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Formerly of Missouri, One of the Delmar Garden Summer Beauties.
tjit Eccentric Will of Julius Friedman of
San Francisco.
WRITTEN FOR thb srvn x. nnrrruc
Poets and romancer- have ever ileclucd
that Dame Fortune i.i" -i fickle jade, a
declaration that has, met the cord! il in
dorsement of a decided mijoiitv f the peo
ple row on this globe o cordi'il. int ed, .11
to take it out of the class, of mere abor
tions and place it high up in the catalogue
of established fact. Now and then, how
cer, something occurs to give this deep
seated conviction a. jolt something to c.iuo
one to modifv 'us preconceived notion of
things, temporarily at least, and dispone
him to treat the Dame with more callintrj.
Such an occurrence came under the obser
vation of a Itepublic representative vestti
day and thereby hangb a tale involving in
Its recital references to n man who died
recently on the Pacific Cna and another
who Is alive and in the flesh ncht here en
tile hanks of the Mississippi Illver.
Julius rtiodman died In Sin Fr.inpispo.
Cal., on January 21 last, lp-ning property
or estate of the estimated gross value of
$165,000. This property, or estate, consists
of moneys, share of stoek, bonds ard lands,
the annual income from all of whith i
about $21,000. Upon his death his- last will
and teUament, dated June 1. lKli. was pro
duced and filed In the Probate Court in
San Francisco. The will is olographic, that
is. it 1b entirely in the handwriting of Julius
rrledman. It was admitted to nmint.
editors named in it weie dulv appointed and
qualified, and are now acting as Mich.
With the cm option of a bequest of ten
shares nf the capital stuck of the Ilim
boldt t nings nnd'Jjian Sncutv. allied at
JII.iuki. and of bequests to indiidual persons
of 410 share- of San Francisco Gas and
Flectrie Comp mv stock, valued at $-!,0r0.
the entire estate is 1, this last will and
te-tament devi-rd and bequeathed to cln-i-tnhle
u-t s. thp amount thus di-po-ed of be
ing of the npproMm itp v ilue of Sll-'.OO).
The laws of Oaliforni i do not permit a
testator who has legal heirs to devi--e or
npquenth to charitable uses more than
one-third of" his est Ue. Consequently if
Juliu Friedman he proved to have left le
gal hoiis, the ch iritable provisions of Mj
will arc void so 1,11 a two-thirds of his es
tate ate conierned, and the legal heirs- will
lake these two-thirds, less the noncharit 1
ble bepiests, jirt as if he hid left no w'l
Tre amnunt thus coming to tie lulls is
about J2TT MO And her is where Dame
Fortune. of flickl-j ido nntoiiotv, i
giving a jolt to .some of the preconceived
notions rnt rt.urd of hci. for she is go
ing about our tlie country tring to feriet
out some km of Julius Friedman upon
whom or into whose pockets it is Iwr
avovod intention to stuff $277,(W And the
old girl tlml-s si e has disoovcied the ob
ject of her s-earch here in St I.ouis.
Hut about the will. The llrst paragraph
names as sole executors vv 1111am Aivorti.
February IS, of Un jear, and the three ex- I president of the Bank of California; I. M
"I declare that I have never married and that I am not aware of anj kin
who may have a legal right to claim a portion of mv estate. I hive notei how
ever, with what facility sworn testimony may be secured and produced in sup
port of claims of alleged widows and adopted children and the frequent recur
rence of such claims in recent ears. I therefore make express provision as
follow,: I give and bequeath to such person as shall he found, proved and es
tablished to be my surviving wife or widow, whether the marriage be found to
have taken place before or after the execution of this will, the sUm of $10, and
to each and every person who shall be found and established to be my child
by blrthor adoption, before or after the execution of this will, the sum of $10."
1 rrledberg. salesman; and TMward It. Iind,
attornej-at-law, all of San Framlsm.
The testator decrees that In the event of
his djing in San Ftancisco or his rem litis
Vifing brought there from abroad, the bodv
is to be cremated and the ashes placed 111
an unprcntious urn and deposited in the
Columbarium of the San Francisco
Cremation Company, there to rennin until
calltd for bv a society named llebiew Homo
for Aged and Dibabled of San Francisco for
Interment in the grounds of the home. Fur
the expense of Incineration he setb aside the
sum of $1,000. directing tint the funetal be
conducted without ostein it ion. without ui
logii.s and without religlnus exercKscs lie
ilincts that bonds of his est He be deposed
of sulticlent to purchase from the limk nt
California on Messn de KothsUnld, Pan-,
I piid exchange for2JOOOO f rices, thi.s amount
to the deposit, d in UiLssian uinenev In St.
Pete-sburg as a fund the interest irom
wh'ih is to be piid to the din elms nf the
s ci l tilled in li-bnvv "lit l)r .:ikui
Ch.ihn of his nitive pl.ipi. Mitau, 111 Ku.
l.md. I!usia. foi tin rthef of imligent or
sk pcrsrus of th it pi. ice of whntevci Liet.il
Other bctiut sts ait to iht a11011s charitable
soeietits of San Framl-io. Citlmlit. i'lutes
t mt and Chintsp In providing foi the lle
1 "tv. II mic for Accd and I.thled Israelite
he states that it is his wish tint the - liii
tarv livv of Mo-ts in itgird to the food
furnis'ietl the inmite- lie strittlv alheied to.
The concluding paragraph is lem.ukulik. I
is evident that Jit. Friedm 111 hid 110 In
tention of allowing alleged widows to de
mand a share of his pstat'. as his b'en the
case with a number of S.iii Francisco'?
wealthy men. His will concludes with she
paragraph relating to litquests to claim tuts
of this clinntter.
The peculuntv of this will is tint it
makes no distinction in its bequests be
tween creeds and tint while its in iker
w.ib .1 Hebrew, religious ceremonies' over
his rennins are forbidden Little is known
of th; life mid famllv connections o! Julius
Friedman It is known tint lie was bom
in Mitau. Kurl.ind, Iltissn, in the je.ir 1-Ji'
or ls2T. Ili-3 father was Solomon Fli.is T'rieil
m.in. a burgher of Mitau so he states in
his will.
The family are Hebrews. Julius Fried
man came to America about the vear lO.
and to Oaliforni 1 atom IVil Ho traded for
a numl or of vcart, on the Pacific Co 1st and
in the Soutn Pacific Oee 111. and then went
to OregJii. where the greater p irt of his
fortune was accumulated. He returned to
California about tvventv-tive vears ago, re
maining in San FraniNeo until bis death.
There Is some evidence th.it he was the
joungest child of hi-i pirents and tli.it he
had at least two brothers and one s-isler.
One of the brothers, tiled 111 Calilorni 1 in
l-1!, another died in St. Louis The tnu anil
place of the -isli r s tlt.ith are unknown.
Friedman visited his birthplace about tin
vears ago On In- leturn he stated that
his onlv living lelativts were two nephews
and a niece, all of whom afterwards died,
after which he asserttd that lie Ii id no
living relatives of nnv degree or kin
Hut Wh it .1 world of meaning there
is in tint little word of three letters' lint"
ard "if" are the stumbling blocks of lan
guage. Hut Dame Foi tune found a mm
named Isaiah Jl.indelstamm 1 tn in St.
Iouis. who, she declaies, iinswtri the de
scription of the object of lit 1 search and
into whose life, clouded bv adversitv. It Is
her purpose to pour unlimittd quantities of
sunshine. Is.ii ih Mamltist unni is .1 man
rather below the medium height and one
whose appearance siti-jlles the 'etioldei tli.it
he has bten in the habit of eating hf bread
in the .svvtat of his face. He is not inclined
to volubility when the subject of Ji.liiis
Friedmin's death is broached, but tliLre is
an air of sincerity about him as h- difc
cussos the matter.
His attorney is now taking steps to estab
lish his client's claim as the legal heir to
this estate, the actoniprshment of which
will lalse Isaiah .Mandelsf.imm to nf Hut nee
The claim int. it seems, has bei n a resi
dent of St. I.ouis for r.ne voir- pi-t. Ac
cording to Ills claims, he was born in Zi
garren, Kovna Lit.111, and is the onli chi'd
of Isaac Cli izkel Mandelstamm and MiphlT,
his wifr. Mrs Mandelstamm having bcei
a Miss Krueger She was the diughipr.'nd
onlv child of Rachpl Iv.u-fr, nte .luob
son, who in turn was the daughter of I..i7ar
and Guete XessPl Jacobson, nee Trie dm in.
Miss Friedman had one brother, Solmon
Ellas Friedman.
No doubt Mandelstamm could go back
farther In the Tamily history, for he has the
characteristic of his race the preset ation
of names and traditions of his ancestors
but enough is here shown to give color to
the claim he makes of being kin to the dead
The question of heirship cannot, under
the laws of California, be finally triptl and ,
determined before the expiration of one jiar
::-l-:::&f 1
-fVH I -'$-i& - - Wmmm '3- ..-r
-' A? Ai '' '' wSr -A : -a -a-
Lf'-M ' "Vet-,' ' " .mBM JSfiy'-IS't'
The New and Imposing Water Tower in the Compton Hill Reservoir Grounds.
from February V last, the date of issu nice
of letters testamentary. The foimal In
quiry to establish this will be instituted
through regular proceedings in court.
Meanwhile there can bo no distribution of
the estate. The executors will hold tho
property subject to decision and orders of
the court.
'lis a Talisman
Against Evil.
This praver was found in fiftieth jear of
our Loid antl agiin In the vear oV. It
'" "" iwiM-i.i.1 w-ti -imrix.,.. .-'i'''m,miiiim nmMgim iiiSgs
: eV t& d HHI .Igr 'Bfjafgai'lllMilB'MMilllBiBlillllM-yB. 'm1nRMEmamimmmBmMMMmOKslnBBl
WuttitttMimwiTji9'" " fff ffvj?ST)SJSr!iuiSi jiiiiiBHIiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiii9-iiBk,feKB,v
C Ss X
was sent bv the Pope to Hmperor Charles
V. when he was going to battle for his
Q i safetv. and whosoever shall repeit this
prajer, hear it load or keep it about him.
shall never die a sudden death, or fall into
the hands of hi enemies, or be burnt in
nnv fire, or be overpowered In any battle;
being read over a woman in labor, she
shall be saOJy delivered in child-birth; if
j on see t. n-au in (Its, lav this praver on
his right side, antl he shall rise up and
thank vou. and he v ho shall write this
front housp to house shall be blessed liy
msas the Lord and Savior Jesus Chri-t.
and he who laughs at it shall stiff ei Cioss
of Christ, ward off from me a dangerous
t'entli and alwavs give me life.
Oh. adorable Lord ard Savior Jesus
Cluist, d iiib on the gallows trie of the
rrr'-s for our s!n, alto-;ttliPr holy t ro;s of
( '.-b-J. M how 1 bolievc In thre, oh i uly
I t i s 01 t n-isi. lie up :.i me all llie goon
and trutii. oh hulv cro of Cli-Ist w.'I
I In on the right way to h.ippintss. oh hop.
crs of Christ, ward off from me a ' inher
it! s death and alv.aj , cive rre life; oh
true. .Ie I Jesu'i of Xisi-eth. r-.ue intrcy
rn me, tl.at the encmv my ktp of J from
i-e row antl foi eve- n.t re. in honm of
Jc i.s Christ, in honor or his ble-ied and
F.tretl plosion anil unmerciful death, in
hmor of his holy resurrection and (lod
I'ke ascp.ision, through which he lives to
bring us in the rijlit way to heaven. True
as Jtsus was born on Christmas. d"i In a
stable in Bethlehem; true as he was clr
ci. micised on Xcw Year's dnv. true as
the thipe Kings brought their offerings to
him on the twelfth day; true as he a-cend-eJ
into heaven, so the honor of Jesus
Christ will spare me from all enemies to
be -ccu antl not seen.
Now and forever into tlvne hands, oh
Lord I offer mvself. amen: oh Jems hive
mcrtv on me- d- Mary and Jc .cph pray
for me tliniijh Xicodcmu- and Joseph of
Arimathen, who took him down from the
cross and buried him; oh Lord Jc us through
the bitter agony thou bast suffered on
the cress, in par'icnlar when thy soul was
p. i tin.: from ta: bodv. have mercy on my
poor soul when I: parts from its mortal
lolv and this si-.fUl world; oh Lord savo
ire that I maj carry my cross with thee,
f-d teach ne thai I may make mv dangers
all good. AM CX.
I very slight dlsaosltlon tor mathematics..
Ccnversely, the heads of men who have lit
tle talent for figures resemble those of wom
en in the conformation of the forehead.
Moebius cites the masks of Goethe and
Beethoven as lustrations of this fact.
Gall was. therefore. In the right. But. ac
cording to Moebius, a marked development
of the subjacent part of the cerebral hemi
sphere ought to correspond with the ex
terior bump on the skull. A mart is born a
mathematician, as he is born a musici in or
a poet. The talent for mathematics is con
genital It. therefore, suggests hypertrophy
of a given point of the outer covering cf the
brain. Autopsies on famous mathematicians
are not frequent Only seven have been
made up to the present time. All, however,
presented a great development of helr
frontal circumvolutions.
This is somewhat vague, but It Is possi
ble to specify more clearly. The third
frontal circumvolution, which is so fully de
veloped in man. is missing in animals. Xow,
animals are as Licking in Tiathematical
talent as they are in speech. Therefore, If
the back part of this third con.-olution be
longs to articulate language. It may 'vsll bo
supposed that the frontal oart Is the scat
of the factitlty of figures.
In this way does Moebius -ivo at the lo
calization of the faculty of i.uithematics In
the front part of the third left frontal tlr
cumvnlution. This remains to be pro.'etl.
fix iCr
tmlTnasmor 4M:ftir mm.
SlN .,.,,7 T .d r-n ,..'....
6S)ii?7MB. yi
gfw xsjb j) vas;jt
Where is the bump of mathematics seat
ed? Gall placed it at the highest and outer
part of the orbitual edge.
Moebius, whoe grandfather was an illus
tiious geometrician, desired to verify tha
fact. While examining a portrait of his
grandfather he was, .struck by the develop
ment of the skull at the edge of the left eyo
of his ancestor. On a study of the faces
of contemporary mathematicians, and tha
busts or masks of past mathematicians, hj
invariably found the same prominence of
the external orbitual edge, and alwavs most
strongly marked on the left tide.
It has been remarked that one of the dis
tinctive features of the female skull Is the
small development of the orbitual edge.. And
women, are
f. 'HPf-R I
t i- ;. Atsi. 4 n&Zr-$&Si " i
i o '& "-v , ? f - 7 !
1 1 lot 1 1 " ' cr-ys.tw-
regarded generally as having a " - Honor Graduate of-Visitatiofl Convent, Daughter of V. V. Penndl of New Madrid, Mo. t
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