In tlmo for
the show. Senator Ilonni, however, will
! there, and Itlehard Croker and David
B. Hill, and possibly Governor Koosevelt, if
no returns irom nis western trip, 'mere
will be dozens of lesser nominal Ihrhts fint-
t'rtng around the private boxes that have
oeen reserved lor .11 r Hanna and the rest.
"Pink hops" and "white balls" are all the
rage this week. Th principal "pir.k hop"
was at the Scarboro. where seventv-ilvo
joung women, all gowned In pink, partici
pated in the festivities. The ballroom was
jilso decorated In pink.
Ralph Wolf of Little Hock Is recreating
at the Scarboro.
The week's arrivals at the Wet End In
clude: David B. Aloe of St. Iuls. D. Ly
ons and D. Frankel of Kansas City and
W. C McKnight of Omaha.
AM11I1V IWniv.
Asbury Park. -V J . Jul) 19. In his fight
for right conduct on hl beach "Founder"
James A. Bradley this week followed up hi
attack on the summer girU for wearing
their bathlnR suits through the street-,
with an even more vigorous onslaught on
th men who go bathlnR In too scanty rai
ment. Ten of these chaps he caught at the
Asbury avenue grounds on Tuesday, lie
had his policemen drive them Into their
bathhouses out of sight, and then adminis
tered to them a rasping reprimand for ap
pearing on the beach In what ho conslderel
too little clothing. If those fellows uppiar
again In their objectionable costumts the
"Founder" promise to prosecute them for
making of themselves a public nuisance
The summer girl in her street bathing
Full Is still giving Senator Bradley a deal
of trouble She manages to elude his olll
cers and to steal from her cottage to tho
eurf. A second offense, however, the auto
crat of the beach sa)S, will glo the pretti
est girl trouble, since he purposes to stop
the practice. ...
That President McKlnley will again visit
Asbury Park this summer while he Is at
Elberon is certain. The Common Council
hai sent him a special Invitation to to
present at a mass meeting In his honor,
which the city proros to hold in the au
ditorium. The plan Is also to have Governor
Ilooseveit. Senator J. B. Foraker of Ohio
and Senator Mark Hanna attend the meet
ing; which will take the form of a wel
come from the entire coast.
Prominent among the estern guests at
the select Coleman House are. Mrs. O. A.
Williamson nnd Mrs. B. tahren of fat.
M."j. Mulvlhlll of St. Louis has returned
to Asbury Park for another seasons so
journ whtere the ocean breezes blow. Mr.
Mulvlhlll ! stopping at the Strand.
Doctor and Sirs. Leland Booghcr of St.
Iuls have stopped at Asbury lark,'"
a few weeks betore returning west after
their European trip. Mrs. IJoogher as Mls-i
Daisy Evlil, was a reiRning social leader
at the Hotel Brunswick Hie rears ago. Mr
and Mrs-. Boogher and -Mrs. J. L)iU are
C riate'ytfLms'arrlval nt the Coleman
"a3? HonanPdmHait arc Mr and Mrs. August
Katfer0afivM tna .wCet are: S. A.
U TkT H IT7Vr5 Vr5v
.qfiiA. -s.
5i, s?JA ; 5 SS
ii SHisasi
HV KA'4wt. kM
McWhorter and family of Omaha at tho
Wa!drrf. Wilbur YaU. Kansas City, the
I'.aza, Mrs. A. C. Kamse), Kansas city,
the Florida. C. E. F.rrl-ford. K.in.is City,
the Grand Avenue. S II. Warren. Emporia.
Kas . tho Monmouth, anl H. C. Gordon.
Kansas CIu. the Marllwirough
The Florida, Is entertainlns Mrs. Alfred
Pncce of St. Louis.
aPEriAL conunsi-oxDENcn.
Lake Mlnnetinka. Minn . July T. Not
withstanaimc the cool weather that has pre
vailed in this region since the heavens h.ie
been so generous with the water supply,
still the inevitable was bound to happen, tho
lime for lawn fetes and hayrack rides hai
come around again. Men may come an!
men may go and empires may crumble in
the meanwhile, but these accompaniments
of summer r'svirl life seemlngl) go on for
cve The lawn fete given last week by the
Episcopal Chapel In Excelsior had a large at
tendance from points all ovir the lake. The
fete was held on A. T Morse's grounds
bordering on Gideon Bay. and the moon
light night with the white-winged sailboats
quietly coming and going, like phantoms,
made an Ideal scene long to be rememberc 1.
E. G. E. Heel of St. Louis ga.e the use of
his launch boat for carrying passengers to
and frrp. the grounds, and the receipts from
this helped not a little in swelling the
proflt In the church's treasury. Mr. Heel
owns d fruit farm at Christmas Lake, sit
uated not far from Mlnnetonka, and here
he spends his summers. Among other St.
Loulatis who attended this lawn fete were:
Mmes H. S. Chase, J. It Fe-guon. S B
Parsons. C. F. Gill, the Misses Lulu Pauk
and Iviulse Wulze. and Mr. and Mrs. A C.
Mr Clarence F. Gill of St. Louis Joined
Mrs. Gill and Mrs. Parsons at the Sampson
House. ExceUior. last Saturday
Mr and Mrs. W. H. Sent of St. Louis are
Ruests at Lake Park, where they expect to
remain for the seaor..
Mr John Wl-l.strom of Albuquerque, N.
M . arrived here on July !f and is enjoying
himself In a quiet way at the Del Otero,
Spring Park.
Another visitor from the remote South is
A. L. Dupay of New M-tlco. who arrived
this we'k. and ! stopping at the La Paul.
Mr and Mrs II. C. Hvrnsn and famtlv.
and Mrs. Henry Lrwensteln and family, all
of St Louis, are spending their third sea
son at the Like Park.
Mr. and Mrs E. J IVmiter and son of
Macon. Mo arrived last week and aro
guests at the La Paul, where they epect
to remain for some time.
Mr and Mrs W B. Hill of Kansas City
have been at the lake t r some time nnd
arc en'oying a visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Sanhorne on Shady Isle.
51" ' A Lvnch and daughter came up
to St. Paul in tho flrt prt of June to vls-t
Mrs I.vneh's ivn Tom Lynch, passpnp, r
og'nt of the Great Northern road.
Mr Tm Lvnch of Si Louis Joined her
3aui;ht-r in S' Paul lust week and they
made up n party to visit the lake last
Thurs-lay They spent the il.iv touring the
lower and tipper lake on the Mavflower.
stopping for a .hnrt time at the Del Otero.
Jfrlng Park. Mm. Tom Lynch will visit
relatives In Ishpemlng. Mich. I fore te
turnlng horr.i Mrs. C. A. Lynch and
daughter evtect to remain In Minnesota
until next October
Ceroid and Victor Gibson of St. Louis
are .it Deephaven for the season.
AmonR the ?t Loulsans registered at the
H'-tcl St. Iuls last week were A. P.
Meier and II E. Il.iesch.
AmonR the guests ai the Lake Park last
week were Mr and Mrs. Burr of Hockford.
111. J. Corbett and G. M. Altham of St.
Mr. and Mrs. McLannahan of St. Louis,
who are enjo)ing a quiet time at the Del
Oterr. Spring Lake, made an excur-Inn In
a rowboat the other day to the Chapman
House on the upper lake
Mr and Mrs Ben J.iroby and daughter
E!a of Dallas. Tex , who moved up To Min
neapolis this summer, are passing some
time at tht lake. They are stopping at the
White House. CvrcMor.
Mr and Mrs J E. Erickson of St.
Joseph, Mo , who have been vi"itlng friends
In St. Paul, passed last Saturday on the
Ma) flower touring the lower and upper
lake. They stopped for a short time at the
Del Otero. Spring Lake, and returned to the
cltv by way of Mlnnetonka Beach. Mr.
ErIckon departed for Chicago this week,
but Mrs Erickson will remain In the North
for a couple of months
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Everlv of St Joseph.
Mo., vi ere taking a peep at Lake Como last
week, and after a Hying visit to thu Twin
Cltbs, went on to Hastings.
Mr and Mrs. Harry Dressel and little
son of St. Louis, who haw been visiting in
St Paul, made a tour of the lower lake
Iat Sturday on the Mayflower.
Mr. and Mrs E. A. Lingo of Denlsin.
Tex., arrived last week and are visiting
their daughter. Mrs. II. G. Kelly, at Deep
Mr. nnd Mrs. M. Wolfheln and family of
St. Ixmls aro guests at the Lake Park.
Deephaven. for the season.
M. V. Mesrltz of St. Louis has arrived
and 1? a guest at the. Del Otero. He ex
pects to remain for a prolonged outing.
The MIen Catherine and Anna Halev of
Dixon. 111., are visiting Mrs. M. E. Lovett
Mr. Waddell of Kansas Citv has been a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Kelly at Deep
haven A partv from St. Louis consisting of
John It. Williams. J K, Williams. Jr.. ?nd
Miss Annie Williams, passed a day last
week at the lake. Thev- made a tour of
Minnetonka on the Mayflower, stopping for
a bauii um.9 At uu uuuu. xetora return
. - - - -- 'am
ST3 8115
- ' ' jg
ing to St. Louis they will visit Yellowstone
MI-s Anna Hauh of Dallas, Tcv.. Is
amors t'.e latest arrivals at the White
Hcue. ExcoMur
Ke-enforcements from Macon. Mo . Joined
the Macon visitors alre.ul at the White
House Sur.da) last In the' persons of -Mr
nnd Mrs William i: Merullv. Mr. -t.1
Mrs. Van Cleve. Mr. E. McKee and Lliyd
Mr and Mrs. y. w Pedfrrd of Kansas
City aNo arrived at the lake Sunca) and
are stopping at the White Hou-e
Among the recent arrlva.s at Filrvlew.
Like OfOkm. are W t l:onnle and Miss
Fiora Nollet from Loub-vllle. Ky.
Doctor C. W. Snyder of Louisville. Ky..
is a guest at the La Paul. Ev-eMor.
Doctor E. A Waelkp of Belleville. III.,
arrived lat Saturday to enjoy several
Weeks' outing at th- lake. He is a guest
at the Sampson House.
Mrs. .Mary F M-mtcomerv and Miss
Mary Montgomery of Si. l.ouls are guests
at th En Paul.
W McDonald of St Louis is at Falrvlew.
Like Osokis. for s-veral weeks.
Mrs Henrietta Frrnham of Kan-.ii Cltv
is stopping at the MlPton House Gleiwood
Iike. where she expects to remala for
some time.
Mrs. Pollard of St. Louis and her daugh
ter. Margaret, arrived thl- Monday, and
are gjestH at the Simps)" Houm
Joseph Brilton .mil son of St Lnlscrm
up to St. Paul last week by boat and are
stopping at the l.a Paul.
Mrs. Flickner and Mls Leila C O'Kane
of St. Iuls arrived last we-tk and are
guests at the La Paul.
Mrs T J. Dockerv of KIrksville. Mo.,
nnd her daughter. Estelle, arrived at the
lake last wiek. and are stopping at the
Sampson Houe. Excelsior.
Miss Florence Siearn of St Joseph. Mo..
hs been visiting at the like In 'he Iat
month, as has also Miss Juliet Onen of
the same city.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Job-t and family of
Peoria. 111. who were visiting at the lako
this month, are tourinR Yellowstone Park.
Mr1-. J. B poorman anil her daugh
ter. Mrs J. T. GUI. of St Louis n.nt to
Mlnnapolls this week lo visit their diugh
ter and sist r. Mrs. J G. Claph.imson.
formerly of St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs. II. B. Guthrie of St. Louis,
who are guests at the Hotei St Louis. Peep
haven, made up a driving party with sev
eral frbnds from Chicago to the l"ppr
Lake, where they stopped at the Hotel Del
Otero for dinner.
Mr? William Penrose ard son of Alton.
Ill . are gtieMs of Mr ard Mrs. J. B. Benils.
Mlnm tetnka Beach.
Mr anil Mrs Arnold Demeter of Macon,
Mo , arrived at the lake last week and are
slopping for an Indefinite time at the Hotel
La Paul. Excelsior.
Mr. and Mrs Harry R. Wilson of St. Louis
arrivid on July 11 nnd are guests at tho
White House. Excelsior.
Mrs T V. Mlckle of St. Iiuls, who has
been visiting friends In Minneapolis for
some time. Joined her friend. Mrs. II 3.
Ch,ie. last Situtday at the Sampson House.
Mr. and Mr?. C. G. Sampson of St Joseph.
Mo. are at Alexandria, where they will
camp and llh for six week- or more.
Mrs II. K Vernon of Winnebago. 111.. Is
here for the summer with her parents, the
Itevirend and Mrs. S. T. Show of Excelsior.
C.irrnlton. Mo . Is represented this year at
the Like Park Hotel bv the following persons-
Mrs M E M-MCim. Mr and Mrs.
Hudson and two children, and Mrs Annie
V. CHnkscales, all of whom arrived last
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Burr of Rockford. 111.,
who have bien visltirg fur some time In
Minneapolis, were guests last week of Mr.
and Mrs. Bennett at Lake Park
Theodore Krledhoff and sons of Columbia.
Mo., arrived las' week and are putting in
their time hunting and fishing at Lake
Mrs. H. L Page. Miss Eunice E. Bartlett
and Albert L. Baitlttt of St. Jo-, Mo., have
arrived at Prl r ljke. vvlure they aro
domfriks for the summer in Rose Cottage.
Ji rome J. Sehotti n of St Lout arrived
at Prior Lake list week and expects to
pa-s the summer there.
Mrs. Nellie M. Daniels, with her sons,
James and Morrts. of Leavenworth. Kas.,
are guests at Gralnwood. Prior I.ake.
Mrs. T, R Mlllspaugh and her daughter.
Nellie, of Topeka, Kas.. are at Squirrel's
Nest. Prior Lake, for the summer.
Mrs. Nellie I. Key and Mr txitle Bar
rett of Kansas City have arrived at Lake
Mlnnetonka nnd are Kuests at Cottage
wood Hotel, where they expect to remain
for the season.
Mrs. S Ellis rf St. Louis has joined her
sister. Mrs Scott. In Home Cottage, Prior
Lake, for the sun mcr.
Earle Robinson of St. I.ouIs. who is en
jolng an outing of several weeks at Prior
I-nke, gave P hayrack drive one evening;
last week.
Euchre parties, musicals and havrack
drives are now In full diving nt Prior Lake,
nnd the MUsour'ans are all In it this sea
son. Mr. nnd Mrs. T E. Wardcll and Harrv
M. Rubey of Macon. Mo., entertained a
large party of friends Wednesday cvoaing
last with a cruise on the lake In their
launch, the Florence. Before returning to
Excelsior they all attended the hop at
the I.ake Park Hotel.
The Mlssourlar.s and their friends nt the
Iike Park enJo)etI a moonlight excursion
on the Mal!ov.er the other evening, the
Bijou Ori-hestru of that hotel providing
music on board the boa.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Ette of St. Louis,
who arc at I.ake Waconla this season, en
tertained some Minneapolis friends this
week at the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Koch of Minneapolis.
The Mlnncsouri Clubhouse at Lake Milton,
near Alexandria, Is owned Jointly bs ilia-
. v
-J-., WTwbH:lHHBBPHiB.aKsH.;.vv ivJ?-J-(-J3 ,
-vsCTsjalMea.jsMs,.. ... ii. .i i.,;,-i
HWBB(9S2fc H?i5tT' Ti
reapolls and MNsnuri people. Among tho
MIssourians who are stopping at the Mln
resoun are the following from Kansas
City: Mr. and Mrs. John I-ong and daugh
ter, Ethel; Messrs. Charls and William
Gill. Judgo and Mrs. Gill. Doctor and C B.
Hew tit. Mr. and Mrs. George R. Basse
and C. B. Perrin. ...
Mr Colson of St. Louis Is at Waconla.
Ho 1 stopping at Coney Island Until.
Mr. and Mrs C. G. Sampson and family
were guests at the Mlnncsouri for a short
time lefore going Into camp at Alexandria.
Tho Monmouth. III., clubhouse Is nHo lo
cated nt Iike -Milton. The late arrivals
at the Monmouth are. Doctor Webster and
family. Mr. and Mrs. IV Witt Harding and
Mr and Mrs. Sepho. who evpect to remain
tt that lake for several weeks.
Mrs. Henrietta Farnhum of Kansas City
has arrived at Lake Glcnttond. where she
Is stopping at the Mlnton House. She ex
pects to remain most of the summer.
H Folsome of Oskaloo-ia. Kas., Is .1
miest at the Glenvvood House
J. II Wilds, the cracker manufacturer
of Kansas City, was at the MItlnesourl
Clubhouse. Lake Milton, for a few ilav...
Mr and Mrs. c B Miller of Gi-neso.
Ill were guests of their brother, W. K
Barnes, at Alt xandrla, last wiek
Mr and Mrs. T R King of Morrison.
111., who are guests at the Hotel Li Paul,
pass a great deal of their time on the lake
The) made a trip to different lake points
the othrr day on the Wlntlcl.l
v'i:ii i:tii.mm;.
f iprri a i. crtit he. roxnr nce
W eqticton'.iiig. Mich., July J) Many men
made the most of the rain) days last ww 1:
M'ing --perkleil trout llshlng. A large party
went to Pellston to spend a few days, as
the lesl ttsiilng grounds are located very
nar there
P F Hnmmar and Miss V. C. Hammar
:iv occupvlng "Sans Soucl" cottage with a
liarty. and take tin lr meals at the Inn.
Mrs William A. Hardaway has been here
for the Inst three weiks. lornlng the 1st of
Julv to open her cottage. la-t wnk Ml"
gave a large whlt party, the majority of
her guests ledng ncr St. Louis friends.
Mr and Mrs. George It. Spiar have as
guest at their cottage Miss Uzzle Cluff of
Ottawa. Canada.
Mrs M. M Rebir Is settled In her cottage
In Wert Weque for the summer. Mrs. Rrber
anil Miss R-bcr have been here several
lavs, and during August will liavo as their
quests Dean Carroll. M. Davis and Mrs.
I avN. .Mrs. Ribe.-'s son-ln-lavv and daugn-
Bishop Tuttle Is settled In his cottage for
th season, and ras with him his daughter.
Mrs. Stanley M. Ramsey of Cincinnati
Mrs Liulsa Mlltenlx rger is occupjlng h'r
cottage at West Weque and has as guests
Mrs. K Duncan Mellbr. Miss Angellne
Davis and Howard Davis.
Mr Crapo Christy, 'ST. Yale, has organ
ized a baseball nine, and promises some es-
Itlr.g sport for lovers of the national game.
The Reverend D-ctor W W Page of
I-cavenworth has general charge of the
religious services at tho A-serr.blv Hall
The M!ss?s I'eet are occupying the Prewit
cottage this seen.
The Right Revirend Bishop Tuttle. who
Is at Weque fur the summer, officiated at
St John's Chanel. Harbor Point, last Sun
Ja) Mi's Marlon Llnday. daughter of Sena
tor IJnd:i) of Kentucky. Is vlitlni? at the
Scott eottage.
ahh;x"i:ti' pier.
srrci.vi. connEsi-oxnEXCE.
Narraganseti Tier. It. 1 . Julv IX The
season at Nnrragansett is rapidly nnm
Irg Its old-time sway of summer ganty.
and now the tide of pleasure is on In real
The Casino was cay once more on Satur
day ivenlng nnd quite a number of Its old
habitues were at tho hop and beneath the
little striped umbrellas on the plaza, where
winirg ard dining was In order as usual.
The livdrangeas present a most attrac
tive appearance as the pretty plants,
or flowers, are Just beglnnlrg to bloom.
Perhaps the flowers, the sea air and the
roncerts attracted more than the ballroom,
for the plaza was unquestionably the re
sort most patronized on Saturday evening.
Whitney Warren entertained a partv of
eight. David Lapsley dined a party of four.
II II Ralorg gave n dinner to a party of
four and Mr Alevander C Young of New
York entertained a party of four
in the ballroom thire was dancing
throughout the iverlnc. with musical se
ll ctions from the Singing Girl" and Vic
tor Herbert's aeior. "The Ameer"
A few of the cottngers participated In the
dance, but mot cf the dancers were of the
)ouri:er et. win. at lint. appeared to
have a good time dancing.
Captain R II Torrev of St Louis has ar
rivesl at the Recklngham for an extended
Mrs Charles H Turner of St I.oui and
maid and DoucUss Turrer of St. Ixmls
have arrived at Narraganett for the sum
mer, and nre stepping at the Rockingham
Henry II Des and Mrs II. H. Dens of
Clarkson place. St. Lulls, are Into arrivals
at Narraganseti. They are at the Mathew
son. Countess Marie Pier! of Paris. France,
has arrived at the Mct.atoxet
Mr and Mrs. Theodore G. Meier of St.
Ixiuls have taken Falrvlew cottage on
Ocean road for the summer.
Joe loiter of Chicago was nt the Pier
last week and crtertalned very lavishly at
the CasJnei. where he gave a number of
dinners and luncheons on the pla7.a His
guests were the Joph Hond!ev of New
York, the J W Alisons of PH!ivl'!)!i! v
and a son of the late Calvin Brlce of New
York. Stewart M Brlce.
vi Mnir.
Manitou. e-n!o, July 13. The last week
has witness' d a worderful Influx of tour
ists Into this nrettv mountain hamlet.
The season of lM was the greattst ever
known In Manltou and while the present
sison was a U-tle kite in getting urdr
full swing, tt will hold it- own with I ,s;
1-irge numbers o' MIssourians are com
ing a party of seventeen from Cirthage
ri-glsterltiR at the Funny S de Hotel aline
on Wednesday morning
Mr W. A. Renfry ts a guest at the Man
sions. Mr. and Mrs. R. E Black of Mcadville
Mo . are stopping at tho Ruxton for a few
weeks. Mr. nnd Mrs. A R Wilson. Mls Kniml
Wilson and Arthur Wilson of Neosho. Mo .
are at the Hotel Ruxton.
Me.-srs. W F Blankc and R. H. BlanUe
are guests at the Cliff
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Gliser of St. Lous
nre prominent guests at ihe Cliff.
Mrs. K. J Robberson. Mi's Robbersrin ar.il
Mrs. B.ssle R Tnvlcr of Sprin-.-fle'd. .Mo.
are located at the Manltou. where the) will
nn-aln for the summer
Pun B Jeffrie of Jefferson Citv. Mo.
Assistant Attorney General. Is at th
l'arker for the summer, accompanied by
Mrs. Jeffries.
Miss Grace Jamison and Miss Mortle L
McKeln of Fulton. Mo., accompanied Iiv
Miss Iulse Gibbons of Keokuk. I.i.. are
registered at the Mansions.
Mr nnd Mrs. Charles R Drummond. Miss
Rachel Drummond and Mr Eugene "u"u let
are St Loulsans who are passing their sec
ond season at the Cliff.
Mr. C. M. Bradshaw of Canton, Mo Is
at the Barker, with Mrs. Brndshnw, and
villi remain for two or three weeks.
The Barker Is entertaining a partv from
Brookflcld. Mo., composed of the following
persons: J. U Hartm.in. Letty E. Hart
man, H. II. Hartman, Mr". Lucy B. Fulton.
c L. Spaullns-, Lena Spalding and J. P.
Miss Harris nnd Miss Mary Harris of
Marshall. Mo., are registered at th Barker
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Fe-eks and daughter of
St Liuls are recent arrivals at the t'liff.
Mr. and Mrs. Freder.dale and J. J. Mobe r
ly of Cclumbl?. Mo., nre guests at the
Mlns Osborne and T. G. Bc.-g.seh are St.
Loulsans stopping t the Sunny SHe
Mr. G. Lehman and Miss I-ehmnn of St.
I-ouls were at the Barker Hotel Sund.i)
General II. f. Merrlam. I". S. A., com
manding the Department of Missouri and
Colorado, is at the Birker with his brother
and on.
Judge and Mrs. Nat M. Shelton of Lin
caster and Judir Ardrew Ellison of Kirk
vlllc are two members of the Missouri bir
who arc at the Clin
Mrs DavN of Fulton. Mo., Is at the
Mar.ifou. nceorrpnnled by Mss DavN.
Mr. C L Spaulding of Bro-klleld. Mo., is
nt the Barker with his family
Henry Schmitt of St luis is at the
Mr and Mrs. E. W. Ray of St. Joseph,
Mo.. Is at the Cliff for several wee-ks.
Mr. and Mrs. j. P. Maloney of St. Louis,
Mo., are at the Ruxtcn.
M. L. Miner of St. Louis Is at the Barker
for two weeks.
C'LIKTOX TI'.llllAfi:.
Clifton Terrace. 111.. July SI. The heavy
rains of the past week have caused a con
siderable rise in the Mississippi River. This,
in turn, has increased tho depth of Clifton
Bay, and Improved th ba'hlng. Across
the bay from Clifton Is Illinl Islir.d en
which is situated the Illlni Yacht club
house. On the upper end of the island a
fine natural beach has been formed. The
beach Is becoming a favorite spot for Clif
ton visitors.
Miss Katherlne Morse of Omaha has ar
rived for the season.
Mlses Grace Frank and Florence Strauss
of St. Louis were up for the Saturday night
hop at the Tavern
Doctor II. J. Scherck of St. Louts and
Newton Cunningham, a newspaper man of
Alton, were visitors Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Lilian M Richmond of St. Loul- is
spending several days here.
Mrs. P. Robver ar.d Miss La Croix ar
rived Wednesday from St. Louis.
A quartet of Alton people, composed of
Misses Grace ar.d Elizabeth Watson and
ilessers. J. B. Maxfleld and Ed Haltht.
were up Wcdr.e-day nl?ht for the midweek
Ben J. Stlllnell of Eduardsville spent
Saturday and Sundiy at the Tavern.
Mr. s. Baer of M. Loul.s Is at the Tav
ern for the season.
Misses Elsie Held Hewitt and Sophie
FLsher and Messrs. Dan B. Johnson and
Eugene Kin ell were among the AltomanJ
at the Wednesday evening hop.
Several lthlng parties have gone up tho
Pinsa tho last week, and returned with
nice strlrgs of erupple ami js-rcli.
.Mmes. I'.irpenter of St. l.ouls and Price
of l-.ilw-.iril-vil!e are spending several days
at the Tavern.
PI s.
FITflAI. rnltltKSi-ONtlENCF
Pi.isvv, III. Julv SI. -Sculptor Robert P.
Brim-hurst and family of St. I.ouis are oc
'ipylng tin lr cottage. "Hungry Hollow."
and v.lil remain during the s, ason.
Mr- R. L Beardsh-e of Carllnville and
d.ii-ghter. Miss Susie B.-ardslee, .are spend
ing Ihe wnk it Chautauqua.
The Ms-s Helen and M.ijie Marshall of
Sprli rile'Iil. HI., ai d Mrs. Turrer and
il.mrhter. Miss Edith Turner, of Waver!)-.
III. -onstitute a house party, to which Mrs.
R. D Smith Is the ho-tiss
Mrs. Garhurt and the Misses Schroeder
and Anen of St Louis an- stayinff at Ihe
King's Daushteis' cottages.
Among the St. L)U,sms irglftereil at the
Plasa Spring Ilulel Is Miss I. A. Whlt
worth. Jlt. Emma Snedeker of Jerseyville has
tnk-n the Lcnim cottage lor the seison.
A St I.ouls roup!-. Mr. and Mrs H-irry
Fox. nre sjici.dlnjr tli lr hone)moon ut
Cli.iuauiia. They have pitched a tent
near the famous I'iasa Spring
A. J. Kendriek. e-dilor or tne Fort Smith
(Ark.) Now-s-Kecord. Is at the Iiasa Spring
Miss Julia Marie Laurant of Jerseyvllle
Is being entertained by th" Ml!""vs Scott at
their cottage In SjirlnirlleM avenu- knuwn
as "The Roost."
Manager W. M. Sauvage of the Temple
Thi at. r at Alton, and Mrs, S.auv-jge are at
the Pinsa Spring Hotel for the se-ason.
Among the ncent arrivals at the pjasa
Spring Hotel pre Mr. and Mrs. C. 1" Staf
ford of San Antonio. Tex.: tho Reverend
ami Mrs. L L Newman of Sprlnclleld. Mo.;
Eil M Smith. Guy A. Smith, George B.
Brown, all of St. Louis; Doctor .Mas, n Allen
of St. Paul. Minn,; G. P. Cheney of Denvr.
Joseph Blaclcstock of GunnlMin. Colo.: the
Riverend and Mrs-. Jay J. Ford of Jersey
vllle. P Krenier of Hdwardsville, Mayor A.
W Young of Alton. Ji-hn T. Inkogle of
Hardin. G. W. Billiard of Brighton. III.
Peto.key. Mich.. July ?-Miss Lucy II.
Rinkvvooel Joined her mother and fathir.
Mr .md Mr Thomas II. Rockwood, last
weik at their cottage, coming from Chi
cago, where she sa-ent the list month.
Stvenl St. Loulsnr.s are spending tho
sen-"in at the Cushmar. Among them are
Miss c. I. Utile. Mrs Win Raalte ami
familv . Mrs 11 Raab. Miss Rose Ilelmer
tchs and Mrs i.mil- Hw i.
At the New Aillugtnn a-e Mr. and Mrs.
G. J. Plank. Robert L G.ielicht.
en iti.i-:voi.
Charlevoix. Mich.. July SX The disagree
able rainy days of las:" week kept people
Indoors, even the golf llrki that are al
ways well patronized bring deerted a day
or two. Some Jlne plajing this year has
1 een made n the link". A number of col
lege men are at this re-ort for the season
an'l their i-Iavlng Is very good. The Rolf
grounds are In line common, the teeing
greens are clo-cly mow Ml and smotfcly
The first hop at the "Inn" was given last
Mrs. Ch tries Llppert and daughter. Lil
lian, and Mrs Burke are spending the sea
son at the Beach Ho'el.
The Inn se. ms to have sifferid lss from
the cqj and rains iii.ui m st of the Nr.rth
Michigan re..rts The grounds art- high,
and wliMievir the sun has peeped for even
ar hour i r.thuH istlc golfi ts have been seen
maKirg the links, with an tagcrness to re
gain lost time
Charlevoix Inn. which Is now in its fourth
eason. has .mm a favorite with St.
Iui.i people. The uflice force this ).ar n
sls!ng Manager E T. Oslmrne Is conipijed
of W. E Cncster of the Eastman Hotel.
Hot Pprli.gs. now- in hl:i third jear as head
clerk ii.il ileservcdl) popular with tourists;
A B Ashburn of Louisville, room clerk;
Carl LteKer. Ilav Inn a-.id s.mith. assistants,
ard Mi-s Frances Si xton, ls-ok--eper.
Among the St Lot.ts pcple who have ar
rivid here renntlv are Mrs. F V. Ham
mar, P. r. Hammar. C. It. Gaussen. Mr.
nnd Mrs. George B Douglas, .Miss Jt. Doug
Ian and ?. J. Ross
Mrs. William T. Wolfner. Ira WoIfnr and
Ml--es Rose ami J.- pnlne, Wolfner of Jack
soi'ville arrived to-o iv.
F. F Sehnltz of S:.' Joseph, Mo.. Is at the
Inn this week.
Mrs H A Clover and Jules Valle. Jr..
arrived from St. I.ou! a few days ng- anl
are at the Chicago Club.
Mr. ard Mrs H. Gelmer, M'.ss Gelmer. arj
Ml-se Adel, and Pearl Gelmer are spending
their third si ason .it tiie Belveiere. Mr.
and vjrs Frank Furm-v if Moberlv. -M"..
and Mr and Mrs. i"mibell Wells of llatto
CIt. Mo are ,iIo at the Belvedere.
Mr. arid Mrs E. N. Blrge have taken up
their summer reyld. nce at the Charlevoix
M.ss Agnes RlaekncII arrived from St.
Louis Wednesday.
F A. Binl'ter and family are Installed
for the seas 'fi at the Belvidcre.
Harbor Point Mlelt . July 21). The social
season here was ushend in with . large
hall at row Calno last Saturday. Tr-'s
Casino Is out of the specillc Improvement
and was mm h needed, the old one being en
tirely too snvill and Inadequate for the
crowds. Irofesor H irt's nrch-stra of In
tllanapoil?. now fling Its seend engage
ment at the clubhouse, furnished music.
The hops are to be given on Wednesdav and
Stturd.iy eveninsrs throughout the season
Dw'ght Bli'-som arriveil rev-era! diva ago
and Is with his mother and father. Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Blossom, at their cottage.
Mrs Blossom I entertaining a house party
nt her vantage, consisting of Mr. and Mrs.
John F Hill ef Augusta. Me and Mrs
S'meon Ray Mr Blos m has launched hl
naphtha vacht. "Amorlt.i."
Mr and Mrs- Fielding M. Oliver and their
famll) are also lat- arrivals and have a
e-o'tagf for the season.
Mr and Mrs. T. H Night aro settled in
the.r cottage
Mr. and Mrs. J D. Bascome are enter
taining Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Bovd. Charles
Leo Bascome Is also with his mother and
father Mrs Bascome gave a large whist
pjrtv last week In honor of her guest. Mrs
E-vil. r
Mrs. Edward Randall Iloyt and her son.
Randall Hovt. are to bo at the Club Houe
during Julv and August.
Mr nnd Airs F B Aglar ami their son.
Paul, are here for tile s isnn.
Other St. Iu!s people at Harbor Point
are E R Hovt. George P Jones. Mrs
C. E. Clark vil Arllne "lirk. Miss Fran
ces Jones. Mrs. W. G. ClMppell. Miss Louise
G Chappell and Randal Hovt.
Mines. R G. Morrow- and Jerome Hill
ai d M!s Irene Bond of Memphis. Tenn..
arc also nt the Club. Hatlor Point.
ji irKixtr.
Mackinac Island. Mlih.. July SO. Albert
H Gihner and August Gchrer are at the
Thomas T. daffy and J H. Sager and
Mrs S.iger arc spending the season at the
Mr. and Mrs c. II Mraglev. William H.
Strut and Misses Elbe Buck and Helen
Curtis ate at the Astor House, also Mrs.
Mr N C. dalbom and Mr and Mrs. N.
D Tavlor The Tavlors are regular sum
mer visitors at the Northern Michigan r.'
sorts. generally spending their summers at
Mrs O Wall. Jr.. spent ii few- days
here lust .ve.-k
C J Warner of St. LouN Is registered
here, the guest of his father and mother.
Mr ard Mrs C V Warner, cf Lyons, la.
W Tlernan and his bride were at the
Like View for a snort stay last week.
Mrs. James L Blair arrived July 1 and
Is occupving oae of the former officers'
bouses on the high fort groands. M-s.
Blair entertains quite lavishly Being the
possessor ef a line voice, sre Is always the
center of a ma-Ic circle ami Is the hostess
at many delightful mulial?.
SiiiniiH' rVuiri Issut's Writ to St.
Louis I'nilwttp .!nili;t.
RErl'IlLlC SPECIAL .....
Jeffetson Ciiy. Mo.. July Si. Upon the ap
plication of Judge Silas B. Jonevs of St.
I.ou!s. the clerk of the Supreme Court tie
day Issued a writ of certiorari ag.alnrt W.
W. Henderson. Judge of the Probate Court
of the city of St. Louis, commanding him to
certify to the Supreme Court the record and
proceedings of his court in the matter of
the estate of Anna Puff, now pending In the
Probate Court Tl bject of the suit
is to tet the contltut'enaIity of the col
lateral lnheiltar.ee t-tx law enacte-d by the
last General Asemb'y
Oliver J Fath Is the executor of the es
tate of Anna Puff and the application 1-s
maile on ills behalf, and on behalf of tne
legatee. Sophia Puff. who. under the will,
receives a bequest of $I,m. The collateral
Inheritance tax on this bequest is , which
the Probate Judge has ordere-d paid i-ver
to the Collector of St Louis City.
Th' petition attg-ks the constitutionalltv
of the statute upon nine dlfTi re nt grounds,
any one of which would Invalidate the law.
It Is stated In the petition that there arc
now- in course of administration In the
Proline Ccurt of the city of St. I.ouIh about
one hundred estates, which. In whole or In
part, are subject to this tax If the tame
is valid. Tho writ of certiorari Is returnable
October 3.
Entire Missouri Xational Guard
Volunteers for Service,
if Xeeded.
Oneral (Mark Attaches to His
general Dnlers Hijili C'oinnieii-
dation of the Brigade
CnniB Hell Xotes.
Camp Bell. Springfield. Mo.. July II. The
Missouri National Gunrd has volunteered
as a whole for service In China. In th
event of its bcirg called uron by the
United States.
0!tl:ers ami enlisted men of the four reg
Imintsand Battery A have expressed their
vvIHIrMiess to serve with the army in any
part of the world. Commanders of the dif
ferent organizations have ofTcred their com
mands to Adjutant General Bell.
These offers were made after a thorough
canvars of the sentiment of the ofllcers anl
Great excitement prevails among the sol
diers about developments In China. The St.
Iul papers ar- eagerly looked for every
evenlr.s. After their arrival knots of men
congregate about the camp grounds to h"nr
the rews and dlsc"ss Its merits. The Chi
nese are not very popular with th militia
men, who are eager for a brush with them.
War with the Celestials Is the chief toplr
of conversation at every mess in the bris
ade. General Bell said to-day that he had re
ce'ved no communication whatever from
the War Department In regard to furnish
ing troops for China, and that h did rot
Mlcve Missouri would be called u:ion un
less the reed should become very tirsent.
"The mllltla was never In better condition
to go to the front," he said, "and I hav
rss-jrance that every National Guard or
ganlratlrn In the State Is willing to sry
Of course, the regiments and battery woul 1
have to be reTulled up to a war footing,
hut there would be no difficulty In obtain
ing volunteers, as was fully demonstrated
at the time rf the Spanish-American war.
It Is not probable that the mllltla will be
called nut for foreign ervice at the present
time. I believe that If more troops are re
quired Ccngress will use some other means
of raising them."
Tnls Is the Inst day of regular routine at
Camp Bell. At 4 p. m. to-morrow tents
w-Jll be struck and camp' bnggag packed
preparatory to departure. The Second Resl
ment leave" en a special at 6 p. m. By 3
oVloi-k the last troops will have left Sp'lng
field. Battery As guns and heavy bag
gage went out this evcnlrg on a freight, n--comranled
by a Sergeant and guard of
eight privates General Clark and s'sff will
remain here several elnys longer to clear n
the left-over business.
The following was appended to a gepee. i
order tsuoi! bv General Clark this eyenlng-
"The commanding nScer takos tM occa
sion to express his apnredatl-n of the splen
did discipline maintained during the hours
of duty and of the palnstaklrg efforts of
the ofllcers and men to make the camp suc
cessful in the highest degree."
Comparison of the reports of the Adju
tants General of the various States dlsclo.es
the fact that the per cert of attendance
of ofllcers and men Is the largest of any
er.cnmprrent. regimental or brigade, ever
held 'n the I'nlteil States, and he feels Jus
tified In saying that the character of the
work done In camp could not be sur
passed." At S o'clock this mcrning. there was a
Held Inspection of the entire brigade. The
men were lined up In heavy marching or
der on the parade ground. Their flc
coutfrmcnls and clntUng were cleaned and
lolbhcd so that not a speck of dlr: could
!. discovered T!i harnes and guns of
Battery "A" showed the hours of wash
ing anil rubbing which had been expended
upon them
Captain A. W. Adams, Assistant In
spector General of Missouri, directed the
Inspection. Each reglmnt was inspected
bv a IJeutennnt Colonel, taken from ome
other command. The examination was
vcrv rlil'l on this account, as each officer
was anxious for his own regiment to make
the best showing. The In-pectors were
Lieutenant Colonels W. A. Raupp. Cusll
I.echtman. W S. Hendrlck. Charles W.
HoUcvmp and Captain E. R. Eno.
Colonel John I Martin. Judge Advccnte
of the brigade, with his vvlfo and two
daughters, has been here for rcveral days.
Colcnel Martin n presents Governor Ste
phens at the encampment, and much of
the entertainment at headquarters devolves
ulon him.
There has been a cor.tlr.uous stream nf
vhi'ors to camp all day. At morning drill
and dress parade at 7 p. m. the entire camp
ground was lined with vehicles filled with
spectators. The dress parade Is the most
popular feature of the day's programme.
It Is always .-icetcd with enthusiastic
cheers and applause. The band concerts
every afternoon also come In for a big share
of ropularlty.
Tne First Reglmmt possesses the iLuble
of Governor Roosevelt In the rerson of Cap
tain John A. Laird. Ordnance Oflicer. He
roim by no other name than "TedJy"
amorg his brother ofllcers. In the pa
rade Thursday crowds along the streetsj.'.s
covcred the likeness and checreel the Cap
talr as loudly as If he had been the genuine
Teddy. He wears his campaign hat cauxht
up at one side In exactly the same manner
as the Rough Riders did at Santiago.
Th officers arranged to pass Captain
I-alrd off as Roosevelt on the trip home
and have him tr.Kkc speeches from the rear
platform ot the train at different towns, but
this scheme was abandoned on account or
the trip being made at night.
There was a lively blanket tossing to-day
in Company C. of the First Regiment. Com
pany clerk F Rhom.an Smith announced at
lir.-iikfast that there were not sufficient m n
In he whole company to toss him In a
blanket. The words, were Inrdly spoken
whin he was grabbed and before he realized
what had happnnl. was making shott trlpj
skywards at second Interval-. It was njt
until he cried enough and begged for mercy
tluC hi was allowed to touch terra ilrma.
Tho moat successful soclil event of the
w.ek was the military ball slv.n to-night in
honor of Mrs. Harvey Clark by officers of
the Fourth Regiment.
An old building near Camp Bell, which
has tneu used during the week as a com
ml'sary warehouse, was turnca Into a ball
room for the occasion. VMtlng ladles at the
camp and from Springfield, who attended
the affair had u splendid time. About Ivi
line and staff officers attended and there
n-.ie tint nf.-trlv enousrh ladles to feo around.
Excellent dance mii"lc was furnished by the
Fourth Regiment band.
List night the seven Sergeants of Bat-tcrv-
A. with several old members of that
organization held a reunion at Burk's Cafe
in this city. Their session lasted far Into
this miming. The programme consisted of
speeches, singing, splnlng of yards and sev
eral vaudeville numbers by local artists.
A society was organized to which all Bat
terv men who served In Porto Rico are
eligible. Sergeant Hamilton Stone was
elected president of the society which Is
tailed "Original Order of Porto Rlcans."
Evidence of Another Luetgert
Case in Chicago.
Chicago. July Si. The police officials are
investigating a mystery at the stock yards
which they think Is another Luetgert case.
A human skull and a pair of shoes havo
ben found In a rendering tank owned by
one of the packing-house firms at tho
yard?. Several men recently In the employ
of the company have disappeared, and po
llee are searching for them to see If any
light can he shed on the mysterious And.
It Is a theory of police that the victim
was cuaaed Into tne tack.
Kidney Trouble Makes You MiSj rwle.
Almost everybody who reads the 4kvz
papers is rjrs to know cf th-e waittterful
It is the preat inedl-
s cal triumph cf the r.ine-
. tccnin century: g:s
1 covered after yesrs cf
, scientific research by
5 Dr. Kilmer, the rrr.f
" ncnt kidney and fc!ad
ccr srecia'liK. and is
wonderfully successful in promptly ccrfajj
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and B right's Disease, which is the worst
form cf kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is r.ct rec
cmmendedforcverythlnrbut if you have kid
ney, liver cr bladder trouble it wsll bo iaur.d
just the remedy you need. 1 1 has been tested
iaso many ways, in hospital work, m private
practice, among the helpless too poor tc pur
chase relief and has proved so successful in
every case that a special arrangement has
been made by v.-hich all readers cf this paper
who have not already tried it, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mail, also a bock
telling mere about Swamp-Root and how to
find cut if you have kidney cr bladder trouble.
Vhen writing mention reading this generous
effer in this paper and
send your address toi
Dr. Kilmer scCcBIng-
hamton. N. Y. The
regular fifty cent and nemee5anp-Root
dollar sues are sold by all nod drujreists.
Aiillinrities of Ilurlintzton and St.
I.ouis Donhl S. I'. Dalilmau's
fstm-v of His Crime.
Police Jniv the Case Is in His
Hands? II Maintains That il'rs.
Daliinian nit-d From
The confession of .. P. Dahlman. the St.
Loul shoemaker who surrendered to the
authorities of Burlington. Ia., statin? that
he had murdered hi3 wile on .March 2S. 1OT.
in this citv. is now believed by the local au
thorities to be mreiy 111- delusion of a dis
ordered brain. This view- i also taken by
the roller at Hur'lncton. and the fact that
Dahlman rcie ted his story of the crime
yeterday is not considered to have much
weisht In the matt-r.
Dahlman !- a shoemaker and wa follow
ing hN trade In thl city In March. 1S37. but
was In poor health and made little money.
Ills wife was sick constantly. On the niqht
of !arh his wife died at their home. No.
Stll South Tenth tre. t. and Pahlman sum
moned two women living In thi. n ishbor
hood tu prep ire the bod) for burial. They
were Mrs. Jchn lltrsxann of No. ;3i3 Men
ard street and Mrs. Krcd Wilcer of No. 225
Eolith Tenth street.
It was recorded at the mortuary office that
the woman had died of consumption and a
burial permit was issued. Dahlmanti w-rnt
South and 1 iter to Iturllngton. where he has
confessed that on the hicht of March S,
l'ST. he smothered his wile with a pillow,
thlnklnc that In her weak state death would
be a relief. On the strength of this confes
sion he Is bclns held by the Burlinnton au
thorities. Dahlmar.'s story was believed at first, but
the authorities at Burlincton made no
move until those of this, city were heard
A dispatch from llurllnston. however,
states that It la now !clicved by the police
that Dahlman' si mind was upset at the time
bv the mental and physical strain
upon him and that he has 1k.hi men
tally deranged ever since, ills emplo)er in
llurllnston. S. Moreliartlt. )esterday
sent a lor.c letter to Dahlman's children
Alice, need 11. and Walter, used 11 glvlnir
It as his opinion that their father was not
responsible for what h.- said he had done.
Jailer Cronln of Hurlinfiton ! of the opin
ion that Dahlman Is mentally sound ex
cept on this one subject, while County At
torney Clark believes that the whole con
fession Is but a fancy eif a dlsonlere-tl brain.
Dahlman )este-rdvy made the added state
ment to the Hurllnston police tnnt he was
positive that his wife was choking to death
at tee time and that she would have died
In an hour or m anyhow. He- also said thai
he was quietly awaiting the action of th
law. lie h.a been under suspicion of in
sanity lor some time, the Commissioners of
Insanity havinc nearly mule up their mlnda
to send him to the asylum a few months
Detective McGrath was detailed by Ch!e
Desmond to fo.low up the case-, and the
Chlet yesterday said mat McCJraih had re
ported It as his belief that Dahlman did nt
commit the crime. Mcilrath ,iw the Cor
oner and the two women who laid out Mrs.
Dahlman's 1-ody. and he rerorted that all
Indications were that the woman had" died
a natural death.
Coroner Lloyd stated positively that the
woman had died of consumption ami It 's
not understood that he will take any action
In the matter. The police ron.stder the cae
In the Coror.r's hani.s. and will lot act
In the matter, so it is at a standstill.
roi'm.x: ni:iocii tic mketim;.
ntiiiiin! Issue ni'ius.rtl by Promi
nent Sprakrrii.
The Itrs-ular Democratic Club of the
Twenty-seventh Ward held n reuslnc meet
ing last nliht at Bellevue Garden, corner
of KlnK's highway and K-iston avenue. Tho
garden was tilled with enthusiastic Demo
crats from other ward as well as the
Twcntv-seventh. Chairman McLaln called
the meeting and extended a welcome to all
visitors W. Neville was introduced. He
delivered a stirring speech on the issue of
the campaign, dealing principally with Im
perialism. He drew a parallel picture; with
the war of Wi, when the same issues
were Involved. "Jeffer.on battled for the
same prlnclpIe-4 then that Bryan is battling
for to-day." said he. "The parallel Is made
more complete when you recall Jefferson s
defeat In TX and his triumphant election
In 17so Bryan was defeated In ISM, but
he will tie elected In I5i0."
V II O'Brien followed In a speech which
was" vigorously arpiaudid. Jehn A. Lee
made one of his usual strong speeches on
the Ksuen of the- campaign. He was loud
ly applauded at glowing climaxes
Attorney General Kd Crow- wrote a let
ter which was read by the secretary. Mr.
CrTheSa,Del.noPcrattic Monroe doct.lne ot
American domination of the Western
Hemisphere and no entangling European
alliances prevents our entrance upon an
?ra of aculsltlon of territory- In the East
ern Hemisphere, and If the Monroe doctrlns
be followed It will leave American fathers,
.ns and husbands with the loved and
loving ones at home on their native soil, at
the ifreside on the farm, in the shop anl
store and factor)-, instead of tbportins
them to die as soldier? of conquest oil
battle llelds In distant lands and perish n
hospitals In alien climes anl lie burled
where a wavering foreign Hag will cast Its
shadows backward and forward above their
silent gravesv. .
Letters cf regret were also read from A.
M Docker" Frank Walsh, Vlrsll Conkllns.
Given Campbell. T. E. Mulvlhlll and others.
American In Pari.
Paris. July II. (Copyright. 19C0. by the
New Totk Herald Company.) American vis
itors In Paris Include Mrs. M. A. Lowther.
G. L. Myer. Miss A. M. Merrlman. II. B. Eu
ger. Jr- Doctor J. W. Vaughn and Mrs.
Vaughn, and Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Zlesley of
8t. Louis: Mr. and Mrs. F. Jacquemot and
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson of Kansas City, and
C Evenon and H. Derge of Bt. Joseph, Mo.
cures made by Dr.
l Kilmer's Svarnp-P.cct,
II the rreat kidney, hver
li and bladder rem;iy.
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