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Programme of the Animal Conven
tion at Columbia.
Tho thirty-third annual convention of tho
Missouri Sunday School Association will
lta held at Columbia, Mo., August 2S, 23 and
Tho citizens of Columbia are arranging to
enteitaln all certified delegates to the con
vention, and tho St. Louis Sunday School
Union Is getting up a special excursion for
the city and suburbs. The tpeakers of
national reputation who will be present ax
the con cation are Mai ion Lawrence.
Charles D. Meigs and Mis. Mary Fo-tor
Bryner. Every effort lb being put forth
to make this the best convention In tho
history of tho association.
The following it, the completed convention
programme, and it will be seen that tho
leading workers cf the Stato are repre
Receptkm nra regii'tritlon.
Mnttt Eve-ut.vo Committee meeting.
Aoclaliin vioikers" confirmee, led by Charles
D. Slelgs.
State 'oU'ily Ji.ii tovvnli!n officers
Conference of prlmjrx and Junior teachers
Subject: "Primni-v Union"' "
Opening Fervlco for I'r.marv Vn'tn.
Keports from oar unions, bj uniua representa
tives. Hound Tnblc: "lYimnry Union Problems," led
by Mrs. Mary roster Jtrjner.
Alipolctment of Nomln.attt.g Cfnmittee.
Conference of primary and Jui.lir teachers
Eubject: "Junior W'oik "
Tho teacher and supplemental work
Junior jetson taugtit, Mr, Mary Poster Bry
Cer. Questions and dlsmtslon.
Children's meeting Illustrative, lesson, Mrs.
Itn ner.
lilble study and prajer, the Iteierend O. M.
Stewart. I). D . Kansas i"u
Conference of Sundav-hclieiol superintendents
led by Mr Marlon Lowrancc, international gen
eral srctar.
Conference on home department. State Hrmo
pepartment Superintendent the Iteverenil 1! M.
lnlovv presiding.
1. Report and nddrc&s, tho Heve-end It. M.
Iilon. Hcrrlsoni Hie
2. Illustration. Charles I). Meig, associate
editor tho Interactional i:v angel.
S. Dlsemslon, c-xerjbody.
Address, the Iteverenii A. 1' Oe-e xe. D. T.,
Blate Miperiniendent. Subject. "lichees fro-n th
Appointment of comm'ttee-
tuksday i;vi:nixg.
Prai"-o i en Ice, conducted by Mr. It. O. Bolt,
Et. Louis.
A word of welcon.e
AddreS". II. M. Beardlv, Kansas Cltv. Sub
ject: "Ths Bible as a l'owcr in Civil Gove-m-
Addrc". Marlon Law ranee. International cen
tral secretary. Subject: "Co-operati o Christian
Morning Bible -tudy and pr.ijer, led by tho
JJevercnd O. M Stewart, D. 1
State sccretarj's report, by 1 L. Allen, I'lerco
A model Sunday school, Marlon --jico pre
siding. I. Introductory, Marion Lnwrance.
Jts Oiricers. Their Quallticatlons, A. II. Cul
ver, Butler.
3. Its Teachers. How to Equip Them. Profess
or J. T. Mulr. LaGranse
4 Its rupils. How to Get Then. Mrs. Jennie
Conway, St. Louie.
5. As a Soul-Winning Agency, tl.o Iteicrend I.
J. K. Lunbeck, Lee's Summit
Open dlicusslon.
State Treasurer's Report Robert Rutledsc, St,
President's annual address Frank P. Hays.
Shots from the field Even bod.
Address, "What the Association Does for Sun
flay Schools," Charles I. MeiB".
Noontldd prajcr sen Ice Doctor Stewart.
SION. DevotIor.nl sen Ice.
Address Mrs Mary Fester Bryner; subject,
'Principles and Plans."
Music Teaching; a new sot;. Illustrated
Annual report of State Priman Superintendent
Mrs. L. L. Allen. Pierce City.
Lesson construction. Illustrated: next Sunday"
lesson taight (September 3: Mrs Mary Foster
The Primary Teacher In the Count--."
"Gleaning" from Our Child Study."
Annual meeting State Primary Department.
Iteport ot recording secretary, Mrs. Jennie Con
way. St. Ijouls.
"Our County Primary "Work," by division pri
mary vice presidents.
The Northeast Grand Division Mrs. W". II.
Hewitt. New Cambria.
The Northwest Grand Di Islon Mrs. C. K Al
len. HarrlsonvIUc.
The Southwest Grand Division Mrs J. C Turk,
Mount Vernon.
The Southeast Grand Dhislon Mrs. Millie M.
Lewie. Pdynesville.
Questions and Discussion County primary su
perintendent Offering!! Unions, schools Individuals.
Praise service, conducted by Mr. R. O. Bolt.
Address, W. H. Black, D. D., president Mis
souri Valley College.
Addressi '"Does It Pay?" Charts D. Meigs.
Morning Bible study and pra cr, led by Doctor
Reports from the field.
Committee reports
Address. "The Relation of the Sunday School
to the Church," tho Reverend Simpson Ely,
Brookfleld. Mo.
Address. "The Teacher's Divine Call to a I.lfo
Work," the Rcvere-d S. J. Hcaton. p, D.. Kan
as City.
Farewell everjtodj's meeting; "What Have I
Learned In This Convention""
Farewell pracr service.
The Central Y. M. C. A. roof garden con
Cert last night was largely attended. Krac
mer's brass and reed hand gave the fol
lowing programme: The inarch. "Veni,
Vidl, Vici,"; medley, overture, "Da Molay
Commanderv"; Gardula waltz dance; a
characteristic piece. "A Bunch of Black
berries"; Gavotte. First Heart Throbs";
"Mr. Thomas Cat Serenade": "Tho Soldier's
Dream": galop, "Flv Av.ay" Next Friday
night the concert will be given by the asso
ciation orchestra.
There Tviil be special gospel sen ices at
the Second Prc-byterian Church, Westmin
ster and Taylor avenues, to-morrow even
ing, conducted by Doctor Niccolls's asoist
nnt, the Reverend C. M. Rauch. Similar ser
vices have been held since the first of July,
nnd there has been an increased attendance
at each service. The meeting will open with
a song service at 7:15 p. m., after which tho
Reverend Mr. Itauch will give a brief talk
on "Eternal Days."
St. Michael's Parish has arranged to have
a lawn and euchre party in the shady grove
of the church at Shrewsbury to-morrow-afternoon
at 3 o'clock. The train leaves
Union Station at 1:10 p. m. and returns at
7 p. m. The church may also be reached by
the Suburban line. Many handsome prizes
will be distributed and refreshments will be
Tho Central Y M. C. A. afternoon service
to-morrow at 4 o'clock will bo addressed by
tho Reverend M. L Thomas of Little Rock.
Ark., and his theme will bo "The Young
Man With a Future" Special music will be
furnlshefi by the male quartet of the 'Wag
oner Place M. n. Church.
The Reverend Taylor Bernard, pastor of
the Raymond Place Cumberland Pres
byterian Church, was called last week
to attend the funeral of his mother at
Montgomery. Mo. Mr. Bernard will return
to-day and will preach to-morrow morning
a usual. No evening service.
Mrs. C. H. Bailey, who formerly had a
mission on Franklin avenue. Is holding spe
cial meetings for mothers and others at her
residence. No. 2S1C S'oddard etrect, every
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
AVilllara Jenkins, organist of the Emman
uel Epij.copal Church, Old Orchard, Mo.,
will continue the Sunday night organ re
citals this present month, and will be assist
ed bv a number of soloists. The attendance
last Sunday evening was very gratifying and
the public is cordially Invited.
The Reverend I. II. Eakcs of BcckvIUo
will preach at the Tyler Place M. n. Church
to-morrow morning and evening The Rev
erend Earl Hewson, former assistant pastor
of Centenary Church, will fill the Ueckvillo
church morning and evening. It was hero
that the Reverend Mr. Hewson preached his
first Eennon.
The Goode Aienuc M. E. Church will give
n reception and donation to the pastor, the
Reverend B. P. White, next Tuesday even
ing, August 7. at the church, at Goodo ave
nue and North Market street. A literary pro
gramme will be rendere-d by Mrs. V. II. An
dcrion and Miss Margaret Rlair.
Fund Started by Members of St.
Ann's Church.
At a meeting of St. Ann's Conference of
the St. Vincent de Paul Society, held Thurs
day evening, in St. Ann's Church, at Whit
tier street and Page boulevard, a letter was
read from tho Very Reverend Henry Muchl
siepen. Vicar General, requesting that a
new school for St. Ann's Parish be es
tablished as soon as possible. At the closo
of the conference a parish meeting was
held. Richard Hanlon presided and J. P.
Chew acted as secretary. It was unani
mously agreed to comply with tho Vicar
General's request and commence the school
building at once, so as to have it teady
for occupancy in the early fall.
A considerable sum for the building was
subscribed. A committee was appointed to
devise ways and means for raising funds
for th building;. It was decided to glvo a
uctva on Utt Cbrjstaa Brothers' Poiic&a
campus Tuesday evening, August SL
Handsome prizes will be awarded.
Topic, "The Evil of Envy' Luke
sv, 2332.
Tho yot-ng people's topic for to-morrow
evening is "The Evil of Envy," and is based
on tho closing paragraph of tho parable tf
the prodigal son. It la the third bcene In
that wonderful drama, nnd la the climax
of tho truth Christ dwelled to teach. Tiu
lirst scene in the oar.ible det-trlbcs the vvny-wurdiu"-:,
nnd llnilitv of hin; the recond
portras tho awakening, the return and tho
lather's forgiveness: nnd now this third re
veals the true tplrlt of the elder son, who
remained at home, which certainly stands
out in bold contrast with that which tho
father exercls-ed.
It is said that wlun this elder brother re
turned ftom the Held and heard niu.sio and
elanciifr in tho home he asked for an ex
planation, and that when it was given, in
stead of joining in the rejoicing, lie Milked
and was very angry. He gave express' an
to his true feelings tliu1.: "lo, these in.mv
years do 1 -erv' thee, neither tr.in-grOs.sed
1 at nnv time thy commandment; and yet
thou never gavesl me a Kid, that 1 Wight
make mertj vvitli my friends. But as toon
as this thy son was eonie which hath de
voured thy living with lnrlols. thou iiast
killed for hin the tatted calf." Burning
woid.s thO"-e, and they must have fallen like
molten lead on the heart eif that old father.
It may have been that the lather. In tho
exuberance of the moment, had not alto
gether acted discreetly In tho matter, but
this in no sense justiiieel such a torre-nt of
abuse. It is clear, therefore, that it was
born of a spirit of envy, which is close akin
to revenge.
But mark the mlldnes and magnanimity
of the father's replv: "Son. thou ail ever
with me. nnd ail that 1 have is thine. It
was mtet tli.it we should make merry, and
be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and
is alive acnin: nnd was lost. and is found "
We are not told how the elder son iceeived
this reply, but the rebuke must have burned
in hK soul. He must have seen. In his
father's words, as in a mirror, his own self
ish and envious features reflected In all
their hideouMiess. and it is hoped that his
conviction was sure. One tiling is certain,
that tli e scribes and Pharisees, against
whom the parable was spoken, weie com
pletely silenced ns to their charge, "This
man receiveth sinners and eateth with
But the theme before us Is. "The Evil
of Knvv." Well, we see ftom the case
of tl.e elder son that one of the llrst in
fluences of envy is to dwarf all the nobler
impulses of the soul. The nutural feeling
of one brother for another, even when
reaping the logical results of hi-- own mad
career, is one ot pltv and sympathy. But
in the ease of the elder brother, this God
given impulse was apparently dead. Ho
seemingly cared nothing us to whether Ms
brother was dead or alive, and responded not
tp the spirit of rejoicing that characterized
the rest of the household. So it mav be in
spiritual matters, some even preferring that
a wayward brother go to hell rather thnn
see him rescued in some other wnv than
their own. Here is a leson of rebuke for
the intense denominationallst.
Anothei evil iniluence of envy is the pro
duction of a self-riehteous spirit. This elder
brother paraded his own virtues before his
father bj way of contrast to tha Vices of
his jouiurer brother. The father does net
deny the facts asserted, but in a most con
vincing way gives him to understand that
lie Is lacking a most Important virtue, viz,
chanty. We lind this same self-righteous
spirit ever where, and even among the pro
fessed disciples of Christ. Like the Phari
see of old; they ilrtually stand in the prs
tnce of the church and the world and say,
I giv e, I fdfct, I prav," and at the Famo
time harbor a spirit of envy toward the re
turning prodigal, and cspeciallv if he be
received with open aims and there follow
a time of feasting and rejoicing. Here also
the parable administers a stinging icbuke.
Selected topic thoughts: "Envv puts a
thorn in the lam el wreath." "Envy puts
bitter drops into nil its sweet draughts,"
Nothing but weeds grow in the toil of
envj, "There is more hope of a prodigal
than of an envious and suspicious man."
Special sermon topics are as follows
Baptist. DELaiAR. Delmar and Pendleton: the ItevcrnJ
Doctor J. T. M. Johnston, Pastor Serv ices" at
roCRTH. Thirteenth and Sullivan; the Rev
erend A. Howells. Pastor Serv Ices as usual
GRAND AVENUE. No. 1701 Grand; the Rever
end Alvin Claxon. Pastor 10:4& a. m. "Tho
Certainties of Christianity"; S p. m., "One LJXo
tnd Two Molds."
IMMANLAL. Cates and Hamilton; tho Reverend
.r-i,"2ar.I.a"t0.V-!1 ,n-A "The Power
of the Blood of Christ ': 7 d. m. o p -. !..
I,rAYETTE PARK. Lafajette and Mississippi
the Reverend Doctor T. C. Carletou. Pastor
Morning, otervanco of Lord's Supper- evenine
stnlce's as usual.
SECOND, Beaumont and Locust; the Reverend
Doctor Vv W. Boyd. Pastor MornlnK. sermon
by the Reverend Menta sturgeon, t.13 o m
joung people's service.
TAYLOR AVENUE. No. 12 North Taylor; the
Reverend, b. L. Living. Pastor R a. m.
Prove, ourselvcs"; 8 p. m., "The ParaJjle
of the fcower.
THIRD, Grand and AVashlnKton; tho Reverend
Doctor II. p. Johnston. Pastor Sen ices as
WATER TOWER. Grand and riorissant- the
Reverend J. I'. Herget, Pastor Sen Ices as
W,I.:b: F1" Isador and Ella; tho Reverend
w O. Lewis. Pastor Serv Ices as usual.
CARONDELHT. Robert and Virginia; the Rev
erend Vv D. Bolton, rastor Sen-ices as usual.
TOWER GROVE. No. ) Norfolk; the Revererd
Menta Sturgeon. Pastor Serv ices as usual.
PIRST (German). No. 2iH Rauschenbach; the
Jtciercnd Otto Koen g. rastor ierv ices as
JEITERPON AVENUE (German), No. 21C1 South
Jefferson, the Reverend A. Konzclrnan, Pastqr
Sen ices as usual.
RUSSELL AVENUE, Xo. 1002 Russell; the Rev
el end Prank Horton. Pastor Son Ices as usual.
EEULAII. Mar:us and Hammctt; the Reverend
11. A Moore. Pastor Sen lees as usuil.
CARONDELET: the Reverend A. J. Marshall,
Pator Pen lcs ns usual.
CENTRAL . Pinner rear Grand: the Reverend
liarter Waters, Pastor Communion sen ice.
COMITON HEIGHTS. California and St. Vln-
eiiv; me lieiereneu a. u. Aioore, i-asior Sen
ices at 11 a. m. and s p. m.
riRsT. Locust near Compton; the Reverend F.
j. i .uuiuji, rasior aenices as usual.
FvV1'1.1- "o- .,101 Penrose; the Reverend E. T.
Mclarland. Pastor Services as usual.
FIFTIL No. 3331 South Seventh: the Reverend
i. 1. Jiuniuii.i, i-asior 11 a. m -To the Un
known God"; S p. m, "Moral EMI."
MOUNT CAHANNE. King's Hlchway and Mor-
mii. uiu "ticirra tnjcior u. It. tlilnc-in. Pas-tt'--MrrnlnK.
"Back to Christ"; evening. "Tna
Older Iiiother.
SECOND. Eleventh and TIer; W. Daviess Pltt
mnn. Pastor Hen ices ns usual.
Tl NEDO. Tuxedo Park; tho Reverend D. N. GI1-
. ! 'Ti: u.. "" 1,,e J'eiauon of Christ
to His caiurch"; eienlng. "Tho Anxieties of
VI2T END. Pl mouth and Hamilton: the Rev
erend O A Rartholomow. Pastor 11 a m
"True Greatness In ChrM's Kingdom": S D. m !
"Jesus and Little Children."
Thompson; the Reverend V. E. Hall. Pastor
Services as usual.
FIRST Delmar. rear Grand; the Reverend
Docbr C. II. Patton. Pastor 11 a. m.. preach
ing by tho Reverend W. V YVUIard of Moltne.
rotNTAIN PARK. Aubert nnd Fountain: the
Reverend J. C Cromer. Pastor Sen Ices as
HIDE PARK, Bremen and Hlalr: the Reverend
William M. Jones. Ph. D. I'HStor Sermon and
services at 10:43 a. m. and b p. m.
IMMA.NLI.U Hancock and Jamie-son: the Rev
erend Milton J. Norton, Pastor Sen Ices as
M- Mi'KIAL. Sinnhur and Way; the Reverend
Trank roster. Pastor Morning sen Ices as us
ual; evening, sermon by tho Reverend G. T.
OLIVE IIRANCH, Sidney ard Missouri; the Rev
eiend William Jol.n-n, Pastor Morning ser
mon and service as usual: uitnlng, O. E. ttrv
lce. riLORlM, Washington nnd Evilng; the Reverend
Doctor M. ISumham, Pastor 11 n. m. and 8 p.
m.. preaching by tho Reverend Doctor Walcott
liilklns of Bo-ton.
REBEP. PLACE. Mickllnd and Old Manchester;
the Peverer.d Flr:h Stringer, Pastor Sen ices
as usual.
UNION, No. 14S3 North Tenth- the Reverend S.
T McKlnney. Partor The Reverend Fred Eohn
will preach monilnc and evening,
TABERNACLE, Clark and Twenty-third Sen
Ices as usual.
XAPLEWOOD: the Reverend T. T. Holvvay,
Pastor Sen Ices as usual.
OLD ORCHARD, the Reverend Harry Blunt.
Pastor The Reverend Philip Jamicson will
preach In the morning.
WEBsTER GROVES; the Reverend C. L. KIoss.
Pastor The Reverend Oscar G. Morton, pastor
of the 1'rcsb tcrian Church at bunburj. Pa.,
will preach morning and evening.
and Locust; the Reverend C. M. Davis. Dean
7 a m. and S a. m , holy communion; 11 a. m..
sermon and services, S p. in., evening prajer
and sermon.
Goodfcllow; tho Reverend Doctor J. R Win
chester, Rector 11 a. m., sermon and services.
and Washington; tha Reverend Robert
E. Lee Cralj, Rector 9 a. m., holy communion;
U a. m. ana S p. m.. sermon and sen Ices.
GRACE, Eleventh and Warren; the Reverend J.
P. T. InsTahem. Rector 10:S0 a. m. and S p.
m . sermon and sen ices.
MOUNT CALVARY. Grand and Lafajotte; the
Reverend P. W. Fauntleroy, Rector 11 a. in.
and S p. m.. Bermoa and services.
ST. ANDREWS. Garrison and Cass: tha Rov
erond J. A. Dooris, Rector 11 a. m., litany,
sermon and holy communion.
SX. AUGUSTINE'S. Bruno ead Sleaaoa; tha
of the xew enuuen.
Reverend G D B Miller. Rector 11 a. m..
sermon and sen Ices,
ST. CHRYSOSTOM'S. No 4K0 John; th' Rev
erend Viilli-im Bardens. Rector--2.I p. m , hun
day school; 3 p in., sermon and sen ices
ST. GEORGES. Pendleton nnd Olive, tin Rev
erend R A. Hollnnd. S. T D . Rectoi 11 a.
in. and :30 p ni.. ermon and sen-Ices.
ST. JAMES'S, Goodo nnd Cote Brllllnnl-: tbn
Reverend E. Duckworth Rtctor 11 a. in. and
& p. m.. sermon and sen Ices.
ST JOHN'S Hlckeri and Dolman: the Rever
end C. X Mnller, Rector 1:2) a in , holv eem
tnunlon; 10.45 a. 111. and S p in., sermiu and
ST MARK'S. Fortieth and Washington; tin Rev
erend J K. Bieiman, Rector a 11. m , holy
e'Dinmu'ilOT, 11 a. in, teimon and serv lets.
ST. PETER'S. Unilell and Spring, the Rcvermd
William Short, Rector 11 a. in, hoi e im
munton and sermon.
ST PHILIP'S. Union and M-iplo; the Reverend
Wllliim Elmer. Rector 11 a in. and s p. in ,
sermon ard senie-es.
ST STEPHEN' Sixth mil Rutger; the Rever
end G Tuckerman. R;etor 7 and 1 111 .
holy eomnmnlon. p. 111, enroii ui.il services.
TRINITY. Franklin and riinnniug. Hie Riven nd
William lSardens, Rtctor s u. m , hoi" eom
muuion; 11 a. m. unj ! p. m, scrim n and
ST MATTHEW"?, Wilson. Neir rri'co Paik; the
Reverend C. H. Collin-". Rector 11 a. m , S2i
mon and services.
ST. PAUL'S. No. e."10 Michigan 10:43 a. .11. and
7:30 p. in . sermon and services
HOLY INNOCENTS', Morgan Pord Road and
lliolozan; the Reverend G. A Ottmai, Recti 1
7.Si) a. m , hols eommunlon; I0:ij u. 11 and
7..W p in, sti-uon nnd services
altna. the Reverend 1! U. New ion. lieetor
11 u. in. and s p. m , sermon and eeriiits.
ST THOMAS'S) MISSION. Thirteenth. Near a
cust 11 a. m , holy communion
CARONDELET (South). Vhginit and Hivn, the
Reverend J. 1". Triplett. l'astur Servl:es as
CARONDELET, No. 7100 Vi-glnla.; the Reverend
H. tr Mais. Pasior 11 u m , seimou 0 the
lteverend Doctor S. li. Warner, 1. E., 7.30
P. 111., Epwortlx League sen lee.
UUWMAN, Obtar und tw.ji.i in. die Rcveicnd
Jetl A. Baker. Pastor Services as usual.
CRNTENAin. sixteenth and 1'ine. Ha Rever
end Doctor J. 11. eiung, I'astar Se.vlces as
COOK AVENUE (South). Cook nrd Spring, the
Reverend Dccicr it, B. Smart, l'astur birvlee-a
as u&ual.
EDEN (German) Nlneteenlh and Warren, tho
lteerend E. C. MugareU, Pastoi bervUes as
F1R&T (South). Glasgow and Da ton, tliii Rev
erend Doctor J. II. Lail, Pasior services as
GOODE AVENUE. Goode and North MarKet. tha
Reverend B. P. White, Pastor 11 a. in.. sp"clal
sermon to joung people, followed by haptim
and reception of members; 7:20 p. in., Ejworth
Li&yue strvice.
IMMANUEL (bouth). McCausland; the Reverend
W. 11. LaPrade, l'astur 11 u. m , se'rmon by
tho pastor, S p. 111., by tho Revere-nd J. G.
LAFA1ETTE PARK (South). Lafaetts and
Mississippi; the Reverend Doctor C. 11. Pat
lll.o. Pastor' Sen ices as usual.
L1NDELL AVENUE. Newstead and Lindtll; the
Reverend Doctor Daniel Dorchester, Pastor
Services as usual.
MAPLE AENUE Belt and Maple: the Rever
end Doctor A. M. BUIIngsle, Pastor Services
as usual.
MARVIN. Twelfth and Sldnes ; the Reverend II.
C MePhe-rson. Pastor aerweis f.s vsujI
MOUNT AUBURN (South). North Mai kit and
Hedlamort; the Reverend Josep'ius Stejlian.
l'astor Morning. "lord's I'rier Coiiirrni.ig
TemptatlJii", ivcnlm:, preaching by the Rever
end Doctor J. Lee. 1'. E.
MEMORIAL (German), Jefferson and Annac;
the Reverend Doctor William bchutz. Pastor
ServUes as usual.
CABANNE ISouth) Arcade Hall: the Reverend
Doctor B. M. Messlek, Pastor services as
ST. JOHN'S. Locust and Ewins: tho Recrcnd
Doctor I. S. Hopkins, Pastor serv loss as
ST. LUKE'S. Potomac and Teas; t'le Reverend
llarrv While, l'astor Services as x.siul.
ST. PAUL'S (South), No. 1327 St Louis; ten
Reverend 11. T. Haw, Pastor Serv Ic 's as
TOWER GROVE (South). No 1117 Kertucly; tl.e
Reverend W. A. Brown, l'astor Morning, "Tho
Apostlo's Doctrine"; evening, "Accoru ng 10
TRINITY. Tenth and North Market: the Rev
erend Georgo E. Stokes, l'astor 11 a m. "Tho
Ark ot God's Strength", i p. m. "The Choiee
of Moses "
TILER PLACE (South). Tower Grove ard Mc
Ree; the Reverend C V. Webdell. l'astor
ben Ices as usual.
UNION Lucas ami Garrison: the Reverenl Doc
tor N. Luccock, l'astor Morning, sermon by the
Reverend 11. U. Mais.
WAGONER PLACE (South), Wagoner and
Luck: the Reveicnd Doetor T. E. snail. Pas
tor Preaching morning und evening ey the
OLD ORCHARD: the Reverend T. E Frail,
l'astor Services as usual.
JENNINGS; the Reverci.d R. D. Sndcr, Pastor
Services as usual.
TUXEDO; thu R:vt-rend T. E. I'rall. Pastors
Usual morning and evening seniccs.
EPWORTH CHAPEL Newstead and Elmbank
10.30 a. m, the Reveiend J. e,. Bo.Teson,
evening, tha Reverend A. E. Robinson.
lrcl tcrlnn.
BRANK MEMORIAL, Aubert and Paje; the
Reverend W. M. Langtrj, Pastor Srv lees as
CARONDELET. 611G Michigan; the Reveiend J.
H. Gauss, l'astor Sen lees as usual.
CENTRAL (south). Lucas and Garrison; tho
Reveiend A. 1'. Carr, Pastor sen lees as usutl.
COUE BRII.L1ANTE, Maicus and Labadlo; P10
Reverend H M. Campbell, Pastor The Rever
end Robert Mason of Du Soto, Me , will preach
morning and evening.
CUR1IY MEMORIAL, Utah and Texas; the Rev
erend Doetor E. D. Walker. l'astor M m r.g,
"Christ ns a Raraom," .ollaweil by taplisut
and communion; 7:30 p. m , joint cburUi and
C. E. senlce.
North Grand; the Reverend 1". T. Conno.-. Pa
tor Regular service at 11 a. 111. and vesper
ten ice at 0 p. ni.
COOK AVENUE (South). Cook and Sarah; the
Reverend Doctor M. G. Gorln, Pastor-services
as usual.
GRACE, Ridge and Blackstone; tho Reverend
E. C. Jacks. Pastor Morning. 'Christ tre Only
Wjj or Salvation"; evening, "Tho Deeeptive
ness ot Appearances."
CRAND AVENUE (South), Grand and Welling
ton, the Reverend Doctor J. F. Cannon, l'astor
sen Ices as usual.
GRAND AVENUE (U. 1'.). Grand ami Torest
Park Boulevard; the Reverend J. W. Ashvvood,
Pasior Sen Ices as usual.
FIRST. Washington and Sarah; tho Rtvcrend
Doctor J. W. McKIttrlck. Pastoi Services as
FIRST (U. P.). Newstead and Morgin The Rev
erend Doctor O. M. Stew ait, former Pieslding
Elder St. Louis District. M. E. taiurch, will
preach morning and evening.
FIRST (Geur.an), Tenth and Rutger; thu Rever
end J. G. Kessler, l'astor Sen-lees as usual.
LAFAYETTE PARK, Albion and MWsourl; tho
Reveiend Doetor s. C. Palmer, I'astoi The
Reverend Charles Evans will preach morning
nnd evening.
LEE AVENUE, Prairie and Lee; the Reverend
Henry Gardner, l'astor Morning, "faith",
evening. Joint rhurch nnd C. E service.
LUCAS AVENUE (Cumberland), Lueas and
Chanmng; the Reverend Doctor B. P. Fullr
ton. Pastor -ervices us usual.
McCALsLAND A ENUE. Benton; the Heverend
J. N. BucII. Suppl Services as usual.
MEMORIAL TABERNACLE. Firtcenlh ard Carr;
the Reverend Doctor H. Magill, Paitor faen
lees as usual.
Julia: the Reverend Charle3 StcUle, l'astor
sen ices as usual.
NORTH, Eleventh and Chambers; the Reverend
J. G. Klene, l'astor Morning, '"iliy Will Bo
Done"; no evening preaching service.
NORTH CABANNE, Howaid 0. Smith, Supply
Services as usual.
OAK 1U1.U Bent and Humphrc; the Reverend
D. R. Lelantl, Pastor S p. m, the Reverend
U. H. H. Branch of Colllnsvllle. HI., will
preach on "Gain and Loss."
TEOPLS'S (South). No. SIS North Eleventh; the
Reverend Doctor J. M. Spencer, Pastor Sen
iccs as usual.
RAYMOND PLACE (Cumberland), King's High
way and Calmlne: the Reverend Tailor Ber
naid. Pastor Morning service as usual; no
ovening service.
SECOND. Tavlor nnd Westminster: the Rever
end S. J. Nlccolls. D. D.. LL. D. Pastor
11 a. m , "Cliristlan's Warfare,' by the Rev
erend C. M Itauch; 7:43 p. m , --pecia gospel
sen I;e.
SECOND (German), No. 4311 North Nineteenth;
tha Reverend J. F. Mueller, l'astor Serv Iocs
as usual.
TYLER PLACE, rind and Snrinir: tho Hevenmrt
I Doctor J. q. lirandt Pastor 10. IS ft, a,
"Bnels of National Pmperlt." bv the Rev-e-end
C. H H Brunch of tvdlliisvllle. III.
Reverind Doito- Frank W Sneid. Pastor
The Reverend A A Wallace of Meiico, Mo
will 1 rnph morning and ev enlntr.
WEST Maple and Mnnland: the Revfrend Doc
tor I rancls L 1'erguson, l'astor Serv lees as
WALNUT PAP.IC (German), Robin. Neir Ilir
wi, the Rfverend Doctor Aufderhelde. Pastor
Sen !os ns umiiI.
WEIISTnt GROEs: the Reverind Doctor Wll
lmm H Betes, Pastor Morning, L'sons
From the Wis- Quartet", evening, joint ehurch
and e' E -eiviee
the Re vi rend I'. O seam ins Pastor-Serv lees
as uvu.il
WUiO.NLR PLVCE (U. P): the Rtvercnd N.
J Walter, Pastor sen lees as usual.
FERGI Sun. the Reverend JI. V. I. Yeaman,
1 iisior s. rvkes as usual
IJOiK HILL. th. Rfverend V. B. Smith, l'ator
Servlees as usual.
V:!ij;IiIi I.utlicrnii.
ST. MARK'S. Hell und Caidlnnl. tho Reverend
Doctor M. Rhodes. l'astor Morning, "some
Rt suits uf Pentecost."
MOLNT CV.LVARY. No. 3G07 Euclid, the Rever
end E. T Cuj-ner, l'astor Sen ices as uuul.
GRACE, GnrrNon and St. Louis, tl.e Ruciend
11. S. seimmeT, Pastor serv lees as usual.
Reformed Churches.
MAPLE AENLE Maple and Clnrcndm; the
Reurend J. C. Honiln::, Pastor The Reverend
David tlark will preach morning and evtuin;.
SALEM (German), the- Reverend W. F. Horst
meler, I astwr sermon aud services at 10 a. m.
and 7.1 j p. 111
UNION MISSION. No Hi: Fianklin, the Rev
erend M. B Gott, Pastnr 11 a. m , Mrs. E.
Mekers, 'J.uO p. m, Bible teiidir. S p. m.,
rermon b the pastor. All other seniees as
ST. I AIUIS CITY MISalON. No 1302 South Broid
wa; Mr. m.d Mis M. F. MurpH. superml-n I
ents Sunda sehool at 2'JJ p. m., aud evan
Mltsllc Krvires at night.
Grove, the Reverend A. E. Nelson, Pastor
Services as usual.
CHURCH OF GOD, No 3.:1 Montgomerv . the
Riveretid II II. Splher. Pasior sermon and
ervlees at 1O.30 a. m., 3 and b p. m
OPEN liOOR MISSION. Seventh and Gratiot; the
neiercna ana iir-.. names, superintendent"
" 3j p m, sunda school. 5 p. 111 , evangelistic
serv acts.
HOLINESS MISSION. No Mil Rastim-10 a. -n
praise Mfvlce I- b p in, sundu school; 2 30
an! 4 p in . preaching.
Mrs, M Wooduaid Hauls, Superintendent 3
p. m., Sunday sehool, a p. m , preaching Serv
312 Kmlhe Builuing, Ninth and Olive i p. m
lluosnrh "
LVTl-LR-DAY. SMNTS, Elliot and Benton-9 a.
m . Sunda sehool, 11 and 8 p m., preaching.
Humphre) and Morgan Ford Sunday school
Ju u. in., 2.20 and b p. m , preaching No. 3731
Manchester 10 a. m., sunda sehool, 2.) and S
p. in., preiichtng.
Morgin, the Reverend V. 1'. Peck. Pastor
2:30 p. in., leum; 7.43 p m, preaching.
2723 1'lnc 1U.43 a. m , "soul."
CATHEDRAI-Wainut. between Second and
Third; the Heverend Euxenu Cole, l'astor
Mass at G, S and 10. ) a in., vespers 3.J0 p. in.
ANNUNCIATION, siith and La Salle; the Rov
erend J. J. Head l'astor .Mass C, S 30 and
10.43 a. m ; vespers 3.3U p. m
ASSUMPTION-Sldni and Ninth, the Reverend
Patrick Doole, Pastoi Mass. 7.30 and 10 a ni
HOLY CROsS (Germ in). Church Road, Near
Bltner. the Reverend 1 cter L-ger, Pastor
Miss. ,:.0 and 10 M a. ni . vesjiers .':30 p. m.
HOL GHOsT (German), Taylor and Garlleld
Hie Reverend H. Tube, l'astor Mass. d S and
10 a. in , vecper 3 p. m.
HOLY INNOCENTS. Brannon and Magnolia
the Reverind John White, l'astor Mass at s
and 10 a in.
HOLY NA.ML OF JESUS. No. 2011 Eist Grend
iho Revnend Patrick M. Tollon. l'astor Moss
at 6, i, y and U a. m.; vespers 7:3) p m.
SAeRED HEART. University. Near Twentv
lirth, the Reverind James McCabe, Pastor
Mass. u.30, 7, S 3) nnd 10 a. ni.; vespers" 7-30
p. m. '
VISITATION. Taj lor and Easton; the Reverend
L. J. Dempsey. Pastor Mass, 0. 7:30 3 anil
10-30 a. m . vespers, 3.3) p m!
HOLY ANGELS', st. Ange and La Salle- tho
Reverend F. M. Klelt. IMstor-Mass (, V s 20
and 10 a. m.; vespers, 3.30 p. ni. ' '
HOU ROSARY. Newstead nnd Marcaretta; tho
Reverend D. 3. Liver. Pastor Mass lit e
7:30. 9 (children). .0 (sermon) a. m '
Locust: the Reverend G. D. Power? I'ast?rH
Masa. C. 7.-30. ) and 10.30 a. m ; Sunday schook
LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL. Eleventh and Des
trehan; the Reverend P. O'Donohue. Patorll
Mass, 7 nnd 10 a 111., vespers, 3 p. m
Hall's Ferry Roads, the Reverend D. sphe
lan. Pastor Mass, 7.2) and 10.3) a, m'- Yes.
pers, 2:30 p. m. "
Linton and Tvventieth. the Reverend Amru"tlne
J. Schllllrg, Pastor-Mass, 0 30. S and 10 a
in.; vespers. 2:30 p m. u
bTi,A? AT1IA;s , rman) No. 3235 South Ninth;
the Reverend Henry Schr.is" l'astor Mass r
! and 10 a m ; vespers, 2o p. m ' '
ST AGNES'S, Sidney and Salenn; the Iteverend
John T. Tannratli, Pastor Mass. 0 7 i'i
and 10:17 a. m.. vespers, S p m.
ST. AI)YSIUS'S, Magnolia nnd Januan the
ltevererd F. G Holiveck. Pastor-Mass. ' 7-15
S:30 and 10 a. in.; vespeis, 2;lu p m.
ST. ALI'HONSUs'S. Grand and Cc ok Mass 5-15
C, 1, S nnd 9 a. m.; high muss, 10:30 a. m."-' vesl
pers. 7:3) p. m. ' les
B1'- -A'S, I'age and Whlttler; the Rev erend O
J. McDonald, Pastor Mass, c, 7:30. 9 10-20 n'
m.; vcsjieis. 7.30 p m. '
ST. ANTHONY'S (German), Meramec and CumD
ton; the Reverend Francis Albers l'astor
Mass, p. 8 and 10 a. m..: vespers. 2 30 p. In
ST. AUGUSTINE'S (German), LImon. and He
bert; the Reverend H. A. Hukesteln, PuMor
Mass. C, S and 10 a. ni., vespers, 2:30 p. rn
ST ANTHONYS (--jrlo-Marorite). No. CIS South
Second; the Reverend Georgo Lmmunuel Pas
torMass 9 a. m.
ST BERNARD'S. Hawk nnd Gratiot- tho Rev
erend Peter J. Bremcrich. l'astor Mass 0-30
7:30 nnd 10 a. m : vespers, 2 p. m. ' ' '
ST. BONII'ACIUS'S (German), Michigan and
Schlrmer: the Reverend II NIeters l'astor
Mass. 5, 8 nnd 10 a. 111., vespers. 2.3o' p. Jn
ST. BRIDGET'S. Carr and Jefferson, the Itever
end Edw Fenlon l'astor Mass, 3:J0 to 10.3i a
m.; vespers, J p. m.
ST. CASIMIR'S. Eighth nnd Mullanphy- thn
Reverend Raphael F. X. Gnlellnskl, Pastor
.iuss, o. a anu 10 a. in.; vespers, J p m.
ST. (XlLUMBKILI.E'S, Michigan and Davis
tho Reverend Francis J. Jones, Pastor Mass'
li, ; anu 10 a m ; vespers, p. m
ST. CRONAN'S, BoIo and Swan, tho Reverend
J. F. lole. l'astor Mass, 0, L3), 9 and 10 a.
m.; vespers, J p. 111.
ST. EDWARD'S. Ciara and Matfitt; tho Rever
end Edwaid J. Wnne. Pastor Mass, 7:30 and
10 a. m. , vespers, 4 p. m.
ST. ELIZABETH'S (Colored), No. S13 North
1 ourteenth, the Reverend Michael 1'. Spelch
l'astor Mass. 7, S.30 and 9.30 a. in., vespers,'
8 p. m.
ST. MATTHEW'S, Kennerly and Sarah; the
Reverend Joseph T. shields, Pastoi Mass, C
7.30. 8.J0 and 1J a. m.; vespers. 7:0 p. m.
ST. MICHAEL'S. Eleventh and Clinton; the
Reverend Michael J. McCabe. Pastor Mass, 6
7.30. 9 und lu .,0 a m , vespers, - -J p. m.
ST. NICHOLAS'S (German). No. JS31 Li.cas; tho
Iteverend Joseph A. Schaefers, Pasior Mass, C,
8 and 10 a. m.
ST. l'A'l RICK'S, Sixth and Riddle; the Reverend
Timothy Demise, Pastor Mass, G, 7.30, 9 and
10 a. 111.; vespers. S:30 p. m.
SS. PETER AND PAUL'S (GcrmankSeienth and
Allen; the Reverend G. F. Goller, Pastor
Mass, C a. m. ; vespers, 4 pm.
ST. ROSE'S. Goodfellow and Etzel; the Rever
end J. J. McGljnn, Pastor Mass, b:30. 8 and 10
a. in.
ST. STANILAUS'S (Polish), Twentieth and
Cass; the Reverend Urban stanowski, Pastor
Mass 7:30 and 9 Ml a m., vespers, S p. ra.
ST. TERESA'S, No 2113 North Grand; the Itev
erend J. A. Conneli, Pastor Mass, 5:13. G:(3
and 9:15; high mass. 10:30 a. in.; children's
ma's. 8 a. m.: benculctlon. 3 p. m.
ST. THOMAS OF AQUIN'S. Iowa and Osage;
the Reverend John II. May. D. D. l'astor
Mass, C, S and 10 a. m., Sunday school, 2:S1
p. rti.
ST VINCENT DE PAUL'S (German and Eng
lish), Park and Ninth; the Reverend D. W.
Kenrlck, C. M.; tho Reverend A. H. Asmutb.
C. M.; the Reverend P. V. Judge, C. M.; tho
Reveiend S. P. Hueber, C. M., Pastors Mass
and sermon. 3:30 6:30 and 9.43 a. m.; high
mass and sermon. ond 10:31 a. m.; vespers,
devotions and benedictions. 3:30 P in.
ST. WENCEnLAISS (Bohemian). No. 3S1S Ore
gon; the Riv erend Chas Blake, Pastor Mass,
8 and 10 0 m : vespers. J p. rn.
SS. MARY AND JOSEPH'S, Minnesota and
Iron: the Reverend Miles W. Tobyn, Pastor
Mass, 8 and 10 a- rn. ,.,..
KXV IMVJX'S, Parli and Cardinal; tta Rcvertm
Ed J. Shea, Pastor Mass. 6:30. 7, 8:00 9.30
and 10 34 a. m.
ST. -MARGARET'S, Russell and Vandoventcr
Masses at 7 and 10 a. m.
ST. ENGIJLBURi-S. Carter nnd Marcus; the
Revereml Anton I'auck. Pastor Mass, S and
10 a n. ; vesp. rs, 2-30 p. m.
ST. FRANCIS DE KALE'S (German). Gravols
and Ohio, the Reverend P. J. Lou-. l'astor
Mass. :,i). ,;j3 nnj j,i a m.. eSp(,rs. J.30 p. m.
ST FRANJ1S XAVIER'S. Grand and Lindell:
the Rev innd Htnr s. Brongeet S. J. Mass,
0. I, 1. k.M and W: a. m.; vespers, 7:13 p. m.
ST. HENRY'S. HIekorv and California: tho Rv
trend John A. Hoffman, l'astor Mass. 3:30.
..Mil and PI a. in ; vespers J p. m.
ST. JAMES'S. T.inim. Opposite Wade; the Rev
irend L. A. Casey, l'astor Mass. 8 and 10
n ni.
ST JOHN'S. Slxtei nth and Chestnut; the Rev
jreml Jam. s T Coir.y, l'astor Mass. 6. 7.-0,
9 and 10 M a. 111 . vespers S p. m
ST. JOHN OF NEPOMUK ri (Bohemian), S011
lird and Elevrntli. the Reverend Joseph Hes-i-oun,
Pustor Mass, s and 10 a. m.; vespers. 3
P. m.
ST JOSEPH'S (German). Eleventh and Riddle;
the Reverend J Francis Valnzza. S. J. Mass.
J. b and 10 a. m . Sunday school at 2 P. m.;
benediction at 3 p. m.
STviHWUE,XCJ? O'TOOLE'S. Fourteenth nnd
OInllon; ; the Reverend M. S. Brcnnan. Pastor
f5""' ""30' ' s' 9-l!i nnd 10.20 a. m.; vespers,
3:jo p. m.
ST LEO'S. Mullanphy and Tenty-thlrd; the
Reverenl J II. Hartv. Pastor Ma's r,:20, 7.
S 30 for children; 9. 30.30. with sermon, cien-Inj-
lenlce. consisting of roor-. sermon and
ST LIHORIUS'S (German). North Market and
llOQan; the Reverend G A. Rels. Pastor Mass.
c. s and 10 a. m . veprs at 2:30 p. m.
unci Man land, the Revererd p. r O'Reilly,
l'astor Mass. C. 7 30. 9 and 10:30 a. m.; vespers,
4 p. m .
ST. MALACHY'S. Clark and Ewlng; he Rev
erend Charles Zleeler. Pa'tn- M-'s. 3:33, 7, S:J)
and lO.'O a. m ; vespers, 7:29 p. m.
BTi M'UI,C I-VANGEUST. l'fche and Academy;
Jh.e Iteiere-ia P.ter J O'Rourke, I'astor-Mas.
C-oi). 7 4i. 9 and io:30 a. m
ST MARY'S (German). Third and Gratiot; the
Revereml W. Faerber. Pastor Mass. c, 8 and
10 a m.; Sunday school at 2 p. ni.; benediction
at 3 p. m.
Jesus and the Children. (Matt,
xviii, 1 14.)
Prepared for The Republic by the Reverend J. E.
Gilbert D D.. LU D . S-crrtary of American
Society of Religious Education.
CONTHXT-1. While descending the
mountain after the transfiguration. Jesui
conversed with his apostles concerning
Elias On reaching the plain below he cast
a dumb spirit out of a demoniac boy which
the nine had failed to do. Again he fore
told his deatli and resurrection, b-dng the
third time that subject had been mentioned
in ten days. Then the company journeyed
southward, no record being made of tho
events; in the wa. except that there as a
dispute amons the twelve as to their su
periority ln the kingdom of heaven. (Mark
x, SC.) Arriving at Capernaum a mlraclo
was performed to provide money for the
annual taxes. Jesus retired to the house,
probably to that of Teter, where he had the
interview with tho apostles outlined ln the
lcsson for the day.
PL'KPOSE-Expositors differ concerning
tho primary import of this passage of
Scripture. Many, helieting tho llrst verso
is most prominent, think that Jesus intend
ed to answer tho question of the npostIc3
by instructing them concerning their of
fice nnd work. Some, regarding the last
verse as the climax, think that, taking oc
casion of their dispute, he sought to settle
it by showing the place and valuo of little
children in his system of doctrine. Others,
finding the key in the eleventh verse, con
tend that the SInster designed, as on other
occasions, to direct attention to nimself.
Judging from the topic, the InterhatiDnal
Committee held the second position. A bet
ter interpretation unites the main feature?
of all these views. Whatever Jesu3 said
concerning tho apostles or childhood or
himself bore upon a theme in which all his
teaching found unity, namely, the kins lorn
of heaven. Tho Jewish nation expected a
Messiah who would set up a temporal
kingdom. Unlike their countrymen, the
apostles believed Jeus to be the Me3iah,
but jet they were 1 ound by the popular be
lief concerning the nature of his Kingdom.
That false notion, the source of their other
errors, must bo corrected. Jesus liaC pre
viously and frequently instrJc:od tlitm en
the subject, and he now unlertases by
another method to mako them inder'tand.
He is destined to fail, however, as tp to
the last they thought of him as a restorer
of temporal sovereignty. (Luke xxii, a 30;
Acts i, 6.)
ANALYSIS-1. Beginnlnff with the
thought that the passage treats of the king
dom of heaven, it may bo divided into three
great parts, furnishing answers to as many
leading questions. First, who are to bo
admitted into tills kingdom? What class
of persons? What shall be their general
character? Will the kingdom be on tho
basis of raco or of blood or of moral qual
ity? Second, after certain persons are ad
mitted, how phall they be treated? And,
in order to secure such treatment, what
shall be the proper spirit, attitude and be
havior of those who administer the affairs
of the kingdom in the interests of the sub
jects? Third, upon what basis of prin
ciple and authority of wisdom and expe
diency does ad this rest? How and by
wliat right are these questions of member
ships and administrations adjusted? How-
came tliero to be projected and set up such
a kingdom, unlike those previously exist
ing? 2. Or, moro briefly, we have hero in
structions concerning the members and
agents and the founder of the kingdom, the
three classes of persons who mako every
monarchy tho character of the first, the
conduct of tho second and the spirit of tho
last. By giving correct views on these
three topics Jesus expects to explain him
self and his mission and the placa nnd
mission of tho npostles. At the same time
ho gives great truths destined to recon
struct society.
CHARACTER Who are tho members of
the kingdom? Jesus unswers in three waj-3.
1. He gives an object lesson. A llttlo child
set in the midst of them. largo enough to
walk (for ho came on call), small enough
to bo taken ln arms (Mark It, 36). proba
bly 2 or 3 years old. Tradition says that
the child was Ignatius, afterwards Bishop
of Antioch. Tho words of Jesus on another
occasion (Matt, lx, 36), warrant tho belief
that "no Intended to say that children are
members, as they had been ln the Jewish
Church. (Deut. vi, ".) Tho apostles evi
dently so understood. (Eph. vl, ; II Tim.
Hi 15.) 2. He declares that childlike adults
wero members of the kingdom. Solomon
and Jeremiah so classed themselves. (I
Kings HI, 7: Jer- ' " T"6 chlId gPr,t
is given ln Scripturo under four heads
quietness or submlssiveness (Psalm cxxxl,
2) freedom from malice (I Cor. xiv. 20),
desiring Instruction (I Pet. II, 2), humility
(verse 4, lesson), tho last being most prom
inent here because of circumstances. 3. He
showed how adults acquired the child-llke-riesj
by conversion. That included repent
ance (Matt, ill, 2). or chango of thought and
purpose of life (Matt. xlii. 15), and expresses
n sintn freauently mentioned In Scripture
under various aspects. (Psalm 11, 19; Isa. vi,
10; Acts ill, 19; James v. 19.) It is difficult
to the rich (Matt, xix, 23), and is frequent
ly attended by pain. (Acts xiv, 22.) It is
the straight or narrow entrance way (Luko
xlll, 21), a new birth (John III, 5), result
ing in righteousness. (Matt, v, 20; li, 21.)
Or, briefly, tho kingdom will be composed
not of the descendants of Abraham (Matt,
ili, 9;, but of children under nurture and
those who, by change of heart and life,
return to the child state, and so become tho
children of God (Matt, v., 15). constituting
a family (Eph. ill, 15), among whom ail aro
equals. (Matt, xxlil, 8.)
CONDUCT In such kingdom there is no
need of rulers to exercise authority as in
human society. So far as, honor is concern
ed each must prefer the other. (Rom., xli.,
10; Phil., ii., 3). But there is needed a class
of officials for service and they aro greatest
who serve mostand best. (Matt., xx., 26).
Jesus then outlines the proper conduct of
those who serve, thus coming to tho work
of the Apostles under three heads. They
are to receive the members, give them no
offense and be careful not to despise them.
Jesus calls the members llttlo ones retain
ing the child Idea, and declares that who so
receives them receives him, which last
thought ho afterward expressed. (Matt.,
x.. 40, iZ; John, xiii., 20). On the matter of
otlenses or causing members to stumble, ho
Is very emphatic, saying that it were better
to be drowned, referring to a mode of capi
tal punishment practiced by the Oreeks.
The Apostles allude to this letter. (Rom.,
xiv., IS; I Cor., vill, 9). He is drawn out
to express the terrible consequences to tho
world through tho offenses of men of po
sition which he might have illustrated
(Gen. iii., 21; I Sam., ii.. 17, 21; U Sam., xii.,
24), and pronounces a woe upon the of
fender, perhaps with Judas in mind. (Acts,
1., 18, 20) To protect them against arfy
misdemeanors he urges them to cast away
everything that may lead them astray,
(Matt., v., 29. 30), in harmony with other
Scripture, Osa.. il,. 20. 21), (Rom., xiii. Vl),
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and warns by exposure to hell fire. (I-uke,
I-., 25; 2 Thess.. i., S, 9). Jesus was speed
ily aninus that the Apotles should not
despise any of his follower- that is think
lightly of them. 1'overty. ignorance.or low
ly station might lead to thl. The Apostle3
themselves leiteratud the sentiment. (Horn.,
xiv., 1. S; Cal., Iv., 14; 1 Thss . iv.. S). To
enforce this point Jesus declared that t.very
follower had an angel who always beheld
thf I'jther's face, who was In the presenco
and favor of God. This doctrine of angelic
guardianship is scriptural. (Psalm, xx-tiv..
7; Hob., I., 14, and It v.ua calculated to help
the ambitious apostles to Just views of
their work.
EXAMPLE Having covered the charac
ter of members and the conduct of officials,
Jesus proceeds to exhibit the foundation
principles of the kingdom to show the wis
dom of the foregoing. 1. It is in accordance
with his own spirit and work, for he camo
to save the lost (Matt, ix, 13; I Tim. i, 15),
not to be ministered unto, but to minister
(Matt, xx, 23). To make them understand
Mica an unique career as his ho likens it to
that of a shepherd seeking lost sheep, a fig
ure frequently used in the Old Testament
concerning Israel. (Ps-alm cxix, ITS; Isa. lilt.
6; Jer. 1, 6.) The scattering In the mountains
(I King3 xxii, 17; Ezek. xxxiv, 6) was high
ly expressive of sinful wandering. He de
clares that his joy (Heb. xii. 2) was liko that
Of a shepherd after a successful search (Isa.
liii, 2; Zeph. iii, 17). It, therefore, follows
that if Jesus is here on such an errand his
kingdom must have officials to serve those
whom he seeks to save, no other would be
of any use to him. Indeed, this spirit and
mission determine every feature of the
kingdom. 2. Advancing a point further, he
opens the very heurt of God, In which all
things had their origin (John iii, 16) and de
clares that it is not his will that any of the
little ones should perish. This idea finds
frequent expression in scripture (Luke xii,
32; John vi, 34 10; Rom. vill. 31). The force
of the section seems to be this: "I came to
save, and your father does not wish any to
be lost; therefore, the apostles are charged
with a solemn duty as servants and guar
dians, and not as masters and rulers."
CONCLUSION The human and the di
tine view of the heavenly kingdom, are ln
striking contrast. Coming to us with world
ly thoughts, ignorant, scltish and ambitious
men strive for place and honor. I5y their
duscusslons and intrigues the church has
ben scandalized and many little ones have
been offended. Untold calamity has thereby
comc to society and an awful retribution
awaits these offenders. But tho loving1
Jesus still seeKS to save tno lost ana to
bring under his benign government the souls
of men. Happy they who accept him. loved
by the father, guarded by the angels, one
household of brethren, theirs Is the true
spiritual kingdom (Matt v, 3). For the
spread of that kingdom let all labor and
pray (Matt, vl, 10).
Change of Schedule.
Illinois Central Fast Mall to New Orleans,
Memphis and Cairo, commencing Sunday,
August 5, will Ieavo St. Louis Union Station
at 8:36 a. m. instead of 7:56 a. m., as for
Pastor Refused to Let it Be Car
ried Into His .Church.
Sycamore, 111.. Aug. 3. Great excitement
is created throughout Northern Illinois be
cause of tho refusal of the Reverend Adolph
Loth, pastor of St. Paul's German Lutheran
Church, to allow the United States flag to
be carried into tho church. Many threats ot
violenco were made.
Thursday afternoon Frank Paget, who
served during the Spanish-American War
with Company D, Third Illinois, was buried
from that church with military honors.
Companies II and I of tho Third Regiment.
I. N. G.. acted as escorts, and wero refused
admittance if they brought tho flag. At tho
closo of the funeral. Captain Albert Lind
say of Company I took the flag, and, at
the head of the soldiers, marched into the
church to view the body. Ho was unchal
lenged and unmolested.
Engines Demolished and Cars
Smashed Up Xear Murphysboro.
Murphysboro. 111., Aug. S. Illinois Central
freight train No. 201. southbound, and No.
285, northbound, collided about four miles
east of Murphysboro last night. Both en
gines were demolished and many cars
smashed up. The train crews jumped in
time to save their lives, though some wero
aeverly bruised. The trainmen had orders
to meet at Carbondale, which were over
looked. The
of Lite
This Is a critical period
In the life of every woman
and no mistakes should
be madem
The one recognized and
reliable help for women
who are approaching and
passing through this
wonderful change Is
Lydi E. Pinkhanvs Vegetable Compound
That the utmost reliance
can be placed upon this
great medicine is tesil
fled to by an army of
grateful women who have
been helped by it.
Mrs. Plnkham, who has
the greatest and most
successful experience in
the world to qualify her,
will advise you free of
charge. Her address is
Lynn, Mass. Write to her.
Blames His Sister for the Tnmble
of a Trial.
Kansas City, lie, Aug. 3. Alexander Jes
ter, acquitted of the murder of Gilbert V?.
Gates at New London, Mo., passed through.
Kansas City on his way to Norman. Ok.,
with his sons. Harvey Jester and William
Hill, to-dav. He said that he does not know 7
unveiling annul uuuert vv. waies.
"I diil not have an opportunity to brinsf
out proof of my innocence." ho said, "hut
I was satisfied they could not prove ma
guilty. There wa? much fictitious evjilenca
given at the trial. We made a good,
straight, honest light, and the verdict was
a righteous one. My sister caused every
thing. She cannot live with me again, t
lost everything In defending myself, and t
have only a small pension to fall back on.
Of course, my sons wlH protect me."
Ring iVomi-Xn Care, So Pay.
Tour druggist will refund your money
Pazo Ointment fails to euro you. 5) eta
Intake Pipes Became Clogged and
Illinois Town Is in a Bad Fix.
Metropolis', 111., Aug. 3. The water supply
for tho city of Metropolis gave out to-day
nt noon because of the Intake pipes being
clogged. The factories will be compelled to
close down until repairs can be .'made.
Divers have been summoned by wire.
Assistant Postmaster Bean Said to.
Be 750 Short in His Accounts.
Poplar Bluff, Mo., Aug. 3. Elmer B. Bean.
Assistant Postmaster at Irondale, has been
arrested by the Federal authorities, charged i
with embezzlement. A shortage of $7W way
found in his accounts. He gave bond to ap
pear for trial in the United States Court.
One of the Most Popular Modes of
the Season.
This dainty waist is fashioned ln pale bluo
silk muslin, trimmed with tiny ruchlngs of
the same fabric.
The lining is perft-fittlng, and closes ln
the center-back. It is cut away to a squarn
yoke depth back and front, the muslin being
gathered and adjusted at tho lower edge of
the joke. The fullness 13 drawn down
straight in the back, but slightly bloused in
front over the soft sash, which is tied in a,
bow with Ions ends reaching to the hem of
the skirt.
Two full ruffles are arranged to outline thn
yoke, reaching out over "the shoulders and
giving an exceptionally full, girlish effect
to this stylish waist. Tho ruffles are edged
12, 14 and 16 7ears.
with narrow muslin ruchlngs, the upper ona
being finished with a heading.
The two-nleco sleeves aro close flttlnr
and terminate at the elbow, whero they
are finished with graduated ruffles.
Tnls waist can be maelo high or low necs
with long or short sleeves.
the giumpe may oe made separately of
iace. tucked shirring. Inserted tucking orn
point d esprit, and the long sleeves flnlshF-.
witn a narrow rume. or tne waist may-
made on a fitted lining which is faced to u
square yoke depth with laco or any other
suitable material.
Crepo de chine, foulard. India silk, al
batross or drap d'ete arc appropriate for
this mode with trimmings of lace, velvet,
ribbon or applique.
To make the waist for a m!s3 14 years
will require two and onc-quartcr yards of
thirty-six inch material, with one and seven-eighths
yards of allovcr embroidery
twenty inches wide for yoke, collar and
sleeves. The pattern. No. 013. is cut in
sizes for misses 12, 14 and 15 years.
Cut this out, fill In with age, namo
and address, and mail It to THE j
No. 8015
Inclose 10 cents to pay mailing ar.d
handling expenses for each pattern
Any one wishing.the latest style
patterns may obtain them bv calling
at ROOM 20, Second Floor, Repub
lic Building, Seventh and Olive.
years. . 4
a 1
I 1
.iiW. i-- .!
-e.'W . r-t
-,7,t?; j J rrJrt iv .,. ws,jw.''
' ??,!
re.-? is - -t -.
iHi.CP-ttBfe.-- - -x- v-.'gs"",'"-

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